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Posted in october 2013

Not everyone can afford the book…but that doesn’t mean you have to be left out of the map…

November TrueWest Magazine

November TrueWest Magazine

There is a full page, full color rendition of the map in the november TrueWest Magazine along with some other very nice photos including the BIGGEST pic of the treasure chest I’ve seen. There is a great story on Forrest, his treasure and a couple of the searchers by Johnny D. Boggs, an award winning writer of fascinating historical fiction novels, including:



Camp Ford
Rio Chama

The editor of TrueWest, Bob Boze Bell, (does everyone associated with this magazine have a name that sounds like they should be a Hobbit?) visited Forrest and wrote a short piece in his blog about visiting with Forrest and his post is here.

Even if the magazine is off the shelves you can order a copy for $6 here. I ordered one on Monday and it was on my doorstep Wednesday.



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  1. Thanks for the info on True West magazine – I’ll see if they carry it around here before I order a copy. Did you find any new info in the article?

    • Cj-
      I always find something new 🙂
      I don’t think there are any hard hints in there we have not heard before…but Boggs is a good writer..and the story is a fun read..

      • “and he gave us a new clue..Hint: The treasure is not in a bordering country.”
        This one was new to me. Unhelpful, but new.

        But, This one was wayyy more interesting:

        • If you had its coordinates, you would be able to find the treasure”

        I’ve been geocaching a few times, and gone on BSA orienteering challenges more times than I can count, and I’ll say coordinates alone are often not enough to find a cache nor even a person. Makes me wonder if the coordinates themselves are a (reaffirming) detail clue.

        Neat article!!

  2. Yes Dal, they sound like a trip down the rabbit hole, but also didn’t Forrest and Skippy and Forrest’s friend get the old car stuck in a sort of Bogg and we all know he has mentioned Bells all through the TOTC book!! Sort of surreal and hidden clues everywhere. Oh well I am buying the book and need this magazine also. I will try to find it first on a magazine shelf or somwhere around here and if not then purchase it!! Any new clues from Mr.F? Have not been on internet lately or checked e-mails been too busy but will order his new book soon and check out map and other clue sources. Kind of have new idea for where chest is and not exact location but all the elemental clues are there and even the mention of the bell and alpha and omega it is a cool spot too…. We need to all put our heads together and come up with the best spot and just divide the treasure with whom has the main clues and give Forrest his bracelet back then know that Jen, You, Stephanie,Me and Wolf along with others have come together on where it is and trekked out and got it. We are all getting tired of just being at the verge and it not be there. It is just crazy. Come on guys lets just find it and go on to another hunt for another treasure. It is frustrating yet exhalerating all at the same time. I want to go back to NM and go to some places I have not been before. Maybe even Colorado, but it has gotten beaten up by wildfires and floods so badly, Mr. Fenn would have blinked if he thought it was destroyed or washed away in that state!! It could be somewhere else, but does it not bother you that no one has found it by now? It is where he wanted his bones to be found next to it. The map could mean anything that is left to interpretation in our vast tired treasure seeking minds from the 8.5 miles north to 500 miles southwest of Toledo!!! That is pretty wild directions and can be looked upon in many ways. I know you have gone and seen most of these ways and have looked long and heard you got spunk and tenacity. Good luck friend, the Chase is still on and may the best person or persons figure out the elusive puzzle and find the lock box and their own personal treasure within themselves along with the FF keepsakes and life full of memories!! Carry on and Drive on fellow Quest Seeker you are doing great work……. JMW. 🙂 😛 🙂

      • Yes, have you seen the comments, somewhere referring to a different way of language for the whole Bible and the string of words and some reference to FF poem or place to hide the chest and how the old language is taught is a way to look at the clues and route in a new light. I forgot where I saw it but I will find it and post it here or chase chat. Yes, Mr. Dal just going on a search trip and meeting new friends and seeing the new scenery is a treasure in itself. It is very refreshing. Lots of luck and Stay sweet and inquesitive It suits you!! Nothing gets by you either.

    • It doesn’t bother me that it hasn’t been found. Forrest knew it was possible that the chest could remain hidden for a hundred years or more. Once I accepted that degree of difficulty i understood that it would be the devil to find. I am not disillusioned by the chest’s ability to keep hiding. I believe diligence and luck will eventually win out.

      Besides that, after my first search I knew that I had counted on finding it too quickly and too deeply. Finding the poem’s solution will take time and for me, a new way of thinking.

      Since my second search, in addition to hunting for the chest I always leave time to explore the area, meet new people, enjoy the landscape, explore and discover. Not only are the disappointments less severe now but also the enjoyment of the whole chase is much more intense. I love this hunt. I love exploring new places as much as the possibility of solving Forrest’s puzzle. The rewards of searching, even without finding, are exciting and satisfying.

      • Dal,I like how you have grown to love this hunt.It has become part of you.If I had to vote for a person that should find the loot,you would be in the top two.I do enjoy your stories and wish you all the best on your next quest.

  3. Thanks for the information on the magazine. I have ordered it and look forward to the story if nothing else. Still on track to go to the book signing on the 22nd of October. It should be really fun, maybe even hillarious. I have also read a couple of books by his guest authors and am looking forward to meeting them too! What great fun it is on this chase!!

    • Thanks for the link CJ! It was a good read. After I finished the ff article I hit the link about other secreted caches… Pretty cool to know there is plenty of adventure out there to be had! As always a big thank you Dal! I know its got to be hard work keeping the blog running and probably answering emails from random people such as myself. IF I’m the one to correctly solve to poem and find the treasure I’ll be glad to give you one item of your choice, after ff gets his pick of course.

