Scrapbook Eighty…


JULY 2014


Hi Mr. Fenn. As I’m broke and half a continent away from my search location I got creative in searching my location: Craiglist! I went into the “Bozeman, MT” jobs section, under the category of “Etc.” and said that I was looking for a Treasure Hunter. Told them I would split the treasure with them if they found it and offered gas money for their trip. Not expecting much, if any, of a response, I was surprised twenty-four hours later when I had over a dozen different people offering to partner up with me. Turns out everyone wants to search for treasure, they just need an excuse, or someone who claims they know where it is anyway. Ha ha. Following my detailed directions my Craiglist partner went out to the Lamar Valley where he was quickly semi-circled by bison whom he escaped by crossing the Lamar River–part of the directions, though instead of wading across as I told him, he had to swim the last 15 yards. Oops. Shows you how little you can plan for.



Luckily everything worked out and he had a great adventure, sending me back lots of photos–he even waived the gas fee. The only thing that would have made it any better would be if the had found the treasure. Oh well. Gonna go through my list of applicants and find someone to check out my other solve… Have a good Fourth weekend.



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  1. That meadow has quite a size to it…someone could be in the meadow and be within 500 feet of the chest, or more than 500 feet, and be in the correct meadow…that’s a lot of wandering around! Congrats. to you for creativity, but maybe another search of the same meadow would turn up the chest.

    • Yellowstone Park regulation 1.5 regarding caving:

      “Entering into caves, pits or sink holes which are the result of thermal and/or seismic activity is prohibited without permission from the Superintendent, due to the prevalence of noxious and harmful gases in these places and for the protection of fragile resources.”

      (YNP bat population has been affected by white nose syndrome as well as some Montana bat habitats).

  2. I’ll enter a cave or mine on Indian lands BLM or otherwise and I’m prepared to pay the price. If you aren’t prepared for the consequences don’t enter. Although Forrest’s comment about the chest not being in or about a structure has me scratching my head. Would this also apply to an Indian Kiva?

    • I often find myself stealing away to that place and I will always consider it to be mine alone.f

      Is Fenn hinting at a mine here? Is a mine a structure?

  3. IMO… A mine and kiva/pueblo is a man made structure. I would search caves, ledge nooks, extinct geysers, sink holes,, if going that search route.
    It must be off a man made trail. Poss an animal trail or water route trail leading up from a river/creek.
    Again, IMO.

    • Donna I’m wavering on the mine thing. Some mines aren’t structured. The shaft has no wood structure supports.

      • Ed, just IMO, would F ‘s special spot be a mine shaft, wood supports or not? A mine is still man made. Animals, bacteria and poison gases don’t really sound like a “safe spot a 79-80 yr old man” would secrete a treasure for a family to find. Please think safety before searching mines! Again, IMO. ¥Peace¥

  4. The chest wasn’t supposed to be in Lamar Valley (the meadow), it was supposed to be at the waterfall pictured, Faeries’ Fall. It’s not. Or at least, the guy searching for me didn’t find it.

  5. Glad your partner didn’t drown Bill! 🙂 Good luck with your next search.

  6. Using Craiglist is an interesting tactic. I am in the same situation, 1600 miles away. Not broke, but without the extra money for a vacation.

  7. Thanks bill! I too am far away and Faeries’ fall was my spot :). Glad to know its not there, now I can sleep.

  8. “This emergency closure will be effective for one
    year, from July 26, 2011 through July 25,2012, unless terminated earlier by the Regional Forester”.

    Looks like that’s no longer an issue.

  9. Hiked to that very fall in February 2011(with snow shoes crossing the frozen Lamar river) and it was completely frozen. You could walk behind the ice. Didn’t see a treasure box…but didn’t know about Fenn’s treasure then either.

      • that sounds like a randy move to me stay away from the river he said creek not river please don’t ask others to risk their lives by entering any water in spring winter or summer. the run off or ice can be deadly be aware mr. Fenn said its in a safe place so before you put in be wise please
        be safe out there when we get to going out there again.

  10. Traveling family here. If your looking for someone to go check spots for you

    • Daniel – Are you and the family searching in Yellowstone? Good luck this season and be stay safe out there!

    • BigO, a cattle drive works only if you don’t spend too much time shooting the bull.

      • I have my eye on you, my sneaky faithful friend!

        Bulls eye will score high in that neck of the woods, although not gold!

        • I have my two dogs sitting by side waiting for a treat. The smallest one is lying on the floor giving me those sad puppy dog eyes. I don’t know if I can break the news to him. You’d just have to see his face, he perseveres in and loves cattle drives.

          • You will have to break the news somehow, because there is no coming back from this. Maybe write a letter and explain that the little one has not much time either.

            Just leaves the redundant one.

          • I see many redundancies within that tapestry. They are everywhere and way too many to search. However, if someone could find a letter F written in a tree, it might send one’s antenna up to keep moving forward. Or it might tell a person to turn over a log. But even with that, if the trail pivots toward “nothing”, it seems like an uphill climb amidst Forrest’s nearly endless juniper fire. The only thing evident is the name.

      • Everyone loses sight of what is important at times, especially when following others. We try to leave things behind, but it eventually catches up.

        Stepping up to the mark, no matter the size of the task, reaps rewards like no other. It is the spirit inside that leads a man, not the size of his boots.

        Forgiveness finds us all in the end. By then our vision is usually much clearer.

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