Salute to a Warrior….


Renelle lost her fight against cancer a few months after a raffle was held on this blog to raise money for her medical expenses.

The following information is left to honor her memory. She was a searcher who had humor, guts and determination in spite of the fact that she faced a disease that took away her life. Expenses as a result of that cancer were beyond her capabilities alone. But she had us. The searchers on this blog donated enough money to pay her lofty medical bills and permit her the comfort of not owing  anyone and even gave her a small vacation in her last days to a place she always wanted to visit.

Renelle enjoyed the chase, the searchers and the mountains. She had been a ranger at Glacier National Park and at Yellowstone in her short life. She gave, and we gave back.



The searchers looking for Forrest’s treasure chest donated




This is a Thank You note to everyone from Renelle-

Please accept my apologies for the tardiness of this response to the overwhelming gift of the raffle proceeds.  I was away for awhile, and although I tried mightily to finish all of the thank-you cards and messages before I left, I didn’t quite succeed.  My lack of a timely reply, however, in no way reflects the amount of my gratitude.

A cancer patient has a lot of different weights on his or her shoulders.  In my case, there is the constant out-of-state travel to medical appointments, the daily battle to continue some sort of normality through the fog and sickness caused by years of chemotherapy, and, of course, the reality of the never-ceasing medical bills.

In a single, combined effort from all of you, one of my weights was lifted.  To each and every person who participated in the raffle, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your contributions.

Many of you promoted the raffle on your respective blogs, and I want to thank you all for your work on my behalf.  It would be logical to assume that so many searchers looking for a single prize would be ultra-competitive with each other!  That may be, but you are also community-minded and came together to pull off an event that was successful beyond anyone’s imagination.  You all have my respect, my admiration, and most of all, my thanks.

I’d also like to thank the Collected Works Bookstore and Dorothy Massey, who offered a lovely setting in which to host the raffle event.  Suzanne Somers offered her support in the days leading up to the event, and I was humbled and grateful to receive her beautiful message.  The lovely and gracious Ali McGraw was kind enough to participate in the drawing, and I was so very appreciative of her willingness to lend us her time.  Thanks also to Toby Younis, who used his professional abilities to record the raffle event and stream it live. I watched it from my chemo chair and couldn’t contain my smiles.

Every day for several weeks, Dal Neitzel donated so much time to the raffle process that I doubt he ever slept!  Dal, I am so appreciate of all your hard work and selfless efforts.
The incomparable Forrest Fenn turned his raffle idea into reality, as he has done with countless other ideas throughout his lifetime.  This time, however, it was for my benefit, and for that, I give him my endless gratitude.  Thank you, Forrest.  You remain my hero.
Thank you all so very much, and I hope to see you on the trail!




by forrest fenn

When Renelle Jacobson stepped out of her car in my driveway, and walked toward me, I was charmed at first sight. Her smile telegraphed a timeless message: “Look out world, because here I come.” She had read about my hidden treasure in Hemispheres, the in-flight magazine for United Airlines, and, she said, “I ripped out the pages, stuffed them in my bag, and told the passenger sitting next to me, ‘Oh, I am SO going to find this when I get home.”

With a treasure-hunting partner, she soon hit the road for Yellowstone. “I was bouncing off the walls with an overload of excitement. This adventure is for every little girl and boy who have desperately wanted to look for a hidden treasure. I know I’m silly, but some of us are lucky enough to never completely grow up.” She returned from that first road trip empty-handed but, “We had a blast. I’ve since gone back 3 or 4 times.”
However, there is one small problem; Renelle, 41 and single, has a rare bone cancer called osteosarcoma. A few years of chemo and several surgeries didn’t kill the disease, so, in 2011, her left leg was amputated above the knee. She has a prosthetic leg but the ongoing cancer changes her limb shape. “Sometimes I can walk quite well and sometimes I can’t.”






A friend loaded her in his Bell helicopter and they searched the far reaches of Yellowstone Park.



“We discovered some top secret waterfalls (at least that’s how I romanticized them in my mind). They were out in the middle of nowhere.”

“We also flew over Hebgen Lake and had lunch in West Yellowstone. What a grand day for a cancer patient who is trapped inside most of the time.”


