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BHaworth02You might know Bob Haworth from his stint with the Brothers Four or the Kingston Trio. I remember him as Bo Mooney while I was producing a television series in Seattle. We had him on more than once…great musician, fun performer and solid good guy. Later he had his own creative agency and now lives in Eastern Washington with his wife Meri.

Bob is a long time friend of Forrest’s and he put together this song for Forrest and performed it at the “To Far Too Walk” book signing in Santa Fe.

You can find out more about Bob, his history and his music by clicking here.


Even better…you can listen to his TFTW tune right here. Just click on the link below.
Listen close for hidden clues to you know what!!

Thanks Bob!!!

Too Far To Walk

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    • “Life is but a dream…” not sure if that is right, but I remember something like that from Lewis Caroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”. What a beautiful and appropriate song you composed, Bob! And beautifully delivered.

  1. Enjoyable and catchy song. Makes me think that “Not far, but too far to walk” is a reference to times past…a distance that can only be traveled through memories – not walked to in miles.

  2. Wow! It reminded me of a Jimmy Buffet concert at the MGM Grand. Happy with a great mix. Thank you Bob, have a happy new year.

  3. LOVED the Bob Haworth song — was playing along on my harp (key of D, I think); and then suddenly there was a HARP solo! So I played along with Bob while listening to the words. I loved the song, but no way is Forrest rocking in a chair watching the clock — he’s hopping in the air, a flying bundle of energy.

  4. I think music could be some part of a key to solve the poem. Maybe each clue is a reference to song or an album. Maybe tony bennetts What What Happens (wwh) could be Warm Waters Halp (WWH)? Forrest does mention Tony bennett in his blog Sunday Kind of Love.

  5. We all get gray as the time goes by,
    But jump on the back as the eagles fly,
    And youth will return in a joyous way,
    As our memories take us back, to kids at play.

  6. i think the poem could be related to THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK. a book of the golden age of music in America. maybe Nacio Herb Brown could be the home of Brown as he is from new mexico. any thoughts about this?

  7. I love this song. Does anybody know what the tune is at the very beginning? It sounds familiar, but I can’t place it. Hope I can make it to one of the events.

  8. I had wrote to Bob Haworth sometime back and we talked about the TTOTC song he wrote about the chase. I had asked Bob if Forrest had any input for them. Bob had mentioned that Forrest had changed some of the lines and he gave me those changes.

    Just had these songs on my mind today and was wondering if Forrest remembers those changes to the TTOTC song? and why did he change it? I might have already said those changes in another Bob Haworth piece here somewhere but can’t find it. Of course I don’t have them with me now. Oh well guess it’s time for some other music.

    To Far to Walk song is up above. Wonder if Forrest helped on that one.

    • Bur, here ya go. I saved them at the time. Thanks for asking Bob, and his reply:

      Haworth song, lines suggested by fenn – – “And then, here are a couple lines that Forrest sent me that actually inspired the final version of the last verse. Forrest and I did confer throughout the writing process and I believe there were other suggestions that he offered, but due to a recent computer crash I can’t access those notes at the moment. But here, from the man himself.”:


      • Thanks locolobo,
        That’s it. Dang you must have a pretty good scrapbook on the chase too.

        Thanks again and good luck.

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