Home of Brown….Part One


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This is for a discussion about “the home of Brown” in Forrest’s poem.

Got an HOB that didn’t work out…or maybe you need an HOB for a certain area…or perhaps you have an idea that needs some fleshing out..

This is the place to discuss all things HOB…


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  1. Hey Dal,
    Fairly new to this. I know you tried fishing, I know Morreno Canyon has been bandied about as well…what other failed HoB do you have? I would love to help out with the brainstorm, but I would like to start where you are, rather than from the beginning…

    • Dal’s homepage begins with the same words as your comment ends… ‘from the beginning’. HOB is the Alpha and the Omega’s word.
      Genesis 1:1 begins with the Allmighty pointing to his Son, therefore beginning with B “Bereshit”. The meaning of that word alone signifies that the Son of the Allmighty would be destroyed by his own hand at the cross. How powerful and meaningful is that? Sweet and full of wisdom.

      • Victor, I was unfamiar with the Hebrew word Bereshit [which looks like bear scat]. I had to look up the translation refs to understand its meaning and correlation to the Henrew and Christian Bible. In my solve’s spiritual context hoB represents both the cross of Christ, and physically our returning to the earth in death. interesting and yes full of wisdom. TY.

        I guess we still have to solve physical location to understand Forrest’s real meaning and find the chest. But I love your spiritual level of application anyway!

        • 42, I am glad you enjoyed it. I decided to interpret the poem from this spiritual more meaningful perspective once I realized that the TOTC is not literal. If there is in fact a physical find, it’ll be a token. One the finder could not keep quiet.
          For a physical location, I incline toward Wagon Mound. Cheers

    • I was reading an obit for Gary Brown from 2010. It says he and his wife lived in the Goat Creek Ranger Station on Swan River. Could the heavy load be logs ? The blaze fireworks on Flathead Lake ?

  2. Ah yes, the home of Brown. I will post more later. I am stuck in a parking lot.

  3. home of Brown is 1. It is resistor code, black=0, brown=1 and so one. So you are looking for a big number 1.

    • This is funny as in our search last weekend ended up at a marker “blaze” on a tree next to a river well off any trail no treasure that we could see though. The Marker had a red #1 on it with a A. Camus quote that reads “In the midst of winter I finnally learned there was in me an invincible summer.”

  4. What I think it’s NOT about

    Brown trout
    A home that’s brown
    A person by the name brown
    A Indian
    A cemetery
    A outhouse

    My Brown is a animal !!!!!!! 🙂

    • Put in below a beaver dam………that’s why there is only a creek remaining to go up. “Home of Beaver” if you are brave and in the wood….etc……it’s cold up beaver creek.

      • I thought about the young lambs maybe as HoB, after reading Journal of a Trapper…..a location closed off to any and all hunting…..among the other hundreds of what abouts and what ifs, lol! IMO….thanks…

    • Geyd-
      Many people are just starting up the search.
      I think it’s good to have a place where they can get some ideas….and…
      Someone asked if I would start one..
      I thought we had an HOB discussion page already…but not…
      No hidden agenda…just trying to make the blog more useful..

      I do think Forrest’s HOB is a singular, well defined, spot rather than an area…
      and I am headed out to search next week…so…
      Always trolling for better ideas…

      • Thanks for you response. The line is difficult as it appears. I have only been working on the words “Put in”. I even bought me a protractor and a compass. I feel this will be the best discussion page yet. Thank you for all you have done on this site. So many peace missions under your belt.

        • Dal , Look , let berry the hatchet … I don’t hold grudges .. and I’m willing if you are. If not, no worries .. I won’t cry promise. But, if so … I would like that a lot better. No apologies necessary.

          HOB=OIL IMO

          one more reason I think this way…
          He didn’t say treasures old and new
          He said New and Old , which means present to past. No BS. This is my Brown. Where the home is …. not telling. At least where my understanding is … Unless you are going to be my Search Buddy…
          Will you be my search buddy Dal? 🙂
          Pg 64 TTOTC . Brown Stain on Skippys car , who is hardly mention in the book , so is his sister , but she is not in a black n white photo with a Brown stain on the front of a car that was shooting “Sprays” All over the place…… Why not say OIL? Why conceal the word?
          I’m being as serious as I can With you Dal.
          Now why would he put it there…..?
          That is a Special place, that is privet , (most Indian’s are very privet about their religion and I understand why as you do also) that may have to do with his cancer or not.. His Dad’s cancer or not. That has a wwh and a canyon down , a blaze,
          and so many more characters that this poem has.
          As well as a Trail Symbol “Gone Home” That fits the gold sprinkled on the page next to the poem…
          And the frog , and the tree mountains” Marbles and frog eye’s……….A blaze like a horse that’s white as snow… I have a real location …

          And let me be clear again to the Blog…
          All the Mathematical interruptions I don’t use …It’s fun but , I think it is a way to determine what not to do. There are so many codes in that thing , that this is a simple theory, solely Based on Fenn’s words alone with no one’s input but his.
          To me in the end it’s a long and grueling road and
          IMO a dead end. Why? Follow the Poem Fenn said … If it were math then why read it over and over and over , then read the book over and over … Then Read the poem Really Slow….
          Well funny , that is exactly how I got my location. And noticed the Stain!
          Weather I’m wrong or right doesn’t matter .. I believe Fenn is a Maverick A “Upside Down Spade” Like the Blaze on Fenn’s horse.
          Any way this is IMO… only based on some information given to me by use of a poem.
          …………………Not telepathically…………….
          Have a good dAY

      • Dal

        Good luck on your 100 th adventure lol
        If anyone should find the chest u think it would be u. U get to search all the time , hope u have fun. I will go one more time Labor Day weekend this time I’m searching out if the national forest 🙂

          • New Mexico, been on about 9 trips to find the treasure so far. Searching for 2 years, having a blast!
            Mostly in Colorado and New Mexico.

        • friend – I have been looking in Colorado too. If you feel like discussing colorado with me e-mail jmbguidry at netwurx.net

        • Homey-
          I will be heading to Montana but not next week. Had to postpone. Don’t know when I will reschedule yet. Some time in August.

          • Dal, if you have some free time and want to check my spot send me and email 🙂

            Also, I might possibly be in Salt Lake City for a day or 2 on business the week of Aug. 11th. I probably will not have any free time to make a side trip, such is the nature of my business trips, but if you find yourself wandering south, look me up, dinner is on me.

        • Hi Mike! I haven’t been able to put that together even by going over the book multiple times..what do you see there?

      • I think HOB is Brown ranch just south of Thermopolis (wwwh, meaning in greek; hot baths and city) by the tongue river, wind river canyon being the take it in the canyon down. Go get ’em Dal! 🙂 I gotta go jump in another dang truck! Ugh! lol 🙂

      • For me, the HOB is one of the easier clues. I believe Brown comes from BR = Bureau of Reclamation, and own. In NM the BR owns Nambe (dam and lake). Interestingly, the alloy nambe’s main component is aluminum. FF makes reference in TTOTC many times to aluminum. The waterfall at Nambe reservoir is beautiful too. Nearby is the almost impossible to access rock with a frog depicted on it. It is possible and I have done so at Nambe, to put in below the HOB.

    • germanguy, Mark J. and Donna,

      Yup…sounds like a poker room to me ; ) LOL

    • Been on the chase for about a year and a half and never posted on any of the Blogs..but this comment has caused me to post… love it!!! I think the HOB is the key and Dal’s comment that HOB is a “singular, well defined, spot rather than an area…” is not even close. IMO the key word is “below” the HOB.

  5. Ok, HOB… hmmm… this, for some reason brings to mind an incident in ninth grade at Taos Junior High. There was this fellow student who use to partake in organic mind altering substances. He was always in a blissful stupor and it, at times, was not ok with the adults in charge. Well, one morning, the principle came in to math class to extract said fellow student. When the principle summoned the young spirit, the young man responded… “How now, brown cow?” I think he was refferencing some music he listened to or something. Anyway, Brown… Brown Cow? We are talking about all things brown, aren’t we? Oh yeah, the students response made the class burst into hysterical laughter! Now, I smile at the thought.
    By the way, I just heard a low toned voice of 83. F, is that you? I know where you’re hiding. Really. Just letting the air clear. IMO, I am about to relate to the King of Califas.

  6. Donna commented when she said she wouldn’t and then didn’t tell us anything. Not right. I don’t know what HOB is. I suspect and have a couple of ideas, but not sure. I have looked into Uncle Joe Brown and have not ruled it out. I am looking for a HOB in the Hebgen Lake/Quake Lake area/Gallatin Forest. Sometimes I think I just want to go and explore certain areas. Good luck to all and especially you Dal! Can’t wait till you come back and tell us all about it. It’s like we are going with you.

    • Carolyn, I said “no comment” refering to HOB. Never said Id never comment on not commenting about the comment for HOB.
      Is HOB a thing? “In a word–yes.” F. “If I told you what it was, you would walk right to the treasure!” F
      There, I commented.

      • It is interesting that he would say that. It implies that it cannot be confused with anything else if he were to say it. One of a kind. That cancels out animals. My friends and I are 19-21 from Louisiana hoping to find some way to make a trip to Santa Fe this year. Good luck all.

    • Enter the campground below the beaver dam, head the far east campsites, you will find a trail, east, to the creek. You can follow beaver creak north toward the dam and you find a trailhead marker. Not too far to walk from the parking in the campground.

  7. I am convinced, and maybe to my own despair, that HOB applies to brown trout. There is one spot in all of the search area that makes the most sense to me.

    • Dan, have you had a chance to search the hob you had in mind last June? care to share it?

  8. My very first home of Brown eureka moment came after about my first two hours of researching and studying the poem. It seemed too perfect at the time.

    It was in fact the “homepage” of a gentleman named Bwana Brown who ran a virtual travel website to all corners of the globe. Well, directly at the bottom (i.e. “below”) of the home of Brown was an icon for a link to Yellowstone National Park. I simply “put in” and from there my solve attempt took me to Tower Falls which is fed by a hot spring up on the plateau and is the source of what is known today as Tower Creek, but originally was named “warm spring creek”. Oh, oh,oh…how easy I thought this little puzzle was at the time. Now, I am simply doomed to repetitious failure and fully understand that Mr. Fenn’s greatest lessons are not of history, but of humility.

    • Windsurfer, my solve, too, has put in below on a homepage. I had to check to be sure. I have failed in attempts many times and I have been back to my original general area time and time again. I am only confident after much study day after day. I think I have been ruling out all of the places that I believed the TC could be. I have eliminated all but one spot. The last time that I went out to eliminate hiding places, I found a man named Karl. I found he was a Master at putting things together to come up with a solution. Karl had a story to tell. It was a sad story about his parents. Like Mr. Fenn itterates… I sure wish we could all get along. Karl’s parents certainly would have been around longer had there not been so much hatred in the world. Karl and the kid he was hanging out with will not soon leave my mind. IMO Mr. Fenn wants us to learn from history to improve our future. I have been humiliated by my work aquaintences when I show up after chasing, coming back with empty hands. I had not realized that while my hands continually came up empty, my mind has been filling up! Today I shared some of Karl’s story with them. They listened,then didn’t respond. I ended with something along the lines that though I haven’t found the TC I have gained some knowledge. I have Mr. Fenn to thank for increased knowledge. He enticed me with a trove. Little did I know that he kind of tricked me into reading and writing and filling my brain with some pretty interesting understandings. I would like to hear more from you, Windsurfer. You have an intelligence rare. I like to read your give and take on things and appreciate your comments. If I trod upon your trail, I hope you grant me safe passage or allow me to at least travel by your side. A friendship might form. I bid you well, Windsurfer. Safe travels.

      • Thank you for the kind words slurbs.

        I will have more thoughts to share as the chase progresses as I think folks might be interested in my latest attempt at a solve…only because it is very simple…but not easy. It simply begins in an extremely straight-forward direction, but soon takes on an up and down and round about way. I will share before the first snow falls.

        Perhaps our trails will cross one day.

      • Websites? Don’t those change on a daily basis? I doubt a “put in” clue would be located on something so dynamic. Just my opinion, of course.

        scott W

        • Scott W, a jet is at home on pg. 99 in TTOTC. Couldn’t I say that page 99 in TTOTC is a jet’s homepage? Maybe that clears my statement up for you?

        • Also , the treasure hunt was conceived in 1988, and the poem was first written approx 20 yrs ago. For all but the most bleeding edge, Internet didn’t exist yet. And the idea of a ‘www’ or homepage weren’t household vernacular until 1998 at best (and even then, only a household term somewhere with technophiles, like Seattle or Silicon Valley).

    • WindSurfer, genuine humility clothes only the noblest people who understand the worth of others. IMO it’s a most beautiful quality, which is only arrived at by much humiliation 🙂

      Ive come to a point of suspicion that I’ll have egg on face once again after my next search – just like the last! Can’t say the search has caused me to read more history or lit as they were already passions, but it has opened other treasures of great worth.

  9. Hopefully you are not heading off to the Firehole Loop in Yellowstone? Melting roads!

      • Not just the roads! They don’t even want you walking in that area in fear that you might sink into the soil and boil to death.

        scott W

  10. Lots of Browns out there……trappers, rangers, fish, bears; at one time I thought of Jerry Brown, current governor of California. He was also governor from 1975 to 1983. He ran for president in 76, 80, and 92. Governor Moonbeam dated Linda Ronstadt and was a prominent politician during Fenn’s heyday with his gallery.

    Moonbeam was born in San Francisco…….Home of Brown. So I started looking at all things named California or San Francisco…….San Francisco Peak immediately came to mind. San Francisco Street is one of the border streets of the square in Santa Fe.

    • Hey there Goofy, I had fun on your SF rabbit trail, and since you clearly love dogs…my favorite dog’s full name was San Francisco’s Molly Brown! A darling miniature schnauzer that my parents purchased in San Francisco on a business trip. Molly was a best friend!

  11. Home of Brown could be anything. Brown bear, brown bats, brown trout, beaver etc…A person’s name with Brown in it. In fact Forrest said he left it ambiguous. I think if you get WWWH right then you will find out the true meaning of HOB.

  12. This is my recollection: it may or may not be fact.

    I recall a recorded book signing event where someone spoke to Forrest about finding the hoB. Forrest replied by saying that you’ll never find TC that way. You first need to find out WWWH. That seems to imply that the hoB is obscure enough such that you may not be able to spot it on a map. Perhaps you can only see the hoB when you’re actually at the location in question.

      • Everything is assoiated with each other and if wwwh is wrong then nothing fits together properly.

      • @Scott W: Are you disagreeing that Forrest said this or are you disagreeing with what I think that statement implies?

        The other option is that he believes the home of Brown to be so common that you would not be able to narrow the search area sufficiently by that clue alone.

    • WWWH and HOB could be related…therefore…you need to know what WWWH is to understand HOB.

  13. I thought HOB was Browns Canyon in Colorado. Right after my search someone posted that Hitler video about Browns canyon. Its a long canyon. not too long, but too far to walk.

  14. F said people were focusing on a word that is “key”. Since Brown is the only capitalized word, is that the hint that it is key? The current solution I’m working on revolves around this and basically unravels the whole poem (if it is the correct interpretation). IMO not an animal, house, graveyard, cave, or person but a specific place.

    • Marvin, i like your way of thinking and you are the only one that has commented on the fact that brown is capitalized. Good luck in your chase.

    • Marvin,

      The poem can give you the ‘key’ word, but the word itself is not in the poem.

      • Obviously my comment was rhetorical. I can’t say with certainty whether Brown is “a word that is key” but I think since it is the only cap word it begs for extra consideration. Since he told us all we need is the poem I suspect any key words are in there. Disclaimer: Your results may very.

      • GG,

        Not sure why you state this so definitively. What has caused you to believe this? I must say that my latest solve does in fact have a common key word that comes into play in several of the clues and that word is not in the poem. So I guess I am in agreement with you for the time being, but I have no idea why. Did Mr. Fenn state as much as you are claiming to be so? I must have missed it….just curious.

  15. Forrest is describing certain LETTERS in the poem…WARM WATERS HALT IN THE SEA>>>>C! Canyon down is M…canyon up would be W!!

    From stanza one: letter I is important….and from reading the poem a certain way…I=”it”.
    Stanza two: Begin “it” where warm waters halt = Sea i = C I
    And take “it” in the canyon down = M I
    Not far but too far to walk= not R but two= RR
    Put in below the home of Brown= Put “IN” below the home….of BROWN= HOME IN BROWN =center of BROWN=O= Put N below O=ON
    So, in conclusion the first two stanzas are the first two clues and give us the following…
    Could No place for the meek be RIVER?

    • Michael D, the closest thing to cimirron in NM is Cimarron. You might want to figure out why your I is not an A. IMO?

          • maybe, but fenn has said that the poem will lead u straight to it, cimmarron or cimmirron or whatever is a general location not an exact location

          • I think Brown has several meanings. The most important being the name of the location.

        • Well done Michael D.
          Very interesting concept.

          And you’re right about the spelling as Mr. Fenn tells us to listen good. He may mean to pay more attention to the sounds of the words than the spelling. I for one, agree with this possibility.

          I can sense your enthusiasm of your discovery and appreciate your willingness to share your new ideas.

          I hope you keep them coming.


    • Hi Michael, I do not understand why “canyon down” = M; and “canyon up” = W. Please excuse my ignorance, but will you please explain? Thanks 🙂

      • no ignorance is involved speckles…I simply tried to “decipher” each line of the poem as a letter. I came up with C for where warm waters halt, and I could have used a U, or a V or an N, or an A, etc..for canyon down…M just “fit” best with the I’s and the two RR’s in the rest of my translation. I was simply demonstrating my thought processes with the W as canyon up. I am not saying I am correct…just spewing out Ideas to chew on…

  16. I’ve looked at so many different HOBs but I think I better concentrate on WWWH instead and just keep an open mind about HOB after I “…take it in the canyon down”.

  17. A year and a half ago I had a theory of WWWH and I found a HOB that was in the same area. I put this theory on the back burner for 6 months because “it” in TIITCD was a mistery. Then one morning befor getting out of bed it hit me, I know what “it” is (or at least I’ll bet everything I have in the bank on it) so I’m consitrating on the next stanza.
    This post is about HOB so I’ll get back on track. Brown is capitalized so that means it is a proper name and I think it’s a nown, person, place or thing. The way I see it is that Brown has to be something that will last forever in one spicific location. Brown trout and bears live just about everywere so I’ve scratched those off my list. A living person can move and the home of a person in our history books is suject to fire which could eliminate this clue.
    good luck everyone!

    • Jim, after reading your post I wonder – have you considered this may be a type of glyph or drawing depicting TC placement? TIIT it almost looks like a narrow ventricle passage into a spur-like cliff.
      My random thoughts which are most likely silly.

      • “It” to me has always meant either your search or your thrill. can you see the thrill of rafting down a canyon!!! Its a blast – OH and did I just figure out WWWH. They halt at the rivers edge! 🙂

        • Agree with you on “your search” or “your thrill” JMB. That’s my interpretation as well, and I love white water rafting after the spring melt waters drop in cfs.

    • How much do you have in the bank? Just kidding ! I have been holding on to that revelation(what I believe” it ” is) for a year. Could be that our ” It” is the same … Good luck JY . Brown is capitalized in the Poem at the end of a sentence or line which I believe indicates major importance. IMO, respectfully submitted etc…

  18. I stated my Home of Brown is a animal , but it also relates to something we are all familiar with and unique. 🙂

  19. If I am correct and the first clue is the letter I =”it”, and the second clue is CIMIRRON….Third clue could be RIVER….six more to go…! These clues build from one another…you need one to solve two, and two to solve three…etc…just an Idea I thought I would share…but I was expecting a slightly more enthusiastic reacton…Oh well…no more sharing from me!

