More Unwelcome in Yellowstone….


MAY 2014

The Today Show on NBC will be up at Yellowstone on (it’s been postponed twice now. It may never air) presumably to get remarks from  Ranger Reid concerning the problems searchers are causing in his park. They will not be speaking with Forrest but my guess is that they will use some interview from last year they filmed with Forrest.


You might remember that in the last interview Reid said searchers are a problem and searching in the park is illegal. He is sure to cite the recent cases where searchers have been arrested for digging, camping, boating and having a metal detector in Yellowstone. He might also cite the searchers who have needed help to get out of a jam.

I doubt that he will welcome searchers, even those who act lawfully in our parks, monuments and other federal lands.

It’s really quite simple isn’t it..

Forrest has never said the chest is in Yellowstone or any other park. He has not even narrowed it down to government or non-government land. In fact, he has not restricted it’s location down much at all beyond the four states we are all looking in. But I will wager that after the Today Show story Yellowstone National Park will be overrun with searchers new to the chase who just heard about the treasure from Reid’s own mouth. Kind of Ironic isn’t it?

Anyway…be safe and be legal..this Yellowstone nonsense is not going to go away and I suspect the movement to ban searchers will spread to other government lands..


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  1. What are the four states we are all searching in? I want to make sure I’m in at least one of them.

    • No, happy times! I just saw FF shed his winter coat. It’s about time, it was starting to look silly on him in these hot temps! Now you’re looking good, sir.

      • @Slurbs
        Watch out Mrs. Fenn, Major Fenn’s on the loose again!

        (Over & out. Waaaaay too much time on the plane)

  2. “It’s all part of my diabolical plan to overcrowd YNP! Mua hahaha!” – Ranger Reid (hypothetically)


  3. I won’t be searching in Yellowstone but am wondering what they can do to keep treasure hunters out. Are they going to ask everyone who come into the park if they are searching for Forrest’s treasure? I’m sure that will work! 🙂

    • why wouldn’t that work aint no one going to lie to a forest ranger or a cop will they?

    • No this will just give the National Park Rangers an opportunity to do random searches of everyone’s vehicles…to make sure you do not have anything you are not supposed too!

  4. I was enjoying Yellowstone a couple weeks ago…..(not looking there) and I saw no Rangers, and no mention of the treasure, and no appearance of hunters. If you want to be under the Radar, its good for the treasure seeker to look like a family tourist.

    • I was there same time as you I saw no rangers either and we had the camera dude

    • if the dogs are close enough that the fox can hear them barking, it certainly would be wise to get in disguise, or maybe spread something around to deaden the noses

  5. I find this to be quite amusing. With his own words Ranger Reid will bring a flood of searchers to Yellowstone. I bet Forrest could have a field day with this one rofl.
    Take great care Ranger Reid for it is written that the spoken word is liken to a double edge sword. 😉

  6. Oh, Ranger Rick, Capt Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans…..

    If you’re in the park on a main road, stop every now and then, get out of your car and point excitedly at nothing at all in the distance. You’ll soon gather a crowd of sheeple to see what you’re looking at. (preposition).

    Leave your metal detector at home, not even in your car. Stay legal.

    Oh, and it ain’t there anyway !

    • Unless you have it, you don’t know anything for sure. My spot fits the clues so I’m happy with it.

  7. We are currently IN YS! Cache is missing from across Dude Motel. I tried to call FF and ask him about cache but he couldnt hear me and hung up! It is snow free except for 9000. Babies everywhere!
    We bought a National Park year pass for $80. Rangers were nice, not saying anything about searchers, but we didn’t say anything either.
    We hiked three different trails and saw no one. No traffic except at Old Faithful. Going to “my spot” tomorrow. Then heading up north into Montana.

    • Sorry, Donna, I mean’t IMHO. Was speaking more to the newbies that think that’s where it HAS to be. Have a good search.

      • Idaho…I’m not a newbie, by the way. We are headed to my honey hole in MT, but stopped in YS “just in case”. Thanks!

    • Donna-

      Forrest did not put that Cache there. I did. He only knew it was there because people talked about it. He had nothing to do with the placement of it. It is gone now. Someone removed it this spring. I will hide another one, in a different place, this summer when I am up there again..
      It was a fun game for three years…

      • Dal, I knew that. Didn’t have your number, but had F’s. Thought he had poss left something in it by chance and would know where it was supp to be. But thanks!

  8. Good luck Donna,
    sounds like an awesome time, YNP, MT. Ranger Rick makes me want to go search YS even though the chest is in NM. Hope you find a rainbow or two.. I have been seeing one in NM for a while and my spot fits as well. I find it quite bizarre that everyone has a ‘fit’ for the poem. But only 9 clues will lead you to the end of his..

    post some pics and be safe

    • Having fun in YS. Saw a rainbow over Old Faithful. Our next destination is MT! We head home June 9th. Then on to New Mexico with my daughter and grandson! ¥Peace¥

      • oh, how id love to run out to old faithful while she blows with a pick axe, shovel, and metal detector while ranger reid stood by.

  9. Arrogant Ranger Reid so annoyed by us humble citizens. Why can’t we just silently pay him and leave “his” precious park alone?

  10. Maybe Ricky Ranger will remember where his paycheck comes from and how the funding for the park was established in the first place BUT I DOUBT IT The more I hear about this ranger It reminds me of the cartoon Yogi The Bear. Further more WE THE PEOPLE OWN THE PARk Not some bureaucratic organization that’s turned it into there personal money making endeavor for certain people to live large.

    • Now days, it’s more about capitalism and keeping people on the beaten path. Grab the white rope and just look, but don’t touch! It’s sad to see all the signs telling you the Bears are coming out of hibernation and all the trails are closed due to the bears not needing to be stressed and for worrying because some tourist will get too close to bear eating his first meal after hibernation. Like Forrest said he was born 100 years too late…I feel the same way! I also bet there were no signs when Lewis and Clarks and the Rocky Mountain Fur Trappers were exploring and trying to make a living.

  11. Let’s get to the core here.

    You can’t take stones or antlers from Yellowstone, because those are natural resources. The treasure chest is not a natural resource. Mr. Fenn left the treasure chest with no intent to return to claim it. Therefore it is abandoned property.

    The general rule is that the finder can keep abandoned property:,_mislaid,_and_abandoned_property

    Why shouldn’t this general rule apply to abandoned property in Yellowstone?

    Ranger Reid talks about an “abandoned property statute”. What the heck is that? Is it a statute in the instructions for park rangers? Because park rangers, like police officers, can’t make private claims to abandoned property while on duty. But this exception is, of course, totally irrelevant for civilian finders of abandoned property.

  12. Thanks for the heads-up, Dal, but Friday is May 30th not the 29th. If it is the 29th then it would be Thursday. No bigeee!….Which one is it? Thanks…Adios!

    • ritt-
      Are you still using that old style Julian calendar?
      I heard “Friday”..that should have been Friday the 30th..

  13. It’s supposed to be Friday the 30th, but the date can always change as we’ve learned in the past with the Today Show if another story bumps it.

  14. I have just returned from a Yellowstone trip and will never go back! Too many restrictions!! You can’t go there, you can’t do that!! Things have changed a lot since Forrest was a kid and got to enjoy the park with less restrictions! I got a $125 ticket because I went into an area which was blocked off because me an my Mom had hiked in and I had also seen another car that had went in to take pictures of the Firehole Falls. For some people this is a once in a life-time trip and to not get to go off the beaten path is totally disappointing. Also a sad point, there are more foreigners visiting the park than Americans. There’s a story there I won’t going into. The best part of the trip was getting to see the Dude, getting to go to Horse Butte Lookout and find obsidian nuggets and see healthy Buffalo with dark black and chocolate fur traveling to get water and then going back up the ridge into the light to graze. My Mom also enjoyed the Buffalo ribeye steak we had at one of the local restaurants. It beat my prime rib hands down.

    • They had it blocked off cause of the snow Very dangerous back in there even without snow , everyone should obey the rules in the park if they don’t I fear searchers will be getting injured esp around firehole falls .

    • Hell that’s way im not looking. Im from Oklahoma and our areas are dam near just as bad they say these are the peoples parks and areas to visit but like u said that there are quiet a few don’t do things in these areas its bad enough to go to one or two in your own sate and cant do much of anything like hell if I want to travel out of state and pay the fuel prices and have to pay for a ticket just in case I go of the hiking trail by accident just at worth it.

  15. Swaing if you are saying that you received a ticket for going down by the Firehole Falls, then I guess I better be prepared to pay cause I’m going down to the Firehole Falls and looking around and perhaps crossing the Firehole closer to Madison. I hate to say that I will be intentionally breaking the “rules”, but they are breaking my rules. It’s not right that they try to keep us from seeing part of a park meant for everyone. And it really ticks me off to think that I can’t go and find an obsidian nugget that I think is the most beautiful rock I have ever seen and not be able to pick it up and look at it, much less, put it in my pocket. Yes, breaking another “rule.” Where is land of the free, where we started with small government that had checks and balances? See you in YP RR.

