Scrapbook Seventy…


MAY 2014

I wrote this poem in 5 minutes to counter Dal’s malicious Garmin malplacement of the treasure. There are as many hints in this poem as there are dents in Esmeralda, who still glides the tartop after 294,000 miles. Dal must be on something and I don’t think its Sarsaparilla.

Don’t tell me Dal in whispers hushed,
Of golden hoards and treasures lush,
And broken trails and bushes crushed,
Or shattered dreams lost in the rush.

But say it true and not a fib,
And make it plain without the glib,
I’ll set my spinnaker and jib,
And go directly for the scrib,
(I don’t know what scrib means but it rhymes and that’s all I care about)



Forrest is referring to my story called The Tewa Connection…

Found here


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  1. I think Forrest is laughing at me because a year ago after Ezmerelda was dented in a crash I would not drive her until she was repaired…
    Ezmerelda has NO dents…lol..

    • Forrest is many things, but not a sailor: set the spinnaker AND the jib? I don’t think so!

    • Hello Dal,

      I would just like to ask has Ezmerelda ever been dented before this crash, or has she only had one dent ever? Just curious sir, ty!


      • Lee-
        Esmerelda has a couple of wrinkles. Last year she lost a front wheel when one of her ball joints failed while I was driving down the road in Colorado. That was embarrassing. But she is a great old gal…Now 17 years old. I am no longer capable of knowing her milage unless I take off my socks to do some higher math because I had to replace her odometer. But I am certain it is over 340K..

        • (In a whispered voice.) If you found the chest, would you replace Esmerelda? Or, would you give her a well-deserved makeover?

          • I actually saw Esmeralda yesterday and she looked pretty good! But I did not look under the hood 🙂 If you find the chest maybe you could get Jeremy P to paint a Chase design on her! Nice surprise running into you yesterday Dal!

  2. Well ok, then. May we try our hand at poems too? Give me few minutes, I’m up past my bed time.

  3. Maybe it’s a blonde thing, but I’m confused by the banter. Can someone please clarify if the treasure has been found via Garmin Satellite? About to pay a lot of money to fly my family to Montana for our one and only treasure trip. Please kindly let me know if it’s a bust.

    • I wouldn’t pack the bags just yet, but don’t let that stop you from having an adventure.

    • Nor-
      Forrest is saying don’t pay any attention to my Garmin coordinates..
      He is pretty much saying there is no chest there…
      and I would agree since I spent time looking and since I don’t believe WWWH is a hot spring and since I am not even wild about the possibility of it being in NM at all…but many others will disagree with me about New Mexico..
      Anyway…no one has found the treasure..Slurbs thinks he/she/it is on to where it is located…but many of us doubt it..

      • Thanks for clarification Dal. Since I’m a 5th gen. MT gal with a love for her beauty, there is only one area we plan to search. If the treasure’s not at my solve – we’ll just go back to hiking, fishing, and skiing like we’ve done all my life. Just a one shot deal for me. Thanks for the beautiful piece on NM.

        • Hi Nor, are you still searching Mt? Or have you given up? I am from Texas and I too believe it’s in your state-I plan on making 1 last attempt this spring/summer! Just curious what areas you’ve searched?

        • Geyk-
          The story has the coordinates posted at the bottom…Forrest read the story like others on this blog and made his scrapbook comment. I suspect that means he is saying the treasure is not at those coordinates…which is the first time I can think of him actually telling someone where the treasure isn’t…of course if you move over three feet from those coordinates you’d have a different set of coordinates…and that might be where the treasure chest is…so it doesn’t mean much…

  4. Let these words be taken as true,
    I am color blind not of the color blue.
    In my search a cup I did find, it’s significance had not crossed my mind.
    Since that time in June,
    my confidencedid climb,
    Yes, to the moon.
    They can call me names and and not believe,
    but I have solved this Chase and work, I may leave.
    Oh hear me, oh hear me Mr.Fenn cried.
    I listened, I heard and understand, I may even know why.
    A prayer to the Gods, a thanks for my life,
    How short it can be, please with no strife.
    I cried for the young man,
    His life was cut short.
    May he be blessed,
    And you as well,
    Mr. Fenn and this fellow named Dale.

