Ladies Only…

Lets have some FUN!
2nd Place goes to #9 ZuniBears
3rd Place goes to #10 Noche Girl
A new idea cast it’s comely shadow across the blog and prompted a spectacular idea. Let’s have a contest to see who has the most shapely shadow. Here’s the one sent to me and it sets the bar pretty high. Can anyone best it?
My name is Diggin Gypsy and my excitement casts a long shadow across the exact spot where the treasure is hidden. I am sure of it. This was taken at my most recent search location. Winter set in before I had the chance to unhide the chest. Come spring, I’ll be one treasure chest richer. My camera doesn’t consider parallax so you should know that my body has been compared with that of Suzanne Somer’s. Eat your heart out Paris Hilton. Bet none of your bloggers can match my shadow for Playboy worthiness.


OK, Diggin has thrown the gauntlet at you so here are the contest entry rules:


1.     You have to be female

2.     It must be your own shadow

3.     No photo editing allowed except to crop and resize

4.     You must send it with your screen name so we can attach it to the photo.

5.     You should write a short paragraph about your pic and/or yourself.

6.     You must reveal the actual spot of one of your completed searches.

        It will be fun to see where people are looking.


Myself and hree other exceedingly qualified males from this blog will pore over the entries and choose a winner. The judges will be named so they can take heat from angry females who didn’t win. Entries will be judged on their originality, humor, and fascination quotient. The contest ends about 40 days and 40 nights after it starts…an exact date will soon follow.


You can submit as many entries, one at a time, as you would like. But remember the entry fee is that you must provide a place you have searched. A different place for each entry.



So…to be clear, here is a sample entry…

Submitted by: 


Date Submitted:

October 20, 2013


I like the way my forearms came out. Other than that, I think this must be someone else’s body that I live inside. My husband said he thought it looked better than I really look. I am now seeking a new husband.

Place I’ve Searched: I forgot about the “north” of Santa Fe part. The poem led me to the Collected Works Bookstore.  Seriously, right below the shelf of authors whose name is Brown. I was certain this was the place. Nothing was there except books by authors named Davenport. see how this is done..
The entry gate is now open..
Send your photos and requested info to me at:
I will post them on the blog and start assembling the team of judges…
Good Luck!






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Date Submitted:

October 21, 2013


If it means a special, SECRET PRIZE from Forrest Fenn himself, I for one, am in. This is me on my last hunt. Although my body has been compared with Suzanne Somers at one point in my life, I was aiming for WISE in this photo rather than PLAYBOY WORTHINESS. The judges will just have to use their imaginations!

Place I’ve Searched: 

Once I searched for the treasure in a consignment shop (treasures new and old) in a small town. I spent most of a rainy day looking through an old desk and trunks (in the wood), made a new friend (hi Debbie!), and brought home a copy of Preston and Child’s “Cold Vengeance” that I found in a trunk. I forgot that the treasure was not associated with a structure. Oops!




Submitted by: 

Water High

Date Submitted:

October 21, 2013


Me and My (Chest) Shadow

Place I’ve Searched: 

It seemed obvious to me.  Warm waters.  Yellowstone.  Geysers and hot springs.  Which one? The biggest.  Mammoth Hot Springs.  When I saw Sheepeater Cliffs on the map, I thought, aha, that’s no place for the meek.There’s a canyon there, too;  maybe a couple.  But what caught my eye was the blaze, Bunsen Peak. You can see more on my blog: The Fenn Diagrams.





Submitted by: 

Scout Around

Date Submitted:

October 21, 2013


The more I stare at that picture the more I think I look like an alien.

Place I’ve Searched: 

Live hard and die harder fighting a grizzly. My search was up a creek with no paddle. Every darn stream in Montana especially Duck Creek and Beaver Creek. Grizzlies everywhere!



diggin gypsy2


Submitted by: 

Diggin Gypsy 2

Date Submitted:

October 21, 2013


I know my shadow is odd but the sun ain’t shining where I live today so I had to invent one.

Place I’ve Searched: 

The Madison is a beautiful place. Lets just say Its where the water divides and the grizzlies roam at the river bends and where the eagles fly. Best of luck to all you posers out there.





Submitted by: 


Date Submitted:

October 23, 2013


Was trying to get a pose like the jar on p.139.  What do you think? I’m interested in the secret prize…hope it will provide some much needed insight! Merri.

Place I’ve Searched: 

The TofTC led me to a ranch in Wyoming.  The country home had a sign by the front door that said, “Home is where the heart is”.  I knocked and a bright, cheery woman answered named Starla.  I told her about the poem and book and related how a higher hand led me to her place.  She said she had been praying for something and I showed up….



keep away from my treasure


Submitted by:


Date Submitted:

October 24, 2013


First I pooh-poohed the shadow contest, but hey, a Secret Prize from Forrest…I’m in. See the lizard? That’s a winner for sure. About me. If a place says, “Keep Out”, I’m more than good with that. Our chihuahua  goes with us ’bout everywhere so I’m kinda limited to how far out into the desert or mountains I can go, as he’s pretty heavy to carry. We don’t live in a “treasure rich” area with hidey holes, so mostly my investigations have been Thrill from the Chaise.

Place I’ve Searched: 
Our first trip was a whirlwind fun adventure from Arizona where we were staying then to Parachute, Colorado. Amazing scenery getting there though and lots to see going and coming.




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Date Submitted:

October 24, 2013


My photographer fell asleep before the yard light came on and I had to take this picture myself. It looks nothing like me. I’m actualy just a few inches short of 6′.  My Grandson helped me recreate the abandoned outhouse in the picture,by coloring the orange flames. They did not show up in this photo 🙁 , but you can see the actual picture on google earth. Forrest had just posted the recipe for the sandwich and said to put it in a bowl with color that would not clash with the red and yellow. Well red and yellow make orange and by golly those flames were defenitly orange. It’s embarassing to admit, but I had the nerve to email Forrest and ask him to please stop giving out clues because I was sure someone else was going to figure it out. Even more embarassing was that I had only read the poem on the website. I was going to stop at the bookstore on my way home and buy the book as a souvenier. I picked up my book the night before my tearful 4+ hour flight home.

Place I’ve Searched:
I searched in Cruz Canyon, New Mexico. It’s just below Taos Mountain.




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Date Submitted:

October 25, 2013


Don’t cross the alligator.

Place I’ve Searched:
One of our searches led us to La Madera, and we did feel the need for bravery as it seems most of the folks up there are well-armed.  Lately my husband and I have been concentrating on a different area.




Submitted by:


Date Submitted:

October 26, 2013


I would normally not have entered this contest, but the possibility of winning a “special prize” from Forrest made me do it. (So blame this ribald photo on Forrest–not Dal). I tried a “sexy” pose but that is not the true me as my wardrobe consists of sweatshirts and hiking boots (I’m wearing hiking boots but they got cropped.) However, I do love a good margarita–so my motto: “Alcohol…Because no great story starts with a salad!”

Place I’ve Searched:
Battleship Rock, Jemez Mountains, New Mexico.

Where Warm Waters Halt: McCauley Warm Springs
Take it in the canyon down: 2 mile trail down the canyon leads to Battleship Rock
Not far but too far to walk: 2 miles is too far to carry 42 pounds but you can drive there.
Put in below the home of Brown: Capt Robert Brown was the captain on the battleship USS Missouri who was charged with running it aground in 1950. “Put in” (park) at the parking lot at the Battleship Rock Picnic area which is “below” (downstream) Battleship Rock. There is also a parking area north (above–upstream) Battleship Rock.
From there it’s no place for the meek: Trail #137 which goes around the east side of Battleship Rock and eventually on to McCauley Warm Springs is an uphill trek, plus once one leaves the trail to search for the hidden treasure chest in the slots, holes, caves, boulders, etc surrounding Battleship Rock, the footing is treacherous.
There’ll be no paddle up your creek, Just heavy loads and water high: There are 2 creeks that converge at Battleship Rock: The East Fork of Jemez Creek runs along the trail and on to McCauley Warm Springs and Jemez Falls; therefore I’d pick this trail/creek because Jemez Falls is my “water high”. Heavy loads is Battleship Rock.
If you’ve been wise and found the blaze: “wise” indicates owl (bird) so look high up on the sides of Battleship Rock to find the “blaze” (I’m looking for a spiral like the Sun Dagger in Chaco Canyon).
Look quickly down, your quest to cease: Look down from the “blaze”, not look down from your feet. I looked for a hole or slot in the rocks that could be the treasure chest hiding place. I found a blaze and a perfect slot back into the rocks that I was able to squeeze into. There was a shelf at the far end, just enough above my head that I had to shimmy up the walls to see into it. Needed a flashlight but didn’t have one so used my cell phone. Alas, no treasure chest to be found. I will continue to search this area.





Submitted by:

Noche Girl

Date Submitted:

October 26, 2013


Since Forrest is the master of word play, here’s a twist on the word ‘shadow’
as an entry requirement.
-A silhouette is dark shadow
-Silhouettes in the 18th century were known in England as “shadows” or ”shades”.
-silhouette [ˌsɪluːˈɛt]. n. 1. the outline of a solid figure as cast by its shadow.

Place I’ve Searched:
I’m relatively new to the hunt; this summer I spent time in Idaho (before I saw
the “not in Idaho” clue), and Montana all the way to the Canada border.
Treasure hunting equals camping, hiking, kayaking, and photographing.
Hubby does all the fly-fishing while I explore all the nooks and crannies.
My passion is geology – yep, a rock-hound.  And also meteorites, a
bit other-worldly but a good conversation starter.  Since I’m out there exploring
anyway, I’ll keep thinking on the treasure clues.  The 5000′ clue helped a lot.

So Idaho went like this (using only the poem, before I knew about Today Show clues):
Begin it WWWH: Warm Springs Creek confluence with Salmon River, Challis Idaho
…canyon down: down Salmon River main course
…too far to walk: drive and then maybe a float trip on wild and scenic section?
…home of Brown: no clue
…no place for the meek: confluence with Snake at Hell’s Canyon
…The end…: Salmon River known as “River of No Return”
…no paddle up your creek: float trip provides guides
…heavy loads and water high: heavily-loaded float raft and spring melt

Not pretty, and of course after the Idaho clue, eliminated.




Submitted by:


Date Submitted:

October 27, 2013


Yes, that’s me … at the blaze (you can see the blaze’s shadow to the right of me).  Of course, it’s not THE blaze, if it were, I’d be writing a different blog to send to Dal (hee hee).  I love how the shadow is cast on the fallen leaves.

Place I’ve Searched:
I’ve searched in some of the most beautiful places on earth … the Northern New Mexico Mountains!  Most people who have never had the pleasure of visiting here have no idea that the high desert is full of majestic, vibrant terrain.  I’ve searched near hot springs, rivers, creeks, waterfalls, everywhere that the Fenn Treasure is not!  One place in particular where I searched several times was at the Manby Hotsprings in Taos.  I searched just south of them where the old bridge use to cross the river, but alas the treasure was not there either!  Instead I have found the other treasures that Mr. Fenn wanted us to discover:  The little frog that came to me while sitting on the river’s edge, the sunlight hitting the multi-hued leaves on the trees growing in the canyon, the rabbit that darted in front of me as I traveled a path along the Rio Grande that had been traveled for thousands of years by many people … yes, these are a few of the treasures I have discovered thus far.  Hmmm …. perhaps I have found the real treasure already (but, I sure wouldn’t mind a little secret prize from Mr. Fenn!).




Submitted by:

Fashion Maven

Date Submitted:

October 27, 2013


sand casting

Place I’ve Searched:
Our first search (obviously with no success) was around the San Antonio hot springs. My husband and I thought we were on to something there with a home of brown. We still enjoy the treasure of a mountain bath. I recommend going early in the morning or hiking up in winter for some private pools.




