Scrapbook Seventy Three…


MAY 2014


Spring is out of hibernation in Santa Fe. Several days ago we had 2 inches of rain and yesterday the high was 72 degrees. That means life is rapidly regenerating itself. Green is the dominate color again, having just this week replaced the depressing browns and greys of winter.

IMG_0634 IMG_0636
The two acres surrounding our home are covered with beautiful bluish-purple flowers. My wife says they’re weeds, and I don’t understand why. Who gets to decide what’s a weed and what’s a flower? Some things that seem simple to me can be so complicated for others. I think we should take another look at our definitions. If it’s pretty, why would anyone call it a weed? That’s a derogatory term. Besides, weeds grow much faster than flowers and that’s a plus for us gardeners. I wonder if our nursery sells weed seeds.

As with some definitions, there are many issues in this life that I don’t agree with (“with” is a preposition). Who made the rule that says I shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition? Probably some Harvard PhD somewhere. Einstein said, “Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.” He had a very unique way of saying things differently. (My English teacher in high school told me that “There is no such thing as very unique. Either it’s unique or it isn’t and unique doesn’t need to be qualified.” I never liked that woman.

Spring is a time to relax and think. This morning I sat in my plastic folding chair beside our pond, sipping Grapette, while I threw floating fish-food pellets at a big largemouth bass. He likes to cruise into the shallow water and hide under the lily pads. The problem was that he totally ignored my offerings of food, and I don’t understand that either. In this very complicated world that’s just something else to worry about I guess. f

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    • That is sage brush. F is telling us to work on our solves, not seeing any solutions he agrees with. Everything is over complicated. Now…where is that child…? (imo). ¥Peace¥

  1. Happy Memorial Day f. I’m glad you are alive and wonder if you have thought of the dead that were in the field by the waterfall today. I have thought of them and remembered what you wrote. It’s cool that you found that and will always have that memory. I remember my brother that passed away 3 years ago, but not in the war fortunately, but in a motorcycle accident and a few others that served as well. I’m proud of them and miss them, but will see them again one day. We have spring here for a little while and it’s been beautiful. Summer will be here in a few days though, but for now I will enjoy spring and dream of my vacation soon in yellowstone. I bet it is pretty there in the spring and summer with all of the flowers. I only consider weeds the green things that don’t have flowers and can’t pass for grass. If it has a flower, I call it a wildflower. My fav are Indian Paintbrush. Enjoy you spring and the day and thanks for being you. Your friend Carolyn in Waller.

  2. I was looking for great quotes about weeds to steal so I could pretend to be smart..

    But I figured you’d be suspicious right away.

    So here are some clever thoughts other people made up..

    When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it.  If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant.  ~Author Unknown

    A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows.  ~Doug Larson

    Weeds are nature’s graffiti. ~Janice Maeditere

    A man’s children and his garden both reflect the amount of weeding done during the growing season.  ~Author Unknown

    Plant and your spouse plants with you; weed and you weed alone. ~Author Unknown

    Man is the only critter who feels the need to label things as flowers or weeds.  ~Author Unknown

    • Dal, here is one from my aunt Sue: Dont let blind men weed the garden. LOL

      Yes my uncle pulled up all the expensive bulbs she planted and left nothing but the weeds. Now, lets talk him trimming the trees? 🙂

    • Mix some bourbon into your watering can when watering the lawn and the grass will grow through half cut already ~ I P Freely.

        • Don’t know if it’s true but I heard one time Coors started a plant somewhere back east. They found a spring and named the town “Rocky Mountain” so they could still say “made with Rocky Mountain spring water.”

      • Then again, Olympia Beer had those artesians.
        It’s the water….
        I’m glad Digging Gypsy said she looked under that log by the beer can.

        • My grandparents had an artesian well and their last name was Brown! lol Wrong part of the state though. 🙂
          If it were below their home of Brown that would be pretty deep. They lived in a soddy. Might need a shovel in that case. Isnt a soddy a flatlander cave? Funny thoughts..

          When she first came across the Mississippi River in that covered wagon she asked if she could throw her baby sister in, she was tired of Can you imagine a trip across that rutted
          trail with small children?
          Lots of memories today, I must be getting old. LOL

          Have a great day everyone! 🙂

  3. IMO, when the chase is over, these words will be re-read as a clear clue offered in this scrapbook:
    “Some things that seem simple to me can be so complicated for others. I think we should take another look at our definitions”

  4. Another song playing in my head: Don’t worry. Be happy.

    And enjoy some chocolate. K just handed me a Ghirardelli dark chocolate square with sea salt caramel filling.

    Spring has jumped to summer. Thunder outside. Hot. Spent morning starting the veggie garden. Time to relax and think.

    Don’t worry. Forrest. Be happy.

  5. Forrest, your weeds are much prettier than mine. 🙂

    On this Memorial Day I want to thank you, Dal, and all the others that served our country, including those who gave their lives.

  6. Sorry Forrest the redneck in me is thinking about that bass in some foil with butter, lemon and seasoning on the grill, hints why he hides cause a mind reader! 🙂

  7. I just love Forrest’s voice. But Forrest, you’re a fishman, you MUST know that the fish is smarter than you and isn’t taking any chances!

  8. I see a blaze Mr. Fenn. Very best wishes to you on this Memorial Day and thank you for all the colors of your rainbow.

  9. Forrest,
    I’m in Albuquerque…our climate is a bit ahead of yours so my purple-flowered weeds are now flowerless and the stalks have turned Brown…My yard, in fact, is so brown that this could be the home of Brown–unsightly in this case; therefore I have spent the last 2 days pulling out all those weeds by hand. I waited, though, until the flowers vanished and my fruit trees were pollinated…May I suggest a hummingbird feeder to hang near your pond…I’ve never seen a hummingbird turn away from a feeder…

  10. To All,

    What is Mr. Fenn’s Rainbow. In the book Mr. Fenn promises that if you follow the 9 clues precisely, you it will lead you to not one, but two treasures.

    Treasure # 1. Mr. Fenn’s Rainbow. Now if you were on the trail with Mr. Fenn and wandering about to the point where he hid the chest.. and you came upon a rainbow that you both saw…what would allow Mr. Fenn to claim this rainbow as his own?

    Answer possibilities.

    a. It is a special rainbow in a waterfall that always is present at his special spot.
    b. It is a monster rainbow trout that he has never been able to land.
    c. It is the military “rainbow of ribbons” that he earned during his service to our country and for which we will ever be grateful. Most prominent in these is the “end of his rainbow”…the silver star with a “V” for “Valor” which means “Brave”!

    How great would it be if the “Blaze” were this actual Silver Star” hanging in the wood…hence “if you are brave and in the wood”. Then you will be able to return this treasure to Mr. Fenn. If this medal is not the blaze, then perhaps this is the “piece of me” that he claims to have placed inside the chest. Or it could be one of his kidneys!!!

    Treasure #2. The chest filled with gold. Interesting, but of less value to all of us than Mr. Fenn’s Silver Star!

      • Amy,

        In the book TTOTC on page 131 and 132, Mr. Fenn states…”So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure.”

        I am merely offering up the question. What is the end of Mr. Fenn’s rainbow. He states very clearly that the poem will lead you to it.

        So I say, this is also a treasure of sorts and suggested that the rainbow Mr. Fenn refers to are his military ribbons, which are in fact also known as a soldier’s rainbow.

        I also offered up some other ideas, but I will stick with his military ribbons for now. Maybe you and others also have some thoughts on what the rainbow could be.

    • OMG- please say that you do really not want any of his body parts. No wonder he wants the chest found.

  11. Forrest

    you mentioned grapette in the book and now here. do you really like grapette or is this some kind of hint?

    the last time i can remember having a bottle of grapette, i snuck it into the theater when i went to see that movie about how life was an illusion in our minds and Keanu Reeves was the chosen one or something

      • Gold and More

        referring to your other comment, what state do you think Forrest isolated it to?

        • “more than 300 miles West of Toledo” is the comment he made. Simple longitude.

    • 🙂 I had never seen a bottle of Grapette before. Who knew they ever marketed a soda in such a small bottle?

    • The story of Grapette is interesting. The bottling size was genius.
      The first Grapette slogan-Close to Nature – sort of fits Mr. Fenns life story?

    • Do they make Grap-ette still or is there a huge vault somewhere half full…? And thank you Forrest and all military veterans who have kept us free to hunt for treasure.

      • They are indeed making grapette..but not in that little bottle.I noticed it after I got the book at my local wallyworld.

  12. Mr. Fenn,
    I need to clarify my last request. May I come fishing in your pond? I won’t catch and release so that bass won’t eat all your fish food!
    Mmm, fresh fish! (No dynamite,I promise)

  13. Hooray, for Spring!

    In AZ we are in the 100’s. A lot more like summer.

    I guess I need to find my old English teacher and show her Mr. Fenn’s poem. She could probably show me the clue Forrest just gave us by pointing out the sentence ending with a preposition.

    I knew that Forrest was a fish person and knew what all fishermen know. Warm water is where Bass live. You have really thrown us a curve ball Forrest, by eliminating the two warm water lakes in northern NM below 6,000ft.

  14. you think there is a clue in the preposition thing?

    normally i would agree, but i am wondering if i am just starting to see a clue in everything because im losing my mind

  15. F, From one Nam vet to another I watch switch back and forth from Memorial Day stuff on TV and the baseball games. My heart aches and I’m sad about the wars but then I read your Springtime note and look out on my Santa Fe flowers and say once again THANK YOU!

  16. I believe forrest has already told everyone which state the chest is hidden in, if you go back and do your math. He made a statement that isolated the state.

        • I think we are the Bass and Forrest is puzzled by us ignoring the clues he is throwing at us

          • Which of the four possible states lies on the same east-west position as Toledo?

          • Then the fact that “the gold” is “in” the photo of a map of “Northern New Mexico”…(p.133) is irreverent?
            If one looks close, you can see the counties of Rio Arriba and San Miguel…..Yes, No, …Maybe??

        • Ed,

          ok i know what state you are concluding then

          if you really wanted to give that much weight to that statement, i think the only thing it does is possibly rule out Montana

          Forrest has made that same comment on another occasion where he said 300 miles south west of Toledo

          if the state in question were NM, for example, that would be more than 300 miles west of Toledo, it would also be more than 300 miles southwest of Toledo.

          same holds true for CO and parts of Wy

  17. Nevada and Utah are out because Fenn said so and Arizona because the Rockies don’t go there. Realistically then its Utah, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. So why is it that I must go 🙂

      • Ed-
        I believe his comment on Toledo was a direct hint about the whereabouts of the treasure. I can’t explain further without putting you within a few hundred yards of where i will be looking in June. But suffice it to say, IMO, it has nothing to do with the state of Ohio, nor with 300 miles. That was all used to couch the his hint. IMBTW but, time will tell. Less than two weeks of time to be more accurate.

  18. “Some things that seem simple to me can be so complicated for others. I think we should take another look at our definitions.” ff

    “The problem was that he totally ignored my offerings of food, and I don’t understand that either.” ff

    I think he is speaking to the searchers with these statements. He continues to see people over complicate the search. He has stated recently that the poem, his book and a good map serve as excellent research material. Yet he continues to see people going way beyond that, and ignore his suggestion.

    Since I have started, I personally try to think logically, and keep it simple. I have not read a single book, other than TTOTC. Beyond looking up definitions, I’ve done very little research. I’ve researched possible meanings of WWWH, and HOB. I’ve studied maps. Hearing other searcher’s depth of research they do in this chase, made me wonder if I was too simple minded to compete for the chest. Once Mr. Fenn stated one only needs the poem, his book and a good map, it made me feel like I can find it. As adults, we tend to over complicate things. That’s probably why he said to have a child read it….they are still simple minded.

    • I’m with you UP. But for me, it’s been just the poem. He said that’s all you need. So, because my Scottish blood is too tight to purchase the book (oh, I will some day soon simply for the enjoyment of reading his simple Texan style) I’m using the free poem. Hope your adventures are going well.

      • Email me mac I’ll let you borrow mine just send back when done you gotta read the book !!!!or all you will ever find is a penny

        • DG- Tried your email but it didn’t go through. Thanks much for the offer, but I will help support the cancer project and buy the book. I’m frugal but not cheap. 🙂

  19. Am I thinking too much into Scrapbook Seventy?

    “Some things that seem simple to me can be so complicated for others. I think we should take another look at our definitions….”

    “I threw floating fish-food pellets at a big largemouth bass….The problem was that he totally ignored my offerings of food,”

    Ok, I get it. I understand my last “tarry scant” thought process was a little over the top and obviously flawed. The “food” you are throwing is not being ignored just misunderstood.

    I also understand my stated “very first area” in my “tarry scant” post is the same as my first area. (Maybe I’m a very unique individual). I did notice these things after I posted. And yes, I should take a little more time and “relax”.

    As far as the prepositions go—I’ll try better next time. My sentence structure could be better—It is a blog—Would you give me an f.

    I also would like to point out to others:

    “… That means life is rapidly regenerating itself. Green is the dominate color again…”—-(green tea)-Green is rebirth/new beginnings.

    Those”… beautiful bluish-purple flowers….” would you happen to know the genus/species of those flowers/weeds?

    Are flues at the bottom of dams? (I found penstock and outflows). I could only find flues for exhaust gasses.

    Let me be the one to say “Wow” first. More Advil please.

    I do not know if Mr. Fenn really read my “tarry scant” post but you have to see there is a coincidence. Just having fun.

    • Am I thinking too much into Scrapbook Seventy-Three?
      See above.
      Too busy worrying about prepositions.

  20. I am a piesces by birth. No story here, just a comment to leave you all with. I think because of my birth I know fish. Fish that swim atop the water are usually bottoms up. In that they can’t hear and will have to stay in that state until they are in the lakes of the afterlife. The fish that are alive can eat the food you give them with great delight even if the fish has been eating the same thing for a long time. Look at mosquitoes and their larva. Food in abundance for fish. My ears, I’ve been told are large. Maybe that’s why I hear so well. I always listen keenly so there is no need to yell. Let that fish stay under the darn lillypad. Maybe he is just sinking in f’s pool of fish doing the backstroke. I may be a piesces, but I don’t live in water. Because of this, when I go swimming, I have to prepare for the water. I don’t like to get my clothes soaking wet, so I wear swim gear and water-proof goop. I only go swimming when the weather is nice because lightning scares me. I wonder how bass stay alive in a lightning storm. They probably swim as fast as they can. I can’t swim very fast. I don’t practice. Either way, the weather is looking nice at the neighborhood pool. I just finished packing my duffle bag. I think I will stay in the pool until it starts raining. If it gets to thundering, I think I will face my fears and try to swim really fast so that the lightning bolts wont get me. Weather can change pretty fast in this Land of Enchantment. I think I will try to get in and get out so fast that I wont even get wet. Oh yeah, Forrest, since you are a fisherman, don’t throw bread at the fish, toss them a tic for me. I don’t like those pesky critters. I may be colorblind, but I can recognize a beautiful flower when I see one. I even like made flowers. Who doesn’t?

    • If you are in fact in the end game. Why look now? Bass are not biting.Didn’t you get the clue? stay safe 🙂

  21. The bass is wary because it thinks there might be a hook floating up there, too. It must have been almost-caught before.

  22. Oh heck, everyone thinks he is talking to them!
    Forrest all I have to say is dont call me a big mouthed bass!
    ROFL 🙂

  23. I believe it was Sir Winston Churchill (not Albert Einstein) who said “That’s the sort of pedantry up with which I will not put.”

  24. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And spring is just spring. And a fish is just a fish (but add a little salt, pepper and butter and that fish can be turned into something quite delicious).

  25. Perhaps the fish and his school all have the flu and aren’t thinking clearly. Sometimes life’s circumstances and other people’s commitments interfere with the best laid plans. My family had to cut our search short due to the worst flu we’ve ever experienced, and then work and college classes beckon tomorrow. Unfortunately, for me it may be months before I can return to fish for treasure. Fly home very early tomorrow and too far to drive back. Pretty disappointed.

  26. vgboss – been wondering where you’ve been. You were one of the busy contributors when I first came to this blog.

    I like the way Mr. Fenn thinks. Simple and true. I must admit that I didn’t get anything out of this post other than what was said. And that was . . . if you want to call a weed a flower, if you want to use a preposition to end a sentence with . . . . and if you want to worry about why a fish won’t eat food, then that’s OK. But, what do I know?!

    • Am I seeing things, or did my little green and white thingy change shapes ? Whazup with that?

    • Mac Sweeney dal did not approve the way I and a few others were playing the game within his blog. But that’s history!

      Forrest Fenn, in my opinion… via all his most recent scrapbooks, is telling us that someone has completely solved THE POEM and that the game, or hunt if you prefer, is coming to a conclusion. “Spring a time to relax/think”.

      • vgboss – You are not the first to feel the chest has been found. If you are correct, then why is Forrest not telling us?

        • For those who are in the end game. FF is giving more clues so it appears no one has laid hands on it yet.

        • Pam if you reread my post you will see that I did not say that the actual “Treasure Chest”, from the photo with all the golden goodies, has been found. I stated that THE POEM has been solved. There’s a huge difference. In my opinion, which I stated last year, goes beyond just solving THE POEM with boots on the ground. That’s but only the beginning.

          As to your other question. Why is Forrest not telling us that THE POEM has been solved? Again ‘in my opinion’ he indeed is telling us through his several recent back to back to back to back scrapbook postings. He is talking directly to the “few”.


          “Spring is a time to relax and think”

          • vgboss – I understood your post. I questioned why you felt the poem has been solved, but the treasure is still hiding. Forrest has stated many times “The treasure will be there waiting for you when you arrive”. If the poem is solved I would assume the chest has been found. What person would solve the poem and leave the chest?

          • I will answer that question later. A new moon is upon us and when it is upon us, I shall be upon it. I am reminded of a song that says something like… This is ground control (f) to Major Tom (Slurbs). Turn your ignition and put your helmet on. (The countdown starts) 10, 9, 8, 7, start your engines and may God’s love be with you, 6, 5, 4…… (the time to blast off is near for Major Tom and his excitment is increasing… soon he will be high, above the world). Remember, it is not until sometime after lift-off that the feeling of floating is experienced be Major Tom. Oh yeah, first he must get through the rest of the countdown…

          • VGBOSS is just giving an opinion that he feels the poem has been solved, he not saying Forrest says it has been solve, it’s just his opinion. Maybe he should have used the disclaimer ( IMO ) IMO 🙂

          • William – We all hear what he is saying. It’s a very interesting opinion. I was asking if the poem is solved…where is the chest?

          • @Pam I agree and the only thing that would make sense to me is the (FEW) couldn’t make the trip yet due to travel issues. I know for me living in Florida that it’s not a skip and a jump to the search area and it takes some planning, so maybe they are running into the same. I also agree with VGBOSS with 18 post in the scrapbook since March that It’s little more than usual and the whole chase is begin base on reading between the lines and this is how I see it aswell.

          • Well VGB, Interesting point of view on the solve. I feel that I have a solve for my latest spot…just like everybody else… and just like all my other solves. And, I could go check it tomorrow, or the next day, or next week…it lies but a few hours from my house. But alas, I do not see how anyone who has been on a good number of searches can ever again…”go with confidence”. So I can wait until the place is peak in it’s beauty in order that my reward will be the greatest when all I see and hear are a bunch of whispering aspens.

          • Your comment makes me smile. Eh, and giggle a little bit. Cofidence is bountiful. It only needs to be found and grasped by ones self.

          • @ Pam – I think it’s still in the ground.

            Have you seen the last Shrek movie? I think the box is like the plate of waffles.

          • Hi Eral – The definition of THINK is BELIEVE. Is seeing NOT Believing, BUT Believing is Seeing? If you agree with vgboss and his/her way of thinking…then where is the chest?

      • I think you all might be missing what VGB is saying. Even if the Poem is solved, if you have solved it in the wrong place (i.e. all of us) then what good is it. If Mr. Fenn feels that someone has indeed solved the poem (purported by VGB), it is still of no use unless the solve is in the right place. That is the most frustrating piece of this puzzle…there are many solves, but only 1 “correct” solve. I think I like a rubics cube better…I feel just as Xhausted, but at least I know when I have solved it.

        • Obviously there are way smarter folks out there than I but as I stated; THE POEM has been solved by a few, and continues to be, and the “few” are being whispered to by Forrest Fenn within these most recent scrapbooks. The man with the masterplan who is Forrest Fenn is awesome! And this many of you already know.

          The Forrest Fenn’s “Treasure Chest” portrayed in a simple photo, with all the golden goodies, worth over a cool million and some of you think that just solving THE POEM will earn you such a valuable keep? Yeah sure…the “few” know better… I’m sure they do…just a guess…just my opinion.

          All this, “the game”, goes well beyond just solving THE POEM…IMO (In my opinion).

          “while I threw floating fish-food pellets at a big largemouth bass. He likes to cruise into the shallow water and hide under the lily pads. The problem was that he totally ignored my offerings of food, and I don’t understand that either.”

          Forrest Fenn is a lot smarter than just creating a POEM to solve and lead to a “box of goodies”. Let’s give him the proper credit here. He is a genius, in an odd sort of way, and his “game”, again, goes way beyond just solving a cute POEM.

          Forrest Fenn is da man. Props to the guy for the masterpiece he created. It’s been fun.

          Will you be slapped silly with the BLAZE?

          Good Luck out there and Happy Hunting..


          Sorry about me using BOLD letters…I just felt like using them.

          Oh and if I do not respond to any of your questions immediately do not think I’m ignoring you. I do apologize advance as I’m extremely busy with Spring Football Games as well as Football Summer Tournaments that are coming up. It’s what I do and I enjoy what I do very much as I help kids get scholarships

          • VG, Watching the Cloud Atlas trailer what a way to start the weekend. Thanks for posting.

  27. Let’s not overlook the obvious. What about Colorado being the only mountain state where weed is legal? In Colorado they appreciate weed…as does Forrest appreciate weeds…
    I think it’s obvious he is pointing us to Colorado to search…
    or not!!!

    • Let me help you Dal. It’s in Weedville. Go there to look. No one is searching there.

      • pirate-
        That’s in AZ. There is also a Weed in CA and a Weed in NM. None are in the target area. No…I think he is directing you toward CO. I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

        • I was sending you to Weedville, PA. Let me know how that goes for you 🙂

        • Anyone else reading the ‘unwanted weed’ comment as an analogy-critique on Chief Ranger Reid? 😀

  28. Maybe Einstein also said this, “I wish I could have said, the things I was attributed to.”

    Mr. Fenn, you are such a little devil!!

  29. The entire focus of FF’s message is being missed IMO…He’s telling us Spring is the time to relax and think….In other words, your effort is not worth the cold in Spring, so hone your ideas and solves instead of trying to find the chest in spring…Water is definitely high right now… and Loads are heavy. You must think and plan….now take this food I offer you!

        • You have to know Forrest to know he is throwing hints on this one 🙂 if I hunt again it will be end of aug first sept

          • I agree there are hints, but disagree that they have anything to do with Spring.

          • Just been a bad winter out west so water is super high and a lot of the back roads still a lot of snow So that’s why I thought that Depends on where u search I guess

      • I totally agree. I believe I was LESS than 500′ of it last month when I traveled to New Mexico from Seattle . Me and a buddy spent 5 weeks camping at 8500′. Every night was 20 degrees or colder. I brought a wet suit , but the water temperature AND the strong run off kept me “at bay”. I’m hoping I’m the end game. Here is a hint for you all. Look at the chest. Those are ladders (fish ladders) the humans are climbing. I forgot mine, but I will have one on my triumphant return in July!

    • Mmmmm. . . . . munch, munch, munch … good shtuff.
      I agree with you Mike D. Everyone should STAY home and relax a bit more and NOT go to Colorado. At least, not for another ten days or so. We just inherited a condo from a relative who passed away. Amazing the STUFF in here. I took the refrigerator magnets. That’s all I wanted. What to do with all the rest. Well, for some lucky searchers out there, I will be leaving Florida memorabilia throughout SW CO when I return. Kind of opposite of the guy who threw the spike into the Caribbean. I will be bringing tropical things back. But no one gets the magnets!!

      But don’t think me rich. After all the medical bills, we’ll be lucky to afford passage back home. But, duty called. So we came. Happy hunting everyone.

    • Michael
      You maybe right or maybe he is saying relax in the spring and go in the winter = frozen. Your effort will be worth the cold.

  30. Did ya’ll get the instruction from Forrest that we should look at definitons of words differently? Also, he uses a lot of prepostions at the beginning of his lines in the poem also. Just use common sense when reading all of his scrapbooks and he has sprinkled a lot of clues right in our faces. Did anyone remember that the old biddies in TTOTC book whispered behind his back? Old Biddies can have several meanings. Take all of the words and use them as other meanings is what I got out of this. Weeds to flowers. I also read this morning that Forrest said that if he told how he checks and sees if the Chest is still there it would be too big of a clue to give away. Of course it would!!! So I do not believe he has a camera on it himself. I just believe one has to go through and use the words in the poem and follow the clues and do not start it “Begin it where warm waters halt” !! Start it at the beginning like alpha and omega “As I go alone in there”; he went by himself several places and one of them is my clue. Then you go down the line and it will lead us all to the exact location. It is simple to him just confusing to us. Words and their other meanings is the clue for Today. IMO that is!!! See all of ya’ll in the funny papers. As always, continue the Chase. Good luck……MS Girl Judy M.

