Scrapbook Seventy Six…


JUNE 2014


I was just informed that Dal has recused himself from the search for reasons I think are inappropriate. It is unfair to cast a shadow across a man of his integrity. And since there are other searchers who have fallen in that same line of thinking I believe I have a solution.

If a majority of people think Dal should stop his search for the treasure because he is getting inside information from me, then I will recuse myself from further posts on his blog, thus removing the reason for him to stop searching. If you have a comment one way or the other please post it here. f

283 thoughts on “Scrapbook Seventy Six…

  1. I think dal should search and I like FL comments on the blog. Go Dal keep it up Forest.

    • I hope Dal keeps searching just so i can read his wonderful travel logs. He is a great writer.

    • Of course Dal should continue the search. I wish he would get clues, because he shares them anyway, and does it in a very interesting way.

    • Dal you should keep looking don’t mind your self with what other’s might think your up to hell if they cant find and you do then just means that you figured the poem out and they didn’t or could not

  2. I think Dal should continue searching I do not believe that hints would be given to make him or anyone else have an unfair advantage. Come back to the search Dal.

  3. Since I think i know where it is at, Dal in a million years won’t find this treasure LOL let him hunt I say

  4. I’m sorry to hear Dal has quit searching cause of the opinion of others. Politics and people’s opinion to dictate others has gone to far in this country for a person like Dal that really enjoys being in the chase to have to drop out in fear of back lash and public opinion if he was lucky to find the trove. I don’t know what I expect to achieve but just a frustration how a good thing can be twisted into a negative thing.

  5. Me Fenn. Please keep doing what you are doing/ have done and Dal… You keep going too. The hell with the naysayers! I say. I’m a Texan, a man is only as good as his words. Forrest is tips… Dal is tops. Without Dal this all will whirlwind out of control.

  6. I, for one, would like everything to remain status quo! The actions and thoughts of a few should not dictate how an adventure of this magnitude is conducted!!

  7. No, Dal should still be in the search. We know that FF does not give out hints one on one. Keep searching Dal, don’t stop – you were having fun and enjoying yourself.

  8. Forrest,

    Good, it’s only right that you take away any additional comments and set everyone straight. The fact that there are personalities out there that get satisfaction in treating others in such a negative fashion, is a travesty to the rest of us. Dal and yourself have always (and I mean always) done nothing but right for the majority of the people on this site. Sadly, we all will miss you and Dal. It won’t be the same without both your involvement.

    It is a shame that because of the few, the majority has to suffer (isn’t that always the way). I, for one have always looked forward to your occasional comments here on the blog. It has always been a pleasure to ‘see’ into your perspective on things.

  9. I believe that Dal has well proved his integrity by his own posts on his blog. Insider information as to the solve, HOGWASH!!! Dal has provided a great service to all for free. Keep on keeping on Dal. Never give up! Don’t let the negatives HALT (Pun Intended) you from your search. If anyone finds it above all I hope it is you! Me excepted of course. 🙂


  11. I think dal should continue his search and ff should keep up the clues! Dal has been such a great supporter of all searchers, and we appreciate him!

  12. It is unfair. There’s no reason to accuse Dal of anything. He has put in more effort into the hunt than most of us. If he finds it, he deserves it. I don’t think he should have to change anything in his friendship with Forrest either. I don’t look for opportunities to get searchers to drop out of the race. I welcome the competition.

  13. Many people, myself included, have benefited from the relationship and the honesty that Dal and Forrest share…to question either man’s integrity concerning the chase is both ludicrous and insulting. In my opinion…scratch that…it is a fact that after all that has been accomplished as a result of this Chase, and Dal’s blog, these men and their reputations are above reproach. It is ridiculous to assume that either man would stoop to the levels suggested by some ignorant, and jealous people that they would in some way cheat concerning the Chase. Dal, PLEASE keep searching for the chest! Forrest, PLEASE continue to share and enlighten those of us that enjoy what you have created! Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the bunch! Most of us already know the truth, and the few that don’t, either will figure it out, or they won’t! We love you both!! Stay with us just the way you were please!!

    Michael D and everyone else on this blog that matters…

  14. I believe Dal to be a man of integrity. I vote in favor of his continued search efforts. We can review the decision in another 3 1/2 years.

  15. I think that letting the proverbial terrorists win is a load of cattle-based fertilizer. The naysayers can be banned from both this website and the Chase for all I care. Lend them this apparent bit of power and what next? Are they going to claim Jenny Kile has an unfair advantage? Margie Goldsmith?
    No.… Truth should prevail not slander : The critics should be silenced, …not Dal and not Forrest.

  16. Dal’s professional and personal integrity have always been evident in everything he does on this blog, the chase and his personal projects. For anyone to claim otherwise, is purely spouting nonsensical rubbish! I do read comments from certain types of people that have NO idea what the chase truely means, nor do they have any intentions of ever trying to search themselves. They are the spoiled adults who can’t have fun and want to ruin it all to be happy.
    As far as I’m concerned, Dal couldn’t find his butt if he had a roadmap glued to his hand, but that is MY opinion, so I cast my vote…keep searching, Dal! Forrest won’t give you any clue he wouldnt share with us! And it will be a priviledge to beat a “pro” at his own game!
    Everyone that is true to The Chase knows it is an equal field, and those that complain it isn’t…well, they will never be competition!
    P.S. Besides, Dal needs to finish his bathroom before his wife scalps what hair he has left. I’ll loan you the cash to do that, after I find it!
    ¥Peace¥ Donna

  17. No way dal should stop. Any info he gets he shares with us. Dal is a great man with integrity. KEEP CHASING, DAL.

  18. Mr. Fenn,

    Thank you for weighing in. I sent an email to dal informing him that I not only wish that dal continue to search, but that I would welcome your entire immediate family to join in as well. I believe your integrity is beyond reproach and that no one get’s any advantage or disadvantage from you when it comes to the Chase…Thank you for that!

  19. f, maybe you could eliminate either WY or NM as a possible location but don’t tell Dal. 😉 Kidding. Dal should stay.

  20. I strongly feel that Dal should continue searching. I don’t know who said what to him but let’s remember that every time Dal adds something to this site he is doing all of us searchers a favor. I also laude Mr. Fenn for his immediate and very appropriate response. Keep searching Dal. I hope to see you in the wood.

  21. For Forrest and Dal, and yes Dal continue searching…..

    ‘if’ by rudyard kipling

    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

    If you can dream – and not make dreams your master,
    If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with kings – nor lose the common touch,
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!

    Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

  22. Keep searching dal or are you just tired old man and useing that as a cop out lol lol. Hurry try and beat me to the white blaze thang ready set goooooooo:-) I think I’m winning 🙂

  23. The only thing I don’t like is that Dal lives closer to the search area than I do. I think he needs to move further away, or help me move closer 🙂

  24. Mr. Fenn, if you recuse yourself from further posts on Dal’s blog, then a great amount of time, money and enjoyment committed by thousands of us has acquired us little.

    These accusations, that Dal is receiving secret information, are just like the nescience of those who say there is no real treasure hidden.

    Please Mr. Fenn, thousands of us knew these naysayers were wrong, we also have no fear that Dal has insider information. You have our blessing to ignore these sycophants that hide in anonymity of social media.

  25. Forrest

    No matter how you slice it the integrity of the chase falls at your feet. If you stopped posting here I don’t see how this resolves anything in the eyes of those who are already so inclined to see you

    Dal would have to remain inactive to satisfy those who are questioning. But why should you or dal make any concessions because after this time what will be expected next

    There will be another challenge to your integrity. Just make a stand here and state flatly the suggestions are untrue. Continue to post here please and encourage dal to re-engage

    That is my humble suggestion

  26. Is there a way we can change both of your minds? What will it take for us to convince you that the majority of people dont believe those unfounded accusations? Please reconsider.

    • F didn’t say he was quitting – only if the majority wanted Dal to stop. Dal can’t quit or F does. So they both keep on keeping on – case closed.

  27. I really enjoy Dal’s writing, and I know his integrity is unquestionable. If Dal bails (even if Forrest doesn’t) I’ll really miss checking in on this blog. Dal, don’t let the witless and small get to you!

  28. I believe that you have given nobody any fair advantage to any clues or anything in regards to this search. there are always those haters that want to go around and piss in peoples kool-aid. I say to Dal… search on…

  29. I think that anyone who has followed this thrilling game knows that dal has nothing but integrity and we love and enjoy reading his posts. Please do not fall to misguided people who should spend that their time solving the poem rather than finding fault where none lies

  30. Are we seriously having this conversation? Perhaps we need to remember what this is – a treasure hunt to find a reward with a life-changing amount of money; there are more than a few people out there who would kill someone in order to get this amount of money. We are not playing 5 year old youth soccer here (although I think there are plenty who think we are); anyone concerned about unfair advantages are probably just frustrated searchers who are looking for excuses to justify there own inability to figure it out. This is not about fairness, it is about being the first one to the prize. Keep searching Dal, and Forrest, keep talking!!!

    • I am glad you posted this Jim. Seems to me a lot of people have missed the greatest treasure presented in this hunt. Now I understand even more about it. You see this hunt is not merely about the gold it is also about restoring the spirit of adventure in as many people as possible. I live in a city and all I see day in and day out is asphalt, buildings and people running about in a mad pursuit of “enriching themselves” with little thought of the birds singing or what it is like to walk through a forest.

      When I was younger I loved to chase treasures, I have several metal detectors and as time and weather permits I go out and try to find an old coin or two. Years ago I started reading treasure magazines, came across a treasure hidden in southern Mo. So I packed my van one weekend and headed to the area. Met some very pleasant people and located the land owner. Searching the property I eventually found a chisel that was used to carve the rocks that had symbols. Which if understood would lead to the burial spot. Never did find the pot of gold. However I did find a treasure and that was watching a fawn come to within 10 feet of my van and watch me for over 10 minutes. Listening to wild turkeys gobble and seeing land in a natural state.

      I think this is one of the treasures that Forrest is trying to share with us. The thrill of being close to nature and exploring what it has to offer.

      Tally Ho!

  31. Don’t u think if Forrezt gave Dal any extra clues then Dal would have already found the chest .
    Forrest I appreciate your honesty and for u sharing clues with us all.
    Dal u should keep searching u know u love the chase. And Dal we appreciate u as well thank u !!!!!!! 🙂

  32. If Dal had inside info from Forrest, he would have found the chest by now. Dal keep searching, because if anyone should find the chest it should be you sir!

  33. No reason for Dal to stop searching.
    If Forrest did want to give Dal inside information, he could do so anytime — so what’s the point? You either trust these guys or you don’t.

  34. Your always gonna have people like that just like your always gonna have even more think highly of you. That seems the case here. I wouldn’t stop something as enjoyable as this chase for the sake of others and their idiotic thinking. Search on soldier!!

  35. Dal has just as much right to the search as anyone else. He has been very helpful in keeping the search interesting and up to date news

  36. Hi Dal, The Pants-less Pirates from Rio Chamita send a loud neigh (or is that nay?) in your general direction! We don’t even know what “recuse” means, but we certainly know that no one should accuse you of any shenanigans as regards the Chase. I know you told us once that we couldn’t find our britches with both hands, and this has unfortunately proven true on many memorable occasions since, so we have all the proof we need that your honor as regards the Chase is beyond dispute!! Your steadfast refusal to join our somewhat clever band, whilst stinging us to the quick, nonetheless gives you a certain cache around these here parts. So we state unequivocally that you must continue looking for the chest!

  37. Dal, I beg you don’t ever stop searching for the treasure chest! You have every right to search for it. I don’t believe you have been given any advantage from Forrest, and I don’t believe that Forrest has given or would give out any clues to anyone. The only clues he would give out is on public media for all to see. Please, Forrest continue your wonderful scrapbooks on this superb blog. Keep searching Dal!!!
    Go Dal Go!
    Go Spurs Go!

  38. My husband and I both feel that we have been given the same information as the rest of the searchers and because one person has spent quality time with a friend does not make either of them dishonorable.
    Forrest is a respectable man and with the research every single one of us have done since we began the Chase, how could it be denied by “rumors” that Forrest or Dale are dishonest in that way.
    Many searchers should sit back and reflect on what this Chase is all about because we are all deeply invested. The Chase has been long and maybe even frustrating but come on, why push others away with such judgement.

    We want to thank FF for his time, compassion and caring for all of us.


