Scrapbook Seventy Eight…


JUNE 2014


Normally I would not comment on what is said on the blogs but since there seems to be so much acrimony on two of them I will.

First, I do not own Dal’s blog and he has never been in my employ. I sometimes send him things and he frequently declines to post them.

Second, I have not said that a searcher was closer than 12’ from the treasure. It is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it.

Third, I had not heard of Christ of the Mines Shrine in Silverton, Colorado until many months after I hid the treasure.

Forth, there is some geographical dispute about whether Bandelier National Monument is in the Rocky Mountains but since it is shown on the map in my Too Far to Walk book it must be considered within the search area.

Fifth, I have never consciously misled any searcher or privately given a hint or clue I thought would help someone find the treasure.

Sixth, I think I will be a little let down if someone finds the treasure in the next several years but I  will quickly recover. It is out of my hands now.

Seventh, there has been talk about some searchers receiving under-the-table clues that will help them find the treasure. Those accusations are false. I have, A wife, two daughters, two sons-in-laws, seven grandkids, one great grandkid, a cousin, a nephew and his wife. I like all of them better than I like Dal so that makes him 17th on the list to get clues from me. The fact that none of them have found the treasure should speak for itself.

Eighth, I have received word from three ladies who wanted me to know that they are no longer in the search. They have fear of finding the treasure and being branded a harlot. Please folks, let’s try to get the blog conversations out of the gutter.

Ninth, I reserve the right to be wrong once in a while.

348 thoughts on “Scrapbook Seventy Eight…

    • GASP ! So if a person gets within 12′ what do they do then ? Take the chest or build a shrine and hide it better ?

      • Ya-Sha-Wa,

        I recall seeing not too long ago a string of posts that searchers had offered in this regard, but I do not recall where it was. I have not been fortunate to be within 12′ so I have never thought much more about it than returning Mr. Fenn’s bracelet. I can also relate to the recent Down and Out comments about it being wise to listen to ones wife.

  1. Forrest gave me a clue and said its north of Santa Fe so I think it’s fair that I share that to you guys

  2. Mr. Fenn, while I am not able to actively search any more because of other commitments, it has been a great pleasure to be a part of this great opportunity that you created, The few short memories that I was able to create from the hunt are treasured. Hopefully, my family will be able to add to those memories again. And whether we find it or not, it is the journey we take that is the real treasure.

    • Thank you for helpful information Mr. Fenn and once again thanks Dal for running a tight ship full of nice people for the most part. Please place me in slot #18, maybe I’ll hit a hole in one on the 18th!

    • If you consider you are 17th out of the world population, that is pretty good.

      • William..
        Nope…that’s just the way I received it except he made two typo corrections a couple seconds after it went up and he read it…

        What do you think of “Forth”…??

        • First thing that jumped out at me, Dal. It has been most “instructive” reading through these old Scrapbooks the last month or so — mostly for the historical dramas that played out before I got aboard. My motivation for going through them sequentially was to see if Forrest had dropped any clues in his comments (which I believe he did). But wow, the acrimony 3 years ago! I’m very glad you chose to stay in the hunt, not that I had any doubt you would!

          • “My motivation for going through them sequentially was to see if Forrest had dropped any clues in his comments (which I believe he did).”

            🙂 Yer catchin’ on, Zap!!!

            Always wondered why more do not?

    • I think that means you just got a B on your Fenn report card. Wonder what Sister Mary Linus would have to say about that?

    • dal,

      I have to assume one of two things.

      1. Mr. Fenn is referring to actions on two blogs that do not include yours because I do not see the acrimony that he refers to, but rather the participants on your blog actually supporting one another and appreciating others thoughts and efforts in the chase.

      2. I am the dumbest person on the planet simply too blind to see the acrimony and fear that has seemingly infiltrated the Chase.

      Not sure what I have been missing, but Mr. Fenn’s comments seems to take some of the fun out of it for him and for us. I hope that it has not become an unexpected burden for him.

      • Wind…I would assume the same about your first point and I think unless you visit some of the other blogs you might not feel the “acrimony” that has been posted lately.

        I think you are correct…the venom there has not spilled over to here..
        Folks here are incredibly supportive and generous and appreciate the fun in the chase…

      • I heartly agree with Mr. windsurfer except the dumbest

        person I do belive I fall in the category. I also believe that

        most of the ppl. that say the things about Dal and Mr.

        Fenn are just 2 darn lazy to get out and look and enjoy

        life. All the blogs I have read about this hunt is doing

        exactly what Mr. Fenn set out to do and that is get ppl

        of there back side and enjoy life a l’il bit more.

      • Forest was probably alluding to the blog of The Whisperer who says the treasure is located at the Shrine of the Mine in Silverton, Co. but can’t produce the chest to confirm her alleged solve.

        • I don’t know if anyone will see this so long after the fact…. but….. I feel like I know many of you here because I read through these scrapbooks periodically but have only posted ONCE. I did it under the name The Whisperer and now I see this comment and wonder who I unknowingly might have impersonated! YIKES!!!

          • No longer The Whisperer, many of us are still subscribed to the older Scrap Books. As a matter of fact, I will see someone’s comments to me if they post it to the early SB’s. I, for one, am still VERY MUCH into the chase. I believe f said a lot to searchers in this SB. The only thing that boggles me is that I believe that I have been closer than 12 feet from the treasure. It is nerve racking to think about. O well warm weather will one day take over and melt the hindering snow.. I’m half to have you aboard whomever you may become.

    • Not bad at all Dal. However, you’ll never be number 1 and you’ll never receive a clue from Forrest unless he shares it with everyone else first. So, I think Forrest (who is entitled to make a mistake once in a while) did make a mistake when he listed you as 17th on his list for receiving clues. I’d have to say that you are actually 18th. The rest of us here on this blog are 17th to receive clues! 😉

  3. People think to much and it tends to get annoying and runs others off.. So u over thinkers.. Will u please stop and lets just get back to having fun!
    Its all cool!

  4. With my vision, I could (IMO) easily be within 12′ of anything and not find it. Thanks, Forrest, for reminding everyone that a quest should lead to contentment.

  5. I love the first one

    “First, I do not own Dal’s blog and he has never been in my employ. I sometimes send him things and he frequently declines to post them.”

    Reminds me of my father. He would sometimes give me advice, and I would frequently ignore it, lol.

  6. It is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it.

    wow. Forrest has never said anything like this before, not even close. guess i have to rethink my ‘it is probably buried’ theory

      • In my opinion this still does not definitively mean it is not buried. I personally do not believe it is but I know there are many who do. My first thought when I read his comment was that perhaps he means that if you are within 12′ of it it would be impossible to miss the blaze and know that the treasure is buried directly beneath it. All in my opinion, of course.

        • I agree, still could be buried, and I think it is hidden from view in a way, possibly buried. What I really think this is pointing to is that the blaze is either so obvious that once you are there, you can see it from at least 12 feet away (i.e. not some small FF carved in a rock), or, you have been wise and know exactly what the blaze is before even getting there and are literally walking straight to it. It’s my opinion though, from all of Forrest’s previous information, with the whole moving with confidence thing, that you could replace 12 feet with 12 miles, because the solution will lead you right to it. I’ve not been a fan of the whole “find the blaze when you get there.” That’s not confident, nor does it seem like a very wise way to find it. Anyway, buried, covered, stashed in a mini cave, I think all could be possible since no one is supposed to stumble on it. If you’re walking through the forest and are 12 feet away from a fairly good sized chest that isn’t at least covered up, you could certainly stumble on it. So, I think that, yes, it’s hidden from view, but if you are a searcher who has the right solution, I think you’ll easily know which rock to move or alcove to reach into.

  7. I think you’d better hang up your chance of any clues, Dal…wow, 17th…yeah, that’s bad!
    Way to go F! I felt that foot stomp all the way in KC, MO! 😉

  8. ..some of these comments are seriously rude obnoxious and completely uncalled for……….sound like the trolls that are on Facebook and Twitter just to get people ALL riled up… people, JUST ignore THE fools!

  9. Thank you Forrest and Dal . 🙂 I had also worried about being painted with a tarry brush and some chicken feathers if I happened to find the treasure.

  10. Re ” Eighth” ….. I hope those ladies will reconsider having dropped out for THAT reason. Ask yourselves what the sweetest revenge would be? There are no rules that you would need to tell anyone…!

    Being an amateur proofreader, I love the spelling of “Forth”. f’s words are understood!

  11. I rarely post anymore. I continue my personal quest, however, despite having my cell phones and computer being “hacked “, and despite my personal integrity being questioned. The reason I do it is because when I started I chose to believe some truths. A man hid a treasure and he wrote a poem about this treasure, giving clues to the where it is. I truly understand what it is like to have others question ones intention.
    I stand, a searcher, continuing.
    Gold does weird things to people.
    However, the TTOTC still turns me on . Zelda.

    • Glad to see you again zelda. Will you be going out again this summer?
      You did a LONG search last summer…

      • Thank You Dal. I actually did three Long searches last summer and fall. I leave to go out west on July 27. ( of course, everything is west to me).

    • Zelda, don’t judge everyone on the actions of a few bad people. I find the good far outnumber the bad. You are one of the good ones. Good luck ! 🙂

  12. I think he should go get his chest, put it on display at a museum and release the true meaning, explanation and solve of the poem. No one deserves this chest.

    • Brad… Then why are you on here (the blog)
      ? Get off! This is for the “THRILL” of the Chase!

        • ? Lol, Icomment ever now and then.. Ok and guess ill change my name now to
          DG junior or the third?

          • Y’all are addicted I said we quit ! Atleast until sept We only have one spot left to look under goose goose I call heads sweat tea you get tails dg 2 u get the money and the goose eggs and run !!

  13. Dal,I know forrest would never give you a clue or anyone know he is honest and I know he is very honest too.people can be so mean.he is the real thing.loving father,husband,grandpa and greatgrandpa.and a person who has compassion for one can blame him for getting mad sometimes at things that are said.he’s smart,he don’t want to put up with the nonsense.he has been bombarded since this treasure hunt.I’d be darn tired ,if I was him.he says read the poem,look at the his book.but the poem is mostly all you need.people just need to stop.thanks dal,your a good one.and I love mr. forrest like a dad I never had,hes helped me more thru e-mails than he can ever meeting with him in santa fe,we missed our coffee tho. but that’s was such a pleasure to meet a fine gentleman.whom I will never forget.thanks mr. forrest.

  14. Forrest just added a ninth point to his list…go up and check it out…
    He added that…not me…


  15. Mr. Fenn, thank you sir, for everything! …..Well played, again. 🙂

    Dal, thanks for the even-handed manner you administer your blog and the upbeat attitude the blog projects. You have a really good group of people here.

    I used to post on one of the “acrimonious” blogs. Please don’t judge all by a few. Most on there were really good folks. Doubt that I will post anywhere at all now, not worth the trouble.

    This is just joking with FF, so don’t take it the wrong way:

    Forrest, you gave us eight, when do we get the other two??? 🙂


  16. i like the 9th one because it releases us from having to understand and or explain every single thing that f says or does

    just take a look at the big picture, and take all of his statements in balance as a whole. he has put enough of them out there

  17. No matter what any one had said, I never stopped believing that the areas around Bandelier were a possibility. I thought about researching the past posts and other blogs about just exactly what the hell has been going on up in here – what subterfuge & acrimony had precipitated Fenn’s post. I changed my mind.

