Wooden Maiden…

by forrest fenn

Many of the objects in my collection are significant in a very small depiction of world history. Most are more interesting than they are important. Nevertheless, it is necessary for me to remember that each piece represents who we once were in a time that used to be, and that I will never be anything more than its temporary custodian. 



Comfort comes from where you find it.

This 4 foot Indian woman was carved about 1830. Her original color tones and tints have gently faded through the years to form a pleasing meld. Her dress of green tobacco leaves identifies her for what she is, a cigar store Indian. The split down her extended bodice may serve to show the struggles of her culture. Before the red men got their own historians, stories of the quarrel always glorified the white man.


I like this wooden lady because she touches me personally. When I look at her – silence responds – but her seeing eyes and angelic face speak in ways that are not misunderstood. Although she is good at keeping secrets, to me she’s the embodiment of an era I am wont to know.

FF with cigar store indian

Surely this lady stood in silent repose beside a smoke shop door in St. Louis or some other frontier town as an announcement for the product being sold just inside. At least I want to think so.

Another reason for my feelings about this maiden – she was given to me by my dear friend Eric Sloane, and now he lives vicariously through her to me. Imagination can be a treasure also.


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  1. Maybe those feathers are on her skirt are tobacco leaves? Weren’t all those statues made to advertise something? I bet you could research it and find out–would love to know?

    • 23Kachinas, your photo of feathers matches perfectly the soft hues that dress Forrest’s wooden indian; and it’s interesting the Turner phrase we use today is circa 1545 or perhaps earlier attributed to Plato. Nice job on art & lit.

    • 23Kachinas, Thank you for recommending Turner’s ‘Rescuing the Romish Fox.’ Truly enjoy that era of truth emerging. Looking forward to reading it in the quiet hours.

  2. That is a spectacular gift for a friend to give ! Thanks for sharing w/ us Forrest. 3 yrs ago my wife had a boulder the size of my pickup delivered for my birthday ! Best gift ever…The address can stay but the next owners will have to change the name we had etched on it.

  3. She looks , and looks, so noble. Thanks as always for sharing with everyone. Imagination IS gold.

  4. I try to imagine the artist who created this image. What was in his mind, how long did this take to complete? Very special, thanks!

  5. OK a KO for sure. Well maybe not but I her beauty went unnoticed in a mom and pop store for years. I would guess she would tell us a short history if she wasn’t broke. 🙂

  6. We all know each of these stories means something in relation to the poem or how to interpret it. My problem is I just dont care anymore about trying to solve it. I just want someone to find it so I can know the answer. It has become a drag because It is just beyond me. I dont have what it takes to figure this out. I will say its a lot deeper than everyone thinks. No one should be leaving their house to search until every last clue is known and interpreted.There are no visual clues to follow in the field. That was proven from the searchers who got the first 2 clues right and missed all the rest. The significance is knowing every piece before you leave. You’ll know right where to go to pick up the chest before you leave your home. Nothing is literal and every word in that poem means something different than what it leads you to believe. Please someone just find it. PLEASE!!

    • Brad,

      Been trying to tell that same thing to others for a long time…Everyone is hung up on finding a literal water based starting point…It simply does not exist as a spot on a map…The starting point is hidden in the words of the poem as well as the location of the chest…It takes deciphering the words to find that location but not even a letter can be changed to find it…Each word must be as is and where it is…

      You are correct in your assumption that the words of the poem mean something different than a literal reading of them…The natural features referenced exist only in the poem and not on the ground…It is why the chest has not been found in four years…Nothing in the poem is what it appears to be…

      Remember the “wiles of nature and circumstance”?…Mr. Fenn is very good at sly tricks with words…He did a masterful job…

      And not a searcher has left home yet knowing for certain where they were going, it is difficult but not impossible…

      And just so no one gets froggy…IN MY OPINION!… 🙂


        • Sorry specialklr,

          I cannot reveal that just now, even one example would give away too much about the method I’ve used for my solution…

          I’m planning to make a trip west soon, and I will make only one trip to one spot…

          When I go, I intend to begin releasing info about the method I used in my solution and what it revealed…Just don’t want to give it out too quickly and have others race me there simply because they happen to live closer…

          See my response to Dal below for a little more info right now…

          • Samsmith, I am not asking for any of your solution. By asking for an example of “deciphering words”, I was looking for anything unrelated to the chase. I am still curious what you mean.