  39. Please Dal and Forrest, do not bow to the paranoid ideas that some people might have about your relationship. I have always considered the two of you to be men of integrity and never doubted that you, Forrest, were not giving Dal or anyone else special hints. It’s obvious Dal hasn’t had any special knowledge or he would have found the treasure by now! I’ve enjoyed reading about Dal’s search stories just as much as I’ve enjoyed Forrest’s books and always looked forward to hearing about Dal’s adventures when he came back from a hunt. Please keep searching Dal and Forrest, please keep up the scrapbooks!

  40. Stand your ground soldiers! Dal you keep searching, Forrest you keep on entertaining us with your knowledge, we love it! This is my first comment on this blog because i’am real shy but i had to comment on this one!! I love reading about the chase and all the chase stories by everyone, makes my day! Thank you Dal for having a great blog!

  41. If Forrest Fire wanted to give Dal inside info, he would have done so already. Didn’t happen.
    If Dal was to get any new info from FF from his work on the biography, why then FF would share that with us.
    If Dal quits searching and FF quits sharing on his blog, who loses?
    Figure it out.


    People can say what they will, but don’t let the negative attitudes stymie all the positive work yet to come. Stick with it, man!

  42. I posted already on 74, but wanted to say again that you are part of the foundation that supports and makes the Chase possible.

    And how amazing is it that everyone including f is here to support and tell you so!
    That’s love!
    Mark H.

  43. If Dal is getting any help from Forest, I don’t care as it hasn’t helped Dal yet. Ha! To lose either Dal or Forest for any reason would suck as they both share with everyone equally and are both iconic to the hunt. Keep hunting Dal. Keep writing Forest. The hunt is much more entertaining with the both of you!

  44. After reading Dal Stops Searching I had feelings of disappointment which I can only assume would be the same as if the chest is found by someone other than me. The thrill will not be there unless all are involved. Makes a good challenge. If you think Dal has an unfair advantage then just find the chest first.
    With all the people Mr. Fenn communicates with on a daily basis and the search still exist. I am sure communicating a biography to Dal will not change the outcome. If anything he will be too busy writing to go search. He has probably already walked within 500 feet of it anyways. What are the odds he will go back? I am sure he gets no X-tra information.
    IMO there is no reason Dal should stop searching.
    I’ll even post it in big letters…DON”T STOP SEARCHING!

    I’m thinking it might be found soon.To many people whispering.

  45. I am convinced Forrest Fenn and Dal are of the highest integrity. This blog/website is home to all the essential facts, hints, and clues about Mr. Fenn and the Chase. Promptly shared, promptly clarified, available to all. The levelest playing field possible.

    No more updates on Esmeralda? No more tales of you hanging by a winch?? Say it isn’t so! Please reconsider.

    (Besides, Dal, you’ll only get 10% of the treasure if I find it.)

    Thank you for pointing out the mistakenness of Dal’s decision. I hope he’ll be convinced by your effort to change his mind.

    [I can’t keep up with all the jabberwocky on all the blogs, but each time I try to catch up, I go “huh?” What’s going on?
    And then I think, Who cares? Let them whisper.]

    On with the Chase.

  46. I think I counted 37 “stays” and no “gos” … and I say “ditto” to every one of them. Three and a half years of mostly summers? Why, we’re still toddlers at this game. Come back and play. Both of you.

  47. If Dal has an unfair advantage, then why does he not have the chest? Dal, having you in the chase is part of the thrill!! Will u come search with me I think I have some good ideas!

  48. Dal there is no way you are getting inside information. Without you and your leadership we would be lost. Rest if you must but you must continue to search and write.

  49. Only a fool never changes his/her mind. Dal, you are no fool… commit right here and NOW!! You sir are no quitter. A papa never gives up on his children.

  50. Dal! Please do not stop searching. You are doing such a sweet favor to all us treasure hunters by maintaining this blog. I am rooting for you and Stephanie to win it! I hope you guys both find the treasure at the exact same time and have to split it because you each deserve it. Thank you for everything, Dal. I hope you decide to stay, we all love you and know you and Forrest are gentlemen, scholars, philanthropists and friends. You both bring so much joy to so many people from all walks of life.

  51. I do not think Dal needs any rescuing and Wholeheartedly believes he should search ON! Dal should search until HE is tired of searching and not a minute before. Nobody should be pressured, persuaded, coaxed or any other nonsense from doing something they enjoy as long as it ain’t hurting anyone or anything….JMHO

  52. I’m a card carrying lurker. This is my first and likely my last post on any of these blogs in three plus years of hunting. So let me get to the point. To Dal and Forrest: Your integrity is beyond reproach. Stay the course. End of story. To those who question that integrity: Life is simple. Own your mistakes. You can’t find it so the game must be rigged? You made bad decisions so someone must be cheating? Your lack of class is appalling. Either get in the game or take you glove and bat and get the hell out of everyone else’s way.

  53. WTF!!! That states my opinion regarding this BS about as graphically as I can post on this blog…Dal should continue to search…like others previously said, if Dal had insider info, he’d have the treasure chest by now. And Forrest should continue to share his scrapbook stories…both these guys have made my otherwise mundane life, well, less mundane…I look forward each and every day to reading this blog and I don’t want it to end…Dal and Forrest, please do not let a few ruin it for the majority of us!

  54. Man this got everything all riled up. It would take a marketing genius to come up with ………. oh wait. 15 years of planning Mr. Fenn you know better than all of us there will be naysayers right up till the moment that your treasure is found. Dal is great! We all lean on him. If people can’t trust Forrest Fenn then don’t search. Here’s something we can all agree on… MORE CLUES PLEASE!!!

    • If the Orator and Moderator exit, the internet Trolls win, and we all become an unruly pack that even the Dog Whisperer won’t be able to put right.

      Let’s sling Brown (bison dung) at the trolls; set them ablaze; and launch them in the canyon down!
      Guessing Pirate Of Gold can rally the mates!!!

  55. Copy of email I sent Dal:

    First, I don’t believe that you are guilty. If others think you are privy to inside information regarding the treasure and you recuse yourself, what is to say you won’t search through an anonymous searcher? Or share your info with an inside circle of friends?

    I know you would not do so but logic dictates that if you did have insider information there would be no way to be certain that your recusing yourself would stop any flow of the alleged special information. Game over if all it takes is an accusation that causes others to give up.

    In sum, you should not recuse yourself, guilty or not, since there is no guarantee that the alleged information would vanish from all who may possess other alleged inside information.
    What example does your recusing yourself say to those searching who may also be flamed by accusers?
    This is disheartening.
    I hope you change you mind and keep in the search.

  56. Let me ask this. where you oh nay sayers? What motivates you to cast a shadow of suspicion upon any member of the community here and elsewhere? I have sent Dal several emails regarding different aspects related to this treasure hunt. I can tell you that at no time out of respect for Forrest, Dal and all members of this hunt. Have I ever ask for more than that which has been publicly made available to all, Nor has Dal or Forrest offered or provided such information. As a matter of fact I have shown Dal a few places I would look if I were able. So please stop this madness and focus on the hunt.

    In my book Forrest and Dal are like the Lone Ranger and Tonto. American Hero’s
    If you can not see the good that this hunt has brought then you have already missed one treasure.

    Please stay in the hunt Dal, without your travel logs and photos my imagination will be confined to that which I find after many hours behind a computer screen.

  57. I think if Dal had “inside” information then he perhaps would be sipping a margarita on a beach on his newly purchased private island now because he would have FOUND the treasure. I enjoy reading this blog and the content of it as well as the interaction that Mr. Fenn occasionally has here. Please continue the hunt Dal. You are one of the many who “deserve” to have that rush of finding this treasure after all of your work you have put into the search and publicizing your journey for others. Best of luck to you Dal and I hope to see you out on the hunt sometime. Don’t give up! Blessings, Hope

  58. LOL!! Well played “f”!! I knew an old Texas boy like you would not let the biddies win!! 🙂 ….. I been telling folks that if they want to play with Fenn they better have their big-boy britches on!! 🙂

    Dal, they should not have impugned you and most definitely should not have questioned Forrest’s integrity.

    He is not going to let them to orchestrate the Chase by their petty little back-biting!
    He is in control. as it should be.

    Dal, do not cave, keep searching! You have done nothing wrong!!……(and I ain’t writin’ this to keep FF postin’ clues–he can keep posting or not. I just hate to see people like that prevail)

    Good Luck to Everybody……..loco

  59. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  60. Dang you, Mr. Fenn…ya made me look up “recuse”– to disqualify or withdraw from a position due to personal or prejudice reasons. Pa-lease! Dal, stiffen that upper lip and chase on! Mr. Fenn, all entries say “yes”. So let’s get down to business…next clue please! Love both you guys!
    Again…¥Peace¥ Donna

  61. If you give in to these needy souls they will only find another to point the finger at. I say to hell with them and enjoy the Chase. We have no reason to live in their world, let them live in ours. BTW Forrest if you stop i’m gonna bug the piss out of you with emails like i did when i first started the Chase.

    • Mike- I hope you were trying to be funny there.
      Dal has looked how many times and not found the treasure??
      If you are serious, then you obviously think that someone else should do your homework or thinking for you. I. for one. like my WWWH and don’t need ideas from anyone else, though some thoughts are fascinating to me. i congratulate you for taking a stand, if that’s what it was. But seriously, you think that Dal’s WWWH is better than your own?!?! Or do you simply not have one? (No offense, of course, Dal.) 🙂

  62. Forrest, my opinion is that those who have a problem with dal searching should recuse themselves from the search and move on.

    • I like your thought.
      If others think something is rotten in Denmark why won’t they just walk away from the Chase?

  63. 1-begin it where warm waters halt = when he first left home . 2-take it in the canyon down = the academy he went to after high school on canyon rd. 3-not far but too far to walk = you cant just walk in, to attend . 4-put in below the home of Brown = the top air force general at that time was George (scratchly) Brown. 5-from there its no place for the meek = WAR 6-the end is ever drawing near =leaving the military THE POEM IS A TIME LINE

    • Man!! Does this poem have no end of solutions? Nicely done, George! Hope it leads you somewhere.

  64. Dal-
    Stay the course! You have put in so much time and energy, that even if you were to glean something off of Mr. Fenn, it would be ( IMO ) understandably deserved.

    I haven’t read any comments above. But I would guess that most of us, I certainly for one, do not think that FF has given you ANY more info than he has the rest of us. I’m just a little jealous that you have been able to go out so often. But look at all the great stories you come across and share with us. Not to take anything from Mr. Fenn, but your blog ( IMO ) has become a staple of this chase. It is the child born of Mr. Fenn’s actions. I love this site, and you being the captain of it. (Sorry POG, but we all know it’s true. 🙂 ) So, again, Dal, keep on truckin’ and keep on lookin’.
    – Mac!

  65. Dal, please keep searching. (You’ve been close, but not quite close enough.) Forrest, please keep commenting…it helps us remember that an interest in adventure is a valuable treasure. Thanks, both of you!

  66. They only inside information I see Dal getting is that the chest may have a squeaky hing.

  67. FF says ” I give you title to the gold” I am brave and in the wood (book). whats the tittle?

  68. Dal,

    Thank you for the silly offer to recuse yourself. I, of course like any other adult, DECLINE. 🙂 You or any other person on the planet have the same right to look for the treasure as I do, regardless of your friendship with Forrest.

    Of course, I’m still rooting for me to find it, if not me then I’d root for you, then any other searcher….well maybe the annoying, bitchy, whiney, crybaby, high-maintenance searchers won’t make my list.


  69. some of you are acting like this is a middle school assignment. We all have equal access to the clues my guess is even Forrest could not have imagined how many places fit the clues. Dal was kind enough to let us share let’s support him by cheering him on and continue the Thrill. Dal you have right to the title to the treasure. he has a friend that is famous and has done a damnn nice thing for cancer patients veterans and native culture.

  70. One comment that I hope doesnt get me lynched. This we are better than them attitude needs to go bye bye, dont you think? How is that any different than the paranoia that spawned this whole thing? Talking of banning, and we are the only ones who count may seem funny on your side of the keyboard but it comes off in the same vein as the other comments, in my opinion. Dont throw dung at me, please. 😉

  71. f… Dal is not in any position to quit. He is equally informed, like us all, we have equally informed him. Equally is by the judge until the gavel makes its echo to make it known.

