Scrapbook Fifty Nine…



APRIL 2014

Mr Fenn,

Well, the search is over for me.  What a joy it has been.  I have challenged
my body and exceeded any expectations I may have had.

Yesterday I stood on the edge of the mountain looking down into the valley
below and cried.  I knew I had found a treasure far richer than any you hid.
For that I shall be eternally grateful.

Today my son and I sat quietly at the lake and listened to silence, it was


Not only did we take the canyon down, we also walked along Trail 82 around the lake, it was so beautiful. I can see why you love it so. I have attached two pictures that I wanted to share.

As you have guessed, we did not find the blaze, therefore no chest. Which sadly means no San Lazaro, no bracelet to return to you as I promised. I still believe we were in the correct area, maybe another day.

image 2

While there we munched on carrot sticks, for some reason he took one, held it up in the air then laid it on a rock. Out of nowhere came two Least Chipmunks. They loved the carrots. What a way to end a wonderful week.

I do hope you have read my emails. For some reason knowing that you have will give me closure to this adventure.

Mr Fenn, it has been a pleasure I never expected. Thank you! As I said before, I will never ring a bell and not think of you.



Dear Marge,
Thank you for the nice note. I am pleased that you and your son enjoyed the
search. It was for people like you that I hid the treasure. Good luck. f

30 thoughts on “Scrapbook Fifty Nine…

  1. Marge-
    Thanks for sharing your tale and a picture of a marvelous jewel. Your time with your son will forever enrich his and your life. And best of all, . . . no taxes required. 🙂

  2. Beautiful picture of the lake Marge, and very cute little chipmunk too. It’s wonderful that you could share your adventure with your son. You both will have some wonderful memories of the times you spent together searching and that is a fantastic treasure in itself.

  3. Marge, you have shared a real fulfillment of Mr. Fenn’s, “Thrill of the chase.”

  4. Marge, great photos. Glad you had an emotional moment. Being in what God has created always touches our hearts.

  5. Marge, why “no more San Lazaro”? Was part of the reward in the treasure or just something between you and ff. what am I missing?

      • Nice! I fished Cabresto from a float tube many years ago. It was beautiful. I caught many pan sized brook trout that day. I used a bobber and a Pistol Pete. I pretty much just trolled it around and caught and caught and caught. The water was clear and so deep that I couldn’t see the bottom. When one has a fishing experience like that, it’s easy to remember what bait/lure you used. I can drive that 4X4 road up with ease in the truck I have. It is definitely not meant for a stock low rider! I should know. I tried it in my low rider and only made it halfway!

  6. Super story Marge! Thanks for sharing. I would STILL email F for a tour of his pueblo! ¥Peace¥

    • I agree – FF strikes me as the kinda guy who might just say yes, if you just ask nicely (so long as it’s not about clues to the chase) 😉

  7. Marge, your story was great! But I am also curious about the San Lazaro comment? And why would you quit searching… this has been one of the most awesome happenings in most of our lives. Please continue on… It might be you who tells us the story of finding the chest! Best wishes.

  8. Tom
    How could u say such a thing. Do u know Forrest? And do u know his heart. Look at the adventure he has created for us searchers. Just to see the beauty is a treasure to us all . He has stated over and over he does not make anything on the books. You should try searching you may learn something that is important information. You should be nice !!!! 🙂

  9. Relax folks. Tom is just trying to ruffle some feathers. If he doesn’t understand and enjoy the thrill, then too bad for him. Keep up the great work all you authors/searchers.

  10. Tom……Some of the best books are about failed attempts at doing something. No one has ever found the Holy Grail, but many stories, great stories, have been written about searching for it. Without writing about failed attempts a lot of knowledge would be lost. It’s these stories that make it interesting for the rest of us out there searching. I hope that all searchers would write their stories and share them with us….I will write my story at some point no matter if I find the chest or not. Look at all the wonderful stories written here on this blog.

    Keep the stories coming people. After all, there will be only one person (group) that will find the treasure. Does that mean books should not be written about the other searches? I think Dal is pretty good at it, and many others. So why don’t you just join in and do some writing yourself. You are searching for the treasure, aren’t you? If not why are you here? Have fun searching……Adios!

  11. I agree,keep the stories coming. It took Bill Gates over 800 failed attempts to build his first PC? Some said it couldn’t be done. Mr. Gates had confidence in himself and his idea. And kept working on it. The person that finds the chest will need the same persistence. Ask Bill Gates who’s laughing now? Does anyone think Bill Gates is a failure? I think not!!!!! Best to all true searchers!!!

    • Your comment reminds me of a story I once heard about Thomas Edison. He was questioned once by a reporter who asked him, “Mr. Edison, how does it feel to fail 2000 times at getting a light bulb to work”? Edison paused for a moment and replied, “Young man, I didn’t fail 2000 times, I found 2000 ways in which the light bulb doesn’t work”.

  12. And…Tom, they said Lucille Ball wasn’t comical enough to be Scarlett in Gone With The Wind, she later became a national comic treasure! As Donald Trump said, “Failure is the first step to success.”. Chew on that awhile!
    You need to realize, that by participating in The Chase, you are making history! This will go down in the books as the century’s greatest mystery, solved or not! All thanks to a man who unselfishly shared his dream with thousands!
    Keep your attitude, that is one less person we have to compete with! But I hope you see the light! ¥Peace¥

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