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JUNE 2014

Posted by Dal
Forrest sent me this…
Thought I’d post it for those who read…

Graphics and copy are from the publisher…not Forrest…

Lisa Batstone’s first young adult novel in a planned series, about a young pirate boy, is to come out this fall.

An author from Cloverdale has hidden a treasure chest worth $500 in coins as part of her drive to publicize her novel about a young pirate.

Lisa Batstone’s The Pirate Apprentice is inspired by the true story of John King, who at the age of nine became the youngest pirate in history. King was travelling with his mother on the Bonetta when the ship was captured by Sam Bellamy. King joined Bellamy’s crew. It was common for captured sailors to turn pirate during the golden age of piracy in the early 1700s, but rare for a child so young.

Batstone first encountered the idea while watching a documentary about the discovery and excavation of the pirate ship Whydah. “The youngest boy in history (at age nine) joined Bellamy’s crew by threatening to kill his mother,” said Batstone. “I became fascinated with John and read everything I could on his life. But the history books only tell a small fraction of his story. So I decided to tell his story using the medium of historical fiction to fill the rest in. The fascination in pirates grew as I wrote.”
She and her son Logan, two and a half years old, like to dress up and play pirates themselves.

Her fascination with buried treasure doesn’t just come from pirate lore. She was also inspired by the book “The Thrill of the Chase” by Forrest Fenn. In the non-fiction book, Fenn laid out a poem and other clues to a treasure composed of his own gold nuggets, coins, jewelry and gemstones, which he said was buried on a mountain somewhere in the American Rocky Mountains.
“I read Forrest Fenn’s book and became fascinated with finding buried treasure,” said Batstone.
She has an idea of where she thinks the $1-3 million in treasure might be located.
“But alas, going to New Mexico to search [for] the treasure doesn’t make much practical sense for the mother of a two-year-old boy,” she said.

In the meantime, she has set up her own treasure hunt as a bit of publicity for her own book. The treasure is worth $500, and the treasure map – complete with an X marking the spot – is available as a reward to some of the contributors to Batstone’s Kickstarter project.

The Kickstarter campaign ended April 25, and Batstone hopes to use the crowdfunding campaign to raise $3,000 to hire a professional editor for her manuscript.
Once the editing is done, she will put out the book through self-publishing sites Bookbaby and Amazon for Sept. 30.

Regardless of how things go, Batstone is already working on her second novel in the series. She intends to keep telling her tales about pirates and the high seas.
“In my mind, pirates symbolize freedom and individuality,” said Batstone. “I believe in fostering creativity and individualism in people, especially children. There’s an underlying message in my books that may go unnoticed by most and that is: no matter what happens, kids are who they are and not what others want them to be.”


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    • I’m in tight focus but where is the clue? This is an inspiring story… but will it help me solve the poem and find the gold?

      I found it was helpful to stop asking golden solve related questions, step back and regain broader perspective. We’ve all been bitten by the gold bug and adventure fever, but can we recognize the blaze or signature of Mr. Fenn? What is his life marked by?

      Many would say Fenn’s signature is that of an 80 yr old multimillionaire who hid a golden treasure. Please don’t miss the chance to read and enjoy both of his memoirs for they tell a different story. While I have never met Forrest Fenn, I would be proud to call him friend. His life reflects a loving and faithful family man of 60 years; a brave and much decorated American hero who opposes war and supports peace; a grandfather who patiently teaches grand daughters the cadence of a fly rod; a friend to presidents and street bums alike; A man of integrity who cares about others and helps raise support for cancer victims.

      The story about Lisa Bastone may not reveal any clues, but it reveals how Mr. Fenn has marked his life as one who enjoys helping other creative souls believe in their dreams and themselves. I hope at the end of my life, the mark of my signature will reveal the same humankindness.

        • Thanks Dal. It’s important to stand for truth and friends. While I no longer search for gold due to my health, Mr. Fenn’s memoirs have certainly influenced how I plan to live the remainder of my life. (swan, nor)

      • Swan. You have a way with words that come easy. All positive. I’m always saying we have a choice. It’s either positive or negative… I don’t believe there is a middle (except ff’s middle).

        I also look at Mr Fenn respectfully as a great human who believes living on the positive side of the North tracks. He’s almost a father figure for so many. I would call him a friend as well. I have not met him either but will one day I hope.