    WELL, I left the thermal Yellowstone yesterday and now in some thermal place beyond the painted reminders. The stars are vast out here tonight. I have been waiting to see this with my own thoughts.

  72. I posted this on #75, but wanted to put it here as well.

    Thank you all for your warmest comments regarding my son’s search, they are all endearing. They speak to the wonderful quality of people here on the blog and involved in the search. Dal, my son is now an official addict. He wants to take a summer vacation to search some area called Cowles, New Mexico. The only way I would agree to do an interstate trek like that to search for the treasure is precisely because you, a closest friend of Forrest, is also searching. By bowing out of the search, with the exception of perhaps health reasons, I suggest only adds ammunition to the nay-sayers, claiming this is all just a hoax publicity stunt. Your presence in the search adds credibility. It does not diminish it. The story of the hidden treasure is quite remarkable, unusual, and dare I say “unbelievable,” but wait a minute. Forrest’s closest friend, Dal, is out searching for the treasure too… It must be real.
    I truly hope you reconsider.

  73. Fenn, as you know I don’t have a problem speaking my mind even if it goes against the grain.

    First, whether you post here or not won’t make any difference as far as the conspiracy theorists goes. Personally I enjoy reading your contributions and then trying to decide if you are giving out helpful information or it’s just a good ol boy smoke screen. That’s part of the fun. You taking an active part in the hunt adds a whole different dimension to the chase……I don’t understand why people think adversaries can’t also be good friends.

    Fenn already knows this, but to everyone else; In my dealings with Dal I have found him to be honest, hard working, and straight forward. I have no reason what so ever to doubt his integrity or think he is cheating (nor would he want to if he could) in any way. In my opinion if Dal finds it he did so from hard work and perseverance, not cheating. I hope he reconsiders dropping out.

    Dal, if you are dropping out because you have received, or think you will receive, inside information that will help you find the chest I would expect you to drop out. That’s the kind of guy I think you are……If you are dropping out because of the naysayers, conspiracy theorists, and overemotional loons that think the chest doesn’t exist because they aren’t smart enough to find it; I would tell them to stuff it.

    Tell you what I’m gonna do………If you find the chest, and at that time, feel guilty or that it just isn’t right; tell me where it’s at and I’ll go get it. There you go, problem solved.

  74. heavy loads and water high = taking care of his family and the worry ( sweat on brow)

  75. Another thought…..

    First, let me say that I don’t believe that any additional information has been given to Dal or anyone else for that matter. However, even if I’m wrong it has….so what!

    If you’re a searcher, you need to realize that none of us have ANY right whatsoever for what you may consider an equal playing field. There are no contracts, no agreements, nothing stipulating that. If Forrest wanted a particular person, Dal, a family member, a favorite child, a cancer survivor….ect ect to find the treasure or have a better chance by giving them a little extra hint, that is his personal decision. Why wouldn’t he have the right to do that? It’s his treasure, his chase, his GIFT to us to in the form of the book & poem that allows us all to look. Hell, if Forrest could figure out WWWH, he could even go fetch his own treasure back. 🙂

    I think Forrest has gone above and beyond the call of duty to try to provide as equal of a playing field as possible. He didn’t and doesn’t have to do that. For doing so, I thank him.

    For the few who are whining about any favoritism & think Dal should actually recuse himself, I think you are being petty and self-deserving. If you don’t like it, leave. Consider this example:

    1. You are invited to the most kick ass party ever. Live entertainment, excellent food, interesting people, fireworks, and of course free beer.
    2. The host then offers a friend a slightly better seat at the dinner table then you.

    Would you then impune the hosts’ character & ask his friend to leave? Should the host have drawn straws so that everyone one of these freeloading strangers has an equal chance at sitting just one seat closer to the head table. Of course not! After all, you are in fact, a freeloading stranger at this party. Be thankful your even allowed to be there.


    • clinger-> Long-winded, but everything you said is accurate and needs to be considered by all. I agree with you 100% 🙂

      This is Forrest’s party, and believe it or not, he can take his ball and go home any time he wants!! 🙂

  76. Both Dal & Forrest are keepers. The posts in which they banter back and forth on this blog are my favorite.

  77. well I have made several post about the poem = with no reply. but that’s ok! if we must talk about Dal dropping out of the chase because of what others think. then I would remind him of what ff said in the poem ” your effort will be worth the cold” to me that means keep going

  78. Dal – Are you blowing your nose, and dabbing your eyes because of all the love??

    Mr. Fenn – Are you leaning back in your chair with a satisfied smile on your face due to so many logical responses??

    Boy, I love this game.

  79. I think you should make the insider info public, but if you dont want to, its your treasure and you can do what you want. Dal can have it, you are in charge, I have had so much fun looking for it, it dont matter I wish someone would find it soon. I just wish we all had equal info.

    • Confused… I don’t believe there’s any insider info , leastways none that hasn’t been shared (see the dam scrapbook for an example) What info are you referring to? (And if you’ve got such info, could you please explain how you acquired it.???)
      Or is this ‘insider info’ just conjecture?

    • Jesse, everyone IS on equal ground. Forrest said no one knows more than anyone else! There is no ” insider info”. Don’t know where you got that idea! If there was insider info, the treasure would be found by now!
      F could go out and pull the treasure and say its over! We have the poem, his books and map and internet! Nothing else is needed to locate it. We have F’s honorable word that it is out there to find. We just need to think and figure it out.

      IMO– But I see there are some people that want it handed to them on a plate, given all the clues so they don’t have to think. These are the naysayers. They are the same ones that will have snorted, spent and blown the treasure in less than a year…(shaking head). What a waste! (No, I don’t mean you, Jesse)
      Jesse, keep trying to figure it out. We all are. Be grateful for any clue given.
      “Insider info”…(still laughing, shaking head…). ¥Peace¥ Donna

      • Speaking of naysayers, where are they? They would be able to defend whatever the heck they did/said.

  80. Dal,

    Don’t quit, I was going to give you the Gold Hippo. I know you don’t know where the TC is,

    Never heard you say a peep putting you close…

    FF knows this,

    The chest is sitting on the bank of the ******** ****.

    Just don’t quit good Sir,

    Btw, who is accusing?
    and who really cares?

  81. I think Dal should recuse himself if he is getting inside information from you and you should recuse yourself from posting on Dal’s blog if you are providing him with inside information.

    I expect both of you to do whatever you think is right.


    • Excuse me jdh, but did you proof read your comment before you sent it? I sounds as if you believe Dal is getting insider info from Forrest.

      • Your response is a perfect example of the problem. You didn’t receive what I wrote. You concluded what you thought I meant.

        I don’t know what goes on between Mr. Fenn and Dal, neither do you or anyone else, but them.

        Only they can determine what the right thing is to do. I expect them to do it.

        I do think Dal has an advantage. Is it unfair? It’s not unfair to me.

        Dal has said on at least one occasion that Mr. Fenn has said something to him that I did not know. It had nothing directly to do with a specific clue. Dal shared it with us when the subject came up many months later. He was not hiding it, but it appeared as a useful piece of information to him and could be to others. Is that “inside information”? You decide. (Don’t ask me for specifics. It wasn’t that important to me.)

        Mr. Fenn has also admitted he mistakenly gave information while casually talking to someone that he deemed could be construed as important, and felt the need to share it with everyone, to level the playing field. I felt that was honorable and appropriate. But it appeared to be the slip of the tongue and not intended to be given.

        Dal has the type of access to Mr. Fenn that he could be present for the next slip of the tongue. Mr. Fenn might not even realize he has done it. Would this be “inside information” or an unfair advantage? You decide, but my guess is Dal would share if he thought it important.

        Many searchers including you feel the more they know about Mr. Fenn, the better chance they have at finding his chest. No one has a better opportunity than Dal to get to know Mr. Fenn. Is this an advantage? It sure is. Is it unfair? To me, not in the least.

        I don’t question Dal’s integrity. His willingness to step aside should convince anyone of where he stands on that issue. It’s the 83 year old horse trader that sometimes can’t remember what he says, that raises questions. And I don’t question his intent, I question his faculties and his awareness of his actions. In my mind that is the only place an unfair advantage might come from.


        • By similar logic, Forrest’s family, his friends, reporters, and even the celebrities of Palm Springs and elsewhere also have ‘advantage’. So too do the staff at consolidated bookstore, (since they saw the books before others, right?). So too the people who manage to get to all the signings/readings. So too the person who won the Bell jar loaded with artifacts. So too the woman rescued from Bandelier. And so on….
          No, That way madness leads.
          Imo, My logic is simple: FF said the poem is all you need. No amount of interview, hints, winks, smiles, scrapbooks, 6 questions, today show appearances, video interviews, or hanging out at book signings will actually assist anyone forward ahead of anyone else in finding the treasure chest. He came up with the plan pre-Internet, hid it using his own 2 feet. 4 years of professional treasure hunters, relentless private investigators, angry park rangers, and really inappropriately greedy, cruel, desperate and/or obsessed people still haven’t managed to find any advantage over even a 12 year old armed with a flashlight, sandwich and the poem, …and I imagine we’ll see 4 more years that prove the same. There’s no advantage unless you can prove advantage, and the only proof that would accepted would be a solve that actually nets the chest. The burden of proof is squarely on any accusers. E.g. If the chest turns out to be buried on Lummi island, in a marine vet’s cinematography school campus, near the Neitzel family library, then and only then will you see me question if there was any advantage. 🙂

        • jdh,

          “…..In my mind that is the only place an unfair advantage might come from.”

          Unfair to who? you, me, all searchers? And why? IMO, there isn’t a definition of fair that applies. No one promised us anything on this chase, and it wasn’t constructed as a contest with rules and such.

          I agree that Dal will have an advantage by being so close to Forrest, but I don’t think it’s unfair. If one truly believes that Dal having better access to Forrest is unfair, then it would follow that these are also unfair. Lets assume a fictitious searcher named Ed.

          – Ed has a faster internet connection than I. That’s unfair. He should recuse himself.
          – Ed is a computer whiz and *really* know Google Earth. He actually helped write mapping software at his old job. Unfair! Recuse!
          – Ed is now retired, more time to search than me. Unfair.
          – Ed has had three emails with F, I only have had one. Unfair! Recuse!
          – Ed has seen F in person at speaking engagements and has heard what he said first hand before me. Unfair.
          – Ed has a more fuel efficient vehicle than me & it’s 4×4. Definitely unfair. Recuse!
          – Ed lives in NM & has a summer home in WY.. OMG, that’s sooo unfair. I can’t believe he hasn’t stepped out of the chase yet.

          jdh. to be clear I’m not picking on you or your post. I’m just trying to show some examples that may make people think about the term unfair. 🙂

          There has been a lot of statements claiming that Dal hasn’t received any addition information that may be useful. We don’t know that for sure, & I surmise for the reasons jdh posted, that in fact he has, in fact, inadvertently gained an advantage (probably tiny at best), but that is OK. It’s not unfair. Every single searcher has advantages/disadvantages compared to the others for various reasons. Those advantages don’t constitute unfairness.


          • Excellent comment clinger; I agree with you……..I’ve worked in the Rockies for 40 years, have an extensive set of topographical maps and GIS data sets, lots of fancy equipment, access to areas that most do not, and on top of that I’m an old guy from Texas. I should have been able to find the chest in a week. That didn’t happen……..So do I have an advantage; I was hoping so.

            On top of all that I have access to all of the IP & search information on this site. After looking through the info I can’t see the info helps at all except for weeding out the trolls and I work on computers for a living; I honestly don’t see how any of that would give anyone an advantage.

            So to sum it up…….I have extensive experience in the Rockies, lots of equipment, built this website, and most of my expenses for searching are paid for. Is that “fair”? How in the world do I not have the chest?

            I’m beginning to think the only way I’ll find the chest is if Fenn grabs me by the ear and points at the thing. Other than him doing that I don’t think knowing Fenn would be of any help at all, if not a detriment.

          • GOG, thanks for the good laugh. 🙂

            I have a technical question.

            My e-mails used to show a whole string, or thread of new messages.
            Now I am getting a separate e-mail for each blog entry. It fills up my inbox rather quickly these days.
            What has changed?

          • Clinger, I fully agree. Fair is for Ferris wheels. F*** the whiners.

            Goofy Old Dude, send me web logs and I’ll show you how to interpret keyword referrals and search engine hits, sans trolls. 😉 You’re telling me you’ve never been inspired by these??

