Imagination Runs Wild…

Submitted May 2014


Warm waters halt = Hebgan Lake
Take it in the canyon down = Canyon below the dam
Not far but too far to walk = Drive
Put in below home of brown = Hebgan lil side road to the ghost village u park
From there it’s no place for the meek because it’s a ghost village

photo 5

So we get out of the truck and start hiking  till our end is ever drawing nigh, looking for heavy loads and water high. I assume this means the log jams at beaver creek.

There will be no paddle up your creek telling us don’t go that way so we search for a blaze.


We found a blazing “F” on an Aspen tree.  We looked quickly down and saw nothing but our feet and the river.

photo 4

We move on to then find this cool horse shoe beer can 🙂
I was thinking, “Dang! my lucky day”. Next day we come back to the same spot and looked even harder. We left no rock unturned and no bush or goose undisturbed.

The Australian cameraman Nick was with us that day when two huge moose starting charging at us.
Now we had just had a group talk about bears. “(ok) if we see a bear no one run”.  Me and Libbi saw them moose and thought well hell it ain’t a bear, Runnnnn anyway. Poor Aussie Nick left standing there with camera and tripod lol. Thank god the moose ran up hill.

So then I take pics of everything I find on the ground. I found a glove a really nice one. Then Charissa found the other one after I thru mine back down.


We walked a lil further and found a ole red car fan or boat motor stuck in the ground by a log. I wanted to shove it in my back pack but we were being filmed :-).  So all the hiking and filming ended.

The day we were to go home I looked at the book. “Dang!!” I shouted to my sisters and Libbi Dibbi. “We found it haha.”

photo 2

I was looking at the pic of that page in the book that has the initials JF under it. I saw them propellers look just like the fan to me, and over JF was a three blade emblem. That’s the only pic in the book that I found that had initials. I figured it meant “just Forrest“.

photo 3

Seemed to me Forrest made it a scavenger hunt. After you find the blaze then imagination comes into play. Remember he said all you need is a flashlight and a sandwich I figured because the rest of the stuff is laying around out there. We’ll that was my thought anyway .

We’ll no treasure around the fan blade or the “F” lol.  But it sure was a heck of a good ending to my treasure hunt in Montana.

-Diggin Gypsy

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  1. Interesting that’s pretty cool of what u found and pertained it to the book . Clever , and omg all that snow on the first picture no way lol . Your a trooper glad u had a safe journey !!!!!!!:)

    • Yea was crazy weather for sure the next day it all melted so hiking and searching was a lot easier

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! & Nice eagle-eye on the JF in the book! I also have thought Hebgen would be a good starting point… Also Firehole Ranch…

  3. No pics of the moose? Not even Nick? Aussie audience would have loved that. Looks like you had a great time.

    My mother loved Olympia beer. 16 oz cans. That was my first beer also. It was brewed in Olympia Washington. Pabst bought it and eventually closed the brewery. Now it’s brewed elsewhere I guess.

    Thanks for the story and the memories.

    Glad you all made it back safely.


  4. My previously number one spot involved a warm water lake followed by a canyon and a world famous Brown trout river. It was catch-and-release, so the trout never left their home. Then Forrest popped my bubble. Now I’m looking for a new WWWH.

    Would Hebgen lake be omitted from WWWH???

  5. DG – –
    That was my very first solve. Talked about it on Dal’s site 2 yrs ago. Went up Beaver Creek towards the bridge. Fan should be from an old car or truck, maybe from the ’59 earthquake but could have been driven in there later. Great connections! Congrats! I might kayak Quake Lake this summer if my wife is up to it. Just for fun.
    Did you check any of the far side of the lake, or that last creek running down from the mountains on the north side?