  4. Yes! That’s it. I had no idea it could be found on-line. Great find CJ.

    The map isn’t in the on-line edition and the photos are smallish but I think there is a little more content in that story than the printed version…trade-offs…

    At least Johnny spelled my name right…

  5. I have a picture here of a map that will help people to get to the Forrest Fenn Treasure Site.

    First of all a person has to understand how to identify the proper clues and then utilize them

    Forrest put in the Book TTOTC right in the beginning an important clue and that is the saying

    “Life is a game of poker
    Happiness is the pot
    Fate deals you four cards and a joker
    And you play whether you like it or not”

    Now that saying does not lead you to anything as Forrest has reaffirmed about anything other than the poem.
    But it does set a Precept as people today call Concept.

    Now if you were into Egyptology as Forrest is you probably would have discovered the Petamon Coffin saying.

    I am One that transforms into Two
    I am Two that transforms into Four
    I am Four that transforms into Eight
    After this I am One

    (Coffin of Petamon, Cairo Museum no: 1160) [6]

    Now this identifies the clues in the poem to use.

    Clue 1-2-4-8 and a joker

    Now Forrest has said time and again there is 9 clues that will lead to the treasure location.

    Which means there is gonna be a repeating pattern of the 4 clues/cards and then the joker/riddle

    1.Begin it where warm waters halt
    Mount Elbert
    Levee Mural at the banana belt region
    Remember the train only goes by the banana farm once as Forrest said
    his dad told him.

    2.”And take it in the canyon down,”

    4.”Put in below the home of Brown.”

    8.”Just heavy loads and water high.”

    1.”Begin it where warm waters halt”

    2.”And take it in the canyon down,”

    4.”Put in below the home of Brown.”

    8.”Just heavy loads and water high.”

    9. “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    Tarry scant with marvel gaze
    Just take the chest and go in peace”

    And here is the map in an Ancient Glyph form known as

    Tsa-Nu by the Ancient Tribe A-La-Ah-Ya-Mu

    Called Zion by modern people

    • Cropdusting… I’m going back to the “poem” thread and promise to keep my mouth shut.

  6. Last night it has been told that Forrest has let it out into the public that there was an “Architect”that wrote the Poem.
    I will tell you all this.
    He is first referencing “The Great Architect”
    The one whom designed our world.
    Just as I have shown The Great Architect’s work in the Glyph Rendition I did.
    I only Rendered what was already available from The Great Architect.
    Even Human Architects tend to have many Workers that Render Drawings for them.The Great Architect does also.
    Forrest in one who Renders for The Great Architect.
    And so do I.
    Forrest’s Rendition for his poem was how he sees the work of The Great Architect.
    And I Rendered the Cypher for it with the Tsa-Nu also known as Zion Glyph.
    Use it but don’t abuse it and it will take you where you want to go.
    Then all you have to do is Read the Riddler for he is not allowed to Lie.

  7. I have an exerpt here from Anthony West and his book Serpent In The Sky,Ancient High Wisdom Of Egypt.

    It goes along with the Tsa-Nu Map Glyph Cypher I posted.
    As the Nu does have the similar effect as a Keyhole.

    “But Eastern metaphysical concepts are expressed verbally ,
    not mathematically , and the verbal can never be rigorously
    scientific in our sense of that word. Insofar as I am able to follow
    the thinking of modern mathematicians , I believe that
    there is no way in which this crucial and ultimate realisation
    can be scientifically expressed; yet the discoveries of subatomic
    physics are forcing scientists to endorse a metaphysical ,
    unmaterialistic and ultimately spiritual Eastern world view .
    At this point , some striking differences between the Eastern
    and Western methods (and aims ) become apparent . For all its
    sophistication, modern mathematics by its nature will not
    serve to describe absolutes. The physicist must content himself
    with ever closer and more precise approximations, which concern
    only chosen aspects of the whole . Science has decided to
    look at Ali Baba’s treasure through a keyhole ; it s efforts are
    expended in improving its viewing equipment and its descriptive
    language (mathematics) . But as all voyeurs know , i t i s
    impossible to see the whole room through the keyhole from
    any given angle, and it is possible to peep at only one angle at a
    Despite similaritie s in description, the mystic’s method s and
    aims are different . To the mystic , the voyeuristic approach
    serves no purpose . The mystic spends his life learning to sa y
    ‘Open Sesame ‘ and then walks in and makes the treasure his
    own. For the benefit of others he describes what he sees as best
    he can , but his object is to get himself through the door .”
    I am no Mystic though I study Much of Their Information.

  8. My eyes are crossed after all that crazy map talk. Dadgum, people! Why make a mountain out of a mole hill! Sure it is a riddle poem or he would just say, “start at the culvert, follow it ten miles, just below Tom’s house. Cross the creek thru rushing water to the other side. Look for my blaze and there it is!”. Now, that would be no fun at all. It is a riddle poem, not numerology, ancient egyptian tsa nu. That is hard enough to figure out! How many people could do that?! Mr. Fenn wrote a poem from his heart, filled with love and fun for the average treasure hunter making everyone who hunts have a pretty good chance of finding it if you pay attention to what he says. Thank you for the sci-fi distraction, tho. Sometimes my eyes cross with so much reading! Until next time, I leave you with one bit of Forrest wisdom…THINK but KISS! Be safe!

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