  18. Hallelujah , I feel like we just won the Triple Crown. We’re back on track annnnnnd …….They’re Off!!!

  19. Thank heavens Mr. Fenn is wrong once in a while! The rest of us make fools of our selves & solves on a daily basis 🙂

  20. I watched the Aussie video recently. I thought it was very well done. FF looked very handsome & seemed so poised & controlled that I’m not at all surprised at the number of women vying for his attention. I was somewhat disappointed that he neglected to address Stephanie’s derogatory comments on Chase Chat. However, he must be a gentleman of the highest calibur to rise above that nonsense. I believe FF is a fair man who has remained calm & uninvolved in what must be a very stressful situation. I tip my hat to you, FF!

  21. Forrest,

    I am expecting Scapbook Eighty to be special…. Don’t disappoint…


    • Yeah, Forrest. I agree with Einstein. I hope you’ll put some deep thought into Scapbook Eighty. Perhaps make it funny…or, at least, put a smile on everyone’s face. Just don’t make it TOO deep so guys like me have a chance to walk away smiling…instead of just laughing and/or smiling and pretending like we “get it”.

      Confucius say, “He who laugh last think slowest”.

      …I resemble that remark, Confucius.

  22. Is there really a geographical dispute whether Bandelier National Monument is in the Ricky Mountains? We all read these blogs, I’ve heard no such dispute.

      • Okay, here’s the thing… Bandelier is not more than 66,000 links(8.25 miles) north of Santa Fe, NM. It is most certainly south of that parallel.

          • if you look at forrest’s comment, he is saying bandolier is on the tftw map, he may also be saying bandolier is in the rocky mountains

            f did not say bandolier is 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe. so, taking Forrest’s 8.25 miles hint into consideration, i think we can rule out bandolier as the hiding place for the treasure, also, forrest is not wrong. but if he was wrong, he reserves the right to be wrong = )

          • …since it is shown on the map in my Too Far to Walk book it must be considered within the search area.” I think he’s made that clear enough for us all. But, if we choose to think otherwise, then I say go for it.

  23. While I don’t think it was necessary, thanks for addressing a few of the questions some people seem to have about you or the treasure hunt. I’ve never doubted you or Dal and am happy this blog has such great people participating in the discussions.

  24. There must be some misunderstanding.

    Please Mr. Fenn.. I can hardly go out and take your treasure against your own wishes.

    But anyhow you don’t seem to be worried that it’ll happen.

    I’m so confused that I will now stop trying to finish this post..

    • forrest let out just a bit of feeling, just a little emotion. he said he would be a little let down if it is found in the next several years. he said before he was totally ambivalent, but i think we all knew that wasnt completely the case

  25. I never believed any deception of any kind was involved. The man is already rich and he is a man who would look anybody in the eye and tell you to your face what he needs to say..
    He does not strike me as the kind of man that would try to deceive anybody.
    I believe he is a man of his word. Here in the southwest , a man’s word is still the same as a written and signed document. At least the people I know.

  26. I was surprised at the number of kooks that search for the chest and the unbelievably stupid things they do. The arrogant kooks are really something; the chest isn’t where they thought it should be so it must not exist and they were cheated; and Fenn owes them money for their stupidity.

    I always wondered who those warning labels were written for; now I know.

    ♦On Pepper Spray: “May irritate eyes.”
    ♦On Iron: “Never iron clothes while they are being worn.”
    ♦On Food Processor: “Never remove food or other items from the blades while the product is operating.”
    ♦On Sunshield: “Do not drive with sunshield in place.”
    ♦On Kids Scooter: “This product moves when used.”
    ♦On Baby Stroller: “Remove child before folding.”
    ♦On Microwave Oven: “Do not use for drying pets.”

    Perhaps Fenn should put a warning label on the books he sells from now on:

    WARNING!….If you’re gonna be stupid, you gotta be tough.

    • I agree.. When u set out on an andventure.. U shld take full responsibilty of whatever u do… Spend too much money… Screw around… Fall off a waterfall… !

    • Warning: if you walk life’s path, you gotta be tough.

      Even mindful, cautious adults are dealt hands in life they have to endure. But agree with you the chase is no place for peoples arrogance or stupidity.

    • Precisely GOG! No-one is forced to search for Forrest’s treasure and no-one is forced to write him emails trying to pry clues/hints from him. If they think when he replies that the answers he gives are clues or hints, they are sadly mistaken. Forrest has said more than once that he would not knowingly give out any information that would help a searcher, so just what are those people expecting out of his responses? If they misinterpret his answers, that is not his fault. Additionally, he is not forcing or encouraging people to use their life savings to go out searching. Common sense doesn’t seem to be quite so common for some! 🙂

    • Not to open a can of worms Goofy, but the scary part is these same people get to vote!

    • Reminds me of one of my fav quotes:
      “Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid.”
      – John Wayne

  27. Thank you Forrest, you are a gentleman.

    #2 If you are 12′ away you would find it. Seems like only two settings make this scenerio possible.
    Though its not diff to determine I won’t say to protect my #1 solve which it fits.

    #4 There is a clue here as I see which involves one of my other solves. Is Alcove House HOB….? The hint is deep here on this point.

    Good luck you all,

  28. Well… chivalry is not dead. Stephanie Imo felt as though she was one of f’s wingman…. she was/is a big part of this…. and as I think about it…her confidence and feelings were hurt. Has anyone had this happen to them… I’m sure… I try not to point fingers. Let’s move on.

    Brimley #17 or 18 isn’t so bad!

    As for the clues…There might be something there… Also, I’ve always thought Bandelier was odd!
    Why I don’t know, but no one else who has been in trouble has been been brought into the limelight and given a book. No diggers…tresspassers or YNPers.
    who was that girl from Texas? What happened to her, where did she go?
    Maybe I’m wrong, but that incident was odd!

    Last… I haven’t discussed much about the chase in months… Why? Because I don’t want others to step on my neck. Shame… 🙁 imo… It might be best to use these blogs to stay informed and keep your secrets quiet!
    Mark H.

  29. I think him referencing 12 ft. and not missing it, is because of the blaze. If I remember correctly, FF told us when we saw the blaze we would know it.

  30. I have had a few absolutely wonderful exciting search trips in the last year and a half. Hubby said I had to stop as I was throwing darts at a huge dartboard and needed a better bulls-eye. I agree somewhat, but the trips I made filled a spot in my heart and eliminated a few bucket list items that he does not see. I have just started lurking around again in the last 2 weeks and feel like I have NO CLUE as to what all the **** slinging is all about, plus I have limited time, so I guess I wont find out. It was nice having my head in the sand for a few months as I heard nothing positive OR negative:) . I for one choose to go to sleep at night reciting the poem to myself in hopes that something will click. I have read Michael D and German Guys searches and totally enjoyed them. After living in Colorado for 18 years I realize that was an area I never went to! As a younger person I had the luxury to travel the world a couple of times. I loved the unknown, the mystery and freedom to just go where ever when ever. I have not seen as much of the United States, so this “game” has been what I needed to have the thrill in exploring “home”. I like the mystery, the challenge and the fun of meeting people along the way. Thank You Forrest for the thrills and Dal for the fun coverage on the blog.

    • jmbguidry,

      Thanks for that compliment you just posted within your comment.

      I was like Fenn at one time. In my case, as a youth in high school I would travel to South Jersey and explore the Pine Barrens (pine forest used in movies such as The Jersey Devil). It was spooky and yet rich in Civil War history. Old iron foundries were constructed there to take the iron from the barrens and make cannon balls. I was really interested in local history. Like you, I’m sure that there were many people who had no idea what existed in their own backyard.

  31. Hmmm….My mind is whirling with questions about the meaning of #2. Does Forrest mean literally that “anyone” would likely find the treasure if within 12′ of it or does he mean any “searcher” would likely find it ( a searcher being someone who would recognize the “blaze” and therefore look quickly down, etc.). Simple statements can be so complex depending on what isn’t said and what lies between the lines–the meta message. This whole 12′ issue itself falls within that category. If I tell you that you have never been within a mile of my house, that doesn’t mean or even imply that you have been 1 mile away from my house. You could have been no closer than 100 miles from my house and the first statement would still be true. Any thoughts?

    • When you get to the spot the chest is at, “It is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it.”

      He is living up to his comment that “The chest is not buried”. That should tell everyone that they will see it, even from 12 feet away. I believe that “buried” according to Fenn, means that it may be concealed above ground. This is based on his past comments about the use of the word “buried”. Of course, people would have to understand what could be considered “concealment” above ground. It could simply be an arrangement of rocks covered by a slab of sorts.

      • “concealed above ground”… GG. That’s always been my thought as well.

        That also rides well with this comment that if a fire comes, it gets burned, if it rains, it gets wet.. paraphrase of course & I don’t recall the reference of where I read that.

        Regardless of whether it is sitting in the open, slightly concealed, or buried & I don’t think it will matter. The one who finds it, in theory, will go there in confidence and will understand the poem completely.


    • “I think I will be a little let down if someone finds the treasure in the next several years but I will quickly recover.”

      I am a bit saddened by this statement. Does anyone here understand what Forrest has actually said?

      Forrest, you will just have to accept the fact that the next 20 years will be some of your best ever, hands down.

      • I think it is because he does see it as a game of wits & intelligence. He *thought* of everything…..then someone comes along and figures it out too quickly & spoils it.

        However, 3,4,5 years is arguably not too quick. 🙂 I think it may be found by the end of 2026.


      • GG,

        This kind of hints to me that no one is particularly close as of yet, but people are perhaps getting a bit closer with some of their interpretations so Mr. Fenn feels that a few more years may actually be possible?

      • He might have just said that none of us deserve to find the chest, or that he doesn’t want it to be found in his lifetime, or that someone is close and he doesn’t want the fun to end, or a combination of all of the above. I’m dissappointed that he thinks it may take me years to figure out the rest of the poem. : )

  32. I think Forrest said to move on beyond the negative comments. another thing he said was that Dal does not post everything that he sends him -is that odd?

  33. Has anyone considered 270 degrees being a thermal temperature reference which happens to be west of Toledo rather than navigational reference?

      • Windsurfer, do you search YP?
        270 thermal degrees IMO may have relevance in light of YP. some of the geothermals are that hot and may be located near places referenced in book.
        Just a thought but gets me no closer to solving the poem.

        • Nor,

          My first solve attempt was Tower Falls in YP fed by Tower Creek(used to be named Warm Spring Creek)…hence WWWH.

          Never worked the angle of temps. just stuck with Warm Waters.

          Best of Luck to you…btw…I have spent a bit of time in Oslo if you are from that neck of our small world.

          • Hey Wind, I have lots of relatives way north of Oslo in Steinkjer, but I was raised in MT, now live in TX. Hope you get the chance to search again during the summer months, or at least Windsurf as much as possible! warm wishes & best of luck.

    • Jenny, thank you for your questions post. They are always a treat that lets my mind wonder on the exchange.

