Scrapbook Sixty Seven…


MAY 2014


Good evening Mr. Fenn,
I hope all is well for you and would like to share that my fiancé and I will be spending our honeymoon camping in our favorite spot this summer for a couple weeks then we intend to explore and possibly hunt for the remainder though we intend to get sidetracked and lost whenever possible. So glad to have the sunny days returning and thank you for your response. While I do not come to you for help in seeking your treasure–that part you have left to each seeker’s own talents and time. After having read so many people’s comments and while there are many who are in it for the “thrill of the chase” and the fun, there are still many of the others from the crazies who claim that you want to steal souls to those who accuse you of lying and still others who try to use your good-intentions to take advantage of others and I was reminded of a Shel Silverstein poem:

by Shel Silverstein

What’s in the sack? What’s in the sack?
Is it some mushrooms or is it the moon?
Is it love letters or downy goosefeathers?
Or maybe the world’s most enormous balloon?

What’s in the sack? That’s all they ask me.
Could it be popcorn or marbles or books?
Is it two years’ worth of your dirt laundry,
Or the biggest ol’ meatball that’s ever been cooked?

Does anyone ask me, “Hey, when is your birthday?”
“Can you play Monopoly?” “Do you like beans?”
“What is the capital of Yugoslavia?”
Or “Who embroidered that rose on your jeans?”

No, what’s in the sack? That’s all they care about.
Is it a rock or a rolled-up giraffe?
Is it pickles or nickels or busted bicycles?
And if we guess it, will you give us half?

Do they ask where I’ve been, or how long I’ll be stayin’,
Where I’ll be goin’, or when I’ll be back,
Or “How do?” or “What’s new?” or “Hey, why are you blue?”
No, all they keep asking is, “What’s in the sack?”
“What’s in the sack?” I’m blowin’ my stack
At the next one who asks me, “What’s in the sack?”
Oh no. Not you, too!

I do believe that you wanted to add some mystery and sense of adventure in the actual World that is ever growing too focused on electronics and immediate gratification. So I would like to ask that should you respond to my email, it be with a memory or joke or riddle or anything that you would like to share other than answering a question about the trove. 
My fiancé and I live in Colorado and though I work in the technology field, I love nothing more than to ramble the mountains with him and explore . The treasure has sometimes added a little new color to these trips, but wandering and seeing new sites and places has always brought our most memorable times. For us, you have added another part to the many treasures we already find out in the mountains, but for those who did not already have that appreciation, you have awakened it!

One Tin Soldier
by Original Caste

Listen, children, to a story
That was written long ago,
‘Bout a kingdom on a mountain
And the valley-folk below.

On the mountain was a treasure
Buried deep beneath the stone,
And the valley-people swore
They’d have it for their very own.

So the people of the valley
Sent a message up the hill,
Asking for the buried treasure,
Tons of gold for which they’d kill.

Came an answer from the kingdom,
“With our brothers we will share
All the secrets of our mountain,
All the riches buried there.”

Now the valley cried with anger,
“Mount your horses! Draw your sword!
And they killed the mountain-people,
So they won their just reward.

Now they stood beside the treasure,
On the mountain, dark and red.
Turned the stone and looked beneath it…
“Peace on Earth” was all it said.

Go ahead and hate your neighbor,
Go ahead and cheat a friend.
Do it in the name of Heaven,
You can justify it in the end.

There won’t be any trumpets blowing
Come the judgement day,
On the bloody morning after….
One tin soldier rides away.

It is mostly the thought of treasure and the mountains and the “Go in peace” that makes this song pop into my head every time and again, in the case that you are unfamiliar with the song, I thought I would share.

Finally, I will share the zygote of the thought that I am on with your treasure poem but not to seek confirmation or hints–just to share. If you do respond, I really do not want you to think that I am clue-seeking and I am having fun even if I am possibly way off in left field 🙂  so while I am sharing, if I am completely wrong then you can have a good chuckle, but do not steer me please…I would like to make the trips and if I do not know I am wrong, then there will still be the fun of possibility!

My family is from the far southern part of this State (Colorado) and while I never have been to my tiny family town of Antonito, I have always intended to see my Gammu’s (grandma) origins and have read much about the whole South/Southwest portion of the State. I am familiar with the history of the Ute Indians and Chief Ouray including his lone entombment in a secret cave. While not born of the tribe that he later led, he did become one of the Uncompahgre Utes–loosely translated to “warm waters”. “Not far but too far to walk” could be a train which led through the whole area. There are many canyons, rivers and streams in area, that I would like to visit a few times first to see which leads where. “Put in below the house of Brown” has meant several things to me at different times, everything from the giant bat cave at Valley View to a Bear cave or trout pond or Beaver dam, but I would like to look a little more at the area and especially the small brown adobe home built up the canyon by Ouray. The last large event that to the Utes being forced off their Colorado lands and onto the reservations in Utah, was the Meeker “Massacre” a little ways further up from Ouray, CO. And now some of the rivers have been damned “no paddle” though I thought perhaps a play on words too (i.e. paddle = oar = ore?) Along the top of the reservoir is an old mining area including bridge that is collapsing.

As the boom fizzled down, these “tired” (as in weary) tracks then had train cars build from cars! “tired” (as in wheels)–even if wrong, I liked the possible double-entendre.  There are several references in the area to wise, but I thought this too might be a play on the Weisbaden Hot Springs spa that were built over the small hut built by Ouray. This blaze, I thought could be another double, both blaze as in marker/trail and as fire/light in a point right up the road that is called “Look Out Point” marked by a huge sign (featuring both a bear and a trout by the way) and looks out on Red Mountain so-called because it looks like it is on fire with the sun at certain angles. The “..tarry scant with marvel gaze” could both refer to hurrying up (if the sun is setting) and also the large tar pit in the area. I thought that this might all be leading to the secret cave where Ouray’s body lay hidden for 45 years until he was ceremoniously buried next to his wife in Ignacio, CO and he was then and now known as the peacemaker.

There were a few items that I also wanted to state I am pretty sure that people are perhaps being too presumptuous with (but I am still awaiting a copy of your book and so I could be wrong):
* That you carried all 42 lbs. at once
* That it must be buried –even though you say not
* That the box and not perhaps the spot/place is hidden

I was introduced to your poem last year by my fiancé and while we did a little wandering and research (Wise Mountain, Mount Meeker, looking for forest fens, etc.) and it was not until I was floating dozing at a hot spring that the thought of the brown bats caves occurred to me and I began to wonder again. I need to further develop my idea but I feel like I could be on a very strong goose-chase!
So, again I would like to thank you for allowing others to be a kid again and say that we will remember you.


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  1. Tomacita,
    Great story and a very interesting insight on the poem’s solution. I hope you keep on searching. I wish you and your future husband a blessed future.

  2. I’m a sucker for uncle Shel and that’s a great poem choice indeed.

    Also a nice affirmation that Mr Fenn does indeed read every email.
    Thanks FF and thanks Tomacita.

  3. Hi Tomacita, nice story. My lady and I will also be on our honeymoon next week. f has shaken things up in many ways… smiles.
    Your solves sound as good as any… good luck!

  4. Hi Tomacita – What a nice letter you wrote. I am glad Mr. Fenn shared it with all of us. We all need to be reminded of the gift that Forrest has given all of us, and I think your letter/poem/song, does just that. I was wondering what you meant when you said “That the box and not perhaps the spot/place is hidden”. Would you please explain? Thanks and enjoy your wedding day!

  5. Best wishes in the Chase and in your future wedded life “Tomacita” ! Have fun in both areas! 🙂

      • I thought the name “Tomicita”, which is an unusual and uncommon name, was a pseudonym, not the real name of a person writing to Forrest. The “Tomicita” I recall was a women Forrest mentioned in a story about Georgia O’Keefe that took place in Taos.

  6. Dal,
    Did ff send you this to post? Or was it sent to you and just addressed to ff? Thanks.

  7. Tomacita, I agree with you about what seeking treasure is all about, and glad you sent the poem/lyrics to Forrest! I know Forrest is familiar with it, because last year I sent the music video to him since it’s a song that I’m currently re-arranging and recording. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. Here’s the link to the original video if you’d like to see it.

    • As an artist myself, I want to give credit to the original writers of “One Tin Soldier” Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter. Like I told ff when I first sent him the video and lyrics last year, the band Original Caste were the first to record it. Cher also recorded another version.

      • You are right and I should have even known better…I wrote to Lambert and Potter right after finally again finding the song after 22+ years of looking. On a side note: I had asked of Lambert the question if “one tin” was a play on the word “wonton” to which I received a vague and amused response…what do you think?

        • Tomacita, I must say you have great taste in music! Your question you asked Lambert was a good one, and his answer is very interesting!

        • Tomacita, I thank you for sharing your story, and the song “One Tin Soldier” with Forrest, so that it ended up being a subject on Dal’s blog! It sounds like your intention was similar to mine, when I sent it to ff last year! Best wishes in your search for treasures of every kind!

  8. Tomacita, great story…wait! Do I hear the slamming of car doors, the screeching of tires? Hope everyone headed that way respects the area! Have fun and congratulations on what will be your most thrilling adventure in life…marriage! ****Think of each other first, kiss often, and never go to bed angry! Works for me!
    ¥Peace¥ Donna

  9. P.S. This is a great example of logical thinking, using google and maps and checking out the area for historical relevance! Bravo Fenn , for posting. Got the message!

        • Well, Amy…this Ouray area sounds pretty good! It may be worth checking out. Could be F’s way of giving out the area, ready to finish it. Maybe Mrs. F is ready for a normal quiet time now! Who knows! And the race is on! Be safe sweetie! ¥Peace¥

          • You to Mrs. Donna . My mind and heart go only to one location !!!!!!!:)

  10. Ya know, kinda wonder where everyone is. Eating supper or cking out this CO location! Lol

  11. That was my favorite movie…Billy Jack when it came out. That was a time of transformation, like bad habits are for our kids now and FF wants to wake up. THE PROBLEM existed (in our grandparents heads, Indians were non-entities. They weren’t in our common thoughts in history, nor were taught in respect our true history as late as the 60’s. and 70’s. Not sure they are getting the respect they deserve yet. But no doubt they have caught the pulse of every gambler, hence the stoic Indian sculptures of the past. The wise men who quietly learned the foolish mans weakness. Quietly watching. Hmmmm.

    Carry On!

    I got nothing but the sound of my own voice…LOL

    • We talk of the genocide by the Germans and yet the early white man killed off 100 million Native Americans for “their” resources and land. Go figure.