Submitted by:

Hiker Vicki

Date Submitted:

November 1, 2013


My shadow knows. With my stick and my back pack l’ve walked the Santa Fe streets and
Heard the music from the harps,guitars, and flutes to waters flowing by.  I’ve walked
The Rio Grand from where warm waters halt and took the canyon down where waters
We’re very high and where no paddle up your creek. I’ve walked the mountains to the
Rocky Mountains high to hear the moose and wolves and deers and elks sing their song.
To foot prints of lions, bears, and moose and birds and squirrels go by. A statement is how you can meet some very nice people on our searching.  My shadow is pointing to the place where the box is. The treasure is the time spent with each other and the beauty of the out doors.

Place I’ve Searched:
A place I have looked was Santa Fe  and the Rio Grand river we hiked it from New Mexico to Colorado . Yes a long way.






Submitted by:

Noche Girl

Date Submitted:

November 1, 2013


“Beyond a shadow of a doubt” is the title of this photo submission.  Since beginning this
treasure hunt, my husband has remained doubtful.  However, he has accompanied me on each adventure (probably because wherever my search takes me, there’s usually fly-fishing spot nearby to keep him occupied).  So as we’ve embarked upon my trove trips , only the two us – and our two shadowy companions – know whence we seek….next.

Place I’ve Searched:
Yet again, this was before the “Not in Idaho” clue – DOH!
I was studying the Ice Age Floods in Montana & Idaho.  Too much info to include here, google Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail for background.
Begin it WWWH:  Cordilleran glacier lobe dammed Glacial Lake Missoula near Idaho/Montana border
…canyon down:  When the glacial dam broke, Glacial Lake Missoula flooded down canyon into Idaho and beyond
…too far to walk:  Lake Pend Orielle, ID
…home of Brown: delta Clark Fork River “Brown trout dominate” according to Fish & Game report
…no place for the meek: hundreds of feet of flood water carved massive scarp
…the end…no one could survive the cataclysmic floods
…no paddle up your creek: flood waters reference
…heavy loads and water high: floods carried debris (erratics), left high water marks, and carved a scarp across the southern shore of Pend Orielle.  Kayaked near the edge of the now-wooded flood scarp.
Well, that was the extent of this search, but I learned alot on the IAFNGT!!





Submitted by: 


Date Submitted:

November 1, 2013


That wonderful book is worth a second (possibly more) entry. If I can’t get to the judges with quality, maybe I can wear them down with quantity. Since I searched six X in as many months,
I can still enter a few more times in good conscience. Although TTOTC has brought me to my knees at times, I remain a faithful searcher.

Place I’ve Searched: 

I found a wonderful spot beneath a large tree.  The earth was very soft and covered with leaves. I was totally hidden from view and felt safe and secure like when I was playing in my fortress as a child playing cowboys and Indians




Submitted by:


Date Submitted:

November 2, 2013


The following is a portion of the lyrics to an original song I wrote on day 9 of our search. It is titled…
“Secret of the Chase”


Ol’ Forrest must be laughing now.
Proud of himself, his Chase and how,
each of us is talking ’bout
Who’ll be the one to find it ?

And if contentment is the goal.
With all our dashing to and fro.
Like we were Indiana Jones…
to “Live the Chase” reminds us…

That in the end, we know not when.
But we could still begin again.
And find the place anew and then…
the secrets there behind it.

Place I’ve Searched: 

Cool Indiana Jones Hat…Check
Smell the sun ?…
Check and Double Check !

We started our early searches near our home on the western shores of Alaska. We hiked the mountains and even the deserts of our huge state, looking for clues near hot springs and ancient places of wisdom. Hoping our northern starting point would be an advantage…

Of course, that was before we knew just how far “North of Santa Fe” might mean.

As for an actual search within the current parameters, the closest we have come would be…
During a two hour lay over in the Security Area of the Denver Airport 🙂
Alas, to no avail.

Although that bronze beauty may very well have been looking up at the belly of our airplane as we hung in the air above those beautiful mountains, all we saw or heard was a faint
“Come, find me, I dare you”.




Submitted by:


Date Submitted:

November 3, 2013


Sulphuric steam belching from Dragons Mouth Spring at Yellowstone accompanied by hisses and gurgling roars is the perfect backdrop for a shadow picture.
There  is a rainbow aura around me that I did not see originally, but it showed up on the photo, which validated the increased spiritual feelings I have when in Wyoming.

This summer while on search I was standing on the boardwalk with the sun at my back and took this photo of my shadow reflected onto the steam.

I have been on three searches: New Mexico and twice to Yellowstone and Wyoming.   I feel connected to Wyoming and yearn to be back.

The Chase came to me at a time in my life when I needed it.  Once again, the Universal Powers That Be allowed me to find direction.  My husband of 37 years died of cancer  last fall and I was left with me.   I entered this endeavor with excitement and the adventures, although sometimes very strange, continue to fulfill me and add color to my life.

Place I’ve Searched:
One if the searches I completed on this trip was “LeHardy Rapids” and it was near Dragon Mouth.

LeHardy Solve
WWWH= Yellowstone
Canyon Down=Lamar River Valley
HOB= former home of Ranger Gary
Brown ( now Yellowstone
No Place for the meek= place for the
hardy= LeHardy Rapids
End is drawing ever nigh= left at
Yellowstone River
Blaze= see rapids below
Tarry Scant, Marvel Gaze=
Pull out at LeHardy
In the wood= under the boardwalk

No, I did not find TC.   What I found was adventure, wonder and reverence   for our world and a humble awe at how small our individual time exists within it.

Oh YES….. I also found a pretty cool place to take a picture of my shadow!!!!!

Thank You for recognizing the women searchers In all of our spiritual, sexual and intellectual ways.





Submitted by:

Stands With Left Fist in the Air

Date Submitted:

November 3, 2013


I took the advice of one of the posers and am trying to get my “bait in shape” but as you can see, I went a little overboard.  Wow, I would literally KILL someone for a pizza right now….just say’in.

Place I’ve Searched:
Wind Cave, South Dakota
You see, there are several tours you can take on this site.  My theory was that Forrest strapped half of his trove to various parts of his body and signed up for the Fairgrounds or Candelight tour.  In order to conceal his riches he had to wear a tan trench coat.  I can just imagine all the parents guarding the bathroom doors when their little children had to go pee! Anyways, as I was saying, those two tours go down the back of Wind Cave in an elevator (not far, but too far to walk) and then he veered off of the tour when it got to the Monte Cristo room (take a sandwich..get it?) and literally RAN to Brown’s Canyon room with a flashlight and placed the items underneath a small cove ( I have ESP and that’s where I pictured it in my mind.)  He then ran back and joined the tour as it looped around.  He did the same the following day with the rest of the trove and the chest itself.  My brother Sid and I met with this guy that surveys Browns Canyon room on a weekly basis and had him sign a contract stating he would get 10% of the riches and then reveeled our big “SECRET.”  He looked at us as if we were crazy and said there is NOT a treasure in Browns Canyon Room.  What does he know…he is just a he.



IMG_0012 copy

Submitted by:

Ann Hannah Moss

Date Submitted:

November 10, 2013


I’m a lurker who really would like the prize, the book if not the treasure chest.  The odds might be 50% better.   50% of something is better than 100% of nothing. Ya know.

Place I’ve Searched:
(Sort of true.  The chicken part anyway.
The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
Yeah.  Right.  See those thorns?)

While I was alone in there
To search for treasure old,
A shadow whispered, Do not dare
Disturb the leaves of gold.

Beneath them lies a once-used Colt
That laid a maverick down.
Go far away.  Run, don’t walk!
Beware the bones of Brown.

These woods are no place for the meek,
I heard the shadow sigh.
There is no gold along this creek,
Move on before the shades draw nigh.

If I’d been wise, not in a daze,
Three questions I’d have asked.
But though I peered and scanned the haze,
The voice’s source was masked.

So why is it I left without
The treasure that I sought?
As darkness fell, I headed out.
I’d lost the lamp I brought.

I heard a rustling — leaves or bones?
My pounding heart turned cold.
And when I fled, I tripped o’er stones.
I’m sure not bold, not worthy of the gold.


I was headed for the ice caves of Idaho, but they were disqualified so I had to use my imagination, instead of knowledge.  Or is it knowlege?  Anyway, I hear it’s over-rated.
Ever wonder how things would be different if Eve hadn’t tasted that fruit?





Submitted by:

Mustang Sally

Date Submitted:

November 10, 2013


My photo is my shadow holding my “Thrill of the Chase” book laid against my mustang Poco Paso.  I chose this because I have only done research on where the treasure is and the places I plan on looking.

Place I’ve Searched:
I haven’t actually gone to look yet.  I found out about the treasure and Forrest and the book about a year ago and of course had to do some research about it before setting out.  I want to make my search count because I will only be able to go once a year.  I plan on searching at the end of June 2014 in Yellowstone Park.  Shhh, don’t tell the park rangers.  🙂





Submitted by:

Hiker Vicki

Date Submitted:

November 10, 2013


I know I will get the book and first place too. I found indian pictographs on
Rocks which have never been found before. Contacted the local Indian council to see if they knew of it and she said no had never seen it before to email it it her so she could look into it. So exciting.  Found historical artifacts and old historical ruins. It has been a very adventurous trip.

Place I’ve Searched:
As we went hiking in the desert we would come along beautiful
Places by water where grassy areas would be by the Ojo Caliente resort spa in N.M. Most of the poem fit. But they have the water way fenced off so we could not follow it. The fences did not use to be there. But the water at the spa felt very good to soak in and it helped the aching bones after so much hiking. I recommend it to every one.





Submitted by:

Diggin Gypsy

Date Submitted:

November 11, 2013


I want that book to read at the campfire were gonna have for woman only at Forrest’s ruins. Even tho Forrest has no clue lol. Get to posing Stephanie  we want this book  😉

Place I’ve Searched:
Ohhhh, I looked under the fishing bridge in Yellowstone and Firehole Falls.




Submitted by:

Cynthia of Rio Rancho

Date Submitted:

November 12, 2013


The shadow on the left is of my dog Emma (Weimaraner) who has traveled with me on every treasure hunt and reconnaissance trip since I started searching in April, 2013. My other Weimie Molly was also there, but with no one other than myself to take the picture, it was quite difficult to get my shadow and one dog, let alone both dogs, AND the reflection of the Taos Junction Bridge. Over the course of two hours and 96 pictures later, we stopped photographing and called it a day. (My shadow is somewhat contorted as it was tough to be the photographer as well as the subject.)

Place I’ve Searched:
I’ve only searched in New Mexico and usually go where Dal has already searched (I’ve heard he’s really good at deciphering the clues but is older so his eye sight might be questionable! lol–just kidding since he is one of the judges.) However, I haven’t noticed him mention this specific stretch along the Rio Grande in the Orilla Verde Recreation Area (south of Taos but north of Quartzite). As I approached the Taos Junction Bridge, I did notice a road sign warning “Heavy Road Traffic and Water Hauling” where a pipe came out of the ground above me with a steady flow of water for people to fill water vessels, I guess. Maybe that is Forrest’s clue for “heavy loads and water high”. Regardless, we (my dogs and I) did not find the treasure chest. But we did enjoy watching the herd of Big Horn sheep in the canyon (home of Brown?) on the north-side of the bridge, grazing contently as we soaked in the magnificent scenery and basked in the sunshine of an absolutely gorgeous day in November in the Land of Enchantment. I’ve spoken briefly to Forrest twice, but have never had the time to thank him for creating this treasure hunt, which for me is a “thrill” more than anyone can imagine (except for you fellow searchers who understand the obsession, lack of sleep since the poem loops through your brain when you go to bed, missed exits from the highway because you are trying to decipher the clues as you drive to your search area–missed my exit at Santa Fe this trip, and the possibility of getting fired from your job because all you care about is this dang treasure hunt…I’ll be moving in with Forrest if I get fired!)