            Good luck on your trip. 🙂

          • Specialklr,

            It is with regret I cannot just now give you an example of what I mean by “deciphering words”…It is the method in doing so that may give it away to another before I am able to prove or disprove what I discovered in the poem…

            There are many very astute and intelligent people involved in this chase…The very simplicity in what I did could easily be repeated by someone else before I get my chance…

            As I told Dal below, if you find a “word that is key” and a “keyword”, then find where to start and how to use them you will discover the same thing I did…The location revealed in the poem…I will admit it is a bit tricky however…

            Just as Mr. Fenn stated, getting started is the hardest part, after that it becomes easier…

            That is all I’m willing to reveal at the moment…I plan to release more info later when I head west…


      • SamSmith – everything you say is well stated, but is it all true? I agree that the poem has many relevant interpretations including physical, metaphorical, spiritual, historical, poetic, etc. Forrest’s waters run deep. But, if as you state… absolutely nothing in the poem is a physical clue, we may as well all quit now because Forrest didn’t intend for his treasure to be found IMO.

        For those of us who believe there are at a minimum some physical clues in the poem, Please clear the confusion with solid examples of your non-physical interpretations, and how they would lead to the treasure.

        • Norwegian,

          What I stated is true for me and the solution I derived from the poem…It is not my intention to say everyone else is wrong…

          It happens that the method I used and the interpretations of various words and phrases made a great difference in the way I read the poem…And as yet the solution remains unproven even to myself, but it is un-mistakenly different than the methods of interpretation being used by a majority of searchers …I will know soon enough myself when I get the chance to go west…

          It is very difficult to reveal any part as the method could be used by anyone and would yield the same results I have…

          But it did reveal a named location in plain English…One I cannot ignore…

          As I stated above to specialklr, see my response to Dal below for a little more info…

          All my opinion for now…


          • SamSmith, thanks for your reply and my best to you. When appropriate to your search effort, it would be enjoyable to see/understand your unique approach. I do believe Mr. Fenn’s approach must be unique as well; so perhaps you’ll find his treasure.

          • BTW Samsmith – that was my grown-up way of stating… I’m second guessing, I’m second guessing, I’m second guessing Everything in my approach (accept HOB, because I love my HOB 🙂

      • I disagree samsmith-
        In the first place “Everyone” is not “hung up” on finding a “water based” starting point…
        Only a few thousand are…
        Second I disagree with your opinion about how to interpret the poem. I have found many spots where warm waters halt and others have found even more. Since Forrest has ruled on what not to bother with I think that a literal translation is even more likely than I thought three years ago.

        As Forrest has said over and over in many different ways…No one will get anywhere until they figure out where warm waters halt.

        He did not say that we will not get anywhere until we figure out the cryptic key…

        There are many places where warm waters halt..figuratively and literally. They are not easy to identify. It takes a great deal of thought…the poem and a map are useful… to come up with one that works with everything he has told us. I have considered at least six places for where warm waters halt and based on new hints he has bestowed on us, only two are worth considering today.

        • THANK YOU DAL for quieting my mind! Seriously. If I don’t become neurotic and ever find the treasure, the chest is yours for that well timed comment 🙂

        • Dal, your not listening to the whisper. There are many facts of evidence that this is not a literal place. For example, two sets of searchers got the first two clues “correct” . If you are going to get something correct you must have an answer not a place. Out of the last amount I heard searching was around 35,000 so only two of those 35,000 had only been to that spot? It doesnt add up. Other searchers have been to wwwh and didnt even know it and have gotten the first two clues wrong.That tells me wwwh is not a literal place. There is many other facts that if you listen to what he has been saying will show you that. Each word was hand picked and perfected. He said he built the poem like an architect. There is only one reason why. Every word in that poem has meaningful ng even the smallest of them that you would normally look past.