            Nice site, by the way. Could also use a MySQL database of clues and plot-able map nodes submitted by us. Oh, and user rankings. Need help modeling it?

          • @specialklr: Nothing has changed on the site. Maybe your email client has made some software changes. I got several questions from yahoo users when they started grouping them instead of individual notices. Opposite of what you are asking, but still the same issue.

            If you want to tell me what client you are using I’ll check into it, or you can email me

          • @E.C……..Thanks, I’m glad you like the site and thanks for the offer but I’m familiar with data mining. I’ve set up extensive data retrieval and user info systems….mostly for retail sites. It’s important for them to know if the customers are getting what they ask for, usability of the site, if their marketing is reaching the targeted audience, etc. etc. We’ve set up separate servers just to handle the massive amount of info gathered.

            To answer your question; no, I’m not inspired by trolls. I’ve had several ask about info gathered here. We actually do very little info gathering and only that because we allow comments. We don’t even have a log-in system here, that’s handled through wordpress. I mean think about it, how much useful information are you going to get from paranoid crazy people running around the Rocky Mountains with a poem. 😆

            It’s very easy for anyone to do a keyword or term search of the site through google advanced search.

            Good idea on the database with map nodes. I’ve actually built a weighted database with several hundred complete solves and thousands of individual clues with the ability to overlay the info on my topos……I can even tell you where the best places for the chest to steal your soul are…….I wasn’t worried; all the chest would get from me is the black, pure evil, heart of a system administrator (that’s a joke for the old timers) ………But alas. I still don’t have the chest.

          • Goof,

            I did the same thing. I took the place names database and dumped it into my mysql server, then deleted anything thing that was out of the correct lat/lon/altitude, then wrote a quick windows app that would search for keywords (spanish &english) that matched poem lines, then overlayed in google earth to show the “hotspots”. What I found is the hotspots only match what I was thinking anyway & inputted as my search criteria. Go figure! GIGO.

            This of course would have worked great had Fenn hid his treasure at the intersection of “Meeker Mountain” & “Brown Trail”, right below “Cold Creek”. Apparently, he did not! 🙂

            I haven’t played with my hotspot software in over a year, but I will admit that when Fenn started saying all you need is the poem and GE and/or a map, I considered dusting it off and trying to refine it some more. Most likely it will still only predict what I already know.


          • Clinger, me too, but my recent strategy has been to put full focus on wwwh instead of clusters. I also used words from the book to enrich synonyms. That’s exactly how I landed on EC Waters, eg rusty prop assembly, and aguas tibia and the talus sign, eg Bessie the calf.

    • like i said who cares?

      there will always me matrix dressed kooks out there making kooky claims like this.

      ***K the crazy insecure haters

  82. NOW the accusers are standing up…
    Jdh, I understand what you said. If Dal feels he got a good clue from F during an interview, the gentlemenly thing WOULD be to step out. But, I think the original foorah started when Dal mentioned the book he was writing and interviwing F. Some thought he was getting into F’s head and scared D would figure things out. If you listened and understood both men, there is no way that would cross either of their minds! They are both too honorable for that! Period! So go look for the treasure and stop worrying if Dal’ s candy bar is bigger than yours! They are both the SAME!
    Sorry, I’m stopping. It’s riling my tail feathers!

  83. Plain gibberish !!! Eventually the whiners seem to have their day, but let’s not give them the key to the castle!

  84. Forrest and Dal,

    I hope you two are doing well. I know there is a lot of crap going on about inside information. I don’t believe any of it. Forrest, please don’t stop putting your scrapbooks on Dal’s site. I really enjoy them immensely. I believe you and Dal are men of the highest integrity.

    As for clues!…… We don’t need any more….. There are plenty of clues for someone to find the treasure chest…… I just hope a few ignorant searchers haven’t caused, you or Dal, any troubles or regrets. I can only say that there are always a few nuts out there…… Don’t listen to them!

    Please be assured, as you can see by gauging this blog, most, if not all searchers are behind you and Dal. I hope we can persuade you and Dal not to give up on us true searchers and keep everything the same. Thank you.

    “It’s not true…. so don’t recuse.”


    Ritt/Plato ll

  85. No, there is no suspicion of conspiracy on my part and I’ve heard no such comments from any of my searcher friends. Please, please do not give up the search. And no one should recuse; this is too much fun.

  86. Dal, please remain in the Chase. Nothing ever satisfies the killjoys.

    I have never questioned Forrest or Dal’s integrity, or the Hunt. I feel it is those who do that should be the ones who should leave the Chase. For me, the Hunt is a choice gift given generously by Forrest. It should only be taken to be enjoyed.

  87. Hmm. I’d like to see him continue. As long as Dal is actively spending his money to look for it and describing his adventures with pics here, it means a) he isn’t quitting because he already found it and reporting it would imply a future and more expensive backlash from this community, and b) his treasure hiding friend isn’t covering for him if he did find it.

    I have no reason to distrust either of them, so this should be clear, but an unclear agenda does seem to be worth discussion.

    The cold fact is that blog stats record metadata and tip the blog owner to great info:
    – ip of the viewer which tells service provider and location eg Yellowstone National Park WY
    – the search terms bringing the viewer to the blog eg “talus tibia”
    – the source site the viewer used to get there eg yahoo mail or google or …

    Running a site as a treasure hunter is a clever and useful way to gather zeitgeist intelligence and inspire new thoughts, whether the info is openly posted, awaiting moderation, or gathered from stats where viewers had no intention of revealing their thoughts.

    And Dal is a friend who has been getting into his friend’s head lately for his biography, assuming he wants to profit from this activity.

    With all of this said, it would seem from my speculations there are some strange politics behind the scenes causing such an abrupt change to walk away from these chances of a reward between $1M to $3M… Both of these gentlemen strike me as tough skinned and immune to derogatory comments. So why now?

    • ECWaters – I’ve wondered who in addition to Forrest and Dal also gathers and uses the data.

      • It only requires knowledge / attention and capability. NSA and law enforcement capabilities notwithstanding…

        ISP admins are fully capable, but probably aren’t paying attention. These stats wouldn’t likely be the target.

        – Hypothetically, a determined individual at is able to read all of Mr. Fenn’s correspondence at that email account. Likewise a Google employee at his gmail account can do the same. This is not dissimilar to how an ediscovery might be managed via a lawsuit by an aggressive firm, scouring backups / archives, and current folders for key terms. Is this legal without a subpoena? No. Possible? Of course. Probable? Maybe.

        – Hypothetically, someone with capability might attempt to prey upon Mr. Fenn’s limited knowledge of computers (he is rumored to not care much for tech), send him or coax him into installing a trojan, and gain remote access to his computer, keystrokes, and comm traffic. Highly illegal, but surprisingly common.

        – Most probable and most reasonable is that Mr. Fenn has not divulged the location to anyone and so no revealing digital communication will have been sent by him. “Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.” However this does not exclude that searchers have divulged their own search locations to Mr. Fenn, and according to him, several have gotten it right. If he has sorted these communications into any discernible structure for his own organizational purposes, an intelligent (and illegal) searcher might discover a pattern and have a go. He claims several 10s of thousands of emails have been received from different individuals. At these stakes and public visibility, the probability is reasonable that someone has been successful in gaining such access. Potential methods span from email attachments, malicious links, and the more aggressive method of hacking into his wireless network using a wardriving approach (the suspicious dude sitting in his car in his neighborhood).

        • Yes, all possible. Yet, only one man and possibly one woman have been within 500′. I doubt FF bothered to make a folder labeled ‘closest searchers’. No need: his memory is better than mine – This is a man that recites Carroll, Eliot, and Henley from memory … He sure as heck can keep those two names locked away in the “Appledore Vaults” of his mind.

          • Mapsmith, respectfully, where are you seeing “only one man and possibly one woman have been within 500′”? And how does Mr. Fenn’s memory capability with literature translate to computer email taxonomies?

          • Check sixer/Jenny’s site (linked by Dal & FF both – MysterioisWritings) and her page called ‘questions with Fenn’ where he gives that detail about the previous , somewhat ambiguous , comment about ‘searchers have been within 500 feet’. It makes it clear, to me at least, that only one person and possibly a companion, have ever described to ff a hunt where they were that close.

        • As I said, I agree about this danger. Also, FWIW & for clarification to new readers: FF hasn’t ever said, to my knowledge and research, that
          ‘several have gotten it right’. He’s said that a few searchers have managed to identify the first 2 (of 9) clues , and then they proceeded to miss the rest. So, IMO, incoming email wouldn’t be any all-trumping cheat / very valuable to a hacker without knowing WHICH emails were those few, and even then , it would still leave 7 clues that have managed to stump 100,000+ searchers for over 4 years. 😉
          Smart ideas!

          • Mapsmith, so I’ll challenge you on the emails as value suggestion. I feel like I’m qualified to do so.

            Let’s assume you are correct about the very low number of people who have correctly described the first two clues. Let’s also jump to extreme outlier probabilities and assume someone with text mining capabilities was able to gain access to Mr. Fenn’s accounts (primary target on his computer, or secondary target at the ISP email storage). Using a text mining tool like GATE ( ) to find proper names within email text as keywords and a brute-force test method, it wouldn’t take very long to sort the distribution of proper names, locate the lowest frequencies, and begin applying each to wwwh as solution tests.

        • Mapsmith, Ah! Super! I didn’t know about this source (I’m still a noob), so I thank you very much for pointing me to it. It looks like a lot of great reading and seems to be maintained fairly regularly.

          As I interpret it, he was referring to “the closest”, and not necessarily how many people have gotten the first two clues correct.

          • If you had access to the emails, data mining would be trivial.

            However, I don’t know that you could correlate your data mining results with the *exact* wwwh. I do think you would have a good shot at i, but I also think the correct wwwh has already been posted and discussed on this blog. We just don’t have a definitive “YES, ITS THIS WW”

            I also feel that the 2nd (or third depending on how you count them) clue has not been discussed in the blogs & that may be a far more valuable piece from any data mining done.


          • A wise man once told me it is not what you say it is how you say it.

            A little word play will yield: It is not the question that will give interesting answers , it is how one presents it. I found an interesting lead on WWWH.

          • Clinger, the trouble with text mining context-related blogs is filtering through the high amount of conversational noise to get to searcher-proposed solutions. While there is a page on this blog dedicated to “I think it’s here…” which is interesting, the number of solutions proposed in Fenn’s emails can safely be assumed to be considerably higher.

            You seem like a knowledgeable person in this realm. As an analytical, wouldn’t it make sense to pull searcher-proposed solutions together into a database and begin reviewing it all in a more structured approach? I could imagine photo uploads of locations and map node coords to help enrich. Visually seeing these points plotted on a map is much more rewarding than interpreting them in text.

            Maybe this idea might also get Dal back in the mood to participate.

          • EC,

            I agree in the blogosphere, you definitely will have separate the wheat and chaff.

            II was more specifically referring to if you had access to Fenn’s emails, you could easily come up with a list of all the WWWH submitted to him, and might have a good idea of which one is correct, but you still wouldn’t know 100%.

            I do like your idea on blog monitoring/distillation of common hotspots. It would be similar to how sites show what’s trending due to common search terms. I always wonder why porn isn’t trending. I guess no one search for it on the internet. 🙂


  88. Dal,

    Just read your post and wanted to share my thoughts…..

    We have never met but have communicated several times via e-mail. I consider myself to be a good judge of character and wanted to say that I don’t feel you
    have in any way demonstrated anything that shows you have an edge in the search. You have answered all questions (including mine), made all comments and
    expressed yourself in a totally neutral manner. I feel it is unfair that anyone express otherwise. Not only is this an expression of distrust in you but in Forrest
    as well.

    I understand your decision but I think you should fill up your tank, put fresh batteries in your flashlight and return to the hills. If it is you that finds that treasure
    It will only be thru hard research and work, drive and persistence that you did so.

    What are people thinking?


  89. I believe Dal, our wonderful host, should continue looking for the treasure. Who cares what these complainers have to say. There will always be complainers and we can simply ignore them as usual.

    Dal if I find it you will be sent a gold mirror for your time and effort providing this blog for us all to use. Thank you.

