Scrapbook Fifty Seven…



MARCH 2014

Dear Forrest-

My husband Ken and I  Iive in Forest City, Ontario Canada. In few weeks from now we are heading to New Mexico  to see if we can locate the treasure.
A few months ago, I contacted Dal.  I had a  few thoughts and I sincerely hoped  it might help him find the treasure. I wanted to share my ideas to give them away , truly happy that he would be the one to benefit. He dissuaded me from sharing and encouraged my own journey, he planted the seed so to speak and did not want me to give my ideas to him…He expressed how much joy it was for him to hopefully find it himself.
After my email exchange with Dal, I found myself completely drawn in to the thrill of the chase and more and more, by researching and attending to the hints you have given, I excitedly shared with my husband a determination that we had to go to look for it ,at least once.
At first we were committed and I felt the reborn excitement of a child believing in buried treasure imaging the moment of finding it. To me ,as a child, every fossil find with my father was amazing, important historical artifact  and every wet rock plucked from a cold stream, was glistening with ribbons of  gold and sparkling diamonds. Back then I was so rich with the joy of imagination. Adult life is dull by comparison.
I grew up in a home where my parents worked on deciphering cryptic crosswords and where everyday conversations  usually lead by my father, were more  puzzling queries and pondering  to get us to think outside the box or to satiate his own indomitable curiosities in life. He made us go big in our wonderment but always grounding us  firmly  in simple logic. I have applied those life lessons in the research in preparation for the Thrill of the chase.
Following the decision to go, I was fraught with the stress of work  and came home not feeling so successful about my job ,with the end result I wasn’t feeling very good about myself.  For a couple of days it impacted me greatly to the point  I reconsidered the trip, thinking I was not worthy or deserving of such an indulgent spontaneous adventure, I was talking myself out of going.   Then my husband just went ahead and booked it. So we are heading down very soon and I’m so darned excited.
I  have always lived my life believing that experiences such as this become the character building fibre of one’s life or…one heck of a story to share  🙂  and so from that perspective I embrace this fully as it was fully intended.  I have read so much in preparation and learned so much history and geography all the while developing a strong desire to see the area and this, completely aside from the desire to find the treasure. Every clue uncovered fills me with an incredible excitement which leads me to believe  and conclude there is nothing to lose. The failure, a good friend once told me ,only comes when you don’t try… So we are going to try, unfortunately  I  haven’t a clue what  to do with it if Ken and I are successful in finding  but we certainly do giggle like children at the thought of that welcome predicament.
Forrest,  I hope our paths might cross in this journey I’m hoping to come to your gallery at some point and I have very much enjoyed this gift you have given to me. I know it is intended to inspire the whole world for years to come, however, you have inspired me personally and so, I ‘d like  to  I thank you personally  for the gift you have given to  me. I know for one, regardless of the treasure  I have been blessed even before we travel to go there. It is an escape from the daily stress of work and the awareness of that profound dichotomy also inspires me to think about getting a new job…lol

Do you think an Irish girl from Forest city could be lucky enough to find the treasure, perhaps it’s meant to  be but  who really knows?. Finally I wish to thank you so kindly for the thrill of the chase. It is and will be a thrilling adventure for us I can’t get there soon enough.
Kindest Regards




Reading your email was refreshing to me and to see how you put words together makes me think you should go into some kind of business for yourself. When you are headed in my direction please give me a few hours warning so we can arrange to meet. I use every chance I get to see Canadians. Sure, you have a shot at finding the treasure and, to me, you are what the thrill of the chase is all about. ff

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    • That’s very kind of you Irene it sounds like you are a kindred spirit. Thank you for the well wiishes. 🙂

  1. Sure, you have a shot at finding the treasure…. That don’t sound to convincing I mean it sounds like the thrill of the chase is there for everyone but the chest is for the elite few ……like its two different levels…Just try to be safe I mean treasure hunting is no place for the meek 😉

    • Thank you Pieces, I’ve heard a quote once that all that we know in life is that we might be lucky to have one second more. Truly who knows who will find it. Life is about inspiring hope in others whether it’s a treasure or helping to overcome illness. Without hope we have no drive. So I choose to remain hopeful and believe that anything is possible and presume that we are all equal in the quest, therefore we all have a shot at finding it even you 🙂 It may be the most unsuspecting character it may not even be in our lifetime. And based on my interpretation of the poem I think you are correct it is no place for the meek… cryptic is that???? 😉

      • Thanks Kay
        I guess you are the type of person who couldn’t keep it a secret if you found it as FF said. Good luck. Remember nothing is as it seems.


  2. You’ve discovered the Thrill of the Chase even before you’ve started your adventure! Good Luck to you Kay! You’ll have a grand time I’m sure, and I hope you will share your adventure with us, whether you find the treasure or not.

  3. I am so glad Kay and family decided to look for themselves! The trip will be something to always remember. 🙂
    Be sure and take many photos.

    The state question is red or green? I suggest green. lol
    If you arent familiar with hot foods, dairy foods cool it off. LOL

  4. Kay, you sound like a true Fennster! Seize the day! Nothing is more rewarding than pursuing your dreams, especially if there is a treasure to be had! Keep a journal, starting with the day you pack, recording every feeling and thought throughout this remarkable adventure. Photograph and video your trip. And lastly, relax and enjoy possibly the greatest adventure you will ever have. I wish you luck. See you at the end of the rainbow! ¥Peace¥

    • I love all of your suggestions Donna thank you. Ken and I really have to strategize about this trip. I honestly would fall over if we found it. What I enjoy most is the thought of the stories it might generate and the people we will meet. This blog is kind of fun. 🙂
      All the best in your search and adventures as well 🙂

  5. Kay, you are experiencing what literally thousands have. The difference is you have put this into words that say what we are thinking.

