Scrapbook Eighty Two…


JULY 2014


During my late pre-teen years I was really into reading funny books. They weren’t funny but that’s what they were called. Later they were renamed comic books but I will never subscribe to that unfortunate change.

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Across the street from my house and down on the corner of French and Main was a magazine distributor. I forgot his name. Many of the publishers sent their periodicals to him and he’d deliver them around town to every newsstand where magazines were sold. It was a small mom and pop operation.

At the end of each month all of the unsold magazines would have their covers removed and returned to the respective publishers for credit. The employee who made that happen was an elderly black man named Joe. I absolutely loved that old man, and after school I’d often go over to see him and we’d talk about all sorts of things while I helped him tear covers. His grandparents had been slaves and his tales of picking cotton on the Mississippi river bottoms were right out of Mark Twain. When I told him I’d like to have worked alongside him in the fields. He said, “Hush boy, you froth too much,” or words to that effect. Funny that I would remember that about him.

Joe, whose life experiences extended past both extremes, lived alone in one room that had an unshaded light bulb hanging from the ceiling. His space was so small that he sat on his bed while he worked. Joe was fluent about life on the foggy shores of civilization and I was thirsty to learn what he knew.

He told of being in a store in Hillsboro, Texas when it was robbed by Bonnie and Clyde. As the gangsters fled, a piece of paper fell from Bonnie’s coat pocket. On it was a poem she had written. Joe pulled the poem from his bible and let me read it.

I never heard Joe complain and maybe it was because he knew how to make things work. As a kid he greased wagon wheels, and for a while he walked door to door in town trying to sell turkeys. When he was successful he’d go buy one from a farmer on credit and deliver it to his client for a small profit. Then he’d walk a few miles back to pay the farmer.

Occasionally I could beg Joe into letting me go home with a couple funny books that had their covers removed. I didn’t care about that. The retail price was a dime and I couldn’t afford even one. He had to take all unsold magazines to the dump and would get in trouble if he couldn’t account for all of what he called “dead ends.” I’d read them at night and take them back to Joe the next morning before school. I had many funny book heroes but my favorites were Sub-Mariner and Captain America.

Occasionally my mom would make a mincemeat pie for me to take hot to Joe. They were his favorite, and once a month or so she’d invite him over for supper. I don’t remember what happened to Joe because my mind has mostly faded into the rest of my life, but he was much more than just an asterisk in the family scrapbook of those years. He was a mentor to me at a time in my life when it mattered. He wasn’t the kind of guy I could forget. f

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    • Clyde Barrow killed a man in Hillsboro Texas not aware of “Bonnie and Clyde” ever doing a crime in Hillsboro.

      Maybe Joe had a need to pull a harmless caper or the the context of the times is reflected in this.

      Intresting story and learning about human naure never gets old.

      • Rick I have a crush on your intelligence. I remember watching the tv movie and being so shocked when they peppered the old car with bullet holes. That was before 48 hours, and CSI…I just remember being shocked watching people die(even though it was make believe). I really like when someone questions the truth like you did.

        • Oh I make mistakes Steph.

          Nothing like hard work and hustle. Work? Well that puts a lot of people off.

          Not a Bonnie and Clyde expert. Further research would be needed. Going to lean hard it’s a caper by Joe:)

          A undiscovered/unpublished poem by Bonnie Parker would be worth thousands of dollars.

          Thats secondary, to have something out of history like that is pricelss.

          Bonnie Parker is a personal favorite of mine.

          She dumbfounded everyone.

          • In 1967 “HILLSBORO” was the Airborne Command Post for the US Air Force working North Vietnam.

        • Well, it’s not exactly the truth according to Wikepedia. 🙂 “On April 30, Barrow was the driver in a robbery in Hillsboro, Texas, during which the store’s owner, J.N. Bucher, was shot and killed. When shown mugshots, the victim’s wife identified Barrow as one of the shooters, although he had stayed outside in the car.” Bonnie was in prison at the time so Joe was mistaken about that. She did write a lot of poetry while in prison though. Maybe eyewitness accounts and memories follow the 85% – 15% rule. 🙂

  1. Forrest,

    It’s interesting that you should tell that story. I too had a elderly friend, when I was a kid, that I would stop to see, every time I’d pass his house on the way to the store for my grandmother. He was a very inventive man. Once he made a spinner out of a piece of string and a round wooden disk. I’d put the loop on each side of the wooden disk on my index fingers and with a few twists of the disk, get it spinning. And each tug on the loops, made it go faster and faster. God what a flashback you just gave me. Thanks. It’s nice to have such memories of our youth.

