Forrest Gets Crazy Mail…








This is the sixth installment of the ways in which searchers…and others…communicate with Forrest and visa versa. You may have read one or two of these elsewhere. I think there is useful information in these notes…

As in the previous email pages, the notes both to and from Forrest have sometimes been edited for brevity’s sake. Names have been changed, but the humor and confusion have been left intact…

How would you like to receive a few hundred of these in a day?…


Mr Fenn
We r in Santa Fe  and must see u today. I need to tell u where it is so u can get for me. We respect you and your property. What do we do now?
Anxiously waiting

Dear Anxious-
You go get the treasure yourself and buy Arkansas with the money. Is there some way I can assist you? ff


The fact that you are writting so many books and selling them for so much
makes your whole story a lot less believable… You’ve made more money
teasing people with this story then the treasure is actually worth. I feel
like if it was real you’d drop it and move on.

Now I remember why I didn’t ask you for an opinion. Guess I got it anyway didn’t I? ff


Hello Forrest
May I ask – is it still true that now, even with searcher numbers doubling in the last year, you still don’t know of anyone who has solved beyond the first two clues?

Dear Emily
Searchers continue to figure the first two clues and others arrive there and don’t understand the significance of where they are. f


Dear Forrest,
Well no luck on that this weekend. I really cant do much on icy ground though. The area was gated closed so my hubby went in alone. While he was out looking he got stalked by a mountain lion. In the daytime, how unusual. Must mean there isnt alot of game around? Now we understand the forest services need to post info on mountain lions in that area.

Glad you are not giving up Geri. I have a plan that will re-introduce grizzlies in New Mexico They will help keep the mountain lion population in check so you won’t have to worry when you search. f


Hello Mr. Fenn
I wish to visit the Yellowstone area this spring and view the wild flowers, but my dilema is this, I wish to view the Shooting star in bloom at an elevation of 9,000 feet or a bit more. I have done what I can to learn everthing about the purple and yellow flower, consulting botanist at Montana university … the web… ect… and I know the blooming of this flower is dictated by weather,, an early spring or late… elevations.. ect….And I only have a few weeks a year for vacations and I have to pick soon. So out of all my research regarding this flower, I am thinking the second and third week of June 2014. What I am asking is your honest opinion…. Do you think this is too soon or too late to see this flower at that high elevation, Sincerely

We always called the Shooting Star plant Mosquito bite because it looked like a mosquito’s head. I think the first week in June may be too early to view the plant. I have seen them in Yellowstone blooming below 7,000 feet. They seem to like the north side of a mountain where the soil is a little damper. You can spot the plant from a distance when it is in bloom and evidently the animals don’t eat it but I am not sure. Good luck to you on that one. ff


There is a guy on Dal’s blog that says he is going to Terre Haute, IN to look for the treasure because it’s 300 miles west of Toledo and because he thinks you like b-ball and Larry Bird.

That’s true so what’s the problem? ff


There’ll be no paddle up your fluorspar. This could be your last chance to email me back.
You rock

Why should I email you back, and why should it be my last chance? Are you sick, standing in the middle of I-25, or on death row? ff


Mr. Fenn,
I accidently spilt my water color brush jar today. Good thing I had you book right there to mop it up. I have been using it to store my sandpaper in my garage, Its getting pretty dusty out there. Especially since the cat litter is out there. I didn’t have any more kitty litter liners, but that dust jacket on that book of yours came in pretty handy. Our front door threshold is a little uneven so I took your other book and shoved it under the welcome mat so now its little more level. Sometimes it slides out of place a little and you got to kick it. I think a dog might of peed on it a little. I am sure it will all buff out with a little JB Weld and 40 grit sandpaper. I could probaly just buff it out with a rock or somethin.


This is probably gonna sound like a strange question…but do you, by any
chance, like almond joy candy bars?

Yes, why do you ask? ff


Hello Forrest

l’m still enjoying thinking about your treasure poem, especially after watching your performance at Moby Dickens.

Would you be so kind as to answer a question that has been niggling me – it’s to do with the ball of string.  As an engineer I can’t help doing a quick calculation when I see something like this, and my ball-park figure says that on average you had to collect about 40′ of string per day to make your ball in a year or so.  Is it that:

a. You really managed to find that much string?

b. You were exaggerating about the size of the ball?

c. My maths is wrong and I should hang my head in shame?

d.  Unlike the ball of string, you are winding us up?