 Renelle, whose constitution is made of sinew-tough fiber, is now in her 5th year of chemotherapy. With an expression that reflected her longing, she said to me, “I’m sick 3 to 4 days a week, have low energy the rest of the time and my sleep schedule is often turned upside down. Working on this treasure hunt has given me a way to occupy my time when I’m awake after midnight. When I work on your puzzle for an hour, I can say that I worked toward a goal.” She added, with a voice as soft as her eyes, “I’ll keep working on the poem every night until the moment when I can call my hunting buddies and say, ‘let’s hit the road.” Imagination is her pleasure and faith is her nourishment.

Renelle Jacobson inspires me in a singular way; her spirit holds me in thrall. Each day she tests the extremes in ways I can’t even imagine. To know her even a little bit, as I do, is to love her a lot.

To paraphrase Charlotte Bronte:

Her human heart has hidden treasures,
In secret kept, in silence sealed;
The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures,
Whose charms enrapture when revealed

Below is a link to a personal note from Suzanne Somers to Renelle-
Click Here

175 thoughts on “Salute to a Warrior….

  1. “The ultimate measure of a man (or woman) is not where he (or she) stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he (or she) stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Martin Luther King Jr.

  2. A truly remarkable woman. Her courage and spirit are inspiring beyond words. I wish her success in her fight against cancer and good luck in her hunt for the treasure.

  3. A very inspiring story . I wish her all the best in life . And good luck in her searches .


  4. Renelle is a perfect choice for “Searcher of the Month”.
    I’m sure we all have great stories to tell about our searches, but her story is simply awe inspiring. It will be very interesting to see the next months searcher story. It’s great to see such wonderful people involved in the chase.

  5. Renelle’s cards, along with the many millions of other lousy hands that have been dealt out, make me aware of how good my cards are. I might not win the big pot, but I sure have won a lot of good small pots with them. I wish everyone
    could have been dealt my hand or or a better one. I also hope that Renelle will continue with TTOTC for many many years to come. There is obviously no need to rush in finding ff’s hidden chest.

  6. This is truly a moving story that shows the true backbone in this great land we live in. Renelle is the shining light that will guide any of us when we need it. I wish her the best always and thanks for sharing this with us.

  7. Thanks for sharing her story with us. You are one tough lady Renelle! Wishing you many more years in this crazy adventure we call life. Best of luck in your hunt for the treasure!

  8. Renelle you are one amazing woman. I wish you luck in your search for the treasure, but I think you are the treasure! Stay the course and the gold will be yours in ways unimaginable. Keep us posted on your travels and good luck!

  9. A helicopter over Yellowstone? *jealous* Thanks for sharing Renelle….sounds like you gave a little bit of treasure back to Forrest 😉

      • So how do we convince Renelle she needs a couple extra chest spotters Jeremy? Oh wait, on second thought….I’ll skip the helicopter view and be the “ground” spotter…you all can just tell me when you see the sparkle of bronze shimmering through the trees….sound like a plan? Someone get Renelle on the phone to let her know we figured it out.

        • I hate to break it to you, but that fabulous helicopter is not at my beck and call! It was a one-time shot, but it was absolutely glorious and I loved every minute of it. I’m pretty sure I never stopped smiling from the moment we took off until about 3 weeks later.

          • Great ride & hunt! It was really nice of the Dr. to take you! I’m going in the hospital today for an Angioplasty, but I thought I’d try and make initial contact with you 1st. Forest rightfully won’t give out any contact info, but then I saw you here! Wanted to talk about your church background if any and talk about God’s intervention in this illness. So if you want my e-mail is: thanks, hope to hear from you! Bro. Ron PS I’m in Antioch, Ca.

          • Renelle. I would love to chat with you at tyblossom at aol dot com. My step dad had both his legs amputated, but that’s not at all who he is/was. I would love to chat with you just as a regular person as it must be rough to always be looked at in that way. You seem so similar to him. He would joke about finding someone who only lost one leg so he could buy a pair of cow boy boots. You see to have the same personality. Anyway. I would like to you be friends since we both search..I’m just not going to give you my latest solution *smile*…but maybe can hang out while we’re both looking? I’d really like to know you.

          • Renell, just wanted you to know that you will lead a long, healthy and productive life. In the 60’s my brother had his leg amputated from the very same disease and is still kicking strong!! Enjoy life!! It is obvious your aren’t afraid to face challenges. You will be just fine.

  10. Hey Forrest, your “treasure” has inspired so many! That is the real treasure ! Ralph Tingle

  11. God Bless You Renelle! I Love this story. Thanks for sharing it Forrest. I must say this treasure hunt has helped me too to get through some very challenging times. I know it has helped many of us. Its a blessing and a sparkle of hope.