      And, of course thank you Mr. Fenn, your active involvement makes this chase, right here, right now so awesome to live and witness it and all the good that is happening because of your wisdom.

      I found it interesting the detail f gives on the waxing process of the jar. I do enjoy the depth of explanation in the steps. My thoughts led me to believe this to be a great fact he has revealed in the way he prepared a part of the chest. It seems to me for a guy that thought of everything, he was thinking about the state of the papers enclosed in the jar. He did this down to every small detail that would matter if the chest lay for 100-1000 years. But it seems to me it must be water proof, even if the chest sees much cold water. So, would our Gentleman put this much thought into this preservation endeavor if it were not to be under water. Maybe in a cave’s water or under a dam or in a river pool beneath a waterfall or in a rock.

      In a rock, guess I will spill on this theory since it wont matter unless you have the blaze. I feel if f went thru the time to preserve the papers, he also went thru the time to preserve the chest. “with my treasures bold” I am carrying them out in the open and nobody cares. My treasures are a bolder. IMO He has preserved the chest in a rock case if you will. More likely he spent a bunch of time practicing and researching different methods and styles till he found the one that was just perfect and would stand the test of time. Just as the jar will. If I was going to hide it under water, these are the lengths I may take. ty Mr Fenn, it is always fun, but your blaze may be solved.

  34. A few weeks back, we all had a good discussion on how “precise” the poem clues were in leading to the treasure and also how close people felt the blaze was to the chest.

    Well, the 12 ft comment kind of sheds some light on this I would think.

  35. I’ve never wanted to let anybody down. I’m glad to hear that you will recover quickly, f. I expect to go search again on the day to celebrate the freedom that our military fights for and protects. I shall dedicate the search to our military, both past and present. Sorry in advance, f, if I do happen to let you down.

    • I understand your sentiments Slurbs. I get ulcers thinking I might let someone down, even when I don’t know them. But I don’t think you are caught between a rock and hard place with Mr. Fenn. He wouldn’t have placed the treasure out there and advertised it if he didn’t hope it would one day be found. He seems a straight forward type fellow, and will obviously enjoy wearing his bracelet again.

      Good luck on your patriotic search!

  36. And I thought I was spelling Forth wrong all this time. I hope it is found within the next several months not years. Hot water on cold cement…cold mean someone is hot and suddenly went cold. Had some good Crescent Style Seafood last night. Is the water heater fixed?

  37. Nor that’s a good one.

    If we were to work backwards, starting with the finding of the chest. We would have a great understanding/responsibility of how bad off our GREAT BLUE JEWEL is, and how bad it’s begging us for help to try and fix it.

    History depicts an ugly story. Imo, f, is telling us that story.

    When my oldies died, and friends, and grandpa. They took with them tons of secrets to their grave. Imo f wanted to share his secrets before his death. Imo His poem is what he has learned in life.

    Too, he’s no fraud. Nor do I think he cared about selling books or making more money. He clearly says, the one who dies with more than 50… bucks loses!

    I also think that (am of the opinion) he wanted to be remembered, but could cared less about the whether you liked him or not, and fame. As long as you got his point.
    And that is… that we have all become so inneccistized (fell asleep at the wheel) to what’s going on around us that everything is turning to poop! If we don’t fix it soon it… we as humans might suffer some serious consequences!.

    I want to find this box or it be found. I want the title and would trade a few of my lucky stars for it. Why, because it would en-power us to fight back. As I have said before, I want to be part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem.

    Another last… We as group have put in a great effort. Done good things… We have to finish that way as an example for others. How can we accomplish what is put in front of us if we bicker amongst ourselves. We need to respect others feelings and space.
    Mark H.

    • @Mark H: I agree with all spelled out, and discerned there is a vry impt. story. One a mother would rally to like a mama grizzly to protect others. Always believed ff has best of intentions to help others. Appreciate your perspective on working backwards from a spot. Believe I understand f’s why and who (but have been wrong on so much, that still unsure)…have been trying diligently to research the littleperson and place – coming up empty on all search efforts. while no person deserves anything other than to be loved, those who truly care for others more than self or gold are the difference makers. Willing to partner w/others w/ info, research, cooperation to finish strong as a viking warrior. Looking to you Mark to lay out a plan; I’m best working along side as I’m not a good chief and health is limiting. Agree reciprocated respect for feelings/space important. could use on my side too. Do you have a team you work with on your solve/search efforts?

    • Mark H. when your search effort was over, did you enjoy touring the grand prismatic spring at midway basin or the saphire pool in bisquit basin. they’re both mesmerizing, a little surprised not more protective railings.

  38. 17th on the list! Congratulations Dal. There’s nobody more deserving. And that makes you almost one of the family, which is the greatest endorsement.

  39. Nor, thank you. And yes I have a wonderful partner, but we have no solve yet. We are still working day and night though. Also SHE is our leader. I am better as a soldier too. or as a worker bee…lol.

    I would also consider a group thing… we/most of us are of the same mind and working together would be best. At this time however I have no plans and have never discussed it with my partner. Maybe I will tonight… and will report back! Smiles and a hug!

    Swan, true enough my search isn’t even close to ending, and I will never surrender (Churchill). I must be honest as well since you have asked, I have not been the full circle. I researched YNP but never went north. I will one day, and I’m looking forward to visiting all the places everyone has talked about. I am on the NM band wagon. Smiles tonight I will look these places up to view images!

    • Mark H – I will keep researching from home. Nice to work as a team if works with your partner. Have a pleasant evening:-)

  40. One thing I remember Forrest saying somewhere is the he HOPES whoever finds the chest uses it ($) for some good and/or to help the less fortunate. There is no greater thing I think the man could have said. Am I correct?

    • James, I believe that was the spirit of Mr Fenns comment, although I can’t find an exact reference. And yes, I agree there could be no higher purpose than using it to help others.

  41. It was nice to see Mr. Fenn’s comments underlined and directed as it should be!!! I think all treasure hunters should take a step back and take a deeeeeeepppppp breath and relax and remain in the chase but chill and not backbite and say certain things against Mr. Fenn nor Dal nor any other blog sites for frustration in their own finds or lack there of. We are all in the same quest boat and should work together to keep it clean and fun and adventuress for all of us. Making things up and accusing one another of stupid stuff is foolish and useless and tiresome. It detracts from the game of the chase. I call it myself childish. It is fun to read search stories and see what other chasers are seeing and using as clues or blazes or No place for the meeks!!! I, myself, have all sorts of finds and clues and wild ideas for where the elusive chest is and have shared on occassion where and how I have used and figured them into my search areas. ALL SEEKERS ON ALL OF THE FORREST FENN BLOGGS NEED TO KEEP IT CLEAN AND FUNNY AND LIGHT AND SAFE AND MOST OF ALL NON CONFRONTATIONAL WHEN REFERRING TO OTHER SEARCHERS AND COMMENTS MADE ON THE FOREMENTIONED BLOGGS. As for some who believe that the treasure does not exist, and the comments of insider information. Both are just hooey to me. Mr. Fenn did put this treasure out there and it is real but is difficult to find and he wanted it to be buried there so it would not be a place he wanted someone to find easily along with his bones for many many years. Also, Dal getting insider information, HAS DAL FOUND THE CHEST YET, HAS HE CLAIMED IT YET?No no one has and we are all on a level playing field it is sort of a SURVIVOR OUTLAST OUTPLAY OUTWIT sort of thing!!! Show good sportsmenship mislead if you wish to other players but do not degrade them nor accuse them. Gosh people it is a hunt and a quest but be fair minded and follow the golden rule of Jesus. Also, the lady with the Whispering blog about the Shrine of the Christ is off base and Mr. Fenn said he had never heard of the Shrine until she told him about it. It was too easy in my mind and he did not ride a train, he drove his car and stopped and it took him too trips. Grow up people use common sense and enjoy the search. I do believe when you find it Mr. F will give us title to the Gold. Huh, does that mean he has it in a gold mine he has rights too and will give one of us title if we solve where it is? My treasure, My Rainbow, My Goldmine? New and interesting ideas I use all info to look for a solve. Come on lets play nice and find this treasure see you at the finish line. Outwit , Outlast Outplay but be adult and hold your cards closely to your vests!! I love The Amazing Race and watch every episode. We need to look at things like they do or “The Book of Secrets ” movies with Nicholas Cage is a good way to perceive clues and meanings of them. Lets keep it clean fun and Christian based and someone will find this trove very soon!!!!! Good luck and see you in the funny papers!!! Ms. Girl Judy

    • Judy MsGirl that is an excellent post. All we can do is love and pray for those who do not believe. Not to go on a zealous rant but God already knows who will find the chest. May it be a non-believer that’s His choosing. IMO some non-believers aren’t doing too well. Best of luck to all.

    • Ironically TTOTC does a good job of exposing this very issue… “sometimes it’s good to close the door on a relationship.”

  42. Stopped reading at “golden rule of Jesus.” HAD A FEELING IT WOULD COME TO THAT.

  43. There you go degrading Christians and talking about people. It is your right to stop reading, but it is how websites and bloggs should be conducted. How about on a friendly basis!!! let’s just all get along. Share and get along. Mr. Fenn wants all of us to get along so try to abide by his wishes and use some decorium. MS. Girl I am not preching just tired of the crap that goes on on all of the sites and want some peace to search and have fun. Does anyone remember fun??????

  44. SAFETY TOPIC: discussions regarding searcher safety go on from time to time. Most open our eyes to nature’s fury and unmitigated dangers. The Chase adventure is a blast for me and all fun. I try to be helpful to others and wish to add the human dimension of safety.

    1. Crazy people exist, and they can harm you. As a Montanan (female) I grew up with this awareness and NEVER HIKEd ALONE. PLEASE READ THIS:

    2. Greedy people exist. They may harm you if you are on their TC turf.

    3. DON’T POST on any blog WHEN & WHEREE you are traveling. You are easy pray!!!

    4. Know the gun carry laws, if for no other reason than to be aware Strangers you meet on the trail carry guns.

    5. The more remote your search area, the more danger exists in getting help if you become injured, and in anyone hearing cries for help.

    • Nor-
      I understand your point but writing it like that is nothing short of scare tactics in my opinion.

      There are so many things wrong with this whole concept. Let’s just talk turkey about women’s safety in the wild. Lets start with: Women who head to the less populated areas of this country are more at risk of rape and beatings than in an urban setting and should therefore carry a weapon that they would not usually carry and should let safety fears get in the way of enjoying the outdoors.

      How many women got beat up, raped, or killed in urban settings last year? Now, how many women suffer the same fate in Yellowstone or Glacier National Park, Bandolier, Chaco Canyon, Lizard Head, Dominguez Canyon, Great Bear, Bob Marshall, Chama River Canyon, Pecos…on and on and on??

      More importantly, how many scared women travelers have even done a Google search to look up this information?

      I am not saying women or anyone should travel alone in bear country. It’s always a good idea to hike with a friend where human beings are not at the top of the food chain or where difficult terrain could lead to accidents.

      But fear mongering about the great outside is, in my opinion, not necessary and in many cases instills a false sense of danger of the woods and feeds the old Grimm Fairy Tale myths about wolves and witches and monsters…

      If you’d like to read something inspiring about a woman alone…really alone…in the wild..
      Read this:

      Cheryl’s story is inspiring and exciting…
      Her book will be a movie this fall…

      Yes..I do realize that safety is an issue for all of us…men and women. More so now than ever before…it appears to me.

