Scrapbook Eighty Five…


JULY 2014


To everyone out there on Dal’s blog, let me introduce you to someone we can all admire and whose life practices each of us might aspire to emulate.  Her name is Donna Karan, who is one of the most influential fashion designers in America.


Donna wanted to go through my antique Indian clothing collection and talk about some ideas. She thought maybe I could help. Ha! We used up a wonderful afternoon laughing at each other.
In this photo Donna models an Indian legging that was made by a Kiowa woman in Oklahoma about 1875. It’s fringed and covered with green and yellow ocher. Donna thought that design idea might not be too popular with her Manhattan staff.

She was born in Forrest Hills, NY, in 1948, and at an early age began selling women’s clothing at a local boutique. That’s when she discovered herself. After attending several design schools she started moving up the fashion ladder. At age 35 she married Stephen Weiss, who became CEO of the Donna Karan design company. She wanted to manufacture “modern clothes for modern people” and was known for being, what her envious competitors called, “practical.” Around New York she was popularly nicknamed “The Queen of Seventh Avenue.” Donna was a success in the tough New York fashion market where next to nothing can endure.

At age 44 Donna launched her first perfume line and sold a fragrance that she said smelled like “Casablanca lilies, red suede and the back of Stephen’s neck.”

In 2001 Stephen died of lung cancer and Donna started wearing her wedding ring with the diamond turned in, she told me, “so I could hold it,” and that’s when she decided to start giving back.

She sold her publicly traded company for about $650,000,000, and gave personal belongings and vintage company design samples to benefit the Urban Zen Initiative, a charity she co-founded. A foundation she ran donated $850,000 to New York’s Beth Israel Medical Center.

Not bad for a little Jewish girl who dropped out of school at age 14 to chase a dream, doncha think?

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  1. Forrest – I love all your stories especially this one, but I always ask myself after reading them – where did I go wrong?

    • You remind me of a dream I had recently. I was speaking with God and asked, “Dear Lord, please tell me, where did I go wrong.” And I heard this peaceful voice reply, it said, “How much time do you have…?”

      • I think I ask myself that question to god a million times,I wonder,why can’t I have money to help people ,my family. and myself.I’m not asking for a billion ,like some people,all I want is like I asked.a new ranch house bought and paid for ,all bills payed off and money to live off of for the rest of my life. then I say,i guess that’s to much to ask.i don’t deserve it,or I would have it already.I got a house,but not paid for and everytime I got to go to the bathroom,I got to go up bathroom downstairs.too many bad memories in this pay check to pay check ,just like everyone else.I never understood why some people are rich and can do what they want and some are not. I don’t want to be rich,just my dreams come true.make any sense

      • I dont belive the posts i read i cant do it you guys areso lost lost makes . Me sick to my stomach but it not your fault your fault im sorry for getting upset but this treasure is no joke you just dont no what i know I am notsure . I should even write this post sinse i have found the blaze my family has been having e mails on my sons life they who ever they are have been following my wife and forrest knows all this all of you writing posts think this is a simple game its not i am so Iinvovled i wish i wasnt this is no game i know more than i should know I cant help that i found the blaze and it pisses him off i didnt tell him to do what he did and when he sees this post he knows who wrote it the blaze told me things that you would not even want to look for it for me i dont even think i want it i am so close i see what problems its bringing to my marridge . I dont think it is worh it i dont think it is fair to you that he dosent post that the blaze has been found or that the the title has been found its not fair to you . Am i wrong i dont think so im a fair person i did not start this for for fame or fortune i did it to get my son the help he needs before we lose him thats all wanted he is my only child with out him i wont have no desire to live but any way the coming days i will tell you things that blaze told me that will make you think twice about this hunt belive me i have no reason to lie to you my name isnt forrest he kicked me out of the hunt because i found the blaze and by the way i am on his crazy mail qhen i wantrd him to get the treasure for me thats enough for now

        • cognito,

          I believe it is the nature of your posts and the disjointed language you use to express yourself that makes it difficult for others to take you seriously. It is readily apparent you do not edit or proofread what you post.

          It is very difficult to follow your thought process and statements when all the words are jumbled together with total disregard for proper sentence structure and punctuation.

          It simply turns people off, understand? Nothing personal intended, just too difficult to follow for the most part.

          Best of luck to you cognito.


