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december 2013



Most of the fair-weather treasure searchers are in hibernation. They probably are resting by the fireplace drinking spiked apple cider, or something worse. Some are sitting on the kitchen counter with their feet in a sink full of hot water. Anything to keep warm. Right?

Nope, not true of the Gypsy from Georgia. The first week in December she filled her black Ford 250 with gas and aimed its radiator at Montana, a gazillion miles away. Blinded by a flush feeling of anticipation, she had an idea that couldn’t wait until spring. Her husband said she was “born goin out the door.”

The Gypsy from Georgia

The Gypsy from Georgia

Alone, and with a financially under privileged budget, the Gypsy struck across the guts of America: Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri,
Nebraska, and Wyoming, where next to zilch could endure the -38 degree temps.

Wyoming – 80 mile winds here

Wyoming – 80 mile winds here

“In Cheyenne,” she said, “I was so cold I had to go to Cabela’s and charge me some warm clothes. Kept tags on so I could return them after my adventure. I went out to eat one morning, lil ole man pointed out I had my tags still attached to my coat. I said I’m Trying to bring the Minnie Pearl look back. 🙂  Lil did he know I even still had the tags on my under amour :-)”

The wind howled across Wyoming where the Gypsy put chains on her tires. “It was so cold,” she said, “I huddled tight against the wind and pretended there were four of us.”

(click on “WIND” below to see short video)


All of the rest stops in Wyoming were closed for the season

All of the rest stops in Wyoming were closed for the season

The Georgia Peach was making mental notes about western road travel. In Rock Springs, she noted that the hotel mattress was better on the side away from the phone. And nearing Pinedale, where she hoped to visit the Mountain Man Museum, she learned not to drive on an icy road while eating a Subway sandwich. She said, “My Ford 250 spun around, dodging semis, and landed in the median; my tuna sandwich still clinched tightly in my fist. I put that baby in 4-wheel drive and gassed it. The thought in my head, as I was spinning out of control, ohhhhhhh damn, this is sure gonna hurt :-)” There were signs on the road saying how many ppl died on the highways for 2013. The whole ride I was like, omg I don’t wanna be number 349.”

Mountain Man Museum was closed for the season

The Gypsy saw this sign as an omen

The Gypsy saw this sign as an omen

“I was on my last 7 miles to West Yellowstone, on the home stretch coming down hwy 20. At the last moment, I see 2 semis sitting in the left and right lanes. I couldn’t stop. I totally lost control again thinking ohhhhhh hell I’m gonna hit a loaded tanker truck. Somehow, my 250 manage to miss them, but I landed in a 4-foot ditch of snow. The semi drivers were rude and a lil slow minded. They had no dash at all. A cop, a handsome cop from Michigan helped me dig out as much as we could but then I got a tow truck. The driver, he asked what I was doing in Yellowstone. I said I must be lost. I didn’t dare say I was looking for Fenn’s treasure. Lol. He didn’t believe me so I stood on my tip-toes.”

Will someone please tell me why I’m here?

Will someone please tell me why I’m here?

“I was really wanting a hamburger and a hot bowl of chili at The Gusher in West Yellowstone, but it was closed for the season.”

When the Gypsy finally reached her isolated search spot near the north side of Hebgen Lake, she said, “Nothing was watching but me and the wind. I sensed the treasure was right there – and all of the clues fit perfectly. The blaze was winking at me and grinning, and I was grinning back.”

Hebgen Lake – no searchers in sight

Hebgen Lake – no searchers in sight

When a grizzle of an old man told her the ice on Hebgen was 4’ thick, she wisely decided to wait until spring. “The treasure chest was probably frozen in for the winter anyway, and I didn’t have a jackhammer. LOL.”

On the way to Bozeman, the Gallatin River

On the way to Bozeman, the Gallatin Rive

The easiest way out of the ice was north. “I cut up thru Bozeman and took 90 toward Sheridan, Wyoming.  80-mile winds plus icy highways made for one hell of a ride. I got thru a bad spot where 18 semis were tossed on their sides. I counted them. I made it thru right before they closed 90 :-)”

Long and forlorn

Long and forlorn

“The distant warmth of summer was on my mind, and I was 2,600 miles from John Wayne.” (her rooster) The Gypsy said she enjoyed being alone on the long journey. She had time to think and she learned a lot. “I found that experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it. I won’t make some of those mistakes again.” She said she was anxious to get home so she could return her coat to Cabela’s. Everyone loves a happy ending. ff




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  1. Reminds me of when I moved out west from Chi-town to Idaho. Lots ‘o slidin’ on I80. I know that stretch of road very well in picture #5. In nicer weather a car spun out just past the curve just ahead, on way to Yellowstone. Nice time to stay home, IMHO.

  2. Brings back memories of my spur of the moment decision to drive from Springfield, Mo. to Cody. I was green in the chase and thought i had it all figured out (lol). I was told the quickest way to learn was through embarrassment. Boy did i learn alot on that trip.

  3. Yes, everyone DOES love a happy ending. I bet she was about to burst inside when she almost hit those semi’s. I would have! I hate driving by those things. I always get as close to the edge as I can when I pass them! 🙂 Sorry her trip came to such an abrupt end but the scenery was breathtaking! Well, maybe the next time she can save up a few pennies, she can get someone to go with her so she doesn’t have to go by herself. Kudos to her for giving it a solid effort though!
    My son and I can hardly wait to get back into nature. I know it’s cold and we shouldn’t push it but we are chomping at the bit to go again!
    Merry Christmas Everyone!
    Merry Christmas to you too Forrest! 😉

  4. Gypsy from Georgia can definitely checkmark the “If you are brave” line! Great story. Glad it turned out to be a safe journey.

    Next time you pass through Illinois, Gypsy, and need to warm up, let me know. I’ve got some Hot Buttered Rum mix in the freezer.

    Merry Christmas to All!

    • I took a nice long drive last month to do a search only to find the area much too deep with snow. I should have known better. Even had to wait a blizzard out in another state. Things sure are looking prime for the snow to melt fast! Great story Diggin!

      • Thank you and yea I’ll never go in winter ever again lessen learned 🙂

  5. “The adventurer is the great outsider”

    Generally the adventurer is a risk taker. While the group plays it safe and prefers safety and security

    Prisons are filled with these people……………….

    There this bad and good risk.Bad risk taking is not calculating.

    About a 100,000 people have tried solving the puzzle.

    Based on stats given out by Forrest people have spent over $17 million dollars looking for this treasure.

    Funny how this is never reported…………..

    It shows the group doesn’t have what it takes never did never will.

    You can throw all the bravery and money you want at this dam thing and it will just keep smiling………….

    At times wonder if Forrest is having to much fun?

    I realized he’s just like us also in need of Christ like myself. They say kill your idols (symbolically) make them human then go forward……….

    That being the case think it will come down to a select few. Everyone is free to play but sadly only a few will win.

    Well that’s not fair! Well what does fair have to do with it?

    If you spent all your time drinking at a bar while another man is out working then you get what you deserve. Sadly today the drunks want everything….

    Gypsy don’t admire you in some ways but in other ways I do.

    There’s nothing wrong wanting to have beautiful people and things in your life and to have great times but at what cost?

    I want to climb Mount Everest Finding Fenn’s treasure will get me there quicker but I don’t need Fenn to do it. Actually have to watch he doesn’t set me back…….

    To be fair I do like Forrest he makes me laugh and wonder…………


    • Wow you think a lot 🙂 I went on that trip not just cause of the treasure I went cause I wanted to see a snowy buffalo too never seen the first one 🙂

      • DG, I suspect that you know the amazing power of positive thinking. Temper that with some an understanding of basic physics and you’ll be okay.

        Lesson 1: Gravity Sucks!

        • Gravity ain’t that what keeps my feet on the ground That’s Probley a good thang for this girl 🙂 I’d be flying all over the dang place 🙂

          • Gravity never sleeps Gypsy. It dreams in centrifugal force – gave your Ford a thrilling ride chasing its tail.

            Anyway, great story and you experienced the thrill of the chase. Did “the old coot” as you call him ever explain attaching double omegas to you? Sounds like you keep in close contact with ff.

