Scrapbook Seventy Nine…


JULY 2014

Everyone will remember Jerry Golday. He has searched four times for the treasure in his secret Montana spot. On his second expedition he became mired by snow and circumstance. Dal was with me in Santa Fe when Jerry’s wife called to say she was worried because Jerry had not checked in. When our quick investigation revealed that he had not slept in his motel room Dal joined in the concern. So I called my cousin Chip Smith, who lives on Grayling Creek near Hebgen Lake. Chip in turn notified his high octane search and rescue buddies to gas up the helicopter while he and his wife Amber raced in their truck to the search area. The next morning Jerry got a cold but welcome chopper ride out and all ended well.

He and Keri have been back searching in the same area two times since. She commented in an email that those who think searching in the mountains is too dangerous should just “pick up their lower lip and go do something else.” Jerry and Keri and Chip and Amber are now hugging friends, which is yet another fortunate byproduct of searching for hidden treasures. These next words are Keri’s.


Most of the time we hear of a man’s great accomplishments first. Then how he succeeded and persevered through his trials to become who he is and achieve what he has. When the story is told in this order we tend to admire him for his actions and what we then call bravery. When the story is first heard about at the beginning of a journey, where mistakes are being made and personal trials are being faced, it’s easier to scrutinize, call it irresponsible, or even look at him as a victim of his circumstances. For a man to be a man he has to walk his own journey and find himself. That doesn’t mean that he has to walk it alone, but it does mean that he may have to walk the path a little differently then others.

Jerry’s story is not about a man’s failure, poor judgement, or one of being enticed. It’s about a man’s strength and determination to achieve what he set out to achieve by reevaluating, facing fears, and following through even though the possibility of making mistakes lies ahead still. It is those who continue forward when others would deem it impossible, foolish, and dangerous, that will learn from what doesn’t work out, which brings what is trying to be achieved even closer.

“A man can get discouraged many times but he is not a failure until he begins to blame somebody else and stops trying”
John Burroughs

“A somebody was once a nobody who wanted to and did.”
John Burroughs





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    • Golly Goofy,

      I kinda remember getting chewed out on this way of thinking. Hmmm…

      • Throw caution to the wind, being prepared and common sense is for girlie men and sissy’s.

        Grab your hoodie and jump in your two wheel drive preppy mobile and head north. If you do get in trouble a buddy will pick you up in a helicopter.

        • His truck was a 4×4…not a 2×4, his toyota . (Unless it was a prerunner, and i dont think it was) but it Wldve been fine jus his bed was too light. We drove on same ice he was on jus we had a heavy truck and little less inflated tires. See… Theres is a benefit to packin too much crap sometimes!
          And yes his southern buddies were there for him.. We had chains to pull him out.. And left him a note we would.
          Time and unforseen occurances befall us all!

  1. “A man can get discouraged many times but he is not a failure until he begins to blame somebody else and stops trying”
    John Burroughs

    Truer words never spoken.

  2. Thanks to dal for sharing the story of determination, a wife’s quick thinking, and good old human kindness all which lead to distance friendships. That is what the thrill and the search are about. Picking up and trying again. Qualities that make America great. Thank you…

  3. All is well that ends well.

    Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death. – Einstein

  4. I love dog-tooth violets! Great video! They are abundant in Sailor country!

  5. Music credit? And the shot at 1:30; I can’t quite make it out– that’s not the treasure chest, is it??

  6. Helicopters are nice. Some guys have ALL the luck…excluding those times when they don’t, of course. I hope I get a helicopter ride if something like that ever happens to me…(knock on wood). 🙂

  7. Me too, I mean I walked but not too far!

    Also, because I’m of the opinion the poem says to search in the summer…and it’s hot…that heli thing would be nice.

    And last… that heli thing would take me to the top of let’s say a waterfall… I was thinking one would have to be on top looking down for their quest to ceast. Which probably means it isn’t behind the falls because I vouldn’t be able to see behind them looking down. Thus… it wont be over at that point… darn!

    A cist huh? :p

  8. This scrapbook reminds me of journeying by ones self. One may head out bravely while others see it as being a foolish act. I’m reminded of a question. Who is to say a flower is a weed and not a flower. Sometimes it is a personal matter of who you think you are versus who others think you are. Sometimes the best adventures are the ones that can only be shared by way of telling to someone. Either way, it is nice to hear that the outcome did not end in life loss. When asked what i did over some weekends, my response is, “I lived!”

  9. The words of Keri’s are indeed inspirational. This is possibly the best Scrapbook to date. Keri’s beautiful and wise words causes me to think of Joan of Arc and how people recall her, one of the nine, for Joan of Arc came from an obscure village and rose to prominence when she was a teenager, and she did so as an uneducated peasant.

    Great Scrapbook! Now it’s time for me to watch Jack the Giant Slayer.

  10. I am fortunate to live in the beautiful Hudson Valley’s Catskill Mountain area and less than 5 miles from John Burrough’s cabin he named “Slabsides”.

