The Importance of Enjoying Forrest…


Posted in november 2013

Elbert_Hubbard_-_Project_Gutenberg_eText_12933Elbert Hubbard (no relation to L. Ron Hubbard) was a self-taught businessman who created an art form, developed a philosophy for happiness and promoted a lifestyle that seems to be, once again, rearing it’s lovely head. His utilitarian furnishings contributed immensely to the Craftsman Era of this country’s unpretentious history. His Roycroft stamped furnishings and books are highly sought after still. His philosophy was a sobering argument against the mass production of cheap articles that filled the households of a rapidly growing, industrial society.

To make a broad point, his handmade, sturdy furnishings were the Ikea of his time. His time was directly after the Victorian era in this country. One of Elbert’s most oft quoted verses is “get your happiness out of your work, else you will not know happiness.” He was not a man who thought that men must toil so others can be rich. Rather, he believed we can all take great pride in what we singularly create or jointly develop and we must seek out employment which pleases us. This was not the “made in America” bumpersticker philosophy that became popular in the 1970’s. This was the real deal. He promoted belief in one’s self, embracing a set of values rooted in simple natural harmony and a joyful outlook based on positive observations. His was not a “live well by the sweat of your brow” philosophy. Instead, he saw life as a joyful and creative opportunity. For every problem there were ordinary men with extraordinary solutions. It is not known if he understood that he was one of them.

Forrest reminds me a great deal of what I believe Elbert must have been like.


Here are some other ruminations from Elbert:

“Never explain-Your friends will not need it and your enemies will not believe you.”

“People who can do their own thinking should not allow others to do it for them.”

“The man who craves disciples and wants followers is always more or less of a charlatan.”

“Invention in language should no more be discouraged than invention in mechanics”

“Those who are wise give their culture away and thus do they retain it.”

“The man who is anybody and who does anything is bound to be criticized, vilified and misunderstood.”

“Conduct, culture and character are graces that go through life hand in hand, never separate or alone.”

“Initiative is doing the right thing without being told.”



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  1. Dal, Thanks again for sharing your insights in regards to our friend Forrest. He is indeed a man to be compared to and held in like to many of the great innovators
    from days gone by. Simplicity with purpose as I like to say. Was this a research find in relation to the C E 5 mystery? Just curious…

    • Ken-
      Not related to CE5. I hadn’t thought of that. Hmmmm
      I am a browser of antique stores. Particularly non-fiction books. I enjoy reading personal accounts of travels through early North America..east/west/north/south..doesn’t matter. Like many readers I can suspend my own reality and become a character in someone else’s when I read. I was browsing a few weeks ago in a shop in Colorado looking for such books about the Douglas Pass area and ran across two handmade books by Hubbard. They were very reasonably priced and in good shape so I picked them up. They, of course, have nothing to do with Douglas Pass but I was intrigued. It wasn’t until I actually started looking closely at them that I became interested in the content and the writer. His similarities to Forrest in philosophy and tactics struck me. Just thought I’d pass him on to searchers. Maybe someone can make a connection tighter than mine.
      Ohh…I also picked up some interesting material on Douglas Pass..I plan to spend more time around there..

      • The connection is intriguing… but more than likely not related. Who knows. My opinion is that C E is no mystery, and represents(common era).Good luck on your quest Dal!

  2. Alfred Lord Tennyson (19th century Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland) wrote “I am a part of all that I have met”. I interpret Tennyson’s quote as his awareness of everything that we believe and know was passed on to us by other people or obtained through our individual experiences; and, we behave accordingly.

    I hope everyone had the opportunity to get as stuffed as a turkey yesterday.

  3. Thank God for people like this that don’t follow the social stampede and take the time to step back and be thankful for the life we’ve been given. It’s so obvious that we’re not put on this earth to suffer. This planet is an awe-inspiring paradise created for us to enjoy. My hat’s off to Forrest, Mr. Hubbard and countless others (including Dal) for reminding us not to get caught up in our own little dramas and to start enjoying our existence.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  4. The quotes sound very much like things Forrest would say. 🙂
    Thanks for introducing us to Hubbard – he was an interesting and influential man.

  5. Quite an interesting find.
    I myself had been thinking that the notion Mr. Hubbard employed is what the United States needs to get back on track.
    Not eliminating mass production altogether but utilizing the 2 concepts of custom built and mass produced.
    It goes in line with a structural building panel design I created so time ago.

    A further notion is that a new currency must be created that will be used to purchase the local made custom products as the mass produced garbage phased out along with the garbage Federal Reserve Currency.
    What will happen is inflation of the Federal Reserve Currency.
    Which means wages paid in that scale will go up and therefor pay down the National Debt Faster which is owed in Federal Reserve Dollars.

    Any ideas for the name of the new currency ?

    Maybe Bucks ?

    The new currency will be like the old currrency and be made of precious metals and have an intrinsic value.

    The new currency will be tokens and script for a trading post that will be a company with stock as a form of currency also.

    The company will be involved in local food sales from local producers.
    Heating fuels such as firewood and wood pellets.

    By having stock involved a stockholder can cash in on their shares in a form of products that are held as company products,if so they choose.

    Thinking out of the box because the box we are in has shackles attached to it.

    Bye Bye Federal Reserve as we know it and Bye Bye National Debt.