When I was a kid string went a lot further than it does today. ff


Hi Forrest,
I saw an excerpt from your Oct 22 event at the bookstore where you mentioned again that the furthest people have gotten was only figuring out the first 2 clues.  I had sent you an email after my 7th trip to Montana from Connecticut a few days before the event outlining my solution which led me  xxxxxx   where I planned to continue my search in the spring.  Obviously if you said you know of only the first 2 clues being solved then all of the people who emailed you their solutions, including me, should start looking elsewhere.  Before I give up my solution, I just wanted to confirm that you do in fact read every email even if you don’t respond.

I read all emails unless they are too long, unsigned, or ask for an advantage or confirmation.
Those who have solved the first two clues are not aware that they did, so I don’t see that as useful information for anyone. I will not comment on any solutions that are sent to me by email. Good luck sir. f


I finally got to read the True West story. Boggs did a great job…

I was on Denise Plant’s radio show in Denver this morning for 6 minutes and on KSFR in SF for 30. The latter was fun and it was a fund raiser for them. They sold lunches with me in a raffle for $25 a shot. A cute little brunette sitting in the back receiving call-ins said she gave her check and hoped she won the raffle. When I was leaving I gave her two hundred bucks to buy 8 more raffle tickets. f



193 thoughts on “Forrest Gets Crazy Mail…

  1. Phew! I was worried for a minute. That raffle for Renelle is so great. I can’t think of a more worthy cause. As soon as I get back in from blizzard clean up, here in Northeast, I am going to pay pal. Very generous gesture from Forrest as well.

    • Storm all cleaned up and pal is paid! The fund is growing as I write this. Makes me feel good that this is happening for a true Warrior!

  2. Hey Forrest and Dal,

    Great Idea and a great cause!!! Just bought 5. Dal is there any way to create a counter so we can all see how the tally is going?

    PS: Forrest it is nice to see that you are returning e-mails. Have not heard back from you on my last five or so. 🙂

    • Fred-
      Good idea. I don’t have an automatic counter but I can manually place a number somewhere and update it. I’ll put it on the home page of the blog, right over the raffle button..and update it a few times every day. It will be a peculiar number because PayPal has a 3% fee they charge per it will not be a number divisible by 25..
      You can easily navigate to the home page by going up to the top of any page on the blog and looking under the header picture. There are a series of tabular menu buttons there. The button on the far left is the “Home” button. Click it and you are there.

      • Dal,
        Sorry was not trying to create that much extra work for you, but thank you for doing it. Over $6,500 already. Wow!!!

    • Not tax deductible unless Forrest is doing it through a charitable foundation who applied for status and goes through all the yearly federal audits.

      • thanks Deb…had a feeling, but just wanted to clarify in case that could be an added incentive to being kind 😉

    • I am not a tax authority but it’s my understanding that donations are not tax deductible because the cancer fund is not held by a federal non-profit organization. The funds are being held in a special Paypal account that I set up for Renelle so there is no mixing of funds from anywhere. She will get every penny in that fund on December 7th. Maybe someone out there knows a way to take a tax deduction for the donation…but I do not.

      • Not trying to correct you…. but December 7th has passed… unless it’s next year of course.

  3. This is very nice!
    A fine example of what TTOTC and Fenner’s could be all about!
    Love man…unadulterated love!

    Okay I said Terre Haute and Larry Bird.
    First and foremost I want the box, if you end up at Disney and you listened to me…good! Just kiddn.
    Second if someone would of asked why…I am an open box/book I would of told you…I was looking at legends with dbl letters in their name…I was following Fred Harvey…I was following a little bird. I live close…I wanted to see Paris…If this doesn’t make sense ask…
    Third…we have all winter why not think outside the box? Think Pink!

    And last but not least thank you f for having/watching my back! Being involved in the Chase is awesome!

    • I am always about “Think Pink” and the raffle is awesome! I was thinking about the inscription inside TTOTC about poker..I have read both books, but don’t have them here. Can anyone post it here? I am now unsure if it is best to draw the Queen of Hearts or the Queen of Spades? I know I have the Joker already in my hand, though. 🙂

      • “Life is a game of poker, Happiness is the pot. Fate deals you four cards and a joker, and you play whether you like it or not.”