  12. You rock Renelle!! She truely is one those people in life you feel incredibly fortunate to know and love.

  13. What a beautiful story about Renelle; one of faith , hope, courage, determination and a will to be occupied by happy thoughts of finding that treasure. Forrest look at how many lives you’ve touched by setting up this hunt. I believe you are receiving more than you ever expected. You’ve helped so many people get out of their slump by creating the Thrill of the Chase. This is truly a great legacy…..
    God Bless you…..

  14. Just to look at how her beautiful smile shows her beautiful spirit. She is an inspiration to us all when things get a little rough. We should never take our gifts for granted and the old saying that we never know what is around the corner, so take advantage of each and every day could not be more true.

  15. Everyone is far too kind, including (especially) Forrest! I told him not to be so complimentary, but he tends not to listen to me much. Ever. But he is one of the most generous souls you’ll ever come across, and one of the most interesting. To quote Winnie-the-Pooh, “I knew when I met you, an adventure was going to happen.” I felt it from the very beginning, when I ripped the pages out of that magazine, and I suspect you all have felt it, too. Life is nothing if not a grand adventure!

    • The challange of life meets the challange of the search, what a inspiring combination. Renelle the attitude you have in making the relentless effort in achieving the strength needed for both is overwhelming. We all now know someone special, so keep your mind set and I wish you the best. You are officially one of Fenn’s chasers now and one for all of us chasers to lookout for.

    • Hi Renelle – when I saw your pictures on Forrest’s blog, I felt that I knew you somehow. Maybe we are supposed to meet and look together? I would be honored to contribute to your search in any way that I can. May God bless you and keep you in the palm of his hand. Your story has helped me to become even closer to Him.

  16. I was Renelle’s pilot on that flight .. and the beauty of what we saw was surpassed by her incredible determination and fabulous attitude .. it was a great day, spent with a truly inspirational co-pilot!!

    • Hi Dr., that was great of you to take Renelle on this chopper treasure hunt! I also commented on Forest’s Blog, but I realize now there was no case plane taking the pic, it was all you and the rotors I see are a reflection in the canopy! Thanks again! You Drs. do a great service for mankind and I’m going in the hospital today for some of it (a Angioplasty).

  17. Yes E*,
    Hi Revelle, my name is Mark Harper and I live in southern Illinois.
    I’m kinda the class clown around here @Treasure Hunter’s University (THU). Someone says left, I go right…grins.
    Needless to say I can’t get osteosarcoma off my mind.
    As I don’t know you I’ d like to think we are of the same community…thus virtually connected…I hope then that IT is okay to say that I’m going nowhere (this hunt could last forever?) I’m here until We find–I mean I find my box!
    Also Revelle, as f posted…IT. I think I am or we are suppose to research this (THU), for some hints or clues as to finding something.
    My notes on osteosarcoma are scrambled…so far I’ve found it’s ugly, complicated, and I don’t understand the terminology…thats where I’ve decided to start…terminology.
    Maybe Revelle you could help me with this research as I so badly want to be the treasure hunter of the month…And a finder as compared to s…..oh you get it I’m a clown…do you like clowns?
    Let me get my notes.

  18. Okay I can’t cure cancer…the odds are as astronomical as finding the box!
    That said, I’m here…and instead of a cure…which is plausable…I thought we could discuss osteosarcoma and clues or hints to finding cures that we may already know…then move from there…I mean Toby is a mad man at cross ref. evidence!
    For example:
    Dietary change…supplements and holistic as well as FDA prescribed medications and remedies…….how about best Dr.s, research and developement, or facilities…family counceling and of course the cost.

    Once we have figured out what IT is and all we can about it then we can move foward in trying to solve problems as compared to creating them! Just sayn!
    Terminology 101….

    • Mark,

      I’m on the same page as you, I know this really isn’t the place to discuss it so I’ll try to make it quick. I’ve always thought that the internet is an amazing tool for people all over the world to come together and share ideals, research and possible solutions for many problems. We have so much knowledge at our fingertips, yet, the number one search topic is porn…what’s wrong with humanity? We should start a website to share thoughts. I will say that I’m a big fan of dietary healthy alternatives, I have personally experienced amazing results on many levels with p.c.o.s. I would love to go deeper into this if we can find an appropriate place to post. All my best.

