A Fenn Celebration…

Posted in october 2013

By Elizabeth

The Loretto Inn, Santa Fe

The Loretto Inn, Santa Fe

Well, the Book Signing Bash was fantastic!  The Tesuque Room at the Inn and Spa at Loretto was packed with friends and fans of Forrest.


My family and I arrived about five minutes after five and the place was already full of happy people.  As you walked in, there was a long table where Forrest was signing books.  His youngest grandchild, Piper, helped him by writing down the name of the person for whom he was signing the book.  It was quite noisy and difficult for Forrest to hear.  At the end of the table were most of the books that Forrest had written, which were also available for purchase.

Bob Haworth was up on stage playing … mostly background music.  My three children and I waited patiently to say hello to Forrest.  We had met him on one previous occasion at his home.  He is always kind and gentle and has a twinkle in his eye.

There was a nice buffet and alcohol and soft drinks for everyone.  It was a very festive atmosphere and everyone was excited to be there.  It was easy to spot the treasure hunters from the long-time friends.  The treasure hunters were looking around the room more and had their books in hand.  The long-time friends were busy catching up with one another!

Around 5:45pm Forrest came up front and thanked various people who helped him with his book and then he thanks Bob Hayworth for coming.  Forrest didn’t talk long, but rather turned it over to Bob.


Bob said that he and Forrest went back a long ways … and that Forrest asked him to write a song about his book … and to include the Inn at Loretto.  Bob laughed and said, “It’s not easy to write a song about a book, but I’ve done it once before … for the Thrill of the Chase”  (or something to the that effect!).  Anyway, he sang his song and it was terrific!  Then Bob went on to sing many, many more songs. He even played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on his saw!  It was very enjoyable.

I’m sure it was an exhausting evening for Forrest … he was very generous with his time and trying to visit with everyone.  I did manage to get a few photos with him.  One of his granddaughters took the photo of me and Forrest.  I jokingly told her, “He forgot to smile.”  She said, “Yes, he never smiles!”IMG_2050IMG_2044
It was a grand time … I hope that those of you not able to attend can appreciate the event through my words and my photos.


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  1. Elizabeth,
    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us. I was unable to attend so it’s nice to at least hear about it and see the pictures too.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, wish I could have been there to share in the festivities with Forrest’s extended family.

    • She and I both meant … he doesn’t smile much for photos … but, then again, maybe he only smiles for photos for you, Margie!

      He does laugh and smile and is very animated when he talks and visits!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience and pictures Elizabeth! What a beautiful place for the book signing and it’s always fun seeing and hearing about our fellow searchers. 🙂

  4. I got there late with my son but managed to get the book signed. We didn’t stay. I’m not much of a socializer. There were quire a few people still there and looked like it was a fun time.

  5. Thank you, Elizabeth for the photos and your comments. It looks and sounds like a fun evening. And, Dal, thanks for posting this for the rest of us to enjoy.

    • The above comment is by Irene, who Forrest thanks often for getting the media to pay attention to the story of the hidden treasure. Irene is an author and radio personality living in the Denver area. She has known Forrest for decades and has been living a fascinating life herself.I hope to read her auto-biography in the near future…

      Here is what Forrest wrote in August about Irene Rawlings…

  6. I’m happy everyone enjoyed the photos and words … of course, his family was there and Charmay, his close friend, who hosted the event; but I didn’t want to become a paparazzi and become intrusive and take photos of everyone! So, the photos are limited. I hope to see everyone at the book-signing later this month. I’m kind of shy, so please come up and introduce yourself.

  7. It sounds like it was wonderful! I wish that I could have gone. I didn’t see the invitation in my email, until yesterday. Darn! Oh well, I just hope that my book comes in the mail soon. I’m eager to read it!

  8. Great job Elizabeth, and thanks for sharing with those of us who could not be there. We will be at the one on the 22nd though! We are really looking forward to that.

  9. Dal,

    Thanks for sharing the photos. I think I would have had a grand old time with all those folks.

    (Ok Dal, this question is just between you and I ok ;^). Did you question pepper Piper with questions in hopes of extracting the whereabouts of ‘it’? Or about how to better understand the clues?) Bet those young ones in the family have learned how to respond respond if needed.

    Thanks for sharing and see you down the road some day. Just wish I could feel positive about solving the poem and head out on my first search.


    • OneC-
      I wasn’t there. Those are Elizabeth’s pictures and that is her account of the party…not mine..

      I have spoken with Piper in the past. But Piper doesn’t ponder where the persnickety treasure is parked. She was more interested in showing me her new lamb.

        • Sorry Elizabeth for attributing the photos that you had taken – to Dal. I should have known better. Your touch is unique and drew me into the crowd. Thank you Elizabeth.

          Dal – Piper may not ponder the poem but tell me you at least received her offer for you to hold her dear lamb for a moment and listen to it carefully for a message?

          Disclaimer: I agree with Dal, that young ones do not ponder the silly things that adults ponder. I would never try to question those under the age of ff, well maybe anyone below the age of 21. Just saying.

  10. ff is a blessed soul. He makes being an octogenarian look alot easier than being almost 60 feels. His grand daughter’s photo-demeanor brings back memories of being that age. Priceless. Elizabeth, thank you mucho for sharing.

