More Booty for Searchers…

Submitted JUNE 2014


Okay all you searchers..

pirateofgold has added a new dimension to the hunt for Forrest’s chest. He has hidden some of his own personal booty for searchers to find…and this stuff looks pretty cool…more fun for all..

Now if you need help figuring out where this stuff is at I am sure pirate will give you some clues or hints..maybe even a poem..possibly a map or a riddle..just ask..

Use the comment section below to start a conversation about this extra booty..

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123 thoughts on “More Booty for Searchers…

  1. Very nice pirateofgold 🙂 Where does it begin?

    What POG hath put together, let no man seek to plunder.

    • it begins in Tennessee:) where my journey starts. I will be adding bounty as I travel. Just follow along as west I go! Soon it will be for all to have.

    • All I can say where the treasure lay,
      Will be somewhere north of Santa Fe

  2. I’ll trade a joke for some good clues…

    A pirate walks into bar and sits down. The bartender notices that he has a peg leg, a hook for a hand, and a patch over one eye. The pirate orders a beer, and while he’s pouring it the bartender asks “So what’s the story with the leg?”

    “Well it were many a year ago,” says the pirate. “I were walkin on the deck a me ship and a rogue wave swept me overboard, and a shark swum up and bit me leg clean off! I swum ashore and were fitted fer a peg leg that very night.”

    “That’s terrible,” says the bartender. “What about the hand?”

    “Well it were the very next day,” says the pirate. “I were walkin on the deck a me ship and a rogue wave swept me overboard again, and a whale came up and bit me hand clean off! I swum ashore and were fitted fer a hook that very night.”

    “Wow,” says the bartender. “So what about the eye?”

    “Well it were the very next day,” says the pirate. “I were walkin on the deck a me ship, and I were lookin out fer rogue waves, and a seagull flew over and pooped right in me eye!”

    “Oh man,” says the bartender. “And that blinded you?”

    “Well no,” says the pirate. “But it were me first day with the hook.”

  3. Arrrrggghh! I like the way you tell a joke!

    Very nice Pirateofgold. I saw you were doing something kind on the blog earlier… a much needed twist.
    Mark H.

  4. pirate I could use some booty so how bout some clues mate? I’ll post up me cannons and ready the crew for plunderrrrrr

  5. There are more pictures and information will come.Follow me at

    I’ll still have fun here with y’all


  6. That’s funny, Pirate. I bought a large Jolly Roger and a watertight container for my last trip. I threw a permanent marker in my pack just in case I found Forrest’s treasure then I could sign and date the flag and leave it where I “traded” it for the treasure. True story. Alas, no luck …or logic …or skill. My funny side has flown-the-coop lately…I hope not for long. Cap’n Jack told a funny joke, though.

  7. Arrrrr me mates, in the land of wondrous waters we lack such booty. Ah if only I could hoist anchor an set sail. Alass I be dry docked.

  8. I love the pirate spirit, for i once was a young pirate that raided the ports abroad. Look for the gold all you want but unless you possess the 9 and blaze you seek a facade. but life is full of riches on every turn, find the blaze as it always burns. trust i no where the gold lie, for i will retrieve in good ti

  9. Hey Pirate
    Can we donate some more loot to your treasure? Like a gold ring or another silver bar or some small gems?

    • I don’t know how that would work. I’m on my way west now. Currently in Kentucky at Land Between the Lakes. In no hurry to get there. I’m easily distracted. It’s a Pirate thing. Why not hide yours? There is much more booty than I sent in the pics.

  10. That’s awesome Pirate that you are doing this and I love the idea of the waterproof container with a flag in it with the date in the place of the treasure so others will know. Great idea! I think we should all hide treasure for others to find. I found a treasure box at an antique store several months ago and bought some old toys and some new and put them in the box and dug a hole in my yard and buried it and made a treasure map on the back of an animal hide and gave it to my 5 year old grandson so he could find the long buried treasure. He loved it and had a great time! He has kept the treasure box and the special coins that were in it and tells people about them. We should all pay it forward in Forrest’s name. Thank you Pirate and Dal for doing your part!