        • To make 5 of a kind, you need any 5 of six different cards in any of 13 different ranks making a total of 78 different combinations, when using a joker. Whether the hand beats a Royal Flush, depends n the house rules. If it does, who ever lost out with the Flush may not be too happy. Just alittle fyi if anyone was interested. Sorry, I’m a geek! Lol ¥Peace

          • And thank you to Donna. Maybe the Queen of Spades and the Jack of Hearts and the Joker might work together if we’re using a French deck? The Queen of Hearts would have to stay in the castle, though. Royalty leaves a lot to be desired. But Desire can be useful too. The Jack of Clubs is always a good card to have in a pinch.

    • Since you said to just ask……

      About the legend with dbl letters in their names- Were you kidding about that?

      Did you ever catch up with that little bird?

      Lastly…have you ever been to Paris before?

      • Hi SPIDEY,
        I again wasn’t thinking! I was so excited to be included in the Chase. I thought there was a Beaker.
        As for the Bird…yes I started looking into dbl letters and legends such as Jimmy Buffet…two mms and two ffs…although he lives in the Florida Keys they sell Rocky boots there…also Miami is home of the Brown.

        You know I’m the class clown?

        Sadly I did not get to the bird… yet….odd story.
        I went on a sat. two weeks ago. The state of Illinois was painting white lines down interstate 57….it was sat.,it was 28 degrees and 57 was shut down…cars and trucks for miles…on a sat.? I got off the Interstate at Sesser Il and state cops had Il 150 closed…huh? I went home. Two days later it snowed a foot and it still hasn’t melted. Spidey I have never been to Paris…I lived in Berlin for two years but no France. However, the Paris I was referring to was Paris Illinois.

          • I’m sorry for the story spidey, it’s all I had. True enough though, the Interstate and side roads were shut down. On a sat.?
            On another note…I borrowed an old beater El Camino to make that trip but I don’t litter!
            My best bud has three of them, all old muscle cars. you step on the gas and hold on!
            Sadly, I keep beating an old dodge truck…smiles.
            Spidey I promise you a full report on the Bryd Monnument, Paris, and any local museums, hotels, trains, or on Buffet (I wonder if he’d be upset if I knocked on his door?) he lives about 30 minutes from Paris! And anything else that I think may pertain to rhe Chase tommorrow night!
            NO STORIES!
            Mark H. Getn busy!

    • Would Jack Sparrow be considered a “little bird”? In which case I may have quoted someone who said, “Pirate!” Or I may have made reference to the i-Guana I saw on the shadow blog..oh, wait…that was a Horny Toad..’Kay..And as far as the box is concerned, I have a new theory that involves a Latin phrase for CES and Roman property laws..and “As above, so below”..and ladders of course. There was a movie I saw that had an uplifting line: “They fought like warrior poets..” The historical lead character had double initials. Can anyone guess which one that was? Oh, and has anyone read Shirley McClaine’s book, “The Camino”? She lives in New Mexico. I read it a few years ago, but I think hospitals and hospitality were involved. And “D’Nile is a River in Egypt”..another enemy..I Siriusly don’t like that Big Dog..nipping at my heels all the time..but I don’t think he’ll ever catch the little fox 🙂 And…Clovis was the beginning of a frank line of discussion..about another twin comet..and long-haired wigs and ^ (the year being in discrepancy due to changes in calendars, but ’81 fits my two cents and hearts playing cards theory). And a few Bob Dylan songs as well…oh, and a trail…

    • It would be a beautiful day to see Paris Hilton or for that matter any day! Cool story deb…I’ve been a Paris fan before she got herself in the movies. I liked her show with Richie…anyhow…about three months ago Paris popped up on my computer screen…she was having problems getting in an out of one of her cars…the doors openned up instead of out…I think she didn’t love it. She’s awesome!

  4. The raffle is a great idea to raise money for Renelle’s cancer treatment and the prize is wonderful!

    I always get a kick out of the emails f gets and his responses – I’m glad he shares them with us. Terre Haute, IN? That IS thinking outside the box! 🙂

  5. The last chance email to forrest and the answer was soooo damb funny FF i love your sense of humor . I’m still laughing. The mountain lion following you . How could you be so lucky to see such a cool animal during your search.

    • Woody , when we first moved to this house there was a female mountain lion with 2 cubs out here.

      They still come around from time to time. Awesome sight but you learn to make noise before you go outside! I dont want to report them, its better if they go back where they came from.