    • It’s a neat idea Michael D, and cool that you’re willing to share it. A while back in a different topic I had said what I think home of Brown is, got laughed at, so I’ll just keep my mouth shut here. 🙂

      • HOB keeps us all entertaining ideas and entertained by others ideas. My current home oF Brown is solid in two locations. Will need further investigation to link the two. IMO it’s capitalized because its a Proper noun on some maps, but not actually named Brown.

        There was discussion on the Kammerer SB about Forrest entombing and sealing the treasure, but on Mysterious Writings Forrest did say that you would see the treasure if w/in 12 ft, and no flash light was required to see it…ISN’T THAT CORRECT?
        I can’t imagine TC inside entombed in a cave, but perhaps on an arched ledge of a sentinel spur.

    • Hey MD,

      I read your every word and find your approach fascinating. Please keep sharing. Someone has to take the more intellectual path and you seem to be up for the challenge. I at one point was extrapolating GPS coordinates of key solves and locations like Tower Falls. the Roosevelt Arch at YNP, Santa Fe National Cemetary, etc. to get an X for the TC. This massive amount of effort fried my brain so I am now taking the literal… how can I possibly be dumber than a 5th grader… and also using a pictionary approach now. Lot’s more fun daydreaming about images I see on GE.

      At least I no longer get a brain cramp from all the extrapolations that were testing my algebra skills.

    • MD,

      I am very impressed. Now I see it can tell a story of what is to become. The letters on the chest (CE5) actually means something in archeology. The design of the chest is perfect. Take your children and experience what will not be no more. I feel I am right it’s because of you MD. You should write me.


      • Just a reminder to y’all:
        FF has stated that the tag on the chest is indeed ce5, and that it’s not going to help you find the treasure.
        He’s also said that codes, formulas, ciphers, etc will not help in the hunt nor the poem.

  20. Norwegian,
    I think you melded to different statements together accidentally.

    From Dal’s blog, F said, “Second, I have not said that a searcher was closer than 12’ from the treasure. It is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it.”

    The flashlight comment was in relation to seeing the blaze.

    At any rate he didn’t say you would “see it”, just indicates a likelihood that you would find it if you were that close.

    • @Marvin Candle – thank you for illuminating Forrest’s exact words, I was mistaken and needed your clarification. New medications for health leave details in my brain a bit scattered. anyway, thank you for your help!

        • Ok. Fair enough. I’ll rephrase, it has not been documented that Forrest stated that a flashlight is required to see the blaze.

          • Homey-
            You are correct that he never told searchers that they would need a flashlight to see the blaze. Earlier however, Forrest did tell searchers to bring a flashlight and a sandwich. He didn’t say why we should bring those items. Folks have been having fun suggesting uses for the sandwich and flashlight since he mentioned them…

            I was simply suggesting to someone who was looking for alternative ways to find a blaze that it was possible that the blaze could be an element that would only show up under UV light…in which case a flashlight with a UV filter would allow you to see it…

            Do I really think that’s likely…no…but I think it’s remotely possible and that idea might give someone else a better idea…

            Maybe the flashlight was just a throwaway..doesn’t mean anything…or maybe it’s useful..
            He also told us that all we need to find the treasure is the poem..
            Later he told us that the poem and a good map are useful..
            And of course he has also said the TOTC book is also useful and even provided directions for how it should be used.

            Just adding to the toolbox of ideas but trying to ensure that ideas are stated as opinion or idea…and not as fact..

          • Dal, I thought I remembered you at one time said you, or someone else, asked Forrest if a searcher needed a flashlight and Forrest said only if you were going to be looking at night. Do you remember that kind of statement?

          • Here’s the Mysterious Writings quote that I think Norwegian was referring too, perhaps my response to her was incomplete.

            Question posted 6/30/2014:
            Hi Forrest, I would like to know if the blaze can be found during the day without a flashlight. Thanks, Ron
            Perhaps your question is wrought with trickiness Ron. Are you really asking if the blaze could be in a cave where it is dark during the day, thus the need of a flashlight? If there is no subterfuge intended in your question then I would say yes.f

  21. READ the books and think…… it is so very clearly marked and why it would be so accessible and oh my goodness, WHAT IS THE POINT? We need to think like a kid who loves a treasure hunt. enouff said. I am trying hard to get a job so I can fly out as I want. YEAH DELTA, and when I do you will still have to look for the half I leave to continue to taunt you all. I will be the one in the yellow school bus with the kids on an adventure of a lifetime!!!!!! HEY HO Silver !!!!!

  22. Could be Pueblo Colorado Winter home of Mormon Pioneer John Brown. Forrest took out Utah early in the game. Could be to distinguish from JB’s ultimate home near Salt Lake.

    Also….Adobe Town? It does rhyme. An Adobe is built of earth and brown; in the Red Desert South of the Great Divide Basin where warm waters halt, also Adobe Software Creative Director Russell Brown.

  23. Start at the beginning. Begin and halt are both in the first line.

    Where did this all begin?

    The home of brown is located there.

      • I orignally typed the same line.

        Everytime I tried to send that it came up an error. I typed it about 6 times before it finally went through. Sorry typed the wrong thing.

      • It may be the color if it is just after winter when the grass, leaves and so forth are still the colors of brown.

  24. once you break down the poem by abbreviation HOB WWWH etc and then break that into numerical code how does one do that well FF wants us out in the elements . you do this with atomic numbers from the periodic table of elements and hence the atomic connection many were seeking also within the periodic table might the CODEX think about it why else did those artifact guys give up the ghost 3 to 4 of them did – why is their a gigantic raid on them that rivals waco- whoever finds that chest will want to go in peace believe you me!

    but numerically you find the atomic numbers and convert them into your destinations Mr Fenn has beat Cancer for a very long long time and after being given only a 20% chance to start with therefore he and or someone has figured something truly out in regards to Cancer treatment and it is in the chest with the rest so HOB look to the elements

    • Bingo! Atomic Elements. I’ve posted my exact hoB several times and was laughed at. Yes, I threw in a few side tracks, but there is at least one post that definitively shows where my home of Brown is.

      However, if you don’t know where warm waters halt is, this information is not going to help you.

      Right now I am still stuck on the exact location of the blaze.

  25. Also, I would add that I would like an update on every post on every topic on the blog as i print for my rockford files so with all these daily extras how do we stay alerted to every topic post? anyone?

    • Dave, sign up to receive updated posts through the WordPress subscription management page. Easiest way is to reply to one of these posts and simply CHECK BOTH “Notify me of followup” boxes directly below; Then post your comment.
      You will receive an email from Word Press asking you to confirm. Confirm for the entire site.

  26. has anyone collected together all the interviews and such of Mr Fenn? in one place?

    • Dude, Dal’s site here is one stop shopping for most of what you need. Take time to puruse each category’s subtopics to find media articles, interviews, etc. Utube has many of the taped interviews as well.

    • Dude-
      Look on the media page of this blog and look at the video interviews on this blog..
      Certainly not all but most…at least since the blog started at the end of 2011.

  27. I like Browns Canyon as the HOB. I think the HOB is Ann and Jossie Bassett’s home where they were born. They grew up and “put in” with the outlaws Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid and Kid Curry Logan! That would be no place for the meek. I am stuck there but will keep thinking!

  28. Well I originally thought Flaming Gorge Dam but then Forrest said WWWH is not at a dam so not sure now! Will continue to investigate!

  29. There are a LOT of places that fit the description, unfortunately. I just hope we are informed once it is found.

  30. Ok, you want the ‘home of Brown’… it is so small and yet so big of a clue…. imo

    Btw ppl start at the beginning

    Here is the thing bout FF, if it matters to him, it prob should matter to all.

  31. Navyigator,

    Your comment on hoB is very astute. Should your hoB be similar to mine, Then to be below would leave 10 locations to narrow down. Unless you know the other part of the poem that, in combination, tells you where.

    • New Mexico State amphibian is the Spadefoot Toad (see pg. 133), Grama the State Grass, the NM flag is a nickel under a grave marker (pg 33) like the Vietnamese Cross (pg 99). Sorry, I couldnt resist… I really came on to say something about HOB … which may already have been said somewhere, so apologies in advance:

      I think HOB probably refers to some house, office, kiosk, gate, even a notice-board of some wilderness regulatory agency, Maybe even their icon’s placement on a map.

      IMO Brown is a moniker (thus capitalized) based on a uniform color like the ‘Blues & ‘Grays’ of the Civil War, or the Cop/”Copper” drawn from shiny brass uniform buttons.

      Try thinking down a similar but alternate course, like: ‘Where is the home of Cops?’… the station house, the mean streets, the donut shop, a motorcycle parade , a defining legal statute, a psychological place like a want for justice, or a lust for power, etc. Can Brown (capitalized) be a state of mind? It just sorta opens up other lines of thinking.

  32. 1 I believe Brown is not exactly how the spot is named or colored. Just like its use in “What can Brown do for you?”, Brown is used as a replacement word for the actual spot, because the actual spot would be too obvious. To me, home of Brown is YNP. Brown is the forest (Forrest) service color , brown trout abound there, grizzly bears are a species of brown bear (and everyone who goes there wants to see a grizzly, not the ubiquitous black bears), and finally, YNP was the first National Park, so it is the home (beginning) of the forest service (Brown). BTHOB means just outside the park.

    2. It is also clear to me, being an engineer, that all the clues have equal weight, they just have to be taken in order. Like the space shuttle lifting off, there is a very precise sequence, but it is no more important that the main engines light than the boosters ignite. They all have to be there or the shuttle doesn’t fly. So you can’t say WWWH is more important than HOB, you have to have both in the solve area.

    3 Also, as a left-brained engineer, I see very linear thinking in Forrest’s descriptions. While he can think in abstract terms better than most left-brainers, he is still very much a left brainer (remember his ejection sequence?). So I really don’t believe he would create the poem to be a cipher or abstract goose chase. I think when TC is found, the clues will be geographically clear from the poem, without having to back solve into something cryptic. We just have to narrow the search area to something that will fit under a thumb.

    • Routerguy got game. Beware all. (I think you’re spot on. GT are very much on my short list)

    • Hey RG,

      I agree with everything you stated….of course…I too an engineer. My latest solve attempt is exactly as you state, but still probably wrong which I am finding out is my specialty these days.

      • I’ve had a couple of solves, both wrong (or, more correctly stated, I did not find the TC), but I have had some great fun looking. Had a blast with my daughter last year, soon I will recount the fun on one of these blogs. Keep looking.

    • He said if you had the right ‘Brown’ that you would not need WWWH. They are both examples of how ff likes to play with words. They’re not deceptive, they are just out of the norm. Use brainastics to stretch your thinking then you will be able to nail the dismount.

      • True, but using that logic, if you have the right blaze you need neither WWWH or HOB. You will only know you have the right HOB (or WWWH or blaze) retroactively when you find TC, so you still need all the clues. I do believe, as you do, that FF is not at all deceptive – just very clever. That’s why he has such a following. If I thought he was being deceptive, I wouldn’t waste another minute on the chase.

  33. speaking of flashlights and blazes, when f said take a flashlight i recall he was talking about going to the treasure in general

    as is the case sometimes, this hint can be and has been taken more literally, but i think in this case it is more of a hint at something else already hinted in the book which is , in turn, a clue or hint in the poem

    He insinuated that I couldn’t find my butt with both hands and all the lights on. page 62

    • Chris, your comment just jogged something for me when you combined flashlight and blaze. Perhaps a chance that a flash light of sorts is the blaze? Not sure what compelled you to associate the two, but that is the first I have seen it mentioned.

        • jan. interesting sp error. translates sw. to philanthropic/flie also a link to previous scrapbook. You made me think perhaps a flash of light during the day would flash off metal, although the patina on the chest is a matte finish and perhaps the patination is already closer to verde after 4 years.

          • Ah, but for all we know, he painted the chest in matte black or camo. In fact, it might be hidden in other ways…

          • Maybe something that reflects and looks bright and shiny. That may let you know your in the right spot or something like that. The X that marks the spot.

          • Nice critical thinking Jan, maybe on 6/24 at 6:24 the sun will shine into the only metallic part of the chest revealed in X form. And you can see it from about 12 feet away at best.

          • Ahh, yes, and you are waiting on 6/24 at 6:24 at the appointed spot just as a cloud moves past the sun, and you have to wait yet another year…..

      • someone else made a comment on here and associated the two

        in my opinion they are not associated

        i was trying to make the case for what it really should be associated with, a hint in the book

        • @routerguy, Navyigator 6:24 am is too early for me anyway, glad Cloud cover cancelled that one out.

          trying to print and read the helpful comments from past 2 days and make logical solutions.

      • IMO there is more to the translation se acabo than “it’s over.” Research more.

        • Couldn’t find a place reference and it seems to have broad interpretation…
          Se acabo means “It’s over” Se” can refer to anything, the game or your mission or even your life.
          “Acabó” means it finished (past tense) It’s basically like : Game Over. How does it fit clues or HOB woody?

    • to woody – “Does Se acabo mean anthing or anywhere specific to anyone on here?” It means it’s over? Like Jonny Mathis : [Johnny:]
      Yes, it’s over, call it a day
      Sorry that it had to end this way
      No reason to pretend
      We knew it had to end some day, this way

      Guess it’s over, the kids are gone
      What’s the use of tryin’ to hang on
      Somewhere we lost the key
      So little left for you and me and it’s clear to see

      Too much, too little, too late to lie again with you
      Too much, too little, too late to try again with you
      We’re in the middle of ending something that we knew

      [Johnny:] It’s over

      [Deniece:] Oh, it was over

      Too much, too little, too late to ever try again
      Too much, too little, too late, let’s end it being friends
      Too much, too little, too late, we knew it had to end

    • Hey Woody,
      Just got back from a 3 day trip searching, and was catching up with the blog. I see below that Slurbs asked how you arrived at the phrase and you did not respond. I think nr already nailed it below. If you tell how you arrived at the phase I will tell you what line of the poem it has meaning to me for, and it is not home of Brown.

      Fred Y.

  34. Hi Forrest, I would like to know if the blaze can be found during the day without a flashlight. Thanks, Ron

    Perhaps your question is wrought with trickiness Ron. Are you really asking if the blaze could be in a cave where it is dark during the day, thus the need of a flashlight? If there is no subterfuge intended in your question then I would say yes. f

    • what does this imply? prob my most fav ff reply on jenny’s questions with f. the man takes no guff.

  35. To Forrest

    Please give us a hint of what the BLAZE is please, please, please, 🙂

    • Amy,
      Forrest has supplied plenty of hints in the poem to identify the blaze. The TTOTC I believe also has additional information. I am sure anyone who spots it would rationally recognize it with confidence.
      The Wolf

      • Ah…..now this appears to be an opportunity for another of my queries to you all. This time regarding the Blaze. Please reply your position regarding the following.

        1. I know the Blaze with 100% certainty
        2. The Blaze is in TTOTC Book…I just haven’t identified it yet.
        3. My current solve has a Blaze idea, but I am still clueless.
        4. Professor Snape—“no idea”

        Well, I am a 3…how about the rest of you?

          • Hey Chris, Choctaw, German – all you #1’ers,

            I don’t doubt that you know the blaze with 100% certainty. BUT are you saying you only know what it looks like, (ie – an “F”) or are you saying you know specifically where the blaze is geographically too??

          • @nr


            f wrote the poem so that you can be more certain about the coordinates of the blaze than anything else

            it is very large and can be seen on google earth

            The fireball was huge and I knew it would attract unwanted attention. pg 87

        • I have three blazes that I put in the 1 category. Out of the three, there is one, in particular, that best describes Mr. Forrest Fenn in its boldness and brightness and beauty. Yup 100 percent sure.

          • slurbs, I think I can see your point regarding three blazes…interesting approach. Any thoughts on how close to the blaze the TC might be? Recall the poll I queried a few weeks back and folks varied in response from inches to feet to miles. Curious to know your thoughts given that the poem seems to allude a close proximity, but three blazes seem to infer quite a range.

          • Windsurfer, in relation to the blazes… the TC would be… under the main blaze (maybe even touching it), feet from the next blaze in proximity, as far as the third blaze – well, it depends on how you look at the blaze (regardless of how you regard the third blaze, I’d say the TC is less than a mile from said blaze). The distance I mention for the third blaze could be argued depending on your point of view.

          • Wind, Slurbs – btw from Consuela scrapebook, the name consuela carries numerology #’s 9,6,3. could refer to 9 clues, 6 stanzas, 3 blazes. who knows if relevant, all conjecture.cog once speculated the poem is solved 3x/ways. Ifblaze is one thingsingle elemnt 3 plc. may work in my opinion, all speculative again.

        • I would like to change your first question a little bit and see if the answers are the same.

          1. If you were asked to submit your blaze to Mr. Fenn for confirmation, and if incorrect could never participate in the hunt again, including posting on the blogs, would you?


          • @Mark J, you said yes so quickly. Wouldn’t you first want to know that Forrest would give you a definitive yes or no before accepting the consequences?

          • “Wouldn’t you first want to know that Forrest would give you a definitive yes or no before accepting the consequences?” . My thoughts exactly.

          • Mark J & German – of course that’s assumed. However, If you ask Forrest for confirmation, it puts him between a rock and a hard spot. In fairness he can’t assist one person with a correct or incorrect answer. It would give an advantage. No, you either find it on your own or you don’t. Fair play is fair play. IMO he has too much integrity to entertain this question anyway. I have one area left to search, after that its over for me. Lots of people in my life who could use a full time friend again. If I fail, I will have Forrest post my solve for others to pick up the search or laugh at.

          • I would not expect Forrest to answer. I was just answering a question that was asked in regards to my solution for the blaze.

          • jdh, gg, mark – my family would be delighted for me to ask that question of Forrest and be done either way. They are all tired of the hours I spend on line. How about you…family on board or throwing you overboard? One thing is certain if I return w/o tc, I must keep my word to be done.

          • My son is almost 22 months, so the only interests he has is looking at pictures. English is my wife’s 3rd or 4th language, and while she is very fluent, she does not understand poetry. I have had my solution for awhile, so I have not been spending time working on it. Just waiting for an opportunity to go and search. It is 1600 miles one way, and with a 22 month old that could be a long trip.

          • “All the world’s a stage,
            And all the men and women merely players.
            They have their exits and their entrances,
            And one man in his time plays many parts,
            His acts being seven ages.”

          • “I hold the world but as the world. A stage where every man must play a part, and mine a sad one”

          • You don’t look well, Antonio. You’re taking ttotc too seriously. People with too much invested in the search always get hurt. I’m telling you, you don’t look like yourself.

          • I love the merchant of Venice. It is the only Shakespeare book I have read, and I have read it 6 times. Unfortunately my memory is such that I have to look up quotes.

          • to Nor – I promised my husband I would be done after the last search and I totally stayed away for a month or so. But it is starting to consume me again. 🙂 – I am planning my next escape.

          • Jmb – enjoy your escape, sounds like you are well travelled. I’ve enjoyed seeing the Pyranees, Alps, Dolomites, but am partial to GNP. I’m joining a sibling to hike/look one last day in my area which could take all day. tc or not, my last search. Hope to enjoy a bit of solitude. btw, enjoyed your story, entertaining to say the least, and fun to enjoy local culture where ever you travel. makes for lasting memories. Best to you Jmb.

        • Sorry Amy that would ruin all the full for everyone. But don’t worry, you will recognize it when you see it.

          • I understand it’s kinda like my home of brown it would ruin it for everyone.

            I guess the Blaze is out of this world 🙂

        • Nope – been at a family reunion. Now that is over I can starting to make a plan to search in the next month or so.