  6. As E* pointed out the latin use of CES meant bronze. I dont know if it really is CES or CE5, my eyesight isnt good enough to figure that out. I suspect the book that I believe Forrest has written about the solve will maybe give us a little info after the solve.

    I am going out on a limb here and add the solve book will be a childrens book. 🙂 Thats just my opinion and probably doesnt mean much. Time will tell.

    • If its an early Romanesque piece and someone wanted to be authentic, I’m thinking it’s unlikely they would use Arabic numerals like “5”. they might instead use “V”. 🙂

      What do you mean by solve book? Like a cypher key? Has FF mentioned anything about a solve book?
      I also agree though/ you’re not alone on that limb: a children’s book might be involved —like Forrest’s new book he’s putting together. (Perhaps the tiny-writing manuscript in the olive jar was his first draft)!

      • Did you forget he asked for illustrators for a childrens book on your blog?
        I have no problem understanding any of it. Many people have said none of what he has blogged on the internet had nothing to do with the chase. Then all that info ended up in his book.

        • I am aware of the illustrator interest.
          I am also aware that he said it was a children’s book.
          I am further aware that he never mentioned the children’s book would have anything to do with TTOTC..
          You reach different conclusions than I do (given the same info to work with)..
          Perhaps it’s a Mars/Venus thing..

          Note how neat and orderly my comment appears… 🙂

  7. No he hasnt, that’s based on what I have found in the book and poem. Just my thoughts on what I have found. Until the treasure is found its simply guessing, just like everyone else. 🙂

    • A book written to explain where the treasure is hidden, the title will probably be something like… The Blaze. LOL

    • Ok. Thanks ! (Was worried I missed some new today show clue – haha).
      Seriously though, a childrens book author with initials JB I think ties into this hunt….

      • Dal…
        I read your story about finding the watch and returning it to its owner…that was an awesome story.

        Map I read your JB clue but wondered why…I’m thinking you weren’t talking about Jack Black who appearred on Yo Gabba Gabba (my kids loved that episode). Also produced by Jon Berret.
        Authors…maybe not?
        Church was good today. I enjoy the felloship and the sometimes simple messages.
        I enjoy the hugs too. I am forced to think about the quote by Wells regarding doing the right thing regardless if someone is watching. Going to church is somewhat the opposite…I hope to be seen doing the right thing!
        Sometimes we lead by example…

        Jan Brett…The Trouble with Trolls?

  8. Hi again…I have to play along map as Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams were fantastic in Disney’s Peter Pan. ” Peter…. Peter….”
    I believe this was written by a JB…in it is a scull Rock…argggh!
    My fav.
    Mark H.

    • Ahhhhh!!!
      Wrong again Dal….
      As an observant searcher pointed out..
      Lusitania…not Titanic…
      Lusitania…Titanic…they sound so much alike.. 🙂

      • From Wikipedia-
        On the Hubbard’s last moments aboard the Lusitania…

        In a letter to Elbert Hubbard II dated 12 March 1916, Ernest C. Cowper, a survivor of this event, wrote:[citation needed]
        I cannot say specifically where your father and Mrs. Hubbard were when the torpedoes hit, but I can tell you just what happened after that. They emerged from their room, which was on the port side of the vessel, and came on to the boat-deck.
        Neither appeared perturbed in the least. Your father and Mrs. Hubbard linked arms—the fashion in which they always walked the deck—and stood apparently wondering what to do. I passed him with a baby which I was taking to a lifeboat when he said, ‘Well, Jack, they have got us. They are a damn sight worse than I ever thought they were.’
        They did not move very far away from where they originally stood. As I moved to the other side of the ship, in preparation for a jump when the right moment came, I called to him, ‘What are you going to do?’ and he just shook his head, while Mrs. Hubbard smiled and said, ‘There does not seem to be anything to do.’
        The expression seemed to produce action on the part of your father, for then he did one of the most dramatic things I ever saw done. He simply turned with Mrs. Hubbard and entered a room on the top deck, the door of which was open, and closed it behind him.
        It was apparent that his idea was that they should die together, and not risk being parted on going into the water.
        The Roycroft Shops, run by Hubbard’s son, Elbert Hubbard II, operated until 1938

    • Dal, when you first posted this thread, I read up a little bit on Elbert Hubbard and found him to be an interesting individual and a man of principle (as I believe f is too). Elbert had written in the periodical “The Philistine” a tribute about a woman who would not leave her husband and get in a lifeboat when the Titanic was sinking. Three years later, in 1915, he and his wife were on the RMS Lusitania when it was torpedoed. They apparently decided to go down with the ship together. Fascinating and brave people who loved each other too much to be separated by death.

  9. dal, at the top of most of your posts there is a really neat landscape picture. Did you take the pictures when you were out jaunting around hidey places? Good work if you did. I found the kissing rocks strangely amusing. I forget which post.

    • The pictures at the very top of each post (the header) were taken by Goofy. They are magnificent. You would have to ask him where they are from. A couple are Canyonlands..but beyond that I do not know. The pictures change randomly as you move from page to page and there are 9 or more photos so it’s just coincidence, or perhaps divine intervention, if you get the same photo on the same page more than once…

      • No wonder I couldn’t find the kissing rocks. They are as elusive as my security crew. Thanks for the info. Goofy did do a great job.

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