A Pic of the Chest?…

Submitted May 2014

by ritt

This is one of the pictures that I took at my site looking down from the blaze behind me.

If one looks to the Juniper tree at about one o’clock, in the shadow to the right is a small
bronze looking chest item, at lease it does to me. I wanted to see what others thought of it.
You’ll need to zoom in on it because it’s about 25 to 30 feet away from me.

I didn’t notice it when I was there, I was just taking a break when I shot this pic. When I got
home I transferred my pics on the camera to my computer. I don’t think there is anything
that will give away my search area so I don’t mine having it posted to your blog.

I have many pics and a great story, but that will come later.  Of course I will be returning to the site.

What do you think of the pic?

I hope you will post this e-mail on your blog.

92 thoughts on “A Pic of the Chest?…

  1. Kinda looks like it. But look at the rock by your right leg. Looks like a big arrow head pointing in the direction of whatever that is

  2. ritt-
    Doesn’t look right to me.
    First it’s in a wash and could easily end up washed away or buried in rocks in spring.
    Second, the shape matches the other natural artifacts in the area…the rocks
    I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun thinking about it and heading back there..
    Good luck!!

    • Thanks Dal for posting my pic and for yours and everyone’s opinion, I will take them in my decision to return to that wonderful site. You can’t really see the beauty and awe of this site from this pic, but trust me, it’s something to behold. Again, thanks everyone I really enjoy your responses……Adios!

  3. Yeah, and it looks to be half buried, sideways, which would be both ‘exposed to the elements’ and both ‘buried and yet not buried’. Nice!

    As far as locale: Did you scrub the GPS tag off the photo?/ was it taken with an old fashioned camera?

  4. Also look at (when in zoom) 3 O’clock and the flat parts of those rocks. Seems like the same rock just jutting out at an angle

    FYI: I am searching in NM this week and today at Ojo Caliente I woke up to 6 inches of snow. It was 23deg last night…
    Ahhhh…springtime in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe…

    • Dang! I hope the weather is a lot better real soon as a lot of us are getting anxious to get out and search!

      Stay warm Dal! 🙂

      • Pam-
        Yes. I am with a cameraman from Australia who is filming a story on the chase. He interviewed Forrest yesterday afternoon.

        • After Nick finishes filming Forrest. I will be heading back up north to a gorgeous place I was led to by an old Tewa oral history I heard. The Tewa are the same group of Native Americans that built San Lazaro, the pueblo site on Forrest’s property south of Santa Fe. I am sure Forrest would have heard this recording. In the story, which was recorded in the 50’s, the fellow talks about the Tewa coming from the “place where warm waters end”. He then tells us this story which has many parts that sound a great deal like lines from Forrest’s poem. So I want to examine the final place in his story which is a place of high water and marked on the land with long white bands of white stone. I think I know where this place is. So I am looking forward to traipsing around in there. It is about a hundred miles north of Santa Fe.

          • Do you know if we will ever see the Australian film?

            Safe travels Dal. Looking forward to your write up on the Tewa site. sounds beautiful – take a lot of pictures!

          • Over the years I’ve researched the pueblo people because they are such a large part of Fenn’s life……..I’ve found several interesting connections between them and the poem. But have never been able to connect all the clues to a spot using this philosophy.

            Tewa (‘moccasins,’ their Keresan name). A group of Pueblo tribes belonging to the Tanoan linguistic family. Their language is oral so it is difficult to find written accounts about them.

            Each village of the Tewa is divided into two sections, the Winter people and the Summer people. The dignity of chief penitent or cacique belongs alternately to each of these two groups. Thus the Summer cacique serves from the vernal equinox to the autumnal, and the Winter cacique from the autumnal to the vernal equinox. On very important occasions, however, the Oyiké or Winter cacique is inferior to his colleague.” Little is yet known of the social organization and religious institutions of the Tewa people.

            Good hunting…….

          • Dal, when do you expect he’ll be done filming? Today, a couple days, a week? Just wondering when you’re heading north.

          • I wonder if Forrest will release another clue during the filming of that program. Would be interesting to see it.

          • I would like to see the next clue addressing the “Blaze”.

            It would not reveal too much to tell us if the blaze were of rock or of wood or neither.

            Mr. Fenn, how about a blaze clue? Thanks!

          • Sharon-
            If you know where to look. But I couldn’t find them on-line. It’s something you have to listen too where the tapes actually reside and I am not sharing the location of the tapes for awhile yet. On the other hand, I don’t think they are too difficult to find if you know where Tewa cultural collections might be kept.

          • Dal, have you heard anything more on the piece that Nick was filming for DATELINE SBS? It hasn’t shown up yet, I believe it’s been over a month now.