Submitted by:

Wild Kat

Date Submitted:

November 13, 2013


Here we are, in the lovely crisp of Autumn; me and my shadow.
During the summer, at this very same place, the grasses were lush and tall.

This Fall, I’ve been searching pretty much daily, and, solo.
During the summer I had a wonderful treasure hunting partner. I like to call call her “Fish Pie” cause she’s an impressive Angler. We did crazy brave things in pursuit of the treasure. (Some of our random acts of bravery got us in trouble with Game and Fish as well as Parks and Recreation officials.) However, since school resumed, Fish Pie is unavailable to continue accompanying me, and I miss her comradeship.

For the most part, we searched extensively in Northern New Mexico. Although we research other states and areas, we’ve chosen to stay focused in this territory.
It’s been a thrill indeed, learning so much history that comes with this territory, and I will never look at these mountains the same for this.

I am from Maui. I have been full time searching since march 2013. If I’m not out there physically searching, I am researching, and planning my next strategy.

A couple months ago, as I was on a solo search, I had an epic experience…
A close encounter with a Mountain Lion!
… It all began with when I was down by the rushing river in a small canyon and heard loud alarming screams that sounded as if a woman was seriously injured. I started to investigate the situation, and as I was walking up on the trail (that was also towards my car) a frantic Mamma Deer came springing a few feet right in front of me, crossing the path. She ran towards the river.  Then a few moments later, she came bouncing back with flared nostrils, snorting, with wide eyes of panic. I could feel her heart beating. Then little further away, the little Bambi Deer ran across the path towards the river. All the while, the lady screams kept happening. I looked at the momma deer with my head cocked in confusion, thinking the screens may be coming from her. Certainly from her direction. Then, there it was! A magnificent adult mountain lion, just 20 feet in front of me crossing my path!
I froze my stance, whipped out my Bear Spray and tried quieting the pounding of my heart. Ah! So this is what all the Deer excitement is all about!
I felt such an urgency to get back to my car, however, I had to pass the bush that the mountain Lion was now in to get there.
After what seemed like 5 min standing very still, barely breathing, I decided to start marching loud and strong as I held up my arms (with bear spray) and started singing some made up Indian chant in a  very low and strong voice.
The lion gave me passage and I made it safely to my car.
Later, I come to learn that it was the Mountain Lion that was screaming. She was Announcing her attack.
I hope I have grandchildren one day so I can share this story with.
I felt it was a very special honor to encounter and cross paths with such a stunning beast!

Place I’ve Searched:
I’ve been several times to the John Dunn Bridge area. That was not the location of my Mt. Lion encounter tho. Several of the places I have searched, I can just feel it, that many of you have either been there, or shall soon arrive. At times, I wish I could bump in to a treasure Hunter on the path, sit down for a bit, chat about the blaze, share a laugh or two about some of our outrageous wild adventures that the thrill of the Chase has taken us.

I’m sure when Mr. Forrest Fenn was designing his plan, he knew it was going to be big! Yet, I wonder if he too is surprised at just “how big” this has turned out to be!

I know many of you will agree; that we have found many precious treasures along the winding journey that the Thrill of The Chase has taken us. My life has certainly shifted for it!
In some ways, I feel that I have rediscovered myself!
Thank you Forrest Fenn for the many gifts you have given us!
It’s been so much fun having a passionate fire lit for such adventures!

Be safe out there all you dedicated treasure hunters!





Submitted by:


Date Submitted:

November 22, 2013


If I was a fly on Forrest Fenn’s wall,
Oh the stories I’d hear,
No tale is too tall.

If I was a fly on Forrest Fenn’s wall,
I’d know all the clues,
Warm waters and all.

The horn toad might eat me,
I’ve got to be bold,
I’m flying away to find Forrest Fenn’s gold.

Place I’ve Searched:
My husband and my first search took us up to Yellowstone outside Gardiner Montana. Mammoth Hot Springs seemed to be the obvious place where waters have halted, and Gardiner is down canyon a ways. The Tinkers cemetery is no place for the meek followed by an uphill trek on Landslide Creek to Rainbow Lake (heavy loads and high water). Unfortunately, we didn’t find the box under the ‘head stones’ below Sepulcher Mountain, just a few obsidian artifacts, and an old rusted out leg-hold trap (maybe it was Osborne Russell’s). Cool adventure thou…jumped 5 new born baby elk (still in spots) bedded in a grassy draw. They didn’t really appreciate our intrusion and ran squalling for their moms who were standing up on the ridge top.



b 2

Submitted by:

Maggie May

Date Submitted:

November 23, 2013


This was me trying to grasp the treasure at the end of Forrest’s rainbow.

Place I’ve Searched:
There is a beautiful little spot where the water shoots out of the side of the mountain (water high).
The formations change over time due to the mineral deposits (heavy loads)

Warm water collects in a small basin within a cavern (warm waters halt)
There are unlimited nooks and crannies in which to hide the bronze box in the area of Soda Dam.



Submitted by:

Maggie May

Date Submitted:

November 23, 2013


This is my attempt to transform myself into a butterfly. I feel like a catapillar, not being able to see what is just over the hill, while the butterfly, has a much broader view.

Place I’ve Searched:

There was a time when I believed Forrest might have used an olden form of North, meaning down or under, and before the above 5000′ clue. I can’t reveal just yet what made me think of a ranger dog, which most people would associate with Jellystone, due to the cartoon, but I’m not most people. Ranger lake in New Mexico looks like a dog standing on it’s hind legs from the air, and we know Forrest loves his dogs. Could he have put it in the cold nose of the dog? That would be funny. It’s not far from the Texas border and you could probably hear the trains from Lubbock, if the wind was out of the East. And one last thing, the nearest airport is in Hobbs abbv. (HOB)


Submitted by:
Can You Guess?

Date Submitted:
November 23, 2013

I adhered to all the rules….I am female and this is My Shadow(our black kitty…..I’m going for humor and I hope you enjoy the shape of my feet with their Pink Toe Nails…ok, they’re red right now
We have two cats, Bella and Shadow and while out searching all over the past going on 3 years…I am happy to report that our children kept them alive *shocker*. I’ve tried to ask Shadow where the treasure is since only The Shadow knows…but she said Cody, Forrest’s German Shepard forgot to email her the information. I now keep her away from the computer, because she keeps eating the mouse.

Place I’ve Searched:
Cimarron State Park where I met up with a black bear after all the campers had gone home for the season. We only took one look at each other and decided that was enough and we took off in opposite directions. While that was freaky scary, I think back to what a cool moment that was for me to experience.




Submitted by:

Lou Lee

Date Submitted:

November 26, 2013


I cast my Shadow Across the Madison Limestone at the Top of the falls, at Sinks Canyon, Wyoming. Hiked after a snow. I am a new “empty nester” and I Love to hunt for Rocks and things. I Chase Rainbows.
Photo taken on a crisp, cold, November day, at the Top of the falls Looking down the Canyon, of the Popo Agie River. On a solid large rock. Late Afternoon.


Place I’ve Searched:
I went to Sinks Canyon, I had never been to the Wind River, I had been wanting to go for over a year, After searching on line, I saw this river that rushed into a cave and came out down stream, I wanted to see this! After Forrest said to go. I jumped in my truck and went! I decided to hunt here. I know its been hunted, but I had to go! So with a flash light and a snack, and no bear mace, or anything I hiked up up and than off trail too! Even passing a couple with a large gun, and Bear warnings. For some reason I felt safe here, and was not worried. Enjoying the beauty!

What really surprised me was this unbelievable happy excited feeling that I was going to find the treasure at any moment. I searched and searched with this feeling that I still have today, its the feeling that I will find this treasure. I was the last one the leave this canyon, as it was getting dark and cold. I was so elated to have been it such a incredible place. The Falls and the Sinks are wonderful. I felt at peace and did not want to leave.




Submitted by:

Hiker Vicki

Date Submitted:

November 27, 2013


I have walked and really enjoy the thrill of the chase in the
out doors where you are one with nature.  The wind blows through your
hair and the smell of the trees and the water smell of so good. The blue
sky and than a cloud moves in and than another and than the rain begins
to slowly fall upon your face. This is oh so nice, but this time of year the
rain is snow and a beautiful blanked is upon the earth. It is to deep to
walk in so we must wait for spring.

Place I’ve Searched:

We went up to Wheeler,N.M. end of the road and
followed the stream up and snow was there and we found no warm
waters halt. It did not match the poem. On the way down the canyon
there are many water falls. We must go back and explore them. We love
Water falls. They do not match the poem but they should be pretty to
see. We did not know New Mexico had so many water falls. What a
great find.



image 2

Submitted by:

Hiker Vicki

Date Submitted:

November 27, 2013


I have look and wandered and tarry a far.
Where oh where is my treasure box gone.
The rains have come down and washed
away all my paths and blazes to see.
The waters flow down where warm waters
halt and down the canyon I go.
And back I will go when warm weather
comes back and the sun rays shine once more.

Place I’ve Searched: 

We were going up into Estes Park, Co.
Rocky Mountain Park but colorado had so much rain the park
was shut down. They were rebuilding the roads. So we had to
go somewhere else.  We were than going to go to some water
falls, but two days before we got there a rock slide had
happened and a whole family was killed. So they had it
closed off.  Most of the parks national campgrounds were
closed and all national parks because of Government shut
downs. It was a bad time to go out with all of Colorado’s rains
and government shut downs we ran into a lot of
closed fences and gates. We went to Leadville , Co. and
found about half of the poem fit but it was the other
half of the last part of the poem we could not find.
So our adventure goes on.




Submitted by:

Maggie May

Date Submitted:

November 29th, 2013


I titled this one: Thick Soup
All that is needed is onion, celery, and bell pepper. Seems like most searchers think there is some kind of bridge interwoven into the chase, so instinct told me, myself, and I to sit on this one for a bit.  All this searching is making me hungry. Maybe that’s why Forrest said to bring a sandwich.

Place I’ve Searched: 
My search took me to Taos Mountain. I had read about it, but there is nothing quite like being there, in that beautiful place, and experiencing it yourself. It all seemed vaguely familiar. Reminded me of when I was a kid, when I didn’t worry about where my next meal was coming from. I just knew it would be there. I met an artist/architect/mentor all rolled into one. It was obvious he had lived in Taos a long time.  He answered most of my questions with questions.  I was fascinated by the art work he showed me.  Beautiful colors and intricate design.  I was most interested in the work he did in indigo.  When I asked him where he acquired that particular color, he got a gleam in his eye and mumbled something about a cave, a man, and a bra. Ah, the Thrill of the Chase.




Submitted by:


Date Submitted:

November 30, 2013


Casting the Wooly Worm.  Some crucial elements of my setup were a mailbox, tape, dining chair, trashcan, and a 2 x 4.

Place I’ve Searched: 
In 2012 we hiked a questionable route to the bottom of the Gorge near Questa.  The trail disappeared a couple times and was excessively steep, but we made it down to the river and saw some amazing petroglyphs.  We decided the spot and hike were both unlikely, but returned later to cross the river anyhow.  (It wasn’t over there, either.)




Submitted by:


Date Submitted:

November 30, 2013


I spoke to the moon, but he wouldn’t say.
I’ve listened at keyholes, no hints came my way.
This arrows a blaze and I looked quickly down,
No treasure was there, just sandy old ground.

