Scrapbook Fifty…





Treasure searchers are an inventive lot, and industrious, and energetic. I guess it comes with the genre. A pretty, blond-haired woman from Georgia has made the long driving trip to New Mexico, Wyoming, and Montana, more than a few times. Last summer she spent four days treasure searching in one spot on the Madison River. Sleeping in the car doesn’t bother this gal and I think the griz are afraid of her.


the actual ’67…what a beauty..

A recent email from her illustrates why we don’t need an Equal Rights Amendment in this country. She bought a ’67 Ford for $400 so she could tear it up and sell the parts. “The radiator alone is worth $450,” and I suspect she knows about which she speaks. Just think what she’s going to get for the grill, generator, air conditioner, tires, rear-view mirror and tail lights. If I were a betting man I’d bet on this woman. She has a pet rooster named John Wayne that she might sell to raise additional funds. Her neighbor brings her corn and “he wants the chicken.”




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  1. The neighbor may be after more than the” chicken”. It sounds like he had better be cautious in his approach. I like the rooster’s name!

  2. I’ve seen some people doing the same thing by going to the junk yards on half off day and buying parts and then selling on ebay. If someone happens to go to the bottom of the Rio Grande near Pilar…I saw an old car in the river…maybe there’s a few spare parts…..

  3. Hmmm makes me wonder how much we could part out that old blue 1956 Royale in the back yard for? No, saving it for if we find the treasure, we can finally restore it. Great story Forrest! 🙂

  4. I want to go searching with that woman especially since the grizzlies are afraid of her, but she better leave John Wayne at home. 🙂

  5. ff thinks that he can discourage me from Yellowstone by planting a grizzly-scaring, pretty, blond haired woman along the Madison River. I have news for ff. I was married to three pretty blond haired women and lived to tell about it. However, I am missing an eye, my ring finger, and some private parts.

    • Should have found a nice brunette then dollarbill *wink* *giggle*. Oh and I think I saw your missing eye on the dollarbill. I don’t know how they got a picture of it.

      • Hey PTN, best save the flirts. There isn’t enough Viagra in the whole world to stimulate this libido. is even boring. By the way, I am not older than the Washington dollar, it must be someone else’s eye. If I knew how to add a frowning face icon here, I would.

        Hah, my very first wife was a pretty brown-eyed brunette from Ohio. Her sense of punishment was a beautiful blue-eyed blond-haired daughter, who has needed everything from a boob job to new tires for her horse trailer (just recently). Don’t get me wrong, I love her very much. She is great and has blessed me with a handsome blue-eyed brown-haired grandson and a gorgeous blue-eyed blond-haired granddaughter. And, come January, I will be blessed with a great grandson. The doctor says it has brown eyes and blond hair.

          • By the way, is your hair naturally curly or is it a new style for scaring the grizzlies? And, what is with a pink watch band? Afraid that you will be taken for a boy? Hah! Payback for the eye comment.

          • So sorry PTN. I assumed that you knew you were a very attractive lady and that no one could think differently.

            Now I suppose that dal might be self conscious about needing glasses. I best not do anymore commenting today.

            So sorry again.

          • Don’t stop posting. I like your posts and I need the Chase to be a distraction from my real life.

            Thanks for the nice compliment. I’m not exactly sure what it was about. My comment about Viagra was just meant to be that you don’t need that to have a good time *wink*

          • I tried to send this earlier, but dal’s site when down while I was trying to submit it.

            Fret not, I normally think that what you say to me is in fun, no matter how I misinterpret it. So, if you were funning with me again, you got me with my pants down.

            Do you take care of your father? If so, I kinda understand what you are going through. I was never so relieved as when my mother passed away (didn’t have to worry about her anymore). But now I feel guilty for not being a better son.

            Keep in mind that you only have this one life to live. And, no one other than you can truly feel your pain or joy.

          • Hey dollarbill. You asked me about my dad. I started to write a book to you and I don’t want to fill up Dals blog with my personal stuff. So I put it on my site, but I’m not going to keep it there for all that long. If anyone else wants to know about my fun fun world for a minute, you’re welcome to read it if it’s up still. If the page is gone, I took it down.


