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Ask a Kid

We start at Old Faithful,… Yes,… I know,… but ‘ask a kid’.. OK? When I told this story to ff, before I could hardly get the next words out of my mouth, after saying, wwwh was Old Faithful, he chuckled and said, “did you run up there and look down the hole?” LOL

NO, thats NOT where the chest is to be, this is just the beginning Forrest …. haha.

Yellowstone National Park sign at the North Entrance; Jim Peaco; October 1992

(In my defense, steam and boiling water are tossed into the air 180 feet high, and it might be a little cooler (warm) as it halts at the top before it returns to the ground (halt = temporary lack of motion) . And there are over 300 hot springs and thermal Geysers that flow into the FireHole River, and most of them do so between where Old Faithful is and where the FireHole Falls are located, a distance of 8 to 10 miles I guess.)

So from there the FireHole river runs north in somewhat of a canyon, and then one of the Geyser basins (Middle ?) has a famous mud pot. If you’ve seen it you know, it is bubbling like gravy cooking in a big pot. It looked more grey than Brown when I visted it, but in ttotc book, at the restaurant, he hated to wash those giant kettles used to make brown gravy, and won’t eat any still to this day.

And he and Grandma have a ‘private joke’ name for Frosty the manager, its the Ruler, (note capital R in ttotc book). So a ‘private joke’ about ‘Brown gravey’ at that resturant could be its weird source and that ‘joke source’ is from that mud pot, hoB. ( lol here.)

Another hoB on this route is found at Biscut Basin , its just before the mud pot basin, and the ‘mule shoe’ bend of FireHole is between them.

Its a hot pool, named Avoca. Its a poem, Molly B loved the poem so much she named her land Avoca, 400 acres, where she later built her second home (a summer home) near Denver and this one also is in the Natl Registery as is her other Denver Home.

The author is Thomas Moore and Avoca is Irish for, of all things, Meeting of the Waters. To me the poem descibes a pefrect place to ‘hid’ something, much like someone we all know. If you haven’t read it, you MUST, if you don’t then you should QUIT the chase !! J/K

From there you find yourself in a caldera, and giant volcano, not a place for the meek, and if it errupts again as it is expected too one day the end is really ever drawing nigh. And of course, there is John Coulter. Its thought that he gave the name of hell to another part of Yellowstone Park, a part whose thermal springs have now died down, but the Old Faithful area also got tagged with the name of Coulters Hell.

Then you come to Nez Perce creek ( Nez Perce Trail is another story). No paddle up your creek, meant don’t go up a creek, and boats are not allowed in this and a few other NP streams About 8 miles up the creek at high elevation is a Lake , and its near there that the last person killed by a Grizzly was hiking. When I was at the trail head, the last time (The ‘another story’) it was not open to “Human” use, could not hike it untill there was less chance of a bear finding you. That was in July. Oh, you, may know, one bridge going over the Nez Perce near by, is called the ‘Old Freight Bridge’ .

If you take a paved road towards the south from the picnic area you can visit Ojo Caliente, where FF, Dal, hundreds of other ppl, and I have been in its warm waters. There were 3 teens swimming there one day, and I asked them if they noticed a metal box about so by so wide as I held my hands 10 inches apart. FF laughred at that part of the story also. Ojo Caliente could also be the well where THOR gave up his eye to gain wisdom. Thor learned that Life goes on, which In a nutshell, is what ff also learned. (remember ff was praying thanks to THOR) in ttotc book.

From the spring or well, If you know where to look, (which could be another ‘finding a blaze”) you can spot Fairy Falls which will be about 2 miles south away from the hot springs. It is harder to spot in the late afernoon. Try with binoculars first, the right side is white, the falls are 100 foot fall.

To continue on, go north and take a paved road that is just south of Madison Junction, Firehole Falls Road. This road was closed when we first got to it, May 24th, part of it had washed away, wasn’t closed due to snow. (this route is from Old Faithful to the North)

Firehole Falls

Firehole Falls

So, if you’ve been wise (Thor ‘s well) you’ve found FireHole Falls, it was one of a ‘my blazes’, you are to look quickly down. If you try to walk down to the river and cross that log jam to get to that little cave that the News Reporter from Santa Fe has shown in a video, you may Very Well CEASE your LIFE, not only ceasing your quest, it looked very dangerous to me.

But I had a plan before I got there, If you face towards the falls, there are two knolls behind you. (I found them at home on street view of Google Earth) ( and that wasn’t a real cave, just a cresent shaped hole)

So, to look quickly down, first I was Going UP, The quickest way to go up was from these knolls, then from a better vantage point I could see around the Falls with binoculars and then search the top of each knoll. Plus, they where on the ‘other side of a street’, from the water fall blaze, and FF ‘can too cross the street if he wanted too’ in the Old Biddies story. And its a one way street to (maybe) go with that story about which side of the street we and ppl in Europe drive on when he muttered things about the Coriolis effect.