    • The road was closed because there was falling rock on the road. I got the ticket because I went into a do not enter road to pick my mom up after her hike. She’s not in the best of shape and God knows I didn’t want to have Search and Rescue come to get her! Aren’t the Parks supposed to be maintained and ready for summer season??? Just my thoughts! Also the Park Ranger had no problem getting back to Firehole Falls either!

      • The snow melting there causes rock slides right now it’s all running off the mnts

        • All Firehole River roads are back open, even the canyon road. The swimming area is closed tho, due to high water.

    • Good for you. Let me tell the world when looking in New Mexico in April I found a couple pottery shards on the Mesa above the Arroyo Hondo hot springs and my first arrowhead in my search area. I couldn’t help feel that same excitement Forrest say’s he felt when he found his first one. And ya’ know what? I kept it, and now I treasure it.

    • It’s this attitude that creates restrictions in the first place. I actually find most of this thread to be offensive. Foreigners…..really…..just to be clear, every man woman and child in this country is a “foreigner”. Even “native Americans” weren’t native. This whole way of thinking has always offended me.
      As for following park rules. They are in place for the safety of the people, the park, and the animals. You may think that you are above all of that, but when people don’t follow rules, and find theirselves in danger, it forces others to put themselves in harms way to save your dumb asses. Not to mention all the damage to vegetation and habitat that takes place when self important people go off trail to “explore”.
      As for putting a little rock in your pocket. Over 3 million people visit Yellowstone every year. If every one of us puts a little piece of obsidian in our pockets…..what’s left? This is a huge problem in our parks. The petrified Forrest’s are disappearing due to this greed.
      These places are regulated to preserve them so that generations may enjoy the same memories of these places that Forrest has. I assure you, this is not what he had in mind when he hid his treasure.

  16. dal on the bright side the exposure should be great for t-shirt and lemonade sales for you and Stephanie this summer. Forrest you may need to have some books ready to ship!

    • While I was in WYNP there was a T-shirt that had the Top 10 things you are not supposed to do while in YNP from a Medical perspective. I should have bought the T-shirt!

  17. You know this Chase is once in a lifetime , how fun has it been for all the searchers Yellowstone should post search at your own Risk !!!!!! and just let it be . But this is were CONTROL comes into play. Our Government is pathetic. At least I know from what’s right and what is wrong. 🙂

  18. Here comes an unpopular thought:

    Given the opportunity to be respectful, people will nearly always let you down.

    You can’t even drive down the street to school without being cutoff, tailgated and brow beaten. When we go camping there is always an abundance of garbage to pickup from the previous one or two or ten campers! We’ve been in the wilderness and found piles of toilet paper! At the grocery store, biddies park their carts blocking whole sections of produce while they pick the perfect pepper and then look at you in disgust as they insinuate that you are blocking them! Dal do you really think there would be pottery shards to look at if the government didn’t protect it? I personally know one person in NM who picks up every piece that they find. Please don’t tell her about your location! Look what is happening with the giant redwoods. We’re fortunate that they are still here in 2014 and not thrown in the landfill decades ago as the refuse of crumbling outdoor entertainment spaces. One time when I was traveling with my very young daughter, we were waiting for our luggage at the baggage carousel when a man standing next to us spots his bag coming out onto the belt and steps over my one year old infant still strapped into her carrier. No, people just can’t seem to find enough ways to be disrespectful of their fellow man.

    And you guys really think these types would behave respectfully in Yellowstone without Ranger Rick holding their hand? It’s an unfortunate requirement in this day that has protected a portion of the most special places of our lands.

    • Crazy,

      You are right but the thing here is, not everyone should be punished for someone else’s wrong deed. People like us and authorities should be reporting these people and these people should be punished for their own stupidity. I’ve always hated laws and rules generated from someone else’s carelessness and stupidity. They are the idiots, so punish them! Not us! Laws and rules created from other’s own stupidity still will not and do not stop them from doing it again. These people don’t care about the rules or whats right so the only ones punished are the ones who never broke them in the first place.

    • Crazy, you don’t need to go to a national park to see what little regard some people have for littering. Just walk through some of your neighborhoods and see the trash thrown around in the streets and on other peoples lawns.

    • Very sad that you see so many negative things. I really like people and think most are mostly good.

  19. Ok, I’m back! I tried to stay away but I CAN’T!!!! I’m obsessed!!! I just wont be dedicating as much time to this as I once did.

    Now on to this Yellowstone business. First of all how would they know you are searching for Fenn’s chest? It’s impossible. Secondly, just play by the rules of the park, be smart about what your doing (as far as getting into a predicament of safety) and if confronted why you are there tell him it’s non of his business and to bug off!. It’s really that simple!!

    If the chest is in Yellowstone and you find it there, I am sure Mr. Fenn will be more than helpful to help you say it was elsewhere 🙂

    • I could be wrong but I doubt Forrest would be helpful and lie about the location for you. First off when and if it’s found one of the 1st things people will ask is to have the Poem actually translated so they can see it too! Since there are nine clues making a “Map” it will need to be done correctly if you want to see a map in it. While there will be legal questions to be answered no matter who finds it where they found it, at the same time I’d like to think Forrest was smart about it and wouldn’t want to waste his money by blatantly just giving it to the government. I think a location was probably chosen that gives you a good chance at winning and if the Government or anyone else is going to get it they will have to fight for it. Just my speculation though 😉

  20. Dal,

    Is there anyway for you to reverse the comments so the newest are at the top instead of the oldest? It would make searching through the blog much easier. Just a suggestion.

    • Brad-
      I believe there is a big red button on the control panel that will make that change. But honestly, you are the first to bring it up. I suspect most folks are used to it the way it is.
      Additionally, a change like that to 38,300 comments on 242 posts might actually end the world as I know it..
      I think I should leave things alone….

  21. So if I show up with a picnic basket full of sandwiches, a flashlight, and bear spray, and bring a couple kids, and keep them close, I should be okay, right?

    But, is it illegal to ‘enter’ the park with a metal detector, or just illegal to use one? So, what if you have one in your trunk? Are we going to need concealed carry permits for metal detectors just to pass through YNP, or perhaps they’ll provide lockers at the gates?

    (I haven’t bought one yet, but sounds like it could be a lot of fun.)

  22. Crazyfamily is absolutely right. People today feel entitled and are generally lazy, ignorant (look it up), and leave HUGE footprints when they leave….not everyone mind you, but I would venture to say the majority. This is a result of the general shift in attitude from self sufficiency in life to government regulation and control, along with entitlement programs in exchange for voter approval. The government will take care of everything…including my trash. It is sad that this country has not learned the lessons of the great nations that have fallen before us as a result of this very thing. Entertain the masses, so as to keep them blind while those in power seek control over guns, medicine, wealth, and jobs, while ignoring infrastructure, domestic economics, and the constitution. Oh, IMO.

    • Michael D, I have a term that I use to describe the attitude/direction our Nation seems to be headed. I call it the “McDonald Syndrome,” (i.e. fast food chain.) I want what I want, and I want it now!! The thought of “saving up” your money to buy what you want, never occurs to anyone. Which IMO has brought us to this sad state of affairs and we the people shall perish if we don’t change.

    • Michael D I agree with you. We have become fat, lazy, entitled, brain dead lemmings. Our Constitution was written to protect us from the government we now have; but no one seems to care. They will care one day…..but then it will be too late.

      I’ve worked in the Rockies for over 40 years; much has changed in that time. The rangers are allowed a lot of discretion when it comes to law enforcement. The way the laws are written basically everything you do is against the law; which has become dangerous to our freedoms with the new breed of folks working for the government. I’ve worked with some great people over the years; but most of them have been replaced with radical grape nutters that view themselves as public overlords not public servants. They can’t get fired or be held accountable for their actions and have little regard for the law or the people they “serve”.

      • I am honestly surprised that you guys think that the government makes people this way. I think people are inherently opportunistic and selfish and the laws are what keep things out of total anarchy. A lawless frontier was fine when there was no one around for a 100 miles to help you fend off the natives who were pissed that you set up camp on their hunting grounds. What would you guys propose, vigilante Forest service? No Forest service? Yeah, see how long any of this would last.

        • I think you missed our point. What I was trying to say was that “We the People” have allowed this to happen to ourselves and our government.

          • @BW I Agree. Responsibility starts individually. I messed up that one just today. Had a terrific opportunity to teach by example with kindness, but anger ruled the situation. I can sure play the fool, but humiliation is a great teacher.

        • crazyfamily,
          It is precisely because people ARE inherently opportunistic and selfish that the government needs to protect the American taxpaying citizens money from wasteful and fraudulent programs and inflated government bureaucracy and put the money where its best spent, on infrastructure, a strong military, and a healthy domestic business economy. Criminal laws are necessary, government is necessary, but not to financially support its citizens, but to provide them the opportunity to succeed on their own. OKAY< OKAY, I'm off track and WAY to political….Lets find da chest!

    • For me, what Mr. Fenn said about redefining some of the terms is key to what I believe the purpose of hiding the box was all about.

      • Naw I think it’s to show ppl imagination is more important than spelling everything correct

        • I agree DG. Forrest likes to misspell and invent words. He likes it when English teachers call him out on it. He likes to ask them how they know it’s misspelled and point out that there is no law against misspelling…lol…There is a lot of “kid” in that man…
          There are other words on his bells that are misspelled. Some people think these are clues. But I don’t see how. Others will disagree…so be it..They have not found the chest yet either.