          • I didn’t know the blog went down…
            Last time that happened Bluehost was the actual problem…
            But it might be all the traffic on the shadow contest pages…
            Only a few days left to get your entry submitted…

          • Stephanie, I read your “book” and copied it in a Word format. We had very similar childhoods, my dad left us when I was only 3 and my mother was very poor too. However, I lost respect for my dad, yet I could never turn my back on him. My missing dad is probably why I try to always be there for my daughter. Not helping my mother as much as I should have is probably why I won’t let my daughter sacrifice for me.

            What comes to mind is having the greatest desire to get or achieve something, then once it is gotten or achieved it becomes like all the old hats in the closet. Wanting creates dreams. Getting creates wanting something else.

            You can be proud about what you have achieved with your dad. But it might be time to let go, no matter how guilty it makes you feel. Keeping active mentally with TTOTC and your family will help a lot in taking your mind off of him. Whenever you start to think about your dad, force yourself to think of something else. I suggest that you tell your siblings to equally share for his care. If they won’t (I wouldn’t) just remember that he has lived the life he chose and probably needs to go to a home.

          • Wow our lives do have a lot of parallels. I’m getting better with my Dad. Time has gotten me to at least try to be more logical with the past stuff. I know the coming days, weeks or months will be very hard emotionally though.

            I do what I want for me more than him. I know I’m who I feel good about being if that makes sense.

          • Good to hear. Now start pressuring dal for a new pink excavator, for Christmas. I am sure that he will give in. Tell him you are getting him a new truck. lol

          • He still needs to post a photo of him in the present I bought him last time….or better yet…a video so he can turn around in it and say the word hidey a few times.

  6. George is a town in Washington.
    I notice that Colorado isn’t mentioned in the list of states…..

  7. and FWIW I don’t think that’s the taillight from a 67 galaxie 500….
    The 67 was a vertical bloated rectangle. That looks like a 73 or 74.

      • Nope, no prize Dal, but sure is easy to google the correct year/picture of a vehicle you are looking for 🙂

    • Forrest sent along a pic of the actual truck she bought…what a beauty. If Ezzy catches me looking she’ll be jealous..

        • Selling stuff to support your Chase treasure hunting is a great idea. I took trips 30-35 on the sale of my excavator. I’m hoping to sell some land or start a business on it for trips 40-55. I’m not so sure I could have pieced out that beautiful truck though. That sounds so sweet. I love her idea though. I took an auto class so I’d have good odds of being around more guys than girls and learned how to change my own water pump. Only took three tries before it didn’t leak lol. She sounds fun…except a little scary if the grizz are scared of her.

          • An auto shop class sounds interesting and like a lot of fun. Once upon a time I rebuilt a carburetor from a kit. It ended up needing a new one but I learned a lot in the process.

          • How cool Cindy. I always wanted to learn to do that. I have considered taking a class on small engine repair. It seems we have more carborators on small engines that get gelled up that need to be cleaned from sitting with bad gas in them over the winter.

            I took the auto class also, because I grew up with a single mother and knew it was the only way I could stay driving if I broke down. I think it’s cool how Forrest talked about only giving his grandkids the cars and education(very Gates, and Buffet). I know growing up poor that I’ve found a lot of homespun ambition.

          • Too bad you live so far away Stephanie. We could use to compare notes. After having the carb on the 4 wheeler worked on recently, my brother gave me this tip. Use Stabil in your gas tanks and gas cans for use in small engines. I think it keeps the ethanol in the gas from breaking down. Judging by the repair cost, a small engine repair class could fund quite a few searches. 🙂 all you he-men out there….feel free to jump in and set me straight if need be.

          • I love to hear how resourceful girls are and to see kids learning from people older than them. I ask my husband anytime he’s working on something to have the kids go out and watch and learn. They don’t always like to do it…especially the time he cleaned a deer…but I’m sure when they get older they will like that they know how to do their own brakes on a car.

