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  1. Thanks Dal for posting this map. I think I posted before or maybe I hinted or whispered that the degrees shown on this map have Santa Fe between 8 and 9 degrees – closer to 9. My flight map has it between 9 degrees and 10 closer to 9. Is my flight map wrong?

    • The story in the book is like a reverse psychology where you get confused with details, the tips in the book and the poem yes mainly in the stories told in it
      Type what some words are in the dictionary other not type = NO DICIONARIO (ARROW) (BEIRA) ENCOSTAR) CURVE AND PLANE (CARE) (BELOW) (RETAIL) (ROCK) (CISTERN) (ALMOST) ) (TORNO) (AURA) (ATRAVESSAR) (UTO) (SHORT) ..

    • Who’s Scribner? Benchmark Maps did the map & if i was flying anywhere a flight map would be more reliable although they say that the darling Amelia may have had a wrong map and also Wolfie? Just like in riding the rider is responsible for his equipment not his groom likewise the searcher not the map maker. NORTH of Santa Fe!

      • A scribner or scrivener’s error is typically a minor typographical error. However, minor errors on maps could cost lives if pilots or military personnel are depending upon the maps reliability IMO.

  2. jb… look up the definition of “Scribner’s Error” to understand possibly why the degrees are off in the map.

    • Law & Legal Issues Supervisor Aggie80

      I don’t believe there is a word “scribner.” The correct spelling would be “scrivener’ which is a person who writes a document, such as a deed, for another, usually for a fee and that person should be a lawyer.

      scrivener’s error – Legal Definition

      Mistake by preparer of a document that results in intent of the parties being thwarted; basis for not enforcing the document or reforming it. See mutual mistake.

      • “Scrivener” (French orig.) is indeed the modern usage as in “Bartleby the Scrivener”.
        “Scribner” (Latin) is a not so old, old world term for a person who copy’s by hand or a descriptive of the occupation of a “Scribe”. Many medieval monks were scribes and did most of the copying and translations of just about everything ever written in their time. They made all kinds of mistakes for many reasons, be they frivolous or honest in error.
        Working mostly by candlelight in deplorable and smoky, sooty conditions they suffered from cold and dampness and a number of occupational drawbacks due to the repetition of their jobs. Not unlike the modern diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome, they frequently experienced: “Periblepsis”: An eye skip between two occurrences of the same word causing the omission of a word or phrase. “Homoeoteleuton”: -Same endings, by which the eye jumps to the same ending of a word or phrase omitting what’s in between them. This is the opposite of “Dittography”:-Whereas the eye slips to an earlier version of the same word causing the repeat of a phrase.
        And there’s more, perhaps for another time.

    • Did someone say that there was an error in the book – so is this it – or is it intentional to eliminated possibilities?

      • JMB-
        Forrest said, soon after the book was published that there was an unintended clue in it. He also said that there was an error in it. However, Searchers caught several more “typos”. I think we were up to about 6 of those.

        I don’t think he considers the MD an error…but that’s an opinion not a fact..

        The unintended clue was because the map eliminated Canada. Forrest did not intend to do that and just didn’t notice that the map stopped at the border.

    • These lines actually look inaccurate when comparing the two.

      However, as much as they seem like a clue, ff has said that ‘magnetic variation’ will not help you find the chest.

      • Correct was probably the wrong word. Close would have been the better word. However, if you really want to get down to the nitty gritty of magnetic declination, neither map is anywhere close to accurate. To compute the actually declination requires coefficients that change each year. Altitude plays a part as well. Also, local anomalies like large ore deposits affect declination. Drawing declination as smooth lines is really just a nice generalization. For instance, I think the variance at the Albuquerque airport is something like 11 degrees. That certainly doesn’t fit either map. Anyway, all that babble isn’t getting me closer to the chest. 🙂

      • Magnetic Variation can’t be a part of the solve because it changes from year to year.

        You can look up the history of magnetic variation using various sites online and you will see that they change significantly enough that from when Forrest hid the treasure to now or further into the future – it just doesn’t workout to endure through time!!!


        • Or save some time with research and take fenn at his word;

          “Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about head pressures, foot pounds, acre feet, bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, formulas, curved lines, ***magnetic variation,*** codes, depth meters, riddles, drones or ciphers, **will not assist anyone to the treasure location,** although those things have been offered as positive solutions. Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.f” 

          • Thx for the Forrest quote Seeker.