Place I’ve Searched: 
Visiting my mother-in-law last weekend in northern New Mexico we took an impromptu hike into Bandelier Monument. Since we were kinda-sorta “out of bounds” I probably shouldn’t elaborate (for legal purposes). I’m sure Forrest would agree that rules really shouldn’t get in the way of a good hunt and, after all, it was only around 500 feet. Admittedly the clues were hanging pretty loosely together to get us to this point (there was a canyon, and a sketchy HOB, and we really had to use our imaginations to get the loads and high water) so we were somewhat shocked to find this amazing petroglyph. I’ve envisioned many blazes but this one was begging to be explored. Since it was pointing to a cliff on the edge of the mesa the ‘look quickly down’ was a slam dunk. It took some doing to get scramble to the base and check out the rock pile at the bottom ……once again, no cigar.




Submitted by:

Hiker Vicki

Date Submitted:

November 30, 2013


Keep a smile on your face and your feet walking on the ground. I enjoy reading Forrest Fenns books and web pages and Dals web pages.
Keep on going for all to see.

Place I’ve Searched: 
We have been searching in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming but this can take a long time. There is so many warm waters and take it in the canyon down and to find it below the home of Brown. The blaze we have not really found to really match the Poem to help us find the chest. So our journey continues. So much snow right now, but fun to play in.





Submitted by:

Hiker Vicki

Date Submitted:

November 30, 2013


‘My effort is in the cold.
My shadow is brave and in the wood.
So where oh where is my gold.
The only gold I saw this time was the Aspen trees.

Place I’ve Searched: 
Marble, Co.  It has warm waters and goes down a canyon and is below the home of Brown, but could not find a blaze to fit the poem. It is an old ghost town and is so pretty. You see clouds coming over the mountain and the next thing you know you are in a
blizzard .




Submitted by:


Date Submitted:

December 1, 2013


I’m 17, and I strive for adventure. I’ve crossed rivers, climbed mountains, dodged a few bears, camped, and lived off beenie weenies from a can trying to find this darn thing. I still have hope and plan on going back soon.

Place I’ve Searched:
I’ve been all around in and outside of Yellowstone looking for the treasure. And had the pleasure of meeting Forrest on our road trip back home, i wish i knew more people like him.




Submitted by:


Date Submitted:

December 1, 2013


First, let me say I LOVE THIS CONTEST IDEA!  I think you should run a contest every month. . .

And I love the treasure hunt tho’ will love it more when I am on my way to the bank  😉

In my photo entry, I have just beaten another ernest searcher to the treasure.  Ha Ha!

Place I’ve Searched:
I have searched many places in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming but one of my favorite places to have searched so far is Dinosaur National Monument.  I searched there early this last summer and found lots of bones, amongst other things (including another searcher).




Submitted by:


Date Submitted:

December 1, 2013


Since I was the very first entry, I am now striving to be the last.

The mountains of the southwest are a beautiful sight to a flatland girl like me and I have fallen in love with the gorgeous vistas and interesting folks I have encountered in my searches. I am ever mindful of the fact that there are so many of you doing the same things at the same times…with the same results.

Here I am holding my pet lizard in one hand (representing the many critters I found along the way) and pointing to my halo with the other. The halo was much larger before I started the TTOTC but that’s another story. To you judges out there who think my halo is a bit too small to see I say it’s not the size that counts!

Place I’ve Searched:
Once I dug up an ancient truck tire hoping it would contain a  pretty bronze chest. On the plus side, I collected enough night crawlers to start my own colony for fishing.




Submitted by:


Date Submitted:

December 1, 2013


This is a story of a little wood burning stove. Well sort of. An old Franklin stove my son bought for $50 bucks and brought it home to be displayed for my viewing pleasure on my living room floor. its austere cast iron body staring at me smugly from the carpet after work one evening. The thing was just daring me to throw it outside. I especially enjoyed seeing the lovely piping that rested against it on one side. Black ash had fallen from the pipe during the move from wherever it had been sitting for the past 20 years and now that ash was accenting my carpet in little bitty black ash piles. I yelled for someone to get this thing out of my living room but my son came running to tell me about all of the stove’s virtues and how thankful I would be once it was up and running and keeping us warm when winter set in. I, very politely I’m sure, told him that would happen over my dead body but unfortunately this did not make the thing disappear. My son cleaned up the mess and the iron monstrosity was moved to a far corner of the room while it was contemplated what was to be done with it. After several months of contemplation, it was decided that it would remain in the far corner of the room.
Now on December 5th., I called my mom from work to see if she was going to lunch at the Elks which she did every wednsday. She was feeling quite poorly and had thought about just staying home that day but upon answering my call decided she would get up and come in to town. At lunch she suddenly got up and made her way to the restroom. An attendant came to our table just minutes later to tell me that she had collapsed in the bathroom. We had an ambulance come over . My mom couldn’t really tell the paramedics what she thought was wrong with her only that she felt very weak and was spitting up blood in the restroom. They took her to the ER and a cat scan was done. When the results were viewed by the ER physicians, the atmosphere changed quickly. Several came into my mother’s room and one informed us that she had a dissected aorta and was bleeding out into her body. They were trying to get a hospital that could perform the necessary operation to take her. UNMH refused her. The Heart Hospital in Albuquerque refused her. I asked a doctor what would happen if nobody would take her. He hesitated, then said they would get someone to take her. The university of Colorado in Aurora, Colorado accepted her.
I went with my mother on a Flight for Life airplane in the middle of the night to Denver. Sitting in the cockpit with the pilot, I stared out the window of the plane into the black night. I tried focusing my sight on the distant twinkling lights of small Colorado towns below me and prayed that my mother would be all right. She went right into surgery after some tests upon arriving at the hospital and came out of it with flying colors. Everything had gone pretty well. My sister drove all the way from Las Cruces to Denver and arrived early the next morning. My mother was awake and seemed to be ok. She was having some trouble with her breathing though and her kidneys had stopped functioning due to the cat scan with contrast they had given her right before surgery. As the day progressed her breathing problems continued and it was becoming apparent that the bi pap machine was not enough. My mom had been a respiratory therapist when she was younger and knew what they were wanting to do. She confided in me that she didn’t want to go on the ventilator because she had smoked for more than 40 years and was afraid she couldn’t be weaned off of it. She had seen some that couldn’t be weaned off. She was finally confronted and told that she would need to be put on the ventilator. She told them, “ not till my son gets here” My brother flew in from Alaska and on the second night they put her on the vent. She stayed that way for two weeks. My sister and brother and I stayed by her side during that time and waited. During the wait, I had time to talk with my brother which was something we hadn’t done in a while. He lives very far away and conversations by phone really weren’t the same as being able to sit down and talk at length with him. We passed the time talking about our childhoods and what not and at some point I got around to talking about the treasure.
My brother loved hearing me tell stories of my trips and was so intrigued by it all that he starting researching online using his phone. Now I had plenty of support up to that point of family wanting to accompany me on my trips but this was the first time that anyone wanted to help me figure it out. I was taken aback at first because I wanted to be the one to do it But I realized that it was rather selfish of me not to encourage his ideas so I changed my tune. My mom came off the vent after two weeks but stayed several weeks more due to other complications from her surgery. She had a second surgery to remove blood from her body cavity and her breathing got a little better. They had trouble controlling her high blood pressure and her kidneys were slow to recover. She was on dialysis for a while. I didn’t leave Denver until after new years. My kids at home were taking care of themselves. I paid the bills online and wired them money to buy food. My oldest had turned 21 while I was away. My youngest was 15. I have five in all. At some point the propane ran out and they were using electric heaters to warm the house. It’s $300 for a hundred gallons of propane. Paying the bills, wiring money and paying for motel rooms was sapping my paychecks. I called to tell my children that I was going to buy one hundred gallons and have it delivered. My son said no, they had installed the wood stove. A neighbor had come over and helped them install it properly telling them what materials to buy to fire proof the area around it. They pulled out the window in my kitchen and extended the piping out of it. They would fill the small bottle with propane to heat water and cook but spending the $300 on propane was not needed. It turned out that they did a good job with putting the stove in and we’ve used it ever since. My kids put the tree up that year but there were no presents for them under it. They had each other and not one complained about situation that they found themselves in. I cried that I wouldn’t be there for Christmas but each one knew that the gift of life was better than anything I could ever buy them and their grandmother would one day come home. I was so proud of their maturity and their concern that I stay with my mother while she recovered enough to go back to NM. After my mom came off the ventilator, my sister, brother and I went to the Molly Brown House in Denver. I also wanted to go to lookout mountain where Mr. Cody is buried but there was no time.
I remember walking through my front door after a month in Denver and seeing that little Franklin stove in my kitchen, a cheery fire crackling within it. And I was glad it was there when I couldn’t be.
The shadow in that picture is me standing next to that stove. I have concluded that my shadow looks suspiciously like a giant thumb. If this was a thumb shadow contest I would have a good chance of winning.


Place I’ve Searched:
An exact search location for me would be up ponil canyon past the gates of the scout ranch, through the Elliott Barker Wildlife Area, past the rich cabins on Turner’s land, in to the valle vidal and still following ponil creek until one hit’s the latitude coordinate of 36 degrees, 41 minutes. No treasure but many gorgeous wild flowers.






The following commenters have graciously volunteered to judge the entries in this contest:

SoCal Jeremy
Don Johnson



Forrest is providing the prize for this contest. It’s a doozie…

A special, limited edition book by Forrest…


I own a copy of the regular edition and I can tell you it’s nothing like this.

The Secrets of San Lazaro Pueblo, a book by Forrest Fenn, signed
Limited edition, slip cased, number 4 of only 10 copies, with an original pottery gaming piece (ca 1325AD) emblazoned on the leather cover.
326 pages
140 drawings
360 photos
3 maps

I checked around to see what this prize could possibly be valued at…

Copies of the “regular printing” of this book sell for between $130 and $380 on Amazon. I saw a regular edition, signed, at a book fair in Santa Fe, the asking price was $500. The regular printing is cloth bound. Very nice of course, as are all of Forrest’s books, but the limited edition is an art piece. The only place I have ever seen the limited edition version of this book is in Forrest’s library. I don’t know who has other copies but rest assured, the winner will be in good company.

There were only 10…ten…X of these made…
In my unlearned guesstimate, this book should be worth about $2,000 right now…
More as the day gets longer….

One more point..
In my opinion this book is the only one of Forrest’s that I own which provided any evidence to me of the way in which Forrest likely hid his treasure chest. I think understanding what Forrest has learned from his prehistoric neighbors is very useful in the hunt.



364 thoughts on “Ladies Only…

  1. I knew it was just a matter of time until this became sexualized…. . Yuck..truly sad and pathetic gal….I’m just going to go up to the mountains take it and leave.

  2. Joanne-
    Hmm..strong opinions. But they are yours and not mine. I am afraid the world is a much more interesting place for the fact that there are both males and females and for the most part we seem to enjoy one another. What a great world we live in. You should get out more and try not to be so darn negative. In the mean time I respect your desire not to participate… but no reason to bad mouth those who might be interested in having a little fun.

    By the way…where were you when the searcher girls formed a pink team and tried sweet talking the guys out of their solutions??

  3. The pink team was all girls sticking together though. I get why Joanne feels the way she does. This is putting girls against each other for their bodies and could cause hurt feelings.

    • OK. How about a compromise. Wet t-shirt contest, crop the faces and submit anonymously. On second thought, that might not solve anything. Much. I think. Sorry …. lost my train of thought. 😉

    • “could cause hurt feelings”

      That is funny as it could possibly be coming from you the Queen Of Pouty Insulting.

      So how about you DemonStrate that Pouty Insulting Queen Shadow of yours ?

