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APRIL 2014

Forrest did not post this. Dal did.
I feel it belongs in his scrapbook and I figured searchers would like to read the citations that explain in simple words why Forrest’s combat efforts were worthy of high praise.


The decisions a person makes in combat often have little to do with personal safety. The millions of minute calculations that a single experienced fighter pilot makes while moving terrifyingly low over the deck at unfathomable speeds are impossible to document but the combined effect can often mean the difference between life and death to dozens or hundreds of his fellow fighters on the ground.


Silver Star
Awarded for actions during the Vietnam War

Silver StarThe President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress July 9, 1918 (amended by an act of July 25, 1963), takes pleasure in presenting the Silver Star to Major Forrest B. Fenn (AFSN: 0-31233), United States Air Force, for gallantry in action in connection with military operations involving conflict with an armed hostile force as an F-100 pilot in Southeast Asia on 20 December 1968. On that date, Major Fenn and his flight were scheduled to attack and destroy hostile truck routes and supply locations. While on his second pass over the target area, Major Fenn sustained numerous hits to his aircraft, some of which shattered his canopy resulting in facial laceration. Instead of heading for a safe area in which to eject, Major Fenn elected to remain in the target area to mark the hostile gun positions with cannon fire so that the remainder of the flight could silence its intense fire. By his gallantry and devotion to duty, Major Fenn has reflected great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

General Orders: Headquarters, 7th Air Force, Special Orders G-1333 (April 4, 1969)

Action Date: December 20, 1968

Service: Air Force

Rank: Major



Distinguished Flying Cross
Awarded for actions during the Vietnam War

Distinguished Flying CrossThe President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, July 2, 1926, takes pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Flying Cross with Combat “V” to Major Forrest B. Fenn (AFSN: 0-31233), United States Air Force, for heroism while participating in aerial flight as an F-100 pilot near Hue, Republic of Vietnam, on 1 June 1968. On that date, Major Fenn attacked a fortified village containing an estimated force of sixty North Vietnamese Army Regulars. Major Fenn, after delivering all bombs precisely on target, made repeated strafing passes at very low altitudes to draw fire away from friendly wounded personnel who had been pinned down by the hostile forces. With all ammunition expended Major Fenn continued to make dry passes until the friendly forces were rescued and returned to a safe area. The outstanding heroism and selfless devotion to duty displayed by Major Fenn reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

General Orders: Headquarters, 7th Air Force, Special Orders G-2884 (September 19, 1968)

Action Date: June 1, 1968

Service: Air Force

Rank: Major


Forrest was actually awarded three DFCs.

I think it is wise to understand the kind of spirit, character and resolve held by the man who has hidden a fortune for you to go find.

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  1. I knew Forrest was a war hero but it’s interesting to see what he did to receive those metals. He’s a very brave and honorable man and I never doubted that he hid a treasure for us to find. Thanks for your service Forrest! 🙂

  2. Ditto!

    Perhaps, along the way we are all finding new treasures…….new treasures that are not necessarily in the mountains or streams but rather our being remotely associated with signs and demonstrations of spirit, character and resolve. Gold cannot buy you that. From all of our different search experiences we have learned so much about people, cities, states, nature and life in general……all focused around a person who has gone far beyond hiding a treasure. The routes of the hidden treasure are far more powerful.

  3. Thank you for posting, Dal, because Forrest doesn’t much talk about being a hero. In fact, he never talks about being a hero. When he talks about his military service, he always gives all the credit to his wing men and to the helo teams that rescued him when he was shot down.

  4. Thank you for your service, Forrest……… And, thank all of the past, present and future military personnel for theirs……They are the backbone of our country. Good luck to all the searchers out there, be safe……..Adios!

  5. Thank you, Dal for posting this sobering, noteworthy, info!!!

    Forrest, it is great to get to know you a little better with time.
    I have a greater respect for you, because all aspects of your life have shown that you care about others. May God bless you richly, as obviously He has!

  6. Thanks for sharing this Dal. Learning about this extraordinary man has been one of the many delights of joining this chase. It one more piece of info that leads to the conclusion that Mr. Fenn has clearly earned the tremendous amount of respect, admiration and affection that so many have for him.

