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This is the place to leave comments about places you’ve stayed or had food while out searching and want to share with other searchers. Not so much a place for discussion as much as a list. To try to keep it in a useful organization please put the state the place is in at the top of your comment as below..


The Parade Rest Ranch.
This is a Dude Ranch sort of place near Grayling Creek on Hebgen Lake. Their dining room is open to the public and meals are reasonably priced and the dining hall is very old fashioned lodgeish. Lots of fun cabins..horses to ride and very close to search locations around Hebgen Lake and West Yellowstone.

Their website is:


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    • When I was a kid in West Yellowstone the closest place we could walk to and swim was Baker’s Hole. It was named for the old mountain man Jim Baker, who used to camp there. The city dump was just a mile from Baker’s Hole, across the highway and over there on the side of the hill. At night the towns folks would drive to the dump and watch 25 grizzly bears feed on the garbage, which was always smoking and smelling terrible. The bears crossed the Madison River at Bakers Hole because it had tributaries that made crossing easy.

      Later, the city covered the dump ground and built a runway over it. But the bears were accustomed to going there for food and were mad to find the smorgasbord was no longer available. Several tent campers were killed at Baker’s Hole as an aftermath to the food debacle. But that was years ago and now the camp ground has cement tables and restroom facilities. I recommend it. Besides, it’s a great place to swim if you don’t mind cold water.

      • Yes, thats cold water there, that warm water of the FireHole has cooled off by the time it gets there….lol

      • Is this a clue…hum?! No, really, we did check it out tho. Very nice camp ground!

      • Is that you MR. FENN giving us a clue or just adding to the conversation. Will it be worth the cold to fight off the bears? The Madison River is where you have a shadow of a man on “Too Far To Walk” book cover!! Great clue or just adding to all our crazy stories. I ate at a steak house in Taos and have to refer back to my notes on our trip last year but I will post place and food choices later had nice meal and the service was grand. Best meal we had the whole trip cute server was owners son. Baker’s Hole e’mmm lets check it out again. Thanks Forrest Fire.Ms. Girl is still in the chase mood……

      • Jim Baker built a cabin out of cotton wood trees near Savery, WY way back in 18diggety3…… In true mountain man fashion, Baker harvested and split the wood with little more than a series of devastating bare-handed karate chops! His grave is in Savery, WY near the Little Snake River……….

        Curiously, there is a Little Brown House near the museum in Savery, WY……….
        Maybe this is the home of Brown? I don’t know…….

  1. New Mexico

    Pecos Wilderness Cabin

    Awesome log cabin with private fishing and access to other fishing nearby.

    Access to multiple trailheads and easy driving to other nearby points of interest.

    FYI – shop for groceries on your way. Once at the cabin it is a 60 mile round trip drive to a “proper” grocery store.

    We checked out yesterday after spending 7 nights. We are already looking at next years calendar for a return trip.


  2. May 2013, the back of a Kia Soul wrapped in a Scottish Great Kilt (great travel blanket) outside West Yellowstone. Would recommend it to anyone looking to save a few dollars.

    • Mark… I slept in the back of my Ford Escape…with the hatchback up and one of those princess nets they make to hang over a bed draped over the back and each end shut in the car doors…the perfect warm weather tent. I’ve done this for all my trips. Three nights is enough in a row though…then its time for a motel for one night.

    • Mark, I’m taking my 2013 Soul to NM and I too have slept in it! 🙂

  3. M O N T A N A – Lee Metcaff Wilderness – Spanish Peaks

    On the ragged edge of the wilderness with magnificent views of snow capped peaks, fishing, camping and hiking for the family. 1934 cabin rents for just $30 a night through FS, or you can pitch a tent. Need to carry in water, but well worth it.
    (a well kept secret of local Montanan’s, but I will share my Montana with you).

  4. Lander Wyoming…Pronghorn Motel, $90. and great food!
    St. Anthony Idaho, St. Anthony’s Inn. An hour from YS, $65 a night, new pillowtops! Henry River out the back door! We stayed here 5 nights! Mexican café next door was fabulous!
    Keystone, South Dakota, Brookside Inn. $99 a night, great beds, in room 106 is a jacuzzi! French creek twenty feet from back patio. Great home made breakfasts included in diningroom. 15 minutes from Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse and the café in town, Peggy’s is wonderful, grilled trout…yum! Stayed there two days.
    Hegben Lake, Campfire Cabins. Cash only. Stayed one night in #2, $80, but too small. Stayed five days in #3. $135 a night and Madison river, about 30 feet from back door. They have pancakes as big as the plate, home cured ham steak, eggs and hasbrowns, $9. It lasts all day! It is 39 minutes from West Yellowstone and YS Park. We found a Grapette bottle in an old dump sight up Cabin Creek!
    If you are headed through S. Dakota on 90, stop in at Wall’s in Mitchell, hey! Free ice water and 5¢ coffee! Lol

    • How was those cabins Donna ? Good beds ? And I’m
      Waiting for you to post your story and pics or did I miss it. .