      I mean for an actual prize instead of for a Phishing Adventure.

      • Have things taken a wrong turn around here? Maybe it’s time to restore the good image we once had…In the beginning.
        Speaking of art and the female form takes me back to my good old art school days and drawing class 101. All the students were shocked the first time the teacher brought in a nude model for us to draw. How was anyone supposed to get any work accomplished with that distraction!
        Work, oh yeah…mine has really been piling up on me and I need to put my treasure hunting on hold for a while so that I can dig myself out of this hole. Too bad I didn’t see it coming so fast.
        Sculpture class was always my favorite art class and I seemed to have a knack for creating very realistic pieces of art. In fact, my girlfriend’s dog used to growl at a bust I once created. I think the big bulging eyes must have freaked him out a little.
        Hi Ho, Hi Ho. It’s off to work we go!

    • Margie,

      You were right.

      Clean and/or clever entries were a waste of time. More amazed at how low some pinkies set the bar than where the judges eyes went.

      Count me out.

  4. dal you’ve taught me a lesson…there is a line…a line that shoudn’t be crossed…when a moderator is needed…this is it!

    These women are going to beat you!…lol..

  5. aww, c’mon girls….it’s all in fun!!

    Dal, you went about it in the wrong way. Should have opened it up for guys only….in short order you would have been accused of discrimination and then would “have” to open one for girls. LOL!!!

    Great site and thanks…………….Fred W

  6. Shadow Shadow on the Wall

    Who’s the Fairest One of All ?

    She could be Short

    She could be Tall

    She could be the Real Phantom Know It All

  7. Not sure why I am responding to this, but here it goes…

    I understand the “male/female” different perspective (Mars vs Venus) and that this “contest” is supposedly all “in fun”.

    As much as I am curious and would love to be the winner of Forrest’s Secret Prize, It is not something I would consider doing for many reasons:

    I would not travel back to my search spot area (over 4,500 miles roundtrip) to “cast a shadow”. It actually is unfair to searchers who don’t live close by.

    Do I really want to share my searched locations?? Forrest, you are tempting me with your Secret Prize!

    The most important reason, in all seriousness, is that my generation (and others of course) were very tough on attractive women to be taken seriously. In the Sixties, men joked about keeping their wives “pregnant in the summer and barefoot in the winter). I was able to have a successfull career because I worked hard, but I learned tough lessons very quickly – if you were attractive, the men “talked” about you and if you dressed provocatively in any way, the women talked about you. If you moved up the ladder too quickly in the minds of others, well you can guess what was said or thought.

    Being the same age as Suzanne Somers, I do like the way I look, but respect myself too much to be judged on that criteria.

    So, if Forrest ever wants to give out other Secret Prizes, say to whomever has the most grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. …I’m in.

    • It can be done in good taste.

      How about a “Ah” pose fully clothed just as thousands of women do at church every sunday ?

      It is also known as the “Hey” pose and looks the the woman above who is striking the Hey Just Under Arrest Pose but with hands raised in Praise Instead.

      You know they are all doing it nowadays !

  8. Lightn up all my fellow treasure hunters think hard about what the prize might be A shadow of a clue. Maybe Maybe not 🙂

    • Cindy M’s is.

      It is the shadow of the Glyph ay Levee Mural where the Warm Waters Halt.

      The Glyph Points toward the Canyon Down

      It’s at Clark St and Arkansas River

  9. I aint hatin I just know that shadow doesnt do you justice!
    besides dal didnt even let my comment go through how do you know what i said Gypsy? 😉

  10. People that are upset, go back and read the post. Entries will be judged on their originality, humor, and fascination quotient, per Dal’s rules. It does not say you have to take it at a search location, just tell of one place you searched. I’m in as soon as the sun comes back out or I’ll have to use a big light. Forrest talks about shadows a lot and this will give people new ways to look at things. I think it’s a great idea!

  11. I know some things about all of this…ha ha…..forest, you are tricky and I see what is going on here.

  12. A woman’s hopes are woven of sunbeams; a shadow annihilates them.
    George Eliot (1819 – 1880) English novelist

  13. Can someone make sure Dal reads this please ?
    Dal I think Stephanie should get a special prize for being Forrests #1 Female Shadow.
    She certainly has made many trips and is in Santa Fe right now.
    She stated she may go home thursday but could stay till saturday.
    Ask Forrest if he would give Stephanie a gift of one night at the Casa.
    Stephanie always stays at cheap and/or sleazy motels.
    Actually I can’t stand the likes of Stephanie but she deserves this.
    All Forrest has to do is call the Casa because they usually require 1 week reservation.
    If he tells them about this special gift he can probably get in on a cancellation.
    Forrest and Peggy can go join her and sit in the wonderful living room or library.
    Much better than some sleazy motel which Stephanie usually seeks out.

    This is the place and it is absolutely breath taking.

    • Kelly-
      I agree..
      But you don’t know about Steph I think..
      She grew up in the mountains of Colorado and was an avid trapper and hunter at age 7.
      She didn’t live in a house with a wood floor until she married and moved to Chicago..
      Steph stays in cheap motels because she likes them…and because leaky roofs remind her of those wonderful spring mornings in her cabin in the Colorado Rockies when she was growing up…

      But you should know that Forest’s security guy now stays at the guest house in Forrest’s and Peggy’s casa..

      • Deb you are so beautiful. I enjoyed meeting you and your hubby. I wish you could have come out with us later, but I understand the early wake up call. I’d love to hang out with you sometime. *hugs* Thank you for saying hi to me so I could meet you.

  14. Stephanie is what Stephanie is.
    The barefoot hillbilly story is nice but she is not.
    So what about the security guard crack ?
    What do I care if Forrest has a securtyguard at his house ?
    My thought was a good gesture thought.
    No need for all the Liberals to get their panties in a bunch.
    I would have even called the Casa my self if that would have helped.
    Geesh !

    • Kelly-
      No crack intended..
      I was simply pointing out that Forrest’s casa is full and that is why Forrest does not have Stephanie stay there…
      But it was my error…
      Sorry that you took it as an offense…

  15. Oookay. I hate to distract from Kelly’s happy-go-lucky, feel-good posts, but there is a pretty important development to the the Chase that I learned this morning.

    I emailed Dal about it but I’m not sure if he’s looking at emails these days. Figured I should post here, and since this is the newest blog post, I’ll just set this right here…

    The new issue of True West magazine (December 2013) has a follow-up to last months article. The author met up with Forrest for lunch, and asked for another clue. Here’s what Forrest said:

    “Sure. The Treasure is hidden below 10,200 feet.”

    Personally I think this is a very important clue. Many people are looking high in the mountains and will want to know that they’re barking up the wrong tree.

    So now we know that it’s above 5,000 feet and below 10,200 feet.

    • Elbow…
      I am a tad slow on the pick-up these days because I am out in the field a lot…not searching unfortunately…filming. So I typically am not able to respond til evening…

      But that’s a great hint and thanks so much for passing it on…
      So I guess I can scratch the top of Pike’s Peak off my list…

      • Hey Dal, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do! Toiling in the fields pays for those long drives into treasure territory.

        I can see Pike’s Peak from my back yard. I thought I saw something glinting in the sunlight up there, but in light of the new clue, I must be mistaken. 🙂

        Really, in this neck of the woods, 10,200 feet is not all that high. I imagine the new clue pulls off a very sizable chunk from the “Rockies north of Santa Fe” search area.

        Happy hunting, everyone!

  16. and just to clarify gypsy#1 you are not the only barefoot hillbilly that has lived in a house with dirt floors dont be getting all high in mighty like your the only one that gets her feet dirty or something.ya poser!

      • I have been called “Diggin Gypsy” in the past too. And Vagabond. I prefer Adventuress. If you like banjos, you may be interested in the book I am trying to find called “Strummin’ the Banjo Moon” by Keller. I think it is the story of a gypsy too.

  17. ck – you pic is too good – don’t think you got the whole “shadow” thing. But kudos for thinking outside the boxs! diggin gypsy – I think sir mix alot made a song to fit your top pic! lol

    • sir mix a lot really! lol r we going see your shadow today vagabond or did it get away from you?

  18. I can see you in your wig wam beating on your tom tom with chief big john in his buffalo briefs just dreaming of the gold fenn in a stand of asssspen, lol

    • A big thanks from me as well Stephanie. I have followed you and appreciate your input on TTOTC. 🙂 Wish I could’ve been there to meet you.

    • Thanks Steph-
      I think it’s just amazing how folks on this blog are willing to share information with one another. In a less interesting world people keep all their ideas and possibilities to themselves. Sharing gives away a part of the competitive edge to those you don’t know. So why do it?

      Both Stephanie and Toby made sure we all have a chance to hear what Forrest said and what was said of Forrest at the book signing. It’s nice to know people care about those of us who could not attend…

      Maybe folks share because it enhances the experience for them….or maybe they share because they feel it equals things out for some of the things they learned. I know’s empowering to share. It makes a person feel good to make a contribution to the knowledge base…and it’s nice to hear someone say thanks…
      Thanks again Steph…I appreciate your effort and your willingness to share…

      “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.” – Buddha


      • I agree. Thankyou Stephanie and Toby. I was sad that I couldn’t make it to the party at the Inn or the book signing. It was fun to watch the video and Forrest reaction to questions.
        Also a big thanks to you Dal for hosting this site.

        • Now that I got the thank yous and gushy stuff out of the way…….back to the shadows. I wanted to do a daytime outside shoot, but the sun keeps hiding. Guess I’ll have to improvise and use a big light. And Dal, I’ll probably have to get a calander that coinsides with yours, because 40 days and 40 nights is ending quicker than I thought.

          • Sometimes I get off on a tangent and lose track of the days left until I post..but then I get back on a straight line..or a diagonal one..and end up going right through the middle of the Omega circle again. I hope I can win all of the marbles..or that someone who really deserves it can.

  19. Stephanie, It was so awesome to finally meet you at the bookstore last night. I really enjoyed chatting with you at the Zia Diner afterwards. Hope to see you in this neck of the woods again. The only thing that would have made the evening better would have been Dal’s presence. Maybe next time.

    • It was great meeting you too Cynthia and hanging out. I wish Dal had been with all of us too. I’ve only been able to time it once during a trip to meet up with him for a couple hours and I was all disheveled from searching up in Taos. I had to do a quick change at an abandoned gas station and had to hide my shovel in the backseat. Dal teases me about my shovel collection. It was seriously though a great time at the signing. I love how those three guys play off each other during those events.

  20. I have a little T-Mobile hot spot for wifi and it lags so I’m still watching the vides. Slowly but surely. And Thanks for all your kindness Stephanie, Dal, and the new folks . But dal, because of your bias with the women only theme. I will dress like lady and make you take me on a date, just to equal things out…Equal is Equal, right? We can talk mountains 😉

  21. No men, duly noted! For this southern boy, this judging contest has been an eye-opener to say the very least and I have enjoyed being a witness to it all! My wife, (The Boss) says I need to take a walk into the hills and do some soul searching and give the pome a break since it’s already brought me to my knees. Keep the scrapbooks coming f and thanks for all of your sacrifices you went through to create this needel hunt. I hope other searchers appreciate your efforts as much as I do.

  22. Nicely done, ladies! There’s an idea for a picture floating in my head, hopefully it will come together before the deadline. How fun.

    • I hope you can get it done. I had an idea for a daytime shadow, but I needed to be home at a certain time to make it happen like I wanted. On my days off work, it was cloudy so I had to use a yard light to cast my shadow at night. In my picture, there is a treasure chest filled with shiny things. It’s over my head, and no one can see it, just like the one we are looking for. The shadows so far are just as varied as our thoughts on the poem. I hope some more of you ladies will join. Good luck to all fellow shadow casters.