          • As always, this is all conjecture until someone gets the chest. None of you, nor me, can say what’s true.
            For my POV , you can easily get the first 2 clues right and miss the rest, whether WWWH is the first or 2nd clue, whether its waterbased or not literal water, and definitely whether its intangible ideas or actual physical places. I’d argue it’s easier if the first 2 clues are physical: it’s just like taking a wrong turn following a list of 9 mapquest directions to your new job — the first 2 turns might be correct, but if you turn south on Main instead of South Main, you’re in deep ..and unemployed.

          • Brad-
            Who are you to suggest I am not listening?
            I think I listen pretty well.

            By the way, as far as “correct” goes. I’ve been heading to the “correct place” or been in the “correct spot” many times in my life so your argument that correct is not a place is meaningless to me.

            Those are not “facts” Brad. Those are your interpretations. The facts are listed on the top under “cheat sheet”. Those are things Forrest has told us point blank. Those are not interpretations of what he meant. I find your interpretation to be simply that..your opinion and without merit…except possibly to your mother.

            Same with my interpretations.

            What I object too are people who come on here and toss their “opinions” about as fact.

            “You have to do this”..they say.
            “Your wrong”…they say
            “All of you are stupid”..they say.

            When in fact there are as many ways to interpret the poem as there are brains in the universe…however, only one interpretation is the correct one…and that one belongs to Forrest.

            So I don’t tolerate people telling others they are wrong about anything or that they are foolish for thinking differently. It’s all part of the grand mix and one person’s ideas may help someone else along…
            But to inhibit those ideas by telling someone their interpretations are wrong is an injustice to all of us..

            There is a big difference between opinion and fact..I like everyone here to know which is which..This is especially important for new folks looking for their first ideas about how to interpret the poem.

            I don’t ban people for much on this blog…but I do ban people for name calling, acute profanity, stating opinion as if it is fact, constant misdirection and claiming to be Mork from the planet Ork.

          • As I recall, FF said two searchers had been within 500 feet of “it?”. They did not know they were in the vicinity of the chest ( or even in the same state as the chest) according to FF, so that information was not helpful to them. FF knew they were that close to the chest only because they, and perhaps others, had e-mailed FF describing where they had either searched, or at least, traveled by during their search. I also recall FF said he did not respond individually and specifically to confirm how close they might have been to the chest, so again, neither knew where the “closeness” occurred and neither does anyone else. In essence, many, many other searchers may have been within 500 feet of the chest but did not e-mail FF of their search locations, so FF would not know if others had been close to the chest and he could only speak of the two who had e-mailed him and had been within 500 feet of the chest. Perhaps, by now, Forrest has refrained from commenting as to searchers approaching within the vicinity of the chest, and I would not blame him if he chooses now to keep such information a secret. Just my opinion, you see.

        • Dal,

          At least we can agree to disagree… I think you do allow for that and I’m not being a smart aleck…And yes, it is my opinion about the interpretations I have for various lines and phrases in the poem…I cannot help that it is so different than that of most other searchers…It worked in a way I did not expect and yielded a named location for the hiding place of the chest…

          Believe me when I say I have continued to follow everything I see stated by Mr. Fenn and have found no deviation from his being true to the poem and the facts surrounding the chase…Quite the contrary, I understand much of what he says in ways that I cannot express just yet even to you…And all the hints he has given have only bolstered my confidence in this solution and I have yet to find one that detracts from it…

          I cannot just yet reveal my place for where warm waters halt, but it is not a spot on a map and yet it is derived from the words in the poem…I am a firm believer in Mr. Fenn’s words that “all you need to find the treasure is in the poem”…All that I have came from this one source, the poem…

          I can give you a few instances for your musing…

          I have, for me, a “word that is key” and it is in the poem…
          I have, for me, a “keyword” and it is in the poem…
          I found it beneficial to me to understand who/what the “i”s in the first stanza are and who/what is doing the speaking there…
          I found it beneficial to me to understand that “there” and “where” exist in the poem…
          I found it beneficial to me to understand the two “it”s in the second stanza and what they reference in the poem…
          I have, for me, a “home of Brown” that is unrelated to any map location and yet is in the poem…