        Swan, Wouldn’t it be so interesting to just hang around him for weeks on end. Imagine what you could learn.

        He’s told everyone that he left his 10,000 word autobiography in the chest but I seriously thing it wouldn’t even come close to telling who he really is 100% even if it was a Million Word document.

        Best of luck to all searchers… Only they (the finder of the chest) MIGHT get that chance to know him better.


        • James, kind but undeserved words. Thanks none-the-less, and yes, it would be quite a treat. My hope is that f’s friends in Hollywood see fit to put out another River Runs Through It type film about his life. Well written, beautiful scenery, a message for the ages that speaks of deep meaningful waters.

      • Swan, your words paint the image that I have come to admire. Forrest comes from a time that molded some of the biggest characters in history. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

  1. Sounds like a fine lad……….threatening to kill his mother to become a pirate. I wonder who his lineage is today? Probably all politicians.

    Pirate have you checked ancestry dot com.

    • Goofy Old Guy, I didn’t wish to come across too harshly. It just seemed you got your point across.

      I want to thank you for all the work you have done for this WEB site. You have a level head and post useful information.

      Wish you well on your chase!!

      • specialklr; you wasn’t being harsh, just speaking your mind. I agree with you, no amount of preaching will make any difference. I apologize for getting on my soap box.

        I’m a firm believer in personal responsibility and reaping the rewards or suffering the consequences of our decisions…….Mother Nature doesn’t listen to, or care about, excuses. As it should be.

        And good hunting to you.

          • Pirate is your real name Sue? Man that was one wild night with your mother…….I always wondered ………Well anyway, did you become a rich entrepreneur and want to buy dear ol dad one of those fancy motor homes for Fathers Day? If so give me a call son.

            If you’re a bum save your dime I have enough pains in the behind without adding another.

            Happy Father’s Day son.

          • It’s in the mail, if the dog didn’t eat it! The thought is still there. Please send money… I’m stuck in Casper. I love this place called Old Chicago. Need tip money!

          • P.S. Lil Goof jr, Goofetta, Bubba, Claudine, Horace, Myra, and Gonzalaz, want to wish their Grandpappy, a Happy Fathers day too!

  2. As I serve people everyday at my restaurant, I get special joy in watching the children of our country.

    I was a very young father that didn’t get to enjoy my daughters upbringing as much as a wise man would.

    These children are pirates in a sense; joyfully throwing food, silverware, or anything they get their hands on. They love to be unruly in the bubble of their existence. While others loathe to serve families with little ones, I appreciate the sweet free little individuals pillaging life.

    A pirates life, tho not for me anymore, is a grand one till its time to grow up. But staying young at heart is the key to living happy every day in life.

  3. Lisa, kudos on both being inspired by children, and inspiring to them as well. Nicely done!

    • I’ll bet the little pirate was just pretending…putting on a good show knowing that all the REAL pirates would have a soft-spot for their mums and make him a pirate BEFORE his bluff was called.

      Then again, maybe the little pirate really loathed putting on clean underwear and figured this would be a quick end to all that nonsense. Clean underwear! Who needs it? 🙂

      • “….I know we’re loved by our mommies and dads,
        Drink up me hearties, yo ho!
        Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me….”

  4. A most Excellent endeavor!

    Very excited to read
    “The Pirate’s Apprentice” and share Ms Batstone’s joy and success with others.

    Warmest wishes and much success Lisa Batstone!

    At release date l would enjoy helping promote your YA novel(s) through family oriented media channels.

    • Lisa:
      I May be able to offer assistance with: help towards editing or setting up a website for your book.
      2. Will pay your membership for 1 year SCBWI you up with a professional editor
      4.Discuss various publishing options available.
      5. If interested please respond by leaving an email
      Address with Dal. I can leave mine in the same way.

    • Hi Norwegian Gal! That was nice of you to offer to help Lisa. Whatever happened with it? Early this year when forrest and I were writing a children’s book, I had sent an email to forrest to give him a heads up about Lisa’s book, and didn’t hear anything about it until this blog post. I hope it’s doing well!

  5. Who doesn’t love a pirate’s tale – and true to boot!

    As much as a pirate averages out truth! Ha!

    My own sons, now grown, would have jumped our ship to join this adventure and never come home!

    Much success, and thanks to Forrest and Dal for helping launch.