      • deb I live in a remote area in Montana and we have lots of mountain lions here. I’ve lived here 12 years and yet to have met anyone that has ever been attacked . I think you are quite safe.

        • I live in CA and in the last 20 years we’ve had 8 attacks with severe injuries and 4 deaths from mountain lions. These did not occur in remote areas but in fairly populated places on hiking, running and bicycling trails. The attacks might have led to deaths if the people had not been with others that either attacked the lion with rocks, sticks etc. Don’t mean to scare anyone, but it’s always good to be very cautious in mountain lion country.

          • Caution is good anywhere.

            With human encroachment in wildlife areas there will be inevitable crossing of paths. All we can do is educate ourselves and learn to be more aware of whats going on around us.

            My personal decision to not call game and fish is that I live in their range and shouldnt panic over their presence. Every year so many animals are killed because people are basically arrogant about wildlife environs.They avoid us whenever possible.

  6. CJ I noticed the bronze sculpters name on the Bird monument was wolf. And..Paris is only minutes away. Trains seem to be part of the chase…The AT & SF…and the most famous of all the Walbash Cannonball…they helped to move folks from here to there…Larry Bird as well as 10 other legends are along the trail. Also there are many happennings along the trail. I liked the connection of Lincoln, Douglas which takes me to a song I’m writing on Chase Chat. Too others are on The Trail of Tears…only 15 minutes from the house…if I followed it west it would lead me to the Santa Fe Trail. Directly to Okeeffe, probably to f and an alligator.
    Mark H.

  7. I have no problems owning up to my email. But I will let you guys guess which one.

  8. sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.
    Almond Joy has nuts, mounds don’t.
    where does that leave Baby Ruth?

  9. Interesting that Forrest added at the end of one of his responses, that the people that had gotten the first two clues right did not even know it. He could know this is true just by reading entries from any of the various blogs or individuals may have emailed him where they were. Either way, it is good intel !!

    • I agree Ken, and this statement means even more to me –
      “Dear Emily
      Searchers continue to figure the first two clues and others arrive there and don’t understand the significance of where they are. f”

      To me that means that more than a few people have been fairly close to either WWWH, some of the other clues, or even the treasure, so it probably is not in a real remote area.

  10. CJ, I don’t know about remote or not, but the fact that we all now have written confirmation from the man himself that “no one” has gotten close on purpose! That is spectacular news. A lot of searchers have put many hours and $$ on the line and that part kind of blows. But, it can, and does for me, mean a fresh start. Maybe for some, less pressure.

    • The reason I think it is probably not in a remote area is f’s statement that SEARCHERS continue to get the first two clues correct and OTHERS (who are NOT searchers) are in the correct area and don’t know the “the significance of where they are”. So, if “others” are there, it must be somewhat fairly often visited – Maybe? At least that’s my take on it! 🙂

      • CJ, I have always believed that the treasure is stashed near a place where possibly many people go. Whether or not that comment about “others” proves it is mere speculation. Just my opinion… could be though.

      • Yep, CJ, thats a significant statement; as mush as we have discussed and tore apart every word of his earlier statement of 2 other having the 1st 2 clues right…. this is a major hint. Lets keep thinking about this one.

        • But, remember…he said it was in a place it wouldn’t be stumbled on. So, it may be in a visited area, but away from that area’s congestion and normal flow!

          • My opinion on the 500ft thing is….
            You can’t legally hunt within 500 ft of a road or structure. Meaning that the treasure is within 500ft of a road or structure, so no one would stumble on it.

            My grandpa drives an el camino,
            everywhere that we go.
            He throws is trash out the window,
            sayin “Son, I’m just creatin jobs.”
            -Jalan Crossland

          • Or it might simply be literal: it’s hidden somewhere you cannot /stumble/ upon , like inside a hallow of a tree, in the treetops, at the end of a narrow cave tunnel, or deep in a river.

  11. I was worried cause if I would have saw one of my search ideas there I would had to start all over. Rumor was Babe Ruth could hit a baseball a mile 3 Babe Ruth = 3 miles so who dont like Almond Joy and Dal I have a Commercial Paypal account and they hold 10% of funds for 90 days but not sure on regular accounts just might want to check.

  12. In June he said several people had gotten the WWWH correct. Then during a book signing (I believe in October) he stated again only two had gotten it correct. Now he has again stated more than two have gotten it correct – I would say it is more routine now based on that last statement. Not sure why he is stated only two had it correct at the book signing. Anyone know why the lack of consistency with this statement?