  11. My daughter, Alejandra, wants you all to know that the last photo is of her and Forrest. I forgot to mention her name in my story. She loves Forrest and he always tries to get her brothers to sell her to him for an arrowhead or sometimes it’s a dollar. Her brothers are always ready and willing and I have to intercede on her behalf. Forrest can tell that she is full of life and keeps her mama on her toes. Alejandra and Piper also became friends that night.

  12. Allejandra,

    As Grandma and Grandpa know you are so much more valuable than an arrowhead or a dollar. We know they are just joking but just for fun would you want to test their funniness and ask if f $10 or more or 20 gold pieces would work in exchanfe of an arrowhead?

      • Hey Dal, Really like the “Latest Post” add on.Saves time scrolling through the comments.Thanks for your die hard devotion to the cause.Good luck on your adventures!!…

        • The new “Most Recent Comments” section saves a LOT of time. Now I don’t have to look at every thread to see if new comments, questions, or info has been posted if my subscription to any of the old threads has run out for some reason.
          THANKS Dal!

          • CJ-
            After you mentioned that there used to be a “most recent comments” tool and you missed it I went looking…found this..
            I agree it’s a useful tool. Thanks for suggesting it.

  13. Thanks…added that last night. I think it looks terrible but it works well…
    If a name is in orange it means they have a WordPress blog..so if you click on their name you go to their blog…
    The same is true for comments themselves..if a person’s name is highlighted…they have a WordPress blog and clicking on the name will take you to it…

  14. I hope to make it as well…
    Yes dal the new tool is cool!
    I wondered why some names were in orange…
    I could of shot myself after starting a blog on word press…I don’t know how you do it dal…it’s more work than roofing…lol.
    I think I’ll mosey on over to the poem site.

  15. Hmmm…no roofing is horrible…a shovel or a hammer…it’s all bad.

    I’m chewing…but I’m not getting it???
    I like livers….not so much on the gizzards.
    If your saying you’ve read my thoughts and Im incorrect…than i still get a book signed and meet some of the hunters…win…win.
    Plz why dont my oranges rhyme with bananas…why wont my dog hunt?

    • Maybe your dog is gunshy, or maybe he hasn’t been trained by the book. Usually when you train a dog you reward positive behavior. I do like liver more than gizzards, but sometimes you have eat those day old gizzards no matter how tuff they are.

  16. You Cad
    You brought tears to my eyes…I laughed so hard I cried.
    My dog deserves better….
    Perhaps you would have some advice…
    Something I could learn to teach my dog to hunt more efficiently…We like rewards.

    Mark H.
    S. Ill

  17. Discllaimer: Smiles…

    My names Mark Harper…I live in S. Ill … I enjoy the TTOTC. I usually post before a trip then am quiet until the next…
    I try to be polite.
    I use words like awesome…fantastic…happy day and just saying….I don’t mean to be rude.

    That being said…

    My dog and I will begin again wwwhs.
    Still the Red River. probably on a trail that is no Fault of the dogs…smile.
    Mark H.
    S. ILL

  18. My husband and I drove down to Santa Fe, NM after havig read his book ‘Thrill of the Chase’. It had been a few years since our first break with having some holiday time (I care for my mother who moved in to our home after diagnosed with dementia and I quit may well paying job with government to do so and still with no regrets…its been 7+ years caring for her at our home)to enjoy away from home life so we decided to make our way to Santa Fe, Nm. We did some venturing furher from Santa Fe, but nothing too serious as I knew there was much more research involved so to actually find the treasure. Just getting to Santa Fe was thrilling enough for us as there was much sightseeing travelling through various states. I did manage to visit the Collected Works Book Store and purchase Mr. Fenn’s second book ‘Too Far to Walk’ as well I purchased another copy of the ‘Thrill of the Chase’ because I left the first copy I bought online with a good friend who wanted to read it. I meant to mention at the beginning of my comments that my husband and I drove from northern British Columbia Canada and back again for a total of 8500 kilometers not sure what it calculates into miles but one ca google it if wanting to know. After we returned home to BC I was looking online and discovered that the day we left New Mexico, Mr. Fenn had a book signing happening that same evening….I forever will give myself a kick in the butt for not asking the clerk at the book store in Santa Fe if Mr. Fenn would be doing a book signing anytime soon…I was seriously going to ask and decided not to as I had doubts he would be having a signing while I was there in Santa Fe. I am glad to hear that others managed to attend and have their copy of his new book signed by Mr. Fenn because to me that would have been as good as finding his treasure….his signature within my copy of his book!! Enjoy reading everyone’s adventures with the hunt and the comments in general!! Thanks for the enjoyment as it definitely helps keep my mind active while staying at home with my mom! All the best, Brenda Bird

      • Thanks SoCalJeremy! I was too tired to look up the conversion for km to miles (I see my typing was a little off as well) and knew someone would be so kind as to do it for me! 😉

      • That’s twice my drive!! But I have two little ones (1 and 4) to add to the level of difficulty. Well worth it…. Chest full of riches or not!

  19. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing that beautiful evening with us!
    I’m glad you had the opportunity to met him in person.

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