      • “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts.” Daniel Patrick Moynihan

        for those who might be interested in a more balanced, informative and fact based view of this subject rather than swallowing whole a greatly exaggerated opinion without questioning its veracity

        • Thanks Chris for calling me out. I just recalled where I saw that figure, it was on a Tee shirt… 🙂

          I have been reading a lot of Native American history myself, and I can’t help but see how cruelly they were treated by the early government. There is no denying the fact that when gold or other precious minerals were found on Indian lands, they were moved to less valuable lands. The Utes are a good example, look up where they were moved to.

          I shouldn’t have made my comment on here to begin with, I apologize for the distraction.

  12. Not to argue, but men of all color have done each other wrong! My hopes would be that all mankind learned a little f philanthropia. To have a little love, mercy, compassion, and faith. To act humanely! One can hope. 🙂

    • I hear you Mark. But you can’t help but look around you and ask where hope has gone. It’s so sad.

  13. Great story and search area, Tomacita. I have been there a time or two four wheeling in my jeep listening to C.W. McCall.

  14. Order, order. These scrapbooks are out of order. Now I wonder what scrapbook 87 will hold. Will I be seeing double if a scrapbook goes missing. These scrapbooks can drive someone half bonkers. I’m going to have to put an end to this scrapbooking and have my own published. Since my scrapbook will be among others like wolves in sheeps clothing, I will borrow a little from TTOTC and title my scrapbook, “Dancing among them while walking straight.” I will start writing about my past adventures in the month of June. Thanks for the Scrapbooks, Dal and FF. I loved the way this one reads. Shel Silverstein, I believe is the founder of Dr. Hook. I just happen to like that Dr. Hook music. Again, Thank you.

  15. Dal

    Do you have a special relationship with FF? The question was asked how this scrapbook came about. Was it sent over by Forrest or did you decide to post this?

    • @ Ed & Jack……Dal is on the road so I’ll try to answer your question. On the scrapbook page Dal writes: This is a scrapbook of photos and words that Forrest has sent to share with searchers. Some of these scrapbook pages will undoubtedly help you in your search. Others are simply meant to enlighten you about Forrest’s life.

      This post could obviously go in the “other’s adventures” category, but I’m assuming because it came from Fenn Dal put it in a scrapbook. Dal will be checking in and I’m sure he’ll straighten me out if I’m wrong.

      • I am curious though. If Dal posted it but it was addressed to Forrest, then did he get it from Forrest? Perhaps Dal will clarify.

        • Jack, I’ve only been on this blog for 1 1/2 years but to my knowledge, everything that Dal posts that is addressed to Forrest, is emailed to Dal from Forrest. Almost every picture that is posted with these emails is from Forrest too, unless f asks Dal to add a picture to go with the email. If Dal is posting something of his own, he will tell us up front that the post is from him. This is the best site for all Forrest related info!

          • GG and CJ, Thanks for the responses. That is what I thought- that Dal usually puts info directly from Forrest in the scrapbooks unless he identifies it as his own thoughts or experiences.

  16. A couple of more questions for people to ponder. Would appreciate your thoughts.

    1. Do you think the blaze can be found on Google Earth?

    2. How close to the treasure do the clues in the poem lead you if followed correctly?

    • 1. No.

      2. The clues lead you directly to the treasure, if followed precisely, as Mr. Fenn has stated. Therefore, I believe that once you have found the blaze, the treasure is in the immediate area. I believe “look quickly down, your quest to cease” tells us just that. And I believe that line is the 9th clue.

  17. 1 no

    2 I think as u see the blaze it’s right there somewhere . !!!!!!! 🙂

    • I believe that it would be in direct proportion to getting it to last at least 1000 years. How deep would he bury it (if he buried it).

      • If I were to bury something for safe keeping, so metal detectors would miss it, and safe from heat, etc, it would be at least 3 feet, as F said the depth was when he buried his bells in the desert.
        Land slides are an element of nature and is certainly a plausible possibility, so I suppose it could get buried on its own.

    • Amy, How deep is a hole was the answer F gave when asked a question. I didn’t mean it was buried! He has never admitted it was or wasn’t buried, but secreted, yet exposed to the elements. ¥Peace¥

      • Mrs. Donna
        I guess dirt is a element underground ? Lol Lord who knows !!!!!!! 🙂

        • Sometimes Forrest has wanted to say buried by mistake he catches his self and says hid it etc… I feel that it is buried it is safer that way

  18. If Fenn buried the chest looking quickly down will not reveal it. A Newsweek article a while back claims that Fenn said the chest is fully exposed to the elements but in subsequent interviews Fenn uses the terms placed and hid so buried maybe. Here is an actual quote from Newsweek.

    “But as you frisk and refrisk the poem for its meaning, keep a few more clues in mind: some people have suggested the treasure is under water, plopped in a river where Fenn loved to fish or swim. They are wrong, I know, for in a moment of exuberance, Fenn said so. He told me the chest is “exposed” to rain and snow, and could be scorched in a forest fire. He told me the box, which is just 10 inches by 10 inches, is unlocked—suggesting it’s someplace where it is unlikely to be toppled or otherwise thrown open.”

  19. Interesting to see the wide variety of answers to a couple of pertinent questions. Here is another position in relation to blaze,look quickly down and location of box. What if you were laying on your back and saw the blaze? I am not saying that is my position, but I have looked at that angle in the past.

      • Theoretically, you would be looking at your feet, or back from where you came…

  20. Interesting… I believe at some point Forrest said forest fires were of safe keeping consideration when he hid the treasure…….conflicts?

  21. He said it is exposed to the elements, period. Forrest fires are an element of nature.

  22. Personally I don’t think it is buried, but that is a possibility. I think the important thing is that he hid it with the intention of it being found but only by whoever solves the poem. He says the poem will lead you to the chest and if you solve it you will go with confidence. So something in the solution will tell you what to look for. Perhaps a symbol, a phrase, a number or set of numbers, etc. Only the correct solution will reveal what to look for.

    • I agree with you Jack. Whatever Fenn did with the chest the poem will unlock which is what the point of this chase is about. I don’t think the poem ever says you will see the chest from the blaze. I think that certain aspects of this poem can only be known if you are at the right local for instance. There will be no paddle up your creek.

  23. Am I the only one who remembers Fenn saying when asked if the chest was buried, that he told the interviewer “I’m not saying it’s not buried, I just don’t want to give that as a clue” (or words to that effect).

    • He did say exactly that. Maybe there’s a conflict it appears that way or maybe he was misquoted in the Newsweek article but I will say this Fenn says that from the time that he got cancer in 1988 till the time that he hid the chest was 15 years this would put the chest hidden in 2003 yet Fenn says when he was 79-80. Somewhere there is a conflict. We know Fenn is 83.

      • No Ed, he said it took him 15 years to write the poem. He hid it when he was 79 or 80, so 2009 or 2010. It is in his Gypst Kiss interviews, and his book and his site and this site also.
        That means, the poem was finished around 2003 and he waited 7 yrs (or so) to hide it. He did not hide it in 2003.

        • Donna you are wrong. Go back and watch Fenn in the bookstore in Taos, it’s on YouTube. In it he says and I quote. From the time that I got cancer till the time that I hid the chest was 15 years. From 88 to 03 is 15 years no getting around that.

          • Ed is correct. That is what he said and we have discussed this at chase chat a few months ago. The best we could deduce is that he also said he was worried about people checking rental car records, etc so he was vague about the exact time of hiding it. So he could have hid it as early as 2003 but no one can verify exactly when anyone saw treasure last to counter that claim.

          • Ed, he did slip up on that, it took 15 years to write the poem, and then he said don’t go where a 79 or80 year old man couldn’t go, which puts the hiding when he was 79 or 80 at 2009/2010. He won’t admit which year he hid it. There are a lot of people out there that would go so far as to trace rental car records etc. And he will not admit to the mode of transportation because of that. Confusion on the date helps to hide cheaters. But, the date doesn’t matter anyway! Just that it is out there!

    • He said I’m not saying it is buried but I’m not saying it isn’t either.

    • You’re correct germanguy – the Santa Fe Report interview he says (paraphrase)” I didn’t say it was buried, and I didn’t say it wasn’t. I dont wanna give that as a clue ‘

  24. Yes he has said this in several interviews. I tend to think it is not buried, but put somewhere under a rock or log, etc. He hid it, secreted it. I think it would be against ff’s ideals to have buried it – then assume that only searchers with a shovel and a metal detector would be able to find it. He said it was difficult but not impossible – if it was buried that would be pretty much impossible, to those of us without a metal detector. That, and if he buried it, then said it was buried, there would be people tearing up all of YNP and every other place with a waterfall and place of historical value (see movie “Holes”)

    I have just been using TTOTC after many dead ends, rumors, false information on blogs, and have made much more progress on a spot with the book and poem only. If you go back and read “Gold and More” there is no hint at burying, only the words “…I decided to fill a treasure chest with gold and jewels, then secret it” “…secret my cache.”

    IMO, look around at your blaze, look under a rock or log, but don’t dig the heck out of the place! With so many searchers that would be a lot of scars. I could be wrong, but seems unlikely to me – being at the bottom of a riverbed seems more realistic.

    • Hank, I agree except for being under water. It is not under water, it is exposed to the elements.

  25. The poem will lead u to the blaze and then whatever u need to do at that location u will then know exactly where to search or whatever is around blaze !!!!!!! 🙂

  26. Me I’m digging at my spot I found a blaze that may pertain to Forrest I will see soon !!!!!!! 🙂

      • I guess so it’s protected that way . Forrest likes to dig up stuff and buries his bells so I think it’s buried . And the location where I search doesn’t have a lot of logs or a wood pile so I’m thinking dig !!!!!!!:)

  27. Forrest has said it it Hidden, not buried…….I think the chapter with the “UNDERWOOD” Typewriter is the clue. Its under WOOD>>>>>that is why, Forrest said also its by tree’s. And the Poem say’s “IN THE WOOD” OK? Its all pointing to this….Not buried, hidden…..for real.

    • Lou Lee! You GO girl! IMO–You are 100% right! He also said as a child he would roll over logs…he is pillowed down & scented in…down in…you rock the facts girl! ¥Peace¥

      • Donna, Thanks so muchy! And best wishes on your Journey! Have a great great time…..

  28. Underwood defined as smaller shrubs that that surround taller trees so I guess pull a shrub up !!!!!!!:)

    • Digging, pulling up shrubs…MAN Amy, I see some underlying tension building here. He loves plants, flowers, trees and nature. No need to dig up a shrub! Ok, I’m taking away your shovel! Lol

  29. Amy, I got lots of dandelions over here, you can work
    on these! Then we can have a great natural salad. It will make that desire to dig melt away! 😉

  30. Forrest officially did not say wether the chest was buried or not but according to the Newsweek article he said it wasn’t buried.