    The Wolf

    • If I am correct at the location I would say he is trying to come up with a catchall phrase as to not give any hints as to when anyone gets close.
      Again,If I am correct there has been at least 8 searchers who qualify with Forrests statement.
      Other than me,I knew what I was passing by.

      No, I am not one of the people thinking the treasure is to steal a persons sole.
      But I do understand how some are thinking that.

  13. I kind of think its just his way of keeping us guessing. If he said oh someone had 7 clues right, people would give up. I am not going to place emphasis on statements that are inconsistent.

  14. well on the 3rd of this month I hope I can make my first and last trip on the hunt I feel that now I can put one foot in front of the other and go where the poem has sent me wish me luck

  15. Frank,
    It’s the 15th. Are you traveling back through time? Or did you mean Jan. Either way, Good Luck.

  16. Just a thought, if you go north of Sante Fe far enough, you evenyually end up south of Sante Fe! Just a fun thought…

      • Actually – I thought of that continue to go north – until you get abck around. But, once you hit the north pole and cross over you would be headed south. You know – like in pole to pole.

    • Did anyone look into the number 42..and the explorer of the Antarctic that someone mentioned? I had to have my friend, the reference librarian, help me hold the antique globe. We proceeded quite directly. And the “Dragonology” book suggested doing math to avoid the dragon’s hypnotic effect. Another children’s book called “Egyptology” helped with my “D’Nile..” story. When is Forrest going to write His children’s book?

    • Don’t I wish we could do that – maybe someday on google earth –
      all the way around – stopping when you see the flags flying at the south pole – like I have – and then just flying all over the ice and north back to where you started. You see things no person has ever seen before. I flew there in the front of a C-130 – thrill of a life time for me. I remember every precious moment. The thrill of finding the treasure – is next for I will do good things with it.

      • What a wonderful experience Into! I am happy you got to do that. I think every body has good ideas about what they would do with the treasure.

        Did I ever tell you my first line of thought on the chase was about ecology? 🙂

      • That sounds awesome! Has anyone seen the movie, “Eight Below”? For those of us who haven’t had many traveling adventures, books and movies have to suffice. I did read one about another famous expedition to Antartica. Historical fiction is my favorite genre. I haven’t read many of the classics, though.

      • Inthechaseto – I’m new to TC and was looking around the website and saw that we have some things in common. I have also been to the south pole in a C-130. Went to repair the Teletype and walked around the world. And yes I also feel like it was a highlight in my Navy career and the thrill of a lifetime. Really want to tag the North pole now as well, but glad the TC can be found a little closer to home. 🙂

        • Kat –

          All right – an Ice buddy! Awesome. Yes, the north pole would be good too – but I think now, I would rather go watch the Diderod (sp) races.

          Welcome to the chase!

  17. After thinking about what ff has released here, these are some of my thoughts and opinions.

    Slightly changing some words from a ff quote:

    It doesn’t matter what I say, it only matters to others what they think I say.

    How many of us caught what Forrest meant when he said TFTW was his last book? And how did we look at it differently once he clarified what he said?

    I think he is playing words the same way when he says:

    ‘Those who have solved the first two clues are not aware that they did, so I don’t see that as useful information for anyone.’

    Why isn’t this useful information?
    Because those who have solved the first two clues are not aware (having or showing realization, perception, or knowledge) that they were correct.

    How will someone be aware that they did solve the first two clues? Considering ff is not telling anyone, you will have to find the chest; anything short of doing so will always leave you without a realization, perception, or knowledge that you really did have the first two clues correct.

    My take… don’t be too quick to throw away your ideas, interpretations, and the areas you are searching.

    In response to Emily, ff states:

    ‘Searchers continue to figure the first two clues and others arrive there and don’t understand the significance of where they are.’

    ff doesn’t answer her question; if he did, he would have said something to the effect that ‘searchers have only figured out the first two clues and no more.’ His response does not preclude searchers from having been there and also from having found more than the first two clues, I think ff just doesn’t want to give that information away and divulge how close some searchers may be with the clues, so he has cleverly created this canned response.

    In regards to the ‘others arrive there’, I think that he might be referring to other searchers who go out looking and while doing so, stop off to see the sights along the way… and they completely miss that they are at the first and/or second clue because they haven’t interpreted the clues (correctly or at all) to know it.