          • I figger ff “prayed for D’s in all of my classes” and didn’t get them (TTOTC pg 26) so he didn’t have any D’s to spell “Knowledge” on pg 138-139.

            At least until Michael D came along…..
            and DDiggin Gypsy….

          • One way how: some words in the poem are intentionally misspelt, (and still work in their current condition) and it’s our job to figure out which words. Perhaps this is why halt and walk are a sloppy rhyme, or why some rhyme sounds are repeated. …

          • That’s good, Mapsmith. Maybe read and reread, as Forrest said, refer to just that: finding errors like a teacher would. Back to the poem! Nice thought.

  23. To be honest my solve does take me in yellowstone. But since FF said he thought of everything and he being quite knowledgeable about land rights has been my dilemma at my solve being the correct area for some time now. I know FF has a bit of a beef with the Gov. ( and rightfully so) and has spoken his opinion on what he thinks of Federal lands etc… But in my mind of minds it keeps telling me he thought of this. Just my 2 cents IMO.

    • Funny i was thinking something similar.. This would be a great way to pay them ( gov) back for all the grief they have given him in the past. Haha.
      Feds thinking
      ” dear god he’s gonna have searchers tearing up the country side” ..

      I thnk FF wld say:
      “Hey , you said visitation was down, my way of supporting the parks!”

  24. I am surprised that some searchers really think it advantageous to use a metal detector and/or a shovel. I will stick with Mr. Fenn’s instructions that all you need is the poem…and perhaps…a flashlight and a sandwich. Stick with this and everyone should be fine wherever they are searching. If you have to scrounge under some bushes…just pretend you dropped your camera. If you have to scrounge under some rocks….just pretend you are looking for fish bait. If you have to leave the trail…just tell your kids to run off so you can “Chase” after them for a good scolding!

  25. I’m thinking people are becoming “stagnant” with there thoughts. REMEMBER:
    All you need is the poem. It seems they are “feeding” off other peoples ideas. Do like Forrest said. Read the poem, then read the book, then read the poem again. Remember, keep it simple. The simplicity of the location will surprise everyone when it is found. And once you figure out the beginning, everything else will fall in place. That’s how it has worked for me.
    I am thinking lately, the reason the moon is so prevalent in the book, “besides the fact is is on a outhouse door”, and has the dove nesting on it, may have to do with night. Forrest says bring a flashlight. Remember when you were a kid flashing your light in the water? Think… night, when shined underwater would REFLECT off the chest . Though I’m not sure if it is under, “or behind, i.e. H2O falls”.. a flash light could aid in the hunt AND finding your way in the dark.
    BUT PLEASE, be safe. No one wants this hunt to end tragic. Especially me as I will be the guy on the raft with the flashlight at midnight. Forrest said in the poem, “I’ve done it tired”….think inter tubes kids.
    And don’t forget the six pack of beer. It’s part of the prerequisite of things to bring, just pick up the empties please!
    Good Luck ya’ll….If anyones in Taos on July 13th (my birthday), I will buy you a beer at the Taos Mesa Brewery*
    * Free beer offer only good if you buy me 2….Arrr Arrr !
    Good Luck you scally wags !

    • Wow SS!

      If I interpret your note correctly, you are planning a pretty adventurous search. A raft at midnight? Not my idea of simple or something an 80 yr old man would do…but what do I know? Only the Rio Grande near Taos would support the need for a raft if my memory serves.

      Hey you could take it all the way to Cochiti like I did as a kid 40 years ago. Gets pretty thrilling in certain stretches this time of year.

      Have fun and best of luck.

      • I never said I was rafting the Rio Grande at midnight. That would be crazy AND stupid. Where I was planning to “Put In”, other than THOB, was a fishing hole on a much gentler stream that I was unable to get up due to the high water and force (water not AIR) . My raft is only a 3 man, but I cross the Snoqualmie River here in Washington with it and I play safe.
        I am thinking of hoisting a pirate flag and finding a crows nest. OH GOD…..

        • PS
          No, I don’t think he would use a raft. Later in the year the water is much lower, He could easily wade to the spot. I just want to get a jump on late summer. I also believe he went on horseback to this spot which is accessible by horseback and NOT on the Big River.

    • IF its in YNP, and if your inner tube / tire’d idea is right, then there’s only ONE place where tubes and water can go together in the park…

  26. SS,

    Thanks for the clarification. Sounds like a fun adventure and I hope it works out for you. I do not recall any mention my Mr. Fenn recommending a horse and oats, but I have only been a sporadic blog participant so this may in fact be true. Maybe Dal could comment on it.

    have fun

    • Horses and oats are in Stephanie’s department. I handle query’s about bear spray and flashlights.

      • Found the Horse answer, ….Forrest replied to KELLY saying, “Looking for the treasure on horseback is a novel idea and if you find it you will need to give your horse an extra ration of oats”…..Sept.10th, 2012
        I know it’s Stephanie’s dept , but I cant access that darn website of hers. Not much info anyway.
        Thanks Dal

  27. Thank you Dal. Boy, if you need a horse to find this treasure then I am done. Maybe it just means you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink….unless of course you provide oats.

  28. A horse is not needed, but would probably be fun. A raft is not needed but would probably help. A shovel is not needed but it couldn’t hurt. A correct solve is desperately needed!

    • A shovel may very well be needed, since ff said ” I never said I buried it, and I never said I didn’t bury it”. Though if buried, it makes a NP less likely. As far as horses, they can always be rented. Even ChiefRanger Reid’s dear workplace rents ‘stock’.

      • IMO ..No, of course a horse is not needed. Where I am looking,(and where I looked in April) is a steep jeep road going down to the water. I can envision Forrest riding a horse down “the blaze” rather than a big 4×4. It just seems more natural. Following the clues in order, everything fits, as yes, you do start where warm water halts….its just not a hot spring. From there, there is a narrow canyon (the canyon down). Not far but to far to walk….well ,guess what…we walked it, about two miles.
        Next, (Just heavy loads…water high). This is found after the “blaze”,….BUT, He uses it in past tense,(if you are wise and FOUND …not find …the blaze) so you actually are going down the blaze BEFORE the heavy load of H2O.
        Remember everyone, He said don’t mess with my poem for a reason. It is perfect. I will explain to you all when Forrest and me are on the Today show.
        The shovel : Save it for putting out your campfire!

        • Nice! Some confidence! I, of all people, can definitely respect that! Now, put your money where your mouth is and say you’ll wear the pink tutu if you’re wrong! I did it, and I survived.

          • Hmmmm, if I’m right though, how bout’ you come on the Today show wearing it as I give Forrest back the bracelet. I’ll even pay for your airfare! Good stuff Michael !

        • SS,
          I’m not sure if you are aware, but over on mysterious writings, Forrest was asked the question “Is the blaze one single object?” Forrest answered “In a word – Yes”

          Sounds like your blaze is a trail? I would not consider a trail to be an object. You could very well be on to something, you just may need to rethink your blaze.

          Good Luck

          • DG,

            Very good question to ask. I think most assumed it was a single object, but of course we couldn’t know for sure. It’s nice knowing for sure now!

          • Even his answer “yes” doesn’t really answer the question. If it was phrased
            “is the blaze a PHYSICAL object”, then yes, trail wouldn’t fit. But the way it was asked , a trail could certainly fit as many trails were blazed.
            The definition reads,” What is aimed at”.
            My “blaze” is aimed directly at my search area. Remember, just lately he said to rethink our definitions,i.e. “SPRING”.

          • One single object I think that rules out trail I don’t think trail is a object look up definition

          • I personally don’t look at a trail as being a “single object”.

            If you do, that’s cool with me. To each his own.

          • I don’t know if it’s a trail, but if it is…I’d think a singular trail is one and more than one would be trail(s).

          • But a trail is connected to the mnt and bushes and weeds connected to the trail so can’t be a single object. But hey I hope everyone else thinks the blaze is a trail lol

          • Fenn didn’t really give anything away other than to say THE blaze (The one and only blaze is one object)
            a : something material that may be perceived by the senses

  29. I agree specialklr not a very safe place for searching especially right now the rivers are high and fast moving and lots of rock slides from snow melting And grizzleys everywhere coming down for food . Everyone needs to play it safe I think Forrest would .

  30. Diggin, no rock slides yet, not messing with the rivers, and have not seen one bear in three days! We asked the rangers and they said they are up near Roosevelt area, so anyone searching there, be careful! Roads all open now. Be safe everyone! ¥Peace¥

    • Wait, Dunraven pass is open now?? The rangers are telling folks it’s not open until Friday…
      (I’m over in Washington though – what do I know? ) 😉

      • YS road report for May 28…road from Grant to S entrance may have some ice and watch for rocks in road. From Norris to Mammoth, construction with possible 30 min. Delay.
        All roads in YS ARE open.
        For road conditions, call…1-307-344-2117.
        Hope that helps.