  31. When is it enjoyable and productive to figure out who’s who and what’s what in this chase?
    When your are clearheaded.
    When is it impossible?
    When a fever and headache scream louder than common sense. Argh, the flu.

  32. Maybe north the waters high…but where I’ve been was dry.
    Are there deserts north that are wet?
    As I was and am looking for a place to put in, I was reminded how f was going to die and where.
    Okay not so much on the where…grins. But TG, a Fenn treasure hunter believed f said he was going out to the desert, to bleach his bones… That bone bleaching sounds rough.
    With that said, how many deserts are part of the rockies?
    Another thought…I’m not so sure if f could pick the moment he would die??? He is tricky…”Okay God…how about October 14th, 2031around 9pm?” God replies “Anything for you f.”
    No imo f couldn’t get to a spot if the weather plays a roll, or there was 8 feet of snow for instance… So imo his spot is a place he can go 365 days a year.
    Thus, imo “The race is on!”
    f, about the bass. Maybe it’s like Safety Joe has said we hear you, but are slow to respond. The bass sees and hears the pellets hit the water, but has been concerned about other fish stuff…
    Maybe a fish friend is gone? Leaving only one other fish friend to share the shallows of the pond.
    (Now, I’m out of the box.) Maybe this bass (as we dont know which of us fish you are talking to) knows that the guy who loves his little pond will be back with more pellets when this bass gets his head right.

    As for ending a sentence with a preposition…well that sounds okay to me. I dare look up the Harvard guy’s name? It will turn out to be a Brown , and I already have enough of those.

    f not to take the Misses side, but I like the little bit of yard we have to be soft grass….Not pot folks! We live in the woods and a little grass in the yard that is soft to the feet is nice.
    But I have to wonder…weed… seeds…huh? What r you sayn f? dal …plz repeat your thoughts on this…do you really think f is suggesting Colorado?
    As we all know I have been on the NM band wagon and I find it hard to load up and go until all of NM is completely exhausted–or never. How far is too far if you’re going to die? How far would one go from their most awesome family and friends… Home is where the heart is!
    Mark H

  33. Mr. Fenn,

    Sorry I couldn’t stop by and see you after my trip to Yellowstone…Mom had a great time and we saw 2 Grizzly. Hope to see you soon with your bracelet!

  34. Fenn is above all a natural born marketing genius; that is how he made his millions. He knows there are those that see clues in everything he says and will parse every syllable, redefine every word.

    It doesn’t matter what you really said, it only matters what they think you said.

    Knowing this is he just having fun twisting everyone’s brain into a pretzel while creating more buzz on the blogs, or is he actually giving a clue. Perhaps with enough imagination everything he says has something to do with the treasure.

    Is he putting up a smoke screen to obscure our vision, or giving us a polarizing filter of words to remove the glare from our eyes so we can see more clearly.

    Has he got us playing chess while he’s playing checkers?

    I don’t know………..

    • Nah, IMO, this entire scrapbook is allegory for how he feels about rules and authority. He flaunts that he breaks the little rules (grammar). He questions the ‘gods’ who decreed whats right & what’s not (weeds vs flowers, prepositions and that hated English teacher vs the acknowledged genius of Einstein). It speaks to me that he wants people to remember the intent (definitions) of what things are, as opposed to what some people SAY should be the intent. The weed seed is a fun thought too; FF himself is a purveyor of weed seed with his treasure hunt getting us ‘weeds’ out in everyone’s various BLM, NF, NP, DFW, & TribalLand gardens.
      Fish aren’t biting, but he’s still providing food for thought. 🙂

    • Goofy-
      Very eloquent discourse.

      I was at one time quite skeptical about Mr. Fenn and his possibly being sneaky. But I read this last entry as a pretty straight forward way of telling us that he has done things his way and that we shouldn’t question him or his motives. He has written a poem with clues that all fit into his way of thinking. The game is to figure out what that way of thinking is.

      Of course, I’m not saying anything new, but rather crossing over to the “other camp” . I read the last paragraph as saying that he HAS given us hints as well as the obvious additional clues in his posts. But for some unknown reason, many of us, like the fish, are refusing to accept them. So, I am now going back to read more carefully to glean any bits that may seem relevant. Nuf said.

  35. Ahhh a time to reflect, while pondering the ways of a fish. No need to be worried about that bass. As a fisherman we both are aware that it will eat when time comes. With marvel gaze one looks about in fields a flush wild flowers. and see’s no weeds only what nature is offering for all to behold.

  36. FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE IN THE END GAME. The bass are not biting so it may take a bit of patience , a good lure and some very unique line to catch the big one. good luck. 🙂

  37. I’m In need of logical help:

    Using deductive reasoning my overall solve was reached by applying general rules that hold over the Rocky Mountains narrowing the range from millions of acres to 1/4 mile. Now that I’ve arrived in a corner of ff’s paradise I’m stuck with too many variables to isolate the exact spot. For instance, considering various memories which made FF who he is, would he select a childhood Huck Finn – treasure island reminiscent of carefree days, An Indiana Jones ‘heart of adventure’ cave, favorite fishing hole, or the most beautiful view on earth? Having worked out cancer and given death it’s view I personally came to the conclusion it’s all about the view. I would throw myself over the chest looking at an unbroken panorama of rugged snow-capped peaks set against a bluebird sky. While I don’t presume to understand the intricate mind of Mr. Fenn I wonder if he is a like-minded soul and would simply pick the most gorgeous view in the Rockies.

    Any suggestions?

    • I dont buy the most beautiful view idea. He said he laughed , that makes me think its humerous. 🙂

    • Yumpin Yimminy !!

      Finally someone who thinks like i do. I have thought that all along NG. I admire your reasoning skills. Not having read the book, I wasn’t aware of his stories, but sounds like you have thought it through well. I am with you on the gorgeous view angle. One question? Does you solve (1/4 mile) include all those variables? If so, amazing.

      • @MacS Just my simple way of thinking Mac. Who knows if their solve is correct without chest in hand. Just looking for ideas on understanding ff. appreciate your response 🙂 thanks!

    • Norwegian-
      I can certainly see why you would think the residence of the chest and Forrest’s final resting place, sprawled on top, may be a grand place on high. There are many indications of this possibility in the Fenn catalog.

      However, I don’t think he would pick the place primarily for that reason, but instead a special place of riches old and waters high, but that really mattered to him and also someone dear (a treasure) who may have shared it with him, at least in spirit. There may be a marvelous view, but there are likely marvelous memories and attachments to go with it. If the Rockies are his house, the hiding place is his hearth.

      With much reverance for Deb, I think he was laughing at the audacity and absurdity of his actions, not the humor or weirdness of the place. I’m sure Forrest may have really heard it from Peggy on just how out-there he had behaved after he told her.

      I hope the poem can tell you how to narrow your 1/4 mile down to a more precise location…


      • I didnt say it was only a funny place. I only said in my opinion many people wouldnt find it the most beautiful place in the Rockies. 🙂

      • Thanks for your kindness Halo. I believe you are right. Family memories are the ties that bind. I was having trouble seeing the f through the trees.

    • Hey there NG,

      Exactly the reason why the chest is not buried…the view would….well …you know.

  38. Forrest, I think I bought some of those in the top photo. They werent weeds but I forgot their The bottom picture looks like either a sage or lavender, sitting in a bed of yarrow or tansy. Looks like a herb garden to me? 🙂

    I love grapes myself. Dont tell Desertphile, but you can eat them instead of fermenting them. 🙂 Thank you for sharing a small glympse of your garden.

  39. Spring is meant to be enjoyed meadow by meadow, wildflower by wildflower.

  40. Wow, woke-up from my deep thinking. Then I saw the beginning and the end leaving the same word in the middle for the rest. Nice….ET

  41. Hi Deb, Yes, I went to the Fennboree, I couldn’t pass up the chance to meet Desertphile and some of the other hunters. I thought perhaps, you might be there… We did talk about you… a lovely women named Laura and I were concerned… we thought you might have come, but felt threatened…??? I found that odd as I don’t think much scares you. She said, or she thought, someone had threatened you on one of the blogs? I pity the fool who would mess with our azuradeb… Anyhow I had never heard such nonsense… and I hope not to.. As a matter of fact, I hope we can meet someday soon for a hug!

    f why don’t you throw a huge party this year? A no structures party…lol. You could make it a must attend event for all serious hunters. That a clue may be given out to those who attend. Invite vendors and a have a little music. Allow camping for the weekend (make the location easy). Maybe you could make a t shirt, and tickets then send them to those who want to go…this way we”ll know who the hunters are… because they’ll be wearing “f” shirts. Which makes me want to go start making f shirts with pockets and a little “f” on them or a little treasure chest. A party with friends and family, some music, BBQ and another reason to go to NM.
    Talk about an awesome way for everyone to meet…
    Mark H… thinking outside of the box!

    • Mark it just wasnt a good time for us. You know how life happens when you are making plans?

      An event of some sort would be great. July is awfully hot in NM. Thats when we mostly only venture out early mornings or at night. 🙂
      Come to think of it stargazing would fit right in. 🙂

      Nobody needs to worry about me, I am tougher than I look. 🙂

    • Mark- thanks! I love the ranger who finally had enough of the insanity (and by the name of Brown… No less!!) and realized :
      1. its ok to take home twigs/ gravel rocks and 2. a million kids each leaving a trace in the Natl Parks/Forests is a much better goal than those million kids plugged into their Xbox and never knowing nature (or caring how ungreenly the electricity gets made which powers said Xbox). Glad you enjoyed/ thanks for reading.

  42. Perhaps the bass is waiting for a frog or a dragonfly to venture to his lilypad. Something about food pellets doesn’t sound too appetizing.

    Putting two and two together, I think it’s possible to find a place that doesn’t garner the title of National Park but is very much as special to the individual.

      • I believe land ownership could be an interesting idea. I saw some places that I’ve search that are owned by a conservation organization. You can find them on a map. The way they work is you set them aside as conservation land and you can put rules into the title for the land and even if the land changes hands, those rules will always apply.

        • I was looking at just such a spot for a time, but it was one of those that didn’t go anywhere. I’ve since not been so concerned about the legalities of finding the chest on public land. I think there may be a precedent that will be established when the chest is revealed.

  43. Mr f
    the reason the fish did not take the food is that you did not “match the hatch” :mrgreen:
    As for the “colors” you showed us…June is almost here and should be seen in the meadows soon. :mrgreen:

  44. Mr. Fenn,
    Perhaps the bass needs to see a little more green. You could throw in some expensive art. A well decorated lure always gets the King Salomon, I mean salmon. If your fishing skills are not up to par, there is always that fish fry, creekside, where you could get two smaller fish for the price of that one bass. Down the trail there are a couple ponds that could use some nice lilly pads. I’m not looking any more ’cause I want to be surprised! Is someone talking in code?

    • Lordy that sounded a lil risqué Forrest ain’t in to well decorated lures he just throws dead flys and if the fish bite they bite if they don’t they don’t .

  45. Oh heck the bass has been hanging around that lily pad for an eternity.The reflection o ff the water confusled the poor thing. Heres to bluebells, the smell of sunshine, dragonflies, laughter, and wonder. 🙂 Sleep well Everyone.

  46. C`mon folks….think, it is almost June. Mr f spent June, July and August in YNP “fishing”. Let me correct myself…FLY fishing. This is spring and the life he is referring to regenerating itself are the bugs along the creek and river banks that land (float) in the water that the fish eat. Mr f and his dad would tie their own flies while sitting on the banks that would match the hatch of the bugs the fish were eating. The colors green, brown and gray are colors of flies they tied.

    Of course this is just MHO and most likely I am wrong :mrgreen:

  47. Complicated world indeed, but simple still makes an occasional appearance. My dear friend JF, a retired AMR captain, is a passionate fan of the S & D Oyster Company on lower McKinney in Dallas. Really good Crescent City style seafood cafe. He loves their shrimp and celery salad. He spent a decade perfecting a copycat recipe and when he finally nailed it, he was surprised by the simplicity. Only five ingredients.
    So simple can work. Unfortunately, simple has not worked for me on this Fenn adventure. Only breaks I seemingly get (and maybe they are imagined) are after complicated processes. Maybe there is a simple solve and I just cannot see or find such. That said, the intellectual gymnastics have been fun and educational. Best of luck to all and stay safe.

    • wd-
      Good Story. Last time I kept things simple was BC (Before Chase). Hope I can get back there (simple ideas that is).
      For example: The last time I wondered about five ingredients was Scrapbook Forty-Six.
      It has been fun and educational.

  48. Hey all,

    Could Mr. Fenn be telling us that the big catch, the chest (i.e. the bass) is in the water? Not trying to bring up an endless string of legal babble, but I noted that in some states…no one owns the land “”in the water”. You can have rights to the water, but not necessarily the land. This allows people to walk in the water and be off of your property even though they traverse your property. I have no idea about the rules of the states in question, but I bet we have some smart people here who could comment for us.

  49. well I see the bass wanted a rio grande fly instead to eat ,
    a lily leaf if is not a weed, in water,
    on ground the pic is not of a weed !
    wwwh ? might be a hot spring hole in the wood!
    that is place for the meek to be from time to time !
    no cell phones, lap tops, etc a place to keep the woods
    a company ! I see the blaze but that will be my chapter that I know who
    speaks, from the book written by Mr. Fenn,
    I will return soon ! as the saying we will go in peace!

    • Is there a translator in the house? Trying hard on this one Cowboy, but only catching glimpses of the fly. Wish I was back in the meek zone I love so much. No gold there, but so pleasing and majestic I really didn’t care. or at ‘ignorance is blissville” I’m thinking of buying a permanent plot there. You know, everyone is healthy and happy land.

      • Bartender, I want one of what the Cowboy there is sipping on. Make it a double and go ahead and call me a cab.

        • Happy to oblige parter, two Grapettes and all things purple today. While I’m at it a bouquet of violet shooting stars – spectacular mountain flower which you must enjoy quickly or they are gone.
          Simple pleasures are the best.

  50. wait for a bite,
    but there is a meek cocktail , about in a stir, I like your comment’s said.
    do we remember Radar from the 4077th mash unit ?
    just a comment !!

  51. I have a couple of days midweek that I can fish with Radar and drink Grape Nehi! If I had better perception & hearing we’d get along great since cigars make me I’ll too 🙂 mash was a great show. I wonder if any of this jibberish would make Forrest laugh at how far off base I am on getting the clues.

    • stay tunned then for the next ex show ! then wait for that bite till then !!!

      • Forrest would be most disappointed with how much I rely on my little “texting device” to figure all this out:-) I wonder if he’s got my number! Ha!

    • Glad you enjoy sonnets CY and the elixir of quietude. I’m not a drinker myself, but with this chase may need one!!

      • last night i was playing texas holdem at pechanga casino

        on one hand i got AK and min raised, other guy came over the top and i figured him on lower pp

        it was only maybe 20 percent of my stack so i decided i could flat call and hope i get the ace king on the flop, and still get away if i miss and he pushes post flop

        so after i call, i am suddenly getting kind of riled up from the cold brews in my tummy and and an anxious desire to win.

        as 3 cards are being dealt face up on the table, i suddenly yell, “come on, hit me dealer!”

        the dealer, sitting just to my left, turns and cold cocks me.

        i went down like a limp rag doll and they said i was out for like 20 seconds.

        oh, sorry Deb, i guess that had nothing to do with your question

          • you know the key to a good bluff Deb?

            sometimes you gotta be the one holding all the cards

  52. “green is the dominate color” means something different than green is the dominant color.

  53. The green olives tell you which John Charles he wants you to reference. It also indirectly hints at the Brown. In my opinion.

    • Shhh Cloudcover, I’m trying to think..
      Ok, it didn’t work:-) help out here, We know ff didn’t hide the lute at Lanier School. Afraid I’m stumped.

      • I will play radar do ya have a helicopter
        mm or up for a hike mm
        im 5 foot 6 140 sixe 34b so they say mm

        • @cowboy and radar are into the grape nehi again and things are slurredbeyndunderstanding. They are either betting 5-6 on cards or hijacking the medic heli mnday morning to hike the jungle IMO.

  54. Forrest, in my opinion, is likening himself to someone. In a way. The John Charles I am referring to is connected to this person. There is a town in California that is named after him and is known for its olives. They have a festival every year there. The olives origins and the Brown are connected. No I don’t believe the treasure is in California. And now I have been quite transparent.

    • @cloud I put back on my rose colored aviators. Now everything is purple again. Just the way I like it. Pass the Grapette. Radar and I are playing canasta why you figure out the clues to Mr. Fenn’s poem.

    • Some interesting observations cloudcover with USaec crossover from ca to treasUre location as well. nice work. sometimes hard to reconcile all details this late in my search. It’s hard not to get attached to your solve, even if incorrect. I’m trying to redirect my efforts and think Logically as ff always says. not always works:-) Thanks again for your kindness to share insignts.

      • Thank you Nor. I give insights a lot actually. Course often it seems like I’m speaking Greek for the all the attention they get. (I mean lack of) Well they are insights to my solve and may not be worth a whole lot. (But I hold dear to the notion that they are).

        • Cloudcover, thats not unusual on the chase and probably a good thing that nobody pays attention to what we say. I think the longer you do this the more that becomes apparent. Does that mean your points are valid? No, it just means you may be sneaking in under the radar.

          • Deb & Cloudcover –

            You are correct! Many miss reading significant post. Check out what I “Whispered” in Odds and Ends on April 21, 2014.


          • I think so Svenska. Check out my comment from April 21, 2014 in Odds and ends Let me know what you think?

          • If any of the searchers going really deep into history to interpret their clues are in fact on the right trail by doing so then it is good that few pay attention to what we say. History is everything in this hunt, I believe.

            Pam, I feel that only the person who has discovered the true intent of the hiding of the chest has a chance of finding it. I believe it’s about taking a stand on an injustice committed long ago. And the finder will come forward because they are one who will be willing to stand up.

        • Hi CC1, curious if you are one and the same as CC on FFCC. If so, I think I know where your general search area is. I find it impossible to discuss TTOTC stories for fear of giving things away and that’s why I don’t reply to posts like yours. There are some obvious hints and some that are obscure metaphors fragmented into seperate stories. I’ve described it as an allegory though I can’t say that I have the meaning of it all. Someday we will be able to talk about this without being paranoid. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sit down and talk to FF about it? Or we could rewrite the book as we see it, now that’s an idea. You can find my email in my profile at FFCC if you’re so inclined.

          • Crazy family, Yes I am Cloudcover from FFCC and cloudcover1 here.

            Pam- The injustice was very long ago and is something that I’ve come to believe through his stories, that Forrest feels strongly about. It has to do with the history of the place and a fight still being fought.

  55. “As far as I know the closest person to the treasure was a man, but there may have been a woman with him.”

    Anyone here versed on the difference between gender identity and gender?

    Maybe our beloved Forrest is open to allowing the searchers define themselves rather than putting them into a gender binary?

      • Michael D

        Never say you’re wrong, only that you are off target by a millimeter. LOL

      • Re-read ttotc and the scrapbooks. He makes it clear how he feels (about, at the least, homosexuality). Also re-read those book titles he mentions, and perhaps worth noting are the celebrities he seems to admire- they are almost all of the same ‘wing’ , IMO.
        Though as one band put it once… ‘In the end, it doesn’t really matter ‘

        • So without making me re-read all those things….are you responding to me or 23 kachinas? An if me, are you confirming my opinion or disagreeing?

          • I suppose I will make you re-read, 😉 but I’ll make it easier: page 49.
            And I’d rather not say here on the public blog if I’m agreeing or disagreeing. For one thing, as I said, it really doesn’t matter (if he’s liberal or fundamentalist). Secondly, my wise old father-figure High School history teacher, a man I bet resembled Principal Fenn in some ways, told me this, and I wrote it down I loved it so much: “a man, a gentleman in polite company, need never talk about 3 things: his politics, his sexual life, nor his religious faith. A real man’s Character will not only tell you the few bits you might actually need, but in fact is more important than all combined.” & I agree with that statement

  56. Great philosophy for all men, gentlemen Mapsmith. One that’s easy to live with on monday mornings in anyone’s company.

  57. Map – Good reference on pg 49. A good piece of text back up the idea that Forrest is not sure at times of others gender identity, but certainly not bothered by being unsure. Live and let live.

  58. Good morning FennBlogosphere! Hope everyone is hiking with their solve in hand today. Me, I’m just dreaming about it and wondering when I can get back out there. Somehow hiking the mall doesn’t offer the same vistas.

  59. @Cloudcover – appreciate your insightfulness on historical context. That appeals to me anyway and fueled much of my search in the beginning. Nice reminder, although could potentially drive me away from the correct solve.

    • Thanks Norwegian. I’m sticking with the history cause number 1, it has always interested me and two, it makes the chase more fun. And three, cause I believe it’s the right path to the trove.

      • Points well received. I’m new to CC forum and can’t figure out how to retrieve emails at their site. Suggestions?

        • People put their email address if they want to on the section in CC that says “introduce your self”. Then there is a section there that says emails.

          • @Pam – need your help with the location. couldn’t find the thread here: April 21, 2014 in Odds and ends. Shall I look for the references in another local?

          • Svenska – If you go to Odds n Ends, scroll down to the bottom to April 21, 2014. It is right above several post from Wolf. There is no thread because everyone missed it. Well, everyone, but Forrest:)

    • Perhaps general history in the geographical area of your solve. You’ll have to ask Cloudcover. IMO learning history,geography, etc helps give direction to the search. Are you searching again soon?

      • I agree. I tried to learn what I could about the history of all of the areas I’ve looked. I started in the Cimarron area back in 2011 and stayed focused there for about a year and a half, then moved on to the Jemez region and now since last summer have been looking in another area that actually kind of ties in all of the other places I’ve looked.

        • Hey cloud – appreciate your “covering” since I have lupus and shade is essential 🙂 couldn’t resist! also chasing the earlier discussed lead. so very interesting given my personal history. I now Understand why AZ is out of the picture, and Utah as well. However, the remaining geo. to cover including naInvolvement is a bit daunting.

  60. I’ve seen a lot of talk and hunting lately but only some serious brainstorming.

    Here is a interesting discussion:

    Forrest has said:
    Only few are focused on a word in the poem that is key


    Most are underestimating the first clue

    Now most would agree that at about a 80% chance the first clue is WWWH.

    So, for the sake of discussion, what if we combined the two statements:

    “Most are underestimating the first clue, only a select few are focusing on a particular word in the clue that is key” – f

    Now we can probably throw out Begin, where, warm and waters

    So could the key word Forrest be referring to is it? Halt?

    Dal believe halt is of the literal sense. But I believe that’s not using the imagination Forrest says one must possess. Thoughts?

    • Djj- I agree that the non- rhyme part of it makes it noteworthy, but I disagree that line 5 is the first clue.

    • My key word is Brown, it tells you everything.
      Once you figure out Brown it unlocks the pathway. It tells you how to get there, and yes it takes knowledge and imagination to figure it out. Thats just an opinion. Happy hunting everyone!

  61. “It is interesting to know that a great number of people are out there searching. Many are giving serious thought to the clues in my poem, but only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key. The treasure may be discovered sooner than I anticipated.” Djj look closely he didn’t say the word that is key is in the poem. Tight focus he is probably referring to marvel gaze (gaze= intent stare) So a person has to have a tight focus on the blaze from a vantage point/angle.

          • Mapsmith – I hear ya, but this time it’s nothing to yawn about. Watch the local News in Albuquerque in the next few days.

          • gotta agree with 23k – sounds like still the same ol’ story
            (though the apparent south-of-santa-fe angle is new…). So seriously, what’s your source? And how is it you got the scoop on the likes of Dal and Jenny? 😉

          • I will keep you posted and as soon as I get all the details I will pass it along.

        • Ed, Not yet, but very soon. I think the local news maybe. Not sure, but I will pass along any information I get.

          • Pam, can you please explain more about where you heard this? You can imagine how this is probably freaking out a lot of people to read what you posted.

          • I will as soon as I get more details. Would you like me to send it in a private email to you?

          • If Dal would be the first to know then are you saying Dal found the treasure? The first and only person who would know would be the finder. Correct?

          • Hmmm. By that logic , the finder then is you, and you are showing remarkable restraint whilst you line up all the lawyers and Southeby’s. 🙂

          • Well , logic would demand it’s either that or you’re Mr Fenn’s sockpuppet. 😉
            And thank you very much.
            Please add me to that email list if you will- effectivedetective @hotmail. Thx

          • Sorry Pam, but your logic is confusing. You claim to know that someone has found the treasure but you won’t say how and then you seem defiant when Steph says Dal would be the first to know. Sounds exactly like the mumbo-jumbo that we’re used to hearing. Unless of course, you are claiming to have found the chest.

    • You have to be WISE AND find the blaze. Blaze might be a huge area everyone can see. Tight focus “wise” only to be had from being brave and in the wood…he gives you title not the actual gold…still have to go dig it out.

