Scrapbook Forty Eight…



October 2013

This is not a scrapbook item posted by Forrest…

This is a scrapbook item about Forrest’s Book signing on October 22nd at Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe…


Gold-less Rich sent along this photo from the October 22nd book signing…
and added this.

Forrest gave some new ” clues”. (not exact quotes)
1. The treasure is below 20,000 feet ( and he laughed, of course.)
2. Forrest said, I took out Utah and Idaho because I said that the treasure is in the Rocky Mountains and those states have only a little bit of those mountains.
3. You will not find my treasure on a picnic, it took me 15 years to write my book and I revised my poem many times. (He mentioned 10,000 years, hundreds of years,, etc.)
4. My treasure is not on top of a mountain, remember, it can’t be hidden anywhere a 79 or 80 year old can’t hide it.


Thanks Rich…

Below are some pics from Toby Younis:


The author, Doug Preston on the left, then Forrest and I assume that must be author and retired sheriff, Michael McGarrity on the right, holding the microphone…





That’s Shiloh is the background wearing the checkered shirt. Shiloh is Forrest’s grandson and also the shipper of Too Far To Walk books ordered from this blog. Also in the background wearing the red jacket and glasses is Irene Rawlings…author, radio personality and long-time friend of Forrest’s. So who is Forrest flirting with?



That’s Stephanie just right of center in the red jacket, having a talk with her camera.

Thanks Toby…

Anybody know other folks in these photos?

The pics below are from Frank Abel:

Collected Works Bookstore near the Plaza in Santa Fe.

Collected Works Bookstore near the Plaza in Santa Fe. This is where the book signing took place.



That’s Peggy, seated in the lower center with glasses. Her grand daughter and daughter are standing on the right…moving toward some empty seats.




Doug, Forrest and Michael on the stage…



Forrest with Cynthia of Rio Rancho…



Thanks Frank….

If anyone wants to tell me who they are…screen name or real name…I’ll be happy to add names to the photos..



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  1. # 3. You will not find my treasure in a picnic I think is a big clue it has to be close to a picnic table like forrest says take a sandwich. No one will find it for thousands of years. The reason,like forrest said its not on the Rockies it’s in the Rockies meaning it doesn’t have to be literally in the Rockies but could be surrounded by the Rockies. Another reason no one will find it for a long time is because everyone’s searching in tough hard places Places where forrest wouldn’t go search places where no one would ever think it could be in front of your eyes.

  2. One of the questions someone asked at the signing. What’s the most clues someone has gotten correct. Forrest till this day has claimed searchers have only got the first 2 clues and went right passed the others. He has said that since the start of the chase. Which means no one since has got more clues then 2 I’m thinking that same party he first mentioned is the one he’s talking about. My point is the chase is at its highest point so far searchers from all over,could it be possible with all the searchers that no one has come close since or if some people did mention to him more clues then 2 Forrest wouldn’t say anything and is keeping quite.

    • Actually he did say “several” had those clues right. At first he said 2, then said several.

  3. Selected quotes transcribed from the Forrest Fenn event at Collected Works, October 22, 2013

    If you read the preface to my book, you’ll understand why I titled it “Too Far to Walk.”

    When I write, I can say anything I want to, because I don’t have any rules.

    In each of my books, I’ve made up words.

    There’s one clue in this book (TFTW) that’s not in “The Thrill of the Chase,” and I didn’t know the clue was in this book until it was printed.

    If I don’t have an answer to a question, I just make up one. Because a person asks a question, needs an answer.

    I’ve said before the treasure chest is heavy. And it…I made two trips to hide it where I wanted it to be. But I’ve told people: don’t look for the treasure chest in a place where a 79 or 80 year old guy can’t take it.

    People tell me their climbing on top of the mountain. When these guys are making a mistake I don’t want to interrupt them.

    The treasure is hidden below 20,000 feet.

    I haven’t given a clue that I think was going to help anybody…

    Well, you know…let me put this in perspective. So many people have decided they’re going to take a picnic lunch out on Sunday and look for the treasure…or something to do over spring break. I’m lookin’ at a hundred years down the road…a thousand years, maybe ten thousand years down the road. It took me 15 years to write the poem. I’ve changed it so many times and I’ve said before that I didn’t write that poem…it was written by an architect…each word is deliberate.

