I Think The Chest is Here…Part One


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Many searchers have decided the chest is in a general area…maybe even a specific area of the known universe of the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe. So this is the place where we can talk about where we, as individuals, think the chest is at…Don’t give away too much though… 🙂


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    • anyone ever thought of looking at this place?


      where warm waters halt, where a river ends (arkansas river ends at pueblo)
      take it in (narrows) into the canyon
      put it in (stop) below the home of brown (home brown seems to be a driveway in Colorado Springs, which is to the north, so we’re south of it, AKA below)
      no paddle up your creek (cant paddle? also, theres a creek)

      i cant make out whats meant by finding a blaze tough, any ideas?

      • Michell-
        Well…that spot is more than 300 miles west or even southwest of Toledo, OH.So that’s good..

        You should check the elevation at that place. It looks like it is below 5,000 feet and therefore would not qualify.
        Additionally, Colorado Springs is in a spot that would appear to me to be off the map that Forrest provided.
        It’s unlikely to me that the home of Brown would be a driveway in Colorado Springs and it also seems unlikely to me that any place in Colorado Springs would be a place Forrest would want to be his final resting place…
        Finally…Forrest has told us that the chest is not associated with any structure…such as a driveway or street or house…
        In my opinion this is not likely to be the location…
        I think your solution may be missing some crucial hints and clues that Forrest has handed out…
        Maybe you would benefit from a little more reading about Forrest and what he has told us about the location of the chest…

        • Maybe he was thinking that the garden of the gods was a fitting place. But personally, I don’t think so. Too many people trapsing about.

        • dal,
          Very sensitively said. You have such a smooth, and eloquent way with words. You would have been a great doctor, with that bedside manner.

          Goofy, or I, would have imparted the same message, with fewer words. 🙂

          maybe you could write a book for Texans: How to Project One’s Thoughts in a Sensitive and Politically Correct Manner!! 🙂 🙂

          LOL!!! 🙂 Thanks for all you, and Goofy, do for us!!

          • You sayin I ain’t sensitive……..I’m gonna skin you and hang your hide on the fence like the varmint you are so everyone else that comes by can see just how sensitive I am.

        • I don’t think Forrest was serious about Toledo, he said there is no clue there. Also if you are really banking on it there were a lot of towns named Toledo.

  1. Here is a video of the general area in WY where I think it’s at. It’s not in any of these hot springs or geysers though…In fact none of the thermal features in this area have anything to do with any clue in the poem. But for other reasons, the clues in the poem lead me directly to an area in this region and this is the area I believe it will be found.


    • Absolutely awesome!

      I had to force my self to stay awake to enjoy the beautiful scenes. The sound track would easily relax me and put me to sleep.

      Hey everybody, the TC must be around here! Good luck! 🙂

    • I’ve never seen a red dragonfly until today. Thank you for sharing this peaceful footage!

        • Isn’t it fun finding things that may not be the actual clue but if you hadn’t gotten caught up in the search you would never have discovered some fun facts, pretty pictures and AWESOME experiences. As prospectors we are a pretty positive lot.

          • To Thrill Of The Chase
            Today at 11:05 AM
            For those that want to be given the clues, the places, and the credit…. I bet you have never baked cookies, or hand made a card for a friend. It’s the experience you will be missing. It’s the experience that makes you a better person than before you started on the journey. If the box is found the person should at least, give the bracelet back to Forrest, for giving you the experience of a lifetime. The state and federal government should wave the taxes because of the benefits the area received from tourism, good will and not for profit aid given to the cancer patients and their families from the sale of the books.

            Once I find the treasure I will gladly take you on a tour through the clues and sites that ALL fit the poem. I will even leave something for you to “find”. All proceeds from the tours will be added to the cancer patient fund. ( If you want the airconditioned bus with snacks, drinks and lunch, that will cost extra)


            Karen Schnuell-Ruth
            10123 Tecumseh
            Redford, MI 48239

    • Great video, I really like how you got up close to the springs, mud pots, river and mineral deposits. You’ve done a great job of capturing the beauty of the area and what it really looks like. So many just drive right past and miss it all.

      The only thing missing is the smell……….nothing like hydrogen sulfide in the morning. 🙂

    • Such beauty, Dal! Wish I could be there right now. You did a wonderful job on the video. It makes me want to lay down on the grass and gaze up a the whirling clouds floating by and dreaming of many dreams. Thanks for the few minutes of peace.

    • Beautiful and peaceful video Dal….but the treasure chest is in Colorado . Thanks for the video .

    • Dal, we searched this area for several days. Crossed the bridge and hiked up north on other side way passed falls and even up on the mt. Checked Sentinel marsh area and Fairt Falls also. Just FYI…

    • I don’t think the chest is here in fact. I’ll have to finish reading Forrests book, it’s the first day of the Summer Solstice and also a Full Moon (Doesn’t happen too often) and I just got my TTOTC in today. But after reading the poem I don’t see any evidence that one can follow the fire river into a valley nor any of the creeks nearby, I must say it is somewhere else.

  2. I honestly think it is where I last looked, but did not understand the poem enough. Now, I understand the poem, but cannot go and check to see if I am right. 🙁

    • Mark-
      So rather than let the chest waste away perhaps you should just tell us where that spot is so we can go check it out 🙂

      If I go get it I’ll split it with you by weight. You get the chest. I’ll take what’s inside!!

  3. I was just watching your video, and my almost 18 month old boy starts going “what’s that, what’s that”, which were his first words. I showed him your video, he was mesmerized.

  4. My algorithm for determining where the chest is secreted:

    1. Take every possible location in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe, in NM, CO, WY, MT, not in a graveyard, above 5000′, etc.
    2. Subtract every location that anyone on any blog mentions as the location they think the chest is at.

    The resulting set of locations contains the actual location where the chest is at.

    • I like that algorithm Mike…
      But after a quick analysis of the areas remaining it doesn’t look like there is very much left…

  5. Dal
    Weren’t you in that area already? With the beautiful lady collecting buffalo skulls?

      • You cannot remove buffalo skulls from the National Park. They are natural features in the park. I have watched rangers write tickets to tourists who have carried those things to the parking lot thinking they were going to take them home.

    • I’ve been in that area a lot. It’s an area I believe in. I go there frequently. Not only because I think the chest is nearby but also because I really like exploring in this area. There is a lot of history here. Many tales have been told about Fountain Flats. Many people have written about the place. The army had a post here. A couple of hotels have come and gone. The area is rich in wildlife and history. I always like coming back here…

      • Fountain Flats is one of my favorite Fly Fishing spots in the park. I remember several years ago fishing at roads end in the Fall, (when the Firehole cools). I was standing in the middle of the river casting hoppers when a herd of about 50 Buffalo wandered out of the forest Northwest of me and crossed the river not more than 30 yards downstream from where I was wadding, they did not give me a second look. I stood my ground and continued to cast to the far bank, needless to say fishing was awesome or I would have backed out of there and ran for the truck. Later I reflect on this and wonder if I was indeed in peril, everything seemed so natural at the time.

  6. Beautiful video Dal! I really like the MT/WY area for the place Forrest secreted his treasure. It’s a very special place for him. Every idea I’ve had has centered on this area. I look at the Yellowstone web cams frequently to see how the weather is up there. My search so far hasn’t been successful but I’ll be out there again when the snow melts!

      • Watching the live cam is sometimes very entertaining. I’ve watched Old Faithful spout off a few times and have seen the buffalo roaming around as the camera operator moves the web cam around. I saw a bunch of people walking dangerously close to a herd of buffalo once and worried a bit that I might see someone get injured. Fortunately nothing happened! It’s really quite amazing to be able to watch what’s going on 1000 miles away!

    • Forrest said that people will be surprised when they find out where it is

      if its in a place known to be special to him, then that wouldn’t be a surprise, in my opinion

      • Chris, I’ve tried to watch all the videos of Forrest and on more than one occasion when asked how he picked the spot to hide his treasure he has said the treasure was in a place that was special to him. The Yellowstone area is special to him and there are probably quite a few other areas that are special too in all the remaining states. People will still be surprised no matter where it’s found because they will say to themselves “why didn’t I think of that” 🙂

        • i dont know of any video

          it is annotated as being a confirmed direct response from Forrest in an email on Shaun Whiteheads site

  7. Beautiful, Dal. You definitely feel FF’s vibe and so vividly channel it for the rest of us, both with your images and words. You so deserve this treasure.

    But I hope I find it first. ‘-)

  8. Dal,
    That was beautiful! I have never been there. Makes you feel like the only one on the planet.
    Thank you,

    • Steve-
      I don’t think “everyone” ever believed Brown meant a fishing hole. There are about 4,000 hits on this blog on a good day. So I am pretty certain it’s fair to say that there are at least several hundred different ideas for what “Brown” might be on any given day.

  9. After 1/2 hour I watched just 5 minutes of your video. I sometimes hate living in the boondocks. We get either dial-up or radio frequency which is a bit better than dial-up. Guess I’ll check out the turkeys and foxes around here instead.

  10. I don’t think it could reasonably be in Canada. Surely, Forrest, who seems to have no Canadian ties would require a person to get and use a passport just to search for his treasure. Plus it would cost too much jjust to check out a possible clue. As we all have found out the clues might lead to many different places depending on individual interpretations of the poem

  11. Absolutely beautiful video!. Made me want to take a soak and get exfoliated and dipped in mud — followed by a nap. Very peaceful. However, I’m still looking in New Mexico — within a 60 mile radius of Taos.

    • Been there and enjoyed it. But have two new areas would love to check out again this summer or very early fall. One has those bronze statues the other has the Rye. I know he would find both of them a special place and could possibly want to leave his bones there. One of those places has the bell fitting in there too. I need to go there without my child and to examine things carefully and research the local history. One day FF will have someone to be as sly as he is and even more so, which will be a true feat; and figure all of this out and walk right to it. I still believe it is in NM and is not too hard to get to just overlooked! It is so simple it is clever yet concealed to those of us who are looking and searching we are making it too hard. Mr. Fenn likes it that way and I truly believe by next fall, of 2015; someone will have found it and claimed it for themselves. Still in the chase.Ms. Girl. JMW

    • I agree. Betting my months pay on getting there in April, while I can still freeze my ass off. If nothing else, a little Outback pizza will be sounding good after a road trip from Seattle. Yumm.
      Then a nice soak in the Hondo hot springs if the rivers not to high. Then off to the races. Sounds like its gonna’ be a mad mad world this spring! Good luck to everyone!

  12. I am sticking with my Treasure Island thought I used in an earlier post…
    The chest is here…see illustration on page 99 of TTOTC.

    • Not having seen your Treasure Island post from before, how do you mean? Do you suggest this is an “X” marks the spot drawing? Or 2 “X”s , as it were?

    • Mark-
      Very likely those are bones. In winter the bison hang out near those thermals to get some heat. Sometimes they get too close. There are a lot of bison that have fallen in those things or been trapped in mud during the spring thaw. There are bison skulls laying around on the flats in the dried mud and at the bottom of many pools. Lot’s of bison spirits in the ether here.

  13. Dal, everyone,

    Lorene Mills asked,
    “How will we know if somebody finds it.? Will you make an announcement?”

    I know this has been discussed many times before, and I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but I am sure, some, if not all of you have seen the interview in May 2011, Report from Santa Fe, where, Lorene Mills ask Forrest this question. If you haven’t seen it, you should. I think it provides the true answer to this question; and that coming from Forrest’s own lips. Here is his answer:

    ” Depends on the person. The person who finds the treasure may not want the IRS to know it, in which case I’ll never know it, probably. But, the kind of person who would go out and find it is the same kind of person who can’t keep it quiet. He’s like me he’s got to broadcast it.”

    He, himself says, he’ll never know it, if someone who finds it doesn’t report it.
    It maybe found out later at some point, i.e. when they try to sell it, or someone close to them spills the beans, but Forrest won’t know it until we all know it, unless of course that person calls Forrest first. And, if that person never tells anyone, or never tries to sell it and they keep it in a bank deposit box, then we will never know the whole true answers to the poem and his secret place. However, this should answer the question as to how will we know. The answer is we may never know, probably. You heard it from Forrest, period.

    Anyone heard different?

    • I have heard Forrest say in other Q&A sessions when asked that question that he would know but he didn’t want to say how because it would be too big a clue. That kind of statement makes me think that maybe he somehow has some other way of knowing when the treasure is found. I don’t have a link to that statement but maybe someone else can provide one.

    • Ritt,

      When it comes to liquidating the gold, there is an easy way of doing it, so that is not a problem. You always sell it to a dealer for less than $10K. The dealers don’t report it, unless you exceed that amount. Someone that takes to the road (a loner if you will), and hits a number of dealers in his daily travels can cash out quite a bit. I don’t recommend trying to beat out the IRS, eventually it catches up to you and instead of having to pay back taxes and a penalty, you will be facing fraud charges in addition.

    • One thing is, you have to get a title to it that is in the poem also, I believe you have to let Forrest know or it is in a place you have to go out and actually call to get a title to get it!! I bet that is a huge clue right there. I assume that has been researched and looked at by many of us. I have in my early notebooks something about it. Evertime I reread the poem or his books something new jumps out at me. Does it for all of you??? We still need a reality show to come and follow us on our quest when we really think it is close and we actually are on track…. Sounds so surreal. Yes we all need to get a small group together and go get and bring it home. I just want to find out how far off from the location I am or close I am or any of us fo that matter. What do all of you think????

      • Judy, that’s the best answer I’ve heard yet. That’s why I brought it up, to get someone to give a realistic answer, not that I didn’t believe Forrest, or that I believed in other
        mystical non sense.

      • I’ll let you know how close you were on my way back. It’s amazing how many theories have been conceived. Some one deserving and with a good heart will find it. The love Forrest put into the whole idea radiates to everyone in search of adventure. I’m in. I tried last month from Seattle. Car got a weird vibration in Southern Oregon so I headed back. But the snows are melting even more, the waters high. April 1st, again I will try…..no joke ! Bill Sullivan Seattle,Wa.

    • I don’t think Forrest got where he got in life by broadcasting things, but he’d surely like the finder to broadcast it so he “…can make it happen like it’s supposed to be.” the last a partial quote of Forrest’s.

  14. Ritt,
    I saw that interview also, but…..in a later interview (sorry I don’t remember which one) he said he knows the chest is still there. When asked how he knows, he replied something like, I can’t tell how I know because that would be a clue. Not his exact words I’m sure, but close.

    • CjinCA, MaggieMay,

      Thank you for your responses. Then, my question is……Why didn’t he say that in the earlier (May 2011) interview? It appears he may be saying that just to placate everyone, for if it were true that he wouldn’t know, it might put a halt on the chase for some.

      Would any of you put on the brakes if it were true that Forrest couldn’t know for sure if it had been found?

      Just so you know, I wouldn’t slow down a bit. I think it is in such a good secret place that it is almost impossible to find. But, I’ll keep on chasing.

      • ritt-
        About two weeks ago Forrest told a searcher that the chest was still where he put it and that no one had found it.

        This question of “how Forrest knows” or “Has someone already found it” or “Is there even really a chest”..keeps coming up…but these are not questions anyone (except Forrest) can answer without proof so there is no point in even discussing them…at least not on this blog. When we get involved in the chase we accept the precepts..there is a hidden chest…Forrest will let us know when it’s been found…

        This is not a theology blog where we discuss the existence of god or how many angels can stand on the head of a pin or whether the chest is still in it’s location. One person …and only one…knows where it’s at. He says he will know if it’s been found. He says it has not…

        On this blog are mostly people who believe what Forrest tells us. We believe there really is a hidden treasure. We believe it’s possible (but not easy) to find and we believe no one has found it yet…Certainly we are believers because we choose to be. Because it’s fun and because it gives us joy.

        Anyone who believes the unsubstantiated claims of someone who has nothing to lose over the claims of Forrest who has a family and reputation and we know where he lives and offers as much proof as is possible without giving away the chest’s location is just not thinking clearly.

        Finally, this discussion page is called “I think the chest is here…”. It’s not called “I think the chest has been found…”. So here, we are talking about various places people will be looking for the chest once the big, bad winter has ended…This discussion is about hope…and planning…and joy…

        Maybe your intended discussion would be better supported at chasechat…
        That’s just a suggestion..
        You may find more people interested in discussing topics like how many assassins were in Dallas, Texas. Whether there really was a holocaust during WWII or whether dogs have x-ray vision…over there..

        Here we are discussing how to find the chest…not whether or not it has already been found..
        I think most of us already understand the answer to that question..

        • I know Dal, You run a good ship here. We have Forrest posting too! I looked at another Blog and it was all about talking about everything except the chase and its confusing. I like your Blog the best and You do good at keeping us all on track. Thanks Dal for Keeping it real! And on topic!

        • Amen, Dal.

          I have deep empathy for you, in your attempt to try to have a subject-oriented page on the blog.

          Three or four posts about the subject, then all the remaining posts have nothing to do with the subject.

          I see a direct correlation between that effect and the search for the chest. People look for clues in the poem for a couple of days, then start looking at everything else except the poem.

          It is truely no wonder that the chest has not been found.

        • ChaseChat is cool! Stephanie has links to a nice USGS viewer (it shows lat & long updated as the cursor moves) and mountain webcams to check the weather.

  15. Ginger and I will be having our Thrill of the Chase shortly; And, we’ll have a great and exciting story to tell about it….

  16. Dal,
    I am not questioning if there is a chest hidden or not. I believe that Forrest has done everything he has said he’s done. And as for believing claims of others finding the chest, I surely don’t believe them unless they can provide convincing proof that they had found it. I am not here trying to discredit Forrest or anyone. If my questions are not appropriate for this page then please move them to the proper thread.

    I said nothing about Dallas, holocaust, or dogs having x-ray vision, why are you bringing that up? You seem to be in a very mean spirit. My intended discussion is how to find the chest. I am sorry if I’ve upset you, and may I say, I think the chest is in a safe place waiting for someone to claim. Although, I don’t think people will be telling where they think the treasure chest is hidden, that would be counter productive on their part; don’t you think?

    I am sure Forrest will let us know when it’s been found, and I am happy that he has said that it has not been found to the searcher a couple weeks ago. Yes, lets all be hopeful and joyous in our plans for this year’s search.

    Spring is in the air, everyone enjoy.

    • ritt
      Forrest has said that He knows if its there but it would be a clue how. I think that is a fact although that may be new info that ff previously did not want to give out. IMO he can say with confidence the chest is still not found because of the winter weather. This should have the NM searchers wondering…good luck.

      • Thanks, P-9, Awe, dang, and I was going to look in NM. LOL, just kidding. My place is in WY near Granite hot springs, there is a trail there that leads to cliff face that has a large torch like blaze mark on its side. Its color is that of an orangish tint. Also, there is a double omega symbol on the other side of the cliff. Oh, I guess I’ve said to much……But, that’s where I think it is. Good luck in your search.

  17. Has anyone heard from Forrest about the searcher claiming they found the chest a couple of days ago on Stephanies blog? They said they camped next to it for 2 days and took pictures and was returning for it later. I don’t believe it myself, I would definately show the pictures as proof. I knew F was gone for a few days and wondered if you, Dal, ever got ahold of him…
    Fountain Flats IS very historic. The Nez Perce made their dash for freedom along the river there. Always thought it was the area, further up the NP river toward Squaw Lake, along the field there. Certainly qualifes as HOB! Good luck, Dal! Better wait til June for the snow to melt! ¥Peace

    • The person who said they found it, said they left it to go get it later. HEE HEE HEE…..Dont think so…..

  18. My general area has a ledge or two just below where Brown calls home! I hope that I didnt give away too much, dal.

  19. My Brown is something that is completely different 🙂 it’s far from a fish and far from someone by the name of Brown 🙂

    • Hi Amy, We are thinking alike here, I think…..I wont say what this Brown is, I have been looking at it for along time. And mine is in Montana…Might be some in Wyoming too?

  20. finding the gold would be a bonus to me, because since the beginning of my thrill of the chase adventure has and is still very much a thrill, my signed #98 map is just a faction of the fun, I could die today and I would die a better death because of Forrest and the thrill of the chase!

  21. Brown Brown Brown capital first letter could be a clue that it is a person…Who is BROWN

    • Brown is capitalized for a reason. And, in my opinion, it is not because it represents a fishing hole, trout, or a person. I believe it represents something bigger and less obvious but a specific location nonetheless. As for where the chest is located, I think it is in New Mexico. Forrest lives there and has been successful there. Why would he hide his trove anywhere else? It’s got to be in NM and if you don’t need the stories in the TTOTC to find it then why bother trying to decipher hints that may or may not be helpful. The focus should be on deciding what are the nine clues from the poem and deciphering where those nine clues begin and end.

  22. I think it’s in Montana because I have not been able to reverse engineer the poem to work any where else. That’s my story and I’m not saying anything more!

  23. dal: what month did you make your video? it is fabulous! when is the best time of year to visit there? thanks for the view.

    • Those shots were made over a couple of trips. Most of the pools were shot in August and most of the wildflowers were filmed in July. The best time to be there is anytime…ha!
      Since I am not a big “crowds” fan I like being there the most at two times of year. Just before the summer crowds arrive and anytime after the summer crowds have left. It’s magnificent around there in early fall…but at 7,000ft it can start snowing anytime…snowed on the 4th of July a few years ago…

  24. Spectacular footage for those who have not had the experience first hand. Thanks again for sharing and doing what you do !! For what it’s worth; I still like the odds that the Box is some where closer to Santa Fe. JMO

  25. I think the chest is here………How many times have I said that. My problem is the chest is everywhere. Rio Grande Gorge, Enchanted Circle, Angel Fire, Vietnam Memorial, Colorado Springs (Air Force Academy), several named glaciers in the Rockies, small gage train, etc. etc. I have a long list for each state.

    I use the dart board method of determining where it’s at. I work in the Rockies so the dart is my job……I never know where is next. As soon as I find out where I’m going I make the poem fit in a relatively close (4 to 5 hour drive) radius of the job.

    I’ve always done this except before the treasure I was looking for places to photograph. Maybe I have a picture of the chest and just don’t know it, wouldn’t that be a hoot.

    I’ve never come up with an OMG! –load up the truck and hit the road– spot. I can make several clues fit well but then I have to stretch the others. Or I get several clues to fit but then have to solve the others after going to the spot, not knowing what I’m looking for. Maybe I’m my own worst enemy being too skeptical of my solutions.

  26. Hello,

    This is my first post on this site. I enjoy reading the discussions, a lot! Dal, thank you for managing this fun blog!

    I’m curious to know people’s opinions regarding the number of searchers who Forrest has said have correctly named the first two clues and walked past the treasure.

    I for one believe that potentially thousands of searchers have walked past the treasure, and Forrest knows it. (But whether they they all knew the corrected interpretation of the first two clues is debatable.) At first Forrest seemed to suggest that only a few people have walked past the treasure and correctly named the first two clues;but, if I recall correctly, he later suggested that people continue to correctly name the first two clues and walk past the treasure. Based on this, I tend to favor the more popular, obvious search areas, like Yellowstone, and rule out more obscure isolated meanings of WWWH. Thoughts?


    • He had said some searchers had cracked the first two clues then walked past the chest not getting the rest of the clues.Next He said they were figuring them. He also said they may have had no Idea were they were. This sounds like fuzz. The within 500 ft might be the hottest free hint out there….Won’t do much good though if you don’t crack the poem…. 🙂

  27. Although I consider Yellowstone a bit dangerous, I’m going to be looking somewhere there. Between the west and north entrances.