  23. Please note that due to popular request the end date for entries to this contest has been extended to December 1st, 2013. Entries will be accepted up to midnight on December 1st.

    The following commenters have graciously volunteered to judge the entries in this contest:

    SoCal Jeremy
    Don Johnson

  25. I think the treasure will be found in the shadow of weaver’s needle! Oh wait, that’s a different treasure hunt. Forrest said “Don’t Go where and 80 year old man wouldn’t go. So, if he’s hiking on a trail somewhere, he’s not going to go off the trail climbing up the side of a mountain to hide it. Where would he be able to hide it on or very near the trail? I wonder if this is going to be like finding a needle in a haystack?

  26. Did the request come from the judges so they have time to change their names and hide? 🙂

  27. I wish it was like finding a needle in a haystack, I’d just use a strong magnet and be done.

  28. It’s getting thrilling! A tip for the Judges… look for changes in the lighting to help determine the standings. There’s a lot to be read into these photos, now go see for yourself. The fun’ll soon to be seen. Study those pictures….

  29. Do we really? As the last few weeks have progressed there has been entirely to much extraneous B.S. introduced.

  30. Above comment was supposed to refer to elbow23 comment from Oct 22,3:39PM.

    “So now we know it’s above 5000 feet and below 10200 feet”

  31. Why was the date changed to December 1st? It should stay at November 1st! That’s what everyone was working towards …. December 1st is too long to wait! Don’t change rules on us!

    p.s. Not really complaining … 🙂 just don’t want to wait another entire month … I’m not good at waiting. 🙁

    • Also … big thanks to Dal for doing this. 🙂 I really like the idea of intermediate contests that we can participate in while we are all doing the chase!

  32. I emailed Forrest because that comment rules out most of my search area

    his reply was “Yes, I said that. f “

  33. I posted the prize donated by Forrest for this contest. You can find it just above the comments on this page.

    • Wow! What an incredible prize! May we (ladies) enter more than once if we submit a different shadow picture and new search? Also, I’d like to propose a consolation “prize” from Forrest for all the ladies who enter and don’t win. There are many very creative entries so I think it will be hard for the judges to pick a winner. How about a group lunch date with Forrest next spring or summer (after the weather warms up again) for the contestants and judges?

      • ZuniBears-
        The six rules make no mention of only one entry per person. So it is clear that if you follow the rules each time, you can enter as many shadow pictures as you’d like. But remember, the entry fee is that you must name a place you have searched…a new place for each entry…

  34. Waterhigh…are you sure you wouldn’t just want to have your very own copy??..I mean…if you don’t win, maybe you’d like to BUY my copy…say..$500???…lol…
    Just kidding…

  35. MoonShadow-
    What is that blaze?
    Looks like a snowman, maybe..
    or a large candy dish..
    A barbecue?
    An old fashioned top that you whip with a string?
    A beach ball wearing a Chinese style hat?
    What could it be?

  36. Wow! Thats exciting! I saw one of Forrest limited edition books on display at Collected Works when I was there. Beautiful

    I hate to argue with you Dal, but you are wrong on the current value………… me that book is PRICELESS! Whoever wins that…..I’m already jealous…just sayin.

    • You can enter as many times as you wish…. as long as you follow the rules. Meaning, entering a different search location

  37. Concerning the “prize” for this shadow contest…the limited edition copy of “The Secrets of San Lazaro”….I see that Forrest has listed a limited edition book on the store portion of his own website. It’s a limited edition of “Teepee Smoke” and it’s selling for $2,500…Yikes…maybe I underestimated the value of the prize for this contest. Maybe it’s worth more than $2,000…
    You can see the listing for Teepee Smoke here:

  38. Is the shadow of a rock cairn marking the location? I saw a 6-ft tall cairn at the confluence of the Red River and Rio Grande.

    • Cynthia-
      No one knows what, if anything, is marking the chest. No one knows what the blaze is. No one knows how the chest is hidden…except Forrest. Others have their own ideas but they are simply opinions. If you think that’s a good place to look you should go back and look there.

      On the other hand I can tell you that hundreds of people who read this blog have looked at the confluence of the Red and Rio Grande rivers and many have spent multiple days down there looking. I spent several days in that area myself on my very first search in May of 2011. I do not remember a six foot high rock cairn though.

    • No rock cairn … and I want to qualify that the “blaze’s shadow” in my photo was all done in fun …. it’s not the real blaze! I think most know that already.

      Anyway, I don’t want to cause any confusion out there! The shadow of my “blaze” was simply a three-tiered fountain found at Bishop’s Lodge. No, I wasn’t looking for the treasure there; I was enjoying a weekend with my husband and finally got my shadow’s photo taken!

      I thought the fountain’s shadow was so odd looking, though!

      • It was a great shadow picture–and I think your entry into the contest is one of the best ones so far. I’m considering entering the contest as well but haven’t been able to come up with any ideas more creative than yours. I will continue to contemplate…

  39. I found a rock cairn at the confluence of two rivers as well. It was build around an old dead juniper tree. I wonder….
    Oh, and I started a blog its not much. But it gives me something constuctive to do during the day.

  40. Any more entries? Or is everyone procrastinating till Nov 30.
    Remember its NO SHAVE NOVEMBER-for cancer
    I think we should have a beard contest for all the guys.
    I think it would be funny to see what Forrest would look like with a beard.

    • I started growing a beard at the Air Force gunnery camp out of Tripoli, Libya, in 1957. Pilots were not supposed to do that but, hey, it was gunnery camp. When my boss told me to go stand closer to my razor my beard growing career ended. But I didn’t much care because it itched and I was always scratching my face.

      • Shaving is good…all over. Skin is in.

        Let’s see Caddis….what would be a good thing to compare on the men to make them feel insecure, inadequate and self conscious? LOL.

        • Stephanie, I doubt you could make any of these males feel insecure! But if you post, I will give a look!!

          • I know that Cindy woman and she’s OK. With her husband, she owns a pet shop in south Texas. She’s trying to find me a jaguar to keep around the place here. The raccoons are eating all of the crayfish in my pond.

          • Thank you Forrest. You have an excellent memory. Perhaps an ocellot would suit your needs. Let me know 867-5309.

          • Forrest,
            You could just do what my grandpa did when the raccoons were tearing up his garden. It involves a steel plate, a rubber floor mat out of a truck, a fishing pole holder, an old fishing pole, 30 ft of 3 phase wire, a 50amp fuse, and an apple. Crispy critters.

        • Steph-
          As soon as you place an entry here and as soon as you open the contest on your blog I’ll be happy to enter your contest…and I doubt that I will complain about it either…

          • Ok…but it’s a twofor deal….you gotta make sure Forrest is on board.

            If I don’t have something to complain or whine about…what a boring world it would be. I just can’t be the person who agrees with everything. I mean…not that you were alluding to MMMMMEEEEEE complaining LOL.

            *whisper* I’m in so much trouble if they call my bluff. On principal I think this contest is WRONG!!! to compare women. lol…not that I don’t know it’s a natural instinct for you guys to be ____________(fill in blank)

      • When I was in the Army, our drill seargernts would make us hold our id card under our chin and scrape. If it made a sound they would pull out an old rusty disposable bic and say “its ok I know you had a tetanus shot recently.”

    • If I didn’t shave for two weeks no one would notice…
      “blond syndrome”
      I had to quit my job and move away for a year in order to grow a mustache without ridicule..

      • Hmmm, might not just be a blonde thing. Jeff has a mustache and I couldn’t tell you if he has one right now or not….that’s pretty bad…isn’t it?

        Are you guys glossing over my idea of a male contest shadow idea? I think you should take photos(hmm, of what??? *playing dumb*) in a very warm room while looking at web site images I provide.

      • Dal you seem to have a lot of influence. If you have any more connections, could you ask the sun to come out on my days off work. I still want to submit my original daytime shadow idea.

  41. I like Hitcher Vicki’s shadow…but I am concerned about her ears. Is she an elf? or maybe those are feathers in her hair…or maybe she is wearing a bunny ear headband…

  42. Noche Girl-
    What means IAFNGT ?
    I thought at first it stood for Ill Fated Noche Girl Trip…but that leaves the “A” out..

    • LOL! That works too, but it actually means Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail – the newest National Park trail complex and very interesting study of the not-too-distant past. I spent a few weeks during the last two summers traveling the trail and photographing the features.

  43. Stephanie is quiet again…she must be putting the contest up on her blog..
    I think I’ll go check it out…
    Nope! no contest there yet…

    • You missed my post above…..

      You seem LARGELY overconfident in the idea I might have a contest like that…..

      If we do it…maybe we should require the Coriolis effect and a piece of string are involved in determining proper length and girth of whatever it is the women choose should be compared from guy to guy.

  44. Not to sound morbid but the shadow of death is what comes to mind when I think of f’s battle with cancer and motality…How does one take a picture of …or Copy a reflection of that?
    TTOTC could be a metaphor for keeping ahead of the shadow of death.
    Just redneck thinking…smiles.
    Mark H.

  45. I think Stands with Left Fist in the Air missed the must be your shadow and no photoshop rules

  46. Well, after a six month hiatus, it appears that the chase is alive and well, the ff treasure remains aloof, and no chasers have been executed for digging holes where they shouldn’t have. Two miracles: 1) dal came up with an ingenious way to have many pinkies post where they have searched; and, 2) PTN finally tricked ff into posing with her.

    I assume all are now stowing their shovels until late Spring. Taking time to re-think the poem and to come up with new areas to visit.

    My hat is off to all of you persistent chasers, I am sure the benefits from your outings outweigh any costs. If they didn’t, dal and PTN would have given up moons ago. Of course some might question their sanity, but I find that they do some things that are too smart for them to be considered funny farm eligible, like the two miracles. LOL

    • Hey Dollar-
      Nice to see your smiling text…
      Have you come up with any new ideas?
      Did you get out more than once this summer?

      • Thanks dal. The only thing that I have done in the last 6 months is to check every now and then to see if anyone found the treasure. My yard is my only outdoor activity and it falls well outside of most ff clues. Did you get a chance to look among the lily pads? I really like that spot. Your hidden canyon idea is probably my second favorite. Did the Colorado fires ruin anyone’s search area? I like how you have revamped your site.

    • dollarbill!!! I missed you!I I still post here and so does Jen, but we post on too. I don’t think it’s possible to give up. I love it too much. No need to question my sanity…just the question gives you the answer 😉

      • Missed you too PTN!! When are you going to buy your own plane? You could have paid for one by now, considering all your air trips.

        A great scenario, with a plane, you could even convince ff to fly with you so that you wouldn’t get lost in the Rockies. You could have him show you the head of a canyon where you could get a natural warm bath and a drink of cold mountain water. Then land close by and rent a car, telling ff that you just have to go skinny dipping and really need a cold drink. After arriving at WWWH, having a dip then a cold drink, talk ff into driving down the canyon with you to a good fishing hole, because you want to catch dinner, since you are tired of sandwiches. Look for anything brown around the fishing hole, for confirmation purposes. After catching some fish, have ff show you a secluded spot for cooking the fish, preferably up a creek with special unique features like a waterfall, boulders, and a neat blaze. While you are searching for fire wood, locate the treasure and then go back to the camp site and shoot ff or poison his fish. If you leave him alive, he might figure out that it was all a ruse on your part, and he might bump you off in order to keep the treasure’s location a secret.

        I get 50%. If I fork money out for the plane, I get 80% and I choose the plane.

        • I’m not missing you anymore dollarbill. You’re planning the demise of Forrest for the treasure!! Nooooooo. He’s too sweet. You need a new plan that includes keeping him around for a very very long time.