    People tell me where they are…they’re very precise in their descriptions of where they are…where they’ve been and I can tell that some of them have been pretty close.

    A metal detector will help you if you’re exactly in the right spot.

    I’ll tell you that it’s not on a top of any mountain. That’s a big clue ’cause there’s lots of mountains out there…it may be close to the top…

    If a person reads the poem over and over…and are able to decipher the first few clues in the poem, they can find the treasure chest. It may not be easy, but it certainly isn’t impo…I could go right straight to it.

    I’ve said some things in my books… I’ve made some deliberate errors, just to see if anybody would find them and they don’t and they haven’t.

    When I wrote that poem, I wasn’t playing any games. It’s straightforward.

    (How many clues has someone cracked?) They’ve cracked the first two, and went right past the treasure chest. Several people have done that.

  4. Ok so several people have cracked the first 2 clues , forrest has also mentioned if you know where to start the clues will lead you straight to the chest, for the people that got the first 2 clues it certainly didnt lead them to the chest haha so somehow somewhere everyone is passing right by home of brown so that tells me HOB isn’t obvious.

  5. I can’t believe I didn’t take any photos. I was working too much on the livestream and meeting people. Then my camera’s batteries were dead. I didn’t even get one with Forrest *pout*. I didn’t even get my book inscribed. It was signed when I got it, but not inscribed. I still had the most fabulous time this trip…it’s been awesome!!!! Oh and I think the guy on the left might be John brown in this picture. I know Toby has a few on his facebook page. One of me with my battery dead camera trying to take a picture of Tim Nobody’s wife and Forrest.

  6. My husband and I just returned from the book signing and had a great time in Santa Fe. We did a little treasure hunting and a lot of sight seeing. The history and architecture of Santa Fe are amazing.

    Forrest and his cohorts were in great spirits and had a lot of fun kibitzing with each other. It was a thrill to be at the signing, not only with Forrest, but with Douglas Preston and Michael McGarrity. Three famous authors all in one spot. How lucky can you get. They all had great stories and great wit.

    The new clues, which others have already posted, were not a lot of help, but they were encouraging. We will begin the chase anew with the thought in mind of where a 80 year old man could get to. I thought it was interesting that he said he made two trips. Does that mean he thought he needed to hide it better or did he take the chest first and then add the treasure?
    It gives you something to think about. I have long wondered where it could be hidden so that the treasure chest itself would not get damaged in the weather. I seriously doubt he would allow that to happen. After all, it is a treasure by itself.

    Santa Fe and area is beautiful. We got to see Bandelier National Monument, the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks, Taos, Taos Pueblo, Loretto Chapel, St. Francis Cathedral, Georgia O”Keeffe Museum, Los Alamos, and the city of Santa Fe. We got to eat Chile…oh my, so hot. And then on the way home, we stopped at the famous El Rancho Hotel in Gallup. What a lot of history there.

    All in all, it was a successful trip and it was worth it to finally meet Forrest. He is a unique person and has a wicked sense of humor. And, he has designed a Chase that is a true thrill for all of us who give it a try. Hang in there fellow treasure hunters.

    I have posted my blog on

    • Many moons ago when I was passing through New Mexico, I stopped at the information Center and believe it or not, Forrest Fenn was talking on their cable network. I’m like Holy Buffalo’s. Way cool, so I bought a bag of New Mexico chili powder (mild) and that stuff was the absolute best chili powder in the world. I do need to get some more. I wonder if they would ship it?

    • Op2 myst the reason forrest made 2 trips he said was because the chest weighs about 42 44 lbs to heavy for a 79 80 year old to carry so he took the chest placed it walked back to his vehicle got the the precious medals and walked back and placed it in. So where he parked it must have not been too far to walk lol

  7. I’m wondering if there is an actual, physical treasure to be found. Maybe the chase is meant to be just one of personal discovery. When you’ve finished searching you look in the mirror and decide who you are and what you want to become.

    • I believe personal discovery is a big part of all this and several others have said the same. It will be interesting to see what the history books in the future will say about Forrest and the treasure. It somehow seems to wake people up and their imagination and creativity that were there all along. I have recently thought about writing a childrens book myself and that is nothing I would have considered a year ago.