  62. Absolutely nothing is certain until Mr. Fenn weighs in or a worthy one stands in front of news cameras with the chest. IMO of course 🙂

  63. Sure puts a damper on my trip I think its not been found but a remark which panic sets in and builds up won’t be first to have claimed to have found it we will see

  64. Let’s ask Dal
    Dal has the chest been found yet we all think u would be the first to know since u run this blog.
    I think as soon as it’s found it needs to be posted Asap so we can all relax and find something else to do lol 🙂

  65. Pam
    U should have never said anything like this since u are not giving full details if where u heard this
    It’s like stirring the pot!!!

    • No, that’s not right. I just heard it HAS been found. And by a leprechaun, . . . under a toadstool, . . . . . behind a brown cow, . . . . . . over by the waterfall . . . . . that’s frozen . . . . oh, wait ! I love that movie.

      ” Do you want to incite panic” ??? (To the tune of “Do you want to build a snowman.)

  66. I would wager a small bet on this one say 500$ no way that chest was in Colorado 🙂 I know of two searchers from Utah that were on the news claiming they had solved the poem and would be offering proof after they had secured it…but that’s been a year now and they haven’t produced.

    • I saw that story a while ago somewhere on the blogs. I thought, NO WAY are two guys from Utah…let alone one guy…going to find the chest. No disrespect to anyone from Utah, but IMO the chest is going to be found by a LOCAL who can finally interpret the clues because they’re in his/her own backyard. (clearing throat) …NEW MEXICO! Therefore, because we know the chest is not in Utah or Idaho it’s not going to be found by anyone from Utah or Idaho, IMO. In the meantime, since those guys from Utah couldn’t find the treasure maybe they should watch some re-runs of The Wizard of Oz and, at least, learn how to find a heart…(chuckle)…or some courage…(cackle)…or…OR….A BRAIN!!!….(GUFFAW!!!!) 🙂

      Sorry, I’m REALLY not picking on guys from Utah…but, seriously, calling the news station FIRST? REALLY?

  67. Pam,

    Just to be clear, you are saying that to your knowledge, the chest has been found, and is currently in the finder’s posession, correct? Not one of these, “someone solved the poem” deals?

    • Sorry Chris for eliminating all your hard work but you go ahead and keep searching don’t let me interrupt your thought. Keep strumming that guitar and feeling good about the chase.

      • do you think that when F said be wary of these people, he was referring to people like pam who make false and unsubstantiated claims that the treasure has been found

        or do you think he was referring to people like me

        • Chris, I am pretty sure he was referring to people like Pam. You come across as being, well, highly confident that at times may make a few people bristle (not me) but I have never thought you to be deceitful like some folks (thankfully just a few). It is sad to think that folks like Pam get their thrills by lying in hopes of attracting attention. Such a waste of effort. Your enthusiasm has been fun to observe and it hope continues.

  68. Where is Diggin Gypsy? She’s our fun-it-up gal! Please join us for ‘Happy hour” rounds of beer & Grapette. A few rounds of Texas Hold’em and we’ll all be on friendly terms again & too full of grapette to care if the chest was found.

  69. Don’t know how much everyone reads through each section, but a few weeks ago COGone claimed that the chest had been found. I asked Dal, and he deleted Gone’s statement and inserted “Not true” or some synonymous wording. It’s in the Searching in CO section. Also alluded to in poetry section.

    So, if Dal said NOT TRUE to that statement, then I believe he is in the know. I will go nye-nye tonight not worrying about it. We’ll wait and see over the next few days. Best for no one to say anything about it’s finding until something official comes out. And then . . . . . it’s off to Santa Fe for the largest gathering of searchers party. Forrest emailed me and told me he was having a party once it’s been found.

    OK!! So I’m LYING about the last comment. But we should get together and put names and faces to comments. Hmmmm . . . on second thought . . .

    • I’m from Arizona
      You are from Texas
      Pam, please tell us
      Where your X is.

      Sorry Cindy Mac for plagiarizing.

      Oh, no poetry needed here.

  70. Ok, if the chest was found in CO, it could have only been found in one town. Along side a river, in the middle of the population. Such a good spot.

    I havent searched yet, but is Pam a new poster?

    If so, I would be so much more cautious about anything you say chasers. It sound as if to be a wise person hoping to create havoc and troll for given info.

    Or it could be legit and we all have to go back to life and just remember the Chase…. I know its in NM… sob… my solution is so darn good, it would blow your mind. And I never even got to go take a peek… And look quickly down. Dam how I wanted to look quickly down!!

    • Navigator-
      You should go, regardless of the status of the chest. I have my solve figured out, and will look quickly down as well. Doesn’t mean we’re going to have less of a good time when we go. Hope you get your chance before it’s found though. In what part of the country do you reside?

  71. The chest has not been found according to Forrest.

    Pam, aka Brian has tried this before on Scrapbook 44 and other places on this blog. I do not know why lying is a fun game for Pam but he/she/it has a background of pushing the “its been found” agenda more than once. I suspect we will not hear from Pam again.

    We all know that a claim like Pam’s…an unsubstantiated claim…is hollow. If someone actually had the chest and also had the will to tell folks it was found, they would certainly be proud to present proof of their find.

        • I believe Pams solution idea makes sense to me. They haven’t shared a complete solution with me. I don’t think Dal is being dishonest at all. I think he was told that.

          • Steph, I’ve seen hundreds of solutions that “make sense”……the only problem is the chest wasn’t there. It seems as though you’re wanting this treasure chest thing to go away in hopes that will relieve you from the emotional turmoil you’re going through; one day you don’t believe the chest is real, the next you “believe” it has been found based on nothing.

            What you don’t understand is the treasure hunt is not the problem. The problem is internal; if you don’t deal with the real problem it will just manifest itself some other way after the chest has been found.

            I’ve decided to forget about the chest and take over Dr. Phil’s time slot. I’ll make a lot more money than finding the chest.

            Dr. Goof in is…….anyone else?

          • Thanks Goofy. I’m willing to accept any free therapy as long as I don’t have to show all my solution cards or tell you how crazy this has gotten for me. If I don’t find it and I last long enough…I think my own story would exceed the value of the chest.

      • It could be a brilliant solution, but still not THE solution. Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. I think it’s more important to wait and see if there is news through other avenues than Dal, Forrest or Stephanie. Why? Because it could also be an attempt to evoke a response that would show Forrest’s cards. I’m sure he knows that. I’m simply saying that we should be patient and not add any sense of desperately needing an answer now. JMHO

        • I agree 9 and I believe I was duped into believing. I’ve been emotional lately and desperate. Hope everyone can give me a pass on this.

          • I find it a challenge to accept the real value of emotion from the distraction of emotion. It serves a purpose when we look inward but can lead us astray when let others inflict it on us. For instance, I find myself thinking about the wonderful people I have met during the chase and how I can help them or even IF I can help them. I’m enjoying the search, but I don’t NEED things like I believe others that I have met need things. I may want new tires on my truck, but they NEED new tires (for instance).

          • For me it’s become more than the financial security I’d get that drives me. I’m not saying the money isn’t important by saying that, but….and I’ve never understood this till now…I understand why people are obsessed with things….be it hoarders or drug addicts. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought this to happen to me. I’ve never had an obsession before. I have no problem going into a casino and saying I won’t spend more than $100 and I don’t and I can walk out. Something in this changed me. Feel bad you guys have to watch it happen.

          • Ah you gave yourself license to indulge. Ain’t that the way,we say “I can handle this”, “Just a little bit of fun”. Word: It still is. Lighten up and keep using your people skills for people. I believe good things will come to you… and em, gold may not be your best answer.

      • This is really simple.
        Either it has been found or it has not its a yes or no. I think Dal would not lie about this. What was Pams solution to the solve.
        There are a few of us that are fixing to search and we need the truth that’s all:)

          • I’ve also had dreams of flying, where I would almost trip while running, but instead of falling I would fly aloft for some great distance. I remember asking someone who I believed was more than just intuitive and she told me it was a very good thing. I suppose that was all that I needed to hear, because I didn’t ask ‘why’.

  72. Ok so what happened to Pam… lol.. i feel like im in an episode of boardwalk empire/24…

    but more importantly, f confirmed the chest has not been found. I truely love those hunting cams. it might be wise to even look for one of those while at the blaze…

    or just a look for a good map, or just take a look at the poem, or just look logically like a 5th grade mind at the chase.

    its still there, i know my solve is right, im sure a bell will be there to, ……….bout to say to much aarrrrhh!!!

      • I have wonder this before, believe it or not, i am not too concerned with trying to follow exactly what others solutions are.

        But if Im correct you are in diff area but do have the same type of solution.

  73. pam please leave thee 3 doors and don’t stand up!

    my word to you is.

    this is spring and summer soon, air being guided, and go out on the land !

    ha ha bye bye !!

    Mr Fenn, has no time this I sure etc.

    with luv I think !

    • Poor Pam, maybe she’s escaping us in a heli to a far away land? Or simply wishful a new search was in her hand.

  74. On the news it said the person who located the chest was lost so they can’t tell where they found the chest 🙂
    What that lucky person can tell us is that it was somewhere in the rocky mountains.

    This reminds me of the boy who cried wolf !!!.

    This is not what forrest meant by playing the JOKER.

  75. Me faith be in Dal, when he speaks. Straight from the horses mouth. Aarrgh, did me just say that Dal had the mouth of a horse? Me maties knows what I mean.

    • I never insinuated that Dal was lying at all. I don’t believe he does/did.

      Do I question Forrest and the validity of a treasure being out there? Yes. That’s not to say that I don’t want to believe or freak out if someone says they found it or know where it is.

  76. OK folks,
    Dal just appraised me of the panic comments on this blog. It’s time for everyone to sit down in the shade, lean back, have a sip of sarsaparilla, and try to relax. The treasure is safely hidden where I left it. If I ever discover that it has been found I will announce it in big letters so everyone can see.

    Several years ago Pam told me that the treasure had been found because it was not where she thought it should be. She is one of about 150 people who have made that claim.

    I would like to reiterate: Please go back to the poem and look at maps for your answers. Not every noun in TTOTC is a hint. If you can’t solve the first clue you should not spend your money searching. My guess is that the person who is successful will very quietly solve the clues and walk to the treasure with a smile on their face.

    It is true that Dal and I talk some, at least every day or so. He is writing my biography and selling my book, which requires communication. But to suggest that he is getting special search information from me is to underestimate both of us. Good luck to all of you.

    • Thanks Forrest for taking the time to put an end to the recent gibberish(I hope). Personally I would never doubt the integrity of either you or Dal. Thanks again…

    • Thank u so much Forrest for posting the information. Yippie one more adventure can’t wait to get out of town 🙂

    • One doesn’t have to listen very hard to hear that Forrest and Dal are men of integrity who speak true and have others best interests in mind. IMO if your judgement is clouded on that issue, a day or two away from the search to recharge your soul may be beneficial. All chase in your dish is an unhealthy diet. I speak with experience cuz I’ve been there too 🙂

      “Walk into my Parlour
      Said the spider to the fly.
      It’s the prettiest little Parlour
      That you ever did spy.” ~ Mary Howitt 1829

      • Couldn’t agree with you more, Nor !!
        PS Check out Svenska latest post on Poetry page. 🙂

    • Thanks for calming the natives Fenn……..They do get in a frenzy at times.

      It would be fun to pull up a coke case and sit in the shade to swap tall tales with you.

      I’ve had a couple solves I quietly walked to the spot with a smile on my face, but alas it wasn’t there. I do find it interesting you said “walk” to the chest.

      I also find it interesting that Dal is writing your biography. Is he getting the same information you wrote in your auto-biography that is hidden with the chest? Does this mean you don’t think anyone will find the chest, therefore, no one will read your biography?

      Since you said Dal is not getting any special search information, even though you are giving him detailed info about your life, and you have said your family is welcomed to search, I conclude that knowing details about your life will not help much, if at all, with the solution……..

      I was in New Mexico last month and stopped by an old friends place to visit. We were guides for the same outfit many years ago. He’s a Native American (he still uses the term Indian) and made some interesting comments about the chase. Without repeating the whole conversation here he made a convincing case that I should listen to my “gut” while out searching. I told him the only thing my gut tells me is I’m not as young as I used to be and shouldn’t have eaten that second bowl of his wife’s fire breathing chili.

      I’ve been giving his advice some thought……There are some places I like, or my gut likes; not for any particular reason and I can’t make all of the clues fit those places but I still like them. One of those places is the Wind Rivers.

      OK, time to stop……I’m becoming delusional like Steph.

      • “I conclude that knowing details about your life will not help much, if at all, with the solution……..”

        Goofy, i think that conclusion makes a lot of sense

        in my opinion, Forrest has incorporated elements of his personal life and family as hints to the treasure and solving the poem, but those are already, all in TTOTC for all to see

        i dont think any further researching and uncovering elements of Forrest personal life and family beyond what is already in TTOTC will help anyone to find the treasure

        just my opinion

        • CY,

          Agree with this opinion. At the expense of sounding trite, everything you need is in the poem…

          Your own imagination will reveal more than any amount of research, dependent upon the way you read the poem…



          • All of the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem.

            The chapters in my book have very subtle hints but are not deliberately placed to aid the seeker

            Not every noun in TTOTC is a hint

      • Goofy, I’ve been to the Winds once, and they are spectacular! Very remote in/out but a place where solitude is not an endangered species. Also interesting what goes on below deck so to speak surrounding the region. I’ve considered searching there next summer if health allows and treasures not found. Much more research on my end to determine WWWH for that area, just a couple of hunches. Are you out searching presently?

        • Nor……I just got back from New Mexico. I’ll be back up to the Winds probably in a few weeks. I lived in Big Piney for a couple years and went fishing in Half Moon and Baby Half Moon Lakes often……clearest water you’ve ever seen.

          You’re right the disappearing river is a really interesting spot.

          Like I said, I’ve always wanted it to be in the Winds but haven’t been able to get the clues to line up……yet.

      • GOG…

        You should heed the advice of your old Indian friend, sounds like a wise man to me…

        If, at any time in a search, your “gut” tells you “this can’t be right”…save your time and energy and back out of there…

        It should be an easy walk to the hiding place, not a challenge of grueling endurance or a risk to your safety…

        Remember, a child can walk to it, and an 80 year old man did twice carrying a heavy load…



        • Sam, I try not to be too skeptical of a spot if the clues fit. I have difficulty qualifying a spot based on what Fenn has said; I’ve concluded (at least for now) the route Fenn took to hide the chest is not the journey the poem takes us on.

          I have been at the ends of the earth……..well, maybe not the end of the earth but you could see it from there……and all of a sudden a van mom pulls up with a load of kids for a picnic. She took a different route than I did.

          The poem says too far to walk, but an 80 year old man made two trips to hide it. So do we have to take the hard way to find the chest or, once the poem is solved, the easy way will be obvious?

          How much of the poem can be solved using a map and how much (if any) must be solved in the field……. A special place to Fenn could be rather nondescript to us. His comments and hints are perplexing if not down right contradictory.

          When I start qualifying a spot based on all the information I know it makes my brain hurt.

    • “Not every noun in TTOTC is a hint.”

      “Ouch, that smarts,” said the dumb text miner.

      • one does not necessarily equate with the other

        also, if you think the significant meaning of the first statement has to do with TTOTC, then you missed it

    • Ed,

      Is it not where you thought it should be? Is there an echo in here or just deaf ears?

      • So nice to see comments from the man himself.
        Thank you Mr. Fenn.

        PS I slept wonderfully last night, except for the dream that Dal posted two new pages and I was behind when I woke up. First TTOTC dream for me. Maybe I need to step away for a while.

        And Ed, if it’s not an opinion, then it’s a lie to make a statement like that unless you have further proof. Do you care to elaborate, or are you going to end up like Pam?

      • Yes this is a fact and no Ken I haven’t been out even once I don’t claim to know exactly the spot but I do know that it wasn’t put in Colorado. Read closely what Forrest just wrote.

        “I would like to reiterate: Please go back to the poem and look at maps for your answers. Not every noun in TTOTC is a hint.”

          • Oh, silly me !!!
            Why didn’t I see that ?!

            Oh, wait, what DID I see?
            “Not in Colorado.” Nope, not anywhere in that statement. But believe what you want, Ed.

          • If anything I think Pam was trying to get Forrest to blink and say oh no I didn’t put it in CO. We know thats not going to happen…go back and read Fenns material carefully. Fenn is a master of the the chase aint nothing free.

    • Yes, it is an opinion.

      “The treasure is safely hidden where I left it” in either New Mexico or Colorado or Montana or Wyoming, and this is not an opinion.


      • From your perspective yes it would be an opinion because I have yet to offer the fact. I will say though that this fact can be yours too with a little research.

        • Right, Pam…er, I mean Ed.

          Yes, if only I could do a “little” research.

          “This fact can be yours too”, step right up. Prizes, prizes.

          “Step Right Up”

          Step right up, step right up, step right up,
          Everyone’s a winner, bargains galore
          That’s right, you too can be the proud owner
          Of the quality goes in before the name goes on
          One-tenth of a dollar, one-tenth of a dollar, we got service after sales
          You need perfume? we got perfume, how ’bout an engagement ring?
          Something for the little lady, something for the little lady,
          Something for the little lady, hmm
          Three for a dollar
          We got a year-end clearance, we got a white sale
          And a smoke-damaged furniture, you can drive it away today
          Act now, act now, and receive as our gift, our gift to you
          They come in all colors, one size fits all
          No muss, no fuss, no spills, you’re tired of kitchen drudgery
          Everything must go, going out of business, going out of business
          Going out of business sale
          Fifty percent off original retail price, skip the middle man
          Don’t settle for less
          How do we do it? how do we do it? volume, volume, turn up the volume
          Now you’ve heard it advertised, don’t hesitate
          Don’t be caught with your drawers down,
          Don’t be caught with your drawers down
          You can step right up, step right up

          That’s right, it filets, it chops, it dices, slices,
          Never stops, lasts a lifetime, mows your lawn
          And it mows your lawn and it picks up the kids from school
          It gets rid of unwanted facial hair, it gets rid of embarrassing age spots,
          It delivers a pizza, and it lengthens, and it strengthens
          And it finds that slipper that’s been at large
          under the chaise lounge for several weeks
          And it plays a mean Rhythm Master,
          It makes excuses for unwanted lipstick on your collar
          And it’s only a dollar, step right up, it’s only a dollar, step right up

          ‘Cause it forges your signature
          If not completely satisfied, mail back unused portion of product
          For complete refund of price of purchase
          Step right up
          Please allow thirty days for delivery, don’t be fooled by cheap imitations
          You can live in it, live in it, laugh in it, love in it
          Swim in it, sleep in it,
          Live in it, swim in it, laugh in it, love in it
          Removes embarrassing stains from contour sheets, that’s right
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          Change into a nine-year-old Hindu boy, get rid of your wife,
          And it walks your dog, and it doubles on sax
          Doubles on sax, you can jump back Jack, see you later alligator
          See you later alligator
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          It gets rid of your gambling debts, it quits smoking
          It’s a friend, and it’s a companion,
          And it’s the only product you will ever need
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          Well it takes weights off hips, bust, thighs, chin, midriff,
          Gives you dandruff, and it finds you a job, it is a job
          And it strips the phone company free take ten for five exchange,
          And it gives you denture breath
          And you know it’s a friend, and it’s a companion
          And it gets rid of your traveler’s checks
          It’s new, it’s improved, it’s old-fashioned
          Well it takes care of business, never needs winding,
          Never needs winding, never needs winding
          Gets rid of blackheads, the heartbreak of psoriasis,
          Christ, you don’t know the meaning of heartbreak, buddy,
          C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon
          ‘Cause it’s effective, it’s defective, it creates household odors,
          It disinfects, it sanitizes for your protection
          It gives you an erection, it wins the election
          Why put up with painful corns any longer?
          It’s a redeemable coupon, no obligation, no salesman will visit your home
          We got a jackpot, jackpot, jackpot, prizes, prizes, prizes, all work guaranteed
          How do we do it, how do we do it, how do we do it, how do we do it
          We need your business, we’re going out of business
          We’ll give you the business
          Get on the business end of our going-out-of-business sale
          Receive our free brochure, free brochure
          Read the easy-to-follow assembly instructions, batteries not included
          Send before midnight tomorrow, terms available,
          Step right up, step right up, step right up
          You got it buddy: the large print giveth, and the small print taketh away
          Step right up, you can step right up, you can step right up
          C’mon step right up
          (Get away from me kid, you bother me…)
          Step right up, step right up, step right up, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon
          Step right up, you can step right up, c’mon and step right up,
          C’mon and step right up

          -t. waits

          • And how would a rational being respond to that???

            Howdy, howdy friends and neighbors, this is your ol pal El Monte Slim tellin you gift on down here to wide track! We got some outasite deals just for you and the little ladie!

            Enuf said!

  77. Very nice of Mr. Fenn to weigh in and calm the storm. What concerns me about his post is that he makes it clear I believe that if you have solved the poem correctly, you will know it with certainty and simply head out to go retrieve as simply as picking up a gallon of milk at the local grocery. Even though I have had some confidence in my attempted solves, I have never once had this level of certainty so as to simply “walk to the treasure with a smile on my face”.

    Unless we each have this level of solve…I think now more than ever that there will be no treasure to be found. Boy, talk about taking the wind out of a windsurfers sails!!! Ouch!!!

    • Where so you windsurf anyway? We were just in Florida this past week. Did I see you in the Tampa Bay area? Lots of windsurfers there.

      • Mac,

        Never sailed in Florida, but love Clearwater beach. Been to Hood River, Aruba, Maui, Cape Hatteras and others….getting too old for the hard core stuff now though..the Chase is much easier on my body.

    • Wind-
      I hear him saying, once you have your solve, just go to your spot with confidence. If the chest isn’t there, at least your treasure will be. Remember, the chest is supposed to be a motivator for folks to get out and explore, commune with nature, bond with memories, etc.

      Few people’s lives are enriched by someone saying, “I just got a huge raise in pay!!” or “Sit down and watch my slideshow from our last vacation”. But think of how enriching all these stories are that we all get to read and share. IMO, (as many have stated before) THAT is the treasure.
      Lives touching lives is what makes life worthwhile. Not a pile of gold. It’s nice, but what can it do but sit there.

      Eventually, someone will find the chest and be burdened with that responsibility. Stephanie posted sometime last year, and I heartily agree, that suddenly coming into great amounts of money will simply serve to amplify the kind of people we are. If givers, then greater givers. If takers, then greater takers.

      Personally, my mind wants the poem solved. I’m a problem solver. I thrive on tests, puzzles, lateral thinking games, etc. So, to have this left open drives me nuts. But wanting the gold? Well, sure, who wouldn’t want that thrill? We are all in it somewhat for the thrill, the thought of “what if”. But as time goes by, we hear people coming to a new perspective about the simpler treasures in life.

      Well, that’s my take on it anyway. Wasn’t at you personally. 🙂

      • Mac,

        Agree with everything you stated. Outdoors is the place to be. My searches have all been to “special” spots that I wanted to visit anyway…treasure or not. My next and probably last search is to return to one of the most beautiful places on earth.

      • Wise thoughts MacSweeney. Personally, I’ve come to similar conclusions.

        Top 10 list of Treasures I’ve enjoyed
        through The Chase:

        1. authentic friendships made on the blog 2. renewed sense of who I’ve always been – free spirited adventurer
        3. Appreciation for hard work & planning
        4. Tenacity to think and rethink
        5. Love for the beauty of language – Thank you so much for that Mr. Fenn!
        6. Letting go of greed. Truthfully, I would be just as happy for Dal or any other to find it.
        7. Hiked my favorite Montana haunt among spring wildflowers. Hadn’t done so in 33 years; shared it with family.
        8. Reminded to be more than human doings. We are human beings.
        9. So important to reach out to strangers and treat them as a respected friends.
        10. Forrest reminded all to say tender things to your loved ones now and enjoy the moment together. I’m trying to do that every day.

        So very thankful to you Forrest Fenn for each of these gifts bestowed:-) You’ve taught me the meaning of “Grace” an undeserved gift.

    • It seems Pam has been duly harpooned and beached. His/her bones to bleach out and be pecked by a thousand gulls…. so be it

      • Colorful imagery Ken…Jeese!!

        But I doubt that she will not resurface..
        Perhaps over at chasechat…she will tell her story of how the treasure was not where she looked for it and therefore someone else must have found it…
        and of course we will all stop looking…
        Except Stephanie …who will then have the hunt for the treasure completely to herself…aha!!
        This is a plot by the two of them to get rid of all the competition…
        Okay..I am leaving for Montana right now… 🙂

        • Dal, I have a ‘good’ map, six pages of notes and 3 cans of bear spray I’ll donate if you are headed back to Montana soon. Also a hunch that June 24th may be an appropriate date to search.

        • Maybe a tad more colorful than necessary! Certainly warranted IMO…Your insight on possible plots may have some credibility. There are those who seem to have formed a kind of alliance of sorts. But IMO, the one who finds the treasure will likely be a lone survivor. A person that is unshakeable by all the “noise” associated w/ the Chase. Just for the record, how many searches have you done Dal? And, do you see yourself ever losing interest?

          • Ken-
            I know there are plotters…
            They fly over my spots in black helicopters…
            They are reading my email right now..

            Just kidding…

            I have lost track of the number of spots I have searched.
            Somewhere north of 50…but often those are different spots on the same trip…so they do not reflect the number of actual trips to CO, MT, WY and NM as much as different locations…sometimes several..