  36. If you see the blaze you will know it without a doubt , other than that you must not of seen it.

  37. I may regret this, but I am going to give out a huge hint to my HOB, and there will be a lot of eye-rolls I am sure as it doesn’t involve trout, bears, dirt, outhouses, or a Ranger Brown, it involves that tired old Molly Brown. Why would you give out this info if it may be right you idiot, you may ask? A few reasons:

    1. I have been out to my spot 2 times, but work dictates that I don’t know when/if I will get there again.
    2. The satisfaction that I was right may be the only reward I get from this hunt.
    3. Some deep, internal part of me wants this to end.
    4. As an eye-poke to those that think people that divulge info are stupid.

    Rent the movie “Unsinkable Molly Brown”. Watch the first 20 minutes…and pay special attention to when JJ Brown first appears, and starts singing “Colorado, My Home”. Could HOB be more obvious? He is singing in front of a waterfall…”water high”. I stumbled into the location of the filming of this segment by accident…I found it in 2 periodicals and a book of the local history of the area. It is very close to the home of Forrest’s friend Ralph Lauren BTW.

    I e-mailed Forrest a tangential reference to this discovery 2 years ago, when he claimed to be answering the first e-mail from every searcher that contacted him, and I got no response. I know we are not to take that as a sign…but c’mon…maybe a hello, wassup, how are the Padres doing (badly, by the way)?

    Obviously, the movie will still be around 100, 1000, 10,000 years from now, and film, art, or historical designation seems like the only way that the poem would be relevant that far in the future.

    Skewer away naysayers!!

    • Well Scott, over the years I’ve skewered a lot of solutions (many of them mine). But after reading solutions here for a couple years yours make perfect sense. 😯

    • That is a great find Scott and thanks for sharing. I am not the skewering sort…but, one must make certain that all the clues line up in sequence. Perhaps at some point you would elaborate much like GG and MD have done on their adventure to share more of the thought process regarding the clues….would be great to see it all come down to good ol Molly Brown.

    • Scott, thanks for the Molly Brown tip. My favorite schnauzer was named Molly Brown so I plan to watch the movie. Regarding the waterfall story in TOTC doesn’t it seem contradictory that Forrest would place the chest near a waterfall when he clearly states it was disappointing on the ground and he was sorry to endanger comrades in landing there?

      • NR, thank you for the response, but no, I don’t think Forrest now hates waterfalls due to that experience. However, my last post was just about where HOB is, not the chest, so even if you believe waterfalls are out-of-bounds for the location of the gold, that does not rule out this idea as HOB. Watch the beginning of the film, and watch as Molly runs along a trail to her “home” while singing and dancing in front of the Rockies. That is HOB, IMO, and that information will be available and unchanged in the movie for millenia. Finding that trail, and where it was filmed over 40 years ago, would bring you to my HOB.

        Getting back to waterfalls though, I think Forrest is alluding to a waterfall as “water high”…and if you find my location for the filming of Molly’s house scene, you will find a very popular waterfall that is exactly 10,200 feet at it’s top. Co-inkidinky?

    • Thanks for your disclosure. I have one of my own I’ll probably let go of in the fall.
      I’ve wondered if ‘below’ refers to the longitudes of Molly’s home, or summer home, or a Montana gold mine that I read she had stayed at. I no longer recall where I read the gold mine info. I’ve settled on NM for my search area, and Denver’s longitudes are above Sangre de Christos’. But I doubt the HOB of th poem contains a numerical component.

      • Hi Old Shadows, I would like to track down information you referenced about Molly Brown staying at a mt mine and am coming up empty through the local and state historical society. on-line just bars and restaurants in Bzn. Do you recall the name or where you read the article?

        • Nor, I dont remember the source, but I seem to recall I was reading about mines at the time, not Molly Brown, and it said that she had stayed at this mine. Eitheras an owner, co- owner, interested buyer or investor… something financial. I think it was NW of Hebgen Lake but not near the lake … I wasn’t interested at the time. Good luck.

          • Old Shadows, very thoughtful of you to reply. Thanks for your help. I’m out of time today but perhaps tomorrow. Enjoy your evening:)

  38. Rambling… warm waters halt freeze 32 degrees boil 212… not far but too far to walk, 04 242 or not 4 but 242 ..drive down 32 or 212 dont take exit/road 24 use 242… I know just as crazy as all other ideas

  39. Just a reminder that we have a story contest going on…
    Funny story about searching. 500 words or less.
    We have 11 entries right now.
    Don’t know what the prize will be but Forrest has generously offered to provide it.
    It probably won’t be a golden Thoth though…just guessing…

    Right now you can read the stories and comment on them and you have until the 10th of August to submit YOUR story if you haven’t done that yet.

    Once the contest is closed to entries on August 10th at noon, I will move all the stories to a new page where they can be easily found, read and voted on. Voting will be open for a few days and then we will announce the winner.

    Tell us a story!!

    • Dal, you have such a gift with story telling. I hope you will add a couple of your own.

  40. Hey there…Whats new? Any word from Forrest? Is he still rolling his eye’s at us? Hi Forrest!

  41. If I were searching for the home of Brown, I would:
    Use a map of the treasure state to identify white water rafting streams with fishing;
    eliminate those without both a canyon, and a warm water spring upstream;
    then use satellite photos to identify objects that could be both a home and Brown.
    There would probably be dozens or hundreds of them; check each one.
    (And yes, this is not easy; in fact, it is “difficult but not impossible”–if it were easy it would have already been found.) Good luck to everyone!

    • I think that water high describes a prior event that happened.
      That is how you are able to find wwwh halt by the prior event that happen at the home of brown the event created wwwh.

  42. Back to the Future III
    Think about it.

    Riches old and new – Time Travel
    Dr. Emmett Brown – Home of Brown
    Clara Clayton, Doc’s love interest – Forrest has a nephew named Clayton
    Eastwood Ravine – Canyon Down
    Steam Engine – WWWH
    Water Tower – Waterhigh
    Doc always coming up with crazy inventions – Skippy
    the dog was Einstein – If you are wise

    and remember from Back to the Future I, Marty kept using the phase “heavy”.

    The treasure chest is hidden in Hill Valley, circa 1885


  43. Home of Brown… Capitalized ‘B’…

    Obviously a euphemism. Anybody know what a euphemism is? It’s a nickname of sorts. For whom would someone like FF have a euphemism? The BLM? He does have a history with them. And they do wear those brown shirts and hang out in Brown buildings and go around putting up those brown signs. In fact, everything about the BLM is brown. I could just hear FF saying “Yeah, Brown is on my ass for some of the artifacts I have in my collection.”

    Ah, but this clue does you no good if you don’t know where to start. There are myriad BLM offices throughout the search area. If you are searching for this treasure, you have to find where warm waters halt before anything else makes sense. Read the rest and conjure up crazy theories but you’ll never find it until you get the beginning correct.

    • To get the beginning correct, you have to read carefully. He describes things very accurately. It’s confusing but makes perfect sense once figured out.

  44. Well, here’s my list of what i have thought HOB was/is….I am starting to give up:

    home of the grizzly
    home of the brown trout
    home of the beaver
    home of the Native American
    home of Molly Brown
    home of Brown wildlife refuge (which used to be a historical site)
    home of Lamar Ranger Station (used to be the home of a ranger named Brown)
    home of cimarron
    home of some other person in history with the name Brown that i have yet to discover.

    • Looks like my list. 🙂 I’ve tried to look for a WWWH in areas that would be associated with one of those items on that list and have found quite a few places that the clues seem to work pretty well. But I have not found any one place where I feel that confidence that Forrest said we would have when we deciphered the poem. So, I guess I’ll just have to keep rereading the poem and books, and keep looking at GE and maps for a better fit to the poem.

  45. since this is the home of brown thread… maybe it would be good to review all the brown words in the book… here they are, hope I havent missed any:

    Jump starting the learning curve
    Fortunately, I was the only one in the class who knew that trick, the sliding I mean, and even thought that rusty old iron thing marked the tail of my britches pretty good with a heavy BROWN color, it was worth it.

    Spanish Toy Factory
    Like most kids my age, I was always hungry but I didn’t like to take a BROWN bag to school.

    Surviving Myself
    When they came BROWN out of the oven, she’d put butter and different kinds of homemade jams on each piece, and serve them hot.

    The Totem Caper
    What I really hated to wash were the giant kettles used for making BROWN gravy. The smell truly assaulted my sensitivities and that’s why I don’t eat BROWN gravy anymore.

    Stout Hearted Men
    I knew my college education had ended so I hurried back to my barracks, packed my extra shirt and toothbrush in a BROWN paper sack, left my beautiful cadet uniform folded on my bed, and headed out the back door.

    Hmmm, a stain, 3 food references, 2 container references. And with all the pies and baking references in the book, BROWN may refer to an oven or kiln, or burning place…. from Wiki/oven there is this:

    Earth oven: An earth oven is a pit dug into the ground and then heated, usually by rocks or smoldering debris. Historically these have been used by many cultures for cooking. Cooking times are usually long, and the process is usually cooking by slow roasting the food. Earth ovens are among the most common things archaeologists look for at an anthropological dig, as they are one of the key indicators of human civilization and static society


    • I have a thought …and a very delicious one at that. Earth ovens have been around a long time and produce some incredible food. One of my favorites is kalua pig…especially with a nice crispy layer of pork crackle. That’s like eating a piece of heaven in paradise.


      • You’re close… but maybe too much forest, not enough trees.

        • Old shadows, on my last search I believe you mentioned that exact same phrase – hearth and home. Last time I did concentrate on the more traditional interpretation. This time I’m not searching a traditional hearth or home. Would you kindly explain to me how you interpret that phrase in light of the poem?

          • You got me wrong, I’ve never mentioned Hearth & Home before. I just try to focus and imagine, to build logical links from the evidence given. If the 6 browns in the book (and notice that Bessie was called fawn colored , not brown — omissions are hints too) illustrate characteristics of ‘oven’ or ‘cooking place’… then, “Put in below’ means below a fiery or cooking place .. maybe a kiln or horno place early peoples used, a fireplace or chimney left standing when a cabin or forge has rotted away, perhaps the hearths where families toast their marshmallows today… fire rings, a campground. Not sayin’ I’m right, just saying extend/expand the thinking, don’t narrow it down to a list of obvious browns.
            I must say, I’m kinda disappointed in the lack of creative thinking on these sites. Dont know whether folks are hoarding it or just dont have it. Seems to me they make a lot of talk over very little points. More like they’re just high-fiving each other … I donno.

          • Old Shadows, thank you. Your insights are always helpful and do jump start my brain. In the past I’ve been open about my ideas w/specifics and they go unnoticed which is just how I like it. I have indeed considered what you suggest and would also consider na fire rings, herdingcampsites etc. On my last search I did look beneath an old brick chimney, indoor hearth, and firepit. Next time out, I’m going more Indiana Jones. If there are rattle snakes, I may jump out of my skin and land in smack in the middle of NM yelling oh, no! Forrest, there better not be snakes, I don’t carry a gun.

    • The 1 common denominator is they all refer to color. Not the verb, not proper nouns.

      • next level… the color has context: stain, food, container.

        And, capitalized B may be to Brown, as blaze is to the TC. If FF is not bound by government regulations or land borders, would he be bound by grammatical rules?

        Map, you’ve impressed me as the type of guy that probably got good grades on all those “what doesnt belong” etc. type tests, so next level & critical thinking should be your comfort zone.

        • Old shadows, regarding aberrations/things that don’t fit, are you familiar with the term protracted blocks? I found basic survey info on line but digging deeper.

          • Old Shadows, protraction block: a designation for areas of uncertain acreage which lie between the coordinate based interior and the prior surveyed boundaries of record. They generally form the exterior perimeters of the unsurveyed areas and are identified by unique numbering system. Probably has little to do with anyone’s solve, just a lead in my area I hadn’t researched yet.

          • Ha Old Shadows! Poetically that does leave a bit to be desired. Jmbguidry passed along a more probable lead, but still hard to isolate the right info. At least enjoyable to see how my state is conserving natural treasures. Fenn would be pleased with the good people out there making a difference. Wait, he’s probably at the helm of that ship too.

          • I guess I missed jmbguidry’s ‘lead’. My radar screen looks like the fly paper in the pit toilets at the campground. I’m dropping out for a while, got books to read, grass to stare at and a response imperative to strangle.

          • nr – it seems that there is overlap even between BLM and NP. But here is one you may not have run into yet: National Conservancy, yet it does not show up on FF map in TFTW. They are an interesting group, with a diverse interest in the end game.

          • Hi jmbg, very kind of you to pass that info. on to me. I enjoy research and have learned so much in 5 months of combing through materials related to the search. I will look into National Conservancy, as I’ve always believed Forrest’s treasure could/should be tied to preservation of natural resources given other confirmed leads. I would love for him to elaborate more on stream ecology and stocking insect, fish & frog at Kammerer’s estate. btw I tried unscrambling your story puzzle and made a bit of headway. Is it worth my time entertainment wise to continue.

          • Jan & Jmbg: not all trusts are blm. Plenty of private land trusts working in harmony with state and feds to conserve wet lands and wild life, etc. imo this could be relevant, but finding it difficult to isolate the name of trusts connected to property. just can’t do it all… unless you’re fenn. right.

          • Jan – not necessarily. The Nature Conservancy works with all different groups for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes they buy land for preserving themselves – sometimes to turn over to a govt agency for a profit sometimes for banking wetlands. Its a nice web!

        • muchos gracias Kyote for link to Deb’s solve; She and Art did an amazing job. It makes mine as appealing as an undercooked pork chop, and I probably have no business spending time and money to look. But this search is just for me, I’ll enjoy it flower by flower or bear scat by bear scat.

          • your welcome. Deb’s solve was great. Mine is not as complicated. More emphasis on the first clue as it ties into the whole purpose and theme of the book. Eric Sloane is interesting but he is not what TTOTC is about. Just keep your pork chop cooking.

    • The Totem Caper

      IIRC He was a dish washer and having his hands in the hot water all the time left deep canyon is his hands. Also a sink halts warm water and the road outside the cafe was Canyon Road ( do not have the book handy but just going from mem).

  46. Wondering if the Blaze has something to do with a heart or love a marking of that somewhere

  47. Hello everyone. Some food for thought: Forrest said in a recent statement that he was determined to hide the treasure in a special, predetermined secret place. This means he had to build the poem around the secret spot, not create the spot around the poem.Therefore, he was forced to work with the immediate surroundings when constructing the poem and use the landmarks etc as clues to the treasure. He had very limited options for constructing the poem and laying out the clues therein. Forrest did not have the luxury of creating the puzzle first, and then hiding the treasure at the end of the puzzle. Had this been the case, I’m not sure how interested I’d be in looking for it. Based on this logic, and his mention of many who are overcomplicating the poem, I believe we need to keep the clues simple, and apply them to what we know of Forrest and his stories in TTOTC. This is my approach anyway.

    • Very good observation Dan. Building the poem around the predetermined location means that every clue has to be rather straighforward with maybe a clue or two that are cleverly thought out.

      With that said, I am convinced almost all of the clues have been identified in some form or another by different people. Now the trick is to find the correct starting location and then assemble what has already been predetermined in a logical manner.

      Sounds simple but we somehow always find a way to overcomplicate it especially when trying to force the solution from the incorrect starting point.

      We may be surprised by the hiding spot but I doubt very much we will be surprised by the solution – it has to make sense to everyone otherwise it is a poor puzzle. 15 years of thought will not equate to a poor puzzle!

      The Wolf

      • Hey Wolf,


        If Forrest was trying to disguise/over-complicate the starting location to the treasure, which I believe is WWWH, then we searchers would have a lot to overcome. I don’t think this was his intention. He knew from the start the secret place would be difficult but not impossible to find…IMO to the extent that he’d make the starting location to the poem relatively easy but the blaze much harder to find.

        It is my belief the starting location is easier to figure out, and many people have tested it not knowing for certain, of course. But the true challenge with the puzzle is casting your resolve on the first few clues and working hard to find the infamous blaze, whatever it is. If we all re-focus our energy on the first few clues we believe to be, I think the treasure could be found very soon. It’s obviously well hidden within a 500 foot striking distance. Let’s all retrace our best solve for the first two clues and be extra thorough below the home of Brown (trout).


        • He has said before first clue is hardest and then it gets easier. Don’t ask me where.

          • Forrest has also said that people are getting the first two clues correct and passing on by the treasure. Therefore it would seem the following clues are a bit more obscure, maybe?

          • Kyote, surely not. It’s not remotely close to my given name, but feels like a part of me now. Do your friends call you Kyote? Funny, I rarely saw coyotes when I lived in mt. but there is an uraban coyote who trots through our neighborhood in dallas regularly to say hello to our bunny population. Have to run. EnJOY your day!

          • Laughter is shirley the best medicine!

            Now, If I don’t start running stair laps, I won’t make it up that dog-leg trail toting a red rider BB gun…in case I run into your blood thirsty cousins. (a 22 cal. would match wits) Just a little pop on the nose and shirley they’ll tarry scantily or have their hides skinned by nor.

          • Kyote,

            “nor” as in neither. If you paid attention to Wolf’s comment, you would easily have figure out that I wasn’t referring to “Nor” the person. 🙂

          • Nor,

            I rün into that question from time to time. Try holding down the ALT key and on the keypad, type the number ä and see what happens. Opps, 132 I mean. And then let the ALT key go.

          • To input the acute a á (0225), hold down the ALT key, type 0225 on the numeric keypad, then release the ALT key.


            Umlaut Lower Case

      • “it has to make sense to everyone otherwise it is a poor puzzle”. Sorry Wolf, but you got that part wrong. The ONLY person it has to make sense to is Forrest. I thought everyone realized this by now.

    • Dan, Now that you are thinking like Forrest, you may be the one to find the treasure, and I wish you the best. thanks for sharing.

    • I tend to agree with you Dan. He said he always knew where he wanted to put the treasure, in his special spot, so he would have had to work backwards from there. He probably had a good topographical map to help him create a list of way points that he could build the poem around. I also think he picked the stories to tell in the TTOTC book that could contain hints to help with the poem. many people want to discount the book but I think that’s a mistake. But, I haven’t found the treasure either so….. 🙂

  48. Hi all, newbie here. My thoughts on home of brown. What is a home? One meaning is somewhere to raise a family.

    Reading that Forrest has flown his plane low through canyons; this man knows thermals ie which side of the canyon has the most uplift. Native Americans have a spiritual connection with eagles. I have read some large nests, sticks and twigs at bottom of nest have dated to the 1400s. Some are centuries old.

    I googled brown eagle; various eagles are described as brown.

    I wonder if home of brown is one of these old nests and the landscape has great thermals; somewhere in an afterlife Forrest could soar unaided.

    For goodness sake please don’t anyone disturb one of these nests. It would be just a pin point in directions IMO. Any thoughts?

    • Welcome Pip, you get my vote for one of the best natural home of brown locations. Golden Eagles are brown and nest just as you describe. Ive also seen them select non-living perches (dead trees, telephone poles, for protection from predators. Link to Rocky Mountain habitat images for golden eagles. Great job!

    • The eagle nest was one of our first ideas ( my older brother and me), and we climbed atop the Palisades Sill in Cimarron looking for nests. Somewhere on the way up, we found an old cairn (judging by the lichens on the stones) with a flat stone of about 60 lb. being supported in a vertical position, and it was pointing down the slope toward another little cairn that was not visible going up.
      Fiuuuu, were we excited… and the strange part, we constructed from the poem a “theory” that pointed us right at that spot where the “blaze” was… I mean what are the odds of knowing we have to search there, and to find that strange cairn.

      From the road to the spot took about 20 minutes; a rather steep climb but doable for a 79 years old.