  6. Wow, thank God you made it safely home Gypsy! I have a weather web site you can refer to before your next trip. 🙂

    Did your sister go with you? It looked like someone else was taking the video, either that or you must have a couple of extra hands to drive on icy roads and film at the same time. 🙂

  7. Gypsy is the kind of search partner a person can only hope for. She is smart and intuitive and acts on ideas. She is tough and determined and the kind of partner that has your back if things get ugly…
    I think there is a kind of poetry in her denial of the cold facts of mountain winters until she has an unfettered chance to actually stand in her frozen spot and understand that it cannot possibly work out.
    She is clever with words, quick witted and a survivor.
    She can handle a truck in 80mph winds one handed while filming with her other.
    She has humor and spunk and can “figure things out to her own advantage”.
    She clearly loves adventure and a little confrontation with the fragility of life is an adrenaline push not a show stopper.
    Only problem I can see is that she drives a Ford! This can be addressed.

    • Hey Dal, we should all be thankful she drives a Ford! That’s the reason she survived the trip.

      Incredible trip, demonstrates why the rest of us are sitting by the fire.

      Thanks Forrest for sharing the Gypsy’s story and photos. That video did look like someone was shooting from the passengers seat. (Do they make right hand drive F-250’s?) LOL

    • All this talk of snow and ice its hard for me to imagine it as I am walking out my door in shorts and flip flops with thoughts of going to the beach to do some fishing. There is a advantage to dodging hurricanes.

      • I love adventures, so I resent the truth in the logic frequently! My favorite hiking experience is having no plan; just enjoying seeing where my feet take me. I know it’s not very safe to hike alone in the mountains, but going this way or that depending on some intangible or intuitive response to the moment is a joyous thing. For what it’s worth, I often find some treasure in the process as it usually leads me off the beaten path.

      • “Your poor planning is not my emergency”. I have used that one while working with others in corporate America. But my poor planning could mean Wolf doing search and rescue…for days..or picking up the pieces after the Grizz eats what is left of my well-toned and well-tanned hide.

  8. I wouldnt take everything I read here as anything more than a story 9ttersc6ut. I dont know about you, but I read lots of things I dont agree with everyday.

    • True, but I acknowledge the many apparent contradictions of life. Hiking, camping and traveling seem to have so many strange and beautiful contradictions. Each adventure can be a metaphor for my entire life, but of course that’s because I choose to make those connections.

  9. Been through my irresponsible and reckless stage as a treasure hunter.

    Don’t enjoy watching it or seeing it. On another note, like Bonnie Parker

    don’t care for people taking my dreams and aspirations and walking all

    over them.


    • Rick,
      As you know I am in the Search and Rescue business… with out those reckless and irresponsible people, I would be out of work.

      Suport your local search and rescue team – get lost! 😉

      The Wolf

      • LOL:)

        Sounds like the goof ball had fun ………….

        18 trucks flipped that means 18 people are out of a job for a year along with there families under due hardship.

        No excuse, you lose a truck you lose a job.

        The costs and pressures we put people under today……

  10. Gypsy from Georgia, thank god you were driving a Ford ! I can see why Forrest has probably had his attorney draw up the adoption papers. Not only are you great looking, you seem to have enough p and v to get all of us off the couch at once! Good luck on the next trip…

  11. “No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.”

    ― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

    For you, Gypsy from Georgia, with best wishes for many more travel adventures.

    • Merriwether Lewis disappointed Thomas Jefferson deeply by never documenting his adventures with Clark. I think that ate away at him for the rest of his life. I would want to document my search for everyone if I am the fortunate person or in the group that finds Forrest’s treasure. But I also want to share my ideas now as Dal suggested in his Budda with a candle comment. And I think an axe is a much nicer tool than a chain saw for removing obstacles 🙂

        • Thank you Dal, it was a nice thing to read. You and Stephanie have done so much for so many. Very good people. 🙂

        • Thank you Dal…and thank you, Deb. Dal’s comment to Stephanie referenced above was the inspiration for me to begin posting on Dal’s and Forrest’s blogs. Today is December 26th, so I will share that Two Turtle Doves from “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is ringing through my head. And I am seeing the drawing from TTOTC of the Turtle Dove in the crescent moon. And I am thinking about Da Vinci’s “Madonna of the Rocks” and miracles. But it is Christmas after all. Sometimes I can really relate who I am…who I REALLY am…to these kinds of experiences. But it may not mean anything to you all…oh, and “All for one, and one for all”, from “The Three Musketeers” is echoing in my heart too. Maybe that is about my upcoming journey?

  12. Well pull my leg. Great story but I am not aware of a Cabela store in Wyoming. Wyoming rest stops on the interstate stay open all year unless the interstate is closed. I have traveled it often in the winter. Good one.

        • No, not that one caddis. I was thinking of that store that carries Scott products…for snow…and cold…so we don’t die on our next expedition (North, not South…and not through the center, either). Does Cabella’s have ice augers??? Or ice axes??? How soon will everything melt like the wicked wich…uh, witch? I have called myself “The Ice Queen” in the past…just like that new movie “Frozen”. I can relate to Diggin gypsy and her desire to just get in the automatic 4wd car and go! But as my old boyfriend said (the one I fell in love with in a hot spring years ago) “Timing is Everything”. I plan to learn the backstory…ALL of it…this winter, before I travel to my spots.

        • I did pay for it. The clothes was not warm
          Enough and I had a 60 day return policy 🙂 they made the rules not me 🙂

          • If I read the posting correctly, you had no intention of ever keeping the clothing.

            “Kept tags on so I could return them after my adventure”

            That falls under “Return Fraud” and costs retailers/consumers a lot of money.

            That is not something that I’d be proud of.

            Welcome to the FSA..

          • Well dang Ron you are really putting a damper on my story I never read the fine print they said I got 60 days to return the stuff I was like damn that’s awesome thank you I thought that was awful nice of them figured that boy was maybe from
            The south where I come from
            We just nice like that. I washed the long underwear before returning 🙂

          • I can see why you said, “ESP the long underwear”. I wear mine everyday too. For the cold. Very comforting, Diggin 🙂

          • Pblllssst!!! Raspberries!!! I believe , were FF not a millionaire, he might do what Gypsy did. He’s giving away his chest, isn’t he? A gesture of goodwill, I daresay.

            Based on ronredux’s logic, it’s only ‘moral’ to pay for anything you get , regardless of the giver’s Intent or the seller’s Policy (nor the REASONS those policies/intents are there: goodwill). By this Ayn Randish logic a) you could never give/get gifts for Xmas nor give/receive charity.
            b) Ron’s at COMPLETELY the wrong website — since he couldn’t possibly take the Fenn treasure without first paying for it 🙂

            (I jest…mostly)

        • I now own a few books from the thrift store, ronredux. Reduce, re-use, motto, because I like trees. I wish Forrest’s books were available at my local library…they are not…I checked. Did you know that Cosimo Medici founded the first European Library San Marco in 1444? And a Greek University of Florence, whose motto was the “quest for excellence”? And that the grandfather of Nostradamus was a member of Cosimo’s court? It’s been more than 500 years since Nostradamus made all those predictions…

  13. If there is any embellishment in Dg’s details, it only makes her jaunt into the cold more interesting. Just refer to ff’s and dal’s writings, the whole TOTC is one embellishment after another, yet they have captured everyone’s fascination. Good story Dg. *smiley face*

    • Agreed, thats what storytelling is all about. I would point out though that DG didnt post it. Attention to details, in the storytellers art.

      • Of course there is ff. I am trying to learn from the best, but I know that I will never be near as good as the teachers. *winking smiley face*

        • That made me think of Bilbo’s sword that he used to fight the spiders in the cavern in the new Hobbit of them called it “Sting”…which made me think of a song by the Police and the artist Sting..and gold is called “Wrapped Around Your Finger”. I think he is a troubadour from another time, bringing wisdom to ours.

          • And I am NOT waiting to go to my spot until “Durin’s Day”…last year it looked to be October 7th. I don’t care how much snow falls this winter! There was a giant bear in that new “Hobbit” movie, though. Hmmm. And Grizzes like to feed on animal carcasses in Spring as the snow melts. And confound it! Now I am hearing all of those travel songs from the J.R.R. Tolkien’s books that were made into movies resonating in my head. Someone please help me! :-O

          • Correction: the spiders lived in Mirkwood, which was an old, rotting forest…not a cavern. That “Hobbit” art and set design book illustrated that for me. When Bilbo climbs upward to the canopy to see where he is, there are beautiful butterflies. I missed that too when those people were talking behind me at the theater.

