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January 7, 2014

Elmyr de Hory, in an effort to save all searchers some money has released a new, paperback edition of Forrest’s beautiful manuscript Too Far To Walk. Many searchers have not been able to find the $60 or so that the hard cover edition of his book requires. “This is unfortunate”, says Mr. de Hory, “since the book is filled with mostly, in-focus pictures and scads of words.”

click on image to see larger version

click on image to see larger version

Dal recently reviewed the new paper back version and had this to say-
“The new paperback version has a character and color palette all it’s own.”
“I find that the blue lines in the paper help me not to skip sentences while I am reading.”
“Many new clues to the treasure can be found in this edition…but what do I know?”
“At just $2.95 the book is quite reasonably priced.”


Click to see larger image

Click to see larger image

Mr. de Hory will be taking orders for his new book as soon as his shipment of notebooks and paste arrives from…



28 thoughts on “New Paperback Edition of TFTW…

  1. LOL I just got this sent to my email and when it goes there, I don’t see the images. I was steaming…thinking oh gosh…another version of the same book with clues??? I also couldn’t figure out why the heck you were calling Forrest de Hory. I burst out laughing when I opened up this page.

    Very funny….*LOL*

    Now, let’s see how many get upset even after I write the first post below it. You’re in trouble Dal lol….

    • Did you know that every public restroom along the major highways is marked with a small brown x for the benefit of the wayward treasure hunter? It is titled The Thrill of the Chase Relief Map. ๐Ÿ™‚ Bought my copy yesterday!

  2. Too funny Dal, although, like Stephanie, I didn’t think so at first when I read your email. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Okay, showing my ignorance here. Dal, did this come from Forrest or is this your joke. Either way, makes me laugh.

    • LOL BW that was my first question. He emailed and said it was his. He said Forrest hasn’t seen it yet.

  4. LOL Thanks I needed that laugh. Maybe we all should make a page or two and send them to Forrest? Sort of a chasers version of our solves. Hmmmm where are my scissors? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Dal,
    I don’t mind you posting information about my personal life on here because MaggieMay is not my real name, BUT posting those pictures is going TOO FAR!!! I won’t be able to walk down the street without someone watching!!!! And you spelled Fluffy wrong.

  6. I think I saw Dwayne on an episode of “Obsessed” as he has a fear of petrified wood. I’m sure he’s not brave enough to search for the Chest because of it. *sad*

  7. Dal, Thanks for the enjoyable read, hilarious pictures, and, of course, the unintentional (or is that intentional?) clue.
    You made me smile on this winter doldrums morning.

  8. President Lyndon Johnson once said ” Picking up dogs and children by the ears doesn’t hurt and is acceptable”. I am glad I was not one of his kids. At least the two boys will never need a heading aid.

  9. Nice version Dal,
    I saw it as really funny. Could not find any information on the Omega horse shoe. I really like the word vestitude. (not joking).
    Could you use it in a sentence for me?

    Send it to Oxford… along with outclave.

  10. LOL!!!..On a serious note, do you guys accept prepaid mastercard for orders on TFTW, and does it come autographed?

  11. On this blog you can use a card through Paypal. I believe you can use your card direct on Forrest’s blog and at Collected Works. Forrest originally said that he signed all the books and we advertised the books that way. Then one got through that wasn’t signed and that was a problem. So now we don’t advertise that the books are signed BUT Forrest does try to sign all of them.

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