  2. The old timer’s character was wrought from life, not contrived by social media. No doubt Joe’s time spent with you Forrest was time well spent. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. My grandfather had similar wit and sparkling humor with the best stories.

  3. Please someone tell me why I am always smiling brightly when I read FF’s stories but my throat tightens and my insides squeeze to the point that my eyes feel like crying? More please……

  4. Wonderful story of a very interesting man Forrest. What incredible experiences he shared with you! You were fortunate to have him as a friend and he was fortunate to know you and your family.

  5. Some people make more of an impression on others than they may think . sometimes it’s the small things that people remember. The thing about it is he will always be remembered by the ones that took time to notice.

    • Woody, you reminded me how important is it to notice others and care enough to KNOW them like Forrest knew Joe. Thank you.

    • Woody, what you’ve said is so powerful and it reminds me of this amazing video that speaks to the heart of that thought:

      Very Good point Nor,
      I like the way you think !!! = )

    • Not speaking for Dal, but Forrest mentions the two comics pictured in the scrapbook by name in his text. I would surmise that Dal went and found the pictures online that matched the two in order to jazz up the scrapbook.


    • William-
      Just as Clinger stated..Forrest wrote the story and suggested I look online and find a Sub-Mariner and a Captain America. I looked for volumes old enough to be from Forrest’s “funny book” era.

      • Thanks for the reply and at the same time that also sucks cause there was some useful info in the comics itself. Off topic the original artist for Marvel was named Joe.

  6. Not sure where to ask this so here’s another off-topic question: I am not receiving emails of new comments. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Me either CJ. checked all notifications again through WordPress but now only receiving the new scrapbooks, not the comments. Perhaps contact WordPress, since Dal’s new material comes thru.

      • I tried unsubscribing and resubscribing but that didn’t work. The only email I received from this scrapbook was one from Dal’s response to William about the comics. And I received one email from E.C. Waters post on the Word Cloud. Last night I received 3 emails but they were linked to the wrong scrapbooks! Very weird! I’ll try to contact WordPress but I don’t have an account with them – I just subscribed to this blog and when I went to their web site, they wanted me to log in. I guess I could start an account just so I could ask for support?

          • Same here. Was scared the radio silence meant the chest was found and everyone was drinking to oblivion without me. 😉

          • Map – 😀

            Jeremy, Maybe I’ll just un-follow the whole blog and start from scratch. If anyone solves the issue or hears from WordPress about what’s happening, please let me know. Thanks

          • The issue seems to have mostly cleared up. There were 7 emails today in my inbox and only 1 was linked to the wrong thread. Andi’s post in “I Need Someone To Look For Me” was linked in the email to “Taggart Lake Trail”. Strange. I did enjoy rereading that blog again though – terrific storytelling Dal! 🙂

    • The same thing has been happening to me, not getting notifications and the wrong ones from taggert lake post.

      We are limited on what we can do since that is handled by WordPress, but I’m working on it. There’s a few things I can try.

      Thanks for letting me know you are having a problem, I thought maybe I had something going on with my email.

  7. Asterisk huh? And pies? What’s the matter didn’t Joe have any juniper bushes?

    • Kyote, what the heck does your question imply? It’s public and I’m curious.

      • FF’s obviously a great story teller and had an amazing life. I think the chase for the TC is more about his life than we know. There are common themes and metaphors in his stories. I’m not implying anything. Fascinates me to watch him walk the tightrope between keeping the chase going and not giving too much away. Remember your mothers use plenty of sunscreen attempt to disregard hew and read 2, but always pay heed to radiation, you may find your way. Stay safe.

  8. Forrest thanks for taking the time to tell these great stories. I Love your stories. You are a really good storyteller.

  9. I really like mincemeat pie. My wife doesn’t like it so I never get served any.
    I was starting to think no one else likes it.
    Enjoyed the story.

    • My merciful heavens, you never get served any??? If you can write, you can read. Recipes are so simple…..just follows the clues precisely…..voiola’……pie!! 🙂 No wonder my husband ran away. 🙂 🙂

  10. Skippy became Submariner & Forrest became Captain America. Perhaps we should re-introduce those funny books to the next generation. 🙂

  11. Both Sub-Mariner and Captain America were published by Marvel Comics. Also, Professor Marvel was the traveling fortune-teller in the 1939 movie version of the Wizard of Oz…