    I know exactly where and how… no fib, how was that for a gib?

    • Slurbs you seem confident in your solve. What makes you so sure. What prevented you from the scrib a wall of blue? What’s the name of the young man?

    • Very nice Slurbs,
      I am very interested in why you believe a “cup” is significant. I have my own take on this concept so if you don’t mind expanding on the significance or if you want to only speak to me direct email me at the1wolf1 at
      The Wolf

  5. ” Scrib ” : I think /propose should mean ‘the product produced by a scribe , such as a copy, a transcript, an edit or translation’


    • Misspelled Dal, just as you misspelled Slurbs. I added a letter, you forgot one. Simple typos, no E (get it? Big e? No E?)

    • Come on people. DAL is 2 letters up from FEN….KISS (gypsy kiss) is 5 letters down from FENN, …..ONE VOWEL UP, ONE VOWEL DOWN. any more questions?

  6. A young boy stood upon the land
    An arrowhead clutched within his hand
    Picked from a spot it lay for long
    While the Earth sang it’s eternal song
    What story does this chipped rock tell?
    Who shot it where it finally fell?
    Questions many, answers few
    What is a young bright boy to do?
    And so began a lifelong quest
    To find the answers to the tests
    Bottle caps, marbles, balls of string
    All kids learned of such things
    But something more tugged Forrest’s heart
    And Nature showed him where to start
    Look under a log, examine a frog
    Keep it all in your mental log
    Time marched on, a man he grew
    The war was on, he joined, he flew
    The order came to pull the knob
    Release the bombs, do his job
    A solider does as he is told
    Yes it’s hard, one must be bold
    Twice shot down he lived to tell
    Got stars and crosses he did well
    Two decades in was quite a spell
    He left the fight, he left the hell
    A change in life for better things
    A gallery built see what it brings
    With love and peace the family grows
    In Santa Fe New Mexico
    Success comes too the business booms
    But Natures call it still looms
    At San Lazaro Pueblo a Tewa land
    He digs the past with his own hands
    The stories told he clearly sees
    The shattered shards he finds do please
    Then one day he felt a pain
    The Doctor checked to his disdain
    You have a cancer Mr Fenn
    Forrest pondered in his den
    I wont go down without a fight
    I want to live and it’s my right
    This kidney cancer has me scared
    My life experiences can be shared
    My memoirs are a place to start
    I’ll write them all before I part
    But make it fun, and add a quest
    Including hide a treasure chest!
    The chosen chest filled to the brim
    With gold and jewels passed on by him
    But he didn’t die according to plan
    Did God send an Angel to hold Forrest’s hand?
    No one can say what happened or why
    Sometimes it’s faith, we look to the sky
    The poem he built changed quite a bit
    Till he was happy, done with it
    The chase was on, it hit the news
    Some lucky searcher to follow the clues
    Will find the chest and be in awe
    When opened the lid and what they saw
    And as of this writing
    There’s still been no sighting
    Of the chest and the gold
    It’s still there so it’s told


  7. An Ode to TTOTC:

    The times I have envisioned when

    I make the call to Mr. Fenn

    Informing him that I have found

    The trove he once stashed in the ground

    His bracelet soon to be returned

    But kept with me the lessons learned

    Of life’s adventures and their worth

    The quest to which his poem gave birth

    But this, of course, is wishful thinking

    So many late nights

    Heavy blinking

    As I sit at my computer

    Whoops, there goes another tooter

    Countless theories twist the mind

    Countless knots in my behind

    My wife is calling me to bed

    ” I’ ll be right there there”

    The twelveth time said

    This poem must end

    So to you I hand it

    Mr. Fenn, you are one clever bandit.

    ( snorkle , , , , Albequerque )

  8. There is an old fart, (fellow) named Dal(e)
    Who roams the Rockies to no avail
    He can’t find Fenn’s treasure
    To bring him great pleasure
    For his warm waters halt is a fail!

