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Posted in october 2013

The map in "Too Far To Walk"...

The map in “Too Far To Walk”…

The new map is a thing of beauty. I get email from folks wondering if the map was left out of their books because they can’t find it. I puzzled over the location of the map when I first got my book too.

How am I ever going to find the treasure when I can’t even find the map.. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s very tightly folded on the very last page of the book. It does not look like it but that page unfolds and the map is inside.

I understand Benchmark will be offering a limited edition 24×30 unfolded wall map in the near future…very cool! I’ll keep my eye out for that..


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  1. I’m looking forward to getting my book and seeing the map – it looks beautiful!

    From the one posted on your blog Dal, it almost looks like it was hand lettered, but maybe that’s just the font that was used. I looked at the Benchmark web site and it appears anyone can have their own individual map made up – maybe I’ll buy the Rockies and my home state too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I got my book today! Yes, I had trouble finding it too but went through every page and there it was…last page. I even think I saw something that could be a clue hidden on one of the pages but haven’t had time to investigate it further. Can hardly wait to read it! I’ll start tonight…Happy Hunting everyone!

    • Hi jen…hows everything in oklahoma…I miss talking with you and Stephanie….go Bears!

  3. And Forrest seems to have narrowed it down to four states, two of which I have been working on. Colorado is one…of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. It’s been several months since I’ve been on here. Lots of developments. Dal your new website looks fantastic! Narrowing it down to 3 states I’ll never get to.

  5. The Map! That’s what I’ve been missing! Now I know where to go. Thanks Dal. I’ll be back in a few minutes with the treasure. LOL!

    • Margie-
      I thought I was the only one that noticed…
      I’m in Idaho…
      I think Forrest may have been joking when he said it’s not in Idaho… ๐Ÿ™‚
      I know he never said it was buried but I figure it must be buried under all this snow right now…

      • And remember, Dal, when I asked him “so it’s hidden, not buried?” He replied something like: I never said it was buried, but I didn’t say it wasn’t either. It could be. (or something like that — don’t recall exact words). I think we have to go research what MONTH he hid the treasure –cuz he wouldn’t go out in the show, either, I;m sure.

  6. YAY! I received my book today and I’m glad I had read about the map being at the end of the book and a little hard to tell it’s a fold-out page or I might have missed it. The map is very nicely done and the book is too – can’t wait to read it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Dal, just like you i had searched the whole book for the map, so thanks for the clues.

    I’m just glad the map confirmed that the treasure is not in Canada or Alaska. That saves us one country and half the Rookies. Now if we could just find it in half the time.

  8. Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything but it’s good to read and see how everyone is doing.

    Does anyone know if Lena is still posting here? If so, can you tell her to check her plant4bees email ! Would love to touch base with you Lena!

    My husband and I will be moving to Santa Fe permanently (we love it there so much),, hopefully by December and look forward to meeting up with some of you.

    Take care all.


  9. Look at all them clues there.
    Holy Smokes !
    Someone might beat me to it.
    Ragga Fragga Grumble Spit
    I wanted to be the one to git it !

  10. Got the book a couple of days ago. I figure if you can’t find the map in the book, you couldn’t find the treasure either. HA I had a time finding the map too. The book is beautiful! Dal, what a great photo on the cover. Congratulations.

  11. Forrest says the treasure is hidden somewhere in the highlighted area of the map…does he mean yellow, purple, blue…?! I always thought of highlight as yellow. It indicates BLM area. Dal, what are your thoughts on this “highlighted area” comment?

    • I think any area on the map that is “white”..therefore does not have one of the color assignments in the key, is not highlighted.

      I wonder about the Fish & Wildlife Service areas. There do not appear to be any FWS marked areas on the map yet there is a highlight color for it. It’s very close to the color of “water” on the map. Maybe I am not color sensitive enough to see the distinction on the map. The area near Brown’s Park just south of Flaming Gorge Reservoir but in the State of Colorado is a large FSW area. But it does not appear to be marked as such. Maybe the area is so narrow that it just doesn’t show up well on a map that encompasses an area so large.

      I also wonder about the magnetic declination lines on the map. Why are they there? Just a Benchmark thing or a request by Forrest? If so…why? Maybe we will get a hint some day tied to magnetic north…Since magnetic declination changes over time I suppose the map will not be accurate in a few years…at least not the magnetic declination lines.

      • Thanks, I think! Knowing Forrest, part of the mystery is not saying what highlighted color he means. He doesn’t want to incriminate himself. I’m still betting it is where he has the best memories. We both know where that was!