            I searched out magnetic variation before discovering that quote unfortunately but learned a bunch.

            My guess is the map maker included the magnetic declination lines themselves based on what I’ve read about the maps construction – Forrest review of it is questionable also given the Canadian Rockies weren’t included as well…


          • Tim,
            I realize that many searcher have provided their state but at this time I do not feel comfortable doing this precisely because my answers to current questions and future are striving to be as specific and least vague as possible. Allowing for all four states provides me some sense of comfort in this regard…I’m tempted but I also feel like divulging my state would alienate searchers “committed” to other states and I don’t want to do this.

            Thanks for asking,


  3. In my studying of this map, I feel it contains a bit of geographical inaccuracy. Certain points of ref don’t line up properly.

    I use to think there was a clue in the lines of variation but now I believe the entire purpose was to highlight a the potential search area. They would almost be a red herring if ff had not stated ‘magnetic lines’ don’t help in the solve.

    I do however find that both of my primary solutions almost fade in to the non-highlighted areas.

  4. Thanks for posting the map Dal. It’s easier to see here than in my book and might help those people who don’t have TFTW see which are the correct search areas for the treasure. I remember someone asking if Oregon was in the search area! 🙂

  5. For those who don’t know, after clicking on the map, then using the left click to make the map larger, it can be made even larger still using CTRL + one or more times. CTRL – makes it smaller, and CTRL 0 (zero) resets it to normal. Arrow keys can move it around. This action can be used on most any web page for that matter. Hope this helps – Peter

  6. Buy the book. BUY THE BOOK . Please buy the book you will know the clues when you READ the book don’t ask others to do your work .Dal is not the answer man

  7. Happy Independence Day to all! Peaceful Valley Campground here we come. Going to spend some time with some longtime (37 years) frinds camping and fishing. Be Safe!

  8. lykkelig uavhengighet dag – Norwegian
    ευτυχισμένη ημέρα της ανεξαρτησίας – Greek
    Happy Independence Day .*/*. << sparkler!

    Forrest has mentioned the importance of the Rosetta Stone which is an ancient stele which unlocked interpreting Egyptian hieroglyphics by way of 2 other known languages in AD 1799. Greek was the modern language which enabled translation of the other 2 ancient languages. Do you think Forrest perhaps his one clue in Greek?

    Regarding 'the Map" and FF's instruction – "the treasure is hidden in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe." I believe the treasure is literally hidden within the TEXT "R O C K Y M O U N T A I N S" at the location of one key Greek letter which corresponds to Forrest.

      • SpecialKlr -Omega is not the Greek letter I’m referring to. I believe Mr. Fenn had other purposes for his omegas.

    • Nor, I feel the omegas make sense, but I’m curious about this hidden Greek letter. I didn’t quite follow your post above.

      Well, hope your 4th was great!

      • Navy, if FF did hide a clue in the text ROCKY MOUNTAINS on the TFTW map… In my opinion the proverbial X that Fenn states is “there in spirit” would actually be the letter “Y” which is the Greek letter upsilon. In English Y/Upsilon correlates to the letter F. “FF is THE X ON THE MAP.” pointing to the treasure’s location in Montana which coincidentally means “mountains” in Spanish. All IMO.

        • i find it interesting that latin upslion is based on the greek omega but upside down

          Nor can you give me a reference for greek upsilon corresponding to F in english

          • Related letters and other similar charactersEdit

            Ƒ ƒ : Latin letter F with hook
            Ϝ ϝ : Greek letter digamma/wau, from which F is directly descended
            Y y : Latin letter Y, sharing its roots with F
            V v : Latin letter V, also sharing its roots with F
            U u : Latin letter U, which is descended from V
            W w : Latin letter W, also descended from V

      • I must say that you guys think you are too smart, for a Greek Speaker the y = F is total bull. Phi would be an “F” and back in the day there was another letter didigma that looked like a T and F combined which sounded like a “W.” Anyway if you read Greek “Agamisou Malaka”

  9. does anyone think there is a hint in the Frosty drawing? i happen to think there is something significant being represented there

  10. Hey, Navy! Remember our email conversation? Check out just south of your solve. Its the waterfall creek. There is an animal trail leading up from the river to a waterfall hiddden in the trees. Not on the map. When you see the white rocks on the left of it, look for a heiroglyph then look down! Its On the left side. You can see the white blaze area on google, and a small fen-meadow area around the falls. That’s all I can direct without giving it away here.
    Better hurry, we head out Aug 15 th!
    Same area as you!
    I hope you find it! If you do, remember me!