      • Where is cy looking? Do ya know? Maybe Dal could start a time line of searches… Past, currant and future. That would be cool for the whole documentation aspect of “The Chase”. What do you think?

        • James-
          I don’t know how that could ever be accurate. People often don’t say where they are really going and I am not certain what good it would do, beyond social…which is fine enough but most people don’t seem to like to reveal where they are searching until they come back…know what I mean??

          • Oops, sorry Dal, just saw your response. Accuracy would be difficult until solves are posted publicly

        • James, timeline search location is a great idea… As long as it’s not too time consuming for Dal.

  49. Cheers Nor and Fundamental. As I am in Oz and have Fenn Fever, I can kind of vicariously live the seach from here. Pleased you like my idea.

    Take care all.

  50. Hi Pip, sound thinking. Someone on here once said something about delivering or dropping off the package/ chest in the nest. Something like that. We have Eagles that nest here in southern Illinois, The Crab Orchard Natl Wildlife Preserve, their awesome! Enjoyed your thoughts.

    Deb, I read your solve and it was the bees knees. (The Huff Post, wrote, the word awesome has been overused… huh? Thus, bees knees!)
    I was only able to read it last night… but wow. Information in there you just can’t find on Wiki…

    When I first started this… “Secrets new and old” is/was “gold,” and it still might be? But now IMO, it’s history!
    I will tell ya, how I ended up at some of the same places but from other directions. First, and maybe on purpose… I followed the doors… I have to wonder as if maybe a horse is led to water… if I wasn’t led to the Gov. Mansion in Santa Fe, and then north. 🙂 …Spanish Artisans…

    I’ve never played canasta, but I had found Richard W., he knew a lot… Sad how he died… Chaco/Jemez… A few connections were made which took me in another direction? …History…

    I found Baca Ranch, looking up types of land trust, preserves, etc. Must be a beautiful place… but I guess I stayed NE. However, Mr. Fenn, Okeeffe, alligators, the Turquoise, Obsidian and the route makes your solve strong… Too, you didn’t leave out his wife, kids and best friends. …History, and research galore…
    But IMO the connection Cloud Cover helped to point out for me was John C., which doesn’t mean I’m any closer to a solve than day one. (Although I have as many as Map…hehehe). From there Artist and history had me confused, Leopolds and Hardwoods, Lewis and Clark, and Manifest Destiny… Crap! They were the same… Literature…same!… Geography…same. Thus imo, I finally got on the bus, it was too far to walk!
    I decided to take the high road that way no matter which direction I went… I’d always be taking the canyon down…

    Anyhow, I was on a tangent… Deb, I really enjoyed your solve and will re-read it several times. 🙂

    And Lastly, I agree with GG that the poem only has to make sense to f, but I hope we all understand it in the end… if there is an end?… And Agree with Wolf that this has been so good/great of a happening that it has to be followed with a good/great ending!

    Mark H.

  51. Hi jmbguidry, I live in Tasmania, Oz’s land of wilderness and brown trout.

    Hi Mark H, I too have been reading history from how the Rocky Mountains were formed to Quake Lake AND I’m in Oz (insert crazy laugh here) Fenn Fever is catchy!


    • Hey Pip can’t say as I know anyone from Taz. A few from the Gold Coast though. Welcome to the chase or the thrill. Any plans to come this way?

      • Jmbguidry, highly unlikely so it will remain as a puzzle for me and not a search. I do love a good puzzle. Have to say though I have a new respect for your country after viewing images online of your beautiful country side. Some of the most awe inspiring scenery I have ever seen. Cheers.

    • Bronco-
      Because Forrest gave us a measurement in chains and links and said that the treasure was hidden at least that far north of Santa Fe. That measurement comes out to 8.25 miles.

      • Dal, I had posted on another site a different way to pedal. Just think like the thinker. A standard bike chain link is 1/2 inch. Changes the rule a little. Just thinking.

  52. !!
    Off topic , but there’s a boy named Harrison missing in YNP right now.
    Chase searchers perhaps could help.

    Yellowstone Reports there’s an
    “In park amber alert for a 7 year old boy missing from Canyon campground. Blond curly hair, blue eyes, 70 pounds, 48 inches tall,first name of Harrison, Last seen wearing red tee shirt, blue pants, and sandals and socks..contact NPS comm center at 911 or 344 7381 if seen.”

  53. Yep, we are a cool bunch… by the way, editing from phone is tough, I realize they are.. is they’re… but can’t scroll on phone to well.
    They’re fantastic, the eagles I mean… smiles.

    Nor just click Debs avatar and it sends you right to her site! Anyone here in orange has somewhere you can click… Hi Stephanie!
    Mark H.

  54. Did I miss Amy S solve? She was going to post a solve better than Pam’s, did I miss it? I was really looking forward to it!

  55. Here I am I was going to put my solve on the blog. But when I returned to Texas a few more ideas at my location came to me so Labor Day weekend I will go back and search out of the national forrest. But yes my solve is better than Pam’s. !!!!! 🙂

    • The only solve better than anyone else’s is the correct solve. All the rest are wrong. No offense.

  56. I wanted to point out to people something I think has been looked over. I know that a lot of theories exist as to what “put in” below the home of Brown may be; whether it’s put your boat in the water or Forrest put the treasure in?! I’m not going to get into the Brown part but with the “Put in” part the most obvious it seems to me is “the put boat in”! BUT here’s the problem….a boat “put-in” (where you put your boat into the water) and a boat “take out” (where you take your boat out of water) as used in “rafting” and or “fishing” are bastardizations of the true nautical terms. In-fact they are the exact opposite use of the original saying(s)! You DON’T put the boat INTO sail you put it OUT to sail! You “Put-in” to dock or you “Put-in” to shore or you “Put In” to anchor! When you put out you “Put out” to sea or out on the lake! Now with Forrest being a bit older and he grew up before all this tourism stuff, combined with the fact he was in the Military, I would say FF probably knows the proper usage?!

    • JohnnyRev – you can bet Forrest knows the correct use of terms and has nautical/or naval experience. Imo you have to decide if he intended use of fly fishing or nautical terminology. Straight forward logic leads me to follow rivers and streams he fished, hence fishing/floating terms. However, the poem of the Ancient Mariner leads me to believe nautical terms apply too.

      What do I know? No treasure chest here. FF is a master of double entendre + layered meanings which = layers of confusion, unless of course you think like he does, which = the last laugh. Ha!

      The big ? for me is does Forrest want the chest to be found before he makes the leap of faith to Heaven; and perhaps relieve remaining family of the burden. If not, there will be generations of puzzled gold seekers, and his chest will rest for 100’s if not thousands of years.

  57. A house and a lot is not a home. Nor is a lot of house a home.

    IMO home is where your heart is; it’s filled with the laughter, love, and kindness which create gratitude in your heart or memories.
    Perhaps the poem has to do with memories and shadows of people important to Forrest.

    • Sorry Sissel… I was making another dumb joke. House and Lot is a trout fishing lure.

      • Old Shadows – no worries.
        Your lot/house joke Was lost on me. Guys in my family are fly fishers but not so much me. Tried it but found enjoyment stream side – foraging, collecting or watercolor painting were ‘safer’ for girls according to my mom who nearly drown once. One of my favorite photos from TTOTC is Forrest’s mom in waders. The whole family, not just the men waded and fished the rivers where slippery boulders could eat you. Ha! Now I’m content just to be along for the trip.

    • A while back I asked if anyone noticed the connection between Napoleon and the French Revolution and the French grave discovered in Vietnam. I don’t think anyone replied.

      This is a good time to ask again since this quote is provide in Jenny’s writeup. The connection is between, the French soldiers grave, Napoleon and French Revolution (mention in an experienced skinner) and this quote::
      “To be suddenly connected through a rainbow arc of rod and run of line to something as purely wild as God’s own trout produces astonishment at the cellular level and, at least for a moment, blurs the border between man and nature. It is a bond which renews itself time after time and is the addictive essence of the sport.”

      • The Wolf –

        I do see a connection to all of the above and I think it becomes clear in the chapter ” A War For Me”. I think we are looking for the waterfall, mentioned in that chapter and other things. Trout of course are involved – but it’s more than that. I know the area so well – he drew a picture of it – so clearly, in my mind.

        Also, by the time you find what I’m talking about – you would be way past the HOB.

        Napoleon is involved – imo

        • Inthechaseto – imo “Guillotine” and senseless wars which steal life from well intentioned soldiers may be a way of connecting ff’s story ‘My War For Me” to Napoleon; the French Revolution; and perhaps the skinner’s knife. Anyone else able to sort it out further?

          • I try to keep in mind Forrest did this for families. So when I find things like “guillotine” – I kinda pass on that idea as a hint or clue.

            We all know what Forrest thinks of war – all wars are senseless.

            So – Mapoleon – oops Napoleon is involved in another way.

          • So, perhaps the big picture of Napoleon’s involvement was the Louisiana Purchase finalized on July 4,1803 w/President Jefferson which opened up western exploration – Lewis & Clark; Hayden expedition; fremont map cartographers; Osborne Russell, Jim Bridger mountain men all followed; as did the dissemination of Native American tribal lands.

      • Wolf – was anyone able to connect the dots from Napoleon to the Skinner? Curious about that one, but came up blank.

  58. Yeah I just wanted to post something today. My work has me busy and I can only find time to lurk. @wolf Forrest replied on Jenny’s site ( sorry Dal had a couple of beers and would take me all night to find but anyone can find it on there it’s a pretty easy site to navigate ) that you don’t need to know history, astrology, astronomy and quantum physics to decode the poem or something to that effect. Wait I forgot to use my redneck slang but you got the pictures
    @wolf now that being said, if you know that Napoleon was 5’2″ as a part of history and the clues lead you to a rock, you might be inclined to search the 5’2″ rock.
    Yeah it’s football season and my Redskins won so I had a couple of beers and have know idea where I was going with this post guys.

  59. I’m hiding this in here and see if anyone will discover this gem. It’ll most likely by seen by new searchers as it’s intent. As those who have been seasoned to this chase their mind is already corrupt, if they haven’t found it now they won’t ever find it as they’ll stick their ideals and way of thinking (human nature / path of least resistance).

    So…the Home of Brown.

    To solve it in its entirely you must first solve who is Brown.

    In Forrest’s book he writes about himself and uses a interesting adjective. He calls himself Wimpy (with a capital W). Why capitalize a adjective? In a way its clever because its used as a reference’s to Popeye’s friend Wimpy (a cartoon reference / a hint?)

    And, throughout his book(s) Forrest makes other references to cartoons/comics, as well as, printing some on their own page. Forrest are you just a little kid a heart?

    Then Forrest came out and said to give the poem to a kid. Dal brought the poem to a whole classroom looking to strike gold, but I think he missed the point. A kid isn’t going to get the complexity of WWH or Forrest’s terminology. They’re going to hear creek and think of a normal creek. They’re going to read canyon and think of a normal canyon (or the Grand Canyon but we all know that’s not going to help). There’s one word, one person, place or thing that a kid could reference in the poem. Home of Brown. What’s a kid going to think of when they here Brown and who could that be? I did a poll and its unanimous: Charlie Brown (the cartoon character).

    Don’t ask me where the home of Charlie Brown is, that is for you to find. But if you’re out there actively looking for a Charlie Brown reference you could be in a lot better position than those who have walked right past the other clues (maybe because they weren’t). This is why you have to solve the poem before you go out looking for it. Because if you’re out there, looking for something brown or something with the name Brown on it you got no chance. But if all of a sudden you look up and say, “That rock looks like Charlie Brown. Haha. How cute.” Then you could be on the right track.

    • djjmciv, I’m new to looking for this treasure. Do you really think a Charlie Brown face on a rock is the home of brown? or are you just being funny. lol I kind of thought it was Brown mountain or something more like that.

    • Wimpy was a con-artist in Popeye, so that has a ring to it. But maybe you should start in Idaho Springs at the Steve Canyon statue. Maybe get caught in his gaze. There are comic refs all over the place, just like other references with long involved threads, poetry, history, literature, fishing, baseball, etc. they are all interesting to research, and IMO all red herrings. Another tidbit, the M.Web dictionary describes ‘tired’ as wimpy.

    • I have a similar theory that I was going to put in my book (I am writing a book on my adventures and theories). Your first part is exactly how I look at it and is the impetus behind the theory, then it get pretty interesting … I have hinted about it before to see if anyone can figure it out. It has nothing to do with Brown however and more about the wild west over a 100 years ago.

      • “more about the wild west over a 100 years ago”

        From Forrest quote is all you need is the poem, good map and ….. what else did he say, the book? I’m sure it wasn’t knowledge of the old west.

        The reason why I added the “sting” of seasoned searchers is because I feel they use the internet TOO MUCH to solve the poem.

        I like to think about who Forrest says is his audience. And Joe from Texas with six kids, lost his job, a pick up truck packing up to look for the treasure seems like a book, map and poem kind of guy. Not sitting on his computer all day researching the dots above the i’s in Forrest’s poem.

    • Wikipedia:

      Originally called Wimpy Grills, the Wimpy brand was created in the 1934 by Eddie Gold. The name was inspired by the character of J. Wellington Wimpy from the Popeye cartoons created by E. C. Segar. Gold was the first American to launch a hamburger chain overseas,[1] running 12 restaurants by the early 1950s in the United Kingdom.

  60. Se acabó is a spanish word that mean “run out, as in there isn’t more left.
    For ejemplo you go to the store to buy something specig, let’s say freshly baked bread, and when you go to the store counter and ask for it, the guy wuold tell you, se acabó the freshly baked bread, no more…
    You could use it as “it’s over” but that’s not how’s primarily used as

  61. I had a few extra minutes and reviewed most of the comments on what hoB could be, from a Bear, fish, person, ranger, a doctor, a color, a well defined line, a noun, adj, verb, a cave, mountain, canyon, wood, trees, hoB is located at the beginning, hoB deals with atomic elements, hoB is YNP, hob is a movie?, Brown britches, Charlie brown, hoB is where you “put in”, hoB is “it”, hoB is the word that is key,
    Brown=hoB=center of brown=0=put N=0=on [ not sure if I got that completely correct] But sure, why not. I’m not making fun of, nor, knocking any of these theories. I just observed, that IMO, something is being over looked.

    Just a quick observation, most seem to be looking at one word of a single sentence, Brown. A couple of searchers mentioned “put in”, But I didn’t come across a discussion of ” home “. [ honestly, after a bit, I started to just skim through most comments… so I could have missed something.]

    Home; Has some 27 meanings from nouns to verbs, adjectives, synonyms, antonyms. [ this doesn’t even include, Slang, metaphors, ancient meanings etc.] I would think to understand what “brown” is or reference to, “home” would be very important… to understanding this entire line. As well as how it works / fit / has meaning to the entire poem itself.

    Just a thought.

    • There is a reason Forrest talks about brown streaks on his britches or butt. Any kid reading that story would say the home of brown was a butt, and the stain was worth it. The home of brown is a butt and the butt is not hard to find in the poem. my solution has a butte, a brownstone (brown stain), and a toilet seat, which is not part of a structure.I’m taking ff at his word to think like a kid and think out of the box.

      • Very Good Anna!
        I have taken a similar approach and I really like your angle. Here is my incite:

        When one considers Forrest’s many references to time or Time Magazine. When Forrest wrote on Jenny Kile’s Mysterious Writings, “There isn’t a human trail in very close proximaty to where I hid the treasure;” he spelled “proximity” incorrectly, which of course made me wonder why? I concluded, “mity” is the hint and I remembered watching the movie, Secret Life of Walter Mitty and beside the use of “secret,” a couple of interesting facts related to this place. Suspicious quotes like: “It’s not what they say on the blogs that may be significant, it’s what they whisper” and “Any man who dies with more than $10000 to his name is a failure,” are important.

        What does this have to do with anything?

        Forrest used those quotes but changed them to say the following: ‘It isn’t what they say about you, it’s what they whisper’ and ‘For he who dies with over fifty dollars is a failure’. Thus Errol Flynn seemed quite important and he links to Walter Mitty.

        So where am I going with all this?

        Walter Mitty worked for Life Magazine, very similar to Time Magazine except Life used the Brownie for its logo. A Brownie is a mythical creature that uses a “home” as its habitat and is best described by John Brandt in his description of Shetland:

        Not above forty or fifty years ago, every family had a brownie, or evil spirit, so called, which served them, to which they gave a sacrifice for his service; as when they churned their milk, they took a part thereof, and sprinkled every corner of the house with it, for Brownie’s use; likewise, when they brewed, they had a stone which they called ‘Brownie’s stane’, wherein there was a little hole into which they poured some wort for a sacrifice to Brownie…

        The Fenn reference to wort and Brownie’s stane injects life into the clue “home of Brown.” One has to keep in mind the poem will be solved with imagination and logically figuring out where and how Mr. Fenn applied his subtle hints. The first vague hint in the description of Brownie is the word “sprinkled” and Forrest claimed his clues “are sprinkled within the stories.” That is a significant hint, because I do not know one macho fighter jock that would intentionally use the word sprinkle. Continuing on with the “listen good” theory, “wort” sounded like wart (myth that frogs gave warts) which is linked to his golden frog contained within the treasure chest and his hand crafted bronze frog jars and one of his most notable quotes, “I will give you a hint the treasure is not in the frog jar.”

        Anyone of these subtle hints in isolation are insignificant and meaningless but in combination, these aberrations form a powerful suggestion that Brownie could be the home of Brown. The capitalization of the poem’s “Brown” is simply explained by the fact a cookie/cake called a brownie is not capitalized. The capitalized Brownie is a category of Girl Scouts in grades two and three (ages 7-8).

        Suspiciously similar to the same time Mr. Fenn exercised his best thinking; “I would wake 0700 every morning and do nothing but think in bed until 0800;” explaining why he said, “All you have to do is think about the nine clues and follow them in order.” Forrest has two daughters, thus the Girl Scouts or “Brownies” should be closer to Fenn’s heart and maybe that is why “she” will be happy when she sees the treasure.

        I have subsequently used that Brownie Girl scouts reasoning to support my home of Brown.

        Good Luck!
        The Wolf

        • I guess I should have also included where I think Anna’s thinking intersects my theory:

          Mr. Fenn made about seven references to “brown” in his memoir. The time Forrest was a child and he skipped school by sliding down an old iron, slide-down fire escape during Spanish class. Forrest proudly stated, “That rusty old iron thing marked the tail of my britches pretty good with a heavy brown color.” I found it interesting that he used the words: “marked the tail of my britches” instead of the natural words “stain.”

          Why is this important?

          “Because it sounds like ‘stane’; and that is another reason why he said to “listen” good.”

          Stane is what is linked to the mythical creature Brownie, and explains why the word “Brown” is capitalized for their is a lower case version of brownie (which is a cake).

          • I envy how people can elaborate a story, in my line of work we have to keep it short and simple, only divulge the important information and was taugh not to elaborate. Most of my post will reflect my habits.

          • Wolf, I’ve read your comments several times, and can find applications for brown stone, tail of britches, etc. But, can you help me understand why the mythical creature Brownie is important? or Brownie (girl scouts)?

          • Hi Anna,
            The mythical creature Brownie, was an avenue to which I was able to recognize Brownies as a suitable fit to HoB since Forrest has two daughters and thus girl scouts would be closer to his heart than boy scouts which many have felt were important. It is what these girl scouts accomplished is what made my link to hoB significant. I will let you think about that.

            One last point – Brownie it is capitalized version of brownie. Remember when Forrest talked about how good Santa Fe was (at Jenny’s) but he spelled desert as dessert. I thought that was a nice hint to since the uncapitalized version is brownie the chocolate desert. BTW -Didn’t he just talk about “chocolate” milk lately?

