The Poem…Part Three


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Here is Forrest reading his poem, The Thrill of the Chase. If you have not memorized the poem…don’t be concerned…neither has Forrest apparently…

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  1. establishing the basics:
    –All this is IMHO.
    –9 times out of ten, I believe that the poem’s 9 sentences are the “9 clues”. That every line, if not every word, was put there painstakingly over the 15 years, and it has a purpose.

    1) That capital B that drives everyone mad. There’s other capital B’s in the poem too: But. Begin. Both on lines that sure seem like they’re loaded with important clues. What if the B in Brown is a sign… to either skip these other two, or to pay ALL your attention on them…?

    2) The yin / yang duality & dichotomy has been noted by better minds than mine, but again; there’s up and down, take & leave, fire and water, life and death, old & new, warm & cold, go & halt, not far & too far, end & begin, quickly & tarry, Brave & Meek… !! With only 24 lines, that’s an awful lot of doubling up and dual images.
    2a. And while he never uses the same words to end the sentences (for the rhymes) he starts MANY of these 24 lines with repeat words: Even if you excuse “And” and “The” and “I”; there’s still “Just”, “If”, “So”.
    2b. And several lines have parallels of repeating sounds or words. Why? Look at line 9 and 11: 2 “there”s, followed by 2 “no”s, followed by 2 words starting with P; followed by a pair of ‘three syllables’, ending in rhyming words. There are also contractions in both 9 and 11. From a writing standpoint, that kind of pairing-up took effort.

    3) Why does FF repeat himself (hear, listen) on line 21/clue 8: SHMAALG? Is this a sign to pay attention to all the double-ups, repeats, and dichotomies and synonyms?

    4) line 3: “Secret Where” is an awkward phrase to me… why didn’t he just write “keep my secret where it hints of riches new and old”. Syllable count and word counts would have been the same?

    5) homonym city: speaking of lines 1 thru 3 “there” and “where” are also known as “they’re” “their” & “the air” 😉 & where is also “wear” and “Were-(wolf)” and “Ware”. These are hardly the only homonyms / puns / doublemeaning words in the poem- it’s rife with ’em.

    ok, goodnight 🙂

    • Mapsmith – that’s a lot to think about. I am still trying to figure out why FF would say it is not associated with any structure. That would rule out a lot of spots to go searching.

      • LOL because he’s probably tired of getting phone calls for bail money.

        When will the snow end??? Do you know when you’re going out Pam?

        • Toby at gypsy kiss did a interview with Mike at podcast but wondering when he is releasing it.

        • If “it” was hidden in AZ, we have been in the 70’s and tomorrow is supposed to be in the 80’s.
          Of course, everyone would then remind me that in the summer it would be in the 120’s.

          Have a great day, Steph!
          Thanks for your posts!

          • I’m soooo done with all the snow. My husband works for the DOT and Chicago has been hammered this year. I’m ready to move to Arizona…closer to the search spots…I’ll go to Arizona in the winter and find a nice mountain to hang out in during the summer 😉

          • I moved to Chicago in ’77. Record snowfall and next year record cold. Brrrrrr, I don’t even want to think about it. I moved to Arizona in ’82. You’d love the Catalina mountains in Southern AZ, Stephanie.

            Pam, I hope you have a fantastic trip. I hope it’s not to look for a certain bronze box. 😉

      • Pam: As I told Dal once: while my usual hunt logic is that
        “FF could have hidden the TC, released the poem, and been hit (knock wood) by the proverbial bus the next day, and so the poem had to still work on it’s own”.
        However, I also think the hints from the Today show and various emails/interviews are to “rule out” (blackout? greyout?) areas, hazards, and wastes of time. And I don’t think he was trying to be tricky when he said stuff like the treasure is “not in a graveyard” , “above 7000′ / below 10,200”, “not in an outhouse” & “not associated with any structure” (they ALL rule out a LOT of great spots!!!)
        — the logic proof here being this: he also had hinted in the past year or two that it’s not in Idaho nor Utah nor Nevada: and lo and behold, when the TFTW map came out last Fall, it omitted (greys-out) those states.
        in short: FF = Embellishes, yes. (You probably don’t need the “sandwich and flashlight”. But it’s not going to hurt anything if you bring ’em) But Falsifies? no. No structures, no graveyards, no mountain tops… as much as it pains me.

        He’s been careful not to rule out “buried” though, hasn’t he? 😉

          • Pam – I remember the recipes we all tried to find for that colorful toasted Pimiento Cheese Sandwich; the one that Forrest liked from his days in the military in Georgia. I found one that was lo-cal, submitted to the Food Network, by Paula Dean’s son. That’s the sandwich I would bring, in a sealed plastic,…or maybe titanium,… container (so it would, firstly, not attract Grizzes, and, secondly, would survive my “Spear of Destiny” encounter with the FIRST Grizz). And I could then eat it, as I look through the booty in TC (while I still try to figure out those baffling cryptographs, on those Natty Boh bottlecaps, that I found on the trail).

        • Mapsmith,

          Could you verify that he said above 7000″? I remember seeing a video where he began to say above 7000 but quickly changed it to above 5000.
          His awkwardness made me wonder if indeed the chest is above 7000 but perhaps he didn’t want to narrow it down that much, so said 5000.

          Other searchers have talked as if 7000 was what was said but I wonder if they have only convinced themselves that was what is true and the slip is evidence.

          I have a couple spots just below 7000 that I would hate to have to give up on, but am wasting my time if 7000 is correct.

          Also I really like your “establishing the basics” above. Great stuff.


          • Thanks, jdh, for pointing that out. I too have narrowed it down to two places by taking what FF said to heart. Guess I’m thankful that so many have jumped on the above 7000 wagon.

            There’s also the possibility he slipped because it is at 5700. Oops, I shouldn’t have said that.

          • E*
            No I id not noticed you missed the e in Zeppelin. And if I tried to count your letters I would still be back in December.
            I must read like I type. I am sure you would shrug it off just like I do.
            I made sure to study the Jolly Roger before I even typed it.
            You are the ultimate Brain Tapper.

            I like the thought and the small search area. Do you think the blaze is nearby?
            When I typed statute or nautical miles I was referring to the 300 miles West of Toledo hint.

        • I thought it was “… above 5000’…” Where’s the quote / interview / whatever where Forrest indicates “…above 7000’…” THX! Heading out for my third search June, 2014.

          • TJ-
            He said above 5000ft. but when he said it he misspoke ands started to say 7,000…but corrected himself. Some people think that’s a clue. Some people believe in unicorns and the tooth fairy too.

          • TJ I was wondering where did you hear the 7000 foot mark from, I ask cause lately its been a lot of correction being made and it makes it hard for new searchers to find information that is not misleading. I sure hope there is a still a Easter Bunny cause the only treasure I can find is the eggs.

          • Thanks, Dal. And,… don’t forget the Jackalope!
            To William: Read it in comments by Mapsmith, above.
            Q: Anyone think they’ve found a word in the poem that (as a two syllable code), may specifically describe the “…blaze…?” Just wondering if I’m the only one.

          • TJ – “Secret”,…two syllables,…”Se cret,… which is latin for, “He Crete”, which reminds me again of Icarus, and of that great Comet Ison video, from the Nasa folks, at And of the song, “Carry on Wayward Son”, by Kansas, which I was singing, loudly, the rest of the day yesterday (after getting off of this blog). Upon escaping from Crete,… and as I “flew too high”,…because I didn’t moderate my approach,…like my father, Daedelus, said I should,…my wings of wax and feathers started to melt,…and when I got too close to the Sun,….I plunged into the Aegean Sea,…and was tossed emotionally on those waves,…but unlike Icarus,…I didn’t drown, or get pulled under by a Siren,… to my demise. I am still here,… “masquerading as a man with a reason”, and,…”my charade is the event of the season”! And what I “hear”, running though my head, are the words, “Carry On” 🙂

          • TJ – Correction: That was “Daedalus”, who built the labyrinth on Crete, for King Minos to imprison the Minotaur, but who was then imprisoned himself, when he gave Ariadne that clew to give to Theseus (so he could defeat the Minotaur, and get out of the labyrinth). He ended up safely in Sicily, where two famous-in-battle Rogers ruled later, because he took his own advice and flew via the middle road to get there. 🙂

          • TJ – To clarify,…the name, Roger, actually means “Famous with a Spear”, and can also be spelled as Hroogar, as in,…King Hroogar, who was the king that Beowulf and Wiglaf served, when they fought the dragon, in the wood, to save the town. There were some cowards that didn’t help Beowulf, in the wood, too. Maybe I will call my Junior College boyfriend to be my thane on the hunt for TC, then? He had beautiful, long hair, btw, and liked to listen to “Led Zepplin” “The Scorpions” and “Van Halen”. I like the song “The Scorpions”, a German group, did about the Wall coming down, between East and West Germany.

          • Safety Joe – Hey, did you notice I forgot the second e in Led Zeppelin? That was a test, and a great opportunity for someone to make fun of me. Did you know the pirate flag was originally red? The Jolly Roger came later. The history of the pirate colors is worth a look.

          • TJ and Mapsmith – More latin,…”alone” means “saved”,…which reminded me of the story I read about the lead singer of Kansas, who wrote the lyrics of “Carry On Wayward Son”, in 1976. He became an evangelical Christian in 1980. When he went “alone in there”, to write that song, he must have already been inspired. At least that’s how I interpreted his story.

        • Just to throw out a couple of thoughts I regards to hints by f :
          Remember he is a pilot. In pilot terms this are great differences.
          When he mentions altitudes…is he stating MSA or AGL?
          In regards to miles is he talking statute miles or nautical miles?
          Also, a graveyard is different than a cemetery and is different than a burial ground. I do not suggest that any be entered, I am only stating that they are different.
          Sorry if this information was already said on your blog before Dal.

          • Safety Joe – Right,…I got that too, so I knew that a private, or historical, grave site is not a graveyard.

          • 🙂 Safety Joe,

            In regard to miles,
            High Elevation 10,200.
            Low Elevation …5,000.
            Result difference 5,200 feet.
            Mile is 5,280 feet
            “80”, eighty feet short of a mile.
            66,000 links is 8.25 miles,
            or 43,560, 43,560 square feet
            results to an area size of 1 acre….
            Size of desired search area 209′ by 209′,
            80′ in the 209′ square box.

            🙂 Match, Strike, Spark, Blaze, Fire, Light
            🙂 The Golf Chess & Cheese Society

          • IWGOLF – So, as I mentioned before,…a “hundred acre wood” is about one fifth of a square mile,…or do your calculations reflect an AT…I mean, 80 acre wood? I did these calculations, when I tried to find out where Winnie the Grizz would likely be, but also when I read Forrest’s story about the amount of trees it would take to publish the Sunday paper.

          • 🙂 E*,

            1 acre destination search area, certainly can fit with 80 or 100 acre wood tract, even smaller or larger wood tracks. More like 79 or 80 feet within the 1 acre site.

            🙂 Match, Strike, Spark, Blaze, Fire, Light
            🙂 The Golf Chess & Cheese Society

        • Re: “sandwich and flashlight” … I plan to eat another sandwich at the same (lonely) picnic table at my favorite spot while on my third search this coming June. My flashlight will be in the darkness of my backpack next to an ancient warrior axe my Dad passed down to me, and which I plan to pass on to my grandson. BTW… I have (and will again) passed below the HOB. What did I see there? Clueless tourists unaware of the it’s historical significance (especially in relation to the treasure). Be safe, and HAVE FUN!

          • It may be a lonely place but are you lonely there? I bet you’re not.

            When we are in nature we forget about ourselves, everything else left behind. We are never so less alone , we become one with the world. That is what he wants kids to know, isnt it?

          • TJ – I am wondering if your ancient warrior axe looks like the one in the picture I took, on my phone, of a Dave McGary bronze sculpture (showing a warrior member of Sitting Bull’s Strongheart Society, holding an axe). To be a member, you had to be a MALE warrior, with the attributes of strength, bravery, patience and good moral character. The axe has a hollow heart in the center, and was probably crafted after the model provided by those carried by French traders or trappers. Or, they traded directly with the French for it. Why will you be at your picnic table, TJ,…is your other favorite spot “too far too walk”? Or are you a-f-f-raid of the Grizzes you may find on the way? And were those tourists swimming in the “burnt hole”, and completely unaware of its significance? 🙂

          • Hi Deb… Not lonely, but the picnic table is when I’m not there 🙂 I think “lonely” is like “boredom”… they’re both choices (for humans anyway). Hope the snow has melted at my spot by mid June!

          • E- That was my father to a T … strong, brave, patient, and of good moral character. And, it’s the same picnic table I eat at every time I visit my spot. It’s TFTW from WWWH to HOB, but not from my picnic table to the treasure (as far as I know). Possibly (if my calcamalations are correct) I’ve been directly over it. I just can’t figure out how to get to it. I’m thinking I keep walking over / next to / around the TS, and just keep missing it. I sure am having a wonderful time looking for it though, and find the area so interesting and full of people / places / things / history to learn about. Re: running into a Griz…doubt that’s going to happen (although there is a different fairly large animal predator I am a bit concerned about). I only take the axe hoping it will share with me the wisdom it has heard over the ages, when I need it. For bigger “live” challenges I have other forms of protection. And,… if the tourists are swimming in a burnt hole, they’ll be far from me and my “lonely” spot!

          • TJ – Fantasmagorical, mathmatastical figurings, like those of IWGOLF and Mapsmith, make me doubt my calcamalations, too. I am just going to bring my always-growing, Giant Ball of String, to figure out where that 80′ lies within the 209’x209′ square. And that should help me find my way out of the labyrinth, too (breadcrumbs are not effective). And I could always use the back of my hand to figure out where 20 degrees is, when I try to find the Omega end of that rainbow.

            I did mis-read HOB to be WWWH, but now I read you loud and clear. And if you eat your sandwich at your lonely bench, it certainly would not be TFTW (so I guess I don’t really need Buck to make the trip out). If you get cold, during your efforts, you could use that special axe to build a nice fire, too. And then sleep under the stars! Keep your protection close, though.

            That fairly large predator you mentioned was featured in a great PBS special I saw. It was “alone in there”, really big and black, and was using the roads to avoid other males of its species (because he was after their females). I saw all of them going after something smaller and Brown; a creature that was way too fast and too smart for them, especially in the snow covered landscape. They got pretty cold and wet, while they were trying, though.

            I hope to see you there in June! Then you won’t be lonely at that bench. 🙂

          • TJ – Those same “clueless tourists” are not only unaware of the efforts of all those hard-working people with axes, at least 80 years ago, but they are also unaware of the danger of Grizzes in the surrounding area, especially on the trail. At least that was my experience.

          • TJ – And don’t think I didn’t notice,…a lot of those lines,…in your one post,… appear to be / diagonal. I really, realllly,
            REALLLY liked that! Do you like to play marbles, by any chance? 🙂

          • Hi E. Just read your last few posts. Here’s when I’ll be at the picnic bench…

            The twins arrived
            The cyclops hid
            The snowy crew
            Too made a bid
            To wit
            The Major also came along
            Together they all sang a song
            A member pushed to see ahead
            Alas, see-saw himself instead

            I know,… pretty simple, but I thought it would be fun and in the spirit of the search. Any guess has to be accompanied by a solution. You (and Deb and many others posting here) seem to have fine minds. Could be fun to see your interpretive skills at work.

          • TJ-
            Had to try.
            hid so after Thursday or
            after Jupiters next phase 18 June.
            Snowy crew-milky way (astronomy)
            Major – 22 or Moon- Monday
            member of clock 12:00
            see-saw himself instead-12:00 noon

            Monday 22 June 2014 at 12:00 noon.


          • Hi Safety Joe – Getting close. So, …hard work deserves a noteworthy hint: The poem (mine – not F’s) reveals multiples of one fruit, but no spice.
            PS: I thought E and/or Deb would take a shot at this. But, then I thought… we all spend such a great deal of time working TTOTC (note: my sister and I have two 6000 mile “boots on the ground” TTOTC trips under our belts) so why mess with THIS? Then I remembered,…because it’s FUN. Looking forward to my upcoming trip and lunch at the lonely bench. Good luck to everyone. Be well, and be safe out there.

          • TJ-
            Its like going by a carnival game. I just had to take a shot.
            Saw=11. My watch must have been stuck on central time.
            Worthwhile knowledge even though I didn’t get it correct.
            Back to the Chase.
            Travel Safe!

    • These “twins” lead me to believe that he has a possible mystical connection to the finder of the chest.

      Has to do with the event at the waterfall and the one in the air, again a duality.

      It’s the only question have for him…….Asking him anything relating to the treasure is just setting yourself up for a downfall.

      Doesn’t care for hedgers, has no problem sending you on a goose chase.


      Looter Treasure Hunter Archaeologist

        • Fenn

          Would imagine has to be aware of Hopi prophecy which foretells of a great white brother (called Phanna) who brings the “Twins”……………

          That’s nothing to be playing around with Would create massive social and culture unrest.

          Thought to be the end of the world in Indian culture………..


          • Rick and Aspen Marsh – Hey, Aspen Marsh,…would that be a wood,…like a “hundred acre wood”,…like Stephanie mentioned,…with Winnie in it,…AND a forest fen,…all put together??? Wow!

            Siriusly,..the stars, Castor and Pollux, make up the constellation Gemini (which is what that second Apollo mission was named for, btw). And Helen of Troy was their Sister, who they protected really well in Attica. And her mother was either Leda or Nemesis,…and the Twins’ mother was Leda, but each of their fathers was disputable. He may or may not have been Zeus.

            And there are two statues of Castor and Pollux, with horses, at the entrance to a famous plaza, that Michaelangelo designed, on Capitoline Hill, in Rome (one of the Seven Hills of Rome,…there are seven in that area of the Hagia Sofia in Instanbul, too). That hill was home to the Sabines, originally, and Julius Caesar knelt there, at the Temple of Jupiter, after he had a accident, during a tribute. And I read something about Vulcan there,…isn’t he the God-of-all-things-forge-and-volcanoes-and-maybe-foundry-work-too ?

            I think the final scene of “Angels and Demons”,…with the helicopter,…and the parachute,…involving the “God Particle”,…and CERN,…takes place there, in that plaza, doesn’t it? Yep, that was Tom Hanks. And, Nicholas Cage was in a movie with John Travolta, called, “Face/Off”; featuring two twin brothers, who had the names, Castor and Pollux Troy (or was that another movie he was in, about scriptwriting in Hollywood?). Oh, and he played “The Blaze”, on a motorcycle, in a movie, too (I saw a red scooter by that name, btw). Then there is Chapter 17 of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: The Man with Two Faces”. I think Raiphe Finnes did a great job as Valdemort in that one.

            I’m Baaaack! And if you thought I was gone,…you might want to read the lyrics of two songs: “Titanium” by David Guetta and “What Doesn’t Kill You” by Kelly Clarkson (which reminded me of Mapsmith’s gravatar sign/photo about bears, lol!) 🙂

      • Rick – I just really like looking at your face…on your Avatar…it is really inspiring. It made me think of Renelle, who met the REAL Indiana Jones, and who said, in her interview with Toby, that she really loves history. Which is why I like to post, on this blog, all that historical stuff I find on Wikipedia. And I still think it is so great that her doctor took her on that ride in the helicopter; I really enjoyed all those pictures you posted, Dal, on the blog…thank you!

        Hey, Dal,…did you notice that you had exactly 777 comments on The Poem Part Two blog, when you closed it? That is a magical number to me. FYI that I read EVERY remaining post on that one (after my final post yesterday), and on this one, before I posted today. I especially liked that Michael D. posted that gallery info. from 1988 about Forrest. Steve Martin played the banjo, didn’t he? Now I am hearing that John Denver “Railroad” song again…and thinking about a Keller book I read for a while. Wasn’t 1988 the year Forrest found out he had cancer? And there was a massive fire in Yellowstone that year, too. I wonder if that had anything to do with his treasure plan?

        And when you said, “twins”…and, “faces”, Rick,…I thought of the movie, “The Mirror Has Two Faces”, and, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, and Gemini, and the view from that helicopter journey. Oh, and that famous Face on Mars,…were there two faces, there, next to the pyramid, or just one??

        • The ground was heard to be humming in Northern New Mexico back in 92.

          Some called it the great mourning others that it was just mass frenzy feed by people’s imaginations.

          One need not to over reactive with this rather to be informed

          Point being to play around with the “Twins”
          I’m very very disappointed in fenn


          • I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt………..Besides a myth thousand of years old…….

            He has to be aware of Indian religious and culture views……..

            Then again it’s a treasure hunt……..

          • Rick – I read something about the contamination of the water supplies in Northern New Mexico (in natural underground storage areas?), or around San Antonio, anyway, due to the nuclear testing that was done years ago (at Los Alamos…the Twins?…the Atom Bomb, maybe?,…since Forrest’s bomber carried atomic bombs, and his friend worked with Feynman?). I thought of Forrest getting cancer while living near there, and of the bronze sculptor, Dave McGary, who recently passed from cancer at the age of 55. He also did foundry work in New Mexico, and one of this famous bronze Native American sculptures stands in a public square in Santa Fe.

          • I believe his reason for getting into the foundry work is wanting to create an Indian Bronze for himself. I read that somewhere.

          • Rick – And then there are the Twins, Romulus and Remus, and the two hills of Rome they fought over (Romulus won, Remus died, and Rome was born). Wasn’t a Wolf one of their parents?Those two were on the Franks’ Casket, too. And were Cain and Abel twins? No, nevermind,…I guess not. But one did kill the other, right? And the descendants of each went down two divergent paths, I guess. I hope we can all get along! 🙂

          • E

            You have to have context.

            The Hopis and their traditions believe a sign is “Twins” and a Great White Man.

            So if Fenn is playing with that myth to see if it’s true or not………

            A whole culture is founded on these believes yet others see it as a fairy tale.

            Now more than ever believe whoever finds this should just take it keep their mouths shut and don’t look back.

            Going to have more problems then they can handle The IRS Indians people and who knows whatever.


          • Rick – OK, now I AM Sirius,…about having context,…but I AM a little Blue about what I read. This particular person’s opinion explored the idea that sometimes Native American legends, like the Hopi one you referred to, were changed, over time, to incorporate the white beliefs and prophecies. And didn’t the Cheyenne have that legend about “The Coyote and the Star”? I read on that site, that the time period for those legends was about 300-800 years ago.

        • There are other 1988 connections too, if my favorite solve for WWWH is right. Something that I can’t elaborate on until after July. :/

          • Nope. Something dry & boring that happened far away from There, but might (I hope ) have much to with our TC site.
            1988 was a heck of a time – Nasa shuttles had been grounded, Reagan was having his last gasp in power, and all those Alex p Keaton wannabes were raking in the dough ‘heere at the Wall.’

    • Mapsmith – Poem related: Re: your, “3)…on line 21/clue 8: SHMAALG”,…regarding (hear listen),…and (effort cold),…um,… has anyone been listening to ME?! Because SMAUG lives in a VERY COLD cave! Well,…with the exception of all that WARM gold, and those brilliant jewels with FIRE in them,…like the Arkenstone,…which looks like an Opal,…and the probably volcanic WELL he chases Bilbo down into (see: J.R.R. Tolkien, Peter Jackson, New Zealand, Volcanic, & Earthquakes). Do you think counting up all the poem syllables, aspects, double-ups, repeats, dichotomies and synonyms, would count as doing MATH? I kinda figured that Forrest hates math, btw. And so does SMAUG!

      • A man , a pilot by trade – then businessman dealing in large sums and valuations- who memorizes metered poems and refers to distances in terms of surveyor links might not like bad math teachers, but he actually is quite comfy with math itself

    • Mapsmith,

      In regards to Your #4) Secret Where…I believe where is being used so that in this case where means treasure.
      In other words it could mean…I can keep my secret treasure, and hint of riches new and old.
      In this case the word hint could be the fact that he is using the poem to tell stories about the chest and its contents.