  12. Thank you for that excellent tale Mr. Fenn. As a kid growing up in the early seventies, I also loved reading comic books. Captain America was one of my favorites. So was the amazing Spider-man and several others. I learned alot about right and wrong, and fair play from Cap and the other heroes. I remember getting twenty cents a week for an allowance from my Dad, which allowed me to buy one comic book for twenty cents, or two ten cent packs of baseball cards. I could get the cards or a comic book but not both. One day I went to my Dad and told him I needed a raise in my allowance to a quarter so I could get both, he asked me what I had done to earn the extra nickel. His suggestion was to save my allowance for two weeks and then I could afford to get both of the things that I wanted. I tried that for the next week but I decided that every other week was too long a time to go without my comic books and cards. Then I did something that I didn’t want to do, I went to work for my slave-driver of an oldest brother. He had a four street paper route and he was always trying to get his younger siblings to help. His grand plan was to divide the route in half. He would get two streets and I would get two streets. The problem was that we only had one bike and since he was the boss, he would get to ride and I would carry the papers in a sack like a mule. I wasn’t keen about it, but I was willing to give it a try. Each street was two blocks long, north and south sides. Being only 8 years old I could only carry enough papers for one block at a time. The rest of the papers my brother left for me at the beginning of my two streets. The better part of an hour I returned home, bushed and sweating. My “boss” finished his two streets in about fifteen minutes. That really soured me to our business partnership. When payday came at the end of the week, I found out it wasn’t a partnership at all. He paid the amount we agreed upon but I soon learned that I was being paid only a third of what he was making, despite doing half of the labor. When he saw how unhappy I was about the disparity in our wages, he tried to convince me that it was a good deal because one day I would be taking over the route from him, and I would be making all of the money for myself. He also agreed to let me use his bike after he finished with his part of the route. I stayed on doing the route and earning extra money for a few more months until the end of Summer and part of Fall. When Winter came, bringing cold weather and sometimes feet of snow, we both had had enough. We agreed to pick up another route in the Spring if one was available.

  13. Hi Guys and Gals,

    Certainly off topic, but I’ll try asking nevertheless. Random question of the day: Does anyone know the full middle name of Robert J. Sully, the parachute jumper who pulled Forrest into Candy Ann (the helicopter) during Fenn’s rescue in the Laos jungle? I jope someone can help me. Thanks in advance! 🙂

      • Wow, thank you Norwegian!

        I’m not quite ready to divulge my solve. I’ll send a writeup to Dal after my trip. I will say that I’ve been involved with the hunt for a few years now, and this is the strongest solution to the poem I’ve seen over that time period IMO. It’s strong enough where I felt the need to speak with an attorney before my trip. If my location is incorrect, then what I’ve stumbled upon would be a coincidence of absurd proportions. All of this is IMO. 🙂

        • Welcome Extemp, info easily found. Hike with someone when you go. Steep, rocky terrain left me with a nasty gash still healing.

          The next scrapbook could be
          “show your chase scars” Ha!!

          • @Norwegian: Thanks for the word of caution. I’ve been lucky enough on previous searches to encounter no such injuries, but there’s a first time for everything. Good idea on the scrapbook idea!

        • would you be willing to divulge you state of search? your confidence seems well.

        • Extemporizer, I feel the same as yourself. Only difference is that I have not contacted a lawyer. Have you been into the area yet or have you just explored via GE? Are you above 5,000 ft and below 10,200 ft? Have you found the mariner? How about a ropes, aircraft, wwwh, the blaze, 6, X, wise, native amercican connection, bessie/kittens, geo thermal blemishes, nfbtftw, double omegas and a cabin connection? Have you looked up at the stars? Do you have a full bladder or is your bladder empty? Any meadowlarks to speak of? Any or all of these things? Give us another statement. Can you tell us a joke like, “knock knock whos’s there, dwayne, dwayne who? Dwayne the bathtub I’m dwowning.”? Do you jave a Vietnam/Korea connection. Can you sing us a song? Are you there? Yoohoo…. What can you tell us?

          • Why would you need a lawyer unless you plan on committing a crime. Forrest didn’t have to hire a lawyer to hide the chest and if you find it just keep that your secret where you found it. If by some wrong left turn I find it I’m going to say Forrest came to Florida and hid it on my property, that would so thoughtful of him. 😉

          • William, there are plenty of other reasons for consulting legal assistance.
            Not everyone has your lack of compunction In regards to lying.
            Wishing you good luck.

          • Wow Slurbs, you are typically quite reserved. If your solve contains all that- then you just blew my next trip to heck!

            How are ropes & star gazing involved? The poem of the ancient mariner applies in a vague metaphorical way, but does your solve truly have a mariner? If so, I’m calling a bookie in Vegas and putting money on you.

          • @slurbs: Sounds like we’re on different wavelengths, so you can sleep peacefully. To answer your questions:
            – Yes to GE.
            – Yes to the elevation restrictions.
            – Yes to a small subset of the connections you mention.
            – The stars looked clear last I checked.
            – I just drank a smoothie, so my bladder is getting on the full side.
            – I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve spied a meadowlark.
            – Knock, knock. Who’s there? Hoo. Hoo who? Are you a owl?
            – You wouldn’t want to hear me sing. Trust me.