    • Cool Donna, we may be out there the same time. Def have to get some breakfast before we both slowly get up from the table and race to our vehicles. Its a chase, but I will not forget you! 😉

  11. Hey all,

    My first look at this map and I find a typo? Perhaps you all have already discussed, but have you noticed that in stanza 5, line 3, the TFTW poem on the map states…”the answer” and the TTOTC poem states “the answers”.

    Maybe no big deal, but I felt “the answers” were 1. he did it tired which refers to his method and 2. he has done the deed and is now weak or X-hausted. This is interesting because the method and the X are both in my solve….and so is the V and the Y that Nor suggested have lineage to F.

    Answers or Answer? Which is correct and does it really matter?

    • Somewhere he said it doesn’t make any difference, which kind of blew letter counting theories up. There was a big ol discussion here way back.

    • Hey Windsurfer – IMO, everything is intentional, even the ‘errors.’ You are clever enough to determine why & how. I look forward to reading your solve one day.

      I’m of little help since friends & family sent me to “Solvaholic rehab” (first obsessive streak in my life). My books, map and critical notes have gone permanently missing. (except for the notes I quickly grabbed and hid). Ha!

      Part of my treatment plan was to email Mr. Fenn my completed solve. I expect full public disclosure on Dal’s blog will yield hoots of laughter from Texas to Montana, and bring final closure… at which point I will be released from the doghouse!

    • the version of the poem with ‘answer’ is an illegitimate version

      nothing that f has said blows up letter counting theories (along with some other theories) because as is relating to this and other things such as hints in the drawings, f is not going to tell the truth in these matters

      nothing makes me happier than to read alot of comments on this blog and see that i am one of the few who realize this

      • What’s up Yates, long time. Anyway, i’ll check pg49, but pg.33 is also promising. For some reason I think it might hint at the “blaze”. Have photoshopped it enough to see a b-l-a-e, don’t see the “z” though. Maybe you can find. Or, it is nothing anyway. Pg. 49, I obviously see a 2. That makes me also think blaze. Will get back to you on that one.

    • After more than a year into this I can say it is very important. The poem in the book leads to the Treasure— not so sure of those outside the book. Does that answer(s) your question?

  12. Some time ago, Chris Yates pointed out that “Fort Worth” is spelled out in the last stanza, and that on page 34 of TTOTC, which has Fort Worth at the top, a postmark was dated 10 JUL. He went on to argue that “worth the cold” might refer to degrees, that 10 JUL might be equal to 10 7 or 107, and that 107 might therefore be a longitude. I think he may have been correct, because one can see a possible latitude in the same stanza of the poem. One might expect the latitude hint to be vertical. The last letters of the four lines are all Ds. Together they are 4D or forty. So 107 W, 40 N. This corresponds to a square area in NW Colorado about 90 miles on a side, assuming that the the location of the treasure is within half a degree of this spot in all four directions.

    Interestingly, if you look carefully at the map above from TFTW, you can see another way to generate coordinates which (1) fall into this box and (2) are much more precise. First, ignore the curved magnetic deviation lines; they are probably there as a visual distraction. Then ask yourself how the entire layout of the page could cleverly conceal a vertical and horizontal axis. The short answer is to look at the midpoint of two pieces of text: the poem to the left (draw a horizontal line through the exact middle of the poem, between stanzas 3 and 4) and a vertical line through the middle character of the letter string Thrill of the Chase up above (there are 23 characters total including spaces, the O in OF is the 12th character.) This flags a fairly specific area. It isn’t enough information to locate the treasure, but it might identify the general area where it is hidden.

    One last item: look again at the cartoon by Dinsmore on Forrest’s TTOTC page. It has a big 107 in it.

    • Perhaps Forrest started life in Fort Worth and planted the chest at another type of fort or fortress with an “F” = your “F” fort will be worth the cold. So many assume cold to be a water feature, but it could also be any of the following – waiting out the winter cold; in the coldest state; in a cave; hidden w/o direct sun exposure; reference to coordinates containing Fahrenheit or Celsius freezing points.