            I had a guy out to help me get our zero turn mower going and he said Stabil is the reason it got gelled up. We didn’t use the Stabil…the previous owner did….my husband uses Heat. I don’t know if that’s any better or what..just know the heat gets the water out. Here’s a photo of my carb with the icky stuff in it. Took a picture lol…

            I have to take care of my Dads house now and he has stuff around there that I don’t have. I just had a guy yesterday show me how to change some reverse osmosis filters. I also self taught myself that 15 bags of softener salt will break the most sturdiest of tables lol. I’ve learned many things by mistake 😉 If anyone needs their dishwasher replaced…I don’t think you should ask me for help…but I did finally get it installed lol…oh and also don’t ask me to trim the bottom of a door….I will trim the top.

            I want to hear what other girls have done.

          • Never ceases to amaze me all the stuff you can do Stephanie. I am not in the least bit mechanical. But then again hubby cant sew, so stuff does even out. LOL

          • Yes poverty has always been a good motivator in my experience too. Its not a bad thing, it teaches confidence. Look at Forrest! 🙂

        • No bad at all..
          He just sent the text..originally
          I told him I would find an old car pic to put in…
          So I grabbed that old Ford Galaxy photo and tossed it in..
          I threw in the rooster because I liked it..
          Then today he sent the blue truck…
          So out with the galaxy and in with the blue truck…rooster stays..

          • So now we have to get an old blue truck to go get the treasure ?
            $400. you say it cost ?
            With them prices it is gonna take years for us rednecks to get back on the trail.
            At least Stephanie has finally found out that the treasure is a gift and no taxes have to be paid on it.
            Nobody would listen to me.

        • Thanks for posting the picture Dal. Your image was more “artistic” but I do like to see the pictures that f sends you – there may be a hidden clue in them! 🙂

          I can’t imagine parting out that nice old truck – seems like it would be more valuable as is – another few years and it will be an antique. 🙂

          • CJ-
            What makes you think I wouldn’t post pictures that Forrest sends…?
            There you guys go again..

            People make stuff up to fill in holes in their knowledge…
            I did not hold back any pics…
            I put the blue truck pic up the moment I got it…
            I am not holding back anything…

          • Sorry Dal – didn’t mean to offend you – you know I love you like a brother and I know you are as honest as they come.

            There really was no way for me to know the sequence of events and I don’t think for a minute that you would intentionally withhold anything that f sends you. When I see pictures in the scrapbooks, I always think they come from f and then I start imagining all sorts of things about them relating to the treasure hunt. I probably send myself on a lot of wild goose chases because of them too. I hope you understand this obsession many of us have. 🙂

      • After a closer analysis of the tires with filters and cropping. We determined there is a potential clue. I just finally walked right into it last night…Dal in all the photos you have posted from ff, there was a little bit of something there for all to see. The best one was the birds that had red tails. It took me directly to my spot. I have also put myself at the special spot. What do I see and think that is around me as I put it in.

    • Deb-

      As soon as I saw the DOs I knew there would be questions. I asked Forrest about them.
      Here is his response-
      “the relevance of the double omegas will go to the grave with the man who wrote the poem”

      • lol That clears up everything, thanks so much Dal! Forrest is so funny. Thanks for putting up with my questions.:)

      • Thank you Dal. I like the blue truck better too :). I am sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way. Love the rooster too…he’s weird and very rooster-like

  8. Sounds like a dare. I’ll bet the neighbor never called ‘ole’ John Wayne a chicken to his face.

  9. I don’t believe she is from Georgia. The truck is not in the front yard and there is only one cinder block. 🙂

    • LOL Yep need those blocks if you are going to part it out.
      She must be something, you know he says Peggy scares grizzlies too. lol

      • Rooster Cogburn is sequel to True Grit. John Ford is John Waynes long time friend and mentor, gave him his start…

    • Dal, have you thought about getting glasses. I see another cinder block under the truck and possibly one under the flower pot, an asphalt driveway, a double carport, and a stone house with an air conditioner/ swamp cooler in the window. However, parking on the driveway is not parking on the front lawn, so you are probably right. But you might still consider glasses. I am wearing a pair. lol

      • Sorry-
        I was out all day filming so no chance for comebacks…
        Have to make money some days so I can get a holiday present for Stephanie..and so I can afford to buy more books…
        Soon I will learn to read…
        I’m sure the glasses will help..
        But I don’t think all those things are cinder blocks…some are likely cement blocks which do not count…

        • My Christmas present to you only cost $5…I don’t think you can get diamonds for that kind of change…so you might have see about some emeralds. Wait! I know what kind of gifts I get you…I think I’m afraid.