      But I was brought up in a less neurotic universe than exists now.

      When it was time to go out fishing in the boat with my dad, he wanted to make sure I could swim so he threw me into the lake..if I hadn’t figured it out he would have pulled me out..but I did figure it out and I got to go fishing with my dad. No life jacket, no emergency flares. My sister learned the same way.

      When it was time to ride a bicycle we both sat on the front porch looking at my bike and discussing what went wrong and why my knee got scraped the last time I tried riding it. Then I got back on the bike and tried again. My dad applauded when I made it down the walk and into the street the first time. No helmet, no knee pads, no training wheels. My sister learned the same way. She still had scars on her knees from those scrapes 65 years later. She liked to tell people what they were from…lol

      I learned to ride a horse by climbing up on one and holding on. You do that for a few hours, for a few days and you figure things out.

      That’s one of the big differences between today and yesterday. Today people don’t figure things out on their own very much..they depend on Wallmart and Costco to not only sell them a bike for $500 but also a helmet, kneepads, teeth guard, crotch protector, gloves, elbow pads and steel toed sneakers so they don’t have to consider safety..I think some of it is a marketing ploy. I can’t remember a single kid in my neighborhood in Detroit who was “injured” falling off their bike…or running into things…in spite of the fact that all we had for safety was our own brains and the ability to use them…

      “Safety Products” is now a whole industry of not only products but also careers for thousands and thousands of individuals across the nation. Has any of this made the world safer…it doesn’t seem so…and it hasn’t made it less safe seems to be about status quo out in the wild.. and the lifeblood of the growth in this industry is fear mongering.

      Use your brains first…best safety tool out there and read about the places you intend to visit. Look up what others have written about the topography, hazards and even the crime statistics. You know where most of the crimes occur in Yellowstone?…the campgrounds…and the accidents?…the roads. Think about the consequences of your actions. Make a few plans. Don’t let one article from the Gallatin about a psychotic individual who has been locked up since 1984 make you believe that the wild is filled with predator men just waiting for you to stroll by.

      Do travel in the company of others..look at the Kreis sisters and daughter in the AustralianTV Video. They were out in the Gallatin. They understood the risks they were taking. They had no issues and probably had a magnificent time that they would not trade in for all the garage sales in the universe…

      The wild is a wonderful place. The wild, in all it’s varied forms, is as close to peace and beauty as humans will ever come to on this planet…please don’t be fear mongered into staying out of it…

      Now watch…Marti is going to come on here and tell me they were all carrying bazookas, body armor and satellite transponders that they bought at Cabelas before they left…lol…

      I probably just screwed up that invitation from Nor for homemade apple pie too…darn..wish I had read that before I posted this…

      • Dal, no fear mongering intended at all. just caution about hiking alone, and not advertising on the internet where you are headed and when.

        The sisters story is a terrific example of doing it the right way – women hiking together and being well aware of their surroundings. That was my point.

        As a nature lover and Montanan there is nothing I enjoy more than being outdoors, I’ve never shot a gun in my life and my family aren’t hunters. Many areas are safe, but a woman hiking alone in deep wilderness w/o a partner or survival skills seems a naive IMO.

        I sent the information to you for moderation/approval w/o posting directly, so that you could have simply not posted it. Confused as to why you did, if so much in disagreement. Kindly allow me to end with saying that life is different for a man who’s trained in self defense and survival than for a woman who isn’t… that’s all. Please feel free to remove the post as I don’t intend to further the discussion. It’s your blog, I’ve always honored that. Best wishes as always.

        • …[i][b]anyone[/b][/i] hiking alone in deep wilderness w/o a partner or survival skills seems a naive IMO…

          Fixed that for ya.

        • Nor-
          Just because I disagree with a comment is not enough reason for me to trash it so others cannot read it. It also must contain a misspelling or poor punctuation.

          Just kidding…
          I believe in useful discussion and fair argument. I try to hold it to reasonable…and I thought I had a decent counter opinion worth adding to the thought..
          But I won’t be putting forth any additional arguments on the topic because I am busy right now. I am headed to Cabellas to get body armor, bear spray and claymore mines to place around my sleeping bag for my next trip to Yellowstone.

          • Dal,
            You are a big burley man and a handsome fella at that. I would think if a bear was to see you, it’s first thought would be to take you out to dinner 😉

          • Near-
            When I wear my Russian Bearskin Hat my “burley” self easily gets mistaken for a bear. I don’t wear that hat in hunting season..
            Thanks for not saying “fat”…lol…

      • Thanks Dal for mentioning us! I doubt Marti will reply so i will for her..
        ( now were both in trouble)
        Our thing was we always stayed together.. We stayed within eyesight of each other . Were from the country and raised like boys.. So we all carry knives, no guns. We were mindful of our surroundings but didn’t let fear paralyze us. It was one of the best times we’ve had as sisters together. ; )

      • I agree with Dal totally. Being safe is more a case of using simple common sense. After all, didn’t Forrest say “As ‘I’ have gone alone in there”? I trusted in his words and the fact that I personally never believed Forrest would have even gone somewhere that he felt he would have to be concerned about his safety. Does anyone believe that Forrest would recommend this Chase for family outing’s, if he felt there was a safety issue? Can you even imagine Fenn carrying a Remington M700 for bear protection? 🙂

      • Nor,
        You have a good weekend as well. Take care of that ulcer. Hope you are feeling well soon. 🙂

        • Thanks German. I’m used to defending opinions. But certainly playing to a tough crowd here!!

          I wonder how Forrest would feel about sending Peggy, Kelly, or Zoe into wilderness country ALONE. I’m thankful the men in my life care about me enough to offer sheltering advice. I don’t always take it. Ha!
          Danke & Guten Abend GG.

      • Dal – Thank You for the link to the book – it looks like one I would enjoy reading. It is amazing what we do when we are younger. As I age I seem to be so much more cautious than when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. My son who is in his 20’s is in Peru now and every time he is near civilization he let me know what jungle he is heading into and for how long. I worry until the next communication. I realize now what I put my parents through when they would only get a letter once a month. Cheers!!

      • “You know where most of the crimes occur in Yellowstone?…the campgrounds…”

        That’s true: look at the price they charge for a box of “1qt” wood: $8-9!!! Criminal !!

        (*”1qt wood:” because there’s no chance it’ll light without at least that much lighter fluid !!)

      • FYI, on (sub)topic: I thought Dave tarver’s post was a bit more fear-mongerish that what Nor wrote. …About making sure to pack a gun regardless of the concealed carry laws in each state because ” just too much evil out and about now.”

        IMO / FWIW.

        The wild is actually & truly Mortally Dangerous to anyone foolish enough to underestimate it.

        aka: common sense, isn’t.

    • And I was just trying to state as well, that even though I have travelled alone into remote areas – I did feel safe, but the minute my senses felt like I may be in a compromised situation I was planning my next move for safety. Women alone is not the same as men alone. That is just a fact and I do not feel safe carrying a gun as I have not fired one for over 30 years.

      • I’m glad this has been brought up. Lots of people have disappeared in national and state parks. There’s a certain bad element that hangs out on little used trails so please always have your bear spray at the ready. If you encounter someone who is just seemingly hanging around purposeless, give them a stare that says you’re not intimidated by them. Let them know you are aware of their presence. Scan a trailhead for those present before you go down any trail alone. Best yet, don’t go alone, and always pay attention to your surroundings, and watch your back.

    • Nor, I agree with both you and Dal (and his article). You certainly are correct that the wilderness can be hazardous to your health. Mother Nature is beautiful but she is a cruel, cold blooded ol gal that doesn’t accept excuses. I was one of the guys they sent to search for the bodies so I tend to warn folks too much. I carry a gun but I also have a spare tire, a first aid kit, extra rations, survival kit, etc. etc. There were times I was glad I had all of them…….If you are in the wilderness enough, it’s not a matter of if you need those items, it’s when.

      Cheryl (if you read this) I raised two daughters that could certainly identify with your stories. My son-in-law got some laughs at a recent family get together when he said my wife raised two elegant, classy, independent, and wonderful young women; and I raised two trained killers and stunt car drivers.

      You said a mouthful when you said, “Today people don’t figure things out on their own very much”…….Your father and I apparently agree that teaching a child to think involves some pain and suffering, blood letting, and a little wailing and gnashing of teeth. These days he and I both would certainly be hauled in by Child Protective Services.

      I agree the training wheels, helmets, and many of the other safety devices we have these days are unnecessary for “thinking” individuals. The problem is these days society is raising brain dead lemmings trained to be taken care of and subservient to government. Thinking is not required; just do as you are told, big brother will take care of you.

      To you and I Dal wandering into the wilderness with his blissful, Mother Nature loves me attitude, then being mauled and killed by a crazed Otter is just part of natural selection……as it should be.

      • I think this was a Bill Cosby story, but i’m not sure … Curious about an electrical outlet, his mom screamed and pulled him away… “you’ll hurt yourself”. When dad saw him at the outlet, he said… “why dontcha poke a knife in and see what happens.”

      • Goof-
        You know..I saw that killer otter sign and I considered wading in the river anyway…but not for long…lol..
        I decided that if Forrest hid his treasure back there and left an otter to protect it, all I’d have to do is outlive the otter.
        How long do otters live anyway??

      • Helmets unnecessary? Subservient to government? Are you al Qaeda or just wicked cranky? AND WHY DO YOU HATE LEMMINGS!!!!

  45. The symphony of ideas that plays out here daily is diverse and stimulating. I participate and try to be reasonable. I’m not condescending to others and hope that courtesy is reciprocated.

    It’s reasonable to tell women its wise to hike in teams, and be aware there are ‘crazies’ on the chase… and back that up with factual information…
    Unless Mr. Fenn dreamed up the crazies he speaks of publicly, which given his character is most doubtful. If crazy, greedy people are arrested at Mr. Fenn’s door step and near his father’s grave, that’s enough for me to pay attention, and believe they may be outdoors on the chase as well.

    I’m busy with friends tonight and tomorrow, so I won’t have time to continue the discussion. Stop by for pie Dal anytime.

    Philosophy I live by: The mark of an adult is: Not easily offended, Reasonable, Forgives quickly, Loves others unconditionally regardless of differences. Feel free to discuss my opinions, but I won’t be available to witness it. 🙂 Probably good for me since stomach ulcers are in play now. Please enjoy your weekend and All on the chase HAVE FUN, BE SAFE!

    • Interesting Nor, I always thought those were the characteristics of a child. But then, shouldn’t adults become as little children. 😉

      • Nor,Glad to see someone else had the same reaction I did re: the characteristics of a child (I would add my dog Blue too).

        • Aren’t dogs GREAT! Best friend ever my my childhood schnauzer, Molly. Glad Blue keeps you company Raven. Take care.

      • Specialklr – Good job on your ‘part’ today!
        Too bad we grow up. I’m trying to hang on to childlike wonder, forgiveness, acceptance as long as possible. The ‘reasonableness’ IMO doesn’t apply to kids. Children pretty much just want their way. Took me years to learn reasonableness and genuine humility (which for me came in large doses from being humiliated by my own kids! LOL 🙂 Ha! have to laugh at yourself to survive. Enjoy the weekend where ever it finds you Specialklr, and remember… You matter!