  6. I’m no Jim Hawkins… Oh wait yes I am… nor does my wife write children’s books…. Oh wait, yes she does…. Her 12 story book ….. no title plug….plz. has a pirate tale… very cool…

    I would like to write a treasure tale…or three… wait I have… No plugs plz.

    My 7 year old even has a hard cover called ” The Strawberry Princes” or something like that…she’s awesome.

    Writing is great! But 3000 for an editor… might be…well crazy unless your name is JK Rollings… or something like that… you would have to sell tons of books to get that back… cover cost, lay out, formatting, then promoting are all expensive… imo you might research doing this yourself or find a publisher who has faith in a first book. Also find a friend who may have a few skills to edit… just ideas… I personally have written three books and I just found an editor to help… it takes time. Join our groups of authors and artist and they will try to help you…good luck author!

    • Agree with Mark on the cost. I may be able to help with first run edits or ideas. As far as self-publishing, I’ve done it. Can talk you through the process but must tell you we lost our shirt financially self-publishing, and lose money each year on a terrific children’s book. Happy to discuss options with you. Have you looked into e-publishing? Much less expensive than print. With print the warehousing, distribution, etc. gets expensive fast. Happy to discuss anything with you.

    • An excellent resource would be joining “SCBWI” an authors group that has inside connections to editors at the big publishing houses. 2ce a year we meet at convention in New York with the top youth publishers. Also terrific local chapters which meet monthly to assist with ideas and editing.

  7. And a new chapter begins with the same quest as all others…to find the Chest.

  8. Good luck writing your series and getting them published Lisa. Glad that wasn’t my son though! 🙂

  9. Happy Father’s Day partner…The chest remains wherever it is hidden…Alas, it wasn’t there. I made it to the other side…but for future reference…rafts, especially small ones, don’t do well when they are stationary with a current pushing hard against them! They try to fold, flip, and buck! The plan worked fairly well getting across….sketchy but doable. Getting back across was another matter entirely!
    After several attempts I lost both oars, (I saved one) and the bottom of my raft deflated!I ended up tying the rope to a tree on the peninsula and tried to hold on to that and just pull myself across…nada! Water was just too fast, the raft kept bucking sideways and filling with water almost immediately. So I ended up walking upstream to the island…here the current was split into two channels, and was a little less ferocious. I waded across the first channel at the downstream side of the island point, and then went upstream on the island to that point. I just kept the raft on the downstream side of me and held on tight to it, using the oar I had left as a staff in the upstream hand. I then bounced my way across the river on my tippy toes while the current sucked me downstream…scared and wet, I safely pulled myself out at the first bend below the island. I took a little movie footage, but the mosquitos were SO BAD!! I needed my hands free to keep swatting them. My waders were a blessing and a curse since they couldn’t bite through them, but it was fricking 85 degrees outside!!
    I searched the flat near the base of the hill, as well as about twenty feet up the hill…nothing! Honestly, it is entirely possible I missed it (example, if it was buried, or hidden on the hillside under sand or rock) but I left that spot confident it was not there. All I have to show for my effort is about 1000 mosquito bites on my face, shoulders and arms, and a raft with one oar! It was quite an adventure!
    I think it is safe for you to give out your solve now, and I would encourage you to do so…since I will be giving mine out, along with a poem to the chest I hid….Please leave any of my solve out of yours, so as not to give away my hidey spot…
    I believe I am done searching for a while…The places I went just don’t “feel” right…so hard to get to, and I wasn’t packing 42 lbs…By the way, if it HAD been there, I don’t know how in the hell I would have made it back across! with 42 lbs on my back it may have been too much to bounce across…but probably not, lol. I am so bummed, disheartened, disillusioned, and stumped…
    Talk to you when I get back from vacation….
    Michael D

    Just thought I would update you all….seems there have been some anxious people on the blog…this is the message I left for Germanguy, and I’m sharing it with you all. Since my solve is based partially on Germanguys, I must wait to publish mine….but my chest is now up for grabs!! Let me tell ya, you will earn it if you find it!! Helluva half mile hike!!

    • Wow! What an adventure Mike D! Glad you are safe. I guess it’s back to the poem, Book and map!