          • @William: AFAIK, we do NOT know that Forrest did not contact an attorney. He may have contacted an attorney to better understand legalities, or for a slew of other reasons. I do not intend to do anything illegal, and I apologize if I have given such an impression. In this case, I have a VERY specific attorney in mind.

          • EX,

            I see no reason that an attorney would be of any use, regarding the treasure. Unless of course you feel that where the chest is located might draw questions as to ownership.

            That aside, I am quite sure that the search for the treasure was carefully worked out by Forrest in the beginning. I can only imagine, that when Forrest secreted his chest, he did it in an area that would avoid any issues, if it were found when he was alive. I’m sure he doesn’t want to be involved in any searcher’s issues with ownership. Especially when it involves any department of the government.

            I also believe, that if no one finds it now or in the near future, it will inevitably be found. And when it is, it will be the property of an organization that supports Fenn’s personal interests. He has said that he hopes that whomever finds it is deserving of it (or words to that effect). Those words aren’t exclusive to searchers.

            Then, what do I know. I’ve only been at this for 2 1/2 to 3 years.

          • @GG: Good insight, sir. I completely agree with all of what you said, except for this attorney being of no use. Reaching out to this attorney is a long shot for me, but if it works out the way I’m hoping, I may push up my travel plans.

          • To extemp: ok, so where in yellowstone are you headed? 🙂

            To anyone thinking a lawyer wouldn’t be wise: I respectfully disagree — an easy case/example can be made using chief ranger Reid: he’s made statements that treasure hunting in YNP is illegal. Federal law though says that items (artifacts) from anytime before 1890’s are illegal to remove, but doesnt include geocaches and modern treasure/puzzlehunts and lost & found items. When the chief federal exec/admin is in conflict with standing federal law, it’s an excellent time to ask a lawyer. I did , before I went out to that one wet and nearly-too-old site in Yellowstone , and that was pre-crackdown. And what I found out about the law was fascinating so much else in this chase. 😉

          • Mapsmith,

            I’m sorry to disagree with you on the lawyer business, but I recall Forrest saying you only need a “flashlight and a sandwich”. Although he did make other comments regarding safety and such. Sorry if I missed the part about making sure an attorney was consulted before going out.

            I can’t help but humor over this same issue of “lawyers” popping up every few months. Check with Dal, I’m sure he can tell you what the count is on that subject.

          • The actual quotes, rather than words to that effect , have been;
            “The person who finds the treasure will be the one who solved the clues in my poem and walked to it… My hope is that whoever deserves it through his efforts will be the finder. ” – 6/27/13, holly Johnson article.
            “There must be a few Indiana Jones types out there, like me, ready to throw a bedroll in the pickup and start searching…” -TTOTC, F. Fenn 2010
            ” he imagines that the person who finds it will be a nature lover who lost his job and no longer has anything except his wife, 5 kids, and a pickup….. “Whoever finds it, will have spent time thinking deeply, consulting some maps, and be brave enough to follow their dreams”. – Viviana Mazza, Corriere Della sera newspaper, jan 20, 2013.
            ” when it is discovered I hope it is by some deserving person who is emotionally involved and has been rewarded by other mountain thrills that come with the chase.” – Jenny Kile interview, feb 4, 2013.

          • Your right I don’t know if he did or didn’t contact a attorney. Me personally I’ll search and if I find it then I will worry about repercussions after the fact. To spend money on I assume a land rights and property attorney before I found it would not be me but you sound confidence that you are that close I wish you the best and make sure you tell us quest.

          • @William: While it may or may not be foolish to spend money on land rights consultation, I never said that’s why I’m contacting the attorney. 😉

          • I’m dizzy… Please send me Forrest’s bottle of Tylenol NOW.

            Maybe it’s a Norwegian thing and I just need smoked salmon rather than red herrings!!

  14. This line in the story I’m having a hard time understanding or maybe I’m having a brain freeze (His grandparents had been slaves and his tales of picking cotton on the Mississippi river bottoms were right out of Mark Twain.) I don’t understand the picking cotton on the river bottom part unless it’s a term or phrase.

    • Will

      It’s like this. Want you to pick a number from 1 to 10.000.

      I will guess your number correctly.

      The only rule is once you pick one you can’t change it. Ok ready?