  31. “I like nonsense. It wakes up the brain cells.” – Dr. Seuss. ~ ~ >}}}*> ~ ~

    A bit of nonsense aids imagination. A little day dreaming for this gal, and I may run thru the sprinklers today. Important for me to infuse creativity to keep the search enjoyable and fresh. Got off on a “serious-chaser” tangent and almost forgot who I was. See you fishing. >}}}*>

    • On that creative note, are we certain Mr. Fenn said bring a sandwich and not a sand wedge? (Thx D)

        • @slurbs. Bring your toys to my back yard and let’s play! I’m fun again now that the flu is gone.

      • Im sticking with my interpretation of that hint as sand wedge, something light to move a small amount of sand that has accumulated over the chest… always a play in words that matter!


  33. All this makes me think the Park is lobbying to force everyone to ride a tour bus
    through the park, no more foot traffic allowed as this destroys the place.

  34. Where ever your search takes you today… Enjoy it. 🙂
    Live each moment. Determine your coordinates are Here and Now. Enjoy the wild flowers. I’m grateful to be clear headed again and dining on tasty morsels from wise Mr. Fenn. May it be a Marvelous day for all!

    • After you see the grizzley signs there you won’t hike much We saw a lot of prints there

      • DG…nah! Got a can of spray, a fog horn, big stripped umbrella and bells. I DARE them! We hiked Slough Creek, Monument Geyser trail (whew!), Sentinel marsh to Queens Laundry, and Fri we are hiking the Madison from the west gate of YS to the Hegben. It will take atleast three if not four days but have packs ready and great weather ahead. Tuesday, we head into a secret National Forrest. These are all my spots! Have taken great pics and keeping a journal for posterity’s sake. Making memories, new and old! ¥Peace¥

        • Good luck Donna that is a huge hike be safe quite a bit of rough hiking in through there !! And moose will charge at you .be safe .

        • Donna, I am super stoked for you! Just hours before covering the spot you believe the chest lies. Its like seconds before a Rocky Balboa fight!

      • Good luck Donna and remember were talking 10″x10″x5″ I won’t be moving my little toe until my solve is within 5 square miles.

  35. Donna
    I can’t believe u are skipping colorado 🙂 Happy Hunting have fun I can’t wait for my adventure 🙂

    • I searched colo Amy it ain’t in the sand dunes. The rest of the state is yours to cover hehe

    • Amy! We hit Montana then south thru WY and to CO and finally NM. I have 4-5 solves in each state. Jim just got his vacation extended till the end of June (!), so we are hitting the ground running. I have spent three years getting all my ducks in a row and I’m grabbing the nanners! ¥Peace¥

  36. Hey All,

    Need a little help here.

    Does anyone remember the discussion about the 3 letters that someone noticed inscribed on the chest? I am curious to know what the letters are and my dinosaur brain cannot remember and my blind eyes cannot see anything on the chest.

    I do recall this discussion about a year ago and even more recently, but I am basically brain dead and blog-surfing illiterate so any help from anyone would be appreciated.

    What are those 3 letters? Well, I think there were 3….you get the picture.

    • OK people, put on your thinking CAPS, the letters are CES, as in ces pool. Now, ass-ociate that with heavy loads, home of Brown, etc……You will also understand what he means by “water high” if you can figure out CES.

      • Looked into the CES for a while…was onto an interesting name associated with those initials…Charles Erskine Scott “Wood”…couldn’t make it work, but there is a bone if you want to gnaw on it. An interesting fellow regardless. Enjoy

      • What I haven’t figured out is why one of the dots has been removed. Has anyone noticed he misspelled dollar
        “doller” on one of his bells? I’m thinking Cotchina doll .

        • if you take the dust jacket, use a good magnifying glass, you can clearly see it is CE5

          (not CES)

          • @Chris Yates & BW
            You guys enjoy details as I do. You may need a jewelers loop for this (or high power glass) and have to understand what you are seeing; po’s are doctored and important.

    • Windsurfer, I have an answer for you…
      The chest is Roman, thus all three characters are letters, CES, not a 5 as some think. If it were a 5, it would read CEV, it is latin, the language of Rome at the time. It is an abbreviation for “I think, therefore I am.”. It means if you believe in something it must exist. You can google this by putting in, ” what does iI think therefore I am mean?” And it will give you the three latin words that abbreviated are CES. F says to THINK and talks about the importance of his existance in the world in his books.
      It was a big theory the Roman philosophers hashed over back in the day, also a process of obtaining knowledge.
      Sorry, didn’t want to sound like a smarty pants, but facts are facts. Sorry Chris! It is CES!
      Hope this helps, it did me. It opened my eyes to a lot! ¥Peace¥

      • well golly, i guess those are the facts

        that couldn’t be your opinion, based upon faulty conclusions which ignores the obvious, no, no, those are the facts plain and simple. of course donna

        i guess i should just ignore the fact that it can be clearly seen in the photograph that it is a 5, not an S, yes ok, i should just ignore that

        also, i should overlook your assumption that the CE5 was put on the chest by Romans at the time of its making. no, of course they did! that is a fact, right Donna?

        gee how can anyone logically disagree with what you said!

        • Chris, has it ever occured to you that being open minded is a way to move ahead in this search? It possibly could be written on there in the 21st century, by Fenn. His “S” may look like a “5”, my writing is not the cleanest. It does deduce down to a solution of one of his favorite quotes…think. and that life IS too important to not be remembered, like he was worried about on the image of his father.
          Eric Sloane, his friend specialized in technical illustration with the alphabet, creating a new style of block lettering. The “s” is blocked like a 5.

          I did not put “IMO” on my statement because it is a fact that CES is abbreviated for a latin term that associates to the nuance of the chase.
          You just go on believing what you want, that is your right and your opinion.
          I deal with facts and logic. Logic will solve it. If you cant open up and listen to ideas, you will remain in a rut, with this and life. Look at ALL the angles. You have to hear all and listen good, to every whisper.
          I’ll buy you a beer when I find the treasure!

          • Donna, thank you for explaining that . Makes perfect sense to me now.
            It was definitely added by Forrest, in my opinion.

          • Donna, I agree that if the letters are CES, then you definition is correct and appropriate. But my eye still tells me it is a 5, just don’t want us to overlook anything.

      • I don’t think anyone believes that the chest is Roman (well, apparently, at least one person does). It is “Romanesque”, from around the 12th century.

        • I agree Mike, “Romanesque” means made in the image or a repro of that style or an item from that era. It could be original Roman. In TOTC, F explains he paid a hefty sum for it so he owns it . He certainly can alter it himself, with an important message.

          • Just my opinion Mike & Donna, but no collector and lover of antiquities (ff) would mar the beauty of a 12th century box. FF may have spent years finding this piece and in more ways than others realize it reflects much about him and the special place the treasure lies. Now, the bronze jars he casts would be a different story. FF may be a rugged fearless fighter pilot but his writing and tastes reflect the sensitive and intuitive heart of an artist IMO. He’s a complex one to figure out isn’t he?

          • Looks to me: to be both white grease pencil/china marker, and looks to be FF’s handwriting, (comparing to the bells). I don’t think he marred the chest; but I also think a guy who leaves it in the woods doesn’t much care if it gets a bit scratched up, either 😉

            Catalog Entry 5, by my reckoning. 🙂

          • Mapsmith, you explaintation makes sense, ” Catalog Entry 5,” But a more interesting stroy for CES is the Calvery Officer who was C E Smith who commanded soldier Chares Fenn who fired the first shot at the Nez Pearce Indians in Idaho that began their flight form the army and Smith follower them untill caught 40 miles south of Canada. The soldier Fenn later became a a State Rep in the state of Idaho. Smith also owned a Mansion that he named “Cats” in Ca.

          • That officers name may have been CES Wood now that I think more about it, anyhow….

      • Donna,

        I like that if it is CES, that it could be cogito ergo sum or I think therefore I am. Nice find! I personally think it is CES and not CE5, in my opinion.

        I think the biggest question is: Did Forrest write that CES or CE5 in the chest? Did anyone ever ask him? Perhaps it was already there when he purchased the chest. If Forrest did write it there, maybe he could tell us he did, without telling us why he put it there….I’d be fine with that. If he didn’t put it there, I would think that it is irrelevant to locating the chest. I guess the person he bought the chest from would know if it was already there or not when he purchased it. Anybody know that guy??

        • UP,
          Your point is well taken and I believe the CES/5 was always there and it is irrelevant. Now the problem is FF will never admit either way because if he did put it there he is now publicly telling everyone that this is a clue and is unfair to those that may have already solved it. On the other hand he is not going to stop people from going down the wrong track by admitting he didn’t put it there and lessen the mystery… what fun is that?

          But then again, I never thought he would tell everyone WWH is not a dam … I guess the large mouth bass is still digesting that one before he attempts to eat again!
          The Wolf

          • Wolf, I agree. It just sets the ambiance for the chase but offers no clue to the solve.

          • Donna, surely you jest when you said it offers no clue? Have you not all figured out everything is done with intention and meaning?

            All my little pieces are falling into shape. 🙂

        • Up, I thought about that too. Maybe he bought it because of the CES or he bought it to hold the treasure, adding CES himself. Either way, it is there now. Email him and ask!

          • I sent him an email asking if he added the CES after he purchased the chest, or if it was already there. I’m not expecting a reply. If I do hear back, I will forward the answer to dal to post.