    • I intend to return to that general vicinity with bear spray and back up this summer. My first and best ideas land there. Not that I’ve ruled out any other state…..
      That’s as specific as anyone’s likely to get on this thread, right? Or is Dal hoping someone drops a hint or two?

      • IDK about Dal, but I’m kinda hoping someone will drop a few clues… Maybe to a place where there are no animal attacks, treasure hunters with guns and as a nice bonus is also no place dangerous… 🙂

          • I got nervous when he announced not associated with a structure. To me, nature is dangerous. And structures provide safety from nature.

  28. OFF TOPIC-
    There is a documentary producer in the UK that is doing research on the search. A very nice person by the name of Sara, who works at that company, is looking for searchers from Europe, South America or beyond. If you meet the criteria and would like to talk with Sara about being a long distance searcher, please feel free to contact her at:

  29. Dal, have you heard from F if this Christine lady found the chest or not? Got to put in for vacation and make reservations etc. Don’t want to waste valuable money if it is found…thanks!

    • Donna – for what it’s worth, she sounds pretty credible. And I think I know why she wouldn’t have been able to retrieve it – whether she actually solved the 9 clues correctly or not. If she does have it, I may have a humdinger of a story to tell. But right now I’m on pins and needles.
      By the way, you always impressed me as being one of the sharpest posters on this site.

      • Thank you Spoon, I appreciate that. Now, will my head fit through the kitchen door so I can make some chili?! ;). ¥Peace¥

  30. When you chase a rainbow looking for a pot of gold do you start from the left end or do you start from the right end?

    • Ritt, pictures that I’ve seen about rainbows show pot of gold on the right side, so start on the left going right. Wait! Let me look at my grandson’s box of Lucky Charms…yeah! Go left to right! 😉

      • Hey, I’ve got a box of those to! lol, thanks Donna, so the trail you take to find the chest is to go from left to right; ….hmm….like, warm to cold, go to halt, old to new, meek to brave, down to up, not far, to, too far, take to give, bold to secret, leave to tarry, below to high, begin to end, well you get the picture…….. Maybe I’ll go eat some of those charms to give me some luck, you should too. Ha, Ha.

        • Ritt, yeah, I see the opposites in the poem too. It keeps you moving. Great observations..(as I shove lucky charms in my mouth!). ¥Peace¥

          • P.S. Ritt, the double omega says “end end”. Chasers have passed by 7 clues and within 500 ft of chest. Possibly means clues are very close together, end to end. Hum… ¥Peace¥

  31. Why is the poem so hard to solve?

    Well I suppose Fenn’s logic behind the clues might have been: only the family as a whole can solve it. Some clues adults can solve and some clues will be easier for children.

    Eg. Home of Brown – while adults think brown bear or trout or canyon or whatever a child’s mind might think of…say……

    the home of ol’ Farmer Brown

  32. FF said, “they didn’t understand the significance of where they were.” after some chasers figured out the first two clues and passed the seven other clues. He wants us to study and think. Everyone should read T.S. Eliot’s “Four Quartets”. It explains about going to a location the first time, not knowing it. Then after studying it, (exploring) you see it for the first time. If we don’t study our locations, we go blindly, and not with confidence. It also speaks of other important aspects to the poem, offering a window into the TOTC’s meaning. Disclaimer: IMO. ¥Peace¥

  33. To you all do you not feel we are drawn together for a reason? As I read this let me tell you what happened this week. I took Lucky Charms to school to entice the kids to get to class on time. We used a rainbow and pot of gold for our staff inservice day. But left to right is over rated. I place items on my chalk board Right to Left to get kid’s brains to work harder, thereby retaining more information. I use muscle memory to help them remember basics so when they get stressed during tests the movement of arms, fingers, hands will relax and help memory.
    (Example: wiggle the middle three fingers on your left hand and say ” the subject of the sentence is WHO or WHAT) You have to walk on the rocks, sit on the logs, pee in the woods, take a dip in the spring to feel the poem. What has happened we have been distracted by the drive, afraid to dig a bit, and we really need a twelve year old’s mind to see what we don’t. Revisiting sites with different eyes and ears will be the final solution. Like the biggest fish in the pond we hope it never gets caught, then the excitement and anticipation would be over.

    So I hope you don’t and if I do, I will leave some for others to find and so should you!! I think it was under the……. fire wood.

  34. I will dig this time in June at night and hope not to get caught that’s probably why Ff says bring a flashlight

  35. If I do or do not find it I will surely share what it is about or what I thought it was about

  36. I am new to the search, as I only found out about this a month ago but my gut tells me it’s in NM. Maybe I feel that way because I live in Canada and I enjoy the thought of leaving behind the snow and heading somewhere warm. I plan on heading down in June to search a few areas and visit some historic sites. Any other Canucks out there searching for TC?

  37. St. Mary’s Glacier- not a slow moving glacier in the true sense, but a permanent snow field where water definitely halts. Located just west of Central City (home of Carla Brown), a historical gold mining city and now gambling town with riches new and old. Located just up Clear Creak that winds by the historical Argo Gold mine that definitely has some heavy loads and which experienced a catastrophic high water disaster back in its heyday. A failure in a lake miles away sent water gushing through the mineshaft and shooting out the entrance high above Clear Creek and right over the town of Idaho Springs….a great tour to take if you happen to be in the area.

    After all my searching, I still wonder…what in the blazes is the true blaze?

    • Driving North from Taos to Questa (quest), there is a huge scar on the mountainside just before town. I originally thought this was the blaze as you could look down on Questa. (Look quickly down your quest to cease). Any body else looked there? Personally I have dismissed the idea due to my research pointing somewhere else, but it still is in the back of my mind as a possibility. Leaving in 6 days from Seattle. You know….I have to beat the spring rush! Just remember folks….Literally, figuratively, and Forrest Fennly! Works wonders figuring out the first two clues! Good luck ya’ll….I will spill my theories (and they are damn good ones) with you all if I end up without the Golden Carrot!

      • Could the blaze rhymes with bones.
        If your blaze is S_ _ _ _ _ it will last a thousand years and hide the chest at the same time. No need to dig anything just uncover the TC.

        Pile a few more on and RIP FF….. 😉

        “Take the chest and leave my bones”
        not a perfect quote but very close..
        stones have marked ancient graves before..

        • I never thought of looking for a word to rhyme with bones but that makes a lot of sense to me – good thinking! He said he changed the poem because he ruined the ending by living but he very well could have used the word stones to rhyme with bones in the original.

        • Plus some guy said Forrest emailed him saying we don’t need a tool so sounds like it might be in rocks now if that’s true

          • Hi Diggin’ Gypsy, do u have confirmation of this no tool needed e-mail from Forrest cause that would be big news. Thanks!

          • It was Stephan that got that email I asked dal he said Stephan wouldn’t lie I asked Forrest he hasn’t replyed. Maybe dal can ask him cause if he told Stephan that is a huge clue not to dig

  38. IMO: I feel the blaze is a heiroglyph (FF) or petroglyph (example: owl). Rocks last way longer than trees. ¥Peace¥

  39. Just wondering who all thinks the blaze is made of stone, carved on stone or is placed-piled stones ???

    • I can not read anything other than what’s on the surface of the 4th stanza. The blaze can be a lot of things and would have to be something that would last forever; like stone so trees are out. Do to the fact that the Blaze could be so many different things, it might be that you need to be there to know what it is.

    • Yea your in the woods but then do you see a rock wall Or a rock pile ohhhhh if we could only pick that brain of his

  40. Good though P-9.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    look quickly down beneath the stones,
    Tary scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and leave my bones.

    • Amy, the term ” wood” is an old english term for “woods”. FF didn’t say woods, just didn’t rhyme enough.

    • Amy, “wood” also means woods. F said it was surrounded by trees. John, its not in Idaho, Utah or AZ. Nor associated with a structure, like your temple. There are great interviews on Youtube, by Gypsykiss. Watch them! Also some on Old Santa Fe Trading Post made by Dal. They may help you! ¥Peace¥

    • Ritt, I think “Treasure Island” is an example of how something like TOTC can change a person, for better or worse. F may also have been hinting to watch the movie and/or it is in the north area, not south in NM. Just my opinion. ¥Peace¥

  41. goldmember333 There is no paddle up my creek because I interpreted this to possibly mean maybe there is a paddle down your creek. Clear Creek outside Idaho Springs is a popular rafting area. If you head downstream too far you had better be brave. Just down US highway 6 is a triple bend in the Creek in the shape of an Omega (i.e. The end is ever drawing nigh). I have not been there to search for the Blaze because I do not know what the blaze might be so I appreciate all the thoughts on that matter. The mountain at this point in the creek also looks somewhat like a Buffalo (Wood Buffalo) so you would be in the wood in that regard. It also kind of looks like an Indian Brave. This is when using a google earth perspective and pretending to be a child.

    I appreciate the viewpoints on what a blaze might be. I seriously doubt the treasure is located here, but it is curious to see how you can puzzle the poem together at different locations. This is all by design I believe.

    • I Think two things about this verse. 1. forrest is hinting of the Treasure, the old and new in it. Old coins, newer nuggets, etc.
      2. forrest is talking about the area of the treasure being in a area of a old Rich Gold mine, or Gem Mine. OK and 3. It has something to do with an area were a someone with alot of riches lived and or mined riches.

    • Amy, to me the thing to consider with this is what is considered treasure or riches? Many things have been considered valuable or treasure throughout history. Much of which wouldnt be considered valuable by todays standards.

      I found that everything in the poem can be considered in more than one way.Dont lock yourself into rigid thoughts.

    • I figure, -and suspect Dal and others have had this thought too-, that FF’s referring to his own treasure as new, and referring to the site being a place where old riches were once known. i.e. the Place where Gen. Custer lost his gold & life; or an old mine, creek, or home tied to a miner of historical note, …as just two examples.
      FF could also be referencing the old girl scout song about meeting new friends and keeping the old. One’s named after a horse, & one’s in the form of 265 coins 😉 …and as it happens, both are in the chest.

  42. Yes you have it now dal. US 6 , US 40 and I-70 all go through Idaho Springs, CO and goldfinger has the sequence I pointed out. You are correct dal that my imagination has been way too strong in the course of my searches.

    St. Mary’s Glacier
    Down Canyon to Clear Creek
    Below Clara Brown home in Central City (riches new and old)
    Bridal Veil Falls , location of the paddle wheel goldfinger mentions.

    Only 1 hr from my house, but find the blaze, find the blaze! No paddle up the creek. I take it people do not believe it is possible that this is an inside out clue that could mean Yes paddle down the creek. I agree this is a stretch.

  43. What is one man’s junk is another’s treasure… he goes in boldly with his treasure and of riches new and old. May be stating the treasure is hidden in an area of new and old memories, which are man’s most precious treasures.
    William…great area, been there several times as a child and adult, but not as a “chaser”. No memories written about Colorado anywhere in his books. But does fit some of the clues. Found a great spot in TX that fits also, near his home, but no Rocky Mts. Got to make sure area fits all criteria. I start in May! Luck to all! ¥Peace¥

  44. On the digging issue Forrest really won’t say if it’s buried or not so if someone finds out the truth on you don’t have to dig please let us know because I was going to dig in June somewhere

  45. Remember when Forrest says he doesn’t want to give that as a clue if it’s buried or not

    • Yea maybe he just told Stephan not to use a tool in that spot cause he didn’t want him wasting his time lol

  46. Ok on the tool issue we need to know exactly what was said or asked a tool could mean a few things like we don’t need gps or google earth or does it mean a shovel or a stick etc…

  47. Amy,
    Forrest has stated it this way, when asked if one should bring a shovel and a pick, he said, “I’m not sure you need those things, but I’d bring a sandwich and a flashlight.”

    • Hi Michael, Forrest Did also say a metal detector could help! I have heard forrest say “its hidden not buried” except the time he slipped and corrected himself. At the bookstore.

      • F said a metal detecter could be used if you knew where the treasure was. He was being funny. He meant, if you were standing over the treasure, yeah, you could use a detector over it. It won’t help you finding it. Listen to his gypsy kiss interview, he says it in all of them.

  48. “There will be advantages in every movement which shall be undertaken, and it will be advantageous to cross the Great Stream….” I hope I didn’t just blow all your minds…..now calm down….and admit that’s a definite clue!!

  49. I will tell you where “I Think ” it is after I file the deed to “where” I think it is.
    Cause I can keep my secret where hints of riches new and old.
    As I have gone alone in there.

  50. Yi is Y I must go. hmmm Briliant…. 42 is also y as in X and Y
    Thanks M another piece the puzzle or is this just chance…

  51. does anyone remember someone posting a picture of a road saying the chest was there but they were not taking it? If you do remember can you tell me where it is so I can look at the picture again?

  52. I think anyone who is serious about looking for this treasure should watch this video of Forrest at his book signing:


    There are a number of great pieces of information that might be helpful clues:

    2 of them come from his answer at 33:58
    1st – if he did use a rental car, there is a pretty good probability that he didn’t hide the treasure in New Mexico. If Forrest has his own car, why would he need to rent one for a leisure trip up to the nearby mountains?
    2nd – note that he says “that’s why I told people I BURIED”..before correcting himself. I wonder why his default answer was buried…

    One more comes later in the video (don’t have the exact time)
    -> Forrest notes that if people are “serious” about finding the treasure, they should buy the TTOTC book and read it and then read the poem and the read it again. That is I think is the biggest hint he has ever given and what I believe many people are truly missing out on this search. I for one do not believe, unless the poem gives coordinates, that it (the poem) by itself can be used to find the treasure. You must remember that the poem doesn’t exist without the book. Did Forrest know that an international interest in this treasure would be sparked and that people would be copying the poem throughout the internet, trying to decipher its meaning without any connection to the pages it was tied to? Doubt it. Read the book carefully. I know I will.

      • I’m well aware of his comments on the book and its importance. I like to think of it like this – if he never said the treasure was “in the mountains north of Sante Fe”, how would you possibly begin to search for the treasure unless it contained coordinates? Brown could literally mean anything. WWWH could literally mean anything. There are a lot of things in the poem that could literally mean anything.

        I would argue that the “mountains north of Sante Fe” is truly the 10th clue. There is no way to define clue that doesn’t include that sentence in the description. That clue orients the searcher to at least some feasible starting point. From there, the mountains north of Sante Fe only have meaning if you know Forrest Fenn. How better to know Forrest Fenn then to read his book.

        • I totally agree with you on the tenth clue, “mountains north of Santa Fe”, he has further defined this by eliminating Utah, Idaho and Canada with the map.

          I also agree about reading his book; it sheds some light on who Fenn is. The videos Dal has done should be watched by everyone; they are the closest thing any of us mortals will get to actually sitting down and talking to Fenn. He is an interesting fellow.

          How valuable any of this in finding the chest is up to each individual……..How much weight is given to a particular comment or article is also up to the individual. If one has studied Fenn at all it is obvious he is a marketing genius. It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are. So where would a marketing genius hide the chest? How much of what he says and writes is helpful finding the chest, how mush is a smoke screen or hype to get searchers out and tweak the over emotional ones?

          Fenn is obviously having a grand time matching wits with the searchers. What a tangled web he weaves.

    • Has anyone thought that he set it there and by now it is buried by mother nature? or buried by snow if you go in the winter?

    • Forrest said its not buried, but hidden many times. Like Opportunity just said, I also have been telling you all about what he has said for along time. I have watched all the “talks” by forrest.

      Its a fine line, something being buried or hidden. I think buried would mean dirt. I think he say’s hidden, because it could be “Under Wood” or in a Cave, or under Rocks. My clues lead me to believe, it is in a small cave.

      Also Amy, “Put in below the home of Brown” On “put in” is a boating term. Amy, Do we need a boat? also its a term for where a plane lands! I personally don’t believe “put in” would mean buried. Amy, I think this is a direction clue.

      However, Some believe they know what the Brown is, I personally am not sure. Still….I have my idea’s of what this is.

      Best Wishes Amy, I am getting ready to go out soon. I am so…so excited about it. Even is I do not find the treasure, I know I will find many treasures in my search.

      • No boat needed I think put in is just a clue means he put it somewhere below the canyon

      • Lou Lee, Fenn has said some confusing and sometimes seemingly contradictory statements……About the chest being buried he seems pretty adamant.

        Sir, just because I haven’t said the treasure is buried doesn’t mean it isn’t. Reminds me of the old axiom, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you.” I just don’t want to reveal that as a clue. I hear there is a guy up near the John Dunn Bridge using a bull dozer. Good luck. f


        You may want to throw a foldable shovel in your pack just in case. 🙂

  53. I think he dug a hole and put it in the ground it’s more protected that way

  54. Being buried would damage the chest with ground saturation and mud with the liner of the chest being wood

      • Forrest told us that the chest has a wooden liner just as William pointed out and as the large photo of the chest with it’s lid opened and the gold coins and nuggets inside, clearly shows.
        Also, in case someone didn’t get the word, the chest has a lock but it is not locked and the key is inside.
        The chest is 10″ x 10″ by 5″ and weighs 42lbs with all of it’s contents.

    • It was opinion cause I haven’t read anything that said one way or the other. One of the great mysteries

    • Bingo! Chest was covered with wood looking like a campfire in the end. Forrest said he was afraid of fire as a hint to his. Some one, not knowing what’s underneath, could light the “campfire”

      • Also, in a few hundred years the wood will decompose around the chest. Causing it to become more “exposed”

          • Very astute William ! I have been holding on to that one for a year… that is a direct link to Forrest’s good friend Eric Sloane. Eric wrote about that particular apple tree in a “Reverence For Wood”.

  55. So has anyone heard from Stephanie?, she seems quite for along time! Is she on the Chase?

  56. Still think the treasure lies in NM, but because FF has hidden his camping gear and that it was still there, next time he arrives, leaves me to believe it’s in W Yellowstone. Then we have the “Why”? So WY is where I must go…. Is it Wyoming on West Yellowstone? Just a thought….I have other thoughts on the old and new

  57. Great insights of late by all. What do you all make of …As I have gone alone “in” there. And then later …If you are brave and “in” the wood.

    “IN” seems to be very key to me with regard to the idea that the chest is “hidden” and some wonder weather it is buried or not. Unless Mr. Fenn went “in” first and then buried it, I would think that it is more likely that it is not buried. But what then, does “in there” refer to?

    If we can only solve this mystery, then we are well on our way to finding …..
    wait for it….

    Yes, another dead end.

    • It’s difficult to know just what f meant by “in there”. I have thought that he meant something like” in the woods” but it could just mean in his hiding spot. Recently I’ve wondered whether f prepared or scouted out the hiding spot over the 15 years he said he perfected his poem so that he would only have to make 2 trips to actually hide it. The treasure may not be buried in the ground but maybe he arranged wood/branches/rocks, or something else, to create a depression or area so he could put the chest down and cover it up with the wood/branches/rocks or whatever. He can’t say whether it’s buried or not as technically it isn’t buried under dirt and also he doesn’t want people digging up graveyards etc. Anyway, that’s what I’m currently thinking. 🙂

        • Yes, I agree. A special place which may have woods/trees very close by . He did say it wasn’t “in” a tree but surrounded by trees. Then he said something like, if you go back far enough everything is surrounded by trees. 🙂

          • Amy, I can’t give you a link to that remark by Forrest. Dal’s blog is the only one I follow regularly so if you read everything on this blog you’ll probably find it. Maybe Dal or someone who remembers it can confirm that remark but I think it might be in one of the “Forrest Gets Email” threads. I’ve read so much, listened to so many interviews, and watched so many videos that it’s almost impossible to find a link to every bit of information stored in my brain! 😀

          • Amy, it was in a response to a searcher. Here’s what Dal has to say about it:

            Surrounded by trees – Forrest once wrote to a searcher that the chest was not hidden in a tree but that it was surrounded by trees. I suppose it is useful to know that the chest is not in a tree but the notion that it is surrounded by trees is definitely not a clue. Everything is surrounded by trees if you go far enough out. This is exactly the kind on non-clue a trickster would deliver.


          • Thanks for finding that Goofy! With all the info on this site, I couldn’t remember where I had read that. 🙂

          • Goofy I went through the emails on Dals site and cant find the one about it not being in a tree! Can you give a link to it or direct me in the right direction!

          • William, Shana Alexander only said “Trying to squash a rumor is like trying to unring a bell.” The whole rest of Rumors Abound is info Dal put together from things Forrest has said or written to him or others combined with his (Dal’s) opinion on how helpful or useless some of these statements may be.

          • To me that is a really important clue to guess or speculate, Not saying it was made up but I would like to know for a fact cause my solve is based upon this being or not being fact?

          • William, CJ is correct; Shana Alexander was a famous journalist, she died in 2005; Dal used one of her quotes on the rumors page.

            The link above is the only reference I can remember to it not being in a tree. It seems like there was another but I can’t remember where it was right now. Maybe Dal can shed some light on that…….I’ll keep looking.

          • William, I think Dal is very careful to only post things that come from Forrest. I have a vague memory of Forrest saying that in a video, but I’m not positive that that is where I saw it. It could be I read it in one of Forrest’s emails. But I’m quite sure I heard or saw that tree reference before Dal put it on the Rumors page.

            The poem also has the line “If you are brave and in the wood” which could refer to being surrounded by trees. It figures into my current interpretation of the poem, but that could always change as I research further. 🙂

          • William-
            I have the wrong computer to look at old emails. So I am going to rely on my memory about this. And you need to know that I am not sharp as a tack…
            I also doubt that I could find the original reference even if I had the computer with years and years of correspondence. I think this remark from Forrest came about in 2011. A searcher was recounting her experience…I believe she was looking along the Cimarron River in NM. She asked Forrest if it could be in a tree. I believe she was eyeing a hollow tree at the time.

            Forrest responded by saying…and I won’t put this in quotes because I am not sure of the precise wording…

            It’s not in a tree. But it is surrounded by trees. Of course that isn’t much of a clue because everything is surrounded by trees if you go out far enough.

    • I see the poem as a short story as in TTOTC. Stanza 1 is an introduction. Stanza 2 through 4 is the body of the story with 5 being the summery and 6 as the legal disclosure. Does this make sense or am I wacked out?

      • Interesting. I always saw stanzas 1 and 5 as bookends, stanzas 2-4 as representative of The Thrill of the Chase and Stanza 6 as the next book. I give you title to the gold…and the title is “too far to walk”, which is printed in gold lettering and is the biggest clue for me to solve the poem. I can keep my secret where…in his books…in his bookends, in the Bookcliffs and another home of Brown is Mt. Garfield…one of the bookends. Behind Mt. Garfield is Mt Lincoln. President Lincoln died quickly with a shot to the back of the head while Garfield died slowly, bleeding over time through festering wounds…symbolic of how the Marines on the Hill of Angels died quickly and how those who survived, maybe even a pilot named Forrest, has suffered a kind of slow death over time like Garfield.

        Once you’ve found the Book Cliffs you can go back in time using the geologic book (since F is an archaeologist) and discover how and when the area was formed (end of the cretaceous). The end of the cretaceous was when the non-flying dinos were wiped out by mass extinction. A land bridge opened up between North and South America…too far to walk, a comet/asteroids fell from the sky and fire erupted from the Deccan Traps…all symbolic of how the Marines died on the “Hill of Angels”.

        The McNamara Line (the land bridge?) was an outdated, dinosaur model of defense used in WWII. The Marines detested it. They preferred quick mobility. Instead they were trapped in their (Deccan traps) homes of Brown as the bombs came down from the enemy Charlie (Brown).