  62. If ‘Wimpy’ means anything, I kinda think it would be his distinctive shape… big and round with a little derby on top. Maybe a big round dome rock with a small rock on top…. a landmark feature.

  63. Hi Everyone! Lets start a list of all the known “Home of Brown”. Say one or more if you wish…..I will start. Browns Gulch…..There are many. How about the one near Virginia City, Montana, which I was just there. When we are done we will make a master list….

  64. Capitol B. Ok so my dog is named Spot so I capitalized his name. Now my dog is nicknamed Brown so another capitol B. Brown is a description of something not an actual title.

  65. Browning Montana .East Gateway to Glacier Park. The Sun Road. We call it going to the sun. The wild life is spectacular. Trails leading into Canada’s Peace park. Beautiful streams from glaciers that have cascading waterfalls and lakes that have trout that most people dream about. Yes Montana is Special!!!

    • It is very beautiful there. There is a Mt. Brown there and a lookout, too…Mt. Brown Lookout. Does “look quickly down” ring a bell? A FIRE lookout? The BLAZE?

      Ya’ll stand back. I’ll take it from here. LOL!

      I’ll shut up now.

  66. I Love Montana. Thank You for adding more. Lots of Mountains named Brown. Seems lots of famous people with the last name Brown too. Lots of homes of Brown Trout. Brown this Brown that…

  67. Out of the box: could the home B-roun.d?
    Teepees, beaver dams, eagles nests are round and brown.

  68. For a while I thought home of Brown was the historic log cabin, Big Brown, on Big Trout Ranch in Twin Bridges, Montana.


    1. It’s actually a historic home
    2. It’s named Big Brown which seemed to match the capital B in Brown like this
    Big B….rown.

    I thought put in below meant to put into the Beaverhead River. I had a whole solve for the poem which I investigated and have since moved on.

    Turns out “Big Brown” was too simple. I’m onto something more promising now.

      • rmanna – how about big B, row N
        or B ‘rowing” or a B that is roun’d
        maybe a a lazy way of marking hisT-chest area;lots of symbols to consider FF might have marked his territory, or had Tesuque mark the territory. Ha!

  69. While reading up on the history of Flaming Gorge Recreation area I found some more information about Browns Hole.


    Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge is a 13,450-acre (5,440 ha) U.S. National Wildlife Refuge located in northwestern Colorado. It is located in Moffat County in the extreme northwestern corner of the state, in an isolated mountain valley of Browns Park on both sides of the Green River, approximately 25 miles (40 km) below Flaming Gorge Dam. Established in 1965, the refuge is managed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service office in Maybell, Colorado. The refuge is approximately 53 miles (85 km) northwest of Maybell on State Highway 318. The refuge consists of bottomland and adjacent benchland. The western border of the refuge is the Colorado-Utah state line. The refuge is surrounded by adjacent lines of the Bureau of Land Management. etc…

  70. Dal’s homepage begins with the same words as your comment ends… ‘from the beginning’. HOB is the Alpha and the Omega’s word.
    Genesis 1:1 begins with the Allmighty pointing to his Son, therefore beginning with B “Bereshit”. The meaning of that word alone signifies that the Son of the Allmighty would be destroyed by his own hand at the cross. How powerful and meaningful is that? Sweet and full of wisdom.

  71. If the clues in the poem lead you to Yellowstone…or if you wonder about that place since it was close to Forrest as a child and because later he built a motel near there with his brother and Donnie then you have probably explored various locations for the beginning…that is WWWHs around Yellowstone.

    Further, if you decide on a canyon down…but don’t care for Ranger Brown’s house over in the Lamar area and don’t care for Brown Trout in Hebgen Lake you may be in need of a HOB.

    Here is a Brown theory I haven’t heard talked about but I’ve been considering it for a couple years now. Please understand that I don’t believe that I am correct in my assumptions about where the chest might be. I am only speculating like all the searchers here….

    The Washburn Expedition traveled through the park area in 1870 and they are often credited with the idea that the region should be set aside for the benefit of all Americans. This expedition was chronicled by Nathaniel Pitt Langford aka “National Park” Langford in his “Journal of the Washburn Expedition to the Yellowstone and Firehole Rivers in the Year 1870”.

    Later, in 1905 Langford published his journal in a book called “The Discovery of Yellowstone Park”.

    This book is available on-line via Project Gutenberg:

    or you could purchase a copy. It has been reprinted several times.

    In the Introduction to the Journal, Langford published a letter from William R. Marshall with a story about two men who were found cutting poles for fence on the Firehole basin in 1870. Their intent was to fence in the basin where most of the prominent geysers were located and hold that land for their own…not unlike the Hutchins family held the Yosemite Valley and charged folks to stay at their hotel while visiting the area. One of the fellows later published a picture book of the area. The second fellow was named Brown and both were more or less convinced their idea would not work by Marshall who writes- “I remonstrated with them and stated that from the description given by them and by members of Mr. Langford’s party, the whole region should be made into a National Park and no private proprietorship be allowed.”

    Could this be the HOB? Could this be the Brown whose Home Forrest wants us to put in below? He is a historical figure and even though we don’t know more about him we know where his intended “home” would have been.

    If so, it makes some sense and the “below” that we would put in would most likely be the Firehole below the basin…a relatively easy area to identify on maps…

    Of course you would need to be able to land in this area by following the clues in the poem and this is no difficult task assuming you understand where WWWH is…or at least where I think it is…which I have written about on this blog, several times…

    I certainly don’t think I have the poem cracked. I throw this out so that others can explore the area. It’s a beautiful place and it deserves our attention since it includes Forrest’s favorite bathing place as a kid.

    • There was also an artist named Arthur Brown that painted water color images of geysers in Yellowstone. I had speculated that this image was of Steamboat Geyser which water flows down the canyon to Ice Lake. I thought that was WWWH. The river then goes down to Grebe Lake where FF mentioned fishing with his fater and with a friend. Pictures of the lake show fish tightly packed similar to a picture in TTOTC.
      I think that I was confined to a hospital searching on the computer when I made this connection.

    • …I certainly have turned into a History junkie, can’t seem to get enough. I would love to spend un-hurried weeks in YNP, but Dal i gotta ask, are you qualifying or connecting your clues with anything specifically post-1940’s ?

        • As I understand your current thinking Dal none of those “places” are man made structures?

        • Hey Dal, I like it , There are some valid points you have brought up. Very interesting the area’s you search being before 1940… But do they tie into New… Treasures New and Old….? I’m curious ….. and can you read the poem to it and it match? If so , then it is worth checking… We armchair Cowboy’s Google everything wanting to get out there … But , I bet ya it is sure different when your feet are on the ground. If these physical descriptions fit the peom and are attached to each other … Adjacent from each other … Then you may be on to some thing…

          Only a opinion … Thanks

          • Mike-
            I have a different take on “treasures new and old” than some have mentioned. My take is more common and describes what is inside the box.

      • they-
        Well…it’s all relevant after the 1940’s. That basin has been there for a few million years and is still there today.

  72. hoB… or Bhive! Depends if you move left-right or the other way around. The poem reads… Below the hoB. Though Bee hives can have equatorial entrances, bottom access is preferred by their inhabitants. That feature protects them from the elements. Mainly Water… from high, right or nigh. If B happened to be one such entrance, the poem then, could seriously take on a 3D shape with specific capacity of say… 45 cubic liters. After all, that is the average size hive or mean. And 45 is best represented as F-orty F-ive. As in hive. Just a thought.

  73. Dal, some real good points. IMO wwwh would be where the Firehole meets the cooler Gibbon and forms the Madison River. Sure seems to be a lot of mention about the Madison in both of Fenn’s books. The fact that the stretch of the Madison that he fished and camped is now “Too far to walk” sure leads me in that direction as well. Hope to get there later this summer.

  74. Really thought I had it. “Put in” below Brown National Park on the Green River in Colorado just above the Gates of Ladore, pass Echo Park to the lower end of Split Mountain. A rock formation, looking up river, looks like a flame (blaze). There is also a wooded area here. The problem? This location is just inside Utah.

    • I’m still convinced Home of Brown is something the Bureau of Reclamation owns i.e. BR own, such as Nambe dam, where one can put in below. Which is very near my interpretation of heavy loads and water high (check out the child saint at Chimayo, holding up 2 gourds, one supposedly laden with bread to feed the starving, the other heavy with water). All other clues follow so clearly, IMHO, the treasure is on the HighRoad to Taos/Taos Scenic Byway. Not too far, relatively speaking, from Santa Fe. And if I am wrong, so what, the area is simply breathtaking, and the byway has something for everyone. Thoughts anyone?

  75. I’m a new “Hunter” less than 3 weeks now. Having purchased both FF’s books and seen the clues in TFTW, I’m surprised people are still all over the Map looking for the “where warm waters Halt” clue? Its clear as day! Am I missing something?

  76. One of my concerns when analyzing the first clue, “where warm waters Halt” before I had FF’s books, and now that I have the books and know where that actual location is. I’m not sure how FF expected anyone to find that location, as it is very personal. If you have TFTW book, you’ll know what I mean. If he never explained where it was, it could have been one of at least a 100 locations and Impossible to Pinpoint the exact location… I was analyzing the poem words and not trying to look for a personal spot that FF had, that no-one would know about. This takes me to the HOB. clue, How personal is this? or how “off the wall” is it?

    • There is a way to know 100% for sure what and where the home of Brown is. I stand by all a searcher needs is the poem, TTOTC, and a good map. But we’re never going to zoom in anywhere on Google Earth and see the words “home of Brown”. The poem does not tell us what or where the home of Brown is. Only to put in below it. Therefore, we have TTOTC. But nowhere is “home of Brown” written in TTOTC. This is one area where the deep thinking comes in. The WAY to find out what home of Brown is and be 100% certain of it is in TTOTC. One only has to read it, think about it, and do a little research. However, once you find out what the home of Brown is that still doesn’t tell you where it is. There are more than one home of Brown’s. But once you know where warm waters halt, home of Brown is 8.5 miles north. So if you have the correct WWWH, look 8.5 miles north. Although the poem doesn’t tell us where the home of Brown is, or WWWH, it does tell us the area. And really the correct area (and some thought) is all you need to crack the whole poem wide open.

      Before I get laughed off or kicked off this blog I’m going to add this is all in my opinion. But I’m 100% sure of the area, 100% sure of where warm waters halt, 100% sure of home of Brown, and only about 99.9% sure of the blaze right now. I found all those by reading the poem, TTOTC, and a little thinking and research.

      Funny that home of Brown is 8.5 miles north of WWWH. Didn’t Mr. Fenn say the treasure is at least 8.5 miles north of Santa Fe? It’s not funny, it’s exact and that’s how I check my work. I check my location with everything he says. It all fits. Not bits and pieces, everything.

        • Thanks inthechaseto. I’m just trying to figure out if I can make a trip this year or not. If not, I’m thinking about posting these answers and how/where to find them. I don’t know, we’ll see.

      • Romona you scare me! I don’t know where your solve takes you but I believe that I got the 100% solve too. I have to put feet on the ground this summer but I have my search area down to a 100 foot radius. my room is booked just waiting for summer to get here to that I can go and pick up the chest. I hope you don’t beat me! Good luck!

        • Not Obsessed, don’t be too worried. I asked Mr. Fenn to read my solve from July 2014 and part of his reply was that I am a “good thinker”. Well, knowing how he chooses his words. I’m thinking unless I’ve graduated from good thinker to deep thinker I’m still a newbie. But I still have 100% confidence in what I’ve said here.

          • Ramona, You didn’t really think he would give you an answer that would lead you in any one direction, did you? I considered sending my solve but he will not let me know if it is good or not, so why not wait until I find it. He might mentioned that someone had the right solve but he would never let anyone know who it was. He wants each of us to do it on what is put out in public, and I don’t think the NM ad was one of those times. Besides you would miss out on an adventure if he told you that yours wasn’t the right solve. I have a 100% confidence that my is the right one, but I have my doubts that I will actually go home with it. If had had been sure of that it still where he hid it, I would have found a way to get there last fall. I have found more hints that reinforce my solve, but it hasn’t changes since I found my Blaze in October. June is such a long time away.

          • @Ramona agreed, you are a good thinker. You have put my mind at ease though by saying HOB is 8.5 miles from wwwh. My HOB is farther. I too feel 100% sure about wwwh. This puzzle amazes me… plenty who are sure, but in different places. I may as well say it too… I’m 100% on HOB, and the Blaze, and I’m in Montana, so I have more respect for the Montana folks (because we think alike).. It took Dal a little while to figure it out. (all you NM guys, don’t be offended… just keep looking over there, that’s fine with me for sure)
            I even think the recent scrapbooks by ff… he has totally spilled the beans. (here’s a freebie, pictures of his feet… look quickly down. he has nothing else to say when he gives you that am I right?)
            @Not obsessed what elevation do you think the blaze is at?

        • wow, 3 people searching Montana that have 100% solves, probably in totally different areas. I’ll change your minds:).

        • Ramona,

          I have kind of given up on the search until i saw your posts……a breath of fresh air….if you want a hiking partner…i am up for the challenge! I just have been so burnt out doing all of the research for about 12 months and felt i was nowhere near (at least with certainty) the treasure….i’d be up for going along with you. I’m actually quite serious. 🙂 And you can keep all of the treasure if we find it (well, can i maybe have one artifact for the sake of it?)…..let me know if you are interested in being in touch.

          jes f.

    • …simple word of advice, step back from what you think you know, read thru all of the archived comments, most likely it has “already been discussed at great length”

      I am guessing there’s like 30,000 comments alone in the Nine Clues section.

      Then again if you don’t mind rushing out on a wing and a prayer, feel free…gas is pretty cheap.

      • …oops, I was aiming that one at TreasureCharlie. It’s just so frustrating at times, seems like the more you discover about these people, times, places the dumber you feel

        • No i’m not rushing anywhere, I live too far away. Gonna cost $1,000 just to go there for 2-3 days.

  77. Ramona

    Thank God your not searching Colorado. 🙂 seems like u are confident that’s awesome.
    I like Positive people 🙂
    Good luck to u

  78. Oh heck, I don’t expect Mr. Fenn to even give me the time of day. But I thought he might get a chuckle out of some of my translations so I invited him to read my solve. That he replied to me was special, to me, anyway. I appreciate that he did. If you missed my blog post about my last trip, you can click on my name here and it will take you to it.

    It was after that trip that I took a step back and started looking at the big picture and studying, studying, studying TTOTC. Yeah, I was in the total wrong area for that trip but it got me closer to this point and it was a great adventure.

    • …tell me something, how much stock do you put in Fenn’s ‘Brown’ comment? He claims if he told you where HOB was you could walk right to it. Is this area near enough to next clue that it precludes any other Hob, or is Fenn just being cheeky?

      From what time does he speak, late 1880’s or 1980’s? People like John Muir thought nothing of walking many miles.

      He hints that either the walking distance is too great from WWWH to HOB, or that the terrain doesn’t favor it. I just don’t see how it could be just a few miles away, seems like too big a reveal. IMO even 5 miles is too close for comfort

      • If it is in the poem, I put stock in it.
        Last night I looked up homonyms of Brown. Sounds like HOB. One of the words is Ochre. Remember in a recent scrapbook FF mentioned that he took a sample of ochre and smudged it on a piece of paper. This revealed that it was RED ochre. I took this as a hint.

        • …so Michael,
          so what do you think of possible NM clues like Valley of Fire, Trinity site, realtor Ron Brown, Vietnam Memorial, Bottomless Lakes state park, hell, maybe even Fenn’s home (as a possible leg/ anchor point of an X) ? One issue I have with the realtor, is I just don’t feel like that point is durable enough, know what I mean? These ‘clues’ were chosen because they could theoretically last for years to come.

      • 9 clues,
        IMO (there I go again) if you know where the right HOB is the poem will lead you right to the treasure, if your are wise and keep your eyes open for the blaze. If I have the correct solve, I know why Fenn has said that someone was within 200 ft, I think closer to 50 ft. They didn’t see the blaze, at least if I have the right one. Feet on the ground this summer will be tell all.

        There was an interesting question to FF on the Mysterious Writtings , I belive,
        • Question posted 6/8/2014:
        • Forrest,
        • Have you reflected on the notion that a person(s) could find your treasure and never let you or the rest of the world know that they accomplished the undertaking? And that the same person(s), now privy to the location, could add to the mystery and adventure of it all, leaving their own token(s) and/or hints of treasure in the coveted spot for forthcoming seekers/generations to find…all the while remaining anonymous? If the right someone were to find it (or has), the chase perpetuated and preserved could take on a new direction that could be timeless. Of course as quixotic a thought as this is, it would need to be a special someone all around. My observation of human nature is most would want the world to know how smart and successful they were in completing treasure hunt. Then again, there are treasure hunt examples out there where the location is found with no treasure to be seen or explanation to be had. I like the intrepid belief that if you get it right, there will always be something there at the exact location to find and treasure.
        • Domino
        • I have tried to answer those questions several times and finally decided that what I say would be conjecture and might mislead some searchers. So I think I’ll pass on those. f

        I don’t remember seeing any comments from Domino lately! Hmmmm ??????

      • He is stating that where you put in below the home of Brown is too far to walk not home of Brown itself. Home of Brown may not even be in the path of the poem.

        • Cloudcover1, I try to do like FF said and keep it simple. Put in WWWH which is below home of Brown, which is a place that I have found. From there, it is too far to walk to the Blaze. Best use a horse or car to get there.

          • Most of the poem uses water terms. If put in is a water term then maybe below is one too. River folk will often use the word “below” when telling someone where something or someplace is. As did trappers I’m sure since their livelihood was regulated by streams and rivers and whether or not there were paddles on them. oftentimes they navigated by water. Osbourne Russell uses the word “below” frequently in his book, “A journal of a trapper”. If you use that definition of “below” then it opens up the possibility that home of Brown does not have to be anywhere near the put in spot or that you do not even need to go there to put in below it. This would explain why looking for home of Brown first is not a good idea and that it is best to locate Where Warm Waters Halt first.

    • I agree Chistophon and if he told us where HOB is and we walked right up to it, we might not be anywhere closer to solving the poem than before. Maybe we would be really confused. Where’s WWH we might ask ourselves, it’s got to be around here somewhere we would say, perhaps not realizing there was a reason he told us to start at the beginning.

  79. Home of Brown. Seems to be a HOMEAGE. 21 guns for D Hodges?
    How? Here it is; “B” for Brown in the poem is found on line 17. With the poem lines inverted upside down. In other posts I explained how this line represents August.
    August 17th happens to be the birthdate of George Scratchley Brown. Commander of the 7th AirForce assigned to Vietnam and the very same one for which Fenn flew. During the time of Fenn’s service (1967-1969), there was an event known as the USS Pueblo incident (Jan23 1968). In it, Ager-2 was caught by the Koreans and its sailors were captured and later released. The Ager-2 still remains in North Korea to-date and is one of very few US ships ever captured during war time. It is the only one still retained by enemy forces and the only one to be so while still being listed as in service. Since 1968!
    The 7th AirForce squadron was not dispatched to assist as the events unfolded and details of the enemy forces that captured the ship are well explained if you google USS Pueblo (Ager-2). US Army Major General Gilbert H. Woodward (who soon after the incident started took over as chief negotiator) would end up signing the Three A’s document required by the ROK: Admit, Apologize and Assure.
    This is what the poem’s title hints at with its three ‘THE’s (three Teas). And the Chase is clearly understood as that in the water.

    As I have gone alone in there, describes the incursion of the ship into NK waters.
    Where warm waters halt, refers to the limits of international waters and the conflicts they represent.
    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, refers to the nature of the ships activities, as it was fully equipped as a spy unit and was not very capable to enter into battle.
    If you are brave and in the wood, meaning that you perused throughout the sea of possibilities and were able to find your way through to G Woodward.
    I give you title to the gold, meaning the Retention Excellence Award, aka the Golden Anchor Award.