    • Michael
      What a exciting adventure.
      I guess when Forrest says the effort will be worth the cold is because of the Mosquitos . At this time of year they are everywhere including where I search. This time I will have spray, raid, and a insect candle thing hopefully that will help lol.
      Those things will eat u up.
      I’m sure u are disappointed in not finding the chest. But it is ok look at the adventure u just had. You will always have a story to tell and something that was exciting. This is a treasured memory u will always have. Look on the bright side u never know what’s around the corner. So proud u made it out of there safe . Like Forrest says Never Give Up!!!!!!! 🙂

    • So glad to hear you are safe but sad to hear you are disheartened. You certainly met the definition of “brave” and “no place for the meek” even though the rest of poem did not pan out for you. I hope the let down is fleeting but the lessons learned helpful as you go forward. Looking forward to hearing more of your “chase”.

    • Michael D and GG,
      I was fixated on your adventure for the last few days. Glad all are safe. Cannot wait to hear more. Coming up empty only means you don’t have the chest. Your experience is worth much more than my research. Good job.

    • We too, checked YS Treasure Island, down from Iris Falls. If this was your spot, guess we can scratch it off the list with it being searched by both of us!

        • I thought that too. Bechler river/TI seemed like an excellent place, I agree. Especially the falls!!
          Hmm…. If you’ve thoroughly tossed it, then that means I’m down to 7 solves now… :/

          • Yep, camped there three days! Rain, skeeters and a nosey bear were my only treasures. Jim, my cuz, got soaked crossing back and forth and hiking along the falls. Did have a pretty rainbow…but no treasure, blaze or Brown to be found.

  10. Mike D,
    Thank you for sharing this adventure with us. Many of us were worried about you and I wonder if you carried an emergency beacon with you (PLB) since there was no cell phone coverage? I know we think we are invincible but would have happened if you broke a leg and ankle? How would you have signalled for help if you were immobile from an injury? I work in search and rescue and I see this all the time and the use of a PLB for those travelling alone can make the difference between life and death.

    These are the two that I carry:

    That said your adventure will make an awesome story and I can’t wait to read about it. I realize GG said FF would have hid it in the winter but FF has said that winter is not the best times to search for the trove, so I am happy that you emphasized that an 80 year old couldn’t carry a 42 lb chest across that creek. I believe that is the number one thing that is over looked when developing a solution. Everything can look so simple from GE but those who have searched before will be the first to tell you the terrain in the mountains is significantly more complicated than what it appears to be on GE.

    Glad to see your back Mike D and we are excited to hear about your solutions!
    The Wolf

  11. Goofy old guy…
    I just caught up on all the posts I missed while hunting…I want to thank you for your concern and validate your comments as well. What I did was very dangerous and a less experienced person could have been in really big trouble…I wade rivers when they are rolling at 13000 cfs for a living…but I can see the bottom in those rivers…the river I was in searching was brown and very swift…difficult to tell where it was deep vs shallow. I’m alive because I’m experienced…not because I’m smart! As far as bugs are concerned, there’s bugs, and then theres BUGS! it was intolerable! Anyways, nice to be back, and thanks for your concern…I appreciate you letting others know how important it is to be safe.

    • MikeD, I’m very happy you made it. Looking forward to reading your write up. I’ve wandered the Rockies for over 40 years and I’ve found that experience can be a double edged sword…….It pushes some to do things they shouldn’t; I know when I was young and cocky I pulled some stunts I shouldn’t have. On those occasions I was good enough, or lucky enough, to live through it. There are some that don’t; like the recent climbers on Mt. Rainier. Guys like this are most alive when they are challenging death.

      Some Who Die on Mount Rainier Never Recovered.

      As far as the bugs, the Rockies come alive this time of year, and all of that life wants to take a bite out of you. Oddly to me, the farther north you go the bigger the mosquitoes get. Canada has mosquitoes the size of a B-17. Then there are the biting flies, ticks, fleas, ants, and about a million other little critters getting in line for a snack.

      For those waiting until after the spring runoff to search your favorite creek or river, watch this video. This was shot in Texas; in the Rockies the creeks are much faster and there’s no where to run with the steep sides. You’ll never see or hear the thunderstorm that dumped the water. Pay close attention to flash flood warnings, even if there’s nothing but blue sky over your head.

      Be safe out there, don’t let gold fever make you do something stupid.