  19. Im sorry but its not the cancer he wants us to see but the way Revelle is handling her life. Facing adversity with grace, strength of faith and never giving up. Sometimes this is only about amazing people, not about clues to a chest of treasure.

    I dont think we need to discuss her life in that way, please.

  20. Deb I think you’ve misread my intentions and thinking. I understand and I let her inspiration be mine…now I look at children suffering form one of the top ten cancers destroying them and wonder what I can do? I serve a greater purpose then a box…and I have no clue where my journey is going…please join me…I mean no disrespect.

  21. What I’m saying is I care about these babies suffering…Looking into the abyss wanting for answers waiting for someone to find a cure and BAM…The FDA. Regulations monoplies grief and astronomical cost.
    Revelle I am sorry if I’m misunderstood but humor keeps me from crying!
    We are at an age of greatness…a golden age of man…children are key. So what if I’m called crazy for wanting to be part of the solution…

  22. No mam, I’m thinking it’s for anyone…but feel awkward talking about it here on Renelle’s site.

    Deb, I’m sorry I can’t help thinking about many of these urgent issues our planet faces today…IT’s my Curly Howard mentality!

  23. I’m hoping today was a happy day! Cold here!
    I like drinking coffee and the wifee is addicted to soda…we both agree we need to put a halt to this but its tough. I’m wondering what we might like instead? Headed to a class in terminology, then some much needed sleep.

  24. Evening, darn cold here!
    Everyone’s looking in N.M. tonight…I Hope someone finds it!
    We got lost last night, I guess I should explain. My Ol Hyde…that’s what I call Angie, she’s really gorgous but 14 years together breeds contempt! Anyhow my poor baby has to have a full hysterectomy after the holidays…her sister passed last year at age 51, cervical cancer.
    Now my baby is 37 facing the same battle…My mother passed at 70 with pancreatic cancee and my grandmother at 74 with ovarian. My poor daughter might…well you get it…I better get to school…I cant dilly dally!

  25. Im sorry to hear all that Mark. A family history means every female in you family ought to be tested for the brca genes. I believe with a history insurance now has to provide it.

  26. Thanks deb.
    I’ll read about those test tonight….
    A vac. shot!!! YIKES–was given to my youngsters a few times… I don’t know much about it though??? I’m trying to learn!
    I figure if I learn a few terms about irregular pap smears, and maybe how or why the necrosis of tumors/cysst/fibroids/and cell deficenciesis are linked. Which maybe is by lack of or by too much estrogens or progesterone and their developement. I think both hormones also relate to osteoporosis and menopause? If I figure it out…I’ll find the box!

    I guess it’s all research and developement..smiles.
    Pink Ribbon.

  27. Mark,

    I’m sending the best thoughts possible to you and yours! I went through a breast cancer scare 2 years ago this christmas, all turned out fine but was a very scary time. Hang on to her and think positive thoughts, it really works!

  28. Thank you M.
    I love the hunt but I agree with you that this is not the place, even though I’m not sure where the right place is…there are NOT a smarter bunch of rooster lovers anywhere?


  29. cancer has place in time for all it may not be a time as well, ff placed a hunt of gold that should go the find of a cure not the prize of the get home of a self vacation. a hoppie medice bag will get you home safe .

  30. Wow! Wow wow wow wow wow. I’m whistling and spitting nickels.
    f the Raffle is beautiful.

    A vacation might be needed cowboy but I’m fairly confident most of us see that box as responsibility!
    As for cures holistic or FDA approved…lead the way!

  31. Morning
    A beautiful day for coffee and coffee helps make it a beautiful day!
    Going to buy our raffle ticket today. I’m so excited! That bronze jar and it’s contents are to me as good a prize as the box and I’ve got better odds of winning…grins

    And as a community this is good…it depicts love.

    Also….Maybe others will see…they will feel our integrity and know we lead by example thus leaving a positive affect on them.

    Happy Holidays!
    Mark H.

    • Good luck Mark! Raffles are such fun. Once I ran one for my kids school marching band. We didnt have as classy of items but we were able to raise a good part of the money to send the kids to perform at Disney Land. Those kids never even dreamed of ever getting to go there.

      Our top prize was a big screen tv, second place a whole pig butchered. Guess which prize most wanted to win? lol 🙂

      • I entered a Duck calling contest when I was a kid. And even though I had never went duck hunting, I grew up around them. My dad bought me a cheap duck call and I ended up getting first place. Which was a Ducks Unlimited limited edition GOOSE CALL. Second place was a back pack flyfishing outfit.

