Scrapbook Seventy One…


MAY 2014

Fifty percent of the people were put on this planet so that we could enjoy the other fifty percent. This family personifies the latter group in its positive best. It is for them, and others like them, that I wrote my books, and hid the treasure.ff


Dear Mr. Fenn,

My name is Margaret and I am writing to thank you. Because of you and your poem my sons and I have been spending more time together in the wild.

I grew up in a family of 7 and we barely had enough money to make ends meet. But my father always took us out camping, hiking and exploring. I love that he instilled a love of the outdoors in his children. Over the years, I made it outside less and less.

About a year and half ago I stumbled across your poem and my son asked what I was reading, so I read it to him. He was intrigued. We talked about it a bit and although we didn’t have the resources to search for the treasure, he has since taken to treasure hunting everywhere.



I would love to introduce you to my oldest son, Charles. He turned 5 on May 15th. For his birthday party I gave him the choice of a party at Chuck E Cheese like all his friends or a camping trip with family.

He picked the latter with no hesitation! He spent hours in the woods looking for treasures with his cousins! He actually carried 2 bags around. One for special things he found and another to pick up trash left by others.

Earlier this spring we took a trip to a local hot spring here in Utah.
Shortly after we began to research other springs close by that we might be able to visit someday. I was reading some excerpts from online to him and we came across a blog where the author said something about coming to a gate across the road that was locked so he had to turn around. And that it turned out to be (search area removed by editor) in Colorado.

Charles turned to me and laughed, he said ‘where warm waters halt.’ I could not believe he remembered that since it had been quite a while since we discussed your poem. We started researching the area a bit and are falling in love with the area around there. Charles wants to visit the Anasazi Heritage Center down by the reservoir and see all the ruins of the old pueblos. I don’t know when we will be able to make it there, but we will keep reading and planning while we explore the wilderness here in our backyard.

This boy amazes me. The way his mind works at such a young age seems so unique to me. Although, through all my reading, I have yet to find anyone who interprets the clue that way. I can’t help but be intrigued by the thoughts of a child.  And I truly wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you. Because we found your poem, I was reminded about all the adventures of my youth and have been able to begin to expose my boys to the same.  I’m pretty sure that we will never come close to finding your treasure, but how amazing it is to be able to share the excitement of the chase with my son.
If we ever do make it to the area he thinks it may be we will follow his path and look. Even if someone has found it elsewhere before then. Maybe by that time my other son Arlo, who is one and a half, will be old enough to share the thrill with us.


Next step is to get a copy of your books to read together. We are saving up and hope to have them soon!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And thank you again for the wonderful gift you have given my family and countless others! You are a special person and the world needs more like you!


“There is no such thing as poor weather when it comes to being outdoors.”
Only poor preparation.”

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  1. Thanks forrest for sharing this great story! It tugs at the heart strings and helps to keep me humble. Good luck Charles!!

  2. Dang, I know he has me in the first 50 lol…..

    Great story. Is it just me or can anyone else tell that Arlo has his own solve going on in that cute little mind?

  3. I came to a locked gate in CO, too. I think it may have been the same one the blogger referred to based on his descriptions. If so, there’s an unlocked “back door” to the area (the long way around). Obviously, it didn’t pan out for me, but don’t let that stop you! If at first you don’t succeed……someone else may ‘-)

  4. Margaret,
    What a beautiful story! We have a couple connections…we are both in Utah and your son and I share a birthday! I have FF’s Thrill of the Chase book, if you would like to borrow it until you can afford your own. Just let me know. 🙂


    • Dal, did you notice they posted the article in the “Weird News” section of the Huffington Post? LOL! 🙂

      • CJ-
        That’s probably the most widely read section on HP so I think that’s a great position. I think weird works…just look at us 🙂
        I mean Mike D wears a tutu for cryin out loud..!!

        • its true, commitment to honor of ones word is weird these days. sign me up

    • Thanks Dal. Do you know when the interview with Forrest will be available to view?

      • Pam-
        I am guessing you mean the Australian Dateline interview?
        Nick said a couple of weeks..
        So I imagine some time in June…

  5. Dear Forrest,
    Please send this family a copy of The Thrill of the Chase on me…I am e-mailing you my credit Card number. we need more families like this in the chase!

  6. Margaret: you are an awesome parent and worthy peer in the chase. Thanks for your story!
    Michael D: you are a gentleman.

    • Mapsmith,
      Very nice of you to say, thank you…But Forrest outdid himself yet again by beating me to the punch, and thanking me anyway. I know if I ever am lucky enough to meet that man we will hit it off in a big way.
      Parents are the number one influences on their children. Here in Idaho we struggle to recruit new outdoorsmen and women due to the fact that kids today are a product of their environment, and have not been exposed to the great outdoors the way generations past have been. This is a sad and difficult reality to face. Thankfully there are parents like you, that are willing and able to share the things they learned to love growing up…planting the seeds of wonder that can give a child the opportunity to experience something that many children today won’t get the opportunity to experience, and that is life outside the city limits sign…life without cell service and electricity, life full of the stimuli of all six, yes, I said six, senses. The world has so much more to offer than a facebook page or a video game. Real adventure awaits those brave enough to seek it out. Good luck…and I hope to see you close to, but not exactly, where I’m looking!