  7. Thanks for posting this, Dal. Wow! THREE Distinguished Flying Crosses? Forrest is a much braver man than I. I salute you, Forrest! …the best way a civilian knows how …which is probably getting it all wrong. I SALUTE YOU, ANYWAY!!!

  8. Dal,

    Thank you for reminding those who only seek the gold what a remarkable human being Forrest is. Many have missed his true treasure – Forrest’s charming wit, candor, generosity of spirit, and cour de leon. My thrill of the chase has been a soul satisfying, thoughtful journey because of who Forrest Fenn is, and I’ve yet to meet him. I’m richer for knowing him and grateful to you both. – Valerie W.

  9. Thank you Mr. Fenn. You are one of a kind and we are all richer for getting to know you.

  10. That’s a great posting Dal.

    I have never doubted Mr. Fenn’s character. Rather, I have taken a fair amount of crap for not doubting it. Ignorance seems to drive people to be doubtful if not rude. It was clear from reading his book, treasure aside, he is a good person. Dang clever too. I can’t wait for the weather to lift so I can put on my hiking boots and match wits once again. 😉

    Any chance you can tell us how he got the other DFC’s?

    • running-
      I originally had them in the post but Forrest asked me to just use one. I believe he was somewhat embarrassed by the post..He does not typically talk about his missions…He’s not trying to hide anything…It’s about not appearing to be a braggart..

  11. Forrest, thank you for your service. It is an privilege to learn more about you. Your actions should teach us how to live.

  12. I find war boring, I had to force myself to read this large part of the book. I makes me uncomfortable. Its upsetting. Forrest said to read it. So I have…over and over. Not my cup of tea. Its a part of his life, but I much rather read about the interesting people in his life.

  13. I was one of thousands that watched the media coverage of that war. You have my respect FF. Thank you for your service.

  14. I will say Thank You for your service to our country forrest too. Just because War is boring and painful for me to read. I do not mean to be disrespectful to forrest. Because I have total Love and admiration for him.

  15. Forrest,

    Your reticence in the matter of your military service is understandable. There is indeed nothing about war to crow about, but at the same time, your record
    exemplifies your contribution. Thank you, Major Fenn, and thank you to all who’ve honorably served our nation.


  16. To Dal, I was not sure where to post this but it seemed like a good place. Thank you for your service. Surviving Marine Boot Camp is huge especially back then. I had a chat with a Marine that fought in the Korean War, his leg was missing and he was in a wheelchair. He was eager to chat about his life. I shook his hand and thanked him for his service. As I sit in my white bread world enjoying the luxuries that other will never know, I take a moment to honor all the warriors who fought for the freedom of the country by remember what sacrifices they made for others to live in peace. Again, thanks to all yall Vets!

  17. How many medals total does Forrest have including his Purple heart? Five?

    • @Spallies page 99 story titled My War For Me, book TTOTC a mention of 23 menials including the one from the South Vietnamese hastily presented as he was headed home.

      Also have a few thoughts on the statement regarding could have finished the poem before etc.. IMO the 5th stanza isn’t complete without hiding the chest first, and another thought is the timing and release of the book.

    • There is never a straight answer..
      I count 27..When Forrest said 23 he may have only been counting his combat medals…
      1 silver star
      3 distinguished flying cross (v device)
      1 bronze star
      1 purple heart
      16 air medals
      1 af commendation
      1 vietnam campaign
      2 national defense
      1 vietnamese cross of gallantry (not official)

      • Thank you for listing these, Dal. I hadn’t known he received the Air Force Commendation, Vietnam Campaign, or the 2 National Defense.

  18. Spallies-
    Depends on how we count them. He has multiples of some. They were awarded to him more than once because he kept exceeding the requirements for them and/or his bosses saw fit to put him in for a second or third based on his performance. I have a photo of his final ribbon rows somewhere. If no one comes up with an answer I’ll see if I can find that photo…

  19. To date, I have only been on one field expedition, I was invited by a fellow whom has read and researched much about the Chase, myself, had not read any of F.F.’s writings, or researched, the matter, however upon hearing about it verbally, I was all in and had a really fine experience. That being said, one of the greatest impacts this Chase has had on my life, is historical studies. I was a history major in college, and reading about these F-100 crews, has been fascinating, to say the least. Mr. Fenn, was and is an exceptional example of what makes U.S. Pilots, the best in the world. “Bury Us Upside Down” is a serious read on these fellas heroism.

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