  32. To Renelle

    Can’t imagine what it would be like to be hit by cancer. But I can tell you what an inspiration you are to each and every one of us searchers.

    This raffle in your honor – is precious. As you have over come great obstacles, along your path – I stand and applaud you. Each and every one of us have things put in the way of getting to the prize. You most of all.

    I thank you for joining our tight group of serious, and most generous searchers, welcome to you, with open arms and wish you the very best of luck on a journey that perhaps we can all help you with.

    Look to the rainbow because it’s the way to go ——————

    Your cure to be well – is my wish for your future. It will be.

    Hugs are many ————- feel them.

  33. Hi deb I love bacon. The candy of meats!

    Hi Renelle I’m on the NM band wagon…but if you asked my solves I’d send you to Disney…smiles!

    Today my 6 year old had her Christmas play at school…she’s a cutie I wish I could post pics…
    Treasures galore!
    I’m listening to Stevie Nicks….

  34. Jim is a long-time reader of this blog and an avid searcher for Forrest’s treasure. He purchased 25 raffle tickets to help Renelle pay her medical expenses. Of course he hoped his name would be drawn and he would win the bronze jar. But then he changed his mind. Yesterday, Jim decided to give the tickets to Renelle instead. So Jim donated the money and the 25 raffle tickets his donation purchased…all of it…right back to Renelle. What a lovely act of human kindness.

    Forrest said to me in an email, “Jim’s gesture personifies the American spirit in its finest moment.”

    • I will donate 1000.oo an a note for her , my wife has ms and a kidney transplant, and has been doing well, I know of the god , and have herd the bell , that of ring ‘the wing’s of an angel will get a wing. an angel is a heart for her to surive as one ! I would like to meet her , santa fe ?? may be the cowboy need s to ride ?? toh
      forrest rang that bell hard in 2000 the brachlett is his and the money rancom should go to to her!!!

  35. Hi Renelle… folks, Busy day! Jim…very nice! Wow!
    Cowboy I’m hoping your family has a wonderful Holiday.
    Mark H.

  36. At 630pm on Tuesday, December 17th we are at $8,936.28 for Renelle…
    How about that!!!!

    I am so impressed with everyone’s generosity…
    What great people you are…
    3 weeks to the drawing..

  37. Hello Renelle I hope your day is good!
    Ron Pertain,
    We haven’t seen a post and we’re hoping to hear good results? How are You?
    M create a sight and then drag me there…Im puny. I tried to find michelle on fb but No rice or 38 smiles…
    Hi Steph.
    Hi deb.
    dal………………….a very long pause……………..hug……………tear.
    This community that you so carefully tend after as I’ve said with great care…appreciates you!
    Mark H.

  38. people of these day’s should not mark as one a day’s comment for the judge of af the fact as steph said in the past mr fenn knows the who and when the person will find it. he want’s someone to carryover that secret and that is what I see if math is involved then he know’s it , and the known finder that follow the poem is to give him, saying mr fenn the brachlet at peace of a secret. and doing to the bounty of choice. of where it may go to and what charitie. said this date of 12-18-2013 ad . im bad at spelling be’s lol

    • Cowboy, either you need to lighten up on the sauce or update your spellchecker. And I suck at math, but I can spel reel gud.

  39. On Wednesday at 830pm our Cancer Fund is up to $11,258.65.
    This is soooo impressive..
    I saw a note from Renelle today.
    She had a chemo treatment this morning and her spirits were pretty low…
    She said the fund put a smile on her face.
    She’s tough..

  40. Here’s something I just learned:
    Forrest once turned down $4,500 for the jar we are raffling off because, he said, “I would never sell any of my jars or bells.”

  41. Cancer is a strange character. It is not discerning when choosing a target, and I realize I did nothing to earn my medical bills. They are, however, MY bills. I would never expect anyone else to pay them.

    When Forrest suggested this raffle, I had to ignore the side of me that was yelling, “Thank you, but no! It’s very hard for me to accept money from anyone!” Instead, I forced myself to listen to the side that has gained a little knowledge from this journey of cancer. It was saying, “Go ahead, people are kind and want to help.”

    Never, in my wildest dreams, did I imagine the fund would reach this size. I’m completely overwhelmed. Dal mentioned (in a previous comment) that I was having a bad day recently, but that I smiled when I thought of the raffle. He’s right; however, it was not the amount that made me smile. It was actually the thought of so many people showing such generosity that made my day a little better.