  37. Thanks everyone for the reply regarding CES…I was hoping for TED, which would have given me a QED…quo erat demonstratum…but no matter. Mr. Fenn also misspelled “knowledge” as “knowlege” on one of the bells…as in know “d” ledge…or know “the” ledge perhaps?

  38. Well, even if it’s not the blaze…I still believe it’s most likely on/near a trail.

  39. “Grab Every Banana.” Or in my case, grab 1 lucky rusted horseshoe as a keepsake.

    Since I’m still a kid at heart, I had fun thinking out of the box today. Perhaps the chest is secreted away in a vault and what’s actually hidden is the title rolled up inside a log, or Forrest’s Silver star medal is hung in a tree. After passing 3 official FS Blazes on site, I looked quickly down trail at the next tree which had a very old horse shoe hung intentionally Omega direction. Now my blonde mind is really going…and who wouldn’t love a Cinderella Story or Romanesque Fairy tale? Running with that, I wonder if the distinctly bent shoe with nail heads belonged to Forrest’s horse Blaze and Forrest was waiting to see who was brave enough to grab that banana off the wood. If the shoe fits a mold he kept you get the title. Wishful thinking but can’t bring myself to dig or disrupt such a beautiful place. Just keep thinking Forrest said even a child could pick it up – I definitely qualify in that dept.

    Ive gone into CD – that would be ‘chase delirium’ and am now making up my own CBS-Chase BS as I go. Talked to a black bear at my site today and even he ran from the crazy woman talking to herself, God, and yes even cursed at the rocks – they were in my way. My solve includes crossing a creek by walking on a log. After 16 trips up/down the trail I can now skip across the log and tried a cartwheel this morning. Glad no one was watching! My new game is Name That Blaze. I call this BG or the blaze glaze and I can pretty much find a tree mark to match anything including Spider-Man(look up your definitions) and a full sized fly rod, but nothing there either. Have to leave tomorrow and glad to have the horseshoe.

    • Nice story Norwegian gal,
      I love hearing what little treasures people bring home. Last trip I found my first pottery shards and an arrow head, both my first. Plus I had a wild horse come trotting up to me through the Aspen trees, check me out, then go trotting off. That was REALLY cool. Wish I coulda’ seen you do that cartwheel. Fun being a kid again!

      • Thanks Seattle! I have fond memories of finding arrowheads with my dad, as a child in Montana. We were out every weekend hiking, flyfishing or snow skiing in Montana’s majestic peaks. Most of my solve was done by memory comparing to a map. Can you believe I traded that for Texas? Every place holds it’s own charms. Texans are some of the warmest people I’ve known. All the best to you.

  40. Howdy, folks. I’m trying to track down the source of a few paraphrased Fenn quotes I wrote down awhile back. Any help on validating them would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    “People will be surprised when they find out where I’ve hidden the treasure.”

    “Searchers continue to get the first two clues correct, but don’t realize the significance of where they are standing and go right on past the treasure.”

    • Can’t help with the refs Extemp. But could provide down to 1/4 mile of where to “stand” or do cartwheels! Best of luck, you’ll need it.

    • At the bottom of this page is Toby’s blog. F’s interviews at the book stores have these comments and more in them.

    • I think maybe in his letter “I am Forrest Fenn”, at the bottom he says, “I would hide it where ancients and mountain men could appreciate it. I would hide it in place that is magical in its simplicity”.
      He has said,”some folks correctly mentioned the first two clues to me in an e-mail and then they went right past the other seven, not knowing that they had been so close”.
      Hope this helps you out . Good luck!

    • “Dear Emily
      Searchers continue to figure the first two clues and others arrive there and don’t understand the significance of where they are. f”

      “People will be surprised when they find out where it is. ”

      on this one go here

      then solve the first riddle and enter the username Fennseeker and password (which is the riddle answer) to give you access to this page

      it is found part way down on the left and is notated as having this source: Confirmed direct response from Forrest, in an email

    • Fenn made a comment like that in Moby Dickens book store. He said several searchers have figured the first two clues BUT he didn’t think they knew it and had gone right by the chest. One in particular would die if she knew it was her. She would go back and turn over every rock. By the way Fenn has also said 31-35 people claim to have found the chest ie Chris Yates, Michael D, Slurbs etc. He said be wary of them.

      • Ed, I have NEVER claimed to find the chest…I have stated the poem has been solved, and it has… every one of us at one point or another. I continue to believe in my location is correct, but you need to get your facts straight before you let your chat override your *ss!

      • Let it be known, Ed, that I for one have not claimed to have found, retrieved, nor even laid my eyes on said Treasure Chest. I do believe that I know where it is at and I plan to hold it soon. So don’t be wary of myself or others. Enjoy the hunt for the TC. I for one am running around scared, but I can AND WILL overcome my fears. I’ve been there once and will be there again. If you look closely, you might be able to spot me on google earth. At least, I believe it is me during my search last year.

        • @slurbs I would be truly happy for you to be able to hand the bracelet to Forrest. It sounds like it’s really important to him.

      • Ed,

        Forrest has stated there are 30 plus people who have either stated to him or made proclamations otherwise on a blog etc, that they have found Fenns treasure chest

        i am not going to speak for any of the other names you mentioned, but as for myself i can tell you with certainty that Forrest is not referring to me because i have never made any such proclamation whether public or private

        i would like to give you the benefit of the doubt, but i dont see how. if you are going so far as to call me out by name, then i would assume that you have at least one example on hand where i made such a proclamation. however i know that you don’t, because no such proclamation by me exists.

        so therefore you called me out by name with full knowledge that you have no proclamation from me to back up your accusation with. so you have the nerve to state my name with your accusation, knowing full well you have no basis for the veracity of it.

        I would appreciate it if you would cease and desist on spreading lies about other searchers on Dal’s blog

        • Don’t get to excited Chris I recall you posting several scrapbooks back that you would retrieve it this summer. IMO if someone makes a claim like that they may as well be stating that they’ve located the chest. I know Slurbs claims to know where it is and Michael has already worn the tutu.

    • I do not think the “searchers” Mr. Fenn refers to realized that they had the first two clues correct when they went right by the treasure…because I think the first two clues are only the intro and from there the clues could take you a 1000 miles in different directions. I think he also stated that “searchers” have been withinn 500ft… and probably millions of non-searchers as well!…now that would cause him to laugh!

      • Windsurfer yes you are right. No one so far has given any proof of Fenns chest and the ones Fenn was referring to didn’t know the importance of where they were. The 500 ft away thing is more than likely a road that people travel on.

    • I think the first comment, if it was indeed said by Forrest, is crucial. He’s saying that the location of the treasure itself will be surprising to people.

      Where would you be surprised to find it?

      • Great Question Extemp, what thoughts do you have on that? After my last foray, I have a couple ideas I wouldn’t mind running by someone.

      • It would not surprise me if it were in Yellowstone. But it would surprise me if Old Faithful was WWWH :mrgreen:

        Think about it…it erupts and then “halts” for approximately 90 minutes….

      • @Extemp Or ChipmUnk
        I Can’t remember who, but Seems like one of U asked me to trade a few clues in the futUre since our solves were kind of alike. We should figure that out. My health isn’t always great but understanding why makes it ok to help others. uderstand too. I may be setting up new email or you can just figure out the best plan and let me know!!!

        • @Nor, I don’t recollect offering to trade clues, but then again I fail to remember my birthday half the time, so that’s not saying much.

          Thanks for the insight, guys. When I think of where I would be surprised to find the treasure and combine that line of thinking with Forrest’s sense of humor, using the power of misdirection comes to mind.

          It would be funny if the treasure was no more than 500 feet away from where many tourists gather. Everyone being so focused on the natural wonder at hand, little do they know they are actually standing next to a multimillion dollar treasure.

  41. I think the information below verifies that the finder can keep property found in national parks. The NPS can only claim it if the owner or finder don’t want it.

    Cut and paste from the Code of Federal Regulations, Title: CHAPTER I – NATIONAL PARK SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, Context: Title 36 – Parks, Forests, and Public Property.

    “(2) Unclaimed, found property shall be stored for a minimum period of 60 days and, unless claimed by the owner or an authorized representative thereof, may be claimed by the finder, provided that the finder is not an employee of the National Park Service. Found property not claimed by the owner or an authorized representative or the finder shall be deemed abandoned.”

    • Hey Chip, did you receive my gift? When we finished camping in the fall of 1966 I left my favorite soft blanket hanging on a pine tree branch for the Least Chipmunk family to enjoy a cozy winter bed. It was the first difficult thing I was asked to do in life. True story.

      On a Chase note: For what it’s worth some entites arent worth fighting. You won’t win until the treasure has been spent on expensive fees. I narrowed my search to just 2 types of property, and in the end one. My hubby asked me to do the research myself to learn. it was a great experience and significantly narrowed my search.

      • Wow, I thought that blanket story was a legend! I heard it from my grand father who heard it from his great grand father. It was highly appreciated 😀

        • Made this ol gal smile! Are you collecting nuts? There are certainly more than enough 😉

  42. Balderdash and poppycock are two words that pop in mind for Ranger Reid claim of treasure hunters misusing Yellowstone Park. However there will always be a very small percentage of people who will disrespect the rights and property of others, be they treasure hunters or not. Ranger Reid should do his job that we pay him to do, on our land, and stop with the blame game.

