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Because I’ve received so many emails from searchers who are curious about the bronze jar we’re raffling for Renelle, I thought I’d add to its contents and make it even more mysterious. I enjoyed selecting what relics to include, and will admit to having sneaked in a few pieces from my personal medicine bundle. Some passions might derive a judicious sense of power from these ancient treasures. For me, it’s the mystery associated with whose hands made them, and exactly when and where. And more importantly, what depth of relevance attached them to their creators. When used properly, imagination also can be a treasure. Sometimes I have deep feelings about olden things, especially when they reek with the history of how the world used to be.


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With the simple drawing of a raffle ticket these artifacts will pass to a new custodian, and in time others will inherit what influence comes with their ownership. I am happy to let this bronze jar go in deference to this special cause, and with its transfer I will ask only that it be treated with the same respect and loving care with which it was formed. If kept intact it will endure a million years, and then ten-million more. ff

The Bronze Jar With Butterfly and Dragonfly

The Bronze Jar With Butterfly and Dragonfly

To see a partial list of the jar contents, click here.



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  1. That’s really cool! Lots of history there! A friend gave me an Indian Tear (obsidian) after my first failed search. It reflects light which makes it look as if it’s glowing. It has been in my pocket ever since. It’s supposed to bring good fortune….. Maybe it’ll work when I find the right spot

  2. It would be wonderful to add this beautiful jar and all the artifacts to our collection of Indian items. Thank you Forrest and Dal for putting this all together for Renelle. I’ll be buying my ticket ASAP!

  3. Wow. What an amazing spirit of generosity. Thank you Mr Fenn — not just for a great mindbender of a hunt, but for being a dang good example of a gentleman.

  4. Also : fwiw, there are “brown” with a Capitol B versions of both those animals shown in relief….

  5. Sorry Forrest,
    I laughed before I read the second line about the goat droppings.:-)

    Can I borrow some money till next Friday? I’ve got goosebumps just looking at the pictures.

  6. I would Love to hear the stories that Mr. Forrest Fenn will tell us about the contents of the Jar. That is the treasure I would like to hear. I would ask about each one. Much respect to Forrest and Peggy. Best Wishes for 2014. To All.

  7. Want to watch the raffle drawing but can’t make it to Santa Fe…
    Your in luck…
    Toby Younis is going to bring his camera to Collected Works in Santa Fe so we can all watch the drawing LIVE on lifestream…here are Toby’s instructions:

    The event is hosted at:

    The event URL is:

    Use this URL to login to the event on the time and day of the raffle:
    2pm MST, Tuesday, January 7, 2014.

    To save yourself some time and frustration on the day of the event, I’m going to highly recommend that you pre-register as a viewer at:
    Registration is free, and required in order to view the event. You can share the above link with anyone you’d like, again, recommending that they register before the day of the event.

    THANKS TOBY…what a guy!!!

  8. Had to look up personal medicine bundle. Found an interesting site called Tells all about medicine bundles and you can listen to a great song about half-way down the page, with a caption under it.

  9. As of Noon on the last day to make donations Renell’es Cancer Fund now has $22,691.25. You can make a donation and get raffle tickets until 9PM West Coast time tonight..

  10. Hello friends,
    Just enjoying the warm up…
    – 13 a few days ago. Snow on the ground for a while now! Makes me wonder if it’s worth the cold. Which makes me wonder if that’s a clue to go when there’s snow…maybe to see the wet warm hidee spot! Can I say that?…

    dal great Raffle! With so much we could do…I hope as a group we continue.
    This site loads quicker so I thought I’d flap about NM v Cody if this is Okay Dal?

  11. I Like NM. I understand that Cody holds clues galore and that Wy is warm to f. BUT I favor NM and like Boots will probably take a beating.
    I read someone said he took a plane…not literally…for the 1st clue…only added the I and made it plains.
    The plains are vast but I went with this as I came this way across the Canadian River through Springer and west on 64.
    I LIKE he went alone as in Stag…which is sort of the same location as being a clue to start in New Mexico, but only a guess.
    I would propose an accord! Is this
    Possible? Could it be a topic for discussion…I ask you friends…can we talk about it please.