    • I am from Mississippi and Bottoms is a term of down a ways in the bottom of the farm land not literally in the bottom of a river. We used to go to my Paw Johnson’s down in the field bottom that was down on a piece of land farther out from where his first rows of tomatoes or cabbage started. It is a farm term or Southern term for way out or lower part of the field or garden or land the bottoms are out a ways from where you started. It is confusing. When I was a child I would say what is a Bottom when told we were going out to the bottoms to feed the men their lunch or bring them some water. Hope not too confusing… Thanks, MS. Girl

  15. 10 to the 4th power. It still don’t help me understand cotton on the river bottom?

    • Will, right now I’m at a cabin on one of the headwater lakes of the Mississippi River, less than 100 miles from Lake Itasca where it begins. With all the rains that fall in the Midwest, the river floods frequently in the spring and especially in the South. The Mississippi moves an average of 159 million tons of sediment a year down stream. This sediment is deposited in the flood plain and makes for very rich soil when the river recedes, excellent for growing crops. Additionally, the Mississippi often changes course and the land it vacates is river bottom land. Hope that explains it for you.

  16. William – I’m with you. How does one pick cotton on a river bottom? My guess is that this story might be much like those in the book – i.e. Fenn is weaving clues into another story based upon past real-life things/events. He is masterful in the way he does this. The imagery is so strong that you want to believe every word as the truth. And I’m sure he would have an explanation as to why every word of it is plausible. Is it? You got me.

    • I grew up in Alabama and Mississippi. In fact my dad is still in Alabama and my mother in Mississippi.

      “River bottom” = fertile lands.

      scott W.

  17. Has anyone put together blaze, marvel, Captain America, and Sub-mariner? what about Krypton?

    Johnny Blaze is a Marvel character, as are Captain America and Sub-Mariner.

    I’ll let you figure out how I derived Krypton.

    scott W

  18. I live north of the Missouri River in KC, MO. Just off 210 hwy. The river has been dug out and altered a lot, draining the original bed and leaving rich fertile soil that the farmers have used for cotton, mung beans and corn. We call it the “river bottoms”. If that helps anyone.
    Mr.Fenn, loved the story. My God mother is African American. She was also my 3rd grade teacher. She was pretty old (65) when I was 8. She told some great tales of her grandmother being a nanny/ house servant. Her grandfather was the plantation blacksmith, and she showed me a horse shoe that he had made. She made the best lemon merangue pie I ever ate! I loved her dearly. Thank you for pulling her up for me to hug again!
    ¥Peace¥ Donna

  19. mr.forrest,I remember when I would collect pop bottles and get a quarter and go to the store and buy a coke,hersey candy bar and funny book and go home,lay in bed and read the funny book and eat and drink my candy and coke.those were the good old days.thanks for reminding me of funny books,haven’t thought of that word in a long time

  20. Those formative relationships (Joe) teach us more than any college tuition can afford us.

    • Agree 23. Profs and labs don’t provide life instruction. That said, my college years were when I grew up; learned how to think for myself; make my own decisions which garnered consequences. Believe owning decisions and making mistakes during college days prepared me for much – later to come. (Like FF’s time in the AF is where he became a man) IMO

  21. Hey guys, I loved the Story Mr. Forrest ,but did anyone else think of Marvelous Gaze and Marvel Comics I have had that clue in my craw, since way back last year and I wondered if he would ever reference comic books? Here it is and that might not even be Marvel characters but I know Captain America is. I saw him in the Advengers and What do you other’s think. To clue or not to clue that is the question as to use it or not. I know there is a Comic strip Character that had special vision powers did (and I may be wrong here) Hallie Berry play that part twice in the X-Men Movies and or there is a special vision hero that is in the Marvel Genere???? Dal help me out here and Stephanie too!! Mr. Fenn wanted to talk about Joe and all and he of course spun his great tale but a cup of Joe is coffee and he has mentioned pies several times in both books I believe. What does any one think of my ramblings? Has he ever mention Joe before this story? I have not heard of him before. Imay have missed it somewhere….. Please Wolf, Dal and Stephanie what is all of ya’ll’s takes on some of this.

    • Superhero-wise,
      NorthStar is chief among the marvel gays;
      Cyclops is chief among the marvel gaze;
      It may be of note that the most famous cyclops myth from the Odyssey involves wily Odysseus escaping from entrapment in the cyclops’ cave.

    • Nope. And FWIW, French & Main is now home to a Social Security lawyer, an adult care home, and a big SSA office.

  22. So bring a flashlight, a sandwich, and a comic book.

    Maybe I can tarry with a DC gaze, since Marvel’s not allowed.