  43. You guys need to get over this, it’s occupying too much of your thought. Besides, the chest is not in YNP, IMO, and this thread is quite boring… IMO.

    • Your interest was caught enough to blog! Lol
      You have to have down time, to vent and chew the fat.
      Its all part of the chase! Good luck!

  44. Since I’m doing such a good job at stirring up the pot, ponder this one ya’ll, one of FF’s Today show interviews,”I’m not sure which one”, the INTERVIEWER said this: “But as you frisk and refrisk the poem for its meaning, keep a few more clues in mind: some people have suggested the treasure is under water, plopped in a river where Fenn loved to fish or swim. They are wrong, I know, for in a moment of exuberance, Fenn said so. He told me the chest is “exposed” to rain and snow, and could be scorched in a forest fire.He told me the box, which is just 10″ x 10″ is unlocked- suggesting it’s someplace where it is unlikely to be toppled or otherwise thrown open.
    Do we trust this reporters story? If true, this is one to rethink.

    • No, I trust only one reporter in this entire Chase, and that’s Margie.

      And IMO the river /therefore-cant-be-exposed comment is the kind of thing that exposes that reporter’s ignorance and flatlander’dness: rivers – morseo in the Rockies, perhaps-, do NOT stay at one level all year.

    • Oh gosh, here we go again. No one trusts Tony for some reason. I think he made some logical connections that were never affirmed or denied so they remain a grey area. I thought his stories were reasonable and contained lots of reporting that you didn’t see any where else. Perhaps some of it was from Ramblings and Rumblings.

  45. Have you properly considered all types of property? A bit out of the box but could be relevant IMO. Private property. Don’t count it out too quickly. Surrounding every designated National Park, NF, are parcels of farm land. Now if Mr. Fenn wanted to rest in peace on his own property overlooking a special place with no interference from “other” entities and make it perfectly legal for you to collect the treasure, he would simply purchase an acre from the farmer. I doubt it’s in his name, but doing a county land register search is quite easy. The hard part would be figuring out which name or business name he might purchase under. It could be interesting IMO. (I may also still be suffering from chase delirium 😉

  46. It’s amusing many of you seem to enjoy researching and chatting about all things other than Forrest’s advice as to finding the treasure. Forget your cryptic voodoo malarkey and figure out WWWH. You obsess from 1 clue to another, some for years, and never make any progress.

    Forrest said to solve the 1st clue and follow the rest in consecutive order. The clues get easier as you follow them in order. Sounds pretty simple to me.

    I’m not here to upset nor offend anyone. And I hope none of you find the treasure. But at least give yourself a fighting chance. Swim out from under that lily pad and take the food that’s right in front of you.

    These are my views and opinions.

    • LOL @ Stan,
      if it is so “simple” then tell us all where WWH is so that we can all stop doing research and start the chase… :mrgreen:

      • I hope to do just that in a couple of weeks. I’ve been in the search for just over a year and I feel I solved WWWH in the first week. I certainly could be wrong. Just don’t have a reason to feel that way. Been there twice to search and went the wrong way at the end but I’m patient so I’ll search until it is found.
        I was trying to help others. You obviously want me to solve it for you and that won’t happen pal.

        • Exactly Stan…!!! Thank you for making my point. You will Not tell WWWH and neither will anyone else…That Sir is why everyone mostly just Chit Chats on here… :mrgreen:

          Good Luck to you Stan on your Chase

        • Yeah everyone believes they know it all until it comes to putting it into action…

          Come back after your search and tell everyone how sure you are then. 🙂

          I dont expect anyone to solve it for me. Its more fun if I do that myself.

          Happy searching everyone!

    • @Stan. Point well taken Stan. Because of local knowledge of the area I was very lucky to be past the home of brown and up the correct creek w/o paddle the first time thru the poem. I still felt given Mr. Fenns complexity that it is was prudent to do the proper amount of research before a ground search. For instance, WWWH (IMO) can be solved at least 5 different ways which all direct to the same location. When I refer to looking at private property records, I had already isolated my primary search area and wanted to eliminate fringe variables. But you are in deed correct – after WWWH the clues are stepping stones just as Mr. Fenn told us. Some of the correct solves can actually be solved on 6 levels including the 2 most obvious -geographically & metaphorically. The genius of Forrest’s poem is that it’s surface level simplicity allows for deep undercurrents. I didn’t mean to over complicate the search, but just get excited about the fun during the process. Warmest wishes on your search! Thanks for the gate check 🙂 I’m on a long flight and just bored.

    • Progress? What is progress in this “Chase”? How does one measure it? Progress cannot be measured until it is found and at that point (if ever) we will be able to determine our own “progress”. Since I have not located the chest…I assume my progress has been circular going nowhere because I get so dizzy!

  47. It’s funny how we all interpret warm waters. And none of us will tell each other where to begin and no one really wants to give there clues due to our own long time of research . I definitely have to keep my clues a secret. We are all chasing . I wish us all the best of luck . I will share my clues in June when I’m done with my adventure

  48. IMO……All of you crack me up! Your confidence is overwhelming! Does ANYONE on this blog care to share WHY people will be surprised by the location? If you KNOW where warm waters halt, then you should KNOW why people will be surprised by the location-because if you KNOW where warm waters halt, then you already figured out (within a mile or three) where the treasure lies. Of course, NOBODY is going to give away their solve until after they have exhausted their attempts to locate the chest…but when you KNOW, within a mile or three, where it is…you will NEVER give up your WWH, because you will not think, feel, assume, divine, guess, or figure it is close by…you will K N O W it is close by. I don’t think I have solved the first five clues, I KNOW I have. BIG difference between thinking you are on the right track and KNOWING you are….I’ve been to both tracks, so I KNOW the difference….Do all of you? And FF said a few SEARCHERS have gotten the first two clues right and went right by the chest….PEOPLE have been within 500 feet!!! he NEVER said SEARCHERS have been within 500 feet. And he could EASILY mean 500′ in elevation, linear distance, or trail distance. He has also stated all you need is the poem…that should tell all of you great minded detective types out there that you are trying to find the FORREST through the TREES. CE5, CES, it doesn’t matter….you are wasting your time on trivial crapola. READ THE POEM!!! Again, IMO…..

    • @Michael D. Ok I will play the fool. I’m not too proud to admit when I’m wrong. Genuine Humility comes to those with egg on their face. Warm waters halt where there are either 1. no geothermals or 2. dams generating electricity
      I’ll dance on the edge and throw step one of my solve on the table. I would love to hear your thoughts. I believe I was close on my solve but always love to learn from others.

      • IMO….Norwegian….I got on my soap box because of Eds comment earlier, and may have been over zealous in my critique of others…I apologize. I have definitely considered what you are currently considering as wwwh. Its a perfectly logical deduction during the evolution of your solve. I will say only this….my current evolution involves wwwh being a metaphor for the name of a certain place, whose place-name is a metaphor of a story in the book…but you cannot deduce the place-name from the story in the book…it only becomes apparent AFTER you uncover the clues in the poem, discover wwwh ( a real AHH! moment!), and the next few clues….then the book opens up a floodgate of confirmations! The stories blossom like roses before your eyes as you begin to understand why Forrest Fenn is critical of other great writers…He is the best EVER!! There are things hidden in the text right in plain site that you will NEVER see until you solve the clues in the poem… it is the coolest feeling in the world to know you are correct….I want to shout it from the rooftops! But I CANNOT!! Because I know it is there!! If I give my solve out, EVERYONE will flock to the location….IMO

        • Hey guys, thanks for being gracious, and for challenging me. I’m generally not a braggart but sadly fell into that category today just trying to salvage why life plays out as it does. My solve was complete and works on many levels but not on the most important one. All irrelevant for a few months anyway. Family, friendships and health are calling. I’ll quietly swim In the background and occasionally say hello. May your waters be clear and clean. Best wishes everyone!

    • Michael d-
      I posted the precise location of where I believe warm waters halt several months ago. I think it’s likely the same place that many who look in YNP have used…not all…but many..
      My point is that dozens, including me, have posted what we think the clues are and where they lead.
      My WWWH has no flaws as far as I can tell and I have been using it for about two years. I have heard no better WWWH and I have heard and read many.

      So perhaps I have a different WWWH than Forrest…or not… but in my opinion this is so good that he certainly should have used it.. 🙂

      But solutions to puzzles are complex…and Forrest’s is no different. If I do have the solution to WWWH that does not really tell me where the Canyon Down is located. There are multiple choices and from each of those places there are multiple more choices like a family tree. So…very few could be lucky to guess all the correct branches in the first few tries. For the first person to make all the correct choices there will still be the very well concealed (but not buried) hiding spot. This could take a thousand years so you better leave a notebook for your sons and daughters to start where you left off…with confidence..