        • @James, Ha! keeping it simple is not one of my best characteristics; researching meanings of words, wise children’s tales,even herbs this morning. Today I learned from a children’s story that the softest thing in the world is not eider down but a child’s caress. I miss the days when my sons were 3-4 yrs old, full of little boy energy but so tender. ok, enough of my trip down memory lane.

          • Know what ya mean Nor… My eldest just asked me last week to be his “Best Man”… First thought was a memory when he was about 3-4 and the smile that’s always on his face from then until today.

    • Eliza-
      Maybe…but if we want to play word games with the poem…which I believe Forrest has ruled out…
      Yellowstone appears in five stanzas, Montana in all six, Madison in all six and New Mexico in none…
      The stanzas have a lot of letters. Nearly anything you have a predilection for can be found in them somehow…just twist far enough and all kinds of things wring out…but I don’t believe any of that is valuable and I believe Forrest has told us as much…

      • I don’t know if this helps or not but I think if you find coordinates, they will add up to 9. x=9. latitude=4, longitude=5. That’s to say that the latitude could add up to say 31, that would still be 4.

  13. This of course my personal opinion…

    One reason why Forrest decided to put the poem on the map, is to give him the possibility of saying “There is an X on the map, IN SPIRIT…” and that’s because the poem and the blaze within it, is on the map 😉

  14. Something’s been nagging me. FF has stated in one of his video appearances that all you need is his TTOTC book to solve the clues because the poem is in the book.

    I take it that TFTW has the poem in it on the map. Is this correct? I have the wall map but not TFTW.
    It seems if it does then searchers could use either book to figure out where the TC is.

    I realize that he might have made this comment before TFTW came out but there hasn’t been any update to say both books will get you there. I will have to check the timeline of the video event.

    Maybe there’s a doozy of a hint/clue in TTOTC that subterfuge is hiding.

    • He said you just need the poem and a good map. You don’t need the book. The book has hints, but not clues. That’s my interpretation.

      • Unless I’m wrong, he stated that all you need is the poem, a good map / Google Earth and his book as a good reference… maybe not in that order.

        Many statements have been made to, all you need is the poem. As well as, the book has subtle hints if you recognize them, but were NOT intentional placed.

        I see that statement as, once you understand the solve of the poem, you should see some confirmations from the book. The real question is “what” map. Could it be a geological map, a road map, a grid map, a world map, etc. or is the map in the poem?

        “…All you need is the poem”… “… don’t mess with my poem”…

        Kinda straightforward to me.

        • Unless I’m wrong, he stated that all you need is the poem, a good map / Google Earth and his book as a good reference… maybe not in that order.

          what he said was …

          “Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.f ”

          Many statements have been made to, all you need is the poem.

          “…All you need is the poem”

          many statements huh? actually there isn’t even one instance of Forrest saying this that can be verified, and he probably has never said it

          i think what happened is Forrest made this statement

          “All of the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem. ”

          people interpreted this and restated it as all you need is the poem and other people have kept repeating it as if it was the words of Forrest himself.

          • only tourists walk into the wilderness (no human trails, remember?) without map coverage and a compass/gps. You read about these folks all the time: wander into the woods searching for mushrooms and are lost for 3 days; when found they are 500 feet from their ride. You may not need the map for your solution, you damn well need it on board when you hike out; same for the sandwich and flashlight. That’s just outdoors common sense IMO, and f has oodles of that. Stay safe people, don’t be the next headline!

          • Chris, it’s true lots of things are misquoted all the time.

            After just a few minutes research I think you might want to go to tip #8 in the section, “Tips from Forrest”.

            There may be more, just don’t have the time right now.

          • Well CY,

            However he may have worded the statement, I suppose the important thing is…Do you believe him?… 🙂

          • Chris, you are correct to the quote ” all of the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem”.
            with that said, I guess I’ll have to find the other quote saying all you need is the poem for you. Just need to look for it.

            The second quote you made is the same as what I stated… mine was just not in the correct order and hence the lack of quotes.

            The point I was attempting to make, is about the map. Most have the book, everyone has the poem, what is a “good map” that Fenn referring to? Is it a generic map we all can go out and buy or is the map possibly Built into the poem itself. I’m not talking what most believe to be directions… Starting at WWH and follow a canyon… go pass John Browns cabin… But a map that can be seen on paper as rights and lefts, turn for turn, ups and downs…

            Just an alternative thought to the meaning of A good map.

