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february 2014

Brinley and her brother with dinner

Brinley and her brother with dinner


The Thrill of the Chase, by Forrest Fenn.  The book is full of stories and adventures about Forrest Fenn.

The book is about the life of Forrest Fenn and all the different places he has been.  He was born during 1920, in Temple, Texas.  His dad was a teacher and then the principal.  During the summers, they would go to Yellowstone for all of the summer, driving 1,600 miles at 35 mph.   Then after the summer ended, they would go back to Texas and he would go to school.  He joined the military and travelled a lot of places, and was in the Vietnam War flying a jet.  After retiring from the military, Forrest, his wife Peggy, and his two daughters moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Forrest hated school so much that he didn’t even go to college.  He liked to play marbles and he would make marbles out of rocks and sell them to the rich kids.  He would buy Frito’s, Coke, and fried pineapple pies with the money.  He didn’t like being in class and he would sleep and sometimes sneak out a window.  He liked being out doors and especially liked FISHING!  He liked playing with Skippy, his brother.  Forrest liked to collect things.  When he was little, he collected bottle tops and string.  His ball of string was so big it couldn’t even fit through his bedroom door.  Later in life, he built an art gallery and collected lots of art and old Indian artifacts.  He sold the art gallery and now owns an old pueblo site today that he is excavating.

Skippy was Forrest’s big brother.  He did crazy things.  He was inventive and built things.  He flew a plane and landed on a lake and also drove a car from Yellowstone to Texas with out a driver’s license.  Skippy didn’t like to go to bed and would stay up.  His father would give him a spanking.  At age 50, Skippy died in a scuba diving accident.

Forrest loved going to Yellowstone during the summers as a kid and loved FISNING!  One summer, he sold newspapers for 1 cent but got canned when he had sat down to rest and his boss drove by seeing him sitting.  Forrest didn’t know what canned meant and thought it was a good thing.  His mom later told him that he had been fired and Forrest cried.  His mom helped him get a job washing dishes.  He would get up at 4:45 AM to be on the job at 5:00 AM.  Forrest would work for 16 hours and would make 8 dollars.  One day, Forrest stole a pie and snuck out behind a tree and ate the whole pie.  The manager caught him and told him that he was fired.  The waitress asked who was going to wash the dishes then.  Every one said they weren’t going to.  So the manager told him he was not fired and told him to get back to work.

When Forrest was in the military, he flew a fighter jet in the Vietnam War and he almost died.  He got shot down twice out of 238 runs he made.  While making the flights and dropping bombs, he discovered a waterfall in the middle of the jungle that he later got a friend to fly him to.  While there, they tripped over some gravestones in the tall grass.  The gravestones were of French soldiers from a war fifty-six years earlier in that area.  The second time Forrest got shot down was supposed to be his last flight before going home right before Christmas.  After being rescued, and getting to go on one more flight, he left and got home to Texas on Christmas Eve.

Forrest got cancer when he was 58.  His doctor operated on him for 5 hours and said he had a 20% chance of surviving.  While being treated and getting chemotherapy, he had an idea of something he could do before he died.  He would take gold, jewels, and other items and hide them in a bronze chest, and then let other people look for it.  He had everything planned but then he got better and is still alive today.  When he got to be eighty, he finally decided it was time to hide the treasure and wrote a poem that people could use to try and find the treasure.

One lesson that Forrest learned was when Skippy and Forrest drove home by themselves from Yellowstone to Texas.  While driving, they got in an argument and Forrest told Skippy to pull over and let him out.  Skippy did and he left Forrest in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming.  Later when it started to get dark, Skippy came back and got Forrest.  They didn’t ever fight again after that and Forrest realized how much he loved his brother.

Another lesson that Forrest learned was when Forrest completed a transaction with two men.  After, his father looked at the paperwork and told him that he made more money in 15 minutes than his house cost and that it took him 20 years to pay it off.  Forrest realized that his father made a difference in many peoples lives and he could only make money to take care of himself and his family.  Forrest realized that his life was only important to himself if he could positively affect the lives of others.

A personal connection I made to the book was the story about a buffalo named Cody because I went to Yellowstone last year and saw a lot of buffalo.  Skippy, Forrest, and their friend took Skippy’s old car to chase a buffalo that wandered out of Yellowstone.   Forrest tied a rope to Skippy’s car and then threw a lasso over the Buffalo’s horns.  Then Cody wouldn’t move so Skippy honked the horn a couple times and he would just look at them.  Then Cody noticed something odd when the rope got tight.  He jerked his head from side to side and started jumping up and down.  Cody started snorting and running and pulling the car.  Skippy was trying to not run into the trees and finally they went down into a stream and stopped with a hard jerk.  The front axel of the car broke off and was bouncing wildly behind Cody as he was running.  Later, Cody was shot and his meat was made into buffalo burgers.  It made Forrest really mad and he never ate at that restaurant again.

Another personal connection I made to the book is fishing.  Forrest loved to fish and I also like to go fishing.  The book has pictures of Forrest and his family fishing a lot and I want to go fishing a lot too.