        • The reference to put in is used like a boat put-in but we know Fenn isn’t saying this. I believe put in refers to the chest. Fenn has said I put it there. Remember nothing is as it seems. The surface picture would have you believe you enter a canyon and put a canoe in a rough river.

  31. I heard forrest say: Buried, than correct himself saying Hidden. I also heard him say and Metal detector Might help. I also heard him say it was in the wood.

  32. Remember everyone, all you need is the poem, maybe the book,google and/or a good map. IMO, no detector needed, or shovel. A flashlight & sandwich if you search after dark is helpful…quote.

    • No not down the creek. The objective is up forward so what then? Well the way forward is if you are brave and in the wood.

  33. This post seems fishy to me. Tomacita is engaged? That makes her somewhat young, maybe in her late 20’s to mid-thirties if average. (IMO) She also stated that she works in technology, so that rules out most anyone over 40. (IMO)

    She posts the lyrics from One Tin Soldier (which I also alluded to in an earlier post). I am 55. This song was written in ’69 and became popular for only a short time in ’73, and then faded out into musical obscurity.

    So, if she is say thirty, then either she had hip parents who had this album and played this song, or possibly this post is written by someone quite a bit older who would have been listening to radio in the early 70’s and been very familiar with this tune.

    Dal, how old are you? Hmmmmm . . . . .So, (IMO) this is a song that quite probably Dal would have been familiar with.

    Goofy mentioned that Dal was on the road. To Ouray, CO ???
    Did he just give us a teaser to come join him?? That is after he has checked all his spots?? 🙂

    ( I just scrolled up to see if anyone else had a similar thought, and BAM, I think there a couple of us who are on the same wavelength. )

    Interesting thought that ff might be the author. Perhaps trying to steer people up into Ouray to help get this search over with. Nice clues listed, (IMO) especially the tomb of the peacemaker. But there are so many “good solves” that maybe this really is just another poster.

    Tomacita? Are you out there to reply and prove me the fool?

    • Google Tomacita it’s a restaurant in Santa Fe NM. Quite possibly Fenn goes there. I’m going to say FF put this nice little treat together 🙂

      • My middle name is Edward, so I’m with you on this one.
        Good google, Ed.

      • Ed, the restaurant is named “Tomasita’s” and may not be the same “Tomacita” Forrest was referring to in the Georgia O’Keefe story he related which took place in Taos. Whether Forrest forwarded that email from a young person named Tomacita or just used that as a pseudonym, I look at everything he emails to Dal as a possible clue and examine it carefully. Sounds like you do too! 🙂

    • @MacSweeney, I’ll let Dal update everyone on where he is and how old he is, he doesn’t look a day over 75 to me.

      Speaking of age, I’m 61 and work in technology. Don’t count us old geezers out just yet.

      • I’ll second that. Sixty-eight here and I find I’m still fixing computers.

      • Point well-taken. Guess I just missed the boat with the tech stuff.

      • I had written this as a personal message to Mr. Fenn without any intention of others reading it. When he asked if he could post –or rather send to Dal to post,–I had thought that some details would be removed including my my name. As i stated above, either Dal or Mr. Fenn chose the name ‘Tomacito’ as a psuedonym. I have not previously posted here or elsewhere and had only written what I did in a private email. For those of you who wished my fiancé and I well, thank you; for those who doubt my existence or veracity, there is not any way via blog to really do so other than post the very same information that I did not want to share that led you to doubt me in the first place (name, dob, address, etc.) And so we are in a conundrum. Either I am real but won’t prove it; I am a made up person; I am either Dal or Mr. Fenn writing as someone else (maybe they too are one and the same); or I suppose I am a ghost (give me some chains and call me Marley! Wooooooowooooo!)

        • Tomacita – The name chosen for you has a very lovely meaning behind it. Also, why do you feel the need to explain yourself to anyone? They tend to get uptight around here. Enjoy your search and your journey.

        • It is pretty much never a good idea to post personal information on a public forum. No need to explain, just about everyone here uses a pseudonym, including me. Some even seem to use more than one name for their own strange reasons. 🙂

          Again, Best Wishes to you and your fiancé!

        • Tomacita,
          I never doubted the authenticity of your private email to Fenn. I personally found your email quite interesting and full of life (in both you and your fiancé).

          I want to apologize for those individuals who cast a shadow over your words. It never fails that there will be those that are skeptics and can’t step back and see the good in people. Combine that with the desperate urge to be the one to find a treasure and you have the dark side of this Chase. Not everyone agrees with them, thank God. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to set things straight, we hope you will stay and post with us, as there are a lot of decent people here.


        • I never doubted your authenticity as a searcher either. Dal has stated in the past that this blog gets thousands of hits a day. I imagine most people believed your story and never doubted your existence–like most, I read everything on this blog but seldom post a comment. Thanks for your wonderful story…

          • Thank you german guy and cynthia…I just had not been on here before to post and after reading my email and some of the more negative comments I became a wee bit defensive. I am glad there are others on here who are pleasant. Happy hunting to you as well 🙂

        • Tomacita, I believe you are you! The naysayers and dark clouds on this sight probably have a survivor stash for a zombie attack too! Let them sit in a negative aura, while we all will shine on…right to the treasure! Congrats and stay safe. Happy hunting! ¥Peace¥ €€Disclaimer= no names were mentioned in the making of this statement. Only the guilty will respond! ππ

        • “Tomacita”
          I stand corrected. You have proved me the fool! And I agree with Pam. I think that there are a few of us ( I am in that group) who are a bit suspicious of FF and the possibility of him being up to something. I meant no disrespect to you as a person. I think your solve sounded quite logical. I still do. Many parts seem to blend together well. I was simply tossing out some more shaving thoughts that Amy S. and others have encouraged me to do. I am quite the skeptical person, and so I often offer up skepticism. But it is only meant as something for folks to chew on, not choke on. I don’t think that some of us are uptight as Pam has mentioned, but rather wound up as we sit at home Neitzeling on the computer ( my term for constant reading of this blog) playing mental chess with each other and waiting for the time we can get out and let loose exploring. I wish you and your fiance all the best in the future. Thank you for sharing your search with us. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Happy hunting.

    • Yeah there are some things that don’t add up. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone post on here under that name, not that they aren’t using a different name. The thing that bugs me is did this person spend all this time writing this to ff, exposing all their ideas, then say “ok just post it all for everyone to see”. Dubious…

      • Dubious indeed, Hank!!
        While I was shaving this morning, the thought came to me that perhaps Mr. Fenn is under pressure from our friends in the Fed’l. Gov’t. to have this search ended. All speculation of course, but I need something to do with my ADD. 🙂 And, perhaps ff is tiring of the whole thing. Who knows? (Well, yeah, he does.) BYGMP

        • The fox dressed in a searchers costume…I have been hearing the whispers for sure…getting tired of the “Unthrill of the wait”…vacay yet? Dang…

    • Hi. I am very much so a real person and to answer some questions: I am 35; my parents were not much into my choices in music but I had heard the song when I was 6 and looked for it until finding it at the age of 28; the name ‘Tomacita’ was either Forrest or Dal ‘ doing (I wrote an email to Mr. Fenn and he asked if it could be posted and I consented should my name be changed); and there was additional part to the email containing an expert from the book “The Little Prince” that may have been excluded from the post for length.

      • Thanks for the post, Tomacita. Presume you meant excerpt. Like this:
        On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.

        • Le Petit Prince c ‘ est mon livre prefere! But the excerpt that I had included was the story of the walk in the desert for the well and the narrator’s recollection of the home of his childhood that supposedly contained a treasure. The thought of a “treasure” in the world lends it some mystery and adventure and it was my feeling that that was Mr. Fenn ‘ intent.

      • What?!! No come back from the McChes-girl??
        I’m disappointed. 🙂

        Amy, it wasn’t the song lyrics that tie into the possible location, but rather all the clues that “Tomacita” referred to. I was alluding to “her” age in reference to the song. Hope to see you out in CO this summer. Silverton/Ouray/Telluride have always been my points of interest. That’s where I’ll be.
        Just two more weeks of school and then it’s show time!! Happy digging.

        • mac-guy—I had grandkids to care for. Im sure you are handling things fine!

          • Oh, no cut intended, Donna.
            I enjoy your posts, and was referring to yours and Amy’s digging comments. That’s all.
            Sorry if I stepped on toes. I know I’m new here, and maybe acting too familial. Peace.

          • Hey Mac, it’ cool. I was being funny! You are a pretty smart cookie for being new! Appreciate the intelligent insight! ¥Peace¥

  34. So I read the article in Backpacker magazine, May 2014. I have a basic question. In following the blogs and watching the interviews, I have heard/read Forrest state a variety of answers concerning how many searchers have gotten the 1st two clues correct. A few, several, and people are continually getting the first two correct. In the Backpacker article, Forrest states that out of over 36000 emails, only a few have correctly figured out the first two. If it is only a few out of 36000 + emails, wouldn’t that discount the more popular places such as the Firehole/Madison river area, as well as the ones in NM, like Eagles Nest. Or is the correct answer the one where he stated that people are continually figuring out the first two. That would put popular areas back in play.

    • Croix (as in a river in MN?) I’ve never seen a quote about “people continually getting the first 2 clues correct”. Do you remember where you read/heard that and have a link? It does seem rather important, especially to me! 🙂

      • Yep, the ST Croix of MN. I read the current remark in the Backpacker issue. I will find the other instances when I have a chance. I know a couple were during interviews or book signings.

        • I’m originally from MN so that had a familiar ring to it. 🙂

          Thanks for trying to find the link to “people continuing to get the first 2 clues” as to me that does mean the treasure could be in a place maybe many more than “a few” have been searching so perhaps the more obscure and remote WWWH and canyons down that would be too far (or difficult) to walk for a 79-80 year old man could be dismissed. Something to think about anyway!

  35. is Chief Ouray part of a hint here? i give you title (ute title) to the gold

  36. Chris you seem like you are on a good path. but I like Uncompahgre as wwwh, now just gotta find me a canyon to go down… oh, so many to choose from.

  37. Hmmmmm…suspicious…

    Very well written “Tomacita”…surprised you haven’t responded to any comments yet…maybe a “thank you”, or something…

    You’ve been on the chase for a year, but you are still waiting on your book? Hmmmm….

    How the hell are you reminded of Shel Silverton (I mean “Silverstein”) from the context of your story before that poem? Not to be accusatory, but that doesn’t seem to follow…hmmmmm….

    All right, I’m dancing around it, and I am just gonna come out and say it (you know a lot of us are thinking it)…this is a hint folks. I have always been in the Colorado camp, and now I am very encouraged.

    Some talk about trains…Silverton Railroad anyone?