      • Glad you are safe Michael D and Goofy Old Guy – I always APPRECIATE SAFETY REMINDERS!! It’s wisdom born of experience I believe you share to help other greenhorns.

        Parents taking young kids along on the hunt need to keep tight rein on all kids around fast water. It doesn’t take 5 seconds for an unsuspecting child to be sucked into dangerous currents. Even as an experienced outdoor mom, our 8 year old son was swept away in the Flathead River near Glacier Park years ago. That he walks the earth with us today could only be attributed to angels. FAST WATER is truly dangerous and leaves no time to think up a rescue plan. Lives are priceless.

        • I’ll add to the safety/concern discussion these 2 thoughts:
          I’ve lost friends /colleagues in search & rescue — they weren’t the lost or injured ones either, they were risking their lives for rescue/recovery. i.e. It’s not just YOUR life on the line when you make a mistake in the outdoors – those people who were born to run towards fires, rather than away from them, are at risk too. And yes, you share a fraction of responsibility for S&R people’s safety too. Your freedoms & rights come with responsibilities.
          Secondly: as far as swift water safety: it’s no overstatement that it only takes 6 inches of moving water to knock an adult over and sweep them downstream/into rocks or log tangles. Also, in near-30 degree water, you have 2 minutes before both muscles and brain start to shut down –for most during that 2 minutes, you won’t have control over your own breathing – your lizardbrain instinct center takes over and breathes rapidly for you… Then, You start shivering and regain some breath control, but have 10 minutes tops before you lose control of grip, arm/leg function, etc. …then the shock begins to kill you.
          Take care and be prepared.

    • Hey Mikey! Great little adventure! Sorry you came back empty! (Insert your smileyfacehere). Glad your back safe. Come on up further north, buy you a Landshark!

    • Colorado mosquitoes are not affected by Off or Cutter bug spray, IMO. Neutrogena spray on sunscreen and downy dryer sheets help some!

      • I watch a gold prospecting series on you tube, Miner or Bust, Darcy Cooper. He is on Vancouver Is, and constantly battles the flies and mosquitoes.

        Can only imagine MD, great stuff man. I had faith in you the whole time.

        But great stuff too Goof, GG, not dying is mucho important. A dear friend lost her oldest daughter last year in Sioux City, SD. She jumped in to save her brother who slipped in the cold river, a young Native American man jumped in also. They boy was saved and the two died. def good head smart safely is a family must…. but anyways.

        This blog rocks!! What a great place to come and hear some GREAT conversations after a long day at work, by real, good, intelligent people. Thank you everyone.

        happy fathers day, dads

      • I want you to enjoy your adventures without fumigating yourself, so I must recommend getting a bugbaffler. FYI: I am not affiliated with this company and not afflicted with unwanted company.

    • Mike D – ok a SPOT is better than nothing, however you should test it when in thick trees and steep mountains. We did extensive testing on these beacons and found that heavy foliage and steep canyons and rock shear faces can impede the signal. You have to be in an open area for the satellites to receive a SPOT signal. Since CO is in a more southern latitude SPOT works better.

        • I don’t care about safety beacons so much, but the Rockies definitely have to work on getting better radio signals if you don’t use a satellite radio….and a better selection of stations as well.

          As for the pirate story..that sure is a bit odd about killing the Mom. We had a terrible thing happen around here that I believe made national news where two girls almost killed a classmate due to a storyline online. Kind of wonder what should be kid appropriate anymore since they just need to point and click and get see/read pretty hardcore things.

          Seems like a neat adventure though and a great marketing idea.

    • Mike D,
      I assume you used the tracking feature on SPOT. I am interested in the reception rate. SPOT sends a location every 10 min. How many of those did you receive vs the time it was turned on. I am skeptical of SPOT in the mountains but maybe your research can shed some light on the reliability.
      The Wolf

  12. Mike D, I am glad you are back safely. I have found that “experience” is a term that is often over rated. IMO, the area that you went to seems a bit extreme for Fenn’s treasure locale… There again, only my humble opinion.

  13. Quite the adventure, Mike D! Although it pales in comparison, it reminds me of one time my brother and I were out fishing in the Montana backcountry. The mosquitoes became overwhelming for him, so he decided to head back to our car, a little over a mile away. Happy to see the car in sight, he realized he had forgotten to get the car keys from me. At wit’s end, he ended up breaking a window to get inside and away from the incessant mosquito cloud.