  80. Well there is Brown everything. I found so many my head is spinning. Is Brown the Key word here? Brown gulch, Brown Mountain, Brown this person, Brown that Person, Brown house, Brown Bear, Brown Lakes, Brown Pond, the list goes on and on. LOL ugg!

    • …I feel your pain, honestly. If Fenn’s lengthy War chapter tells me anything, it’s remembrance. So I genuinely believe his remark about the AGE of these said clues.
      Clues that weren’t recorded, monument-ed, before Forrest’s teen years. Here’s just an example of how far-ranging my list encompasses …I am not trying to be morbid, just straining to look this from every possible angle.

      “The 1956 Grand Canyon mid-air collision occurred on Saturday, June 30, 1956”

  81. There’s a saying I’ve heard a time or two in my life mostly from a generation slightly more experienced than mine. And that is, a person saying they attended the “school of hard knocks”. Mr. Fenn speaks of school, college, and learning all throughout TTOTC. He definitely attended the “school of hard knocks” in starting his foundry and art business. He learned well and was very successful. If there were a degree for that, Mr. Fenn would have been the top of his class. There’s a “Hard Knocks” in close proximity to the home of Brown. It may lead to our missing X.

  82. I think the HOB might be realitive to WWWH. Like Once you have WWWH…you look at it/combine it with terms for HOB. I’m from Ohio so just a basic idea of concept. If you decided Lake Erie was WWWH…then the HOB would probably be ref. the Cleveland Browns who play south of the lake in the FirstEnergy stadium. From there no place for the meek could be the the endzone…maybe the blaze is a hint to find the fire aka Bernie Kosar (BURN i.e. kosar)…or even a newspaper article about this. No. I’m not saying any of this is even in my own solve…I just mean HOB isn’t necessarily even an actual place. It could easily be a bridge connecting two other clues, of even just represent a “B capital” etc. I don’t think F ever said the clues are all actual waypoints…they easily could be just 9 random clues that once combined give a single point…or three….that then combined again gives one place. It doesn’t really have to be a “map with nine spots on it that depict a path” there’s a lot to be seen in the relationships of the words just as words in an of themselves and where they conceptually interact. Just IMO and food for thought.

        • Yes, pirate…there won’t be any rose bowl rings coming from that blooming pool of talent. Not this year. Then again the endzone can be somewhat misleading….the change of 30 to 35 yards may be more significant in context of overall structure and importance of how and why the strings cross, rather than which specific suit they follow. But you need to know how you got there to know where they cross. Otherwise it’s kinda useless knowledge. IMO 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Is that a trick question? How could I possibly understand something I’m not trying to understand in the first place. 🙂 I don’t understand the play strategy of the browns either …nor do I attempt to…but I sure do love sure do love a tailgate and pickin up a win here and there! Deep fried turkey in a blizzard at 6 am in the Muni Lot? I’m in any day of the week!

    • And you most likely will not. No one knows for sure & Forrest is of course tight lipped about it. I do believe that a few people have cross referenced some chest sightings in his vault and determined a range of a few months, but I don’t recall when that was.

  83. I think I have the House of Brown figured out. Gonna make my journey there soon. Anyone care to accompany me? Thrill of the chase and split evenly.

    • …just curious, which state do you reside? I think those closest to the Rockies can go out & hunt more, but may not have a clear advantage.
      You can either burn-out from researching or go broke on the ground search, esp if you’re chasing crop-circles on google earth

  84. I’ve never heard anyone mention ‘my’ hob….just whisper it in polite conversational postings on the blog. The only one I’ve ever thought knows is one of the more experienced searchers ‘cus of something mentioned a while back. Still, I think it’s only the halfway point; the chest is still easily 30+ miles and half a poem away.

    Funny thing is, the hob is the meeting area in District 12 in the hunger games…it’s just interesting because everyone meets here to discuss the hunt.

  85. So I probably shouldn’t be posting because I haven’t done nearly enough research yet, and I definitely haven’t read all of the posts on this page…but has there been any talk about HOB being Brown’s Hole near the base of the Green River near the boarder of WY and UT?

  86. Neato, I came across this, spent an hour and a tried to think like somebody being cryptic, and came up with this location: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Firehole+Springs/@44.4817709,-110.8559324,143m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0x7cd73aa8ad374e62!5m1!1e4

    Warm waters halt – old faithful
    canyon – well, take the little canyon that goes down a couple hundred feet
    too far – Seems too far to walk to me, and he never said you gotta walk all that, as he did do it twice in an afternoon.
    below home of brown – there is a geyser spitting forth brown stuff right above this.
    no paddle – little bitty creek between 2 parts of the firehole river (which could also be warm?) You don’t need to paddle, just wade across.
    If found the blaze… well, that could be the firehole river again.

    So, I’d guess it is at the north west corner of the little island looking thing, probably about where that tree has landed. No clue I’ve read about in the last couple hours contradicts that. However, with anything vague, you can find all sorts of hints that can fit the criteria.

    Some other hints that support it:
    – Within 200′ is that little path, within 500′ is the main road
    – in 100 years, that island thing will probably be eroded a bit, but gone in 1000.
    – Easy to get to, for an old guy. However, not all old guys are in the same physical shape, so I have to use a stereotype 🙁
    – Can get to it twice from a path in 4 hours (afternoon).
    – Why wouldn’t you put something like this in a big public park? I mean, anywhere else could be developed but a park is supposed to be forever.

    Things that may not support it:
    – May not be the best place in yellowstone to be buried, but maybe the river holds some significance.
    – Surely smarter people did what I did, and came out empty handed.
    – Lot of trees down around there. If not natural, its location may get compromised easily.
    – Everything I know about this whole thing i learned in the last hour.

    Things to help:
    – Take a metal detector. A 500 cubic inch metal box should make lots of noise, and help you uncover it. Its basically a breadbox, so not very big, and in a couple of years could easily be coated with stuff.
    – Plan on getting wet. I’m sure many folks would avoid it simply because its so near the water and they’d get muddy or wet.

    I would *love* to go to Yosemite, just never seem to have a chance.

    Though I’m not rich, I really just don’t need the money, and surely most of ya’ll could use it more than I could. You are free to share some wealth with me if you want 😉

    Anyway, its an easy spot to look at. Next time one of ya’ll is in Yosemite go take a quick looksie and let us know its a searched location.

    HOWEVER, if you do find it, please, for the sake of the world, just go hide it again with another great cryptic message. The value something so neato brings to so many people, and making so many people go for hikes that may not, is worth more than the money can be to you and the hole it’d burn in your pocket.

    I love people that do stuff like this, and if I had lots of money I’d spend my time finding ways to make the world be better in the search for a piece of it. Kudo’s to Forest, he’s a great man that has given a lot of joy to a lot of folks, and didn’t spend a dime 🙂 (and probably made more than he hid on book sales!)

    • Eric I think you have your parks mixed up. Yosemite is in California…….Maybe not, we’ve had stranger solutions.

      I go to Yosemite a few times a year…..exactly where did you want me to look?

  87. Haven’t seen this idea out there, but then again I don’t read every post on every blog daily.

    Crossword clue – Put in below the home of Brown.

    If you were working a crossword puzzle, what would you do?


    = Brow

    Just an idea. No opinion one way or the other.

  88. I’m a little late to the HOB party here, but I couldn’t find any references to one of my HOB hunches, so I thought I’d post it and let y’all throw darts, or go check it out for yourselves. If you start somewhere in YS, pick your favorite WWWH starting point, then take it down Gallatin Canyon (yes, north, but it’s TFTW bcuz it’s uphill until you go through the pass and follow the river on 191 down the canyon), the HOB could be House Rock, the giant boulder in the river that the rookie yakers all wipeout on. It’s large, shaped like a house and it’s brown. Downstream from that it’s gnarly rapids and Hellroaring Creek (no place for the meek). Anybody have thoughts or experience exploring this thread?

    • Hey, Austin Redneck, there’s another redneck in Austin looking for this treasure. Have been for a couple years. Lots of trips to the Taos area. We should talk. jpatx314@gmail.com

    • Hey that’s Good. If you keep following the hell roar creek you get within several miles I guess of the Blaze Mtn snow ski a strip that last all year long

  89. Put in below the home of Brown could in a sort of roundabout way be referring to the chest itself. Could be the poem repeats itself. In my solve the blaze repeats as well. Always important to view this from more than one angle.

  90. One thing worth noting is the way the “put in below the HOB” comes in stanza 2.It comes following an abrupt full stop after the third line.That could be significant in the way we read poetry,and in the way the thoughts progress.
    Just a thought

    Tintin Treasure

  91. A few days ago I thought that I would look into the ruins of the Chaco culture to see if any of them might be named Brown. Here’s a couple:

    “Casa Morena (Span.: brown house ).
    An ancient pueblo ruin of considerable importance, situated near the top of the continental divide in NW New Mexico. It is usually assigned to the Chaco Canyon group, but this is assumed without evidence except as to outward appearance. No excavations have been made and the ruin has not been described. It is built of sandstone after the manner of the Chaco canyon pueblos. It is in the midst of the desert, far from water, and not near any of the main trails. (E. L. H.) Kinahzin. Hewett, inf n, 1905 (Navaho name).

    ….. It seems that in 1901 when Special Agent Holsinger recommended that certain Chaco ruins be embraced in a proposed federal preserve, he included a site called Casa Morena, described as similar to Kin Ya-a though larger and in more ruinous condition. Holsinger gave a legal description of its location which placed it about eleven miles east of Crownpoint. Congress withdrew the land and included it with those set aside for Chaco Canyon National Monument. However, when the National Park Service found time to pay attention to the sites in the detached areas outside the main canyon and its immediate environs, they could not find Casa Morena, even though New Mexico state maps as late as the 1940s located it a short distance southeast of Pueblo Bonito.

    A review of the circumstances makes it clear that Holsinger had not visited the site but, while in Thoreau awaiting the train for his return to Phoenix, had been told about a ruin whose name he interpreted as Casa Morena. Based on that conversation, he assumed it to be another of the large, isolated Chaco settlements, and in so doing, caused perplexed government officials years of trouble. Since it never has been located, it appears likely that the site is one presently known as Casamero, a medium-sized Chaco-type complex named for a local nineteenth-century Navajo headman. Although not in the exact location given by Holsinger, it is in its general vicinity and fits his description. Casamero, it turns out, is on Bureau of Land Management lands, not within the national monument.

    Good to know. The Listers nailed it. It saved me a long trip to nowhere and killed an afternoon of research. If only they all were this easy.

    Hold on…wait just a minute…..Maybe this is what the man wants us to believe??! What if there were in fact spectacular ruins there? Wouldn’t this all be a great smoke screen to keep the pot hunters away?”

    Casamero is north of interstate 40 north of Prewitt on 19.
    Casa Moreno is ???

    • Casa Larita maybe? Haha. Just kidding- really though, I poked around there a while back and one of the interesting things about the ‘second’ area (overheard at the pheonix train station) what that (at least what I was told by the people at the city…most of the land surrounding/sidled up next to that area is actually privately owned (I can look up the owner names again if you want)…but the EXCEPTION was the one tiny corner (SW I think??) of that one plat which is not.

        • Yes I believe that it is on the map. It is where New Mexico is written.the X in New Mexico is placed near the Bisti badlands. But I don’t know how much it fits the poem. I don’t see the heavy loads and water high, or wwwh,.

          • Michael,
            I had ruled out anything west of 550 because it is no longer highlighted. Do you think the highlight is not relevant? I love your posts and always enjoy you knowledge of NM. By the way Bisti is one of the most amazing places ever!! Have you spent anytime there?

          • Couldn’t WWWH refer to the Continental Divide? Casa Moreno is supposedly near the Continental Divide, which is my second choice for WWWH. Has anyone thoroughly checked out this area?

  92. Beaver den maybe, if on a river you’d put in below that. A beaver mound would last quite a long time.

  93. There are some very interesting hints indicating Canada but has anyone considered it one of the nine clues? No I am not talking about the treasure being hidden in Canada but rather one of the clues.
    Ok I am biased because I am from Canada, but to be honest I never considered it a clue until I started following them. 
    The poem has always highlighted “Brown” with a capital “B”, of course many seekers realized this hinted to a person, however there are only so many people named Brown.
    The poem contains the first hint – “worth the cold,” for Canada is associated with cold weather. The first hint that Forrest gave was when he published his second book “too far to walk” and said there is an accidental “major” clue in it that he didn’t know existed when it was published.  He later admitted that Canada was omitted from the map in the book thus eliminating Canada from the possible areas. Next he started posting a few Canadian emails that highlighted where they were from, but one had these cute little polar bears. More on that later.
    Then there was that Philadelphia incident that caught most people’s attention indicating there has a hint in there somewhere. I talked about how it related to the Apollo 8 mission in my book but what was interesting is he said he flew the T-33 Jet at 49,000 feet.  That can’t happen because the T-33 has a surface ceiling of 47,500 and even if it could go that high, the trip from Stephenville, Canada to Pope was in a westward direction and that requires either 47,000 or 43,000 feet for direction of flight. The number 49 hints Canada’s 49th parallel, the border between the USA. 
    Then he confirmed it at Mysterious Writings when he said “No 49” instead of “No 49 Dollars.”
    Now for the more interesting connection.  As a kid I am sure you read Charlie Brown and you may have even wondered if Snoppy would ever get the Red Baron. But did you ever wonder who really shot down the Red Baron?
    Forrest said recently that he would like to be remembered for being shot down twice. [insert record screeching to halt] Forrest is a fighter pilot and he makes a pretty big deal about that “War for Me” story he told in his memoir, so one would think that something subtle about that should fit into his poem. 
    In World War I, flying aces were a pretty big thing and the most notorious German ace was Baron Von Richthofen or “The Red Baron”, who just happen to have 80 kills (same age as when Forrest hid the treasure).  Baron is a title of nobility which I talked about in my book and I feel the nobility title is what Mr. Fenn is referring to in the poem with this line – “I give you title to the gold.” Is the title he is giving or hinting – Baron Von Richthofen? He is German just like Fenn’s special dog Tesuque (who probably thinks he is Snoopy). 
    In stanza 1, the only hint in the poem is “hint of riches new and old.”  In my previous blog post I discussed that the hint could be “riches” as in Riches the name.  The “old Rich” could be Rich – tho – Fen.  Why not, it ends in Fen(n) or as I like to call Richthofen – “The Rich Fen.”
    So we have a German Ace from World War I that was shot down just like Forrest Fenn, so what? Well the person who “shot” the “Bullet” that killed the Baron was Canadian Ace – Arthur Roy Brown from Carlton, Ontario (Dal should have been finding Carleton instead of Carl). So from an American perspective, where is Brown from? Canada, and therefore his home is? Canada! That is right, we can now stop playing Canasta. 
    Arthur is also synonymous with King Arthur who was on a quest which links to “Quest to cease” in the poem. Even “Roy,” the middle name can be found in the poem if one uses  a little imagination. Forrest used many mirror tricks including that fake letter to Mr. Puceet, which is “teecup” spelled backwards. Roy spelled backwards sounds like “your” which explains why the poem says “Your” creek if home of Brown is “Canada Creek.” Throw in a Canadian Brave (Indian) to match “you are brave and in the wood” and you really have a interesting case.
    Finally, the poem’s line, “And leave my trove for all to seek,” was hinted when Forrest mis-spelled “leeve” on one of Dal’s scrapbook posts.  Canada is symbolically identified by leaves, the Maple Leaf which is prominantly displayed on its flag and is its national symbol.
    We now have a solid home of Brown defined by six words in the poem: riches, quest, your, title, leave and cold; it doesn’t get any better than that!

    From http://www.findingfenn.com/#!Home-of-Brown-Canada/cam/55cbd5c70cf2c71b0c4cb78f

    • Nice take Wolly Wolf. Well thought out and 180 degrees from anything I’ve come up with so fer. I’ve not been to Canada but if i get down there I’d like to treat you for some burgers and brats. If it’s cold tho, I hope you can teach me how to make a hot toddy. Cheers sir and hope the book sales are growing legs.

    • Well Wolf, First let me say.. thank you for making me think…. you and others have help me more than you may think and the whole reason i started reading the blogs in the first place.

      Although you and I have talked and we think in different directions, there is a lot that you just stated that works to my conclusions… just a different path.

      HoB. I see just as you stated, Below Canada. The difference is how we got there. In the poem, we start by chasing WWWH and down the canyon not far… and “put in” may be referring to the above sentence. not so much a separate clue, but an addiction to the same in the same stanza.

      One of the symbol of Canada, not unlike the bald Eagle for the USA, is the Brown Beaver. The capital B may not be just for a noun, as it is an indicator, that we are not looking for a beaver dam, but the relationship to a Country and a boundary or border… hence, the word End in meaning.

      We were told in the start of this chase, the chest is located in The Mountains North of SF. a logical assumption would say Rocky Mountains, as we now know it to be. Which spans it’s range from Alaska to NM.

      Hob IMO works with the semicolon or semi, meaning 1/2 or not far but to far to walk. 1/2 the distance of the Range and put in below the border of hoB true meaning { possibly} a country. As “home” means habitation and Brown may refer to Brown Beaver… put in below the habitation of [ all simple confirmations]. To narrow down even more. From there it’s no place for the meek, may refer to The CD as the “back bone” of the entire Mountain Range. Yes a metaphor… but we have been shown that metaphors may be needed with the poem by way of…Up that famous creek without a paddle.

      In short, understanding the Rockies are the Mountains North of SF [ before the confirmation of that] put in below Canada in relation to hoB, on the ‘ not in close proximity’ to a human trail… the CD. All understood by geography [ study of the Earth surface and it’s inhabitants ]. reference to the book, “My church is in the mountains…” and GE and / or a good map, tftw. or google “Earth”.

      All understood by the use of the poem, Multiple Meanings and usage of words in the poem, a few subtle but not deliberately hints in the book. And all by, “all you need is the poem.”

      Read, re-read, read again… analyze and re-read the book.

      Call me crazy, but that seems to be straightforwards in its conclusion , to me. Now I need to just finish the rest of the poem… How long is a wiener dog again?

      Oh! right IMO, Just saying, food for thought….

      • Seek
        This was like reading a Greek textbook. I tried to follow your reasoning but it’s hard to map out. I’ll keep think on it and get back if I have questions. Thx for the try.

        • Yeah, my typing is slower than my thought process. My bad.

          My perspective is, all can be understood from the poem, if we see how the poem in it whole works.

          For me it is not a line by line, find a single clue and go.
          it’s a collaborations of many many hints that concludes what is being told.
          In the end what you have is 9 sentences that if followed when understood properly will lead to the chest.

          The very difficult part is, we need to break the poem down to understand all it’s pieces and rebuild it to it’s original form, and know the place for the first time.

          IMO, looking / guessing for a clue and then trying to find the next is the rabbit hole. That method limits how the poem imo seems to work.

    • Wolf, all I can say is that you must be drinking a boat load of coffee–geez you sure have a lot to say at 5 a.m. You worry me a little but I’ll try to catch up and go pour a second cup….

    • Hey wolf,
      I’ll give an excellent option for HOB, so long as you’re game for a Glacier Nat’l park excursion & pay your share of the expenses. What a bummer about the wildfires.

    • Great explanation Wolf,

      [By the way, Snoopy is a beagle not a dachound.]

      Let’s add to your thoughts:

      1. In Canasta 3,2’s are the abberation cards which are used in a different manner in that card game.

      2. Canasta also means basket in Spanish. Geologically speaking, basket canyons are U-shaped very old glaciated valleys (occurring in the ice free zone.)

