Hitler Reacts to New Info From Fenn…

Aurora made this up for our enjoyment. She is very clever.

Forrest looked at it and said “Adolph misquoted me.”



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  1. I absolutely LOVE it! Was fun to have lots of laughs and such a relief to know there are others out there that go thru the same issues I do in the TOTC.
    Thank You Aurora!

  2. It’s still hilarious!

    I wanted to see what was changed and went back to see the original video.
    It’s gone! What was misquoted???

  3. My guess is that the misquote was one of the officers (not Hitler) saying that Fenn said on his blog that the treasure had been found.

  4. lol… “The Newb that got lost in the Sand Dunes… or Stalin!”

    That line is a thing of beauty………

  5. Home run! And,… anything that makes fun of Hitler and his minions works for me. Hitler was/is no laughing matter, except in this case. Thanks Aurora! PS: There WILL be negattive feedback from someone, somewhere along the line. Just ignore it. True Fennologists will appreciate your work in creating this. Thanks again. Made me and my sister laugh!

    • You’re right, TJ. I got pushback from my kid (“millions died….” who came to see why I was laughing so hard.

  6. Lustig, wie, was lustig ist? Du meinst, lass mich diese Sache verstehen, wissen Sie, vielleicht ist es mir, so wie ich reden? Die Art, wie ich aus? Ich bin lustig, wie, ich meine, lustig wie ich bin ein Clown? Ich amüsieren? Ich, ich bin hier, um Sie zu unterhalten? Ich mache dich zum Lachen? Was meinst du lustig, komisch, wie? Wie bin ich komisch? Ich weiß nicht, können Sie es gesagt. Wie kann ich wissen? Sie sagte, ich bin lustig. Wie bin ich lustig, was ist so lustig über mich? Sag mir, sag mir, was ist lustig! Ich wundere mich über Sie manchmal, wenn Sie wissen, alle Antworten auf alle Hinweise, die Sie bei der Befragung falten kann.

  7. Kidutah,
    Lustig, wie in ungerade oder ungewöhnlich. Warum ist es, dass wir mit Humor, um Stress abzubauen? Ist es, weil manche Dinge sind so furchtbar tragisch, oder so erstaunlich und über unser Verständnis, dass wir unsere kleinen menschlichen Verstand nicht wickeln um ihn herum?
    Sorry ritt 😉

        • For ritt
          Funny how, what’s funny? You mean, let me understand this cause, you know, maybe it’s me, The way I talk? The way I look? I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown? I amuse you? I I’m here to amuse you? I make you laugh? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny? I don’t know, you said it. How do I know? You said I’m funny. How am I funny, what is so funny about me? Tell me, tell me what’s funny! I wonder about you sometimes, if you know all the answers to all the clues you may fold under questioning. ( redacted Tony DeVito – Joe Pesci Goodfellas 1990 – perhaps this was before your time)]

          • kidutah, lighten up!

            I wasn’t saying you are funny… it’s the video that Aurora made that’s funny. I am sorry that you took it as a criticism of you, heck, I don’t even know anything about you. I wasn’t even addressing you..Sorry you took it that way. Thanks, Aurora, you made me laugh, and that’s good.

          • ritt, You obviously didn’t get my attempt at humor connecting the video with Joe Pesci’s Goodfellas scene where he feign’s serious questioning of him being called “funny”. I actually speak German and thought my original response was a clever way to see who would decipher my attempt at humor. When MaggieMay responded and you asked for “English Please”, I put it in English so the familiarity of this famous movie scene would be easily noticed by others – but now I know not by everyone. One needs to know / watch the scene to understand why I closed with another attempt to be clever by indicating you “had all the answers”; not really important at this point. Sorry if you still don’t “get it” and are still upset. I’m usually fairly “mellow” most of the time and rarely need to be told “to lighten up”. Suggest next time before you pen such a reply, heed your own advice and ask yourself if you need lighten-up. At worst, I made a bad attempt trying to clever and humorous; for that I apologize and will take my lumps. I am certainly no ff when it comes to being a wordsmith.

          • Not everyone has seen “Goodfellas”
            obviously not me. Would have helped if you had prefaced it with that being a scene from the movie. I am not upset and never was, just thought that you were upset, not knowing it was a scene from a movie. Sorry I didn’t get it then…

            Guess I’ll have to watch that movie, then maybe I’ll LOL. Ha, Ha,…
            No harm done, Good luck in your search and attempts to be funny.
            Don’t assume, you know how that can turn out…..lol

    • Hilariously, as in odd or unusually. Why is it that we with humor, in order to reduce stress? Is it, because some things are so terribly tragically, or so amazingly and over our understanding that we our small human understanding not windings around it?

  8. Why do some think its been found? I have not had time to read everything lately. Once I went into a book store and I opened a book, and it was about Hitler. I saw a picture of hundreds of little girls naked in a ditch with guns pointed at them all. I could not ever read or watch a Hitler thing ever again. Very painful. I guess this U tube is kinda funny, but not my thing. Too upsetting to think about someone so evil.
    So tell me you all what is new? Someone said Forrest reacted to this? Whats everybody think whats going on? Thanks so much.

    • Forrest’s comment is above. He said that in this “Hitler video”, he (Forrest) was misquoted. Some people think the misquote was the made up part where it says the treasure was found.

  9. haha I finally saw this today. Oh man… I’m at work and everyone is wondering why I’m watching a clip of Hitler and laughing hard enough to have tears rolling down my face. Good job! Cheers!

  10. If anyone needs a respite from the chase, there is a very clever video that was posted in 2014 about Hitler reacting to the discovery of the chest. I found this on the internet and didn’t even realize that Dal had it already posted under More Info and Musings. I can visualize some searchers reacting the same way that Hitler reacts when he finds out that it’s been found. Everyone needs a little humor especially with all that we have going on in this day and age.

  11. Now THAT is funny!!!! LOL! I lost it when he said “Why did I ever look in Idaho!? The potato state!
    Thanks for that share and belly laugh!

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