        Anyhow, it’s a lot to explain. I would need an entire book to explain. But my first search site was the memorial at Angel Fire, the second was Los Alamos, and the third was the Bookcliffs. Each site contained more than one route to take and more than one area within each area. I believe they were all related and formed half the the arrow, or the airplane or the angel wing and the rest of my search, the Colorado River and then up into Arizona to Globe, formed the second half of the plane or angel wing.

        The structure of the chapel at Angel Fire is symbolic of an angel.

        Some people probably thought I was just being silly when I wrote about Kaasthamandap Temple and Mt. Everest, but all my research has actually led me there, as preposterous as it initially sounds. Mallory and his companion died on the side of Everest (The North Col route) and I think it symbolizes how the Marines died on the side of the Hill of Angels. Maybe Forrest has found some peace through meditation.

        I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong…Forrest…a little help here? Feel free to chime in and back me up, otherwise I guess I’ve just embarrassed myself once again.

        • Do all of you remember the story Forrest told about the kids in the art gallery? He put his arm on an Indian bronze and asked the kids what it was! All of their answers were correct – maybe not exactly, but generally correct. The best part was the letter response from a parent “Forrest is a fake”. We adults see things very differently than the kids! So perhaps we should not be so mean to each other when we post thoughts!

        • William – are you a paintballer? My son played for Chicago Legend.

          Dal – I was just out at twin lakes a week ago – Both almost entirely iced over! A bit of water showing at the west end of the bigger lake. Forrests mother was a twin. These comments are getting close to my looking spot. Plus many rivers flow into reservoirs 🙂

  58. windsurfer ~ email me at findthechest at hushmail . com. I may have a blaze in your area.

  59. Guess Mr.Fenn is off the grid. Sent him one of two solves and no comment. Usually he sends out a “good luck” or “have fun” , ” great minds think alike”. No answer is scarier than an acknowledgement! Hum…maybe I’m close to it! Good luck all! ¥Peace¥

    • He not write ing much lately Donna don’t take it personal join the crowd lol

      • I think the chest is here. 350 miles east of Toledo. Hint by F. Toledo is in Ohio. Ohio City, Colorado. Show the poem to a child (hint) or kid? Billy the Kid? Gunnison County Colorado?That’s all I got to say about that. Chew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco, spit…

        • The Toledo Caldera is buried underneath the Valles Caldera. I believe this is the Toledo Forrest is referring to. Put in below the home of Brown. Just one of the homes of Brown.

  60. Begin it…up in the clouds
    And take it…Mt. Everest
    Not far, but…not the South Col but the North Col route
    Put in below…Kaasthamandap Temple, a 3-storey pagoda-style temple said to be made from the wood of a single tree. The name means wood-covered or wood-pavillion.

    From there…enter the temple. It is believed to be built in the 12th century and contains no nails or rivets.
    The end is…upstairs to the 2nd level where there is an idol of Gorakhnath at the center and four idols of Lord Ganesh on its four sides.
    There’ll be no paddle…we’re not going up to the third level.
    Just heavy…Lord Ganesh

    If you’ve been wise and found…Idol of Gorakhnath
    Look quickly down…sit down on the floor
    But tarry scant w/marvel gaze…spend a moment here with Gorakhnatha & Lord Ganesh
    Just take the chest…breathe in and meditate.

    Okay, let’s meditate. I’m open minded. I’ll give it a try!

    Begin it…breathe in
    And take it…take air into your lungs
    Not far, but…not through your mouth but through your nose
    Put in below…root chakra, base of the spine

    From there…2nd Chakra sacral (navel)
    The end is…3rd chakra solar plexus
    There’ll be no paddle…heart chakra, center of the chest, just to the right of actual heart.
    Just heavy loads 5th Chakra throat

    If you’ve been wise and found…6th Chakra, 3rd eye perception
    Look quickly down…to the end of your nose and take another large, deep breath. We’re back to throat chakra (expression). Okay I’m ready to express it!
    But tarry scant with Marvel gaze…5th with the 6th chakra.
    Just take the chest and go in peace…7th chakra, the crown, the end of Fenn’s rainbow, the spiritual.

    Now we can ascend Mt. Everest without the need to go on foot because we all know that it is too far to walk, well…for most of us anyways!


      • I may be moving! LOL! Now I know why you seem so happy all the time Dal. Or is it moody?

      • What, my solve doesn’t seem perfectly logical? I got there by taking it. No, not the wacky tobacky, although that could be useful! I’m talking about it…the Colorado River. Y is it that I must go? What, I’m not supposed to mess with the poem? I don’t see where it says that on the Thrill of the Chase resource page. The Kaasthamandap Temple is not in the Rocky Mountains you say? I’m not seeing where it says anything on the Resource page about being in the Rocky Mts. I did travel North of Santa Fe to get there! Anyways, it (the Colorado River) is in the Rockies. And another definition for in the wood is the X that marks the spot…Xylem.

    • Love your interpretation, I also used the human body as an example. I still believe it’s about an object but the poem will help you get to the treasure chest. (Once you figure out what the “key object” is).

      • Maybe the key is Idaho. Idaho is shaped like a key. Or maybe F’s safe doesn’t require a key. Maybe it’s the kind where you dial in the combination. Didn’t he say he left it unlocked? The dial…the arrow…the arrowhead. Tarry Scant is the dragonfly (Rooselvelt Lake) and marvel gaze is what i call the swan (San Carlos Reservoir). So tarry scant with marvel gaze is in the middle of the two, which is Globe, AZ. Zoom all the way into Globe using Google Earth (you know…where warm waters halt) and it takes you to W. Cottonwood & S. Broad street. You can see another home of Brown on the Northwest corner. Zoom into street level for a better view. Zoom back out and the shadow of this “dial” points you in the direction you need to go to get to (the final?) home of Brown which I believe is Kaasthamandap Temple. The temple is open to all, just like the chapel at the Vietnam Memorial at AngelFire. The chapel is left unlocked. It’s tough to get there (to the temple) using just the arrow, especially since there will be no paddle up your creek (no rudder control).

    • Yes, He said show it to a child. A child would know where it’s at. My grandson said it’s at Toys-R-Us, “Buy me the traim set and I’ll show you”.

  61. I think the chest is…..
    -under some rocks and/or petrified wood
    -near water or waterfall
    -in a remote area, NOT 500 feet from a road
    -in an area where inadvertent tourists have come by and been unaware ; also, where tourists may notice when you pull the chest up and take it, thus the need to go in peace (imagine if hidden in the structure of a dam that offers tours all day, for example)
    -in a location only to be unlocked by unlocking the poem and poem alone. no book, Today show hint, nor interview slip will make the difference. My logic; the poem was written by a man expecting to die and leave only the poem as the only clue — yet still self-assured that the poem would be enough.
    -sometimes worthy of being imagined as a metaphor
    -in southern MT. Or western WY. Or NW Colorado. Hmmm.
    –the implied subject more often than most realize.
    -more fun than words can quite illustrate.

    • Map,
      I mostly agree, especially the fun part. I think it’s the best because this chase has taken me places I wouldn’t have gone otherwise.
      I’m looking in central Wyoming…. but I have looked in New Mexico.

    • Grubbder,

      I can’t believe you would post that picture of the treasure for the entire world to see. THE GUY IN THE HAT IS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO THE TREASURE!

      The only question is…does he realize it?

  62. Dal or Goofy Guy, in the past couple of days I am getting an attempted popup from “jetpack.wordpress.com” every time I move between blogs.
    Is this happening to everyone or is something wrong?

    • specialklr: I haven’t got any complaints from anyone else about this. Jetpack is the plugin from WordPress that handles the comments here on Dal’s site; which is why you need a WordPress account to comment or get notifications. We don’t have any user information here.

      You should only be getting a popup from the comment form if you are trying to log in. Then a pop up (or different page), initiated by you, will come up to process the login. That is all handled by WordPress so there is really nothing we can do here.

      One question I would have is do you have different logins on the blogs you are moving between? It sounds like it wants you to re-login when switching sites for some reason.

      If you want to give me the specifics (what browser, ect.) here or email me at goofy@dalneitzel.com I’ll do some research and see what is going on.

      • I have only one login. I just told it to always allow. It gave a blank popup window then went away. Looks like it is OK. Thanks a bunch.

  63. does anyone wonder why f decided to cram the story of his dream of being reincarnated as Capt. Kidd at the end of the chapter of gold and more. This seems out of place to me. Maybe there is a hint somewhere on page. Page 133 TTOTC. This story just comes out of the blue, what do you think?

    • ritt,
      I think you’re right. There must be a clue in there somewhere because I believe the clues are hidden in the book where he puts in wrong info. The wrong info here is the misquote “Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.” The actual quote by Benjamin Franklin is “Three can keep a secret if two are dead.” I also found a book about the Hell’s Angels with the title “Three can keep a secret if two are dead.” My first search area was the memorial at Angel Fire where I learned about the Marines who died on the “Hill of Angels”. In my third search area I found a quote scribbled into dried cement that read “The filthy few.” What did that mean? It turns out it’s a Hell’s Angels quote! So I started at Angel Fire and now I find a quote from the Hell’s Angels!

      I also found a grave marker. It was just a 12″ x 12″ piece of grey slate embedded into the rock. What was that doing here way up on the mountain top? I lifted it up to see if there was a hidden treasure underneath…nope nothing but dirt. Then I realized lettering that I hadn’t noticed before due to the angle of the sun, barely etched into the surface. It had a name on it and some more lettering which I should have written down. Oh crap! Did I just mess with someone’s grave marker? Oh man, I am the dirt! Wait a second…the guy’s name was Slate Grey…Slate Grey on a piece of Grey Slate? Hill of Angels…Hell’s Angels. What?!!! Something doesn’t add up here. That’s when I started to suspect my three search area’s might actually be related.

      So what’s the clue in that passage? It was vital that nobody share my knowledge about the location of the treasure? F didn’t say it is vital, he said it was vital. So maybe we do need to share the knowledge.

      Maybe the misquote means that it is more than just F and the finder of the treasure who knows. Yes, that is it. He went in there alone but he also went in there with others who helped him (and with my treasures bold). Hmmm, who would those others be? Who are these others who always seem to have inside info from F? These others…who always manage to come up with info supposedly from F? Dal, you have any thoughts on that? Who are these “teachers with ropes?” Hmmm, Lord Ganesh carries a rope.

      Dal, why did your website go so dark? Maybe I should head over to another site where there is more light. All of this black is depressing.

      Oh by the way, did I tell you all about the bell I found out in the desert?


  64. Correct me if I am wrong but from what I learned, Capt. Kidd’s treasure was recovered shortly after he hid it on Gardners Island..Can’t remember if it was the Capt. himself or the man he left it in trust with that spilled the beans..Pretty sure they used it against him in his trial

      • Thank u for confirming ritt, I have done so much research it’s hard to keep it all straight! IMO, I think Mr.Fenn is hinting at the big finish, tricky! ?
        I believe the chest is out there 100%

        • Com’ on y’all. All you need is the poem. Not google earth, not, Yogi bear, not a pirate from a book. Don’t make it so hard. Life is simple. Forrest tried to say that. Don’t make it so hard.Dal, I need a Washington aspirin…….Got one?

          • pirate-
            They haven’t worked out all the problems with those natural pain killers yet. Like distribution…it’s legal to have but not to sell and there are no places to buy yet…
            I think Colorado has the bugs worked out…In Washington we don’t want to make it available until we figure out how to tax the daylights out of it..

          • Right again Dal, Washington has some awesome “aspirin”….if you have a medical card. ……..I do ! I got one for having writers cramp ! It definitely helps in figuring out this twisted puzzle .Gotta go….pizzas done!

  65. Its daylight in Tennessee! And I’m going fishing in Wyoming, make any sense to you?

  66. Stephanie, I’ve solved the poem. Dal doesn’t want it. Email me and I will send it to you – the whole poem explained. I will give you my phone number, and I’ll explain in detail where the treasure is and what you need to take to get it. Then, give some of the money to Dal for his efforts. And I will confirm your email address with Dal. Thomas tsblack7@gmail.com

    • Thomas Black, so you solved the poem? Did you take the TC with you? Did you make a physical search? If not, then how do you know you solved the poem?

      • Stan,

        I made two searches last year. After a year, I got back on this Blog and seen that the treasure still hasn’t been found. Fenn’s clues are specific enough so that you will know that you are in the right spot, else it would all be up to lady luck, and that’s not what Fenn intended. He drew a concise map with his poem. He said you can solve it with Google Map – and you can. He said you can’t see it from above, but must be from below. The only reason I didn’t find the Blaze was because I wasn’t brave enough to get into the water and search from below.

        But no, I will not know if I’m 100% correct until the chest is found – there are no guarantees. But I have a character trait- I’m always right about everything. The other – I’m an engineer and can figure out anything, even this poem.

        It would be neat for someone who has devoted more time and money to the search than me to find the treasure. But like Dal said, he wants to figure out the poem for himself, and I respect that. So, I will not put any hints here, except that I was also one who walked right past the third clue in the poem and didn’t even realize it until I got back from my first trip, and went “wow, that’s it!”


        • Thomas, I think you are not right about a few things. 🙂 To my knowledge Forrest did not say you could solve it with Google Earth and he did not say you could solve it from below (did you mean below water?). If you have a link to those kinds of statements, could you please post them? What I believe he said is that you could not see the treasure chest using Google Earth because it did not go down far enough. I wish Google Earth did go down further with better resolution as there’s lots of stuff I’d like to look at! 🙂

          • CJ-
            Thanks for pointing out those errors. I would hate for someone new to think Forrest actually said those things. I generally remove notoriously false statements but have been leaving more in hopes that other searchers here would correct them.
            I think it’s important that we somehow don’t knowingly allow false statements to remain unchallenged or leave others with false quotes from Forrest…

          • You’re welcome Dal. I’ve got tons of info stored in my head so when I read something that doesn’t sound right, I like to correct it if it’s wrong and, if it is right, I like to correct my memory on that point. 🙂

        • Hey Thomas, fact are facts, and personal opinions, are just that. Keeping all of the known info separate from the chatter is a full time job. I would say that most of the “seasoned” searchers have been very confident at least a couple of times in their quest but have learned that the thrill of the victory and the agony of defeat come hand in hand with this Fenntastic journey! This is of course just my opinion and is subject to change at any time. Also, if you are so darned sure, why don’t you just go and get the dang chest?!

    • Thomas, on one hand I would like to have your solve of the poem and split it with you. However, on the other hand, if your solve is the same as mine…well you know.
      I feel that I have solved the second stanza and would bet everything I have in the bank on it. I’m 75% sure I’ve solved the 3rd stanza but after that I’m lost. Stanza 4 may only be able to be solved if your actually there.

      • I’ve often thought if one got that far in solving the poem, would Forrest make finding the blaze hard. Yes, you have to go and look carefully for the blaze – no Google Earth will solve that part. Send me your answer to “water high” and then I’ll confirm we have a common solve. tsblack7@gmail.com

    • Thomas, I had a solve that involved being brave enough to go in the water, and I did, twice, and very thoroughly searched at 12-15 feet because I thought I saw a piece of gleaming metal only it turned out to be a chunk of white plastic. I saw a lone person with a dark blue (or green) hiking back in the distance but they left the trail after the blaze. Was that you?

      • Nope. It’s been a year now since I’ve been. I wasted so much time in the wrong place during that trip.

  67. Just a quick question, DAL. F said the treasure was in the high lighted area of the map in TFTW. Some people think it is in Yellowstone. What color does F consider “high lighted”? If it is yellow, well, YSNP would not be the location. Have you asked F what he meant by highlighted yet? Just wondering. Yes, I’m still checking out YS! Lol. ¥Peace¥

    • Donna-
      I don’t think high-lighted refers to any color.


      past tense: highlighted; past participle: highlighted

      pick out and emphasize.
      “the issues highlighted by the report”

      synonyms: spotlight, call attention to, point out, single out, focus on, underline, feature, play up, show up, bring out, accentuate, accent, give prominence to, zero in on, stress, emphasize More
      make visually prominent.

      I think that’s what Forrest meant and it’s clear to me what area on the map is high lighted.

      • High Light totally means something else.Think people! Remember, Forrest makes up his own meanings….I caught it right away ! Keeping my theories to myself is killing me. I’ll let you know if I’m right by next week. Leaving Seattle in 72 hours! Dreaming of soaking in the Arroyo Hondo hot springs first thing. Then…..I will tell you all how I figured it out. Peace.

        • I wish you all the best of luck in finding the treasure, and I truly mean that. I put it down for an entire year, and should have kept thinking. When I go back, I plan on taking pictures of all the clues and putting it on YouTube, even if I don’t find it, just to show people where I searched and how I solved the clues, or at least tried to. Safe travels to you.

      • Ok, ok, I get it. I have my spot already. Just a curious question. Was wondering how many people actually considered high lighted as yellow, BLM land, or would they disregard any color reference and just go where they thought it was, like me. The only two places I will NOT go is private property and Indian Reservations. All else is game! Thanks Dal, my dictionary reads the same! See you in YS! ¥Peace¥

    • IMO, the area on the map, where the treasure is, IS highlighted. FF wont explain further. I think he would say something like IF THE PERSON WHO FINDS THE TC REVEALS WHERE THEY FOUND IT, MAYBE THEY WILL SHOW YOU THE HIGHLIGHTED AREA ON THE MAP. AND IF YOU FIND THE TC, THEN, MAYBE, YOU CAN SHOW ME. He’s so funny that way.

  68. Ya-
    You shaved…
    How can that be the right spot?
    It’s not on Hwy 42. There is no rainbow. There is no waterfall. No twins. No stumps and you didn’t use a metal detector or ask any old biddies…
    Can’t be right..

    On the other hand…

    I have 5 out of the bunch, not including the haircut.

  69. In reality, like when your a kid with family doing a puzzle, and you sneak that one final piece under the cushion, turns out, everybody else hid 5!

  70. Seriously, harsh and we all can be misleading like every person on Fenn’s sanctioned blogs. I am sure Dal is in the chase. My advise, do your own research and have fun with it. It’s a hobby I hope. You don’t want to become..weird, actual treasure hunters, angry, insulting and clueless. In response, dudes, life can be an experience too. Like bad boyfriends, they never grow up and give bad advise and bad bank accounts. NADA!

    It’s any ones game including hen house DEB…LUV YA!

  71. Did someone say North? That would be half of Earth. You would have a dome. Hmmm… let me think about this and try to put 2 and 2 together. If I focus, maybe I could view it in HD. I think I just had an aha, or is it haha!?

  72. I think it may be somewhere along the Firehole river.
    What do we know about the Firehole river.
    Well Forest went alone there to bathe with his treasures bold.
    He rode his bike there because it was to far to walk.
    You do go through a canyon getting there from West Yellowstone.
    He went there because there was no warm water in the cabin.
    It is below a waste water treatment plant.
    It has heavy loads and high waters.
    It is no place for the meek to traverse.
    You are certainly not going to paddle up it.
    But then there is that allusive blaze.
    These are just my thought on it being around the Firehole river.
    A lot of clues fit but is it there who knows.

    • Jwhal, that area has pretty much been picked clean. I feel it is further north at another haunt, one his father taught him to fish on! Good luck! ¥Peace¥

  73. I think the chest is in the beginning of the search, and not at the end. Mr. Fenn has always told us the clues can lead to the treasure chest if you know where to start. Well, I say the clues to the poem have to be overlapped, and within feet, or inches of each other. That is the only way someone will find the treasure chest if they follow the clues precisely. Now, the problem is how we are interpreting the clues. We are thinking the way Mr. Fenn suspected from the beginning we would. It is my opinion that if you found where warm waters halt, you have found the treasure chest. What is where warm waters halt to a kid?

  74. Got an email from Stephanie. So with that, I will go back to NM. This will be my last trip, regardless. I will take pictures of my solve for each clue and put on my website and YouTube for others to see my rationale, hoping that one solve may help them figure out the missing piece in theirs.

    • When are you heading back to The Land of Enchantment? How did the insightful Miss Stephanie convince you to journey forth? She does have a way with words. If I can assist you while on your quest, I will. I wouldn’t expect myself to ask why or where in regards to your solve as I do have my own. I grew up in NM and I live in NM still. I wont be available May 5-10 (my daughter is graduating in TX and that is where I’ll be). Rainbows are enchanting aren’t they? Let me know.

      • She said she was finished with her searching. And when I go back, I’m gonna eat a bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast . . . and study the front of the box for clues!

      • Do you live near Albaq. or Santa Fe? And what would you do with the money? Two people searching is better than one.

  75. Stephanie, Thomas Black said you were thru with your searching…are you giving up?! Or are you done for a break? I always thought either you or Dal would find it, with as much search time that you both have. ¥Peace¥

  76. You guys crack me up! IMO, when a person finds the KEY word, and uses it to unlock the secret directions “locked” within the poem, they will walk right to the chest, with ABSOLUTE certainty…”interpreting” the poem is NOT the correct way to solve it!! UNLOCK the poem, and there will be no doubt!! But you will STILL have to find it, even once you have the location unlocked. The people that “solved” the first two clues were there by attrition or luck, but had not unlocked the poem, so they didn’t realize where they were!! Of course, I’m sitting here on my couch without the chest so what the heck do I know….and yet I’m grinning like the Cheshire cat!! (Did I spell Cheshire right?) Oh wait…Even if I spelled it wrong, you still know exactly what I meant right? And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

    • Michael D,

      I agree with your thoughts. That is how I came up with my solve. Whether we’re correct or not, who knows.

      I obviously don’t want to share too much, but here is the basics:

      I used one word from the poem to unlock it and it revealed an area. In that area was what could be considered WWWH located at the beginning of a canyon, and a HOB, as well as a creek. Follow the 9 clues starting at WWWH gets you to an area to search for the blaze. I was also able to discover coordinates when I unlocked the poem with my solve, which happens to be in that area where you’d end up after following the 9 clues. I do not believe the chest is located at the coordinates(if there are coordinates). I believe the blaze would be located along the route to the coordinates. This is why you must follow the clues precisely. I believe the blaze could be located just before you reach the coordinates, sometime after clue 8. If you go the easy route to the coordinates, you’d never find the blaze. You must follow the route provided by the 9 clues precisely to find the blaze. Of course this is all IMO.

      I used that one word long before FF stated that only a few were in tight focus with a key word. That statement just made it so I can’t discount my solve just yet.

      Again, I have no idea if I have the correct solve, or if I’m even finished with the solve. It’s just my solve for the poem, and that’s all. I am in no way saying I have the correct area. I’m simply saying I feel good about my area.

      • UP,
        I agree with your thinking. I am not fishing here either, just curious. When you discovered a “key” word did you not consider that a clue? If I hear you correctly your first clue is WWWH, and then you end the 9 after …quest to cease? Still not sure how people are getting coordinates but I will leave that one alone. I believe once you figure out WWWH you will know the path, but there is a clue before that which led me to the path start (wwwh) and it certainly is linear (imo). Good luck out there.

        • Hank,

          No, I don’t consider the key word to be a clue. I used the word as a tool to decipher the poem. My understanding is that there are nine clues, if followed, will lead you to the chest. So, to me, those clues are giving physical directions to take to lead you to the chest. As many people have found out, it is very generic and can fit too many places to mention. So I thought that there must be a way to narrow it down. That’s where the key word comes in to play. For me, it created a puzzle of sorts.

          I look at it this way:
          WWWH is point A.
          The Coordinates are point B.
          Follow the 9 clues (the precise route) from Point A, to Point B, and you’ll find the blaze along the way.