      Michael D

  7. You have a beautiful family Margaret and how wonderful to be able to share your love of the outdoors with them. Good Luck to you all and even if you don’t find Forrest’s treasure, you have found the treasure in shared adventures with your loved ones!

  8. Mike…I need a few books. f put them on Mikes credit card…smiles. That is nice Mike…and a nice story.
    I finally went to the book store and through down on a copy of TTOTC.
    As I remember some of those proceeds are going to help cancer victims…and that’s a feel good part of the Chase. …thanks f.
    Mark H

  9. What a fun family. Very smart little boy! Thank you Forrest for sharing. Now, we are all scratching our heads trying to figure out what 50% we fall in.

  10. Margaret: “A truly rich man (woman) is someone whose children run into his (her) arms when his (her) hands are empty.” You are truly rich. Thanks for sharing your wonderful account.

  11. A great reminder Mr. Fenn of what’s important: family, bonds of love, memories made playing together in the great outdoors. In a future scrapbook please consider gracing us with one of your favorite memories untold as yet.

  12. Make sure they grab other lil treasures while searching even if just a bottle cap or a lil heart rock on the ground Then they won’t feel as if they walked away empty handed 🙂

  13. No room in this world for Forrest’s heart of gold. Changing lives left and right for the better – what a wonderful life!

  14. I leave little treasures along the trail for the kids. We should all do this. Or for anyone, because we are all kids at heart. Well I know I am anyway.

    My treasure hunting story…..z

    I decided to go rock hunting last week. So I went hiking up a rocky mountain side, were I had found some agate before. I am looking and looking and slipping on some shale…….I found a old trap, with white weathered bones of a coyote near it. I Put the trap in my back pack. I see some agate. Than As I am climbing higher and higher the ground slid quickly under me and I slammed hard to the ground flat on my stomach. Well since I was down and bug eye level with the rocks and sage brush, I did not get up quick. As I look right in front of me I see a quartz crystal cluster. It is right in front of me. It was saying hi hi here I am! I pick it up, its beautiful and sits in a special place near me. Its clear and nice. has about 20 points sticking out tip of it. about pencil pen size.

    I looked for more but no, but I was pleased with my crystal. and a old antique trap, I would never use. I Love treasure hunting, You just never know what you might find. And Oh I saw some beaver down hill, by the stream.

  15. If you could get me their address I will make sure they get TTOTC. Its what I sold the bracelets for. Dal you know my email address.

  16. Deb, Michael D said F already sent them books. I have an extra copy of TFTW that is waiting for a special person!
    Thanks for the great story, Margaret. If you are ever out in MT or WY, I am hiding treasure eggs with the poem inside, and a little monetary surprise!

  17. just a shout out there for any Canadians out there ,going on the search for mr fenns treasure,going in on the hunt,maybe meet some of you there !!!Wyoming-Montana base!!

  18. I leave half dollars and tiny bronze owls in out of the way places.

    • The a Thrill of The Chase is hugely appealing to the child in each of us. Wonderful families like this one open children’s hearts to a lifetime of discovery in Nature’s wonder & beauty. Personally IMO it’s both humbling and convicting to acknowledge our responsibility to preserve and protect our wild lands. There are many fine folks and organizations doing that now, but it takes a child picking up trash to bring it all home. Stewardship insures our grandchildren will experience the wonder in years to come.

  19. Thank you all for the kind words and generous offers! What a great group of people. We spent the last few days out in the desert and came home with a bunch of neat rocks, an old rusty tennis racket head and lots of pictures and memories.
    When I wrote to Forrest I never even expected a response… What an amazing experience from an exceptional man. We are looking forward to reading the books.
    Thank you again!

    • Must be an optical illusion because it doesn’t look like the same kid. Count it up to my naturally inquisitive personality, but I still say there’s something curious about him.

      • It makes no difference if he is a dead ringer, with two blue see’s.

        Reminds me of playing darts.

      • If you didn’t get the darts one, then think where his head is in the photo, in relation to his two custodians.

        The little one reminds me of Aaron Beaumont by the way, always in deep thought.

      • Thanks, BigO. I just thought there might be an aberration in the SB (placed there by Forrest) that people might want to take notice of. You know… maybe draw attention to the fact of why Forrest has released so many SBs.

        I’m sure there are many families who have had a great impact on Forrest, and him on them. Not to mention how some have become close acquaintances, while others remain distant.

        But wasn’t it Forrest who mentioned that an autobiographer always leans towards the subject? Couldn’t he have the least bit of purpose for releasing this particular SB?

          • BigO. Maybe it’s just me and who I am, but I found clothes can definitely make the person. I’m gearing for a whole new wardrobe, mostly suitable for mountain dwelling.

          • Balls in your court Suzy_Z

            Don’t forget your mirror when dressing. You need to look good.

        • This SB does speak about the Anasazi Heritage Center, so dressing for the occasion may have its advantages… especially when considering the possibility of finding some of those treasured artifacts. And who knows, maybe happiness is the pottery they’ve created… or better stated, an abbreviated form of those particular vessels.

          Sorry, I have to go… I’m stuck in the middle of filling my gas tank and it’s starting to rain. Have to rush home and shut some windows.

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