    Searchers would be “wise” to focus on Ophir (what’s the name of that pass between Ouray and Silverton?)

    • From what I can see, “Tomacita” seems to be a person who has made some interesting and good connections between things she has read and/or heard, to Forrest’s treasure. The Tin Soldier song has been popular the last few years during the current war and the Silverstein poem is in a children’s book called “Where the Sidewalk Ends”, which is still a very popular book. I figured she did not want her real name used and that Forrest had chosen it as her pseudonym. It really doesn’t matter as it still is a very nice story and email.

      Again, Best Wishes to “Tomacita”!

      • Oh, sure! Go ahead and spoil my fun, CJ. We have no TV or radio at home so I am out of touch with things a lot. I still think that it was penned by ff. Too many references as to what the chase was all to be about from the beginning. I think the SS poem reflects how ff must be feeling now. Too much emphasis and focus on the gold and the chest.

        • Umm pseudonym… no this is classic Fenn. I mean sure some researcher may have sent him some of this stuff but not all of it compiled like it is. I’ve read through his book and there are some real fishy stories in there too so I have this gut instinct when Fenn is playing BUT the point is that Fenn is having fun with the hints so Mr. Fenn don’t keep them coming because this is too much you’ve given away some huge leads here sir.

        • 😀 Since the references in the email don’t relate to my search area I’m not that interested in them. I always look carefully at the emails however because Forrest picks specific ones out of all the thousands he receives and I always feel he picks them because they contain hints of some kind, and maybe they are not what appear to be the obvious ones, but more subtle ones. Anyway, that’s my reasoning and I’m sticking to it! LOL!

    • 1. I have only been casually looking for a year and I work 70 hours a week so do not spend all week on blogs and sites.
      2. I apologize that there was a delay in my response but i had not realized that my email was posted already and so many comments.
      2. Did not hear back initially from the bookstore but have now and will order book but have other things going on in my life like planning a wedding
      3. Did not get Ouray from One Tin Soldier…not quite sure where someone got that idea.
      4. The Shel Silverstein had nothing to do directly with the treasure and some of the email is not present. My point was that like the man in poem who is hounded for the contents of his bag, so is Mr. Fenn for the treasure (pretty sure everyone understood that but you).

      I have now posted 3 responses including this one and may come across as irritable because I never meant the email to turn into anything more than a dialogue between Mr. Fenn and I. On top of that while i work with software, I do not blog or tweet and prefer to spend my spare time in nature rather than thinking about it. Lastly, I find the idea of sharing information to find a treasure amusing but had no intent to be a part of it and am not a fan of the idea that my thoughts were shared.

  38. The scrapbook is for things Forrest wants to post. He sends them to me and I put them here. I also occasionally post things here that Forrest has not sent. In that case I write at the top that this post was made by me and not by Forrest. Typically the posts by me that appear in the scrapbook are related to Forrest but not his words..and not things he asked me to post…and don’t seem to fit in any other category on this blog.

    This story was sent by Forrest to me to be posted in the scrapbook. The name Tomacita is a name Forrest chose. That is often done in letters he sends from other searchers so that you and I do not know who they really are. In this case he asked (Tomacita) if he could put it on the blog and she said yes but she did not want people to know her real name.

    When other searchers send me stories of their search I post them in the “Others Adventures” category. However this story was not sent to me by it’s author it was sent by Forrest to be posted…so it went in his scrapbook.

    You will always know when I post something in Forrest’s Scrapbook because I will declare that at the top of the page.

  39. Colorado is always worth visiting, and revisiting with reference to the Chase. There is a connection between Chief Ouray and Richard Wetherill at Mesa Verde. Or perhaps ff wants us to consider burial beneath a cliff floor or rocks in the fashion Ute Indians were entombed. There may even be a secret cave not yet disccovered by anyone but Forrest, and he wants it left undisturbed. At any rate the one who finds the treasure should give consideration to Forrest’s wishes to quietly “Go in peace” and also why that’s wise. IMO Forrest’s generosity and spirit of adventure are the heros in this story; it’s fitting to remain anonymous and return the bracelet privately.
    Just some thoughts while I wait for the thaw. Spring comes late to the high country.

  40. Its ODD. Like some of his stories in the books. Something is up with it….

  41. Anyone – During the book-signing event at Moby Dickens in Taos FF mentioned a gossip book – still on his computer. One story is about Georgia O’Keefe & Terecita Ferguson trying to take two men to a hotel. There is quite a background concerning Terecita & the Mystic Mine. I believe that the name “Tomacita” is the clue, if indeed there is one. I seem to remember, maybe according to Dal, that the whole southern Colorado area had been pretty much searched to death. Isn’t that Ouray place a bit touristy? By the way, what evidence is there that FF wants the Chase to end soon? Have I been sleeping for thousands of years? We’re the impatient ones – not FF.

    • Thanks for finding the reference Becky. I thought the name in the Georgia O’Keefe story was “Tomacita” but couldn’t remember where I had seen/heard the story before. If there are clues in this emailed story, they would probably be very subtle but I know nothing about the areas mentioned in the email so I can’t really comment on whether it would be a good search area or not. Anyway, it’s not where I’m looking!

    • I agree Becky, with the part about Forrest not being impatient and wanting this to end. I believe that he still gets a big charge out of all of the ideas and theorizing and antics. The idea that the gov is pressuring him to end this is ridiculous……

      • OK, then label me “ridiculous.” It was just a thought, Ken. I like all the rest of the stuff you have written BTW.

        • My comment was not a label. My opinion is simply that I doubt anyone w/ authority is or could pressure Forrest to end this. Comments in general are clearly posted to be put to the test and shared as ideas.

    • I typed “Toma Cita translation” into Google……

      Apparently Toma Cita is Spanish for “Making an Appointment”……..

      I don’t know what to make of that, but I thought it was interesting.

    • I have no idea what that means. But I’m glad you’re laughing.
      I think I’ll stay away for a while. Feeling a bit like Mike D. 🙁
      Tough crowd here. Sorry if I insulted anyone. I’ll still enjoy your posts though.

      • Don’t go Mac! No-one has found the chest so no-one has all the answers —- yet. Your ideas are just as good as anyone else’s.

        While I don’t think Forrest is getting pressure from anyone to end this, I do think HE wants it over. Forrest has had Dal post quite a few “Scrapbooks” lately and has made some very enigmatic statements, one that perhaps indicated that 1 or more people might be close to solving the puzzle. Is this to spur everyone to get their thinking caps on or for us to get out there to our special spot? I see hints in almost everything he writes even if others think he’s just posting to try to keep interest up. It could all be wishful thinking on my part but it keeps me going! I’m looking forward to getting out to look but if I don’t find it, this will be my last trip.

        Good luck to you and keep posting!

        • I do agree with you CJ. Does seem like Forrest may want to see someone find it sooner rather than later.
          My next trip, which will be my second, will also be my last as well. Unless of course it’s still out there, say 6-7 years from now. I might take another crack at it then.

        • CJinCA-
          After catching up on all the post I tend to agree with you as far as hints in most of his “Scrapbooks”. In particular the use of quotation marks around certain words in the recent scrapbooks. Not that I think he wrote the emails but that I think he picked certain specific emails which would give him a chuckle as to the hints provided without being detected by us.
          The Scrapbook with Mz Fashion Maven first suggested this process to me. Some other. words of interest are “burros”, “walkers” or “spot”.
          Gives me something else to run wild with but they at least all make sense to me.

      • You’re a good guy Mac. The chase is heating up, and could very well end in the coming months. Stick around and enjoy it while it lasts.

        • Thanks, UP and CJ. I’ll just lay low for a while anyway. I do tend to jabber too much. Just ask my wife, kids, and students. 🙂

      • Mac. My post had nothing to ido with you. I was breaking down tomacita…the name of the post? Wow i did not put that together your name at all, sorry if you thought that. I honestly was not aware of you. Really! We all can be a little sensitive.

        • Lou Lee-
          I wasn’t upset by your comment. I was just confused . . . but happy you got a chuckle out of whatever you were referring to.
          My “tough crowd” comment was a reference to Ken calling my thought ridiculous. Further up the list of posts. So, I thought I would lay low for a while. Nothing to do with you. 🙂 I apologize for mixing the two posts together in my comment under yours. My bad !!

    • Sorry, I read Macsweeny thought my” To mac it a” was a reference to him. I honestly was just breaking down the name forrest made for poster. I really did not relate it to Macsweeny. So sorry he thought that! Hope he is ok. I did not even read his post, so sorry he thought that. No reference to him, from me. Sorry

  42. All this upset over one post. This reminds me of a quote by Robert Frost. ” Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”.

  43. Colorado is always worth visiting, and worth revisiting in relation to the chase. There is a connection between Chief Ourey and Richard Wetherill.

  44. A very interesting story.
    I think I finally know where to begin it.
    Thank you Forrest.

  45. I really do not believe Forrest would post where the chest is and using Tomicita location and how it’s in detail to where this person is searching . I feel Tomicita is way way off on what she is describing. Besides I’m sure Forrest is not concerned about the government and why are some of u thinking that they government wants him to stop I haven’t seen any news about that . The poem is surely not about a bear cave or about bats and etc… !!!!!!!:)

    • Amy- I was the only one who tossed out the SPECULATION that perhaps maybe we are getting help from ff in the form of Tomacita because the Gov’t might be pressuring him to end this. That’s all. I didn’t mean to stir up anything. It was a thought that crossed my mind while shaving. I will keep my shaving thoughts for just the mirror and myself from here on. 🙂

  46. Also why are people predicting it will be found this year . How do u know this

    • If you listen carefully to everything Forrest has said/written lately, you may pick up hints that he feels some people are close. Maybe some have emailed him their solutions and that has prompted him to have Dal post so many “scrapbooks” lately. It seems to me he is posting things that may be hints, at least I see them as hints, and a few others do too!

      • Could be CJ, but a little over a year ago forrest’s scrapbooks were just numbering around twenty and growing very frequently. Most saw possible hints then too… just sayin’

        • Ken, I was around then but I never had the feeling at that time from the people posting or especially from Forrest’s posts, that people were close, and it wasn’t until later that Forrest starting making comments about people getting the first 2 clues correct and giving out what appear to be hints to me. I certainly could be wrong, but I just have the feeling now that at least a few people are very close.

          • I believe there is at least one that is indeed very close…but close does not count in this case. I believe Forrest has woven many tidbits of info into many of his comments. Until the solution is uncovered and revealed these will remain a mystery…

      • CJ, you could be correct and Fenn is telling us something. I think it’s important we keep in mind that Fenn is a master of marketing, so is he telling us something or just publicizing?