      Now with that said……..Forrest said he hid a bronze chest full of treasure in the mountains and I believe him. Happy hunting!

      • A few friends and family members(who already think I am from another planet) find it necessary to mention that this whole “Chase” may be just a clever ruse invented by a crafty old salesman.They always give me that special smile reserved for those of us who travel down slightly different roads.These days I keep my comments very general and politely remind them that my endeavors related to “The Thrill” are and always have been just to solve this challenging riddle!That is how it all started for me.Similar to doing a crossword or Sudoku.Sure, finding a fortune in gold would change a few things in life for me,but somehow now I can almost see a better purpose for it all.I can not see what it is yet,but time will tell.My gut tells me that if Forrest says he hid a valuable bronze box filled w/treasure,that is exactly what he did.The wake up call for the finder, and the riddle, is just exactly what keeps me going on this.Keep your engines running and head on down the highway, Looking for adventure….

      • Oh there’s a real treasure in that box for sure!!! Just nothing like the one pictured on page 126 of TTOTC. The treasure I’m thinking about is full of jewels way more valuable than any other to me. I’m glad this chase has been so entertaining for everyone. Me…I’m always more than willing to provide entertainment for anyone who is willing to listen! I used to be shy but I’ve always been able to laugh at myself. Well, I guess I’m through with this whole…treasure hunt? Hope you all have had as much fun as I have had. Over and out of this chase.

        • I have plenty of gas and the only reason I have not gone to get it yet is because I don’t know where it is πŸ™‚

    • People buying plane tickets and sacrificing vacation time for a Jack-In The-Box with a mirror inside? I don’t think so….
      I’ve already got imagination. I don’t need IMAGINARY treasure.

    • Please explain “2 mirrors”. We are talking about a treasure that could remain in place for 100 years or more. Maggie May, I DO believe that a REAL treasure is there, not a trail of “self discovery” and introspection about “who I am”. That sounds adolescent to me. I come here looking for hard clues. Any claims like “there are 2 mirrors” need to be explained to me because I am a simple person and I need to know exactly how this relates to finding the treasure. All this “mystique” stuff is just “crop dusting” to me.

  8. So are we to believe that no one (at least those that have emailed him) has gotten more than two clues correct?

    • Hi Dal,

      If Forrest is answering questions, I think it would be very enlightening if someone were to ask some very specific questions about the clues like:

      Has anyone figured out what the blaze is? (or water high or heavy loads)

      If people have figured out the first two clues and walked right past the treasure chest (let’s assume that in doing so, they were within 500 feet), what if the searchers didn’t correctly interpret the 3rd clue correctly but did one or more of the remaining 6 clues (thus his statement they have figured out the first two clues without divulging someone may have figured out others).

      If searchers have been within 500 feet of the chest, then I would think it highly probable that they would be coming across some of the other clues and possibly getting them correct.

      I would love to be at a question and answer session with Forrest, but I am unable to do so. He would probably get annoyed with me anyway because I would probably be asking questions from a variety of different angles like you hear reports do at a breaking news event (and most of the time I think how annoying they are and wish they would shut up…)

      If you are going to this event on November 4th and will be passing through UT, let me know and I will treat you to lunch/dinner if we can get our schedules lined up.

      • JCM-
        I never ask Forrest questions about the treasure or the search or the poem. That’s probably why I can’t find it…lol…

        • Someone asked F at an interview if hd told anyone they were that close and he replied ” one of them I know would go back and revisit all his spots and probably dig them all up!”. I bet he was talking about you !

      • Searchers got the first 2 clues right but when he said people have been 500 ft away from it he never said they were searchers it could be within 500ft of an attraction or road

        • On 6/28/13 While on the Today Show, Forrest made this statement:

          “Some of the searchers have been within 500 feet of the treasure, I know.”

          For me, that laid to rest the question on whether or not any searchers had been within the 500 feet…

          in the 7/13/13 Pekin Times Article, the ‘several parties’ who had figured out the 1st two clues are the one’s who would ‘go crazy’ if they knew just how close they had been.