          As for the plane….I’ve tried the Google Earth plane before just for the heck of it and let’s just say that not only do other pilots not want me trying to learn how to fly, but people on the ground wouldn’t either 😉 *yikes*

          • I vote for your plan Stephanie! Shame on $Bill for talking such nonsense. Besides, it’s way too cold to go skinny dipping.

          • Cindy if we have a girls camp out on Forrest’s land, you’ll have to come. He knows nothing about it yet. I know from reading his book that there’s a pond there….maybe we can get him to filter the water and add some chlorine and we can skinny dip lol.

          • I’ll bet Forrest knows about it now Stephanie. He doesn’t miss much. Swimming in the pond with the crayfish sounds fun! We may emerge with an extra decoration or two. I think we should forgo the chlorine and go au naturale. 🙂

          • Okay, I’ll admit a little drastic. I just thought that the location is where ff would enjoy resting his bones. Maybe just a sleeping pill in the fish so that you have time to get the treasure without him knowing. You would need to fly ff back home, so you probably would need hubby or someone else to help carry him. Carrying ff and the treasure would be a bit much for one person, unless you made more that one trip. That’s it, take ff home first, then come back for the treasure. Just hope ff doesn’t move the treasure again before you make it back. I hope this meets your approval.

            If I have to bribe the FAA authorities for you, my cut would increase. I doubt that you would be flying anywhere close to where I am, so the people on the ground really would’t matter.

            It is mind boggling trying to help you find the treasure. I just might have to find a new student searcher to help.

          • How about we get him drunk. Dance a little. Get him to tell us lots of fun stories. Dance some more….and and….I can’t drug him or try to get secrets out of him while he’s drunk. He’s too nice. Sorry dollarbill. I’m a failure at being your student.

          • Too cute Cindy. I don’t think those extra decorations would feel so good lol. *ouch* Ok, maybe he’ll put us in a water slide on his pond. He better close his eyes though if he hangs out with us.

          • PTN, sorry for my impatience. You are my first and only student and it is discouraging that we have not located the treasure yet. Let us try a new approach.

            We know that ff knows where the treasure is hidden. We know that all men have a weakness. We know that ff’s weakness is food, especially sandwiches.

            Now you need to decide which is more important. 20% to 50% of a treasure worth a few million; or, your family.

            I am going to ask you to invent a new sandwich that is irresistible and extremely habit forming. You will need to test your concoctions on some people, i.e., your family.

            Once you find a sandwich that hubby and son can’t live without, it is time to entice ff into trying it. Have plenty on hand so that ff get’s hooked real good.

            Then you cut ff off and don’t let him have another bite until he draws you a map to where the treasure is. Once you find the treasure, you can pay me off, give ff your sandwich recipe, and hire someone to make sandwiches for hubby and son.

            This plan allows everyone involved to live a long and happy life.

            If you get the sandwich recipe developed before the girls’ camp out with ff, that would be a great time to get ff to try a bite.

          • I was thinking of a sandwich that is a little more appealing to the eyes. Is this what you make at home? If so, we are in deep trouble again. Maybe we just deprive ff of water until he is ready to draw a map. He would be happier that way.

            Obviously, I now need to come up with a plan that is as simple as painting toenails. LOL

          • I LOL a lot…but it’s pretty funny when I actually do laugh out loud. Yes, make it more simple than painting toe nails. By the way, as I took my last bite of tofu I was wondering how you knew my family didn’t care for my cooking lol. Yes, deprive him of water would probably be best….but I don’t think it’s possible to out smart Forrest…..

          • I’m glad that you got a chuckle. dal said to have fun here. I hope he didn’t mean girls only.

            I believe that in a previous tutoring session long ago, your culinary skills were touched on briefly. It might have been while discussing what your daughter does when you are away searching. Or else, it was lucky intuition after seeing your sandwich.

            Yes, ff is very wise and it will be difficult to get the location out of him. Having to come up with a simple plan is going to make it even more difficult. Thanks!

  47. LOL Diggin Gypsy, just saw your new entry. You can win it and we can convince Forrest to read it to us after we’re all tired and weak from the dancing. I hope you have some good ideas on how we’re going to convince him of all this.

  48. Having Forrest close his eyes would be a real treat for him Stephanie. 😉 As all good student searchers have learned…Imagination is more important than knowledge!

    • Seeing I’ve already gone to seed and I now have crayfish hanging from my droopy boobs thanks to you(sorry for the visual lol)…I think his imagination would be much better than reality lol.

    • None of the shadows are me. I’m protesting that there aren’t any men and it’s women against women. I think I’ve been told I’m a poor sport and I should enter anyway lol.

      • I bet I know what you think of beauty pageants, girls’ sports, women’s only camp-outs, and men taking out the trash. dal was probably just trying to do something nice for the girls on his site; after all, there will be no guys winning TSOSLP. LOL

        A little help for my student: a really good shadow picture should also include some native american ruins, some artifacts, a dry creek nearby, the initials ff, and any other subjects that would emphasize the San Lazaro Pueblo.

        If you could get ff to bury himself in sand up to his neck (with a clay pot nearby) and then cast a shadow over him, that would be much better than an ff etched in the sand.

        Your welcome. No fee.

  49. Contest or no contest, treasure or no treasure, I will always love Forrest Fenn for teaching me that you’re never too old to dream like a child….to reach for the stars…….

  50. I think that each of you pinkies has a shadow. Just take a picture of it and send it to dal. You can say that you searched anywhere, no one will know the difference, unless you get too detailed about the spot. Getting mugged while searching would make a good side story. Or, finding a bag of money hidden in the bushes. Or, wrestling with a grizzly. ff did make embellishing a part of TTOTC.

    Steph’s shadow is only visible when there is a full moon and she is out on the town. I hope she took a picture of it last weekend. Anybody missing a friend?

    • Don Johnson – do you drive a red Ferrari? I think the Alligator should win. He/She is the most creative. Please make sure the other judges know my vote.

    • If you insist she is a pinkie, she probably got fed to a snake….lol Whats that shadow going to look like? Sorry, back to the shadow puppetry.

  51. Sorry E, I presently do not own a red Ferrari. I will after I obtain the chest…lol. The Supreme Rulers (judges) have not discussed with each other their final selections. At the end of the month they will be submitted to Dal where the results will be tabulated. I was very surprised at the quality of the submissions and the great ideas that accompanied the photos. I am having a very difficult time trying to determine the overall best five. I can say however that the alligator photo was in the top 24 of those submitted. Your vote will be noted.

    On a chase note, I did notice you capitalized Ferrari. This is most likely because capitalization is required for a person, place or thing. With that thought I believe that yellow trout, purple trout and green trout should not be capitalized…Brown trout should be.

    • S. trutta morpha lacustris. Home of Brown. Saw a picture in one of Forrest’s books that made me think of this. Nice hat. Remember to return Team Pink members to the stream. Rock Snot has always been a out for Water Ghosts too. Loch Leven was the temporary home of Mary Queen of Scotts..a famous adversary. The record there is > 11lbs.


    It has come to the judges attention that not every entry above satisfies the rules of the contest. The rules of the contest are as follows:

    If you feel that your entry does not satisfy the rules, you have through December 1st to submit another entry. The judges will be rating all entries on December 2nd. Those not satisfying the rules of the contest will be scored lower.

      • I like the map in the background of the photo under the pretty indicative Ferrari red toenails. Did you ever paint your toenails in rainbow colors, Stephanie? I can’t blow it up, but I am wondering if it ironically and synchronistically includes places that are important to Forrest..maybe where he hid some of the bronze jars? Does that say El Paso, TX? Across and down..thinking about solving crossword puzzles and looking for the location aspects of the Fenn Cache of Clovis Points..and other Fenn caches he has mentioned.

        • It’s actually a map of New Mexico. I should have put it down lower. I did a crossword puzzle solution for the treasure once. I was able to go left and right with the directions and even not use some of the words. I thought it would spell a place where words would connect. No luck, but it was fun trying.

      • Thank you Stephanie,
        I actually have 3, the first one using a yard light, is not very clear, but it depicts my search of an outhouse with the treasure chest over my head (pun intended). All of the ladies have done a great job. A lot of creativity. I believe you are within the rules, although I wouldn’t have though of it. It made me laugh. I have one more, I want to submit, just waiting for the story to go with it. Good luck everyone.

        • I really love your butterfly. I hope that one wins. It’s the most creative….I do think the alligator is good also, but I love how colorful your is. I don’t expect to win. I was just doing it for the humor of it all.

      • Found a book at a local French gifts store that is $35, so I can’t buy it to send to Forrest until after I find the gold. “Butterflies of the World” by Martin and Basan has a great chapter called “Hordes on Migration” on pg. 146 that talks about the Sphinx Moth and the Painted Lady Butterfly. Extinction probability and distribution come to mind. The Painted Lady seems to always find a good method and habitat to survive ~ she will be around for a really long time!

    • My idea is contained in a story with a picture in a journal I keep on my phone called “D’Nile is a river in Egypt”, which I wrote on 10-29-13. It looks just like Maggie’s shadow minus the butterfly wings that are formed by the leaves=wings beneath her. I was saving that one for the photo I will send to Forrest when I find the treasure. Hieroglyphs A26 and A28 correspond to my wingman and victory shadows. Haven’t figured out which of A19, 21 and 23 corresponds to the shadow on the cover of Forrest’s new book. My toes are always painted red. My friend has a giant Mainecoon black Kitty cat, but I didn’t think he would appreciate having a “Shadow Catcher” post his picture on this blog. Many cultures believe that involves capturing the soul. Maggie doesn’t appear to be running away from her shadow..that is another journal story..from 10-27-13. I met a man at a local golf course who was flying a Phantom remote controlled helicopter that he uses to film skiers and real estate properties. I wonder how far away I could stand to operate it? It would be good for Grizz reconnaissance. Or I could borrow Maggie May’s shadow. Then I would really be “the phantom know it all”!

  53. Thanks Stephanie. Good luck to you too. I think the judges will have a tough time and probably wish they had not volunteered. There are many awesome entries and I wish good luck to all. It has been fun putting a shadow to the name.

    • I am “working on my bait” so I look good in my new yoga pants before I post. There may not be much left for the Grizz to chew on, though.

        • Osborne Russell observed Grizzes a lot in his travels and said they don’t a actually hibernate like other bears..FYI

          • On the YNP site they are saying grizzlies hibernate for about 5 months, but it may not be cold enough or snowy enough yet for them to go into hibernation. So, if you’re going to be in that area, be careful out there!

          • Who goes to YNP in winter? I did that once and nearly froze my tookies off. What advantage is there in going in winter? …other than a bearless landscape. Haven’t searchers watched The Grey? Wolves do very well in winter. I’ll spend the winter rolling ideas around and then head out once the snow has made like like the Wicked Witch and melted..

          • I’m sure not going there now! Hubby wants to go when there’s good snow in the park and go snowmobiling – not my favorite activity. They do have snowcoach tours to see the animals, (the bison, elk and wolves) which might be fun, but I’m not big on going there in winter. I don’t like cold weather – that’s why we don’t live in MN any more. 🙂

  54. I added an auction section to the blog. I did this so that people who are looking for a way to raise some money for their searching habit can try selling their art or spare Clovis points to other searchers on this blog. There is no fee to list something here. Just send me a photo and a description and we’ll see what we can do.

    Polly’s painting entitled “The Reapers” is our first item. Let the bidding begin!

    You can get to the auctions by going up to the top, right under the big photo. There is a row of items there. The one farthest right is “Auctions”. Click on that and you will get a list of all the auctions going on right now. Click on any item in that list to go to that particular auction…

    Please let me know how this thing is working…it’s a big test…

  55. Hey all, The judges have their work cut out for them for sure. All of the entries are very creative and the places searched are interesting as well. My favorite is the entry from Fashion Maven. I am a metal detector enthusiast and “sand casting” is a blast!