        • Why thank you, Nor.
          I may tour a tourist mine in Tombstone. Not sure yet. I just can’t seem to connect WWWH to this mine. Ha, ha.
          Blessings on you and yours.

  46. Talk about Safety and Pie… Two (2) of my favorite subjects. Like Mapsmith- I too believe Scrapbook Seventy Eight contains eight new clues. In several (see what I’m doing here…Read the interview questions posted by jenny-Thank you) titles Mr. Fenn tells us where the chest isn’t.
    I liked how he TITLED and underlined each number. Mark j- good catch on Forth. Mr. Fenn also talked about his spelling and the profundity of thoughts garnered by it in the questions.
    IMO Forth was spelt this way on purpose by Mr. Fenn. I have created such a web of possibilities in my mind that many ideas sometimes seem impossible but make complete sense.
    My Seafood reference was in fun about a wd post on a different scrapbook…I used it to imply… I SEE FOOD. Remember the largemouth bass.
    Nor-I’d start in the corner first. Before TC…I liked it.
    First I do not have a complete solve. I do think the poem is written straight forward. Trying to keep it simple. IMO the poem gets more complicated…I also believe it can be decipher by anagram Upside-down. I’ve written about this a while ago and presented that Forrest Fenn and The Thrill of the Chase is anagrammed in the last stanza (coincidence?).
    And again, counting to some degree. Why 25 Grizzly Bears?
    I’ve read the book several more times and each time I found a different metaphor. Interesting use of words.
    Sometimes I start seeing stars.
    I guess it all depends on the angle in which you look at the rainbow.

    I REALLY don’t care how far off I am. Too much fun thinking in this Chase.

    • Safety Joe – Safety & Pie :). Dal must be afraid of me he has not contacted me for that pie – chicken!! I’m not a kook. They really are the best apple pies from The Elegant Farmer in Mukwonago, wisc.

    • Safety, If you recall the correct SB, would you kindly tell us where you wrote about anagramming the poem? I’m not lazy but it could take days to go through 78 scrapbooks and locate. Ive always found your information intelligent and quite helpful.
      thank you SJ!!

      • Nor-
        I do not think it was in a Scrapbook. I’ve been throwing out my 2 cents worth for about the last year now. Probably in The Poem or The Nine Clues.
        I believe you should get back to your plans for the weekend though.

        The chest will still be there…tomorrow at least!

    • Safety Joe: I’ll be researching answers during the wee hours. Meanwhile, here are some interesting historical references which IMO all relate to the chase:

      This Week in History

      May 25, 1975 Grizzly bear is classified as a “threatened” species. (Grizzly life span is 25 yr)

      May 26, 1907 John Wayne is born

      May 27, 1831 Commanche kill mountain man Jedediah Smith

      May 28, 1902 The Virginian is published

      May 29, 1843 Fremont begins his second western expedition

      • Swan-
        If this goes on for another year I should be ready for a game called Rocky Mountain Trivia.
        Still wondering if 25 Grizzly Bears was a whisper or just an innocent quick reference number.
        The 2 and 500 numbers seem to make repeated occurrences on the Blog/Scrapbooks.
        When I see capitalized G and B I think of things like George Burns or Brown Gravy.
        I don’t know why…time for another break and Advil.

    • SafetyJoe, I have been seeing stars for years. 🙂
      This whole thread is an interesting read. Lots of good people talking about lots of useful ideas.

      Good apple pies are as good as the apples they are made from. I find if you add just a bit of lemon juice to the apples you get just the right balance of sweet and tart , it brightens the taste. IMO

      Dal and I must be close to the same age, sounds like how I grew up too.

      I don’t talk religion, its a personal choice to avoid heated emotions.

      Always be informed , its not really rocket science. IMO

      There is room for all sorts of ideas on the chase .Forrest built it with lots of wiggle room.

      If we aren’t having fun on the chase we are doing something wrong. IMO.

      Thanks Dal and everyone , just for being you. 🙂

      • deb-
        Never too much information. You can always be more specific in the future.

        • deb-
          “good people talking about useful ideas”. This is a little off topic but last year I made a reference to Over the Teacups. Some might have thought I was referring to Alice in Wonderland. I was referring to a book by OWH. This blog reminds me of the book. Good people getting together for intelligent conversation. Not all ideas are best.
          I am sure Mr. Fenn would enjoy reading about OWH receiving letters from readers… If he hasn’t read it already.
          I will take up less space but sometimes I just like to pull another subject from the tea pot.

        • Joe, I will be writing about that in the next few days no need to be specific until then. I will be away from the chase for an unknown amount of time dealing with family stuff so thought I would put out my ideas for others to consider even though it may cost me the chest.

          My trail through the chase has been a lot of fun and want others to see that it may be a bigger picture than we all have been reading about for over three years. 🙂

      • Deb you have been around long enough to know better. Just because some people occupy the most space on a blog doesn’t mean they have the best ideas. A lot of things in this life are unpopular and that’s why Forest dressed in hounds clothes. I don’t think you can seriously talk about TTOTC without talking about religion. Maybe that’s why no one has found the TC in four years and this thread is just another missed opportunity. Maybe you could help me with the apple pies, I’ve struggled with the pies.

  47. Come on Chasers…quit sucking me back in today. Trying to finish cleaning and cooking for company 🙂 They may be eating take out if I don’t hang up the keyboard now. Safety Joe, join us for home made pie since you mentioned my name. I’ll have to inspect-bisect-dissect your thoughts on Sunday when company leaves… or under the covers after midnight! (8-) (((group hug))) Yes, even you Dal.

  48. Howdy Fenners! I’ve been enjoying the Chase for a few years now, but this is my first post to Dal’s awesome blog!

    First a big thanks to Mr. Fenn for the Thrill of the Chase (and treasure)! I’ve been out a few times looking and have had some wonderful adventures.

    I do have a few related questions to run by the group (maybe Dal can shed some light on this?). Mr. Fenn mentioned that there is only one ‘clue’ in his 2nd book (Too Far to Walk), but I wonder if there are other ‘hints’? Something he said (in the 2nd book) in particular has me thinking: “I’ll happily share my national forests with you, but please try to stay at least twenty miles away.” What do you think he means by this? If a ‘hint’, then is he referring to his ‘secret place’ (treasure location). If so, staying at least 20 miles away from any national forest would eliminate quite a bit of real estate in the Rocky Mountains.

    What do you think?

    Thank you!

    • Sidd,
      Wish I could help but I do not have TFTW. Doesn’t appear to be a hint BUT it would narrow down your search area in the way you are thinking.

      • Amy-
        Your right. Been thinking about it all morning. I was going to guess at an interpretation for the quote and then post but after the “woodman” illustration and birds on the moon revelation earlier…I would probably be way off. Hasn’t stopped me before though. I think Sidd could be on to something but I did not have the book and didn’t want to interpret the quote without seeing the context in which it was written.
        Maybe it is time for another book.

    • Sidd,
      Welcome aboard the Good Ship Lollipop. Happy to have you here. It’s known as “Fresh Blood”. 🙂

    • @Sidd. I have not read TFTW, but I thought I read about it on FF blog or in TTOTC, and I agree with you 100%. When I first read or heard that statement I thought the same thing. I don’t believe the TC is in a National Park, unless FF has “mine rights, or a parcel of land, staked”. He was a surveyor, so anything is possible and it could take years to find.

    • Oh thank You for finding this one – I think they have changed it slightly as the top crust seems to also have like a crumble with the dough? AND the caramel. 🙂

  49. I just posted on to say goodbye. It is no longer fun to include that site in my chase. I won’t go back.


      • Not bashing at all. Have you read her comments in “sour grapes”? And it is not contained to just that thread. You can’t read anything there without hearing about the crap.

        Just tired of hearing it.

        • It is mostly contained to that thread. And right by Sour Grapes it says? If you do not want to hear anything negative… so why do you go there? I believe she is quite in pain and venting on one thread that says- “if you don’t want to hear anything negative…” Dear God man, the lady’s been severely depressed. You can’t go there, read something negative, then complain- as you were warned.

        • Lowi,
          My response was directed at Scott’s leaving that thread. NOT at Steph’s obvious issues.

          Next time you don’t understand someone’s comment, do yourself a favor and ask them to clarify for you. Geez.

          • Why is it so wonderful that he’s “left the thread”?- does that make him all superior like you somehow? Why would I not understand you-Geeeez.

  50. Good one Sidd, another quagmire…

    I think Nor’s take on being cautious is fine. I live on the edge of a refugee in the Shawnee National Forest, the surrounding area has a poor population of us rednecks…lol. Who knows who is lurking???
    I personally don’t like guns anymore… too hard to keep clean. dal carries an ice pick??? That’s probably much easier.

    I too like apple pie…. Around here my cousin makes John Wayne’s Apple pie, and it is by far the best. Imo.

    Saftey Joe, as always I enjoy your comments, but Swan a few of those were out of the park home runs… Imo.

    IMO, We are all close, it’s only logical that we must be because we have the same refs. My problem is I keep a zig n’ and a zag n’ from place to place. No not Zigzags… Advil huh?

    A friend and I were discussing the group thing and she suggested a closed group to those who would be interested… I’m skeptical, and after having my neck stepped on, and being deceived so many times, I’m not so sure. However, I do want to go to the title office. f, is that a quit claim or a Warranty Deed? Grins.
    So to those of you who might be interested in forming a group and coming to some sort of accord…I’m listening?

    And just for fun, he did it tire-d oo-oo vroom.
    Mark H.

    • Mark H. I would be interested in furthering initial private discussion about a small, closed group; but reserve the right to decide not to be involved after discussion. Pretty skeptical myself, and if our solves don’t fall in the same basic areas, then I would be of little help to you anyway. I’m primarily interested in one single section of MT & YP. Not saying TC couldn’t be in NM, but I don’t know the area so my involvement would be a waste of both our efforts. Have you given thought as to how a closed group works logistically? If not organized and forthright up front, I’m not interested. You wiill need to initiate a phone call or private email link. Just being honest, and appreciate your invitation Mark.

      • Try using SKYPE Premium service for group conferencing. About 58.00 a year. Up to 6 people can connect at once. Only one member of group needs to purchase. Can chip in and each pay 10.00 for group of 6. Pretty cheap for a year.

        • Hey GG, I just read this about skype… Only room for six would be tight. I was thinking larger. Actually I”m not capable of running a group, but would probably be part of one if that were to happen. Just say n’.

          • Mark,

            I think the issue for Skype not having more then 6 in conference mode, is the bandwidth, considering voice and video at the same time eats up so much.

        • I would be interested…however…you folks are the “deep” thinkers where I see the poem on a more simplistic view.

  51. On May 28, 2014 in Jenny Kile Questions with Forrest, someone named Scout Around asked if the Blaze is one single object. Mr. Fenn’s reply was “In a word yes.”
    If Forrest had said in his answer a plain old “yes” I would understand better. When he said “In a word yes” it left me with the question that it most likely is in one spot but could represent multiple Blazes in one spot. It would be nice if Forrest would clarify that answer. Maybe Jenny or someone else asking questions of Forrest in the future would follow up on this. Then again I could be reading to much into the question.