    Goofy made me do it. Yep, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

  9. I’m looking for my strait pipe. It came off my 350 ford pickup but I can’t figure out where I lost it. I’m only asking because some red neck may think its a walking stick. My guess is I lost it while crossing a railroad track. I need to slow down for those could get hit ! This chase is getting to me 🙂

  10. OK, full disclosure here. Do not discount the jib sail connection for an ambitious search. I actually pursued a search on Mount Rainier @ Paradise (a good place for Mr. Fenn to rest his bones) where each waterfall represented a “clew” of a sail leading to the treasure at the last “clew” and just below the Golden Gate (home of Jerry Brown and his father). Just so that you do not think I am a total idiot, you cannot believe how many TOTC story references are located here…including the painting of the dog bleeeding out on the bridge and the gun that shot him. Also, 4 cards and a joker plus others! Maybe you can find them too.

    Oh, I am not about venturing in search of an unfindable treasure unless there is some other compelling reason. In YNP, I ventured with my Sister and we had a great time skiing at Big Sky after our wonderful winter adventure to Tower Falls in the park. My Mt. Rainier (he did say rocky mts), venture was also a great camping experience with my same sister who lives in Seattle…so great return on investment either way.

    My advice to all. Go have fun and visit places that are “special”. Then you will always feel great satisfaction from the funds expended. My last venture will be to one of the most beautiful places on the planet…and the good news is it is only a few hours from Denver.

    As a windsurfer….I know all about clews.

        • Hi Amy,

          I guess I will venture out sometime this summer. I have been to this location before, but never searching for treasure.

          My current approach is as follows and was hinted at by RC a while back…at least it is what I thought RC was referring to…probably wrong but it is worth a shot because it takes me to a place I want to go anyway.

          1. I have gone alone in there…his plane. Mr. Fenn references in the book that he was “all alone” on one of the plane trips. He was also extremely “tired” which is what happens to private pilots flying at altitude without oxygen.

          2. WWWH…the place where planes fly…the sky. Science 101.

          3. Put in …land… below the home of Brown. C’mon, folks, if this plane concept pans out it greatly reduces the search area unless he landed on some remote dirt road.

          From there is gets a little tricky. I can make things like “meek”, “heavy loads” “water high” , “the end is nigh” , “”tarry scant”, “marvel gaze” work and I have some ideas for the blaze that would work, but you can see them on Google Earth so not sure about that.

          My thought process gets me to an exact spot, but not within inches. For this reason, I have little confidence in finding anything but beauty.

          Well, we all have not been too successful with other approaches, so I say…why not try it?

          • Appreciate Windsurfer’s candid interpretations, but #2. WWWH is not a specific place…..
            You may tie in my idea of a Trick Tank. It makes a good WWWH and ties into flying as a landmark for pilots. Probably puts you in NM. I don’t think Trick Tank is it, tho.
            Why is it. That “I” must go….

  11. Hmm. Does anyone else read this as Forrest speaking directly to Dal, and that Forrest is a little upset with him? Forrest has expended a lot of precious time, financial resources, and sincere interest in studying the Tewa culture. Perhaps Dal has struck a nerve here or crossed a line, or is hinting at things like inside info only he and Forrest know. Or, I can read this as Dal is whispering that he found the chest, with coordinates. Forrest may be warning Dal not to be lying, our Forrest will get in his car and go get the scrib, which may be a paper/document/such as the title to the property.

  12. Finally, had an ‘ah ha’ moment discovering how Gypsy plays in. Very interesting. On every page of both memoirs, you should ask yourself “What’s there? and What’s it there for?” Of course, I’m slower than most, and late to the search party. Enjoy a good laugh on me if you’ve been there & done that.

  13. wow after getting over the shock of Suzanne Summers stealing my first crush on Canadian TV (I was 5). Alan hammel then realizing she wrote the intro to Too Far To Walk and is connected with Mr Fenn. Dal as I researched the Tewa their relationship in division of peoples between the equinox es and the Blackfoot legend of the Sun have strong ties to the poem. I also measured between two points to find a straight line. I showed my husband and he laughed. Then it occurred to me two points will always make a straight line. I have never found an arrow head or piece of pottery I would love to take agroup of city kids out to search. I applied for a Principal job in Taos If I get it that would give me access to kids and adventure.