      • Diggin Gypsy, the beds were great! Slept like a log with the Madison purring in the background.
        No, I didn’t post. We are going back when the rivers are lower, so can’t give anthing away. Sorry!

    • Walls, ha, yes it a good place , they have signs for 200 miles away, you can’t miss it.

  5. West yellowstone. Lazy G motel great family owned place to stay 100 a night As far as the food in west yellowstone I say bring your own grill 🙂 but I loved eating breakfast at the outpost french toast with bacon 🙂

  6. On the way to Santa Fe, I spent the night at the Sun God Lodge in Taos, New Mexico, were the prices are fair, the host and staff went beyond making sure that I had everything I needed. When I left there, I felt like I had made new friends. The huevos rancheros at El Taoseno was wonderfully delicious and the green chili burgers at Blake LotaBurger hit the spot.

  7. UTAH

    Green River Coffee House, Green River, Utah…Fantastic coffee, free wifi, and friendly faces…Creative and delicious breakfasts and lunches…

    • Pinky’s Cafe coconut French toast…a slice of Heaven! Great spot Map. Hungry just thinking about it :-0

  8. With my trusty backpack full of must have items such as water, snacks, a peanut butter and plum jelly sandwich and a good jacket, I took a walk along the banks of the Gallatin River. Always look back and select a landmark to make sure you know that you know how to get back.

  9. Montana

    If your WWWH is Glacier national park, a great place to stay would be the Brown House located at 402 Washington Street in the village of East Glacier Park, Montana……….

    This lady has a good write-up about the Brown House here:

    For those who like to “keep it simple stupid”, this might be the home of Brown you’ve been looking for……….

  10. We climbed into our old pickup truck with a topper and hit the road. We ended up staying at Itch-Kep-Pe Park in Columbus, Montana for the night. There are 30 tent and rv campsites with restrooms and drinking water. My spouse rigged up an awning that was attached to our pickup, set out our folding chairs and dined on stick meat and pre-made loaded baked potatoes. That night, we crawled into the back of the pickup and slept on our old mattress. The only thing better than the camping was the sound of the Yellowstone River. Life is good.

  11. Montana

    It’s interesting that this thread mentions The Parade Rest Ranch as an example……..

    The Parade Rest Ranch is where Forrest and Donnie rented horses for their trek up Red Canyon while looking for Lewis and Clark……..

    Fenn penned a story in the West Yellowstone News on March 27, 2008 titled “God protects foolish kids” found here: It is in this article that Fenn mentions rented the horses from Parade Rest Ranch……..

    Fenn wrote other stories in the West Yellowstone News back in 2008 that are very similar to other TTOTC chapters……. Read them carefully and you’ll notice the subtle changes he made in the TTOTC stories

    This one was not written by Fenn, but is interesting nonetheless:

  12. Stop in Big Piney on your way up to Yellowstone.

    Old Wyoming Steak & Rib in if you want a sit down dinner.

    Nicks’ Place has the best burgers north of Texas. Get the “Triple Decker OMG”. (and actually you can sit down there to eat also)

    And don’t miss the original JC Penney Store and Museum in Kemmere.

    • Yes. The Motel Mycar. There’s one everywhere you go, and always a vacancy, with the best rates. Including outside bathroom, no services, no cable tv, wi-fi, or thousand-fingers bed, no fridge, and no turn-down with pillow mint. BYO everything.


      • Ah yes, the pillow mint. One of those things that, when packing for the trip, we often say:
        “nope, don’t need that junk”
        But when we get if “free”, we gobble it like a greedy turkey.

  13. Flathead Lake Montana – at least once in your life!!

    Prettiest lake in the west… Torquoise water, Swan Mountain range rolls down to the lake with cherry orchards. Quaint town of Bigfork has the charm of a sleepy lakeside town from yesteryears. Glacier Park and unbelievable fly waters just 30 mins away. Visit once and you’ll be in love for a lifetime. My family has spent many summers here – breaks my heart to be so far away from them in Texas.

    This will ruffle feathers, but I would pick time at the lake with family all day long over chasing the TC 🙂

  14. Bode’s in Abiquiu is a great general store. They have a window in the back where you can order food and sit down at the tables and eat. The Tilapia sandwiches are incredible. Rio Chama campground on FR 151 near the monastery is nice if you don’t mind the crowds. It’a never been so crowded that we couldn’t get a campsite. It’s nice when you’re with kids but you do have to be wary for rattle snakes. Their solar powered brick sh*t houses are so much nicer than trying to get small ‘uns to squat etc.

    • @James – thanks for your encouragement.
      Love this Tennyson quote:
      “Live pure, speak true, right wrong, follow the King. Else, wherefore born?”