    I have happy holidays planned for the next few days. There will be a dose of chemo in the midst of it, but it will still be a wonderful time. I wish the same for each and every one of you (without the chemo, of course)!

    Thank you all.

    • Medical Bills? Who said the money was for that? I thought we were all chipping in to send you to Vegas to pick up one of those hot Chippendale dancers, because we felt threatened by your Chase abilities in that helicopter.

      Happy Holidays Renelle 😉 and thanks for letting us feel the spirit of them by giving. *hugs and love*

  42. Thanks for accepting f’s raffle offer. It gave us a chance to feel better too. We love the fight in you.
    I wish you a peaceful and happy holiday season Ranelle. Go blow the $ on your next treasure spot. You never know.. you might just find it.

  43. Wishing Renelle and everyone here on TTOTC a Very Merry Christmas!
    Thanks for an *Awesome* year.

  44. Pretty awesome!!!! Thanks to all that made this happen, and thank you for letting all of us that visit this site be a part of it. Merry Christmas to Renelle and everyone else.

  45. Renelle … my family and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and blessings for the New Year. My oldest son and daughter were in the Christmas play at church. My son was a shepherd. He found a feather from an “angel’s wing” … he wants to give it to you. I hope we can see you on Jan. 7. I hope that Forrest brings you in for the raffle. Many blessings and save adventures for all the treasure hunters this coming year!

    • Aw, thank you! Forrest invited me down for the raffle, but I’m right in the middle of a chemo round and the timing just won’t work. I’d love to be there and I wish I could make it!

      Thank you so much!

    • And there is FIRE in those hearts! Boticelli knew that when he painted his Venus with the red hair with her hand over her heart, rising from the seashell. And Da Vinci knew that the power of the heart is exponentially stronger than that of the brain. We are all filling our hearts with the fire of love to heal you, Renelle 🙂

  46. Hi Renelle, I’m a long time lurker-searcher searching your area for some time now. If you ever feel up to it and want to discuss the search you can reach me at sautry22 at yahoo dot com.
    Best Regards,

  47. Just a note about the Cancer Fund Raffle-
    The drawing will occur at 10AM at Collected Works in Santa Fe on the 7th. Someone will be drawing the winning ticket out of Forrest’s old cowboy hat.

    There is some talk that a few other friends of Forrest’s will be there in support…possibly Valerie Plame…author of Fair Game: My Life as a Spy. Valerie is America’s favorite ex-CIA agent.
    Possibly Murray Gell-Mann who is a Los Alamos physicist and won the 1969 Nobel Prize in Physics and also the Albert Einstien Medal. He is the author of The Quark and the Jaguar.
    Unfortunately Renelle will not be able to attend because she will be in the middle of chemo therapy…and we wish her well..

    Please attend if you can…
    Toby will be there to film the event and he will post it as soon as possible afterwards..

  48. Sounds like it will be a nice experience for those that can attend the event. These event times make it hard for me to attend since I would like my son with me.

    Very glad people are helping Renelle.

  49. This is sad!…I’m sure she’s busy. I had just stole a few pdfs of her last book..”knock-Out.” Mrs. Somers is a proud advocate for cancer research and also a survivor!
    I was dreaming about going to N.M. and getting a hug!
    Nevertheless, this is in the spirit of Renelle and as a team doing something *awesome* for one of our own!
    …If you’re going to go BIG in 2014, go Grizzly…Go Pink!!!

  50. Dal,
    I hope you know how much you’re appreciated. Busy as you are, you’ve given time and effort to pull off this raffle for Rennelle.
    Happy New Year to you and all searchers.

  51. I agree Brimley…
    It is *Awesome*
    You and this site are becoming a force…this is what TG was talking about–actions like these are both bold and beautiful…we lead by example. I would stay longer as I love it here…but I have a blog to post. Much love.
    Happy New year

  52. Dal, take a bow for your organization and your motivational efforts you have put in on this fund raising. Without your web site this could not have been done. I know that it was generous General Forrest that first brought Renelle’s situation to our attention but it was private Dal that carried the banner. You both should be congratulated.

  53. I forgot to mention Stephanie, Mike, Toby and all other sites that contributed greatly to this effort. You all have a good year.

  54. Happy New Year to all, but especially to all our hosts on the various blogs, groups, boards , ect. that we all use to discuss. You have put up with alot and still continue to welcome everyone. Thank you!