          I could continue but I have bored you enough for now I’m sure…

          When i get the chance, and I hope it is soon, to head west to prove or disprove this solution I will begin to release this solution a little at a time…It won’t take long for many searchers to catch on to what I did and how…Properly started the solutions will all be alike…

          Remember, this is all my opinion and I would not in any sense deter another searcher from whatever course they may be set on…I may very well be eating a lot of crow later…Who can say who will be correct?…No one that I know…

          Oh, and thanks Dal, for a blog where all of us can express ourselves so freely…May be that there will be a good story to tell about all this in the end… 🙂


          • @Samsmith, thanks for posting your response to our inquiring minds. It’s actually quite helpful and a few of my solutions to clues were arrived at in similar fashion.

          • Samsmith –

            3 years on, can you tell me what your Warm Waters Halt was?

            How about your general idea for not using a map?


          • It’s the spring of 2020 now, where are all of the answers?
            I sure haven’t figured them out.
            In my opinion all of us are on the same level until the chest is located.
            Good luck to all, and stay safe.

      • Samsmith, we seem to be on the same page here. You should email me and try to solve this together. I admit, I am stuck and maybe together we can move forward. Brad3928@aol.com

        • Dal, first off dont take it so personally. That is my opinion and also my opinion that you are wrong. We are on here to help each other to solve the poem. No one was swearing or calling anyone names. So dont know where you got that from. The only rude comment I heard was your last one to me. And yes they are facts and from forrest mouth. Ive watched you get pissed over and over at people on here. Who cares if someone thinks they are right and says so? Does it hurt your feelings that bad? Isnt that how solve happens through discussion? Grow up. Here’s one last fact for you. You wont be the one to find this chest. You should have just quit when you were crying last month. Dont worry about banning me cuz this site is ridiculous and im leaving it on my will not yours. Its about free speech and people letting out there opinions and solves. But this German Nazi site of yours is not what it should be. And I hopeI see you out there sometime cuz id love to throw my fist down your pathetic throat.

          • You’ve misunderstood and not heard.
            And that rude send off? Seems just to prove that Dal’s arguably preemptive admonishments were uncannily on-target. 😉

          • Sheesh! Where is my button to remove his “hateful” gene? Oh! Forrest, give it back, I wanna do it!!!

        • Wolfman-
          Forrest has warned us time and time again not to go looking in winter. So how does your snow clue work?

    • I’m on it, Brad – just give me a few weeks. Tough work schedule for a bit. 😉

    • Brad, you wrote; “It has become a drag because It is just beyond me. I dont have what it takes to figure this out.”

      You claim to be lost as a goose in a snowstorm; but then go about arrogantly telling everyone how wrong they are……Maybe it’s just me, but that makes no sense at all.

      And somehow you are absolutely sure Dal is wrong even though the solution is beyond you. On top of that you accuse Dal of running a Nazi site and you are going to put your fist down his throat. Man, you’ve gone ballistic now. And people wonder why I carry guns. I don’t think they make any crazy treasure hunter spray.

      I believe we have just witnessed yet another emotional breakdown from the pressure of the chase……..

  7. As I look at her it comes to mind that maybe she once stood on the top of a barrel of tobacco. Perhaps upon a countertop keeping a watchful eye for customers.
    I too feel I was born 100 years too late.

  8. What an outstanding piece of folk art. I have never seen a more beautiful example of a cigar store figure. What a reminder of the struggles of the Native Americans but also what precious memories of your dear friend Eric it must bring to you Forrest!

  9. Nothing wrong with having beautiful people and things in your life.

    Yet the world isn’t filled with grace and beauty outside those palace walls

  10. Why did he overlap the two stories? He has a picture of matches in one and talks of strike-a-lights in the other.

    • @BW perhaps match, strike, burn is a subtle clue about the blaze. Certainly has been discussed in relation to areas of YP that were burned in 1988.

    • BW-
      Not matches..
      If you mean the first small pic net to the first line in Wooden Maiden, thats a cigar..as in “cigar store indian”

          • Just kidding. I did not take that pic and I never noticed the matches in spite of the fact that I resized that photo for the blog after Forrest sent it. Probably missed it because that tiny box of matches blends into the wall so well and is so hard to see…..lordy, lordy..how can I ever expect to find the chest…lol..