            I think the actual number of trips is about a dozen right now…ok..maybe more…since May of 2011. I have a lot of comp time built up at work so I can go away often but not for longer than two weeks at any one time..

            But in my estimation the record holder is Stephanie. I don’t know if she wants to talk about the count of trips/spots she has made but just hazarding a guess I would say it may easily be a stunning set of numbers.

            On the other hand she might be out looking right now and doesn’t know I mentioned her name…lol…

  78. Dal’s cheat sheet, stating the TC is not above 10,200 ft. or below 5000 ft. may be incorrect. My reason for saying this is, we have no idea what technique, method or instrument Forrest may have used to determine the height where he hid the TC……… My wife who is 71 and myself 73 are heading out to the Rockies from CA for a great adventure. Also to visit and enjoy the sights, sounds, and food of Santa Fe, Taos and ABQ. Good luck to all of you , and may all of you, find the true treasure of life.

    • can anyone make sense out of what Sharpsburg is saying here?

      i cannot

      the idea that F would have used an instrument or method so inaccurate as to not know whether he was within the specified altitude isn’t plausible

      i dont know if thats what the OP is saying exactly


        • Sharpy,

          a good map will have the elevation lines in increments on it…including 10,200 ft

          • I would not assume all maps use mean sea level (MSL) for elevation lines.

  79. “If you can’t solve the first clue you should not spend your money searching.” TRUTH Unless your family can afford it. Time spent in the woods is not time wasted but don’t jeopardize your families finances on a lark. Realistically, the odds are against us all.
    I am curious what ff considers the first clue. I have my opinion but that’s pretty meaningless. My opinion is meaningless, that is, not the clue.
    Building tin foil dinners, and breakfasts, this evening and packing up for my son and I to make a run at it this weekend. Everyone stay safe and best of luck to all. Another old cowboy with a fondness for sarsaparilla, and noted disciple of Dudism, once said “Sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes the bar eats you” MORE TRUTH

    • As I have gone alone in there….is the first clue…because it is the first line and is significant…for my latest sequential solve anyway.

      • Windy-
        I don’t see how that can be the first clue…according to Forrest’s definition of clue vs hint…It doesn’t take me closer to the chest..
        Now “Begin it where warm waters halt” there is a clue…tells you right where to start and Forrest himself has said that you can’t find it without knowing where WWWH is at…

          • Seattle, the discussions are almost always about WWWH.

            Some take for granted that that is where we should “Begin”. That’s OK. (IMO)If “Begin” is “KEY”, it seems many are overlooking this in favor of just making things fit clues. Or some are attempting to start (begin) with something else.

            Just thinking out loud. 🙂

        • I’m with Dal on the WWWH issue. Simply because unless you find a different definition for the meaning of “it”, IMO, “it” refers to the chase itself. And Forrest says plainly to “start it” there.

          • Wie gehts Germanguy? have you considered any different definition for warm in the way of polutd water.I haven’t seen it pop up yet?
            Chuz. I’m scandinavian but know a little german. wasn’t certain if you speak it.

          • Mir geht’s gut danke. In bezug auf die Verschmutzung des Wassers, kann ich nur sagen, dass dies, wenn es sich um Wasser, das in einem Teich ohne Ablauf handelt, wäre es genau das Richtige für warme Wasser halt. Lassen Sie mich sagen, dass sich ein wenig Wasser ansammeln kann (oder eingeschlossen ist) in einem Gebiet, das niedriger als das umliegende Land ist. An einigen Stellen wäre es als ein Becken. Das warme Wasser verdampft im Laufe der Zeit. Es wuerde wahrscheinlich stagnieren bevor es vollständig evoporates. Ich hoffe, dass gibt Ihnen einiges zum Nachdenken.

          • germanguy,

            Unfortunately for one of us I suppose, I do have a different definition for “it”…

            One where Begin it and Take it make perfect sense in the context of the poem…

            Must wait to see which may be correct…soon will know….



        • Maybe the style of writing would help determine what is first. Could Oreo writing style apply to his poem? If so, wouldn’t the 1st and last stanza’s be intro. and ending and the others the “cream?”

          • Wouldn’t that be against fenn’s commit regarding “Begin with WWWH” and “Follow the poem precisely”?

          • To me precisely could be have different meanings depending on the style. Read how Mayan hieroglyphics is written. Not sure if all this means anything, but who knows?

      • Windy-
        Ahh..just so I am clear…you are not saying it’s Forrest’s first Clue…you are saying it’s your First clue…got it!

        • Correct dal,
          I have no idea what Mr. Fenn considers a clue, but I believe every line is significant.

        • dal,

          My latest attempt at a solve has the following.

          1. As I have gone alone in there. I believe he may be referring to his plane.

          2. Begin is WWWH. I believe this could refer to the atmosphere. You know…where planes fly.

          3. Put in below the home of Brown. This is where he landed his plane.

          and so on. My latests attempt anyway that actually looks pretty encouraging.

          • Wind-
            Does it make any difference that he was not a pilot in 2009? He stopped flying a few years before that.

      • Dal,
        my reply is going to be imo, of course, i should have said that in the initial

        first a little backtrack qualifier, i am ASSUMING that the first clue is warm waters halt. i may be wrong on that. a lot of Forrest recent statements have left me a little confused. not so much hurt my certainty that my solve is on the right track, but confused as to how exactly it is that Forrest’s sees his own solution in his mind.

        i could explain that a lot more and better but ill save that that for another time maybe.

        no paddle up your creek, i am saying, is a hint related to where warm waters halt. the line is saying, there will be no paddling your rump, meaning, it isn’t a paddle that will be used.

        and that is the hint. sorry if that is confusing or offers more questions than answers. i do have a complete clue solve on this i cant share.

        • that’s not confusing at all.If the sign read no left turn, and I went straight, would I be right?

        • Chris Y., IMO “no paddle up your…” does have a certain meaning. My interpretation however is nothing like yours. It is pretty interesting that everyone sees or thinks so differently. I do like some of your theories…

  80. Hey all,

    Here is a devious “out of the shell” thought for you regarding the “how” Mr. Fenn has hidden the treasure.

    Could Mr. Fenn have been as devious as the following?

    “The Thrill of the Chase” is a terminology that craftsmen specializing in bronze casting use when experiencing the pure delight in breaking away the shell of the casting to reveal the finished piece for the first time. This lost wax casting process is also known as “precision” casting. The shell hides the finished piece until it is broken away.

    Now how devious would it be if Mr. Fenn has placed the chest inside of a shell, which could look like just about anything ensuring that you would not see the chest even if staring right at it. Kind of like finding a Geode that is plain and ugly until you break it open to reveal the treasure inside.

    Could this in fact be the true meaning of the Thrill of the Chase…or just overthinking….I hope. If this is the case, then I suspect that Mr. Fenn’s goal of 1000 years before its found is safe.

    • The term used for this kind of casting is “investment” casting.

      That sort of flies in the face of a “structure”???

      A metal detector would be a necessity in this case. 🙂

    • Wind-
      That is a marvelous piece of information about the foundry meaning of TOTC. I did not know that. It’s absolutely fascinating when you consider that Forrest started a foundry in his garage the last year or so of his hitch in the AF and then moved it into a building in TX. In fact his first career in Santa Fe was as an art foundry owner. The gallery came later. So Forrest, in my opinion, was well aware of that meaning and although I can’t think of how it might help me find the treasure it certainly is a “fun fact”.

      That apparently undoubtable double meaning (IMO) for the title of his poem certainly seems to indicate that there may be more for those who are skeptics about double meanings in the poem’s clues….just saying!!

      • If the treasure chest were placed in some short of metal casting then the total weight of the stash would be much more than 42lbs. This likely did not happen.

    • Perhaps the only way of determining the “shell” from the real thing is by tapping on both and listening for a difference.

      So hear me all and listen good

      but wouldn’t a “shell” be considered a structure?


  81. My 2 cents. I think the Captn Kidd/Garder Island clue is the very 1st as it give you a general area for the start of this journey. Am I stating old news that everyone already knows? If so, ignore my stupid self.

    • wd – if you are chasing the Capt Kidd clue, there is an additional text called gold bug you could read that IMO has merrit.

  82. @Germanguy Danke! please allow me ein tag fur lesen und verstehen. I habe nicht Deutsch gesprechen fur 35 yahren. I know I just messed that up, but would enjoy attempting to translate your message tomorrow. It must be your first language, so forgive my attempt. I read better than I speak – in any language 🙂

    • I’ll save you the effort…LOL 🙂

      I’m good thank you. In regards to polluted water, I can only say this, if it is water that is trapped in a pond without any means of draining, it would fit the bill for warm water halt. Let me explain that a bit. Water can accumulate (or get trapped) in an area that is lower than the surrounding land. In some places, this would be referred to as a basin. The warm water halts or stops there and evaporates over time. It would probably become stagnant before it completely evaporates. I hope that gives you some food for thought.

  83. Thanks GG, great info and glad I didn’t have to translate. I had taken polluted a different direction as well considering abandoned and active mining around perimeter of YNP. Specifically as it would apply to chemically altered water temps which are termed as warm. Waters used to cool depleted ur and other mining waste permanently raises temps >damages rivers and streams. Kind of random but environmentally of import. A bit of digging shows ffs supports stream and riparian restoration. Just keep thinking there is more to the chase than ‘gold diggers’ IMO would appreciate hearing your logical conclusion on where that would leave me WWWH.

  84. So great to get home and read the Chase is still running. If I wasnt given the chance to make the ‘walk of confidence’ it would be a shame.

    WWWH, I have yet to hear one word anywhere in the bloggosphere that matches even close to my WWWH.

    Its there but I will never tell.

    and I have the X, you better believe it.

    But rest assured you have time, for my search will not occur for a little while but soon, soon!

    But don’t worry I will not go out like some PamCogonanito. I will simply give my WWWH, post a pic as proof and hide my mini-chest I am making with 2nd place booty inside. Search all summer because when August arrives, I walk with confidence.

    Good Luck Searchers,
    Where ever you go…

  85. Re: Pam’s unfounded claims. I agree her actions have been inappropriate. I’ve made some judgement errors on this blog myself. But no one should be left in the cold. Wrongs can be righted and who doesn’t appreciate a reasonable person who forgives our screw ups. Just a thought going forward & certainly Don’t want to reopen that mess of worms. IMO back to Solves!

    • Great Quote! I was once lucky enough to hear it live at the Indy 500 back in the days of AJ Foyt. Funny place for a girl, but my dad followed the race.

  86. Update. I am still coughing a lot, but I don’t feel sick. I hope it goes away very soon. If it doesn’t go away, then I’m not going to have to wear bear bells, they will hear me coming a mile away. That means that I will be heading out coughing fit or not! I’m a slow hiker. The last time I went on this hike, it took me 12.5 hours to reach my destination. The back hike took much less time. So, I will probably go and then camp and reach my destination the day after I start my trek. I had told f of that 12.5 hour one-way hike and he reminded me to not go searching where an 80 year old couldn’t go. I think f is likely a much better hiker than I and I’m sure he could make that hike, round-trip, in a day. So, soon I shall put my feet to the ground and make for the lot. Let’s see what kind of shadow I can cast this time 🙂 I will be going in there alone.

    • Tried ur email and no longer receptive. Believe all came together for my solve in the blink of an eye, perhaps too late. If you are indeed making the 12.5 mile journey to winds as I believe, I will pray for the safety of a friend and joyful time where solitude sings a morning song. Enjoy the ruby flush and ancient peaks. Hope to make that trip once more myself.

  87. For whatever reason, I am unable to send out e-mail. Thanks for the songs and prayers, Swan. Cynthia, I will be at the proposed meeting place, Sunday at 2:10 give or take 10 minutes. I will use my name on here to get a table. How many in your party? I hope that you can make it. It will be nice to chat face to face with a fellow chaser.

    • Slurbs, please refresh my memory of proposed meeting place on Sunday?dont recall that discussion at all.
      And take a friend or family member along on your hike if you insist on doing it before your cough is better.

    • Slurbs pls refresh my memory of where the searchers are planning to meet up sun at 2:10. Would like to try and make it.

        • I’m so disappointed. Too far for this DFW girl to make the trip tomorrow. If you are ever nearer to TX or gave a couple days notice, I would sure enjoy meeting up. On my way out the door for the evening. movies and dinner for anniv. Please take care Slurbs:-)

          • 🙁 too bad you can’t make it Swan. I was in your area a few weeks ago watching my daughter graduate from the Univesity of North Texas in Denton. I’m sure all of us searchers will get together soon. You take care too. I hope Cynthia can make it. I still recieve e-mail, just can’t send yet. IDK why.

  88. Now I believe the treasure Pam was speaking of… there is someone hiding cash in the Albuquerque Metro and leaving clues on twitter as to its location. There is suppose to be more hidden cash Monday. This is the same treasure hunting that took place in Florida recently. I do not recall how Pam stated her post, I know that I, for one, believed she was speaking of the Forrest Fenn treasure chest. Bad Pam, bad. When the chest is found and claimed, I believe f will not hesitate to confirm the fact.

  89. Warm Water Halts in my mind, were a warm springs goes into a cold water creek and takes it in the canyon down. Lots of places like this. Game on. :>

  90. To me WWWH may be the southermost hotsprings in the Rio Grande. How about Manby Hotsprings? Are there any other hot springs south of Manby Hotsprings? Anyone?

  91. It is my opinion that Mr. Fenn wants us to somehow understand that not all our definitions are what we think they are. For example: A well know definition of WWWH is where Rio Grande’s warm water, coming from Colorado, mixes in with the “lava tube”, or “big boil” cold spring, in northern New Mexico, changing temperature to the warm water into cold water. Maybe he’s telling us how he interprets WWWH differently, and that’s why he chose those specific words. He sees the world in a different, and simplistic way. That’s why I suspect WWWH is Manby Hotsprings. Anyone concur? RC

    • RC-
      Not I. Let me know when you’d like me to stop harping on this point….
      BUT..There are a few reasons why I no longer believe in a hot spring even though I once did.

      To begin, there are hundreds/thousands of hot springs and Forrest, in no way qualifies WWWH. He does not say, Begin it WWWH at the place beginning with the letter M. He does not say Begin it WWWH surrounded by darkness..etc..
      So without any kind of qualifier about WWWH there is no way to begin to eliminate any of the hundreds/thousands of hot springs in those 4 states. (we only need the poem) AND Forrest insists that we need to start at the beginning…find WWWH because without knowing that we will not find the treasure….SO logically WWWH must be a distinctive place…an unusual place ..a one of a kind place…with a canyon or two below it…

      I think many people on this blog (some came upon it well before me) know the place I am talking about. I would say that if you figure that out. There is no other place that makes as much sense as that one place.

      Well…why then has not someone walked right to the chest following the other clues in the poem, and retrieved it?… I think the answer is twofold. First, the other clues are not as simple to follow as Forrest likes to suggest…maybe for him they are but I see choices after WWWH and it will take awhile to explore the rest of the poem/map. Second, Forrest’s hiding place is not obvious. It too will require some serious exploring to find once you are in the right spot.

      I have not been to this WWWH recently because I have been busy escorting the press to other search areas. I am not about to share my “serious” clues with the press. I may be foolish but I am no fool. 🙂

      As I have already indicated, I did mention my place for WWWH in a comment on this blog…perhaps a year ago..I don’t remember when.

      Searchers other than me have looked starting from this place. The chest has not been found. We know that some have been within a few feet of it and still not found it. If this is WWWH then it is quite touristy. Many come to visit this exact spot. But they do not think of it as a place WWWH and they do not know that it could be a link on a poetic map that will take them to a chest of riches.

      I will say that it is not a spring or a geyser or on the continental divide or the tip of a glacier. And Forrest may have been the first to think of it in those WWWH terms. But it makes perfect sense…at least to me…at least this year….It is definitely a one-of-a-kind place in the 4 states we are concerned with.

      • I totally agree with you Dal. In my personal opinion, it will be a place that no one has ever heard of (at least not in the current generation) and way off the beaten trail. It will have rich history, a peaceful place to hunt for arrow heads and fishing, a uniqueness like no other place visited and a stop along the many trips fenn’s father had taken him and the family when he was younger. Finally, I don’t feel he hid the chest during the Summer time (I have a pretty strong reason for saying this and he was pretty emphatic about it lasting a really long time).

      • One last point I’d like to present…
        IMO, just because Forrest says to start at WWWH, is he possibly saying to look at that specific stanza, or find the definition for “WWWH” before proceeding further?

      • Good points Dal! I’ve often thought that the warm water of the Firehole River joining the cooler Gibbon River at Madison Junction is WWWH but from there it’s anyone’s game. I’m not sure though anymore because mixing warm with cold doesn’t halt the warm or maybe it does. Halt in my mind means a complete stop.

          • Well Dal, your definitions revealed speak great connection to my wwwh. This could end up being a race to the chase.

          • dal,

            Agree with this definition…

            And halt is also where you begin it, sounds strange, but true…



          • Dal and Ed,
            I believe that halt can mean stop, but a particular kind of stop based upon what is halting and what is going to take place in the future.

            Halt can imply more of a temporary stopping, and I think what’s important to the solve of wwwh is why a halt occurs. Unless you believe that halt has nothing to do with motion, of course…

            One aspect of halt that I believe is significant is the idea of going no further, which evokes Eric Sloane’s ‘seek-no-further tree’.

            That’s not strange at all, as I have suggested that halt is where you begin it, but halt also tells you something important about the end, which is emphatically defined in the poem.


  92. Not all nouns are clues but some are and Fenn is bold enough to say it.. Fenn may be trying to heat this thing up? Just so he don’t start to big of a blaze ! Have a peaceful spring and summer Forrest. 🙂

  93. Manby is warm..even though it’s called’s not very hot..comfortable to sit in..I think that’s warm..

  94. Warm…Not HOT! Like I have been telling you all along. Warm, that stops! And goes Down the canyon. Its funny when I read…..No Paddle up YOUR creek, I started to look for a creek named YOUR…YOUR creek….LOL

    • The more I think about it, I think YNP is out. Vehicles are subject to search and seizure. Forrestt knows this and I doubt he would risk that.

      • Mike(MT),

        Agree with you there for more than this reason alone…

        IMO, just too obvious a region, and way too much confusion in finding WWWH there…

        Must be a singular out of the way place to be a viable starting point…



        • Are you certain of that Clayton? That would be something new.
          Let’s say you have the chest in your vehicle when you leave the park. The ranger sees it. He asks what it is…you tell him. He asks where you found it. You say..”I’m not saying where or when I found it but I didn’t find it in the park and I had it when I entered the park.”
          Then what?
          I suppose they might confiscate the chest but unless you admit that you found it in the park…or they have evidence that you found it in the park…such as a photo on your camera..or could they prove it?
          And then what if they did prove it..I suppose you’d be in trouble for lying to a government official…
          But could they keep it..?

          It would be a big story in the press…not unlike the rancher in Nevada who didn’t feel he had to pay a fee to graze on public lands..
          The rancers showed up en-mass to stop the government from taking his cattle…
          The government had to back down..they lost that fight… so far..
          And it’s likely that public opinion would not sit with the feds taking a treasure chest away from a poor old American citizen…
          Just sayin…
          Public opinion writes the law in this country…so far anyway..

          • Dal,
            So how do you see that same argument if the only difference is a foreigner found the trove? I wonder how the court of public opinion would write the law if one of your foreign press crews found it while you were escorting them out of one of the national parks?

          • Shhhhh Dal – no one that hasn’t been their knows that. And yes they do search every single car so don’t go their 😉

          • Natl Park Rangers do not search cars. Utter nonsense. Ask digging gypsy — she’s YNP right now 😉

          • Wolf-
            Well..I don’t take the press into the park because getting a permit to film in the park is tedious and expensive. I take them outside of the park where the permits to film are more reasonable and the Feds are not so flipped out about searchers. I did take Porochista into the park but she wasn’t filming and she was not interested in searching there…she wanted to see some of Forrest’s boyhood haunts..Ojo Caliente and the Madison and the Firehole…
            But what if a Canadian found that chest and it was in the park and the park found it in his/her vehicle…would that play out any different? And would the public have more sympathy for a pretty gal driving a beater truck from Georgia than they would a Microsoft lawyer driving his brand new, air ride, executive motor home?

          • Why would the chest be confiscated ?
            Just because ?

            The Chest is Forrests property until someone finds it.
            And then it is their property.

            Abandoned property law is what should be researched.

            Not saying some Rogue Ranger wouldn’t try to steal it.

            But it would be a theft by confiscation if no laws were broken and the Ranger would have to quote what law was broken if a real treasure hunter found it.

          • Dal,
            How about after finding the chest.

            IMO, when the chest is found, the solution can be given, but should include a second solution as well.

            Here’s the way I see it. If the solution is revealed, along with a second viable solution, there would be an issue for whomever’s property it was originally on. By this I mean, instead of remembering which spot you found it at, you have a case of amnesia. the 2 parties would have the problem, because they would have to prove on who’s property the chest was located and you would have simply indicated you’re not sure. I believe the 5th Amendment comes in here as well.

            What do you think?

          • No need to worry about what if`s…the chest may not be found in “our” life time at the rate we are going :mrgreen:

          • I just read an article in my local paper about a local boy who found a green-gold obsidian spearhead in a National park in Maui. It’s an important find because it wasn’t made locally and some believe it establishes a historical link between the Mayans and Polynesians. After the find, the young man did what he thought he should do and contacted Park officials who said that they weren’t interested in the spearhead since it couldn’t be Polynesian. He then said “Okey dokey”, took the spearhead and tried to get more info on it. After the History Channel showed interest in the find and prepared to begin filming a show “America Unearthed: the Spearhead Conspiracy” , plain clothes agents showed up at the kids house , and asked to see the spearhead. After getting it in their hands they confiscated it. The agent banned the guy from the Park and denied permits to the History channel to film in the park. That all occurred in Nov. 2013 and so far they haven’t been able to determine what happened to the spear. All calls about it have gone unanswered. No hearing, no due process, no nothing. Once the gov gets their hands on the item, its clear that you need lots of dough or good luck to hire a top notch legal team to force a showdown. Public outcry can help but public attention is very fleeting and very fickle–on a 5 minute cycle in my opinion. I don’t know if this contributes much to the topic but it does reflect how heavy handed the gov can be.

  95. Now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, there will soon be a mad rush to Lander, WY (HOB) and then up your creek (Popo Agie R.) to Riverton (heavy loads and water high). This would be an excellent place to have a Searcher party and gathering also. If Brown =Bronze, then Lander is the place to be….I still search in Colorado.

    • nice diversion Mike, keep it up

      the more searchers you can get headed to WY the better

    • Michael D,

      Biding time at home…Won’t be heading out til later in the summer…

      Basically sitting and waiting for some tales from others in the hunt for now…

      Should be some interesting stories forthcoming if I’m correct in my assumptions… 🙂


  96. If money were to be made from the location of where the chest was found then it would not matter WHO went alone in there, it would only matter WHERE. Under$tand me?

    • Rick,

      I think I would support Chris in that theory. I have yet to search anywhere where it would obviously involve crowds.

      • German-
        I’m not so sure. On the other hand I don’t think it’s in the mall either. But with information Forrest laid out in the past few months I suspect it could be near a touristy place.

        Now I know that some folks on this blog have searched train stations and water towers, alleys and even right along the side of a city street. I don’t think it’s in any of those kinds of places and if I eliminate anything associated with a structure then most of them don’t work anyway. But I do think it’s highly possible that it is very close to a well visited outdoor historic location. Let’s just say I would not eliminate a spot like that without searching if the poem pointed me there. But no matter what..I certainly would not be searching in the Cody Museum or the Molly Brown house in Denver or the Fechin House in Taos or the West Yellowstone train station. If my solution pointed me in that direction I’d look around for a better solution. A year ago I would not have believed Forrest could have chosen an outdoor spot popular with tourists. But a few months ago I think he opened up that possibility.

      • IMO don’t rule anything out. Who could possibly know the mind of another. Especially another named Forrest Fenn. An old Gordon Lightfoot song comes to mind, “If you could read my mind, what a tale my thoughts could tell.
        I don’t believe the TC is inside of YP, but if I were nearby, I would elbow the crowd off of the boardwalk at Old Faithful and pull up every board! Now that solves brave and in the wood! and gets you a room with 3 squares a day if you are out of food.

  97. I would like to redact my 5th amendment comment. It appears to ONLY apply in criminal cases and not torts.

    • Your right germanguy, however you can not be compelled to incriminate yourself in a civil action IF it might expose you to criminal sanctions. (Think of the witnesses in front of a congressional hearings dodging questions). When dealing with the gov its best not to lie but then you don’t need to tell everything you know either. Remaining silent would be my fall back position and taking the 5th is a good practice anytime you think you may have violated the law or it may appear that you violated the law or you don’t know if you violated the law. Always invoke your right to remain silent. Even the miranda admonition says “anything you say can and WILL BE used AGAINST you”. It doesn’t say “is gonna help you”! Loose lips sink ships or something like that…Can’t rhythm worth a dime.

  98. It is most likely within the boundary of a National or State forest and not in private land. No land owner would tolerate treasure hunters on their property…

  99. @Raven very interesting story. IMO the only type of property you could easily walk away with the tc is FS land due to the designated regs written for geocachers.