      • dal, PTN informed me that she is expecting you to drive up to her house Christmas day on a brand new pink excavator. Looks like you might need to work for a few more days.

  10. Hello Ladies!
    Good looking rooster.
    Like little Joe riding into The Ponderosa…I’m love n It!
    Liked The old red galaxy.

    Family…..I’m all tingly and feel warm all over…
    I’m laughing so hard I’m crying!
    Mark H.

  11. A lot of talk about trucks and roosters….I’m surprised there hasn’t been much talk about the fact that the only two places I have seen, correct me if I’m wrong, Forrest’s using the Double Omegas are in Thrill of the Chase and here.

    I find that interesting anyway.

        • ΩΩ are in three books that I am aware of…TTOTC…TFTW and Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch. My theory about the ΩΩ this week is that Forrest and Eric made some sort of pact and agreed on the ΩΩ notation to signify their pact. It may have something to do with the idea that they were “friends to the end” but is probably more significant than that. Forrest is memorializing that pact when he adds the ΩΩ to his writings…

          I wonder if Eric ever used the ΩΩ.

          • I thought it was you that said it was in “Seventeen”. Isn’t that also the book that Forrest talks about making the error by putting a period down at the bottom of the page? I need to pull out my copy and check it out more. Where did Eric live? Was it Taos or Santa Fe? I can’t remember. I know he also lived out East.

          • In TTOTC on page 57 he mention that ” Sometimes its good to just slam the door on a relationship and start over ” so that would be the end of the end for the double omgeas but just a thought.

          • Stephanie, Eric Sloane lived in both places at different times in his life.

            I suspect Dal is correct , makes sense to me. I dont have any of the other books but someday I hope to. Eric sounded like an amazing person from what I have read.

          • Thanks Deb. I thought he would go into Taos when he was younger, but wasn’t sure where his home was when he lived there part time. I bought a bunch of his books on ebay for my Eric Sloan solution…I don’t know what it entails…but that’s what it’s called LOL…I need to start reading some of his books.

          • Then why would he put them at the end of this story if it was about him and eric. This still baffles me I wanna find the treasure just so he can tell me hahaha

    • I thought someone a while back mentioned it being in another one of his books. Thought they said the Eric Sloan book he wrote, but not sure. Here’s a good link on the Omegas.

      I think it’s just two deaths. One of which would be his…that’s why he will take it to his grave. It might be his hints towards being spiritual too.

      • Stephanie,
        Did you ever follow up on the Omega theory I mentioned a few months ago for WWWH at Los Alamos – the Nuclear connection to the Manhattan project?

        The Wolf

        • No I didn’t….I still just lean towards it being nothing that will be useful…it’s a personal thing to him about someone.

          That does sound interesting though. Do you still feel it could be a good idea?

          • I really loved the idea – unique enough only two people would think of it, however I really don’t believe Las Alamos is in the Rocky Mountains since it sits on an ancient volcano.

          • I believe one of the only questions I asked Forrest was if he felt the Jemez was in the Rocky Mountains. People on the forum really wanted to know. So I asked him and he said something like….people from New Mexico believe they are. He never said what he thought…..

          • Deb is correct. The conversation about the Jemez being in the Rocky Mountains came up last spring. The U.S. Geologic Survey clearly states that the Jemez are the southern-most reach of the Rocky Mountains. Forrest would know about that statement on their website.

            When you are talking about geography in the USA the Geologic Survey tends to be the official and also final word…
            Not unlike Edward Snowden speaking about the NSA…he’s the authority..

          • I believe Forrest will want to be remembered for crafting a very good treasure hunt. If there is a protest of the technicality that Jemez volcano is not in the rocky mountains – there goes the reputation. Too risky.

      • In symbology, omega is rarely a sign for death. Much more often it simply means Last, like omega wolf. ( I think Revelations skews the collective definition a bit.)
        Omega ‘s meaning/root (Greek /Byzantium ) is O mega: the big O. Aka climactic thrill. 😉
        So omega-omega, I think, ought to mean “the last big thrill”

        Which is an apt description of TTOTC, right?