  11. No need to thank me, thank Dal. He could have kept the e-mail and ambushed me for the chest! 🙂


  12. I will start this search when I’m done with the original search. I have become ill and have developed a shoulder injury. My countdown will have to be restarted. I drove to Collected Works book store in Santa Fe on my way to see F. He was still wearing that silly coat. It is so worn and tattered, I swear it was hardly hanging on by the threads. Either way, still too thick to be wearing for my tastes. So I didn’t even stop to yell at him. I did roll my window down to take a better look to at least make sure he looked ok. When I did, a pesky little insect flew in and I jumped around in my Tundra, only to kill it with a clap of my hands. Ouch, that hurt my shoulder! I guess that’s what I get. I turned around and turned up my music and drove off listening to Taj Mahal. I like that Calypso tune. I wanted to play Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. I’ll play that snake song some other time. I think I will go see F on the anniversary on which he first saw me… give or take a day. I better go look for my shovel so that I can remove that coat if he is wearing it still and lay that coat to rest. No, I’m going to attack f. He’s too nice! Since he will be overheating in the sun and he likes ice cream, I will give him a Hagaan Das bar to enjoy. Did I spell that right? If not, who cares, anyway? I need a night of good rest, it was a long day and my shoulder hurts more from holding my eyes. Dang, that pollen is irritating this time of year. Good day to all and good luck treasure hunting!

    • @slurbs sorry to hear about that shoulder 🙁 and what is it with allergies and heavy eyes this spring?I’m having the same kind of day saying hard g’by to a friend. Just wanted to cheer you up – chase friend to chase friend. I like your eclectic taste in music by the way, although no surprise there! That ws song is one I relate to as a bit of a wild one in a conventional world. Always felt I could have been Sacajawea helping Clark in another life. But we are each uniquely created for here and now, so walk well with honor knowing you are perfect just as you are, even when you are ill. Speaking of illness the cancer I live with was perplexing to drs since It’s tied to ur and of course a gal from helena never lived near chernoHoping to help other people in that town feel better too. I’m ill but finally threw up my hands in surrender and found peace in it. You should try it too, and then do a cartwheel over a log to bring back the spark. Cheers Slurbs .*. Svenska

      • Svenska, thank you for the kind words and support. Part of my find would go to a Cancer facility about to be erected near my home. I shall take your words to heart. Again, I thank you.

        • Slurbs, with a kind an altruistic heart, you are destined for good things ahead. Be of good cheer!
          My grandmother used to say this.. du är alltid i mitt hjärta I think it means Im praying for you but not certain. She’s gone now and I miss her.

          • Interesting that go appears 5x in the poem.

            Could be referring to a buffaloe cow as well. Which would point to Yellowstone. He does talk about slipping a nickel under a gravestone. A buffaloe appears on certain nickels. And he says he was brave to (go) into the cemetery at night.

            Female buffalo, called cows, are 5 feet tall at their hump and weigh over 1,000 pounds. They have horns like the bulls and their udders are smaller than cattle.

  13. This is the treasure I will leave behind after I search my spot thoroughly.
    I have written a poem titled, “The Legend of the Pink Tutu Treasure”
    that, if followed precisely, will lead you not only to where I believe FF’s
    treasure lies, but also where my treasure lies. It contains a few “very
    unique” items I have found with my metal detector over the years, as well as
    over one hundred dollars in cash. I will leave my contact information inside
    as well, and if you contact me with the information about the bill that is
    underneath the hundred dollar bill in the photo, I will send you an
    additional item…something I didn’t want to leave in the container. I
    haven’t chosen my container yet, but it will be worthy of the treasures it
    contains. My poem, while challenging, will not be nearly as difficult to
    solve as I believe Forrest Fenn’s poem to be. And if you solve my poem
    correctly, it will help you to understand my approach to solving Forrest’s
    poem. My treasure will be in place after June 22nd, 2014. I will add my
    poem and story to Dal’s blog, on the poetry page, after that date. If we all leave a little treasure of
    our own when we search, perhaps we can encourage others to do what Forrest
    taught us to do, and pay it forward, so to speak.

    Michael D

          • @MikeD, Here’s the syntax:

            A colon with a closed parenthesis will give you a smiley face. No spaces between them, but be sure to leave a space before the colon on wordpress (like this one) blogs.

            A colon then lol then another colon will give you a laughing face. As before no spaces between them and leave a space before the first colon.


    • Oh, that’s way too good to pass up! Chase back on for Nor, just the pink tutu treasure for this gal! I always believed in fairy tales and might even have a chance at this one. Don’t worry Michael D, I meant what I said – I no longer chase the gold, will you leave your pink tutu for me as well??

    • Hey Mikey,

      Which state are you going to be in on the 22nd? I will be in Yellowstone on that day searching. Let me know if you will also and maybe we can meet up. If anyone else is reading and wants to meet, drop me a line. Was going to try to meet up with Dal, but I think he’s going in July. Can’t wait and soooo excited! And way to go on your treasure deal paying it forward. I’m going to do that too. I better get started though cause there’s not much time left.