    • Svenska,
      One more thing I didn’t point out about that find in Maui–the park service didn’t confiscate the spear until 4 years after it was found which I found really galling.

  100. ALL OF THE FOLLOWING IS IN MY OPINION!! and this is somewhat of a repeat of two previous posts, but it seems well timed….

    I have spent the last two and a half years searching for Forrest Fenn’s chest. It has evolved from a complete guessing game to a recognition of some of the clues as being fact. I have been through the gambit of interpretations too. I have found Lat/ longs, metaphysical meanings, literal meanings, and physical meanings. I have come full circle after 21 searches. I am back to simple solutions….back to square one. It is amazing to me when I read other interpretations posted on Dal’s blog what leaps and bounds people take with the clues…and then it dawned on me that I was doing the same thing!! It is so easy to convince yourself you are correct when you have been struggling with the poem and then you have that AHA! Moment…It all comes together in your mind and seems so logical…but it’s all just an educated guess. When you hear Forrest describe the way the chest will be discovered, you must realize the poem is like a list of directions you get when you seek directions on mapquest. Mapquest gives you a map, but without those words that are to the left of the map, The directions from point A to point B you would have to figure it out on your own by staring at the map and guessing. That is what most of us, including myself, are trying to do. We have the map, and we are trying to figure out where to go using various bits of information scattered around in different articles and interviews. What we need to do is learn to read the directions. When guessing, we can never go with true confidence, only a false sense of security. Of course at some point we all want to get out into the field and test our hypothesis, even though the facts are already in front of us in the poem, if we just read it correctly.
    I also find it very interesting how many people end up in the same locations. This is because there is a finite amount of information on the internet that leads researchers to similar or identical solutions…in addition, logical interpretations of possible clues bring us to many of the same areas. I’m sure most searchers have found Eagles Nest, Agua Fria, Ojo Caliente, Firehole River, Madison River, Yellowstone river, Red River, Rio Grande Gorge, Wood River, etc.. etc. I am always concerned when somebody comes on the blog saying the search is done…but when I hear the various adventures, I am always relieved…mostly because their interpretations of the clues seem so foreign and different than mine. That sounds pretty conceded, but all I mean is everyone has different ideas and I am more worried when others’ Ideas match mine than when they don’t. We know Forrest has said people have been close…and searchers have gotten the first few clues right….but people and searchers are not the same thing. People have been within 500 feet of the chest. Doesn’t say searchers have….people have. Also, is that vertical feet? Linear feet? As the crow flys or on the ground walking? I take what the coyote says with a grain of salt.
    I have learned a thing or two about searching just by trial and error. For example, I know it might take more than one day to cover a search area with ANY degree of thoroughness. I believe this because I think Forrest doesn’t actually take us to exactly where the treasure lies in the poem. I think you must find the blaze (which he does tell us in the poem) in order to find the chest. I believe the blaze may be difficult to find. He basically narrows the chase to one creek drainage, and then tells you to find the blaze within that drainage. If I tell you I carved a letter F in a tree somewhere in Notellum Creek Canyon….you still have to find the right tree! I have also learned not to travel until I have a full solve, searching for clues in the wilderness is difficult enough when you know what you are looking for, let alone when you don’t. I have learned to search for photos and quad maps of my areas because google earth is inadequate to know exactly what kind of terrain and vegetation I may encounter. I have learned 42 pounds is heavy, Go pick up 5 gallons of water…with one hand…now you are getting close.
    I must admit my solve has evolved a great deal from my outhouse days. I have searched the Firehole, Madison, Yellowstone, Wood, (WY), Wood, (ID), Red, Rio Grande, and Snake Rivers. I have searched Flaming Gorge, Glenwood Canyon, Rainbow Arch, Ice Caves, Lava tubes, Hot Springs, Geyser basins, and crevices. I have had plans to search Bandolier, Mesa Verde, Canyon of the Ancients, and Jemez. The chase has given me a treasure trove of memories and experiences I would never have had without it. Greed inspired my searches at first…but now it has evolved into something more…I believe most of us have experienced this. I have found many artifacts and rocks during my searches…treasures in and of themselves.
    Dal’s blog is a fantastic resource for those of us that take the chase seriously, but we need to remember that there are those of us who for whatever reasons, whether it be distance, finances, family or work, will never be able to pursue our ideas and actually search the spots we find during our research. Those people deserve a voice too. They should be allowed to share ideas if they like without being put down or blocked. Perhaps they will give one of us lucky enough to be able to search the idea or break we needed to find the chest. I imagine that would give some sense of satisfaction to a person that knew where it was, but couldn’t search.
    I find myself needing to know when and why and how he located this hiding spot. It is possible that the location has nothing to do with being an ideal hiding spot, and has more to do with being a spiritual or meaningful spot. In this case, the chest is most likely buried, since a perfect hiding spot was not likely located while he was seeking spiritual connections and answers. Of course, it could be a combination of the two, and be spiritual and meaningful because of what he found in the hiding spot when he found it for the first time. This is the idea I lean toward. I believe he found the spot during his time in the four corners area in the air force. I believe he found the spot by actively searching near a more obvious spot…and that his spot is well hidden and special. I believe it is isolated, on federal property, and relatively safe from the elements and ravages of time.
    When we look at discoveries that are hundreds and thousands of years old, they are almost exclusively in caves, buried in the ground, and/or in arid environments. Of course there are exceptions, but I am speaking in generalities. I also lean toward an arid environment because he originally mentioned walking out into the desert to die with the chest. He has also stated that the spot has never changed, that he has always known exactly where he was going to put it. These two things together steer me toward a dryer climate. Also, he originally planned to return one day and die next to the chest. Well, in order to accomplish that feat in wintertime, the area would have to be accessible to Forrest in January. That helps to eliminate much of, but not all of, the Rocky Mountains. It leaves us with Northern New Mexico, and Southern Colorado, somewhere between I-25 and the western borders.
    One thing I am thoroughly convinced of is that the chest is out there somewhere. It is not a hoax. It may be a publicity stunt, but that does not mean the chest is not out there. We have the directions, and we have a key of sorts, that will help us learn how to speak Fenn. The rest is up to us.

    • Michael D-
      “Also, he originally planned to return one day and die next to the chest.”
      I’ve never heard this before. Are you certain of this piece of information?
      It does not ring true to me..
      He hid the chest 21 or so years after he did not succumb to terminal cancer..
      I’ve never heard that he planned to go back to that place to die…
      In fact..I believe he has said that he has no idea how he will die and will probably get hit by a bus…
      He was kidding of course but my point is that I have never heard him suggest that he wants to go back to the chest to die..

      • Mortality is a discussion best not persude. (IMO) You better hurry Dal I know what you’re driving. Find me. I will be WWWH. 🙂

      • I am certain I heard him say he still entertained the idea of going back and “throwing himself on top of the chest”…even after he beat cancer…Also, he has told people that said this would give away the location because they would find his car, that they had no imagination, and he has dedicated
        hundreds of man hours on the subject of returning to the chest.
        But in all honesty Dal, I could not point you to where I heard that….sorry.

        • Michael D-
          I think you are taking a couple of different things he said about the chest and rubbing them together..
          At one point about a year or so ago he said, tongue in cheek, that he should go back and fling himself on top of the chest…
          But he was making a point about the difference between being terminally ill, thinking about suicide as an option AND now when he has no intention or reason to end his life. Hence the “I’ll probably get hit by a bus anyway.” statement.

          The car statement came from a searcher who questioned Forrest’s ability to take the treasure in 1988 and curl up next to it and end his life. That person said something about, the car he used to get to the location where he wanted to end his life would be a give-away to his location. Forrest responded by saying that this searcher had no imagination…implying that Forrest had indeed considered his parked car and his own imagination showed him how to solve the “car”problem.

          So one statement was about 1988 when he intended to end his life with the chest and another was about 2010 and suggesting that he had no plans to end his life where that chest is now.

          Can you imagine the look on the poor Girl Scout who finds the chest by following the nine clues in the poem and she also finds Forrest’s body wrapped around it? No…that was Forrest’s game in 1988..The poem was different then..and it made reference to his bones….Today’s poem does not. It’s not his game today… No one will find the chest with Forrest wrapped around it..

          In fact Forrest has stated on more than one occasion that he is not going back to the chest..Which is why it is useless to call his home and tell him you found the chest then wait outside his gate and follow him to see if he goes to the chest to make sure it’s still there.

          He is never going back to that chest…It’s there for us to find…and there won’t be his body wrapped around it when we do…

          • I agree with you Dal…FF no longer plans to die next to the chest…the game changed when he beat cancer. But the one thing he has stated unequivocally is that he ALWAYS knew where he would hide it…and that the spot never changed. This, along with the fact that he once planned to die there, along with the fact that it was desert, bleached bones, etc…tells ME….dryer deserty climate.
            JUST MY OPINION….

          • New information this year also suggests that you might want to question that this spot and the original spot are the same. I believed that they were the same spot for years. But he has apparently told more than one searcher that the spots are not the same…
            I am hoping Jenny Kile or someone will ask him that question directly so we will be done with this argument..

          • Just curious if someone can clear this up for me. Dal, maybe? But I seem to recall the first time I read the poem it was slightly different. Instead of take the chest and go in peace. i remember it saying Take the chest and leave my bones.
            This was quite a few years ago, so I might be crazy. But has the poem ever been edited since Forrest put it out there?

          • Margaret-
            He never released the poem with the “bones” ending but he has talked about it much. You may have read one of his comments about the first poem but he did not release it and no copy of it has ever been released. He only talks about it from time to time when telling the story to reporters.

          • I think I can clear this up. If you go to the video from the Dickens Book shop interview last Nov 2 a the 17:45 mark, Forrest does say that if he gets another disease and can make it to the chest he will once again throw himself on it and dare you to come find him (and it)…so it does suggest that it is in a place where a body would not be readily visible (even from 500 feet).

      • Dal,
        You quoted this: “He hid the chest 21 or so years after he did not succumb to terminal cancer..”
        However at Moby Dickens he stated “It was fifteen years from the time that I got cancer until the time that I hid the treasure chest. Fifteen years.”
        How do you explain the difference and how can you so confidently claim 21 years?
        The Wolf

        • Wolf-
          That’s easy…he got cancer in ’88 and he hid the chest in 2009 or 2010..21 or 22 year spread.
          When he said 15 years he was thinking about the number of years that he worked on the poem after he did not die of cancer.
          There was a period for 5-6 years when he did nothing with the chest…
          Then in about 93 or so he began thinking about that chest again and started considering hiding it for anyone to find..
          He started rewriting the poem to fit his new took him about 15 years to finish that poem..
          That was where he got the 15 years from..

          • Dal,
            That was a great explanation, however that quote explicitly says “from the time I got cancer” i.e. 1988 not from the time I recovered or thought about doing the poem.
            The Wolf

          • I also recall a question to FF asking if he had marked the location of the chest. His response went something like… yes, I marked the spot with a dirty, old, aluminum gravemarker. It’s probably listed on Dal’s clue page. So, with that, I say… “On your mark!”

          • Wolf..
            He made a mistake..I told you what he was thinking about..
            It was a clear error..
            He has often made mistakes..
            You have to be able to weed them out…
            He once said on a radio show that the treasure was buried.
            He didn’t even know he said it..
            Later in that same show when the host told him that he had just said it was buried he denied it..
            Mistakes happen..
            I’m many years younger than Forrest and just today I told Kathy that I was headed to the library to get a diet Pepsi..
            Of course I meant the “store”..
            I didn’t even hear myself say it..she had to tell me..
            It’s not easy when 35,000 people are listening to your every word, every innuendo and every breath for a new clue..
            He simply screwed up…thinking one thing and talking about another…

          • Dal,

            As you’ll recall, when he was asked if it was buried, he replied “I just don’t want to give that as a clue”.

          • German..
            The discussion is not about whether or not it’s buried..the discussion was about Forrest making mistakes in his statements. He actually said on the radio show that it was buried. He then went on to vehemently deny that he said that. He did not remember saying that..He didn’t mean to say that…but the recording is on the media page…he did say that…
            He made a mistake and didn’t even know he had said it.

          • Wolf,

            he did explicitly say that he hid the chest 15 years after the cancer, and it was just simply a mistake

            we know for a fact he got diagnosed in 88 with cancer. he has repeatedly said that he hid the chest in 2009/10. like Dal says, thats 21/22 years.

            the other statement happened one time and so has to be a mistake

          • Dal,
            I appreciate that you have attributed this to a slip of tongue. I hope you can understand my difficulty with this explanation since FF says he purposely makes mistakes and inserts them in his books. I asked FF why the difference in the two comments and he did not reply. Why not reply if it was a simple mistake? Surely that would be an easy thing to correct. Sorry to be a stickler on this but it does make a big difference especially if one is looking at a very interesting photo from 2008.

        • Wolf…IMO, Forrest did bury the empty treasure chest in 2003 to see if anyone would just stumble upon it, then later I believe he changed his mind, he had second thoughts about it,(who wouldn’t?) and went back to retrieve it. I believe that Eric Stone, Forrest’s best friend, knew of this place also, and maybe even went there together. Also,the thought may have crossed his mind that maybe Mimi Stone Eric’s wife may have known of this place so he waited until she past away, that was in Oct 2009, not long after that, between then and May 2010 is when he went back with the treasure and the chest to hide it this time instead of burying it like he did the first time.

          This is probably why he makes so many slip-ups when in the interviews. It’s hard to keep everything straight with so many changes.
          Maybe that accounts for the two difference spots where he put it. This is just my opinion of course.

          It must have been very difficult to just walk away from this marvelous treasure. Don’t you think?
          Heck, I think I would have changed my mind many more times and maybe he did also.

          IMO that is…………………Adios! 🙂

          • Sorry, Eric and Mimi Sloane, not Stone. See what I mean about slip-ups. I have stone on my mind…lol

          • Ritt,
            I do like your concept about 2003. I will add this to why I believe it may be hidden in 2003. He said he had a hall card he could use to go back and get it if he changed his mind. If he published the book in 2010 in must have been written at least a year prior as it takes time to write and publish a book (I concede he is quicker than most). If he is publishing the book at the same time he is hiding it (2009-2010) what kind of time period did he leave to use that hall card to change his mind? Logically, that period seems too short since he said he had used a certain amount or time to think about it to make sure.
            The Wolf

          • Wolf,…that’s what I am saying, maybe he used the hall card and on several occasions.
            Who really knows when he actually hid it, and how many times….He’s only telling us what he wants us to know. It really doesn’t matter when it was hid. It only matters Where Warm Waters Halt…LOL

    • Many things to consider. Thanks for the insightful information Michael D. You may have helped me quit feeding the tiger. I’m most likely out, not that I was ever much competition. I enjoyed one wonderful trip to search an area that I love, and for some that may have to suffice. You talk sense 🙂

    • Michael, I like to think in simple terms or ideas when it comes to searching for the Gold. This is my second year searching. My thoughts initially began with, it must be here and have evolved into a more methodical process of elimination.

      I start by eliminating those spots where the treasure is not located. 300 miles West of Toledo is a good start. Utah, Canada, Idaho, Montana and two thirds of New Mexico South of Santa Fe eliminated. Private property and National Parks such as Yellow Stone and Rocky Mountain not in my field of view.

      Where does that leave us with? Northern New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming which are states that have the Rocky Mountains running through them.

      I further extend the elimination process in my simple way of thinking and deduce where would a 78-79 (at the time) year old take a treasure that weighs 42 lbs. He could hop on his plane and fly to any small airport, rent a vehicle and head to a special place to hide(not bury) the treasure. But why would Mr Fenn do this being a straight forward no gimmicks person. He wouldn’t. He more than likely drove to his favorite location and from time to time may go out to see if anyone has come close to the trove.
      I have eliminated other locations including the state of Wyoming for various reasons.
      I concur with your idea that he “may” have hidden the treasure closer to home than most believe. Have set my sights on a location just North of Santa Fe and a wee south of Colorado. We’ll see how these ideas pan out. All in my most humble opinion.

      • Chuy-
        you said-
        “I start by eliminating those spots where the treasure is not located. 300 miles West of Toledo is a good start. Utah, Canada, Idaho, Montana and two thirds of New Mexico South of Santa Fe eliminated.”

        Why do you eliminate Montana?

    • Treasure found in Colorado! Did you see this??

      Stanley is incorrect..please note response below..

      Not only is Stanley incorrect but this is also the same IP as Pam..the person who made the claim to begin with..
      It appears as if Pam is trying to cover her identity and pretend to be someone named Stanley.

      • Stanley-
        That woman (Pam) said that on this blog and Forrest immediately responded by saying she was incorrect and that the treasure was still there. Her belief is based on the fact that she had a solution and when she got to the end the treasure was not there…so clearly someone else had already found it. It never dawned on her that she could have had the wrong solution. Forrest said he has seen about 150 such claims…all different places…none are correct. The chest is still there…

        • I read Pam’s solve. As a believer, I like it, since it points people to Jesus. I do, however, see a few flaws. There are multiple things that would be considered “structures” in her solve, which I believe Forrest has said it is not affiliated with any structures. I find it hard to believe that the correct solve will have you going down named roads. Didn’t someone on the blogs once mention “Wells Fargo” in his solution to which someone responded, “so if I take a left at the Wells Fargo and down into the canyon, I’ll find the treasure?”…I loved that comment by the way. I read a lot of hateful comments on Pam’s blog as well, which makes me wonder about Pam’s faith since she is allowing people to continue to post hateful things towards other people.

    • I believe this because I think Forrest doesn’t actually take us to exactly where the treasure lies in the poem. I think you must find the blaze (which he does tell us in the poem) in order to find the chest. I believe the blaze may be difficult to find. He basically narrows the chase to one creek drainage, and then tells you to find the blaze within that drainage. If I tell you I carved a letter F in a tree somewhere in Notellum Creek Canyon….you still have to find the right tree! I have also learned not to travel until I have a full solve, searching for clues in the wilderness is difficult enough when you know what you are looking for, let alone when you don’t.

      totally disagree with you here, Michael

          • Well, then we obviously have different solves….My spot takes me to an extremely precise location….but then dangles a carrot that is the blaze. Your solve obviously takes you directly to the chest. congratulations. Now all you have to do is go get it…just like me.

    • Michael, u mention that it’s not a hoax. Have u researched any hoaxes in history that have occurred in the 4 states?

      It would put a smile on my face if ff hid the chest where there once was an infamous hoax.

  101. Since we’re discussing property IMO the definition and part of speech for “SCANT” could be impt. I believe the correct part of speech here is an adverb modifying the verb tarry. Use as an adverb is rare for scant and could mean: barely legal, or just short of legal. If that’s correct, then a number of conclusions for exact placement could prove interesting. (I may be wrong on that, perhaps a grammatically inclined person could answer)>

  102. Look everyone, I am NOT trying to dissuade ANYONE from their wonderful Ideas!! The key is to get out and search!! who cares if you find it!! Go explore!! Don’t give up because some logic junkie spews a little unproven and not backed up by fact BS!! I only want people to think outside the proverbial box….that is what it will take to find the chest!

  103. ONE thing I will share…Dangerous intel here….In love with Yellowstone has absolutely NOTHING to do with Yellowstone park….Of course…IMO

  104. Pam is a very religious woman and her faith is strong enough to sustain her through some hard times. You have to appreciate her tenacity and her passion. In that light I’m sure she won’t mind if I suggest to her faithful followers; get out your magnifying glass and take a closer look at the “CES” on the treasure box lock. And to many searchers I should also suggest that you take another look at your mistakes. The answers may not be nearly as complicated as you are making them.

    • What you talkin bout Willis……No one here would ever over complicate things. 🙂

      So I should take another look at my mistakes……..that narrows the choices down to about a million.

      While MikeD takes the picture of the chest to a scanning electron microscope I was wondering if “Forrest Fire” is a hint?

      • Geeze!
        He better not be implying that the blaze is a forest fire or burn swath. I have all the rangers in YNP (except Reid) on retainer to hunt down all the white things that could be a “blaze”. 🙂

        • Dal,

          Did you not hear what Forrest just said “And to many searchers I should also suggest that you take another look at your mistakes. The answers may not be nearly as complicated as you are making them”. 🙂

          • German-
            I did, and I’m sorry that your complex solution is now back on the drawing board 🙂

          • Haha Your funny. We’ll see who’s solution is complex in about a week… 🙂 Interested in a side wager?

          • German-
            Are you talking about my Tewa legend solution that starts at Ojo Caliente, NM and then travels the imaginary canyon to Tres Piedras where water high consists of saucer shaped holes in a pile of rocks that point to a quartz fault and brown limestone pattle near a class 4 climb to a shear ledge where when I looked down I saw CES carved in the rock but knew I was in the wrong place because I was looking for a CE5…you mean that solution?

          • Dal,
            “Are you talking about my Tewa legend…”, yeah, that’s the one. Like Beethoven once replied after he was told he had too many notes in his piece. “Which one’s should I remove?”, he replied. After reading your solution, I’d say, “All of them”. LOL. Oh, and that’s just my humble opinion…:) Seriously, good luck to you and the rest of the crew on here.

    • Soooo…remember Ed’s enhanced photo of the inscription..??
      I think he’s correct..CE5..

      Look here:

      Not that this clears up anything…why is it there? who put it there?..what does it mean?..

      But it sounds like Forrest is saying that Pam’s/Stanley’s “CES” religious interpretation is incorrect..hence her solution would be incorrect..therefore it was never at her spot to begin with and is not missing..
      Just as Forrest told us’s still out there..

      • What I see here is that Pam’s CES solution is incorrect not just because the logic is wrong, but because the basic assumption was wrong even though it was within her power to find out the truth about that.

        ..maybe our collective mistakes are our own preconceptions, definitions, and/or interpretations of the most basic assumptions found in our cheat sheets.

      • My 2 cents – engraving metal is difficult, especially to make clean curves by hand. Once the groove is established, changing it takes some fine effort. It could be either an S or a 5, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the chase either way.

        • Here is my 5 cents worth. I am now under the belief NOW that it is CE5. It is not etched in… it is written on with something that will not deteriorate the bronze.

          • I believe it is CES it’s such a small area to either carve or write makes it a tad difficult. 🙂

    • Forrest

      The answers may not be nearly as complicated as you are making them.

      are you suggesting that line 10 of the poem doesn’t give me the secant value of theta

      back to the drawing board i guess = (

  105. In a interview at Moby Dickens book shop November 2013 he said “If I got another disease, on my last dying gasp I’m going to throw myself on top of that treasure chest and I’m going to dare you to come and find me”.

    • Exactly – its an incredible place where one would want to die – its not some hodge podge place – wwwh is really easy IMO….. its like a giant bulls eye

  106. “Spring is a time to relax and think.”
    Well we paid attention to 50% of Forrest’s offering. LOL
    No wonder my solve is wrong.

  107. I’ve got it watch this space picture is on it’s way haha I solved it and you will never believe where it was it’s beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow

  108. Asap Dal how do I post and I know you have all heard this before IM not Pam don’t worry about.that

    • You cannot post photos directly to the blog. If you have a place like flicker to post it you can do that and paste the link here…or you can send it to me in email and I will put it on the blog and post a link…
      dal@lummifilm dot com

  109. Hahaha it may be pigeon terrible and my hands.are shaking

  110. Nope I used my legs but if your who I think you are did you.injoy your pizza hut but if not and your talking about t the poem it was easy to cross your about half a day to late mate !!!! Plus Dal is in the p roses of finding out IM sure

    • I had it solved a year ago and even sent the solution to Forrest. It would actually be 3 days late really…LOL

    • Lee, to answer your question about posting pictures…….You can’t.

      You’ll have to email the pic to Dal and he can post it.

      You could upload your photo to a picture sharing site……smugmug, shutterfly, etc. and then put the link to it here if you like.

      Can’t wait to see it….

      • its too bad you cant wait Goofy because you will have to wait

        as in, next month, you will still be waiting

        • Sorry Chris, but this one sounds authentic. He answered my question the way I would have expected. Especially given that I know the last step involved before picking up the chest. I would really be amazed if I was wrong on this. But, we’ll have to wait and see.

          • lmao. really. you would be amazed.

            well prepared to be amazed i guess.

            we just went thru this a couple days ago and now its like hook line sinker. thats why people do this. cheap thrill and a fish always bites

            hopefully one day we will all understand that when someone really does find it, it won’t go down like this

            they will either choose to remain secret, maybe contact only Forrest to let everyone know

            or if they are choosing to announce it, there wont be any games like this. the person who really finds it would have no reason or desire to do that

            the desire to do that is because someone doesn’t actually have it so they have to play the game to draw out the kick they get from someone like you taking the bait

            sorry just being honest

    • Chris
      I agree whoever finds it needs to let Forrest announce it otherwise this is what happens with bloggers they get a little upset when people lie 🙂

      • I agree, also. Whoever finds it should keep it quiet and tell Forrest “first”. It’s his creation and it would be great if it could play out exactly as he intended from the beginning…God-willing Forrest is with us and not with Him.

  111. Thankyou old Man I will download if I can and I will email Dal and Chris life is like a game of like I just plaid the royal flush I told Forrest just before I did what I have.done.and now I have to tell my mother who says it can’t be done only one person will get that and it’s not my.mam 🙂

    • hard to understand you Lee. im guessing english is not your first language. no reason to criticize you for that, but saying you found the treasure when you didnt, is not ok

  112. Shhh…Nor needs beauty rest or it’s really ugly in the morning 🙂
    Do you guys all live on west coast time or what?