  12. LOL Your sister? I just thought you said you were from Georgia. So was thinking….

    Hey I have a question. Does your husband wear belt buckles? I might have something I could send you for him if he does. My Dad was a lineman for the phone company when he was younger. I just saw the other day a belt buckle that showed a guy doing that. Let me know if you’d like it and I can send it.

      • Oh you’re diggin gypsy’s sister(the one in the owl shirt?). *waving* hi. Is your husband the lineman or is hers?

  13. howdy! I dont know the pic u speak of it better be a dang good one. she knows i cant pull up that gravatar thing but i do wear a owl shirt. 🙂 you can send me the lineman buckle ill make sure she gets it! haha

      • 🙂 Im always nice to chickens, my granny raised them. I got the chore of feeding them and collecting the eggs. Back then she would use wooden eggs under them to encourage them to sit on the eggs.

        Later we had chickens for eggs in my backyard. I was wearing an opal ring, the chicken pecked it and swallowed the opal. I wouldnt let my husband wring its Chickens are good people! Kind of like Forrest and his cow. 🙂

    • Do you think the tires lettering were photoshopped by ff? It is only what I see. First crop both tires and rotate one to line up. Hmmm but they don’t. Why are different lengths in the wording? Thinking…could they be of 2 different makes of tires? Possible, but not likely if you have a truck of this caliber. I used to have one of these. Anyway, I used Fireworks to adjust brighteness and contrast as well. Pixel by pixel works great. I see what I see and perhaps many will see what they see. To me though, there is two statements to my thoughts about the lettering. Then maybe a third…..which is there is nothing at all.

      What would be great Dal. If you can photobucket all the pics ff sent you and send us the link so we can think.

      • That rear tire is a legit tire brand name, not photoshopped as far as I can see. It’s a lowprice Korean brand: Kuhmo tires. Their website features tattoo girls in snow in bikinis. Their ecsta 4x tire ad is equal opportunity: 2 boys, 2 girls in swimsuits.

        • Yes, I looked at that brand as well. Could not make it fit. Too me it a little skewed. Like I said, it may be nothing.

      • Looking at the truck with Photoshop Elements, it didn’t appear to me that anything had been done to the tire lettering but the blue body looks pretty smooth as if the healing tool had been used on it, Maybe the lady Photoshopped it herself to make it look better than it really is? The resolution was pretty low so it was hard to tell just how much work had been done on it.

        The picture f sent some time ago of what he said were Parrotlets, were really African Gray parrots. Is that a clue though? I don’t think everything f sends is necessarily a clue and if it is, I’ll never figure this thing out! 🙂

        • Yes, it was some time ago. To me it didn’t matter what the birds were. He makes the rules. Actually, he clued us on painted feathers of red. It really is the wings that are red. Just my thoughts. Thanks for everyone’s feedback.

          • Did you get a chance to look at it yet Deb? Its a very folksy sort of painting. Polly, by the way is a searcher and a commenter on this blog.

          • Yes I did, works fine. Great idea. I know I have sold things on craigslist to buy my books. Where there’s a will …. 🙂

          • Good! Thanks Deb…
            I have not figured out yet how to get that image at the top to center…that bugs me..
            and I am also not very happy with the way the image resizes…so I added the link to the full sized image in the description…

          • Well..this evening, after it’s first day, Polly’s painting, which started at $10 is now up to $150…
            That’s some gas money. Thanks for looking and bidding..
            It’s up there for 10 days so this is a fantastic start..

            I was amazed a few minutes ago to see that the auction has 400 hits on it right now…

            What’s even more surprising is that even though the conversation about the treasure has slowed down, The number of visitors to this blog is growing..I have been averaging about 2,500-3,000 hits a day but yesterday there were over 4,000 hits…
            Maybe there was a new story out. Stephanie would be the one to know about new media. She can find anything…

  14. All this talk about Eric Sloane. I know he is enjoying watching his good friend Forrest. I can just hear his deep hearty laugh while saying “you did it Forrest, well I’ll be damned”. I bet he is sitting on a cloud painting a masterpiece of TTOTC.