    • Now that’s funny. To make a smiley face, you type this in (insert smiley face here) wherever you want it to be and poof 🙂

    • Amy, I leave and arrive the same day, Driving myself in my car the whole way. I’ll arrive the 11th between 11 and 1, so I’ll need a flashlight to get the job done. I’m being as thorough as time will allow, 11 days later I should be a cash cow. I’ll place my trove in a hole the same day, and post here my poem so you all can play. Colorado is the only state I search in, Because that’s where I’m told to go by F. Fenn.

  14. Yer Mamma has a wooden leg with a kickstand on it! Yer Mamma has a mouth in the back of her neck and she chews by answering yes or no questions! May the fleas of a thousand camels find your tent!

    • Yer mamma has more chins than a Chinese phone book. You put a colon: and a closed parentheses after it. You need to have a space after a word before you do. You still have to believe! : )

  15. This goes out to MikeD and Pirate!

    If either of you 2 guys even remotely put in any reference to warm waters in your poem….. i will hunt you both down, Put your hand in warm waters while you sleep and let nature do the rest!

    • Frank
      This is Amy using my husbands phone
      Anyway lol I’m so not a gambler why because the casinos like to take your hard earned money 🙁
      I have done it before but I didn’t enjoy it much 🙂

      • youre smart amy I to had to stop going to the casino to save money for my 2nd trip north of santa fe sometime this month this will be my last my first trip for the chest was a disaster because of bad weather this time I hope to make it all the way so even if I don’t make all the way this time im done so good luck to you on your trips

        • I don’t really enjoy gambling, either. I’ll sit down and slow-play $20 now and then…maybe $40 if I’m feeling rich and bored – like out-of-town bored. I used to play/lose as much as $300 a couple times a year many years ago. I still wasn’t a real gambler even then. These days I pretty much agree with an actor (whose name I don’t remember) who said he doesn’t gamble because winning $300 doesn’t mean that much to him, but losing $100 really pisses him off. 🙂

  16. Michael is going to be dangerous now that he know how to make emoticons. 😉

    POG will your quest involve warm and/or cold water?

  17. More treasure added today! Neat antique pin, and surprise! Pics on my blog.

  18. Some treasure was hid in Kentucky when I was there. Missouri has the next hiding spot! Two different places!!

    • Congratulations to nearindianajones! He and his family emailed me to let me know they found a little treasure I hid…

      • Geeze! That was quick…Maybe I should start looking for your treasures.Maybe they are easier to find. 🙂

        • The ones in Missouri won’t be as easy. Trying my hand at poetry. See you soon Dal I’m going to shake up Colorado a bit and search Michael D’s spot.Have to leave him something pink!

      • Congrats @nearindiana! Post some pics for all of us to enjoy your success 🙂

  19. Hey all!
    Just wondering if anyone has heard from PirateofGold recently. I have been following his trek and I was up around his search area a few days ago. I tried emailing to see how his search was going, and have not heard or seen anything hear. Just hope all is well:)

    • NearIndiana – please let us know if you hear from Pirate. His presence, wit and poetry is a great addition to Captain Dal’s Blaaarg. Hope there wasn’t a mutiny on his bounty of gold:-)

      It’s late here, I’ll check tomorrow.

    • I still have not heard from PoG. I hope it’s because he is now sailing the Carribean in a Pirate ship bought with gold:)
      I am concerned because he was traveling by himself and he is good about posting his progress.
      Let’s put the word out to keep yaar good eye out for PoG. Let him know we got each other’s back.

      • Hope all is well with Pirate. I’m looking forward to hearing about his adventure.

      • Can’t think how to put the word out, other than post on the poetry page where PoG and Michael D sling brown at one another.
        I’ll give that a try and see if he bites.

  20. Ahoy Bucko’s!
    Thought I forgot didn’t ya’?
    Well, more booty was added than the original I had intended. Will be quite a find for someone. A few things I hated to leave, however somebody will enjoy it…

    Here ya’ go:

    Tis a treasure of gold and silver bars for the taking,
    Collecting bounty galore, whilst on the trip I was making.
    Jolly Roger flag and pin for the vest,
    With coins and jewelry to add to me chest.

    Far from the sea, with no sails for to travel,
    I’ll hide me treasure, amongst the rock and the gravel.
    A clue was left, somewhere easy to find,
    For if I grow old, and want to visit sometime.

    Tis rich in history, and stories abound,
    Deadlights find the way, with Boots on the ground.
    So kick your feet up and have ye some grog,
    Me biggest hint, I was there in me blog…

    Godspeed to all,
    Corsair Francisco
    Aka pirateofgold

  21. Hey POG, where have you been? Hope you haven’t stepped into any tarry scant!(or should that be “scat”?) Let us know how your travels are going. We worry about your hound dog (and you of course).

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