  90. Dal, you love to write, question, inspire, describe, etc. Your short “recuse” announcement does not (at all) fit your style or character. I respect you, your writing, and intentions. Certainly a vast majority of this community does. We not only respect you, and trust your relationship with Forrest being above board, but we gain inspiration, entertainment, and a sense of community from your various posts and musings. It took thousands of soldiers many days to over run the Alamo. It takes a few worthless comments from a minority of witless, whining a-holes to shut you down? Doesn’t add up. As a US Navy Vet I say, “Full steam ahead!” C’mon Dal, give us the full skinny. We’ve hung in there with you, like you, respect you. One short paragraph doesn’t really do it. Seriously, hope you reconsider.

  91. Dal, your writing style, especially about your search adventures, has, for me, added a breath of fresh air to my journey with this amazing “chase”. I thank you and hope you change your mind.

  92. Dal and Forrest, I am so upset. Dals Blog and my looking forward to hearing “NEWS” from Forrest….gives me a big reason to live everyday! This hunt has given me Hope for the future. I have a new reason for living everyday. Life has been so much better for me since finding this treasure hunt. Forrest is such a nice person! Please change your mind and Dont let the turkeys get you down, Dal. At times early on I felt like people on the blog made fun of me. I myself ask a question to forrest recently, about something he said. But in no way did I imply that Dal had a edge.
    Dals I really like your blog, You have integrity and I wish you the best. Sorry this has happened. Forrest please dont go. We live to hear from you and your wonderful posts!

  93. I’ve been away for a few days and was very surprised to come back to my favorite blog and find out that Dal feels compelled to stop searching for the treasure due to the unsubstantiated suspicions of some unidentified critics. Dal, I believe you are a man of integrity and I don’t think you have to “prove” anything to anybody. Your generosity is reflected in every corner of this blog. You have shared your searches, photos, interviews, links, and everything else on this blog and if that isn’t enough for some people then so be it. One thing I can say with certainty, You and Forrest will always have critics. That is a sad fact but one that will not change with you bowing out of the search. The next step for your critics will be to accuse you of being in cahoots with someone else. They will say you are giving inside info to others. Please understand that their paranoid claims will not end. Bowing out will only encourage them to do more of the same. It gives your critics a “win” that they do not deserve. Why do you want to do that? To those who feel compelled to besmirch Dal’s and Forrest’s character, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Dal, please do not stop searching–I know you have the courage to change your mind and I encourage you to do so. That is the “right” thing to do and I think there is clear consensus in all of the comments above supporting that decision. I will be awaiting your announcement…….

  94. Huh? What in tarnations is going on here? Who’s the party pooper? Dal is part of the game here. It’s Forrest’s game and Dal is one of his game pieces. Those who do not like the game the door is right over there. Thank you for playing.

    Seriously my friends Dal is obviously Forrest’s treasure chest as Forrest is jumping on top of him, protecting him, and willing to go down, buried, with him by saying he will no longer post scrapbooks. Did Forrest not say something about him jumping on his treasure chest and daring people to go find him…something to that effect?

    Dal is Forrest Fenn’s treasure chest and Dal is the Ram as depicted on the photo of the bronze chest:

    X marks the spot…eXotics

  95. Dal you and I and mr forest have been here long enough to know that something like this was bound to happen im just surprised it didn’t happen sooner I for one know that you and mr forrest are honest people don’t let something like this stop you from looking for the treasure move on and keep on doing what you are doing

  96. Dal should continue to search. It is his passion and the point of the hunt is to expose ourselves to the world. The fact that people have taken offense is sad.


  97. I made my original post on Dal stopping his search on Scrapbook Seventy-five. I said I didn’t like the idea of Dal bowing to someone’s demands. Dal has worked hard and spent untold dollars and time, not to mention all the donations for the cancer patients he has helped to acquire. He’s paid his dues and then some. Yes, it probably is true he has more access to info that others do not get, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing. Too much info overload is more like a curse than a blessing.

    I understand there is much greed out there. Many people believe they are entitled to the treasure because “they deserve it”. Like I said if Forrest wants Dal to quit that is his call to make, no one else.

  98. At first I thought it was a fairly mature move by Dal to recuse himself from the chase. I have not met Dal or Forrest, however both appear to possess many character traits which I admire: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, and Reverent. I left out clean and obedient since Dal probably sleeps in Esmarelda for days on end and Forrest has led us to believe obedient would probably be absent from his list.(and I didn’t want to get sued by an organization which doesn’t support gays) It seemed like a good idea because the relationship which has developed is much more than “the good old days”. There are reasons for promoters of contests to not allow friends and family to participate. This has been established.

    Do I believe an “unintended clue” or an oral slip may occur….. Probably not, nothing has ever occurred in the past to lead me to this conclusion. Do I believe that somehow Dal might get some intel on exactly what a Blaze might be and blurt out the story with a select few while wearing a lamp shade telling stories around a camp fire. Of course not, this doesn’t appear to be a pattern and we would have heard about it eventually.

    As I said “at first”. I am slightly alarmed by the most recent scrapebook which Fenn posted though. I want him on my team when I design a survey. His post reinforces the fact that Dal is making a good decision by recognizing what any nonsearcher would see sooner than any of us; there appears to be a conflict of interest. Fenn’s threat appears to have some manipulative qualities to it. He asked you to weigh in on a situation where there is only one answer. It’s similar to your wife asking you: “Do I look fat?” This post is disappointing to me and reinforces just how co-dependent the relationship has become. I think Fenn is extremely lucky to have found Dal as a friend. Dal would be a great fiend! I love reading Dal’s stories and his wit and humor. If I had a son, I would want him to be just like Dal. That being said; it would be difficult to promote “leveling the playing field” and at the same time talk to Dal at least once a day, give him access in ways no one else could dream of, send him emails from other searchers, and have him benefit financially from this show. Turn the lights on and open the windows for gods sakes!

    Dal: congratulations to you for being honorable and taking Mr. Fenn at his word: “This book is dedicated to all who have pushed me against my will, and made me a better person.

    The last thing a fish sees is that it’s in water. If you have any doubts, put the facts before someone who isn’t emotionally involved in the chase and see how that works. After that ask them if you can get cornered in a round room?

  99. I believe that the community created by this blog has spoken. Dal should not recuse himself from the Chase, and Forrest should continue his participation with this blog as he has in the past. I have been a Thrill of the Chase watcher from afar for almost two years now. I visit this site because I really enjoy reading it and Dal is a big part of that. Please don’t stop Dal.

  100. Forrest,
    I’ve been reading Dal’s blog for quite some time. They have provided me with much insight. Dal seems to be above average intelligence. He’s been searching what, 4 years? He has not yet found the chest. What is everybody worried about? This can only mean one thing. You, Forrest, are not good at giving inside information.
    Inside information? Bah! I don’t believe it. Why go through all the trouble of giving someone inside info when you can just tell them exactly where it is? There is no logic there.
    Dal has as much right to find it as anybody else. He has as much right to not find it as anybody else for that matter. We’ve all been doin’ a real bang up job at not finding it. Forrest, please urge Dal to get back to chasing. It wouldn’t be the same without him. Forrest please do not stop posting. The Chase would be better off if those few naysayer’s that have had their run, recuse themselves instead.

    • Dal and Forrest,

      VGBOSS you bring up a good question by your thoughts. If ff has already put his autobiography in the jar in the chest. Why is he letting Dal do another one? I could give you a number of reasons but all possibly wrong IMHO.

      What kind of Q and A has been going on? No one knows but them, we are all guessing. It’s all a quest folks… Some people are better at positioning themselves on the board… Some aren’t. However I believe in the integrity of these gentlemen… They are good honorable Men.

      Keep reading…

      Dal has said that when he first heard of this he tried to trick Forrest by pretending he was someone else and that Forrest was smarter than that. Now they are more friends than anything I do believe and don’t really discuss the treasure (to keep the friendship)

      BUT… Maybe Dal is doing the honorable thing… Maybe HE feels that HE has an advantage now. Who knows. I certainly don’t. It is ultimately his decision.

      If I were in his shoes and had befriended a guy like Forrest, that friendship would be way more important to me than the $$$$$$$. I would indeed recuse myself…. But I’m not in that position.

  101. No matter what you say someone is going to take offense to it. I sure hope no one thinks I am inferring that Dal gets insider info from Forrest. I was referring to emails etc. that Dal receives from searchers. He’s not the only one. There are other forum members who share info behide the scenes, probably most everyone. Now you have to ask who is the hypocrite?

  102. The primary point here is not about unfounded accusations coming from wherever or questions about Dal’s or Forrest’s integrity. I think what is essential is that Dal has taken the higher road, and understands what most people in an apparent position of advantage would do. The appearance alone of possible impropriety is enough to understand that he may be too intimate with the source to be universally seen as completely severed from any possibility of conflict of interest.

    “There are reasons for promoters of contests to not allow friends and family to participate. This has been established.” -Shakiri

    Dal is not caving in to anyone, which would be inappropriate, to use Forrest’s term. I think Dal understands that there must be no appearance of impropriety in a contest or challenge with high stakes, with many people pouring a sizable portion of their lives into this. The same applies to conflicts of interest in legal and political matters.

    Does Dal have advantages? Sure! Getting to interact with Forrest as a friend and see the workings of his mind and feelings, the composer of the poem, getting communications from Forrest first, can be recognized as an advantage.

    Does Dal have disadvantages? Sure! Getting to interact with Forrest as a friend and see the workings of his mind and feelings, the composer of the poem, getting communications from Forrest first, can be recognized as a DISadvantage.
    -Perhaps he is too close to the Forrest to see the trees, to see the poem in clear light without the influence of his friend.
    -It cuts both ways…

    The bottom line is that you can’t really know for sure how it would play out. It’s speculation. Did I desire for Dal to stop searching? No. And it ain’t up to me or any other person. I believe that Dal is fully capable of determining for himself what is the right path, which apparently he has done, and I would have to believe that Forrest would respect his decision and not let it influence his own desires to post. I don’t think it should be put to a vote.


    • A wee voice rising above the torches and pitch forks. I call that fortitude. The student becomes the teacher. Well said Halogetter! You have risen above the emotion. I don’t believe Dal made this decision lightly or because he was being bullied. This doesn’t need to turn into a “if you agree Dal made the right decision, I will withhold my posts” memorandum. This now puts Dal between a rock and a hard place. It’s getting harder to be Dal Neitzel.

  103. I was saddened by Dal’s post yesterday. Since when do we allow the opinions of others to affect our decisions, especially when those opinions directly involve our passions? Dal has provided everyone with an awesome resource, helpful tips and insights and a link to Forrest among many other things.

    Dal, if there’s one thing Forrest has expressed through his actions and words alike it is: Do what you’re passionate about, and don’t let anyone rain on your parade, keep on “searching for YOUR treasure” come rain or shine. I don’t know who these miserable people bringing you down are but do not allow their negativity and ungratefulness to affect your actions. Keep searching, Dal. Thank you for everything! And thank you too, Forrest!

    That is all.

  104. First time poster here…

    My impressions of Dal from the first time reading this blog (and ever since) is that he is a man of highest moral standing. Not only has Dal been fair with information he has been SELFLESS.

    I have been impressed with Dal, so much so that I’ve thought long and hard on how much of the treasure I would ‘gift’ to him if I was lucky enough to find it.

    I would bet the entire treasure that every single hunter (including the troublemakers) has benefited from his work and information sharing on this blog in one way or another.

    Sadly, the human spirit shared by Forrest and Dal is not shared by some. These people must be ignored.

    Dal, if you drop out, not only will you be missing out on what you deserve but It also allow troublemakers to effect the spirit of this hunt.

  105. Dal should continue to search if he wants to. I trust that he is not seeking inside information from Mr. Fenn. Nor do I believe that Mr. Fenn would give Dal information that would give him an unfair advantage. It is evident that the chase and this blog are being conducted with complete fairness and respect for all searchers.

  106. I think that is ridiculous n dad should keep searching n Forrest should keep posting n we should all mind our own business n if u don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. I am starting my search today n am very excited about it.

  107. I have not read all of the above, so my comments might well be redundant. To a point, a vast majority do not believe Dal gets inside info and thus should bloody well continue to search if it is his desire. I hope ff continues to post and everyone should take this thing a whole lot less seriously. As is often the case, a noisy minority may well spoil the fun for all. I sincerely hope such will not be the case here. Dal, press on!