    I hope your adventure bring you and Ken many rich blessings. Stay safe and always have plenty of water. 🙂

    • Having the same issue, I think. Either that , or maybe Dal has banned me for snarking from my snarkphone too often 😉

  6. Hope you have a fantastic time. Do some travel planning and see as much as you can while you are there. Enjoy your trip and good luck .

  7. Kay
    Welcome to the Thrill of a Chase . If u really get involved you will be thinking on a daily basis of where to Begin and researching all over the place. I have been at it for a year now and have been on 3 adventures I have one more in June. Of course I keep looking in one place and that’s ok it’s what I believe the poem is about. I give Forrest Fenn great thanks for making me get out if the house and the state I live in to enjoy the beautiful mountains when u are out and about hiking you will feel so free. Good luck to u if climb any mountains do bring lots if water . 🙂

    • Hi Amy you are so correct does seem to have become a wonderful obsession and I will certainly be sure to think of bringing lots of water and nutrition. Any thoughts on getting used to the altidude ?it is a lot higher up than where we live 🙂

  8. Kay, I wish you the best first chase experience possible. Don’t be surprised if you uncover new clues on the way and after you return. It’s ever evolving like stepping back from a painting, you see more each time you take a step back.

    It has a way of breaking the spell of “adult seriousness” of what life should and does mean. Expect a new world view and maybe even some big changes once you make the journey and reflect.

    Safe travels! Looking forward to hearing your search story soon.

    • Thank you 23 I love what you mentioned about adult seriousness so true isn’t.? To think that we immerse ourselves in stress everyday and that is what becomes normal. I’m thinking i’d like to be done with all of that. Looking forward to the many dimensions of the chase you so candidly describe Cheers

  9. Yippee ki yea Kay. Your in for a hell of a ride Please buy Advil pm because your brain will need them 🙂 And when the ole coot Forrest emails you on your excursion remember he is a tricky ole coot 😉 so hang on 🙂 for the thrill of the chase

    • Yippee Ki yea Kay…..gosh that made me laugh .Thank you for that and your encouragement. I will pack every anti-inflammatory know to man and more if it will fit in my suitcase.

      • Hehe and when you go meet the ole coot Forrest. Please get a pic with him anywhere in the house but under that dang sun roof in his office I look like a ghost in my pic with him hehe. You gonna have a great time 😉

    • 🙂 He is a tricky ole coot, only YOU DG could get away with that “endearment” Lucky Girl to meet him.

  10. Which bush?? tee hee. This chase is kinda like a needle in a southwest wide haystack. The fun thing is we aren’t telling anyone we know about what we are doing. Even that is new for us. Just something for us which is truly fun. 🙂

    • Kay, I had open heart surgery in 07 and am still on stantins for lifr. My Dr said as long as I stay below 9000 I’m ok. Any higher, then do that for only a few hours, or a headache, nausea, lightheadedness and rapid heart rate could start up. He said a normal person staying below 10,000ft for a couple of days should be ok. Also, to stay hydrated, 10 glasses of water a day and move slower than usual, there is less oxygen. You should be fine if you don’t camp on top of a mountain!
      As you drive into the range, watch for elevation signs. Stop every 3,000 ft and aclimate for at least 30 minutes. Do the same going down to prevent scuba bend like symptoms. I copied this from the info my Dr. Printed up. Hope it helps! Be safe, good luck! And ALWAYS look down! ¥Peace¥

      • Hi Donna we live below one thousand feet so it might be a bit of a challenge. I found the advice very helpful glad I asked

        • Kay,

          Take Chlorophyll drops for a week in a glass of water before you go and while your there. Helps us folks with almost sea level elevation endure the treks in the high country.

          • Truly appreciate your posts on this topic I honestly was not aware and am reading more about the effects of altitude. Kind of worrisome with having lived below one thousand or at sea level most of my life.

          • Hi Kay, I live on the Texas coast, elevation 27ft. Been to all the search states several times including the Continental Divide at 9000ft. Never had a problem. Not everyone gets altitude sickness. Welcome and good luck!

    • Yes cya there, if you would kindly leash all large game for me it would be greatly appreciated. yikes.

      • There are beautiful Blue Tarantulas around Taos, Haven’t seen any with collars on.

        • Hi Bill if that’s the case I don’t think I’ll be seeing any but if I ever happen to get there I’ll bring along some garlic and butter ps…. how do you cook a tarantula anyway? Probably nice with some root veggies I would think, thanks for the giggle.

  11. See for me it’s not about the thrill of the chase. I actually cannot stand the chase! I just want the chest and that’s that.

    • I feel your pain compadre, but there is some thrill in the possibility of finding IT, and some hilarity in doing something so crazy… like getting stuck in a really cold hail/rain storm underdressed for the weather. My metal detector shocks me when wet….

  12. Kay Good luck in the thrill of the chase and about work I always kept a little sign I read daily ,” It’s not what you think about me, It’s what I think about myself. by Collin Powell
    GOOD LUCK in your search and remember its the thrill that counts ENJOY your time on this earth the Treasure is in the HUNT.

  13. Canadians Eh ?
    Remember who shot down the Red Baron ?

    Roy Brown a Canadian

    ” Throw a Nickel on the Grass… Save a Fighter Pilots` Ass ” -Oscar Brand

    • For all of the fighter pilots I am cooking
      A Oscar Mayer hot dogs today for you

  14. Aces are hard to come by
    And we have two today Roy Brown
    And Robin Olds Forrest you
    Was a major so that makes
    You our ace for today thank you
    Now back to Oscar

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