      • Mapsmith and Safety Joe – Someone on this blog said that Forrest hates math,…and I can relate to bad teachers affecting one’s love/hate relationship with a particular scholastic endeavor. My bad teachers were in Chemistry and Physics,…and you know what happened to one of them. Now I am thinking about “He Crete”,… Where? That made me wonder if Forrest nicknamed his F-100D fighter jet, “Icarus”,…Hmmm.

      • Mapsmith – or maybe it’s,…Secret…Ware (Norse=Verja), because I found this headline from the Dallas Cowboys’ website: “Eatman: Goose Egg For Ware; New Ace On Special Teams?” (See also: the Webster’s online dictionary for Ware). Forrest did sell his Wares to lots of famous people, at his gallery, in Santa Fe. And someone said there may be a secret-something-or-other, in TC, that none of us knows about. I like my asterisk-for-word theory best, though. So,…”What is the secret word?” Wasn’t that from a Groucho Marks routine? Did I get that right??? 🙂

        • Mapsmith – I have been reading a 2009 interview, from an NBC site, between Matt Lauer and Dan Brown (and others), about that book I read,…and looking up words like Ware, Wear, Wary, Alive, Laus Deo, Hope, Peace, In God We Trust,….checking Latin, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Welsh, Africanz, Dutch, etc. Somehow I ended up in the pylae again,…and thinking about agate,…and something King Arthur was looking for, in that movie I saw last week. And about one of those Egyptian Gods,…who had something to do with writing things down, and an Ibis? That made me look for a Connecticut-something-or-other story,…that had King Arthur in it, too! Oh,…now I know Ware to look for the blaze! I hope the Brown creature decides to give it up, though 🙂

          • Mapsmith – I have one of those can-you-complete-the-missing-word puzzles for you…it involves a hero,…and something someone wrote down,…that took me a really long time to decipher,….so here it is: Captain Thomas W____. I have always intended to be aware, and to look carefully for certain things, to guide me to TC. I would not have missed this one for the world! 🙂

          • E: too many options! White, Woodward, walker, wilford,

            Or did you mean W as a middle initial? Because then there’s a connection to butte Mt via precious metals Or custer’s little brother and MoH winner. Twice .

        • From what I read you got that perfect. It had so many of the elements I had been wondering about. I especially liked the papyrus boat and the crocodiles.I did wonder how his “friends”could seal him in the chest though? That was just wrong.

    • Mapsmith – My life is “rife” with Dopplegangers today! The two “Thanes”, at THE restaurant, were not twins, but they had the same name,…which relates to the Beowulf story,…whose Thane, Wiglaf, was “famous in battle”,…just like those French Kings ^; one who had a V after his name (See: A. Dumas for more twins. Also See: “F” for Iron), who might have seen a twin-something-or-other…like a “blaze”…in the sky back then (so,… maybe I AM the “blaze”! See: Alma’s part she plays, on the lawn of the estate, in the cosmic dance, in the book, “The Signature of All Things”). What was that “blaze” year again,…the last three numbers? A girl with the same nick-name as me, was sitting to my right, that night, at THE restaurant, by the way. Oh, and they are getting the Poliziano wine back in today,…the one named after Politian,… you know, the “In Violas” one with the V, all in Gold, on the label. Maybe I’ll go get that Dan Brown book back from the pawn shop; the one with the shadow of Edgar Allan Poe on it by candlelight,…to celebrate…In Memoriam! Voila!,…oh no,…it’s the French again,…and more insults. Keep you head down! 😉

      • Mapsmith – Correction: “See: Fe for Iron”…why would any element do anything without the e ???

    • Stephanie I have been looking for the comments on the numbers or letters that are on the treasure chest can you tell me what they are thanks

      • I’m not sure what you mean. I only counted the words in each of the 9 sentences. I thought when he said that the “s” didn’t matter…that was a clue that it wasn’t letters…but words that did. So if you’re asking about the word count I had…it was this…

          • Sorry Frank. I thought you were asking about numbers of words/letters in the poem…not on the chest.

        • Stephanie – I actually like math, even though Calculus was hard for me. So, if you add those numbers above together, in groups of three, you get: 25+20+7=52, 27+29+16=72, 13+14+15=42. And then if you use numerology to reduce, then add, each of the results together, you get: 7+9+6=22. That is a Master Number, and my absolute favorite number, which I always had on my jersey, playing competitive volleyball (Hi Wilson!). Leonardo Da Vinci, up on the ladder, in the vault, helped me with that one. And so did you, Stephanie,…thank you! 🙂

          • Hi E… I’ve been experiencing the number 11 thing for about 2 years now. 11 / 22 and 33 ….very powerful (or so I’m told).

          • TJ – More numbers fun: 7x3x2=42, 3x3x2x2x2=72, but, 3x3x3x2=54 (not,… 52,…but it DOES equal Adams’s magic meaning of life equation, 9×6=54). So, could there be a missing 2 words, in one of those first three sentences? Maybe from when his plan A was to be buried with TC? Then, “I can keep my secret where” (6 words), could be,…if you’ll forgive my messing-with-Forrests-poem,…A place to hide my secret * where (8 words, if you include the missing-not-messing one, represented by the *. But then my numerology crackdown equals 9+9+6=24, not 22; however, that second line DOES, then, have 22 words, which is still a Master Number. And the 24 numerology reduction does equal 6, which is the correct letter in the alphabet for F,..for Forrest. And he likes the color Blue. I hope I got all that right,…I have to go get something to eat, so doing math is really hard right now. Oh no,…there’s Smaug,…run away! 🙂

          • E and Stephanie: here’s a far out thought : take Stephanie’s numbers and E’s sums. Start at ‘the question’ in the poem, not at AIHGA nor BIWWWH, but SWIII. Instead of numerology, just add set 2 & 3 (from this new start point). 2 #’s remain.
            These 2 #’s Look remarkably like longitude & latitude, don’t they??. Not in The Rocky Mountains, but in mountains that are rocky and north of Santa Fe. Certainly right where warm waters halt (the biggest bath tub there is). 😉 Also a heck of a history with gold in that area. See also Nuevo Albion.

            Has FF actually ever said that the map shows the TC spot, or have we all just assumed? 😉

          • Mapsmith – Que interesante! I am impressed that the circumnavigator in question did the “Scire, tacere” thing so well, per that famous Queen’s directive. She was pretty handy with giving people the axe, so I guess I would, too. But she really should have corrected the historical info., after he served her so well, against the Spanish.

            And I do know a lot about that nearby city; the one close to his landing place on the coast. And about the history of gold there, and the stories of gold being transported on ships to get to/from there (I am sure Clayton knows about those ships, too). And I know loads about the Great Earthquake that happened there, too. The history of the flag of that state is interesting,…hey, isn’t that a Grizz? They had a much wider territory back then. I am sure the Miwok Indians, in Yosemite, can fill me in on the backstory on that.

          • Cape blanco airstrip is right by there…. And to the north is Gardiner. And horsehead lake could be a blaze, or check out sunset bay state park in close up: X marks 4 spots in satellite view. !!
            New lake = treasures old n New
            Whale = heavy load
            Cove = water high
            And don’t forget the name of TheDragon’s ship…. It’s riches old. 😀

          • Nope. I’m thinking of a city much further north, at the precise coordinates described by the sums Stephanie mentioned. Same coast, different state. Just south of North…. Some historians think its a whale of a tail,
            but as far as oro goes this place had 1) their own vein, and 2) were a benefactor of the Alaska rush (Less than SF or SEA but , tourist dollars are still extra dollars). And 3) the name of the Dragons vehicle could count as a third AUthenticator. 😉

          • Mapsmith – Oh, and I used to drink water every day, that came down from, “waters high”, from that huge bathtub. And there is a erie-ly similar WWWH kinda near there, with the same name as a HOB one, which I have mentioned before (about the color of the rock there). Oh, and the one like it, that I mentioned in Istanbul, too. So maybe TC is in/near another National Park, then?

            I got lost there, at age 14, at night, while hiking to another famous halt, on a school trip. My supposedly-smartest-in-the-bunch friends and I decided to sneak off, on the first night, for a little hike as the sun went down, without flashlights. One broken ankle and two concussions, with multiple contusions, later,…we were all OK. Intelligence does not equal common sense, FYI. 🙂

          • Mapsmith – Thanks for adding that info. But now I am thinking again about that Cable TV series, “Da Vinci’s Demons”, and about various dragon references made there (one of which was made in the book, “Dragonology”, also),…and that ship,…do you think Da Vinci knew where that circumnavigator went, or vice-versa? They were both searching for the Gold, though, weren’t they? I can’t wait until Season 2 comes out on DVD.

          • Mapsmith – Hey, I translated that airstrip you mentioned into English, and ended up reading a great story about a “Mack the Knife” -like creature, in the online version of Outside Magazine, from August 2013. Titanium was mentioned. Good point,…I guess Titanium is a good metal to use against lots of menacing creatures,…on land AND in the sea,… such as Alligators. I am sure Crayton,… and Dal,…both know all about that! 🙂

          • Mapsmith – How come when I read, “horsehead lake”, I heard the words, “sleeps with the fishes”, in my head? Maybe it was the whole Frank Sinatra, singing, “Mack the Knife”, thing. And Gardiner, maybe. Hey, I found a reference to lle,…like Paris,…and those French Kings ^,…Ile d’ France,..Fleur de Lis,…or Lys,…or Elyse? Aaarrgghh! TMI!

          • My favorite/lucky number has always been 22. I don’t know why. The wall size TOTC map I purchased is numbered 22/100. wowser!

  2. As a writer and a very infrequent poet, I will sometimes find an obtuse word to make it rhyme –yet even though the word doesn’t really say what I mean, it seems to work for the poem and its meaning. Sometimes the obvious isn’t hiding beneath a word but is staring us smack in the face. The fact that Forrest keeps saying “it won’t be easy to find, but its not impossible” makes me believe that it’s one of those things that’s staring you right in the face if you just relaxed long enough to stop digging so hard (bad pun) and took the easy way out with the words instead (as in, go with the flow), it might be findable. My two cents.

    • Hi Margie, I agree that the needed clue is some how staring us in the face. I also think that the chest is some where that’s accessible year round.

    • all nine of the clues stare us in the face anytime we look at the poem. 😉 LOL …wish they’d talk instead.

  3. Margie, I agree with you on your reasoning. I know you follow the Chase and know many of the searchers involved. You have interviewed Forrest and talked with him on many occasions. Do you have a particular state or place where you think the chest is located? Thanks Don

    • Knowledge== Edge -one -down -now -wedge-know-led-won -one-do-on-leg-week–gold -gone-done

      • You have forgotten a couple… owl, which doesn’t help. But may refer to wise and knowledge.

        Nowel: 1. The core of a mold for casting large objects.

        2 . The bottom part of the mold or of a flask.

    • FF has said in at least one interview what the ‘key’ word is. Is wasn’t knowledge, it was c…….

      Hmmm!!…. now *that’s* a thought… (might be time to email that cypher professor I know at WWU…)

      • You know a cypher teacher? *jealous*. I looked to hire people at one time to help me with some of my solutions. I thought his comment about Ovaltine had to do with the secret decoder ring. What was the show that was on?

        • Alice and Bob – I wonder if that’s how Forrest got his start with cryptography (circa 1935). I did see a picture of the cylinder Jefferson invented in 1795,…thanks! And I guess the army used stuff like that, too. But we should never forget the original cryptographer, Julius Caesar, who came up with many of these concepts. I am just going to channel him,…but then I might get another really bad migraine headache!

      • Mapsmith….Give us another clue to C……please!!!!for I am tired and have been reading the books, night and day and day and night and I am not that smart. Don’t tease us like that…..

        • 🙂 Lou Lee,


          🙂 Match, Strike, Spark, Blaze, Fire, Light
          🙂 The Golf Chess & Cheese Society

          • Wasn’t it ‘move with’ confidence?
            Confidence, Mass? no, not the right ‘key’.
            But anyway, that quote he gave jenny is also outside the poem, so I doubt it’s super important, per the ‘hit by a bus’ logic.
            Still fun though, when good stuff overlaps. Intentional or not

          • Mapsmith – I know! I know! It stands for Connecticut Colony, MA, which is also one of those (temporarily-by-Forrest) Landlord-Owned places you land on, when you play Monopoly (which was invented by a woman, with the first name “Lizzie”, btw,…of course it was!). I will be the Cougar,…I mean the Cat,… when I play for the Gold! 🙂

          • Mapsmith I like the way your mind works..not straight forward like the average person.. you have class!

          • What are they going to teach me in school that I don’t already know….perhaps that an idea you have in your head for yourself?

          • Mapsmith – Why the state of Connecticut is pronounced differently than it is spelled:

            The name of the state is an anglicized version of the Algonquian word “quinatucquet”, meaning “upon the long river”.

            I never knew that,…but I think that might be a key fact. What do you think?

          • William – Kansas,…”There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.” After I go to Oz, on the Yellow Brick Road,…to get the TC,…I will meet you there. 🙂

        • Donna – “Monopoly”, could mean, “Mono-poly”, which could translate to mean, “One-many”, or “One-to-Many”. Or, “All-One”, for that matter. That All works for me, anyway,…and Forrest likes to play Monopoly, too. What is the new game piece they came up with recently? 🙂

          • Donna – E Pluribus Unum (See: the dollar bill, NOT the dollarbill, who posts on this blogsite, who spoke about the embelishment thereof). That means, “Out of Many, One”, I think. I’ll check that again later, in my Dan Brown book, which I retrieved from the Pawn Shop.

      • And here I always thought he said an “I” word, Imagination, was more important than knowledge. Where did he talk about a c word being the “key” – do you have a link?

        • FF did say Imagination was more important . With that said FF did not say that knowledge was not important .

          • The Wright Brothers had a lot of imagination but they need knowledge to get it to fly. We would never advance in anything without dreams and imagination and I believe Forrest is making is test our limits and now I watch less tv and a little wiser now then when I started

      • Mapsmith – I know! I know! It’s “couloir”, right?! Oh,…wait,…that word isn’t in the poem,…I got a little ahead of myself there,…sorry!

  4. Dal, I agree with your ideas posted in part 2 about the possibility and probability of many people being relatively close to the chest and not knowing the importance of where they were, maybe only 500 ft away or less. 🙂

  5. Thanks Stephanie, I should have listened to Toby’s interview with Margie. In the interview it sounded like Margie has a deep love for Forrest. That’s cool.

  6. In my simple mind I choose to start with the clues where it says Begin. There is no period or comma until down,. That is clue 1 then each line after is a clue ending with cease,. That gives you 9 clues. just my thoughts. I do not think it is in any water, but near it. I do think people have been 500ft away from it – that is easy – like a needle in a haystack.

  7. I was going to respond to a post in part 2 about how to post long links. Sorry if this is off topic! Use the website to shrink those long links so they work.

  8. This is all along the lines that I have been thinking. If I may Mapsmith…What do you think the key word is? Anyone think they know what it is? Is it Canyon? I think without a Canyon, your not near it. What do you think? Thanks so much everyone. Thank You for sharing.

        • Stephanie – The word “Cannon”, in Turkish, means “Top”. There was another word that meant “Fred”, but I don’t remember what that was now. I feel I am getting close to the word, that is your “key”, though. 🙂

          • Stephanie – Hey, that Jefferson Cypher Wheel looks sort of like a Cannon, doesn’t it? Mmmm,….Bacon! I just looked up the word, “Logos”,… just for fun,…”surely you jest,”…E* 🙂

          • Stephanie – OK, I found a true bit of Gold to share, with your help:

            “A moody child and wildly wise
            Pursued the game with joyful eyes,
            Which chose, like meteors, their way,
            And rived the dark with private ray:
            They overleapt the horizon’s edge,
            Searched with Apollo’s privilege;
            Through man, and woman, and sea, and star
            Saw the dance of nature forward far;
            Through worlds, and races, and terms, and times
            Saw musical order, and pairing rhymes.”

            Olympian bards who sung

            Divine ideas below,
            Which always find us young,

            And always keep us so

            Essays, Second Series – Ralph Waldo Emerson

            Thank you, Stephanie 🙂

          • E* Thats a lovely poem. I agree it is the way Stephanie approaches everthing in life, with her whole heart and her lightening fast intellect. She is utterly amazing.

  9. Does anyone wonder if the 9 clues are all important. Or is that a clue of its own. Cats have 9 lives. Reptiles move even after they die is that why ff likes his gators. What about frogs? This is getting weird….

  10. Yes Canyon – to look quickly down your quest to cease. FF says to read the poem and follow in order – don’t skip, or read backwards.

    • JMB, you’re going to have to find that quote for me I don’t quite believe that I’ve heard FF say that…

      • Aspen Marsh – A Cherokee Power Song: We ne ne ah-ah we ne yo..(repeat, etc). And another Cherokee song: Tish nah he nah ha,…tish nah he nah ha, ha ne ko ko ne, ha ne ko ne, tish nah, ha ha… I am remembering these phonetically, so forgive my spelling. I am sure the Grizzes won’t mind if I get them slightly wrong on the trail. They might run from my voice, though. Was that Cherokee for creativity?

          • Aspen Marsh – Oops! That was,..Ahk tish nah he nah ha,…and I only remember these two songs, from 2001, when I learned them from my friend, who studied with the Cherokee Grandmother on the East Coast. We learned a great Cherokee ladies’ dance, too, that had seven,…or maybe nine, repetitions. I don’t remember that one. So, since Google translator does not have Cherokee, what do your words mean? Laurinda, who is half Cherokee, did not ever translate for me.

    • Kyote – Thank you Soooo much for posting that link of quotes. I loved the one about ads, because it made me think of when I worked for that “fruit company”, and that great “1984” ad we did. Awesome! Here is my favorite quote that was on your link:

      29) Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labour in freedom. (Albert Einstein)

      I am in deep appreciation for having the opportunity to participate freely in TTOTC; especially on these amazing blog sites. Thank you again to Dal, Stephanie, Toby, Mark, Mike, and Forrest (and to all the others who participate and post). This experience has changed my life! 🙂

  11. Fenn has a fairly good command of the English language. In creating this poem he would construct it as he saw fit. After all, he did say that he doen’t like dictionaries. In light of this fact, it must be looked at as his personal nature to use punctuation and words as he saw fit.

    He tells us that it contains 9 clues; which is true (nine sentences = nine clues). What he doesn’t say, is that each of the clues may have numerous hints. This multiplies the difficulties for many people as to which is which.

    Consider this: Clue – a piece of evidence or information used in the detection of a crime or solving of a mystery. Hint – a slight or indirect indication or suggestion. Although they seem the same, there is a slight difference. One is direct and the other is indirect. The secret is to look at each sentence as a seperate piece of information and then work that sentence using the hints to uncover the meaning of that clue. After all, there is ONLY 9 clues. So far, I have uncovered 18 hints. This is just my humble opinion.

  12. In regards to where to start in the poem, I do not recall Forrest ever saying to “Begin where warm waters halt” (which someone earlier had suggested), however I recollect him saying “Read the poem from the beginning”. If someone can correct me, please do.

    • Good point germanguy you are a dangerous one. Just Kidding 🙂 Yah there are multiple hints to some of the Clues but Each stanza has a Clue in my opinion. That leaves three extra. Stanza two has three clues if I figure right. My favorites are home of Brown too far to walk begin it were warm waters halt.

      • LOL. You mean stanza 2 has 3 hints in 1 clue. The clue ends at the period. The 4th line down in stanza 2 is another sentence in itself, which makes it another clue. Think of it as a balloon with 3 marbles inside, the balloon is the clue and the marbles are the hints. Each sentence ending in punctuation is a separate clue. I hope I’m not confusing you 🙂

        • I see your point. But if there are 9 clues some stanzas have at least multiple clues. I still think there are three clues in stanza 2. A sentence could have more than one clue. Example can you figure out WHAT IS “IT” WHAT IS “Brown” and WERE IS “TOO FAR TO WALK”???

          • I believe their are 4 clues in stanze 2 (Cer singing “I Believe” in background).
            1. Begin wtwwh
            2. Take it in the canyon, Down (not up)
            3. Not to far, but too far to walk
            4. Put in below home of Brown

          • So too far to walk is between the warm water and the home of Brown…so is that 10 miles between the two, 91 miles, 50 miles? Those are the only miles that I’ve seen him mention that I can think of..are they nauticual miles?

          • It…road. too far…less than ten miles, per preface in TFTW (IMO) and Brown…that is MY secret clue I figured out but won’t share, sorry! ¥Peace¥

          • Donna – Were those the Fantasia Barrino lyrics, to “I Believe”, that were playing in the background?

    • German-
      He has said to several searchers that they need to begin where warm waters halt. He said this because many searchers were simply picking random “home of Brown” locations and starting there. Forrest told them “You will never find it that way. You need to begin where warm waters halt.” I have heard him say this on a couple of occasions at different events. I believe he also said it publicly on this blog…but I can’t remember where.

      • Not to be a smarty but he has also indicated that you need to start at the beginning of the poem.

      • OK, let’s say that Fenn did say to “Begin it where warm waters halt”. I can’t imagine that he would want searchers to overlook the 1st stanza and start it at the 2nd stanza. After all, I believe he is referring to “Begin it…”, as the starting point for the actual starting point for the search. I found the first stanza to contain a very powerful clue. IMHO. However, thanks for correcting me on the exact understanding of his comment. I can always count on you to keep me on my toes 🙂

      • Germanguy the thing is Fenn did say BWWWH but if I was you I would start right at the 3 stanza and christmas tree IT from there cause BWWWH isnt working for the rest of us.

        • William-
          Not true. I think it works for me. In fact I have three or four…maybe ten or twelve places WWWH. lol…

      • My current solve, which I have had for awhile, has my home of Brown nowhere near the path of my interpretation of the nine clues. In fact, if one had decided that the home of Brown was in fact this one and then tried to figure out my WWWH, they would have a very hard time finding it. The reason for that is, the instructions in the poem does not say that you have to go to or pass home of Brown, only that you must put in below it. That was always my plan in the past. Ok, I have my HOB there must be a WWWH around here somewhere. I always tried to find HOB first because it seemed the most tangible thing in the poem. How I interpreted the clues would never have changed if I hadn’t finally taken Forrest’s own advice and started looking for WWWH first.

      • Dal – in TFTW page 128-131 “lost and found – a saga” has an aviation map from steamboat springs Colorado north into Wy. There is also a map in TTOTC on page 133 “Gold and More” but I can not tell where it is – has any one identified this map?

          • perhaps your aviation map is what pilot use to fly from one location to another aka Sectional is used for plotting course via airplane from one location to another..which is what I have been trying people to obain for some time now!

        • Yes, I have found it to be a map of New Mexico.
          The center of the map is Albuquerque, you can tell by the direction of the roads.
          Why did he only include NM in this map? Maybe it’s telling us something. In the mountains north of Santa Fe? Oh yeah…..

  13. I think ‘ CONFIDENCE’ is a good key cipher and if applied to the poem you will get a lot of stuff like ‘cp i mgcm pyyq’ which is or was ‘As I have gone’ using a simple alpha cipher scheme. but you only need one or two good readable words to unlock the puzzle, IMO.

    Also on chasechat some thoughts on a subject mentioned above but just skip the count debate. here it is

    >>>>Searchers continue to figure the first two clues and others arrive there and don’t understand the significance of where they are. f <<<<<

    OTHERs arrive and either (1) don't know it relates to a Treasure hunt or
    (2) don't realize its place in History or both.

    IS THIS describing the hoB ???? neither the searchers or normal tourist recognize it for what it is, so its more than one thing or its significance is obscure.
    But it may be the most info we have ever been given about the hoB.

        • Shhh that’s a secret William lol. I’m not even sure Forrest knows about it…but probably does or hope he does.

