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APRIL 2014


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My name is Joseph Archuleta and I am in the fourth grade at Chamisa elementary school in Los Alamos New Mexico.  My assignment was to research someone who is famous that lived in or did something special in the state of New Mexico.  I chose Forrest Fenn my dad and I got his book The Thrill of the Chase a couple of years ago and got very excited about the buried treasure.  We read the book in just a couple of nights because it was such an easy read and so fascinating.  I chose Mr. Fenn and I studied about him and his life.  I had to be a wax figure today at school and when people would put a ticket in my bowl I would come to life and give a speech about Mr. Fenn. I made a poster and used pictures from the web and also one he sent me by email.  I got lots of compliments on my speech and poster and my cowboy hat and jean jacket that I wore.  Thank you Mr. Finn for writing such an exciting book and sharing your life story with us I really had fun learning about your life I especially liked the stories of you and your brother Skippy.

Joseph Archuleta

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    • other Brown things worth a second look:
      Henry Kirke Brown – sculptor
      Angie Dickinson’s maiden name (and she was in a gold hunting movie in 1980)
      Epiphyas postvittana
      John Brown who said “These men are all talk – what we need is Action! Action!”
      Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
      Curtis Lee Brown, jr. – astronaut
      “Floreat Majestas” – and the family crest
      FWIW the film ‘Montana’ came out the same year as Charlie Brown was introduced to ‘Lil Folks’ comic which became ‘Paenuts’
      Also, there’s an early film called “How Brown brought Home the goose”.
      And actor/voice talent Clancy Brown was in shawshank redemption which was mentioned recently – (something about a box under a tree?)

      Helen Hayes’s maiden name too — She was in A Farewell to Arms with Cooper, and if you don’t know it already, that’s the Hemingway book/plot that FF really describes on page 11, NOT the other title he erroneously(purposefully?) mentions.

      Sounds like a great report, Joesph – nice choice and great job acting the part of wax works! Wishing you and your dad lots of luck!

      • Mapsmith-
        You whisper to loudly again. IMO…Shawshank Redemption-“box under tree beneath rock that doesn’t seem like it belongs there”—–” But tarry scant” (aka dark stone).” But”…I might be wrong.

          • Very interesting. I could see tarry working out like you said but I don’t agree with the interpretation of scant. Nonetheless, it is an interesting interpretation.

          • To explain my thought process further.
            Treasure Island keeps coming to mind: when I read “tarry scant” I think “black crag”.

            But…could be an architectural term? But again it doesn’t leave the poem as simple as he says we should keep it.
            The chest might not be associated with a structure but it could be a certain distance from a structure or dark stone.

            Most likely it has nothing to do with stone but I will keep it as a thought.
            Still working through all the alternatives.

        • Here is something to make it more interesting-
          Define: But (all meanings)

  1. I am a teacher that worked with my students in Michigan to use computers to research the Treasure Hunt and come up with their suggestions. I took their ideas and my own and flew out to your state to look for the treasure. You have a good heart and wisely picked a good role model to research. If your teacher would like I could stop by your school and share with her what we did in our class. Karen Ruth

    • Karen, I would love to hear more about your research project. I helped Joseph a bit and was so thrilled that he was interested in such an interesting man. There are so many interesting personalities who lived in NM.
      I am a Michigander myself, a UPer. Are you in New Mexico now????!!

  2. Hi Joseph, I’m so proud of you for reading Mr. Fenn’s book. I enjoyed it also! Isn’t Mr. Fenn a cool and interesting man? I hope you and your Dad find the treasure. Good luck!

  3. Well done Joseph! You picked a worthy person to research. Forrest has done so much for his country when he served in the military, and so much for tourism, not only in NM but all the Rocky Mountain states. He has brought a lot of fun and joy into the lives of those who have searched for his treasure even if they didn’t find it. Good Luck to you and your dad in your searches! 🙂

  4. I shall put my truck in reverse, head up Los Alamos and perform my task this week and, God willing, I shall enjoy my time watching one of my school aged offspring graduate with her master’s degree in TX. Good going. The Joseph story has inspired me to head up to “The Hill.” For those of you who do not know, Los Alamos is known as “The Hill.” I think I’ll go up through the Bandelier side. I’ve done my reasearch. I like your choice in clothing, Joseph. I hope I can choose clothes as well as you have. I will watch out and be respectful of the guards at the governmental site.

  5. Isn’t it amazing how one man can touch the lives of so many ? The world needs more Forrest Fenn’s.

  6. The sense of adventure and spirit that Mr. Fenn has created with this book is worth more than the treasure itself. Thank you for your service and for lighting the spirit of adventure in future generations!

  7. Joseph in your research by chance did you happen to run across some warm water that halts? 😉

  8. I’m sure u made a A plus u couldn’t have picked a better topic to write about. Good job Joseph

  9. Aweeeeee, that was a special tribute to MR. FENN and how he has lived his life. Thanks Joseph for being you and keep using your mind and exploring this world and all it has to offer and using your imagination to get you where to want to be as you grow up!!! MS.GIRL

  10. Hi Joseph,

    I love your story and excitement about the Treasure. You picked a great man for your assignment. Also, guess what? I also went to Chamisa Elementary school and was one of the very first students when it opened…I was in 4th grade just like you.

    My favorite thing was to go into the Rio Grande canyon behind our house to explore an old hermits cave. Hey, do you suppose Mr. Fenn hid his treasure there? Some classmates of mine discovered some very old pots in an old Indian cave down there just like Mr. Fenn.

    Have fun with your search and thanks for the great story. Keep us posted on your explorations.

    • I heard the story of the boys finding pots in one of the caves in White Rock canyon from the archeologist at Bandelier. He grew up in Los Alamos and may have been one of the boys or at least of that era.

  11. Joseph, you are a smart young man. Dream big, study hard, live an honorable life, then your future will only be limited by your imagination!!

  12. Thanks for sharing Joseph– I really enjoyed it.The stories in the book about Mr. Fenn and his brother Skippy are also my favorite stories although I think the one about his adventure with Donny is really great too. In fact, they are all great! I think you picked a really fascinating person to learn about and who knows, with a little imagination, a close study of the poem and book, and some effort searching, you and your family just might be the ones to find the treasure. Good luck!

  13. Joseph, great to hear from you! I hope you and your family can get out and join the chase, there are a lot of thrilling things to see, if you are brave and don’t mind the cold! Mr. Fenn is an inspiration to all of us! We must live life to its fullest and have no regrets! Thanks for the story, hope you got an A+! ¥Peace¥ Donna

  14. Hi Joseph- (and typist). 🙂
    I am a fourth-grade teacher in northern AZ. I enjoyed reading about your assignment and how you were a wax figure come to life. That sounded like a lot of fun.

    “. . . such an easy read and so fascinating.” My, what advanced language you use for a fourth grader. I wish my students were so adept with the English language. You keep up the good work.

    I hope you are successful in your hunt.

    Mr. MacSweeny

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