    Thank you, I enjoyed this Scrapbook.

  11. Dal How do you know where warm waters halt is not a dam?…sorry I’m asking this here I can’t find any other contact information

    • Nikolai-
      Read Forrest’s Scrapbook Sixty Eight on this blog…
      Remember that Forrest wrote that…

  12. Hello I am Jerry Golday and I want to say wow! What a blessed man I am to have a wife who would write that article. It was a challenge for her to do, the last thing she needed was me walking around with an over inflated ego 😉 I love her so much! For our first date I asked her to go skydiving 🙂 I guess I should have started with a movie, but that is not who I am. See you around the blog and hope to meet you out in the woods!

    • You beat me, I took a girl indoor rock climbing on a first date. We had fun, but never a second date.

  13. a sleeping man upon a log of brown asks for olive’s for say’ he is dying and that is giving a a bag of health upon wish is a bell from heavan I say !! that is a blessing from an angel to get home.

  14. a once a trip in the cold, I had a chip of salt and a dusted hat I whistle to a man as a code he upon spooked a horse, it name was thunder, mm I kind of think.
    he asked the name of horse, for the never gave name, we spoke of Pease,
    he was no good with horse’s, as he tried to care for him !!

    • Cowboy: Hmm…I’m thinking you are trying to give someone a hint about..Red Ryder Cowboy comic strip or the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. I’ve noticed another Marvel comic strip that applies to clues if Montana also.

  15. I have also thought of Mavel Comics as a connection but thought Mr. Fenn might not use that I have never heard of him being into comics and dismissed it. It is still in the back of my mind though. Who else has checked it out before? Just asking. All possibilities are there…

    • IMO Marvel Comic connections are relevant. Perhaps Red Ryder Cowboy or Spiderman

    • Judy Ms. Girl – In my opinion there is a key 3-way connection between a Marvel Comic, an Errol Flynn movie, and Ted Turner which all lead to first Montana and then New Mexico. An unexpected but interesting connection and friendship.

      Mr. Fenn is a collector extrodinaire and probably does have comic books or the original artwork to his favorites.

  16. hot on trail to see a blaze, I must see too amaze too the, as I remember a very
    a very essence of power, of bold and different filling of known when could fear!
    I was there in 2000 the date was July 18 as I recall ! the power of the river was h
    mmm ! there was a monkey on my back , but did not go back , now I wish a star I did.
    I remember this place very well , the poem as Forrest has left is good ! and well .

  17. Forrest is on the front page of the Santa Fe New Mexican this morning. The story is about the Pamela Shetron story. She was on the blogs saying that she had found it and finally wrote it up on her own blog. Her “find” is not the treasure I am looking for…nor the one I’ve seen pictures of, although some may be satisfied with it.

    I think Bruce wrote a revealing and fair story.

    You will have to register to read the full story. But it’s free and you can uncheck the boxes if you don’t want to be on their mailing list.

    Pam’s story of “finding the treasure” is located on her blog, here:

    • Thanks for posting the link to the article Dal. It was a very fair article. I had read Pam’s solve after she started her site but it didn’t make a lot of sense to me – didn’t seem logical and some of her interpretations of the clues, like WWWH, seemed to be too much of a stretch. But everyone’s entitled to their opinion and if she’s happy with her interpretations and is convinced she’s right, that’s OK. One less person out searching! 🙂

    • Sure are a lot of wacky folks making comments and creating blogs…….Oh wait.

      There is the fellow that says Fenn is out to steal my soul with the chest. Now this lady says he’s out to save my soul. There are those that blame Fenn for searchers breaking the law or getting injured. So it seems the preponderance of the evidence makes Fenn a saint or the devil incarnate.

      This is one of the few solves that I’ve heard Fenn say is wrong, another one was Dals. I guess that brings us back to wacky folks making comments and creating blogs.

  18. I have had 3 failed attempts at the treasure and could have cried or quit but imo she’s way off I’m a strong believer in here and now she on a spirit quest and hopeing to sell a book and a few might buy it.I believe the chest is out there in a place that mr. Fenn held dear to him .Pam didn’t find it and won’t ever she quit took the easy path in my opinion

    • To anyone who has ever wanted to quit: life, cancer, relationships, chasing a dream…

      This man is a hero by anyone’s standards and worth your time to watch! YOU WILL BE INSPIRED AND BLESSED BY HIS STORY.

      • Every time I watch this I am reminded of just how selfish I am with my time, my energy and my strength and feel ashamed.

        • I have Nick’s books and give them out to people who really need encouragement to overcome life’s many struggles and disappointments.

          Nick became an amazing man who decided not to give up, and as we all know, it’s not a one time thing; we have to overcome obstacles EVERYDAY.

          Swan, you’re a great giver of good gifts and resources. Hope you’ll keep sharing your encouragement with folks here – it’s greatly needed and I appreciate your loving kindness.