    I wonder how many searchers have actually been to only the first clue in the poem (WWWH is my opinion) whether they knew it or not? I can just picture ff squirming like he did to some of the questions asked him at the Taos book signing as he tries to formulate an answer to it.

    My two cents, and probably not worth that. But I hope that it makes you think just a little. 🙂

  18. Really? Can we believe everything forrest fenn say’s? and what about those naked Indians in Texas. I tried to see if there was anything to this…I could not find anything about it…I search records high and low and nothing stands out. You would think that if this was true. There would be some officials checking this out. for history sake, etc….or is this a story, half truth with clues inside?..what do you all think? Don’t get me wrong….I love forrest, he is a whoot!

    • Maybe that’s Forrests fun way of telling us not to feed the natives (bears, deer, chipmonks, etc.) He references food a lot in that story and mentions not being allowed to feed them a lot also. That was my thought anyway.

    • He is a storyteller. Storytellers generally have a lesson involved in their stories.They may take different routes to arrive at their destination. Think about the stories of Mark Twain, he took great liberty with his stories but always with a moral at the end. It doesnt matter how he got there its the message that is important.

  19. I am being interviewed by a class of 5th graders from Healdsburg, California tomorrow via Skype. They are using the treasure to study geography and poetry…

    Any thoughts about ideas I should be sure to pass on to them?

    They are also exchanging email with Forrest in the morning and he will answer their questions. I hope he doesn’t tell them where the treasure is… 🙂

    • Dal,
      You can pass on to them………. my email 🙂 They can probably figure out the poem. If not, I would have enough to write a book myself.

      One of my kids had a friend visiting a couple of weeks ago. During introductions, I learned he lives in the Rocky Mountains. I asked him if he had looked for Forrest’s treasure and he had no clue what I was talking about. After I asked him if he was ok after living under a rock for so long, I showed him the book. He read the poem and said ” One of my friends has been trying to get me to go there, but, I haven’t had time.” I said, “Wait! Hold on a minute! Trying to get you to go Where?” He shrugged his shoulders, looked at me like I had two heads, and said, “Where warm waters halt.”

    • Tell them that we think their teacher is awesome! Wish I had a teacher like that when I was in school.

    • If you haven’t planned on it already, everyone knows that pictures are worth many words, especially to the young. If you have any visual aids to show the group, they might be a plus.

      • $bill- went well…They asked me if I knew where it was. I said I did not but that dollarbill did and I made a graphic with his email address to show them. They seemed to like that idea. Not to worry though. There were only 67 kids in the class…

        • You must remember Kramer taking Karate lessons with a bunch of kids. He could whip them when one on one. But then they got wise and ganged up on him after class in the alley. So I can visualize what you got me into if I don’t have the answers that they seek. Thanks, you are a real pal. I hope to return the favor. How about a whole evening with PTN? *evil face*

          • For clarification, by spending the whole evening with PTN, I am referring to her asking you many questions about where you have searched and you can’t get away.

          • dal, I thought it was common knowledge that PTN has continuously been after you to reveal your hidey spots. By my clarification, I was hoping that you would rise up and save me from the sharks, not throw chum in the water.

          • $bill-
            Ordinarily that would be true, but MM was so annoyed with the way you voted on the shadow contest that she sent me three bags of Purina Shark Chow with instructions to spread this stuff around your feet.

          • LOL. You guys are funny. Bill can you swim? Guess it wont matter with all the blood and guts?

            I hear music… (theme song from Jaws)

          • dal, your nose is growing again. MM is a very good sport and would never wish harm on a great judge like me. You are trying to use her as a scapegoat for your treacherous deed. If she only knew that you ranked her entries at 41, 42, 43, & 44.

          • Deb, Is swimming something that you can forget how to do? It has been a long long time since I last swam from Florida to Cuba and back. There was no chum in the water then.

      • Have you taken a good look at yourself lately, dollarbill? That would have been a good visual aid for the fifth graders to solve the poem. Eye opening really..

        • I am sooo goood looking, that I have a hard time walking away from the mirror. I don’t see how seeing me would help fifth graders solve the poem. It hasn’t helped me.