A knoll

A knoll

Well one knoll is very steep, I made it to the top, but i’m sure ff could not, and I wasn’t carrying 20# of stuff. I do not think I could have made it carrying 10#’s. I am sure ff knows the spot, half way up it has a natural rock formation that is like a staircase, not steps, but bannisters that go up and then takes a left and brings you near the top. It was a great view, but the egdes are very steep, and the street is directly below one edge of the cliff.

View from the knoll top

View from the knoll top

The north most knoll was just right for ‘old man’ climbing, but no chest was to be found. Both knolls have had heavy foot traffic, so, many others have climbed them.

Thats it for that spot.


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  1. Musstag, wow! Great adventure! I bet you were 500 ft from the treasure somewhere during your adventure. I’m sorry you didnt find it but happy you didn’t find it either. Looks like the chase is still on. Good luck. ¥Peace¥
    I’m first!

  2. Musstag, . . . you are a formidable opponent. You are brave, sorry the treasure was not there. Keep on trying, and don’t give up the chase.
    I’ll take seconds. Adios!

  3. Brilliant clue deductions! AND in one of my leading areas … Curse you/Nice Job! 😉

  4. Musstag, I remember you talking a little about this when we met in West Yellowstone. The brown gravy I didn’t understand then because I didn’t have the TTOTC book but it does connect now to your search. I know all of your area so well because ” Firehole Falls” was on my list too, plus some spots coming from Old Faithful. Good read here on one of your many quests. I have since change my area but love the country up there. Keep in touch and write more, I know you have some even better searches, that is if it doesn’t give away your key area. Good luck once again. Bur

  5. thanks for sharing your adventure and the pictures! The YNP area is a great area to consider for the solution to the poem. I look at the web cams in the area frequently to see how the weather is and I’m hoping to get up that way in the spring. There’s lots of areas around there that look like a good WWWH spot to start. Good Luck and keep searching!

  6. Thanks for sharing your ‘why’s as well as your ‘where’s. Great reasoning, and ff said someone could take off in their pickup truck with a “reasonable” chance of finding the treasure.
    Good luck on your next hunt.

  7. Great Story, and did ya’ll read what FF said on chasechat.com when answering about false statements and using made up words and misspelled words. He said, , I believe so: “Do not use my books for research.” Among other things he said and did; he defended himself against chasers and how they interpret what he has written and how he uses words. This tale is so true and it’s location is probably at least 500 feet from the chest. All need to study the poem and read it as directions and just follow his instructions is what Mr. F has said what to do all along. Maybe if we get in our pickup truck and get out with our many children and just follow the directions and look to find somthing right in front of us and enjoy the trip along the way then our treasure will be found rather quickly!! I am going to try this and just look for what is not there and follow the actual instructions of Mr. Fenn and see what happens. Good luck and Continue the Hunt for the Golden Lock Box. Ms Girl.

    • Forrest actually emailed Stephanie about a statement another searcher had and she posted it and another searcher reposted it. But to my knowledge he never commented on chasechat.com but I am not for sure and maybe Dal might know.

  8. Not that this means anything, but I am absolutely amazed at all the interpretations that people come up with. Mind boggling to me. Such research I am not mentally capable of. Amazing connections, Musstag. Kind of reminds me of the Netflix show Touch.

  9. Update: I’m at home in Alabama.. got another solve that has got me all the way past or at water high. But that durn blaze……. I’m stuck, with the afternoon Sun in my eyes.

  10. Mustag Great article and I totally agree with you. When I first put the clues together. Firehole Falls is exactly the first place I came up with. Everything in the poem makes sense and it matches up to the clues very well. I will be coming to yellowstone this summer and I will be taking a trip to see the falls. I really believe it is somewhere in the area. Great pictures and good luck. I am glad I am not the only one who believes it could be there.

  11. What’s interesting about Firehole Falls, is that, if you have a good picture, or are at that location, there is a “FF” in the large rock/cliff to the left of the falls. I believe it is a crack or water erosion line. Makes a perfect blaze. I got down there (in the COLD mist) but to no avail.

  12. I only came upon the poem by Forrest Fenn a few days ago, but it instantly enthralled me. I have read your page and find that you have some good ideas. But, I can see that you have misread a few of the clues. “no place for the meek” and “no paddle up your creek” have a different meaning. People are looking at the clues too literally. They are a play on words and when you see it, it will be fascinating.

  13. There was a story about a man going missing looking for Mr Fenn’s treasure in the Daily Mirror newspaper here in England. Very sorry to hear folks. As Sheri has stated in the post above “The chase” has enthralled me too. Been studying that poem every day since it got my attention. I have some ideas and will admit Firehole River is one of them. Personally i think that is just a bit too obvious. By what i have seen and heard of Mr Fenn he is a very intelligent man and is very good with his words. Its going to take a very smart person to find that chest. Always wanted to visit your great country. Hoping i will get to solve more of this poem and book a flight out there. In the meantime hoping for more news on Randy so his family can have closure. Be safe everyone. All the best.

  14. Love all the stories of yellowstone 🙂 just stay in the park looking while I roam the outside hahahah

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