          I would find it very ironic if it were searchers who hadn’t figured out any clues who randomly came within 500 feet of the location. If it is true, that opens a whole separate set of questions about how they got so close to begin with and still completely missed all of it… but then again, there could be some less-than-intelligent people out there whose dumb-luck just might have gotten them that close. πŸ™‚ But I don’t think so.

          • JCM,

            Very deliberate searchers have been within 500 feet and pretty close as Forrest has indicated.

            I have been out searching twice and believe I know where the blaze is. But we all think that until we search our area and it all ends up with a lot of exercise.

            This doesn’t mean we will stop searching. We just head out in another direction.

            At least the scenery is worth the trip!

  9. I have a question for ff. Has anyone ever figured out what the meaning behind 24 lines, 9 clues, and the letter x missing in your poem means? All we keep hearing about is 500 ft and people getting the first two clues correct. That is very old news.

    • Pam-
      Why ask ff questions here? Forrest has his own blog and his own email address. Those would be the best places to ask him a question. There is a contact page on his blog that goes directly to his laptop…

      • Caution! There are plenty of speculators, naysayers and misinformed individuals out there including reporters and journalists who have added inaccuracy and conjecture to the trove of hints and clues floating around out in the ether. This is inevitable. As the story is passed from person to person it begins to grow and be embellished and before you know it the facts are hard to find. In truth, what Forrest has said over and over is that only the poem and what he has written in the book contain honest hints and clues that will lead to the treasure…ignore the words that others have put in his mouth.
        That is why. You posted this on your page. I thought it was best to ask him here where others can discuss my questions and maybe Forrest will answer it. Why do you ask why Dal? I have seen others ask questions and you have not deferred them. Didn’t you like my question?

        • Pam, that’s a good question….. for Forrest. Be sure to come back and let us know what he says.

        • Pam-
          I assumed you wanted answers from Forrest to your questions. You will see plenty of questions on this blog directed at Forrest…But how many answers do you see to those questions from Forrest?
          If you want Forrest to see your question and you want a response, you have about a hundred percent better chance by sending your question to him directly. He does not read the blogs. He has said that many times.

          • Dal,
            Sorry. I didn’t know he doesn’t read your blog. That seems strange to me. The blog is all about him. Maybe he has lost “The Thrill”. I know I have stopped searching, but still enjoy your blog and seeing if anyone has gotten any closer to finding the treasure.

          • Pam-
            Forrest has said that he does not regularly read any of the blogs. That makes sense when you consider all of the projects he has going on. I suspect he devotes most of his treasure hunt time to answering email and media requests. Some people get miffed when Forrest does not respond to their email but imagine how many times week he gets the same questions. Even on this blog, where there is a search mechanism, people ask the same questions over and over rather than checking to see if the answer is already here in one of the existing posts like one of the email posts or the rumors post or in one of the media posts. So I can well imagine that Forrest is bombarded with hundreds of emails a day. That alone keeps him busy. Forrest has also said that he reads all emails “..unless they are too long, unsigned, or ask for an advantage or confirmation.” So if you don’t get a reply to your email, stop and ask if your question crossed the above line for him.

    • Both the Today Show and Pekin Times article links are on the media coverage page here on Dal’s site… A bit difficult posting them using my iPhone… Sorry.

    • 4 comment from the top on this thread is a video from the signing should answer your question

  10. Two trips mostly like means his first trip he took a shovel and dug a hole or set up the location ready for the chest (meaning rearranging rocks around) . The second trip was the chest. Which is easier: setting the items in the chest at home or in the woods?

    Either way this does tell us the chest isn’t far for a parking spot. For a 80 yr old man to hike 4 trips.

  11. I’m attending the event on the afternoon of November 2nd at Moby Dickens Book Shop in Taos. I have been granted permission by Forrest and the proprietor of the bookshop to video record the event. I’ll upload it to my YouTube account after I edit and render it. I’ll post the link to the end of this thread.

    If you have any questions you’d like to have Forrest answer, please add them to this thread. I plan to write them on 3×5 cards and present them to the moderator when he asks if there are any questions from the audience.

    I reserve the right to edit any question that includes the use of the word “metaphysical.”