        • Yes, I too was wondering the date of the photo and if it was purposefully staged.

        • lol those are strike anywhere matches. :)!
          I once rode my horse while 34 weeks pregnant with my first son, to the local mercantile. The neighbor asked me to get him a box of matches.
          The owner handed me the matches up to me on the horse in a plastic bag rolled up, due to my horse acting ancy over the crinkling bag. Anyway I get half way to his house and just as I pulled off the concrete road to the grass, the bag quickly unravels, slapping my horse in his neck! Well, that was it!! @&* He jumps straight up into the air, I go flying even higher and come landing down straight on my back!! Bonking my head on a rock as well.
          I had not planned well and was riding my English saddle and had gotten a lift up to my growing, (large) baby bump! LOL Funny now but not then.)
          I walked all the way to his house laid the matches on his lawn chair, him?… no where to be found. Walked to the corral, took off the saddle crying and headed to the house. My mother was horrified and made me go to the hospital. The nurses chided me but Eric, my son, was packed tighter than a little sardine and fine! 🙂 Happy ending.
          What does that have to do with the chase?? Dunno! but those matches and seeing that box just reminded me! 🙂 take care 🙂

          • Thanks to the chase, I recently learned a new name for a sardine. Pilchard. I had never heard that before. More knowledge gained. That’s been my reward to date.
            Anyone planning on searching SW Colo. and Northern New Mexico needs to check with the local Forest Service Office on road conditions in your search area. Roads that were fine 3 days ago are becoming mud bogs thanks to the seasonal monsoons that have arrived in recent days. A four foot slick incline may ruin your day, as one did to me recently, but a 4 foot deep mudhole will ruin your week. And they are out there. But it’s rodeo time in rural Colorado and we can’t have our rodeos without a generous side of mud. That’s July in the Rockies of the west for me. Rodeos, the monsoons , the CDA Art Auction (which I can no longer afford) and the start of mushroom season. Soon I hope to double dip, shroom and treasure hunting.

          • wd-
            Sounds like a good plan..are you an expert mushroomer?
            The soggy PNW abundates in fungi of all kinds…
            Not a lot of variety in butterflies but we make up for that with wildflowers and mushrooms…

          • Dal, I’ve been shrooming for about 15 years in the Rockies. I stick with 3 reliables that I consider fool proof and delicious. Chanterelles, boletes and Hawkswings. 3 very different but all tasty. As a kid and young man in Oklahoma I gathered morels in the spring while turkey hunting. I have sampled the chanterelles of your PNW and find them just as good as those in the Rockies. Only problem with chanterelles, we get a good chanterelle year only about once in 5 years. But, I saute and freeze them and I have no trouble getting them to keep for a few years in a good deep freeze. I forgot puff balls. They can be really good, have a longer growing season but you must pick them before they begin to “puff”. Also, some say small puff balls can be confused with immature Amanitas. I think you would have to pretty uninformed to do so, but that would be bad. The amanitas on the west coast are more wicked (avenging angels) and will flat out kill you. Our amanitas will just make you swear off shrooming for awhile.

  11. Reminds me of the Hank Williams song Kaw-liga

    Kaw-liga, was a wooden indian standing by the door
    He fell in love with an indian maid over in the antique store—

    • kaw-liga the wooden indian , was sang by an African American ,named Charlie pride.i sure loved to hear him sing that song.he really was a good country and western singer,but back in those days ,it was hard for an African American to break into country music.he had such a beautiful singing voice.

  12. I don’t mind y’all knowing that I think where warm water halts (WWWH) is outside the caldera of yellowstone. Yes, I believe the warm water stops at the caldera boundary. I have seen small geysers outside of it down yellowstone river, but I still believe that that is what the clue means. Just my opinion, hope it helps some people.

    • I look at things as a flip coin, maybe we should focus on Where Cold Waters Start

      • William, whether right or wrong, you just summed up my WWWH. Begins where true cold water starts. I may be TC’less, but I’m going to die trying on that decision.

