Scrapbook Sixty…



APRIL 2014


Hi Forrest its Marie, we are coming to the end of our trip and have enjoyed every breath taking moment and the  inspirational conversations that have come to us from the incredibly wonderful laid back people of Taos new mexico. As we sit in our hotel we are  joyfully reviewing our last few days ventures in the theme of Dr Suess,

We sought it high within a tree 
we sought it low on bended knee. 
We did not find that house of brown 
Not in the air 
Not on the ground.  
We did not find it in a nest 
Oh where! Oh where ! 
Is that gorgeous chest!

We couldn’t wait to get started however the beauty of the area the shops, the galleries and the scenery were a constant distraction, the Rio Grande Gorge for example ..Wow….Wow.

This past week we climbed a mountain amongst other activities, it wasn’t pretty but I did it,  and in that moment felt a sense of success and satisfaction that was known to the athlete I used to be… Every moment we’ve been here was filled with the thrill of  the chase and not about work or stress or worry, not enough shopping but there is still tomorrow…. It has been a bliss filled week indeed.
When this journey started which was  at the time I first wrote to you, I had one solve… by the time I got here I had several and once we saw the area there were more.

We got very excited when we incidentally came across a geo cache and tucked it back in place after signing the log. A small stuffed animal, pens and toy star wars characters had us laughing truly excited for the find. It was quite a moment. Just wanted to write again and say, thank you so much for creating the foundation for our journey One more day to try my best to find the elusive chest but I think I have already found the treasure that is New Mexico. I will leave here with the most amazing memories and time well spent, certainly one of the most spontaneous fun adventures we’ve ever had. Tentatively we coming to Sante Fe on Thursday hoping to get a copy of the books I’m a little afraid to read them just in case I want to turn around and come right back. The thrill of the chase is my best and favourite obsession….

All the very best,



Thanks for the update. If being a poet gives you an advantage in the search then surely you will find the golden treasure. Good luck tomorrow. f

18 thoughts on “Scrapbook Sixty…

    • Yes I would agree one has to be open to every possibility build the solve then try to tear it apart at the same time

  1. “If”? I just bet that poetry is a distinct ‘sure’ advantage. Love the geocache report – I keep finding those things everywhere 😉

    • We weren’t using a gps either, just happened upon it. I hope I did the right thing I wasn’t sure what the proper etiquette was

  2. Think there’s a big clue there in F’s answer! It is understanding how poetry is created, the use of words to cohesively form a thought (or clue), and the author’s intent (lol, architect’s intent) to relay a message, that will make a hunter a finder! Thanks for the great story. Stay safe, everyone & Good luck! ¥Peace¥

    • Donna, I agree – I think there are microclues, if you’ve got eyes to see, in just about all these scrapbook posts of his.

  3. Best wishes Marie and even if you didn’t find Forrest’s treasure, it sounds like you found a different kind of treasure in the beauty and wonder of New Mexico. I hope you continue to search and have more great adventures.

  4. Thank you CJinCA I never imagined taking an active part in this so given the need to come on this trip, I hope I feel so compelled to come here again because it was such a wonderful time.

  5. I often wonder how long it will be, before someone comes across one of Fenn’s Bells. 🙂

    • I often wonder why you wonder about the bells and jars. You have no reason to accept what I say, but I believe that Forrest does not want them found by present day treasure hunters. He has taken precautions to minimize that possibility. I believe what he once told me, that he wants them found by archeologists and future generations. They are not part of the game.

      To me finding one of those will be much, much more difficult than the treasure chest. I don’t believe any of them are on public land.

      • We can only hope that if they were uncovered in the present day search, they would be left alone. But I agree that they are probably buried deep enough, not to become early discoveries.

        • Not that I am aware of, but I heard him tell a reporter (who may have included it in her story) that he made about 15.

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