  23. that was a very sweet story, f., I remember when they were an unaffordable dime, too; so I was always ready to hustle the errands for neighbor, Micky, who required regular inputs of funny books and romance magazines; I think I was paid for going down to Second St. and Main, to “the newsstand” in Coudersport, PA……paid with the proceeds from coke bottle returns, I wanted to buy treats but also to earn enough for the 14–cent movie ticket. My geologist father was usually out in west Texas or some such romantic place trying to hit the all important oil-gusher so mother could take off her apron forever. I don’t know how mother came up with such tasty, healthy meals on practically no income. You had to actually learn to like dandelion greens, the best I’ve ever had. A great-tasting treat was from Daddy on returning from TX….these were those very same corn chips in small little bags that you were enjoying for school lunch with your marble money. You couldn’t get those in PA. best regards, m.

  24. I’m getting dizzy, will someone please send me an Extra Strength Tylenol

    perhaps f doesnt want a tylenol, maybe he just wants an aspirin and he has a name brand preference

    • Take your pick Chris… advil, bayer, excedrin, anacin, St.Joseph, ASPIRIN, Rite Aid

      I just polished off Forrest’s community bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol. It seemed to be the Rite Aid for me.

  25. Hey Forrest!

    Here is a ” joke” for you:

    Q. Where did the Lone Ranger take his trash?

    A. Ta da dump, ta da dump, ta da dump dump dump!


    • Gates to the mountains in your whispers I hear, but it’s only important if you are near.

      • Dave & 23kachinas – are you referring to the Gates “of” the Mountains on the Lewis and Clark trail in Montana?

        Or do you refer to another gates “to” the mountains? Do you mind saying why it’s important?

        • I will share there are some glyphs there , on the portion of the missouri river called the Gates of the Mountain can’t thick of the lake name you can even take tours and or probably rent your own boat and explore the area some but, imagine they were there on the part of the river how cool is that

          • Dave, that lake is also called The Gates of the Mountains. Boat tours still pass by the glyphs which are ancient & intact because accessible by water. Occasionally, while water skiing up river in the canyon, we saw rattlers coiled and floating to cool off. Clint Eastwood filmed a western movie at the Gates which fun for locals.

    • Yes, my son is 14 😉 Hi Lucky *waving* Can’t think of anything to do with 14 in the poem or book though. There are 24 lines in the poem….12 plus 12…nope, no 14.

      • Steph, Wind or William, I was cooking dinner and returned to 14 and 41. Why is it relevant? Would appreciate your feedback

        I come up with too many 41’s in my solve area. Confusing. I get tr401 and pb41 whoselucky blazes aren’t accessible. Yikes!

        If it’s 14 meaning SE corner of Glacier Park- that puppy (TC) is hidden for 1000 yrs or already property of the Blackfoot Nation. IMEdO.

        The roads to Glacier just opened last week, record snowfall and very fast water presently. Very remote wilderness makes YNP look like nature walk in the park, unless in back country.

    • OK,
      I don’t know when I will get back out there, so I’ll put a little something out there.
      I noticed this over a year ago. In TTOTC he wrote about First and French (like Chris Yates mentioned above) and now he writes about French and Main.
      Look at a map of Temple, TX
      French only intersects with 14th.

      • Luckydog,

        I keep coming back to Mr. Fenn’s statement that there are subtle hints in the book…but the he also states the subtle hints are there by happenstance and not by design to aid in the search.

        Not sure what to make of this. My latest attempt has some not so subtle hints involved. Well, I guess Mr. Fenn never stated that there were no “not so subtle hints” only that there were “subtle hints”

        Soooooo…..maybe there are some not so subtle hints as well as some subtle ones….Follow?

        • Yes, I follow.
          It may be “not so subtle” but it hasn’t been mentioned before (that I have seen). He has talked about needing to read maps.
          This one fits perfectly into my solve, as well as many of the “subtle hints”

      • Wow, my apologies. I just looked it up again. I googled French St., Temple, Tx and the map it brought up was actually for Belton, TX, which is very close to Temple. I didn’t notice the change, I just looked at the map. Sorry. I thought I had found something interesting. French Ave. does intersect with Main and First in Temple.
        I want to thank mdavis for pointing out my error.

      • Lucky, you must have what ff would refer to as a not good map. 😉

        14, btw, is the degrees/declination line that almost intersects Browning, MT on the TFTW map. Also goes near the west side of Missoula … Right thru Frenchtown, and further south, St Joesph Peak, For what it’s worth. 😀

  26. I went a different route and found out that funnies comes from Dell Publishng and then you drill down through them and you find out about a lot of really cool collector pieces if you could find them and book by steinbeck called an Unknown GOD and so forth some really cool cool stuff not to mention about the japanese and their comics that well i guess turned into anime but regardless cool stuff there.