    You all have a good day.


    • @ don

      Since he actually said…”In a word — Yes” Could he mean that it is in a word somewhere in the poem, he did say “some were focusing on a key word” or something like that, don’t remember exactly.

    • “in a word, yes.”
      Could mean that the blaze is a “word”..
      Might even mean that the blaze is the word, “yes”.

      • dal, the blaze is a single word. in my solve, imo. but it is a good word. it is so good my search date seems to b moving up. but let me say the blaze involves f’s rainbow….. N,

    • Don, FWIW, in my opinion there could be multiple blazes on one type of surface… tree, cliff face, rock

  52. In today’s questions with Forrest on Jenny’s site, Forrest states “There isn’t a human trail in very close proximaty to where I hid the treasure”

    How close is “in very close proximity? (And he misspelled the word proximity) To me, very close proximity depends on what you’re talking about. As far as the treasure in relation to the distance from a trail, it could be any distance. 10 feet? 50 feet? 200 feet? To me, I would say within 50 feet….but it all depends on the person making the statement. And I highly doubt he will provide a distance for us.

    • Mr f has said in the past that folks have been within 500 feet. So my guess is 500 feet.

      • Since he said Yellowstone is one place you should stay on the trails, I think you might be right Jenny. It sounds like the treasure is not close to a “human” trail but is it close to maybe an animal trail? Or could you see the blaze on a cliff or something and just walk toward it through brush or a field or ??? Very interesting and thought provoking answer!

        • I have the same thoughts….feels like it rules out Yellowstone, IMO.

          “there are places where one should stay on established trails; Yellowstone is one”-FF

          “There isn’t a human trail in very close proximaty to where I hid the treasure”-FF

          I never felt it was in Yellowstone anyway, so this doesn’t effect me much. I have always believed it to be in CO or NM.

          • I believe the chest is in Yellowstone. Mr f is correct that there are places in YNP that people “need” to stay on the path especially in the thermal areas. However there are many trails less traveled in the Park where people can wander off trail.
            IMO…folks that are not used to walking off trail in backwood areas should stay close to the trails.
            Also…a stream is not a trail and I believe the chest will be found in close proximity to a stream.
            Of course…all of this is just my opinion.

        • One additional thought – could this mean that the Blaze is not a trail as some have felt?

          “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
          Look quickly down, your quest to cease,”

          Substituting the word trail” for “blaze” it would become:

          “If you’ve been wise and found the “trail”,
          Look quickly down (the trail), your quest to cease,” So since the treasure is not “in very close proximaty” to a human trail, that probably also means the blaze is not a trail. I thought at one time that the blaze was a trail but with the things Forrest has said lately, I’ve dropped that idea and am looking at other definitions that come closer to lining up with some of Forrest’s recent statements.

          • I keep reading that line. The treasure is not in very close proximity to a human trail. He did not say not in proximity to a human trail nor in close proximity to a human trail. He said not in very close proximity to a human trail. I’m not sure we should be eliminating areas that have human trails in them but just know that a searcher will have to get off trail at some point in order to find the treasure.

          • I agree that this rules out “a trail” from being “the blaze”. However, I wouldn’t read too much into this clue because the phrase “very close proximaty” is very vague. For instance, if something is “in proximaty” to something else, then it is “close”. Therefore, the phrase “close proximaty” is a tautology, since what your saying is that something is “close, close”. Adding “very” doesn’t really add much. My reading is that the blaze and treasure are not ON a trail although I wouldn’t rule out a trail being close by–just not really close! My solve has me following a creek close to the water, even though there may be a trail nearby.

          • I’m with you Raven. I believe what he is saying is that it’s not along a trail, nor very close to one. One will have to go off trail. Now it comes down to how close is close?

          • CJ-
            He does say “human” trail. There are other kinds of trails in the wild. Most likely, in my estimation, is “game” trail. “Game” as in bison, elk, vicious otter, etc.
            There are other types of trails as well..
            In and around yellowstone there are horse trails and snowmobile trails…but a snowmobile trail would still be a human trail…and since horses are domesticated animals I suspect a horse trail would also be a human trail…and very few “horse” trails do not also support human foot traffic…
            So I am back to “game” trail…but I am not indicating that he is saying you can take a game trail to the chest..I am just saying that he wrote “human” for a reason…so there might be game trails in the vicinity..

          • I agree Dal. As I responded to Jenny, my thought was maybe the treasure wasn’t in “close proximity to a human trail” but that it could be close to an animal trail. I guess I forgot to put that word in my second post about the blaze and that “blaze” is probably not referring to a “human” trail either – but that’s what I meant. 🙂 But who knows, Forrest could just be playing with words, and us, again. 🙂

          • Here is my warped mind again. He mentioned “footprint” and “human trail”.
            Could he be talking about DNA and not actually a footpath? Give A pop to sis.
            I don’t know what the right answer is but I’m sure my languish is giving him a chuckle.

            I really have to stop turning this computer on.

          • Back up just a minute, he said; “There isn’t a human trail in very close proximaty to where I hid the treasure.f”

            It doesn’t mean that it’s not off a trail, just that it’s not in very close proximity to the trail. It could be 500′ from a trail and not be in very close proximity. He could have stayed on a trail and then veered off for 500,700 or even 5,000′ to his hidedy spot and it wouldn’t in close proximity. He may just be trowing someone off that is close to the TC. Don’t be so quick to leave a trail. Just saying.

        • Walking on animal trails in Wyoming, Montana and Alaska leads to encounters with Grizzly bears. There are no Grizzlies in Colorado or New Mexico.

          • I wouldn’t bet too heavily on that about no grizzlies in CO or NM. Animals do not observe state lines when on the search for food, mates, or new territory. They can show up in the most unexpected locations. Nationwide animals appear to be losing their fear of humans more and more. We had an incident a few miles from where I live in TN just last week when a van on a city thoroughfare hit and injured a 250lb black bear. Less than a mile from a police station and in a residential area. We are a hundred miles from the Smoky Mtn.s where one might expect to see a black bear. We routinely hear and see coyotes now where I live and even saw an armadillo on the side of a local freeway that had met an unfortunate end. All this within 20 miles of Chattanooga, TN. Who would have thought?

      • IMO It’s a poker game, Jenny: you’re meant to think that way. Both ways, that is. The trick is to reason/figure out/card count and see if the YNP card is in his hand or not. 😉
        the 500′ remark, the ‘made two trips in one afternoon’ remark, and now this remark paint a concise picture in my mind. Seems almost too specifically defined now, …which then makes me suspicious 😀

        …it’s a pretty fun game of poker, at that

        For now, I say Yellowstone isn’t 100% ruled out quite yet, since the substantial bison trails there could still give us a non-human trail right to the treasure…

      • That paragraph which f wrote is loaded with qualifiers. And if you want to see some poor adherence to staying on the trails in Yellowstone, just pay attention to the fly fishermen doing their thing… f definitely hasn’t stayed on the trails in the places he has been, and certainly not in Yellowstone as he has made abundantly clear in his writings.

      • That is like asking…how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop :mrgreen:

    • Could mean Dinasour tracks, trail made by animals, anything that was not made by humans. Great to the point clue. In very close proximity means you leave the manmade trail and follow another trail that has been made for us by somethng else. Lots of possibliites. Could be a trail made by Mother Nature:volcano, flood, earthquake of long ago. Who knows but great points to ponder…….Chase on fellow searchers.

      • “trail by Mother Nature” …. Water cutting trail like GrandCanyon? Rivulets, gulley, running creeks, major rivers… On and on! Wasn’t there a story how ff walked by a treasure for years and years and an indian friend found it. We’re they on or by a trail? What about the couple in CA that found the gold coins? Walked by it… Those dated back to late 1800s right? ff might be fooling everyone. Just MHO.

        • Where is that story about him walking by a treasure? I know Dal says it’s mentioned somewhere on the blog, but I really have looked thoroughly and I can’t find it. What book was it from?

  53. Ya’ll take ff literally for ever word… mistake #1. Read into it a little more. Remember he is too smart for us all and he is NOT narrowing it down by saying these things.

    “there are places where one should stay on established trails; Yellowstone is one”-FF

    “There isn’t a human trail in very close proximaty to where I hid the treasure”-FF

    He’s actually opening it up even wider.

    • James,

      This is my take:

      Yellowstone is a place where one should stay on trails. And the treasure is not in very close proximity to where he hid the treasure.

      It is my opinion that it COULD mean that the treasure is not in Yellowstone. I don’t think it is a mistake to take FF literally when I feel that it is appropriate to do so. Please don’t correct me with your opinions.


      • I take Mr. Fenn at his word and agree with UP regarding Forrest’s statement,

        “There are places where one should stay on established trails; Yellowstone is one.” FF

        Somethings must be taken at face value, and IMO this in one. Consider that Forrest has spent more time in YP than all of us combined. If he says, YP is a place one should stay on established trails, I believe he means just what he said. Given Yellowstone has the thinnest crust on earth with boiling cauldrons just beneath – it’s prudent to stay on established trails. I do not intend to start dicing the word “should.”

        Thank you Forrest for being forthright.

      • LOL…hey UP…you said…
        Please don’t correct me with your opinions.
        Well…I am going to correct you :mrgreen: it is My Opinion that you stated this sentence incorrectly…

        And the treasure is not in very close proximity to where he hid the treasure.

        I Hope the treasure is in close proximity to where he hid it :mrgreen:

        Have a Fun day everyone

        • ha-ha…thanks! obviously a typo! I was holding our 2 week old, while also having our 2 year old pull on my arm.

          I meant:

          Yellowstone is a place where one should stay on trails. And the treasure is not in very close proximity to a human trail.

  54. Question…

    How many of you believe the title of the book TTOTC has two meanings…?

    • RinFla,

      It is not something I would spend time pondering…

      I see it as no help with a solution in any way, just MO…

      Everything is in the poem… 😉

      • Hey Sam,

        I see a different kind of “chase” that could shed light on hints and clues…but no one seems to be…”biting”

  55. I’m sorry UP… calm down! Geez! Nobody is “Correcting you”… Loosen the grip a little… on your word usage towards me please… I didn’t direct that at you so repay the comments with kindness.

    • James,

      Sorry for any misunderstanding. It’s not a big deal, I should not have said anything about it. I felt you were correcting opinions (by stating “mistake #1”) with your own opinions which didn’t make any sense to me. Sorry if I took you too seriously.

      I do apologize if I came across rude by asking you not to correct me (my opinion) with your opinions. It was not my intent to be rude when making that request.

  56. Thanks for the input on my ’20 mile’ question! I think it unlikely that Mr. Fenn was saying to keep the searches at least 20 miles away from any National Forest area in the Rocky Mountains.

  57. RE: Yellowstone & Sweet Pea’s discovery of Mining Claims in Yellowstone:

    “NEW & OLD” Uranium & Gold mining claims threaten our national parks, monuments, forests and historic sites – thousands of mining claims, many of them staked during the past five years. These incomparable places could be at risk because of the “outdated 1872 Mining Law” still in use that puts prospecting ahead of other activities on most of America’s public lands, including health and safety.