      • Forrest,

        It is good to see a post from you.
        The bid question…..Is the treasure still out there?
        Spring is just around the corner and we’re all getting ready for our next trips to our sacred spots.
        I’ve heard everyone else say you’ve said it is still there, but not a confirmation from you in months.
        Just wondering as I’m sure we all are.

        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all who are a part of this big adventure.

      • In 1935, I don’t think FDR allowed ANY embellishment on dollarbill…or did he? It was good that you got his approval.

  14. ?
    Latest fishing report I could find showed 11 inches of ice on Lake Hebgen on Dec. 12, 2013. It’s too early for 4 feet of ice, isn’t it?

          • “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night”..or a Good Knight?? Oh,.. Bah! Humbug! I like that story. My “Knight in Shining Armor” friend surprised me with a 3-month membership to the health club I frequent, including yoga with my favorite guru. I thanked him by gifting him with a German-made toy knight in shining silver armor on a white horse. I said, as I gave it to him, he now would be able to: “Remember who you are”. His last name starts with an H, and he climbs up and down ladders throughout the holiday season; installing white lights in tall varieties of pine trees, ie. the Blue Spruce. Of course he does. 🙂

  15. I think a lot of folks making comments here are down on their knees and a little to close with their magnifying glass to take in the beauty of the whole landscape. Maybe these are the same folks that try to examine every letter in Forrest’s books looking for additional clues.

    I am reminded of the fellow who was playing the numerology game with Forrest’s poem and was beside himself when in one version of the poem a word was singular and in another version that same word had an “s” tacked onto it. The add-on of an extra letter, of course, would change the numerical value of the poem and cause vastly different results. When the fellow brought the err to Forrest’s attention the author’s reply should have been clue enough to make him change strategies but instead sent him away grumbling and disheartened.

    Forrest told him-“It makes no difference, one of them is only an innocent typo. You can pick which one.”

    My point is that everything falls apart when closely scrutinized. Take the Sunday comics for instance. They are fun to read and a colorful way to kill a few minutes of idle time on a lazy morning. But if you take a magnifying glass to them you can see the tiny dots from the printing process that makes them appear on paper. Looking closely at the cartoons might cause some people to proclaim that they are not even hand drawn because humans can’t draw using tiny little colored dots. The Sunday funnies are therefore a lie and no one should believe them.

    I guess the bottom line is that you get what you look for and if you spend all your time looking for lies you are bound to find some statements that don’t ring true…
    I am not generally a conspiracy theorist. I never doubted that American’s landed on the moon…the story was too wonderful to doubt. I never questioned Santa coming down my chimney when I was 5…even though we had a furnace and not a fireplace. There was simply nothing in it for me to make it worth searching for lies.

    Gypsy’s story is like that…as are all the stories on this blog and in Forrest’s book. They are stories. Their value is in taking me along for the ride. Letting me escape from the pressures of the approaching holidays, my job and my sore knee. There is absolutely no value in examining these stories with a microscope. The value is in learning to go along for the ride..the adventure…

    I feel sorry for those who cannot escape for the few minutes it takes to read a good story and embrace the adventure. Why did Forrest and Donnie Joe want to be like Lewis and Clark? They didn’t stop to consider that they were ill-equipped to make such a journey. They wanted an adventure and they got that is still being told today..

    Stop overanalyzing and for cripes sake stop casting stones at folks who are willing to take a chance..Just get out of their way and smile as they go as I do..jump on the truck and go along for the ride…hootin and hollerin and havin fun!!!

    • When I agreed to be a judge in the Shadow Contest, I was honored, serious, and did not want to mess up judging the entries. So I asked dal for some advice in judging the entries. He pointed to the rules and said just have fun with it. I realized then that most of the time I was too serious about TTOTC. So I decided to try and have more fun with it. I feel much better about myself and TTOTC now. Remember that only one wise person will stumble over the chest. *happy face*

    • you are so right dal!!!
      some people are all too serious and are lost when it comes to the true adventure of it all! therefore they are not the indiana jones type. dg is the type that needs to actually breathe in the surroundings to understand the treasure is safe and noone else is crazy enough to drag their cider sipping selves to search in the dead of winter! I wish i was as crazy as my sister i just dont do cold although after seeing the pics im jealous. the cold serenity looks majestic i wish my blood was thicker! your a bad ass diggin gypsy numero uno!!! you wouldnt have wrecked had i been driving cause you know im a better driver than you! glad u survived u crazy loon.

      • You were with me I glued your picture to my mason jar good golly during that wreck you was rolling around onthe truck floor like you was on your own lil trip 🙂 I talk to you often and i heard you speak back to me gear it down you idiot rang out of that big mouth of yours :-)gear it downnnnnnn and so I did and that’s when I wrecked holding my tuna:Sandwich 🙂 and that’s when you took your. Leave from the cup holder to snugged up to the bag of fritos on the floor 🙂 until Sping we shall ride again 🙂

        • you forgot to say your not suppose to drive with one foot on the brake and one on the gas! im sure thats why you wrecked!

          • Super odd, there absolutely must be a clue in this lil ol story somewhere, lest sliding into semis while taking selfies, and returning used under-alls be encouraged. I vote for the clue being that the blaze is a lake! Any opinions? Lou or AKA Lou or Lou Lee, please respond. You were going on about the naked natives. I did ask that you e-mail me but you didn’t. What I wanted to say to you was that the word “fyke”, the rancher’s name, comes up as “blaze” in Norwegian on google-translator. Does anyone think this is a clue, or only more confusing?

          • Yep 🙂 but maybe there is a clue in this lil story. The clue is just go out and look for the treasure 🙂

      • Wasn’t that “Flint Fyke” in Forrest’s story? As you now know, the books are not at my local library for reference. I am thinking of the number three and iron here. As Tom Hanks (as “Chuck”) said to his sidekick, “Wilson” the volleyball, in that movie “Castaway” (as to why I am thinking this) “Chuck” said, “I don’t know why”. That was when the angel wing sails blew away from the raft in that storm. But all turned out well and “Chuck” was rescued in the end…but he also lost “Wilson” (spoiler alert). “Just go out and look for the treasure”..I agree, Diggin gypsy!

          • I think you can relate to me, DG, which apparently others on this blog cannot. So I’ll tell YOU that one of the stories in “The Lord of the Rings” is called “Three is Company”. Do you think that the sitcom that starred Forrest’s friend, Suzanne Somers, was named after that story? I really like her, and I think she is an extremely intelligent and successful businesswoman. And she seems to be a very nice person, too.

        • I always relate to you, just dont post while I ponder. Forrest has many fine friends, Suzanne appears to be close to his heart. Thats a good thing, he has lots to share. Its been very interesting trying to understand him without him being able to elaborate on his ideas in life. I appreciate his attempts to enrich our lives with a positive message.

    • Hey Dal! I thought the story was great, and it made me think that determination is a cunning beast. I know the story line was intended to entertain us all and that like all stories we take what we want and leave the rest. For me, this is all entertainment and nothing more. For those that choose to read more into the stories than what is really there, so be it… Happy Holidays all !! And yeah, I believe this is all meant to be educational AND FUN..

      • A cougar is also a cunning beast. A coyote is very intelligent, though, and is a shape-shifter. 🙂

  16. A forum to discuss the chase, including exchange of ideas, not only about how cool or ice-cold other searchers are, but what/ and if Forrest’s posts mean! I have gone out, about 10 times. Forrest did choose this story, no?

  17. Oh, Hi…..Everyone….Merry Holidays to all you hunters. Sorry Lowi, I am so so busy and forgot to email you. I will when I have a few min. Super busy right now. Do take care everyone and I wish Forrest would talk a bit more about his Natives. I do think this story is maybe a hint, of some kind. I think I know what it could be, but will it help me find the treasure? Forrest did not respond to my question about this story, Not sure if he did? So maybe it is a hint of some kind.? What CHA Think? Merry Merry.

  18. With all due respect Dal….It has been how long since Forrest hid the treasure? And still, no one has found it. Not even a smart man like yourself. I can appreciate your opinion, however I do not agree. Just because you make a suggestion on here does not mean that everyone will automatically think like you. That’s what makes this fun and interesting. Right? Forrest said “it takes mettle (strength of spirit : ability to continue despite difficulties) enough to strike the trail.” What do you suppose those difficulties are? Many, many people have searched in the states that are left and still…no treasure. Can’t you entertain for one minute that there might be more to this than meets the eye? I will continue to keep an open mind, question what I feel needs to be questioned, investigate what I feel needs to be investigated. I, for one, am glad that we all don’t think alike. It keeps things interesting.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

    • Tracey, strange but I find myself disagreeing with you, lol. I interpret dal as saying that a bird is still a bird by any other name; just enjoy the bird and don’t try to see how many feathers can be plucked out before it can’t fly any longer. I also hear him say that if you can’t add a *happy face*, a *smiley face*, a *winky face*, or a lol after your comments, maybe you are being too serious about TTOTC and need to relax a little with some good old and smooth vodka. *happy smiley winky face* lol Merry Christmas back at you!!