  108. I have no idea why my recent post id’d me as ff, it should say wd. Hope no confusion was created.

  109. I do not believe that it matters one way or the other. The only advantage Dal has is being able to determine through IP addresses more or less where people are posting from. It does help to weed out the false professors who claim to have the treasure in possesion. After my latest trek, I have realized WWWH, so, IMO the chest shall be claimed very soon. I have been within 500 ft three times now without realizing it before last weekend. I now know where to search and I wont be putting another darn tree rub on my truck again so it will keep from looking like Esmerelda. I will take my son along for the adventure. Hopefully, I can get to the treasure this weekend. We shall see. Meanwhile, I say let Dal search. He has as much chance of finding it as any of us! This has been fun. Thank you, F.

  110. All,

    I think Dal should continue his adventures! He has provided great insight and have let people enjoy his adventures w/him. That’s what this whole chase is about anyway enjoying sharing treasure stories and bragging about finding treasure…We all get butt hurt from time to time but we all must remember that we can’t please everyone all the time and can’t solve all people’s problems. Have patience on finding the answers to the clues and enjoy the ride!

  111. YES this was a joke!! sorry for the confusion. I didn’t ealize it would be taked the wrong way.

    • Oh! Good!
      (As in Jack Sparrow’s response to Will Turner’s “I’d DIE for her!”

  112. I like Dal and his persistence, but I think he gives in a little too easy when people start complaining. The world is full of people that think others should do things the way they think they should be done. It sounds to me like these people are in the chase for the wrong reasons, they have no confidence, are controlling in nature, and are always worrying about the other guy. I have worn the uniform for 25 years, been blackballed, passed over for numerous jobs, called names because Ive held people above me accountable for their actions, but I will never let others define who I am or what I do because they don’t agree with it. I think Dal should do what makes him happy, and remember that we are all here for the pleasure of others. It makes Dal happy to search, and others happy to read about his searches.

  113. I am not sure where the concept of rules about this search originated. This is not General Moters giving away a car or Walmart giving away a toaster. It is one man having fun and giving away a bunch of valuable items placed in a chest. He has stated over and over he is the only one who knows where the chest is located. Check some of the early interviews with Forrest where he has stated the search is open to everyone. There is not a list of people that are excluded from the search, not even his wife. The original concept of the chase has not changed in over three years, it shouldn’t change now.

  114. Nobody in their right mind should ever assume that all searchers are on a level playing ground. Guess what… someone will find Forrest’s treasure, and it might or it might not be Dal, and it might not be you! Whether Dal be the finder or not, the finder will probably have outwitted and outlasted the rest of us, AND the finder is likely to have information the others don’t have for whatever reason. Go after it, stop the whining, and I’ll try to listen to my own advice.

  115. If dal was getting info hed have the chest already. The chase is for everyone. Forrest shared with no one the location. Not even his wife. two people can keep a secret If one of them is dead. Keep searching deal and forrest give us some good clues!! Something we can use!!!

  116. Dal, it doesn’t matter if you return to sanity, and it doesn’t even matter if you return to integrity (which I don’t believe you abandoned anyway), just return to the search. Don’t be a quitter!

  117. If Dal were to quit searching then I think that Forrest should retrieve the treasure chest so we can all go home and give up the chase. But hopefully that won’t happen because I believe Dal should continue to search his locations like the rest of us are doing. Forrest has done something incredible by creating this chase and he has done it in such a way that even his own family members could participate if they wanted to do so. The Thrill of the Chase has instilled energy into those of us who want to be a part of something wonderful and I don’t just mean finding the treasure chest. No one should quit, least of all Dal, unless she or he elects to do so of their own free will. That said, if Dal quits then we all should consider the chase ended and the blog should be shut down as well!

  118. Additional: VERY few people have searched as much as Dal has. So VERY few can relate. But I’m sure we all will get there. You get to a point where you’ve run out of ideas and placed to look. Going someplace just for the sake of random will only be a waste of time and money as f has stated nobody will get there by chance.

  119. Dal keep searching and don’t let anyone stop you. Your relationship as a videographer for Forest, as well as holding his friendship, has deepened both of your lives .And who gives a HOOT what anyone has to say about a so- called “inside edge”. Heck with them!!!
    If you had this so- called insider information then why hasn’t Martha Stewart given you a High Five and FF be thanking you for his bracelet back?? Hmmm??
    40 some odd trips and the ones that you haven’t even deemed necessary to count because they were the guiding of others ‘clues’ while taping. OMG! Some people’s kids. LOL Goodness Gracious!! Great Balls of Fire!!!
    You just go ahead now…. I hope you do find it and put it to good use! and help out others lives also, I would like to do that and haven’t yet found it either 🙂
    Too busy drivin’ trucks around the country to look but hope to get back to wilderness camping with my son this summer in Montana 🙂

  120. Mr. Dal, and Mr. Fenn
    Both are honorable men.
    There is a perception.
    But there is NO deception.
    The search must continue, there is no choice.
    You go Dal, you go Fenn, someday we will rejoice.

  121. Dal,

    I don’t know you and you don’t know me. What I do know is, just as you can’t prove you aren’t getting inside information from Forrest, you also can’t prove you’ve stopped searching. 😉 I hope your announcement to “stop searching” was to subtly point out that exact irony and you are still hot on the treasure’s trail! But seriously, you do a great job with this blog and I can’t imagine half of the negative emails, posts, etc., that you have to filter through everyday. I’m sure I would be sick of dealing with it as well, so I’m not here to try and get you back in the game. All I want to say is I appreciate your stories and dedication to this treasure hunt, and I hope this is only a temporary sabbatical.


  122. Listen good and hear me well. If it were not for Dal’s blog we all would be searching places that would not provide us with the desired results.
    I remind everyone here and elsewhere that Dal has shared sites with us all.
    Thus giving us one more place to mark off on our maps as searched.

    This does not mean that the treasure was not in the area, it means we know where not to look. Personally I would LMAO if Dal found it and with the aid of Forrest he hid it again!

    Consider this; If Dal had not created this blog and kept quiet about his activities and wrote a book on his searchs he could have made a lot more money than the chest contains… Oh I bet that never occurred to some of those who would rather sit at a computer and attempt to have our sources of entertainment and information reduced in order to gain some misconceived advantage.

    If I were Forrest I would go collect the chest in secret and donate most of the contents to a children’s cancer research hospital. And put an end to the hunt, sadly. However this may just suit those who are so selfish and self consumed.
    The mindset of “If I can not find it, I’ll make it harder for everyone else.” Really sux , Get a Life!

    Dal do not give into these naysayers, cause if you do we all lose. Not just the information you provide of your chase’s we lose our escapes from the rat race.

    Only the highest regards for you and Forrest.

    Oh by the way oh naysayers. You have succeeded in temporarily derailing some searchers. Do you feel better now? Did you gain the advantage you thought you would? Seriously lets move back to the search, this is such a waste of time.

    • Fear not, Chad ! This Chase will not go by the wayside. There has been plenty of negativity and just plain nonsense all along. These times always pass and the search goes on. Dal obviously is a very honest man w/ high standards. It is his choice to recuse himself to save the integrity of this grand adventure. Be safe and good luck searchers…I can’t wait to see the book written by Dal ! If Forrest stops posting scrapbook entries, that will be the worst!

  123. In my opinion Forrest is a man of great integrity. And as far as his old friend Dal, well you know what they say… birds of a feather flock together.

  124. In life, all that people fondly remember are who was generous and who was the good sport.

    If you are both of those things, you can ignore the guttersnipes.

  125. Forrest……Dal has probably put more energy into this venture then anyone else. He has kept it insightful, intriguing and exciting for all participants. Plain and simple…..nothing needs to change here. Those people that are being negative and questionable and are doubting Dal’s and your integrity should take up a collection among themselves… some video games and go sit on the couch! Let’s not lose momentum…..let the search continue with Dal right up front!

  126. The problem with Dal is he is too nice, too ethical, too helpful, and worries too much about what other people think.

    Dal, get over yourself, and come back to the chase! NOW!

  127. Mr Dal, Mr Fenn
    For you to quit would be a sin.
    Both of you must stay “ALL IN”

  128. Dal has been searching for the chest longer than anyone on all the blogs. If he had inside info he would have it by now. He should not give up the chase for any reason. It’s his right to try and find it as much as anyone else.


  129. Sarcasm:
    Ok, a good friend of f is taken out. How many good friends does Dal have? Probably many. How many of those people have good friends etc. ……….. and then there were none (except for those who are not friendly who can search on)

    WRONG! As I said earlier recusing oneself defies logic. However it is Dal’s choice and I support his choice…… a little bit.

  130. My Goodness Folks,, Seriously, you think FF can’t keep his secret to himself? I agree with previous comments… It’s obvious if Dal had more inside info than we do, Dal wouldn’t be searching still and the game would’ve been long over.
    Besides, if one actually had the privelage of visiting with Mr Fenn, you know just how mixed up you become and walk away with more confusion and no new clues.
    We need Dal in the Chase. He’s very inspiring and generously gives his talent and time in providing us all a forum.
    It’s Fair Game.
    Don’t leave us Dal!
    Wild Kat~

  131. Dan from Minnesota has three requests:

    1. Dal, please return to the search and post comments on this blog. I don’t believe you have an unfair advantage and I have never questioned your integrity. In fact, your ideas/comments on this blog have helped me brainstorm. Thank you, by the way.

    2. Forrest, please keep talking. Whether it’s a helpful clue or information that has the appearance of a clue but really isn’t, I enjoy hearing from you. Thank you for the chase! It’s been a fun and unique hobby!

    3. Someone please find this treasure soon. If it can’t be me, that’s fine. I’m eager to know the correct solution to the poem.


  132. Absolutely, Dal should continue searching! No question. Carry on, Dal, and the best of luck to you in the chase.

  133. Not knowing if Dal or FF are still reading this blog, what if we make an “official” request to Dal and Mr. Fenn. Goofy didn’t you help with design of this blog? What if a petition to return was written up, posted, and all bloggers could sign it with their blog handle. In a few days it would then be formally sent to both Dal and FF. Would this help, or is just a crazy idea? What does everyone think? We need to do anything and everything to get them BOTH back on board.

    • @BW; There have been many great comments posted here. In my opinion if they can’t get how everyone feels from these post they will never get it……But if you guys want to do something else I will.

      But hey, if they don’t come back that means we can do whatever we want with the blog. I’m sure we can come up with lots of creative things to post. For example, a whole posting about the Coriolis Effect.

      If all the sweatie pie stuff doesn’t work, maybe fear will. That should scare both of them back pronto. 🙂

      • Ahhhh….the Coriolis effect. First written in a paper by Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis in 1835. The theory of why things spin.

      • Goofy, from your previous post of your experience in the mountains, I just have one question…..How’s your Shakespeare?

        • Mark, my knowledge of Shakespeare would peg the dumb meter. I passed those classes out of pure pity from the professors.

          A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

          • but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

            or one believes them to be wise and right. Sorry GG, this is my oxymoron.

            Anyone need the definition over the age of 18? We Fight for Peace?

  134. This is a crazy idea to quit. Anybody with half a brain knows that Forrest has too much integrity to provide any inside information. Dal is the soul of this search. He has probably put more time into this search than anybody else, so if he ends up finding it, he certainly deserves it. But it won’t be because he got inside information. It will be because he earned it. For crying out loud, stop this nonsense and get back to searching. Dal, we all need you in the game.

  135. 30 plus searches and no treasure. Yep, sounds like he is receiving excellent inside info.

    Dal, I will be very disappointed if you allow a few individuals to influence your decision to chase.

    I’m actually on the Chase right now.

  136. Dal, Don’t care what they say…..If I was you. I would say” EAT my Dust”! and keep searching till the money runs out!

  137. Forrest Fenn would NOT put his whole heart into something like this and then turn around and undermine the entire thing by letting someone cheat. Anyone who truly belives that nonsense is probably digging up an outhouse in Idaho and mumbling to themself how noone should be allowed to search inYellowstone. lol. Dal, don’t give idiots any positive reinforcement. You deserve the same chance as anyone else.

  138. Dal, all the more reason you should go in peace if you find it. FF’s wise words apply to all. I personally plan to use an alternate to post pics of proof. It wasn’t me that found the chest, wish it was….

  139. If anyone deserves to find it – its Dal….. go on and tell him where it is Mr. Fenn – really piss everyone off 😉

      • Oh,, I actually like this statement Stan. If one is capable of solving the poem they will well deserve to find it.

        Much creativity in this beautiful blog, but the one finder must go quietly in peace upon finding the chest after solving the true solve ff has laid for this chase.