  55. Renelle, just wanted you to know that you will lead a long, healthy and productive life. In the 60′s my brother had his leg amputated from the very same disease and is still kicking strong!! Enjoy life!! It is obvious you are strong and aren’t afraid to face challenges. You will be just fine.

    Happy New Year to all who chase.

  56. Pure Awesomeness, Dal.

    Rennelle, hope you’re smiling and feeling the love. Hugs and prayers for a successful round. You are an inspiration.

    Forrest, you are one heck of an architect.

  57. What ever happened with the money collected for cancer victims from the sale of the first book TTOTC?

    • In a meeting I was in with Dorthy Massey of Collected Works last week, she mentioned that $20,000 from the fund had already been distributed to cancer victims, and that there were others in process.

    • OK, Dal – –
      I don’t mean to take away from this cause, this is great. Just wondering. There is great need for that $$ too.

  58. That’s wonderful!! Insurance almost never covers 100% of the costs of treatment and even if it did, there are other expenses.

    Stay strong Renelle! We’re pulling for you!




  60. That’s wonderful! I’m really happy for you Renelle! I would also like to donate my ticket # 720964 to you Renelle. Good luck and I hope you win! 🙂 *HUGS*

  61. After listening to Toby’s great interview with Renelle – I am so happy this is being done for her. What a sweet lady. Best wishes Renelle in the chase and in every part of your life.

  62. Mark Mullins won Forrest’s Jar. I couldn’t place the name and then Cadd just figured it out and emailed me. I had written about him before on my forum. Mark Mullins is Forrest’s friend who he has collected arrowheads with. He’s also involved with the George Frison organization and he has a son he named Forrest I believe after Forrest. Also, he had a son who just past away a couple years ago who hit his head when he fell on a rock while out with his dad searching arrowheads AND Mark Mullins and Forrest donated a building to the Frison Institute that’s in Wyoming somewhere.

    Forrest announced that Mark had bought $2,000 worth of tickets. Yeah Mark!! Congrats!!

    • A big CONGRATS to Mark and thanks for your most generous contribution to Renelle’s fund!

      Best wishes to Renelle – we Fenners are pulling for you! 🙂

  63. Well, done all.
    Congratulations to Mark; blessings to Rennelle; and thank you to Forrest and Dal.
    I think you’d have to call it a SUCCESS!

  64. The Chase Posse is one AWSOME group of people! We love you, Renelle! Bless Mr. Fenn for his generosity. Hope the funds help and you stay strong, lady! Prayers to you. ¥Peace¥

  65. Ok, my comments didn’t post…I said… The Chase Posse are AWSOME people. Bless Mr. Fenn for his donation. Too bad someone who didn’t know Mr. Fenn could have one, but bless his donation too! Stay strong, Renelle, we love you!

  66. Well…happy for Mark, VERY happy for Renelle, So proud of the people on this Blog! Thankful for Dal’s hard work on here……But EXTREMELY jealous that it wasn’t me!! Lol!! And just to add a little more of my current solve to the stuff I mentioned earlier….The letter I is the 9th letter of the alphabet….9 clues, 9 sentences, and the letter I is going to play a HUGE role in solving this puzzle…..or not….

  67. I added the final dollar amount raised with the raffle and also a personal video message that Suzanne Somers made for Renelle. Both are in the story on this page…at the top.
    The raffle fund amount is at the top of the story and Suzanne’s video is at the end of the story.

  68. Hi Again Renelle-
    I say again because I dropped a note some time back, but see that it was nixed off of here. I included a blonde joke that I thought would make you laugh. Laughter is good medicine, it is said. But apparently someone thought it a bit coarse. If it was you, I apologize. I won’t repeat it. But on that note, I think it was Norman Cousins who used laughter to help heal his body. So that was my intended reason for including it. Maybe lighten your day.

    How about this one: “Did you hear about the dog with the inverted tail ? They had to x-ray him to see if he was happy.” (Bob Hope)

    I hope you are doing as well. Hey, how was Hawaii?

  69. And so, inspiration lady, I hope you have been able to get out again and search!
    The summer weather in CO has been wonderful, so far.

  70. Deb reported on ChaseChat that Renelle passed away on Saturday. Renelle was a brave and wonderful woman, so courageous, and an inspiration to everyone.

    Rest in Peace Renelle.

    • Hopefully, knowing that during her difficult times she also had great moments of joy and adventure with the search will help to bring comfort to her family….so sorry for their loss.