        • I didn’t hear dal say anything about baby birds, but touché anyway. winky face —-> *winky face* I can’t make an emoticon with my software.

          • 🙂 is all I get when pressing those keys here. On my Microsoft Word 10, I can get a smiling face and a frowning face, but no others. When I copy and paste the smiling face and frowning face here, I get  and , respectively.
            I even tried coping and pasting your winking face but was shot down. I use *…* because I don’t have the key strokes for all the emoticons memorized. Thanks for trying to help. *smiley face*

          • Because I don’t see the emoticons when typing, I didn’t think they would appear when posted. Learned something new today. I can go back to bed. Thanks again! 😀

          • Hahaha…. $Bill, you crack me up! I like your *smiley face* and *winkey face* better that the emoticons.

      • Oh Nooo, Mr. Bill! Do I have to read that historical fiction book set in Russia with Rasputin again??!! I think I know who Anastasia you?

        • I met a young Princeton student last night at a party, who spent two months in Russia recently, and who is an accomplished ballet dancer. She has studied Russian ballet and language and she said that Rasputin translates to mean “lost the path” or something close to that. He had great influence in his time, but seemed to be very strange to me, based on the account in the book I read. She said that Russians had lots of hope that Anastasia was alive, though 🙂

    • In “The Signature of All Things” by Elizabeth Gilbert, three people, including Charles Darwin, came up with ideas and a thesis concurrently and researched them separately…all involving natural selection. Two published and one didn’t, because she had doubts about the human aspects of selflessness and charity; how these human qualities did not match her plant-based theories. I believe we all have gifts to offer, and that inspiration can come to several people at one time in different ways…when the time is right for an idea to come to fruition. And that is how I feel about finding…or not finding…Forrest Fenn’s treasure trove. The Thrill of discovery is what it is about for me.

    • If you’re flying over the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone…that illustrates “more to this than meets the eye” to me. I loved that coffee table book with the aerial photos I found at the French store.

  19. tracey every one has an opinion and I agree with you that’s just my opinion merry Christmas every one

  20. Forrest’s intentions where to get people outside. It’s done just that. For most people hay we got out and had fun.

    As a treasure hunter my intentions are to find the treasure Not into tree hugging or being a serial killer to trees by carving into them

    When it comes to the treasure it’s a massacre and I don’t enjoy watching that.

    Some people here have been real cheerleaders………..

    Gypsy’s incentive was the treasure, yeah she just threw a dart at the board and said hot dam off to Yellowstone.

    She’s over 18 ……………born going out the door.

    At times I’m not a warm and fuzzy person, to yourself be true,

    It’s best i keep my company and do what I do best treasure hunt.


    Looter Treasure Hunter Archaeologist

    • Well Rick – I am your Nemesis : French archaeologist René Belloq! And i shall raise you my warm and fuzzy positive mental attitude to your your one man wolf pack! le jeu est un pied!!!!
      Good luck all! We should all feel lucky to be in the Hunt! Thanks Forrest! Merry Christmas All!

      • I’m not a factory worker nor do I do treasure hunting part time………

        Don’t drink warm and fuzzy Martini’s ………..

        Like Texans they brag to high heaven about their success even more about their failures……

        Well best to you:)


        • “I like Texas and Texans. In Texas, everything is bigger. When Texans win, they win big. And when they lose, it’s spectacular.
          If you really want to learn the attitude of how to handle risk, losing and failure, go to San Antonio and visit the Alamo. The Alamo is a great story of brave people who chose to fight, knowing there was no hope of success against overwhelming odds. They chose to die instead of surrendering. It’s an inspiring story worthy of study; nonetheless, it’s still a tragic military defeat. They got their butts kicked. A failure if you will. They lost. So how do Texans handle failure? They still shout, “Remember the Alamo!”
          That’s why I like Texans so much. They took a great failure and turned it into a tourist destination that makes them millions.
          Texans don’t bury their failures. They get inspired by them. They take their failures and turn them into rallying cries. Failure inspires Texans to become winners. But that formula is not just the formula for Texans. It is formula for all winners.”

          From a very wise man………..

          • Texas should be it’s own country.

            Seen Texans in a pickup truck doing 55 jump out, roll……… brush themselves off and walk into a bar……….

          • That made me think of William Wallace and how his martyr’s death inspired Robert the Bruce and the “..Warrior Poets” to win against the English at Bannockburn. Is Forrest Fenn Irish or Scottish, I wonder? Or Scotch-Irish maybe? I still like William’s Irish Captain, Stephen, the best in that movie, “Braveheart”. Sometimes the right person shows up at just the right time to make things happen as they are designed and destined to be. 🙂

      • Thanks to djjmciv, Rene Belloq might not just be Rick’s Nemesis. And Rick might also be mine. The name synchronicity behind my research into this story is truly uncanny. Perehelion at Noon, being hung from a new rope at least 25 ft. in length, and a very important chest all apply. Lots of things were unleashed from that chest in a popular movie Rick would know about. I will definitely wear my Salomon pants, since it may be cold down there. I will look for the opening that looks like that island someone mentioned. Or like that hole in the ice. There won’t be snakes, will there??? Or a Dragon named Smaug? At least he would keep me warm. And I am still in love with him. Embrace your shadow side they say!

  21. Too bad the treasure isn’t anywhere near Yellowstone or Lake Hebgen.
    I know Dal has disqualified places due to the fact that Forrest doesn’t ever mention them in any of his books.

    Let’s think about this.
    You hide a million dollars of your own money, you spend years and years perfecting a poem with clues to its location, so why in the world you give away it’s general location by writing about it in your books. Forrest said there were helpful hints in the book. Constantly talking about all the wonderful times you had at Yellowstone and Lake Hebgen aren’t hints, they’re stories. Put yourself in his shoes, you wouldn’t be so obvious as to giving away the general location of your money by talking about it in your stories.

    My beliefs:
    1) When Forrest said all you need is a poem. He’s talking to the people that are going to the locations in his books to look for the treasure. He’s saying, “Hey, if you only had the poem would you still be going to Yellowstone, etc.?” “If you only had the poem would you still be ruling out this location just because I don’t talk about it much”

    2) Two people can tell a secret, if one of them is dead. – Obviously this means Forrest doesn’t plan on talking about the exact location of the treasure or, quite possibly, its general spot as well. If this place is that secret to him why would he “give you the keys to the backyard”

    3) This is just me personally, but I’ll rule out any location Forrest talks about in his book. Again, put yourself in Forrest’s shoes. You wouldn’t want this treasure to be found within 30 minutes of the book being published so you wouldn’t give the reader any obvious clues. You would want the treasure hunt to go on so, as the writer, you would shy away from any stories about its general location.


    • I’ve considered both, but most of my places are the ones that aren’t prominent and are even only suggestive like Pilar as that was Hemingway’s fishing boat or Casper as he would smile at the ghost….Tarryall, Colorado.

      • Don’t go suggestive….as it’s suggestive. And also ground of “trying too hard.”

        I’ve always been a…out of place or sounds strange…kind of searcher.

        Example: ….juniper fire….(actually I think the J may be capitalized in the book). It was someone actually explaining what type of fire they were sitting next to was strange for me. You may find some very intriguing clues when searching the word juniper and new mexico. merry Christmas! 🙂

      • Pilar wasn’t just suggestive of Ernest Hemmingway’s sea fishing boat 😉 And apparently he WAS a fly fisherman in a familiar area sometimes too. But that name did make me think of “Our Lady of the Pillar” and European walking tours and other pillars with statues holding double-bitted axes, which I saw in a recent movie with great set design. Oh, and then there is a great historical fiction novel called “The Pillars of the Earth” that I read (and the subsequent cable series, which I saw, too). I liked the characters that built the cathedrals best. I want to go see those stained glass windows at the one in Chartres, France.