          For me, clue #1 is WWWH. Clue #9 is LQDYQTC.

          • UP,
            Got it..thanks. I think we are on the same page..different locations I hope! I too had to find something that would let me know what/where wwwh was. I have gone front and back, and still feel good, but can’t help thinking “is this what ff really meant?” Guess you just have to go out and take a look. Enjoy..

  77. Michael D, you are hilarious…did I spell that right?! Lol! I agree with you. The poem is a step by step clue given treasure map, the thing is, you have to get into Mr. Fenn’s brain to figure out what his everyday, normal words are and which of the several dozen meanings is the key combination to the poem.
    Step by step, slowly I turn, inch by inch…I’m getting closer! Get ready everyone, 60 days and counting. I believe, Mr. Holmes, the game is afoot! ¥Peace¥

  78. twas the night of the full moon of 2010 in the summer when fenn sprung into action to this chase but it was in 2000 when it started a gold plum, mmm ??
    it is all too seek
    like a clause !
    in his book there are clues said I have read them and see a gypsy it says no chicken to play with thee poem!
    500 yards is true to be and standing is there. to date!
    100 years nor a 1000 years
    there are some folks that are that are true to speak we need to be right
    mike d be care and what you post 🙁
    remember your blood will flow to get you there, a hat well soiled with salt and
    vinager as too say, a fingerless wool glove, and a horse name thunder will spooke if ran upon? life is a game of poker then play an find it .

  79. Cowboy, the only thing I could get out of your post was…Thunder was Red Rider’s horse. No, there are no clues in the book, only subtle hints. The rest totally lost me! It will take me too long to decipher your message so I will stick with the poem! Good Luck! ¥Peace¥

  80. J D Salinger died in January of 2010…therefore the chest was hidden and the book written in 2009 or before….Fenn probably hid the chest for some time before he published the book….

  81. Actually, it was too early in the morning to be posting….obviously, the book was written AFTER January 2010…at least that story was…

  82. Donna…If Stephanie really is exiting the chase I hope she at least stays in contact. Stephanie is a real trooper and has contributed greatly to her blog and this one. I sure hope Dal is not considering the same thing.
    I had a one time assumed that Dal might have some slight advantage over others with his friendship with Forrest. Then I looked at some of the places Dal has searched… Utah and Idaho??? The biggest clue ever given to Dal was when Forrest said it was not in Utah or Idaho. If it wasn’t for this Dal would still be turning over logs outside Salt Lake City. lol
    I now personally use Dal as a reverse indicator. If he presently thinks the chest is in Wyoming I will only search Montana, Colorado and New Mexico. My chances will increase 25%. I am looking forward when Dal completely rules out one area where the treasure would not be.
    However, I was wrong when I thought the Redskins last year would have a good team. so if I here that Dal is now driving a new white Cadillac Escalade truck I will immediately cease my search efforts.
    You all have a good day.

  83. Dancing with the Millennium

    if i am right about the reason for that chapter title, then that alone narrows it down to 2 states

    and it can narrow it down even more

  84. I feel like Dancing with the Millennium is What Forrest is doing by burying the bells and jars (and perhaps the chest?)….flirting and dancing with they year 3000…around a thousand years from now…when he hopes someone may happen upon one. Care to share your reasoning CY?

  85. Just some thoughts on a slow day. Possibly should have filed this under Looking in New Mexico.

    1. At one time Forrest made the statement (taken from memory) that if he was not going to make it through his cancer he was going to walk out into the desert with the chest and bio and leave his bones. I am not aware of great deserts in MT.,WY., or CO.

    2. If you hide a chest it would be in an area close to where you live. It is kind of like the farmer that didn’t trust banks and buried his money in his chicken coop, not in a place many miles away. It is still his chest until it has been found so it would be relatively close to where he lives. He assumes the finder will go public and for him to actually verify this he would need to see if it was really gone.

    3. On 10/22/13 at the Collected Works Bookstore, Forrest told the story of a man that called him claiming he had found the treasure, Forrest told the man he would go check to see if the treasure was still there, Forrest looked out the window and a black limo was waiting outside waiting for Forrest to drive to the treasure. Forrest then stated “I should have driven him to Montana.”…. Would you really say this if the chest was in Montana or even say Wyoming?

    4. Forrest has mentioned that the chest is in a special place to him. How really special has Colorado been to Forrest? … not much. Is going to Wyoming or Montana for vacations many many years ago still be considered special? Time is generous in letting you forget the past.

    5. If you or say Dal were going to bury a valuable treasure would you bury it in previous locations you have lived or vacationed or relatively close to your present home?.

    6. As others have stated the start of chase was for local New Mexico area folks.

    Have a good Day.

    • Don, I agree with SOME of your logic, but please provide proof of statement 1# and did F say #6 or is that an opinion of others. I agree, for almost a year, F said “in the mountains north of Santa Fe” then, added Rocky Mts. Maybe because NM was being flooded by destructive searchers and all the good emails about getting off the couch. So, he thought, “Hum, got a good thing started, so will extend the search area, everyone is getting close to my spot and I don’t care if they find it now or years from now”. Those are MY words and opinion, folks. He never said that, just trying to understand why he said Rocky Mt so late in the game. Dal, do you know why!? Thanks. ¥Peace¥

  86. I wonder if forrest has the treasure chest and if u figure the poem out and find the blaze and perhaps u dig and u find a glass jar with a note inside to call and claim it that’s how he would know if someone found it and this keeps the state or government from taking the gold they can have the jar lol

    • Amy,
      Forrest has said if you follow the 9 clues in the poem precisely, it will lead you to the treasure chest. Not a note or a safe deposit box or anything else. It will be the treasure!

      • You are absolutely right but Amy has brought to light a possibility I had not thought of.

  87. Also forrest is very very smart from writing the poem and choosing his words he dotted all his I”s and crossed his T’s

    • I agree, Cowboy! Since TOTC is 60% about YS and the rest about his military career, gallery and the treasure, I feel his heart still belongs to YS.

  88. And a “brownstone” is a home, hope this helps…done with the chase you can figure it out from here.

    • Thank you Lois. Yogi Bear lived in a brownstone cave with Boo Boo. I’m looking under their picnic basket. I know it’s there.

    • @ Diggin Gypsy & Lois – there is a home sized boulder of brown pegmatite in the middle of the Gallatin River, MT known as “HOUSE ROCK” or ‘big brown’ to locals. It sits at “Mad Mile” rapids which all fit nicely. If your clues are stepping stones and solve follows flywater this may help.

      Before giving up the chase, HR combined with Taylors Fork (brown sedt., brown bears) in the area was my home of brown. If you search the Gally, I will be happy to give you other assistance.
      I no longer plan to follow the blogs but am happy to provide you DG my email to communicate.

  89. Texasgold, I wasn’t going to do a long search for info on #1 but I got lucky in the first 10 minutes of searching.

    This is from Dal’s blog under Tesoro in Versi

    “Forrest Fenn decided that he would not die in a hospital bed. He envisioned dying in the desert with a chest full of treasures wrapped in his arms. In that sea of sand, rocks and bushes his body would wither and disappear and one day, an intrepid explorer would find his bones. Perfect plan, except for one thing: his cancer went away.”

    This is from Margie Goldsmith in United Hemispheres 01/01/2013

    “Fenn decided he would hide the chest with a copy of his book in the desert, maybe even as he walked out into the wilderness to die. That could trigger a hunt of its own, spark some excitement; one day an intrepid searcher would find his bones and his treasure and learn who he was, think kindly of him. His memory would live on.”

    As for #6 I can not give you specific dates of discussions on this topic on this blog or from others.

    • We’ll there is no trees in a desert and he says the treasure is surrounded by trees He says so many different things to ppl hard to know what to believe arghhh

  90. Not true, there are trees in the desert. They arent closely spaced but there can be trees in the desert. A desert gets less than ten inches of moisture a year. That describes most of NM.

  91. I decided to join in chat. have been following for awhile now. I think numb-skull is being to nice to person posted that forest had died!!!

  92. New, very interesting interview link on the “media coverage” page…
    I will post another new one in a few minutes…
    The link to the media coverage page is at the top of this page on the side bar…it’s one of the orange links “media coverage”.

      • Lots of good stories and interviews with Forrest from the “media” on the “media coverage” page…you should swim around in there and click on a few things….

        • Yea I’m listening to the one you posted I’ll check them all out thanks dal these are great !!!!

  93. In response to the comment about Forrest “passing”. Forrest wrote me this note-
    “I hope you posted something that says I owe so much money God gave me to the end of the month. ff”

  94. in the EIS interview F recites the poem and says

    look quickly down your quest to see

      • if Forrest recital is an intentional hint it gets my attn that there appears to be an inordinate number of hints in one stanza to this 1 of the 5 human senses

        if youve been w(EYES) and found the blaze

        LOOK quickly down, your quest to SEE(s)

        but tarry scant with MARVEL GAZE

  95. One new anecdote in the latest interview (at least I’d never heard it before) was the one about Napoleon’s skull. I found it amusing because I went to Apsley House in London a couple of years ago. In the basement was the death mask of Napoleon and another one of Wellington.

    Napoleon’s head was definitely a lot smaller.

    But I’m pretty sure the real Bonaparte skull is in the gigantic sarcophagus at Invalides in Paris.

    If you ever want to see some personal wealth and (war booty) treasure, go to Apsley House.

  96. Wow! Just watched and listened to several interviews I missed. So, we now know it’s hidden, not buried. Good. About the IOU…if it’s not in there when I find the treasure, will he reprint a duplicate?! Lol! Just kidding. I think the treasure is enough. Good luck all! ¥Peace¥

  97. Amy, In Colorado you will find a Clara Brown pioneer who lived in Central City…land of riches new and old.

    Don, Also in Colorado you will find the Great Sand Dunes…if this qualifies as your desert.

  98. Dal- Good point Dal. Maybe it is the cycle of water. All water halts in the oceans, and then the cycle starts again. Do all oceans have sandy bottoms? Perhaps we should be looking at sand, “heavy loads and water high”, heavy loads and makes heavy loads of sand.

  99. Dal*

    Good point- Perhaps all waters halt in the sea, or oceans only for the cycle to start again.

    • RC-
      I had something closer to the mountains than the oceans in mind…
      Dare I bring up the Great Salt Lake again?
      Last time I mentioned any place in Utah I was nearly banned from my own blog…

  100. Narrowing the search. What do you all think about taking Mr. Fenn at his word and narrowing our searches to only those areas that are truly “North” of Santa Fe and in the Rocky Mountains and over 5000 ft and less than 10,200 ft. At least within a few degrees of North plus or minus anyway. I can just see him sitting there saying ” I told you it was in the mountains North of SF.” When asked specifically , I recall seeing somewhere him saying “Northerly”.

    Well, we couldn’t do much worse could we?

    • Wind-
      I think you are right about the northerly idea. In fact, I believe I heard him say at one point at a book signing that he did not mean exactly 360 degrees. However, magnetic north and true north are quite different…and there is the magnetic declination that is so evident on the map…and one wonders “why”…I mean, I hardly ever see a map, other than an aviation chart, with magnetic declination so obviously displayed.

  101. And one more general observation that tickles me…
    Forrest defends his poem in different directions depending upon how it’s assaulted.
    For instance, when folks say his poem is too difficult he quickly points out that searchers are looking to deeply and that it is very obvious if you just start at the beginning..
    In fact, in the EIS interview he makes the point that once you figure out WWWH the clues get easier.

    If someone ridicules his poem for being simplistic and the work of an amateur he quickly points out that it may look simple but he spent 15 years writing it and it’s the work of an architect.

    What do architects make?…plans…the poem is a plan…
    But I have yet to figure out how that can help me…

    • The picture the poem comes from is here.

      And the Architect that drew it is here.


      “As an architect, you create emotional, physical experiences. Your vision reveals itself across an environment as people move through it—and that experience is ever-changing. It’s an experience of expansiveness at one turn, of intimacy at another. It unfolds gradually, or it opens up in one sweeping gesture.”

      “As an architectural photographer, I translate that three-dimensional experience into the language of two dimensions. Using light and composition we capture the dynamism of the architecture one frame at a time.”

  102. A wise old owl sat on an old oak.
    The more he sat, the less he spoke.
    The less he spoke, the more he heard.
    Why can’t we be like that wise old bird?

    I’m not saying anything on wwwh!

  103. I read the recent article on page 14 of the latest “media coverage” post and once again it is stated that “a number of searchers” have been close or within hundreds of feet of the treasure. I’ve heard/read similar statements from Forrest in the past “searchers continue to” correctly name the first two clues and walk past the treasure. In an another instance, he said “several have correctly….”. If I have one shot to search for this treasure, I favor WWWH that originate in Yellowstone first and NM second. In other words, I feel somewhat confident the treasure is not in CO, or any other location not associated with Yellowstone or NM. As a searcher who has no emotional connection/bias to any state within the search area and going on what I’ve read about Forrest in TTOTC and TFTW, my money is on the Yellowstone region. I have a sneaky feeling that “several” or “a number of” searchers really means a great number, or large percentage of searchers (who have contacted Forrest) have guessed the first clue or two correctly. Now, one could also say that “a number of” searchers doesn’t necessarily mean what I think it means. But his lingo seems to align with “a great number” as opposed to a small percentage. Am I assuming too much? I think the starting location is a more obvious location but finding a 10″x10″x5″ box even knowing the starting location is still very difficult.

    • Dan-
      Although I agree in spirit with your reasoning for it not being in CO I can’t make myself ignore it completely. I just don’t have any clear evidence that it’s not there…
      The fact that he rarely mentions the place is evidence to some that it’s the most likely..

  104. Ya-
    I’m to dense to understand what I am looking at. I see a map and not a picture. (I told you I was dense)
    I assume you are suggesting the treasure is on that map somewhere. I’ve actually looked near there, though not on that private property. So how do the clues get you there?

  105. I’m sticking with Colorado 🙂 I found warm waters when I went last year but this year I will dig just in a couple of months it can’t get here soon enough!!!!

  106. I think what Mr. FF. is saying, within 500 feet, abstract, if the first found the location, only the second would recognize it…keep your eyes open and ones imagination free. It is anyones game. Don’t go to what might be obvious. IMO.

  107. I agree with you, Musstag. Hi, Germanguy! Long time no hear! So, did you finally work out all the last kinks to your solve? Not that I’m asking. I HAVE the solve! See you in…the Rocky Mountains! ¥Peace¥ p.s. always remember to look down!

    • When are you going, Donna? If you are correct, maybe I will meet up to you in the Rockies!

        • Donna, I, most certainly, will say hi if I gaze upon your visage. I shall have my caged beast with me, but don’t be alarmed by her. She doesn’t eat people. Though she is as strong as a mule, she is as gentle and as pretty as an ugly fashion show. You can pet her without worry. In or out of her cage, she is nice. See you in the wood, Donna 🙂

  108. Imagination like a kid? How about Warm Waters halt in the desert? There is the Great Sand Dunes Nat’l Park in Colorado pretty much due North of Santa Fe and in the Rocky Mountains. Isn’t a desert where Mr. Fenn said he wanted his bones or something when he dies? That comment might make the Dunes too obvious though…just a thought.

  109. I’m sure this thread is nearly done and I was wondering what peoplestoughts are in regards to soda (i.e. Dr. Pepper, and any others mentioned in TTOTC). Any thoughts?

  110. Great stuff on the EIS web page. Forrest makes the Chest sound so findable..

  111. I wonder if Forrest placed a paper regarding the deciphering of the poems clues into the chest.
    I understand the book and poem are in the chest BUT if in 1000 years the chest is found without the poem and then opened…would that person reading the book be have the answers to the poem?

    • Safety-
      What book? Do you mean his biography? It’s on paper rolled up and put inside a modern olive jar. I think the chest was hidden before the TTOTC book was printed. I’ve never heard that the poem is in the chest. Why do you figure the poem is in there?

      • I guess I did mean his biography. I did type without really thinking and ASSUMED it would be in the biography. I do know better at this stage.
        I guess I was just thinking of someone in the future staring at a chest of gold and wondering why exactly it is in the area it is in.

  112. I’ll say where I think the chest is near, is Taos because of what I think are a couple subtle hints in the book. “There must have been some big flies around” – as you drive through Taos, you pass fishing shops with big fly sculptures out front. Also the part about the girl hiding behind her gigantic coffee cup – there is a big red coffee cup on a post in front of a cafe on the north side.

  113. greetings to all….just saying hello…..as i first heard of Fenn tonight…..so much catching up to do.

  114. Many many great thoughts by all. I’ve taken a short break from the Chase, even though it remains active somewhere in the back of my mind. I can just imagine all of the searchers getting antsy for their big push to go get that elusive bronze box. My search will resume at some point later this summer. I wish you all the best of luck and stay safe…

  115. Anyone,

    For the past year, I have studied and analyzed the poem, as well as many of Forrest’s books, and read everything available on Dal’s blog and some other blogs, and still don’t feel like I’m any closer to WWWH. I feel like we are taking WWWH too literally, maybe. One of the definitions of “water” in the American Heritage Dictionary is “any of the liquids passed out of the body, as urine, perspiration, or tears.” I’m skipping urine as a possible solution, but am starting to believe we really have to think “outside the box” so have been using tears as a possible solution to “warm waters”. Still haven’t come up with any good starting places in NM, but has anyone else considered WWWH as a place so abstract? Just wondering. I’m heading out to search somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe tomorrow or Tuesday. (Done searching the Rio Grande Gorge areas even though I love that “canyon”.)

    • Cynthia,

      Try the Continental Divide for WWWH. Eighty percent of the clouds (warm water), falls on the west side of the Divide. Twenty percent falls on the east slopes. Hope this helps.

      • If you think about it, there is nothing before the CD. So the starting point is either there or somewhere downstream. The idea that warm waters halt means to me that it is in a liquid state and not frozen like a glacier (which I once thought was the case). At least I think there is no other place where waters really halt–not even when they hit the ocean. Even in a lake the water is slowing moving to the outlet.

        So at least that is one possibility of what WWWH might mean.

        • I don’t see something like Old Faithful as being where warm water halts because there is always water entering the underground there. And i don’t think most people would say that is warm water–it’s boiling hot. But I could be wrong. No doubt there is lot of poetic license in play.

    • Cynthia…look up the meaning to ojo caliente. In NM…just a suggestion!

    • Hi Cynthia- My take on WWWH has always been that “warm waters” refers to water that evaporates. The water vapor condenses in the atmosphere and falls as precipitation. If as liquid, it continues. If as snow or ice, it halts. Thus, WWWH in my mind is a snow pack up in the mountains that feeds a lake and then stream. Of course, it then becomes problematic as to which mountain lake to start with. But that’s part of the fun for me. My mind works in different ways than most. Thanks for all your great ideas.

    • Cynthia-
      You got me thinking about tears. IDK if you know the legend of Apache Tears, but it tells of Apache women crying after the deaths of their loved ones. When the tears hit the ground, they turned to obsidian nodules. Perhaps FF is referring to a geological area that contains something similar. (Apache tears are found in Superior, AZ) Maybe that will spark something else in your mind. Cheers.

    • Cynthia, you could certainly be right and your thinking may be what is required to find the chest. My problem is I can’t get my box in order much less think outside of it. There are so many WWWH’s; lots of Agua Fria’s out there, dams, lakes, confluences of streams and rivers, named glaciers, and on and on. Trying to think in the abstract would put me over the edge, I would be the guy walking in circles around the geyser mumbling to himself. 🙂

      Be safe in your travels and good hunting.

    • Cynthia,

      i don’t want to try and talk anyone out of their approach but fwiw, here is my opinion on why i personally have decided not to look for an abstract or unorthodox answer to WWH

      Forrest has said that when he wrote the poem, it was straight forward, he wasnt playing games and he wasnt messing around

      my personal belief is that he said this because of some of the abstract theories being presented as solutions to the poem and more specifically WWH, which is a major part of the solve, because once you have it, you have the right area, and F has also hinted in some statements that just being at WWH already puts you close

      i think it needs to be differentiated between difficult/elaborate and abstract/unorthodox. WWH can be simply a geographical place and yet difficult to solve (and so on with the rest), and so it could be a difficult/elaborate solution, but not abstract/unorthodox because it is, in fact, just a geographical place.

      some more food for thought on this, somewhere on this blog Dal made a comment that he overheard a conversation between Forrest and a searcher and the searcher thought that YS park was WWH, and Forrest said that it is not an entire region, but a specific geographical place.

      if i think about that, it seems to answer a lot of these questions right there. i should be looking for a place, not the continental divide or clouds in the sky.

      like i say though, these are just the reasons i have for my personal approach, i know there is a lot of balancing , weighing and interpreting of information here.

    • Cynthia,

      Here was my out of the box solution along the lines of your reasoning. It led me to insanity which I have now recovered from.

      There is a bronze statue (remember FF is a bronze Master Caster) of the Virgin Mary in Santa Fe about one block North of downtown at Our Lady of Guadalupe. The statue has a miraculous story behind it so if anyone is a Christian you should google it.

      Anyway, I solved the whole poem right within this statue and the surrounding areas. WWWH was indeed tears as you mentioned. Where do tears halt? Heaven!! The canyon down were the lines in Mary’s face and hands as Mr. Fenn mentioned in his book. In the wood turned out to be that the statue is placed inside of a Rosewood Rosary that outlines the patio where the statue stands. “Water High” is Mary’s amniotic fluid because in this statue Mary is pregnant with Jesus.

      The commemorative bricks in the patio are in honor of those loved ones who had died. Mr. Fenn’s reference in the book to “sitting beside a juniper fire just past midnight” coincides nicely with one of the benches in the patio placed just past midnight on a clock looking down on the statue. The statue is mounted on pedestal that resembles “pineapple upside down cake” that is also referenced in his book. The names on the bricks just below (look quickly down) the statue also can be connected to references in the book such as Miss Ford (he loved that old lady). One of the bricks located 8 o’clock when Mr. District Attorney was over and also coincided with Forrest in the Middle. The bricks seemed to related to all the important people in his llife as expressed in the book. Most notably was the location of his family in the bricks (mother in row 4 of block 23). If you check Hillcrest Cementary in Texas you will find that it is not laid out in this fashion. The statue rests on a pedestal and is always covered in flowers like you might find on a “gardeners island”.

      The main brick that got my attention and in perfect position as “Forrest in the Middle” buried with all of his friends and family around him (even the mainstreet boys) was a brick entitled

      Exatto Coffin. At first I thought the chest might be below this brick….pretty ballsey! I used a long needle pressed between the bricks so as not to disturb anything, but there was nothing but sand underneath much like you would lay a brick patio. Then I began thinking what could Exatto Coffin mean. This clearly was not a name , which made it stand out compared to all the other thousands of bricks.

      Exatto Coffin- X at to Co ff in

      to Co —tourist operation Company

      led me to the Cumbres/Toltec railroad.

      Maybe you can figure out Exatto Coffin, but I seriously doubt now that it is in any way connected to this puzzle.

      This is the most “out of the box” solution that I ever got with the poem which also took me to the brink of insanity.

      I am always careful now to check my sanity before venturing too far in the search.

      Please do look up Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is a Mexican tale of a miracle that brought more people to Jesus in a short time than any time in history.

  116. Hey there guys, I’m new to this entire thing and I really am not usually the best at solving riddles, but I thought I’d give it a crack. Unfortunately, I’m living in Europe for the next long while. I would enjoy if there would be someone I could bounce my ideas off of because I have some very basic idea of a location and would like feedback. I tried to pick a few locations before I read anyone else’s guesses/hints, so hopefully I’ll have approached it from a whole new angle.