  12. The picture above the one I’m in, has Geydelkon in it. I was able to meet him. Very nice guy.

    4 pictures above the one I’m in, has John Brown in it with Forrest. Is that a map he’s showing him and Forrest is marking it with an X? Hmm, good strategy lol.

    The picture with Peggy, has Lorene Mills over on the left.

    The picture that I’m in, shows Desertphile(David) in the back right with a hat on.

    John Brown is on the left side of the very first photo too.

    To the left of Irene Rawlings is her good friend Katherine.

  13. Thanks for giving us this opportunity. Since we know he is not going to tell us where the treasure is. Maybe he will tell us how and why the Indians made all those tiny beads.

  14. When he said the poem was written by an architect, I wonder if he was referring to the Great Architect of the Universe. hmmm. There’s a rabbit hole in there somewhere.

    • Don’t you think that’s what he meant. Can anyone think of what he, the architect who ff himself said wrote, might be trying to tell us if so? Maybe he’s sending the message that if you like the idea of treasure and all it can do for you in this life you should open your mind and search it out. But if you stop there you’d be a fool to not spend the rest of your life searching for the eternal treasure because that’s where you’ll find perfect skies to gaze upon, endless mountain streams to walk, the best fishing to be had and everything your heart desires. I don’t know but it seams to make sense to me. I know people don’t like to talk about it openly but I,like f, am not afraid to wear my heart on my sleeve. What do you think about this theory?

      • DP – Here’s another clue that I’ve discovered that seams to stitch the Grand Architect to the poem…(usually I don’t like to reveal my ideas but… since you asked) Think about this… you know how ff said that the 10% of the profits from the book would go to a cancer victim? Well 10% is the amount of tithe God demands from us to give to his Church to help him fight his disease. So that’s a clue. What do you think about that DP?

        • That’s a good bit of logical thought, and would be very warm and reverent of him. I did not have the usual definition in mind.

          • DP, a clever point for sure. That’ll be very impressive of him to give like that. Quite touching actually. We should put our heads together and solve this puzzle. Dare to compare clues?

          • I dare to compare…

            As I have gone (died, expired) alone in there
            And with my treasures bold (steep, shear),
            I can keep my secret where,
            And hint of riches new and old.
            A cottonwood tree dies. Cotton seeds float through air (treasures bold).
            hint of riches new and old (seeds…new and tree…old)

            Begin it where warm waters halt (H2O on the ground)
            And take it in the canyon down,
            Not far, but too far to walk.
            (water runs down the canyon)
            Put in below the home of Brown
            (Water seeps into the earth below the tree)

            From there it’s no place for the meek,
            (survival of the fittest, struggle for water in the desert)
            The end is ever drawing nigh;
            (the root system draws the water in)
            There’ll be no paddle up your creek
            (water moves through the Xylem, there’s your X)
            Just heavy loads and water high.
            (trees can hold an astonishing amount of water)

            If you’ve been wise (like an owl in a tree) and found the blaze (a particular Cottonwood tree)
            Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
            (look down from the live cottonwood to find a dead tree nearby…the quick and the dead)
            But tarry scant (a little black or darkness) with marvel gaze (live tree in fall)
            Just take the chest (the heartwood, which is dead & darker) and go in peace. (die)

            So why is it that I must go
            And leave my trove for all to seek?
            The answers I already know,
            I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.
            (the life cycle of the tree)

            So hear me all and listen good,
            (if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?)
            your effort will be worth the cold
            (time of year fall or winter…symbolic of death)
            If you are brave and in the wood
            I give you title to the gold.
            (leaves turn gold in the fall)

            Okay, there you go. Simple…you just have to find a live Cottonwood tree growing in the desert someplace near a canyon with water that also has a dead tree nearby (on the other side of the river). How hard can that be? C’mon Forrest, why did you make it so easy! LOL.

            Now get out there and turn over a log and see what you find!

            God is in the water.

      • ALabama-
        Could be..but I cling to the idea that he meant the poem was like a finely crafted set of plans. He has said over and over that the poem will take you directly to the treasure. That seems to fall on deaf ears sometimes so I think this was just another way of saying the same thing. The poem a set of very specific instructions…not unlike an architect’s set of plans.

        • Or he consider himself an Architect, because he once collected Tinker Toys and was a master with them….

          Ok, this is probably why I haven’t found it….yet.

