Dexter and Bandit…


June 2014
from joyce


The Offenders: Dexter and Bandit.

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I only had the book for two days when I had to chase the offenders down and get it back.  Thought you might get a chuckle from this.






32 thoughts on “Dexter and Bandit…

  1. Boy, they look guilty as heck in the photo! Sorry about your book…but that is a good one! My dachshund was starting to vomit last week so I yelled at him and reached down and grabbed him to put him outside…I guess he was scared, because he started peeing when I picked him up! The stream hit my coffee table…and my TOTC book…opened to the poem page! Luckily for me (and him), Forrest uses high quality glossy and thick pages…so a quick paper towel and blow dryer fixed it to almost new…your damage will be harder to repair!

  2. They were just trying to be helpful. If you had left them, they would have torn out the very page where the best clue is that we all have missed.

  3. Too funny and what cuties – they look guilty as sin! If I didn’t keep my books out of my 2 German Shepherds reach, that’s how my books would look too! 🙂 “Tucker” likes to pull my notes off the end table to get my attention when he wants dinner – it works too! He’s already chewed up some things I’ve downloaded about the Chase. But what great companions dogs are! 🙂

    • @Slurbs – feeling better? Hope your cough finally let up so you can spend the summer in the mountains and canyons looking for treasures.

  4. That’s dog gone funny!
    I hope they weren’t barking up the wrong tree!
    Now your book is truly “dog eared”!
    I guess they were bored and had a “dog day”!
    Are they in the dog house now?
    I bet you are ” dog tired” of there shinannigans!
    Dog gone it, I’m sorry, got caught up in the “dog” chase!
    ¥Peace¥ Donna

  5. The one on my right did it. I can tell by his body language. He’s got his front paws pulled in protecting himself. The other one has his paws thrust forward, and is the innocent party. The pooch caper is solved! lol

  6. Hey I will buy you a new one if you wish, from my dog Lucky to yours, and may they take better care of it this time!

    • Thank you for the offer, that is very kind of you, but not necessary. The book still has all of its important parts. I think.

  7. Nice dogs. Good thing they only chewed around the edges.Maybe they know something we don’t.

  8. That gave me a great idea I gonna get some blood hounds let them sniff the books Forrest gave me then take them to find the gold lol 🙂

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