          • Absolutely right Chris on the people not correctly interpreting that statement… It is all about context. An elderly bridge players group said they thought that there were nine clues in the poem AND were wondering if there wasn’t at least one additional clue in each chapter of the book… f ruled out additional clues in each chapter with the statement and laid out clearly to them that all the info needed for locating the tc was in the poem, he also clearly laid out that the book has subtle hints that will help one understand what the clues in the poem mean (per at least 5 other statements he has made).

            I don’t care anymore that people won’t apply themselves to understanding and will argue until the cows come home that all that is needed is just the poem; they can just keep on going in their ignorant ways. It just means that I don’t have to EVER worry about them finding the tc, which is a good thing for me. 🙂

          • People can interpret Forrest how they will. My preferred method is to be sure of his exact wording, understanding the context, and then interpret it off of that in balance with other known statements from Forrest.

            I have looked for a quote from Forrest “all you need is the poem” but I cannot find it, only other searchers quoting it and claiming he said it.

            #8 in tips from Forrest from here on Dal’s blog says, Forrest has said that the poem is all you need to find the chest and also has said that the book contains subtle hints that will help

            That does not read like it is quoting F but paraphrasing and combining things that F has said such as, “The poem will take you to the treasure chest and the book by itself won’t” and “all of the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem” and many other things F has said that express this sentiment

            The reason I prefer to interpret off of his exact wording, is because then my interpretation will try to express a more precise meaning taking into consideration nuances of meaning expressed in the words that Forrest spoke. And I can state it in a way that will be clear to the reader (and esp if they are new to the chase) what Fs words are, and what my interpretation is

            And so I want to use the exact wording in “all of the information you need is in the poem” and read nuances of meaning into that.

            “all you need is the poem” is no good for that because nuances of meaning have already been interjected.

            Prior to F putting out all these extra hints in the scrapbooks like TTOTC and google earth and a good map are good research materials, there were many people who would say all you need is the poem like it was a quote and then taking it to an extreme and saying you don’t need a map, you don’t need anything else at all, just the poem. Heck I guess you could take that logic all the way and say you don’t even need a car to get there

            But if you look at the actual words, all of the information is in the poem, that nuance of meaning cant even be taken.

            All of the information is there, and common sense tells you that you might want to use anything that will help you take advantage of that information, like a map or using a car to get to where the information tells you to go.

            And so I don’t want nuances of meaning presupposed for me on anything Forrest said, if he didn’t say it. I want to know what he actually said, and I will draw my own conclusions, thank you. And I respect that anyone else can and should do the same. Also it is considerate for any new people to the chase, not giving the impression that Forrest said things he didn’t, because they too should be allowed the opportunity to make their own interpretations on wording from F that has been verified.

          • I again will suggest that even in FF’s verbal communication there are double meanings or interpretations as well. For example: “All the information you’ll need is in the poem.” Either one can take this statement at face value ie; ALL of the information…… meaning, one will look no further or, and listen carefully,.. All of the information (to additional info.) needed to…. So the poem itself may lead one outside of the poem as might be the case in HOB as just one of several examples. Again IMO, a searcher will need not only a peanut butter, nutella & banana sandwich, a flashlight, the poem and a good map but also, a dictionary, hence the internet, GE, hence the Internet, and then your two feet, not the internet.

    • Mindy, having a claim to 120 acres of BLM Land, I’d have to disagree with you. Accordingly only the claim holder has lawful rights to the “surface” of the claim and no other. But the claim holder is not entitled to anything below the claim either, that is not without evidence/proof of something of substantial value (gold, minerals etc., etc) and a fully detailed and elaborate petition to be reviewed and investigated upon by the BLM Review Board. And I can elaborate further but my point being is that nobody, no one is permitted by law to extract or possess anything except that of the claim holder or else a trespasser and finder of the TC would have much in the way of legal woes not only with the claim holder but the BLM as well. I hope I made my point somewhat clear to you. And No the TC would not be found on BLM Land. Good Luck on your continued TOTC, Enjoy!