  56. LOL Posing is used in fashion and art. Her photo is creative and artistic at the same time. I like all the ladies efforts. Good luck ladies!

  57. Thanks to all of the ladies who posted shadows on Dal’s blog. The cameras probably were blushing on a few of them. I’m trying to get him to let me be a juror because I have 21 favorites who I think should win. I’ve tried to bribe him but he hasn’t budged so far. Do you think he can be bought? Please send him a blank email with “Yes” or “no” on the subject line. He will be morally obligated to give us a tally. I think his credibility is at stake here.

  58. Dear shadow contestants and your supporters,

    I found it very difficult to pick a winner among the 40 entries. If your or your favorite entry doesn’t win, blame the other judges.

    • I tend to agree with you Don. I just didn’t want to be the first to point at a single judge.

      • choosing will be difficult. but if I may, there is something about # 9 that just pops out at me. I can’t put my finger on it, But is very intriquing.
        my personal choice would be, # 12. the use of modern technology and natural beauty, the exquisite lines and form. the elegance of the nature and style. The pure beauty of the sample make one yearn with desire.
        Oh, right, and the shadow cased is pretty nice as well.
        Just one mans opinion.

  59. Winner announced for the Ladies Only Shadow Contest…See the top of the contest page for results…

    Thanks so much to everyone of you who gave it your all…and demonstrated that the search is about more than just a million dollar treasure hunt….

    Okay…maybe it’s not about more than that 🙂

  60. My fav was #38 smiley. Thanks Dal for doing the blog and contest and thanks Forrest for donating the book for it. I wish that I would have won, but I am happy for the winner. And my vote is yes, I think Dal could be bought. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and were thankful.

  61. Congratulations to the winners! Good job to all the ladies who posted, great search ideas, loved the poems and shadow ideas.

    • I want to echo what you posted here Mags. I thought all the women shared grate experiences and ideas. Nice shadows too

      • I don’t think Gold-bug received the proper attention for her entries. Maybe if she used a skull up in a tree vs. the crescent moon and the i-Guana looking Horny Toad? She could have taken the shadow photo above those graves she mentioned, which would have been a nice composition. I would probably then have added a clew to complete the symbolism..and 50 ft. What would the author of a famous pirate’s tale have added to the skull idea, I wonder? Keeping it short..’Kay…like Norman in “A River Runs Through It”..I am doing my best to minimize Forrest’s ball of string. What would “The Phantom” think of this skull idea?

  62. Congrats to all the ladies who entered and to the winners! Lots of interesting images and great stories and poems too!

  63. My favorite shadow was the alligator which was also done by the winner. Good job ladies one and all!

    Smiley dont be upset, they are men after all. 🙂

    • I just wanted to be last. Was that too much to wish for? Oh never mind, I probably was. So much for the thinking man’s shadow. Lol

  64. This thread was a good exercise in creativity. The entries were all great. Now what? This is gonna be a long winter….

    • Since this contest was so addictive, ff & dal should sponsor more contests so that we don’t go into withdrawals. I would recommend a blog hunger strike to get more contests, but dal & ff would then just post lots of ff delicious food scrapbooks. Also, I can’t go more than a few hours without puttin something in the tummy.

      • Just think how many sour grapes will surface when the treasure is found? Its funny to read how many interpretations there are. Gotta love the creativity of the human mind. 🙂

        Have fun everyone!

  65. For those who are not exactly happy with the contest’s results, let me offer you the perspective of one judge. I first read (several times over) how dal described the contest and reviewed (several times over) the examples that he posted. In dal’s description, I saw the words FUN, most shapely shadow, female, own shadow, no photo editing, should have a short paragraph about your pic and/or yourself, reveal actual spot of a completed search (different spot for each entry), originality, humor, and fascination.

    In the two examples (one not referred to as an example), I saw full body shadows trying to display some shape, originality, humor, and fascination. Their statements were informative, original, and had humor with fascination. AliceFallsDownALot’s example gave a precise search location with originality, humor, and fascination. I thought Diggin Gypsy’s example lacked a precise search location but did contain originality, humor, and fascination.

    I decided to place the most judging weight on the shadow photos themselves, then the precise search locations, and last the statements.

    I looked for originality, humor, and fascination in each of these areas, as well as some other judging criteria, such as clarity and completeness of entry. I always gave the contestant any benefit of doubt in all categories.

    It was not easy assigning scores, because I had to frequently go back and review all judging criteria and determine if I was being consistent with each entry. No other person influenced me (or tried to) in any of the scores that I assigned. As I recall, dal suggested that all contestants review their entries for compliance while there was still time to submit a new entry.

      • Thanks Cindy. I should have mentioned that I found no entries even close to a perfect score. It was a very close contest.

    • I almost believe how “pure” and untesterony your vote was lol. Let’s face it…you guys are guys. It was all about the “lure” of the high heels and how nippy it was in the room where she took the photo.

      I was pulling for my pussy cat to win, but I was pretty sure she wasn’t your type.

      I hope there’s not another contest that puts women’s bodies up against women’s bodies. I was starting to really believe a creative one might win that didn’t have a sexual undertone, on principal….but what was I thinking? Guys are guys….how did I forget that? *Silly Me* 😉

      I’d have voted for Maggie’s Butterfly….but there were a lot of others I really liked too that were so creative.

      • PTN – How can you say all that when your entry received my one of my highest scores? Shame on you, but I still love you too… just can tell that you’re ALL WOMAN. (winky smiley face)

          • It was not your Shadow that betrayed your secret identity. *cuter smile”

            By the way, as a condition of me becoming a judge, dal deployed an anti-Stephanie security crew at my home for my protection . Their stealthiness is so good that I have not been able to detect even one of them as yet. *frown*

    • Was that a splat at the top of the second ladder in those ladder shadow photos? My college boyfriend liked to play “Dungeons and Dragons”. No stone unturned…no conundrum unsolved..

  66. Cloud….i just want to say how touching your story was to me. My husband as an aortic aneurysm, but we have to wait for it to get bigger for him to have the surgery as its such a dangerous heart surgery to have. So happy for your family and the good outcome. Its so awesome how your kids handled that situation. I love seeing kids become responsible. Relationships are our biggest treasure. Im so ive gotten to know you 😉

    • Thank you Stephanie. It must be scary waiting for a medical problem to get worse before something can be done. I agree, relationships are our biggest treasure and I’ve enjoyed talking with you and getting to know you as well these past couple of years.

      • It really is a strange situation to be in…to know at any time it can happen. I’m the type of person to just do things and get them done….and to just wait and not do anything is tough. Stories like yours gives me lots of hope though that it will all be ok. One of these trips to NM our searches will cross and we can hang out 😉 *hugs and love* I love when people open up and we get to know each other 😉

        • Sorry you are going through that also Stephanie. We also are dealing with the waiting. Nothing easy about the situation. Losing lots of sleep worrying. I know it doesnt help but impossible not to.Sending you lots of positive thoughts.

          • The same thing? I don’t want to get too personal on here as I don’t know if you’re comfortable with that. We don’t really know anyone who’s dealing with the same thing. He has a bad valve too as it’s a genetic thing. So he’s going to need that replaced as well. We’ve learned a lot from the John Ritter Foundation, but we’re still not all that familiar with what his life will be like during and after, and what valve would be right.

            Sending those thoughts right back to you too Deb. *hugs*!!

          • Oh really new news. So sorry. Might want to sign up with the John Ritter Foundation on Facebook. They have great information. Hang in there.

  67. Seems to me that turnabout is only fair…we should have a manly man contest with Peggy being the key judge…

    • I believe Steph was working on that one Michelle…. it’s only fair huh? But we need it to be warmer, the cold has the opposite affect on us.

      • lol Forrest, I suspect she would never leave you. She already told everyone not to ask what she thinks of the chase. Sounds to me like she can handle just about anything that comes her way. 🙂

      • In that event, I’d nix the manly man competition Forrest though I doubt she’d be tempted. That would be a hard contest to follow the ladies.
        What could the women come up with for a super secret prize that would be worth it to a man? 🙂

      • ff, some advice for you to consider. Best not to enter or be involved with the women’s contest for men if Peggy becomes a key judge. Your currently unsinkable ship could spring a leak. lol

  68. I finished in 2nd place in the Shadow Contest. I’d like to thank the judges for voting for my shadow and story, and apologize to any of the ladies who were offended. (Forrest’s prize made me do it. LOL) I thought I had a better chance of finding Forrest’s treasure chest than I did of even coming close to winning the shadow contest. I don’t own a pair of high heels, and can’t recall ever being “sexy”. (Remember, I said I live in sweatshirts and hiking boots.) I have more wrinkles than a sharpei, and just celebrated my 60th birthday; so if I ever have the pleasure of meeting any of you (Dal’sBlogFollowers), don’t expect to see a young, hot-looking chick. Also, since I received 2nd place, I was wondering if Forrest would agree to meet me in Santa Fe and sign my copy of The Secrets of San Lazaro Pueblo which I will BUY ahead of time. I live near there, “not far, but too far to walk” and would be delighted to buy him lunch at The Lorretto Inn, as well as any of the judges. Maybe other searchers could even join the group. I’m thinking in January, after the crazy holidays are over. Would anyone else be interested? Dal, I was so disappointed that you did not attend either of Forrest’s book signings or the party in Sept at The Lorretto Inn and was wondering when you will be coming to New Mexico again to search. Should I send you a plane ticket or new tires? And remember: “Alcohol…because no great story starts with a salad!” Cheers, and thank you all again.

    • I hope you had a happy 60th. Congratulations on your 2nd place in the contest. This shows that women are never too old to fool men. Thanks for your generous offer, but if I dared to travel that far I would be out on the chase with all the others.

    • Is this your way of letting a few girl judges get even? You know that it will be brutal since women judges will have no mercy at all on the men contestants.

      You might want to change the prize. What man in his right mind would want shovels that didn’t find anything and have pink toenail polish all over them?

      • The shovels are long gone dollarbill….since remembering what someone once said with the initials ff….. “…while fools argue about the quest, he won’t even need a tool, as he carries out the chest.” The pink toenail polish stays though 😉

        • I thought that you might have something witty to say about the shovels, but didn’t at all expect them to be gone. You should have changed the “he” to a “she” whilst quoting ff.

          Who is it digging their own grave, or hidey spot? I know, dal finally got them and hid them from you. I think he said he was going to.

          *best smiley face ever*

  69. I was disappointed in the contest results. It was enjoyable up until that point. It turned into a wet t-shirt contest. I really expected higher values from the judges, especially Mr Dal.

  70. Thus adding insult to injury…

    In all honesty…most of the entries are awesome and would make an excellant calander for cancer!
    Too the Wooly Worm, would make a great poster.
    Can I get mine signed?

  71. Speaking of playboy…..I was wondering if forrest has a signed copy of the Playboy issue with Suzanne Somers? And would he want to give that up for the next contest? LOL LOL …Love you forrest!

  72. I was going to suggest the guys had already dug themselves into a hole and didn’t need the shovels, but it seems they’re still digging.

    Home Depot must be doing well. Maybe I should invest.

  73. Yippee, I just saw that I was honored with 3rd place. Thanks so much for the fun contest!!! Spring and snowmelt seems so far away, this was a fun way to pass the time “thinking on the treasure clues.”

  74. I like number #11 too. Fall leaves are a favorite photography subject of mine.

  75. This would a been fun…too bad I missed it!
    Any more contests on the horizon Dal?
    Boy, we don’t ask for much, do we? 🙂

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