  113. English is NH first language it’s this phone sigh IM actual British and no in poker the best hand royal flush IM sure and germanguy tell me how do you get that

    • I used the Royal Flush hand in an email to Forrest recently. It seemed strange to me that you would say that to Forrest as well and then state that one person would understand. And of course, I would understand.

    • Lee,
      Since you say you have the chest, are you at least ready to reveal where you found it? Can’t hurt any at this point if you really found it.

  114. Lee, could you be so kind as to tell us what elevation level you found the treasure and could you tell one specific thing about the “Wow” factor?

  115. Just received this in email from Lee-

    On Jun 8, 2014, at 11:08 PM, lee wrote:

    Dal this phone has no camera my I phone died from water yesterday and I had to by this cheap thing I would be better of with cups and string I need to find a way to send this picture I speak no lies I’ve been at the spot for three days I will buy a camera first thing and find somewhere to use a computer I didn’ this.hard to find an internet cafe in America
    Yours sincerely lee


    okay…I’ll post your note. But there appear to be many discrepancies in your story so far. You are not helping your cause. I doubt you have very many believers after this..


    • Dal,

      I wouldn’t be too quick to write this one off. He stated that his phone got wet. In order for that to happen during his search, he would have had to cross a river, etc. In my solution, that is the last step (…worth the cold) I would have had to complete before finding the chest. In addition I queried him and his response was the one I would have expected, given the water situation.

      When he said that we would not believe where he found it, that is exactly what I would have stated when I revealed the location of the chest. This spot is so remote and so historically significant it would be the perfect place for someone like Fenn to hide his chest. Simply put, there is no place on Earth like it. I believe Fenn understood that went he decided to hide it here.

      This may be far fetched, but my gut tells me he is sincere and honest with us. Not everyone who says they found it is going to be a nut case. If it turns out I’m wrong, I’ll take my bruises like a gentleman.

        • I, for one, am going to continue with my plans to search. That is, unless we get confirmation from f that Lee indeed found the trove. I believe that a cell phone can also get wet in the rain. If it were raining in the area at the time, f’s view of the area may have been obscurred to the point that f may not have seen a person approaching the trove. Given the hiding place I plan to go to, if lee was there and is now communicating. F will be contacted by lee in person around this hour. I hope to find out either way by 4am or 5am (Mountain time zone). Forgive any spelling errors – didn’t proofread or spell check. Hope everyone is well. I am still coughing, but that wont stop me from searching/finding/claiming.

          • I too have returned to the search. I know he was not in my search area. No one showed up in a Vauxhall waving desperately and asking if he could borrow my phone… 🙂

          • Slurbs* “worth the cold”. what do you make of it? The simplest form of “worth the cold”. RC

          • RC, I had wrote a lengthy reply before my phone decided to have a mind of its own and thwart my efforts. Summary… check out the Ice Cave in the badlands of New Mexico near Grants, NM. Ice year round… Employer not happy about my taking time off of work so frequently. My countdown is on hold… when I went to my spot last summer, I froze my butt off a little bit. I was prepared, so it wasn’t too bad. Oh yeah, given the employer thing, I will have to reach my spot during a weekend.

      • Germanguy, It sounds like you have an interesting solve but do you really believe that FF, at the age of 80, would wade across a river alone carrying a 42 lb. chest to its hiding place? Personally, I would rule that out.

        • Jack….you are limiting yourself if you believe FF couldn’t cross a small river in the middle of winter when it’s just a trickle, and then laugh at everyone searching in Spring and Summer when the river is High. And he himself said he made two trips. Is it possible he took the chest across first (20 lbs), and then the contents (22 lbs)…? Think outside the box! Your effort will be worth the cold somehow…whether getting wet crossing a creek/river, or waiting until the cold of winter to search…..cold is involved…it says so right in the poem!

          • You’re exactly right. But it wouldn’t be winter. In October/Nov most streams are no longer flowing and the “cold” is just enough to prevent any thunderstorms. You end with very dry and chilly conditions. I don’t have a solve with this type of stream crossing, but it’s reasonable in fall. But right now, it’s dangerous and so be careful. I made the mistake of falling into the creek a few weeks ago and then got lost and was in bad shape by the time I got to the car. Be careful out there.

        • A proudly pro nature flyfisherman in chest waders, and his 42 lb ‘tackle box’ in a flat raft next to him? Yeah, totally ridiculous for a 79 yr old. 😉

          • Good one map! My own dad is an avid fly fisher and at age 78 still hikes 3 miles a day year round up hill in Montana’s Rockies. He can out hike my 19 year old buff son. They don’t make men like they used to 🙂

          • IMO he did not cross the creek, but HE CAN cross the street anytime he wants…

      • So germanguy.. If you know or feel that he (Lee) is correct…. Let everyone know…What state is it in or should I say “was in” because now Dal has said the IP is coming from CA.

        • James,
          Maybe you should reread Dal’s comment, before you ask me that question.

          ‘But for the past few days he was using an IP that “suggests” he is in Palm Springs, CA. These things are riddled with error though…so “I am not counting on that being fact”.

          • I read it. Yet you did not answer the question I posed to you.

            Don’t get all upset.

          • I’m not upset James. Sorry if I come across that way. I guess it’s just the orneriness of old age. If I don’t want to discuss the location, It’s because the final word hasn’t come down yet from Fenn (aka Forest Fire). Gotta keep a few eggs in the basket…LOL 🙂

    • WHAT!……No picture. I thought he had one ready to go. San Antonio lost tonight so I went and got a Double Double animal style and took a nap to ease the pain. I thought for sure he would have the picture posted by now…….You betcha.

      What I find amazing is how many folks get upset when one of these kooks say they have found the chest.

      • Are there really searchers who go out on a serious search and don’t have Fenn’s email address with them, or the book with them, or memorized the email address?

        What phone can send email but doesn’t have a camera?

        Say you just found the chest and then you go replace your iphone with a phone that has no camera?

        But then you say there is a picture that you can’t send.

        None of this makes sense.

        Note to self: if you find the chest, don’t send erroneous emails and information. If you can’t send a photo right away, then you must wait to announce your discovery at the moment when you can share the chest with the world. Anything short of that is subject to disbelief by the searching community and makes you look like a total imbecile.

      • Just a note. It’s 11am my time on Monday and I have not heard from Lee..or Leej as he is also known. No pictures and no email since last night.
        I do not know where he is at. I can only make a guess based on his IP. He typically comments from London, England. But for the past few days he was using an IP that suggests he is in Palm Springs, CA. These things are riddled with error though…so I am not counting on that being fact. However it does appear that he is in the USA right now.

        • Dal,
          Your comment about the “last few days”, does that include yesterday?

          • Yes German-
            He first showed up on the blog on May 3rd at 3:44am from an IP registered in London.
            He did not seem to add much in May.
            Then he appears to have commented on the blog from the USA on June 5th.

            Nothing from him since yesterday. No photos. No email.

          • His IP’s are both unique..that is to say that he is not using an IP that anyone else on this blog is using…so I don’t think he is the same person as Pam or Christine or others who have made unsubstantiated claims.

          • We have people right now checking the phone stores in Palm Springs to see if there is a guy with a funny accent that has been looking for a replacement iPhone…lol…

          • Dal, you are kind of scary. Do you secretly work for the NSA or…?

            Folks, we should give Lee a break. Maybe is battery has gone dead. 😉

        • It’s more likely that he just went bonkers after spending a small fortune to find nothing. If I had just found the chest I would go to the nearest Apple store, put a new iPhone on my CC and send the picture. The IP info that you disclosed is just further indication that he is not being truthful. Like I said, what kind of a phone can go online or send email and not have a camera?

        • Dal, I am very glad you are continuing to end a sentence with a preposition! Now, I’ll get back to my search . . . where is that treasure at?

          • Golden-
            Thank you…and the surprising thing is that I don’t even have to work hard at it..

        • Dal, Hee hee, you are so funny. Reading your comments full of information, always makes me think . . . and reading your jokes, always makes me smile.


      Michael .D ? Are you both German guy AND Lee ???!! Makes perfect sense to me!!!! Have you set up two straw dogs to lead people off track and give up?.?

      One makes a claim to have found it. The other states that the first made “very convincing remarks” about the location. But the second doesn’t seem too concerned that another may have discovered “his perfect solve”?!? What gives GG??? If you had such a perfect solve last year, then why haven’t you gone to get the chest?!!? So many people keep saying they have the perfect solve, yet NO ONE HAS THE CHEST !!!!

      At least no one has shown proof of it.

      And it’s not because I’m paranoid or nothing that I say this. By the way, why do people in white coats keep following me????

      Dal, will you be my friend? 🙂

      • OK, you don’t have to answer that. But is there a way to tell if MD. GG. and Lee are all separate email locations???

        And it,s not because I haven’t taken my meds!!! OK, Gotta go; they’re back!

        • Or . . . . Maybe GG. and MD are working together. GG is da brains of this operations, and Michael D. Caries out da hits ( searches in our lingo). Dang, a couple more cold ones and I will have this whole operation figured out!!!

        • GG and I ARE on the same team…and lou lee and I ARE acquainted…. but we are three different people in three different cities in two different states! And I am DEFINATELY NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR, nor do I necessarily agree with EITHER OF THEIR posts!

          • I’m just plain’ with you. You can’t imagine what eight straight hours of sitting in class ,while people are out there on the search, will do to you.

            And I ‘ve got four more days of this. Arrrghh!!!!
            And that’s not pirate speak.

            I’ll be on your tail man!!! Happy Hunting!! 🙂

      • Yeah, that does sound kinda fishy, when you put it that way. What about it Dal? Are Michael D. and I one and the same? And how about Lee? Do you see any connection here?

        Now regarding my previous remarks (from over confidence), Dal gave me a pretty good whip lashing via email, as well as putting me in the corner (on moderation), until he felt I learned my lesson. So I have to watch what I say now, or it’s back to the corner for me. 🙁

        I can assure you though, this week I will have Forrest make the announcement (if my confidence pays off). Lord forbid “I” try and claim anything on this blog, it’s nothing but a witch hunt at times. I think a lot of people are trained to jump on anyone who claims to have the chest and not immediately prove it. Personally, I don’t see the purpose in getting all bent out of shape. They either will come through with proof of their claims or not. Simple as that.

        As far as announcing that you have a perfect solution, we sometimes want to share our excitement and we do, with like minded people. Then again, I was wrong, wasn’t I? I guess people who are not so tolerant of hearing such things are not going to be very pleased with you. I never claimed to have the chest. I just had a “WOW” moment that is all. I stayed away for a while there, until I felt safe to return. Your paranoia probably would have been easier to swallow.

        Does this satisfy your query?

        • GG
          I love your use of the word query, but was vastly disappointed you didn’t give me a better tongue lashing. I’m simply blowing off steam. My apologies if I upset you. Saw from last year’s post that you are also a vet. highest regard for you!!

          I totally understand the aha moment. Wish you well in your search.

          I’ll go back to being silly on the poetry page. POG, wanna join me there?

          • What is it in my use of words that make people think I am mad. Geez, I’ll have take an Linguistics course at the local Community College. Thanks for the vet comment. It’s always nice to hear that we do exist to some people.

        • I was away for a bit..

          I guess some writing styles just seem sharper in tone to some people. Nothing to do with linguistics. You are very well spoken. And the query comment was because you have used it more than once. I love the use of the word.

          Funny you mention community college. My dad, at 84 , is taking a creative writing course at Sonoma State. He loves to write.

          Back to the tone; it doesn’t seem to matter what volume I use, my wife tells me I am always yelling and that I scare people. Go figure. I guess it’s easier for me to sound nice on the web.

          And, yes, vets are always on my mind. Regular supporter of DAV and PVA.

          • Eighty-four and still going strong. It sounds like he still has an active mind, that’s great!

            When it comes to my wife, every morning I try to say something that will either make her smile or more importantly laugh. It keeps her in good spirits all day. You might say that I’m her doctor, because I heard somewhere that laughter was the best medicine. The morning kiss is the “sugar that helps the medicine go down” 🙂

            Don’t get your wife wrong, she’s talking to you and that is always a good sign. Think what it would be like if she didn’t say anything. I guess I’d wonder what’s up…LOL

            I hope this all came out right. I never stop sometimes to consider how my words sound to the person I’m speaking with… 🙂

            As for your support of the vet organizations, on behalf of them I want to thank you.

        • Internet at this hotel is way slow, so I’m to sleep.

          Your last post was smooth as silk.

          Yeah, we’ll see how things go when I get home. I’m way in the back of the doghouse right now. That’s life.

          Looking forward to hearing about your chase. Good luck.

  116. If its too good to be true its………
    The treasures still live everyone yeeeeeeehhhhaaaawwwww – I can sleep now – thanks dal

  117. Lee, Im a little confused. If you were trying to find a way to post the picture you have I don’t understand why you couldn’t send it to Dal in an email since that would be the easiest way. Also you say the phone you are using doesn’t have a camera and you don’t have a camera. So how did you take the picture of the chest? You say you have been at the spot for 3 days. I can’t imagine spending that long there and not saying something to Forrest sooner. You have more patients then I do. But the 3 days thing sounds a little like what Christine came out and said- claiming to have spent 3 nights with it.

  118. What if Pam is now Lee getting a third laugh at everyone. Lee would you be so kind as to share the state with us.

  119. Yeah, If I found the chest, the very first thing I would do (after I changed my drawers) is get on this blog and tell everyone my solution….Where was it Lee?? Why couldn’t you reveal the location if you already have the chest? And did you go to bed? I don’t think I would sleep much if I just became a millionaire. Pictures be darned, but at least tell us the EXACT location so we can all slap our foreheads and feel like complete idiots for not seeing the simplicity of it all….If you tell us the spot, then even FF could back up your story without photos.

    • Hey partner. Why does this sound like an earlier comment you made? I did see the change in the word D..M though… 🙂

  120. Yeah, If I found the chest, the very first thing I would do (after I changed my drawers) is get on this blog and tell everyone my solution….Where was it Lee?? Why couldn’t you reveal the location if you already have the chest? And did you go to bed? I don’t think I would sleep much if I just became a millionaire. Pictures be damd, but at least tell us the EXACT location so we can all slap our foreheads and feel like complete idiots for not seeing the simplicity of it all….If you tell us the spot, then even FF could back up your story without photos.

  121. A quick comment to hopefully reassure. Lee has been at the treasure for three days right? He’s emailing from a crap phone because he lost his (smartphone). So how is it he knows the whole long conversational drama about Pam (enough to assure us he isn’t her? Has anyone tried to read a long conversation string on Dal’s blog even on a good phone? He’s shaking and overly excited, but THAT he manages to do on a phone with no camera?

    • Well, I give up. I post something for discussion… one reply’s. I thought surely this had possibilities.

      • You are right BW, getting back to task is a good idea. As far as the flutterbye goes, doesn’t quite tweek it for me, it seems like too big of an area for my sensibilities, but then what do I know? Do you have the WWWH solved? Not asking for your solve but it seems that it is prudent to begin there rather than HOB if you don’t have a solid WWWH spot. I thought I had a solid WWWH spot but am now re-considering. Its as though I “see” it but can’t quite name it, much like when a word or name is on the tip of your tongue and you can’t quite get it out. Very frustrating.

  122. The lastest member of the “I found it” club. There are old prospectors who hang out near some lost gold mine for years and claim they know where it is. But they never go to find it because they know they will disappointed. So they just imagine they have found it.

    So don’t criticize too much if you have Fenn fever because you probably have your own symptoms. The one I see is greed. People want to think it is their treasure. Gold does strange things to people. I laughed at the old advice “Never go gold hunting with a murderer.” There are all kinds of double-crosser stories. Friends and relatives are some of the worst ones. The psychology is “They didn’t earn it so I should get a share of it.”

  123. Am I the only one who can see the evidence here that shows Lee is serious? If any of you had found the chest and in an attempt to share it with everyone else, wouldn’t your hands shake when you were trying to send a message on a cell phone? Go back and read his earlier comment and you will see what I mean.

    • In addition, think of the ways you as a searcher would get your cell phone wet from water. Opps, dropped it in my glass of water. What? No glass? Well, let’s see…

      Let’s give it a day. Why not?

    • I can’t find anything about his post that rings true germanguy. He contradicts himself by first saying a “picture is on its way”, then conveniently doesn’t have a camera? And why in the world would he still be where he found it? Three days? And he expecting an internet café to be where he is? Very odd indeed. By the way, I just read Pams blog and in contrast to Forrest Fires civil, gentle and understanding tone in his post above, I think she is quite delusional and frankly a “whisperer” in the biblical sense meaning a “slanderer”. Just my opinion of course.

      • If he is at my solve location, there is things that stand true in what he says. I can understand why it doesn’t make sense to you. As far as his trying to take a picture with a cheap phone he had to pick up to replace his iphone that got wet, that still holds credence. Forgetting that fact in a rush to share his discovery is still credible. Remember, he found the chest. What state of mind would any of us be in, after opening the chest and gazing upon all the contents? Blown away for sure. Let’s give it a chance and decide after today. If he is where I think he is, it will be hard to drive to a local phone store and get a new iphone.

        Supposing it was 1 of us that found the chest and running up against a couple of glitches, was greeted by the comments that have been posted between late last night and this morning. I’d feel pretty bad about it myself.

        • If he’s at your solve then he definitely doesn’t have it because you would…. Forrest didn’t cross a river twice with 21 lbs on his back. Have you crossed a river yet – with weighton your back? He may be spry but most of us would have trouble with it….all iMo of course

          • I agree that finding the chest does not involve wading across a river. He hid the chest with the intention of it being found but found only by the person who solves the riddle. If you solve it, you can walk right to it, no physical barriers to cross, climb, or overcome. It is well hidden but something in the poem tells you what to look for. The only barrier to overcome is finding the correct solution.

          • IMO , it’s in a place where it’s much easier to Put In Below the Home of Brown , than to remove it. 🙂

          • Jack,
            I liked your comments. Also wanted to point out on a previous Forrest Fire comment he did write “safely hidden” not well hidden. I know it doesn’t matter but I am glad he practiced good safety habits in TTOTC.

        • Jack,
          Good comments. I do believe in a previous Forrest Fire comment he wrote “safely hidden” not well hidden. I know it doesn’t matter but I was glad he practiced good safety habits in TTOTC.

      • I read Pam’s blog I think she did well with her research . I believe it is a beautiful story . Although I still believe the chest is still out there .
        It is Wise not to behave like a laughing hyena when it comes to God 🙂

        • Germanguy, you are kind to be concerned about Lee’s feelings. You set a good example. I just wish Lee and others like him who claim to have the chest had a corresponding concern about the havoc and drama that is generated when they make unsubstantiated claims about finding the chest. Any who reads these posts,even occasionally, knows that very few people will be convinced with a simple “I have it” but everyone will be taking note.

          Amy, the extent of Pams research is fascinating in its breadth although in my view, really misguided. What I have difficulty with, and take objection to, is the arrogance it requires on her part to really believe that her “solution” makes the mark and provides an answer to every question. But I guess that is what I find disturbing about most pious pronouncements. I also think her insistence that there was never a treasure chest is slanderous and not supported with any rational analysis. According to the comments posted on her blog, she is successfully discouraging others from continuing to search. I think it is truly disturbing that she feels justified in that result. That is the epitome of arrogance in my view.

          • The first problem with Pam’s solution is that if WWWH is the D&SNG train, the engines stay on all night spewing steam and coal into the night. Secondly, taking the canyon down will not lead to Silverton. You would have to take the canyon UP 50 miles to Silverton.

    • German,

      I agree that there are some signals he’s sending that do ring sincere. My gut instinct is that he is making it up, (maybe hopeful instinct). Time will of course tell, but of all the “I found its”, his seems most believable to me.

      I don’t think his quietness now is ANY indication he did not find it. He may still be just trying to regroup and figure out next move….or laughing at the chaos he’s created with his ruse.


  124. I guarantee if somebody finds the chest the first thing they are not going to do is blab about it on a blog to a bunch of people they don’t even know. I’m sure that Forest left a message in that chest that leaves information about what to do next if it is found. The first thing I would do is hire a lawyer and find out my options, kind of like hitting the lottery.

    • Wishmeluck,

      I tend to agree. However, some people aren’t really that forward thinking. They are more concerned about the glory.

      If he did in fact find it. Great for him. I’ll be happy if anyone finds it but jackyam!!! – OMG 🙂

    • I’m not so sure that Mr. Fenn left that type of message in the chest, MO.

      I do commend your course of action and hope everyone else is listening.

      Have a nice day! 🙂

    • I agree, Wishmeluck. Whoever finds the chest will have done so after much reflection, thought and a focused search. Such a person will surely have carefully considered their next step after making the find or do so before taking their next steps after making the find. imho ofcourse.

    • Forrest did mention something regarding people wanting their 15 minutes of fame.

      • Anyone who’s had even 15 seconds of fame always wants their “PF” days (prefame) life back.

        QUALITY of life is a thinking mans game!

  125. Very good advise to contact a lawyer (good luck finding one that is knowledgable about common law)… which means you will be instructed to zip it until ownership issues are resolved and it is highly likely that not even Mr. Fenn will be informed until that is settled. This process may take up to 6 months depending on how greedy each side gets. Longer if it goes to court.

    Thus do not be surprised if there is considerable lag between discovery and release to public. I know that will cause some anger amongst searchers but unfortunately that is the process.
    The Wolf

    • Add to that the fact that he is British. How does he address that in taking it home to England? Anyone see a can of worms here?

  126. Where is in the poem and in the books. Forrest has it hidden well but it is there.

  127. Of course anyone who can confidently walk to the treasure with a smile on their face probably already covered that basis.
    The Wolf

  128. This thing has taken on a life of its own. You would definitely want to establish ownership rather than hide it from everyone and selling pieces of gold here and there. Heck, you could travel the country a charge people to see it and make a fortune.

    I’m not sure telling people on this blog I have found the chest wouldn’t bring unwanted fame to you and a number of lawsuits not to mention Federal Authorities that want answers.

  129. it would be sheer luck of the stars if he found it! not impossible but beginners luck

  130. So It seems that Forrest is keeping a “tight focus” on what is being said on THIS blog! He say’s we should look at our mistakes. So maybe he is saying that someone is headed down the right path, but we need to go back, because we have made a mistake! So no one is RIGHT ON, and we are all wrong, because the treasure has not been found. YET:)

  131. The fact that Lee has gone silent only reinforces (IMO) the fact that he indeed found the loot. After a few wildly excited, irrational moments where he jabbered away he came to the WISE conclusion that this blog (THIS BLOG!) was the last place to be spilling the beans. No, to a lawyer, an agent, but not this blog (THIS BLOG???? DUHHH!) nor even ff. Providing confirmation of the find or LOCATION,(hello NSA) is the last thing a savvy searcher should do. If Lee found it and is WISE, we will next see and hear from him (and his legal representative) on the TODAY Show. (IMO)

      • Dal, All is fair in love and treasure hunting. If he came to his senses (wisely), promise or no promise, there will be no corroboration of any kind without legal consuel. The fact that he is from out of the country only compounds his dilemma. He isn’t getting that chest across the Atlantic in an airline baggage compartment….IMO
        Hoping this is all a moot point as my team continues it’s search farther north.

    • Good observation Mikael. But I believe it more than likely will be in the BBC papers (if he can get it through customs and back to England).

      • I worked in airline customer service for 4 years – no way that thing gets on a commercial plane. Period.

        • I figured that. It’s going to probably be the same for anyone who flies to their search location and on the return trip tries to take on board. Best plan is to either drive round trip, or rent a car for the trip home.

  132. It appears that Forrest is going to have to update his spoofing number. We apparently now have 151 untruthful treasure snarkers out there…

    • dal I find it odd that a British subject such as Lee would have such a dreadful command of the Queen’s English.

      • Stan,

        It could be that he is not British by birth. There are as many nationalities in England as there are in the USA (possibly even more).

    • It would seem to me that if a person that has done his/her homework and had found the trove that person would contact Mr Fenn with the good news. Out of respect that person would say Forest I have a bracelet that belongs to you. When is it a good time to return it . Upon that time Mr Fenn would confirm the details of the find and post a note on the blogs or contact Dal and inform him that the Chase has come to an end.

      These actions would seem reasonable to me and proper. But the problem that Dal has is that any hack can say I found it without immediate confirmation.

    • Apparently the Lee-ward side of the Rockies has poor Internet reception. But lots of hot air.

  133. I do not see the need to dwell on this subject. If he found it, good for him, but if he did not find the chest that makes him a liar. One of millions out there in the world. My opinion.RC

  134. This Chase is a challenge that has taken on a complex life of its own. Through the frantic beginnings of my participation and the ups and downs along the way, I can now relate to some of the confusing posts that continue to surface. Unfounded claims I suspect will be inevitable, and will happen as long as the treasure remains where Forrest secreted it. The challenge for me now, is a matter of solving the puzzle( I do not like loose ends) and knowing the end of the story. It would be like reading a really good book only to find out the last chapter was never finished. That would stink!! It boggles my mind that anyone would post on a blog claiming to have found the treasure instead of contacting the person who deserves to know first. My Quest, is a match of sorts, between me and the person who gave this challenge to us. I enjoy reading all of the posted ideas, and keeping up w/ news from Forrest, but truly, my focus must remain impartial to other searchers and their ideas. Happy hunting folks ! And good luck !