  15. The majestic mountainous landscape and its beauty whispers” Come sit with me awhile.” I often wonder if this is what heaven is like…

  16. Cody, Wyoming. Visit the Irma Hotel, Buffalo Bill Cody had the hotel built in 1902 and named it after his daughter, Irma. Treat yourself to the buffet, watch the Cody Gunfighters perform in front of the Irma. Visit the Buffalo Bill Center of the West Museum. The area is rich in history and worth the trip.

  17. Our trip to the mountains included going through Amarillo, Texas. We went to the Jack Sisemore Traveland RV Museum, which features vintage rv’s like the 1936 Alma and the 1948 Flxible Bus used in the movie RV and displays that take you back in time. It was a fun little stop.

  18. Smoking Waters Mt. Man Rendezvous 2014 Aug. 1-10 9am-5pm West Yellowstone. Riverton, Wyoming 1838 Mt. Man Rendezvous July 2nd opening ceremonies in the evening and closing July 6th. These events are FREE! Fort Bridger Rendezvous, gates open from 8am to 6pm August 29-Sept1 2014, the event fee is 4 dollars per person age 12 and up. These are just a few held around the country. Check websites for details. These events are dedicated to the men, women and children who moved so lightly upon the world that only the land and the river remain as witness to those shining times.

  19. Sitting on the rocks along the Gallitin River in Montana with my beloved brother in law and family contemplating life in general… that’s a treasure!!!

  20. COLORADO Rabbit Ears Motel Steamboat Springs. Modest motel that sits on the river and is across the street from the Old Town Hot Springs. Their sign is on the Routt County Historic Registry.
    On the way to search coffee at Wild Goose Coffee at the Granary in Hayden CO. Happy Hunting!

    • Nancy Drew- Steamboat Springs is a great family town! Lots of memories skiing there with my boys.

  21. Take a drive up the Beartooth Pass to Yellowstone National Park, it’s very scenic. Cooke City and Silver Gate, Montana are great places to stay at.

  22. In front of the TV watching NBA draft. Friend of my son’s Julius Randal went #7 to the Lakers! Way to go Julius!

  23. Curled up in front of a fall fire reliving great memories of exploring and searching this summer. We rafted and fished the Galkatin River and really enjoyed 2nights at Rainbow Ranch.

  24. I restored a 1991 HI- LO trailer (they don’t make them any more) for my wife and kids, which are always unexpected guests now that they are older. They hear us planning a trip and invite themselves. The trailer has all the amenities , queen and double bed, stove, oven, fridge shower ect. best of all it is hard sided but when its in the down position it is no taller then the pick-up so doesn’t catch much wind and saves on fuel which makes it easy to tow.
    When I go by myself I just sleep in the back of the pick-up. The last trip I made around the first of November it was starting to get a little cold so I decided my winter project is to build a modified type after the old Tear-Drop Trailers. I am going to design it to fit just my needs for fast trips fishing or treasure hunting something I can be comfortable in for a week or two but very lite weight. I think I will name it after the chase. I am open to suggestions if you have any names you would like to share please email them to jd little at gee mail dot com

    I have found in searching for the treasure or going fishing somewhere I have never been before that the first night stay in a predetermined camp ground and then the next day I can usually find a spot off a Forrest road and camp for free, the limit on a unimproved national forest or blm spot is usually 16 days.

  25. Has anyone already started making plans for 2016 treasure hunts? I’ll be staying at the Worldmark in West Yellowstone, MT from April 23rd – 30th, 2016. My good friend will be going with. If anyone is in the area that week and wants to meet up for a beer let me know. I’d love to meet fellow searchers.

    • Maybe, just depends on the weather. Might just be a tad early if we get some spring snows or a late spring.

  26. If you go into Yellowstone there’s an information desk by the fishing bridge. If you ask they will give you a list of hotels with phone numbers at each entrance. That list would be good to be posted online. Its been very helpful for our family. Can’t find my copy at the moment.

  27. Nevada, Battle Mountain

    on your way to the Rockies…
    Casino / restaurant / motel on the old business loop
    in “downtown” Battle Mountain, off I 80.
    Very clean room with free breakfast of
    3 eggs, 3 bacons, 3 pancakes, hash browns and coffee
    ALL FOR $32!!! yes maam.

  28. The spot in Taos is great coffee and art. 5 star burgers in Taos. I’ve become a huge fan of Freddies steak burgers all over NM.

  29. The deluxe cabins at the 320 ranch have three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a full kitchen. They are luxuriously appointed.

    The restaurant is excellent and the included breakfast comes with the best bacon I ever had. You can play horseshoes, build a campfire, try your hand at a lasso, get fishing bait, go fishing right there, play volleyball, go hiking right from your cabin, or just sit on the porch and drink a beer.

    At $520 per night, it’s a great value for a large family or group of friends. Plus it was one of the first three dude ranches in the Gallatin Canyon and its history fits nicely with the Chase.

    The visitors in the Gallatin Canyon are sooo rich that even the gas station back at Big Sky carries $50 bottles of wine. Nothing like frying up a few steaks after an hour or two of hard treasure searching..

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