      Assimilate those concepts and you would start on township section 32 at the top of a U-shape basket canyon as your WWWH.

      • Ha!- I was talking about Tesuque not Snoopy!

        You know 42 that is very helpful. I love your Canastas – explanation! U – shaped basket – very cool. Can I use that?

  94. I believe a line has been crossed by many that sends them into euphoria. Where we go from there is entirely up to the individual.

  95. Wolf, Thanks for the AHA moment. This leads me to think IMO

    1. Does the poem cover a vast portion of the Rockies, through 4 states.

    2. Does it cover an area consisting of a couple of states.

    3. Or is it a small area in one state.

    I started leaning towards #3, recently started believing #2 and now #3 makes sense to me. I’m going to need an assistant.

    Back to the drawing board.

    • I know your pain. 🙂
      I’m currently considering solves that include areas outside the map completely, along side solves that indicate all the clues relate to one specific spot.

      Madness, why I love this puzzle. 🙂

  96. I volanteer to do whatever it takes to fit his square peg into a round hole.I have to be missing something, but if i go back to playing with lat/longs again it becomes a never ending hunt for numbers that may or may not make any sense. i’m open to suggestions on how hitting the spot is made easier. This is making me more frustrated than one legged man in a butt kicking contest….and i worry there are more rounds to go before the fight is over.

  97. Bait shop

    This one is a real stretch:
    First, the hebrew word for home or house is Beth.
    Next the hebrew word for Brown is khoom or chum, use a phlegm sound.

    Now supposed Chum was mispronounced as an english chum, soft ch

    That is a form of fish bait made from chopped meat and corn.
    What sort of home would sell that?

    Bait shop…I told you it was a stretch.

  98. Charles Shultz was highly ambiguous about where Charlie Brown’s hometown was. Most believed it to be in Minnesota where Shultz was reared. Considered an inside joke, Schultz once included Linus hugging a sign for “Pinetree Corners”, but then said that’s not where they live. It created a commotion for Peanuts enthusiasts.

    “Pinetree corners” is also a descriptive for certain notched arrowhead designs, because of their shape like a pine tree. Thus, one possibility for “home of Brown” continues to be Dot Island, if one uses the E.C. Waters and the TTOTC preface poem “Life is a game of poker” as a starting point.

    • I tried to work something about dinosaurs around Barnum a couple of years ago but never got very far. I think he was better known as a paleontologist than as an archaeologist…but maybe you have something worked out??

      • Hi Dal,

        You’re always quick to pick up details! Barnum was definitely best known as a paleontologist, although I happened to stumble across his name through the Folsom/Clovis connection in an old archaeology journal. Should have been clearer in my reference…

        Barnum’s not really at the top of my research right now, but I felt the HOB discussion was getting a little stale so I thought I’d throw a new idea on the table….maybe one that would bring more creative responses to help me keep thinking.

  99. All,

    Found an interesting nugget today that I wanted to share. Has anyone researched Jerry Brown the cartographer, he recently mapped out the continental divide trail (CDT) and published books on it. HOB could possibly be where the CDT crosses the canyon down. I’m currently applying this theory to my potential WWWH locations.


  100. OK – here goes a wild thought that I had when I woke up this morning. I guess my brain continues to process in the back-ground, even while sleeping.

    Parson Brown – that is what was in my brain when I woke up.

    Way back when, ministers, pastors, priests, and parsons would travel to rural areas and marry people where there were no services available to them in their faith of choice.

    These traveling bible preachers where known by the common name of Parson Brown; kind of like calling someone you don’t know, “John Doe”.

    From the song – Winter Wonderland – circa 1935

    In the meadow we can build a snowman,
    Then pretend that he is Parson Brown

    He’ll say: Are you married?
    We’ll say: No man,
    But you can do the job
    When you’re in town.

    This verse describes two people pretending that the snow-man is a Pastor, and while he is in town he can perform the wedding.

    So now I have a “Brown” that refers to an entire group of people. So I asked myself, where such people might call home. Then I thought of “Cathedral”, “Church”, “temple”… etc.

    Then I went and looked at my past solves where I could not find a viable hoB to support my WWWH. Low and behold, I might have to rethink one of the areas I gave up on.

    Just passing on a thought. This is not my opinion yet – just kind of thinking out loud – What If?

    I’m still chewing on this one….

    Scott W.

  101. All,

    Was just going back over 6 Question on the MW blog and one stood out to me. It was a question that was asked about the Clovis Cache and why and how FF decided to purchase it. I would recommend that you re-read the answer, Forrest mentions something important (IMO) about why he purchased and references to the color Brown.

    Could the home of Brown actually be……


    • The Fenn Clovis Cache has come up quite often.

      One of the ideas puts the home of Brown as the 42nd parallel since this is what separates Utah from Idaho. The Clovis cache you refer to is believed to have been found in the vicinity of the Utah/Idaho/Wyoming borders.

      However, there is no proof as to any one specific place.

      Scott W

    • from: http://lithiccastinglab.com/gallery-pages/2012junefenncachepage1.htm

      “—we have learned that the discovery (of the Fenn cache) was made soon after the turn of the century, possibly in 1902.”—-1999, George Frison & Bruce Bradley, “The Fenn Cache: Clovis Weapons & Tools” p. 22.

      from: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/ancient-clovis-cache.html

      “Ancient Clovis Cache

      By Peter Tyson
      Posted 11.09.04

      “More than 20 of them have turned up across the American West, including one unearthed in a Colorado backyard in 2008. They have been found by construction crews, artifact collectors, and in one case by a man hand-digging an irrigation canal. ”

      Interesting stuff, but how do you make a connection to any single clue? Oh wait, yeah Fenn had these in his house in the 80’s so therefore it’s HOB

      • nine,

        You wrote –

        “Oh wait, yeah Fenn had these in his house in the 80’s so therefore it’s HOB”.

        Not quite what I was thinking.

        The first stanza mentions a cache, correct? It seems to me he is going “in there” to hide his treasure. It is a cache.

        He’s been alone in there, and then returned with his treasures bold to hide it. In my opinion, the cache location (the hiding spot of the chest) has nothing to do with the home of Brown other than it has a possible link back to a fact outside the poem.

        However, the 42nd parallel does possibly have a link to a certain hoB which is not related to the Fenn Cache.


        Scott W.

        • Scott,
          Hey man I was making fun of the other guy & his theory. Tell me, how in the heck can I reach you? Didn’t I read that you’re in Texas?
          Can I log into my WordPress account, contact you that way?

    • Could the home of brown actually be where the chest is and not a specific location. Meaning the Brown Copper chest that has patinated to a dark brown. So you are putting in below the chest and then you are taking the creek up to the home of the brown. So how do you know where the chest is before you put in below the chest. Mind boggling…. seriously mind boggling. THere is something that has to be unlocked in the poem in order to recognize the truth of what is going on.

      I have yet to unlock. I think there are multiple people that have unlocked the first two parts of the story. I wish I was one of them.

  102. Scott,

    I’m not referring to the location of where the Clovis Cache was located but the details as to why FF purchased the cache. At first glance FF thought it to be too pristine as to be real but upon close inspection (in tight focus) he noticed something. Please go back and read the response to the 5-29-14 question posted on the MW’s blog IMO this is a very important hint. one in which I believe FF refers to when he said “What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve”.

    Spoiler : IMO the HOB is the resting place of Indulgence.

    Brown = Bronze

    • All,

      Again, go back and read the answer to the question posted in the MW blog before you discount the findings.

      It is just my honest opinion but what FF says is interesting and may be important to all our solves.


    • Thanks for the input Seannm.

      I really don’t care to read any more about the Feen Clovis Cache though. In fact, I can’t find anything I haven’t already read about it.

      Sometimes I wonder if by the time this chase is over (if it ever is) I might be an expert at something. Then again, if I had just put half this much time into school, I would have two Phd.s

      Oh well.

      Scott W.

  103. Has anyone started searching for HOB using Pagosa Springs as wwwh? I am in Gardiner Montana working on my solve, but where I think TC rests is currently under Grizzly attack, feeding on a dead elk, and strongly advised against going…mauled by a grizzly takes precedence over the TC.

  104. A Brown for a possible home of Brown in Ennis, MT. For those searching the Madison River area. http://www.randybrownsmf.com/. I especially like the picture on his website with the caption “Keep it simple…chart your course…walk the earth.” That could be a great motto for working TTOTC also.

    I do not believe this is the correct home of Brown. Just throwing it out there for anyone it may help.

  105. I am 100% confident that I know what the home of Brown is. But after discovering what the home of Brown is, which I never knew existed until TTOTC, I found it curious that Forrest said there are many in the Rocky Mountains and most are north of Santa Fe. Really? Surely I thought there could only be a few or a dozen.

    I’m home sick today and I decided to try and research just how many there are. Well to my surprise this is what I found. These are just the ones in the highlighted area on the map from TFTW.

    Montana – 127
    Wyoming – 23
    Colorado – 27

    And to my surpise in New Mexico, only counting north of Santa Fe in the Rocky Mountains, 0. Oh dear.

    Well Forrest is correct, there are MANY.

    *Disclamer…IMO and these numbers are subject to human error especially because I am sick today.

    • Ramona,
      Hope you feel better soon.
      I don’t know how you made this major human ERR but what Small says is correct .
      ” There are many place,s where ‘WWH’ and most of them are in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe.”

      • We spent 5 weeks looking…..from Bozeman Montana, down through Yellowstone, Teton, down to Steamboat Springs Colorado, Buena Vista Colorado, Leadville, anywhere ‘WWWH’ we could find, and looked for an associated ‘HOB’, Cut across the top of New Mexico…..finally came home empty handed. Only have the pictures to show for our trip. I did decide however that Ourey, Colorado is the most beautiful place on earth…and if it were me, that would be my choice of ‘WWWH’

    • Oops! Told you I was sick. Sorry for mixing that up. But I stand by there are many homes of Brown also. Of course the only one that matters is the one that you put in below.

    • Ramona, hope you get better soon.
      F said there were “many” in regards to WWWH. not HOB.
      Being sick, ya make mistakes. I’d suggest to get well and forget about it for a few days. Indulgence will still be there waiting when your thinking is 100%.
      Saying a prayer for you! ~Donna~

  106. Finally, somebody comments on one of the other threads. Thank You.

    IMO…Home of Brown is best ripped out of the poem and burned in a fit of insane frustration and rage. But we can not mess with the poem.

    Fish, bear, bison, bat, bronze, copper, ranch, range, canyon, valley, mine, trail, trapper, ranger, artist, Molly and moly, park, hematite, out house, pottery, tuff, pueblo ruins, morano, maroon, cimmaron. ALL are things Brown.
    It’s enough to make me wander around in a daze ’til I lay down and sleep on it.

    I know, I will close my eyes and throw a dart. And the winner is…..
    Bear Lodge Mountains Wyoming! WooHoo!…

    • You’re on the right track. It’s a euphemism for some folks very associated with the color brown. But there’s a lot of them and you can’t know exactly which HOB unless you’ve found WWWH.

    • I just got home and checked the website for historic maps.
      He doesn’t have any for Wyoming.

      Next question: Who Are “some folks very associated with the color brown.”
      I thought that it may be Rangers/BLM. Some think it is people with the last name Brown or Moreno. Some say native Americans or their pueblo.
      For now I will flag Ranger cabins and see if they are near any other cluster of pins.

      • If you want to associate “Brown” with people it might be possible to say that above the 30 30′ parallel would be the home of Brown.


        Perhaps you might associate it with Joseph C Brown, who surveyed the Santa Fe Trail. But if you do, be careful. His map is rotated 180 degrees. N=S and W=E.

        Scott W

      • Michael, I really like your posts. I’ve considered Brown being the rangers as well. Wondering if you are still searching New Mexico or if your interests have moved north?

  107. My heartfelt prayers go out to the people of France tonight, and my prayers for the first responders and the families of the victims. May God Bless America and keep our country free from attacks like this. Most of all, let America Praise God!
    A little late, but THANKS to all the members of our military past and present!

    • From a friend and co-worker of mine with family and friends there:

      “Fortunately my family is fine. Most of my friends seem fine as well but I won’t know for sure until tomorrow.”

      Scott W

      Sorry for being off topic, Goofy.

  108. has anyone looked in or near Ruby Canyon on the Colorado river sw of Mack Colorado? ie. Mack Brown (UT head coach)…Below home of Brown. Just curious. Terrain looks pretty rugged and i don’t think a 79-80 year old man would venture in there, but i’ve never botg anywhere near there, so thought i’d ask.

  109. I just discovered the home of a Brown! Charlie, Snoopy and the gang were from Pinetree Corners in Heennipen County, Minneosta. Unfortuantely, it’s a little out of the range of the Rocky Mountians.

    • So is Santa Rosa, Ca. Home of Charlie Brown, Charles Schultz (airport), and Snoopy’s home ice!

    • Looked at another way… “pine tree corners” (if home of Charlie Brown is what is intended) is also a descriptive used for certain arrowheads. Dot Island in Yellowstone Lake is also in the shape of an arrowhead.

  110. Someone posted that Bandelier National Monument could be the Home of Brown. I have found this to be unlikely. Using a ruler on Google Earth shows that 8.2 miles north of Santa Fe is above Bandelier. I have questioned whether or not he is precise for a certain reason, but it doesn’t look like it would work out.

  111. @patriot1, intriguing interpretation! That would tend to connect archaeological interests and one particular mention since the very beginning that has bothered me. F said in Goldsmith’s article he’d take some pills and his treasure and “walk out into the desert”. The combination pointed me to Canyons of the Ancients where I’m now wondering if he spent time out there digging in his middle aged years and prior to FBI artifact sting.

    • Canyon of the Ancients …

      In all the months of reading on this board, this is the first time I have run across mention of Canyon of the Ancients. Don’t know why it seems to be so neglected. I certainly have not. There are a couple of interesting potential connections to FF and the treasure chest. But the area gets minimal attention.

      • @Ken, good that it gets minimal attention, right?

        The Old English definition of hoven is what hooked me to take a closer. When used as Hovenweep, it suggested to me to stretch a potential “water high”, or “to lift” and “to cry”. When combining this with other hints like “walk out into the desert”, and the argument on where pinion nuts grow… I also think it suggests a closer look.

        • Before I get nailed on this, I know that Hovenweep is out of bounds and in Utah, but it’s what originally drew me to the surrounding area when I was text mining, and before F ruled out Utah. Anyway, good luck.

    • If your clue about Black eyed Susan is accurate in regard to it being nicknamed “home of Brown” then I may have a very fascinating connection for you. But, right now I’m confused about it. I see on another website that there is a photographer who took an award winning photo of some Black-eyed Susans and he named his photo the “home of Brown” but he states that it was a name he came up with and that that nickname is not associated with the flower. Can you direct me to where something states that the flower really is called “home of Brown” If you can, you are going to love this connection!

  112. In addition:

    The Black Eyed Susan is also known as the ” Bulls Eye” and the “Yellow Ox” daisy in English.

    • SL, Ahh…my favorite flower and always something to learn.

      From Winslow Homer’s painting and the poet John Gay’s “Black-Eyed Susan”…there is a both a legend and a love story.

      AND…the “Run for the Black-Eyed Susans” is at Baltimore’s Preakness Stakes with a “horseshoe” arrangement of “Susans” placed around the winning horse’s neck.

      So, this “Home of Brown” has a middle color that is actually dark brown or even dark purple…with bees and butterflies the main pollinators.

      Thanks for the info…didn’t know that Native Americans even used them for snake bites and earaches.

  113. Does anyone think the home of brown is the color brown and not meant for brown trout?

    Of course, many cabins in the mountains are stained brown so the possibilities are endless.

    • Tarheel,
      Is a cabin a home? Most cabins are for recreation and are secondary to the home. It seems to me that the HOB sentence should be interpreted the way it is written, if not then why could the sentence have not been Put in below the cabin of Brown? Visually they are two totally different markers. There are some that do actually make a large cabin their home and therefore could be interpreted that way. Like everything with the poem it there seems to be more then one possible interpretation.IMO

      • It seems logical to me that ‘home of Brown’ needs to be something distinctly different from nearby surroundings. If it were home of “Brown” trout, then technically the trout are at home in the whole area. There would be no way to determine if the home is one spot or another. It needs to be a specific identifiable spot that could not be confused with another spot in close proximity. So while the Lazy Susan nickname is interesting, there would likely be other Lazy Susans in the area. Plus, Forrest has said that the clues would likely still be around in 200 years. It needs to be something more concrete that will still be there in 200 years.

        • I agree. And I also think home of Brown is the last clue, because of forrest saying you’d go directly to the chest if you figured out home of Brown.

        • Sheri, brown trout are all over the west now, but they are not native to the the US much less the Rockies. Wikipedia said that they were introduced to the upper Firehole river in 1890, someone else posted that they were introduced to the Nez Pearce Creek, either spot would above Firehole Canyon. IMO of course, this makes a very specific HOB.

          • I actually have considered that. Can’t decide if it is specific enough. However, my first and favorite solve is in the Yellowstone area. I have come up with a solve that fits every single clue (without stretching to make them fit). In this solve, every single word in the poem fits/ But, no treasure at the end.

          • I just now read it. Your info is,always interesting.

            My #1 solve is in Yellowstone also. But, I don’t think it is because Im interpretting the clues the way others are. I’m not convinced that the Firehole is the HOB. I think it isn’t, although I have to admit that the story abt the Firehole River when Forrest was a kid is interesting. In fact, I have identified a different spot; not Brown Trout or Brown Bears or anything like that.

            I notice that in your story about your trip to Yellowstone, you mention that you don’t believe that the first stanza of the poem contain’s clue. I think it does and that it isn’t about Forrest hiding the chest as much as it is about another event tied to the place the treasure is hidden.

            I also am convinced that the last two stanzas are very important and are clearly tied to the event mentioned in the first stanza. I know most searchers might disagree.

            If I am right, then the word, “where” in the line, “I can hide my secrets where” is very significant. Curious if anyone else sees something significant in this line and the word, “where”?

            My solve makes perfect sense. Only problem is the treasure isnt where I expected it to be. Now I need to backtrack my steps to see if I took a wrong turn.

            Still working on solve #1 and solve #2.

  114. imo the end is ever drawing nigh just heavy loads and waters high- so if its put in below the home of brown imo heavy loads is home of brown

  115. home of the Brown is simply water people,but its also the home of Brown trout that’s because they cant go no where else.Since there is a dam on both sides of them.Quake Lake.searchers have been within 200feet of the treasure.but here comes the bad news.Quake Lake is 190feet deep.oh no Mr.Bill.Some things are meant to go undisturbed for ever,like the people that are still 190feet below in Quake Lake,and Mr.Fenns chest of gold on the bottom of that lake.I’m the person that has studied the poem over,and over,and I bet Mr.Fenn will tell you im at the top of the class.even if he doesn’t im good.God Speed people

    • You should just let people use their imaginations without putting them down. Let them have fun with his poem and explore. To all viewers consider this, that you are too focused on Brown as the answer. is somewhere else in poem that would lead you to the treasure. Happy solving. Oh and we all know Forrest would not put it in the bottom of the lake. Oh and thanks for e-mail pdenver he finally responded with a hello.

      • I still think HOB relates to the Bureau of Reclamation’s (BR) dam/lake and river at Nambe which the BRown(s). NAMBE being the first stop on the TAOS scenic byway, and IMHO all the rest of the clues follow that beautiful byway which is, incidentally, only a stone’s throw from Santa Fe where FF lives. I wonder if anyone else thinks similarly?