            Keep searching, please!

  6. Dal – How’s esmerelda holding up? And what are some of your creature comforts in the van?

    • Esmerelda is a trooper..over 290K miles and she is magnificent. For comfort we have red licorice and diet pepsi and Esmerelda does not care for either so I get it all 🙂
      Borrowing wifi from the parking lot at the resort this morning. Out of here in a second so no more email til I return..
      Snow is beautiful in the desert. Will have pics and story when I return…next week..

  7. I copied this to my photo editing program, lightened and enlarged it and from what I can tell, it’s a rock. The shape and size are similar to the chest so I can understand why you thought it looked like the treasure. Good luck in your search though! 🙂

  8. Ritt- Thanks for the photo, and a sigh of relief. Looks like one of the many rocks lying around there. Too out in the open too. But go check again if it’s close by. Junipers grow only up to 8500 ft according to Wiki, so my area is still safe from your bootprints. Good hunting.

  9. Looks like a rock and I would trust what your eyes “didn’t see” at the time you were resting. Unusual aqua colored rock in foreground gives me a hint of where you were. That’s tough when you just HAVE to go back to check it out. It will nag you forever if you don’t.

    When you go back, please retrieve that softball I left there. LOL!

  10. Nice pic, but that’s not a location Forrest would take himself back to at the end of his days. IMO

  11. I don’t really see anything that looks like the chest. Yet if there is the slightest chance of it being there then it’s definitely worth it to go back and give it a look. You post brings to mind a question I’ve had for a long time. How close to the blaze will the chest be hidden? I’m interested to see what everyone’s opinion on that is. In my mind the chest would have to be pretty much directly beneath the blaze or at least within a 10 foot radius of it. I’ve always considered the blaze to be the last clue. So if it is the last clue and there is nothing else to get you closer to the final spot, then the chest would have to be found very close to the blaze otherwise it could still be very hard to find. Say the chest was hidden 50 yds from the blaze. That would still give you a large area to search and it would be possible that you could identify the blaze but still not find the treasure. Of course I could be wrong about “found the blaze, look quickly down” being the final clue.

    • Hey there bodysuit,

      I posted your exact inquiry in the last scrapbook (or maybe the one before that) so you can go back and see what folks thought. I also asked whether people thought you could see the blaze from Google Earth.

      Most people did not think you could see the blaze on GE, but some did. Also, most people felt the chest was very close to the blaze as you have also inferred.

  12. Thank you Ritt. It is difficult to say with the resolution you provided, but to me it just doesn’t seem like a very good hidey job if you are staring at it from 20ft away. Good luck with it though…only one way to know for sure.

  13. Ritt, I took some time to examine your photo. Interesting.
    May I suggest that when you go back for further investigation, check out that skull in the middle of the creek. See if there are other bones with it. 🙂

  14. Yeah……….probably not. First off like Dal said (and i have a hard time agreeing with this guy on most things), but he’s right; its in a wash. Secondly Mr. Fenn stated that someone wouldnt just “happen upon” the chest. So for it to be “thrown” under a tree in a wash that could flood and be “toppled open” and happened upon is very highly unlikely.

    So save your money and check it off your list brossif

  15. Ritt, I ran the picture through some shadow recovery software, from what I can see it’s a rock.

    When did you take this picture if you don’t mind me asking?

  16. Yep a rock, thanks for sharing with us though! 🙂
    I dont know who ordered a dose of winter for today but they should stop! LOL

  17. Ritt,

    I noticed no one picked up on this. Fenn says that a child could walk up to it and get it, if he can lift 42 lbs. From the precariousness of this supposed location, IMO it wouldn’t work. Sorry, I didn’t want to pop your bubble. Think about it.

    • Hey GG,

      Do you think this “child” comments is solid guidance? Would suggest that it is in fact on the ground and not up a tree? The blaze is definitely “up” IMO, since you must look quickly down from the blaze to “take the chest”. Unless of course it is our own chests that Mr. Fenn is referring to. If that is the case then I am hopelessly back to square 1 in my hopscotch through the creek.

      • Windsurfer,
        In my solution that I have partnered with Michael D. on, the chest is most definitely on the ground. If Fenn says it, it has to be true.

      • Yes, I do. We take our 9 year old with us and it’s a good test for the location. She’s quite agile and could give a guy a good run for his money out in the mountains.

    • Average child is around 48 inches. So if a child could walk up to it, then it’s no higher then your waste

  18. Looks promising. However it does not feel right. My mind is whispering it does not fit with “Tarry scant with marvel gaze, etc.” My whispering mind says the place is special to Forrest. And that whoever finds the chest will know it by the surrounding area. Never the less when in doubt check it out.