  117. Just to let everyone know, I had to delete several comments, including mine and Dal’s that were at the bottom of the page. Most of them were from April 2nd to 3rd. I think we’ve got it figured out now so everything should be back to normal.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  118. FF said somewhere that wwwh is a specific location…not a region. When you read the clue as it was written, which is, ” Begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down, not far but too far to walk.” That is all one clue IMO. So wwwh is near or in a canyon, which you then follow downstream, or south, or go over the rim of…not too far, but too far to walk to it!! So wwwh could be the name of the canyon….or a line the canyon crosses. One thing I am confident of is that the canyon is where the warm waters halt… Either in it or above it.

    • I already have a WWWH that I’m currently using, but just had a rude thought. What if WWWH is something carved on a rock or a tree? Wouldn’t that just take the cake? Sometimes I really detest ideas that sneak in uninvited…

      • a rude thought eh?

        was it inspired from the rude aluminum grave marker in TTOTC that somehow magically transforms into a crude stone grave marker?

  119. My search begins June 11 and ends when I find the chest…or June 22…whichever comes first. I will be in Santa Fe June 15 and 16… any chance FF can sign my book?

    • Michael D
      I don’t know you but I live close to Santa Fe so if you want to meet in SF one of those 2 evenings (June 15,16), I’d be happy to share search stories over a margarita or 3. Maybe other searchers will be in the area, and a bunch of us crazy folks could meet for drinks. (Alcohol–because no great story starts with a salad!) I will also wear one of my The Thrill of the Chase tee-shirts. (I just ordered my “summer-line”–light color for hot desert days–already have an army green one for winter.) Bring your tee shirt with you because FF would probably sign it as well as your book. He signed my shirt and 5 others for my friends. Good luck with your searching–better hope you get here before Stephanie.

  120. i wonder if F removed the s in answers in some versions of the poem because he is saying ive removed one letter now u need to remove one more

  121. I believe I know the S that needs to be removed from the poem and when did he say this

    • Amy, he answered the “S” question in a response to an email.

      Mr. Fenn,
      After locating the Blaze in the poem by solving the clues, and having been led to the chest, I was disheartened to learn that there are two different versions of the poem. The version found on The Thrill of the Chase Resource page online shows:

      The answer I already know

      While the version published in your memoir reads:

      The answers I already know

      Based on the way the clues are solved to this point, it is obvious that every word and every letter are crucial. I was hoping you would be able to clarify which version of the poem is correct. Should the word answer have an S on the end to make it plural? Pehaps this one letter has no bearing on the final solution, but it is something that continually weighs on my mind.

      Hope all is well!

      Fenn’s answer:


      It makes no difference, one of them is only an innocent typo. You can pick which one. f


      • i like how the email starts

        “After locating the Blaze in the poem by solving the clues, and having been led to the chest”

        what an interesting adventure that turned out to be.

        sounds like he’s saying he was led to the chest but then became so overwhelmed with concern over the letter S, that instead of taking the chest, he went home and sent F this email.

        i hope it was worth it. apparently he has since forgotten where he was or decided he doesn’t want to go back.

      • I use that reply from Forrest to argue that the letter count method of trying to decode the poem is fruitless. Some folks count every letter and assign numbers to letters. To them every letter is critical. If Forrest used this coding method in his poem, the extra letter would change the outcome…If it does not matter whether the letter is there or not, letter counting cannot be an intended method to decode the poem.

    • if you are referring to removing the S

      it isn’t something Forrest said, it is something he did

      the poem in TTOTC says “The answers ….

      on his website he changed it to “The answer …

      i don’t have the book TFTW but i understand from what other people say the poem in that book says “The answer ….

      and on the special large map that was sold by Benchmark, i understand that says, “The answers …

      so i guess now we are waiting for the tiebreaker. perhaps we should ask the gold if it makes a difference

  122. Lol ok thank u for explaining I will check out the too far to walk book real quick

  123. Chris and Amy, it is just a typo. Doesn’t matter if it is answer or answers per forrest. Good luck. ¥Peace¥

    • Forrest has to read from the book to read the poem IMO I think he has changed it so many times that he has to read from the book now

      • That is one way for him to avoid any mistakes when reciting it. Like he said, the missing or added(choose one) “s” is a simple typo. He does say “answers” when he publicly reads the poem. IMO, he knows the answer, and he also knows the answers in regards to the poem…

    • in the EIS interview, Forrest recites the poem and says ‘the answer’ singular

  124. interesting piece of information Forrest throws into that EIS interview that he doesn’t say in the book and to my knowledge he has never stated publicly before

    • Chris

      Did you catch his Freudian slip where he says ‘truck’ and then changes it quickly to ‘car’? Taking a truck instead of a car sure would give him more options as to where he could travel. Especially with a higher clearance.

  125. Just to add to my earlier comment in response to Cynthia. “Thrill of the Chase” is a terminology used by artisans when revealing the result of a bronze casting for the first time. This is why I thought the Lady of Guadalupe statue might have some merit.

    Mr. Fenn has since informed us that the treasure is “not associated” with any structure.

    Wish I had that knowledge much earlier.

  126. I don’t think the S matters it doesn’t change the poem in my opinion.

  127. to follow the herd, or not to follow, that is the question

    maybe i’ll just grab the cat by the tail and see where it takes me.it can’t end up any worse than my previous searches. if i take another long trip though i need to fill up my tires, the air is getting kinda low

    i need to remember to bring my big coffee cup this time also

  128. I noticed a few hits on the blog today from Great Britain and wondered why. I followed the link back and discovered that the BBC is airing a two part series on great treasures and part of the second episode is on Forrest’s treasure. This is the segment that they shot last summer in Santa Fe and in Montana. They followed me around while I searched up in Red Canyon near Hebgen Lake…as you may well have guessed…we did not find it there…but we had a laugh or two while looking…

    I couldn’t get the “bear spray” clip to play…or any of the clips on that page for that matter…maybe you can..
    Also..the pic of Dallas looking thru a magnifying glass was taken in Forrest’s office in Santa Fe…You can get an idea of the number of “reference” books that fill his office..


  129. This is a true story…..As I was following the correct course to where the end was ever drawing nigh, the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up. I couldn’t believe that I had found the mighty heaps and H2O aloft, my heart began beating like a rocker’s drum. Quickly I turned and went on with my quest. Sometime later, there it was . . . holy cow, the ever elusive and amazing cedilla. Of course this is only my opinion that I have the correct blaze……..More later!

    I have many pictures that will seduce your mind into dreams and thoughts of finding this gorgeous chest, filled with gold and many treasures. I am close to doing the John Houston dance. The pictures will explain it way much better than I can. ……….Adios!

      • Amy, ….The pictures I have of the blaze and the trail that leads to it, they are so wonderful and intriguing. I also have a picture of what I think is the final quest.

        Even so, this chase will not be easy, even from the last clue, i.e., look quickly down, and tarry scant. I believe that Forrest pulled a fast one and turned the tables upside down after you find the blaze. …Adios!

  130. I’ll look for you but you know as well as I do that you can’t just happen upon the treasure. Send me an email with the nine clues listed and what place each indicates, figuratively or literally. If they all are in a line making a trail then that’s worth a trip. Otherwise don’t bother. findforrestfenn@gmail.com

    • And CenMillie if he does he knows I’m bringing a bus load of kids back to search for it again. He has given others hope, friendship, help and brought a smile to a plain girls face. He made makes and will make an impression on the life of another. I pray when you and I meet we can say the same.

  131. I can’t remember where the comment appears, but the one about having certainty of the location…. How can he be sure that only one person will?

    • He can’t DP. There may be more than 1 person who has the solution but it’s for whoever gets there first. It would be great if the finder would leave something for the next person even if it’s just one coin. I know I would! 🙂

      • I’ve often thought about leaving chest itself, plus a note 😉

        Don’t know that I’d actually follow through though. It’s awfully beautiful. 🙂

      • Thanks CJ, that makes sense. I suppose with how many people are looking, there’s always got to be someone thinking of the same spot as you.

  132. I think the chest is here. What are ypu lpoking at? I’m Kentucky right now! 🙂

  133. I think the chest is in New Mexico. Manby Hot Springs. Just have not solved all the clues just yet. Anyone agrees, or disagree with me? RC

    • @POG my gut is shot full of the same. I believe it’s in wyo. but still rethinking def of wwwh.

      • NOR,

        Here’s something to consider. If you were Fenn and you’re working on a treasure map, how far from home would you travel to check for possible locations for your chest. Additionally, same question, but you have to make numerous trips because everything has to fit perfectly at each step of the way. Montana? Wyoming? Colorado? Remember, you live in Santa Fe.

        • I like you GG And know you to be intelligent and well thought out. However, given ff’s rich history and 100’s of trips North alone to places that make a soul sing, it’s harder for me to imagine a rote assembly of stepping stones. He’s an interesting mix of man-logic, adventurer, and imaginative soulful artist. I first believed TC in Mt and haven’t totally surrendered that but leaning towards Wyo. I believe FF IMO has a passion play he would like to see played out. I
          Probably spent Waaay too much time trying to understand him personally which distracts from solves.

        • german-
          I have always been under the impression that Forrest found this special place long before he planned to hide the chest. What’s wrong with that way of thinking? Do you have evidence that I am wrong?
          I think Forrest knew about this spot since he was a kid. I think when he decided to hide the chest he knew exactly where he was going to place it.
          This was not a location selected just for the chest. This is a “special” place, long known to Forrest and he decided to hide the chest there.

          • Everything you pointed out is the result of serious thinking, but what if he logistically chose the spot, not only as you suggest, but also for the convenience of it as well. Suppose as you suggest (which I agree with) , he carries memories of the spot from his childhood. Then that would be the missing part of this puzzle (his memoirs) and just to perfect his poem he had to make several trips to this childhood spot . Wouldn’t you do the same, to make certain all the pieces fit? Remember how long it took him to put this all together. But I’m sure you realize that this is only my perspective.

        • Fwiw, I believe that with good design & planning, neither of those considerations apply

        • @POG Let me know when you’re hiding emerald rings, will you? I’ll take my search east in a heart beat.

          • started south east. Now west. Would an olive with a bread tie through it qualify as an emerald ring? It’s green. 😆

    • I’m with youPOG. I’m going to look where Mr. Fenn has said it’s NOT !!! That way, I won’t be disappointed when I don’t find it. OK, I’ll go take my nap now. Bye.

  134. Darn, Usually a shark pops up. Well okay, that’s a shark.

    Hey how about that olive jar. Do pirates enjoy olives?

    Okay well maybe too much milk… that’s code!

    For some reason… I’m wondering about that jar? I’m think n’ of Olives, or the olive farmer…and Farmer Brown comes to mind. Okay not so much… I’m lying.

    Cloud Cover’s post had me work n’ overtime. Then my 7 year old daughter over hears me talking about the olives, disappears, and comes back with one of the Golden books about Farmer Brown. “The Jolly Barnyard.”
    If that ain’t a hoot!
    I think my list of Browns are too many!?

    On another note, it’s raining here again today… Arrggh! 🙁

    • @Mark – don’t rule out olives being a hint. There was mention on an earlier post. (Sorry, I don’t recall where) but olive festival/history research landed me in a specific area of Wyo. ** IMO of course.

    • I think jolly framer Brown Golden Book is an excellent start. I think agood grandpa thinks part daughter part grandchild part pilot part sly fox but tthe poem and book so clearly point to one spot and you all have wandered off track. I will be out soon to show you were you missed.

      • @KSR – I wholeheartedly agree with you on all! 🙂 I’ve wandered so far I need you to tie a knot in a rope and lead me like a child. No kidding!!!

      • @KSR
        Adding to that…can I just be 8 yrs old again?

        I would have found the chest based on childlike curiosity and wonder. None of the adult thinking games in play – sounds pretty good today Karen!

        Come show me how it’s done please!

  135. @diggin Gypsy please scroll back up for Nors contact info. If I can be of any help.

  136. Think like a 9 year old stuck somewhere with your parents because you have to be there, then wander around looking for warm water.

    • I am a 9 year old. I still get in trouble for wandering off and splashing in water:)

  137. I’m putting my vote in for New Mexico because I like traveling there the most. Saving vacation days and $$ to explore again!

  138. Hey y’all! I haven’t posted on any blogs yet, but I have been reading them from time to time for a while now. I like to read about everyone’s adventures and also if anyone’s thinking the same way about this as I am. So far, I don’t think anyone is looking at the exact spot, though I am sure there are people looking in the same area.
    I think today is the day I’m going to find out if I’m right or not. I just drove up from Lubbock, TX to Colorado, and so if I’m wrong I’m wrong, but I think I have a good explanation for my interpretation of the poem and I emailed Mr. Fenn once about it when I had a good idea of where it was. I now think I know the exact place is and that’s where I’ll be looking later to day and I’d like to share what I’ve been thinking. Here it goes…
    I think where warm waters halt is the continental divide, I think the canyon he’s referring to is Platte canyon, too far to walk is guanella pass road, the home of brown is geneva creek (a forest fen that is rich in iron oxide, which is the color brown), heavy load and water high is a bridge you cross to get to the trail, and if I’ve been wise I hope the blaze is referring to Webster Benchmark. Webster Benchmark is a survey point that was est. in 1931 (which I’m thinking could be the year Forrest was born) and I found little about it besides that it’s 10220 ft in elevation (remember when he said it was below 10200 ft) and that there is a summit register that’s inside a jar that has names dated back 20 years on it…which is why I’m particularly fond of this spot because if I don’t find the chest at least I can put my name in the jar, so it’s a win-win if you ask me!

    • I’ve had a solve having to do with the Continental Divide. I love the whimsy to that. If you think about it…the entire poem can fit at one Continental Divide location and he speaks of math which sounds like divide to me.

      I always look for the Continental Divide points where they aren’t too far for an 80 year old guy to walk. If he says we need a map, then that is something on a map. I check benchmarks near them too. Many are put into boulders and I always figure it could be hidden under a boulder near one if not under the benchmark itself. I too felt the elevation clues and the compass had to do with benchmarks and that would easily be an unintended clue since that’s the map companies name.

      I felt that the Continental Divide idea had to do with global warming which is why he mentioned google earth recently as a way to search. The oceans are warming which is why his conservation comment was so important to me. The Continental Divide is for sure too far to walk, it’s all about water, so it would for sure be where the home of Brown Trout would live. A Continent is not meek. The CDT is high up…so that’s why it will always be colder.

      That CD trail(blaze) is just so incredibly huge though….and I feel that something in the poem has to direct you to the spot it would be. There are waters I’ve seen listed where half the water goes to one ocean and the other half goes to another ocean and one actually has a bunch of lily pads on that pond which made me think of the frog he shows. It’s in a place though that’s not going to have access for a bit to be checked out for certain reasons. So that one is on hold to check.

      I’ve seen chat about the CDT for a few years, but till I researched it’s meaning…I didn’t get it. The Rockies as a whole is very important to it’s being.

  139. Karen Ruth I’m still waiting for your help. Please show me, I don’t know what you meant by you were coming out? But, I would like to know where I messed up?

    Nice solve JK… I think? I don’t really know!

    DG I think I saw a golden Key in an Olive Jar which made me think of the Golden Rule…What would that mean to you if I may ask?

    • I don’t get what your talking about the olive jar means nothing to me Email me if you wanna explain a lil better .

  140. I’m kinda against that email thing… just seems to leave others out of the loop. And the wifee (similar to the Red Queen) hates me talking privately to other women. Especially gypsies… smile.

    I had been looking at images, and saw an olive jar with a green lid and a golden key in it. Prob photo shop. And so, I have been reading your post and think you have a good grasp on what’s going on, I thought I’d ask… It could be nothing but no bush left unturned.
    Mark H.

    • You saw this in the book ?? I don’t think Forrest would of been able to put something like that in the book.without the people that put the book together going hmmmmm But my solves come to gether when im out scouting around I take tons of pics of area then try to piece the puzzle together

  141. I’m not seeing much debate against my suggestions that “agua tibia” and “talus” is where warm waters halt. I propose the chest is at Nine Mile Hole. Wish I could get up there and have another more focused look.

        • We’ll Stan we should let him look like we all did 🙂 stay away from FFs huckleberry bushes at nine mile 🙂

          • Had a look over Easter at Nine Mile Hole, found a drivers license and a lot of deer poo at Seven Mile Bridge, but no chest. I did not look near this sign and now wishing I had this solution before going. I also liked E.C. Waters as my current 2nd best, based on various topics from the book that might be related. I still like the Talus sign until proven otherwise. 😉

    • I didn’t read what your thought on nine mile hole was tell it again I’m curiouse

      • Using hints from the book, “agua tibia” is warm water. Considering Mr. Fenn is an archaeologist, he is familiar with the names of bones. There is a pullout parking area at Nine Mile Hole with a sign titled “TALUS”. Talus is another word for anklebone. A tibia halts at a talus. I believe the wooden sign itself might be the blaze and that the chest is in the Madison. If not close by the sign, I believe the blaze will be somewhere west of the sign, either on a rock, or a tree.

        There are lots of supporting thoughts related to this solution found in the book, and indeed it was the text mining of the book that led me to this solution.

        • I have searched nine mile hole 4 times even crossed the river walked way up in the woods following that creek that runs into it it’s definitely not over there to many trees hard to get around No rock I haven’t looked under there but I like your thoughts are u on face book

          • I don’t do twitter But nine mile has been searched thourally by everyone Not in river there water to swift

        • There is no sign at nine mile hole you sure you at right spot. Maybe at the bridge but I don’t remember a sign over by the rock where his dad stood that’s nine mile hole

          • See the pullout area at 44.64666, -110.93089 for the Talus sign. It is would be considered (by some) the east end of Nine Mile Hole.

          • That’s not nine mile hole. Not where his special fishing hole was I’ve never see that sign Maybe up near nine mile bridge

          • Looks like the correct name for this location is “Madison Notch”, less than a mile east of Nine Mile Hole.

          • Nine Mile Hole could be “heavy loads” and other holes relate to the poem if their characteristics work. I thought 7 Mile Hole might not be for the meek from what I’ve read.

          • Seven Mile Hole Trail is also on my list of interesting locations to think through. In this solution, wwwh is a dormant geyser cone on the trail. I couldn’t visit it over Easter because of the snow.

          • There are a lot of different “holes” that only the fishermen know about. I’ve tried to find a lot of them to see if I can make it work hole to hole.

          • The fish are huge I know that ones at nine mile hole are and there’s hundreds in one spot I wish I would of had a flashlight to shine thru the water We dove in looked under all the rock ledge in river so has divers. So no need for anyone to do that it ain’t there .

          • I meant EC not EG.
            It may be an abstract soultion after all, wwwh, maybe not way out there.. bones

          • @Musstag – depending on which state you fly fish or treasure fish “Water High” IMO could refer to stream laws on private lands – fisherman may generally fish through private land but must stay below the normal high water mark in the stream. This law applies to my creek. Cognito actually pointed out an unusual wood mark in the book which matches MT stream law logo. I miss Cog. – others dismissed him but I learned a lot from his whispers.

  142. Dg, no I meant images on the net. Type John Charles olives in to the search box, when options pop up click images. The clear olive jar with a green lid has a golden key floating in it… Prob photo shop. 🙂

      • @Diggin Gypsy & Mark – perhaps of help, I researched the John Charles olive connection in the past. Not totally certain, but IMO believe it to be a reference to the name Fremont, john Charles father who was a famous cartographer in the early 1800’s. Plenty of northern places which line up well with the name Fremont. Best wishes on your summer hunt.

        • Thanks for the info I really don’t think the olive jar means anything tho

        • He made the great connector famous and he was the governor of California. I mean he was until he was court martialed and hauled back to the then US. But that’s beside the point. He was the governor. Ah a story from TTOTC and a story from TFTW. But the one from TFTW is a two fold governor story and the great connector knew them both.

          • Good info Cloud, and the history always interests me. That said, can you give an answer for why Mr Fenn cares about the history or publishing his stories as companion pieces to the search….if all we need is in the poem? If it’s truly just all you need is:
            POEM => solve =>gold

            Why the books,stories, illustrations???
            I certainly don’t have the correct answer.

  143. Love blue. Cloudcover, you keep me busy… thanks! DG, Of course, of course its shopped. But by who and why? Why?
    DG the reason I ask is cuz I think your on point lately…and you make me laugh. Smiling.

    • Was probley Toby younis looks like it’s in his site. Forrest didn’t do it .. My dad alway told corny lil stories bout stuff like that. Olive jar memory was a quick child hood thought to throw in book .

  144. Ive posed this question in a number of threads, even emailed it to Dal….all eith no answer. So, I’ll ask again. Where, when, and in what context was it stated as “fact”, that WWWH is not a damn? The context is very important, I think, but I can find nowhere, other than “the cheat sheet” page that says this.

      • So, is there a direct quote anywhrre that can be referenced? Context is key here, I think.

        • Jason, I’m not sure what you are looking for but this is what he said in the scrapbook. You can read all the discussion on Scrapbook 68 but I don’t know how Forrest could be any more clear. One of my favorite solutions involved a dam so I was a bit disappointed. I was surprised he said anything about dams as he usually is very careful and tries not to give out hints to any searchers he talks to but maybe he slipped up and felt he had to tell everyone else.

          “MAY 2014

          Many searchers have thought that warm waters halt at a dam because water being released through flues near the bottom of the dam is much colder than water on the surface of the lake. I have discussed around that subject with several people in the last few days and am concerned that not all searchers are aware of what has been said. So to level the playing field to give everyone an equal chance I will say now that WWWH is not related to any dam. ff”

        • Jason,

          I guess there is some sort of miscommunication, which is no problem. I have seen you ask, and I have seen it answered, so I’ll try to be more clear:

          It’s scrapbook 68. Unless otherwise noted by Dal, all scrapbook entries come from FF himself.

          Right side of this blog, is a heading called “Forrest Shares”, under that heading is Forrest’s Scrapbook” is orange letters. Click on that, and scroll down until you get to Scrapbook 68. It is written by Forrest himself, so that would fall under the direct quote category.

          I hope that helps!

          Good Luck

  145. You’re welcome Mark and Swan the book has a flavor poem purists will never know.

    • And is that flavor Grapette? J/K 🙂 Thanks again cloud… I’ll be awake half the night OO trying to solve that bit!…. And I don’t chase for gold any longer – just the mental gymnastics Fenn has me tumbling thru!

  146. Scrapbook 68 is such a great one. Lots of people thought that it began at a dam. Like forrest said. So we all can no longer look at a place like this. Plus remember forrest really likes natural places, its where he wants to put his bones. So it has to be an amazing place. Natural, Wild and free, Like forrest…..and me. 🙂

    • If the dam isn’t the beginning, then it must be the END – “water high.”