        • BTW, I believe ff has prob been over cautious to not give Dal clues of any form based on the awareness he has and prob always had regarding the aftermath that would occur if someone as close as Dal were to make the solve because of info given accidentally. The solve is the solve and if you know it like ff or me imo… you could easily not give Dal one single clue. bc it would be easy to know if the lines of conversation crossed the lines of the solve. just imgaho!

          • Technology has afforded our generation opportunities we never imagined. Texting and email are efficient, but not effective, to share information. They prohibit hearing the inflection in the voice, seeing the twinkle in the eye, the nod of the head, feeling the support and compassion of an outstretched hand through a gentle touch on the arm. Perception is our reality The surge of anger, humor, and joy felt when reading these posts, keep us engaged with each other and feeling alive! Exploring and embracing our differences, without prejudice, is critical to live in a civilized society. A blog such as this, needs to be a safe place to express any opinion, regardless if we agree or not. While I do not agree with comments regarding the integrity of Dal or Forrest, I recognize that each of us has the right to say what we want when we want. It is OK to agree to disagree. We cannot allow comments or opinions we dispute dictate our lives, else we might stay indoors all day with the curtains drawn and the phone off the hook. Dal and Forrest…..I challenge both of you to understand, appreciate, and embrace, the right to have different opinions and make inflammatory remarks…..but do not allow this to cheat us, and both of you, from continuing as before. It would be a cold day in Hell before I ever allowed anyone or anything to dictate what side of the cracker I butter. Yall are better than that. By the way Forrest, you know me as “Sleepless in Seabrook”. Best to both of you and your families. XOXOXOXO

        • “…take the phone off the hook.” I love how people of my generation think and write. I’ll definitely be using, “… dictate what side of the cracker I butter” in my next harangue about freedom. Thanks for that, Southern Belle. Children of The Greatest Generation, unite! Let’s try and keep Dal and Forrest on track. It’s the least we can do for these guys.

  140. Dal, pull your skirt down, your knees are showing! IMO, your acting like a little kid. Over there pouting cuz someone said something to you. Who cares?! Your just ruining it for yourself and everyone else. If thats how you really feel then just stop searching secretly. You don’t need to post a pitty comment and act like a child.

    • Wow, tough love dude.

      I guess I’m feeling compelled to say (or remind) that until there is some proof of the trove, this entire experience is an act of faith. If there is anyone here who knows Forrest or Dal personally, then they have some advantage for themselves only as to the truth of anything said related to this adventure. Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not able to discern either way about Dal or Forrest’s integrity, just as they don’t know mine. I can say that I’m honest and can find someone to post on my behalf, but the twisted reality is that we must always prove ourselves over and over to each new individual we meet and hope to gain their trust. We all have to make our own decisions about who to trust and to what extent and in what context. It’s just life, and unless you are Mother Theresa you have to run the risk that your faith may be more hope than empirical evidence. For my part, I download pages and search off-line rather than use the blog’s search box. If Dal is truly a competitor in the chase, then I prefer my search terms are not available in the site logs. Does that mean I distrust Dal? Not now. Why do I say it this way? Well, admittedly I went through a period of conflict regarding an unwholesome solution to the poem. I did have misgivings that made me question many things about the chase. I chose to assume that that was not the ‘correct’ solution. Again, I have no proof, I simply decided to assume good intentions because that seemed to be much more productive than the alternative. In my opinion the only thing we can do is to ask;

      Dal, do you believe you have an unfair advantage that warrants you recusing yourself from the chase? I trust you will act appropriately.

      • Dal should act appropriately. He should high tail his ass to the treasure site and look for it, as all searchers should. Ask yourself this, if you were listening to Fenn give a talk at CW bookstore and he said something that triggered you into the perfect solution, would you then recuse yourself because you heard too much, or share this advantage with everyone on the blog because you have some sense of fairness???? Of course not. People are only miffed because Dal has more opportunities to hear these then they do. They need to get over it.

        Knowing something more than another searcher is not unfair. Having better equipment, not unfair. Having more time to search, not unfair. Having more access to Forrest than others, not unfair. Even if Forrest told Dal the exact spot to look with GPS coordinates. That’s NOT unfair!!!!!! All of these things are certainly advantages, but not unfair.

        Forrest doesn’t owe us anything in this chase. We are not entitled to an equal probability of finding his treasure. At this point, I wouldn’t blame him if he just went and picked it up & put it on display somewhere with a sign that says “Whiners, need not apply!”.


        • I think you are way off Clinger. Forrest invited us all to participate in his chase and we all presume we have a fair chance. Forrest owes us that. Why would we spend our resources and risk our safety if at any time the treasure could be given to dal? If dal recused himself and Forrest feels his reasons were for inappropriate reasons then so be it. dal is employed by Forrest and like any contest offered by a company their employees are not allowed to participate. Further, how can any of us consider what is right or wrong if we don’t know all the details? In keeping that many of us feel dal is a man of integrity, is it that dal knows something inappropriate happened and knows it would not be right for him to participate in the Chase? If so then how can all the cheerleaders here expect dal to compromise his personal integrity at the expense of their own pleasures? I think dal is doing the right thing.

          • Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! 🙂

            We are definitely on opposite sides of the court here.

            Forrest didn’t invite me? He didn’t lay down any ground rules? He didn’t call it any kind of contest? He simply hid the chest and wrote a peom/book & said I was welcome to search. That’s It.

            I think where people become misguided is that because Forrest does try to level the field as much as possible, people then begin to feel entitled. From your statements, I can tell that you feel entitled to a fair chase. Tell me why you feel that way?

            You said. ” Forrest owes us that.” – That’s ridiculous. Why would Forrest owe us anything? I don’t have any type of contract with him, written, verbal, or implied.

            You state: “Why would we spend our resources and risk our safety if at any time the treasure could be given to dal? ”

            If you truly feel that way…then YOU quit the chase, don’t expect someone else to.

            I disagree with this statement as well. “like any contest offered by a company their employees are not allowed to participate”

            This isn’t a contest. A contest implies a rule book and legal structures in place. This is a simple treasure hunt. Searchers can, if they like, go look for treasure. I didn’t sign up anywhere, nor did I get a copy of rules. Additionally, if a company does have a contest they are NOT required by anyone to mandate their employees to sit out. Most do, because they are having the contest as a marketing plan and it’s for their customers & they are trying to make sure the customers don’t have the same feelings your having about the chase. However, we aren’t customers of Forrests & the feelings of “I’m entitled to a fair shot” are simply not true.

            I hope I didn’t sound too harsh. I didn’t mean to be, and I don’t fault anyone for feeling this way. I just firmly believe it’s misguided & I would like ask questions and get people to think about “Why” they feel that way.

            We live in a country now where it’s easy to begin feeling entitled, even for little things. I got irritated back in the winter as I needed some cold and flu medicine. It was midnight. I went to WalMart and they were out of my favorite brand. How dare they!!! Then I realized, I had gotten so used to going to WalMart, anytime day or night, and getting exactly what I want, when I want it, that I had started to think that Walmart owes me this.. It’s just simply not true. They just do such a great job, that I became used to it & was feeling entitled.

            Forrest only gives us title to the gold once we find it. We are not ENTITLED to it.


          • Play by house rules, enjoy the game, you are free to walk away anytime. But remember you entered the game knowing the dealer holds all the cards and calls the game. Keep it simple. Keep it respectful. Please be ladies and gentlemen.

  141. Forrest would never give out privilege information to anyone or his entire legacy would have been for not. And just remember if Dal got special hints then why are you still looking – he would already have the treasure and what made Forrest Fenn a household name would be tarnished for a very long time to come. It just wouldn’t happen – this hidden treasure is very important to FF and he isn’t about to throw it all away by telling someone where it is. If he wanted Dal to have something he would give him something else of value from his collection. Get smart people and use your head.

  142. I just want to say this. If Dal got advantageous information that one day could lead him to the trove… it him you’d blame?


    • Stephanie – nope. I’d congratulate him and thank him for finally bringing this distraction to an end and hope he shares the solution. I would do exactly the same for any not-Dal finder.

    • Stephanie,

      Blame? For what? For being around when Fenn says something that sparks a solution?

      You have been to visit Forrest, had multiple emails with him, seen him speak. Should you recuse yourself because you may have heard something that we didn’t? Should we blame you if found the treasure after a conversation or email you had with Forrest?

      I wouldn’t blame you one bit, nor expect you to quit the chase.


      • Clinger, if I haven’t been lied to…then I have a lot of clues that were given to me that you didn’t get. There are a lot of others who have as well. Especially girls in my opinion.

        I wouldn’t recuse myself from the search for that. It’s “supposed” to be for a chest worth a million dollars. Why have we all tried to get close to him and be his best friend? Why are people on here saying that Dal shouldn’t quit when he’s probably the biggest competition that people know about? Forrest said he would cut all the searchers off from future info if he did.

        I want to make it clear 100%…I like Dal even though I’ve been a jerk to him on occassion. I’ve only ever said that I was jealous of his relationship with Forrest and to me that’s a logical and emotional response in my situation.

        I wouldn’t blame anyone who used what they got to get info. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t find fault….

        BTW, I’m not searching. I’m going to write a book that gives all my information away to hope to recoup money I spent. Feel free to throw stones.


        • Well there’s a book I wouldnt buy…lol. I don’t know Stephanie at all but what I have heard…..lets just say im all set knowing her or hearing anything she has to say.

        • Stephanie – Clearly the insider info you’ve received has also led to finding it. Just like Dal.

          Positive is more attractive than negative. You seem pretty convicted about your new path. I hope you’re happy and the results match your expectations, but not likely.

          • Maybe it’s not out there to find.

            So truth speaking is negative or it’s just not something some people want to hear?

          • Jeese!
            I don’t want anyone to think that my recusal has anything to do with Stephanie’s complaints. She has a whole different vision of who Forrest is and what this treasure hunt is all about, than I do. Stephanie has become disallusioned with the chase apparently because she cannot find the treasure. She seems to be saying something very similar to what the 5 folks who all had different solutions and went to different places have said on this blog. That is:
            “Everyone else on this blog is stupid. I figured it out. I went to the place where the chest was hidden but it was not there so someone has already gotten it.” (paraphrase)

            They are so convinced their solution was THE solution and that they are smarter than the other seven thousand people trying to decipher the poem that they cannot even imagine that they were wrong. I wish I had that confidence in myself. It never occurred to them that they had the incorrect solution all along…that they are no smarther than the rest of us. Not even after Forrest has told us that the chest is still out there.

            In Stephanie’s case she appears to be saying:
            “I’ve looked for over three years in a hundred places and the chest has not been there. So Forrest is a liar and a cheater…The treasure hunt is a hoax…and by the way he has also tried to seduce me and lots of other girls who have not found the chest…and by the way I have spent all my savings and my marraige and life are in a shambles and it’s all Forrest’s fault.”

            Then she signs off with the address of her forum in case anyone wants to hear more of her complaints. I visited chasechat yesterday and see that she intends to expose Forrest for what he is..and possibly me too…maybe some others here. She will probably blame someone’s suicide on Forrest. She may blame some injuries and arrests on Forrest as well…blame, blame, blame…
            It’s always someone else’s fault.

            I’ve corresponded with people who have been injured looking for the treasure. I’ve corresponded with two people who were arrested looking for the treasure. I’ve corresponded with one woman who got herself in a prediciment and ended up being “rescued” by the authorities. None of these folks…not a one… has ever suggested that Forrest was to blame for their predicament. They all understand they took chances…their decision..and the decisions THEY made resulted in unintended consequences.

            Yet another element of Stephanie’s complaints appear to be that she feels I get information she does not. JEALOSY..negative thoughts based on fears of disadvantage. Once again, logic defies her concerns…Have I found it…absolutely not. Have I been looking…absolutely yes… If I thought like Stephanie I should be the one complaining..according to her I get information she does not..I am closer to Forrest than she is..I correspond with Forrest on a daily basis…yet I have not found it…I should be the one on a rampage. I should be the one complaining and threatening to expose everyone and everything..

            But of course I am not…I don’t even think that way. It’s not what I know…it’s what I don’t know…what I have not figured out…what I have not been able to imagine that keeps me from finding the chest…Let me repeat that..
            It’s not what I know…it’s what I don’t know…
            and I don’t know the same things that Stephanie doesn’t know. I don’t know what the poem means. I don’t know where the treasure is and I don’t know how to figure it out.