    IMO – I wonder if FF has a greater agenda than simply making one person rich. Perhaps he hopes many will cooperate to make a lasting difference. Just my opinion…

  58. Just a few random thoughts on some things he has said.

    ♦People deserve an answer……..He has apparently changed his mind on this line of thinking.

    I reserve the right to be wrong once in a while. I wonder if his Coriolis Effect statement would fit in this category.

    The more detailed maps are most useful if you have the right map……Time to get out the topos.

    There isn’t a human trail in very close proximaty to where I hid the treasure. We know he drove to the location and made two trips the same afternoon. So was he “off roading” with his vehicle, or does not “very close proximaty” mean as far as an eighty year old man could make two trips from………How precise are his words? Does “human trail” mean a trail only used by humans walking or do roads also fit the definition; built by humans, but made for vehicles?

    ♦The chest is in a special place. How large is his special place? Does that mean in very close proximity to the chest; or as large as a state. For example some people say Wyoming is a very special place, some say the Rocky Mountains is a very special place.

    The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did. So do some of the clues refer to recent things…..created in the last eighty years?

    The most common mistake that I see searchers make is that they underestimate the importance of the first clue. If you don’t have that one nailed down you might as well stay home and play Canasta. Is the first clue WWWH?

    • GOG,
      Don’t you think that his comment “The clues did not exist when I was a kid…”, is a truthful statement? After all, he didn’t create the poem (clues) until much later.

    • Googy, … If…” The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did”…. doesnt that kinda imply MT, WY, YSP? …. did ff spend time as a kid in CO or NM?

      • Old Shadows I take it to mean the clues didn’t exist when he was a kid because he hadn’t thought them up yet……… But “most” of the places the clues refer to did exist.

        Does this mean some of the places in the poem didn’t exist when he was a kid? Just for example the blaze didn’t exist when he was a kid.

        I don’t think it narrows the search area down any as far as which state it’s in.

        • In my mind, there was at least one place that wasn’t available when he was a kid, but became a reality when he was older. But those are just my thoughts. It’s an extremely vital place and effects a lot of people, especially into the future.

        • Goof-
          Maybe if I only put ten photos on a page and then we made a “Photo Album” category with different pages in it..
          What about that? I’m trying to hold the file size down..

    • He’s pointedly refused to answer whether WWWH is the first clue. I think this opens the distinct possibility it’s not.
      If anything, whether you hope it is or not, it’s interesting that he refuses to answer.

      • Mapsmith,
        What answer were you hoping for? Any answer would be a clue. Possibly too much of a clue.

      • Mapsmith, he is good about his answers! Every time he answers we have 50 more questions for one answer. I’m afraid to ask any questions – like you reminded us – all you need is the poem imagination and some resolve. Have you been out this year?

      • Goldenhorse; I believe the people deserve an answer statement was at one of the book events when ask about some of his clues like the Toledo clue. I said he changed his mind because he chose not to answer some of the question on Jenny’s site.

        He has said the chest is in a special place on numerous occasions. I was wondering how big his special place is.

        All the other statements I quoted are on Jenny Kile’s website.

        • IMO – I think he visited this place as a child with his family on the way to Jellystone (at least for my solution). If I was a kid this would have been one of the coolest places on earth to look around. It is one of the most magnificent visual areas in the Rocky Mountains. I might even venture to guess he found something there or his family had to wait a bit for him to get back even though they could see him boldly where he was. Who knows – only Forrest knows right now. I wish I had time right now to go search. Planning on taking the family this time…

          • Einstein – I like the way you think. If they traveled the scenic H 191 north, which area do you think is the most visually magnificent in the Rockies? Do you have a personal favorite

            btw – I’ve never had an addiction in my life until TOTC. trying so hard to let go and can’t. researching mining claims from 1872 to present in 3 counties today. but trying to keep blog time under control. Do they make Fennotine patches?

          • I may be wrong, but I seem to recall very early in this hunt Dal relating a story from Fenn about his father caching their camping equipment in some woodsy place when they went back to Texas, and always finding it untouched on their arrival next year. Guess this was before they had the cabin. No states or higways were mentioned, but it might be the very place Fenn put his treasure. I would guess that newer routes bypass those old routes.
            Glad you’re back Nor, keeping the mental landscape open & nourished is a good thing.

  59. In the tragic story about his friend Wolfgang and Wen An in his book, TFTW, there are several things I believe are subtle hints but one of the hints is an oddity of sorts. And every time I read his statement about staying at home playing canasta if we can’t figure out WWWH I think of this oddity. I think of it because the oddity is a something that I can connect with my WWWH.

      • I’ve been thinking about the Pogzeba tradgedy for months trying to make a connection other than MT, and death.

        IMO Canasta may be defined 3 ways:

        1. card game similar to rummy that you play in pairs against another pair; trying to collect same suits as your partner to combine cards for a 7 card run/canasta, either dirty or pure (I play Canasta).

        {Can’t figure out FF’s angle with Canasta, is he stating you have to be in a real game of poker, life is not for canasta players?}

        2. Waste paper basket

        3. 3 point shot

      • Cloud Cover: initial research on tragic death of Wolfgang & Wen-az Pogzeba turned up this discrepancy. Both Colorado and New Mexico reported the plane crash in a specific location??? Not sure what to make of that.

        I still can’t figure out the canasta oddity???

        1.PIPER PA-34-200T Air Crashed in 11/2/1982 at 1807
        PIPER PA-34-200T was owned by WOLFGANG H. POGZEBA, and operated by WOLFGANG H. POGZEBA.
        Airplane serial number: 34-8233082

        2.PIPER PA-34-220T Air Crashed in 11/2/1982 at 0
        PIPER PA-34-220T was owned by WOLFGANG H. POGZEBA, and operated by WOLFGANG H. POGZEBA.
        Airplane serial number: 34-8233082

        I enjoyed researching Wolfgang’s work because he was the artist who specialized in cleaning Charlie Russell paintings in my home town, Helena, MT. Each day walking home from Jr. High I stopped through the state capitol to grab a soda and enjoy Russell’s works there or in the Musuem next door. Even at age 13 I loved his work. No one quite captures the play of pastel light against the clouds of the Big Sky like CMR.

          • Thanks for saying hello Joanne! I’ve been gone for over 30 years but still have family in the area. Usually spend time at Flathead lake when in Mt. Did you attend HS there? 🙂

        • Probably the one that states Durango, Colorado was the first report that came out as last contact with the plane was when it was west of Durango. The wreckage was not found for a year and then it was discovered that it crashed on the north face of Canjilon Peak.

      • Please do tell CloudCover. Only oddity I found in story is reported crash site in 2 different states, and Fenn stating wreckage found on Jicarilla Reservation. plenty of conspiracies near Cannon AFB and Dulce, none of which I’m educated to discuss. MT Justice Pat Harrison’s most impt case was to uphold 30% sev. tax on coal mining industry. Was plane crash w/son on board accidental? who knows. As for other meanings on canasta, three point shot could throw one back into uranium discussions; basket..breadbasket state kids health issues due to ur. urban dictionary meanings r obnoxious, too much of a lady to go there. In all honesty if every chapter has to be dissected and researched at this level, I’m out anyway. Time to get back to BT ‘before treasure’ life. I used to have time to make a difference in my community and be a true friend who serves others. I believe Mr. Fenn has served others unselfishly during his life and will approve that I get back to things that matter. Being a difference maker to others doesn’t require that I find a golden hoard, although I would have been really generous to others with it.
        Thanks for being a friend Cloud! Warm wishes to you and yours. – Nor

        • I think the poem was constructed that you can figure it out with just that but I enjoy trying to find the subtle clues in the stories. It brings more meaning for me about why he may have hid the chest where I think he did. I will find out soon enough as I am embarking on a three week off holiday from my job. Probably I’m wrong but I have a heck of a good solve and am really excited to see if it has any merit. As for the oddity, he said the wreckage was found on the Jicarilla Apache reservation and Canjilon peak is not on the reservation. I’m not sure what to make of that unless he was just mistaken as the border to the reservation are somewhat nearby or as I like to think, he is using the term reservation loosely and is actually referring to the ancestral tribal lands of the Jicarilla which encompass far more than what is currently the reservation. At any rate, I am thinking that Jicarilla Apache is a clue and although I have seen several definitions of the word one definition of Jicarilla is little basket and canasta means basket. So, the question is, does Jicarilla Apache have anything to do with WWWH? Thank you for your kind words Nor. I have enjoyed that you pay attention to my comments as most do not.

        • Nor-
          Reading your thoughtful comments and kind words on this blog makes me smile. Just maybe your making a difference in a larger community. There is room for both.
          level—same forwards and backwards-just don’t go as far as I do.

          • Safety Joe – thanks so much for your kind words..notsure how to apply level any of my solves. unsure of your meaning. There may be room for adding to the blog, but the chase sure sucks you in. The hole is deep and full of quicksand.
            Have to be honest that if there is a higher purpose to mr. f’s treasure, it seems he would like to be certain in his lifetime, and who of us knows when our days are up, not me. Trying to make sense of redeeming my time spent on earth and finding the good works I am attributed to…don’t want to be so TC focused that I miss my purpose in life. Again thank you. Nor

          • Nor-
            No need to figure out how to apply level.
            I was trying to show that Mr. Fenn has me looking at all words in a different way. Level is a palindrome and I find it interesting that it is also centered on a V…like a see-saw with both sides being equal. The level actually works like its spelling and meaning with everything being centered when level.
            By the way… 191 is a palindromic number.
            I’ve just been hooked on words and numbers lately.
            Just trying to look at all the angles.

          • @SafetyJoe – Thanks for the palindrome info. and 191. After googling, I tried making sentences in the poem work since there didn’t seem to be word palindromes. Also noticed entire puzzles are solved in such manner. Wrote the poem out backwards out of curiosity. Didn’t score any new revelations, but had fun learning about palindromes. Thanks for a fun rabbit trail. My siblings and I used to call one another by names in reverse… how about ‘erie lav dats nif’ for a handle?

    • @cloudcover – 4 people’s lives were lost, so unfortunately waste basket of life applies. Much tradgedy for FF to bear. But I believe there is more to finding Mr. Fenn’s treasure than a game of canasta for fun. There is an impt. agenda which means the finder better be playing lifes game of poker… for serious people who have removed rose color glasses and can play like men so to speak.
      Just my opinion since you asked. Your turn……

      • I don’t know anything about canasta as a game but it isn’t just a Waste basket either. Very tragic accident and I believe there is an important reason for it being included in his new book. My WWWH has also seen its share of tragedy. I also believe there is a very important agenda behind this hunt. I do not own any rose colored glasses so to speak.

  60. Goofy, I hope I have helped…smiles

    #7. I guess most of us should stay home then? One of my problems is, I don’t know how to play Canasta.

    #6. The places existed 80 years ago, but the clues didn’t… heck the poem isn’t 80 years old. Let’s think about that a second… no let’s not!

    #5. At this point, a special place might be a round room with padded walls, but in NM. 😛

    #4. Imo We have to cross the creek and leave the trail at some point… Hmmm. My question is what about the bears?