        • William – That word made me think of Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz”, for some reason. And a long river. And twinkies. Sometimes I just don’t know why these things come into my head…

    • Extra reading material has great clue to HOB! Ya gotta read what he suggests to read. But, if you are a history buff of the area, all you need is the poem. IMO. Hint… a lot of explorers and old heros had adventures. Good luck. ¥Peace¥

    • musstag – I think ‘CONFIDENCE’ means ‘fe’ in Spanish, which, therefore, means,…having ‘FAITH’ is the key. At least to me,…it means that,…IMHO. Oh, and I like that whole ‘fe’ letter combination, too. Really,…how can any letter ‘f’ do anything without the letter ‘e’,…just like Fe for Iron. 🙂

        • Correction… in faceum pressura humor. My Latin teacher would have rolled in her grave to mess that one up!

          • I took Latin for four years in high school. I got an “A” in the class…I didn’t deserve it and I still don’t know anything about it.
            Of course when I was in HS the Romans still ruled.

            Thanks Donna. I will have that engraved on my ice ax and shield…

          • I had Latin in Grade school- 4 years of it and still remember “to Be”. SUM, ES, EST, SUMUS, ESTIS,SUNT, ERAM,ERAS,ERAT,ERAMUS,ERATIS,ERANT
            abd a few words that are the basis for many in our language.

          • Learning latin — were you on your way to be a Priest! Bless me father for I have sined..a whole ot of times!:)

          • dal – ‘Glacias Ax Ultimo’, means, ‘Ice Ax Final Blow’, in Latin,…because,…I was thinking that if you found TC now, under all that snow and ice,…at my spot,…that it would be the “Coup de Gras” for me! Could we all just wait until early summer, please? When the Grizzes have ceased their protective feeding behavior on those dead animal carcasses in the snow? Please?

        • Terentius – Do you play scrabble a lot, then? I have also ‘sined’ a whole lot, especially when I was trying to figure out the complementary angle, of the 42 degree angle; the one where I will be standing, looking at the red color of the rainbow (that the Architect has miraculously created for me at my spot). Now I am hearing a choir of Angels,…didn’t Einstein say something about Imagination?!

    • I have hundreds or maybe thousands of bWWWH guess they’ll have to come up with that miracle drug so I can still be here in 1000 years.

    • Terentius – More search appropriate latin-based E words: Error, Eros, Ergo, Ergotamine, Ersatz, Erstwhile, Errant, Errand, Err,… Er,…uh,…I can’t think of any more that begin with Er.

  14. Y’all should remember what Mr. Finn said in the Santa Fe interviews on writing, that only 85% of non-fiction should be true. If what he says is true, and he follows this dictate, his poem, and writing’s may have 15% or more errors, or untruths.

  15. The fact that Forrest has said searchers have solved the first two clues is proof there is no cypher for the poem, so don’t waste your time with that.

    Why? Because if you had the correct cypher wouldn’t you solve the entire poem and not just a piece of it?

    • I disagree. I had a cipher that I used and was able to find two beginning locations with it. I had counted the words in each of the 9 sentences and used those numbers to bring me to a location. It put me in the Casper Wyoming area.

      • Well…cyphers don’t work like that. They don’t solve just a portion of a code. (Unless of course there is more than one cypher required to “unlock” the poem, for which we can all go and slap Forrest for that because that would make it utterly impossible to crack)

        I think when you said you found two beginning location you fell into the greatest mistake that most people make on this chase.

        The ability of not letting go.

        If anyone wants to solve the poem with a cypher that’s fine. If they want to continue searching at a spot for months and months that’s fine. I just try my best on this board to be reasonable and logical in explaining that some things are just a waste of time.

        A lot of people also make the mistake of falling into the trap of “look and you shall receive”

        Take the cypher I did awhile back where I took the . and ; and turned them into Morse code and came up with MAD TROUT MD. WOW Amazing. There is Trout in the CODE!! I solved it!! Well…that doesn’t explain mad or md. Trout was only there because I manipulated and forced it to come about because I was “looking for something.”

        It’s all just pure coincidence brought about by our desire to FIND IT.

        • Ciphers can work that way. Here’s the definition of a cipher. A secret or disguised way of writing; a code. I was easily able to take the number of words in each of the 9 sentences and I was easily able to make them fit different places that were very precise with the 9 numbers I had. I was very confident that the first two numbers brought me to an area….but after that I had a few solutions that didn’t seem to pan out for me. Anagrams aren’t the only type of cipher. Forrest mentions Olvatine and that was the sponsor for the secret decoder ring. I often wondered if that is what was the secret in the bomber jacket he has where he said there’s something in the pocket he won’t talk about. My solution also had to do with Marvel Comics and I believed he might have had that as one of his collections. He talks about a ghost and I thought there was character that was by Marvel that might have related to the place. There are many things that pointed to this area…but it was the cipher I found that got me there.

          • Hear hear, amen, & tru Dat.

            There’s also the possibility, a rather strong possibility seeing as nothing counters it, rather than 2 or 3 keys, that the “clues” aren’t in a strictly consecutive+linear order. FF never said ‘searchers have solved sentence 1& 2’ nor has he said they’ve ‘solved BIWWWH and HOB’
            The “first 1or 2 clues” is not, strictly speaking, defined. The 2 he thinks are top priority? The 2 you need in order to be close? The 2 that tell you about the hidey hole or TC and not the route at all? The 2 that start the trail? The first 2 stanzas?? No, he did NOT say. The first 2 could be the acrostic code and a certain take on the homonyms , for all we know. Instead, he dropped a bomb to possibly make us all argue, and sat back smiling a Cheshire grin. 😉 which I’m sure I’d do too in his particular catbird seat.
            If he really wanted to mess with us and have grand fun , he’d say “one of you has emailed me the correct solution, but I won’t say when or who”. 😀

          • Im sure its in some kind of hiddie hole..I think the hole is horizontal, other wise over the years it would fill up. & sink, & sink due to its own weight!

          • Well to each his own I suppose.

            Had anyone looked into the opposite theory? When Forrest says look north of Santa Fe…look south instead. Then reverse the poem. I mean its a theory too that you can’t rule out. Who’s to say he didn’t this whole thing to being one complete opposite. Maybe the treasure IS ASSOSIATED with a structure!!!

            The above isn’t to be taken seriously but to express an example that once you get to that point, where you’re trying too hard, then it may be time to take a break from the chase and start fresh another day.

          • Stephanie, E pointed out something earlier this week that may be the answer to your thought.

            You have been to Forrests house, did you see a wooden cylinder type thingy in his assorted historical artifacts? I know there is so much to see, but maybe you noticed it?

            E, sorry I didnt take notes but I did read it. 🙂
            If you dont want to give the hint again, I will look for it and post it for Stephanie.

            My memory isnt as good as E’s, Im drawing a blank on the name today.

          • Thomas Jefferson invented the cipher wheel while he was the secretary of state. He used it to encode correspondence. He is also directly linked to Lewis and Clark….

          • Instead of nine why not divide it by three & then perhaps try every three letters down or across, one might come up with something!

          • Hi Stephanie – I bought the book(s) to which I believe you are referring. Amazing how the story fits the man and the hunt. Some of the drawings / characters are just to spot on to ignore. I keep reading / looking at the material searching for a clue, but am now thinking F used the material more as part of his inspiration, than as clue(s). Really thought I had something there for a few days. Will be passing the books on to my grandson in a couple of weeks. 🙂

        • djjmciv and dal – The word ‘ictus’ also means ‘blow’ and ‘coup’,…so, I was trying to figure out if the word ‘Invictus”, which means, ‘unconquered’ could be the contraction of ‘Inv”, meaning ‘Inverse’, and ‘ictus’, meaning blow. So ‘Inverse blow’, could mean attacking with a blow, vs. receiving one, right? If ‘Ichthys’ was what I looked up instead, then a TROUT would have been in my little code cypher. But no, it wasn’t.

          • Terentius – I think I found that ‘ictus’ word, when I was reading something about TROUT; they were trying to find their way along a stream; it was a place where a blow might have been struck, between rocks, I think, to allow their passage. So I think I read that it could mean something like ‘sluice’, too. I guess that would be an ‘Invictus’, or ‘Inverse blow’, wouldn’t it? TMI! 🙂

          • In fencing /sword dueling, the reverse blow is the Punto Reverso, mentioned by mercutio in the play set in fair Verona …

            But I’m having a heck of a time tying that to our page topic here (poem) especially as these 24 lines (or 25, some argue) are not in iambic pentameter. 😉

    • I got to agree with him chase there might be a cypher but the ones people have been posting are so far fetched that it ain’t no possible way the can find the nearest Walmart. I wonder if they put all there research time into it or split it between other methods. I’ve researched my spot then tried to debunk it and try to find others spots to fit the poem better into that spot. Yeah I run around the house with iPad for research and my laptop for work purposes.

      • I agree with Mapsmith….Well said! I have always believed that you physically start at “Begin it where warm waters halt”, but in order to figure out exactly where that is, you have to unlock the code within the poem. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you start with “BIWWWH” to start to solve the poem. People may have figured out the first to steps or clues to solving the poem, and it got them in the right area, and then went right on pass because they didn’t finished decoding the poem, or didn’t understand the importance of what they were doing as far as decoding. Once they got to the general area, the jumped off and started looking, when they should have continued the path they started when decoding. Maybe they didn’t realize they were “decoding”.
        I believe you physically start the trail at “BIWWWH”, but to solve the poem, you start at a different line in the poem.

        • Up, your way of thinking is how exactly how its turning out for me. My solve starts at the beginning of the poem, but the destination starts at WWWH. Then the purpose of the poem is revealed in the final stanzas.

          • Im not fond of generalizations like the word “key”. I look at it as a whole that needs to be solved, no one part more important than the next.

            The poem is part of the books, the books are part of the man. To understand one you need to understand all.

      • Excellent observation..within the poem lies the location..trying to figure that out will take some doing!

  16. If I posted my latest and greatest solve I am willing to bet it would entice armchair hunters to join in the chase…So good it HAS to be right!!

  17. So W(h)Y is it…. That I must go, and leave my trove for all to seek. (not a question)
    The answer(is) I already know. I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak. lol

    • So W(h)Y is it…. That I must go, and leave my trove for all to seek – so he can go and sell more books, which add to his bank account..& then right another book.!

      • When I was younger everything was materialistic but when you hit a point in life it evolves to meaning. Forrest has motive for the chase but I don’t ever think it’s about money.

        • I agree William, Forrest is wise. He wants someone to find the chest and go in Peace! Its not about money. Adventure Yes. Gold…Yes for someone to find. For ME! HeeeHeee

          • Why can he help a book store out that he has relationship with for many years or why can he use his books to inspire hope in others or why can he use a percentage of sales to help a stranger with cancer. I can’t really find a negative thing about the chase. My question is why post on blogs or research or ask question if he don’t inspire hope in you.

      • Terence, please do a little more research and find that Mr. Fenn did not make one cent on TTOTC. Not even to cover the cost of publishing.

        Any author should be honored with the proceeds for what they have written. Readers make the choice of what they want to read.

    • Michael D – “W(h)Y”,…indeed,…I just keep thinking of “The Charge of the Light Brigade”, and then this quote: “Ours not to reason why, ours but to do and die.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson. And as the Nike company has said so well,…”Just Do It”. Sometimes, analysis is paralysis. And from Benjamin Franklin, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Now he was wise!

  18. Burned Biscuits – A lesson we all should learn.

    When I was a kid, my Mom liked to make breakfast food for dinner every now and then. I remember one night in particular when she had made breakfast after a long, hard day at work. On that evening so long ago, my Mom placed a plate of eggs, sausage and extremely burned biscuits in front of my dad. I remember waiting to see if anyone noticed! All my dad did was reach for his biscuit, smile at my Mom and ask me how my day was at school.
    I don’t remember what I told him that night, but I do remember watching him smear butter and jelly on that ugly burned biscuit.
    He ate every bite of that thing…never made a face nor uttered a word about it! When I got up from the table that evening, I remember hearing my Mom apologize to my dad for burning the biscuits. And I’ll never forget what he said, “Honey, I love burned biscuits every now and then.” Later that night, I went to kiss Daddy good night and I asked him if he really liked his biscuits burned. He wrapped me in his arms and said, “Your Mom put in a hard day at work today and she’s real tired. And besides–a little burned biscuit never hurt anyone!”
    As I’ve grown older, I’ve thought about that many times.
    Life is full of imperfect things and imperfect people.
    I’m not the best at hardly anything, and I forget birthdays and anniversaries just like everyone else. But what I’ve learned over the years is that learning to accept each other’s faults and choosing to celebrate each others differences is one of the most important keys to creating a healthy, growing, and lasting relationship.:)

  19. The key word is contentment. If you can find it, everything else has already fallen in place.

    I believe this is the quote that contains the key word.

      • ritt – Ergo,…if the key is contentment,…and the key is inside the box,…then contentment is inside the box. I wonder if the key is a word,…or THE WORD,…which would fit with my hopes all along,…and with the book I read.

        • E*-
          Do you think THE WORD mentioned in the Dan Brown book you got from the pawn shop is referring to the 42 line version?

          Also for those that noticed the Treasure Chest photos on page 126.
          Why is the inside of the chest so reflective?
          Does anyone know if it is in fact lined with wood?

          If it is lined with a wood it must have a type of varnish applied to it to be so reflective.
          The wood would attract moisture. Not quite sure what the positives of the wood lined bronze chest would be.
          Then again I never had one to think about.

          • Fwiw –It’s common to line hope chests with cedar: smells nice, naturally resistant to aging, and happens to be a pest deterrent (like moths and such)

          • Mapsmith-
            I do have a chest lined with cedar. It is not reflective though. Maybe a type of oil.
            Your answer is sound.
            Still trying to confirm/deny an “in the wood” thought.

  20. What is a blaze?

    One of the age old questions about the chase. Many people have been over and over about what the “blaze” could be.

    If one goes to and search blaze you have find 6 pages worth of possible synonyms of the word. So how would we know which one Forrest could be referring to???? How??

    Maybe….Forrest left us with the definition in the very next line of the poem. To what he means by “the blaze”
    Blaze = landmark: noun. historical or notable sight = Vantage Point

    Vantage Point = tarry scant with marvel gaze

    And once you are at this vantage point, look down and the chase is over!

      • Well you’ll also see Ruins, Landmark and Historical or notable sight listed, but I for one like Vantage Point because one must look down

        • I agree. I believe the blaze serves as a vantage point. I don’t think it will be as easy as the poem states. I don’t believe once you’re at the vantage point, you can look quickly down and see the chest. That would be nice though!

        • I agree. I believe the blaze serves as a vantage point. I don’t think it will be as easy as the poem states. I don’t believe once you’re at the vantage point, you can look quickly down and see the chest. That would be nice though!

          • Well remember this isn’t some famous vantage point or heavily photographed area.

            This is Forrest’s secret spot. And his secret vantage point (if that is indeed what the blaze is)

            So there’s nothing lost but simply having it, in plain sight, below the vantage point.

    • blaze = sign or symbol – since Fenn was a boyscout one would lookup the signs & symbols used by boy scouts!

      • Also true. I believe the blaze is a sign, marker, or symbol, which marks the vantage point. I don’t think the chest is directly below the blaze, but rather you can see the chest, or at least it’s location from that vantage point…looking down.

          • What is it? Would it be around for 10000 years like in a rock or something? I’ve heard others talk about an owl blaze…if it’s the same one, but I’ve never seen it or knew where it was.

          • Almost nothing last for 10,000 years, and
            Forrest knows that too. It is a figure of an
            Owl on the side if a cliff. He’s a wise old Owl because he sees the chest when he looks quickly down.

          • You can see the Owl by standing on the other side of the high creek. It makes for a good vantage point.

  21. When we find the owl blaze and look down will we also find a note saying sorry ritt was here and took the chest?

      • My ideas comes from within the poem, as Forrest would have it. You need only the poem to get to the end of his rainbow.

        • Didn’t mean any offense. Just that it was kind of funny the idea of the finder leaving a note behind to the person who gave out their ideas and missed getting the treasure themselves. I’ve done the same thing and I need to learn to stop.

          • No offense taken Stephine. I believe the person who finds the TC will have figured it out just from the poem itself, …with maybe a little help from the blogs.

  22. Another interesting discovery:

    “In the fall, towards the middle to end of October, larger Browns begin staging in the lower reaches of the river near the confluence with the Rio Grande and start pushing up the river to spawn, creating a great opportunity for a shot at some big Browns through November as they migrate up river and back again. ”

    This is interesting for many reasons. One this is the first time I heard the Brown Trout refer to as just it’s color. And two it says “Browns” not Brown. Which got me thinking the if Forrest was suggest trout as home of Brown the correct grammar would actually be home of Browns

    • Not if you are referring to singular form, Browns is plural for several Brown trout. You wouldn’t say, ” I caught a Browns.”. You would say, ” I caught a Brown.” Referring to a trout. Singular. But, on the other hand, here in Kansas City, they say, “Home of the Red” in referrance to Home of the Chiefs. So, it depends on how it is structured in the sentence, or in this case, how Mr. Fenn wants it to be used! He often makes his own rules!

      • Oh good point Donna on the plural or singular. So anyone using it as trout or bear is only looking for one lol…Home of one brown trout…..*back to the drawing board*

      • And where in the world would you find a stream with only one trout??? A fisherman like Forrest wouldn’t waste his time with that. So….no

  23. And notice how you said THE Red. Which is the correct way to refer to plural as a single unit. So Trouts would be home of the Brown. But Forrest didn’t write that. And I have always been a believer that his “made up rules” is a cop out for lack of command in literature. Take away the chase and treasure and TTOTC becomes a hillbillies tales of a grandpa telling his grand kids stories. You won’t see any scholars quoting his works but that’s irrelevant because he has a passionate fan base. But this also is why the poem is so hard to solve because it’s written in his “language”

        • I skipped the high lights. I know when the wife and I went we was in the water and I dont know if I would have got into there with a 7mm wetsuit. Here in Florida water temp drops to mid 60s but for short period of time. The problem is there solution was sound and like all of us we can make the poem fit anywhere so I would guess that is where the confidence part comes in play. How much information do one person need to be confidence. But great Video and well documented.

          • Never thought about it, but you Florida searchers really have to wait till it’s warm wherever you search lol.

            That was actually one of my solutions, but I never ended up hiking back there. Lots of kids go there and that was one of the draws for me. My warm water was actually the Soda Dam though. If you research it, it makes a lot of sense that for that. Dal wrote a blog about how he doesn’t believe it can be in this area, because it’s not North enough. I had felt it was.

          • One of my search location I had in mind was Slough Creek cause of up YOUR creek and there was a rumor that it was named after a soldier and the history behind it but when you follow it up, it goes to East Horseshoe and West Horseshoe Mountains ( double omega ) oh I forgot to mention it starts at Soda butte Gyser that is a extinct gyser WWWH

    • Well Stephanie, that was entertaining. I would have killed the camera girl after the first ten beers on the wall! 🙂
      Nobody needs all that stuff to find the treasure. Just my opinion.

      The video does teach some things, like prepare for the weather and bring water.
      The owner of the lodge was wrong there are snakes up there, but not in cold weather. I am pretty sure she is wrong about the scorpions and trantulas too. They are also warm weather related.

  24. OK, how about some food for thought.

    A couple of the things we know about Forrest. He has always been interested in all things Indian. He is an archeologist in his own right. He loves flying, not that he does much of that in his old age (no offense Forrest) and has flown just about every where from Texas to Montana and beyond.

    Now utilizing for now, just those 2 aspects of his life, apply it to possible connections in the poem. Keep in mind, that he can set his own rules in his use of words.

    Using just the 3rd stanza, we can find that he could have changed 2 words for 2 similar words of the same meaning. Drawing and paddle. Which become Glyphic and row.

    Now in the same stanza, 4th line down, you have the word high. Combine this with ‘row’ and ‘glyphic’ and you have ‘hieroglyphic’.

    Any thoughts?

    • 🙂 germanguy,

      Gardiners list :
      A 7
      tired & weak

      🙂 Match, Strike, Spark, Blaze, Fire, Light
      🙂 The Golf Chess & Cheese Society

      • Tired and weak. Again, Fenn’s play on words.

        Tired as in a vehicle with 4 tires, he’s driving. Weak as in so weak he is falling down. Down is south. He’s back home.

        Remember, Fenn has his own meaning for words. One word can always lead to other words, until they reach the point at which he is satisfied that they meet his requirements.

        In his book store interview back in November, he ask the audience “What does ‘several’ mean. A member of the audience said ‘many’ and Fenn replied ‘no’ is means more than 2, but not many more then 2. This obviously explains why he said about the poem, ‘it’s not impossible, but not easy either.

        • 🙂 germanguy,

          I should have been more specfic,
          You asked for thoughts on “hieroglyphic”, based on poem word interrpeted meanings. My response was based from alternative research, TTOTC page 138 ” The Rosetta Stone”. Their is a connection with a person Gardiner creating a list / classification of hieroglphs symbols & meanings found on the Rosetta Stone.
          ” Gardiner” is mentioned in TTOTC page 133.
          Upon examining Gardiners list on the Rosetta Stone, his specfic list of A 7 determinative section,

          I enjoyed your interpretative “drawing”, some things may have more than one meaning.
          “T” ..I..RED,….headhunting style.

          Weak …as… Week, as in heterograph

          poem clues of 5 senses, color & sound.

          🙂 Match, Strike, Spark, Blaze, Fire, Light
          🙂 The Golf Chess & Cheese Society

          • Perhaps he drove there with his bike in the back of his jeep, then he rode the canyon down, because it was to far to walk!

          • I Worship Golf,

            Thanks for the feedback. I don’t question the “A-7” theory you uncovered, since to me it would be a valid point. I on the other hand I have come to realize that Forrest has said on a number of occasions that you don’t need the book in order to solve the poem. Keeping that in mind, I have done a tremendous amount of research in just getting to know him. True, he has given a number of hints (not clues) in the book, but since it has been shown on a number of occasions that he likes to embellish a lot, I have chosen to rely on what I can learn about the man himself.

            This poem is more about Fenn himself, then it is a map to his treasure. But then again, this is only my opinion; isn’t it.

          • 🙂 germanguy,

            A point of interest, is Fenn contradictions
            1. page 4 “”This book is my ninth”TTOTC, video of Fenn says TFTW is his 9th.
            2. says treasure chest is “buried” and later claims in same interview he didn’t say it was buried, Chicago radio interview, and in a video.
            3. TTOTC poem line “answers”, TFTW map poem “answer”, oldsantafetradingco “answer

            4. Finally, TTOTC page 133 “There are also other subtle clues sprinkled in the stories.”, video Fenn emphasis is on poem clues lead to “spot” location.

            My take is that the word TTOTC “clues” does not mean “hint” by definition.

            Since the 1st poem clue is color, complete body text of poem is the color “reddish” (my choice description), thru observation. Then anything “reddish” in TTOTC book is poem clue related. Thus, following the poem clue of color leads to a number of directly related TTOTC book clues by extension of color. “Reddish” text in the TTOTC book is poem clue based, followed precisely.

            White sun light contains the colors, illustrated by a prism or rainbow, page 113 TTOTC “Humans posses five senses: sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing.”, invisible to the eye until a glass or water droplet.

            I respect your opinion and enjoy your posts 🙂
            Thank You for your feedback, and from reading your past posts you have done a lot research.
            In “Worship Golf”, i hope that means you like to play golf as in Bernhard Langer does ?

            🙂 Match, Strike, Spark, Blaze, Fire, Light
            🙂 The Golf Chess & Cheese Society

          • IWGOLF –
            I have noticed his contradictions as well, but regarding his comments “It’s not buried, but hidden”, or “I didn’t want to give that as a clue”, it’s quite understandable. People have actually dug graves, so he doesn’t want people desecrating grave sites. Personally, I believe that bury and hidden are interchangeable, as in ‘my keys are hidden under papers on the desk’ or ‘buried somewhere in the laundry basket’. In my opinion, I imagine the chest is both.

            Fenn could have hidden it in a pile of rocks and it would be considered hidden and buried, due to the fact that we often look at burying something as in digging a hole. I have never accepted the theory that the chest was left out in the open without some sort of shelter to protect it from the weather. But then again, that’s my opinion.