      • Thanks for sharing Peter. Is your 120 acre B.L.M. ‘claim’ a bit different from the thousands of open space public use B.L.M. acres? You know the type where the BLM Ranger in the video says if it’s not buried you can keep it! The internet as well as GE didn’t exist when Forrest first got this idea therefor I’m of the camp that the GE isn’t the ‘good map’ but is an added help. Guess I’ll contact BLM tomorrow because I feel it’s the second best type of lands to be located on. IMO

  15. just a reminder. the man who who wrote the poem and the book, here is his advice on how to figure this thing out

    What I recommend is that you read my book normally. Then you read the poem over and over and over again, and just think about .. think about .. every line. Read it 4 or 5, 10 times. And then go back and read the book again slowly, looking for hints in the book that will help you with clues in the poem

    and so even though he has said that all the info is in the poem, and the important clues that will lead you directly there, he does not say we should only focus on the poem. he is saying to use the book to help you extract that important info from the poem

    • Chris –

      The only place I have seen the comment – all you need is the poem is from the Daily Beast article told by Tony Doukopil.

      Here is what he says –

      Fenn says all you need to know is in the poem below. If you have ideas on how to read it, we’d love to hear from you. If you have questions for me, I’d love to hear those too, and I’ll be answering in the comments section, as well as sharing all the material that didn’t make it into the story. Just ask. Fenn says he hopes the treasure isn’t found until long after he’s dead. I hope otherwise—and I bet you do too.


      We old searchers here know how many things he got wrong. First, notice none of the above is in quotes. I have never heard Forrest say he hopes it is found long after he is dead either.

      So – my opinion is – it is a wrong quote. Many other websites picked up on it and it became his word.

      • Let me clarify that the above is the first time I have seen the comment in print.

  16. I take back my earlier statements today. I looked through a couple of the videos and didn’t find what I thought I had remembered.

    Good discussion though…carry on.

  17. Then again persistence won out. I did find what I was looking for on Dal’s cheat sheet…

    Q. Are there clues in TTOTC? “Yes, because the poem is in the book.”

    Q. Are there clues in the TFTW book? “Yes, because the map is in the book.”

    I just thought this was a little weird seeing these two answers lined up against each other but it’s probably not a big deal.

  18. Since it can be shown that the declination degree line can change through time, I was wondering if anyone has move the “9” degree line directly over Santa Fe and followed it’s path up. You might find that it crosses a special place in the mountains pertaining to Forrest and TTOTC book and fits into the poem. You will need to transfer the line to a more detailed map to find it. Of course this is something I have found, and unless “your end is drawing nigh” you won’t see it. The end is the beginning IMO. Bur

    • I agree, and have seen what you are talking about. The line goes straight through my hidey space idea. Can’t wait to check it out.

  19. OK – I said I was going to be giving out clues and here – I just found another one.

    Remember the question asked at Jenny’s from the little girl from India?

    Here’s the answer…………..

    She can only find the first two clues – because she has “a map”.

    It takes more than one map – it takes TWO maps……….

    10,200 feet is directly above the treasure …………….

    • I am assuming it is a National Forest map since he said he and Donnie used a National Forest map.

    • I need to ask…fenn said the book as reference GE and or a good map.

      While I see these items as good tools of choice because the author told us as such… is a map truly needed? I mean, was this supposed to be a given for all those searcher who start this challenge in 2010?

      I don’t recall the date this comment was made… I believe it was 2013…if so, that would have been a disadvantage for thousands in the beginning. How much importance is a map of any kind to deciphering the clues?

      Or is it simply a useful tool because most are just unfamiliar with the area that the chest lays in wait.

      A map is a map… the more detailed a map the better…

      • Seeker –

        Sometimes we have to get very specific here……..WHAT kind of a map is needed – or is a map needed at all.

        I had to really think about this……I didn’t remember I always had the paper map – until my solve was almost finished – so my answer is – you CAN do it without a paper map.

        I am not so sure I could have done it without GE … I always had that available to me. So I would say you should have one or the other – is it necessary – maybe not.

        Would it have been a disadvantage to those not knowing this in the beginning? I would think that if you are a serious treasure hunter – you would use every single thing available to you at the time – whether or not he pointed to it.

        • I agree inthechase with a map as useful, and using what is available. I’m just in dissecting mode today, and have wondered is a map is ‘needed for solving clues’ or simple a good thing to have because a little of something is better than nothing.

    • inthechaseto, you said “10,200 feet is directly above the
      treasure …………” .