          If you guys only knew how crazy my thoughts have been and the stories I’ve created. I just hope Forrest never reveals my confessional solve. That was funny though…..

  15. VT.Being here has helped me not get too obsessed w/the physical search aspect.If I was living in Santa Fe I probably would be a full time searcher! Good luck DP

  16. Do we rule out Montana?

    Toby Younis posted a video of the Oct.22nd book signing by Forrest (see above) where Forrest describes a gentleman that called him stating he had found the treasure. Forrest responded to him that he did not believe him and in 30 minutes would drive to the treasure to see if he was telling the truth. In 30 minutes Forrest left his driveway and a black limo was following him. After a little laughter from the audience Forrest stated “I should have driven him to Montana.”
    If Forrest has hidden the chest in Montana would he make such a statement? I don’t think so. Sometimes a slip of the tongue can reveal a lot of information…rule out Wyoming also?

    Have a good day.


    • I don’t think we can count anything out. I think Forrest says those things to play with us, because he knows it will evoke conversation. I think that’s his reason for saying no clues are useful….because he sees how we twist and turn them into something they aren’t. I could probably find a million things he’s said that mean it HAS to be in NM…and then I could find a million things that would lead me somewhere else.

    • idk, I’m still going to look at MT/Wy as well as NM. I’m not sure that remark meant any more than that he should have taken the searcher to the farthest edges of the Rockies in the US to see if he would keep following f no matter how far f drove.

    • I don’t think so Don..
      I think that is just the farthest away State that the treasure could be located in from Santa Fe..His point was that he should have led the guy as far away as possible…and had fun with him…Forrest likes to have fun..

  17. Of course Forrest was first referring to the Great Architect.And to himself also.An architect is a designer and Forrest designed the poem.Forrest’s rendition of the Great Architect’s Design is a written Abstract where the Great Architect’s Abstract we call the material world.What Forrest did was show the Pattern that Exists in the Great Architect’s Universe which is Universal Life Patterns.There is a
    Description of the Hydrological Cycle that is Above and Below Ground in the Poem.
    More can be affixed to the Poem and Search.
    But remember Forrest said if you can figure the first few clues then you can find the treasure location.And Forrest’s Blog “I never Go Shopping”shows Forrest’s idea of a few.That would be 4 of the same and 1 differing.As I said in a different post.
    The Petamon Coffin in Egypt holds the Cypher.
    “I am One that transforms into Two
    I am Two that transforms into Four
    I am Four that transforms into Eight
    After this I am One

    (Coffin of Petamon, Cairo Museum no: 1160) [6]

    Fate deals you 4 cards and a Joker and you play them whether you want to or not.

  18. BTW,Have you ever wondered why there is 9 clues ?
    There easily could have been 10 clues which indicates “Alpha + Omega”,”Begining + End”,Start + Finish.
    It is because 9 is about the Neters of Egypt.The Great Ennead.The 9 Basic Human Personalities.

    And people wanted to know why 9 clues and 24 lines.
    Well,those are the numbers of the Enneagram Star Polygon.
    A regular enneagram (a nine-sided star polygon) is constructed using the same points as the regular enneagon but connected in fixed steps. It has two forms, represented by a SchlΓ€fli symbol as {9/2} and {9/4}, connecting every second and every fourth points respectively.

    No doubt you have seen this Geometric Figure used before.

    Have you seen this shape before ?
    As a portrait of Lady Liberty ?

    • How funny would it be if the treasure was at the bookstore? He could check on it everyday. I think we are all over thinking this thing.

      • Pam-
        Just in case someone should take your comment seriously…Forrest said he has not been back to the treasure since he hid it and he has no intention of ever going back.