      • I agree 1000% with that dal…Even if I KNEW the whole solve for a fact, I would still have to go find it!! Everyone thinks solve the poem and go pick it up! It is not going to be that easy, I am sure of that just from searching. I am not trying to come across as a know it all…even though it sure sounds like that! What I am trying to do is pass on some food for serious thought in order to help some that are in the same rut I was in….All you need is the poem….it gets no simpler than that.

    • Michael D, you are absolutely right! You will KNOW, and you would easily have all 9 clues if your first 5 are correct. All’s you need is the poem, You won’t be within three miles, you’ll be at the EXACT location. Because the poem tells you the EXACT location. Time to re-think definitions, like what the “chest” is and really looks like…IMO The poem leads you the end of the rainbow and the “treasure”. Where in the poem does he say the treasure is that particular chest? Mr. Fenn would make a great magician! What ever happened to the person Dal had said solved all 9 clues but didn’t have the chest? What about the person who had the royal flush and no chest? Perhaps they found the treasure? There is a reason. VGBOSS KNOWS. Solving the poem is just the beginning. IMO…and others.

    • My apologies Michael D. You are 100% correct. Back to finding the treasure!

  49. IMO….And another thing….the clues ARE in consecutive order, beginning in stanza one….and three stanzas contain all nine clues….now THAT is a HUGE hint!!! You all owe me BIG TIME for that one…IMO

  50. I miss-stated something…Stanza One contains the information needed to figure out the nine clues in the other two stanzas….All nine clues are in two stanzas. oh yeah, IMO!

    • Stanza 1, i believe, contains a clue about how the whole poem is written

  51. Here are two straight-up facts…
    These are not my opinion..
    1. I do not know where it is.
    2. There were no shovel holes in any of the places I looked and left.

    And here is one opinion…and not a fact…
    The reason it has not been found is not because many people have not been in the correct area. I think it’s because of the clever hiding place Forrest left it in. I think I could stand within two feet of it and not know it’s there. I could look with a magnifying glass and not see it. It could be under me but it is not buried. I believe Forrest revealed the way it is hidden in one of his books…not the place mind you…just the technique.

    • Ok dal…let me see if I have this straight.

      You feel that you have learned the “technique” in the way it is hidden, but yet, if you are standing within two feet, you still would not see it even with a magnifying lens?

      Ah ha! It must be placed inside of a beaver home/lodge.

      Seriously dal, if you are correct, this would be of great advantage.

      • Its not in a beaver dam…. I know what its hidden in tho – that’s why I drove 28 hrs twice in one week – but no luck….yet….

    • ” I believe Forrest revealed the way it is hidden in one of his books…not the place mind you…just the technique.”

      ok ….yes …. please … continue … im listening

        • does that mean you aren’t going to tell me

          ill make you a trade. a clue for a clue

      • I already talked about it on this blog. I even mentioned what book the idea came from. There are only 38,000 or so comments on the blog..I’ll bet you can find it..
        I’m not trying to keep it a secret but I do think once is enough..
        How often should a person post the same thoughts on this blog?

        • if youve already mentioned the technique on this blog then, no, dont mention it again.

          it is worth the effort for me to find it on my own. thanks for the reply

          and i was all set to unload a valuable clue find. whew, that was a close one. i still have a bargaining chip and for the time being Forrest wont be mad at me 🙂

  52. MD,

    I concur with some of your assessment and intrigued by others of it, but I am of the belief that every line in the poem provides meaningful information related to finding the treasure. What Mr. Fenn deems are the 9 clues are for him and him alone to know at this point in time. I think every line is either a clue or a directional, situational or locational hint. Therefore, I think to have true confidence, one must account for every single line in the poem with physical evidence…not just supposition. Oh, and I believe you are correct…they are in sequential order. How do we know this? Because Mr. Fenn said so.

    Very best of luck to you on your search.

    • Windsurfer,
      The nine clues in the two stanzas tell you where to begin looking for WWWh…it is right there with no doubt once you find it. The order of operations is important. Ther are clues, and directions, but they are not same thing.

  53. Donna, I believe it is CES as well… I like your theory about it but CES really stands for “I am, I exist”… Forrest is letting us know that the trove is a real thing. IMO as if we all didn’t believe that in the first place and just needed something else to do.

  54. Michael I would be happy to owe you one, could you explain in a little more details because I don’t do hints.
    Thank you

  55. if i said (hypothetically) ive solved the poem. to me, that couldnt mean, ive come up with a solution to the poem, and it is incorrect.

    if i said, ive solved the poem, that would be the same as, ive solved the poem correctly. the ‘correctly’ is implied

    it is incumbent in communication, imo, that if you say you have a solution to a puzzle, if it is incorrect, you need to attach the word incorrect for your meaning to be clear. you need to say, my solution was incorrect.

    but if you came up with a correct solution, you do not need to say correct, because correct is already part of the definition. you can say, i solved the puzzle.

    if i have a solution and it is incorrect, can i still call it a solution?

    i dont think so, because, if i did then EVERYTHING is a solution. but everything is not a solution. everything is an incorrect solution, other than the correct one.

    i have to say incorrect, otherwise the meaning is not right, because just saying solution only, ‘correct’ is always implied

    am i wrong

    • Obviously, you never took calculus, geometry, math analysis, Trigonometry, or algebra. I have solutions to puzzles and story problems with red ink all over them… I was certain the solves were correct. I only know my solve to be incorrect AFTER I see what I did wrong, or if someone else that has the correct answer shares the correct solve with me.

      • And the exact quote was, “The poem has been solved. 100% sure”
        Which is entirely different than “I’ve solved the poem. 100% sure.”

        • i was a math major in college and took and passed with good grades trig, algebra, calc I and II among other math courses

          im not sure what your point is with those 2 statements other than one is saying ‘someone somewhere’, and the other is saying ‘me’

          if you say you are 100% sure the poem has been solved, them meaning would be you think it has been solved correctly

          • Thank you for proving my point for me CY! If I say I have solved the poem, I OBVIOUSLY THINK I am correct. Therefore attaching a qualifier of “incorrectly” as your last post suggests, is a ridiculous argument. Nobody posts an “incorrect solution”…because in their minds, it is correct until it is proven to be incorrect, not the other way around…see what I’m saying? Not trying to insult or insinuate anything…just arguing my point.

  56. The Today Show staffers told Forrest that they changed the Yellowstone story from airing on Friday to Monday. So..unless they change the date again, it is now scheduled for Monday, June 2nd..

  57. You are entirely correct. I already admitted to my 100% correct fiasco and wore a pink tutu as retribution for my arrogance. But there are more posts about the poem in the last four hours than the last two days! Stir the pot, stir the pot. So much fun this is.

  58. it is my opinion, that since it became clear that WWH is not related to a Dam, and i believe, if he says that, it can’t be a body of water with a dam either …

    .. then WWH, what it is referring to does not directly name a geographic place, but it is an idea, the idea being defined as .. warm waters halt .. and this idea connects to … in clue like fashion .. a specific geographic place

  59. I would just like to say i would like to be included on the list of ppl who claim to know where the chest is.

    Put me on the record. my new and improved WWWH is correct! lol

    I am where others have walked past the other 7 clues.

    Oh and my blaze is so an object 😉

    I think, therefore I am… at the ChESt when I am there…..(insert meditation music)….

    • and a PS, my spot, most ppl will be quite surprised, bc they were prob one of the many that were 500′ from the goooooooolllddd!!

      • Navy, you better get off your butt and head there, if my “incorrect” solve [for Chris…lol] is not correct, we head to our area we previously discussed by email! Meet us there!

        • I think you have a great chance Donna, just dig deep when you get to NM. find the X

      • I’ll bet you misunderstood him. He probably told you to get out of them bushes!!

          • Talkin about a technique Forrest used to hide the treasure. Said it was in one of the books but doesn’t want to repeat it.

          • Hmmm. I vaguely recall reading that last year. Something about ceramics , or food preservation, or some other ingenious method by one of the First Nations to store and/or hide stuff that Dal wondered if FF knew of. Start searching these sort of keywords using the tiny little search tool on the bottom right of these blog pages, and I’ll bet you can figure it out.

          • Breaking the book out 🙂 Donna how is the hiking going 🙂 can’t wait to hear your story’s

        • What???? Let me get this straight.

          Dal was “told” by Forrest how he hid it and it’s in the book and he doesn’t want to share that?

          Dal “believes” he knows how Forrest hid it and it’s in the book and he doesn’t want to share that and he did at one time already?

          Donna…you remember him saying what this technique is?


          • I’m confused too arghhhh what kind of technique 🙂 hmmmmmm brain is spinning

          • DG start packin the truck… I think it might be under an old fan. Ok I’m kiddin about the fan.

          • Thanks for that Stan…ok, he’s saying it’s his opinion.

            He doesn’t say what book though. Is he even talking about one of the treasure books or his other books?

            I do know that in San Lazero even though I didn’t read it all…I loved how the Indians did something ingenious to hide things that Forrest ended up finding that was in the ground.

          • Stephanie knows. I wrote her about it when we were on speaking terms. But you can see what an impact it must have had…lol..
            So I wouldn’t sweat over it…probably just my mind working overtime…

  60. Read the words folks! ……one by one. There certainly are other words Forrest could have used. Never lose sight of what Forrest is.