  13. I wonder if her garb is an authentic look for her tribe, or if the carver was using his imagination.

  14. Some more thoughts, hope it helps someone…I believe WWWH is the outside of the caldera in Yellowstone is where I begin. I think it is in a cave where ice is which is why it is sealed to keep from getting wet just in case and is why it will be harder to find in a few years if they have another big earthquake like the quake lake one in 1959. I think that has something to do with the poem too because Forrest said that some of the clues weren’t there when he was a kid. I don’t know what is the first clue, but he said the clues are in order. I don’t know which ones are the 9. I definitely think that Brown is a person’s name, not the Brown trout, which is sometimes capitalized and sometimes not. Put in means to put your boat in the water at that location that he says. Heavy loads and water high is boulders and waterfalls or water located higher than everything else like a high mountain lake or something. I think that the 4th paragraph has to do with a trail.

    • Carolyn, I appreciate the reminder that some of the clues weren’t there when Forrest was a kid. Could be related to Quake Lake or the quake’s scar. It could also IMO be as simple as “riches new” or “heavy loads.” This discussion probably belongs on The 9 Clues page.

  15. That lady has the most beautiful face,she seems to be longing for her true love or something,such a beauty to behold.such a treasure,yes it is full of memories.eric Sloane did paint the most beautiful clouds,i have ever seen. mr forrest you have made me appreaciate art.thanks

        • I think she resides next to his fireplace and at midnight when he is ready for his juniper fire, he waves his magic wand and she comes alive and lights his fire.

          They talk long into the night…don’t ya think? Wonder what her name is…she must have a name.

          • Stephanie – LOL, I hope Forrest’s next post is a photo of a magic wand! He probably has ‘several’ to choose from 🙂

    • spending some time studying both photos, things that figure to match like scratch or scuff mark type of things

      for example focus on her left arm, at the top just below the sleeve, they match identically, so it seems impossible for the photos to be 2 different statues

      my conclusion then would be altered image

      • @ChrisYates, same statue; doctored photo; Forrest switched her tassel when she graduated. Ha! He’s having a little fun with us.

      • Chris, same statue; doctored photo; Forrest switched her tassel at graduation ceremony. Ha!

      • Chris, I have a feeling the top headdress ornament, of what looks to be carved feathers, is removable and whoever put the statue together put the headdress on differently than Forrest had it. I had looked up quite a few images of wooden maidens/princesses and all of the ones I saw had a more swept back headdress of carved feathers but they did not appear to be removable as this one does. This example of a wooden maiden/princess is the most beautiful one I have ever seen and Forrest is very lucky to have had such a wonderful friend in Eric to have presented him with this lovely piece of folk art.

    • It appears that the headdress feathers are on a swivel and that they can be rotated to any position. Same statue!

      • I was under the impression that it was all carved out of a single piece of wood and that the head dress and other items are all wood as well. Maybe you guys are looking to far into the item and not see what’s right in front of you. It reminds me of a old saying that you can’t see the woods cause of the forest.

        • Not sure if this photo has been doctored or not. Looks to me that it was just swiveled. But since the subject of photos came up. Has anyone ever noticed in TFTW on pages 94 and 95 the grey raft picture is the same shot. Only the one on page 94 has had Peggy’s legs removed (they should be in the background). The water image of where her legs should be is the same as the water image on the left top corner of the photo….. “Missing Peg Leg”

          Fred Y.

        • Where did you get that impression, William?
          Look at the pic with Forrest, the base of the feathers seems to be separate from the helmet/hat, there is a space in between them as if they are not one piece. How else do you explain the feathers being opposite in the pics? Just saying.

          • @ Ritt I’m looking at both pictures and the statue is just turned a bit which give a view from a different angle. Zoom in on the statue and you can clearly see the split on her body with the grains. The feathers will make sense after you look at it from my point of view. IMO it’s the same statue and the head dress are carved into the wood.

          • @ William, I agree that it’s made from the same piece of wood, but the top feathers of the helmet seem to be on a spike and not attached to the helmet. I guess we need to ask Forrest if it is of one total piece or not…..Forrest help!