            The synonym for ‘clue’ is ‘hint’, as in indication, sign, signal, pointer, trace, or indicator. Funny part of it, is he even says that he will ‘hint of riches new and old’. A believer yet? 🙂

          • You gotta love this poem. It tells you where to start, how to travel, which direction to take, when to stop, which turn to make and what to look for. In addition, it tells you what to do after you find it and finally what time of year to do it all. This is really great stuff.

    • Interesting concept, anything is never knows till they try there ideas how they will work! 🙂

  25. Further research….

    When referring to the Red River I have seen it called The Red. Another item in which “the” is placed in front of the nickname.

    Now would we say home of the Fenn when referring to Forrest’s home???

    We could, but we’re more likely to just say “home of Fenn”

    So……home of Brown… it is written and if following correct English grammar, Brown can’t be anything but a person or character (Charlie Brown).


    • Jmc: read FF’s book. Imo , his grammar is such that home of Brown could be anything, rules be hanged.

      • Oh I know all too well about his “rules be hanged” approached.

        Forrest said he wasn’t being deceitful but yet he “makes up rules” to make the poem more difficult to read and decipher.

        I guess this comes as expected as we are talking about a man that sold paintings with forged autographs. And he was perfectly okay with that. Yes Forrest, its still a work of art that one can still appreciate it’s beauty but what if I told you your favorite painting was not painted by human hands but a print job made to look like it did. Painted by a computer, tell me then….does it still have the same “beauty”?

        I want to see a very early draft of the poem. Before it was changed so the “clues” wouldn’t be so easy to decipher.

        If I had said “I buried a million dollars out by the Red”
        Everyone will rule out people (wouldn’t make sense) and animals (because how can I bury cash by something that moves around). Everyone will start thinking Red River? Red Lake? Red Mountain? But if I said “I buried a million dollars out on Red” SEE HOW THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING? Red what? Is Red the a name of a person? By his tombstone? I just changed the clue from difficult to very, very difficult.

        • Or; – these USGS Topo’s
          Eddy County Red Lake
          Taos County Red River
          Taos County Red River Pass
          Colfax County Red River Pass
          Grant County Redrock
          Colfax County Red River Peak
          Lincoln County Red Bluff Draw East

          • The only rule I read was don’t mess with his poem..of course I never follow rules..other than that its up for grabs..what works for each person is good for them, & it may not be good for another, ..follow the path that works for you!

    • Remember, if Forrest did not like the way a rule fits he would make up a new rule…within reason or not?
      “the home of Brown” just fits better in the poem then “the home of the Brown”
      And it is more open to interpretation, imagination, indecision.

  26. OK, I am going to tell you what I think of Home of Brown.
    I think it could be below the Home of the Brown Bear, meaning Grizzly.
    And that is why forrest say’s the treasure is not in a dangerous place. For I know how scary it is to hike it Brown Bear country! I have been chased by Brown Bears and suffered injury from running away from them twice in Montana and Wyoming. So who is with me on this…..?

    • Montana Grizzly Bear Notice:

      In light of the rising frequency of human/grizzly bear
      conflicts, the Montana Department of Fish and Game
      is advising hikers, hunters, and fishermen to take extra
      precautions and keep alert for bears while in the field.
      We advise that outdoorsmen wear noisy little bells on
      their clothing so as not to startle the bears that aren’t
      expecting them. We also advise outdoorsmen to carry
      pepper spray with them in case of an encounter with a

      It is also a good idea to watch out for fresh signs of bear
      activity. Outdoorsmen should recognize the difference
      between black bear and grizzly bear poop. Black bear poop
      is smaller and contains a lot of berry seeds and squirrel fur.
      Grizzly bear poop has little bells in it and smells like pepper

  27. I thought I remembered Forrest saying somewhere not to overthink the poem/solution. Maybe Dal or Stephanie know where he said something like that. Seems like a lot of overthinking going on here. 🙂

      • I don’t recall where or how he said it. It was something like that though..but then he says it’s difficult, but not impossible. So who knows.

        Deb and E* my text is blushing. I think you guys are sweet too!! 😉

  28. You can say that again!
    Overthinking and letting imagination run wild. I’ve had medication in the past that caused my brain to work like that.
    I guess I’m thankful that so many are looking other places than I am. LOL 🙂

  29. What has Forrest done so much that’s made him tired and weak?
    Chasing the Thrill all of his life. Now he wants others to have a chance to do the same. We are, after all , here only for the pleasures of others (pg 102) TTOTC …. so he wants to leave his trove for others to seek, Seek ..”The Thrill of the Chase”, and the other answer is for his pleasure; to watch us as we try to unravel his poem and locate the treasure. Also, he won’t be forgotten at the great banquet table of history. I think he is really getting a kick from all of this, believe me, his tackle box is still open. What a man! ………Go Forrest!

  30. JMC-
    Really gave me something to think about with the mention of scholars referring to this poem in the future.
    In the last month alone I would be interested to know how many people came to this blog, read what was written then opened a dictionary/thesaurus, researched online or read a book/poem written by one of the literary legends of the past.
    I believe a poem of this sort can excite the imagination of many and be used as a tool to discover the meaning in words. This in turn might allow for creativity and a further want to understand the classics. Sometimes “made up rules” become the new rules of today.
    Not bad for a guy with no college degree who became an officer, and archaeologist, an inventive art dealer and now I suppose a creative educator.
    I have learned about C.S. Lewis and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, R.L.S and Treasure Island., W.E.H and Invictus, Aldous Huxley(wow!), The Doors and other poetic works. Not to mention Latin, math, geography (to include map reading), Morse code, anagrams, and everything about the letter e.
    To add…In a way when he writes… “So hear me all”… it invites this type of group think.
    Now I have to get back to an actual course of instruction that I will painstaking have to complete due to not having a scholar develop a proper introduction in order to build excitement and interest.
    Someone wrote earlier in the blog “O Captain! My Captain!” as a reference to a movie scene where the professor (Robin Williams) builds excitement for the students. Great motivator.
    To ensure I leave something poem related for Mapsmith: alone/all, I/you,
    I’ve been meaning to ask about fire/water.
    It has been fun and I am way behind.
    Till our paths cross…Travel Safe!

    • Too much info in my head. Names reversed.
      Lewis Carol NOT C.S. Lewis wrote Alice in Wonderland.
      I have also learned about C.S Lewis and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
      Mistake just popped into my head six hours latter.
      Sorry to all.
      I’ll be quite now.

        • 😀 We’ve all done that Joe, reversed letters, misremembered names – at least the Lewis part was right even if the Carroll part was wrong. 🙂 Talk about Lewis Carroll makes me want to watch Alice in Wonderland again and hear the caterpillar recite the crocodile poem that Forrest quoted – maybe there’s a clue in there some place. 🙂

          • How doth the little crocodile
            Improve his shining tail,
            And pour the waters of the Nile
            On every golden scale!

            How cheerfully he seems to grin,
            How neatly spreads his claws,
            And welcomes little fishes in,
            With gently smiling jaws!

          • And while a caterpillar doesn’t turn into a dragon fly, it does turn into that other creature on the bronze.bell jar.

  31. Hey folk’s,
    I’ve been away for a few days, I was wondering if there had been any more talk of a contest or raffle…?
    Also, while I was laying staring at the ceiling I came up with another Brown…How about Buster Brown? Hush Puppy Shoes… I think, but am not sure–that two brothers named Brown created that shoe giant? Also, that there might be a few Brown Shoe Stores in Northern New Mexico, Colorado and WY. I wonder if they sell Rockies?
    And if I may… Our own Doug Preston, just put out a cool little book on the two kids accused of Murder in Italy that tells another story. And David Crosby just put out a new album. So the winter’s going faster than I thought!!!
    Safety Joe you seem to have done your home work!!! #42 is interesting as that is the atomic # for Moly… Also, those 7s are odd instead of 8s in the abab pattern…3 sevens make a triangle (maybe ces)…an extra 7 would be 49 and that’s the AT& Santa FE, and/or the Gold Rush, or again maybe the 7s, 21, or 42 are distance or directional at that point? The # 42 has been used in relation to life? There is a club of people who use the 42? All interesting. I really don’t know but that is a part of the poem seems odd…and maybe it’s nothing at all?
    Last but not least, it has been a year (Feb 6) that I’ve been on the TTOTC. It’s Been A Great Time…thank you!
    Mark H.

  32. IWGOLF,

    Januar 2014: Bei der Champions Tour Premiere 2014 auf Haiwaii feierte Bernhard Langer einen gelungenen Einstand. 🙂

  33. I think that guessing at the first few clues will eventually lead you to the correct area, proof of this is the fact that two have “solved” the first two clues but went right past the chest. But you will not go with certainty, until you unravel the rest of the story…I have made 6 legitimate attempts to find the chest…actually 22, but16 were in Idaho and Utah 🙁
    It is certainly overwhelming when you see your spot for the first time…going without certainty makes it extremely unlikely you will come home with the chest…I caution others to save their money until they can go with at least reasonable certainty….go backwards in your mind and make sure you haven’t made any mental leaps of faith when interpreting the clues…have solid logical ideas…imagination is more important than knowledge, but KNOW what you are imagining is sound before you journey out…I have spent thousands of dollars travelling to locations on a hunch…and while I enjoyed every moment of it…I eventually learned that I will only find it when I have solved it all……with certainty.
    That is not to say I won’t still be wrong, as I was @ Lower Yellowstone Falls,
    but I went to A SPECIFIC LOCATION to look, I accomplished that search in three days round trip…I spent one entire day at Uncle Tom’s Trail… I felt confident it was not at that location before I left…this is VERY important…On MANY of my earlier trips I was unable to eliminate possible locations…what a wasted trip!! We need to be specific enough in our solves and/or searches, to be able to cross the location off our list with confidence….the only way to do that is to be specific in your solves in order to narrow down the spot to a size you can actually search!!
    Some of my solves terrify me, but they make so much sense!! I hate to think ff would place that beautiful treasure chest in water of ANY KIND….it disturbs my brain patterns at night to believe he could have done that…but that’s EXACTLY why he might have done just that….If he did, which some of my very logical solves conclude, he has absolutely no regard for the contents of the chest and whether or not it is found EVER…or even whether or not it stays intact…unless….??But I digress…THE KEY IS TO THINK>>>>AND ANALYZE>>>>>AND GO WITH CONFIDENCE>>>>IN THE END THE KEY IS CONTENTMENT.

  34. I thought this was an interesting and intriguing article, posted on May 19th, 2009…read at your own risk…

    Best Kept Secret Hot Springs
    Posted by Jim in Best of, Great Outdoors, tags: Boondocking, friends, hot springs, new mexico, state park
    While we waited to become Texans, we made a quick trip to Jemez Springs, New Mexico to hook up with an old friend from Eureka. Dave gets the prize for traveling the farthest (by car) to meet us on our journey so far. And after putting 35,000+ miles on our truck a few hundred miles is never out of the way for friends.
    We spent a few quiet nights all alone, along a stream at Fenton Lake State Park. Then the weekend brought a slew of serious partyers who enjoyed speeding around the campground kicking up dust. C’mon, they really couldn’t walk the 1/4 mile to the lake? Oh, there I go digressing again.
    Before Dave showed up René and I found a popular natural hot spring nearby. Way to popular. Then we discovered the private hot springs in town were way too private – bathtubs we could rent for $15 per hour, per person.
    After connecting with the park ranger who grew up near her old hometown, René found out where to go once Dave arrived. We could tell you exactly where these awesome hot springs are, but then we’d have to kill you. We promised the ranger we wouldn’t tell. But perhaps you can figure it out…

    A short drive from Fenton Lake, the three of us hiked four miles down a closed forest service road. Across the river and up the hill are a series of crystal clear pools fed from a natural hot spring. The water was hot and refreshing, the views spectacular. We were all alone, except for one elderly white haired gentleman who was on his way out when we were going in. The only thing wrong was the four mile hike back to the truck.

  35. Hi Michael, I am grateful that forrest told us the treasure is not in Idaho, because some of us were spending time and money looking here! At least we are close to Montana and Wyoming! I keep thinking about the statement that forrest made. Not sure the exact words, but basically..Some have arrived but did not understand where they were. I think he saying close, but maybe reading the poem wrong. And I just do not think its in water. No way. Heavy Loads and water high, is near a waterfall. or high lake, or a glacier. Those three, and as forrest said not associated with a structure. Have a happy grounds HOGS day everyone! Spring is on the way!

    • Phil officially saw his shadow ! If you are a believer, that means six more weeks of winter. Never the less spring is still on the way !

      • Phil’s shadow is important to my solution. I believe I now know exactly where it is based on the missing x in the poem..which of course shows up in Punxsutawney Phil’s name. Punxsutawney of course anagrams to “Ten Sun Waxy Up”. This leads me naturally to Tension Springs at the base of Candle Peak. The springs are at exactly 5,000ft elevation and Candle Peak is precisely 10,200ft. The “x” is located centered between the two at 7,600ft at the abandoned EX mine. Which was originally named the Double Omega but was changed by the new owner Iris Brown and a group of Ladies of the evening who invested in the mine and eventually owned it..

        Two shafts were drilled. One on each side of the mountain. They are both horizontal shafts and can still be explored today

        The problem has been whether to look in the shaft on the shady or the sunny side of Candle Peak…

        It turns out that Phil also saw his shadow in 1988…the year Forrest first considered this hiding place….and guess who else was an investor in this mine in 1988….

        I can’t say because it would give everything away…

        (the above is not true…happy groundhog day)

          • or it could be:Punxsutawney is a borough in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, United States, 84 miles (135 km) northeast of Pittsburgh.

          • I’m always getting Groundhog Day and April Fools Day mixed up. But regardless of what they say at Doc Daneeka’s office it is not early onset of dementia.

          • Nooooooooooooo!!! Make it stop!!!!!! LOL. Groundhogs day was filmed in a town right by me(Woodstock, Illinois).

            Dal, dang you…that was my spot. Now you dun gave it away.

            Woody do you really call me a brat? I never noticed….you’re in trouble now.

          • Stephanie – you live near woodstock? Have you been there long? I knew people from woodstock and crystal lake and marengo. I am ready for spring. Today felt like spring even thought it was 13 for the high. We just had our office building propane tank filled at 5.86 per gallon when last year we were paying 1.73 and our firewood is looking low – we heat the house with a wood burning stove. SO I had to spend the day with hubby plowing a path to our 10 acre woods to cut down some dead standing trees for firewood. Hope it will last the next 6 weeks!!

          • Yep I live about a half hour from Woodstock. My husband works in that town. I’m North East from there. Where are you from? Woodstock has a cute square where the movie was made that’s similar to the Santa Fe Plaza area and the Taos Plaza. We just call ours a square….hmm, plaza sounds nicer lol.

          • Oh I love Elkhorn. I’ve been to your antique market there. So close by!! Maybe we should car pool out West lol.

          • I love that line from Groundhog Day when Bill Murray says “Find a bathroom FAST! I’m Groundhoggin'” Or maybe the line was “I’m prairie doggin'” from the movie Rat Race. I forget. Also classic when the piano teacher asks Bill why he plays the piano so well and he says, “My dad was a piano MOVER…So…”
            Personally, I hope to find Forrest Fenn’s Treasure so people will ask me how I became so “wise” to accomplish it and I’ll say, “I’m a tile setter…so….and I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!” …but I’ll have to have a contract with Holiday Inn first. 🙂

        • Dal-
          Did you notice the time you posted the Punxsutawney Phil comment.



          Erie isn’t it.

          Stop trying to through me off the blaze.

          • I know it is THROW.
            For now on I am going to wait an hour before I post.
            What are the odds 42 will even be near the score of tonight’s game?
            Anyways, that was a funny post Dal and makes me think of the ridiculousness of SOME of my ideas.
            But if I ever see a groundhog in Yellowstone it better be digging fast.

          • Safety Joe, a final score of 43 was VERY close to your 42 prediction. Good job. I hope that was for YOUR team!

  36. Hey, I said Happy Grounds Hogs day, Spring is coming soon. Because it its! And I will be on my Merry Way to pick up the treasure! Also…..A Grounds Hog is also a “Whistle Pig”! and that is the name of another treasure hunt and has some thing to do with TODAY! So anyone know what the prize is? I could not find much on this? Mapsmith? You were on Tresure Trove right? Did you ever hunt for the Jewels? I did !

  37. Curious to know if the autobiography in the chest is fare game to publish, or is that something that needs lawyers involved?

    • mrclean–
      Asked and answered—–see Q & A with Fenn — Round One, on my blog, The Fenn Diagrams (WordPress).

      (Thanks for letting me post this, Dal.)

    • Considering the size of the chest and what is in it we’re not looking at a very large autobiography.

      So the question is…who would buy a autobiography from Barnes and Nobles that’s only 30 (at most) pages long.

      Plus Forrest has already written so much of his life in his last two books. Will it just be more of the same? Probably.

      Although I believe it is more of a confessional. I’m sure the FBI would be interested in reading it.

      • They bureau already checked his DNA and home in their raid. He’s not THAT guy. Unless your supposed confessional comes with substantial criminal evidence, it wouldn’t be likely to be useful to a court of law anyway.

        • Well considering the thousands upon thousands of searchers looking around for years to find it.

          It looks to be unlikely it’ll be found before his death. And maybe that’s the purpose of his secret.

          So hard and so secluded that it’ll take many, many years to find.

  38. Has anyone ever looked up the word craton before? Forrest says he tried to think of everything…The most geologically stable area in the contintental US is the Wyoming craton…of course, this means nothing…or does it?

    • Pg. 136, TTOTC……”Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand: Come and see my shinning palace built upon the sand!” Those words from Millay’s poem.

      • define CRATON:a relatively rigid and immobile region of continental portions of the earth’s crust.

    • Michael D and ritt-

      To me both of your post make sense. Millay’s poem makes me think that the treasure is either on a geographically stable area or just below a type of geography stable area that will not (may not) be eroded/flooded/buried through time.
      At times I think the blaze could be what this is referring to.
      I am not necessarily thinking with the Wyoming craton but who knows.
      And because I feel guilty for holding back I’ll give you this…
      In the poem Part Two I was asked what my thoughts of the Crescent Moon might be.
      Well, I must say I held back. I have no idea how this could help but here is another…What do you have to lose as you walk along your blaze?
      1.Somewhere in my research I read about a rock formation called an outclave (not in dictionary). When the outclave is positioned between you and a full moon it may cause a crescent moon.
      Can you picture the woodman looking at the moon now?

      2.In a book I cannot remember (?? maybe one of the Oz books??). I read something about artist of the past hiding items in outclaves. I wanted to find my research to be more precise but it has disappeared.

      OR I GUESS… IF ALL ELSE FAILS… it could be a logo for an Early Bird breakfast Forrest might have driven by on his way to hide the treasure.

      Someone in a previous post mentioned a hole in a rock about waist height.

      I suggest 42 inches height above ground.

      • That is a Fenn sitting high n his comfy chair looking back down at the hunter of his

      • Actually if you look up craton, the information on it would probably rule out Wyoming. Forrest said not associated with any structure. There is that play on words thing again.

        Dont kill the messenger, its just a thought! 🙂

        • deb, I believe ff may have meant: not associated with any man made structures. So it could be upon the craton. Just a thought.

  39. I could actually see Peyton scoring 42 points tonight! It’s all about the angles! I’ve got to stop! Sorry! Hey you all know who one of the funniest jokers of all time was… it’s not you Brimley, although you’re funny–and as old as the kokapelli guy,… And it’s not even Wally Gator…srry f,… but instead …it’s Yogi Bear… I loved Hanna Barbera Cartoons. I still say… Tarry… is tarr–i–fied as if Quick Draw Mcgraw said it! “Hey Bubba Boy I’m …terr–i–fied… that Manning will steal the show”
    I’ll go out on a ledge here and say Broncos 42, Seattle 33! Seattle loses by 9x…I hope no one’s throwing rubber chickens! Okay one more…. did you all know that these two teams playing in the Super Bowl today, are from the two states who have legalized the evil weed! Okay panic! No that’s what I’m listening to! Wide Spread Panic!
    For you old timers—Wide Spread is a band like Phish, which/that filled in after the death of Jerry Garcia, and for most of you who like blue grass or folk try the Yonder Mountain String Band and get your groove on….It’s Super Bowl Time!
    Go Broncos!

  40. I noticed my name in orange on the last post, wrong Mark Harper! but I’ll see if I can change that and put my site up for everyone’s amusement

    • Ah come on, you dont want to be known as a guy who belongs to a group thats called camp party in my pants?LOL gotta love the internet…

  41. I can’t wait for Spring! I went treasure hunting today, at Goodwill. Found one of Douglas Preston’s books. This one says advance copy, not for sale and is signed. It was written after The Codex and is also about finding a treasure, a blaze, canyons, secrets, and it takes place in Northern New Mexico. I love finding treasures!

  42. RC,
    You may want to watch the video interviews if you have not done that yet. In one interview he said he believes the finder will be a lot like him and won’t be able to keep it quiet. In another he says he knows it has not been found but won’t tell how he knows because that would be too much of a clue. Hope that helps.

    • I saw one of those interviews and it made perfect sense to me. I’ll search for the other one. I’m sure I’ll agree with what he says. Forrest is a very wise and generous man.

    • “won’t tell how he knows” – I always translated this is mean he can see it from his car as he’s driving to/from somewhere.

      Unless you are Forrest and know when and what you are looking for, whether you’re tailing him or in the car with him, you won’t notice what he knows to notice

    • safety joe and musstag do you mean firewater as in alcohol? warm water because it makes you pee? Like the story FF tells when the guys all pissed in the gas tank of the generals? car

    • musstag-
      The fire/water comment I made on one of my previous post was in reference to a post Mapsmith made on January 29, at the top of this Part three.
      It is in 2) ying and yang duality… in which he writes “fire and water.”
      I didn’t know where the “fire” came from but after further thought I think he means blaze (as in fire).
      I didn’t think about Warm Water though. Interesting point.
      His post really does give a lot to think about.

  43. I find myself unable to determine for sure when ff found the spot…why is it special to him? Did he find it growing up in Montana and Wyoming? Has he known of this very secret, very special private place since his youth? Why would a young man like Forrest need a place like that back then? His life was full of that solitude and peace given by nature.
    Did he find it during his air force days while flying canyons in the four corners area looking for cliff dwellings and ruins to explore? If so, why is this one different from hundreds of others he must know of…Was it an extra special discovery? Was it in a very secret, very special private place of beauty beyond all others?
    Was he seeking a place of solitude to ponder the meaning of his existence after the death of his father or the discovery of his own cancer? Did he find peace at a waterfall or a hot springs somewhere in NM that reminded him of his war experiences or his chldhood?

    I waffle back and forth between the first two a lot….. but that third one may need more attention….The idea for the TTOTC began 16 years ago, and he always new where he would hide the chest, and has stated that never changed….which makes me lean toward the first two…Its difficult, but not impossible to find perhaps because ff found it first…with some treasures already in there…. or he had a secret spot as a child…..

  44. Only he knows that. I have always gone with the idea that its someplace that reminds him of places he had been, but is special in its own right.

    I have often looked at his pictures taken on the trip with Donnie and the ones in his teen years and thought they could be anywhere in the Rockies.

    So all we have to go off of are the books, the poem and his personal history.

    One last thought, he mentions in the book he will always be about 13. So going from that premise, would his special place be from the perspective of the elder Forrest, or the younger Forrest? How much does imagination play into his special spot? 🙂

  45. I think he went to this place with his father. Than he went back there later on maybe with one of his now passed, friends. I think there is a picture in the book that tell a lot.

    • Interesting thought.