  61. Did anyone find out the technique in the book. And what’s the big secret about that ???

  62. A few occurrences of amethyst and smoky quartz in calcareous rocks, sandstones, and quartzite’s, in which there was no known genetic connection with igneous rocks, have been reported. In these instances the quartz crystals must have been deposited by waters of only moderate warmth. Amethyst often occurs in the agatized trees of Yellowstone Park and Arizona, the silicification having been caused by cool waters of meteoric origin.

    • That’s the same thing in San Lazero. Would he make it that obvious though? Hmm. Keeping open mind to all.

    • Great work Ed! Thanks for posting that. CE5 doesn’t mean much to me but it does mean a lot to other searchers.

  63. Nice post Ed, Im think it could be CE5,……. it looks put there, maybe too define to be old, def shines like a newer cut.

    also could be QE5, GE5, CES, ….

    What would CE5 mean? central east 5 meters, count exact 5 (million), chase end 5, chatter ends 5 min,.. GE5 general electric?? dam, i knew the big corporations were behind this all @$%^&*….

    Or I will go with Donna and just say that CE5 is CES with a funky 5. That 5 does have some funky little angle that would make a 5 somewhat offline with the C and the E. but a S, as wierd as it shape appears, seems to flow better with the arc of the scribe. And CES, i think therefore, i am, come on, come on!!!!!!! It sounds quite obvs correct.

    so how does this help???? CES is what it means, CE5 helps you find the treasure. ok thats all im saying folks. good luck!

    • You might be looking at CES upside down and it might be SEC which also is abbreviated for SECANT
      Secant is a term in mathematics derived from the Latin secare (“to cut”). It may refer to:

      a common term for radius
      a secant line, in geometry
      the secant variety, in algebraic geometry
      the secant method, a root-finding algorithm in numerical analysis, based on secant lines to graphs of functions
      the trigonometric function, reciprocal to the cosine
      a secant ogive in nose cone design

  64. I just bought the TOTC, so easy on that TFTW stuff. (That book could take me another year and a half to buy….).
    And, I don’t mean to be rude, but a few of you who think your solves or solutions are better than others are probably wrong. IMO, for what it’s worth, that no one–is even close. So, and even if I’m wrong.. . compliments are better than insults, or nothing at all. ok… I’m just say n’.
    And one other thing…
    I don’t nor have I ever understood code… why say something that only you yourself understand….say what ya mean…
    sorry dal, but why say he wrote how he secreted something in a book, but you won’t say or repeat how or which book, twice…why? We all spend countless hours on this, I’m sorry i missed that post! But wish you were a bit more patient plz… I’m sure it would have been just as easy to name the book and page…like TFTW pg 218 or something like that.
    Be kind, do a thankless good deed today!
    Mark H

    • Wow. Good luck in your search..( compliment) 2U(code) and Dal is a persnickety guy (rude)

    • Mark-
      Because I want people to read the books and read this blog.
      I get about 55 requests a day from folks who want answers to questions that have been answered on this blog ad nauseum.

      For instance:
      Where is the quote where Forrest said it’s over 10,200 feet?
      Why do you keep saying the treasure is only in MT, WY, CO or NM?
      Do we know when Forrest hid the chest?
      What map? Where is the map of the treasure hunt area?
      Have you ever looked in the Rio Grande Gorge?
      How old was Forrest when he got cancer?
      Is Forrest married to Suzanne Sommers?
      Why can’t the treasure be buried at San Lazaro pueblo?
      What kind of a car does Forrest drive?
      What is Forrest’s boot size?
      Is the treasure hunt for real?

      So..I want people to read the books, watch the videos, read the news stories and read the blog..then ask questions. I want people to spend the time and do the research and collect as much information as they can in a way that is more meaningful than simply dashing off an email satisfy their id..

      This blog and others have a wealth of collected truths and personal experiences that will inform and entertain..

      There are some very wise things that many searchers have left here in comments…
      There are remarks and stories by Forrest..
      There is a wealth of information here related to looking for the chest…
      but most people seem too undisciplined to spend a few days reading what’s here…

      So that’s my reason Mark..
      There is a lot of good material here and a lot of information that most people don’t even glance at before they start asking questions..

      Sorry if I seem rude..that’s not what I am aiming for..impertenince would be more my style… 🙂

      I read in one of Forrest’s books (not TTOTC and not TFTW) about a treasure that was found after he walked right by it for years without noticing it. It had been there for hundreds of years..hidden by a Native American and then not seen again til a friend of Forrest’s found it. It also could explain why Forrest seems hesitant to say “buried”…

      I explained what I found when folks were discussing the hiding place a year or so ago. It certainly does not mean that I believe the chest is hidden in this way..and many think it’s not even likely..but it is a possibility…and a possibility that I think it’s useful to be aware of..

      • Now I remember that hidey spot you spoke about.

        BTW, which one of us isn’t talking to the other? You’ll always be my Skippy while the chase goes on….because someone likes you better than all of us and I have pure jealousy about that, that I don’t/won’t hide…and I will always be June…the annoying little sister. For some reason I feel a strange sense of family about our friendship.

      • Dal is right; everyone should read all of the post and watch all the interviews on his blog. There is a tremendous amount of useful information here. The info here can give you new insights for areas to search and may save you a lot of money and time searching an area that–after doing the research here–you realize is probably the wrong spot.

        But because there is so much information here even those of us that have been around for years have trouble finding specific information when formulating a new search.

        The WordPress search is quirky at times but I have found it to be useful. Google also has an advanced search page where you can search only one website or blog. Learn to use the qualifiers and you can narrow your research down greatly.

        The Google search will get you to the correct page, but some of the pages here are very long when the comments are included. Use the “find on this page” feature of your browser to search for the words or term you are looking for on the page.

        Here’s the Google advanced search page:

        Hopefully this will make the newbies and old timers alike research a little less daunting. Good luck in your search for a place to search.

  65. I have to say too, that post come in sometimes twenty to thirty minutes later then when originallyposted and can take twice as long to load…with that said, I’ll be quiet.

  66. Well Well said Dal;You put my with much on this blog.I thank You for all you do for us

  67. Attention all fellow chasers!!! Please join me in welcoming Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl back from Afghanistan after 5 yrs in captivity!! He is from Hailey, Idaho…Lou Lee’s stomping ground. A hero’s welcome awaits him there, I am sure! ATTENTION! HAND SALUTE! ……….Welcome home!!

  68. Welcome home to the soldier who has been away!
    God Bless You!

    dal well said, I’m getting use to the taste of crow!
    Of course you want folk’s to read….my bad.
    Also, I never used the word rude…smiling!
    55 thousand questions a day could be considered awesome…when my phone rings I yell there’s sum love.
    Mark H

    • Mark-
      Eeeek…no..not 55,000..Geeze!! it’s 55 questions a day…
      I have to go take some aspirin now..

  69. Can anyone tell me how or why it has been concluded as fact, on the cheat sheet page, that Where Warm Waters Halt is not a dam? I assume it’s because Forrest has said as much, but I’m looking for an exact quote. Before anyone yells at me about this being answered in previous posts, there are like a billion posts under the “9 clues” section alone. I’ve spent countless hours reading this blog, and others, and reading stories, researching histories, but this is the only place I’ve seen that “fact” listed.

  70. Jason,

    Right side of this blog, click on “Forrest’s Scrapbook” (orange letters). Scroll down to Scrapbook 68.

  71. Ff has made it public that a dam is not where warm waters halt. Check the last few scrap books.

  72. the fact that i am one of many (there are probably hundreds) of searchers who feel confident they know where the treasure is, is not relevant and you know it.

    stop using it as some lame weak excuse to spread this lie about me, that i have claimed to possess the treasure chest. i have never claimed that

    you said …” IMO if someone makes a claim like that they may as well be stating that they’ve located the chest ”

    your language “located the chest” is not precise in meaning here, as to whether indicating just thinking or knowing or possessing.

    if you are saying that anyone claiming that they think they know where the chest is, is the same as claiming to have it in their possession then ..

    no, sorry, they are not the same, not even close.

    so seriously. stop spreading this lie about me. this isn’t funny.

      • Cmon Chris you said you would retrieve it this summer. Not (I think) I will, now man up and do what you said. My objective here is cut through the fluff this is a real chest containing 1.5-3 million in treasure. Talk is too cheap on the blog lets be very careful when we say we know something.

        • that sounds all well and good except it is not relevant to what you posted

          you referred to the 30 plus people that Forrest said, be wary of these people, the ones who claimed to have found the chest

          you said i am one of them.

          i am not one of them.

          you have now had 3 opportunities to acknowledge or retract the falsehood. you have not done so.

          stop lying, liar.

          • My original post didn’t say you were 1 of the 35 it said ie like an example would be Chis. I do not apologize for enlightening the blog. Now man up and get the chest or find another hobby. Any sorry from me to you would come in a picture of the chest. Me wearing that bracelet of course. 🙂

          • Hey Chris Y. ! Don’t be goaded into pointless banter. Be as confident as you want and good luck !! Just sayin’…

  73. The Today Show postponed the story with Ranger Reid again, presumably to run the story about the POW release. The Ranger and YNP story may never see the light of day.

  74. Kinda’ like all of us searchers! Can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel for all the trees.

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