        It doesn’t matter what he is doing, it only matters what we think he’s doing.

          • it was just a thought Ken. I didn’t think it would go very far… 🙂

          • Very true German Guy. If this Chase ever has a true solve and the box is recovered, there probably will not be runner-up prizes…

        • I guess it doesn’t really matter. Whether or not I have interpreted the clues and am successful, this will be my last search. I’ve enjoyed the chase though! 🙂

          • I think that is what Forrest intended for us. He just wants people to get back outdoors and enjoy what nature has to offer. I suspect there is also an underlying message as well. I have always liked your posts CJ

          • Thanks Ken! I’ve enjoyed your posts too! Although Forrest said he wanted us treasure hunters to get out into nature, I must admit that 99% of my work on this puzzle has been at home on the computer doing research. 😀

  47. For those interested in keeping up w/ park news. Interesting story(not at all related to The Chase) about major National Park Service blunder involving one of the most sacred native burial grounds. Effigy Mounds is in Iowa. I only thought it fit in w/ some of the comments about unfair practices concerning how National Parks are managed.

    • Interesting and infuriating info Ken. That superintendent of Effigy Mounds National Monument, and her subordinate should have been fired right away, and her boss, who didn’t take any action, should be fired too. All those tax dollars wasted in the construction of those structures and more tax dollars will be wasted taking them down. 🙁

      • The tax dollars are one thing. The total lack of over site and punishment is what baffles me…. back to the CHASE

        • Exactly! That’s why they should all be fired! Rules and regulations were in place to protect the sacred sites and they were blatantly ignored or covered up when it was discovered.

          Back to the chase – I do not think the treasure is on Indian Land! I’m thinking it’s on BLM land but, if I ever found it on BLM land, I wouldn’t say where as I do not trust the government – they might try to confiscate it. 🙁

          • CJ
            If the treasure is found on federal ground or Indian won’t matter because Fenn says I GIVE YOU TITLE TO THE GOLD. No one can claim it not even the Feds.

          • I read a law article about “troves”, “lost”, and “abandoned” properties. My interpretation of the article is that the chest should be classified as “abandoned” property and, although Forrest has given us title to the treasure, I still do not trust that some governmental bureaucrat might not try to claim it for the Federal government. Look what they did to Forrest. They entered his home, probably with a search warrant, and confiscated some of his property and retained it for a period of time claiming that the items were illegally obtained artifacts. I think some of the items in the chest are artifacts and if the chest was found on BLM land, I’m afraid some official might try to do something similar. I bet the people who found all those coins were concerned that someone might try to claim them. Of course, all this is up for debate as no one has found the treasure yet but, if I did find it, I would not say where and would contact Forrest and find out what were his thoughts on the issue. He’s had a lot of experience dealing with the Feds. 🙂

    • That entire driftless (missed by the last glaciers) area is stunning. 600 foot bluffs; caves you get into via boats, forests, rivers. My Dad took us to the mounds when I was a kid; I took my kids there one Columbus Day weekend. (Ironic, yes?)

  48. I don’t know if anyone can rember Forrest saying that whoever solves the poem will move with confidence to its location ? that would mean solving everything and then something that tells you that your right!! just a thought that if your solve doesn’t include this how could you move with confidence ?

    • Leej, the quote is from one of Jenny Kile’s six questions with Fenn:

      Jenny’s question:
      •5Q) From receiving feedback on hunter’s ideas and methods about how to discover the location of the chest, do you feel confident your method in hiding the chest will eventually be understood and the chest be found? Please know, I am not asking for any specifics. My question is more like, do you still feel your poem will lead someone to the treasure?

      Fenn’s answer:
      The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental. T. S. Eliot said:

      We shall not cease from our exploration
      And at the end of all our exploring
      Will be to arrive where we started
      And know the place for the first time

  49. Anyone – I believe interest in the Chase is dwindling, & FF sees that by the reduction in the emails he receives now compared to this time last year. Just like it takes three quarters of a full tank of fuel to get an airplane aloft & the last quarter to fly to its destination, FF is trying to give momentum to spur us onward. Do you honestly believe that FF would have Dal post even a fraction of the correct solution? That’s ridiculous, I think. Why would he beat around the bush instead of being upfront with the hints? Seems to me that we are so baffled & have maybe exhausted so many possibilities that we’re willing to grab onto anything that comes our way. I think FF is just trying to get our juices flowing once again by showing us an example of a hopeful, excited, motivated searcher – like we used to be.

    • I don’t believe TTOTC is dwindling and also Forrest emails, winter is pretty much over and everyone is out searching and researching there spots. I myself email him once in a blue moon cause what really can I say but I haven’t found the chest yet. When I go on my next search I will email him to tell him the mishaps that I’ve gotten myself in again 😉 but I couldn’t be more excited about something in a long time. We all should do something in our lives that makes us chuckle.

    • I love your comment, “Just like it takes three quarters of a full tank of fuel to get an airplane aloft & the last quarter to fly to its destination…” It reminds me of an adventure I was on last year and one I shall do again soon. Sounds like ff may have said the quote. Did he? Where did you get it from? …just curious.

      • Interesting quote about the plane, but it just doesn’t sound right to me – too many variables are involved like the type of plane, kind of engines, capacity of fuel tanks and distance to destination. Can you tell I have a rather analytical brain. 🙂

  50. Sure is quiet here today. How about some prose.

    Why the flashlight and lunch

    The poem you gave us is such a delight,
    I keeps us company both day and night.
    You grace us with your eloquent quotes,
    But your comments are what interest us most.

    The emails you have Dal diligently share,
    Shows just how much you sincerely care.
    From old or young your critics agree,
    You’re as wiry and sturdy as an old oak tree.

    Questions I ask but not a whole bunch,
    What’s with the flashlight and sandwich for lunch?
    I will venture a guess and please say if I’m close,
    If your answer is ‘no’ I will cease with my prose.

    A flashlight would help as a shining light,
    To guide us into our unknown plight.
    Yet a sandwich would nourish us on our way,
    So that maybe we’ll return on another day.


    • Germanguy, LOVE it! I think F took his two trips with the treasure, and got back alittle later than he figured and wished for a flashlight. Getting in his car, he realized how a good sandwich would hit the spot after his adventure. Just my IMO. ¥Peace¥

    • Nice prose germanguy. I’m not as clever but thought you might appreciate a little Dr. Suess (paraphrased for TTOTC)

      We will come to a place where the trail is not marked, with a map for the chase, but the paths mostly darked.

      A place we could sprain both our elbow and chin.
      Or become a bear’s lunch, then of course not win.

      Do we dare to stay out? Do we dare to go in?
      How much can we lose? How much can we win?

      And IF we go in, should we turn left or right… or right-and-three quarters? Or, maybe not quite?

      Or look beneath brown and sneak in from behind?
      Simple it’s not, I’m afraid we will find.

      We can get so confused that we’ll start in to race down warm waters at a break-necking pace,

      And trekk on for miles across wierdish wild space,
      headed I fear, toward a treasureless place…
      The Waiting Place.

      • Norwegian and German, you guys have a wonderful talent!
        My brain works different than that, but I enjoyed your poems immensely! Thanks! 🙂

  51. I’m thinking someone is very close to locating the chest the last several posts by Fenn have been un Fenn like maybe someone emailed him something. Quite possibly Fenn is fishing to see who knows what 🙂

  52. Just watch a show about the Rattle Snakes of Jelly Stone Park! They are EXTRA Poisonous, due to the Cold Weather. Beware! Also Is Snow here in the Rocky Mountains today. Warmer to come this next week.

    Have a Happy Mothers Day Everyone! Hope its a Great Sunday for you all!
    Getting ready for the big trip!

    Lou Lou Belle, Chased by Brown Bears in Jellystone Park!

  53. Just a warning folks. Another searcher was arrested in Yellowstone for illegal activity two days ago. The charges have not been laid yet but he is in jail and his arraignment in federal court is not until Tuesday.
    Be safe…be legal
    Digging in the park is illegal..
    Camping in the park without a permit is illegal..
    Walking away from a lit campfire is illegal..
    Being too near wildlife is illegal..
    Be aware of firearms laws in and around the park if you carry..
    Using a raft to cross a river is illegal on most rivers in the park..
    Fishing without a permit is illegal..

    Here is a list of some regulations in the park they want you to obey.

    Additionally, some searchers have been thrown off of private property and if the Indians catch diggers on their land I shudder to think what might happen. The pueblos have their own laws and are not prone to forgive vandals.

    • That wasn’t you , was it Dal? 😉

      Wait , that makes 5? There are only 4 jail cells in YNP… Going to have to bunk up 🙂 ( Chasers will be swapping strategies in the clink like hardened cons) haha!

    • Thanks for the info Dal, It seems you can’t tell people to stay legal often enough. Some people just will not listen, or think the rules do not apply to them. 🙁

    • Part of my intent with including the song “One Tin Soldier” was to say that I am aware in seeking treasure we do not destroy the treasure already present; nature and the surroundings.

    • Thanks germanguy for posting the link to the “walkstranger” music video that was shared with you! I enjoyed it, and it’s very fitting!

    • I saw that over there, too. Thanks, Germanguy. I never “met” Daniel Koren before. His “Floating Heads” videos are pretty cool, also…especially The Nutcracker at 3:02.

  54. slurbs – That’s not exactly a quote – just one of the trivial tidbits of info that I seem to soak up like a sponge. I think it was from a motivational tape by Zig Ziglar. He was making the point that once you get going, it’s easier to continue. Starting is the hard part. That’s where most of your effort is required. Then it’s just a matter of persistance. Now that’s my thing – persistance & endurance. A winning combination! Quitters never win, & winners never quit. Corny, but true.

  55. Thanks for the info and update Dal. Forrest has said he thought of everything folks. What makes people think he did not foresee these rising issues? Another reason to believe that logic dictates that the Box is in a place that is accessible w/out breaking the rules. Just my opinion folks…

  56. CJinCA – Analytical. Yes, I suppose you are. Maybe you could develop your psychic abilities to find the treasure. Wish I could. Wouldn’t that be easier than all this endless research? I don’t want to know all this stu-ff about canyons & bear spray & juniper bushes & how ants climb trees. Just the $$$. That’s it – just show me the $$$. I have more than enough “nature” here in WV. I don’t need to drive cross-country for wilderness experiences, but it’s necessary so I will do all these things – just like every other searcher. I seem to have drifted away from the topic. What was it again? Oh, yes – anal ytical. Hmmmm, not me. I’m just plain simple.