    • I feel very strongly that the chest is in Yellowstone. But I also feel very strongly that I will win the lottery. 😉

        • Well, you can do both. I guess I wasn’t persuasive enough to explain that if you go the “places in the book” route you’ll just be wasting your time.

          (Take it from someone who actually had this exact same idea (hiding millions, placing clues in his literature) years before Forrest’s book gain attention. I would never list the treasure’s location in any form. But I, as a writer/hider, would feel I would be giving too much away.

        • TG, I don’t go out searching and I don’t buy lottery tickets. The odds of me finding or winning is absolutely zero, zilch, nada, and all the rest. But I can still feel strongly about the two. 🙂

          • I guess i just differ from you in that I have a few rules i live by:

            You have to play – in order to win

            The answer is always no if you don’t ask that beautiful strange woman on a date

            Don’t eat yellow snow

            When someone asks you to smell if the milk is rotten-just tell them it is

            And i have never understood why people don’t think they have more options in life than the ones presented to them(i.e.- Would you rather be poor and happy? Or rich and sad? I always opt for the one no one thinks about “Why can’t i be rich and happy? Instead of settling for other peoples options for my life”

            And like a Boss…he rides away into the sunset!(smiley faces)

          • TG, we do differ. My rules are:

            You have to play to in order to lose. 🙂

            Wait for the beautiful girls to ask you out. 🙂

            Don’t eat any snow; white, yellow, brown, or any other color. 🙂

            When someone asks you if the milk smells rotten; ask them what is wrong with their nose. 🙂

            Sad to me that many people don’t have any options other than the ones forced on them. My whole family on my father’s side have been born and raised in Texas, including me. Most of my relatives have died and have been buried in Texas. To this day, Texas and Arizona (where I live now) are very successful in controlling the options that many people have. 🙁

            Since you and the Boss have riddin away into the sunset, I know you didn’t hear me. 😀

          • LOL Dollar! I heard something but took it to be some ragweed that didn’t agree well with my horse.

            DJ–> I thought Texas Annexed Houston. Actualy I lived in spring outside houston as a kid! I am in AUstin. Glad The Texans have shown up for the chase!

          • You fellas are good ole town boys sure enough, but you need to visit the city (Dallas/Ft Worth) to see what being a Texas cowboy is really all about. 😀

          • Dollar, I’m from Arizona.
            I’ve lived a lot of places and Texas and Arizona seem to have more options open to people than most states. I don’t follow your meaning??
            Concealed carry…lots of states don’t even want you to have firearms.
            What option do you want that you don’t have?
            Just curious. 🙂

          • specialklr, my options have been great no matter where I have lived. I even have a CWP. I referred to many, not to me. I wish not to discuss options any deeper because the subject becomes very political in its nature, and we all know that you shouldn’t discuss religion and politics if you want to keep the tranquility. 😀

          • PTN, I visited my brother in Dallas once and met his neighbor from across the street. She was as oriental looking as any person could be and yet had a Texas drawl that wouldn’t stop and matched the best I have ever heard. 😀

          • dollarbill – Dallas sucks, says every Houstonian ever

            TG – I lived in Spring as a kid as well

      • Funny thing Steph is that the accent is dying away. Not as many people speak like that anymore. I think it’s due to all the california implants that moved to Texas for the last 20 years.

    • DJ-
      I USED to think that it had to be in NM around Taos…
      I have outgrown that idea…but hold it in reserve…

      Next I thought for sure it was in the Yellowstone region for all the usual reasons..I’ve moved past that as well…but hold it in reserve too…

      These days I have areas in mind never mentioned in the book or even alluded to..but wholly dragged into by the poem and Forrest’s interests in historic and prehistoric humankind..

      I agree that any place on his map is possible…not just places pointed to in his stories. I disagree that it is not possible for his hidey place to be mentioned in the book in some way..

      In fact..I could see that he might be interested in being able to laugh and say..I told you so…in a hundred years when the chest is found on the Eastern Front of the Rocky Mountains in NM…

      I have my favorite locations but I have never ruled out any spot in the Rocky Mountains until Forrest ruled them out…

      • Dal –

        Well maybe I was too broad…I didn’t mean “not possible” he mentions because I do greatly agree he probably does… “in some way.”

        For instance, like my comment to Stephanie earlier.
        “Juniper fire” – there’s a interesting place in NM named Juniper. I’m curious if you still have your old train of thought, referencing a earlier post, that it is defiantly not in that location???

          • DJ-
            I just looked at the Bandelier post. I still don’t see any reference to juniper. Neither does my search mechanism. Help me out…I have no idea what you are talking about..

          • Wasn’t the post were I got the idea.

            TTOTC – “junpier fire” – > Juniper Family Campground, Bandelier National Forest

            Though searching lead me to your post, you have some sweet deal with Google see. What do you pay them to get your page on top of anything and everything Forrest Fenn

          • DJ-
            There is no deal with Google. This blog is near the top because of the wonderful folks, like you, who come here every day. The more traffic on a site the more it stands out in the search engines. We have, on average, 3,000 or so hits a day. Many of those hits are directed from the search engines like BING and Google. So it’s the folks that come here that drive our rankings…nothing else.

          • DJ-
            So you are asking me if I have rethought my position on Bandelier since I wrote that article? No…
            I still do not believe Bandelier is a likely place. It hasn’t moved. It is still not north of Santa Fe. On the map in TFTW it is mostly shaded out. But even if that were not the case Bandelier is simply much more west of Santa Fe than north…so I don’t see it as a place Forrest would have hidden his chest at and then said it was north of Santa Fe..
            Others feel differently…

          • Yes lets discuss a few things about BNM.

            1) I agree “north” hurts it case a little bit. But residents from Santa Fe have to drive directly north on 84/285 to get there.

            Then there are some that may think. If all the clues fit then it is “northerly” enough. And I must add it makes a very good statement regarding the clues. For example: “The park’s elevations range from about 5,000 feet (1,500 m) at the Rio Grande to over 10,200 feet (3,100 m) at the summit of Cerro Grande.[6] ” (This alone is worth taking a second look)

            2) I too noticed it is barely on Forrest’s map in TFTW. Almost have to question why even place it on the map at all?? It’s almost like it was deliberately and forcibly placed on the map for some reason.

    • I have thought since the beginning of my research and searches that it is a place that Forrest does not mention and won’t mention. The way I see it, Mr. Fenn did all he could to ensure that the finder would be successful only by interpreting the 9 clues and following them precisely. All places in the Rocky Mountains that he does mention will have some searcher going there regardless if the clues match up or not. To have hidden it in one of these places runs the risk that someone may find it without diciphering the clues and it’s a risk I believe Mr. Fenn didn’t take.

      Well that’s what I believe today, tomorrow I can’t vouch for.

  22. @gypsy
    I don’t know if Hebgen Lake had 11″ or 4′ of ice but I’ve cut thru more than 11″ of ice on a lake on more than one occaision with a chainsaw- you didn’t need a jackhammer all you needed was in your truck. Now before you hop back in your truck and take off for Hebgen again -some advice may be in order. The ice will be thicker as winter goes on, so you need a bar on your saw longer than the ice is thick. Some saws cut ice better than others, I think it has to do with the water being thrown up out of the ice and onto the saw. Most importantly – if you cut a hole big enough to fall thru over deep water be extremely careful as the ice gets very slippery from the water and if you fall in it could cost you your life. Also if the hole is large mark it with wood or large rocks or something to keep others from falling or driving in it until its had time to ice over again.
    signed: A surviving northern adventurer

    • I used to go ice diving. I always thought hardest part was getting the blocks of ice out of the hole we cut (it was actually a triangle shaped hole). We would pull them out and organize them off to the side, then when we were finished, put them back in the hole to help it freeze up quicker. And we would always mark it so other could keep clear. We used the triangle shape because it is the easiest to get out of. When in the water, you back yourself into a corner, the corner gives nice room for your tank, and the angle of the sides are such that you could get your hands on them to help lift yourself up.

      • That’s so cool mark Litterally so cool :-)haha. That would be a great adventure but a lil scary if you get stuck under the ice ughhh

        • It was actually colder standing on the ice then diving under it. We did a lot of prep work to make sure we were safe. We would shovel 2 circles around the hole, 1 at 100ft radius and 1 at 200 ft. Then we would shovel spokes to connect the circles to the hole, and we would shovel arrows on the spokes. So when you were under the ice, you could look up and see the sun coming through where you shoveled, like looking at a road map (it was very pretty too). There would be 3 of us connected with a harness to a 100 ft line that went to the surface, then there would be another 2 divers connected with a harness to a 200 ft line. These were the rescue team to help find us if our line broke or snagged. Then someone to monitor the lines, and someone to make sure the hole stayed clear. And someone to keep the fire burning on the shore and the hotdogs cooking.