    • There’s no treasure around that lake I searched 4 times every back road and every square inch around it with my search team 🙂

      • And yes checked every creek from
        West yellowstone to below earthquake lake a lot of grizzley in that area so be safe if you go

      • We all must be thinking alike. We spent 3 weeks in that area last year. Went up Rock Creek, Cabin Creek and Beaver Creek. Searched all around Ghost Village and the cabin still standing (sort of). Looked all around the downed trees at the monument and took our kayaks in earthquake lake and checked the trees. We did make a mark on the trees just to make sure we knew where we had been, but it was a small mark only we would know. There were other hunters there also. We all must be interpreting the clues the same. Not sure why Forrest decided to make the dam comment. Should have clarified that for everyone a long time ago because that changes the whole game.

  6. DG – –
    You’ll have every square inch of the Rockies covered before everybody else gets out of their winter den !!

    • True lol I checked the Colorado sand dunes too everyone can mark them
      Off too lol

  7. DG…I read somewhere that unethical searchers were carving “F”‘s into trees. Yours looked realky new, no scar tissue built up and still a resin stain showing. At least you had fun. What was the date that you went? There was a report on YS on the Weather Channel a few days ago and the reporter was at City Hall and there was no snow.
    Great story, thanks! Good luck!

  8. DG could you send me that picture in the book ( I am so impressed with you and your sisters outdoor savvy and no fear who said Indiana Jones was a man hope y’all find the chest keep searching don’t quit I’m betting on y’all

    • Sure and thank u were from
      The blue ridge mnts so were use to bring in the woods but not seeing the animals chase us that was scary

  9. All the items were moved The beer can and the fan I moved fan to a different spot so no need for anyone to go dig around there I made a shrine out of it and set it on a log Plus that blaze would not last 1,000 years and Forrest did not draw that picture 🙂

  10. And no one should carve F on the trees I think that’s unfair to other searchers!!!!!! They should be put in jail not the diggers lol

  11. Great story Gyps, I think it’s incredible how you found those props and made a connection like that. I can’t wait to see your vid adventure 😉

    • That video probley just gonna be a comedy lol trying to think and talk after hiking I thought I was gonna fall over dead from not being able to get oxygen hehe

      • I’m working on making a fairy garden for my Mom as a gift (I love love love miniatures). I just had a funny idea to make some that have to do with my searches for the treasure. I think it would be neat if you made one with the little engine and beer can…hey that reminds me of the Cody story too. Are you sure it’s not there? LOL. Maybe he threw in subtle clues for the area that don’t matter if they are there or not in 1000 years.

        I agree that putting an F in a tree is in bad taste, but what about moving possible blazes? LOL I’ve done that!!

        Some fisherman is going to wonder why his campfire in the bushes is no longer there.

        • Today is my moms birthday, if she was alive she would be 91. We collect miniatures too. I would like to send you a fairy for you garden for her Stephanie. Mom lived to be 86!

          • Aww happy birthday to your Mom. I wish she was still here for you to celebrate it with her.

            That would be so sweet of you. I like making dioramas and things like that. I might show off something I did a while ago and sent to Forrest. It sort of showed my obsessive issues with the Chase…so I didn’t show many people…but I think people will get a kick out of it. I’ll post it on in the next day or so with the story behind it.

            I’d love the fairy and excited to see her…we can msg on facebook if you want. The Field Museum in Chicago has this incredible miniature mansion display made of the finest little things I’ve ever seen.

        • Maybe he was hinting of riches new and old…as in memories(ie: fan helicopter). Nah…

          • Naw he wasn’t new and old is in the box And someone could steal that fan then all his clues would be gone. My imagination just runs wild

  12. DG-
    When Nick, the Australian cameraman was finished filming your team he came down to see where I was looking in NM near Tres Piedras. He asked me why I wasn’t furiously turning over every rock and peering diligently inside every beer can like you guys. I took it you were much more thorough than I was. 🙂

  13. Love your story Gypsy! I too have seen alot of FF and F Blazes on tree’s. I was around that area, the same time as you . What a wonderful adventure! And to be with a Film Crew, how fun and exciting. It is a treasure that you had the chance to do this Journey. Love you style of writing and Keep having FUN!