          • 😀 Even with my very basic TracFone, I can easily insert a space between words. Maybe you just need to practice one of the 7 heavenly virtues, namely patience, and slow down a little when typing. 🙂

          • Andyesi understandbut dont let itfool youlmjust want toopensomeeyesfor what i sayistruei canunderstandthat wheni canget onacomputer i will tellyoumorei just want peopletobelieveme

        • Cognito, you CAN and DO have a choice to wish yourself UNINVOLVED. Just throwing that out there. Why would anyone want to be miserable? IMO.

        • Welcome back cognito!
          You were missed. The blaze is the book, if I recall, that was your theory, right? The ttotc pages with wood grain at the top are the path.

          (Scrapbook 62 comments, for the rest of you to play catch up)

          • I do get quite a chuckle out of Cognito. It’s a nice break in the monotonous “figuring out what is what?”!!!!!

          • As there is truth in all jest, there may be some truth in all Cog. And if not, there are 3 possibilities…

            1. absolutely entertaining

            2. absolute belief in your own sanity


            no offense Cog. just calling it as I see it. honesty has merrit.

        • Cog, to sum up what you are telling us:

          ♦We are so lost it’s making you sick to your stomach because we don’t know what you know.
          ♦Your son’s life is being threatened and your wife is being followed and this is not a game.
          ♦You wish you weren’t involved but for some reason can’t quit because you know more than you should know.
          ♦Fenn is mad at you for finding the blaze. The blaze told you things that would make us quit looking for the treasure.
          ♦You don’t want the treasure because it’s causing problems with your marriage. But you want to help us understand.

          I think I’ve got the just of what you are saying. My advice would be to save yourself and don’t worry about us. We are beyond help. The world is burning and here we are looking for treasure……..

          We live in a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Fenn Zone.

          Get out now and save yourself because we won’t listen. Leave us to blissfully keep rearranging the chairs on the Titanic.

      • Mr. Fenn, having read your French Soldier story and Philadelphia Thumb story over and over, and your conclusion (pg 102)… “That we are all here only for the pleasure of others”, I wonder if a treasure hunt that gives pleasure to others, would meet that standard even if it were a hoax? I’m not suggesting this one is, just wondering about your conclusion. i have my own difficulties with such questions.

        • I think I should not have made that comment, perhaps put it in a pvt email. Sorry guys. Dal, can you please remove it.

          • Old Shad-
            If I remove a comment it can have weird effects on the whole page of comments…sending comments to some undesired place and messing with everybody’s thread…so I don’t generally remove a comment..

          • OK, I’ll just have to live with it… another lesson in re-thinking before posting a too-personal or off-topic inquiry.

          • Old shadows

            I believe that the chest is not a hoax. If it were for say then it would have already went away, look at Forrest’s involvement with all his stories, books, interviews etc…
            And why would he want to go down in history as a liar. On judgement day that would not be good for him.
            What I have interpreted with the poem and books is that he is a man with a Heart of Gold!!!!!!! 🙂

      • “The only thing that comes to a sleeping man is dreams.”
        All the while “Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.” And yet “I don’t have no fear of death. My only fear is coming back reincarnated.” What do you fear?

  2. A difference maker…

    “I have spent decades dressing people. Now I want to address them.”
    – Donna Karan

    Fashion designer Donna Karan’s experiences caring for her late husband led her to create the Urban Zen Foundation, opening up avenues to support people suffering from illnesses both physically and emotionally, complementing their medical treatments and easing their suffering.

    The organization has since developed to help empower children and preserve cultures around the world.

    • donna karan is beautiful inside and out ,she must be like mr. forrest.not a mean bone in his body.what amazes me ,is she and mr. forrest had the smarts and wit to make it. I must of missed the boat on that one.invent what? my brain must be in a fog all the know part of the song,i can see clearly now the rain is gone.I must be in rain everyday.haha.but last week,i met one of my dreams.i always wanted to go for a walk in the rain. but was afraid of thunder and was raining,but was not thunder and lightening,so I got to walk in the rain.I just loved it.God knew my he gave me one of my desires.yeah.

    • okay, I have to ask, was your father a soldier? Just wondering because with that date, WWII in Europe ended in May 1945, that would have given him time to get home, marry your mother and then you came along.