      • I’m posting here because this is the most recent post I can find and I do not have time to go through them all. I sent my clues to Dal last winter and didn’t hear back from him. I am going to give you this one: A tree blaze is not permanent and it came from surveys of 200 years ago. I contacted a surveyor and we did a search of all the blazes when statehoods were beginning. The blazes were replaced by the metal markers you see and there are a few that are significant to the search. I would like to team up with someone like the Gregory brothers who are high tech and are willing to do a search based on Science juxtaposed with Geography, History, Technology, Psychology, and FF’s poem clues. I have two clues that no one has ever mentioned in anything I have every read. I know we all think we know where it is, but I have taken about 90% of the guesswork out of it.
        If there is any serious researcher out there who likes
        empirical sleuthing and wants to contract to work with me, please respond. Happy Hunting! Dr. Carole Kelderman

        • I’ve used text mining algorithms with a customized search on map node clusters including synonym interpretations (English and Spanish) against features within an elevation range and boundary set of a very large data set. And I’ve actually been to high probability cluster locations. If your science can gat a more clear resolution than mine… good luck, doc, I’m all ears and looking forward to the paper. My experience from this suggests “where warm waters halts” is instead a clever word puzzle hack.

        • Mapsmith, just the usual 4. But I will admit that the stories in the book, if I interpret some as hints to more abstract solutions, have suggested YNP more frequently than CO, NM, and MT.

          Ouray Ice Park in Ouray, CO was a good solution. Beautiful town, beautiful location, great people and food. I was hoping to find ice slopes named according to clues. It didn’t work out, plus I couldn’t imagine Mr. Fenn abseiling and climbing back up a couple of times just to hide it in a finger crack. I could be wrong about that. I haven’t bothered with other “Brown” related clues as my strategy has changed to focus only on wwwh. I haven’t checked Kirwin, but it also had a high indication for the usual reasons.

          I actually searched Cokeville, WY in Underwood Canyon because he named a bunch of soda brands in his cap collection, which had the unfortunate effect in my text mining of increasing the probabilities a bit too high. I still went with it and had a look since it was one of the optional paths to my way home. Soda Butte turned up with the same topic for the same reason, but later clues aren’t fitting well enough yet to excite me. Sherwood Point (brave and in the wood) in the area of Sinks Canyon was an interest for a bit, but I haven’t checked there either.

          In MT, I started with WYS, and Hebgen Lake at Rainbow Point, likely for all the same reasons others have before me. It was an easy side-trip when all the snow was preventing me from progress over Easter. There are a couple of other locations that are a bit of a stretch… like I think (from memory) Warm Springs Creek intersecting with Still Creek.

          In NM, I’ve ignored the results for now, assuming lots of searchers are flooding the areas according to what I’ve read here and on other blogs.

          • For WWWH, I keep getting Glacier NP on my radar ( warm water halts in ice, yet doesnt entirely stop) so I very much understand..! (Plus: Near Browning, MT; the park includes Rainbow glacier (by Bowman & Quartz lakes) and some of the road names lend themselves almost too well to ‘the end is ever drawing nigh’ (GoingToTheSun road also is interesting with its homonym!!); then there’s TFTW as RunningEagleFalls… 🙂 & there’s also a Margaret lake, which to some may be recognized as the long version of ‘Peggy’)

          • @Mapsmith -are you considering Glacier Park? I spend part of every summer near glacier and have hiked the more accessible trails from both sides of GTTS road. It’s a vast wilderness – gorgeous but daunting in scale. I believe if FF left TC in Glacier it will be there for all time. IMO

        • I will be glad to think through your solution. Heck, my solution now has WWWH as a water tower.

  147. The treasure chest is at Lost Creek Falls.

    #1 Overall clue that helps us narrow down the region where the chest is: He put the chest in a place that is very special to him. This has to be an educated guess as there is no way to figure this out. He wouldn’t have published the special place in a book as that would be way too obvious. He did say however there are subtle clues in the book. I believe the subtle clue is that the treasure is in Yellowstone. As a boy who grew up near a creek in the woods I can assure you there will never be a more special place to me than those woods and the creek that ran through them. Forrest tells us in the book that he visited Yellowstone with his family every summer for several years. Doesn’t get any more special than that. Also, Yellowstone makes sense as it is THE family nature park in the United States. And his whole point was to get families outdoors. And of course it would then have to be on public land which Yellowstone is. So Yellowstone it is.

    On to breaking down the poem:
    The best way for you to see how perfectly this solve works is for you to pull up googlemaps.com and follow along. do a search for: “soda butte canyon, yellowstone”. See that white blob just north of the words “soda butte canyon” on the map, right next to the NE Entrance Road? That’s Soda Butte itself.

    Okay now:

    “And with my treasures bold” He walked right past a lodge and through a parking lot full of people.
    “And hint of riches new and old” the man that had the first lodge there, before roosevelt lodge was built over it, Yancey, was rumored to have buried treasure around the roosevelt lodge area just before his death. that’s the old treasure. the new of course is forrest’s.
    “Begin it where warm waters halt” – Soda Butte – An old geyser halted and turned into this geological formation: http://www.myyellowstoneexperience.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/SodaButte.jpg
    “And take it in the canyon down” take the Lamar River (right next to soda butte down through Soda Butte Canyon and then through Lamar Canyon until you get to the Yellowstone River.
    “Not far, but too far to walk,” It’s 15.7 miles down to where the Lamar River reaches the Yellowstone River which is where he wants you to turn off.
    “Put in below the home of Brown.” The Yellowstone River, noted for having brown trout. Roosevelt Lodge is south of the river. It’s also just south of where the NE Entrance road dead ends. Zoom in on your map there and you should see Lost Creek Falls.
    “From there it’s no place for the meek” a lot of bear sightings on that trail
    “There’ll be no paddle up your creek” You walk right next to Lost Creek the whole time and you are walking up creek
    “Just heavy loads and water high.” Lost Creek Waterfall
    “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,” The blaze is an “x” just above eye level, the chest is somewhere below it. It would have to either be tucked into a crevice in the wall behind the fall or underneath the pool of water at the bottom. i would strongly think it is in the wall, probably partially obscured. The “X” as a blaze works perfectly, too. It’s a classic. Also, I noticed in one of his today show appearances he seemed to force a phrase out of his mouth that sounded strange,”what, do you want me to tell you where the “x” is that marks the spot?”
    “Your effort will be worth the cold.” You have to get wet with cold water to retrieve the chest.

    Also, so you know, Roosevelt Lodge is at 6300 feet. You probably climb another 500 or so to get to Lost Creek Falls.

    Anyway, that’s my solve. I went there and found the “x”. Note, that you have to cross the creek and get to the right hand side of the bank and stand close to see it as it is behind the waterfall on the right hand side. Also, directly above the “x” at the top of the falls is a tree that has a blue ribbon tied around it. I tried and tried to get to the chest but at the time I was there (last weekend) the snow melt was still on and the waterfall was pouring too heavily. I had rain gear on and it took my breath away as it pounded my back. By the looks of the internet site that shows the discharge of the lamar river at tower roosevelt, it will be down low enough to retrieve this upcoming weekend, if it’s not already. I am posting my solution in hopes the finder throws me a gold coin or two. I am a very poor man with a family who could use it. I was only able to make the trip through the generous giving of an anonymous user on this forum and will not be able to afford a trip back in the forseeable future. Lucky if I can make rent let alone do that.

    Also, the “it’s what they whisper” was a person on the chasechat website who also figured out it was soda butte. Once I figured that out I searched the forum and the person talked about it in a thread that no one paid any attention to. They just kept right on talking over him/her. This same person mistakenly took the solve to Tower Falls and he/she is the person who Forrest referred to when he said that someone had the right WWWH but he went too far. You can still search the site for “soda butte” and it will pop up with the correct thread where it matches 100% but the actual comment has been deleted by the poster in the last few days.

    Also, also, when you walk the trail and get to Lost Creek Falls you are 500 feet or less from the falls as Forrest said people have been.

    Good luck and be careful. And remember if you find it there, it may be wise to keep the fact you found it at yellowstone a secret. boberg23@hotmail.com with any questions. Also, bring Bear Mace and make your presence known vocally. It’s a short trail but bear are known to visit the trail from time to time.

    Good luck!

    Bill Oberg

    • That’s a great solution Bill…
      I like your WWWH…a deceased geyser…
      Now that makes sense to me..
      Kind of thing I think Forrest might be talking about…
      I hope someone goes to look and if they find it I hope they contact you..
      Good Luck..!!

      • Dal, there’s a dormant geyser cone on Seven Mile Hole Trail, too far to walk.

        • EC-
          That’s another good one.
          I know there are many extinct geysers, springs, mud pots and etc throughout YNP and in all 4 of our “certified” states.

          According to a popular YNP tourist brochure there are many such thermal features that go extinct every year, while as many new ones surface. Although they appear to be talking about smaller…less significant features than Soda Butte…And it again begs the question, how could one of these extinct features be any more important to Forrest than the next? If there are hundreds..thousands of these things throughout the mountains how do we go about giving one any more importance to the puzzle than another?

          This is why I keep harping on the idea that WWWH must be something unique..yet still relevent to Forrest..in my opinion.

          I don’t mean to detract from the possibility that Soda Butte is a good starting point. There may be factors about one of these extinct features that make it increasingly more valuable as a WWWH place than any other. In fact Soda Butte to me has that quality…and I will keep thinking about Bill’s solution because of that.

          But…I still like my WWWH more because it is unique…as far as I know in all of the four “certified” states.

          It also occurs to me that many of these extinct features are also “white” and therefore blaze-like on the landscape..just thinking..

          • Dal, Soda Butte may = soda bottle cap collection, and yes Soda Butte could be the white blaze of Forrest’s poem.

            Good solve Bill. Good luck o you.

          • Dal keep that thought and pay attention to my only other post since last year when I searched Utah lol.

          • Dal, I know that there are tons of extinct geothermal features out there, but where are the historical sign markers at the side of the road for them? That’s what makes Soda Butte unique. It’s a huge formation and it’s right there, marked as a tourist attraction for a hundred years now. Part of why I think this is the correct solve is the everything about it is historical. Teddy himself camped at the Roosevelt Lodge area for instance. I don’t know Forrest personally but it sure seems like he’s a huge lover of history and has a romanticism for things from the past. That’s why this part of the park in particular seems “right”. It’s the most steeped in history and also the most beautiful, at least if you ask me. 😉

          • Sounds good to me 🙂 Forrest did tell my sister once make sure you check out the lodge 🙂

          • @ritt. exactly. that’s yet another way this solve works. i just wish i could have got behind the waterfall that day. as a man who generally has no regrets, i am pretty sure i am going to regret not waiting another week or two to take my trip to yellowstone when the water was lower.

    • Bill ; if you like Yellowstone , and like interpreting ‘riches new and old’ as being a site with value from years past,
      First ; me too!
      Secondly: you might also like to research the legendary Washburn gold mine (near MaeWest Curve) , AND John Yancey’s rumored buried treasure/cache near Roosevelt Cookout.

    • I always have to ask myself many questions when I think I may have found a spot to search. One of those questions is… How long would it take people to discover FF’s bones in this location? Remember he stated it might take 1,000 years. Does this spot still fit the bill? I would have to say no in my opinion.

      • But then I think well dang if I got the first two clues right and past the other 7 it wouldn’t be to hidden Haha just saying if it was me

  148. Bill – I agree with Dal. Sounds like a logical, well-thought-out solution. Great info. If someone does toss you a coin or two, be sure to pbntsh that she helped you with.
    – Mac w/out the G.

  149. Thanks, guys. There is one other falls that works with the same WWWH solve though I obviously lean more heavily towards Lost Creek Falls. Faeries’ Fall is the name. You go down down Soda Butte Canyon (which if you’ve been there, really is only a canyon in name which is part of the reason why I don’t think it’s the right solution) from Soda Butte 5 miles til you get to the Yellowstone Association Institute/Lamar Buffalo Ranch (they are the home of brown in this solve as they are the ones responsible for saving the bison in the early 1900s.) There’s a pull-out just down the road from there where you can park to “put in” and head towards the falls. There is no trail to get to this falls and you must cross the lamar river to get there, also rose creek, and amethyst creek which the falls is part of. Looks like a mile or two walk from the map. The “riches old and new” in this scenario would be the petrified redwoods as they are dotted about the landscape in that region and fossil forest and specimen ridge are nearby. Here is the closest thing I found to photos of the falls area: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s04k83LossI

  150. also, I forgot to add that i believe when forrest said that some people are beginning to focus on a key word in the poem (i’m paraphrasing) he was speaking of the word “halt”. i believe that conversation happened on this forum… that conversation inspired me to rethink my line of thinking and brought me to soda butte.

    • Bill, it occurs to me that one of these fine men offering their support to your cause may be near Soda Butte. You should just ask for their help. People on this blog are nice and will help you if they are able. At least your solve is being met with tremendous enthusiasm. Looks like you are back in and well on your way. My best to you and your family. V.W.

      • @V.W. I tried once back in April getting someone to search for me. Also, tried again back in late May. Both timesI was unsuccessful. Though the second time I can’t say I didn’t have success as a person I had never met or spoken to on this forum sent me 700 hundred bucks to go out there. Incredible generosity on their part. Something I will never forget. But alas, the water was too high at the time to walk under the falls.

        @Carole I just emailed you back.

        • Bill, my hunch is that with your solve going public today, by tomorrow morning some employee of Roosevelt lodge will be there looking. You would be surprised by how many ‘lurkers’ follow this blog and never sign in. When I reached my search area last month local college kids were there unabashedly digging holes. One mentioned they enjoy mining our information because its public and they don’t have to do any of the work. Sadly part of the game. I truly hope all works out for you with finding the treasure. 🙂 VW

          • Thanks for the kind words, “V.W.” Roosevelt Lodge workers could definitely use the money. Being poor myself I do hope if nothing else someone that poor gets it and really benefits from the money. Lord knows many can use it these days.

        • The herd stampedeth to Yellowstone.

          It’s now been nearly 2 years since Bill’s Lost Creek Falls solution; yet, still no treasure chest.

          What happened?

  151. After reading Forrest’s recent post I’m thinking the chest is at Faeries’ Fall and not Lost Creek like I previously leaned towards. If it was Lost Creek you couldn’t always get to it when it was twelve feet away because of the pounding water. It sounds like it’s more out in the open than behind a waterfall. It must be at Faeries’ Fall. Is anyone planning on going to Yellowstone soon? It’s not more than a couple miles hike…

    • if there are any angel investors willing to fund a trip to that area, please consider me first on the list ! 😉 !
      Effective Detective for hire!
      Just takes $650 per weekend. I’ve got the time!!, but not the resource$.
      (Proposed fee structure is simple: if I find the chest at my solve, you get $10,000. If I don’t find anything, you get my thanks & some beautiful photos, but your 650 went in my gas tank.
      If you want me to search your spot; okay, maybe: I find the chest at your solve site, I get $10,000. I’ll do 2 hr blocks of video for some bit of proof of where it’s found (or not found)

      Just a thought …

      Effectivedetective@ hotmail

      • Sorry, I only invest in the bank of Jimminy Cricket, but I know a nice Nigerian Prince who wants to talk to you..

        • Haha! Yeah, his wife sends me mail all the time. Unfortunately they want a $20,000 advance on that $10,000 payout 😀

    • No way Forrest would die with the chest there and someone would find his ‘bones’ someday with the chest. Way more remote than either location…

      • Here are a few of my thoughts. FF said somewhere NORTH of Santa Fe. NOT south , not northeast, not northwest, but NORTH!. He also said “It sure would be nice if they could all come back so I could be in the middle again” . So I pick Colorado as being in the middle and Salida is on his map TFTW and that town is NORTH of Santa Fe. Dal hwy 285! Colorful Colorado in more ways than one.
        To the person that said the sand Dunes are north – they are really north and slightly east, but on my way home I decided to revisit the dunes and the waterfall since it had been over 10 years. I have pictures of the beautiful icy waterfall. I tried to hike to the lake that feed that fall, but snow, bad weather and darkness kept me from getting up there. To the couple that felt more secure hiding from the truck – always best to safe than sorry. You just never know. On one of my searches I was in a canyon with no cell service and the only one there. the police officer who passed me on the way down came back later to check on me – perhaps in honesty OR ??? just last night they arrested a retired police officer in a case involving 2 dead women stuffed into 2 suitcases and thrown on the side of the road just 5 minutes from our house. (I live in the country). Please be safe and enjoy your travels.

      • Maybe. Or maybe your interpretation of what Forrest said is different than mine. I see him as a romantic person–it doesn’t get any more romantic of a notion than to die with your hidden treasure chest–and I believe this romanticism colors some of the remarks he makes. Finding his “bones” with the chest, I believe, is one of those remarks. It’s like reading the bible, not always correct to take him literal.

        Besides, Forrest isn’t about remote, he’s about BOLD. Combine his childhood experiences with the fact that he wants the chest to be a family adventure thing with the fact that he has a huge ego (you don’t become a fighter pilot and american hero let alone a self-made millionaire without having one) and the hiding place HAS TO BE Yellowstone. And come on, this solve that I have…Find a better solve in Yellowstone and I’ll eat my hiking shorts.

        • Dude, there’s a ton of other spots in Yellowstone.

          – E.C. Waters on Stevenson Island.
          – The Talus sign at Madison Notch.
          – Sevenmile Hole Trail at the dormant geyser cone.
          – Soda Butte geyser cone.
          – Near Veteran Geyser, starting at Minute Geyser.

          Several of these ideas can be discussed with “how did you get that” if you want.

          • Yeah, I want. One: Name a better WWWH in yellowstone. Two: Name a better solve, ie. one that isn’t stretching at some point, or using a brown cabin or some other temporary thing for one of the clues. I really would like to hear if there is one so I can stop obsessing over this solve. Enlighten me.

          • Apologies to others for my repeats…

            1) wwwh: E.C. Waters, an abandoned steamship relic on Stevenson Island. hob: the rusty prop assembly that looks like Skippy’s washing machine monster.
            2) wwwh: Talus sign… “aguas tibia” is Spanish for warm waters. A tibia halts a talus. There’s a Talus sign just east of Nine Mile Hole, a pullout called Madison Notch. hob: trout.
            3) wwwh: dormant geyser cone on the Sevenmile Hole Trail. hob: Mt. Washburn grizzlies.
            4) wwwh: Soda Butte geyser cone.
            5) wwwh: Minute Geyser, darn tourists. Veteran geyser is the endpoint.

            More details to make it work?

          • With all due respect E.C. none of those WWWH are anywhere close to being as strong as Soda Butte. They’re good but not great. My first WWWH was where the Boiling River stops being hot. That’s good, too. I guess, for all we know Forrest Fenn’s WWWH is simply a “good” example, but I doubt it. He seems like more of an exacting and on the nose man.

  152. know the open carry permit laws of the states, I think regardless if i was in a remote area and had that gut feeling sense of trouble i would be packing somewhere on me just too much evil out and about now.

  153. although i still think they’re great solves the chest is not at either faeries fall or lost creek falls. I had partners who checked. just an fyi so no one wastes a trip.

  154. If you’re willing to go to the end of the world to find the treasure, then I salute you. For you see, Forrest has done exactly that to secret it away.

  155. Anyone – I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. It’s about the hidey spot. When FF said “two people have been within 500 feet”, maybe we misunderstood his words & their meaning. He’s a sly, tricky, slick somebody alright. He did NOT say, “ONLY two people have been within 500 feet”. I think that could be important.

    • Becky, this has been misquoted many times. I suggest you go to the top of any scrapbook and click on the title “Cheat Sheet”. There is lots of CORRECT and useful information there.

      ♦ “Some folks correctly mentioned the first two clues to me in an email and then they went right past the other seven, not knowing that they had been so close”.
      ♦ People have been within 500’ of the treasure

      Good luck on your chase. 🙂

  156. I’m finished with the chase. Won’t have any more time as I’m getting a second job. I wanted to give searchers a list of where I didn’t find it. As that will narrow it down, unless of course I, or my partners, missed it while we were there. All these waterfalls are in Yellowstone btw. It’s not at: Lower Undine Falls; Lost Creek Falls; Faeries’ Fall; Wild Rose Fall; Little Eden Falls (searched both upper and lower). Good luck!

    • Bill O, thanks for checking in. I kept my word to search your area well. My son gave up a day of fly fishing to help look and keep me safe while hiking in bear country. Spent 2 hours at Lost Creek, climbed up to base of cliff checking edges and ledges; the falls, stream beds, etc. What a gravel bed, but wild raspberries were tasty!

      We had so hoped to hand you and your daughter the treasure. We searched 2 additional trails on the plateau above LC Falls, which is viable in your solve, eventually ran out of daylight and time. My best wishes to you, A. & J 🙂

      That’s it for Nor too 😉

  157. Maybe this is more of where the chest isn’t, but I was re-reading through “Questions with Forrest” on Mysterious Writings and had a thought about his one answer. The question was:

    “Do you follow Leave No Trace and did you while hiding the chest? ie stay on established trails.”

    The answer:

    “Generally speaking, there are places where one should stay on established trails; Yellowstone is one…There isn’t a human trail in very close proximaty to where I hid the treasure.f”

    Is this a possible hint that it is not in Yellowstone? I find it interesting that he would write “human trail.” I’m not an avid hiker/camper so I don’t know if there are “established” trails that someone may hike on that aren’t considered “human” trails. A deer path perhaps. Any thoughts or musings from anyone about this?

    • Forrest’s Yellowstone is the one that existed 75 to 80 years ago. Today YNP probably gets as many visitors in one day as it got in a year back then. IMO ff is looking for places he can go and feel like he’s the first white guy to set eyes on the place. That’s part of what makes it special to him. Thus YNP is DQed.

      • Kyote – I’ve always “felt” like ff secreted his treasure chest in a Far Away place or place that feel’s Far Away from civilization – like wolves, he’s always enjoyed roaming the ragged edge of the wilderness. There remains places like that in MT, WYO, back country of Northern tier YP. (I’m not familiar with NM or CO). If ‘pole to pole’ which occurs in two poems ff’s referenced is important, the tc logically would be near the 45th parallel running thru mt, wyo, yp imo.

        But who knows the mind of Mr. Fenn? My research into his background tells me he’s brilliant, but obscure. He may have placed it in or near an old grave marker like illustrations/photos in both books. That may be where ‘his’ special place is, albeit strange to us.

    • @ Rodan24

      1. a mark or a series of signs or objects left behind by the passage of someone or something.
      “a trail of blood on the grass”
      synonyms: series, string, chain, succession, sequence; a track or scent used in following someone or hunting an animal.
      synonyms: track, spoor, path, scent; More
      a part, typically long and thin, stretching behind or hanging down from someone or something.
      “smoke trails”
      synonyms: wake, contrail, tail, stream More
      a line of people or things following behind each other.
      “a trail of ants”
      2. a beaten path through rough country such as a forest or moor.
      synonyms: path, pathway, way, footpath, walk, track, course, route
      “provincial parks with nature trails”

      HUMAN (hope we don’t need to define!)

      According to TRAIL definitions, there could easily be a paved road nearby which IMO doesn’t fit the definition of trail. OR could also be a designated horse trail which humans also use. My latest solve has a paved road w/in a few hundred feet, but no human trails in close proximity. Make sense?

          • Hi Maggie,

            TTOTC: Pg 29

            The one thing he insisted on was that we not give anything to the primitive family or accidentally leave a tin can or slice of bread at the site.

      • I wonder if the Continental Divide Trail still qualifies. It’s intended purpose is not about humans….it’s about water. So even thought people do hike it/bike it….I wonder if it’s still possible that it could be in play. There is a pond in YNP I searched already that I thought worked off that. It’s called ISA Lake or Pond. Has lily pads in it and half the lake empties into the Pacific and half into the Atlantic(the oceans are warming). He also said that comment about…who ever dies with more then $50 in your pocket “is a” failure. I doubt it’s there though because I believe it’s under construction at the moment. It is near the road….and people are in “tight focus” of those signs(proud of the Fenn Principal sign).