    • That sounds fun….maybe they’ll have one of those boats you can stay in with the hole in the bottom, so I can be nice and warm??? Ice Fishing tournaments can be a tourist attraction, too. I wonder when those start?

  23. Diggin Gypsy If you would of waited a few weeks it’s raining here in Montan a Well half rain half snow. It’s not 20+ below anymore. The flathead Lake here by kalispell is not even frozen over.

  24. It was good that she decided to be careful and avoid being number 349, because apparently highway deaths had spiked considerably in the last couple of months, going from 67 on September 30th, to 348 by the first week of December.

          • Digin’

            I ruled out Hebgen long ago, that’s why I used it in my example of my 1st search before your 1st search. Please know that you have friends in high places and low places. FF noticed your enthusiasm, but it doesn’t have to be that way, in the ice. If you insist on YNP for a search, at least take advantage of Spring/Summer. Again, I’ve ruled it out but don’t rule out hospitality offered here. My eldest sister lived in Stone Mtn, GA for a time, near a small hill. When it iced over, there were cars all over but not on the road. I respect the ability of a Southerner to navigate icy roads. Takes guts. I have pictures of where you looked while the grass was green and breezes fair. What do you need?

    • DG- What do you see in Hebgen? You can see snow on bison backs from the Old Faithful webcam. You are too smart for that. Collusion. 30000 + searchers haven’t found it yet. What can be done? Again, what do you need to solve?

    • 10″ wide x 10″ deep x 5″ high with the lid closed.
      It’s unlocked and the key is inside so no one has to damage it to get into it.

      • dal, in the Nov 2 Moby Dickens book signing tape, I could swear that ff said the chest was 10″ x 10″ x 6″ at 2:10 into the tape. Any thoughts?

        • $Bill-
          I think the chest is growing. About an inch every three years. When Forrest bought the chest it was merely 8x4x2 and since then it has grown considerably. It is not a uniform growth because of the uneven distribution of mineral depositions in the bronze itself. I think that is why Forrest knows it will be found in about a thousand years. It will simply become too big to stay hidden in its secret place by then. This, of course explains why bronze is not used as a basis for a financial economy in any of the ancient civilizations. The banks simply would not allow any material to become the “standard” that actually grew in value without them being able to take a cut. The “gold standard” became much more popular among bankers.

          Hence the old adage:
          “An ounce of bronze is worth two.”

          • Dal, you forgot the causal effect of the hot air drifting in from the west. All financial metallurgists know that bronze grows proportionately to the amount of hot air being blown onto it! Since your post, the adage is now estimated at 2.46890…

          • Dal, I am surprised you didn’t divulge that Gregor MacGregor was chased out of Poyais a few years after he required the dentists there to use bronze when filling cavities. And at the same time, the bronze worshiping natives of the small Republic rose up in disgust with the dentists’ methods and took back their lands from the Europeans causing a collapse in the South American real estate market. Must have skipped your thoughts.










  26. In the January 2014 edition of True West Magazine there is a feature called the 100  Best Historical Photos of the American West. There are some quite fascinating photos in that collection. Five are from Forrest. For those looking for clues everywhere it might be prudent to take a look.


  27. Clues everywhere……….lol:)

    One should look at the hobby of collecting which will help way more in solving this puzzle then clues everywhere……lol.

    He’s a top notch authentic collector. Why do we collect?

    To connect with people to have meaning. To bring order out of chaos.

    The thing with collecting authentic artifacts it takes something special The ability to tell the fakes from the authentic.

    Every market is just flooded with fakes. Your money is on the line and making a mistake can be costly. Often times you won’t ever see that money back.

    Let me tell you the stories you will hear when people are selling. You can’t make the stuff up…………

    Point being after a while you develop a second nature to people and the way you live life.

    Funny people are so cheap and whatever they buy has no left over power to grown as a investment.

    They will go to Walmart buy a $30 art print which doesn’t even support artists but rather a corporate entity and think nothing of it.

    Instead of buying a $30 dollar usually a one of a kind oil painting by a artist (which you supports artist way more than Walmart does) which may or may not grow in value. You can slant it more in your flavor by buying a listed artist.

    As we get older part of healing as a person who seen more hell than most people can imagine this striving for authenticity is part of what heals us and makes us grow as people.

    Just my thoughts………..


    • Enjoyed your thoughts Rick. I love the art and antique market, because it is treasure hunting to me. I just have trouble with it, because of the fakes. I think DNA really needs to get into the mix of the art world. It’s obvious why the art market wouldn’t want that to happen though. I think it would be the next stock market crash.

      I don’t think we’ve thought much about how important what Forrest did by putting his DNA/hair in the jar was. He’s such a forward thinker. Is that a real term? It is…right?….I hope whoever finds it will consider leaving a jar in it’s place with a copy of his bio, and the hairs with advice to make a copy of the bio and replace the jar for the next finder and also a gift from one finder to the next.

      • Know Forrest has put a million dollars or more in gold out in a chest ………….

        How do you know? You just know:)

        Know Dal will do the raffle with no problems……….When i have to worry about politicians on the other hands.

        Last week Warren Buffet sent a photocopy of a letter saying how he didn’t have time to do autographs.

        He made $32 million dollars a day last year and let me re translate his cheap reply

        “i need to get back to the trowel, you people don’t matter”

        He the biggest loser I meant yet in life…….

        When he dies I won’t care or reflect on him more than a few minutes …………..


        • Collecting autographs is such a neat hobby. It’s sad that he’s decided that, because it is a connection people have with people like that, that they might admire. I get that he probably is overwhelmed with being asked, because there’s money to be made on top of it just being a fun thing for some. Ya know what I’d do? I’d figure out how much is time is worth since he made that in a day. Consider the amount of time it takes to write his signature. Then figure out how much a dollar is in percentage of that amount and send it in a letter to him with his photocopied reply to you and say it’s a down payment. You’ll send his estate the remained after you sell it in 50 years when the value skyrockets. I bet you’d get a signature back lol….even if you didn’t…it would be funny to know someone was amused by it.

  28. Time is time money is money

    It cuts both ways are time if just as valuable. You run a website take care of your family. I appreciate it.

    A few minutes to say your not taken for granted.

    The FBI figures put 70% of the autograph markets as being fakes.
    Ebay has 1,642,561 listed for sale today. That would mean over 700.000 are dam out right fakes.

    Telling me everyone is just a saint? Everyone is just kind and real?

    Salinger said we have to love the authentic and the fake since they both coexist in the world. The only way to peace and understanding.

    Still trying to grasp that…………anyways merry times.


    • Thanks Rick. I find your posts always interesting. I liked how you figured that searchers probably spent 17 million. Isn’t that something? Sure wish there could have been a way for us to all rent a few times shares in the Rockies and pool our resources lol.

      Funny the info you brought up about Salinger and the fakes. I mean Forrest basically said the same thing. Maybe there’s more to think about with that guy.

      Happy Holidays

      • Stephanie

        Well it’s not to bring rain to anyone’s parade:) To me it adjusting how one should play the game………….

        This very hard hunt difficult but not impossible.

        Another hunt was called Tweleve where 20,000 people worked together and it took about 4 months to have a break through.

        The only reason they worked together was the treasure hunt had 12 prizes not just 1.

        Came so close, didn’t anagram a set of letters…….

        Lately Salinger has been coming up with some gifted kids and high achievers……..They cite him as inspiration.

        One 16 year old is on the verge of major stardom out of New Zealand………

        He has a intellect appeal to intellects…….for me it’s his childlike mentality.

        Hard to explain…….


  29. That difference of the one chest measurement being 5 inches and then later he says 6 inches is due to age, something that I keep coming back to lately, and these types of differences in info may be coming more often.

    • Human error… ask someone the same question 1000 times in a different setting and see what happens… age too… as always just my humble opinion

      • I get the whole age thing, because I can’t remember anything these days and I’m only in my 40s….but I think maybe….he just likes to amuse himself by adding an inch lol….