  15. I added an auction section to the blog. I did this so that people who are looking for a way to raise some money for their searching habit can try selling their art or spare Clovis points to other searchers on this blog. There is no fee to list something here. Just send me a photo and a description and we’ll see what we can do.

    Polly’s painting entitled “The Reapers” is our first item. Let the bidding begin!

    You can get to the auctions by going up to the top, right under the big photo. There is a row of items there. The one farthest right is “Auctions”. Click on that and you will get a list of all the auctions going on right now. Click on any item in that list to go to that particular auction…

    Please let me know how this thing is working…it’s a big test…

  16. dal I missed placed the picture of the little boy playing marbles can you help me find it thanks

  17. dal I found it its about a little boy kneeling with what we used to call a boulder marble thanks I know you were trying to help me

  18. After reading about Double Omegas and illustrations contained in TTOTC I have a few thoughts and a question. I do not think these are so-called clues but they may provide a way to understand his thought process. Hopefully not already discussed.
    As far as the double omegas are concerned- take a look at the picture on page 107 of TTOTC. I would like to point out the shape of the hairdos. Maybe the double omega symbols are meant to be a way for him to remember and “have a very long attention span (page 106)” in regards to this photo.
    Also look at the painting on page 105. Does anyone know the name of the painting and who the artist is?
    I’ve researched. My thoughts of what I see in this painting sound crazy even to me- so I will wait till I am able to confirm or disconfirm before I explain them.
    I do know that many artist have used A Lady with Mandolin as subject matter. Again, I do not think this is a clue. Just a possible explanation to the thought process of ff as I attempt to decipher the poem. Most likely it means exactly what the rest of my research has added up to….nothing important.
    Sorry to waste any ones time but I figured most of us have till spring for research.

    • Ed –

      I had one just like it in red ! Love that truck and so do a lot of other people.

      • It’s a great truck! They don’t make em like that anymore. Imagine an emp bomb going off. Your modern pickup would stop right in its tracks. This truck wouldn’t be fazed.

        • Cool truck ed I sold the blue one I had I drive a ford excursion now but I love them older ones 🙂

  19. Hi Diggin

    How is the Hunt going? This video might explain part of the chicken connection…Forrest uses a lot of confusing associations really hard to know what he’s talking about. Truck headlights and grill might be an impart portent visual feature. Hope all is well.

    juniper tar
    :a tarry liquid used topically in treating skin diseases and obtained by distillation from the wood of a Eurasian juniper (Juniperus oxycedrus) —called also cade oil, juniper tar oil
    First Use: circa 1930

    Doug Stander,

  20. Quote ” If I were a betting man I’d bet on this woman”. But he is a betting man didn’t he win the Turquoise bracelet in a billiards game.

  21. <3 Netflix…

    Watched a AN HONEST LIAR which is a feature documentary about the world-famous magician, escape artist, and world-renowned enemy of deception, James ‘The Amazing’ Randi.

    The film brings to life Randi’s intricate investigations that publicly exposed psychics, faith healers, and con-artists with quasi-religious fervor. A master deceiver who came out of the closet at the age of 81, Randi created fictional characters, fake psychics, and even turned his partner of 25 years, the artist Jose Alvarez, into a sham guru named Carlos. But when a shocking revelation in Randi’s personal life is discovered, it isn’t clear whether Randi is still the deceiver – or the deceived.

    Worth a watch.

      • What do you think is the significance of the double omegas DG? I’m just curious, because when Forrest sent me a piece of mammoth tusk a year or so ago, he sent a letter with his signature and it was signed with the two omegas. I couldn’t figure it out.

        • For real tamera!!!!!! You need to post your letter on dals site that’s very cool !!! Can you send me a pic of what he sent you there’s only two places I seen where he put the omegas on this story and end of his book email me marti_

          • Actually, I threw the letter away, along with the mammoth piece because it was really just chalk dust by the time it got to me. But I think I may have kept the one he sent with the arrowheads. It had the double omegas too. It was really interesting because he made them look more like fish hooks. Clever. Must mean something though right? Gotta mean something.

