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APRIL 2014

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Fellow searcher and friend of this blog, Renelle Jacobsen is the subject of a story about her fight against cancer in “A Woman’s Health” magazine.

renelle01You might remember that last winter the searchers on this blog contributed over $23,000 for fellow searcher and cancer victim, Renelle Jacobsen. The fund raising took place in the form of a raffle for one of Forrest’s handmade bronze jars. In the jar, Forrest placed goodies he collected like arrowheads and beads and bones and also a beautiful handmade necklace he crafted from objects in his collection. In the end Forrest not only donated the prize but also wrote a check for $5,000 to Renelle upping the total sent to $28,000 and some change. Money to help her through her expensive and prolonged battle against cancer.

Renelle is one of a growing number of people who are living longer-term with metastatic cancer—cancer that has spread from the original site to one or more distant sites in the body. Metastatic cancer is generally considered incurable; but, as cancer treatment continues to evolve, more and more patients are living longer with metastatic disease.

“You have to figure out what keeps you going,” she explains. “It is important to have as much of a life as you can. If you can’t have it outside your house, then figure out how to have it inside your house.”

Renelle’s hunt for Fenn’s treasure has been one way she has continued to live a full life—sifting through clues and trying to deduce where to look next for the bounty. The thrill of the hunt keeps her going, especially on hard days.

If you’d like to know more about the raffle look here:

If you’d like to know more about Renelle, click here:

If you’d like to read the entire story from “A Woman’s Health” magazine, click here:

14 thoughts on “Scrapbook Sixty Five…

  1. Wonderful article on Renelle and living with cancer. Many of us know of friends or family members who have had cancer or are living with it now. Renelle is so inspiring and I hope I can face any health issues I may get with as much strength, courage and grace as she has shown.

    Best wishes Renelle, and good luck with the treasure hunt!

  2. I so love Renelle’s story thank you. Cancer moves us in ways that we never realize inspiring hope is so important. A kind distraction is a blessing and the chase is the most wonderful kind of distraction. Keep searching Renelle sending positive energy and a dose of competition 😉

  3. Renelle, thank you for your courage and hope! Hope may be the greatest treasure of all. You are an inspiration to me and so many others fighting disease. I came late to the Chase and just now read your story. Is it possible to send you a small gift via the Santa Fe bookstore?

  4. Rennelle,
    Your words are full of wisdom and inspiration. Also, that magazine article was informative and encouraging. Love your smile and attitude!

  5. Rennelle!
    So glad for a update. I want you to know….I know someone who is surviving stage 4 cancer…….20 year later. You can do it too! Keep believing and don’t always believe those doctors, because they are not GOD! God Bless You and keep having fun everyday………

    Lou Lee Belle, Chased by Brown Bears in Jellystone Park…….Love YOU

  6. PS…Forrest is a wonderful blessing and inspiration to all of us! He is a survivor and He gives me hope too.

  7. Renelle-
    Thank you so much for your smile.
    It is a gift to us all.
    Know that there are a number of us cheering you on.

    Did you hear about the blond who changed her baby’s diaper only once a week?
    Yeah, it said on the tag, “Good for up to 20 lbs.”


  8. Stay brave Renelle and continue the search you have so much strength and mental healing powers and determination!! You put all of us other Searchers to shame. God is carrying you and we all need to praise and lift Him up He gives us life and wonderful power and takes care of all of our needs and through Him we shall all have our own Heavenly treasure far greater than any one single thing here on Earth. Praise His Holy Name AMEN. GOD IS GOOD!!! Search in the name of The Lord He is Our Strength and Has Made the Heavens and the Earth He has blessed us All!!! AMEN

  9. Dearest Renelle, you truly have a warrior spirit. Being positive, strong, hopeful, living each day to the fullest and keeping a smile on your face while battling an unsceen foe, is truely an admirable blessing. I hope you chase many rainbows and find lots of treasure during your chase! Good luck! Lots of love, Donna

  10. A Warrior, Indeed. Smiling through the tears. It takes a strong spirit with a strong will. I admire you.

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