        • yea, maybe next year we’ll see him stretching his hands all the way out when asked the same question. Ha…

  30. Okay, Its time for us all to get our shopping done… I’m outa here.
    Merry Christmas see ya here before the New Year I’m sure.

  31. Merry Christmas everyone. A friend sent me this and I thought I would pass it on. I think it reminds me of a lot of people in their search attempts.

    “Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely
    in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways,
    chocolate and wine in one hand, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out
    and screaming “WOO HOO what a ride!”

    Don Johnson

  32. Merry Christmas All,
    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery……enjoy today….the present.
    Love and Peace

  33. Well, I never thought the treasure was in water… and Mr. Fenn DID say, “I said it was north or Sante Fe, but not how far east or west of north.” He did also say it was near and dear to him. So, Dal. In his interview, he said a couple of people he knew that were within 500ft of the treasure , one he KNEW would prob go back and dig the whole place up if he knew it was him. I wonder if that was you?! I’m siding with you, on your thoughts of where it could be. Something to do with hunanity, anthropology etc. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to hike around YS, just for the hay of it.
    I get 40 hrs this year vacation, so I have to make it count! It’s kind of sad, all the chasers out there that can’t go look but one time a year, and then there are others that can afford several trips a year. The only way I can improve MY odds, is to study harder, be more logical, and have more luck than them! And beat them to the treasure!
    Sorry, Dal, but I will laugh if a poor farmer, driving his duct tape covered truck, in holey work boots beats all of us to the treasure on his first trip!
    Just a thought here…if Mr. Fenn gets tired of the game, he could give a straight forward clue and say “GO!” and it would be an all out race to it! Mad mad mad!
    Oh well, maybe I’ll win the raffle, at least!
    Merry Christmas all! I turned 53 today, feel like 25, and there is an old lady staring at me in the mirror!

    • I agree with you Donna. Although I cannot tell you how, why, and what I agree on. I am afraid you will beat me to the punch.

    • Donna, if you are seriously thinking about YNP, consider a trip in October, the driest month for YS, when heavy loads (snow) and high water (runoff) will not be much of an impediment when going up your creek. But preparations for being brave and being in the cold are a must. Best to do your homework before deciding on when you want to take your trip. The nicest time might not be the best time. Just my opinion for your consideration. Good luck. *smiley face*

      • PS, they say fishing the Madison is best in October when its warm waters have cooled off and the trout from Lake Hebgen are returning. *winking face*

        • PSS Donna, if you are in YNP, you might enjoy parking below Harlequin Lake and hiking up to the lake. You might see some beavers among the lily pads and reeds, and maybe even a blaze. *another winky face*

          Sorry, but I do disclaim any responsibility to those who do not find a brilliant bronze chest in YNP. Good hunting to all. Best you follow your own theories. *smiley face*

          • Wasn’t Forrest’s mother’s name, Lillian? I have been thinking about Fleur d’ Lys, Beethoven’s “Fur Elise”, the name Elyse (which I really like for a book character’s name), Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” and that smile…flowers I have seen in Da Vinci’s paintings and those surrounding nymphs and famous people in other art..and Irises. Has anyone seen the movie, “Immortal Beloved”, with Gary Oldman as Beethoven? The final scene under the stars in a pond with “Ode to Joy” playing makes me ascend right into heaven. That is my victory song. Maybe I’ll wear my Nike pants.

          • Is there a place to stay just below the lake? Sometimes there are other creatures that live symbiotically with beavers that I may want to watch as they cavort in the pond weed there. Plus I need to be close to hunt for that blaze you mentioned.

        • Are those Loch Leven Brown Trout in the lake? Are the other prettier trout spawning in the Madison again then? Hopefully the folks downriver won’t decide to increase the flow and wash out the channels again. So many tragically were snuffed out this Spring.

      • That is good advice, $Bill, except that White Bark Pine Nut production at high altitude was dismal last year, which means the Grizzes may be hanging out with all of us humans at low altitudes again next year, for a longer period into Fall…eating all those yummy huckleberries and drooling over whatever we are cooking at our campfires..or swatting the trout hanging high from the rope in the trees. Or drooling over my “bait”. And I am certainly not afraid of the cold..anymore! Maybe “Woolly Worm” from the shadow blog could lend me some gear, though? I don’t really have a Savage 300 for protection, but Xerxes did. Man-in-the-Crescent-Moon *smiley face*

        • As ff said, it is no place for the meek. lol. Do they allow guns in the park? If they do, a new 50 cal S&W revolver might come in handy. If not, I am sure PTN would lend out her bear spray. Or a person could just take dal along for bear distraction. “Take this trout and run dal”. *laughing face*

          • If I find the chest, I’m going to come out with my own super soaker bear spray product. If you read the directions…there are only 3-4 seconds of shooting spray. They fail to realize that sometimes bears have friends. Also, they say you need to be super close. Whoever designed bear spray obviously only had the bottom line in mind and not the bottom itself. I’m going to use one of the pepper spray recipes I found online and buy a battery operated super soaker to take with me on the trail. I also have bear spray…this will be back up.

          • Oh and I just got a revolver. I might have to take that with too. Just need to get my foid card and some bullets. Just curious, but how does that work? Can you drive around with a gun in your car if you’re traveling across the different states? I mean like if it’s in your trunk or something?

          • I saw some instructions for outfitters who may be hunting on a trail sign, so I guess they allow guns where I was planning to go. I wonder what the Grizzes think of bear spray when they see hikers reach for it? That would make a good comic strip or cartoon movie, don’t you think?

          • Steph, each state, county, and city can have their own weird gun laws. Also feds and Indians have gun laws. Unloaded and in the trunk is probably the best place to transport a gun, but I am not sure that will keep you out of trouble with the law if it is found. Not much help, huh!

            Good info to know about bear spray. I always wondered if it would be any good. Good luck with your super soaker bear spray. Will it weigh 42 lbs?

            A stick of dynamite might be a good bear deterrent. Just don’t be to close to the bear when using.

            *smiley winky face*

          • Good to know about the gun. I better just leave it at home. I have no clue how to even use one really. I’ve only shot a gun a few times. I’d probably shoot my eye out.

            Now a super soaker…I can use one of them 😉 The neighborhood kids run with fear from me in the summer time.

          • PTN, I should have googled super soaker before commenting. It is tough being mature lol, I am left out on knowing about all the neat new kid’s stuff. *sad frowny face*

          • Wow DB, you didn’t know what a super soaker was? If you come to Chicago I’ll have a squirt gun fight with you. Look at this link…it’s battery operated and has removable magazines.


            I think I might need to get one and put some food coloring in it and go play in the snow. Would be funny to get yellow and spray it all over the yard and then invite one of the neighbors over and just wait to see if they notice. My front door is way up higher than my yard….so they would for sure see it lol….

          • Okay PTN, the war is on. I am going to get a Thunderstorm and plenty of magazines, fill them with royal blue water, and then fly out there. Be alert when you walk outside of your house, from now on, and when you answer your door. I might arrive today or tomorrow. *evil face*

        • Not to burst anybody’s bubble but there were two guys hunting in canada a few years ago . they were walking down a trail with there guns over there shoulders when a grizzly bear attacked them. They were hit so hard and fast they never got there guns off there shoulders. Killed both of them. Not to scare anyone but a true story. So if a bear decides it wants you there ain’t much you can do about it.

          • As a general rule bears are more scared of you than you are of them .Just pay attention to what your doing and don’t get between a cub and it’s mom. The most common thing done.

      • OK dollarbill, but I am a FOOL for wildflowers. Can’t I just find the bronze chest closer to the beginning of Bilbo’s…I mean, MY quest?

          • Looking at william….

            Woah, maybe I will just stuff my leg brace in the bears mouth and he wont be able to bite with his mouth wedged open? LOL

          • I checked availability for my chosen destination, in order to emulate Bilbo’s party’s embarkation date, but SOMEONE has recently snagged it for 3 days. Aarrrghh! You, dollarbill? I don’t take up much room, though, so maybe I will just crash their party. “Timing is everything”, as someone I once loved said. We fell in love in a hot spring under a crescent moon in winter at the end of December. I did not mind the cold. I guess I could stay at the home of that giant bear character from the new “Hobbit” movie…he is a vegetarian…and a “skin changer”. I found a book about the art and set design of the making of that movie at the local bookstore. I guess the inspiration for that character was a Grizzly or Kodiak bear. Of course it was 🙂

        • Speaking of FOOLs…there was a character named “Hannah” in “The Queen’s Fool” by Phillipa Gregory that seemed to be pivotal to that famous Queen’s success. Hannah starts with an H…ends with an H…with double consonants in the middle. She also had John Dee in her royal hand. I liked the court jester, William, the best. He was also in King Henry VIII’s hand. Witt and humor sometimes mask intelligence. That Queen ruled for a really, really long time. I will try to learn to play poker from her. Or from Forrest.