      • @ACE re not at bottom of lake, agreed. because he said he could go get if he wanted to and that a child could go to it and the whole ‘don’t go where a 79,80 y.o. wouldn’t go, etc! A hoB is critical, possibly why searchers have walked right by the other clues not knowing they were so close….Put in below might just as well be a great big arrow saying turn here! IMO.

  116. Dal, why does the header up above read ‘an’ hob instead ‘a’ hob? (twice) Is this a typo or is this today’s learn something new every day?

  117. Cholly

    I am not Dal, but you might find this helpful:

    Words that begin with a vowel sound, such as “apple”, “egg”, or “hour” are preceded by “an”.

    All other words, such as “cake”, “pie”, and “user” (which begins with a y sound), are preceded by “a”.

    Hope this helps.


    • Thanks JD, understood, I had done some reading up on ‘initials’ vs ‘acronym’ vs simple ‘abbreviations’, interesting how some English language initials do become words. I don’t feel WWWH is an acronym but is just simply initials and not sure what hoB (HOB) is, but if hoB is a word then using your example I can see why ‘an’ is used instead of ‘a’ anyhow, thanks. IMO not trying to be critical at all, just got my search brain in over drive (good coffee this morning) and noticed that up above and wondered.

      • IMO- there is a word in the poem that is found by stringing letters together. This is something that I read here from another poster. It was genius. I think a lot of the good post are vague so they get skipped over, but they are vague for a reason. So to find this word, think about the story of the children on the rope, and how they are described as looking like a caterpillar. As far as home of Brown-not an acronym or anagram or anything like that. Just my two cents, nothing proven.

        • Hello alopes. This is a very interesting thought. What puzzles me a little is that I also remember reading from someone that the poem carries every letter in the alphabet but the letter “X.” With this thought, it seems that any word, person, place or thing would be possible. What are your thoughts to this?

          • Hi, Pdenver.
            I haven’t really put a lot of thought into the every letter except an X theory, as far as it being a hint. Who knows why an X word isn’t in the poem? I can’t come up with an answer other than ‘X marks the spot’, I understand the concept, but I don’t know how those exact words or even a mental image of an X would be deciphered from the poem. Maybe exact and except and box are words Mr.Fenn chose to exclude. 🙂 IMO.

        • I am starting to think that THOB is a concept or an idea rather than a person, place or thing.

          • What will be a good concept to you? I think most people think is a place or person because the capitalization of B.

  118. Finding the right words to accompany a treasure through out the history of time is not a easy task. The home of brown is a Person place or thing? We look deep into the poem and book for answers. Brown Gravy, Brown stains from a ladder escape from hum drum school day with Miss Ford. That’s where the book leads unless I missed something.

    Then we have Brown people known as the Pueblo Indians or a family name that resides on a ranch or is it a person in control of a park.

    A number of famous people and a game could lead us in circles for years. One Knows for sure and we call Him Sir, Everyone else is guessing. Maybe their right or wrong but pinpointing this is a shot in the dark and leads to a guess for adventure. Its all in the fun. WWWH is a better start But its also a guessing game. Dal Has it figured and posted on this site. He has also said there are many ways to look at all of this. I tend to agree with more thought.

    Brown nuts”.. that’s exactly what this can drive one, if He or she has to much time on their hands to think about the correct answer. It has to be one thing Forrest Fenn thinks about and loves or it would not be in the poem. Brown trout for dinner along with some Pinyon nut pie. Hmm

    Nuts are Brown. Is it a color of the earth or a rock? One to be put in below or on . I’m well, You can see where this is driving me. Not really! I just wanted to think a bit with you and say hello.. I forgot to mention the Frog the bear the feather and sink. Just to let you know, I still have time to think and of coarse another beer to drink. Cheers to all. In a HOB watching HBO. The name of the creator of the bomb/.. wow.. I have to spell it wrong but its in the meaning. It is said where is the HOB? If one knows he could walk right to the treasure. The question is, then would one see it?

    I think we could all know the general location and still wonder around for years searching for it. That’s my guess. I’m tossing everyone a positive life light forever. Its a skill to remember and that’s why I forget. So my home of brown is creatively standing with Honor Our Brothers, Forrest Fenn is one forever.

    What has really thrown me for a loop is the structure comment.

    We can not associate a Home of Brown with a structure? Because the treasure is not associated with a structure. Or did I get that wrong? This to me would mean a building or structure is out for the home of brown and a person or place without a structure or thing is in. That goes with all the clues. As I have gone alone in there. “There” is not associated with a structure. It has to be in a wilderness setting. Or did Mr Fenn just want us to know its not in a building but it may be right next to one. This has my tail feathers blowing in the wind. To a master manipulator of words. My mind is tanked. I need a clarify button. What do you think about all of this? JB RC and Titan

    • I think HOB is an ancient Pueblo site in NM, of which there are 19 apparently. Fenn is a Peublo collector and it seems more likely than other things. This would not necessarily be a structure.

  119. If you draw a line west of brown university in providence
    it goes thru southern Wyoming.

    • Hi, SL.
      I see that the last two post mention Colorado and HOB. I believe that you are saying the state of Colorado is your HOB. Is this correct?

  120. Been looking into Hovenweep for awhile; (Yes, it does border Utah and Colorado)

    Haven’t discounted Canada or Colorado thus far, alopes.

    Insofar as “Black-eyed Susans?” Not clear; as I believe that I discovered that on the Photograhers site as well, Sheri.

    I simply post suggestions; If a BOTG Searcher can benefit from them in any way, I’m OK with that.


    • There is so much information to read through for each state and each area. It’s nice of you to share. I’ve learned a lot of things about places I had never thought of before hearing about FF’ s treasure.

  121. Pueblo Co. is known as the “Home of Heroes. More Metal of Honor winners % wise

    • Jason, Only FF knows that answer. There are a lot of choices, and a lot has been brought up here. Keep an open mind and maybe you will find the chest. (fyi, IMO it is trout, but I don’t have the chest and my guess is no better or worse than anyone else’s)

    • I keep thinking it’s something more specific, how many rivers have brown trout in them or how many places with the word brown in it? Lots, to follow the poem precisely it has to be a little more specific I would think.

      • Count I agree. Would the place that Brown trout were first introduced to the western US be specific enough? 1890, introduced to Upper Firehole/Nez Pearce Creek, I have heard both. Either are very close to the same area, depending on what you consider “upper” Firehole River. If you put in below Nez Pearce Creek you are also putting in below the upper FIrehole River IMO. Its hard for me to get YSNP / West Yellowstone out of my head. I guess that my wife is right when she says I’m hard headed.

    • I’ve looked at Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge. It works into one of my solves but i run into a dead end canyon somewhere between drawing nigh and no paddle.

  122. So I read the book, TTOTC again. Liked it better the second time. I know Forest used the word brown in a couple of different sentences. The only one that I found interesting was on p 27. He was describing an iron pole. He described the rust that got on his pants as “heavy brown color”. Not really sure that is useful in any way, but I took note. It was another sentence on p 78 that was more interesting. “where the dangerous air lived in great abundance”. If HOB is something like “where the dangerous air lived” (home of air), then it seems to me that the possibilities are endless. If the possibilities are endless, then will anyone ever figure it out? I hope the answer is yes.

    • Puzzled, perhaps thinking in pilot terms about dangerous air would help. Not sure myself.

  123. He keeps his secret between his ears (and in his heart), and he hints of riches new and old on pages 130 and 131 of TTOTC – “Gold and More”

  124. JD & Puzzled,

    All i have done is taken the 3rd and 4th lines from the 1st stanza and posed them as a questions. Where does Forrest keep his secret and hint of riches new and old. the answer should be very obvious.

    • Like JD said, in him mind and in the TTOC. .
      The physical representation of Forrest’s mind is his autobiography and his stories. That seems like the “obvious” answer. Do you see another?

  125. I’m happy with my current solve. Very happy! But, wouldn’t you know that after my 3rd read through of TTOTC today, I actually figured out what FF means by HOB and it doesn’t fit my solve. But the answer wasn’t a guess. It was a word from TTOTC that I looked up to try to understand something he was saying in the book. Nearly hyperventilated when I sat staring at the definition on the computer screen in front of me. The definition described the “brown”, and then it said this “thing” was “Home of. . .” Also used the words”birthplace of” Seriously? Could this be the solution? Now I see why Forrest tells us that Imagination is important to solving HOB. Now my problem is my fantastic solve that seems to fit in all of the other areas, does not fit this home of Brown. Assuming this “home of Brown” is the one FF mentions in the poem, I think I know where I need look.

      • Well im not sure if Im going to share just yet. Because as far as I can tell, nobody has managed to get HOB. It totally makes sense though. But, I just didnt think I would see it clearly spelled out by looking up a word from TTOTC. Im going to mull it over and dig up a few things. I might eventually share.

      • Literate One. I did decide to share about the word I looked up. See my post from 8:35 pm tonight.

      • Good choice, Coopers has a putin that is well used, and it has the largest brown trout caught in New Mexico.

        As for me, I am going with Picuris Peak. Last week I went up to Picuris Pueblo to try and get some history of their people. The week before I had been been to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center to look through the museum for information. But of all the Pueblos there is very little published about them. As I was up at the Pueblo Administrative office I was able to speek to the governor and the clerk. I asked why they were called Picuris, what was painted, what color was it painted. I got no response. So I asked if the pottery was brown, the clerk said it was made of mica. Yes, she confirmed what was on the pottery website. I got that much. It’s not much but I’m going with it.

  126. Good luck in piecing it all together.

    We all have had those – “What now?” moments, as well as those AAH HAA moments.

    Good luck to all in your searches and STAY SAFE!


  127. Home of Brown!!! This info was found when looking up a couple of words in the book, TTOTC. I have decided to share because I don’t think it will take anyone directly to the treasure unless they can solve the other clues. I also think that its possible that nobody will find the treasure if I don’t share. I think this information explains what FF was talking about when he said that a number of people have gotten the first two clues and gone right past the Home of Brown, not recognizing the significance.. Obviously, nobody would just walk right past Brown Mtn, Creek, Hill, etc. So Home of Brown would have to be something that most people would not consider when looking for the Home of Brown. I have to disagree with the folks who are looking for Home of Brown Trout, for a number of reasons. I think it just isn’t specific enough. It isn’t something tangible that you could actually look and say, “Yep, this is it”. Fish move around too much. Yes, I know the history of the Fire Hole River, but I just don’t think we are looking for Home of Brown Trout. (its my opinion) I think the hint is in The Thrill of The Chase. For starters, let me just review what I found in the book.

    p 4 of the Preface
    “My church is in the mountains and along the river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go to play.”

    p 6
    “My mind stays at about thirteen.”

    So, what was Forrest doing at age thirteen? Making marbles to sell to friends at school.

    p 27
    This chapter talks about FF skipping school by climbing down the slide down fire escape. Notice that he said he was the only one in class who knew the trick. “even that rusty old iron thing marked the tail of my britches pretty good with a heavy brown color” (brown rust- IRON)

    Chapter Title: In Love With Yellowstone- p 45
    “I absolutely loved that place and along the rivers I could find the best AGATE rocks for making marbles. I was thinking about all of those things and even more”

    So it has crossed my mind more than once that HOB is probably something that nobody would suspect. After all, Forrest said in an interview that it didn’t seem significant to people and so they were going right past it. I’ve wondered if it was a plant or algae or rock. That seems logical to me.

    Before I go on about HOB, let me clarify that I believe that “heavy loads and water high” is a reference to volcanic activity. For one thing, if you google “hot springs” and “heavy lodes” you will discover that LODE GOLD or SILVER is produced in a complicated process that occurs in areas of ancient hot water springs as well as volcanic activity and areas of “high water”. Additionally, “heavy lodes/loads is a necessity to produce lode gold or silver. More about HOB. . .

    But then I looked up the following, while wondering about the AGATE that FF used to make the marbles (at the age of 13 in his favorite place). Here is what I found.

    “In the formation of an ordinary agate, it is probable that waters containing silica in solution—derived, perhaps, from the decomposition of some of the silicates in the lava itself—percolated through the rock and deposited a siliceous coating on the interior of the vesicles. Variations in the character of the solution or in the conditions of deposition may cause a corresponding variation in the successive layers, so that bands of chalcedony often alternate with layers of crystalline quartz. Several vapour-vesicles may unite while the rock is still viscous, and thus form a large cavity which may become the HOME OF AN AGATE (NOTE-MONTANA or YELLOWSTONE agate is BROWN) of exceptional size; thus a Brazilian geode lined with amethyst and weighing 35 tons was exhibited at the Düsseldorf Exhibition of 1902. Perhaps the most comprehensive review of agate chemistry is a recent text by Moxon cited below.”

    “The first deposit on the wall of a cavity, forming the “skin” of the agate, is generally a dark greenish mineral substance, like celadonite, delessite or “green earth”, which are rich in iron probably derived from the decomposition of the augite in the enclosing volcanic rock. This green silicate may give rise by alteration to a BROWN IRON OXIDE (limonite), producing a rusty (brown rust?) appearance on the outside of the agate-nodule


    So, if we are supposed to be looking for the HOME OF A BROWN AGATE- it makes sense. Forrest said that you would have to use your imagination to figure this one out. Obviously, you would have to be able to look at what to the rest of us is an ordinary rock, and recognize its potential. I notice that these agates are common in the Yellowstone area as well as the Hebgen Lake area and other surrounding areas. Personally I do not think the treasure is going to be found in Yellowstone because it can’t legally be claimed there. But, it certainly could be found in an area outside of Yellowstone where one of the streams has a gravel bar that doesn’t look like much to the average person. But, it would be recognizable to someone looking for agate. Apparently, people come form all over to the area of Yellowstone and its surrounding areas- and they search for AGATE.

    So are we looking for the HOME OF BROWN AGATE?

    Additionally; I notice that areas that have gravel bars where agate can be found, also are very near to Petrified Wood forests. That makes a lot of sense to me. If we are supposed to be “in the Wood” it wouldn’t make much sense unless it was wood that was going to be around for a long long time.

    And one more thing. I do not believe that the coat bracelet was included in the treasure for no reason at all. Ask yourself. Why did Forest include this item in the treasure chest if it is so important that he get it back. It might not be found for a 100 years or more. Surely there was something else that he could have included in the chest that wouldn’t have had as much sentimental value to him. OR- WAS THE BRACELET A HINT? The bracelet was loaded with GEMS.

    • Great find…the agate info, even about the hot waters part in the creation of agate rocks.

    • I think you are off but maybe on to something. The agate I have seen or found in Montana is usually Moss agate, here is a description talking about just what you said (from the Yellowstone volcano) and low and behold even a bracelet containing it
      The problem is these are not very big things and scattered about few and far between randomly. Now there is another thing that came to my mind with crystals and that is the smokey quartz which is a brownish or grey crystal found in our aera. There is actually a public digging area called crystal mountain and it is up the Wise River of all places. This is a place you know would be a home of Brown in your context. The mountain side glitters in the sun after a rain with all the fragmnets in the dirt there. This is not the only place like this so it could be one of many home of Brown’s and the Wise River location may not be the one. Just seems promising with “If you are wise”.

      • Thanks Bryan. I wasnt suggesting were are looking for a single rock containing agate. I was thinking about a bigger area of agate deposit- something more like the hill you talked about.

      • It’s Crystal Park, not Crystal Mountain. I was looking (on maps) south and east of there, and there is a ghost town called Coolidge which once supported a narrow gauge railroad, the Montana Southern Railway. It started here at the Elkhorn mine and went all the way to Divide Montana. It’s a mile walk from the parking area to the ghost town, although I think we would be looking for something more off trail. I don’t see any kind of no place for the meek but there is a Torrey Peak. Is that close enough to tarry scant?

        • Elkhorn Hot Springs is just up the road from the Crystal Park. So begin at Elkhorn Hot springs and go to the Crystal Park. Problem is, it is not a canyon, it is not south, and you actually gain 600 feet of elevation.

  128. Sorry for sounding like a know it all and off topic, but…..the dragon coat bracelet isn’t the same as the one he won playing billiards and has expressed a desire to have returned…..or am I wrong…?

    • Well, maybe I misunderstood it. Can someone clarify this? And, either way, why ask for something back unless you put it in only as a hint or suggestion?

  129. So he can be properly introduce to the person he have all the beautiful things he treasured.

    • Hello John. Thank you for the link. My family and I have visited Yellowstone for years and I have not visited many of the places this family has. We’re heading there this year and I’ll have to try and make it a point to see them. It could be possible the home of Brown may relate to the buffalo soldiers. Remember to start at the beginning of the clues, which will lead you to the home of Brown, unless you feel home of Brown is the first clue. I wish you a lot of fun memories. 🙂

  130. Alright, made it to the home of Brown & will put in where Forrest says to in his book. I got a dingy, now where’s Bakers hole? OK, From there it’s no place for the meek. I think we need a page for that as well Dal. How am I supposed to finish my quest without all the lines in the poem? I can’t keep skipping phrases in the poem here. We also need another page “The end is ever drawing nigh;”

    Either way I will end up in a creek one way or the other. Have it your way.

  131. This must be the correct spot to share thoughts on why the capital B in Brown. Others have discussed atomic elements but i don’t how far anyone has fleshed it out.

    Firstly anyone who has seen the tv show Breaking Bad sees the Br representing Bromine or Bromide. When I was in high school if you liked a girl and you were a nerd with no hope of dating her you would say to the other nerds you know what’s a volatile solution? Bromide Oxygen Tungsten Nitrogen to indicate Rachel Brown. Or to lend accuracy in terms of chemistry Dibromide Oxygen Tungsten Nitrate.

    Ok so atomic elements and chemical solutions. How dos that help identify a potential home of Brown? Here on some thoughts.

    Tungsten is an unusual element. Why include it? Is it important? Does Tungsten link to a site in New Mexico. Not sure. It does link to a site in Colorado, University of Colorado at Boulder. And you can go nuts here if you want to. Boulder Colorado as atomic elements yields B CO Boron Carbon or Boron Carbide. Tungsten means heavy stone. Wolframite was mined to produce tungsten for the war effort.

    Or how about where do we find people using Atomic elements and atomic language in New Mexico. Los Alamos of Course. Los Alamos is surrounded by the kind of natural phenomenon and landscapes that we may be looking for. Canyons valleys rivers streams sandstone marble tufa. There are wild horses not to far in the Carson Wild life Refuge? Are there clues about horses in the poem. I think so. How about the connection to a pueblo site? There was that controlled burn that got out of control damaged the pueblo and closed Los Almaos evacuated the little town on the hill there.

    Next time I will talk about how the word Brown as it appears may relate to other areas of New Mexico and other lines of thinking.

  132. lugnutz,

    I’ve done a great deal of research in this area; intriguing to say the least! Several other bits of information in this location, (Los Alamos) that appear to also.. “connect some of the dots”……..


    Begin with the history of Mr. Pond’s Boys Ranch School, and also remember to perform further searchs on: Peggy Pond Church, ( his daughter) and dear friend Edith Wharten.

    Take your time!


  133. My good deed for the day.
    The Proto-Germanic word in turn came from the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) word *bhebhrus, a reduplication of the PIE root *bher-, meaning “_____” or “______”, whose own descendants now include the Lithuanian bebras, the Czech bobr and the Welsh befer, as well as the Germanic forms.[8]

    • Musstag,

      Picking up on what you are laying down,
      Not convinced that is the home of Brown.

  134. Put in below the home of Brown.

    This place has to be very specific.
    Otherwise this sentence,(referring to trout/bear/mnt. goat/ect.)
    should be written as.

    Put in below A home of brown(s).

    Wildlife is everywhere and has no specific home.
    Possibly a small range however.

  135. I, NTTC, just thinking FF would not or should not word a sentence so open ended with what one would consider a descriptor and not a noun or proper name.

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