      • Judy, No my mother is not Joyce, and I am Sooner bred and Sooner born and when I did I will be Sooner dead. My in-laws always summer at Jackson Hole, Wy for many years and hence I am familiar with YNP-Wyoming, Glacier etc etc fairy well- my feet have felt the ground in those places – last year i spent a month in Montana it was great. I have searched New Mexico some and still have areas there to search- I will gol out in August to search around and see what the dog drags in then.

        • Oh My husband has a cousin named David Tarver who last year retired to Florida. Anyhoo, My Mom and one of my sons went last summer for two weeks to Taos,NM. It was an experience. All three of us went over a suspension swinging bridge and My Mom was 77 at the time. I want to finance another trip but am considering another State. I have worked on the treasure since 2012 and wish to Hear Fenn Well and get the title to the Chest. I asked him a questionby e-mail yesterday but he did not answer!! Most of the time he does but …. Dave what do you think about the Marvel comics as a solid lead on our many clues?

          • Depends how you interpret a clue, for example here is a clue i picked up from his latest post
            What does that mean, I have no idea other than I do know that Gerry Spence lives in Wyoming now is the chest on his ranch etc I have no idea, its how you interpret them this one may mean nothing however I read or heard Mr District attorney somewhere in one of his books or posts.

  27. Mr. Fenn has us all running around like a bunch of old crazy chickens,that is also a clue to me , every line of his books and poem are subject to our own intrepretations!!! What they whisper is the old biddies out side of the church, no Place for old biddies is a hatchery for young chicks or young rainbow or brown trout. It can also mean a Monastary for monks or just men. You of course hear bells there all of the a time and that goes with “For whom the Bell Toles”!! I have clues for all sorts of things but a new one and the Marvel comics may run together and come together with dates as numbers for coordinates. I will let you know I hve changed my state and want to explore it further. Lots of research to do and to look over my old notes. I have a vivid imagination and am filled with a fire to chase and explore and solve this sweet man’s heart and mind to discover his true rainbow and treasure spot. Thanks, Dave Still in the Chase, See you i the funny papers…… I mean the comics!! Ms. Girl

    • @Judy MS Girl – sounds like a change of direction for you and renewed excitement Judy. Let us know how your Marvel comics line up with coordinates – that’s an interesting angle to be sure. Enjoy your weekend:-)

      • Thanks, Swan; I have very much research to do to get the outcome I desire. Has anyone ever asked Mr. Fenn “When one of us finds the chest, is there a phone number inside or a note letting us know how to claim the contents?” I E-mailed him my Marvel theory in the same E-mail and he did not respond!!! He has on occasion commented on some wild ideas I had before and told me to take my medication for that solve. On that particular solve I felt I was on point. He would never tell us if we were right in front of it. What is up with that. He should let us know how close we are so someone can find it. Or move on and try another area. All of this is getting too frustrating for me. Yes renewed excitement just a lot of digging into marvel and it is lining up just a crazy path how to get there. Interesting…. but long and drawn out and confusing. It to me is the proper blaze and I want certain coordinates and to go down the line and have it line up. Have a great weekend yourself. Stay in the chase. Treasure Hunt Buddy to all !!! MS. GIRL

        • Well, the man gets 100+ emails a day. It’s his prerogative –and wise– to limit how much extra effort & time he puts into it. Theres no entitlement. The way I figure, he did all the work for this already: spending decades collecting, 15 yrs writing the perfect poem, 2 trips of hauling it out to the mountains… So he’s done being obligated to do any more – – any emails he sends or interviews he gives are just icing and I’m thankful for it. FYI , I notice he tends to send 1 email to each person, but rarely if ever a 2nd.
          I often frame the whole thing as : “well, originally the plan was that he’d be dead and had left only the poem, so imagine how much more tough this would be THAT way, without hints like ‘not associated with a structure’ and ‘only in MT, WY, CO, & NM’ !”

          • Map, I agree. Forrest probably receives more like 400 emails a day. That he finds time and energy to read and respond,to his credit, speaks of how he cares about people, even strangers and the crazies. Have to believe his family must be tired of it too.

  28. “i wonder if you keep on learning or if there is only a certain amount each man can understand”

    • @pooch,

      If you do not try to learn something new each and every day of your life then you’re not really living, only existing…

      Even if it is nothing more than that you possess a higher tolerance for the stupidity of others than you realized…

      Your understanding is bounded only by the knowledge you are willing to obtain, however mundane and insignificant it may appear to be at the time…

      Even in death you will learn something…whether or not all you have been taught in your life about God is true…

      What is important is that you never stop trying to learn…


      • @SamSmith – What did you learn today?