  14. Wow I can’t believe you didn’t dig under the beer cans 🙂 that’s like a for sure man blaze 🙂

  15. Fun story DG! Looking forward to seeing the video. Sounds like you did a good job of searching the Hebgen Lake area. Did you go around the whole lake including the Firehole Ranch area?

  16. This is so cool. When we went to New Mexico last year we looked under and over and around every little spot we visited. I looked inside a box sitting out in front of the Bent Musem in Taos and lifted a stone slab over the little water fountain or make up falls there at The Vietnam War Memorial at Angel Fire. We looked for Blazes on the Aspen trees and under holes and outlet boxs(carefully) Everywhere…. Ya’ll just probably were one of the new ones within 500 ft of the LockBox and had no other clues and had no clue. Keep up the search and good luck gals. Continue the chase and do not fall down any rabbit holes. JMW MS. Girl Still active in the chase and God Bless….

  17. DG-
    Diggin’ your adventure!! Thanks for the post! What pure joy on your faces while hiking in the snow. Such good memories of all my redneck relatives from Vashon Island seeing that Olympia can. Those kind of treasures are the most fun IMO.
    Looks sorta like a green beret in the back of your group with a rifle or compound bow. (My imagination, or your protection?) Anyway, sounded like a great time for your own little Discovery Corps.

    • Mac-
      I once lived on Vashon Island over at Burton. When I left, the median IQ of the island population was raised considerably.

      • Cool ! My folks were both raised there. Mom grew up in Burton. Harbor Merchantile store holds a trove of childhood memories for me.
        I don’t know about the IQ statement. I have some pretty interesting relatives. Thanks for the reply.


    Sorry DG that’s my old email send it to this one
    Y’all have inspired me plus your out having fun I think we get side tracked with the quest and forget to enjoy life along the way

  19. Jenny Kile over at Mysterious Writings is posting a monthly question and answer by Forrest. It’s a great idea and the questions come from those asked by actual searchers like you and me…She also has two separate pages full of questions and answers by Forrest in the past. Look at her blog…get answers to your most burning questions from Forrest…

    • Someone needs to let us simple minded ppl ask a question 🙂 I wanna ask one lol

      • She has a facebook page where you can message her. I’m not sure if her email is on her web site too..but I would imagine it is.

  20. DG-
    Sounds like a fun adventure. Liked your use of page 99. Interesting how your imagination would turn to the triangles above the initials as you observed the fan. At this time I do think the drawing on page 99 is important in some way (maybe a view of the search area?) (type of map?) .
    After reading TTOTC…
    I also think a type of fan, 3 or 4 bladed propeller, drawing or hieroglyph of helicopter, or a type of helicopter landing site will be nearby the area. Something that can not be easily moved. Another type of blaze.
    He writes of helicopters (and the noise generated) often in the book.
    See…my imagination is still running wild after reading your story.

  21. Insanity seems to be the common denominator. Awesome story!
    I wondered why there was no snow on the beer can or fan?
    And if I may… you ladies are the hottest treasure hunting group I’ve yet to see. You should see me roll out in the morning, it ain’t pretty.
    On another note that old Olympia beer can and fan are interesting… 🙂

    • Was the second day hiking was no snow 🙂 sun came out was in a different spot And thank you I wish I could post all
      Our pics Was a good trip

  22. Fuzzy Wazzy was a bear Fuzzy Wazzy had no hair….Thanks for the clarification on that 🙂 . Smiling.

  23. Hi everyone, hope you are all well.
    As I re-read a few of these blogs, it occurred to me that dal has raised my IQ…the f of it is, this is probably true… Arrgggh!
    This weekend we honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedoms, in service of friends, family, and country. God bless them! Happy Memorial Day!
    Mark H

  24. DG – I tried contacting you via to no avail. do you have an email address where I can contact you to pass on information which may be helpful in your search effort? (my search efforts are in Montana & YP; but due to heart issues, I’ve hung up my search hat.) Have a 3 prong blade location for you.

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