          • Omg !!!!! You thru the letter away send me a copy of the other one or email me and I’ll give you my number and you can’t text a pic to me 🙂

          • Ohhhhhhh I’m sure it does 🙂 no one else has came forward and said they saw them anywhere else 🙂 so glad you came forward 🙂

          • Positive it doesn’t mean the same for me as it does for you Diggin!!! Since I don’t know the man personally. But maybe it’s time you got over it.

          • Get over what ? I think the omegas are important to the chase and the solve I’ll always keep searching and pondering that’s why I’m
            Shocked he added them to your letter. If you can find it I’m
            Sure everyone would love to see it 🙂 might help everyone’s solve .

          • Why would I send you a pic of anything DG? If I didn’t think enough of the letter and mammoth tusk piece to keep it, that should tell you all you need to know right there. And maybe you should take notes. You’re obviously missing the important lessons.

          • Diggin.

            I’m sorry, I’m not meaning to be mean. Really. But your biggest mistake was thinking that you mattered at all.

          • The omegas isn’t about me tamera. They mean something to Forrest. I’m
            Sure None of us little pions mean nothing to Forrest. He just enjoys watching us all go nuts he plays a good game of poker tho 🙂 but maybe I do as well 🙂 I don’t give a shiney penny if I mean anything to the old coot or not I still wanna find that treasure. Someday 🙂 And if I were you I would tell the old coot you want a refund on the chalk dust he sent u 🙂

          • Tamara…do you remember who was the one that made that wax mold and then disgraced Ms. fords name by trying to make her legs spread out like a can opener but it was to rusty?? So it was just a whole family of can openers instead that all look alike with beak noses, tiny chins, and then bright blue eyes that still don’t distract from Ms. fords genetics of ugly personality and ugly face? I can’t remember where I read that but I KNOW there were smiling double omegas watching and laughing on webcam…could you refresh out memory on who those ppl were or might be??? I can’t remember….

          • Hey Diggin Gypsy, Fenn signed a copy of his book for Pam of “Christ of the Mines” fame with a little fish hook looking doohickey off to the side. That sounds similar to what this woman is saying, except there was only one of them. Google Christ of the mines fenn Pam and look at the images. You’ll see it there.

        • Tamara…wasn’t that your arrowhead note maybe? I thought your tusk envelope wasn’t even licked or sealed and nothing there.

        • OK – assuming this is valid information, and he signed the letter with two omegas, then it makes since to me that the letter “F” = the Omega symbol.

          FF = ΩΩ

          However, I have to ask why this signature was only shared with a few.

          I find this very odd in deed. With all due respect, I find it unlike Fenn.

          Scott W

          • Yea that’s why I was hoping if tamera got a letter like that she would post it but she said she thru it away 🙁 So no proof . But ill ask Forrest :/)

        • 23- it is “my opinion” that Tamara did not even recieve a ivory tusk and was told he forgot but maybe got an empty envelope. I could be wrong but I think overheard a staff laughing one day about some girl dumb hat trying to mooch off of F. Maybe it wasn’t same person tho but she’s all mad he didn’t give her time of day and apparently she looks like ms. Ford or something (whom I’ve never seen and cannot attest to) just repeating what I was told and a clip I saw from a webcam. There was no letters with omegas and omegas aren’t “Tamara”…but you’re smart…I assume you already know that. IMO

  22. Fascinating history behind Forrest’s cherished, beaded turquoise bracelet. Been doing a great deal of reading on the subject; one of the BEST that i have ever had an opportunity of learning about.

    I believe it all started back in 1866 with a fine man; Richard Wetherhill. ( A cowboy by the name of Bill F’i’nn even being one of those that became involved in this great saga.) Awesome!

    Marietta, Richard’s wife; went on to become a good friend of Geronimo after she lost Richard in a tragic incident involving the infamous ‘Apache Kid.’ ( My son remembers reading about an ‘Apache Kid’ in a comic book quite awhile back, but doesn’t recall if the two were connected or not.)

    There are some great details available about the history behind Richard Wetherhill, including the circumstances involving his tragic death. I would highly recommend taking a bit of time to read up on him, and I doubt most will be disappointed !