    #3. A good map??? Those topos look like labyrinths to me! More coffee!

    #2. I wonder what he was saying he was wrong about… The redneck with the 22 kids?

    And #1. I’ve always enjoyed answering people’s questions with another question.

    Mark H.

  61. PLEASE my fellow searchers, everyone open the front cover of your TTOTC book and look at the photo of the airplane on the bottom right corner, and notice the number on the tail. Then, look at the writing below on the picture. Please notice that there is a 5 before the six, but the five is not on the actual plane itself, next to the six where I assume it should be. I am not a pilot, but shouldn’t there be a five on the tail of the plane? Or is it perhaps another “mistake” involving the number 56? That would make two mistakes involving that number. HMMMM.

    • @Sweetpea Mcgee:

      1. I noticed the TAIL # discrepancy too. Not sure why its there but I know most pilots are sentimental about their tail number and I believe Mr. Fenn’s personal airplane shared the same tail number beginning with 63848 (researched best I could through directories and found same type plane registered to new owner w/tail). It would be great if an AF pilot would assist us with correct information.

      2. Also of note on TTOTC inside flap is the incorrect Photo on FF’s ID card. Age 17, wt 150 and his photo looks like 4-5 years old.

      3. Of large note IMO is another discrepancy on page 50 “Too Far To Walk” Georgia DL card has correct number typed on side one, and a much different number handwritten on top right of back side. After reading Captn. Kidd stories, I deduce that the handwritten number is a latitude reference which you have to know which digits to remove. Thee famous Captain Kidd card revealed the same type solve.

      4. I believe the old postal codes are doctored and give references to Township, Range & Section numbers. You need a high quality magnifying glass to see them with clarity. They could also be refs. to mining claims .

      you did a great job with your solve! Take care, I’m off to a charity event.

  62. Sweetpea
    I see no mistake in Fenn’s math or the tail # on the aircraft. I am a GA pilot, but my understanding of USAF numbering (my dad flew C-119’s out of Ellington back in the day) is that the last 4 digits are the airframe serial #, the first digit is the year, and the decade # was not part of the tail #. The French Indochine war was from 1946 to 1954, 2010-56=1954. 2010-42=1968, matches Fenn’s narrative. He says he believed the DOD of the French soldiers was 1947, which he could have surmised from the markers. The book was published 2011, Fenn could have done the writing, and the math, from 2010. Looks accurate to me.

    • Lonestargirl, Thank you. I mistakenly was using the year 1947. And thank you for the clarification about the number on the tail of the plane. So the number 5 is the decade number, but it doesn’t appear on the tail. I figured a pilot would know!

    • My solve involves coordinates. I don’t believe the chest lies at the coordinates, but simply marks a point B. Point A being WWWH. Follow the clues from point A to point B precisely, and find the blaze. If you don’t follow the clues precisely, and take an alternate route to point B, you’d never find the blaze.

      This is all just my opinion and works for my solve.

      • So, I believe the chest is located prior to reaching the coordinates, when following the clues precisely.

  63. Some have mentioned finding pleasure in doing research for this hunt, and a few days ago Nor mentioned her research of things Romanesque… (re: bottom of pg 129)… and I got to thinking about that “Book of Days” thing which I knew nothing about. I brushed it off as a prayer schedule or something. Tuns out, It links to Ovid & Fasti. and was apparently a tool of list keepers — calendars, business accounts, feast days, etc. FF presents us with lots of lists/collections including that nagging list of postmark days. My esteem for FF’s complexity grows and grows. If the box isnt found this summer, its a topic for another long winter.

  64. Joanne Sullivan – sorry that we just missed by a few years. I graduated from HHS in 79 and knew a Bill Sullivan. Enjoy your time in MT 🙂

  65. I believe Dal will tell you as he did I that those dates stamps were added by the publisher and have no significant value.

    • Thanks James.

      DAL, Confirmed by FF?? Postmark dates have no relation to hunt? Just a refernce to days/years passing by? Thanks.

      Well, anyhow, now I know a Book of Days is not a Book of Hours, so one more trinket found. Thanks FF.

      • Shadows-
        Here’s what I know. The postmarks were the idea of the book designer and added by her as a design element. They were not designed by Forrest. The dates were picked randomly by her.
        Now…having said that it is still within the realm of possibility that Forrest choose a date for one or two so I asked him about that. I wrote many moons ago about it on this blog. There was a time about two years ago when “everyone” was looking for clues in those postmarks. Long before Jenny Kile’s wonderful Mysterious Writings blog Forrest told me that the postmark dates are not specific to anything and provide no assistance to finding the chest.

        But for verification you could always ask the book designer, her name and company are in the book…

        If you watch the video on this blog where his design team is working with him on the second book you will see that the “designer” and not Forrest comes up with all the design elements…
        These are presented to Forrest for his opinion…He sometimes accepts and sometimes doesn’t accept the elements..

        • And that makes perfect sense to me that ff would be the one to approve or dis-approve anything going into his book/s.

        • And yet, Dal, in my investigations, the postmarks *do* collectively provide clues (or perhaps in Fenn’s vernacular, “hints”). So I’m left wondering how much control Forrest had over the layout and content of the graphics. Odds are not likely (~11.6%) that a graphic artist would get 14 out of 14 days of the week wrong for those stamps that have fully legible dates (to include dates recoverable from TTOTC stories).

  66. Opportunity are you saying that the chest sits in an Omega that can be viewed from a cam or GE, and that if disturbed would ruin the perfect image of the omega… this would be Imo huge? If this is what your saying is there any way you could tell us how one might know that?
    Mark H.

  67. Dal, I noticed you re-vamped your site. Where did you put the emails to F?

  68. A tidbit for today…

    15 December 1964
    Johnson County, Kansas
    Northeast Johnson County Republican Women’s Club Records (2000.040)
    Date Span: 1936-2000

    Club Presidents:
    1936 Marguerite Dawson
    1937-38 Mrs. Frank Belinder
    1939-40 Mrs. C. E. Gibson
    1941-42 Mrs. A. M. Hannah
    1943-44 Mrs. A. W. Wolf
    1945-46 Mrs. Fred Ehlers
    1948-49 Mrs. Mason B. Foster
    1949-50 Mrs. Clyde A. Rowe
    1951-52 Mrs. William Yager
    1953-54 Mrs. Curtis F. Snyder
    1955-56 Mrs. Granville M. Bush
    1957-58 Mrs. Norman F. William
    1959-60 Mrs. Ned Soseman
    1961-62 Mrs. Oscar Moss
    1962-63 Mrs. Jonson
    1963-64 Mrs. Donald Morphew
    1965-66 Mrs. Forrest Fenn<—————————–
    1967 Mrs. Donald Morphew
    1968-69 Mrs. Hjalmar Carlson
    1970-71 Mrs. Charles Elliot
    1972-73 Mrs. Clyde A. Rowe
    1974-75 Mrs. Doyle C. Whitman

    A white elephant auction yesterday increased the Northeast Johnson County Women Republican club’s coffers from 13 cents to about $100. About 40 persons took part in the auction yesterday. About $25 was collected in chances on a soap tree. Mrs. Forrest Fenn, 2914 West Seventy-second street terrace, Prairie Village, was installed president.

    10 October 1966

    The silver award, the only one given in Kansas this year by the National Federation of Republican Women, was presented at the convention of the Kansas Federation of Republican Women at Hutchinson. Mrs. Forrest Fenn, 2914 West Seventy-second terrace, Prairie Village, club president, accepted the award from Mrs. Dorothy A. Elston, national president. The club has 265 members and is one of the largest women’s Republican clubs in Kansas, Mrs. Fenn said.

  69. Old Shadows, thanks for the reminder. the old route of 287 would have applied in the 30’s-40’s.

  70. Dal
    I promise I don’t want to create more work or tell you how to run your site, you’ve done a great job providing tons of info over the years and all us searchers are extremely greatfil for your work.

    You’ve probably spoken to this already, but since f mentions you’ve received past items that weren’t accepted for past posting, do you think it would appropriate now for those submittals to be placed on her in some form for review? Just a thought and no is definitley and acceptable answer. My thinking was just that with all the time that has passed by, maybe there are some items that didn’t seem important at the time, which may be helpful now. Anyway, thx again for the great site.

    • PL-
      You’re reading too much into that statement. In my opinion that statement was just Forrest being Forrest. I don’t believe there were ever any items he submitted that “I” determined would not go on the blog. The decisions were always his. Can you imagine “me” deciding not to post something Forrest wrote? That would be insane…It would likely end our relationship. I would not want to upset Forrest by telling him one of his stories is not good enough for the blog!!!!!!

      There have been times when he decided after he wrote something that it wasn’t good enough and told me not to post it. But it’s never been “my” decision…

      Forrest is a careful writer and his stories are very personal. The message and how it is conveyed is very important to him. Sometimes after he writes a piece and has a chance to review it, he doesn’t like it. The tone is wrong or it just doesn’t convey the feeling that he wants. So he decides not to have me post it. Most of the ones he didn’t like he reworked and sent them again and they were posted. I suppose there were two or three that he submitted that were never posted. But that was his decision…not mine. He was just having fun when he blamed it on me…including me in the fun…making it appear that I have some sort of power over him…but we all know that is Forrest’s way of spreading the glory.

      So…to your last point about posting the stories that he wrote which have not been posted…
      They are not mine to post..they are Forrest’s. I can’t post them without his permission.

      Finally, I don’t even have them anymore…or if I do I have no idea where they might be on my hard drives… I don’t keep everything…I simply can’t.

      And to your concern that I might be hiding information from you…
      I am not..I don’t even remember which stories he decided not to post and I couldn’t find them and look for clues if I was threatened with death…

      I, for one, don’t believe the scrapbooks hold coded clues to the hiding place of the chest or the meaning of the words in the poem. I don’t know this…it is just my belief…many here think I am blind…or stupid…

      I do believe it is possible that the scrapbooks provide insight into what Forrest cherishes and has driven him throughout his life and from those insights I have built ideas that I think help me understand Forrest’s personality…

      This is the same reason I read and reread his non-chase related books and listen closely to the interviews with him. The clues that I find are clues to help me understand Forrest…

      For me, Forrest is the puzzle that must be pieced together, not the poem. I believe the poem is straight forward and I believe many have been near the treasure but simply did not know what to look for. Understanding the poem’s creator and the chest’s hider is the key to finding it, in my opinion.


  71. Thx for the feedback Dal.
    I knew when I was writing this that it risked possibly coming across as accusatory. I tried my best to remove that undertone. I did apparently misunderstand how the process works. Thanks again for clarifying.

  72. People will air and direct their own personal frustrations in strange ways and sometimes misguide their own anguish upon others.

    Only the wise know that many will mislead and misdirect themselves and others with their own misdeeds.

    You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Only those who are wise will come close to solving the clues that lead to the treasure.

    One thing is certain though: You cannot fool a maverick. A maverick has enough resolve and mettle to keep going even in the face of adversity and strike his own trail to the treasure and celebrate maybe with a six pak.

    The thing about a six pak is it is meant to be shared with a genuine friend or two not everyone else in the crowd.

    Secretly, everyone wants to be one of the six…knowing full well they may very well not be.

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