  14. I have tarry scant and title and Tewa decifered as well. we will be out to follow up soon. I suggest everyone take their bathing suits and sit in the healing water. at Ole Caliente. I strongly believe in their powers to heal both the body and soul. Perhaps you and Mr. Fenn should sit soak and chat over some of the Monastery Brothers ale. While I search then take a portion and leave the rest for the kids to find.

    • Baloney Mr. Reid you show me where it says a lost and fond item can’t be removed from the park. These treasure hunters are not following Fenns poem no need to dig or use a detector but that doesn’t mean it isn’t in the park. I’m sure Slurbs has a few things to add. IMO the treasure is hidden not buried but in a spot one isn’t supposed to go hence the tarry scant part.

      • “These treasure hunters are not following Fenns poem no need to dig or use a detector ”

        ive read Fenns poem hundreds of times but i guess i keep missing the part where it says no need to dig or use a detector

        • Chris I could reveal that clue but I won’t. A metal detector may be beneficial. The chest is entombed or sepulchered. Chapter 40 of too far to walk will give you an idea. A word in the poem unlocked this for me. The treasure is hidden beneath not buried.

      • Ed, I am with you 100% on this matter. You see, Fenn SAYS he hid it. He can not and I say “can not” say that he buried it. The law of the land…if you are brave and in the wood.

    • After spending a lifetime hiking and fishing in Yellowstone Park, I have to believe Forrest respects the land and the laws put in place to protect it. I don’t for a golden minute think he placed it inside of YP.

      Paws off the shovel & no moosing around in YNP for this gal.

    • Well, now at least you know the NPS’s official stance on removing anything from the park. Forewarned is fore-armed. You don’t want to fight ’em in court. They use your money and everyone else’s against you. Not in YNP, IMO.

  15. For what its worth, I can personally GARAUNTEE the chest is not inside Yellowstone National Park…but unfortunately, I am unwilling to prove it to you at this point…so its all just IMO

    • Actually, I recant my statement. I cannot guarantee anything related to the chest. I apologize…Now carry on… using some common sense while searching…no matter where that might be.

    • I’m still feeling like the strip of land in YNP that is also MT fits the bill: (presuming it’s even in YNP) — it’s a legal no man’s land. I bet the rangers know it, too.
      All the ranger posturing you can muster cannot change the fact you can’t raise a fair jury there. And deny someone their BillOfRights /6th amendment rights ? Ohhhh. no. Now that ranger puts themself in the position of having to be smarter than a Supreme Court. (And really good odds are, rangers are Not smarter than the highest lawyers in the land )

  16. Hey all,

    Here is another perspective on how to read the poem, that finally makes the location of the line “Just take the chest and go in peace” make some sense to me.

    Think of it this way. Imagine that you are going to take a trip with Mr. Fenn and he is going to show you how he did it by hiding the chest all over again. Note that he does not say…So why is it that I have gone and left my trove for all to seek. Is the tense of the poem just so that he can get “go” to rhyme with “know”?

    It seems like Mr. Fenn mixes tenses in the poem. He starts out “As I have gone” and finishes with “I must go”. Where did he go? He went to “why” or (Y), as in a (Y) in the creek perhaps?

    Could it be possible that when he states “Just take the chest and go in peace” that he is telling himself what to do next? Go in “peace” (i.e. a peace symbol…a Y) might just be possible.

    OK….my brain is starting to hurt.

  17. Have any of you looked up the definition of the word Trove? I found it an interesting choice to use in his poem. We have all imagined what it would be like to discover the chest. Have you ever wondered how Forrest would feel?

  18. Jenny Kile over at Mysterious Writings is posting a monthly question and answer by Forrest. It’s a great idea and the questions come from those asked by actual searchers like you and me…She also has two separate pages full of questions and answers by Forrest in the past. Look at her blog…get answers to your most burning questions from Forrest…

  19. No Hints or dents? Lol… Sure wish Forrest would give out a hint…. Maybe he could tell us if it is buried… but of course he doesn’t want to give that as a clue…. But what about a hint? Oh, and maybe let us know WHERE it is buried while your at it Forrest 🙂

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