      Would you please explain what you mean by this? For
      example, is there something (like a 10,200 feet high mountain
      peak) that is north of the treasure?

      I’m not expecting you to “show too many cards” here, but
      merely to explain the sentence meaning. Thanks in advance.

      Andrew Jef

      • Come on, Andrew Jeff. Do your research. It’s not too difficult a concept to understand. The solve to finding Indulgence is difficult, but not impossible and gets easier as you… Well, you get my point, right? Heck, you can even find the answer to your question by going back to where the old timers have been. Yes, it is tedious, but you do have to put in your fair share of effort. If you need a rock from the area below 10,200 feet to stand upon to get a better look, let me know. Maybe I could mail one to you, just pay shipping costs and let me know how large you want/need it to be. I’m not kidding I’ll mail you a genuine Rocky Mountain rock… from below 10,200 feet… with mud on it too. I brought some home one time, make that several times. I wanted to return one in particular because it has pyrite, not gold. Well, the darn thing is so heavy that I haven’t wanted to pick it up again. So, it sits near my house looking like a mess of Oreo cookies. You should see this one I found up there. It looks like a work of art! How I’d love to bring that one back with me and drink from its beauty. Wow, the memories. You won’t find that rock on any map (please don’t quote me on that), but the area you sure can. Sorry, I got caught up in the moment (lots of memories came flooding back, it took me about half an hour to 45 minutes to write this).
        Everything I just said which isn’t fact was said IMO 🙂

  20. GE was my most valuable tool when I first started my quest. I had a theory regarding wwwh. By searching the internet, I was able to find several possible locations of where I wanted to begin. By using GE I was able to focus in on one particular area. I later ordered several Topo maps, and away I went. Without GE and these Topo’s, I would still be at wwwh.

    Just my thoughts and experiences.

    Good luck to all and STAY SAFE


      • Since you have not (To the best of my knowledge) disclosed which state you are searching in, it is hard to say if we are in the same area. Most everyone knows that I am searching in Wyoming – not in YNP.

        If you seriously want to know, email me at SculptorJDA at aol dot com, and we can discuss…without giving away either your or my exact location.

        Good luck in your search – STAY SAFE


  21. Yhe following is my opinion. Nobody needs a map until they know where they are going. This reminds me of the farmer who wanted to sell 20 cheese wheels a week but had no cows. I have this question for all searchers: if you plan a vacation anywhere, do you choose first a vacation place, spot,city, beach, or wherever ,or do you look for a map first?RC.

    • My best strategy thus far has been to pick the vacation spot and then force the poem to fit it. I’ve had some great vacations even though I come home with an empty wallet and a light back pack.

  22. has anything been mentioned about missing g in the word highlighted on the map and in the poem it seems ‘answer’ is missing an ‘s’ to make it answers. the g and s are correct on most versions i find.

    • les-
      Shortly after the book came out I saw a list of many errors that folks had caught and submitted. The misspelling that you pointed out was on that list as I remember. The list was actually quite lengthy. At one point Forrest was collecting found errors so they could be corrected in future printings. I have no idea what happened to that list or even where it was located. I think it may have been on another blog.

      • oh ok thanks. ive been overwhelmed trying to catch up on everything since i just now found out about TTOTC and the treasure.

    • les-
      The poem differences have been noted in the past and acknowledged by Forrest…but he didn’t place any importance on those differences and attributed one or the other of them to typos.

  23. Which book contains this map? I recently bought TTOTC and TFTW and neither one contained this map.???

  24. Have looked through this list but don’t see the question /answer for “who created the map with the shadow superimposed – did Forrest”?

  25. Has anyone noticed that the town above Cody (maybe Powell), is not named? But the point is placed on the map? Not sure if it has been discussed before, but my students showed it to me and I thought “huh, doesn’t seem like that would have been accidental”….

  26. Successful search to you. I from Belarus and I am interested in it too, I try to solve.

  27. Hey all. This is something I have wanted to do with my kids once they got a little older. Well theyre a little older now, so we are planning a spring trip. I told the kids to read to poem and pick where we go. They read the poem and picked a spot. I highly doubt its going to be there because it seems to painfully obvious, but if nothing else it’s going to be a spring break full of treasure hunting, hiking, fishing and camping. Cant think of much better, (except actually finding it lol)

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