      “Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead”

      Maybe he has taken one other person to his secret spot. Someone who has since been passed. Maybe that’s what took his so long to bury the treasure, he had to wait. Wait until the “other” passed on. hmm….interesting

  46. He and Skippy traveled that long Hwy, from Yellowstone to Texas. And before that he traveled it with his parents. They would most likely take different routes out of YS. Exploring as they went, Through Cody or down the other highways out past Lander, or past Casper, down to Cheyanne, down Colorado and places. I am sure they ventured off road to check something out, like the old school house, mentioned in the book……I bet as an adult he took his own family and maybe just himself at times to drive down memory lane to check out something that he and his dad always wanted to check out and did or maybe never did. Lots of things to see and do along the way.
    I am sure that forrest and his father went to some very special fishing trips alone in there to get away and fish some forgotton stream. Maybe he never took someone there or maybe he did….I think maybe just he and his dad knew about it maybe…I can hear him say, Forrest! NEVER tell anyone about this place! Its our secret!!!!

  47. A special Placed… what ? like the one he talks about in the preface of TFTW, a ten mile trip he did Not get to make Again.

  48. two person one word is I say eric is ruled out , saying this a log is brown at one time there is a home of brown in brave of the wood .
    one is standing one is dead! to the right is the blaze. I see a soda pop can , a bell has been rung and hard, is that a thing or a cow bull rang.
    two groups one person upon a trail 500 yards, rip a sole to seek!
    a asprin to the air. a meek

  49. I would look more into who passed away between 2007 – 2010 that Forrest was close to or fishing buddies with.

    If someone else knew this would be a good estimate when they would of passed and Forrest’s decision to hide the chest.

  50. Continuing with my thoughts on the poem, I would like to share this:

    If you look carefully at stanza #6

    So hear me all and listen good,
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    If you are brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold.

    You will note the period that ends lines 2 and 4. The purpose of a period is to tell the reader to STOP, as a complete thought has been created.

    If that follows as a truism, then we have 2 actions taking place. The 1st is to experience something ‘cold’ and the 2nd is to experience the ‘wood(s)’.

    The way I see it, is that when you reach that point in the search, you are probably walking across water to an island with a group of trees up against the side of a steep hill. I say this, because I don’t believe that Forrest would hide it in a forest. Besides, the hill isolates the island from to rear and the water does the same from the front. Add a remote river with questionable fishing and you have the ideal spot to hide the chest.

    ‘Hear’ and ‘listen’ was Fenn’s way of telling you to “pay attention”. His play on words again.

    This again as always, is just my personal opinion.

    • GG I think ur spot on with the hidey hole.
      I also think there is an attraction, distraction, past that point, so that searchers go on by, as do others that don’t know where they are.
      I disagree with your clue assessment. I think the nine clues are hidden, disguised in the body of the poem.
      He says take the canyon down. So we know there’s a canyon involved. Canyons are formed by water. so how is water high a clue? how is go “in there” a clue. how is up your creek a clue. All these things are common with canyons over 5000′.
      I’ve changed my mind on the special spot. Last year I was sure the hidey hole was where he wanted to leave his bones I no longer believe that to be true. in the TOTC he states ” I knew exactly where to hide the chest so it would be difficult to find but not impossible.”
      just one searchers humble opinion.

      • Imo: This presumes ‘canyon’ is straight forward and literal. Considering the number of options shared / imagined here about Brown, Blaze & Marvel Gaze, I’m sorta surprised canyon is so taken for granted.
        Of course, I really miss the old outhouse possibilities: “take it in the can” was one of several punny bathroom humor clues in this poem 😉

        • Canyon, can’t take it for granted, after all he did write in TTOTC book about the white canyons in his hands from washing cafe dishes

    • germanguy-
      Like your breakdown of the last two sentences as action clues. I believe these clues must be followed precisely.
      Still working on the possible meanings of “cold” and “wood.”

  51. If it was in the yellowstone I would guess his older brother was in on his location.
    Of course that could be a clue for some searchers.

  52. “It is interesting to know that a great number of people are out there searching. Many are giving serious thought to the clues in my poem, but only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key. The treasure may be discovered sooner than I anticipated.” – Forrest Fenn

    Interesting… one particular word is key. But before you all think its a “key” to unlock the poem like a cypher. I believe it may be more of a word that all the other clue gravitate to.

        • True, Forrest did say to a reporter that he can’t tell her what HOB means because then you would walk right up to the treasure.

          So if one solves Brown, one solves the poem.

          But there’s almost a infinite number of possibilities…….so I’m lead to believe there’s got to be something else. A word that helps “unlock” Brown.

          • I was merely using Brown as a one word example… It could be the key word; or “It” could be the key word… WWWH is four words, so not the key word…I guess “canyon” could be. Brown definitely stands on it’s own…IMO

          • That seems to imply that you start at wwwh and you go too far to walk to HOB and all the rest of the clues are at HOB.

          • My real point was, in an indirect way, that personally, I don’t really think any “one” word is the key… Perhaps Forrest’s statement is typical in all of his off the cuff answers to the questions he has answered… Vague and susceptible to many interpretations…

          • I think the key word is wise….how are you wise? Start at warm waters halt. what/where is warm water?

          • Maybe the key word is Wood…If you are brave and in the Wood, you get the title to the gold. He once said the TC is surrounded by trees.

    • Hi djjmciv, that’s a big statement from Mr. Fenn. Can you provide a reference for when / where he said that? Thanks!

      • I would say very recent. This is from a recent (probably today) post from Mysterious Writings.

    • That’s an huge hint! If only a few are “in tight focus with a word that is key”, it most likely is not one of the words everybody talks about. That could easily eliminate Brown and blaze as being the key word (I am not saying they aren’t important words) It sounds to me that a “key word”, if correctly chosen, would help provide the correct solution. In my opinion, the key word is most likely not one of the words that ends any of the lines. The simple fact of knowing that there is a “key word” certainly helps. For my solution, I focused on one word as the key, so this confirms that I might be on the right track.

      • Since Fenn tracks everyone with cookies..perhaps someone stumbled upon some info that might be a good lead..but who?

        • Uhm, tracking via cookies? Good one.
          He needs no such thing: people email him their interpretations all the time.

          Didn’t I just say a few days ago, that all FF would have to do to rile us up is release a note/hint saying ‘one of us is on the right track’ ? But not say who…


          • I hope he isnt tracking my cookies cause hes going to see Elmo on and me Trying to find pickled corn on my search engine.

          • everytimeyou go to some site, tracking cookies get stuck on your puter..and don’t belive that ask your puter guru..! infact mine have my fristname on them as Terence@===== ..and that started the 1st time I came here!

    • djjmciv-

      When was this quote by Forrest Fenn made?

      It does seem like another hint at nothing.
      I think:
      Every word could be the key BUT the last one deciphered will be the key.
      Therefore if few people are looking at the meaning of words then all them will be in a tight focus of A word that is key.

      Not sure what to think of the comment besides a witty way of telling us to keep looking.

      Maybe he watched the Seinfeld – Comedians in Cars getting Coffee during the Superbowl?

    • Thanks for posting that link! I don’t normally go to the Mysterious Writings web site so had no idea Jenny had asked Forrest another set of 6 questions. I always like to here what he has to say. 🙂

        • You’re welcome! It’s kind of interesting checking in on Yellowstone every once in a while. I just watched the eruption and saw some cross country skiers and hikers watching Old Faithful. They do need to clean off their camera though. 🙂

          It’s rather amazing seeing these web cams from so far away. Last year I was checking in on the Dacorah Eagle cam and saw eggs being laid and hatching and then eaglets being fed and growing up. Very interesting. I’ll have to remember to start checking that web cam again in the spring.

        • If you’re interested, I just checked the Dacorah Eagle cam and there’s an eagle fixing up the nest! I didn’t think they wintered there. I’ll have to check back more often. 🙂

    • Why is everyone worried about the treasure being found…as long as Forrest has not called off the search it has not been found…
      Spend your brain cells on finding it…not worrying about it..

  53. Okay, here is a good clue…but if you find the TC with it please share.
    The key word is Home……”Put in below the Grave of Brown”.
    Brown’s Grave……..Only which Brown?

  54. Dal (or anyone else that has TFTW)-
    I just received my copy of TFTW and I cannot find the map. What page is it on? Also did FF sign every copy? because I believe he signed mine. Thanks.

  55. Question….Were the Q & A spoken or written? Could there be a missing comma?

    And just for giggles, look at Q4 answer. I think Forrest turned over a log and we are the thousands of critters scurrying around, trying to figure out what to do. lol

  56. The words “Put in” are the two that intrigue me the most.
    1. Does it mean enter at this particular place? Which might infer that more travel is needed to get to the location of the chest.
    2. Or does it mean the chest was put in at this place and you only need to decipher the clues to find out the particular spot in this location?

    The difference in area covered could be great if scenario 1. is the case.

    If I go with scenario 2. then I cannot have this line as an action clue like I previously mentioned in Part Two. But to me scenario 2. makes the most sense.

    Has this been covered before?

    • Based on the grammar, I believe “Put in” is better defined by your first scenario. Put in on a trail or to launch a raft or Kayak. It is commonly used both those ways. I don’t think it is telling us that the treasure is put in a certain place.

  57. I am considering the possibility that the key word that Forrest is referring to is “down”.

    But here’s the thing…
    Notice how he does this. He’s got a lot of searchers now trying to figure out the “key word” rather than where the treasure is hidden. Searchers everywhere have stopped their search to concentrate on the “key word”..
    Truth is…it’s unknowable…
    We will not know which word he means until he tells us..
    It’s a diversion in my opinion…

    My mantra-
    Concentrate on unpuzzling the poem..every word you don’t understand is a key word..

    • So that seems like you’re saying the key word isn’t important? He’s mentioned a key in his book. I do think there is a key to the poem in the poem. He has said he doesn’t mislead in something he sent you a while back..I can’t remember why he was saying that..but he told you that on one of your blogs. If it was a diversion, then that would be misleading I believe.

      • Steph-
        Show me where I just said he was misleading us…
        I said it was a diversion..
        Stop putting words in my mouth..

    • Dal-
      Thank you for those wise words. I agree.
      – I had to look up the meaning of mantra though.

    • Dal, I think you may be right about “down” being the key word, canyon down, and look quickly down. Does he have a different meaning for the word? Maybe.

      • ritt-
        I only consider “down” because in my varied solutions I have often had to ignore the obvious meaning of the word and apply an honest but different meaning. Lord knows I have not found it and so I may be completely wrong about this.

        • Here is a thought which may help to explain why Forrest would give out such a clue….
          The word he’s talking about is not in the poem. He didn’t say it was. He said, “only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key.” He didn’t say the word was in the poem. The word he is talking about maybe a derivative of several words from the poem.

    • yeah Dal I agree with you, I think the KEY word is every word in the poem…
      Could you do me a favor for me though? Could you ask FF if he blocked my email address? I sent him some crazy emails last year, but now i have a great idea to get more interested in the chase. my email address is thank you!

      • Matt-
        I’d feel pretty uncomfortable asking him that. I do know that he has blocked some individuals, so it’s possible. I know he has also unblocked some who admitted being a problem and promised to stop being a nuisance.

        • Yeah I just emailed him about an idea for getting more people into the chase through a series of books about a young kid living in the city going after the thrill of the chase. Maybe a couple of kids books, a couple of middle school age books, a book for kids in high school and then a book when the kid is all grown up at age 80. the series could take place in the near future. It could teach life lessons, the hardships of life and the last book could him looking back at all the great adventures he had during his life (life ff did). I think inner city kids have a disadvantage not being near grass and wild life and think these books could give inner city kids hope and aspirations to the thrill of the chase in their blood. Just something else that could heighten his legacy. Any thoughts?

          • Matt-
            I think it’s a timely suggestion. I know there is a renewed interest in a children’s book by Forrest. I don’t know any specifics about it. But in the past couple of weeks folks around him have been talking with him about it.

          • Yeah it would be cool like 4 qaurts of milk with 2 hands. I think it would be better if he made a series about it. Book series always got my interest when i was kid.

  58. I think the clue in TFTW is that the treasure is at least 600 miles north of sante fe. I also think that the chest could be worth A LOT more than advertised. That is how FF knows it has not been found yet. If it was just some gold coins I think people could keep quiet and sell them piece by piece but if the chest is worth A LOT it would be near impossible to contain the excitement.

    • Wrong. Notice he says a select few. EVERY has focused on Brown at some point if not all the time. I believe the word is it, due to Dals recent blog about it.

  59. But I will remain focused on my solve… its so good people!! I want to blurt it out with pride its so darn good!! But THIS solve is for my eyes only until I can check it out in June…I wish I could go to the Fennoree in May, but I am too busy at work…

  60. Forrest has never revealed what time of year he hid his chest. However, it is very likely it was in the winter time.

    Adding to my previous post regarding ‘cold’ and ‘wood’, in the 3rd stanza he writes ‘Just heavy loads and water high’. The ‘load’ he is referring to is the current of the body of water and the ‘high’ is the depth.

    Winter (cold) is the ideal time of year to ford a river at it lowest point. Not Spring and Summer.

    I hope this helps everyone.

  61. German-
    So you think it’s likely that he hid it in winter because that’s the best time to ford a stream…or are there other reasons as well?

    • I offered that as a possibility, because one of my searches involved crossing a RIVER that I had to constantly monitor the web site at to pick the right time to go. Winter seemed the best time. Didn’t have to worry about them opening the dams to feed agriculture water or worry about the summer flash floods. Other than that, I’m certain there are other reasons as well.

      • There’s a video on youtube where Justin from Collected Works says he talked to Forrest and he felt it was implied to not look while there’s snow on the ground. Email me if you want the link for it and I can show it to you. I don’t know if that means you can’t locate it, or if it means he wants people to be safe, or I don’t know….

          • I did read your reasoning, but if Forrest has implied to wait till the snow is melted…then I think that means you either can’t see the blaze in the snow or the ground is too frozen to get to it.

    • Dal,

      Don’t you believe that he would have hidden it in the winter time? Seems to me that there would be fewer people around when he was going to his special hidey spot. Not that I ever believed that the local was going to be that easy to find.

    • Think about it for a moment and you will realize that it doesn’t snow (or very little) everywhere.

      • Germanguy – really? I lived in Colorado for 17 years – we had 9 months of winter and in a “bad” snow year 1-2 feet of snow in the yard. Good year we had as much as 4 – 5 feet. I now live in Wisconsin & in a bad snow year – not much snow. This year 3 feet standing in our yard. Heavy snow loads in the mountains is dangerous – Avalanches!!

        • I used to eat lead paint chips like they were corn flakes! They’re Grrrrrreat!!! I am the walrus! goo goo g’Atchooooo! Gesundheit! I must be allergic to walruses. Or is it walrusii? Which brings up an interesting question. When Yoko Oh No(!) dies will they place her next to her husband in Lennon’s Tomb on Red Square? So much lead to eat…so little time.

    • Harder still on snow and slippery trails- Hardest yet while carrying the rough equivalent of near to 6 gallons of milk at once, in gold & bronze.

      I vote for springtime.

    • Ken- yes that is so cool when people have the courage to say I do not need the comforts we are used to. I loved all the traveling I did because it quickly made me realize just how spoiled we are!

  62. Say, anyone know what a “Banco” is? Forrest’s dad was on one? Wiki. does not seem to have a meaning that makes sense. Anyone?

    • A Bonco is a bench usually made of adobe and plastered. For instance a lot of adobe houses have a banco just inside the door where you can sit and take your shoes off.

      • Oh thanks Aspen Marsh, I thought it had something to do with a car, when I saw the picture.

  63. Well, So there is a KEY word. I think it must be in the Poem. I think the word is FROM…..? Just kidding…well maybe? LOL….WhY I believe its in the Poem, is because forrest said all you need is the poem! Only hints of clues are sprinkled in the book.

  64. I watched an interesting show on Nat Geo channel last nite. This is not fenn related but thought it was cool to share. Nat Geo is following a man named Mick Dodge who lives in the woods in the northeastern peninsula area of the state of Washington. Maybe Dal has heard of him. Literally, he lives out there with barely anything and exists using only techniques used by those from the past. Very cool…Back to the Chase !! One word almost always leads to more… They all tie in together to point the way… IMO

    • Further investigation has put a different light on this show. Mick is a real person, but just not what is depicted on this reality show. Never mind…Back to treasure hunting…

  65. I’ll stick with Brown as the key and I’m feeling that simplicity in the general interpretation is the modus. I believe “Home of Brown” speaks to brown trout and can be found in any of the states on the map. Warm water can also be found in any of the states. Heavy loads and water high is imaginative interpretation and can also be found in any of the states. I’m NM in the winter/spring and if unsuccesful will spend the summer in West Yellowstone.

  66. Maybe the word you’re looking for is “bold.” The Rio Grande is also the Rio Bravo. My first interpretations of bravo yielded furious or brave, but my readings on the river have interpreted it as Bold River. Just a thought.

  67. Here is a thought which may help to explain why Forrest would give out such a clue…. he’s very clever.
    The word he’s talking about is not in the poem. He didn’t say it was. He said, “only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key.” He didn’t say the word was in the poem. The word he is talking about maybe a derivative of several words from the poem. A word such as, Dam, or spring …for the meaning of WWWH. or waterfalls..for the meaning of heavy loads and water high. What ya think?

    • Fenntastic idea ! But, I believe the word is in the poem… IMO. Then again, this may just be another wild goose chase… Something to stir the pot and keep us busy until spring…

    • I feel it is a word in the poem.
      The entire sentence is as follows: “Many are giving serious thought to the clues in my poem, but only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key”
      It’s not a definitive fact, but I am willing to bet that the key word is found in the poem. That sentence is up for interpretation, but I don’t think he is trying to mislead, or even cause a diversion.

  68. I’m thinking that somewhere in the first couple of clues is “the word that is key.” He said that some have figured these out, but most, despite our efforts, have not. He said if we figure out the first few clues we could find the treasure. Since some have figured out the first couple clues but most have not, maybe this is what he is referring too. Or perhaps he is talking about the third clue that is needed to decipher the rest. Perhaps a few are focussed on that one, haven’t figured it out yet, but are working specifically on that third clue that no one as of yet has deciphered.

  69. I think the key is in the book…maybe. f said the poem is in the book,but also the prize is in the book. Maybe that 42 pound prize holds the key? Was that discussion of the #42 over, I think a Rubics cube is similar in that it’s a puzzle and a perfect number like a rainbow! Just thinking out loud…anybody… any thing? Twinkle twinkle…

    • That’s a good thought,…”rainbow” maybe the key word. Forrest does say the 9 clues will lead to the end of his rainbow and the treasure. “Rainbow”, could be.

  70. Anybody realize instead of blogging they should be looking for the chest? I search every week but still have not found the chest. Hopefully, I will find the chest this week. I know it is cold out there, but would it be any fun if it weren’t. Start searching or otherwise I will beat you guys to the chase. : )

    • A man is looking around a campfire for a hidden treasure at night. His friend ask “Where do the clues lead you?” The man answers somewhere way over there. His friend says, “Then why are you looking here?” The man says because the light is much better here.”

    • RC I don’t see how you can search with so much snow all over the Rockies. Maybe that’s why you keep going out searching and can’t find it and we’re sitting around blogging. I’ve heard more than a few times that it’s not a good time to find his treasure. I’m not saying it can’t be done…and he might be saying it more for safety…I don’t know. I suspect that it’s more likely under the snow since he’s said that snow will effect it. I have gone out with some snow on the ground, but it was with good video of the place without snow on the ground. That might be a good idea for anyone who goes out this summer.

      • Hey Stephanie! how are you? I am just saying be careful if you are looking in the woods. As for me I ll be looking until the spring. Happy hunting!

        • Hey everyone the only thing you’d be searching here in Montana is a warm shelter It’s 25 below zero.

  71. A pilot in plane tells the passengers the plane’s both engines quit working and he would had to make a harsh landing. A passenger stands up and asks the pilot ” how far do you think the plane is going to land?” to which the pilot responds ” as far as the scene of the crash”

    • In this parable, you are the pilot of a single engine Cessna flying at low altitude, in poor weather, with no passengers – you’ve imagined them. You’ve contacted a nearby jumbo jet sailing safely above at 35,000′ to relay your predicament. The pilot of that plane has alerted his passengers to look out their windows if they wish to witness a fantastic explosion.

  72. Stephanie * I would like to thank you because you have helped me very much in the chase. I will let you know who I am when the time comes.

    • I just read all three notes. Hmm, so do I already know you or are you known? Let’s see….RC….Ray Charles? No, he’s passed….Richie Cunningham? No, he’s not real. I guess I’ll have to wait. I wish I hadn’t helped you. That’s not my intention lol…but sometimes my thoughts get away from me. What was the email about? A solution that included information I openly shared? Just curious.

  73. Stephanie * I just sent a very interesting e-mail to Forrest Fenn. Hopefully, he will let you read it some time in the near future.

  74. Do you think that ‘tight’ could be a hint word of the key word…???? he could have just said >>>> poem, but only a few are in focus with a word that is key

    • interesting point. Not sure. Makes you wonder why he squeezed that word in there.
      One of his Quotes in Q6 of the Mysterious Writings was-

      “It is fun to arrange words in such a way that you have to smile at the end of a sentence.”

      I know nothing about him except what I read. He does not seem to say much unless it has purpose. His quote confirms that the purpose could be just to make himself smile.

      If one of you do find the chest – Just please tell me what the key was, how many hints he actually gave after the poem and if I was right about the number 42.

      Thanks djjmciv for posting the link to the comments and thank you for allowing it to be posted on your blog Dal.

      • I think we are all getting to excited about this word that is key. I think there are many words that are key. The poem is filled with them.Just follow his directions and begin it where warms waters halt. Halt=stop=alto=Alta,WY..
        Why not start there? Anyone?

        • because warm waters halt is a specific geographical spot, it isnt an entire town or city

    • It sounds like RC has it all figured out, and yet, doesn’t have the treasure. I believe Mr. Fenn said that if you figured out all the clues in the poem, you should be able to walk right to it. So why the multiple trips out to search, RC?

      • I think that’s an excellent question worthy of a response. Why the multiple trips, RC? You must know SOMETHING by now after all those trips. Don’t be shy.

    • yes, If you know, but none of us does…:) we are all right and all wrong…it is fun, that IS his point…adventure, treasure…..have a good time NOW.The treasure is within, keep searching, be kind, Save the Planet, he so desires you to see and LoVE…see ya out there soon

  75. His word could be “awareness.” He uses it a lot. And his pal Eric Sloane is known for his philosophy of awareness.

  76. I still think the key is” from.”…Ha Ha….no really…OK so I have this memory. And I remember a story about forrest walking or ?,from West Jellystone to Billings? 90 miles? I remember this story, does anyone know where the info was posted?

    • In response to an email, Forrest told a story about how he walked from West Yellowstone to Bozeman. The link and Forrest’s full reply are below.

      Thanks for reading my blog and enjoying what it said. I have fond memories of Bozeman. One time a friend and I walked from West Yellowstone to Bozeman, 91 miles. It was maybe the best trip I ever made. We were walking along the Gallatin River with our bedrolls and candy bars on our backs when a mother black bear swam across the river with her two small cubs. She ran across the highway just 30′ in front of us, and climbed up a steep bank. Then her cubs ran across the road shaking water off their backs. But they couldn’t get up the steep bank. So my friend and I picked them up and threw them about six feet up on top. I’m sure the mother was thankful. It was fun walking on the outskirts of danger. f

      • Interesting reminder of that story. I’m curious about something though now that I’m reminded of it. What was in Bozeman when he was a kid? Does anyone know what would have made him want to go there? His sister moved there, but she was younger than him. So if he isn’t yet driving and that is why they were walking…then she wasn’t living there then. He also suggests when searching to take a bedroll and he has one in this story. He’s also with one “mystery friend”….are they still around? I would think he’d have said Donnie if it was him. So why Bozeman?

      • That was smart thinking! Forrest probably saved those bear cubs’ lives. One of the safest places to be in nature is between mama bear and her cubs. Although, that may not be true. You might want to do some research before playing bean-bag-toss…I mean, bear-cub-toss. Besides, a baby bear’s squeal is very shrill. I get annoyed every time I pick one up…and mama bear should do a better job to keep baby bear’s fingernails trimmed…talk about scratchy!