  3. Love the picture of you and Donna Forrest! She sounds like a wonderful person who followed her dream, became hugely successful, and now can donate to those charities closest to her heart.

  4. Chance and circumstance favor the prepared mind.
    Nice to meet Donna Karan. Ya know Forrest I must admit that for sometime I held the concept that the well to do did little to help the less fortunate. Thanks for proving me wrong. I hope to meet more of your friends.

    Btw why is Donna wearing leggings on her arms?

    • Chad- Not to be TOO cynical, but have you done the math?

      If I gave $59.07 of my $48,000 annual salary to a charity, would you write me and let me know how wonderful I was to help others with that amount?

      We tend to see big numbers like $800,000.00 and lionize those who are giving it. And yes, that’s a large amount. But of her fortune, she gave .0012 percent (or the charitable foundation did). That is one eighth of one percent of what she sold her company for. Being Jewish, she is most likely familiar with the Old Testament tithe of 10 percent. I wonder if she found other areas in which to help others out. If she did, then great.

      Not to knock this woman (who suffered a terrible loss earlier on in life and had her eyes opened) but I firmly believe the majority of rich people are as you originally stated: concerned little about those of less fortunate circumstances. The Bill Gateses and others who set up these foundations probably do so to appease their consciences. I wonder what they gave when they didn’t have much. Remember the account of the widow and the mite? If not, don’t sweat it.


      • TOO cynical!
        You criticize before you know the whole story.
        It’s those large amounts of money donated by the wealthy that funds much of the good done.
        You certainly couldn’t help that much.
        How much do you propose the wealthy give? Everything?
        The reason they have it, and not you, is because they know how to handle it.

        • Good Knee-Jerk reaction, Special.
          But boy, are you naive.

          The vast majority of funds for charity and non-profits come from the ma and pa donations that typically are less than $25.00.

          “How much do you propose the wealthy give?” you ask ? Well, let’s see. A little more than .00123 percent. Or to look at it from the other direction, keep less than 99.877%

          But hey, defend those rich folk if you please.

          • At my age I don’t “Knee-Jerk”.
            Neither am I naïve.
            Go ahead, don’t defend those rich folk.
            They are the ones that give complainers like you jobs.
            But hey, have a nice day.

          • Such emotion !!
            I am a public employee. I am paid by the taxes of the working class, not by huge corporations like WM who hire my students for a pittance. The chasm between the classes grows daily; the rich smile with feigned concern for the workers, and the corporations serve only the wealthy stockholders.

            And if you read more closely, you will see that I was encouraging Chad not to jump on the “oh, what a wonderful person she is” for giving such an tiny percentage of her fortunes. If you want to call discernment complaining, be my guest.

            And I hope your day goes as you deserve.

          • I’m with you on this one Jack.
            They give us jobs… Give? Speck, its seldom even a fair trade! The fulcrum point is set by them that got. Worker demographics should form a diamond/lozenge shape — a few at the top, a few at the bottom, and a wide middle-class with lots of up-down mobility between the top & bottom. In reality, its more like an hourglass shape with a small head & a long narrow neck. And worse, hard work, talent, invention, do not guarantee a seat in the skybox, but birth always does. It’s best not to blame the footless for not having shoes.

          • What’s this got to do with our treasure hunt?

            Stay on topic please. There’s a rant/rave page on Craigslist for the rest. Thank you.

        • Distressing to me that some idolize wealth. Like maybe amassing it is a trait of genetic superiority, not just leeching off underpaid workers. (not in all cases- but think Walton) DK I have no idea, but I really like the Gate’s idea of eradicating malaria, that is super cool. I don’t think either is however somehow better or superior than either special or cynical, or anyone.

          • Really you guys?

            Dals blog contributors have prided themselves at avoiding this sort of discussion offering nothing to anyone in finding the TC.
            Appreciate all your viewpoints but,
            please stick to the main objective here (helping anyone to find the TC) and by all means go to the polls to deal with other issues that are important and matter to you…sorry but one vote is all you get.

            Now get back to work!

      • Shadows-
        I couldn’t have said it better. Nicely done !!
        I think how you describe what our country should be is how it was YEARS ago. But those with wealth and power took hold of the reigns and steered us off into another direction.