  135. The chest is still in its location, the person who finds it is gonna be a quite searcher that doesn’t say much on this blog they are gonna be a whisperer to Forrest ONLY A lot of folks on this blog are mis leaders and that throws you all of of your game so if u folks wanna find the chest stick to your solution and forget about what others say IMO

    • not true. I would not have given a quarter of the FACTS I have uncovered if I thought someone would magically put it all together . The fact is, its like the lottery, if you don’t play, you can’t win the prize. To play, you have to put your money where your mouth is. I am on SS disability. Yet I am loading up the car again next month. All the info I have shared is accurate. I only hope everyone gets as much enjoyment out of the whole chase as I have. Careful though, you might just learn to love life!
      Dal is certainly not the quiet whisper, neither am I . But I think he knows where to look and is not trying to throw anyone overboard.

  136. I have wondered about gaining ‘title’. Apparently if I found the trove and then considered returning the bracelet, would Forrest give me title to the gold but not the other (non-gold) items? Is the poem a legal contract or just poetry?

    Come to think of it, I would find our legal system much more entertaining if all legal matters and associated verbiage were required to rhyme. Art and science often merge, why not law and poetry? In my mind it’s already a matter of who can afford the best interpreter, it’s just the rosey versification that needs more posey verification!

  137. When someone finds the chest and Forrest acknowledges that to all of us, would it be necessary to say where it was found (meaning exact location) or would the state suffice?

    • If and when someone finds it… Does it matter? If it were I, it would be best of my interest to have forrest announce it but with very limited info. Until all is legally cleared. IMO each states laws are different so I would hold silent.

      • I asked, because it seems to me that a number of entities would be stepping up to lay some sort of claim to it.

        • He that findeth the golden hoard
          will nary be lonely and seldom bored. For the question of who hath free hold will yield arguments heated and bold.

          The IRS weigheth in with
          terms of financial obligation.
          The BLM a formal inquiry
          intoeth the treasure’s location.

          Rights, possession and obligation
          will taxeth your mind vexing away.
          Perhaps the only ensuing resolution – in common language would be to say, shut your mouth and quietly walk away. **IMO**

      • BTW James, That is what I was thinking as well, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. With Fenn still with us, I’m sure he’d not want a dark cloud to descend over this chase and would have some advise as to how to handle it. Then again, if we return his bracelet to him, he may just make the chest an award for figuring out his poem and nothing else. Somewhat like playing “Who wants to be a millionaire. 🙂

  138. my wife had a great comment when I was sharing the “claim” by Lee…

    “wouldn’t you (a person) have enough comprehensible grasp of knowledge on how to handle the water issue and your iphone…. if you had the same (or even more) to figure out the whereabouts of the hidden trove”.

  139. LEE!!! LEEJ!! DID YOU FIND IT OR NOT!!!??? I am leaving tomorrow morning on an extended search….I’d rather not go if the chest has been found….at least not for as long….LEEEEEeeeeeee!

  140. @DigginGypsy @Cloudcover @POG @Karen
    Here’s my conundrum… Everything about Montana points to the treasure. Think for a moment about that. Believe you understand. But, does my logic work in reverse? Does the book point to MT? Some strong arguments for. Now for the bomb… The poem – where does it point? Only In the mind of Mr. Fenn are the poems generalities illumined to specific locations. What am I missing when I look at the poem?? I would love your help.

    • I don’t know what a conundrum is. But if it’s like a cucumber, you can slice it for a sandwich, put it in a salad, or make a pickle out of it. (Sweeten to taste). Or are you saying you’re in a pickle?

    • Nor, The poem points to NM and so does the book in my opinion. Both books in fact. The Brown is all NM. And the Brown is all over the book.

      • Ouch! Not you too Cloud. I’ll go down hard singing my same happy tune. I’m a loyalist to Montana and The Dallas Cowboys, even when they stink. (Cowboys stink) Montana never stinks. I’m thinking of running away from home and joining Gypsy. We see eye to aye 🙂

        • I’m sorry Nor. But if the treasure is in Montana it won’t be me finding it. NM the only state I’ve ever seriously considered for the trove spot.

          • Always appreciate when you weigh in CloudCover.
            Count the pages in TTOTC dedicated to NM vs MT. Based on real estate MT comes out ahead. IMO the pre-Vietnam formative years where FF grew into a man, ok stud, and clearly loved the Huck Finn life Montana offered win over NM adulthood years. Given a happy childhood, those kind of memories are sweet for a lifetime. Of course, as I have faced serious illness the past 3 years I often enjoy reliving my own Huck Finn Montana days. A bit harder for me to remain impartial. And of course, I did not find the box.

          • Let’s keep in mind the trove could be secreted safely away in a NM vault but the box with title enclosed in another state. Don’t discount that line of the poem. This solution eliminates legal issues of ownership.

      • you say ” Brown is all NM” I guess you mean the home of Brown is NM…. so how do you ‘put in’ below it?

        • I guess wwwh could be south of Santa Fe or even south of NM, so you could put in outside of the search area, as long as you wind up north of Santa Fe at some point. Right?

        • Brown was the driving force behind what has become the history of NM. That’s what I mean by it. There is more than one home of Brown in NM but the Brown is the same. To me the poem describes a water path meaning it starts at water, follows certain streams, it changes course not once but twice and ends at water high where you brave the cold. Since to me the poem is about water and put in is a water term it makes sense that the word following it is also a water term. Below can be defined as such and that’s how I define it. My home of Brown is a particular place not a region, it is not near the put in spot but the only requirement of the poem is that I put in below it and so I do. In my current scenario, the need to find WWWH first is very important. Even if you had the same home of Brown as I did but that was the first thing you focused on in the poem, you would then have a very hard time finding WWWH as they are no where near each other.

    • No, the book doesn’t point to Montana. The poem is not as clear but I think of it as another story in the book.

      • The poem isn’t clear? You make so funny an understatement. How many people are searching now, I wonder?

    • Do you think that would fall into the “too dangerous” category? I read a guy got killed today near Fairy Falls when a tree fell and hit him on the head.

        • Do I have to say “LOL” so you understand I am being humorous? At least the part about the video. As for the guy getting killed by the tree, I wonder if he was searching. I sort of expected someone to mention this.

  141. Back to CES or CE5 I got my magnify glass out and took one more look it’s CE5 I completely understand 🙂

  142. I believe that I have figured out a couple of the clues (IMO). If I am right, the clues (and hints as well) seem to have dual meanings. For example, “gone alone” seems to indicate both that only ff knows the location, and that it is not on private land (as no permission had to be obtained). Has anyone else come to a similar conclusion?
    Hope everyone is having a great late spring!

    • Absolutely. Think “potty talk”, like a kid. Home of Brown,(outhouse)….up $#!t creek without a paddle…..heavy loads ,($#!t) loads….no where for the meek (outhouse smell)…etc.
      Think literally, figuratively and Forrest Fennly. Remember he doesn’t abide by the rules of spelling or correct grammar.
      Of course he said “don’t go digging up outhouses, it’s not associated with any structure”. But think, what is on a outhouse door? The crescent moon . Take it from there Geoff.

      • Thanks! I plan to shoot some photos next week, looking for a couple more clues, if the weather is okay.

    • NOT on private land ?, then what do you make of the Capt Kidd story. That treasure IS or WAS hid on PRIVATE Land

      • Remember that “. Not every noun in TTOTC is a hint”, as ff said earlier. (I hasten to reiterate that my idea about the dual meaning of clues is only my opinion.) At any rate, I will not need to ask permission to go where I will be shooting photos, near where the “purple and yellow flowers” blossom.
        Happy Fathers Day to all fellow searchers!

  143. “The person who finds the treasure will be the one who solved the clues in my poem and walked to it. No one will happen onto it. My hope is that whoever deserves it through his efforts will be the finder.” Your effort is not necessarily physical.

      • LEE
        Is a Brit from London,
        Tried to bluff a hand of Poker with glee
        Said he spent days by the treasure,
        Numbering all of three.
        Was to send Dal a picture of the chest
        where it lie,
        But his phone got wet and his new one
        wouldn’t fly.
        ( I waited for a picture with a jaundiced eye.)
        Lee ran out the back door
        and we all said….

        BYE !!!

        BTW – – Passed a sign for a plumbing supply store,
        sign outside said,

        “In our business, a Flush beats a Full House !”


  144. Took sage and green as a sign to go,
    a 4 mile hike, still too much snow:(

    Maybe it’s lavender, and hey, what’s the other weed?

  145. @Goofy thanks for clarification on the note, etc. I arrived quite late to the search party and missed that link. Thanks, don’t want misinformation out of my mouth.
    Appreciate your kindness.

  146. Okay, I’ve waited quietly, and been patient GG, now I would appreciate an answer. Is there a reason to continue our research and trip planning or is this over. If it’s over, a small sign or an email that say’s “Stand By” or No need to “put in” is required. Geez dal, I know it’s early but he said it on the 8th and it’s the 11th… I’m hungry, where’s the crow.

    • Mark-
      You worry-wart…
      Forrest has given us no sign that it’s over. Lee was just another crack-pot. He found nothing. He wasn’t even in a contentious area for goodness sake. He was in California. He just wanted to rile real searchers up and apparently he experienced success with a few. The only other thing I’ve heard from Lee was that he was furious at me for exposing his location in Palm Springs and felt he had to flee the desert city for his own safety now that people knew where he was located. Yet another irrational thought by a crack-pot.

      As Forrest mentioned he gets many of these folks who make such claims. Interestingly they are all at different locations. We’ve only seen a few on this blog…maybe 4 in three years..

      You can tell you are looking at a fish riding a bicycle when the person begins to make preposterous claims and has dozens of excuses for not providing evidence. If someone actually found it one of two scenarios is most likely to unfold in my estimation. Either that person will want to tell the world and brag with proof…or, will want to disappear without a trace. Either way..Forrest will carry the final word as far as I am concerned.

      There is no reason to give these people any purpose to continue torturing searchers. The best thing to do is move on and not even acknowledge their existence. It’s attention they crave. Starve them of what they want. They have no respect for searchers and the best thing we can do in my opinion is pay them back in-kind.

      Aren’t you glad you don’t work for me?

      • Mark-
        As far as GG goes. All I can say is he has felt very close a couple of times before on this blog or in email and ended up with the same results as the rest of us. GG is a good guy. He believes passionately in his locations. He does a lot of research and, in my estimation, he has a great imagination…all excellent qualities that could lead to the treasure. But huffing and puffing about knowing where the treasure chest is doesn’t mean a person is any more likely to find it than I am. It simply means they have:
        1. More confidence in themselves than many others
        2. Lack of self-discipline when it comes to brain to mouth control.

        All of this is IMO, of course..

        Aren’t you glad you don’t work for me?…lol…

        • Dal,

          Yes, I’m glad I don’t work for you. 🙂

          I can say this though, I will personally apologize here on the blog, if my confidence was a bit over rated. That is the least I can do. I will know for sure, tomorrow sometime. If all goes well, I will then be headed to meet Michael D., and we both will be seeing Forrest Fenn.

          I don’t think I would attempt announcing any discovery I make, here on the blog. I certainly don’t want to add to your list and become Mr. 152. LOL Additionally, it would be better if Fenn made that announcement.

          “It simply means they have:
          1. More confidence in themselves than many others
          2. Lack of self-discipline when it comes to brain to mouth control.

          All of this is IMO, of course..”

          Even as only being your own opinion, I take offense in the fact that you have to share that opinion on a public forum. Shame on you. There is such a thing called email, in which you can personally share your opinions of me. Where’s your “Semper Fi” fellow Marine!

          • german-
            I think the reason I wrote that is because I lack self-discipline when it comes to brain to mouth control.

          • So GG… Am I to understand that you and Michael D our partners? Is your comment about going in seeing ff before or after you find the treasure trove?

          • James,
            Yes, we’re partners. I guess you missed Michael D.’s, comment, when he got all excited by my solution. We’ll see Fenn after we actually have the chest, not before.

          • Great GG. Everyone needs somebody! Me, I have my two sons. They are in their 20s. They strictly are coming for being my pack mules. LOL

            Now that you are on the hunt… will you state what state you’re in? I’m brave enough to tell you that I am in Montana/Wyoming border area (in the high elevations). Although one of us has an alternate. We will be there sometime in August.

          • I remember Michael D. giving it to someone earlier on this blog, so I’ll repeat it. Colorado. All of my searches have been in Colorado. I chose this state, purely because Fenn often tried to avoid mentioning it. Funny, when I think of it now, 1 was too cold, the next was too hot and finally, I have 1 that is just right. I’m talking about temperature here. 🙂

          • How many days will yall search GG ? Best of luck. I’m sure y’all will find a treasure of one kind or another out there. Never bad to be in God’s country! Wait… That’s TEXAS !

      • Dal that is absolutely hilarious – Lee pulls a practical joke and complains because he has to “flee for his safety”. How does one say Karma?

    • Mark, I’m sorry if my comment from the 8th confused you. I had not gone out after putting my solution together. I sat on it all this time. But, tomorrow will be the day in which the chest will be there or it won’t. So go on with your plans, don’t let my comment stop you. My comment was directed at this “Lee” character. Michael D. (my partner), is in route as I type this. You are correct, today is the 11th, and the search is in progress. Good luck on your search.

      I just saw your query. Sorry for the delay.

  147. Lee if I found it, I would have never freaked everyone out by coming here before I went to f… The rules clearly state f is to know first, before some Brit yanks everyone’s chain. Therefore you have forfeited, and get nothing! Bring back the box!!! Dang!

    Amy, I like your blue avatar. I’ve had several and I don’t know why either?
    Once it was gold, I liked that. Yes I’ve been blue and red, a brown and a few shades of green. I like that too, f said green is dominate now… Hehehe. He also said it was 72 degrees? 72 degrees is a good working temp… I better get at it!
    MARK H

    • I don’t know where you found a list of “rules” – as far as I know there aren’t any.

  148. You Sir, read me like an open book. And I wouldn’t know a thing about what you do… so working for you would be a trip… period. (If there was an offer in there I’m available… smiles) I swing a hammer. Thanks dal, for your quick response, you have settled my appetite.
    Mark H
    Love n’ crow.

    • Hey Howard. I believe the chest is somewhere in Manby Hot Springs. Nobody had been able to find it because we are not looking at Forrest’s definitions of worrds. Where did he leave his dictionary? Anyways, I have close , in there, but cannot solve his WWWH.RC

  149. Off topic how far does anyone think the chest could be from WWWH 10 miles 100 miles more?

    • in my interpretation of WWH, where you start and where you end, you never leave WWH

      • I concur with Chris. Latest thought is that WWWH is the sky…the air we breathe.

          • i am not out searching

            have no idea when i will be able to, or even if i will be able to this year

            going thru the most difficult time in my life right now.

            hunting for the chest isnt exactly at the top of my list

            its a very odd feeling going thru what i am going thru, knowing that now more than any other time, i think i know right where the treasure is, and yet i cant go there, and i am not particularly motivated to do so for the time being

        • so which canyon do you go down then? Seems kinda in the C.D. vein of thoughts, maybe further down in the poem will tell you where to start?…just curious. History and fishing for my…so what the heck do I know. I’m ready to get on the road soon and see where it’s not…9-9

    • I think it’s about 10 miles following the poem’s path, and 4-5 miles as the crow flies.

    • For my solve, it’s about 11.25 miles total distance from WWWH to the area of the blaze by following the path of the poem.

      • the first quarter of the 12th century? i am thinking that hint relates to put in below. or maybe i should say puint below. that doesnt look right. f was never big on spelling correctly anyways

        • Chris,

          Does he really mention “the first quarter of the 12th century” somewhere? If so, I missed it.

      • Up….you must be at the same area as me. My solve is about 11.25 miles total distance from WWWH to the area of the blaze by following the path of the poem. 🙂

        • That’s ok — I think , if I had to claim the number for that distance, IMO & according to solve#5 for me, you are both off by 3.5 or so
          (Insert wink to you-know-who here)

  150. @Eddie Your question of mileage is one of the poems big riddles. I recall Dal mentioning Forrest had once walked the 91 miles from West Yellowstone to Bozeman camping and fishing along the way. So my guess is less than 91 miles. Not that it’s much help. Personally, I would guess more like 20-30 *IMO

    • Other possibilities could be 9 (9 mile hole) or any other mileage mentioned in TTOTC. I believe in the chapter about Skippy landing the airplane on the lake, F mentions a number of miles Skippy taxied in the lake trying to take off. I don’t recall the mileage.

    • I like the distance he talks about in TFTW in the preface, page xiii. About 10 miles. I look at it as the HOB should be about 10 miles from WWWH. He says that now “just too far to walk”.

      I probably like that idea because my HOB is about 10 miles from my WWWH. So, it works for me!

  151. i think there is a pseudo solve F is aware of and intentionally placed in the book

    • Thanks for that awesome hint Chris. I’m looking forward to finding that pseudo solve.
      Guys just think more like Forrest! Ha! Keep that man-logic coming my way 🙂

    • @Chris Yates – another man-logic question for you. What do you make of the last illustration in TTOTC? Obviously important in placement alone. I see symbolism and sentiment. Could be a reference to Woodman of the Woods memorials. Any wisdom on topic?

      • Christ: I should add, that I believe the last illustration is important re: chest’s placement. IMO.. could be way off again.

      • since f seems to hint we need to get in touch with our feminine side, not sure man logic will help you

      • The hint is the dove nesting on the moon because the dove has no where to nest. Notice the look each other is giving. The ax-man (or as I believe a forest fire fighter) is saying “I’m sorry, I had to do it”, meaning it was likely done as a fireline. Remember, the Las Alamos fire was huge. Plus boys and girls, those are not stumps. Each one is a reference to a certain mountain.
        Notice his boots. Yes my friends, a picture can tell a thousand words.
        Not sure about this one, but the dove is a symbol for peace. The eagle a war bird, hence the Robin Trower song “Day of the Eagle”….( Living in the day of the eagle, the eagle and the dove ). The war memorial is in Eagles Nest, N.M.

        • Did you notice where could be anagrammed to hewer? Something I noticed a while ago. I’m not going down the anagram road just figured I would point it out. I know it means nothing. I do like the tarry colored boots though!
          I did notice the illustration is right below the paragraph in which he writes about his father (TTOTC pg.146).
          Might be unintentional but I find it interesting the illustration of the hewer/woodsman is looking up at the crescent moon appearing deep in thought… possibly thinking about the past (memories) or thoughts of the future.

          • Brad-
            That particular illustration (TTOTC pg. 146) does not help me much except as a memory aid. The crescent symbol keeps appearing in many aspects of my research. Many ideas.
            I also wanted to mention all the stumps being cut and the look of satisfaction on the woodsman’s face. This makes me think of contentment with his (the woodman’s) life’s work.
            As far as clues in the book…I only go with what is written on TTOTC pg.133….”There are also subtle clues sprinkled in the stories.”
            I guess you will need to define “deliberately” and “aid” for a deeper meaning.

        • Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Forrest say that there wasn’t any clues in the book to deliberately aid the searcher? If that’s the case then I doubt that picture or any of them have anything to do with it.

          • that is incorrect

            Forrest has said there are hints in the book besides the poem

            hints and clues by definition are helpful, so F cannot say that they are not helpful/aids to the searcher (period, end of sentence)

            what he can and did say is that the hints in the book “are not deliberately placed”

          • “Forrest has said there are hints in the book besides the poem

            hints and clues by definition are helpful, so F cannot say that they are not helpful/aids to the searcher (period, end of sentence)

            what he can and did say is that the hints in the book “are not deliberately placed””

            And yet does this fall into the 85%… Or the 15% BS?

          • Chris,

            You’re absolutely correct. There is hints in both. That’s what Forrest said.

            The nicest part, is solving the poem and going through the book and seeing the hints. I feel that this was Forrest’s original intent.

            In the beginning, I chose not to buy the book until I was sure I had a solution. When I completed what I ‘believed’ it to be, I then got the book and yes, I found many, many hints. If this trip works in our favor, I will then go and see Fenn and ask him to sign the book for me. I wonder, would the value of the book be greater (although, I certainly wouldn’t give up such a treasured piece of literature). 🙂

          • James

            not sure if i am following or understand what you are suggesting

            the existence of the hints and clues in the book and poem are a critical cornerstone of being able to find the chest

            if i thought that Forrests statements in TTOTC and outside, related to the existence of hints and clues and where they can be found, if i thought there was a possibility this fell into the BS category, then i would question the existence of the treasure and the hiding itself

          • Okay Chris I follow you. All I am saying is that ff also said in TTOTC is “non-fiction writers only have to be right 85% of the time…” Therefore how do you know what to believe and what not to believe when you read the entire book. IMO

          • to me, whether something is true, or actually happened is irrelevant

            some might say that if something can be shown to be fabricated, thats how you can tell if something in that story was put in as a hint

            i dont subscribe to that theory though

            i think a lot of things, true and some false, have been used in TTOTC as hints.

            part of the reason the place is special. i knew just where to hide it, he said.

          • top of pg 133…. “There are also other subtle clues sprinkled in the stories.” Some think the word “clues” is stronger than the word “hints”.

          • I agree with that appraisal. If you have the poem solved, your eye will catch certain clues that match lines in the poem. I considered them hints, but then because he says “subtle clues”, they could be considered hints as well. Good going.

        • Yes, I too thought The Dove has no place to nest because all the tree’s are chopped down. Forrest talks about the tree’s being chopped down to print stuff he thinks is unimportant. He does not like the forest being gone. Robin Trower! I have not thought of that music for awhile!

        • SS – Is the LA fire scar still visible today? Your comment sparked (no pun intended) a thought about where WWWH. Kind of weird and don’t know if mentioned before, but when fighting a forest fire the water applied would become warm. So WWWH perhaps could be at the edge of the fire scar. I have no idea about the area where that fire was, but thought it worth mentioning. Also, ff did start using the name Forrest Fire in his blog comments. A hint??? Would love any feedback from folks. Thx.

          • Mac,

            I give you kudos on your observation. Forrest always tries to sneak things past us. He previously said there were 3 things that would possibly affect the location of the chest… forest fire, earth quake or land slide. He’s trying to shake our thinking a bit by selecting “forest fire”.

            Of course I must say that this is my opinion only.

      • my feminine side tells me, its not related to woodman of the woods

        it also tells me, it could represent the right place or the wrong place, depending on how you interpret it

        also, if you are over 12 years old, you deserve another turn. something else goes with that too. i forgot.

      • that being said, any man who can wear the dickens out of a pink tu tu, you should ask him instead

        • Great info @Seattle & @Chris! Thoughts I can now run thru the feminine & childlike sieves.
          Forrest is beyond clever, much too clever for me without the help of others. I’m at appts. if after consideration I come up with anything, happy to share thoughts.

          • @Seattle – my ideas will sound far fetched to many men. Keep that in mind but FF said numerous times thru both books that imagination was IMPT. if you have TFTW book I could argue a strong case that the inside flap illustrations lay out like a treasure map, although not correct dimensionally. For example, ‘the lamp’ which would be ‘the blaze’ lays out with where my blaze fell geographically. In location to a stream bed and campground. Nothing Mr. Fenn did was random and he’s smarter than me by 3/4. Just thoughts to get creativity flowing.

  152. a kid really has time to think in a grave yard. especially if he’s 13 years old.

    • @Chris Yates – “grave” may have been a printer typo. It could have been a “Grape yard” and ff was distilling his own Grapette during the wee hours.

    • “a kid really has time to think in a graveyard.” That totally depends on the kid…When I snuck out the window…I spent ZERO time in graveyards doing anything! Although near my solve, there was an historic graveyard not too far away. Goes toward bravery and mortality, but after that I’m as “stumped” as TTOTC last illustration.

      • Because I honestly do not have a clue about what the last illustration means… I am stumped as well. What confuses me is the nest that is in the moon. If it were just the bird or dove and waning moon, I would be glad to tell you that a dove will seek out water anywhere… With the old-timers saying that a waning moon holds water and rain is unlikely… But there again the bird will not nest in water causing me to ramble further down the stream.

        • Agree. And with many of the illustrations I falter on decididing if they are Clues or more of a personal reflective statement. But I really like your interpretations and plan to chew on them.
          Thank you for time & willingness to help me James. Very kind. Only
          A handful of guys give much credence to female voices here, that’s why I hang out on the poetry page where we’re expected! Kidding!
          LOL 🙂

          • Forrest was asked about that illustration in an interview by a foreign journalist about 18 months ago. He said that the illustration is simply there to show how he feels about the forests. When we cut them all down the birds will not have anywhere to build their nests and might have to go to the moon. “Sometimes we don’t think about how our actions affect others.” he said.

            He has made similar remarks about war.

            later that year he pointed out that the logger in that illustration is the same fellow as the logger in the illustration in TFTW on page 196 that is shown rappelling down the cliff face to get the one remaining little tree tenuously clinging to the rock.

            Both these images reflect Forrest’s environmental concerns.

            He pointed out that they meant nothing else and were not there to help anyone find the chest.