    • So sorry Becky! You seem to be a little tense. Maybe you need to go to more of Zig Zigler’s lectures for inspiration and motivation. 🙂

      “Don’t let the mistakes and disappointments of the past control and direct your future.”
      — Zig Ziglar

      “If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner.”
      — Zig Ziglar

      “If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost.”
      — Zig Ziglar

      And maybe you should try to be more Anal lytical. 🙂

  57. What makes some of you think Fenn doesn’t break rules? Red lights are antithetical to freedom. Remember Fenn said he pays taxes too. Don’t go digging and destroying property but I assure you rules will be broken getting to the chest. Some of us are very serious about this hunt and yet others may as well walk across the street for an Easter egg hunt.

    • That’s sad, William, and yet, when I saw the ages of the 2 missing men, I couldn’t help being reminded of the movie, “Second Hand Lions.” Huge Robert Duvall fan here. I kind of hope if this was their last great adventure, they went out doing what they loved best.

    Apparently at least two of the arrested so far have been women. Rumor is that all will be, or already have been moved to a federal holding facility. Arraignments on federal charges on Tuesday.

    • Hope one wasn’t Stephanie!!! Thought she was headed there last week?

      Listen my friends and you shall hear,
      Clues that I’ve whispered in Fenn’s ear…

      A place private, special, near and dear.
      One full of memories created while young and old.
      A convergence of warmth and cold,
      Taken down a canyon bold.
      Brown as the dirt on the People’s feet.
      Across the river of life.
      Up the new life formed, rocky and wet.
      A blaze that will last the ages.
      Hidden under the very breath we take.
      A quest he has taken and tired.

      That’s not a poem, btw. Just as close as I can get to giving out my solve!
      It sounds like quite a few searchers are headed to YS this Memorial weekend. Maybe it is a good idea to all meet up and solve this thing in one swoop! Brotherhood and peace. Isn’t that what he wants?! ¥Peace¥

  59. If she were arrested I believe her husband would say something. He is posting on chasechat now.

  60. IMO I think it is fairly obvious that this story was not penned by FF. All you need is the poem…The book confirms your solve of the poem…as well as laying out some guidance about how far to go in “interpreting” the poem. The book also contains subtle hints about the general location of the chest…but IMO you won’t put 2 and 2 together until AFTER you have cracked at least the first two or three clues.

    • Kinda off/on topic: Does anyone think Dal’s last ‘tale’ (The Shaft) was as fishy as some of the scrapbook pages?

      A few too many coincidences—a sink from a Fenn cabin, a birthday magazine, a deep hole, and a winch.

      If true, (and I’d never call you a liar, but I think you might have been stretching the 85% truth to its limits), —Very brave, Dal, to trust your life to a drunk stranger. And you were definitely in the wood. And down a hole without a paddle, or ladder, or cell phone coverage….

      • Water high: — believability depends on context: I find many of Dal’s adventures to be firmly in the territory I’d label “foolhardy”: walking in waterfalls, meeting strangers (whether beauties from UK or crazy LA people) , bicycling into snow banks, chatting up old cackling Native Americans, etc. So dropping into a hole on a drunk’s winch seems about par for the proverbial course.
        However that reckless bravado also makes him one heck of a competitor to be up against in this chase. 😉

        • Right you are. But I’d rather rely on deep thinking than hang by a winch in a deep hole.
          (Not to worry. No time to think at all lately. And no imminent travel plans.)

      • @Water, if anyone has read many of my comments they would know I’m a tad skeptical (to say the least). I too wondered about Dal’s stories at first. But over time as I have got to know him I have no reason to doubt the truthfulness of his stories. His stories fit his personality as I know him. Good Gawd, the man was a deep sea treasure hunter; he packed up and left for months looking for treasure. So I couldn’t argue the case about his sanity, but I have no reason to doubt his stories.

        As far as trusting a drunken old stranger lowering you into a hole, I can understand that. Having lived and worked in the Rockies for over 40 years I’ve met many crusty looking folks, but for whatever else they lack, if they said they were going to do something it got done. No contract needed. I would find it easier to trust the old drunk than most of the high browed corporate board members, and arrogant government officials I’ve had the misfortune of working with.

        Never trust a man with soft hands and shiny shoes.

  61. Another ? for you all to ponder. Would appreciate your thoughts on this. Our views seem quite disparate at times, but they are all insightful.

    The book states …”nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure:

    Question: How precise is the precision in the clues embedded in the poem that lead to the treasure?

    1. Within 10 microns (you know with certainty before you go and WIN!)
    2. Within 10 inches (you can at least check an exact spot when you go)
    3. Within 10 ft ( you have a reasonable chance at something or nothing)
    4. Within 100 ft (keep expectations in check and enjoy the woods)
    5. More than 100 ft (stay home)

    After a good number of searches on the ground it is painful to note that anything even as close as 100 ft still means a lot of uncertainty and scavenging helplessly about in my opinion. How do you all feel about it?

    • Windsurfer-
      In scrapbook sixty-two, Forrest did say we would not need to know acre feet, cubic inches or depth meters to find the chest.

      So I going with 1. 10 microns

      • Thank you Safety Joe,
        I tend to agree with you.
        I suppose we can all stay home, until we solve it to within 10 microns otherwise we are just randomly searching for the “blaze” “in the wood” based on folks answer to my question about how close the treasure is to the blaze and whether you can see the blaze on google earth.

        thank you for your response. I have one last place to check that I want to visit anyway, but I am in no hurry because I do not have it solved to within 10 microns….yet! Might be possible once in the proper position on the ground when my current thought on the “blaze” comes into view from the “creek”.

        thanks again

        • Windsurfer-
          I guess I hate to say stay at home until you know within 10 microns. I suggest to have back-up spots just in case.
          As far as Google Earth goes-Just because you cannot see it , does’t mean its not there.

          • As far as Google Earth goes-Just because you cannot see it , doesn’t mean its not there.

            Need to proof read more.

        • Wow BW. I need some education from you to even understand the feet and meter of a poem…I just a dumb engineer.

          • I can think of two words that might suit you better. Smart……. You fill in the blank.

            Forgive me Dal.

    • Wind, that’s a question many ask after actually going to check a spot. What looks to be a precise area on a map could take weeks or months to search thoroughly in the real world.

      I don’t know what Fenn considers “precise”. In one interview Fenn was asked if he would have liked a search like this when he was young. He said he would have loved it, and would have checked under every bush in North America.

      There are many different philosophy’s on the poem……..I think I’ve tried most of them. I’ve had a precise location, I’ve gone to locations looking for the blaze, I’ve matched a few clues to a spot and went searching for the others, etc. etc.

      Obviously, the locals in a given area have a tremendous advantage over travelers; which is why I think a local is most likely to find it. But that doesn’t stop me from trying.

      • I think the poem leads you to a spot, this spot is specific…once there I think the blaze will become obvious, a natural feature of some sort that is out of place with the rest of the surroundings, but maybe just slightly. IMO, there is no carvings, or tree markings made by ff. It is something you wouldn’t notice unless you were looking specifically for it – hence perhaps fisherman would not stumble upon it, as they would not be looking for it. Unless you are a searcher that likes to fish! I think 65 resolute feet from the spot to the blaze…roughly..IMO.

  62. Tomacita?
    Just happened to notice.

    Why quote ..Put in below the HOUSE of Brown, instead of “HOME of Brown”?

    Good story. just curious.

    • It is also written “house of brown” in Scapbook Sixty in a poem.
      Another good story but is home the same as a house?
      Just happened to stick out to me.

      • My current thought goes with “home” ,but could be a “house” as well…just haven’t checked on that. We really won’t know until it is found, so I suppose either could work until we know for certain, but the poem does say “home” …probably for a reason.

      • A house is normally a “structure”.
        A home doesn’t imply a structure.
        Curious isn’t it?

  63. It seems logical to me that a deep thinking treasure searcher could use logic to determine an important clue to the location of the treasure. Is someone doing that now and I don’t know it? It’s not what they say on the blogs that may be significant, it’s what they whisper. f

    Okay folks hear me all and listen good. What is Fenn trying to say here? Fenn is saying that in his poem there is a word that narrows the search area it’s one of the clues (important). I’ve logically reduced the search area but I’m not going to tell anybody.

  64. Noo..ho..ho.ho.ho.. . . . Wilbur! Please explain.

    By the way, Wilbur, you’re terrific, some pig!!

    Now that were farming out allusions. 🙂

  65. You have to understand the poem first this way you know what your looking for, instead of looking at a map and making it fit the poem and google earth didn’t help me any because once your there you can’tsee past the trees regular topomap works better once you understand the poem then you see all the hints in the books stand out I fell short last trip not because I couldn’t find the chest but age and out of hiking shape but I’m walking more so next trip I’ll give a better showing and just maybe hike out with the chest

  66. Sorry, but I just wanted to post a picture, and Hank asked me if I had a photo with a bronze/gold hue to it. Yes, I do have a photo with a bronze hue to it ,it’s about the size of the chest. I just returned from my search and was going through my pic’s to review and found out that I was just about 20 feet or so from this chest looking object sitting under a Juniper tree, sitting in the shade. I wanted to see what others thought. Sorry, I had to leave for a while,power outage. I will have to wait for my next trip to see if it is the chest. No, I don’t have the chest. I will try and post this pic somehow………..thanks………Adios!

    • ritt-
      This flavor of blog does not allow picture posting… can send the pic to me in email and I can put a link up to it..
      you can use a photo posting service and put a link up to it yourself
      As others have suggested, you can make the pic your avatar..problem with that is that if you change your avatar in the future the pic will disappear and future readers will never know what you are talking about…

    • ritt, I’ve followed your thoughts on this blog and have come to some of the same conclusions. I plan to take a 50ft piece of string along on my next trip. If I can’t find the chest w/in a 20-50ft radius then my solve wasn’t correct. Thanks for sharing your helpful thoughts.

  67. Hello Dal,

    I think Mr Fenn’s last and final clue should be the state it’s in? Like we don’t know already…

  68. I first heard about Forest Fenn and the treasure last year. I was at a Tony Robbins seminar when my buddy Matt called me to tell me about his quest. After 10 minutes of Internet research I was hooked. I convinced myself that I would find the treasure or die trying.

    My friend was positive the treasure was located just north of Gardner Wyoming but I was convinced it was along the Rio Grande in New Mexico. Being that we both had the treasure bug but in February the snow in Wyoming makes trekking hard we decided to head south.

    Warm water halts and becomes cold as the Rio Grande leaves Colorado and follows the canyon down into New Mexico. I was aware that Dal had already scoped this area but I was convinced I could find what he overlooked.

    The Red River with its spring fed warm waters supports a brown trout fishery all winter long so we decided to put in at the Rio Grande/Red River confluence. There are several trails that can take you to this area but we decided to follow the Cebolla trail.