          • Starlight, many thanks for your encouraging, kind words to others on Dals blog.

            I’m waiting my turn in a room filled with others who have less to be thankful for than l. Wish I had a stack of Nicks books to give away. A smile, hug, and a slice of hope make a difference to downtrodden people. After my upcoming and last search effort, I plan to hang up this hobby and volunteer in a hospital or nursing home. Love the chase but have become less available for other Important passions.

  19. Thanks for sharing Dal. I want to also apologize to you on your blog, for how I’ve acted lately. I have also apologized to Forrest. I am no longer searching and plan on just helping others. I was informed by others that have searched for other treasures, that melt downs do happen. I’m hoping to get back to who I once was and stay there 😉 Again, I’m sorry and thanks for the reconnect back on your blog. It’s very much appreciated. I hope you can find some foregiveness in your heart.

    • Stephanie,
      For what it’s worth.
      I first read on here about you in a comment about you While you were on a trip…some 2 years ago. I Always kept your name in mind hoping to hear your stories of when you got back. To me it was you and Dal that had amazed me and still do. I mean to really get out there and do it with your passions. I understand as I too have been a bit sullen about my searches. But I can honestly say that you and Dal and other searchers kinda keep me going. Sometimes I think about the other searchers and find inspiration through there stories of life. For what it is worth: Thanks!

    • Aw, heck Stephanie, I hope you stay in the hunt — no need to make a declaration of absoluteness- all of us, any of us, are welcome to call quits, recant, have Fenn fever, lose our marbles, need a rescue, overspend, etc. It is indeed par for the course. I’ll say that from my POV and experience in puzzlehunts, most treasure hunters tend to be a bit more cutthroat and obscufate’ing: this is the most congenial and community-minded group of fellow searchers I’ve ever had pleasure to play poker with.

    • Stephanie, I’m responding four years later and don’t know if you will see this but want you to know that I would buy a book by you, not to take sides but just to be supportive.

  20. Swan

    Thanks for sharing this amazing story and life of this man. There is Always Always something to be Thankful for, no matter what the circumstances are. 🙂 !!!!!!!

    • Amy,

      You are most welcome. He’s a true hero and inspires me to… “live gratitude”

      Hope you are enjoying family, friends or fun today.

  21. Always work around here cleaning out garage and yard work it’s a beautiful day here in Texas 🙂

  22. I saw Ron heagy speak years ago and I am always amazed as what people can overcome! Thank-you for sharing. A good reminder that life is good and bad and to be thankful for the good and have the strength to overcome.

  23. I am posting here because it is as good a place as any and I know that those of you who keep diligent watch will see this post. My search turned up only questions. I/we (wife, son, and beast) arrived to a spot where I believe is the “within 500 ft” place people have been. Arrival at said place was late in the day (or so I thought) and the weather was questionable (not to mention that I wasn’t completely sure of the direction I needed to head (right or left), so I/we retreated. I know 500 ft doesn’t sound too far and I don’t want to explain in detail any particulars that led to the decision to retreat at the time even with 500 ft in mind. I brought back photos to examine and compare to my other resources and now know my right from my left. I even found another confirmation detail that leads me to believe, in my cross-referencing, that when I reach the spot I am striving to reach… well, it will be the end to the chase. So far, weekend weather will tend to be my main factor in reaching my goal. The quest was another amazing one. My wife was scared at times, but she didn’t have to be. I tended to this geocache I stumbled upon last year (I’m a terrible procrastinator). I discovered a great fishing spot. We found a grave marker I’d been looking for and we helped a hiker who asked for our help. F sure has helped me to easily answer a common question we all probably get… What did you do this weekend?… my answer as of late? “I lived.” I have extremely high confidence in myself and my solve. When I finally reach the destination that I have in mind, I think I will reach peak excitement. Hmmm… Hebgen Lake. Yup, F, excited! Thanks to all who have made it to the end of this post. Oh yeah, and to answer a question… yes, all of the clues and hints I have discovered do match my solve. I wouldn’t be excited otherwise. IMO, I am not wrong… don’t want to leave out the disclaimer.

    • Slurbs, Warm wishes and good luck to you and your family:-)
      My first search turned up similar questions to yours. Also in Montana, but don’t worry, I won’t be picnicking or water skiing next to you at Hebgen Lake.

      • Thank you, Nor. Montana may see my presence, someday, upon its soil and waters.

    • Thank you, Germanguy. Nor, I’m not worried about you encroaching on my locale. I have never stepped on Montana ground and very well may have only gazed upon a single photo of Hebgen Lake. The mention of Hebgen Lake was for f. Hence, “Yup, F, excited!” I’m sure he understands. The hunt got a little bit messy. I still have to clean some pie off of my tires. I feel good, I didn’t hit the bars while out. That’s always a good thing. When I hit the bars… well, you know what happens to my head.

    • Sounds like you had a great adventure anyway. I looked around the Hebgen area, as have a few others, and came up empty. Hope you have better luck! 🙂

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