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december 2013


Italian Citizenship Page2 - Redacted


Syllabification: (blow·back)


  • the unintended adverse results of a covert operation that are suffered by the aggressor.


  • The blowback was significant


Blowback 2Forrest met with America’s favorite ex-CIA agent at Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe to celebrate her shiny new spy thriller, “Blowback”.

At left, Valerie Plame, Forrest and Sarah Lovett pose with  Valerie’s and Sarah’s first cowritten novel, “Blowback”.

You may remember that Valerie was a clandestine CIA agent when she was outed by then Vice President, Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff, Scooter Libby. Libby spent some time in prison for his actions and Valerie wrote a book about the travesty titled, “Fair Game: My Life As a Spy”.

Some are saying that “Blowback” may not be entirely a work of fiction. Is it just a coincidence that Plame’s protagonist, CIA agent, Vanessa Pierson has the same initials as Valerie?


Over at Amazon the book is getting high marks for excellent writing, splendid storytelling and riveting reading.

The plot centers around nuclear weapons in foreign hands and one woman’s attempt to keep things from going ballistic. A very timely scenario.

Forrest wrote this about the book:
“I have read Val and Sarah’s book Blowback and liked it a lot. The heroine is a CIA agent and they already started working on a new book with the same characters. f”

So…if you’re ready for some cerebral adventure while you’re waiting for the snow to melt in the mountains north of Santa Fe, you can get a signed edition of “Blowback” from Collected Works in Santa Fe. You can order plain old unsigned editions through Amazon or just about any bookstore that keeps spy novels on hand… the way…you can read a bit of it and see what you think on the Amazon site…



14 thoughts on “Scrapbook Fifty One…

  1. Forrest looks right at home sandwiched between those ladies! I started wondering if Valerie was using some of her clandestine tactics to shake loose a clue or two. Watch out Forrest ! Don’t accept any edibles; especially cinnamon rolls or lemon pepper chicken.

  2. Dal, you referred to the book as “Blowout” three times by my count. It should be “Blowback.” Makes me wonder if you’ve had recent tire issues with Ezzy.

    • I think I need fro stop writing for a couple of days. That actually looked right at 2am. Thanks for the catch..sorry for the mistakes..

        • Mark-
          Actually…no one was ever convicted of “leaking” info about Plame’s CIA involvement. But in her book and in conversation, Plame squarely sets the leak on the shoulders of Scooter Libby and Dick Cheney.

  3. Forrest Fenn likes to read -a good book now & then – “The Last Lightning” by Craig MacIntosh…!!

  4. I am reading “The Signature of All Things” by Elizabeth Gilbert (who also wrote “Eat, Pray, Love). I also found a book at the thrift store that had this quote about butterflies from Da Vinci: “The caterpillar, which by means of assiduous care is able to weave round itself a new dwelling place with marvelous artifice and fine workmanship, comes out of it afterwards with painted and Lovely wings,with which it rises towards Heaven.” I loved the butterfly shadow best.

  5. Thanks E*,
    I wish you had been thee judge, I really wanted that book or even one of the regular editions. I keep trying to buy it and my checkbook keeps saying no.
    I should have done a sideways profile without so much woven stuff around me, in the cold, and should have divulged the real canyon I’ve been searching. Maybe I would have stood a chance.

    • E* is right, the butterfly shadow was pretty cool. Although the story and statement with that particular shadow brought your overall score down. You had a few good shadows and some sweet search stories. Sorry you didn’t win. 🙁 Maybe we should do another contest of some sort….

      • It’s ok, she won fair and square, or was it pointed 🙂
        Check out Ranger Lake NM on google earth, it really looks like a dog. I thought it was funny. As far as the story and statement goes, I knew it was weak, but hey, a girl has to keep a few secrets.

  6. LOL Maggie, you did just fine! People pay me to keep my clothes on. Hahahaha

    Maybe that should be the next contest, who will pay the most to have someone keep their clothes on?

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