      • No we are no relation. Both clouds are determined. Perhaps that’s where you saw the saw the connection.

        • @CloudCover Hmm… Understand determination of Mosquitos and their pesky relatives. CC possibly determined to provide shelter? Or just solve that darn poem?

  14. I must admit of, all the things to add to a scrapbook . I’m just going to whisper ” aarrgh!”,

    • international talk like a pirate day isn’t until sept 19…but I am sure you must have already known that…

    • Brace yer cutlass an’ prepare yer timbers t’ shiver!!

      Happy Father’s Day to all on Captain Dal’s Blarrrg!

  15. I’m glad to hear everyone is safety conscious!! I assure you, I was not at risk of death…except from blood loss!! mosquitos and no-see-ums up the wazzoo! I was in danger of getting wet, and swept downsteam…and yes, the water temp was about 59 degrees…not freezing, but cold enough to give a person hypothermia in about 15 minutes… I would have swam out long before that…but who wants do go for a swim when the water is that cold? Not me!!

  16. BTW people, I posted my treasure hunt poem for all to see…I stashed a treasure worth more than 100.00 for somebody to find!!

    • CY…Glad to hear you’ve escaped the land of fruits and nuts…Oh, Sorry my bad! You lived there too!…J/K…

      But hey! Now you can say that as well and get away with it!…LOL

      What state do you now call home? Other than dazed and confused I mean…HAHAHA…Sometimes I just kill me!…Been imbibing some on this, my day…Got some sweet wine from WI while there last month, called “Campfire Hootch”, pretty good stuff and goes well with cheese I picked up as well, called “Vintage Van Gogh”, on a Ritz of course…

      Belated Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s among us…Now we can become grand fathers, spoil’em rotten, load’em up with sugary treats, and send’em Home!…Serves the little buggers right!…


  17. Happy Father’s Day to everyone!

    Mike, glad you’re safe!…

    GG, no box, no going to see f…. Put on your tutu! Rotflmao.
    No worries, the crow is good here. O:)

  18. Question was asked of Forrest:
    You said in the past that the chest is not in a dangerous place; yet searchers are searching along Cliffside’s, raging water, and other seemingly dangerous places. Could you please elaborate or qualify your statement in which you said” The chest is not in a dangerous place”

    thanks for the question.
    The treasure is not hidden in a dangerous place in the normal definition of the word, realizing that there probably is no place on this planet that is safe under all conditions. Bloggers have quoted me as saying that a child could walk up to the treasure. I don’t think that’s an accurate quote because a three year old girl would have a problem without some help. Remember, I was about 80 when I hid the chest, and had to make two trips.f

    • What I think Forrrest is referring to when he talks about a child walking up to it, is placement (in height) of the chest. I also believe that is what he meant when he talked about a deep thinker. “The Thinker” is displayed on a plinth. All this leads me to his “water high” in the poem. This doesn’t help me know where to start but it’s what I look for when I get there. I know, crazy logic.

  19. IMO that is exactly why you won’t find the chest…you are assuming because the chest is in a “safe place” that the entire path to it is a “safe place”. Is Yellowstone park a “safe place” for a three year old? a ten year old? Or would you want to accompany them there…I crossed rivers at ten yrs old all the time, as did Forrest, I’m sure. So open up your mind a little and you will discover everyplace is a “safe place” and everywhere can also be dangerous…

    • Hey Michael D 🙂 nice companion piece to your tutu poem. I’m thinking I’ll need all you have to offer to find your treasure. One question… Is it located in the same 4 state region as Fenn’s poem?

      • SW Colorado Svenska…and the second poem is as close as I will get to revealing what my solve of FF’s poem was…I must respect my partner,s solve, which mine is based on, so I couldn’t just blurt it out…but if you follow my poem precisely, it will lead you to my treasure, as well as where I still believe FF’s treasure (in general) is.

  20. Oh no! I haven’t finished the first treasure hunt yet! What ever will this empty handed do?

  21. Michael D,
    I have enjoyed exploring where I think you hid your stash. I went there several times last winter and this spring. There is one more place near by that I’d like to check out, if nobody finds your treasure by next week I’ll head over there. I live in Durango and work with guys that bowl diamonds. I think your WWWH was one I had in mind as well.

    Opps, over flowed my green tea. later..