          • I believe the illustrations are hints of who the man really is which in turn will help in the discovery of the treasure.

          • Thank you Dal,
            It seems so simple now.
            I cannot imagine how I will feel when the actual meaning to the poem is revealed.
            It is amazing how art brings about different interpretations to the intended meaning.
            I often wonder if an artist gets disturbed/upset if the original meaning is not identified.
            Need more captions for me apparently.

        • The last illustration oh yes I will explain after June 23 what I think it meant

          • Amy, that date is coming quickly. Are you trying to shack my foundation? If so I will tell you it will not move. Good luck in………… !

    • Forrest and Radar O’Reilly would have been fast friends. Didn’t Radar love Grape Nehi and poker?

    • That’s because Grapette went out of business and the owner was able to get Sam’s Club to sell Grapette and 2 other favors under the Sam’s Choice label thereby resurrecting Grapette. Good move. Sam’s Club and Walmart are located in Arkansas.

      • Maybe we need to find out where Peg shops. Some place with a nice selection of spices.

  153. That is awefully German-lee of you!
    Sorry couldn’t resist – good luck tomorrow!

  154. good luck german guy, hope all goes well

    since you mentioned something about a royal flush, im not nervous that you will find it

    but all the best to you. maybe you will see a squirrel

    • Sorry to disappoint you Chris, but the Royal Flush really had nothing to do with my solution. I’ll explain it to you some time.

  155. Forrest has put so many hints and clues in the book, he must be expecting someone to sniff out the location eventually

    • @Chris Yates – sorry for being pesky-norsky today. Trying to get through a day of dr apts with a smile intact. You are my distraction. I don’t always know how to interpret clues, but I don’t miss many details in the illustrations.Take a look at the 2nd drawing in the 2part series regarding the AZ canyon/mountain lion. On second page, notice the man’s buried boot sticking out from under the rock on lower left. Totally a cut & paste job from 1st illustration and out of context unless a location clue of type of place chest entombed in rocks. You can almost imagine the outline of a man buried in the mess of rock. Illustration also looks doctored after the fact.

      Also, illustration of ff walking down road in Wyo watching for Skippy’s return: Bottom right side shrub says “in cave” (May be there to mislead)

      • i dont know what or where that first drawing is

        on the second, i could look at that bush all day and i dont think i will ever see any words there

        • James, run everything I say through a bs meter. I’m more intuitive and imaginative which only gets you 1/2 way to TC. I reason well given the right set of facts, but so far my facts have been wrong.

          That said, if you have TFTW book in hand, i could argue a strong case that the inside flap illustrations lay out like a treasure map, although not correct dimensionally. For example, ‘the lamp’ which would be ‘the blaze’ lays out with where my blaze fell geographically. In location to stream bed and campground. Nothing Mr. Fenn did was random and he’s smarter than me by 3/4. I love his puzzles but am better with art related than man-logic word mining type solves.

    • Chris-
      Of course the other possibility is that you only THINK all those things you see are hints and clues when in reality they are simply stories with no intended connection to the treasure chest.

  156. samsmith,

    If you used a German translator and read the English translation, I wasn’t defining the meaning of “it”. I was simply sharing some ideas with Norwegian as to where waters could possibly be polluted and be a WWWH.

    • German – Thanks again for your intel on the WWWH & the translation!! I spent 2 evenings researching basins in Wyo & polluted aquifers. All of interest but a depressing subject, so I moved on. I’m the one who wears the rose colored aviators. Frankly, I bought a permanent plot at the corner of healthy & happy.

        • Haven’t had an original thought since birth, but do enjoy spreading mirth. 🙂

          And darn, do I wish I could still sprechen sie Deutsch. I can’t so don’t go there, but my favorite German words are Der Himmel is bewolked. Just totally captures a cloudy sky like no English words could do it justice.

        • German, are you fluent in French also? (I don’t speak French). But boy is it a pleasure to listen to! You could be saying I’m hacking the treasure to pieces and I would think you were reciting a love sonnet. 🙂

          Enjoy your evening GG. Chus!

          • Norwegian,

            I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I had only 2 years of French in high school and have forgotten most of it. You’re right though, it rolls off the tongue nicely.

  157. The clues in the poem, book, comments Fenn has told us, all point to a place. A place where some searchers have looked but have not found any treasure chest including me. Think of it, we have solved the first two clues, and have passed all the other clues. So we have solved WWWH, and take it in the canyon down. Not far , bu too far to walk has eluded us, as well as, the home of Brown. We are no thinking in terms of simple definitions. We are wired differently than Fenn’s brain. The treasure chest is “in there” , but we have to figure things out. WWWH is not what we may think. It is something different altogether. IMO. RC.

    • Good rundown RC.
      I agree to some parts, not to others. I think several people have figured out stanza 1, many of them have figured out warm waters, some know what ‘canyon’ to go ‘down’. And I think a select few here have even nailed Home of brown. I havent yet seen anyone post who ‘s overlaid those pieces just yet to make the big ‘X marks the spot’ (besides me of course,…. but y’all understand that — as fellow patients infected by fenn fever** 🙂 ) IMO, there’s exactly one man who’s figured out, or stumbled upon, most of the rest — he is THE one who got within 500′. I know his name, but that’s my secret for now.
      And lastly, IMO, at this time of year the sandwich & flashlight are a very good idea, but a backpack would be even better.

      • Ode to my backpack,

        I miss my backpack and it is very special to me. How I wish to be where it has been put, in the hands of those I most trust. They understand my yearning and it will be there just as I left it.

        Lol…sorry I could not help myself 🙂

      • The workday has ended for me. If I survive alone in there Saturday night, I will post some blurbs from Slurbs on Sunday. Inn tonight, deep wood tomorrow night. I will stay listening to the blog as long as I have reception. No more posts until Sunday when I get back. Meanwhile for those wishing me luck and prayers, thank you in advance. I will hear them. Emotional… confident as ever.

        • Wishing you luck on the hunt Slurbs and sending prayers up for that cough. Don’t be a stranger if you’re in my area. We’ll get the DFW gang together to laugh about adventures and swap solves.
          Best wishes…Nor

        • @Slurbs don’t miss the splendor & beauty in the woods! Remember the ruby flush of spring flowers;)

        • Slurbs, good luck! Stay safe! Enjoy yourself and the surroundings. What state are you looking in?

  158. News Flash! Michael D. has arrived and is now spending the night in a motel, due to a local Thunder Storm. Tomorrow’s weather looks to be nice.

    • Based on the weather radar, I guess that narrows it down to Salida, Meeker, Delta or Grand Junction area. Based on your first solution I will go with the Salida area.

    • Still snow up in them hills GG and they are still skiing up at Arapahoe Basin. Hope MD has his mud boots with him and make sure he does not venture beyond the creek and into the rivers which are flowing like crazy. We are reporting river rafting deaths here in CO on a weekly basis…very dangerous right now. A couple of deaths from people just falling in from the bank. Be careful.


      • Thanks for your concern Windsurfer. All possible contingencies have been considered. Drowning in a river won’t be a problem for this search.

  159. Regarding ongoing discussions about distance Hints…9mi hole, Hebgen Lake…etc. info think you guys are correct. They are hints.

    For the Benefit of Gypsy & Nor…
    Which state did those hints take place in?

    If logic says, “This fits” and reason says, “This follows that” why would ff give distance clues based on favorite fishing holes in Montana for random locations in NM?

  160. I have more days until I am on my vacation and landing at Yellowstone for some rest and relaxation and treasure hunting and other stuff! Hoping to meet Pirate there and any others that will be there. So excited! Never been there before. My husband and I are gonna do all of the things that Forrest has done.

  161. Oh, and I have my own treasure that I’m hiding. This weekend I will try to take a pic and see if Dal can post it of some of the treasure. I’m from Texas so bigger is always better, but it’s gotta fit in my bag for the flight and my backpack. I’m putting it where I think the treasure should be. Good luck ya’ll! And it will NOT be in the park.

  162. Don’t want to piss off the alligator before I cross the river if you know what I mean.

  163. James
    Yes this is my last adventure june 23 I will be on Colorado for a few days and hope to find that CHEST I already know what’s at the end of Forrest Fenn’s rainbow it is something that’s amazing.
    I read what Dal said about the illustrations . I have a different take on that I think there are some clues in those pictures . But I could be wrong u just never know 🙂
    And thank u for wishing me luck but it won’t be just that it would be a blessing !!!!!!! 🙂

  164. i dont know the comment Dal referred to, relating to the drawing at the end of the book

    i would be curious to read it and see if the emphasis was all on the meaning of the drawing, or if it was clear, i mean, if the words actually came out of his mouth, stating plainly, that there are no hints in that drawing

    assuming he did say that there are no hints relating to the treasure it puts my read on the treasure puzzle in a predicament. i can see clearly that there are hints. not sure what to conclude.

  165. Regarding the last drawing in the book, the axeman: I’ve read the comments above, including Dal’s. Here is my take. First of all, that is the only drawing in the book that is not related to the text of the chapter it is in. It is also an unrealistic drawing and full of symbolism and hints. It is also refereed to in the poem. Dal says that F told a reporter that there are no hints in the drawing and that it reflects his environmental concerns. But he has also said that if someone asks a question they deserve an answer and that he will never give out an answer that will lead to the chest (or something to that effect). So if a reporter asks him about the drawing, what is he supposed to say. If he says yes there are hints there, he is giving away an important piece of the solution. If he says “no comment”, he effectively is doing the same. The other drawings in the book are illustrations of the story told in that chapter. The last chapter has no story about trees, birds or logging. IMO the drawing contains hints and a lot of them.

    • Jack-
      When Forrest made that statement about not handing out clues, he was talking specifically about searchers, not reporters. He nearly always gives hints/clues to the press/media if they ask. I have never seen him turn down a media request for one hint/clue. He does that because he knows that the media will publish the hint for everyone to see. That hint becomes a “public” hint. Whereas if he passes on a hint or clue to a searcher that person might keep the hint to herself and that is not the way he wants to play the game. He tries to withhold handing out clues to individuals so he does not provide a single searcher with an advantage over the rest of us.

      By the way, Forrest did give that foreign reporter a hint/clue before he left and that hint was part of the published story.

      I make certain I read all the media stories and try to make them available on this blog unless there is a copyright issue. But I use an internal filter when I read/listen/watch them.

      Here is a great example of a potentially significant clue that the press published in 2010 that many new searchers may not be aware of. It has to do with whether or not Forrest said the chest was located in New Mexico.

      His first interviews in the fall of 2010 were with the press in New Mexico and two reporters for different print publications both wrote that the treasure was located in New Mexico, in the mountains north of Santa Fe. I read both those stories and several others soon after Forrest publicly announced the treasure hunt. They may still be available. I have not looked in a couple of years.

      In other interviews the reporters wrote that it was in the mountains north of Santa Fe. No mention of New Mexico. The book, as we all know certainly did not restrict the area to New Mexico. This was obviously a significant detail and I was trying to determine if Forrest did actually say “New Mexico” in some interviews. If he did, I would then have to decide if that was a hint or a case of Forrest engaging mouth before brain..just as we all occasionally do.

      So I got hold of the emails for those two reporters and sent them a note explaining my concern and asking if Forrest had actually said “New Mexico”. To my surprise they both responded. One, a well respected journalist from the “New Mexican” told me that his notes from the interview said “New Mexico”. That was about all he said. The second reporter told me that Forrest had not said “New Mexico”, but she felt that was where it was at so she added that. I wanted to yell at her about her job as a reporter but I let it pass.

      From time to time I would see other reporters say that the treasure was in “New Mexico” and they gave the impression that Forrest had said that…somewhere…!

      I formulated a theory. My theory was that Forrest, early on, did not think this treasure hunt would get very big. (since then he has stated that this was, in fact, the case) He thought it might only be a story in, and around New Mexico. That being the case, perhaps he did hide it in NM and perhaps he did say NM. My theory also stated that once Forrest saw that the treasure hunt was going to be a national/international story he decided to drop the “New Mexico” hint so the search area could be broadened to accommodate thousands of searchers. A couple of years after that he decided to narrow the search area down again to just four states. So the search area went from one state, to the world north of Santa Fe, to four states north of Santa Fe.

      In 2011 I had an opportunity to tell Forrest why I was looking in New Mexico and nowhere else. He told me that he never restricted the area to New Mexico. That he never said that. Since that time I have observed Forrest at about twenty interviews and public speaking events. His verbal responses vary widely. However, in writing responses…as in email for Jenny Kile’s Six Questions blog..His responses in writing do not often contradict. If Forrest wrote it, I give it more value than if it was an oral interview. If it’s a print press publication that is quoting Forrest, it has even less value because the responses were generally given to the reporter in an oral interview and then the reporter had to recall precisely what was said and then interpret and add bias when writing the story.

      My point is, that for just about every “fact” that has been attributed to Forrest you can find a “counter-fact”. He has had nearly four years and a few hundred interviews to say the same thing…I am certain he has made mistakes and those of us eager for any tidbit of new information sometimes jump on those misstatements as if they were truth…be cautious.

      • saying that F would give out a hint to a media person is one thing, but that doesnt mean he will give out hint information every time, and if a media person asks about something F isnt going to divulge, then it doesnt matter if the media person would publish it for everyone, F just isnt going to divulge certain things no matter who asks him

        i can see accepting Forrest’s answer, he says there are no hints in that drawing. but Jack’s point is still something to consider. what if Forrest is thinking, i can’t acknowledge there are hints in the drawing, and a refusal to answer would be seen as an acknowledgement. therefore an answer needs to be given, and the existence of hints cant be acknowledged

        • “All you need is the poem”, “It took me 15 years to write the poem”.

          So we know the poem was all we initially needed. The book was only there to substantiate the solution of the poem. I know Fenn said that the book only contained ‘hints’, but what if for no other reason, it was put aside and people focused only on the poem for the clues (and very likely hints as well). I only present this as an option, because that is the way I personally addressed it. The book didn’t come into the picture until after I was certain of my solution. Then I went through the book looking for comments that supported my solve (without forcing them I might add).

          Next, we have the 15 years. Assuming he spent only 4 hours a day, and only 7.5 years, he would have worked on the poem for at least 2,650 hours. I calculated this to be more than generous in the allotted time he would use. Now, considering that amount of time, it would be more then enough to create the poem in either a metaphorical or literal sense. So, we have to ask ourselves the question “Did Fenn only use a literal or metaphorical sense in the poem’s creation, or is it more creative then that?” My instincts told me to look more towards the creative. After all, we see the creativity in him all the time. I don’t see Fenn as a genius, because genius’s are generally high IQ in one specific are, like Einstein. Fenn’s strongest attribute is in his creativity in many areas.

          Of course, this is only my thinking on the solution. Good luck Chris and I hope all is well with you soon.

        • Chris and Jack-
          Forrest has stipulated that he does not misdirect searchers. When he does not want to talk about an item in the poem or the book or about the hunt he says it just that way. He has said to many people who asked questions about items in the book, I am not going to talk about that right now because it’s too big a clue and I don’t want to divulge anything about that right now. (That’s not a quote. It’s an approximation.)

          In other words, Forrest does not intentionally lie or misdirect searchers. He would not deny that there were clues hidden somewhere if there were. He is much smarter and craftier than that. He would simply tell the person that he did not want to reveal anything about that right now.

          The fact that he denied that there were clues in that picture tells me that there are not.

          But you guys are certainly able to think for yourselves and if you’ve based your entire search on clues you’ve seen in that image…good luck. I’m not trying to stop you. I’m just passing on first hand experiences. You don’t have to believe them. You don’t even have to understand them.

          • Dal,
            Thanks for your explanation as to how you value Forrest’s statements depending on whether he wrote them, spoke them , or were reported by media. That makes a lot of sense.

            I think the poem is allegorical rather than literal. Germanguy basically summed that up in the post above and I agree with him. The solution to finding the metaphor or allegory is in the poem. The axeman drawing confirms the metaphor. So you can solve it with the poem alone and ignore the book and the drawing. Or you might see the metaphor in the drawing and slap your head and say “That’s what the poem is about!” Either way, I believe the drawing and the poem are directly related to each other.

            So I guess whether one says there are hints in the drawing or not may be a matter of semantics. My solution is derived solely from the poem and I feel the drawing confirms it, but it is not based on it.

            I find that drawing fascinating because it is such an anomaly. It’s the only one in the book that doesn’t illustrate the story of the chapter. It is unrealistic so it had to be orchestrated and designed to convey a message IMO.

          • Jack-
            Here is another late thought about that illustration. I am trying to recall Forrest’s exact words…but that will be fruitless…
            It was another foreign newspaper reporter. Til, from Germany I believe. He asked Forrest about the woodsman illustration, pointing out it’s detached and seemingly irrelevant nature just as you have. Forrest responded that it was meant to illustrate a story that he decided to pull but also decided to leave the illustration because he liked it.
            That, of course, leads to a dozen more questions and does nothing to quell the idea that it might be helpful in the search or might not…

            But if you are curious about how much input Forrest had in that illustration you could ask the artist. others have done that about other drawings in the book. The artist’s name is in the book. He is easy to contact and a cordial fellow. See if he remembers how much direction Forrest gave him for that drawing. Did Forrest design it or did he leave it all up to the artist??? What ideas did Forrest toss his way? When seeking answers..go as close to the source as possible…
            I doubt that Forrest will tell us anything but the illustrator might..

          • Thanks Dal. As usual you are a wealth of information! My solution seems complete and seems to elegantly fit all together metaphorically, literally and symbolically – something that I would expect from Forrest who designed it like an architect over 15 years. It’s all in the poem. I’m not going to worry about the drawing since it is not critical to the solution although it seems to confirm it and it is an interesting part of the book.

          • Dal, I’m dazed and confused and have been since all the dams sprung leaks and only one object makes the blaze.

            If ff will not misdirect searchers if asked a question about the Chase, then I get that.

            If ff also won’t aid an individual searcher by answering a question about the Chase with a hint or clue then that’s fine.

            But what category do you put ff’s answer of don’t mess with my poem when you asked him can I change a word in the poem (paraphrasing)?

            Did he not misdirect you? Or did he give you a hint or clue?

            Since we bloggers weren’t there, I assumed it was a question from a searcher’s perspective since it had good insight of the poem.

          • fundamental-
            I thought of it as a slap across my knuckles with a ruler..
            As you might remember-

            Begin it where warm waters halt
            And take it in the canyon down,
            Not far, but too far to walk.
            Put in below the home of Brown.

            I mean isn’t that annoying?
            Rhyming halt and walk does not work..
            But he took 15 years to write the darn thing so I figured there must be a reason he put those two words in there…maybe because if I can figure out the right word to replace one or the other and make those two lines rhyme, I would have a clue..

            So I think I changed “halt” to “balk” and tried that on him…just to see his reaction…
            I thought I was being very “imaginative”…
            That’s when he very emphatically told me not to mess with his poem..

            So..I don’t think that was a clue or a hint..
            It had nothing to do with getting me any closer to the chest..

            It was simply a rebuke..
            Not unlike when he tells some searchers that they should stay home in winter..
            Not a clue or a hint…just good advice..

            Not unlike when he tells Stephanie that she needs to “think”…
            Not a clue…not a hint…just some advice..

      • Dal, Thanks for sharing your experience about the two reporters you questioned about their interviews with Forrest . It confirms my suspicions about the stories I’ve seen written that says “Treasure hidden in New Mexico”, etc. Those stories have always made me cringe since my reading of the poem and book leads me to Montana. Your advice to remain cautious is appreciated.

      • Dal,……Do you think that Forrest would help us all out here and write up what is fact and what is not fact so that we all can rely on the correct facts? This way we can all be on the same level, some new searchers and even some old ones maybe confused about all the contradicting stories out there. I think this would be a new start so that we can get down to finding WWWH. Would you please ask him for this clarification?
        Thank you for this very informative and interesting blog………..Adios!


        • FF said use the TTOTC, poem, map, and GE. Why are you worried about anything else? It’s not FF who is making any condradictions, it’s reporters – and most of all other searchers who are distorting his words like a bad game of “telephone”.

          If you want to use HIS words, then how about keeping track of HIS quotes yourself? Seems easy enough, and why do we need to level the playing field for new searchers? Doing the research and figuring things out is half the fun of this thing. I sure don’t want to just make it easy for the newbies…just my Opinion…

          • Not worried!….Why have a blog if it’s not helpful to everyone? Forrest has made many contradictions….either by mistake or intentional (who knows)….Who hasn’t misspoke, or made a mistake? But, when you do, don’t you correct it? I know Forrest has done so (correct them) on many occasions over the last several years, but it’s all scattered out…..I don’t need anymore clues, I have the 9 from the poem, TTOTC, GE and a good map…To solve a problem you need the correct facts………just saying……..Adios! 🙂

          • colokidd, I am not confused at all, but many here on this blog seem to be. Just trying to help them. I have done all research on my own. I don’t need FF to say another word. IMHO, I know WWWH and I have found the blaze. I just have not been able to tarry scant with marvel gaze and take the chest and go in peace. Maybe, next month I will.
            Goodbye………Adios! 🙂

      • For a while I restricted my searching to NM, because of things I had heard and Forrest said it was a mistake for me to think that way, because of my reasoning. After that, I never closed my mind to one state. In the last 6 months, I have searched every one of the 4 state possibilities.

        I have seen first hand how a reporter quotes Forrest and the quote is incorrect. The biggest one is the NM comment. Even the Today Show did that which shocked me. I think you hear north of SF and immediately your mind says it’s in NM.

    • This is in response to Jack and the drawing. Hopefully it shows up in context as the comment trail is getting long.

      The axeman drawing with the right connection can confirm the correct choice of warm waters.

      I know it’s been reported that Forrest discounted this drawing when put on the spot with a direct question, but realize that to not do so would give out an enormous clue that he wasn’t ready to give.

      Standard Disclaimer of course as there is not a treasure box in my sock drawer yet. 🙂


  166. awww come on NOR… smart women with imaginative brains have other things they are good for as well… Not just poetry!!! you’re proving it… stand on your plateau firmly.

    • James, you are correct. and yes I stand by my plateau. I’ve always believed I was in the right area. I surrendered my solve to a young couple and hope they find the treasure, or Dal who certainly earned it 🙂

      I didn’t find TC but still think I solved the big picture and then got the flu, couldn’t finish last trail. Talk to you later, errands to run.

  167. see NOR, you just proved you’re stronger than any man! So glad the good LORD made MOMS.

    • Yes James, and Dads too. Off topic, but don’t forget it Father’s Day this Sunday. Worried that some of the chasers will completely forget to honor them.

      Are you out on the road searching this weekend?

      Sorry, friend rough night with allergies, my eyes and brain won’t focus. Going bk to sleep for 2 hrs. and perhaps more clarity on chase info and clues will come to light.

  168. All these comments, personally ive been studying things for about 3 months and not even confident I have cracked 1 single line/part of the poem…lol

  169. All these different topics and posts, I tell you what, Ive been studying the poem and I’m not even confident Ive cracked a single clue or hint lol

    • Please join the crowd danny-boy! We are all in hot pursuit our master’s degrees in Forrestry & Fennology. You are in good company and we meet at the coordinates of here & now on Dal’s terrific blogsite. May I buy you a cup of coffee?

  170. Good Morning fellow Fenners!! On my way to our search area this morning…Last night I had a bit of weather and decided to polish off the last couple of hours this morning instead. No cell or internet services from here on out, so I’m going rogue!
    See you on the other side!

    • Good Luck Michael D and GG! I think many of us hope you guys or SOMEONE finds it soon so we can all get our lives back. 🙂

    • German Guy,
      The rogue man (Mike D) is MIA. You didn’t send him out there without a PLB did you? We may have to call SAR?!

  171. Thanks NOR! Doing many things this weekend but on Father’s Day we will be at the lake w/ the boys, their wives and girlfriends Chillin’ and Grillin’ and discussing the CHASE trip in August.

    I hate Allergies… Everything is like water falls and stuffed holes! TTOTC!

  172. Dal, I really like this quote from ff…..”Some things that seem simple to me can be so complicated for others”


    • James, I’m giving some thought to your interpretations of the Last illustration in TTOTC. Mr. Fenn’s symbolism here is not yet clear regarding the nest, dove, and crescent moon. But today I have family duties to attend to, and can’t be online to work on hints. I think we make a decent puzzle solving team, so I will try to find you later on this scrapbook73 or Odd&Ends. Thanks for MOM hints to help me. Trying to get housework done so that I can perhaps see a friend tomorrow or Sat. if it works out.

      • Dal, is that a “Ha” for me or for ff? IMHO don’t haha until it over and then we can all have one big party!

  173. I was just following the comments today, when an idea came to mind. What if we were to put together a list of elements that any solution to the poem should have. Everyone would gain from it in testing their individual solutions and work on those elements that don’t quite fit. It would be sort of a pretest. We all pretty much know what should be in the list, but for some, they may not. What do you think? Do you think it is unfair to the old timers in this search? Only factual elements would be use.

    I know Dal probably has the information from Fenn’s comments and such, but this could all be reduced to approximately one liners. Like a check list. Keep in mind, I did say this was an idea. If need be, call it an opinion. Just don’t jump on me for mentioning it. 🙂

    BTW, you can build your individual list by cut and paste from the blog. This way, no work involved on Dal’s part.