    Additionally; please make extra note of …’Harvey’s Wagon Wheel’….Nevada. The history behind this beautiful bracelet is no doubt; one to behold….beginning to end.

    To think that it all began for us when Forrest Fenn humbly shared his story about winning a bracelet while playing in ….. a game of Pool ~

    Still…..enjoying the ‘thrill’ of it all ~

    • SLF–I’m confused. For some reason I thought F won the beads and had it made into a bracelet from wetherills beads…are you saying F’s bracelet IS and WAS a bracelet when Wetherill had it?? I would love to learn more. Could you recommend which books or articles you liked best so I know a good place where to start?

      • Going by memory here Jamie, SLF is correct the bracelet was won in a game of billiards [ pool ] … I don’t recall what the other end of the wager was. Another story about the bracelet was, fenn had a repair done to it By an old black-smith who shined it looking new…

        Some have thought the Riches New and Old relate to this, I can’t disagree…just not smart enough to put it all together. Like I said… going by memory, and lately I can’t remember much of anything. Well, do what ya like with that… I need to get my son Sally and my wife Chuck and go do some Easter shopping for a Birthday party for someone, I hate buying things for people I don’t know…

  23. I believe the important words in this scrapbook are “grill”, “tires”, and “$450”.

    Translate “grill” to Latin, Romanum, a homonym for Ramona. 450 is on a sign as the age the of the Ponderosa Pine (home of “Brown”) next to Ramona Falls (where warm waters halt). “Tires” in Latin is “coronas”, or mural crown derived from the 8th clue (hear me now and listen good, your effort will be worth the cold). His code is starting to be understood?

    I think there’s something to do with a fencepost (betting man in Catalan, and mentioned in Bessie and Me) somehow, but still working that out.

  24. The fact she has been to “New Mexico, Montana and Wyoming more than a few times” seemed to speak to me. Of course, a lot of stuff speaks to me. That’s probably why my wife thinks I’m a quack.

  25. I was reading Wikipedia at the same time as blogging here. Did you know there’s only been one President of the U.S. who was also on the Supreme Court? I’m gaining so much knowledge since I began this search.

  26. Very imaginative. Do you still have the truck or did you leave it in Montana for when you return? (like Mr. Fenn’s family with their gear) lol

  27. Something drew me to this thread tonight. Then looking at the photos I can see why it dominates in my mind. It is half the answers I already know. IMO

      • Digs, is this the only post generated by Fenn that has the omegas? I think so. For almost a year now I have been curious of this one spot. I have had only a handful of possibilities of what the poem talks about. Not only is it a special place for Fenn but it is also a logical step for everyone to follow.

        I own a small business and it is a lot of hard work. Before I opened my doors in 2008, I spent months prior dumpster diving to earn money to buy things I needed to start my business. I was determined.

        Today I am still on a road of the unknown. Yet, what keeps me going is to follow these rules:

        Is it the truth?
        Is it fair to all concerned?
        Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
        Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

        These rules are so important to me. I have these posted around the work place to remind me that there will be better days. I am now well known in my field of expertise. People trust me to do the best I can to make things happen.

        Heck even if I raise my prices at the beginning of the year I still honor the old prices to many of my customers. The value of a company’s brand name, solid customer base, good customer relations, good employee relations and any patents or proprietary technology represent goodwill.

        So all in all, Fenn has given me more to think about in the Poem and at the end I need to add more signs. The pictures above tells a story. Can you see it? I am sure Jenny Kile likes it.
        Is this what confidence feels like?

        • “I can’t believe no one has figured out the omegas yet. The ford is a f100 and his plane was also ”

          Well Diggin gypsy, nothing has changed my way of thinking now. At the end of the day before night, I’ll think about the omegas and where I will put my next step. Tomorrow will be a good day.

          An Indian Scout and A Saint

    • U got that right. Wait till dal post my next story it’s a doozy I’m
      So hot on the ole coots tail He better not end it or that’s dam cheating lol

      • You aint the only one that’s hot on the coots tail.
        I don’t see him caving in to the establishment at all.

        They got nothing on him.

        Looking forward to the next chapter of your story & his.

  28. 2013! Wow how time flies what was Forrest trying to tell us in these early stories my mind is still rattling

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