Wall Sized Map…

Benchmark Maps made the beautiful search area map that is in Forrest’s book, Too Far To Walk.


With Forrest’s permission they made a limited edition, large version of that map suitable for hanging on a wall. There were only 100 of these printed. Forrest signed each one.

I have one in front of me as I write this. These maps are beautiful. They are 30×24, printed on heavy stock using full color archival inks. They are made to last. Each map is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. So…in addition to being a wonderfully detailed working map of the search area…they are also highly collectible and very limited..


You can find out more and place your order at the Benchmark Maps website. Just click here:

These limited edition, really beautiful maps are $100ea and there is a limit of two per person. Remember there are only 100 of them…