          • Thinking of a book I read by Michelle Moran about Nefertiti and her husband and what he was sitting on in a picture I saw. If you are looking in the mirror, you are looking right at it, and one of their offspring did something with it that had some connection to another person I have mentioned who had double initials..and to the Queen of Spades 🙂

    • I realize it’s hard to accept this story without more detail. But I have never doubted it. In fact I heard an audio letter Forrest sent to a friend when he was in Vietnam back in 1969 or 70 and he tells the same story to his friend back then and offers to take him to the site. Those audio letters are on the web…and they might be in the media page of this blog..I’ll look for them later and post their location. Someone else may have their location. I think Stephanie had them somewhere too.

      • Those two interviews are located at the link at the end of this comment. There are two audio letters on this page. Probably recorded in 1970. Both are to Bill Griggs. Forrest had a small cassette recorder and would send audio letters to his friends. Bill Griggs was one of his friends. Bill apparently kept the recordings and when he died a few years ago the recordings became the property of Texas Tech University where this Vietnam archive is located. The story about the indigenous peoples is in the shorter of the two letters at the bottom of this page. However both letters are interesting listening…

      • Hi Dal: thought I’d take the opportunity to update your link here and let you know that there are 5 audio tapes now and a number of letters to Bill Griggs, all from 1968.

        Ernest Ingenhuett is mentioned in the first audio (Part A, May 6th, 1968) around the 6:35 mark, but not specifically about the Indians living on his ranch. (This audio recording has pretty low volume.) The third audio link on the page (Part A, April 1, 1968) is the one you were directing your readers to back in 2013. The part about Ernest, the three families of Indians, Bill Fyke, etc. starts around 00:47 into it.

        • Hi Zap;

          Long time “no hear” – Hope all is well. If you are back, WELCOME BACK! I, for one, have missed your input – JDA

        • Thanks, JDA. As a famous author once wrote, “Sometimes it’s good to just slam the door on a relationship and start over.” 🙂

  20. Oh Yes I did listen to this also. Its so interesting! I am wondering about the story and any info. on these Natives would be great! I wonder about it a lot.

  21. I would Love to know if Forrest can tell us more about these Natives he saw, and if anyone studied or found out where they came from and the history? Sounds so interesting. Forrest, can you tell us more?

  22. The teachers sent me a video of the class and what they are doing. It opens with Forrest on one of his Today Show appearances…I am near the end. I have to warn you..I screwed up…
    When they asked me how Forrest hid the chest I gave a bad number in my answer. I told them the chest weighed 35lbs instead of 42lbs…
    It was the pressure…
    Anyway I sent a note explaining that I was wrong about the weight..

    Forrest said I get an “F” for screwing that up…
    Guess I’ll be in the corner for awhile…
    Move over caddis..

    Video is here:

    • Thanks for the video Dal – it was fun seeing the kids working together on the treasure hunt. Great idea for a classroom project as it takes all kinds of skills in reading comprehension and critical thinking to try to solve the poem/riddle. I think we all wish we had a teacher like Matt!

      You will have to stand in the corner and wear the pointed hat for telling the kids the treasure was only 35 lbs. Where did that number come from anyway? 🙂

  23. Great seeing the kids working on it! I bet they come up with some great ideas.
    Hopefully they know that 16 pounds + 16 pounds is 32 lbs and not 35….But that’s ok, because 42 is the real number anyway. lol
    You must have been tired Dal. 😉

  24. Dal – very good presentation. However, if you are going to be more in front of a camera than behind one may I send you some of my Just for Men mustache brush in color gel? I promise I will not tell anyone.

    • Ha!..But then my mustache will not match my eyebrows…perhaps you can set me up with gel for my eyebrows too…
      I’ve always been a sucker for match my eyes…is that possible?

  25. Also I think I’ve seen a few clues in some of these blogs so thanks….it’s too long of a winter for me to sit tight!

  26. Cad your too funny! Cancer and poverty, starvation, disease they all like Cute. Angioplasty and loneliness beg for a large laugh. I’m thinking those folks bottling up our fresh water and leaving us the toilet water are enjoying the humor of it all. War’s ******* funny! Yep I have been brown nosing my way to a good night’s rest. I mean other than your friendship what’s the reward?
    I’m b-bopping to “Shakedow Street,” By The Grateful dead!

  27. Cad and Mark, need a spanking? I know Cad is about my daughters age, might be able to do it if you lend me a step ladder!

    Not sure about Mark, still trying to figure him out.