          • Oh I’m sorry Ritt I see what you are referring to. I’ve seen one of these when I was kid but maybe the feathers come off and there’s a ashtray under it or a umbrella holder

          • I guess we just had a misunderstanding, sorry, Will. Yes, could be a place for butts. lol.

  16. Tobacco indians were first used to solicite to the non reading population, just like the barber pole, three balls on a pawn shop and the apothecary motar and pestal. The first models were not natives, but african americans.
    The staues were primarily made of pine and that is why so few survive today. Tobacco leaves were used on the statues as feathers, costume ornaments and to show that it was available inside.
    The matches are made of pine also.
    Just some fyi, not to sound smarty pants!
    F is very lucky to have the beautiful piece of art.

  17. The enchanting maiden is a beautiful piece of American Folk Art and was a gift of Forrest’s close friend Eric Sloane. I believe Forrest honors that friendship as he allows us to enjoy this unique piece in his collection. The following is an excerpt by Eric in Mr. Fenn’s book “Seventeen Dollars A Square Inch.”

    “There have been two theaters of pioneer American life worth reflecting upon for me, the northeast and the southwest. They are completely opposite, yet the intense awareness of early American life still haunts both the east and west making them rich in history worth reviving. New England farms and New Mexican Indian lands are unique in beauty, and the sense of pionee awareness has left an aura of enchantment that inspires a patriotism and respect for the American Past.”
    — Eric Sloane

      • Stephanie, that’s great your community rings in freedom, and terrific that Eric Sloane was there for the bell’s dedication ceremony.

          • Hi Dad was in school here at one point. I’m not sure if there was any reason he was here. Forrest was stationed down in southern Illinois. I don’t know that Eric spent any time here except during that event….always thought highly of Eric when I learned about his passion for patriotism.

  18. Indecision is the key to flexibility and that’s why “I” waited so “long” to secret my cache.

    you know when i went on my first search back in Jan 2013 in Telluride CO i kept repeating this sentence from the book out loud to myself over and over again as i was walking around. for some reason it really stuck out to me and i knew it must be important somehow.

    here i am over a year later and last night i think i finally realized what it is actually referring to

    if i am right there are 5, no make that 6 occurrences and they each relate to the length of something but in different ways

  19. i was reading about Ole Romer, a danish astronomer. it is interesting how he was studying the orbits of the moons of jupiter for the purpose of improving precision in telling time for ships at sea and out of sight of land but discovered the speed of light as a result

    it was his assistant cassini who first noticed the discrepancy in the light from jupiter reaching when the earth was on the near side of the sun to Jupiter vs the opposite

    they say that cassini first thought it was due to the speed of light but apparently changed his mind so Romer is credited with the brilliant observation that the speed of light is finite and not instantaneous

    he was calculating that light took about 22 minutes to cross the length of the earths orbit, or maybe it was 11 if i have that wrong.

    i now read that some scientists say the speed of light is not static and it is slowing down with time

    • CY, you speak a coordinating language of time tonight; interesting bit about light slowing down with time.

      • Chris, regarding ff’s statement “indecision is the key to flexibility, that’s why I waited so long to secret my cache.” Do you mind me asking if the 6 occurrences relate to the poem or book? If answer gives too much away, I understand. It may also be a general reference to GE finally being available as a valuable tool for searchers without the ability to fly over the areas Forrest has in his lifetime IMO.

        • heh, im making alot of mistakes tonite

          i said the earth orbit’s length when i meant diameter

          and i counted the wrong number of occurrences i was talking about

          no i dont mind you asking me. they are in the book.

          i figure that if F says the hints in the book are deliberately placed and every noun in the book is a clue then by finding these occurrences in the book they can lead me precisely to the chest

          anyways i guess ill find out on my next search

          i know what you mean by being able to utilize GE. finally we can see all the tarry scants we otherwise couldnt see

    • Hi Chris, you may find this video interesting to watch.

      “In 2005, Professor Lene Hau did something that Einstein theorized was impossible. Hau stopped light cold using atoms and lasers in her Harvard lab”


  20. I like reading these older posts. Interesting that he said: “Imagination can be a treasure”.

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