  22. I’m in buckeye az now

    There are 2 clue connections to the “raining” hint. Knowing what the 2nd one is referring to specifically gets you within one mile of the treasure


  23. Another Scrapbook with pirates. Why does the [for] have brackets around it in the middle of the sentence? Just happened to catch my eye.

    • SJ, that’s a editor/publishing convention for a word added by the editor, not the original author, deemed necessary. IMO.

      • Thank you.
        I think it is interesting/ironic that a scrapbook story mentioning a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for editing has edits. The use of () and [] drew my attention.
        The use of brackets in that sentence made me reread it (that sentence) several times.

  24. 4WIW (for what its worth) : warm waters and whispers (scrapbook 62?) — the grounds map at Ojo Caliente has a “whisper zone”…. ??? …. its also near the start of a trail I think. Didnt research too closely, not my area.

      • Clayton, I donno. I was split on MT & NM, but now I’m all NM. The pg 133 map is just NM, the nuggets/frog make a cross-shape, & with the coin under, its the NM flag logo (just like the nickel in MSTF & the Viet medal, pg 99). And the feet of the frog imply “spadefooted toad” which is the NM State amphibian, & its buggy-eyed head looks … well, thats enough. Theres lots of NM state emblems in the book. One other thing: the wistful memories of a happy childhood, coming home from a bad war, losing family…. are a “was”, but the lesson he concludes is living in the “is”. Now is, his team is, his work is, his life is …. in NM.

  25. Shadows, I have always thought that he hid the Gold in New Mexico. Since we tend to agree that Mr Fenn is telling us the truth, WWWH is not a dam nor a lake since it is not based on a structure. What about a nature made pond or a meadow that slows the movement of water?

    • I dont think of a lake as a structure. Slowing water maysuggest warming temperatures … but temp is not part of my solve for WWWH. Inherent to “halt” is “movement” but its such a finality word. Halt where… at a natural wall, or drop off a cliff, or at something man-made? If not a dam, perhaps a legal directive like a stop-light? Maybe like tea– in a mouth. Is HOB a structure or a location? Perhaps an intersection like Cottage Av & University Dr. Go with your gut, but first pile & sort all your ideas… unless you live nearby and can make test runs. I’m in SoCal.

      • Shadows good insights. Thanks. I am in Colorado so going to Northern New Mexico is about 3-5 hours depending on the location.
        I am with you in that I tend to think that a structure is man made and a natural occurring lake is not.

        Regarding HOB. The thought of a Beaver dam comes to mind. I don’t know if many beavers are still around in New Mexico. My gut is now upside down with some many variables. I keep eliminating possibilities.

        Mr Fenn is a cagey fellow

        Take Care


  26. IMO

    The poem was constructed to give the exact location of the blaze

    It is the one thing that I am certain of more than any other

    If you are not 100 percent certain on the blaze then you don’t have the right one

    • Chris ,
      I agree with you about the blaze . To me it’s the most important part . I feel very sure of what the blaze is and where it is located .

      Good luck with your searching .


  27. Men. pay attention here. I know you true blue cinic’s can’t imagine that a woman using BOTH logic and intuition could beat you out of the gold. Don’t be so certain. it’s possible to call upon instinct and reason and honor both. According to an article in Psychology Today only 20% of the brain’s gray matter is dedicated to conscious thought… which leaves 80% to our nonconscious thoughts. Even the US Navy has conducted extensive research into highly intuitive people and how their gut decisions save lives (and find treasure :-). I’m officially reverting back to my original solves and not paying ‘much’ attention to your man-logic chatter which only serves to confuse. So, I’m telling you I do have a chance!

    • Tis not man-logic, it’s simply Poker Tactics. To wit, there are some rocky mountain sites that some claim have been picked over. Yet, these could be 100% bluffs. Likewise, there are clues talked about as though they are unperceivable, yet perhaps they are actually the simplest to solve.
      ” fate deals you four cards and a joker …”

      • Touché Map. At one time I thought I had been dealt a royal flush. I Counted too much on the River card. Turned out to be a better canasta hand – (Lots of cards matching my partners, but no final card for the win.) in case you don’t play canasta.
        Now, back to making blueberry cobbler. Texas blueberry season yields lots of desserts at our home 🙂

  28. Anyone looking in any place other than NM would be better off spending their money on a trip to Maui……..FACT!

    • Proof to back this gasconade there Pam? I mean Lee? I mean….Tom H formerly Tom?