  19. After poring over your photograph i am sure i see no treasure chest but do see the image of the Virgin Mary in the Juniper tree!

  20. Thanks everyone for your comments….I believe you are all correct about it being just a rock. It does have a bronze hue when you zoom in 300 to 400% using a photo editing program. It doesn’t show up well on the blog. In any case, I will return to check it out, if it’s not the chest I’ll just keep on searching. I believe it is close by the blaze that was behind me…..good luck to you all…Adios!

    • Ritt, thanks for a tease on your adventure! Alas, I agree, a rock. Send a detailed story after you finish with your spot! Good luck, oh, wait! Fenn says you won’t need luck! So…go with confidence! ¥Peace¥

  21. Be sure to take a lot of pictures wherever you go. Then carefully examine your photos sometime later. Because the chest will be sitting right out in the open, right smack-dab in front of you, but you won’t know that until much later.

  22. Ritt, keep in mind. As I have gone alone in there. Fenn is saying as he did it you must too. The chest is in. Good luck hunting!

  23. Ritt, I can’t see well enough to tell if it’s the chest or not. But it seems to me you already have a leg up on the competition.

  24. no chest full of gold but it looks like your sitting at the end of a nice sized rainbow. The arroyo your sitting in seems to be bedrock, with some nice sized river rock it. also looks like there is alot of rust in the soil around you. And the large blue bolder in front of you is a good indicator that there may be lots of placer gold as well as other minerals. if you decide to go back i would suggest you take a gold pan with you. If you look right above your ankle to the left looks to me like a couple of small nuggetts. Most o the smooth river rock in there is over 6 inches and there is very little sand. This is a prospectors dream spot. good luck

    • Sancho, thank you for your perspective. It is great to see an area in a geological sense. Sometimes I get lost in the beauty of the land and forget how it got there in the first place.

    • Sorry sancho,……. I didn’t see your post earlier. Thanks for pointing that out about the gold nuggets, I will take a gold pan next time.I do feel that the treasure is very close by that area. Didn’t Forrest say something about old treasures? lol. And, his new treasure is here too.

      @Mark M…….Don’t look for a Dam to be where warm waters halt.
      The poem has all the clues you need so don’t listen to anyone on the blogs for clues, it will just confuse you. However, it is most entertaining and enlightening to do so. I find it very interesting; there are some really nice enjoyable stories told here, so just set back and relax and take it all in………….Adios!

  25. Sorry Ritt, but, it is a rock and Mr. Fenn said you would not stumble upon it you will walk right to it where it is waiting. Which to me is also a clue. Great photo looks like it from a far. Continue the chase. I have a new spot and It has actually whispered to me!!! There are so many clues from the hints in TTOTC that it is unreal. I have to finance the trip, I went last year but this is the area that makes the most sense and it is a doozie of a place. It had to do with his play on words and deep meanings and just the subtle hints in his book. See all of ya’ll in the funny papers!! Ms. Girl Good luck and as always Stay in the chase and out of the bear caves. Ms. Girl

  26. I got $100 that the photographer put “the object” there himself/herself.

  27. I am very new to the hunt (about two weeks, if you can believe it)…I live in Virginia, and I feel sort of bad that I really don’t have the time or resources to come and look myself. Just can’t make it happen. It’s hard to tell from such a far geographical distance of just how wide an area this really is. And so when I see people going left, right, back, and forth all over Creation looking for this darned thing, I can’t help but shake my head in wonder.
    I haven’t even gotten the clues figured out, so new am I. Any help is appreciated. Good luck guys. Mark

      • See, I’m beginning to have ideas about stuff…I’m very good at both English (grammar as well as spelling, capitalization…lol) and Spanish. And so I’m currently trying to figure out the “Where” thing in the poem, to see if that has any significance, as opposed to the proper ‘ware.’ I know that FF mispells stuff on purpose sometimes as a general FU to the educational establishment. Lol I just don’t know – blah blah. You get the drill. I don’t know jack. Hahah 🙂 I have seen some very amusing postings and videos from people who have quite clearly gone the wrong way with this. Some guy for example, regaled us with the knowledge that “Urraca” means “heavy loads.” No shortage of BrainBeGone in his liquor cabinet…anyway this is very entertaining. 🙂 Y’all have a wonderful day!

        • Hello Mark, I certainly don’t have much to offer, but tried to follow Mr. Fenns advice and First look up multiple dictionary definitions for every word. Getting the correct part of speech right would obviously be advantageous as well. Although, sounds like you’re a natural there. Look for older definitions. For instance nigh could mean near or on the left/veering left IMO. Above all get outdoors and have fun:-)

    • Have stopped in Paducah, Ky. Visit sister. Glad I did, would have hit storm

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