      • I am NOT waiting until October 25th, dollarbill,…my key attributes include extrapolating and seeing things that may be hidden to others, not unlike Bilbo, with or without a light source. The “Stairway to Heaven” will hopefully be well illuminated, when I do go. I’ll bring a flashlight, though (which can make a good club, by the way…so watch out!). My animal spirit of olde is a Griffin, because of my spiritual mountain here, after all. Oh, there is an impressive Griffon outside the Place de St. Michel in Paris…there was a beautiful quote by Honore Balzac on the interleaf on that page; it’s in a “Paris” coffee table book in the reference section at my local library..gorgeous! There is also a historical fiction book by that “Paris” name that I plan to read sometime this winter.

  34. Wait a minute…’s Dec 26th! You telling me Forrest didn’t give us searchers another clue for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I will invent a super-hot chilli grenade,30 capacity, 150 yard range launcher with bear scent seeker. Stay tuned for price tag Stephanie. ; )

  36. No. That’s what I was hinting about. A New Year clue, maybe? Thanks for the advice, DB!

  37. a gun fight ???? no I don’t think that in a bit, there is always ‘s a bit in go in peace,
    and a a sorrow said , before a gun fight.
    there will be no new year hint or clue. dollar bill has a soaker gun .. don’t take that there , it wont help ya, sir
    maybe I change my name to billy the cowboy!

    • Or Billy the Kidd…”Pirate!” Aarrghhh! I still like Stephanie’s pirate poem, but I also like the cowboy poem that Forrest wrote.

    • If you only have One Horse, two cowboys may need to ride together, especially if they are very poor and cannot afford to buy a second horse. But does aa cute donkey cost very much? Whatever it takes to make that victorious ride into the promised land!

  38. Just in case you stopped into the blog today Forrest. Wanted to wish you and Peggy a wonderful 60th Wedding Anniversary.


    • Maybe this is one of the days Peggy has Forrest’s undivided attention. ; )
      If not, I’ll add my “Happy 60th!” That’s pretty awesome you two.

      • I like the song, “Peggy-O” by Bob Dylan. I wonder if Forrest sang it to his lovely wife on their special day yesterday? Does that song have Scottish origins? Happy Anniversary, Peggy and Forrest!

          • I think I found a Scottish diddie with that name in my research, which make sense with all the folks that immigrated to the U.S. from Scottland to places like the Carolinas, where a lot of the music still survives in the Appalachian mountains. There was a good movie made about that topic, too. And Sarah Donati has wriiten several historical fiction novels about the continuation story of the Scottish clan of Hawkeye from “The Last of the Mohicans”. I enjoyed reading those too. And I LOVED that movie!

          • I loved both those movies also. Interesting how stories carry down through history in many forms.

            Songcatcher is one of my favorites.

  39. PTN, I bet you have been waiting for my arrival. Well, yesterday I was flying over Nebraska, on my way to you know where, when the fella sitting next to me got on the internet with his fancy phone. I asked him to check out dal’s blog for me. He did and we read about your skunk oil concoction.

    I should have known that you wouldn’t fight fair. I became very scared because I just knew that you were camped out at the airport awaiting my arrival. So, I called the flight attendant over and explained my situation and I told her that I would equally share the treasure chest with all on board (as soon as I retrieved it) if we could turn around. She told the captain who then informed the crew and passengers. After a unanimous vote, the plane returned to Phoenix.

    Since returning home, I have hired a chemistry lab to develop the worst smelling potion known to mankind. I have also engaged a small force of mercenaries who will join me on my return trip. You might have won the first non-encounter, but the war is far from over. Sweet dreams. *mad evil face*

    • dollarbill – did you know that beavers will chew off their scent glands, which are what a predator or trapper are drawn to during the hunt, instead of being caught? Natural selection and all that. If I had scent glands, I would not be able to do that to escape, though. You might. Trappers use the substance drawn from the glands to lure other beavers.

  40. food for ride on a horse is not cheep , to all at this day! as bon jovi said dead or alive ! a map in book is a clue 2 , but we at time, have cost and set back. 100 or a more in life is a wish to get . remember the book , read it , it says all to get it and when the time comes , it will be your’s.
    do we remember the bk man shake a lot ?
    for the bell that rang an angel get a wing!!!

  41. FYI- about the raffle drawing

    Want to watch the raffle drawing but can’t make it to Santa Fe…?
    Your in luck…!
    Toby Younis is going to bring his camera to Collected Works in Santa Fe so we can all watch the drawing LIVE on lifestream…here are Toby’s instructions:

    The event is hosted at:

    The event URL is:

    Use this URL to login to the event on the time and day of the raffle:
    10am MST, Tuesday, January 7, 2014.

    To save yourself some time and frustration on the day of the event, I’m going to highly recommend that you pre-register as a viewer at:
    Registration is free, and required in order to view the event. You can share the above link with anyone you’d like, again, recommending that they register before the day of the event.

    THANKS TOBY…what a guy!!!

  42. DG, you have become an “icon” searcher in the chase, and deservedly so! You are beautiful, brave and adventurous, and your stories are fun to follow. I like your character. 🙂

    • Awww I’m
      No braver than anyone else esp Donna she is out camping right now amongst the grizz and moose aka rabbits Thanks for making me smile
      Tonight tho 🙂 right when I was feeling ugly hahaha and not so brave hearing a mouse run around in the ceiling over my head 🙂

      • And all this time I thought Jdiggins and Diggin gypsy were the same person.

        “It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are.”

      • “Sometimes it’s best to travel alone; besides, if your loved ones are with you……you have no one to come home to”.

        Jimmy Webb or Richard Harris; not sure who wrote it.

        “Slides”.. one of the greatest albums of its decade. Highly recommend it, (If you can find it).

        Especially for those in TTOTC .

        • Darn sure try 🙂 I’ll have a good story in the next few weeks to post doing a story on a whole band wagon full of gypsys going searching 🙂 hoping to get a good story out of it anyway haha 🙂

  43. I’m getting a lot of emails from people saying this story made a lot of people go search in the winter because Forrest said I had grit or something like that. They said it made ones like randy feel like they also could find it in the winter. The truth is Forrest tryed to tell
    Me to stay home I didn’t listen he told me I can’t find it in snow I didn’t listen no one could tell
    Me nothing I was going no matter what and what a hellish adventure it was. Every one is responsible for there own actions And randy new what he was in for the same as me I could have died three times or more out there . And I would of only blamed myself . So Forrest should not be to blame he has said several times sit by the fire until the snow has melted . Everyone be safe !!!!!!!

  44. Diggin, what is not said is the thousands of people that wait for the right time and place to search with the right equipment. Communication and a good plan is key. If there was something wrong with the Chase, then hundreds of people would be in the same scenario as Randy. But, that isn’t happening and Randy is the first in four years or so. So, there just might be something else outside of the Chase in Randy’s case. Your story showed me how cold that area is with snow and that it’s better to go there during the warmer months and be prepared. I agree, everyone is responsible for their own actions.

    • He isn’t the first that has put there self in harms way there has actually been quite a few They all just survived Hopefully people will think now like a 80 year old 🙂 and act like one haha

  45. Hello Everyone. After rereading this story, I became puzzled. Wasn’t there a double omega signs originally at the end of this story? So many stories read and I may have gotten confused.

  46. Wait… how many miles were you away from West Yellowstone when you spun out of control? Seven?

  47. Does anyone know the gentleman that was at Fennboree and had is dog named Suzy Q and his wife could not see. If you do could you please pass my phone number to him and ask him to give me a call at 618-713-3076. I need to talk to him.

  48. Diggin: “I was really wanting a hamburger and a hot bowl of chili at The Gusher in West Yellowstone, but it was closed for the season.”

    Bowl was mentioned in the last stand alone by F – SB 183.
    Montana was the destination.

    “The blaze was winking at me and grinning, and I was grinning back.”

    Hmmm, where & when did F mention grinning or grin?
    *If you wear a smile to the right spot you will wear a grin going home. f”

    Blaze on Diggin.

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