Scrapbook Forty Five…



October 2013


This is not a story from Forrest, but rather, it is a tale about him. We could not attend a recent event in Santa Fe but we had a mole secreted among those who did attend.

ksfr3Forrest was asked to participate in the KSFR (Santa Fe’s Public Radio Station) annual, on-air fund raising effort. For a $25 donation to the station, listeners could purchase a raffle ticket and have a chance to win a lunch with our hero. Forrest whispered to the host that perhaps the tickets should sell for only $5.

Everyone donned headsets and the live interview began. You know the scenario, Forrest and the radio station staff were in the studio jabbering about the treasure and art tastes of the rich and famous. Volunteers behind them were eager and ready to take phone call donations from listeners. Forrest was chatting folks up and instigating a good time. There was no discussion about whether he should give a special clue for KSFR listeners. Maybe Forrest had warned them ahead of time. I don’t know.

Phone calls and donations rolled in and eventually Forrest’s 30-minute segment ended. As he turned to leave the studio a cute brunette, who had been attending one of the phone banks, stopped him and whispered in his ear, “I gave my $25 and hope to have lunch with you.” Our informant admitted that her nice smile demurred as she batted her long eyelashes at Forrest, who turned and walked out of the small room.


Sandia Peak radio & TV towers

After a few seconds, Forrest reentered the room and walked over to the brunette. He handed her something, and whispered in her ear.

What was that all about? Inquiring minds want to know. When Forrest left, our mole asked the comely brunette what he said. She opened her hand to reveal two, crisp, 100-dollar bills. She was rather breathless and admitted with a blushing giggle, “He asked me to please go buy eight more raffle tickets.”

Some people figure all the angles.



23 thoughts on “Scrapbook Forty Five…

  1. That story really made me smile – what a guy! He donates $200 to the radio station and at the same time gives himself a better chance of having lunch with a cute little brunette! 🙂

  2. Dal, Forrest, Chapter 45, Too Far to Walk:

    Alexander Hamilton, lost the duel, but Franklin got his face on the $100 bill.


    • Kathy-
      Some searchers have wondered about that error out loud. There are a couple of others too. Are they mistakes or made on purpose? Could they be clues? If so…how?

      • The one about the paper money is a hint, which can
        only confirm a correct solve of a clue. All IMO.

    • Kathy, The other day I was thinking about this scrapbooks picture of Sandia Peaks radio and TV towers. Several years back I did make a connection to the picture. Yet, tonight it went further than that. So I came across a quote on one of my clues.
      The famous quote: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything — Alexander Hamilton ”

      I googled Alexander Hamilton Forrest Fenn. It amazingly
      brought me to this page. I need to get onto bed, I have some ads I got to post.

      An Indian Scout and A Saint

  3. Thanks for the GREAT report, Dal — and isn’t that just Forest? You gotta love it!

  4. Dal-
    I also loved the story and except for being a few thousand miles away, I would have gladly purchased some raffle tickets. For me, seeing “the twinkle in his eye” in person is worth it.

    Regarding the issue of “errors”, I have always thought Forrest to be extremely fastidious in his selection of words, drawings, etc. for his books.

    For live interviews, I believe Mr. Fenn is not totally comfortable, but still has a unique way of coming up with just the right response.

    The already mentioned clues that have been found ($100, Yellowstone Direction, 10 miles, etc.) could have significant meaning, but I personally don’t see them holding that much weight.

    I do, however, ask you to consider the idea that the “important” unintentional clue was brought to Mr. Fenn’s attention by someone who read the book between when they were first received (9/23) and the interview (9/25).

    Lots to ponder over the upcoming long winter.

    • For some reason I believe Forrest is/was aware of the clue before the book even hit the shelves.Just my gut speaking.I also believe Dal was an unknowing aid in the clue.Again, just my opinion.

  5. Hi Dal — rereading this SB, I noticed that it is neither signed by you nor by Forrest. The storytelling style seems like Forrest’s, even though the first sentence says “This is not a story from Forrest, but rather, it is a tale about him” and there are many references to Forrest in the third person. So my question is: did you write it? Thanks!

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