        After reading your reminder, this is what I learned today:

        Native American Sign Language used in past centuriess signed the word MEMORY as “heart-knowing,” suggesting we don’t always remember the details of an event but rather the emotions of that experience.

        I’m reading “Hold Tight The Thread” a well written true account of Marie Dorian Toupin, a Iowa Indian woman who crossed the Rocky Mountains with the Astor expedition in the 1840’s; the first overland expedition after Lewis & Clark.

        Good weekend to you Sam.

        • I pray you have a pleasant weekend as well Swan…

          I learned today that hummingbirds are not the only birds with the ability to hover as I watched a Mockingbird feed on a suet feeder…

          I also learned there are certain people who simply cannot bear to halt their journey 10 seconds at a stop sign, but would rather risk collision and injury than yield to an oncoming semi with no vehicles following it…

          I also learned from an old Hopi saying that “One finger cannot lift a pebble”…meaning that with faith in proper spiritual guidance, one can remove all obstacles no matter the size…


          • SamSmith, Hope you were all ok on the road with the semi. Worst wreck Ive ever witnessed was a head on with a semi in Gallatin canyon, mt. Young man decided to pass and 2 lives were lost. Remains a vivid haunting memory 33 yrs later. Youth was sadly wasted on youth.
            I enjoy learning about animals/birds so read awhile on mockingbird habits/habitat; I thought most birds nested in trees or off the ground to see predators coming. Interesting mb’s select underbrush or sage near the ground for nest/eggs.

      • nicely stated samsmith. however doubtful that you are still around, i had to comment.
        i tell my daughter, “learn all you can about all that you can”

  29. 7/11/27 – Happy Birthday Daddy! You and your brothers could tell some tall tales! I miss hearing them. Your grandson has some good stories to tell!

  30. Anyone know what happened to pirateofgold?…Did his ship sink or did he complete his voyage?…Anyone?… 🙂

  31. Well its been a great week of reading Mr. Fenn’s stories. Not sure if I should just take everything at face value or try to decipher possible intended meanings. The history lesson alone is captivating. I see a common thread woven into the stories but I’m sure its just all in my mind. It’s a great talent to write stories or poetry which attempt to draw insight into or allude to the meanings of other works of art. The mention of Sub Mariner had me reading The Rime of he Ancient Mariner by Coleridge. Always wondered about the Albatross metaphor. Namor is Roman spelt backwards (hint/clue?).
    I now know Bonnie Parker wrote poetry. Trails End was an interesting read.
    Thanks for the lesson–intended or not.

    • Safety Joe, there may also be a short story of btra. all cleverly woven into the scrap books. Your insight is keen. I enjoyed the rime of the ancient mariner, and will try to read trails end.

    • Captain America’s shield is now round. (rondelle)? Trying to put my thumb on the possible meaning.

  32. on the wings of others we fly. People come into our lives that have so much meaning as if time sent them into our life for a reason. Sometimes we take this for granted until we look back and reflect how much they really mean to us. I have people I wish I would of listened to more in my life. That may be why I try to take more time then most to smell the flowers as I pass by now. Time is so valuable, and so is life. Why we waste it I have no clue but the meaning may bring light to some souls day when they are held up to learn to care about everything in life and see that everything is the big picture. Hold tight to all that are around you, for one day you will wish you could just say hello to them. Stay healthy wise and free to bring light into others lives around you and you will find true peace. TY Good day all JB

  33. Funny how some SB’s become your favorites. This one, 107 and 146 are kinda special somehow. Not sure why. Maybe because I’m one of the 7% who constantly read the darn things.

    • Sparrow
      I am spending a lazy Saturday reading some of these SBs for the first time.
      Fun reading, this one made me smile.

      Clearly Clueless

  34. Reply when Fenn was e-mailed a picure of a pile of logs as the possible hiding place:

    “Could a 79 year old man move those logs to put a heavy bronze box under them? No one ever called me Clark Kent to my face but some people think I’m from another planet.”

    Maybe “marvel gaze” is actually referring to Superman? (Aerial view or X-ray vision?)
    If so it certainly would be less of a giveaway than “DC gaze”. 😉

    (Note: Namor could also fly).

  35. Didn’t show as reply … so will try a new comment ….. Sub Mariners mom is named Fen ….. coincidence or hint. I will let y’all decide. Maybe that is why Submarines is his favorite comic … because his mom is named Fen. One N

    Safety First Always


  36. One of Forrest’s first jobs was selling newspapers– The Montana Standard and The Billings Gazette.

    A Gazette has no comics in it. If Forrest needed to start a campfire he would probably wad up the Gazette before the Standard.

  37. Unsure about aspirin, but I could drink some golden microbrew. And speaking of comics, EC > DC. What, me worry?

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