    From this point we had to make a decision: Do we go up the Red River or further down the Rio Grande? The trail up the Red River was not for the meek so we decided to head up the river. After a full day of searching every rock cave and hole in the area we returned to out cabin rental empty handed. My friend was extremely discouraged and tired but my energy stood fast.

    On day 2 we decided to put in below the house of brown (option 2), which was the fish, hatchery located about 4 miles up the red river. We would follow the Red River down to the Rio Grande confluence. It is only 4 miles so for two healthy young men it should be a breeze. Boy were we wrong. That hike kicked our ass and there is no way on earth any 80 year old man could do such a trek.

    Memories are often solidified with hardship and that hike will be forever burned into my cortex. Even if I ever get Alzheimer’s I will still remember that day. We hiked over large boulders with no trail but we saw beautiful scenery and even a man made cave that looked like someone once lived in it.

    It took us 5 hours to get to the confluence and there was no way we could make the return voyage up hill, with sore legs, before nightfall. We had to get creative. Thank God for my new GPS that indicated if we walked up the La Junta trail we would be on top of the Mesa. For you that don’t know about La Junta trail it is a winding trail straight up the side of a mountain in zig zag fashion. With fatigued legs it would be difficult but it was better than being mountain lion bait if we stayed out after dark. Life is full with difficult decisions but you have to do what you have to do. We did make it back to my truck before full dark but we were cutting it close. The sounds of the forest at dusk can be adrenalin producing.

    We saw many majestic gazes and had an adventure of a lifetime but I’m sad to say no treasure. I am still convinced that the treasure is in New Mexico but Matt is not so sure. Now I have been back in Kentucky with my family but my mind still drifts to places unexplored along the Rio Grande and Red River. I will make a trip back next week for more searching and more adventure.

    Thanks Forest for getting everyone looking. A few million dollars in gold is a small price to pay for a lifetime of memories. We didn’t find the gold but I’m not throwing in the towel yet.


    • Hi Kentucky
      My post is the one that started off this post and I like you am just enjoying the fun and adventure. Maybe one of us here will find it and maybe it will be some child 100 years from now. It is good to see a post from another like minded person.

  69. The book is two stories. The one on the surface, and the one that must be recognized AFTER the poem begins to reveal its TRUE directions. The poem also reads as two separate paths. The path to where warm waters halt must be discovered first…from there, the path to the chest can be discovered. Where warm waters halt is beginning of the path to the chest….but it is not the beginning of the chase, nor is it the beginning of the poem. The poem will take you to where warm waters halt…it gets a little trickier after that… I will state for the record, this is all IMO. I am not at the center of this onion yet…but I have peeled enough away to know I am peeling the correct onion. Remember while you read the book, that things are not always what they seem on the surface….sometimes stories are told deliberately to confirm the directions given in the poem…of course, it is probably impossible to recognize the numerous double meanings in the stories unless you have discovered the key word, and its true meaning in the poem, which is the only way to find where warm waters halt. I want to be clear here…If I spewed my solve, many of you would be convinced…but it could all be a HUGE series of coincidences, or red herrings meant to deliberately mislead. I am not saying I have solved the poem. I am saying I am convinced I have found the correct path to where warm waters halt, and I have found where warm waters halt. From there its still anyone’s game. As Forrest has said, once you find where warm waters halt, the rest of the clues get easier. So doing some quick math…over two and a half years of daily grinding away to discover wwwh…and the rest is easier…so I figure in another seven years I will have it!

    • MichaelD
      Do you hear that echo?
      Now go and put on that pink Tutu and think to yourself
      “Before I thought I had the confidence. But is this the same confidence as I had before or different?”

      • TexasGold…It is the same confidence about the same solve and the same location…and I am confident I am eons closer than you will ever be:)

    • Michael, thank you for not revealing more – thus leaving the mystery in tact for those of us who have yet to traipse through the woods this spring and discover if our solve is in deed the special place. I appreciate your wisdom.

  70. If anyone of us knew exactly where this chest was we would get in our car and drive there and pick the chest up right now. Where your warm waters halt and mine may be completely different places but Fenn did start at warm waters and yes Michael there are key words sprinkled throughout the books and fictitious stories. A trained eye can pick this up also there are numbers. The story about Gypsy traveller on this blog is embellished or fabricated. This story about Tomacita is fabricated. Fenn is having a good time BUT the chase is narrowing I’m convinced of that. A few are in tight focus with a word that is key!

  71. Very insightful Mr. Ed. Every search I made that matched with the stories and people in the book were a total failure, so when I see them now I get discouraged and not encouraged. So I thought I would check with a group of characters from back in your day with Wilber and this is what they had to say that feels pretty much like my current spot of sorts.

    Just sit right back
    And you’ll hear a tale
    A tale of a fateful trip,
    That started from this tropic port,
    Aboard this tiny ship.
    The mate was a mighty sailin’ man,
    The Skipper brave and sure,
    Five passengers set sail that day,
    For a three hour tour,
    A three hour tour.

    The weather started getting rough,
    The tiny ship was tossed.
    If not for the courage of the fearless crew
    The Minnow would be lost.
    The Minnow would be lost.

    The ship set ground on the shore
    Of this uncharted desert isle
    With Gilligan,
    The Skipper too.
    The millionaire
    And his wife,
    The movie star,
    The professor and Mary Ann,
    Here on Gilligan’s Isle.

    (Ending verse)

    So this is the tale of our castaways,
    They’re here for a long long time.
    They’ll have to make the best of things,
    It’s an uphill climb.

    The first mate and his Skipper too
    Will do their very best,
    To make the others comf’terble
    In their tropic island nest.

    No phone, no lights, no motor car,
    Not a single luxury
    Like Robinson Crusoe
    It’s primitive as can be.

    So join us here each week my friends,
    You’re sure to get a smile,
    From seven stranded castaways
    Here on Gilligan’s Isle!

  72. I just got back to Seattle after spending a month and a half looking. Only problem there was to much water pressure coming at me. I am 100% sure I have solved the first two clues. Don’t always think that you begin where you would think. But you DO have to start at the beginning. I am curious why DAL is 2 letters off from FEN and KISS (Gypsy Kiss) is 5 letters off from spelling FENN. ..Oh ya, I have lived in Washington all my life and never heard of the ,”Salish Sea”, I would love to tell you how I figured out the EXACT latitude down to the seconds, but I don’t trust you. But here is a little clue for all of you. What is the chest sitting on in every picture? I am again heading to the spot July 1st. Maybe I will see you there!

    • Well, Mr. Fenn did say Time Will Tell…tick tick tick…so perhaps your seconds will play out. The chest looks like it is sitting on Mr. Fenn’s workbench to me. I am headed for the X but best of luck to you SS with the water pressure. Glad to hear you have solved the first two clues….you must be one of those few searchers who Mr. Fenn has referred to.

  73. This is so much fun! I get sweaty and excited whenever I read others Ideas. What if????
    This chase came to me at one of the lowest points of my life with the loss of my Wife and my Mother in the same year (my Wife left, she’s not dead)…I NEEDED a distraction…something to focus my energy and thoughts on. Forrest Fenn gave me that! Now all my friends say I am consumed…perhaps they are right. But I have learned to be spontaneous, adventurous, and to take a chance now and then.
    I have seen parts of the Rockies that I would otherwise never have ventured to. I have met people that enjoy the same things I enjoy, and I even have a couple of new friends as a result of this chase. I have had college girls licking salt off my neck and shooting tequila with me. I have slept on couches of perfect strangers. I have made out with women and then wondered later what their name was. I have met REAL cowboys that ride hundreds of thousands of acres of land running cattle. I have seen places and met people I never could have imagined. Of course, greed was the motivator at first…it got me started. But quickly it turned into The Thrill of the Chase, and now, I truly believe if and when the chest is found, I will be a little disappointed that the chase is over. Even if I was lucky enough to be the first to discover the trove, a part of me would be a little sad after the rush of the discovery was through.
    All of you on this blog are like a small community built around a common goal. We all have our unique personalities, ideas, and storylines, but we share the common thread…The Thrill of the Chase.
    I don’t know for sure if the puppet masters that run this show are manipulating us through multiple avatars and disguising themselves as searchers with stories in order to steer us on to victory….but I hope not. I would like to think this is a pure thing, and that what Forrest has stated from the beginning is still the truth today. All you need is the poem. The book contains subtle hints that will help you with the clues in the poem. Period. End of story.
    I guess time will tell. Thanks to all of you for making my life better in some small way. If you missed my pink tutu pic…you are out of luck. Once was enough! I won’t be claiming to have solved the poem again…until I have the chest on my lap, or I give up looking and post my Ideas for all to see.

  74. Well michael D don’t quit looking ,hell one of us is bound to stumble on it eventually. Clean mountain air never hurts know one and life to short to set around wishing .It’s a quest and your on it good luck brother

    • You are wrong old choctaw no one will stumble on this chest Fenn said so. Think about it no one will trip on the chest why is this? Because the chest is below.

        • Below = beneath, under, underneath I have. Feeling it’s buried somewhat maybe not deep raise that bush up and look underneath 🙂

  75. SO YOU THINK YOU CAN TELL (Pink Floyd) can you tell ff. from f. can you tell tomasita from tomacita. underwood from underhill . Do mountain LIONS ever whisper? Did you get that one Fen. Well IMO forrest is giving some finishing touches to the CHASE in his last posts. He is also throwing out a lot of surface level junk to disperse the hikers…

    Does it feel like the end is never drawing nigh.

    Ring-a-round the rosie,
    A pocket full of posies,
    Ashes! Ashes!
    We all fall down

    • hey there PO9,

      I agree with you on the surface level junk, but I would like to hope that the end is actually drawing nigh for someone. How exciting would that be. I am rooting for MD and GG. Sounds like MD has had a tough time of late.

      I am way out of the box now in my current attempt because my rational book-driven solutions all flamed out. But here is my latest thinking if anyone cares.

      I am thinking that the treasure rests just below a placement in the wood where Rainbows and Stars coexist…and that my friends truly is like trying to find a pin in a haystack.

  76. Windsurfer & MichaelD: Being happy for another in their triumph says a lot about your character, especially with a treasure in play. It’s nice to hear. Meanwhile, until that beautiful Romanesque box surfaces, we all remain captivated & held captive…

    “Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly.
    It’s the prettiest little parlour that you ever did spy.” -Mary Howlett

    (btw: I’m bouncing in the web – fun to be a kid again, since I’m there anyway).

  77. OFF TOPIC-
    Yesterday a searcher who became disoriented and eventually lost in the Gallatin National Forest was rescued and flown out of his predicament by a search and rescue helicopter.