  77. If your having a hard time figuring out what the SECRET word is you probable don’t understand FF very well. Two reasons for this comment, to smile at the responses on the blogs. And to give the key to what your looking for if you can unlock it. That makes me smile 🙂

  78. I recall some mention of a GPS that could be helpful on the chase.. was that recommended by FF just to prevent us from getting lost in the wilds?…or…
    Is the GPS “necessary” to pinpoint the location or can we get there just by following the “clues” in the poem (as advertised)…can someone clarify please?…tks.

    • Forrest did say to bring one, but no one knows why he says what he says to be able to answer that question.

    • On the Thrill Resource page found on Forrest’s blog, the introductory paragraph suggests taking a GPS in the interest of staying safe while looking for the treasure in the mountains. The link, along with an excerpt, is below.

      Whether or not this is the only reference to Forrest mentioning the use of a GPS is beyond me, but this came to mind quickly.

      If you are searching for Forrest’s treasure please stay safe, take adequate supplies and a GPS. The chest is not in a dangerous place. Remember, it weighs 42 pounds and an old man carried it to its secret location. Keep your children close in the mountains and search at your own risk. Good luck in the chase.

      • It was placed there after a young woman was assumed lost. I imagine he checked with his lawyer about what needed to be done to protect himself from lawsuits, and its just common sense.
        You know how sue happy people have become. 🙁

    • The use of a GPS is to pinpoint your location. It uses coordinates of longitude and latitude. If a GPS can help, it is so we don’t get lost.

      On the other hand if the poem is to be cyphered in some way to reveal coordinates, then we just go directly to the hiding spot.

      It is my opinion that the clues in the poem refer to real locations to be followed one by one to the treasure.

      Good luck, and best wishes. 🙂

      • Yes, I’m not so sure we are to get numbers from the poem, a key word,? Yes, one that may just set a theme as a hint to the meaning of the other clues…
        But thats not to say that he has NOT developed TWO ways to get to the Chest, by 2 ways, I mean , like maybe words from the poem and the 2nd way could be numbers from somewhere else, maybe from the book.

        And maybe a THRID way is being developed, by his rambling comments and answer/s to recent question.

  79. I think we get lost into the search and forget to ask ourselves important question and until we get pass the question we wont be able to find the answers. I found my question answered in 2011.

  80. I can’t understand what some of you are you talking about, or why you post such vague info. I have my ideas of why he hid it, but thats not going to find the spot he hid it, IMO.
    On a liter subject, that part about “keep your children close” Anyone else recall hearing that some where.. I have, at a particular location in fact.

  81. I feel that if you are content with yourself, while on the chase, that is the main reward. Letting go of the stresses and fake surroundings of the modern world.we are so dependent on modernisms that we have placed ourselves above all of Earth’s creatures. Is it fair to say that we are more important than the ant, or bee, or bird? Each has it’s place in the ecosystem, and a job to do that directly relates to one another. But, man is a taker, not a giver. At one time, man was one with his environment, living copasetically. Giving and taking. If we are to feel content with ourselves, you must return to the beginning, and understand that nature is the mother to all of us. And in nature, you can find the true key to contentment.

    • Also, confidence is the belief in your opinion or hypothesis and following that to the truth, or in this case, the treasure. “A confident General can lead his army to victory.”. Without confidence in yourself, you will never be confident of you choices thus never make a confident decision, or confidently find the treasure. Just sayin’. I am confident, it is time for me to go to bed! ¥Peace¥

        • It was late for me. I get up at 03:00, work by 05:00, and bed by 18:30. So, yeah, it was time for bed! ¥Peace¥

    • Why are you even on this blog? I’m looking for the treasure. On one trip I got stuck in a hail storm……. civilization rocks, especially heat.

      • Lowi…Chill. Im here to share ideas and opionions too, just like you. I’m looking for the treasure too. Never said civilization was bad. Just the fact that people get too comfy in it and forget there is a big world out there that can be just as comfy. Good luck. ¥Peace¥

  82. I have just started following this blog not to long ago, I must say you guys seem to be a nice group of people. To me, it appears this blog is the best of all I have seen. Good Hunting and good luck to you!

    • Welcome to Dal’s Blog! I agree, this is the best of the blogs with LOTS of good info to read and many videos to watch. Good luck with your chase! 🙂

  83. Hi Historybuff, Whats you nick name? Mine is : Chased by Brown Bears in Jellystone Park! Nice to meet you , welcome to our little group of Chasers. I am planning on hunting this spring. Montana and Wyoming area. I Live 3 miles from Yellowstone. Are you gona hunt? Happy Trails.

  84. Welcome Historybuff1066! Nice to see a fresh mind! Not that ours are not, but new ideas always welcome!

  85. The spot in Montana I plan to be searching is under more than 5ft of snow right now. I have no intention of looking for that chest till about six feet of that snow melts away and the ground under it is soft and warm enough to allow a good night’s sleep.
    It’s not that I am not anxious to look. My curiosity is nearly overwhelming. It’s not that I couldn’t use the exercise…lord knows that Thanksgiving, Christmas and various birthday dinners have taken their toll. It’s just that I absolutely could not get in there this winter of all winters, and if I did manage to make it back there without having a heart attack I could not see the area well enough to scour it thoroughly.
    So, no thanks, I’m excited about looking because I enjoy being out there so much but I have my limits. Besides..I tried being out in that neighborhood a couple of winters ago. I nearly froze solid after falling through two feet of snow to a shivering collection of snowmelt below. It was a brutal 15mile trek out, soaked and frozen and tired.
    This winter I am hanging out by the fire and waiting calmly for it all to pass…
    After all, that’s why I collected all this firewood to begin with..

    • dal while you are staying warm by the fire place I have a question for you – I don’t think that ff hid the treasure where there is danger for him and for us and this is just my opinion I think that meek has a different meaning not knowing what it is or if it does – your thoughts thanks

      • Frank-
        I’ve considered two meanings for being the standard definition for the in timid…
        The other meaning I have considered is after someone by the name of Meek..
        Of the two I believe more confidently in the primary dictionary definition. It works quite well for where I am looking…and I believe it is based on events that took place in this area 130 or so years ago…


    Here we go again…dangerous intel…Please enjoy, and remember, this solve could be used ANYWHERE…………
    BIWWWH=start searching in fall or winter, when irrigation is off.(where=When)
    ATIITCD=THE canyon is key here…not just a canyon, but THE canyon…
    NFBTFTW=impossible to walk to….
    PIBTHOB=When reservoirs are low (in fall/winter) there is a bathtub ring…brown above the waterline and white below it…
    FTINPFTM=If you are there @ the wrong time its in the water…(meek inherit earth not water)
    TEIEDN=Take the left (west) fork of THE reservoir.
    TBNPUYC=The left fork inlet (creek) is not navigable, back on foot)
    JHLAWH=Boulders (white) and perhaps a waterfall or two…(normally underwater)
    IYBWAFTB=This is the most informative clue of this solve, telling you exactly where you should be looking, my blaze was Flaming Gorge….
    LQDYQTC=when you look down on the correct place your search is over…
    BTSWMG=don’t just stand there admiring the beauty!!
    JTTCAGIP=go get it!!
    YEWBWTC=winter hunt!!
    IYABAITW=driftwood piles along shoreline…
    So if you use sentences as clue dividers, there are in fact nine clues above…
    I went to the Black’s Fork (Black is also below Brown) /Green River confluence, and was able to walk across the frozen ice to the cliffs on the other side…riddled with small openings and caves….the water was DOWN about 16 vertical feet…and I was unable to search caves higher than about eight feet. I really liked this solve because there aren’t too many canyons that I consider to be THE canyons, that fit the BLAZE and are above 5000 ft., but I gave it up when Forrest let it be known that WWWH was a specific place, not an area or region…So must not be a place in time either…but good one huh??

    Once again, this solve illustrates how I approach solving the poem….it is just one of 16 solves I plan to share over the next year or so….

  87. The thrill of the Chase is over but mine shall continue!
    I’m runner-up! It’s over!!! I had my chance last weekend and failed. After coming back the wood is gone!


  88. Alright….Mike started it and I like that he laid out another solve… So why not…Truth be told, I have not been here yet…but I will be as soon as I can…If you have snow shoes and are in the wood; good luck!
    I won’t go through the clues as most of us can make them work anywhere w/a bit of imagination. This is one of my Hippie Solves. INCLUDES: Taos, EasyRider, DHL, and unfortunately leads to another solve. (They all do).
    Inevitably, I end up in Dawson NM…Dawson coal mines….old shafts! #4 may still have tracks coming out you can still follow them. A fella named Gardner (Treasure Island)…a geologist who worked for the rails was involved in its origin….The towns of Gardner and Dawson are long gone…Part of Ted Turner’s Vermejo property…The coke stoves can still be seen from the Raton Golf Course.
    This will be an adventure…there’s a few cemetaries in these towns…No one on this planet should be denied access to a cemetary!
    Also as Mike laid out there must be many connections such as a
    Brown, putting IN, water
    high, once your there…as
    dal has said a kazillion
    times…many folks solves
    fall apart once your
    I promise this is not a
    Disney adventure..

    Coal shafts we all know are dangerous…never go alone where you are unfamiliar. I could post tons on this solve but it’s way more fun to read and do it yourself. GOOD LUCK! NEXT!

          • telling folks to “go away” just for stating their opinions…. like you do. None of us have to believe what anyone says but let them have their say without the snide sounding remarks.

          • if I say to you, “It is over.” that is much different than, “I think it is over.” A stop sign tells you to stop, it doesn’t say, I think you should stop. And snide is as snide does…calling me mikey is every bit as snide as go away, so practice what you preach sir. Having a say is different than “Stating fact without evidence” which what I perceived Ryan as doing…however, if you read the whole thing, I did apologize and take it down a notch when he responded…And who are you to police me?? There are MANY snide comments on this blog, Especially about Ryan…Why am I the one you choose to scold?

  89. Dal, I’ve been following the blogs for some time now and notice some of the many trips you have made. Tell me, when you conclude a trip are you able to degrade its importance and do you find your next trip’s clues stronger than the previous. Also I’m a former neighbor of yours, I lived a Bay & Kickerville behind Birch Bay State Park four years ago.

    • Rad-
      I generally only give up on a place once I have demonstarted to myself that it can’t be correct. I lost interest in the gorge after it came to my attention how unlikely it would have been for Forrest to make two trips down and back up to hide his treasure..
      I’ve given up on other places because they just didn’t feel right…
      They looked pretty good on paper but when I got there they were flawed…
      I have a pretty good picture of the place in my when I get somewhere and it does’t fit the picture, I move on…

    • I have not used the Meeker massacre..Joe Meek was a trapper who didn’t care much for the Yellowstone when he first laid eyes on it..

      • dal what if and I say if – he is saying the word meek does not go there what if he is saying – from there its no place to seek the end is ever drawing nigh it just a thought

        • I suppose what you are suggesting is a possibility Frank but I am a simple guy. I push buttons for a living and mostly the buttons are just marked “on” and “off”. I am incapable of thinking in complicated ways. Your way is much to complicated for me.

          • LOL ok dal like I said it was just a thought just kicking things around just working the poem I guess ill just bush this button on off any way thanks for the reply

  90. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! 😀 If you’re trying to convince people the treasure’s been found, it won’t work. Too many others have said the same thing so the only one we will believe is Forrest.

    • So where was it? Tell us. I wanna know.

      And what are you saying will happen if we email him?

    • I did Ryan…. guess what… the answer is; it is not true. And if you insist you should cough up some proof or hit the road.

    • Yeah! Email him and see what happens. I dare you. I TRIPLE dog dare you. That’s right…I skipped the double dog dare and went straight to the queen-mother of all dares…the triple dog dare. But if I were you I wouldn’t even THINK about talking to The Great and Powerful OZ unless you have the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West! Unless you’re a “Good Witch” like Suzanne Somers…then you might have a chance.

      • Oh! A triple dog dare! 🙂 One of my all time favorite movies. Thanks for making me laugh. Just what we all need more laughter. 🙂

  91. FF has stated that someone might find the treasure and not tell. So what makes people sooo sure its NOT been found? It sounded to me like ff is 99% sure but that still leaves a small chance its gone. FF is not magic the cold truth is that if FF does not check on his chest thousands of searchers could be searching for a empty hole. That’s a risk we will live with come spring.

    • The answer to your question , “how soooo sure ? ” has been answered to death over at OddsN Ends… Check it out, pieces. There’s 100 ways FF can know and never leave his home 🙂
      He’s a millionaire and smart: of course he covered those bases!!! 😉

  92. .

    I locked eyes with another CHASE searcher once… ( we saw each other and recognized each other as what we were doing there ) and since he was there seconds before me… I gave him the head-start and I let him proceed un-encumbered and un-hurried… ahead of me…

    I have never seen so many 10×10 holes in the dirt as I did that day following that searcher…

    If your “promise it’s over” is based on a SQUAREISH HOLE at your SOLVE… then RELAX…

    I’ve been there and done that…


    • Hi Santa_Fe – Where does your “…SQUAREISH HOLE…” reference originate from? Will be on my 3rd search trip this summer, and it (kind of) fits in with what I am looking for. Could be a big help to me (if it’s from part of a solution that has been posted, but I missed). Thanks.

  93. I don’t know if it has been found! I don’t want to be one of those guys. I was at my spot about a week ago and came back 4 days later to see it dug up! This is the spot! I will post everything in the next handful of days.

    • Just because you went back to “your” spot and found it dug up does not warrant coming on here and saying it is over and you are runner up. What that really says is that it is not “your” spot after all. It seems to be a common solve location. My original solve was trampled to death and while I was there three folks came by and watched me searching in the water. That was almost a year ago. The place is probably really tore up now. So… maybe you should take a few deep breaths and watch the little spiral disc and I will help you…. just kidding! Chill out and remember that others are reading who have been through a lot with this here Thrill. IMO the person that finds the loot will have a bit more class and do the right thing. Respect the land and don’t dig it up….

      • Oh, and Stephanie, I did email forrest and he emailed right back. I asked the $64k question and the answer was “No, it has not”. There is not an open line between he and I… It was pure luck I guess…so take that for what it is. I have no reason to pass false info…

        • That’s great Ken. I’ve gotten better with feeling the need to email him and ask. I feel pretty confident that he would say right away if someone has…but always nice to hear it anyway. Glad you got an answer too. Those are a lot of fun to get. I rarely get them these days *pout* LOL.

    • Ryan — why not just post it all now. Free speech zone here… What’s the matter — you’ve got Internet & time enough to put several posts up— just follow thru already.
      Start with which of the 4 states, then tell us your solve for the 9 clues, THEN give the details of your adventure!!

      FF’s email is working fine btw. Maybe you’re just slipping into the spam folder..?

  94. I would like to send an apology to the entire Fenn community. I have been at this for awhile and sent my first post today. I was in the heat of the moment and lost it due to the sequence of events and I sincerely apologize to everyone especially Mr. Fenn. I have realized that I’m to emotionally involved and need to walk away. I believe I can put everyone in a small defined area and prove to you that it there. What’s is the best way to send? Typing on this is slow and I have a ton of info. Dal or Steph can I upload a file? Also Ken, you can dig without digging in the ground which is what I did.

  95. im sure dal will have something to say about people posting comments like that – that’s not fair for those who are going on the hunt or for all of us if the treasure is not in your hands keep those comments to your self

  96. the reason I said to email him is because I couldn’t send him an email. I thought he closed the account.

  97. What happened with the RC guy? He seemed to think he was on to something! He was going to contact Forrest….Well the Chase is on!

    • Lou Lee * I just came back from searching and I did not find the treasure. What I found was a bunch of fish in the river like Mr. Fenn’s 9-mile hole had. Be careful it is very cold out there.

  98. Just so no one gets too worried the last time I checked IT was still there waiting for some one to take IT home. ha ha ha

      • Ken-
        Wouldn’t make any difference how many people have been to a place before. If I thought it might be the right place I’d go there and check it out myself. I know for a fact that individuals see things differently. Let me give you an example-
        San Lazaro, Forrest’s pueblo…
        When Forrest hangs out there…just takes a walk across the creek bank he finds arrowheads and pottery shards, tools and bone fragments. Lots of them. The whole place comes alive in his mind. He sees exactly how the folks who lived there spent their days and nights.
        When I walk the same area I miss most of what he sees. He has to point at things before I see them. He has to draw the lines connecting the dots for me so I understand what I am looking at.
        I can go to an area like Douglas Creek in Colorado..the Canyon Pintado with three people and each of us will find different treasures, artifacts and stories, even though we are all walking the same ancient trails and box canyons.
        How many times have you been looking for something you knew was in the cupboard but couldn’t see it…someone else looks in that same cupboard and finds what you were looking for, right where you were looking?
        My point is that we all miss things…often even what we are looking for…
        If the clues lead you to a spot you need to search it… and re-search it..come back at different times of the day..sit down under a shady tree and think about it..Don’t leave it alone because someone else looked there..
        We all see things differently…
        We all bring our own history, knowledge and abilities to a site…
        I think it would be foolish to not go to an area you felt strongly about just because others have looked there before you..

  99. Anybody know if Mr. Fenn has made any comments about the 4 golden nuggets,the coin, and frog he has on top of the old map?

  100. Is RC and Ryan the same searcher? Seems like it. Dal may know. Or Forrest. I am not worried about if he found the treasure. Because I truly believe, I know were the treasure is! And its waiting there for me…….early spring. Not worried at all. I finally had a break through last night at 4 am….well another one anyway, it was big. I think that there is something that searchers are not getting about the poem. Me included! I have a new fresh angle on it. Its not what a lot of us have been thinking. There is a secret code in the poem. Or a not so secret code, if you do a lot of research. And think kinda outside the box. That is all I will say about that. Happy Hunting. God Bless, Good Luck and don’t blow too much dough on this if you don’t have it. Unless you have a great lead to a Awesome location!
    PS, Be Safe!!!!! I just read a story about someone who fell into a hot pool in THE PARK!

      • Hi Mapsmith. I am not saying it is in THE PARK. I just know a lot of chasers are gona go there. I think I ask you before if you were on the Treasure Trove hunt? I would not post my solve or email and bother forrest with it…I am still working on it too.

        • I was /am on the hunt for several other things , like Treasure Trove, but never was online w/r/t TT. If someone else used my name , that’s weird. 🙂

        • the park? I thought Mr. Fenn meant to give him more credit. He was thinking 100 years, 1000 years, or 10 000 thousand years. It took him 15 years to write the poem. The words are deliberate.

  101. Well at least I have hope and believe I can find it…..One thing more I wanted to say is that I am not sure why I said Secret Code. Its not really a code, sorta…Its something else that you need to unlock. Not a Secret Code. Sorry I said that! I really don’t know what to call “IT” and “it” is solving the puzzle, but its not really a puzzle? Anyhow back to the poem, books and maps. AND OLYPMICS! Happy Sunday

    • I do not think that is a “secret” anymore. Many people have gone to your spot , but nobody has found anything. Maybe you will. Say hi to Mr. Lonely from me.

    • There’s a pot o gold at the end of the rainbow. I think that much could be true — moreso if you ‘ask a child’.

      Of course ….. There’s a leprechaun there too, guarding it. And they’re notoriously tricky with their double meanings. 😉

    • Like at a water falls why not but that’s not in the poem. Rainbows come and go doubt its the blaze. Rainbow trout? End of the Rainbow trout Home of the Brown trout.

  102. Well I’m still looking-
    I’ve been thinking about:
    “From there it’s no place for the meek,”
    My thoughts are that “there” is where the chest is. And I am leaning towards believing that I am not looking at traveling along a trail.
    In this case “there” is a place in which the “meek” could be.
    In other words if I were to leave “there”- I would be going were the “meek” should not go.
    I am thinking that I do not necessarily have to enter the place where the meek should not go but I should be trying to find where “there” is.
    With this thought in mind then “There’ll be no paddle up your creek” could mean that I do not necessarily need to travel anywhere from “there”…at this point in poem.
    I believe that when I “Put in below the Home of Brown” I am already “there.”
    Which leaves me with and I really have to decide:
    How far below the home of Brown do I put in? and…Where should the meek not be?
    It sounded better to me before I wrote it. Need those “blue lines.”

    For what it’s worth: I will not be digging any holes. I just do not see Mr. Fenn carrying a shovel and a 42lb chest. Even if he made two trips above 5000 feet PA. Move an unusual looking stone/cover or look into some cracks/holes maybe. I’m just bringing a sandwich, flashlight and a beer.
    Any thoughts?

    • If your looking this time of the year a snow shovel might help. I think the “not in a grave yard ” is a pretty strong clue that its not buried in the traditional way. Finding the blaze, the right blaze is the ticket…

      • Do you guys thing the treasure chest is hidden, as in hidden from view, or knowledge? What do you think? Could be hidden from knowledge in the poem, and still be buried under rock, dirt, water? Any thoughts?

        • What about disguised? Could the treasure chest be disguised so we could not see it unless we knew where,and what it was?

          • Like in an antique shop in Bozeman on a shelf with nothing but 15 identical bronze chests….? Yeah, I’ve had that nightmare 🙂

          • RC- Could be disguised and I too am hoping once the poem is deciphered that the need to second guess its exact location is not necessary.
            But again I would keep ALL reasonable options open.

    • I think your theory about Meek is interesting, and could be valid, – thanks for sharing it!!
      but I can’t see my way to agree on the other points. Ex: Up = north to my orientation /POV.

      And in regards to carrying 42 lbs or even split on 2 trips; I (continue to) say: what about backpack, drag-behind sled, wheeled conveyance, mule, drag behind small raft/barge, moped with sidecar, handtruck, saddlebag & horse, rope and rigging (block & tackle) or ..helicopter? 😉

      • Mapsmith-
        I am just throwing out ideas. Getting confused lately and need to share to clear my mind and look at other possible avenues.
        I also have a hard time believing he just walked to the hiding spot with the chest in his two hands or on HIS back.
        Someone mentioned a cooler once. I thought germanguy’s winter theory was interesting and a sled would fit. Is it possible to hide a chest in the fall or winter in light snow?
        I guess it all depends on how far he had to travel.
        I believe that since he went “alone in there” and “with my treasures bold” that it is in an area where others could have observed him entering the particular spot.(I say this because he did it boldly).
        In which case he could have just carried the chest to its final location with the people around him oblivious to what was taking place.

        • I like that idea a lot: FF wheeling it in , setting up say, a big faux rock (TC hiding inside) with a signpost sticking out, with perhaps legit directions to Ranger Brown’s home on it, & FF dressed in nondescript worker overalls…. Grinning like the Cheshire Cat as he wheels the hand truck away 🙂

        • Maybe he went alone in there at night when it is prohibited to go “in there” at night. Maybe it was too dark and he would have seen if someone was there because they would have had to make a fire, to keep warm, “worth the cold”, and he would have seen the fire.

          • I went in what I think is “in there” but my brother did not think Mr. Fenn could have made the trip, even with a bike. Maybe he did but I find it hard to believe he went “in there” by himself. I may be wrong but I think I have the correct spot. All clues point to that spot, there is no clue he has not given that will not point at my special spot. Maybe he knows we are going after the chase, and not the where the gold is. Maybe we are making fools of ourselves, and he know it because we think logically and not with “imagination”. Maybe the treasure chest is hidden just in our imagination, and not in the physical world. and maybe the treasure is so easy to find ,but if we think is hard to find, we will never find it. I have gone searching “in there” 6 times now, and still nothing. Maybe I am going crazy.

      • I was thinking this for:
        “There’ll be no paddle up your creek”
        – Forrest writes about a paddle in a story of Skippy not going to bed in TTOTC (pg 40). A reference to spankings when he was not listening to his father. Paddle in this case refers to the repercussions of not listening.