        • Dal,
          Forrest has also said he would not write another book…Lucky for all of us who enjoy his work, he has, again and again:)

  19. 10% is a good number.
    It is one Alpha and one Omega
    And leaves the person with an Ennead of nine Alphas and nine Omegas.
    The nine human personalies and their Altar Egos.
    Every person has one or more of these personalities and must sacrifice their Ego or Altar Ego in order to get thru life.Perfection is to have Holy Idea,Basic Desire and Virtue of all the Characteristic Roles of the Enneagram.
    You may be familiar with the Seven Deadly Sins which are associated with Personalities 1,2,4,5,7,8,9
    With the numbers 3 and 6 left over which are (3) Truthfullness/Deceit and (6)Courage/Fear which are connected to the Triangle that includes (9)
    Truth,Courage and Action
    Altar Ego is
    Deceit,Fear and Sloth

  20. I’m not sure where to share this content so that everyone has equal access to it. I hope this works for everybody.

    For the Forrest Fenn Event at Moby Dickens Book Shop in Taos, New Mexico on Saturday, November 2, 2013.

    Here are some photos of the event:

    Here is my list of selected quoted, notes and commentary:

    Here is a video recording of the event:



  21. Ya-Sha-Wa is representative of the Trinity Ego Ya=Courage Sha=Truth and Wa =Action.

    A Group needs all of them to be set free from their bondage.
    Most are trapped by Deception ,so even though they have Courage and Act upon it.They are still not just lost but worse off.
    For it is Truth that shall set them free.
    Just Saying !
    I heard that somewhere before.
    Now where was it ?
    Oh Ya !
    The same place that told me if I was ashamed of his name,he would be ashamed of my name.
    The attributed words of Ya-Sha-Wa-Ay

  22. One last bit on this please.

    The use of Ay was a way to keep it all a mystery.
    The Ay being the All Seeing Eye would be indicative of Government and was a Symbol of Ra.

    So that is why the Ay symbol was used.
    The Ay means Watch.
    But the Ra means Person.

    And here is the name that was Amen (what was hidden)

    Inscribed on the secret ancient fire tablet is


    which is Cyphered as Ya-Sha-Za-Wa-Ra

    Speak it .

    I don’t really need Forrest’s treasure anymore.
    But it would still be fun to stroll by and pick it up.

  23. Eventually I will find the time to go get it if nobody else does before me.I have been a treasure hunter for 30+ years and have always dreamed of such a wonderful find.My life has taken an unexpected turn and the dream is good enough for now.It’s much more fun knowing and not going for seduction is about the thrill of the chase or the planning of the date.
    If nobody has gotten it by the end of next summer,I will make it a priority,does that work for you ?
    People are having so much fun being searchers instead of finders that why should it be spoiled so soon.
    Heck,even Steph figured the first 2 clues and went right on by.
    That’s one of the reasons Forrest said she would faint if she was told that.
    So don’t tell her I said that,OK ?

    • He didn’t say Steph he said she’d and they more than one person. My sister and i also are in close contact with Forrest and have went To his home we all can think we walked right passed it if we’re woman as my sister and I are πŸ™‚

  24. Forrest said that person would faint if they knew they were the ones close to the chest a lot of people think its steph that’s wat forrest want people to think. But it could actually be one of his friends or family members that did a search and told him where they were or even one of the reporters that came to search a while back it could be anybody. Lets not jump to the first female lol

    • That’s pure conjecture and contradicts the facts: 1. At the Collected Works presentation, Stephanie asked him who had come closer to the treasure, she or Dal? Fenn answered that he could tell her, but she’d have a heart attack.

      The similar comment he made at Moby Dickens would support the idea that Stephanie was the subject. He said “She’d…”

      • I think forrest said that for just humor that’s too big of a clue to give someone. How is the treasure supposed to last 1000 years by giving clues that big. The comment about steph and dal she asked who was closer that doesn’t mean those 2 are closer then anyone else. The signing in toas I looked and looked at the video he never said she or shed he just stuttered a bit

        • J.R.-
          Really…sounded like “she” to me.I like the idea that it’s Stephanie. She hunts hard and she helps everyone. She deserves to be close…not that a lot of others don’t but ya gotta love Stephanie..

  25. Forrest said some have decipher the first 2 clues and walked right past it not knowing they were so close 1 of them I know would faint if they knew it was them he never mentioned a women just the way he said it sounded like steph even I thought that too but never mentioned a female

    • I thought I heard forrest say that the parties may not have even been aware they had the first clues correct?!