            But I’ll be damned if I am going to stop now…
            You know what Stephanie..your constant whining has made me decide to get back in this contest.

            I’ll look for this chest until the day I die…or until you find it …and you know why?…because it’s fun..because I love exploring..because I believe in Forrest and because I really like all the great people who are also out there looking for it..I love the people on this blog who are encouraging me and everyone else to grab the banana…


          • Did I miss something?

            Is Stephanie….Mrs. 500ft from the treasure…jump ship?

            Is she on Team TreasureMayNotBeReal?

          • Haha Dal. Big surprise lol. I don’t have any monetary reason for my comments…well, except for the fact that I’m writing my memoir…didn’t someone suggest that?

          • Welcome Back Dal! Now time to open up a big ole can of Canadian whoopAss!
            The Wolf

          • Hoorah Dal, for breaking silence.

            This also makes it clear why Forrest was not the one to bring a halt to this nonsense.

            Stephanie exposed her hand when she showed us her cynical, skeptical, side by openly stating that she is an atheist.

            I remember when a searcher opened a web site offering to sell their solution to the poem. There was a great outcry. Now Stephanie wants to sell a book???

            WELCOME BACK, DAL!

            Forrest, we still need you!

          • LOL Special k, because I’m an atheist?

            Do you really think that’s why you haven’t heard from Forrest?

            How do you breath with all that sand around your nose?

            Believe me. I’ll be the first to admit that my head was stuck in the sand about all this too for a long time.

          • I have no idea where this post will fall as the thread has gotten a little convoluted, but..


            I’m glad you’re fired up again & in it to win it!

            Sorry you are sour at the world now, but I still don’t agree with your concerns about false treasure & nefarious activities.

            Special KLR,
            I’m not sticking up for Stephanie, but the fact that she is an atheist has ZERO impact on her character, morals, cynicism, or status as an upstanding citizen and person. Actions are what define these traits, not labels, or religious associations. I know plenty of worthless piece of crap Christians, and plenty of fine atheists..& vice versa.


        • I think the book is a great idea for you. I also think you should continue to search if you like.

          I do understand how some can have an emotional response & can empathize with that. I just don’t agree with the concept that some have that Dal has an unfair advantage.

          Advantage…yes. Unfair…no.

          Would my odds increase if Dal stopped looking? Of course. Do I think Dal has an advantage via his personal relationship with Forrest? Small, but yes. Do I think he should stop looking out of a sense of right or wrong, or a sense of honor? Emphatically, NO.

          • Thanks Clinger. Who knows what advantage anyone has. We don’t even know if it’s really been placed out there. The only seemingly proof we have is that it was seen back in 2010. Do we know if it was liquidated and meant just to be a legend? Anyone who says they know one way or other…..doesn’t.


        • You go Stephanie, Dal might have health issues or some other reason for recusing himself. It all sounds odd to me. Forrest made his statement clear and that is ‘NOUGH SAID for me. I am still in the chase and did you read that about the guy’s solve with the Y11 route and I 90 and all!! That was all sort of involved and way too complicated but could be plausable. Who knows I will not stop until it is found. Mr. Fenn sure has gotten a lot of nuts and scandels and Hoopla and back biting and back stabbing going on surrounding this treasure. He personally has not started nor incouraged it himself but to all of the searchers out there WE NEED TO KEEP THIS A CLEAN SEARCH AND FUN AND ENJOY GETTING OUT INTO THE WILDERNESS WITH OUR FAMILIES AND USE OUR MINDS TO SOLVE, OUR BODIES AND SOULS TO EXPLORE, AND OUR SENSES TO OBTAIN A NEW RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD AND NATURE!!! Get over yourselves searchers do not act like children and feel everone is out to get you and steal your gold…. It is a true treasure hunt but stay friendly and remember what would Jesus Do. People grow up and find inner peace and your own rainbows and have fun do not be mean and spiteful we are all equal in this chase and Mr. Fenn has made sure of that . Has anyone had the chest in their hands and shown any photos ? Any REAL proof they have fond it and contacted Mr. Fenn? I think not .Blogg with love and support of other searchers . ONLY CHILDREN ACT AS MOST HAVE ON ALL OF THE TTOTC SITES AND IT NEEDS TO STOP!!! ALL OF US ARE MATURE ADULTS AND NEED TO WORK TOGETHER TO CHAT AND BE LIGHT AND AIRY ON BINDING TOGETHER ON A COMMON HOBBY !! SHOW SOME HOME TRAINING AND BE FRIENDS AND NOT SNARLY JUST CHAT AND BE LIGHTHEARTED. IT IS SERIOUS I KNOW BUT IT IS A WAY TO GET AWAY AND HAVE FUN MEET OTHERS AND ENJOY THE CHASE NOT BACK BITE EACH OTHER. GROW UP AND CONTINUE THE CHASE. SEE YOU ALL IN THE FUNNY PAPERS!!Judy M. MS GIRL

        • Stephanie, you do realize that you also fall into the category of “I’ve got info. you don’t have, according to your statements.” I call that a double standard. You can’t have it both ways and complain.

          • Stephanie,eing a non-believer in a higher power, how can she believe that FF also hid a treasure. It’s all about trust, no matter what your pursuit.

  143. OK, I will say it…….EAT MY DUST! This is too anyone who thinks I have special information from Forrest. LOL…..hehehe….Its a pirates life for me……..

  144. Who can blame the guy for settling this territory early in the chase. Now there’s all kinds of new development and the taxes are apparently going up! Dal deserves a ‘Grandfather Clause’ allowance on his turf, even if thar is gold under them there feet o’ his. Seriously, I think Dal did hear something Forrest said some time ago (paraphrasing from tarnished memory) “The idea of a treasure is more (valuable?) than the treasure itself.”

  145. Is this Fenn speak? “I was just informed that Dal has recused himself from the search for reasons I think are inappropriate….f ”

    At first read, one may think that Dal recused himself in a position of integrity, and Forrest disagrees that the recuse is necessary. I suppose many of us like Dal, he is one of us and like a friend, so grammatically we infer that the word “inappropriate ” is modifying or referring to the word “recused”. We infer that the recusal is inappropriate. It appears Dal thinks he knows something that gives him some unfair advantage. It appears Dal is not going to collect the prize, to collect it now would be forever tainted, and he is stepping aside for us to figure it out. If so, Dal has all my respect and admiration, and he is a truly better person than most. So, Forrest is polling public opinion of Dal to keep him in the chase. It is obvious that public opinion for Dal (and Forrest) is very high. Is that to keep the blog and spin alive, or out of friendship, or respect, or fairness, or maybe Dal is a character like an unknowing chess piece in this story? It is up to those two guys to work it out and not me.

    Or, does the quote above have a double meaning? I am just throwing it out there for you guys to discuss. Someone better versed in grammar than I can unravel this one. “Reasons” is the object of the preposition “for”, and “inappropriate” is modifying “reasons”…Does this quote above mean Forrest thinks that Dal did something inappropriate, Forrest called Dal out on something, they had some sort of disagreement, so Dal recused himself?

    There is a big difference of interpretations here. Only Dal and Forrest know what this is all about and I think each is honorable enough not to spill it all out on some internet blog. I am not taking sides with anyone, I am just a lowly homebrewer trying to figure it all out. None of this gets me any closer to the treasure. I think we all hold each of them in high regard and owe them a boat load of debt for all of their generosity, sharing, and for leading us all on a fantastic journey of personal growth. I don’t keep up on this daily and have not read all the scrapbooks and responses, but I sensed something amiss between Forrest and Dal going back to Scrapbook 70, and the Tewa connection.

  146. So really what is this all about? Did I miss something? Did someone or some “newbee” say something to dal about him having special favors? Lots of people sitting at a computer will never hunt! Yet they are experts on the whole chase! I have seen this before. Who cares what THEY or THOSE SAY? Anyone? What post or person had this effect ton the chase? Thanks……..

  147. I believe it is between Forrest and Dal and that is honorable enough for me. I Hope Dal will continue to have his TTOTC Blog and we can still obtain informative information from this site. Good luck in the future Dal and hopefully we can still E-mail you and chat and follow all of your other endeavers. Thanks for being our chat buddy and we look forward to still chatting and hearing from you on all subjects . Thanks for all of your insights over the years. MS. Girl PS We hope there are no health issues involved. I know you had eye trouble a while back and hope there are not any other issues!!! Let us know if there is anything you need or want to chat about. Lots of luck Judy M. from MS. See you in the funny papers and Much best wishes. If you need any of our help just let us know. PEACE OUT.

  148. There’s also the possibility that Forrest might have, accidentally, gave Dal a BIG CLUE, and Dal feels guilty about it…….

  149. If Del has any inside info from ff, he should have found the box by now. He should have as much right to hunt for the box as any one else. I feel ff is having as much fun with the mystery as we are talking and looking. No one is going to get heads up info. from ff, quit crying go looking. THANKS and having fun in life…

  150. No Siree bob, no,no,naught, never,isn’t, nuh-uh, that’s a negative on the ending…..
    Seriously guys, I thought this chase would be a tragedy, but really?

    Tensions inside the room rise like the rattlers on a snake’s tail, as Fenn puts his russian smith and wesson model 3 on the table. “No, ol’ son, I don’t think you ‘re through. We have too much in this game for you to walk away now. And turn off that dang Kenny Rogers song. I am really starting to get riled.”
    “What are you gonna do ol’ man. Shoot me in the back?”
    “No, but there are plenty gunslingers around these parts that will. The game’s not over til I say it is. Bartender, a round for everyone on me. Now deal those cards.”
    (insert double omegas here)

    word for the day: myrmecophilous

  151. Dal – Glad you are back in the chase!

    The thing is — folks gotta remember that you can’t participate in the Chase unless – you love the chase itself… not the finding of the treasure… but the puzzle, the wonder, the exploring, the hiking, nature … that’s what the Chase is about … ya – it’s exciting to think you might find a treasure, but that can’t be the motivating factor… you need to put yourself in a position so that you have the freedom to go out and look… but you can’t take on financial burden and stress, in the hopes that you will pay it back with the treasure…. and if you are living that way – you will be miserable. Also – I believe that anyone who has become disillusioned with the Chase should look on the bright side – they learned this lesson in the last few years – before the opportunity to learn is gone.

    You gotta do what you love, and live simply. I believe that is what the Chase is about.

  152. This is better than ANY soap opera on TV today! We’ve got Stephanie playing the antagonist, stating perhaps this is all one big “game” and there is no chest of gold….meanwhile the lead role is threatening to quit talking to his “family”, and the protagonist is doing emotional flip-flops! Why is it so hard to understand? Whether or not the chest is actually out there only matters to two people…the finder, and Forrest Fenn. The people that choose to take Forrest’s words at face value believe the actual treasure chest exists, and is hidden as FF has stated, this is why we search. Then there are those that are just inspired by the story, and go off on adventures of their own, like the family that searched in California recently. Then we have the obsessed people that give the chase their full attention…at the cost of loved ones, finances, work, etc. They have an addictive personality, and the chase is like a drug high for them. Some have recovered, only to relapse once again. others have recovered, and now preach against the “evils” of the chase…blaming the game instead of the player. What it all boils down to is a personal choice…just like religion. You either believe it, don’t believe it, or are undecided. Maybe you believed it once upon a time, but now you don’t…or maybe you never did believe it…but now you do…whatever category you fit into, there is room for you here on Dal’s BLOG. But remember…It’s DAL’S BLOG. It’s Forrest Fenn’s treasure hunt. They make the rules, not us. We are all welcome to participate, at whatever level we choose to, but we must all keep in mind that the threads that make up the fabric of this chase are; faith in one man’s words, confidence in our knowledge of the meaning behind his words, and trusting his disciples to deliver the words he shares…Without this foundation of hope and faith, the chase is just another story. WE ALL WANT TO FIND THE CHEST!! But it should not define who we are, or the life choices we make. In the end, it really is about the search…not the find.

  153. I’m going to close this scrapbook to comments so we can move on. But first I want to thank everyone..
    You were very kind in your generous support that I continue searching.

    I did not intend for this to become a poll.
    I did not intend for it to become a place where Dal would “feel the love”
    But I must admit. It feels darn good..

    I have MichaelD’s search story and we need to get that posted. He has great pics.

    I need to get back to planning my own next trip and think more about brown, up, halt and high….there’s a conversation that we need more of..

    Thanks again…everybody..


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