I would recommend reading this book because it tells you about secrets to life and how you can be happy and make others happy.  There are lots of funny stories and you will laugh a lot if you read the book.  There is also a treasure mystery in the book and he gives clues on how to find the treasure that he hid.


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  1. What an intelligent ten year old!! I haven’t got a chance with all the bright young minds like this one out there searching too!! Very nice book report!!

  2. Awesome Report Brinley! You remind me of a young forrest! Tell us are you planning on hunting this year? And what state would you focus on?

  3. Brinley, you’re totally cool and smart. I really enjoyed reading this excellent report. And I like fishing too so I liked the picture of you and your brother with dinner.

  4. That was nicely done! Maybe she knows something?
    What’s her take on the # :42: hoB or wwwh?

  5. What an awesome report Brinley!! It tells the story so perfectly, I have read the book and gone treasure hunting. Hope you get the chance to go too and you may be a great writer someday!! Lots of luck, You and your brother with dinner is so cool and I have a pic similar too that one with my Brother. You sure are a wonderful little girl and will I know be an even more special grown up lady someday. YOU ACTUALLY CARE AND IT SHOWS…….

  6. What an excellent book report Brinley! I think you would make a good writer when you grow up, maybe a journalist or a novelist like Forrest’s friend, Douglas Preston. 🙂

  7. First, I love your first name ! Any parent would be proud to see a well written book report such as yours. Keep up the great work and enjoy yourself in school. How did the fish taste?

      • She wasn’t a fact checker, she was a book reporter. She get an A+.

        But since you are throwing out the bait, I’ll bite. Which fact was wrong?

        I like the profile pic!

        • Thanks, BW

          It’s just a transposition

          When two adjacent numbers are transposed, the resulting mathematical error or difference, will always be divisible by 9 (e.g. (72-27) /9 = 5).

          Bank tellers can use this rule to quickly find their errors in many cases.

  8. Great report, Brinley! Very articulate, informative and entertaining. Looks like we have some competition if she hits the trail! A+ !!!

  9. Great Book report. Did Forrest really make marbles as a kid? I don’t have TTOTC, so I just need confirmation of that the line. Anyone help?

  10. Great story Brinley, I have also read the book and I really enjoyed the story of Forrest Fenn. You are only ten ? Wow. that is so cool Brin.

  11. That is an awesome book report. I never wrote a book report as awesome as that. I always procrastinated reports until the very last second. I also find it interesting how she mentions the golden treasure as, sort of, an afterthought. That’s the main reason that children are so loved by their Creator. If you were to give a small child a choice of either a large gold nugget OR a “golden coin” – the kind with chocolate inside – they would undoubtedly take the chocolate one. A lot of the “magic” of life is lost when that changes.

  12. What a sweet book report by Brimley! This is a wonderful example of how Forrest can inspire children through storytelling about adventures in treasure hunting. I’m looking forward to helping him complete his upcoming Children’s Book.

      • I only ask because I emailed FF saying that he should write a series of books about an inner city kid searching for his treasure, Maybe after he is done with kids book he will give this a thought, Maybe you could mention this to him when you talk to him next. Thank you.

        • Matt, you may be surprised to see that the story in progress may have a slight twist in that direction. Hint hint. I will definitely mention your recommendation to Forrest.

          • Thanks Wendy! I am really excited to get a copy of it for the kids that live next door. Their mom has cancer and I think an adventure as a family would be great for them. I also saw your page for books. It seems like you love what you do! Which is great. I want to become a writer of books for kids in middle/high school myself but I am not the best writer ): . So I will probably end up doing something in solar panels which I have a weird drive to do.

      • Matt, it’s not anywhere close to being complete yet. We are plugging away at it slowly but surely, and we will let everyone know when we are closer.

    • Hey Wendy,
      Have you talked to FF about writing a series of books after he is done with the kids book?

      • Matt, I’ve sent Forrest a message about it, and haven’t heard back from him yet. I had already talked with him about a children’s book series last May, when we started discussing the current book. I think FF just wants to focus on one project at a time, and since he said TFTW would be his last book, doing the current book is already a stretch. But of course he’s been known to say that before, and then publish another book. I have to smile when I think about how Forrest likes to keep us all guessing!

  13. Brinley,

    I really liked how your report focused on Mr. Fenn and his stories as your topic and not his treasure hunt. You deserve an A+, and I hope you get it.


  14. Scrapbook Fifty Five and Brinley’s report confirms that… youth is not wasted on the young (f).
    Great report…keep reading and thinking.

    A++…You get bonus points for the fish and having fun with your brother.

    Safety Joe Says…Play Safe!

  15. Brinley’s brother kinda looks like a young Forrest? I wonder if they are his grandchildren and were fishing at one of his favorite fishing holes.

  16. Dal,

    Was this SB sent to you by f, or is it something you received? I ask because there isn’t any indication if it was.

  17. I think one of the most telling things about the Brinley’s character as she wrote this, is that she doesn’t focus on the treasure. Her focus is on her love for wild life and her passion for fishing and what she has learned, and enjoyed from reading some of Forrest’s life story.

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