  12. Its been aweful here…anywhere warm would be nice. How do we get to Bermuda?
    I tell ya that triangle thing is no crazier than the TTOTC…grins.
    I hope folks are around tonight I’d like to hang out for a while…

    • Mark must have left. He’s from southern Illinois and he’s not the same Mark that won. This Mark goes by Jim Hawkins’ on

      The man who won the raffle is Mark Mullins and I don’t know if he’s even looking for the treasure. He’s a long time friend of Forrests who donated a building in Wyoming with Forrest for students of archeology I believe which is part of the George Frison Institute that they are both members of. So two different Marks.

  13. Not me I wish!… But I got to be part of it and that’s pretty *sweet*

    Thanks Stephanie for the intro! Yes I am the pink duck at CC…or luggage….smiles.
    Why NM Tracy? And then where? Just kiddn…why NM?

    • Hi Mark. Sorry, I thought you were the man that won. I was just going to tell him congrats.
      I’m not looking in NM. Right now, I’m not sure where I’m looking. This chase is driving me bananas! But I love it!
      Good luck to you Mark! 🙂

  14. I found several NM areas that fit the poem. I am on the fence over NM and WY. I feel if I were sick and ready to have my final sleep, I wouldn’t want to go all the way to WY, unless I could find someone to fly me, then rent a car etc. NM is so much closer to hop in my jeep, pack my bike, (I would be too tired to walk it), get to my spot, toss the bike in the river and curl up and sleep in my loving woods. So, on my one and only shot this summer, I’m covering both states. I have two honey holes in NM and two in WY. One is darn near the spot Dal was at in WY, but I had that one picked out before he went there! Guess he was 500ft from it! Or, I hope that was the case. Those are my observations, for what it’s worth! ¥Peace¥

  15. I think that’s a good plan! Where…I’m teasing…smiles…If I may ask…how do you feel about a group effort or solve. …share…etc. Is it plausable, or not so much?

    • I wouldn’t get into doing something like that. Even with posting ideas on blogs that are so detailed isn’t really smart if you want to find it yourself. I think it’s better to just talk about background info like who Forrest is. Speaking of which, I posted two really good articles. One is the first article on the Thrill of the Chase that I’m aware was written and another is an article done on Forrest from when he was in Texas about his collecting and he talks about finding hidden spots and an olive jar.

  16. Maybe you’re right Stephanie. Still I wonder…This is fantastic group of peope brought together by f….almost intentionally.

    Many have come and gone…others are seemingly brought back . I wonder if I’m sometimes alone with all the treasures I’ve already recieved both monetary and not.

    Anyone else?

  17. Well I’m a blog killer…
    Anyways…I’ve stepped it up in the last year and it’s clearly been the TTOTC that’s helped me…Thank You. SEE YOU ON THE TRAIL!
    MARK H.

  18. Was just checking out this great array of beads, bones, chards and other goodies… Very nice prize indeed. The bronze jar alone is a keeper ! Just a post on my part to enjoy the better parts of the space made available to us… HAPPY HUNTING (treasure hunting that is) all

  19. Hi Ken,
    I’d agree that looked like a *sweet* prize! Smiles…

    You watch the NFL? DENVER looked incredible …who’s Tebow? Manning came out sharp!
    Now Seattle’s looking tough…IDA.

  20. For some strange reason I am drawn to these photos of the contents that were placed in the bronze jar for the raffle… Not because I think there is a clue, but merely by the idea that Forrest has passed on the power that comes from just possessing them… The prospect of examining each piece and imagining the (who, what, when, where and why) really just intrigues me!! Jeez, maybe I’m really losing it or just need more coffee…

  21. Coffee sounds good. Been pounding water for a few days trying to kick a stomach flu.

    Yes those are some cool pieces…I would of enjoyed hearing all about them.

    Ken I doubt your losing it!

  22. Dal, the “Searcher of the Month” for December was an enormous success.
    January has now come and gone. I’m sure you will be hard pressed to find anyone to equal our first ever “Searcher of the Month”.
    What is happening in that category?

    • This may be completely out-of-the-blue…or into the wild blue yonder…the realm of the big blue sky…but I can’t get that Moody Blues song Tuesday Afternoon out of my head. It will be a long work day today at the usual daily grind, but at least I’ll have that song to sing.

      I hope I to get it out of my head by Wednesday morning, at least, so I come back down to reality. It’s going to be a long couple of days.

      Whatever shall be, shall be.

      • I’m kinda partial to “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere”. (“I Know I’ll Find You Somehow, Somehow, Somehow. Oh yes, I Know . . . . . )

        Well, I ‘hope’ I’ll find it someday, someday,…..
        You know.

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