        So many CDT signs though across the country…that’s just one. Maybe his meaning is that it’s not one in YNP though….it is too far to walk.

  158. A few points to ponder…
    1. North of Sante Fe- He has confirmed New Mexico, but is it the city or the county? and is it at least 8.25 miles from the middle or the top or the bottom boundary line?
    2. Hidden in the mountains north of Sante Fe- Is the treasure hidden in the mountains north of Sante Fe or is the treasure hidden north of Sante Fe in the mountains? (not the same thing)

    • Please lead me to where Forrest confirms NM. How are 1 & 2 different? i don’t get that logic.

    • I had a dream that Forrest called me last night. (How would he even get my number?) But, I answered, and he said “Hi, this is Forrest.” I said, “Hi, Forrest. I think I figured out where you hid your treasure.”

      Then, he said something to me, but I told him I couldn’t hear him. Then he hung up.

      When I woke up, I laughed so hard that I scared my husband awake.

  159. Hello Forrest Fenn, Dal and fellow searchers, I am new here but not new to the search. My questions is: Can someone lead me to where Forest states, for a FACT that the Santa Fe he says the treasure is north of is actually Santa Fe, New Mexico?

      • I have researched. Seems that the searchers on this blog believe that Santa Fe means Santa Fe, NM. That is why I asked for direction, not directions. Geez, I consider your replies rahter rude Dal.

        • LOL!!! If you think dal was rude, ya probably ain’t gonna like this! 🙂

          If you’re not a noob and have researched, as you say, you probably need to go back and research more. In-depth this time.

          Course I had an idea where to look, but all I did was enter Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the search box. (That narrows it quite a bit) Took about 10 minutes!!! 🙂

          here-> https://dalneitzel.com/2012/10/02/forrest-gets-mail/


          I haven’t seen where anyone has asked you if you mean Santa Fe, New Mexico or another Santa Fe. I think we all assume Santa Fe, NM but there is a Santa Fe, TX as well as in other states. Have you specifically said New Mexico? Maybe we should expand our search area to in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe, Argentina. Once again, if I ask too much please forgive me and disregard this e-mail. I have really enjoyed this puzzle, thank you.

          Forrest responds-

          I didn’t think of that Franklin. But yes, it’s Santa Fe, New Mexico. f

          dal was correct, it was posted around
          October, 2012.

          You’re Welcome….and Good Luck to You

          (sorry, dal)

          • Thank you. I am new to this blog. Never knew how to search it that way. I don’t consider your reply rude or offensive at all. It was all I ask for. How easy was that? Why didn’t Dal do what you did? thanks again.

          • @justchekn: Don’t fault dal for his response. He was justified in his answer. Can you imagine how many questions he would start receiving if he began to answer questions that are either easily researched here or can be found by simply reading??

            Good people here and most will try to give you a straight answer. The only reason I went the xtra mile was because you caught me in a good mood!! 🙂

            Dal has an awesome site here, And he and goofy do an exceptional job managing it!! (don’t tell em I said that).

            They even put up with me, seeker and germanguy….oh, and The Wolf!!! 🙂

            Good Luck to All!!!……..loco

          • lol Justchekn – don’t take it too hard, We have all been spanked before. Just remember Dal isn’t the only knowledgeable source around here – Loco (my crazy cousin) will happily answer your questions… isn’t that right Loco?

            The Wolf

        • I cant point you at the exact quote but I do remember Forrest stating Santa Fe New Mexico when someone brought up other Santa Fe’s.(Texas?)
          I also had wondered if he meant Santa Fe county, or Santa Fe National Forest. Sorry if this is about as helpful as an extra toe. 🙂

        • WHAT!!!! Dal has been rude. That’s my job. I don’t see where he was rude.

          Justchekn, loco answered your question and I want to second what he said. The question you asked is very basic research so you haven’t bothered to even read the blog much less do any research. The reason I push research so much is because two people can read or listen to the exact same comment and come up with completely different interpretations.

  160. I have searched a place twice in Co. that fits but no cigar. I have searched a place twice in NM that fits as well. I can’t find where Forrest verified Santa Fe is Santa Fe, NM. If someone will lead me to where he says that rather then expecting me to believe something that I can’t verify, I would know which place to go back to for the 3rd time. Is this blog friendly? After reading threads here I thought this was the place to ask a question and get a no nonsense answer. Because my Santa Fe in one of my places is Santa Fe but not the town…. hmmm

    • It is Santa Fe, NM. This has been asked and answered many times on this blog. I can’t direct you to it because I would have to look it up and I don’t feel like it, sorry. There is a search feature on this page below Dal’s photo. The blog is friendly but a little “clicky” IMO. 🙂

      • Geez, to catch up I read from the bottom upwards… this question has already been answered, so nevermind.

  161. I think the treasure chest is somewhere in the Pecos Wilderness. There may be a connection with Arthur R. Manby, but I still do not know what it is. This is as close as I can get to the treasure chest. It is my opinion.RC.

  162. Chilli out only one other person knows about that site. Random stragglers can’t put 2+2 together. But your right it only takes one. That site is a great hiding spot indeed. -IMO

  163. The poem reads Treasures, Riches, Gold, in the Wood and Chest, as well as a secret W… if you so decide to interpret it. I think these are all, hints of what Fenn otherwise described as ‘an Olive Oil Jar to protect the contents from the elements.’
    Why would he do that? 2 mislead on purpose, perhaps. Whether the find is contained within a Coffer, a Chest, a Cache, a Jar or whatever you may have, defines what the contents are. I think Fenn has the Chest and B is (or are) in it.
    So to speak.

  164. Victor, “B” is (or are) in the chest? What is “B”? If you don’t mind my asking…

    • WiseOne. I’ll answer. Just ponder this; What is a Syzygy? The poem has it (as a pattern). How many English words can you think of, from which you could remove +65% of its letters and still pronounce it the same? Queue is one. A verb in regular English ending in MT? Dream=Dreamt. And Tmesis?
      OK. That line of thought, landed me with Bee. Incredibly enough.
      And yet, right there in plain sight! B=B (Bee) bzzzz. We’re still scratching the tip of the iceberg.
      But Fenn exploits every bit. The poem has syzygy, queue, and lots of tmesis. It’s one of hundreds of tools he used to make this a rough road. No wonder it’s been so long.
      Did you ever ‘hear’ Fenn explain the design of the bronze chest? The mason female workers, on ladders, placing bricks? Google the Masonic symbolism of bees! That’s a freebie. Enjoy.

    • Tweetest, Great job with interpreting the poem and hints in the book. I hope you are able to enjoy Wyoming’s beautiful Yellowstone Park. Plan a trip.

      • Thank you for your kind words…

        You tempt me to wander too far from Ca and see the hot waters of Wyoming …I just might.

  165. I don’t know where the chest is. I’m expecting a key to be found in or under the rock above Cross Creek, despite what we think Mr. Fenn has said on the subject. Pure conjecture on my part, though based in some possible forrest speak in the poem. “Just take…” = Just a key? “Just take the che”=Just take the key? “st and”=Stay in D(Denver)?”go in peace”= go and pace (pondering what to do with your wealth) or pack (as in get ready to leave for somewhere else)? Honestly, I’m seeing this stuff everywhere now, so probably not. The only thing I’m confident about (just as everyone always is) is the location. What’s there is anyone’s guess, I think.

  166. I’m just curious so I thought I’d ask: How many of you believe you’ve been within 200 or 500 feet of the chest, and which state were you searching?

    I’ve been searching in NM and I think I’ve been within 500 but not 200 feet. Also, for what it’s worth, I’m not convinced you can make a bee-line within those 200 or 500 feet. It’s one thing to be near it, and another thing to navigate to it, thanks to terrain, geography, biology, and other natural obstacles. But that’s just my opinion.

    Now you….

  167. I place described below is 500 feet from I-70 and a bike/hiking trail is within 200 feet.

    Possible Solution to F. F. Poem with a youtube showing the location
    As I have gone alone in there (#1 Glenwood Canyon) And with my treasures bold, I can keep my secret where, And hint of riches new and old.
    Begin it where warm waters halt (#2 Glenwood Springs)
    And take it in the canyon down, (#3 No Name Exit 119 on I 70 turn right and take road down to dead end)
    Not far, but too far to walk. (unless you can walk on water)
    Put in (#4 boat in Colorado River) below the home of Brown.(#5 Grizzly Creek Exit)
    From there it’s no place for the meek, The end is ever drawing nigh; (downstream about ¼ mile to youtube location) There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads (#6 trains go up stream) and water high. (#7 river rapids up stream)
    See youtube https://youtu.be/CIb5DqASJ0Q
    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,(#8 Natural notch on canyon wall from a rock slide see youtube)
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease, (Interpretation TBD. Could be in river? along river bank? is not there anymore?)
    But tarry scant (#9 Tarry looking train tunnel entrance see photo) with marvel gaze,(#10 metaphor for canyon wall) Tar is small in perspective too…
    So why is it that I must go And leave my trove for all to seek? The answers I already know, I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.
    So hear me all and listen good,(#11 hazard warning) Your effort will be worth the cold.(#12 River water level too high and murky in summer. Best time to search is Winter)
    If you are brave and in the wood (#13 Glenwood Canyon) I give you title to the gold.
    • If you decide to search this area please beware of the following:
    • There is a monument at this site that says “In memory of Bob Viehe 1918-1988, Bob devoted his life to saving the environment, Enjoy and help preserve its beauty”. I suggest doing a river cleanup as you search.
    • Homeless live along the river bank below the bike trail. Respect their space and don’t search there. You may find yourself digging through their crap.
    • The river bank is a railroad garbage dump full of scrap metals. If you search there make a scrap metal pile and maybe it can be salvaged.
    • Watch the USGS 09085100 to see current water conditions. http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv?cb_00060=on&cb_00065=on&format=gif_default&site_no=09085100&period=&begin_date=2015-07-17&end_date=2015-09-18

    • Wow, no name… That utube video sure fits the heavy loads and water high… What do you think that blue thing was? It looked like a flip flop 🙂

      • The blue thing in the youtube is a lost shoe. The hole below, between the rocks, would be a perfect hiding place that matches the poem. I looked there, dug it out, put a metal detector in there and found nothing. The river will be low and clear soon and if I lived in Coloreado I would take a few walks along the shore wearing a pair of polarized sun glasses. I would not be surprised if someone finds it. It may even be in an old junk lunch box. ( see page 17 in TTOTC and this may make a little bit of sense) I have other reasons why this place fits Fenn if anyone is interested I am happy to share. I live in Virginia. This treasure is “To Far Away”
        Be safe!

      • No I was not able to see in the merky water. I was there twice. Middle of July and middle of August. It will probably not be clear until it gets colder in the mountains. That is where, “if you are brave and in the cold”, seems to fits into the poem.
        Good luck!

        • That’s quite a drive from Tulsa. The key to finding anything deep in the river be a boat towed system.

          • A Glenwood Canyon local told me that the river is so low and clear in the winter that you can see the trout from the river bank gathered in pools. That’s when you want to search. Water clarity data updates are what are needed before making a trip. Forrest Fenn gives a stern warning, “So hear me all and listen good, Your effort will be worth the cold”. Just think about it carefully and be safe.

    • No Name, thanks for sharing, looks like a good spot to me. Did you check out the area that looks like a “corner” in the wall at the 17 second mark. It also appears there is a flat area about a third of the way up from the river that runs to the left of that spot. Is it a road? I would suggest checking it out closely if you haven’t already. imo
      Good Luck

      • The black spot is a railroad tunnel entrance. “Tarry Scant”. The flat area is the railroad tracks that carry “heavy loads”. The area is not a safe place to go, besides, it does not fit poems “in the cold” and “just look down’. You are looking up. Yes, I did check it out when I was there and it was not the smartest think I’ve done. There are electric wires there and trains can come up on you very quickly.
        Be safe

    • No Name,

      Question; How do you start at “Glenwood Canyon” as [assuming] your first clue, Using the line, “If you are brave and in the wood” What said to you this is the correct spot over so many other canyons? Just curious on the thought process.

      • After reading the poem and creating a visual perception I googled all hot springs and went there on the computer via google earth. I was looking for a place above 5000 feet, “where warm water halt”, in a “canyon”, with a river large enough to float (“put in”), then below “the Home of Brown” etc.…I researched about 40 places before I got to Glenwood Canyon. Then it was boots on the ground to find the blaze.

  168. FF stated in the poem ” not far but to far to walk”. In the prologue to “to far to walk” He lamented about his 3 day 10 river mile fishing trip in the Madison. He stated that for him now it is just to far to walk. I personally believe this is his way of telling everyone that it is in Yellowstone. During his fishing trip he put in at 7 mile bridge. Between 7 Mile Bridge and Madison junction there are many pull offs. One of them has a sign that tells you about Brown Trout. The home of Brown. From that point you have to get into the water to make it “worth the cold”. Why else would you be cold in August? Where you go from there is up to you.

  169. Read my comment dated October 5, 2015 and notice that my poem interpretation is a literal and clear-cut solve that is more complete than any other and takes us up to “look quickly down.” FORREST FENN PUT A BOAT IN THE RIVER JUST EAST OF GLENWOOD SPRINGS FLOATED DOWNSTREAM A HALF MILE AND DROPPED THE CHEST IN THE WATER. Then he floated another mile to the Two Rivers Park takeout. The following is a continuation of a clear-cut solution to the spot where I believe he hid it. Someone needs to pick up where I left off as soon as the water level drops and becomes clear. I live 1900 miles away and I am not going back.
    Think of this as a journey for you the Treasure Finder. Float downstream and when you are under the blaze as shown on the youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIb5DqASJ0Q&feature=youtu.be “look quickly down.” You are moving in a boat across mild riffles and you are to look quickly and look down “your quest to cease.” The only “down” if you are in a boat is in water. If you don’t “look quickly” you will float over it. He put it in the river straight down from the RR tunnel just below the blaze and directly below the tarry scant. This is the most literal explanation as to a place that fits the poem.
    The next line, “Just take the chest and go in peace” certainly implies simply pick it up and go however, five years of river current may have moved or buried it.
    “So hear me all and listen good, your effort will be worth the cold if you are brave and in the wood (Glenwood Canyon).” You will not be able to see the river bottom unless you make this journey in the cold winter when the water is at its lowest and clearest. However, if you’re just not up to a river float in the winter consider crossing the river upstream where it is wide and shallow. I would wear neoprene chest waders a life jacket and use a wading staff. The water may soon be clear enough but January and February are going to be the best months to look.
    Here are extra facts. This location was once a road side rest area for Route 6, the river is known for its first class trout fishing, and it is about half way between Temple Texas and West Yellowstone. This could be a very nostalgic place for Forrest.
    All I ask for this info is be careful! Again, as Forrest Fenn said, “It’s no place for the meek!”

    • Dear No Name –

      I’m sorry – I know the work involved in putting a solve like this together – but – this sounds like a very dangerous and very highly unlikely position that Fenn would place upon any searcher.

      This search was made for families – how are you to do that with your solve – in a boat? Just don’t think so.

      Good grief – it’s not in a dangerous place period.

      • Nice of you to recognize the effort I put into this when I get nothing from it. I am not using my real name so that no one feels obligated to me when they find the chest. I have no control over the poem solution and I was also very disappointed when the poem lines lead me to this conclusion, but after further research I realized it is not as dangerous as it sounds. According to a local the Colorado River this far up stream is a subdued trout stream in the winter, clean, low, and easy to cross. All material for a Zip line at a nearby campground was carried across the river in the winter. In the late summer children float the river with guides on several different outfitters. I watch teenagers on standup floating boards go right over the spot I show on the youtube. Yes the search is for families but I have good reason to believe the treasure find will not be made easy. Page 258 and 259 in the book “Too far to walk” is one of several.

        • Holly are you also “No Name”?
          Outside the poem Forrest told us that he took two trips.
          No Name’s comment using a boat, looks like only one trip to dump the chest in the river.

      • I can only guess why Forrest made two trips in one day. My best guess is his first drop off didn’t go as well as he wanted? He had second thoughts and went back to fix it? I can surmise his journey with a few different guesses. The put in is No Name and the closest takeout is Two Rivers Park. I made the float trip three times and it takes about 40 minutes. He could have left a bike at the takeout and road the bike trail back to his vehicle? His wife may have shuttled him? He could have gotten a taxi? It would have been tough to carry a floating device the half mile from the drop point but not impossible with a good prior plan using the bike trail? He’s a smart man that planned this out well.

        • Let’s see NoName –

          With your scenario we would have – here a coin – there a coin – everywhere a coin coin……

          You do realize it’s not locked – right?

        • “U” shaped river. Parking in the middle. No bike required.

          How much weight can an angler take on his float-tube down-river in a back pack?

          Long trips to hidding spot; short trips to put-in from car and from take-out to car.

          See map example below.

          Scott W

          • Before I say much about the water Idea, I vaguely remember the word walk to the hide… and other comments I would have to look up about… a three year would need assistance… walked a few miles, if that helps…The major problem with water is movement. Very little guarantee that even a 42lb chest can withstand a sudden swift current. I also recall talk about wind may affect the chest. To place the chest in such a place that could easily move it, and would change the outcome of the poem being precise. Just my one and a half cents.

          • Not saying the chest is under water. It certainly doesn’t have to be, and I don’t think it is.

            What I am saying is that perhaps the poem takes us down the river. Fenn told us that we would go right to it when we solved the poem, so perhaps the poem takes us there via the river, but perhaps we can also access it otherwise (for instance, access from the other side).

            FYI – My dad took me float fishing at age 4 in Maine, and it was safe. It’s possible.

            Disclaimer – This is a very old idea of mine that I gave up on. The posts above made me think of it and I decided to share the concept of the “U” shaped float in the hopes in might help another searcher.

            Scott W.

    • No Name,

      I your scenario. You have put in and travel or float the current 1/2 mile or so and then another mile making 1.5 miles by current in the water. What about the second trip? I don’t know how far from the river a vehicle could park, but lets just say he could park very near. That still 1.5 miles oneway by small water craft… paddle or carry the canoe? back up stream, walk to car and back to river for the last round trip. Seems it would be little difficult to travel the first leg with just the items [contents of the chest], go back to the car, and back to the items, fill the chest, throw in the water and go back to the car.

      Why would two trips be needed in this solution if a boat was used?

      • Going to play along…

        Perhaps he floated in an inner tube.

        Park at “S” . Put in at “A”. Take out at “B”.

        Chest could be deposited between “A” and “B”, while both A and B give perfect access to the parking lot.


        Even threw in an omega for fun.

        I know this is in Texas, but hey, perhaps it might fit with No Name’s solve. Just need a different river in a different state. With same concept.

        Scott W

        • Forgot to mention – Two omegas in the river because he floated it twice – in his float tube for trout fishing.

          Not an opinion – just one of my old ideas that came to mind when No Name posted above.

          Scott W

      • The imagery of ff paddling down a stream and then carrying the canoe back up stream just doesn’t fit with a genius mentality. I know we all have trial and error, but wow he knows water and streams for years – I think he would have figured a better solution than backpacking a canoe uphill soaking wet. Wouldn’t you think that someone would have spotted him doing such a thing and think he needs help – then the secret place is out. It would be all over the Internet how a 80-year-old man backpacked a canoe upstream and said he was okay – or was that why he eventually got to his car with a smile on his face and couldn’t believe he actually did it! I don’t know; if Grumpy Cat when viral – what do you think this event would have been? super viral for sure and we would all know where he decided to do such a funny thing. Now picture the redneck with a couple of kids all backpacking canoes upstream – Insanity. Oh yeah, it was all repeated for a second round of insanity.

        • See above – typical float trip for trout fishing explained.

          No paddle – maybe fins on your feet – but generally a leisure float with the river while you fish.

          Take-out to car distance = car to put-in distance.

          Generally speaking, the only effort required is braving the cold.

          Scott W

      • Seeker,
        I answered most of your questions in an earlier reply or at least made a few guesses. I believe this trip can easily be made twice in one day. The float is only 40 minutes and there are many different ways to ride back to your vehicle. Why he would need to is not that important to me however, my best guess, after sleeping on it, and making the float trip three times, is he missed the opportunity to paddle over to the far bank where he wanted to drop the chest on his first float. I am 20 years younger than Forrest and was surprised on my first float as to how hard it was to paddle out of the swift current in the center of the river to the eddy below the tarry scant. .

        • Noname,
          I my mind the question would be why does an outdoors man like Forrest want to throw his body down beside I-70 for all eternity….doesn’t seem Fenn-like.

          I can see the tourist promo now….” when I’m standing at my spot I can see hoards of cars going by on their way to Aspen, and smell the exhaust…”

          Just sayin…

          • I have not looked at the complete solve but I like the idea of a float with no paddle and trying to access a spot that is very difficult to reach.

    • Hi No Name — I had no problem with your solution … right up until you had Fenn dump the chest in the water. Result: in one year you’ve got gold coins and gold nuggets scattered for miles downriver, a shattered olive jar, and and a lost, tiny, illegible autobiography (to say nothing of the impossibility of “leaving his bones” atop or next to the chest). I have no problem using a waterway to get to the hiding spot, but that final location is going to be somewhere much safer (for Indulgence) than a river if it’s to last multiple centuries.

      • I have always considered that regardless of where the chest is it might be in a strong box or waterproof case or old ammo box or something that actually protects the Indulgence. Besides the treasures inside the chest, the chest itself is also a very valuable, old, rare item and I could see Forrest wanting to make sure the chest is intact as much as possible in the end, as well as the contents…

        • Mark,
          I agree with you but I would put the chest in a round steel tank that looks like junk. It would protect the brittle brass chest from getting cracked. The sphere shape is a pressure vessel and will not crush even if there is a rock slide. Also note that the gold is there to lure hunters for a thousand years but the micro autobiography in a jar is there to insure his memory or legacy. The legacy would not be news worthy if found without the treasure so the gold has to stay in tack. He’s smart enough to know all this and he also knows the greatest threat to the glass jar is frost. The river bottom is a frost free place. THINK LIKE FENN!

      • I understand the ramifications and thought and risk that would have to go into leaving the chest in water, especially in a river or any small creek that is subject to flash flooding, I would say most waterways would be out. Most of the “rivulets” here in New Mexico were raging rivers a few months back. While I was out searching here this summer that White House Chef drown in what is normally a small creek in the Taos Mountains and that boy scout drowned when a flash flood turned a 1 foot deep 3 foot wide creek into a 100 foot wide 30 foot deep nightmare at the Philmont Scout Ranch by Cimarron.

        But I still don’t discount the possibility altogether, under the right circumstances it could happen, depends on what things look like when you have boots on the ground and feel you are in the correct area based on where the clues take you. I know of creeks that are spring fed, no snowmelt, and relatively flood proof based on the geography, it is rare but it happens. I do have to imagine though that it would definitely take some serious thought and consideration as nothing is more powerful than water, but Forrest knows that, and it is hard to discount all the references to water and putting stuff in water in his stories, Q & A’s, and the poem.

        Whether it is the first clue in the poem or not I still “Begin” something where warm waters halt, drawing is quite possibly a reference to “drawing water”, no paddle up your creek, water high, Look Quickly Down (LQD) sounds a bit like liquid to me, cold might reference water, or not, either way it seems there is water in my quest.