  12. Do you have the proper heading on the compass ?
    Check the Maps Compass one more time.
    YUP,It’s to the State of Colorado the State Of Nothing Without The Deity.

    “Below the shield in a semicircle is the motto, “Nil Sine Numine”, Latin words meaning “Nothing without providence” or “nothing without the Deity”,

    Do you know Deity ?
    Is She posting here ?

  13. the unintentional clue…… I think its the Map, Canada is left out. Did he almost say that at the Moby Dickens book signing Nov 2013?

  14. The map also has listed ‘The Great Divide Basin’. Thats Basin like in sink…. like in holds water…..

  15. Regarding declination changing over time, I have an app called CrowdMg that has inputs for lon lats elevation and date. The app is provided ngdc.noaa government site.

  16. I am confused regarding the TFTW map. It has been said that FF said that the TC is at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe, NM, yet the map in TFTW shows Santa Fe, NM. in the search area. I am not being critical, I am just confused.

    Also, are there in changes in the second printing of TFTW?

    • windy-
      Forrest has given out hints/clues verbally and in writing since the books and poem were originally printed. You will only find those gems of information if you listen to his TV and radio interviews and read the interviews he has given to magazines, blogs and newspapers. So we have gotten additional information directly from Forrest that helps us focus in on where the treasure might be.
      You can find many of the old interviews with Forrest in the media section of this blog. There is also a collection of answers to questions that Forrest has written on this blog and many more over at Jenny Kile’s blog…
      The particular piece of info that you are asking about came about in a discussion Forrest had about measuring using links and chains over on Richard Saunier’s Mountain Walk blog.
      There are so many small tidbits of information scattered around that it takes awhile to research all of them…
      But in order to be well informed a searcher must do the research and must be able to determine what is reliable info from Forrest and what is inaccurate information from someone else…and should be discarded.

    • Windy –

      In regard to your question about changes being made in TFTW –
      Yes, there where some changes. I don’t have a list of all but I do know about one in particular – the ISBN number was changed.

      Happy Hunting !

    • It also shows Bandelier, which is less than 8.25 mi north of northern border of Santa Fe, but which apparently IS considered in the search area. If your participation in the search is more for the thrill than for the quarry, you won’t regret searching this canyon. No grizzlies, but some rattlers along the path.

  17. Man…I remember when the book TFTW came out…and I was thinking about how long I waited to buy TTOTC. I sure did not wait (to buy TFTW)… because the lure of getting some kind of map was too much. I thought…man… this is gonna change things and someone’s sure to get that pesky treasure real quick. NOT ! I came back to this because I was thinking about how bad my brain hurts from looking at so many maps…and reading the poem. Reading TTOTC…the poem…looking at maps. Heck…I was just looking at a map 10 minutes ago ! Now I’m heading back to Google Earth….where in the heck is that good map?

    • Perhaps John Paul Goode’s World Atlas (Rand McNally) is a “good” map.

      Good luck,

      Windy City

      • Thanks Windy…I’ve had that one for quite some time…Is it Goode enough? I don’t think that’s the one. I wrote Good on it a while back with a Sharpie hoping that would make it so…

    • โ€œIs the map that needs to be used to discover where warm waters halt found online or in paper form? or both?โ€ ~mdc777
      Cโ€™mon now agent 777, a map is a map. The more detailed maps are most useful if you have the right map, but Iโ€™m not sure I needed to tell you that.f

      lol Ken, what’s the “right map”?

      Craig, there is no substitute for thinking and planning and observing and looking at maps, unless itโ€™s the desire to keep it simple.f

      Are we really only to be looking for A map? Maybe the next is what type of map? GE has different mappings that hold that information in one place… maybe the suggestion here is more about geography than mapping. Or maybe revert back to the one map…

      • I know…that… keep it simple jive. I forgot about the Agent 777 comment ! The ” Right” map…are you kidding me !? Now I have to have a write map too. If I ever see another map….I’ll probably check it out just to be sure. They should make Googoo Maps for little kids like me.
        The tell……” The more detailed maps are most useful if you have the right map…”

        • Alright…I confess. I even printed out a copy of …”The Hundred Acre Wood”. It sits proudly right next to the others….

      • Seeker

        thanks for the quote, as there seems to be slightly deeper meaning every time I reread one.

        the right map: hmmm, I used to think that meant ‘which style of map’ of which there are many, and even considered it could be a ‘survey plan’ that was needed.

        but now I believe that ‘the right map’ isn’t so much the style of map, but the local (zoomed) map concerned within that style, if that makes sense.

        I think USGSmaps are the best style of information map, but which ‘one’?

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