        I several thoughts of what line 11 could mean:

        1.You will be in an awkward situation. Do not worry about getting in trouble.
        2.A riddle for the name of the creek?
        3.Do not go up creek
        4.Walk up creek

        I am constantly drawn to #1. (I do not recommend doing anything foolish because of this thought).

        When line 11 is combined with line 12 “Just heavy loads and water high” I feel as though “there” is being described by the scenery around it.
        The whole third stanza to me is descriptive in nature.
        Just wanted to give reason to my previous comments.

        • Safety Joe I agree with your thinking. You and I are looking at this poem the same way. The third stanza is descriptive. I also agree with your statement earlier about meek. Maybe we should team up. Good luck and happy hunting.

          • tgavis-
            I wish I could remember half the thoughts I’ve had. Dal’s blog helps me keep some of my ideas in check.
            If I cannot narrow this down to one specific spot my plan is to be able to search a location with every possible solution I can think of during each step.
            Good luck to you too.

  103. Dal, a couple of questions…
    1. Will F be at the Fennboree?
    2. Have you checked out Meek’s Cutoff or Agate Creek, Mt?
    3. IMO “thinking” will give you the confidence to find the treasure, so I think…think is the key word.
    4. If the treasue is where a “three year old could find the treasure, if they could lift it” , it may be in the open. Do you know the bronze alloy percentage. The Romans would have used a lead base, but don’t know if it would be 80/20 or 70/30 etc. Thought maybe f might have mentioned it.
    Thanks for you time.

    • Only the Roman legionnaires had weapons made predominantly of bronze (stronger) the troops had weapons that were predominantly of iron (weaker). In combat, many of the troops swords would break.

    • Donna-
      1. I dunno..maybe Stephanie knows…otherwise you could ask the Fennboree guys..
      2. As much as I intend to…which is a goofy answer..I’ll try to do better…I am aware of them. Neither is on my immediate list of places to search..
      3. Could be…but seems kinda weak for a KEY word…
      I guess I expect more from a key word…
      4. I don’t know anything about the metallurgy of the chest…why is that important?
      Are you trying to fine tune your metal detector?

      • No, my flair camera. Bronze soaks up heat if in open, at dusk it will cool. You would have a narrow window where it would be visible if in say a grassy area or by a tree. The more alloy mixed in bronze, the longer the heat signature is visible! If I know the area,like I think I do, this is a quick way to retrieve it.

  104. I have a new idea about what the blaze could be. I have an idea that the blaze could be a burning phoenix at a yearly event. Anyone know of annual burning of a phoenix bird in the mountains?

  105. Hi All! Just a note that I spent the weekend looking for relavent clues up Artist Rd. here in Santa Fe. I do not have to remind myself of the wonderful gift ff has given me in the form of going places I would not haver ever ventured to without his book. Up Artist (Hyde Park or Ski Basin) Rd. is 10,000 waves which is a hot water spa. Behind and below is a canyon with a steam. On the crest of a knoll above the canyon is a very large brown hacienda. I searched the arroyo to no avail I did notice a tent camper who appeared to be a searcher though. The spa’s water is not a natural hot spring and which set me to wondering if “warm waters halt” could be man made? After my search I’m leaning to a natural entity that survives a very long time. Re: Dal’s comment on closing out a searched area, I agree and would advise other searchers to consider this area.

  106. The treasure is in the mountain north of Santa Fe, but did Forrest ever say the poem is associated to the mountains north of Santa Fe????

    What if the poem takes us to a place, anywhere in the world, that leads to a time capsule with the GPS location of the treasure???

    This may be a very unlikely scenario but unless you have the treasure in hand you don’t really know. the canyon down could really be the Grand Canyon where you go to find THE map.

    • dj-
      Many people believe the poem can start outside of the Rocky Mountains and bring you into them. Forrest has not ruled that possibility out. But common sense tells me that the poem’s clues as well as the treasure are within the area delineated on the map in the TFTW book.

      As far as the time capsule idea…Forest has told us that the poem leads directly to the chest. This idea was floated around several times earlier when some discussion was taking place about the method Forrest was using to know when the chest had been found…Some suggested that the poem did not lead directly to the chest…it led to a bank vault or a cache with more directions that included contacting someone to get the final location. At that time Forrest came forward to say that the poem leads directly to the chest.

      • He first said Mts N of Sante Fe, and New Mex got flooded with searchers doing some crazy things. Is it possible he changed it to in the Rocky Mts to spread people out? He is VERY precise and sharp minded, and I feel his first answer is the true one, in the Mts N. If he ever got down with the big “C” or another deadly illness and still planned on using his final spot, I just can’t see him going up tp WY or MT, just a thought. ¥Peace¥

        • If you know Fenn well enough, he usually gets his way. If the end were near, nothing will sway him in his decisions…not even being buried in WY or MT. IMHO

          • I sure agree with that German…he has more resolve than anyone I’ve ever met..and I’ve met a few people in my life…
            His resolve is legendary among both family and friends..

          • LOL. Cant help but laugh. Are you guys saying he is stubborn? My favorite people in the whole world are. 🙂

            Its not who you are its who they think you are.


  107. mellow is not my style mrsclean…I think if somebody comes on here saying the chase is over they ought to back that up with a solve and some pics…we deserve that much…I would certainly oblige if rolls were reversed…it is only passion you hear in my responses, not doubt….and the last guy that called me mikey to my face found out just how much I liked it…lol (that’s a joke by the way, not a threat…just in case we have bad “vibes” going on)

    • Appreciate your sharing past search locations with us.
      I don’t think people who claim to have found the chest this time of the year have any credibility….

      • one has found the chest until they have it in their hands. Over the past three years many irresponsible individuals have tried to ruin other’s fun by erroneously and rudely claiming they had found the chest when they had not. In my opinion these folks are simply looking for attention in all the wrong ways. They are immature and hurtful…
        If someone on this blog claims to have found the chest when they have not I will ban them. They do not rate our company or kinship.

  108. FYI-off topic-
    I just want to point this out in case this blog goes down temporarily…
    This morning between 130am-530am we had an exceptionally large number of attempts to gain administrative access to this blog. Typically we have 10-20 attempts every day. But this morning there were thousands of attempts. If they are successful, I have no idea what they would do. So far Goofy’s security measures have repelled all attackers…but with those kinds of attempts it is possible that someone will breach and enter. There is no credit information or personal information on this blog. There is nothing to gain except the joy of bringing the blog to it’s knees for a short time until we reboot. I have no idea what the attackers hope to gain…maybe they think that Stephanie’s location is hidden on the blog somewhere… 🙂

    • Is it possible they’re going for your user metrics…? Like ip addresses, cookies, browser histories, in an attempt to take a high tech route to cheat ( off of others’ notes) ….?

      • Map-
        I suppose they could get IPs..but I am not certain how that would help since there are no hidden posts…all they get are the same comments that they can see by reading the blog to begin with…
        I mean…what difference does it make if the person that wrote such and such comment is from Reno or Seattle?…
        No cookies on the blog..those would be on your computer…same with browser histories…nothing even remotely like that on the blog…
        Seems to me it’s just about vandalism…
        Screw up what you cannot own..

      • @Mapsmith, Dal is correct, there is no there there……..If anything was to be gained by knowing standard site statistics I would have got the chest long ago… 🙂

        @Dal, glad to hear the security measures are holding up. The only other reason to crack the site is to install malware (has nothing to do with the chase) that would then be installed on the visitor’s computers to the site. This is why it is essential users have good anti-virus/malware and firewall programs installed……Every computer user should know this by now.

        I get calls every month from administrators (unlike Dal) that haven’t taken site security seriously…….they get cracked and don’t know a thing until the users start complaining about their anti-virus/malware programs going ballistic when they visit the site.

        • GoG/Dal: guess I was specifically thinking of ‘last site visited’ metrics: …on some of the web pages I host, you can track where people’s browsers were prior to your site, and the host stores that data on their server. A ‘blackhats’ security breach, I was imagining , could do more than a DenialofService or malware, they could browse those lists of data in your home index –and essentially cheat off someone else’s notes (just the first page, but still ,unfair)….

          /imagination getting away from me 😉

        • Goofy,

          Do you think that maybe the hackers are feeling out the main server Dal is serving his pages out of, to see if they can successful do a DoS on it?

          • @germanguy: Sever software has become more sophisticated these days, DOS attacks and brute force login cracks are pretty much a thing of the past. If set up properly the server detects the attempts and blocks the IP for a set amount of time. No muss no fuss.

            @mapsmith: I’m not sure what you mean by “lists of data in your home index”. Most sites these days (large sites anyway) are database driven CMS sites. There are sites that attempt to access the users computers, install malware, read old cookies, etc. Your anti-virus/malware software should stop any of those attempts. I do recommend that users not click the “keep me logged in box” on sites they access, and run a clean up program regularly especially if they are doing things like banking etc. on their computer. These are standard security measures all users should take…….Like I said, I’m not aware of anything I could get from analytical software that would help me find the chest.

            If an unscrupulous site was successful installing malware on a users computer that could be very dangerous for a user; it would allow someone to download your files etc., a keylogger would send me every keystroke you make……which would obviously be bad for a user.

  109. Ok, Fenn fans. I’m back home and yes the chase is over for me. I will be posting my solution and every piece of helpful info I have. I’m putting together a mini memoir of sorts, I will roll it out in chapters. I will put a little about me in the chapters so the first part might be boring.

    • I wouldn’t quit. Do you thing Monica quit when wore that dress with bill Clinton. Do you think Paris Hilton quit cause she had no lights no she got a camera with infra red. Do you think Janet Jackson stop singing when she had the wardrobe malfunction I say no so stay in the search

      • William,

        I found what I was looking for and I’m at peace with turning it all over! My road map will take you to it. Preface is coming tonight! What blaze do you think could stand the test of time?


        • Ryan I would say not to post it cause what if that is someone else spot and by you posting it that send a lot of searchers to that area and would unfair for the one that did do the research and titled to the spot. So if you ask me I say no I wouldn’t

          • William: Whoa whoa : wait! Are you against someone sharing both their interpretation of clues and reporting their trip experience ? ‘Cause this site is FILLED with hundreds examples of each of those categories already !– some would argue its the backbone of this online community: sharing. I guess; I don’t get it. Why not??

            Steph: isn’t that just called coincidence ? Of the 9 clues, various people have posted 5 of “my” solutions over the last year+. But I don’t mind- that’s what happens. Someone might post all 9 of one of my solves, even. (Odds are: it will happen… All the more reason to get off the computer and starting hiking those mountains) Same as finding other treasure hunters in “your” spot. Possession is an illusion, some say.


          • Well maps don’t be a hypocrite post your whole solve for us then. The site is about sharing ideas but not to devastate someone solution but if you wAnt you can send it to me and I will post it for you

          • Didn’t those people think of those 5 themselves though? Were they trying to purposely ruin the game? I think brainstorming and trying to ruin the game are two different things.

            It’s one thing to talk about history or what he could mean or solves that didn’t work and you realized why. His intentions are that he knows where it is and plans on spoiling it. I’m not saying he’s right…I’m saying that’s sad that someone would feel the need to be like that. This is all my opinion. I think his intentions are pretty piss-poor. I’m guessing there will be a few vultures who disagree with me….I’m not calling you one as I know you have many of your own solves.

            I think inthechaseto has a great idea which is what I tell people who want to just “spill the beans” on their solutions. Find a partner in hopes to get something from your hard work and at least then it was found by someone who figured it out.

          • Ryan –

            I’m sorry you did not find it. It’s got to be hard when hope are high.

            I don’t know why you can not go on another trip – but have you thought of just giving your solve to someone else – and so making it a very personal continuing experience for yourself?

          • I think in a game such as this( if you want to call it a game) each participant seems to romanticize about there being some unsaid list of rules that we all must adhere to. In a perfect world I guess that would probably be somewhat true. Really, the rules are nonexistent, and how the game is played is reflected by the individual players. One would hope that the players had the same moral values as yourself or a simulation thereof. Unfortunately, the world we live in dictates that it takes all kinds to balance things out. In the same breath, I will say that this spoiler idea is similar to how we all want to know when and where the treasure is found….Once again, that boils down to who might find it. IMO, the right thing for me might not be the right thing for another. I would NOT be the spoiler because I was weak and immature. I WOULD make sure that everyone knew that the Chest had been found. This is just common decency. Ryan, think about the many and not yourself. In the end, you will definitely be the better person…Just the opinion of a Searcher…I also hope no one is running off helter skelter to beat the release of Ryan’s failure story. That would be a waste.

          • Nice post Ken. I agree there is nothing we can do about what others decide to do. I can only give my opinion on it being in bad taste.

            @map, maybe you did miss the post by him. He said he knew where it was and was going to post the complete solution and still believe it to be right. I do think he’s wrong, but obviously if there were holes there…it’s a place others felt was right too which gives it some validity possibly. It really is all about his attitude that he believes he has the right solution and wants the first person to go there to get it. To me that’s a mob mentality and as Pam said…he’s “baiting” people. Many have given failed solutions and explained why they weren’t any good or told wonderful stories about their families out on the trail. To me that is totally different than getting everyone riled up and upset that he’s going to be a spoiler.

          • Why is everyone believing that this guy has the spot?? Come on!! We are all smarter and know better. Besides…what rhymes with Ryan? If your not sure, ask Pinocchio.

          • @Pam I think I finally figured out what bothers me about certain posts. It’s like the person who yells fire in a movie theater. It’s like the person who says they have a bomb on a plane. It’s like Uncle Ryan who walks into a family board game at Thanksgiving that he said he didn’t want to play and he shouts out the answer and ruins the fun for the people who have been playing. He’s trying to provoke fear and that ticks me off. He’s trying to act like he’s the smartest tool in the shed(he’s a tool alright 😉

            I don’t ever have a problem when Dal posts his stories…I mean there have been a few that have scared me a bit…but it’s not like this type of thing. Dal has never said I’m posting my solve and it’s HERE…go get it!!! I never like to say when I’m going out searching either or that I think I’ve figured it out. I know saying those type of things will bother other people and it’s just not nice. I can’t control him or anyone…it’s just my opinion. There are many who won’t be able to just delete his comments. There are some that will possibly reconsider their solves which might be right for his dim solution.

            I think I need to walk away for a break…….

          • I know Stephanie. Emotions are high. Mean spirited people play on those emotions and feel empowered by taking shots at those of us who have poured our souls into this chase. Don’t let him or anyone spoil the “Thrill” of the chase for you. Find comfort in knowing KARMA will take care of those with ill intent.

          • Ken,

            I agree that no one show just throw away there solution, but on the other hand, if the chest is to ever be found, sharing is the only way to move the Chase along.

            With Dal’s permission, he allowed me to post my solution for Leadville, if and only if, I was done with it and felt that it may still help others. By “help”, I mean contain ideas which would help others in their thinking.

            When someone works the poem, they may not have the correct solution in the end, but the reading of the solution from someone else’s point of view may bring to light new ideas for them. Thus, aiding them in seeing the search in a new light and hopefully bring them to a solution of their own. The key phrase being “of their own”.

            For example: If I see WWWH as a convergence of hot and cold water, producing warm water. People reading that idea may start thinking of things other then a ‘convergence’ of the two.

            Think of it this way, someone has gone out and done the search. They come back home, realizing that the spot (in their mind) is not a very well worked out solution. They decide the solution is flawed and could still have some value in helping others in some way, not necessarily that anyone wants to follow the same clues which were already found to be flawed. In the end of my posted solution, I explicitly stated that if anyone wants to try my spot they could. I made no attempt at stating that if someone in fact found it at my location, they would have to share it with me.

            If someone felt they wanted to follow up my solution, it would be on their dime.

            Why are people stressing over this? Relax and have fun. Isn’t that what Forrest wants us to do?

            One final word (something I learned a while back), do not go on a search until after you are “Confident” that every clue you uncover fits the solution every ‘inch’ of the way. No matter how much you feel it is perfect.



          • Nice reply. I guess I don;t understand what you are all afraid of. He did not find it and if you think his solve has merit then expand upon it if not move on.

          • Amendment to my previous statement; Dal has encouraged and posted a number of well written stories of searchers adventures. Obviously, they were all stories of not finding the chest. All of them that come to mind tell a tale mixed w/ the excitement of the Chase and the harsh reality of not finding the loot. They all seem to show how the searcher evolved from the searcher into the sightseer. Most seemed to have a great time in spite of their original mission..These people were DONE w/ their location and shared with others. I guess it boils down to semantics.I accept those stories as good reading, yet am horrified when someone wants to share out of spite…hmmm

        • So you believe you have the right location and your plan is to be a spoiler? Wow…that’s a nice thing to do Ryan…ruin the game for everyone including Forrest. Right or wrong solve….that’s pretty sad you have that type of attitude.

          • Steph;;;; I think what ricky said is taking place here. I think Ryan is upset because he didn’t or can’t go get it. Why he’s doing this only he knows but I think its pure —————–

          • Don’t worry Stephanie – If Ryan has “the spot”, then why would he not have “the chest?”

          • I’m not all that worried, but it’s his attitude that he’s doing this to spoil the game. What if he has most of the solution though? Then the closest one wins? I can’t imagine someone doing what Forrest has done and have it end that way. I think Ryan is a poor sport and maybe he doesn’t realize it and thinks he’s doing something good. You can ask anyone who’s offered me their solutions…I turn them down. It’s not because I’m not curious. So how does Ryan benefit from this if he’s right? He gets known as the one who gave it away? He’s the one who took it away from the person who worked at it and gave it to the person closest? I really don’t think he has it or he would have found it, but I feel sick that someone’s intentions are to spoil the fun on purpose like that.

          • Hmm well I guess I don’t read Ryan’s post the same ,or am missing something. It doesn’t look to me he’s trying to spoil anything… ?

          • He’s done exactly what he set out to do ;Put everyone in a frenzy. Ryan I hope your proud of yourself . Give yourself a pit pat on the back there son. you’ll get over it.

          • Stephanie – I understand what you are saying, but please believe that the person who discovers it would fully understand the heart and emotions that went into the solve. I believe that person would never dream of being so hurtful to Forrest or fellow searchers. Ryan is simply “baiting” us all to get attention. I simply press DELETE and carry on towards the finish line.

          • If this is the mentality of searchers . We all better be concerned We’ll all be lucky if every public access isn’t shut down completely from everyone.

          • I have never posted before, nor would I ever, save to protect the thrill of the chase.

            Those who have solved the poem in part or in full and know the search area need to ZIP IT! That is, until the treasure emerges.

            I cannot, for the life of me, understand why people would share anything at all. The only thing that accomplishes is spoiling the thrill of discovery for somebody else! Even wrong solutions to clues can lead a searcher somewhere wonderful they otherwise never would have gone.

            I have very strong reason to believe Ryan has information that, if shared, would negatively impact the chase. His intentions are to turn the thrill of the chase into a circus. Unfortunately, I fear he has already succeeded in that.
            If I was aware, I would have intervened earlier.

            Dal, you should ban Ryan if he can’t control himself, and nuke this thread and perhaps the entire site if you don’t want a circus on your hands come summer. Though, I fear that may be inevitable at this point.

            The area where the treasure is located is very special to Forrest and, if you’ve solved enough of the poem and visited there yourself I’m sure it’s now special to you too. Let’s not turn it into a circus, ok?

            Ryan, if you’re taking yourself out of the chase, the best thing you can do is to undo what you’ve already done and say nothing more until someone comes up with the treasure. When the treasure is found we’d love to hear your story, but NOT before then.

          • Jay,

            First off I along with everyone else here in the Blog would like to say “WELCOME”. It is always nice to here from observers. Thanks for finally joining our community. Again we say “WELCOME ABOARD”. We all will welcome any contributions you may add to the conversation.

          • Stephanie,
            Perhaps I am way off base here, but all I hear when I read your posts is, “Don’t post your solves because you might be right and somebody else might go and get the chest before I do and I’ve been doing this a lot longer and I deserve it more.”
            I don’t believe that about you, but that’s kinda how I read it. What difference does it make whether or not I share my complete solves? It is my solve, so if I choose to share it, its my choice. If it happens to be one of your solves too, you should look at it from a different perspective, and say to yourself, :”ok, I’m not crazy, others have thought the same thing…or…they missed it, and that’s one less searcher in my area…..Nobody that posts their solves on this site are attempting to “SPOIL” it for the rest of us…they are either tired, or proud, or done with those solves, and want to share in order to show others the approach they took, or to save others time and money…I cannot believe anyone would come on here and post a solve and tomorrow everyone is headed to that spot…I WANT to hear others solves…I have been at this nearly as long as you, and I like to get different perspectives from time to time, and quite frankly, a complete solve is a way better post than, “It’s over, the chest has been found.” with no other explanation…If we hear the solve we can say to ourselves, “ok, that solve sucks” or “maybe it could be there” or “Dammit, it really IS over!” All of which are better than, “Trust me, the chase is over”

            And just for the record, I could tell everyone on this blog what section the chest was in (if I knew, which I don’t), and if hidden well enough, nobody would find it for a long, long, time…relax people…we have plenty of time……although I am a little scared of Lou Lee’s last post…even though I think she’s in the wrong state.
            Bottom line is nobody owes anybody anything on this blog, and everyone is entitled to their opinions…and I find it VERY difficult to understand why you would prefer nobody shares their whole solve…Like Dal said, maybe I missed it, go check it out for yourself before you cross it off your list. As for the vultures on here, they lack the fortitude and determination to follow through on a solve anyways…
            But if I hear a majority opinion on here from the regulars, and you know who you are, I will stop posting full solves…but I won’t understand it!!

          • Why dont you email ryan directly and ask him for help then? For the record, you apparently have a preconceived notion about me and I cant change that. I never mentioned how long Ive been searching, but you did. Not posting anymore.

          • Don’t you dare stop posting solves / interpretations, MD. Your ideas are just as valid as any others, and are sometimes better IMO.

            I think you might have your finger on the pulse of something, though;
            Perhaps There are 2 camps, if you squint in just the right light, among us: those that are in for the capture, and those thriving off the chase. Those who are in to win gold can be short sighted to the fact that this (and others) community will certainly wither when the chest is found… And if your Contentment is found in the hunt, and friendships gained, then ultimately you might want the fun to keep going as long as possible. In some ways it’s quite noble to be among those who understand treasures that last. That human connection in a digital age IS gold.
            There are also those for which the chase is a mere delay to the very human need for personal achievement – whether on their own, or as a team, they want to expand their limits as to what’s possible or perhaps prove that any dream, (even that of a millionaire art dealer/pilot/fisherman) can be made into reality if you work hard/have faith/at least try. Their Contentment might resonate more with being remembered, which is no less noble than the others, and reminding the rest of our fellow humanity that life is fleeting and it’s time to seize your day Now.

            Both are values I think FF cherishes, if his book is any indicator of his character.

            It’s maybe like the difference between fishing to feed your family, (pg 120) & understanding “catching fish is not what it’s about” (pg 125). Both ideas can inhabit one person , of course.
            This is why I for one have promised to re-hide those nuggets, should I be lucky enough to first find them. 🙂


          • Well put. I like reading others solves if they wish to share and some have given me a different direction to go. I’ll keep reading yours so please keep posting.

        • Yeah send it to Will, or Chris or inthechaseto if they would partner up on your solve(I don’t know they will). At least all three of them have put a ton of effort into this and you might end up with something from it if you have something. Did you ever think your spot could be right, but it’s under snow? My understanding is it can’t be found till the snow melts. So if you are positive this is it….then why not work with someone who can go for you or go yourself when the look quickly down isn’t white? At least then the person who figured it out will have gotten it.

          @map how do you not see that he’s trying to spoil if he says I believe where it is and I’m going to post it so everyone can rush to my spot to find it? I suppose you have some sort of motive for not seeing that.