        And to paraphrase a question, when a guy asked him what he was going to do with his car if he went to commit suicide with the treasure, because if people found the abandon car they might find his body, then find the chest, he answered:

        “What is wrong with me just riding my bike out there and throwing it in the “water high” when I am through with it? You don’t know how many man hours I have spent on that subject. f”

        And these:

        “There are 654,885,389 acres of land in the United States that are owned by the American people. That is what the federal government admits is “public property.” And the population of this great country is 313,914,040. After doing the math I learn that my allotment is exactly 2.086 acres. Now, what if I wanted to secret a can of Dr. Pepper under a rock in the cooling waters of a rivulet somewhere in my allotted public acreage?”

        “My church is in the mountains and along the river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go to play.”

        “So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure.” (a rainbow is made from water)…

        • Mark,
          Wow! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.
          I was wondering if he rode a bike because there is a very nice paved bike trail through Glenwood Canyon. He may have dropped a bike off at the Two Rivers Park takeout so he could ride it back to his car at No Name.
          The Colorado River at Glenwood Canyon is a nice clear water trout stream in the winter however; it can be 20 times bigger in the spring and summer. Forrest knows this and was counting on nature to conceal the treasure. Once the treasure is found people stop reading his books and Forrest will “soon become an obsolete entity,” and that bothers him a lot, as he quoted on page 258 in his last book.
          You have given me more reasons to think it is in the river. It probably won’t be easy to find but then again the river could just wash it up on shore. Someone needs to take a look but remember, it is most likely obscured as junk so do a river cleanup, recycle, and keep the profits.

          • No Name

            I will never believe it is under water in any part of the mountains. Water is just too dynamic.

            Go to your local creek – not a river – just a creek. Pick up a stone from the creek bed. How does it feel?

            Even if the bed is dry as a bone, I can almost guarantee that stone is worn smooth. I can also guarantee that the stone in your hand originated many miles up stream.

            Now follow that creek to the river it feeds. Then that river to the next; and the next. Pick up a stone. Where did it come from?

            The chest is the same. It won’t sit still long in water.

            Where I live the creek and river beds “churn” after each storm. Sometimes, the creeks (not rivers) swell and move houses many miles. A 42 pound box doesn’t stand a chance against water.

            IMO, of course.

            Scott W.

  170. That’s the other thing with this chase. What’s with all these dearth defying solves? It’s no place for the meek and heart me ask and listen good can be references to inheriting land and or church talk. Someone showed me an image of a huge hole they were going to dangle over to see if the chest was there. Oh hell no. I did end up seeing why his solve may be the right area, but come on. Ridiculous.

  171. The safety factor makes me want to toss aside yellowstone altogether. The park can be dangerous no matter what you’re doing.

  172. Hi all, I could not believe this thread lately. LOL ROFL! It is amazing to hear the crazy stunts to locate such a small box. I do not understand the two trips from the car to the resting place. I am prepared with stuff including a raft for Indulgence to take her ride – all of which can be easily carried or trailed along with me. I could not imagine separating the chest from the goodies for any period of time. Given the examples above, there’s a lot of different versions of being “Brave”. That must be my problem, I’m chicken. I sure could use a touch of dynamite to encourage some rocks to move outta my way! But then again as was mentioned above, the chest is not locked and we would again have: here a coin, there a coin, everywhere a coin coin…Maybe I will just be brave and sneak in with the snake 🙂

    • Crow,

      Forget about the chest being locked or unlocked.

      Imagine if you will:

      An aging man parks his car (point S) in the middle of a large “U” shaped turn in the river. Although the walk from the car to the river on one side of the “U” (point A) is relatively short, the float trip around the “U” as you fish is 2 hours long.

      When you get to the take-out (point B), you are again within a short walk to the car.

      Now imagine that 42 lbs is just too much to take with you on your float-tube, but half of that isn’t.

      Now imagine you place the chest somewhere between point A and point B. When you get to point B, you walk back to the car and repeat.

      Now you have a trip that was done twice and involves two omegas (one omega done twice). Omegas, which a few seem to be looking for, but in this case it is just one.

      So, I see your raft and raise you one float trip for trout, done twice.

      Scott W

      • Interesting. I do not see any Omegas where I am. Where I am it is possible for anyone to do two trips – each trip only takes about 3 minutes from car to spot. The problem is that the spot has a number of possibilities and each possibility could require one trip for the chest and one for the loot. I do not see the chest – do not know why and have tried a number of times to join with someone else to verify whether it is there and I don’t see it or whether it is not there for whatever reason. No luck, though. I am overlaying pics from the blog with my location and giving it one more try this year. Funny, how people want to “meet” when in town and all and yet it never happens.

  173. If the chest were underwater, could he anchor his body to it and commit suicide on it, keep skeleton in tact and not be found? Would have to be very deep water, very heavy anchor & some kind of body bag. I don’t by the underwater theory.

      • I agree. He makes it sound like its a thing. “Gonna go to the store and puck up some eggs and a tarry scant”

      • My interpretation of “But tarry scant with marvel gaze” is. A blacked area (tarry) that is small (scant) in comparison to the canyon wall (marvel gaze). To me it is a brilliant play on words.

        • I understand what, tarry means, but I don’t understand what scant means used in conjunction with tarry.In my own gumpy mind I thought it meant to quickly leave the area, but I’m probably way off in thinking that.imo

      • Look quickly down but tarry scant with marvel gaze, your quest to cease…
        Does this slightly different way of reading part of that sentence change the way you look at it?

        Both ways can mean the same, yet in the example above it give an action to what Tarry scant may refer to and not so much the dictionary meanings of them. And something should be know and done to have your quest finalized. The comas separate look quickly down to tarry scant with your quest to cease as an overall goal.

        Example; Tom I need you to move, so you won’t get hit, when I swing the bat, left out of the way.

        Or Tom I need you to move left out of the way when I swing the bat, so you won’t get hit .

        The overall goal is to move tom left, and not get hit.

        The same can be said for stanza’s 2 first sentence can be describing where WWWH, canyon down, not far, is the place you put in, below what hob refers to. and still be in consecutive order to what the refer to and how you travel them.

    • I took the “tarry scant” verse at face value, as one of the parts of the poem that Forrest said were superfluous and not needed in order to solve the puzzle. Basically, “Now that you’ve found the treasure, don’t waste time gazing at it in awe. Just take it, and keep moving.” My reasoning is that there are easily 9 other distinct clues in the poem, without attributing anything special to this part.

  174. Would it be possible to locate the the end spot from google or has Forrest said we have to be on the ground to find the spot? Anyone think it can be done from a map. I know he doesn’t say what the blaze is…some are trying to find it on the ground and that can get expensive if your making 10+ trips. Well if we knew exactly what it was worth I think there would be more interest in checking into things on the ground just some thoughts.

    • Question posted 6/28/2014:
      “Is the map that needs to be used to discover where warm waters halt found online or in paper form? or both?” ~mdc777

      “C’mon now agent 777, a map is a map. The more detailed maps are most useful if you have the right map, but I’m not sure I needed to tell you that.f”

      “I warned that the path would not be direct for those who had no certainty of the location beforehand, but sure for the one who did.” f


      Spike, what I get from these two comments, and others as well, the best map is the most detailed map of the right map [ is that a topo map? or a satellite map?] . And know beforehand, seems to say the poem should tell us before we go…IMO… and the detailed map will assist in that process.

      • Of all the things I have found, Seeker, the majority has come from a a very good map, and I could imagine that the other things I have seen could be found on a map of some sort, but not on that particular map. You would need a variety of maps to fulfill that criteria, and you might not be able to ascertain what maps to look for/ask for without doing other research.
        On the other hand, all of the things I have seen may not be necessary to actually find it…and maybe that map is all I’ve needed…will have to look again…

        • Has everyone read what Forrest posted. On jenny Kyle site he said you can only get the first two clues by sitting at home so that means You have to be walking on land to find the rest did I read what he said right ???

          • Mr. Fenn is a master of words. What he said it true, but it does not mean what you think it means. Would you expect anything less of him after studying the complexity of his poem?

          • He said the girl from India would not get past the first 2 clues Right so she would have to be walking the land to visually see the other 7. Right Dal you need to post a room for this one hahaha I’m

          • I get it now the little girl didn’t have google earth just a map of the Rockies. Dang that had me in a tail spin for a good hour

          • Quite simply, the Rockies and India have two things (for two clues) in common. She can get closer to those two things (in India), but not the same version of those things in the Rockies (whatever those “things” might imply…)
            But when it gets to the third thing, that can’t be found in India, so the only way she can get close to it is by coming to the Rockies or someplace else that has that thing in common with the Rockies.
            Think “physical” definition of closer as opposed to thinking it through. She can think it through in India.

    • Personally I don’t think you can find the Blaze with google earth much less the chest. I also think if you are on the fast track and found it with 10 plus trips out you would be very well compensated for your expense.

  175. Mark,
    I agree with you but I would put the chest in a round steel tank that looks like junk. It would protect the brittle brass chest from getting cracked. The sphere shape is a pressure vessel and will not crush even if there is a rock slide. Also note that the gold is there to lure hunters for a thousand years but the micro autobiography in a jar is there to insure his memory or legacy. The legacy would not be news worth if found without the treasure so the gold has to stay in tack. He’s smart enough to know all this and he also knows the greatest threat to the glass jar is frost. The river bottom is a frost free place. THINK LIKE FENN!
    This comment is actually a reply to Mark. Your comment along with some others mysteriously disappeared???

  176. I have a solution, to which my wife replied “meh”. Later she announced she had a solution, which I pressed her for over several weeks. Finally she writes (I don’t think this is her “real” solution):

    “My solution is that he utilized black magic or some quantum physics brain puzzling algorithm that makes it impossible to find it yet without searcher realizing it and giving up. You see, this poem and what he says, all seems ‘doable’ to average man to solve, yet it is not.” (English her third language.)

    Hahaha. I’m not sure I follow that, but it sounds a bit like “Schrodinger’s Treasure”, except someone else has to trigger the wave function collapse.

    So there you have it. The treasure has not been found because it doesn’t exist until you find it, and you can’t find it because it hasn’t been found yet.

    That’s her story and I’m sticking to it.

    • Ah, so the treasure is similar to Schrödinger’s cat. Now I know why I haven’t been able to find it.

      • You want to team up? I’ll go in door number 1 and you go in door number to. Gotta be a cat somewhere right?

        Isn’t Schrodinger the piano player on Peanuts? He didn’t have a cat anyway, i give up,

  177. I think the chest lies here:
    I like most everyone here have my own thoughts to where geographically Mr. Fenn hid the chest. According to the rules of the game we can discover this from the poem, In my opinion you can break the poem down to five sections, what you are looking for, where to start, what direction to travel and about how far. Then after you put in below the HOB, again you get directions and what you are looking for.

    Now we go to the book TTOTC and in the preface we are given the “Life is like a game of poker, Happiness is the pot, Fate deals you four cards and a joker, And you play whether you like it or not.” In my humble opinion Mr. Fenn is telling us four out of five of our given pieces are solid clues contained in the poem. But that there is one that is a Joker and it can be played with any cards of the other four cards to make a good hand but is not the same as having the correct card.

    In my opinion WWWH is the joker, that is why he is confident it may not be found for a very long time. It is up to the individual to determine the correct WWWH, how you go about that is entirely up to you. I think there are subtle clues to help you but not a good solid clue to pick WWWH. That is another reason for saying the poem will lead you to the chest if you know where to start.

    My interpretation of what the poem is saying to me doesn’t line up much with what others that have posted. I have been a lurker for sometime and have read much of what everyone thinks. That is the beauty of a well crafted poem, it reads different to everyone.

    We also must remember that it is the chase that is the best part, not the end.
    I myself will be so surprised if I ever look down and see the Trove and who knows maybe I will choose to look the other way. Also remember that Mr. Fenn flew some very fast planes and that he was always looking ahead as far as possible because if you don’t have enough time to make a good solid decision you are left with nothing but a reaction to save your bacon. He had this luxury when he created the poem, to know where the end was at, we on the other hand are trying to just work in one direction.. As Always IMO.


    • JL…I agree with your first part, since I also posted that same logic!
      The second part is great thinking too!

      • Donna, I could say that great minds think alike but I would be just trying to elevate my status. I have read a lot of your post and like what I read. I think we follow parallel lines of thought. I apologize if I plagiarized the first part, that was not my intention.

  178. I am new to this, just heard about it tonight and I am never going to go look for it but thought I would share something I came across when a lot of the poem seemed like it related to my past whitewater guiding experience. I also posted this in a longer format on the “the hunt” facebook page, but here is a short summation. Maybe it will help someone.
    Quick references in the poem…

    ‘Not far, but too far to walk. – If you travel down a river miles do not seem far but if you walk it they do.
    Put in below the home of Brown – Brown not brown so a name? see the end of this post about Browns lake and the trail in Montana. Put in as speculated, launching a boat in a river so a put in below Browns lake? or a put in off of the Browns lake trail on the “Wise” river?
    From there it’s no place for the meek- white water below the put in?
    The end is ever drawing nigh- in my river experience when a river makes a sharp bend or has rocks across and higher than the water line it looks like the end of the river and these areas are commonly referred to with names suck as rivers end, etc.
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek- this sounds like a large eddy that is formed in a river when it flows past an obstruction, the water actually flows back upstream and these can be rather large and long, thus traveling up the creek without a paddle. This can also be a calm water lagoon type feature off of the side of a river which has an eddy current.
    Just heavy loads and water high- maybe a waterfall off to the side of the eddy where the heavy load of treasure is?

    and here is where I am really going with this, per the comment “If you’ve been WISE and found the Blaze” …
    So there is a river in Montana called the Wise river, has a road running next to it, Montana Highway 43 and near or feeding this river is Browns lake (not sure) and a blazed trail either the wise river trail or Browns lake trail that either would be blazed and maintained by the national park service so as long as we are a civilization the blazed trails should stay marked.

    so while the description takes you down the river he could have used the road to get to the spot to plant

    it. I believe highway 43 is also called Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway, so look at this tidbit of



    Now I could be way off, outside of the search area, whatever but I thought this was interesting and if it helps someone please let me know, I would never be interested in the treasure, just the fact of knowing that I was actually correct and helped someone would be reward enough!

    Good hunting to those that can get out there and do it!

  179. All,

    Yesterday i had one of those ah ha moments that I’m sure each one of us has had in our quest, some maybe more than others.

    This moment was i believe the finall piece of my theory and has kept me in a fit all night as to wether or not to share this with Forrest.

    Ironically i did email Forrest yesterday just prior to his response to Spoon and he did reply. I however choose not to share my findings. I didnt share because of the 500ft and 200ft comments, the comments about searchers getting the first two clues correct yet going past the other seven without even knowing they had been so close these mentions have been picked apart all over in the forums, “was this a physical searcher or an emailed solution theories” These IMO just muddy our already Brown waters.

    I have too many times followed Alice’s muse down the hole only to catch myself making pieces fit into my version of the puzzle. These trysts have since trained my brain to remain in tight focus on those ideas that lead to putting that bracelet back on Fenns wrist.

    I will continue to lurk and comment here until im able to prove my theory. I will provide this last advise to those still playing with pieces, these are all in my opinion as we all know:

    Pay attention to the subtle clues in the book if you can find them, they are there!

    Listen to what Forrest doesnt say.

    Follow every rabbit hole, they lead to a better understanding.

    Dont try and fit pieces to your own puzzle.

    Always verify by more than one source, three is best.

    Never be a bystander, get out and off the couch!


  180. Cheyenne Mountain – Colorado Springs, CO

    Much to learn – Much to see and appreciate



  181. I would like to see a topic for folks to chime in on:
    “Are you computer searcher only or are you boots on the ground searcher too.

    I’m just curious how many are boots on the ground searchers are out there.
    I have made 3 short trips to my search area.
    Came up empty each time, but had a wonderful time each time.

    • Signholder, good question. I am going to state my thoughts and put then go apply my boots to the ground.
      There are several types of searchers here: There are those that:
      Just troll and don’t comment or search
      Comment and don’t think anybody else could possibly be right.
      Comment trolling for someone to give them a crumb or maybe a clue.
      Those that comment wanting everyone to praise them for their brilliance.
      In essence you could break it down to two groups but the possibilities a as vast as the personalities associated with them.

      OK I’m done now, nobody needs follow me. I am going to apply the clues to my boots and hit the ground running. Good luck to all types.imo

      • Thank JL !!!
        I guess it depends on what day it is, as to what kind of searching I do.

        But…….from what you described, I would describe my searching as:
        D = all of the above.

        Good Luck everyone, and be safe.

    • I’m a computer searcher at the moment. I am collecting areas that have and haven’t been checked and sorting them by liklihood before starting my own search (Although there are so many ways to interpret the poem)

  182. Places that have caught my eye and captured imagination; not in any particular order: *Colorado*

    The Rulison Site
    Battlement Mesa


  183. Well I went to I knew where it was, and it is not there. I braved the cold and snow to hike to it. (No snow at the site). My hiking boots were not waterproof and my feet were soaked. I tried to solve it when it first started to no avail, then started looking at it again when randy went missing, sorry for what happened to him. It is not there. 6 hrs of hiking and looking and I am out of the chase. If it was there it is not now(and I think it was). Not saying where I was because my brother is going there in May. Will over and out

    • I have a tendency to think it’s in Wyoming too. I actually have a tendency to think it is at least 600 miles from Santa Fe.

  184. If you thank you know read this ! Hello everyone, I thank the treasure is; New Mexico, Up the Gallinas Canyon, people in the Las Vegas N.M. area will tale you that this canyon takes you Half Way To Heaven. I be leave Fenn wasn’t going to let nature do this to him, so he was going to take his self at least half way there on his terms. OK, first line of the poem ( Clue #1- alone; a man in there alone is – a hermit, to the northeast of Santa Fe is Hermits Peak, this area has thousands of aches around it. The rest of the poem will take you to the exact spot. Third and forth line of the poem starts the adventure towards the Hermits peak area. Clue #2; secret, You know the saying, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but he is referring that to Las Vegas N.M. not Las Vegas NV. you must go to Las Vegas N.M. to enter the Gallinas Canyon towards Hermits Peak, that is the only way in. Las Vegas N.M. only has a hint of riches in the old town and the new town compered to Las Vegas NV. The Gallinas river splits the old town and the new town of Las Vegas N.M. Clue #3; where warm waters halt, when you leave Vegas on Hotsprings Blv. it will take you to the beginning of the Gallinas Canyon at Montezuma N.M. there are the hotsprings that halt in some very old rock tubs, one of the tubs next to the road is called cooler then a hotspring ( warm) Clue #4 canyon down if you look up those two words together they means take it all the way in, follow the Gallinas river all the way. Now, Not far, but to far to walk is not a clue its just a hint. Clue #5 Put in below the home of Brown. This is your biggest clue, going in the canyon you are on Forest Road if you follow this road in Forest Road will go straight and there is a Forest Road that turns to the left, put in also means to enter, below the home of Brown means, well I will get to that in just a minute, at that intersection is the beginning of a Forest Reserve, if you stay straight ahead, Clue #6 its no place for the meek, the road gets bad you have to drive across water that is high and there are heavy loads of granite rock hanging over the road, but don’t worry the end is ever drawing nigh. OK, The home of Brown is the Brown trout fishery that is at the end of this road, Charlie Middleton and his wife Nena rented cabins and razed trout in the ponds, also released them into the Gallinas river. Look up the Middleton’s in that area in 1947. Clue #7 this clue if you’ve been wise and found the blaze; means you have to look for it, and if you pass the Middleton’s on the road look to the right up behind the trout ponds there is a large white granite rock all by its self on the hill you can’t miss it, WOW what a blaze ( marker ) the road will end at a circle loop, stop and get out. When you get to the top of that rock, Clue #8 look quickly down; go to the edge and look over it there is another level to this rock he laid down and dropped the box to that level, the reason I be leave he dropped it is when Fenn said as he walked back to his car he laughed and said to himself; Forest did you really just do that, witch tells me he could not by himself go back and retrieve it. Well, maybe after a good rest he could, but hes done it tired and now he’s weak. Now at this point you have the treasure and you open it, LAST CLUE #9 in the wood; if you have notice on the inside of the lid of the box is wood, it’s a valuable box but you must be brave and take the wood off because behind it is a Will of some sort signed by Fenn and his lawyer giving the finder the ownership to the gold. You must have this document to be able to leave with it without any Forest Rangers taking it away from you. follow every step of this on google map, you will know ! Look at his map at the lower right, from Santa Fe the edge of the map gos straight but then it angles to the north and the next dot is Fort Union Historic Marker, a marker out in the middle of nowhere, if he would have chosen a town farther north the treasure would be to close to his border line. He said it’s north of Santa Fe, but that angle on the bottom right cut off some mountain that is north of Santa Fe ?

  185. Thank you Thomas A Conrad for Clue #3 idea. I was not aware of the hot springs in that locale.

    Hmmm. “There are many” wwwh I recall from somewhere…

    • Yes , the Montezuma Castle stands on a hill inside of the canyon by the hotsprings, it was a Harvey House.

  186. Yeah I think maybe it is on Breccia Peak on the Togwotee Pass but that’s just because my last name is Burress yeah and we might be related to a WWII general who was comint commander during WWII so it makes sense.

  187. IMO, The TC is in only one State..”Treasure State”..if your not searching their then you are still finding Treasure memories

    • Well it’s certainly in the state where the tresure is. I think Taos is a red herring. I doubt that Forrest was flying and decided that he wanted to be buried with Olga. I’m sure he had in mind how he wanted to go, like his father.

      • What I’m saying is we all know it gets cold enough to get hypothermia after about 5000ft.

      • I mean if that’s any vague allusion to where warm waters halt. Body temperature is 98.6 degrees, lukewarm and where does that freeze solid?

      • I know I should try to condense this down to one comment but I had already hit the send button so it’ll have to do. Maybe we should get Dal to see if Forrest was planning on freezing himself to death to beat cancer that might move the search up to about 8,000ft.

    • Hi Woody — if the first clue is in the first stanza, then I wholeheartedly agree that a Montana resting place for Indulgence is more likely than the other three states. And that opinion is quite independent of the “Treasures bold” ending of line 2.

  188. In fact I think it’s somewhere around Boulder Colorado outside of Aspen and that should be fair to say.

  189. IMO, I believe he hid it in a place so specific that that place can be determined and figured by a correct interpretation of the clues. Not a general area, but an exact coordinate. I believe that’s why he wants us to bring a GPS. He’s not worried about us getting lost. It’s in order to go to that exact spot.

    • Well I can’t say that I don’t have some GPS coordinates already. It’s just this nigh is west think and how I have found several places that fit the description. In fact I just looked on the map and found a place that I had already (GPS) that refers to another place that when you look at on a map from the one place if you double it at go at 90 degrees and add an inch like you’re measuring iron for a horseshoe leads to another place that fits the description. Pretty confusing. I wonder how many I’ll be able to convince my brother to buddy along with me for.. Might need to buy myself an ATV.

      • That’s why I say I think it’s fair to say it’s in Boulder Colorado outside of Aspen. That doesn’t mean I think it’s there in fact I don’t and I doubt it’s exactly in cripple creek either. But you know that story Fenn said about the buffalo and Skippy’s car reminds me of Cripple Creek I lived out there in Colorado I guess the buffalo would go to drink in the creek and break their legs on the rocks (The lodes) in the creek.

        • Now I just have to finish getting the heads rebuilt on my volkswagen and trade it for a truck and a horse and a saddle so I can drag my brother along and look like poor richard and the knights templar while I go search for the hidden gold.

  190. I have some pretty good ideas at magnetic declination from where I am looking at the coordinates I am thinking I might even know where it is. You say nigh is west?

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