  26. Exactly I think he said there was about 30 k people searching for it theres only about 1000 that post could be anybody

  27. The question WAS asked (by Stephanie), at the Oct book signing, “WHO Has Been Closer me Or Dal.? Now the answer to the me or Dal has several answers that might make Stephanie faint, one answer could be,….. a tie, both of them

  28. I like how Stephanie’s blog is shutdown so we can’t go back to see where she’s been.

  29. I know one place that shes been to and I LIKE that area as well, I was even there, twice, but not on the near exact spot that NOW seems to hold some promise as being a prime spot for sure…. It will be quite a while before I get back there, its a good spot, just not so good as to make me drop everything and go now, yet….

    • djj-
      Elbow23 reported that clue from Forrest on October 22, 2013 at 3:39 pm on the Ladies Only post. He saw it in a followup interview with Forrest in the December issue of TrueWest Magazine. Someone else on this blog reported that he asked Forrest if he had really made that statement and Forrest replied “yes”.
      Check…double check…

      Forrest has also said below 20,000 feet…but that was clearly a “non-clue”…like “not in Nevada”…because nothing in the Rockies is that high…

  30. Wow, between 5,000 and 10,000. That helps a little bit more (kind of, kind of now). Why couldn’t Forrest just lead in with that on the Today Show? Haha

  31. Oh, Well something has come to my attention about a comment from Forrest, at his last book signing…..The comment about someone being close, that everyone assumed was Stephanie was most likely not her, because there are other women ….and men who never never post about their locations, but however email Forrest about them. There is a key player here, who has gone on a 100 trips and Know ONE Knows…but Forrest. So game on folks…..Its not what you all think…NOT FOR THE MEEK! I got a message from someone who has a lot more locations searched that even Stephanie..Soo…..The search is much more than what everyone assumes is the Key players here…..Key Players or Player mentioned is hidden.

    • GREAT POST Lou Lee. I’ve probably made the most out of the way costly trips, but I know others are able to be out there every weekend, because they live out West. So they have way more trips than me. I wouldn’t say anyone is a key player. I think we’ve all equally not found it πŸ˜‰ *yet*

      • I agree Steph, we all have not found it yet. I’m just happy that most are looking in the same area. That leaves more chance for me! (in my opinion) πŸ˜‰

        • I guess I shouldn’t say “most” but it seems that there are a lot of searchers focused on the same area.

        • I think that was his plan. Maybe, He told us where NOT to search and everyone’s looking there. I’ve had many places like Tarryall Colorado that go with the poem more than the book.

          • Did you talk to Forrest yet? We have to get him on board for this camp out. Cindy M wants to go skinny dipping in the pond and she’s all for the crayfish clamping onto body parts. I on the other hand need a crayfish free area in the pond with chlorine lol….and a water slide πŸ˜‰ see if he can make that happen. Oh and can’t forget the luxery trailers with soft cozy beds we can flop into after a night of dancing, music and fun. I think this would be the total Thrill of the Chase experience.

  32. That was a very good post Lou Lee but sometimes I question the number of trips or searches many claim. I do believe Dal and Stephanie have accurately reflected the number of searches they have under their belts and others could be in the double digits even if they do not post their trips. Dal and Stephanie have been on the search for three years and have documented their trips. If a person claims to have been on 100 trips I would tend to be a little skeptical. Most of the search areas are restricted five months of the year due to the cold and snow. If a person has searched for one year (seven months) and has made 100 trips, that would work out to one trip every 2.1 days. Possible but not likely. ..Sorry for the contrary thought
    Have a good day.

  33. It was not a number, other than a lot and more than Stephanie. So 100, 75? who knows…..Someone also told me they thought you had to be in good favor with Forrest to find the treasure…but I truly believe that not to be true. I think that person thought they would get a special hint or something. I think that he is giving Red Herrings out there…..I want people to know that its not about that, its in the poem. He said,” when he does not know the answer to a question, he makes things up” LOL…..He is a trickster and a prankster too…..Right Forrest? LOL

  34. Roosters awesome!
    Perhaps The most interesting rooster in The barnyarrd…chicks dig him.
    Thought I saw It running around The campus of Northwestern eating rich Kids…tics.
    Williams an 18 year old wouldn’t appreciate a truck like that.
    Colorado KID…Maybe You Would like to track The rooster something?

  35. My android is puny…
    I meant to ask…. if You would like to teach The rooster something….kid?

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