          • Well, if he said that (!), I’ve missed a post – sorry. My bad
            I’ll have to check at home on a real computer– on my mobile its all in tiny thin columns 🙂

          • I am not mad and I’m not trying to ruin anything! If anything I’m content with what I’ve found thus I have no issues walking away from the chase and letting everyone else continue the chase. I’m a private person an this will not be easy! That is why I’ve never posted until now! I will launch my preface tonight. If Mr. Fenn wants me to call this off I will, other then that my mind is made up. I feel like I’m doing the right thing! If someone finds the cache I will be happy for them.

            The fish hurt!


          • I don’t have it and I’m not sure where it is! I thought I would try to help since this chase is over for me. I considered giving my files to someone else but that doesn’t seem fare to the chase or Mr. Fenn! Stephanie you would be my number 1 choice because you are a good person and you have worked hard. This is all deeply personal to all of us and I don’t want to make any mistakes. This is .harder than I thought! I will reconsider given the amount of feedback all of you nice people have shared!

          • I appreciate your change of heart. I have always turned down hearing others solves as I want to figure it out myself. Maybe you can share it with forrest so if you turn out to have it right…he will know. Otherwise I still think finding a partner would be smart. Thanks again for changing your mind and taking so many others feelings into consideration. *hug*

          • As I see it, EVERYONE is wrong as far as clues go, or it would be found. So what makes everyone think that Ryan is right? If he was so sure, a treasure worth that much would be in his lap, not advertising he has the puzzle soved and here it is. He is prob trying to side track a lot of the newbe searchers away from his spot. Trying to make everyone second guess their own confidence. I say let him go about his way and everyone keep working hard on their solves. If he is right, and a first timer goes and finds it then, it would be a shame for all else, but what can you do? He can create his own site and no one can stop him. I have faith in my solves. Spent three years on it. I will still chase til I hear it has been found. So should you, Stephanie. Don’t worry about it. You are awsome and don’t need his help anyway! ¥Peace¥

          • I’m not really worried about his solution. My issue was only his view of ending this by releasing his information little by little in a taunting way. I think at this stage of the “game” it doesn’t make sense or any of us to share our solves if we want to find it…but that’s a different issue.

        • Still waiting….what happen change of heart?

          Ryan, I am a master at finding fault in people’s solve. djjmciv at Hotmail dot com and I’ll find fault in yours. Maybe that’ll ease your mind.

    • Ryan, yes, please post your solve

      I am looking forward to it

      i have been unable to make any progress on the poem, so if you post it, i will go to your spot and get the chest if you dont want it

        • — What lasts:
          a grudge.
          An idea.
          The sun.
          Quantum physics.
          Stories that are good enough to be re-told.

        • Ryan, if you’re taking yourself out of the chase, the best thing you can do is to undo what you’ve already done and say nothing more until someone comes up with the treasure. When the treasure is found we’d love to hear your story, but NOT before then.

          You said you feel like you’re doing the right thing, but realize that by revealing solutions to clues (even if they didn’t lead you to the treasure) you’re spoiling the thrill of discovery for people who are new to the chase, or are closing in.

          You’ve made your point. The time and your progress on the poem has been noted. Your place in the storied history of the treasure is assured.

          We’ll all have much fun discussing our adventures and methodology for uncovering the clues, but let’s wait until AFTER the treasure is revealed.

          • we will most likely be long dead when the poem is solved and the treasure is found…it is so arrogant of you to presume you are so close………

          • One thing to take note. The longer this chase goes on to more people are going to believe this has all been a hoax.

            Easy to debunk this now, even for those that “know” Forrest personally. But we’ll see where you sit in 30 years or “when we’re most likely dead.”

          • Michael, I’m not arrogant enough to believe I’m the only one who knows the area, but I’m confident I do.

            Forrest has said, “The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental.”

            There is nothing ambiguous about the clues if you’ve been able to unravel them. That being said, those of us who know the area have to accept some responsibility for what happens to it. Revealing a solve that would focus everyones search would lead to chaos.

            We can’t have everybody from 5 states descending on a single area start digging it up. That would be tragic and the furthest thing from what Forrest would have wanted. The area would likely be made inaccessible if that were to happen.

            The Rockies are the real treasure to be discovered. If we destroy any part of them in search of gold we will have missed the point entirely. It’s the thrill of the chase and the wonder of your surroundings.

            I, for one, believe Forrest’s treasure story and if I find it, I’ll leave it exactly where it is so the chase continues!

          • Jay, how hard is it to unravel the clues, on a scale of 1 – 10, where 1 = taking candy from a baby, and 10 = the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

        • Ryan
          many of us appreciate your consideration NOT to post as you may actually be correct. I have just celebrated 1 year anniversary on this Chase and have invested At Least 1500 has been a full time job. I have loved my 4 searches and the research and all the new knowledge I have discovered about this area and our country.

          For many this is a dream and we do not want it to end (not this way). I have refrained from posting my thoughts until now. Some ego driven people can’t help but share their discoveries or opinions, and some even claim they are right when they have not found the t/c. I too early on thought I was right and now after several trips there and many more hours of research I am humbled by how little I really know and how much there still is to learn and just How LARGE this search area is. To find it really takes a huge investment in time and certainly will require some luck or serendipity. I have driven home empty handed 4 times (12 hour drive) with the reality that I was wrong, but with the desire to continue and try harder the next time.

          I for one implore you Not to share here publicly or to send it to anyone’s email. I agree with you Steph or Dal are honest and are trustworthy but that gives them a Huge unfair advantage of the other honest people here still searching.

          I am not sure why you want to stop your chase but making a partnership sounds logical to earn something from your efforts. I plan to go again to my area once the snow melts but for now can only keep attempting to justify my solution with more evidence. I think I am very close and do not want this to end the way you originally proposed.

          I think I speak for many others when I say thank you for reconsidering and holding off…

    • Ryan sorry to hear you are stopping the hunt. I look forward to reading your solve. Many others have told there story on here and I must say my heart stopped in a few of them. If you change your mind I would be happy to take a look at it with fresh eyes. Just because you did not find it does not mean it was not there. As long as you are at peace that is all that matters.

      • To me personaly – I believe Ryan to be like all the other failed “I Know where it is suckers” searchers. I give this no thought as to a fortelling of the TC. I see this as all the other searchers that knew exactly where it is… then went out and did’t find it. If Ryan stays or goes it makes no difference to me. I hope someone does go to his find! Take pictures and tell of their story of listening to a person named Ryan and his solve and how that person wasted their time and money and want ryans address so they can send him a bill – LOL! I was entertaining a streaming live vid with gps and live chat and phone to be live when i go on my search. If it wasn’t there i would ask the community to look my solve and help direct me where to go after my solve was exhausted. My area is pretty small of an area after the home of Brown. I went to Toby’s blog and was going to ask for his assistance but he is starting a business. Dal probably has some experience with the technicalities that need to be done in order to do this. I am going in late July or August to my search. if anyone would like to help make this happen with advice or just a vote that people would be interested in a live interactive search. But with that said – I can’t believe you guys are getting so riled up about this guy who has been like all the rest that have left here head down in disgrace!

  110. If you are right, or think you are right, please don’t ruin it for everyone else. Many of us have worked very hard for this. Thanks.

  111. I think by posting your whole solve in this blog is a mistake. I am not against posting individual clues, but all the poem solve is just wrong. Please, do not post your whole solve. It would be unfair to everyone. It is my opinion.

  112. Hi all,

    I have posted on here before but rarely. I pretty much keep up with the blog every day. I had the following idea and maybe it’s been talked about, but here it is:

    We are told to follow the clues precisely so what if we do that, but instead of following them in a physical way, we do what they are saying. This sounds to me like they are calling out only parts of the poem that are kind of telling you to write down a “story.” For example, BIWWWH. Ok, easy enough, the beginning is:

    “Where warm waters halt”

    next, we’re told to take it down. Like taking down a phone number. Take what down?

    “In the canyon”

    then it says, not far, but too far to walk. Ok, so just the second part:

    “Too far to walk”

    then put in,

    “Below the home of Brown.”

    from there it’s,

    “No place for the meek”

    next it tells us what the end is, so don’t put that here yet. The next line is a throw away because it say there won’t be a paddle up our creek, just,

    “Heavy loads and water high”

    Now if we assume this to be the end of the “writing” directions, we can put in the “end” which we are obviously told earlier in the poem is,

    “Ever drawing nigh.”

    So throw that all together and you have something like:

    “Where warm waters halt in the canyon too far to walk below the home of Brown.
    No place for the meek heavy loads and water high ever drawing nigh.”

    Just a thought for people to ponder on or possibly elaborate because it seems the first stanza is first person, “I.” The second and third seem to be referring to “it” whatever “it” is. If you take the line “There’ll be no paddle up your creek” as I have to be telling you what not to write down, then the first physical in the field clues given are once you are at the treasure spot, at the fourth stanza, “if you’ve been wise, […] look quickly down your quest […].”

    This also may explain something that has always nagged me, the awkwardness of the part reading, “I can keep my secret where, and hint of riches new and old.” I could never grammatically make it work, but maybe it is somehow pointing to, “I can keep my secret where warm waters halt…”


    • Rodan24-

      That is sound, straightforward analysis of the words and their relationships. That’s what is needed; studying the words in the trenches as given, and the interwoven and contiguous nature of them. A story, perhaps.

      I have put “I can keep my secret where warm waters halt” and also “There’ll be just heavy loads and water high up your creek” out there in the past, with an analysis of why they may be relevant that way. “my secret where” does not sound so awkward in light of Forrest also saying “my secret alone” in the book- he plays with nouns, verbs and adjectives in odd ways to suit his intent. And where warm waters halt is certainly a big secret where.

      Demote the negatives that he gives you (“no paddle”) and look at what he is telling you positively to focus on.

      The tense and the person of each stanza are very valuable. A phrase can be either directed to you, the searcher, or about I, the author, or perhaps both, in relation to the past, present and future of the story.

      Keep up the good work.


  113. Hello fellow searchers ALL! These last several post hint of fear. Consider watching the movie It’s a Mad Mad World. The characters are fun and some are tragic but all madly searching. FF’s gift is being realized to the n th degree everyday. Let’s celebrate that, take the spoilers (both on the blogs and in the field) as the nonsense they represent and enjoy this time of our lives.

    • When you wrote the name of that movie did you know Sid Ceaser was going to die? Can anyone get Steph some anxiety meds before she goes mad mad mad? Come on spring we need you!

      • How coincidental Kyote! Hope news spots of his passing will coax some of our disgruntled fellow searchers to watch the movie and laugh a little bit. Hopefully like most everyone participating I think I will find the tc but regardless I will continue to be thankful for ff adding this dimension to my life.

  114. Stephanie,
    This is not the first time you and I have not seen eye to eye, and that is okay….I believe if you read what I wrote, it basically is talking about the “mood” reflected in your posts…not about you yourself…I do not know you, nor do I pretend to know ANYTHING about you other than what is common knowledge from literally thousands of posts, interviews, etc…it is quite obvious you have been at this longer than most. We have a fundamentally different point of view in that I enjoy reading other peoples perspectives, and dislike vague, hints of solutions…and you seem to want to do it all by yourself. But I believe just by reading this blog you are already getting help….anyways…the hostility in your recent posts comes through loud and clear, and I have been chastised for the same thing…please take me with a grain of salt, I am not a bad person, just different than you….and like I said, lets take a vote….I have NEVER asked for Dal’s permission to post anything….but if he feels as you do, I will honor the request not to post full solves…I do not want any hostility or bad feelings to develop or get worse over a few keystrokes on a laptop!! So far, it is about a 50-50 split…Dal, what is your opinion of the matter….after all, its your blog.

    And Stephanie, please understand I was never attacking your character, and I humbly apologize if it came across that way!! don’t stop posting on account of me! PLEASE??

    • For the record-
      I have never been concerned about people posting their solutions on this blog. If someone wants to give up their ideas for all to read, I can’t see the harm. But maybe I’m just not narrow minded enough. I’ll work on it…

      It is my humble opinion that people who are afraid of having others post their solutions on this or any other blog are simply afraid the solution might be right and someone else will run out and find it before them.

      I think some folks feel they should find it simply because they have been looking longer. I disagree. I think whoever figures it out first and has the resources to prove they are right deserves it. I think Forrest believes that too.

      However, this is not nam..there are rules…
      There are some posts that will get people banned…
      Please don’t say you found it or you know where it is…when you have not found it and do not know where it is. You have not found it until it is in your hands. You do not know where it is until it is in your hands. Until then it is only your “opinion” that you have figured it out. Knowledge and opinion are not the same.

      For three years I have been watching people voice the opinion that they have figured it out…that they cannot be wrong…that everything fits. For three years all have come back without it. I get a half dozen emails every week from people who are cocksure they know where it is…and three weeks later, after searching and failing and stewing in their own foolish bravado they admit they were wrong. (BTW no three of these “perfect solutions” have been the same)
      So…be sure to use the words, I think..or I believe…or in my opinion…before you use the words I found it…or I know where it is…otherwise some searchers will believe you and their hopes will be dashed..their spirit broken…

      The other things that will get folks banned on this blog are name calling…aggression…and foul language…
      Kids read this blog and I like to think we offer a better concept of how adults communicate and can get along with each other than what passes for news these days.

      If you feel the need to use foul language please become a rapper…

      • Perfect policy clarification, Dal.

        Isn’t that the point of this thread — to discuss the poem/clues? Aren’t we all hoping to get a new idea from something someone shares?

        Stephanie asked but what if someone had most of the clues right and shared. Maybe that’s already been done. We can’t know if any part of a solve is correct until after the TC is in someone’s cold hands. Forrest for sure isn’t going to tell someone, “oh yeah, you’ve got clue #4 right.”

        It will sting to see that bejeweled bracelet on someone else’s arm, but title to the treasure doesn’t go to the one with the most hours invested, or the saddest story, or the sexiest shadow. The finder * will be some wise, brave searcher who was in the wood.

        * I was going to say ‘winner’ but we’re all winners in this. (Except for the whiners.)

        • I have never used this blog to glean ideas or possible clues for my solve. Those that do, will probably never solve the poem, because the flow of ideas did not come from their own thought process. My opinion of course. I use this site and others to gauge where others may be. The most important tool for me is info from Forrest pertaining to the POEM and the Chase itself. It is obvious who uses what for what… Again, my opinion only.. And thanks to the few who feel it necessary to school me on how my hunt should go and why it is okay to share ideas. The advice is accepted and filed appropriately. Finally one last point; Forrest has said and others have quoted many times that, THE person who finds the chest will have studied and read the poem over and over and over(paraphrased). He did not say or imply that that person would read all the blogs and get info to solve the poem thusly… Dal is the king of info sharing in all matters regarding events, and any Fenn related news… For that, I am so grateful……..Adios

      • Thanks for your thoughts on this subject Dal. I have never had a problem with anyone wanting to post their solution, after all, they didn’t find it so obviously they were not correct. Even if they had solved most of the clues correctly, how would anyone know they were right if they didn’t find the treasure chest? Only Forrest knows if any of the solutions emailed to him or posted on any of the blogs have come close. He’s given a few hints that a few people have been close but seemed to indicate that they did not even really know they were close. I have a feeling that even if the correct solution was posted here, no-one would believe it. Forrest is the only person I would believe so I hope the finder tells Forrest or I’ll be looking forever! 🙂

        • He has said that from the very beginning. You might do well to read his book and watch some of the videos. There is also a section on this blog called “Cheat Sheet” that contains all “known” information about the treasure.

      • Dal would you have a different of opinion if you did research on a area and got into your van and on the way I posted your spot on any forum and when you arrived there was a dozens of searcher on your spot after $400 in fuel and 12 hours one way. We bounce ideas off of each other but it’s just a different a of opinion and all I ask is to look at it from both sides. Maybe I am reading to far into it.

  115. Uhhhh Hmmmmm Forrest wants us to have fun and enjoy this. I’m pretty sure if he is reading this he is disappointed by some post. Everybody take a deep breath. Good. Now do it again. OK better. Lets get back to the clues.

    A child reading the poem, sounding out the words, about the blaze

    If you’ve been wise and found thee be lazy 🙂 ……..

    • If you were able to state your opinion more succinctly, perhaps I would “get it”….but I believe I answered your question below… and I agree with you about my snide remark of go away…I was in a “mood” just as you appear to be, so instead of acting like a tough guy over the internet, why don’t you just accept my apology…because really, none of us knows what the other is actually capable of…now that’s enough said.

  116. The key is contentment. If you are not happy with your posts, solves, jobs, spouses, lives, etc…make a change!! life is too short to be malcontent. The chase is a dream…when it becomes an obsession, or a nightmare, it is time to re-evaluate your motives….because your chances of actually finding the chest are slim to none, just like everyone else’s. This isn’t a get rich quick is an adventure…and when it becomes more than that you are only fooling yourself. I love reading this blog, and from now on, I will ignore posts that are inflammatory instead of spitting venom back…that just gets us all off track….so I apologize to all of you…(that is at least my 3rd, maybe my 4th blanket apology on this blog, so apparently I get fired up from time to time) Have a good night…and good luck in the chase…if I don’t find it, I truly hope someone I once spit venom at, or insulted in some way, or gave away the answers too does!! And I won’t lose one night’s sleep if that happens…because I am contented!!

  117. Looks like spring can’t come fast enough…but you all made me think of this:

    Follow the clues precisely,
    Or chase it to the wrong end.
    Read the poem in order;
    Remember where to begin.
    Endeavor to keep a clear mind;
    Solve each riddle in kind.
    Travel Safe… be of good cheer;
    For the treasure is held so dear.
    Enjoy each moment in time;
    No need to argue over a rhyme.
    Now Nine Clues You Have To Find.

    I really need to think of something else to do!

  118. If “Plan A”
    Didn’t Work
    The Alphabet has
    25 more Letters!
    Stay Cool…….

    Lou Lee Bug

  119. Let me be the one to get this post back on track, and I’ll be doing that by revealing my BEST solution for the poem.

    BWWWH: Manby Hot Springs – (both Forrest, Dal and Stephanie have been here)

    Canyon down: Rio Grande Gorge (there are ONLY TWO major canyons in the rocky mountains. Rio Gorge and Yellowstone grand canyon)

    No far: The Rio takes the hot springs waters and halts it, then takes it down the canyon to over to the Gorge bridge.

    Home of Brown: This could be one to only know when you get there. But could also be referring to the Rio Grande

    From there its no place for the meek: This is where the spot really shines because you will be heading into the Rio Pueblo de Taos. “This tributary to the Rio Grande flows through a gorgeous canyon and contains some of the best small pocket water fishing in the area……steepness of the canyon walls that border the stream and the extremely steep gradient, it is NOT A PLACE FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.” from

    No paddle up your creek: just look at the pictures you’ll see how this fits

    I challenge anyone willing to share a better solution???

  120. Jay I share stuff on Stephanie’s forum all the time, as much as I can. I will not search above the 37th parallel ever. I think the search requires enormous boots on the ground effort. I’ve had maybe 50-80 days in the same 1-200 square mile chunk of real-estate. If my surmise about the location is correct then I’m in the running. If not I certainly don’t mind helping someone out who has an unrelated solve. I have a short list of people I intend to reward when and if I find it. I expect I’m not the only one. Maybe it’s in Montana. If something I say helps somebody find it up there I’m only too happy to oblige. Maybe they’ll push a nickel under my headstone.

  121. If s someone wants bragging rights and claim they know the solve, then they should e-mail it to Forrest and not post it on any blog. But, if they do post it then it’s all part of the chase so we just live with it. If it happens to be the same as what I am working on, then so be it. That’s life. Just let it be, be content with the fact that Forrest did this for us to experience TTOTC. No matter how someone comes to finding the TC we should all be happy for them. I know I will be.

  122. I was just thinking about something funny. Awhile back I shared with you all, that I thought that Home of Brown was “Below the home of the Brown Bear.” Well you must of thought Oh ya right below the bear cave….but what I really mean is …..I think below the Brown Bear range……That is why Forrest say’s it is not in a unsafe place! Because believe me…Hiking in and around Bear country is not safe! I have seen them and I have been chased by them and its not fun!
    I wonder a lot about forrest and he was so not afraid! Be Safe everyone.

    • A John Brown lived at the taos trail where it crossed the greenhorn. Up by Rye in the
      Greenhorn valley. Historical mountain
      Man..just thinkin

    • Dear Lee Lou AKA Bears are Bad Too,

      I talked with guy who was chased by a bear here in NM while elk hunting. He claimed that it took his father and him over 20 shots to drop it. Bears R scary, but what would be below their range??? I haven’t seen a bear yet while out hunting, but I may have the record for mosquito bites- over 30. Anyone know of a decent repellant? Neither Off nor Cutter worked for me:-(

      • Hi Lowi AKA Yet to see Bear on Path. For Mosquito use a strong repellant but do not put on skin, put only on clothing, hats, shoes etc. It can be very toxic. OK Bears…Carry two big cans of bear mase, have handy place. While hiking carry some kind of noise thing, like a clanking thing. Some use drum. Carry a gun too, if you can, or fire work flares. And take someone you can out run…LOL

  123. If Ryan is saying he knows where it is, and wants to write about it, he is probably wrong, others have probably been there, and others are wanting to go, and it will frustrate those who Want to, but can’t go There yet, IMO.
    But I say , let him post it. Its his 15 seconds to fame. I THINK If he was right about his solving the clues, he would not have been able to contain himself and would Have Spilled the Beans before he ever went looking, IMO.

  124. I don’t post often here, but I’d like to give my two cents on the discussion about posting solutions. I was involved in the “A Treasure’s Trove” treasure hunt about ten years ago. I was working with a guy I met on line. One day I was on a job interview in Toronto and “sort of” solved the cipher to the first token. I couldn’t make sense of it but emailed my discovery to him. He went to work on it and figured it out completely – leading to a trail in a state park in Pennsylvania, if memory serves. But if you remember that hunt, the cipher was only the first part of the solution. The second part of the location was given by the fairies on the title page of each chapter pointing to a spot along the trail which gave the exact location to the tree in which it was hidden.

    Well it turns out we were not the first ones to solve the cipher. Another person had solved it maybe 2-3 weeks earlier, had been to Pennsylvania and couldn’t find it. In frustration he posted (two days after my online partner had figured it out!) his correct but partial solution. The person who ultimately found the token was quite possibly just a lurker – took the solution and found it two days later. It is very likely that he was not really a “worthy” solver, just opportunistic. Then, as you also may remember, the remaining token locations all had a similar solving approach and so the entire hunt broke down in a matter of weeks.

    Now for me this was most unsatisfying and probably likewise for anyone else that was independently figuring out the solving approach. In my opinion, the guy who posted his solution was “worthy”, but effectively ruined it for every other searcher, unless that person was lucky enough to live near and have the time to go find the token.

    So I’m in favor of not posting solutions on the basis that they may be partially right. You may wind up helping someone to close the deal that had otherwise solved very little of it. Call me a purist, but I’d rather see the treasure claimed by someone or some group of people that, if you will, legitimately solved it.

    • Spoon, that is a very righteous way of saying what some of us believe. For me it was more about the manner in which this latest episode panned out. I love reading others stories about their failed hunts and how they salvaged the trip by getting involved with the surroundings…At any rate, this is now a Dead Horse for me … No sense in beating it to pieces any longer.. Thanks

  125. I have studied this poem and in my opinion you won’t crack it without getting into the field. Dal seems to be of that persuasion. The thing is to have the right blend of poem solving and searching. TO THOSE WHO THINK ITS BEEN FOUND. Possible, but if it were easy it wouldn’t have lasted this long. The fun is in the chase so the harder the better. I don’t believe anyone is going to get into a bank vault without the right combination ……and John Doe’s pin number wont do you much good. If he is giving it out the account is empty.. 🙂

    Thanks for the chase ff.

  126. Still searching in N.M. for many reasons: Collected Books, exclusive: when the book was released. Forrest could have moved to his special spot upon dying, (quickly and flinging or throwing himself upon it ) His children are grown now, why not go there now? When you are close to death? If I were dying, I would be close to it, so I could do that !!! But if I want to throw you off a bit, because I’m not dying, perhaps I would go to my child-hood days….if I could get there…

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