  71. 8 – 30 – 2014…

    On this day, God, walking his garden, plucked a beautiful rose…

    So long Ranelle, may we yet meet and say, Hello my friend it’s good to know you…

  72. Renelle has gone in Peace now, and to me she is a great inspiration and a hero. I’m sure FF is mourning this loss now more than the multitude of other loved ones he has lost in his life. I say thank you to FF for the hope this search has give to Renelle and to all of us, that sometimes humans can be “good” to each other.
    We must never take life for granted as it can all be gone so fast. Cancer is so insidious and takes many people we love too early. Thankfully, FF was spared at age 58 and continues to be a positive influence in so many lives. I hold dear and will cherish the personal “thank-you” email Renelle sent me for participating in the raffle for her benefit. This small token connected us all to her and showed her we support her.
    I certainly wished she could have beaten her disease like FF did, and I was rooting for her. Thank you FF again for the chase and even more for the “Raffle for Renelle” as both clearly demonstrated life is worth living and to encourage her to keep fighting. You made a big difference in her life and for that all this was worth it!

  73. A brave and wonderful heart stops only to have us stop and reflect one more time and say thanks for what you gave us in your short time here.


  74. I sit and remember what you said. Through all your pain and long nights of not knowing what your day will bring you still found a way. I send you this last e-mail knowing you will find a way to shine that great smile down on all those good people who took the time to care.

    Knowing you’re there, Lou

  75. For many personal reasons Renelles story touched me the most. What a very special lady. Brave and in the wood she was. This is when I started to get involved with the Chase, she was one courageous woman who I wish I would have known. Thanks for keeping this going.

    • Gold forest, please market your theory appropriately, like kine clues or looking in montana…
      It’s not my place to say, but this page is to honor Renelle. Thank you for understanding. 🙂

  76. Begin at Canyon Lake and take it down Farley Creek. (climb down)
    Put in below Fox Lake near left (nigh left of an animal)
    Don’t go up Russell Creek (your creek = Osborne Russell)

    In the wilderness, is wet, 500ft from the camp site. All lines up

  77. The wind is but a harness that snags a passer by
    but truly what you went through brings tears to my eyes

    I know your in the sacred breeze and can hear my every word
    The beauty of what you left behind shall always be admired and heard

    To my friend that in this life I did not meet, I wish you peace within your journey
    May you always be like the flutter by. We know you enjoyed the learning

    I’m so sorry you lost your fight with Cancer Just know your still remembered.
    Your family will be joining you as time goes by so save a place for us

    For it is people like you Renelle of which we always trust. Beauty abound. Love US. JB RC and Titan. And all us Fennagin’s.

    • Very nice JB , I wrote a poem to honor Renelle called ” memories of color” on March 13th….I will post it here again so others may see it……..she will be missed…..see ya

  78. ” Memories of Color ”

    Time it swiftly moves, memories fade away,

    Lost within our minds, covered by the grey.

    Memories that are spoken, brought up now and then,

    Last a little longer, and shapes a subtle grin.

    She was a fellow searcher, some of you did know,

    Even fighting cancer , she had a special glow.

    She had a kindled spirit, you could see it in her smile,

    If given just a half an inch, she’d stretch it for a mile.

    Before the memories fade away, and grey starts moving in,

    Remember our fellow searcher, and how it was back then.

    When many pulled together, on a very special day,

    To show her how we care, and by her all the way.

    Even though she’s left us, I feel as if she’s near,

    Whispering words from heaven, listen and you’ll hear.

    Cheering on the searchers, while on their golden chase,

    I know in heaven she wears, a smile upon her face.

    I just replaced the grey, with colors bright and bold,

    Your memories of color, forever we shall hold.

    Everyone who reads this, remember those who fell,

    Most of all remember, our friend we called “Renelle”.

    By: Focused

    P.s. I just wanted to remind everyone of a dedicated fellow searcher
    Renelle Jacobson ……. Keep her memory alive……. God bless..

  79. I come out of the shadows today to remember a great and warm heart that looks down on those that share the love of life and what it could of been. Renelle, what you said is still in the hearts of many that care for what matters.

    Still here and by your side,Lou

  80. Forgive me Renelle for any unkindness I might have shown you in my attempt to be right, I forgot about being kind. “When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. … Dyer.


  81. For Renelle who had the big heart to pick us up on our bad days and give our hearts a shot of hope to carry on. Miss the talks that made my bad days a lot brighter. That smile sure made my days…..Lou

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