    LOL Play nice, you know how grouchy it makes me…. 🙂

  28. That is my nice. 🙂 My arms are opened wide.
    Ill tell a quick story…and you decide. I play wordfued on line with a lady in Santa Fe…she’s a pottery whipper upper…I guess her whole family has been hangin out there a few days…they’re Navajo. Oddly, she went to Brigham Young? Anyhow she sent one of her little diddies she made for me…maybe from a vision…a Grizzlie and on it I think is my life line…I’m not sure…I’m hoping she explains it to me! But it suggest one shouldn’t feed “da Bears.”

    I now owe her a Weller. I think it’s a 1925 Woodcraft series double fluted vase. Which suggest Cad’s right and I’ve let the sissy lala side take over!

  29. Huh?
    Well it worked! Imagine that?
    I saw the Bird and thought I’d post some pics and story but don’t know how to post pics. And t# bl og i.s* ;br.%o/ke#n. ¥C$Ha .se ChAtt!

    • This blog is not broken Mark. You cannot post pics or video here. You can only post links to pics or videos or sound files..

  30. Maybe broken like in spirit.
    … having gaps or breaks missing blogs.
    Maybe as in intterupted.
    I don’t want to be rude Ken…just broken as in a link on a chain.
    Merry Christmas.

    • (this message has been edited for content)

      I have no idea what you are talking about. Apparently the “debate” we had was a little two much for the servers to handle. And what happened to that cowboy, looks like he ran away as well.
      Peace, Love and Bees

    • Blogs usually slow down around major holidays, everyone preparing for them.
      Dals blog is wonderful, filled with great things to read up on.

      When things slow down and the weather isnt the best, I go exploring content. Its a chance to brush up on ideas and things I may have not seen.

      Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

  31. Hey Dal,
    I know this has been asked before and maybe it’s a good idea to have a section in your blog that has a list of Forrest’s comments and the date he made them but…..

    When did Forrest say searchers/people have been within 500 ft?

    I ask because I have a theory on one of the searchers and who it was

    • There are 2 videos Toby recorded and uploaded to YouTube. One is at Collected Book Works and the other is at Moby Dickens book shop. Both interviews are great to watch. I’d post a link if I knew how. I do all this from my phone.

        • Dal,
          The “lots more” is where I have the problem…. too much info on that page. I’d spend all day there and not accomplish what I went there for in the first place.

          • There is a lot of information about the search from Forrest, other searchers, reporters, interviewers and Forrest himself on this blog and others. In my opinion. this is not a hunt for people who don’t like research or detail..

          • LOTS of information available and this winter might be a good time for me to review a bunch of it and see if I can ferret out a hint or two. I seem to have either forgotten or misread some of it. 🙂

          • I have no problem with detail or research, details are actually my forte. It’s time I don’t have much of. 🙂

  32. Friends I don’t run from a good debate…the ol hyde on her broom… or even scary things that go up in the night. I just felt a need to take a brake for the holidays.
    Mark H.

  33. forgot to say one thing forrest,never underestimate an 80 year old person. my Grandfather cut his own firewood until he was 92. One day I was in the woods and he was cutting trees up 2 feet in diameter and I asked him why he was doing that when there were so many trees fire wood sized out there, and he replied because I have to know I still got it Roy ! he made me laugh. he died last year at 102 years old. tracker

  34. The intrigue of the chase may have lost some of its luster as fewer hints have been given and fewer comments by those still searching. Is there still hope for those of us still looking? No one has found it as yet?

    • harvey-
      In Forrest’s opinion it is still out there and there is no percentage in it for him to be dishonest…
      But ask me about his ability to be clever or confusing and I might have a different answer.

    • Harvey, Forrest has been communicating with us through Dal;s blog quite a lot lately and I see subtle hints in most of these scrapbooks. Have you read them?

      Many searchers have been waiting for better weather in the Rockies so not much has been going on lately. Now that snow has melted at the lower elevations, many will be out searching this coming weekend and throughout the summer and fall. There may be fewer people posting but I’m not sure that means there are fewer searchers. Every time there is a new article on Forrest, more people check this blog. Just ask Dal about the recent uptick in interest. 🙂

  35. I just found you last year. I am so thrilled someone in my generation gas left such a Game. This is exciting even totry and solve frommy couch. If youre ever in Freeport Tx area Pls reach out to me on Facebook. I wrote you an email ling ago im sure its been lost in the maze. But if you find it my info is in it ! Say hello 🙂 ide love to chat with you. Sincerely a female overweight version of you haha. -Desiree

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