    • Really! You forgot to put IMO after that statement. Care for a little friendly wager there bub? Let’s say a bottle of good bourbon.!?!

    • Hey TH,

      I plan one last look in CO…I live here, but first I will take your great advice and head to Maui.

  29. Dal, I hope your comments about stepping aside for a while on the chase will let you reconsider your direction. If there is one person Forrest has not helped in the search it would be you. I will be looking forward to reading about your next search.


  30. Dal – that’s crazy talk!! You’ve been searching for 3.5 years… If Forrest is giving u an unfair advantage – he’s not doing a very good job. 😉

  31. Dal
    I believe that Forrest has not given u any clues. Forrest knows whoever finds it first is the one who deserved it.
    I’m sure u are proud to be involved in The Thrill of a Chase. Great adventures and great memories.
    Thank u for being so prompt with your messages here on the blog and when I have emailed u.
    The mountains will miss u !!!!!!! 🙂

  32. Dal, There is no way Forrest gave you any kind of advantage!! The proof is in the pudding, so to speak…You have been the “go to guy” for so many of us die-hards. I hope you stay close and good luck w/ your book writing…you do have talent.

  33. So let me get this straight. First Stephanie is done and now dal? Can’t bode well for the rest of us who have succumb to the Chill of the Chase disease. Happy to include you in my next search dal here in Colorado if you are so inclined…then you wouldn’t be officially searching….just a caddy of sorts providing expert course knowledge and yardage to the blaze…but not to worry…caddy’s get at least 15% of any earnings and 100% of the blame.

    My suspicion is that Esmerelda needs a rest!

  34. Dal dont cop out on us now. We need you searching like the rest of us. Fenn would never give you or anyone an advantage. No way no how..

    Now if you are tired well that is one thing. But no one that I know believes that you have any advantage over anyone.

  35. Dal, if I find the chest I am going to empty the contents and give the chest to you. You deserve it for your large contribution in all of this.

  36. DAL, SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!!! Please do not bow to the paranoid ideas that some people might have about you having an unfair advantage because of your relationship with Forrest! It’s obvious you haven’t had any special knowledge or you would have found it by now! I’ve enjoyed your search stories just as much as I’ve enjoyed Forrest’s books and always looked forward to hearing about your adventures when you came back from a hunt. Please keep searching and writing!

  37. Goofy it isn’t right. More than a bummer! People who made this all possible quitting? Without the help of Stephanie, dal and a few others, there would only be the poem and book. No! Too many hard hours put in to quit… (if you ask me). No one would believe f helped you out dal any more than me. Whoops sorry f I didn’t mean to tell… lol.
    dal, Stephanie and others, if you quit what do you think will happen to us… should we find reasons to quit also…
    We have had people lie about finding the chest, naysayers mostly those closet to us (family and friends) say we are fools, forestry people point their fingers, nuts who say f wants our souls… that’s a good one! Scarey too! We have been issued tickets, spent countless dollars… finding nothing… and yet continued on. Too, I was called a brown noser for being concerned. (I can’t get over that one). But, I haven’t quit. In fact I’m just getting started. f had a long time to plan and think, he spent his life learning and deciphering… this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park… okay, it is going to be a walk in the park, but you know what I’m saying… Treasure hunting ain’t easy! So dal Stephanie and others who have put so much time and effort in… don’t quit. Rest if you need to, but never quit!
    Big time bro hugs,
    Mark H.

  38. Dal,
    Just read your latest post. I am sad. Although I have not met you, my instincts in the very beginning led me to believe you are a man of unquestionable character. That feeling still holds true.

    I am so sad that the greed of others, their poor choices, and their lack of integrity has led the chase to this. Forrest, as well you ,must surely feel disheartened.

    You both are men with mental strength and will put this behind you, but I feel (and I’m sure others) like clothes on clothesline with no pins.

    Best of luck


  39. AHHHHHHHhhhhhhh perhaps this is a red herring…and not a Brown trout. Now lookie here X Dal, twas your adventures that got me out of my rock’in chair in Kansas to embark on a Questa to New Mexico. I froze my toes in that red river because of you “blaz’in” the trail. KEEP YER EYES ON DA PRIZE!

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