    All the facts are not in, but apparently our fellow drove up a Forest Service road and got stuck in snow and ice. He left his truck on the lonely road to go in on foot and somehow got off the road and lost his way.

    His family was desperate when our fellow didn’t make contact for more than a day and they contacted Forrest. Forrest made the decision to contact his nephew, Chip, in West Yellowstone.

    Chip checked our fellow’s motel room and discovered that he had not spent the night in his bed. This was very bad news because of the cold weather exposure this fellow would have experienced to well below freezing weather and snowfall. They spotted his truck on the icy road and attempted to follow his tracks through the snow but animal tracks and difficult terrain made it impossible to track him.

    Chip activated a rescue team on snowmobiles and mobilized a helicopter to scan the area in the direction they assumed he traveled.

    Before the end of the day the helicopter crew spotted our fellow and plucked him from his predicament. It is reported that he told his wife on the phone after his rescue that he would not have survived another night out there.

    Diggin Gypsy and her sisters and daughter, who were searching nearby, also went to help and located this fellows truck…

    Kudos to Forrest and Chip and Diggin Gypsy’s crew. Had they not acted quickly our fellow certainly would have been in a much worse situation.

    It might be almost June. It might be only 6 weeks til summer. But it’s important to remember that the mountains are still having nightly temperatures in the 20′s and snow is still likely to fall….Please be prepared. Cell phone coverage simply does not exist in most wild places.

    Among other precautions, take a hand held GPS with you if you start walking around in the wild. A person can get very disoriented very quickly.

    • She went back to the snow and ice, all the way from Georgia, before the melt??

    • Thanks for the info Dal. Many people are not aware of what the weather is like in the mountains. Living in the Sierra Nevada foothills, often the weather is perfectly beautiful here but drive 45 min up the hill and you could be in a blizzard. There is a lot of information on-line that people can take advantage of so they aren’t surprised by bad weather like: webcams in the state you are looking; info for the cities closest to your search areas; and you could even call an outdoor/fishing store and talk to a local resident who would probably be able to give you good current weather info. Too bad some people are not very well prepared for their searches. Glad there were people available to rescue that searcher. Stay safe out there peeps! 🙂

    • You should post that on a main scrapbook for everyone to see it’s true if you ain’t from Montana and Wyoming you don’t relize how the weather changes within minutes one minute sun next minute a 4 foot blizzard And spring will be the lightning we got caught up there once and lightning was hitting all around us hard to get shelter when your a mile or 2 away from your truck

      • This may sound funny, but if caught out in the open in a lightning storm, keep your head down toward your knees with feet on the ground. ( Posterior stuck up in the air.) That way, any lightning strike will travel down your legs and into the ground and will avoid your vital organs and brain. (But don’t let your arms dangle; keep ’em tucked in against your body.) Better yet, stay out of lightning storms if possible. 🙂

  78. WOW….flatlanders beware The Rocky Mountains in May, or any other month for that matter…this is not the burbs. Glad everyone is safe!

      • No offense meant….Just concern for the safety of those less experienced in the mountains….It does read a bit derogatory though….sorry for that!

  79. We just got 10″ of snow here in North Denver. If your planning on hitting the mountains any further North i’d hold off for some melt.

  80. I was in West Yellowstone last year May 24th and we had a small ice storm and the low that nite was 28.

  81. To all the spirited fellow Hunters on this Treasure Hunt

    As time has permitted, I have Hunted History’s stories and hidden treasures my entire life. In all of those years I did not experience or observe the enthusiasim and “Kindred Spirit” that so many have shown in this endeavor. Albeit with this website and Dal’s magnificent assembly of information. In this hunt there is a feeling of wonderment and mind expanding thought that is conjured up that literally seems natural and part of me. I am personally humbled and so honored and thankful mentally and physically to be able to pursue this odyssey.

    This is a good thing not just for me but for all.
    My drive is the Hunt. Learning the past and improving the future. Hitting roadblocks and removing them. Never giving up in whatever dreams one
    has. Never.

    I am one with Forrest as he provides all that is needed “In The Thrill Of The Chase”

    Good Luck to All!


  82. It snowed at 5500 feet in Montana this week. When it does warm up, our rivers will be high because of the spring run off. I have seen it snow on the pass in July. I am glad that they found the fellow. What a stressful situation for all.

  83. IMO…That’s why everyone needs to head to New Mexico! Ojo Caliente, Rio Grande, Taos, Angel Fire, John Dunn area….all good search spots. I know…peep have already checked those spots, but do ya really TRUST other peep search techniques? I’m torn 50/50 on MT & NM. Both spots can fit clues, so my choice…head where its warm!
    Be prepared and be safe my friends! ¥Peace¥

    • Donna, you give away so little so much. It seems like everyone is so wrapped up in finding there wwwh and where to proceed, they have no place to listen good. To be still enough in this chase visualize that one clue that will get you one step closer, but it seems to mee, imo no one is getting it, or not offering it for damn sure. Either way, it is there, where? Under a flipping wood pile, there!!!!

  84. IMO…P.S.—when Stephanie asked F who was closer, her or Dal, F replied, “If I told you, you would faint!”. Ck their blogs for areas they may have both been in prior to the date of the interview…you might be surprised! He he! Yes, that was a whisper! ¥Peace¥

  85. Last year at the end of March, my sister and I ventured to Tower Falls in Yellowstone with snowshoes, bear spray, and anticipation. I felt sure this was the spot because Tower Creek used to be known as Warm Water Creek being fed from a hot spring. The creek halts at the river so from there you head up the creek without a padde. It was a beautiful day hiking to the falls that were totally frozen. I had been there once before and had seen the sign that closed the trail (no place for the meek) to the bottom of the Falls due to a landslide about the time Mr. Fenn hid the treasure. We had a nice lunch by the river, but ventured no further as I had already determined a location during the 10 hour drive that led me to Colorado Springs and then to New Mexico. We had a great time…nobody there except “Cody” and some wolves. And, the skiing at Big Sky was amazing!!

  86. Would someone be so kind as to point me to the story of the Underwood Typewriter? Much obliged!

  87. Underwood, IMO, refers to a brand of typewriter, possibly infers to an older written word. Or it’s LOL under a pile of wood. It’s the Thrill of the Chase!

      • Underwood also refers to the architect Gilbert Underwood who is responsible for the style of “Parkitecture” adopted for many of the lodges in our national parks.

  88. Just returned from Montana and Wyoming. Much of it still under deep snow. Yellowstone Lake Still frozen!!! Most of these Rockies, need a metal detector to find the treasure. Wow Mid May and lots of snow there. Oh well its warming up, can always go in a week or two maybe. Treasure will most likely be found soon. Hope its waiting there for me! Sure had fun.

    Lou Lee, AKA LOU LOU BELLE….chased by brown bears in Jellystone Park, but not this time.
    ps. Over Heard hunters in Yellowstone saying “sure is nice to be a tourist sometimes!

    • What I meant was a Metal detector “could” help with all the snow, but not needed. Forrest said “could” help.

    • Hope you had a good time searching LL! Can you share any of your adventures?

      You would probably NEED a metal detector right now if the treasure is in an area covered with snow. LOL Think I’ll wait until the snow melts. 🙂

  89. “If you are brave and in the wood”
    I’m starting to believe that if searching MT /WYO you may have to be brave enough to stare death in the face – in a blizzard with the bears or consult Martha Stewart on jail survival skills. Thanks for the snow warning Lou Lee. Can you lend me your metal detector?

  90. Just returned from montana, no snow on roads where ya need to go. Have a good 4×4 and the skills to use one and u will be fine. Always keep a shovel handy .. Not for diggn treausre but to get urself out of ice if needed. We didnt even need a winch! No metal detector needed. Jus some good leather gloves. Come on people.. Get strong, yall can do this!

      • They did this time, William.

        Sweettea, No detector, but good gloves, sounds like you got to see “it”. Best of luck! 🙂

    • Depends on where you go in Montana. Above 6,000 is filled with snow high. All Trail in Jellystone Park are closed. Except a few view points and even than you have to hobble over snow. Even Forrest said a metal detector could help! But I know not needed. Not that I think the treasure is “IN” the home of brown, but it is below it. Its hidden “UNDERWOOD” Not buried. Be safe!

  91. I’m a Montanan, we don’t have sweet tea, Or good Mexican food. I may open a drive thru roadside stand for TTOTC searchers and make my million that way!

    • They caught me off guard with the no sweet ice tea and said that is a south thing 🙂 I’m going to add that to the weird list. I have been to Alaska and they didn’t know what snow crab was. In North Carolina they put slaw on their cheese burgers. Bahamas everything is made with conch and in Belize there are no Mexicans, who would have guess?

    • 🙂 Nothing like great TACO’s after a day of hunting. Ive been told mine are the best and better than most mexican food places.

  92. @ Norwegian girl….Let me know when you open, heading up there soon. I’ll have a Pimento sandwich topped with Jalapeños and a diet cherry Dr. Pepper.

    • @Geydelkin
      I was thinking more of green chili burros smothered in golden queso – like they serve in New Mexico at The Brown Cafe and of course Dr. Pepper! By summer we’ll add pimento sands to the menu for the tourist season.
      🙂 happy trails

  93. Yum…
    CHASEBURGERS with your coice of THRILL TOPPINGS:
    Bleu cheese
    Fried egg
    Pepper jack
    Soy sprout
    BBQ sauteed onions
    And our special Fenn Pimento Spread

    Hey, I thought Dal was opening a hot dog/tshirt stand on the Madison! What happened to that idea?!
    Got the truck packed for Friday. Ice scraper, kitty litter, shovel and snow shoes ready! Oh, yes, and metal detector!
    If we crap out, we head to spot #2 in NM! I’m excited!
    Play safe and good luck to all headed out son!
    ¥Peace¥ Donna. Sorry about saying crap Dal. Lol

    • Good luck Donna and have a safe trip! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

      • Hey, good luck Donna hope you have lots of fun…enjoy the trip, watch out for bears, and be safe. Come back with a good story, maybe with the TC…..Adios!

    • Its around dinner time and we are talking about food, Must be getting hungry!

  94. Tomacita I remain dubious nothing you’ve said so far has convinced me your not Fenn and nothing you can say will prove me the fool. I’m not bought over that easily. Have fun Fenn!

    • Ed-
      I responded in case “Tomacita” is a genuine female individual. If she is, then I wanted to apologize.

      But I too remain skeptical of ff and his artful ways.

      Check out my response on the Bear climbing wall post (69).
      His words don’t match up with “Tomacita’s” reply about not wanting to be posted. Hmmmmmm … .

      What do YOU think ?

      • Note to self. You were once again mistaken. Ed was right. She was asked if her letter could be posted. Turn down the throttle on your brain and stop over thinking.

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