        My dad was a small business owner for 30+ years and treated his employees well: pay, benefits, vacation, perks, etc. I haven’t heard or read about that kind of business in the past decade or two. I grew up in a very well-to-do town in Marin County. Most of my friends were Jewish kids with actual doctors, lawyers, accountants as parents. So I know of what I speak. As their child’s close friend, I was treated like family. TIGHT. But what I saw as far as their focus on money and the trappings eventually turned me off. I chose to go into teaching to help my students discover that life is far from making bucks only. My dad wanted me to take over the business, but after working for 6 months or so, I decided that the business world wasn’t for me at all. “I coulda been a contender!” And wealthy.

        So I am really at odds with myself about this whole treasure thing. The concept of getting families out to enjoy the wilderness together is great. But the length to which it seems to be driving some folks is troublesome.

        What has this got to do with TTOTC ? Well, I’ll let others decide. Sorry to rain on the parade. Have fun folks.

        • You know John this has nothing to do with what people think it’s all about getting where we need to go and money is a tool to get there. So, I agree with you but be careful how you get your point across. Well said… 🙂

          • Thanks, PO9.

            So, you got five bucks I can borrow?! 🙂

            You know, if you lent someone twenty dollars and never saw that person again, it was probably worth it. (Someone more clever than I.)

      • Boy Johnson, are you in the wrong place. This whole site is dedicated to the adulation/acquisition of wealth. After all, we are looking for a treasure chest hidden by a rich guy. He could have given his money to an orphanage or added a wing on to a hospital; and they would have mounted a nice plaque with his name on it and everything. Then how would we waste all out time and money.

        I’m surprised you can bring yourself to type on your evil corporate produced computer/cell/pad to an evil website hosted by an evil corporation. I often wondered what a government approved and produced I-Pad would look like. Probably something along the lines of the original black and white Palm Pilot. It would cost twenty thousand dollars and we would be forced to buy it to fund all the Marxist government employees’ high dollar wages, bonuses, and pensions. If we complain we’ll get a visit from the IRS Gestapo……… Heil Big Government!

        Oh and Johnson, you really are paid by the rich folks like it or not. You should quit.

        The top 10 percent of taxpayers paid over 70% of the total amount collected in federal income taxes in 2010, the latest year figures are available.

        • Facts ?!??!!?
          You want me to pay attention to facts ?!?!??
          Well, OK.

          But Goofy, I never used the word evil. Just that the atmosphere in corporate America today is much less beneficial to the working man.

          Your description of all things “evil” tends to be reflective of modern communism. My description more parallels ancient Roman government. BIG difference. But, despite being a cynic, I will let it go and not bring this up anymore. Thanks.

        • Tanks for the link. I found “The top 10% of taxpayers take home 45% of the nation’s income, according to Citizens for Tax Justice. Moreover, they seem to be getting richer all the time. “, and “The vast majority of income gains have gone to the people at the top.” That should be an eye opener for everyone. But, I can’t complain, I’m comfortably retired (but hardly rich).

    • Instead of focusing on the task at hand, the topic has turned into a bashing session. IMO Donna seems like the real deal. That aside, there’s a clue in the story that Forrest wants to be recognized… IMO

  5. She had goals and dreams nice story. What a successful lady she became 🙂

  6. Looks more like a country singer then a Indian. A Loyal Lady.
    Thanks Forrest. Did You Tell Er To Come Back And See Ya? 🙂

  7. TFTW page 125 …”scented in” with a smile that comes from Donna Karan’s fragrance.

  8. I bet i can smell that bright perfume from a hundred yards. But, 85 at least. mmm… 🙂

  9. first of all i was involved in a accident five years ago i had to learn how to read and write again so i think i am doing pretty good but any way on page158 qn to far to walk represents 38 bears give or take one where the title was found but that does not mean i own the treasure but now ive got to figure out the title and that is the third stage of home of the brown the bear was the second phase he made it very hard to get the title i could only imagine how hard the treasure will be now let me start from the begining i have been on this hunt for over 3 years i would always get my research at the same library i know almost every book in one day when i went there there was a book that belong in the biblical section but it caught my attention because it said the road to santa fe and that is what my research related to so i got it opened up and on the 5th page was home of the brown i could not believe it i just got lucky i guess i love to read but this book was the hardest book ive ever read for exampel left was right right was left down was up up was dowm etc etc there were probably 9 or 10 rael charaters and each one had 4 or 5 fake ones that totaled a lot of people i had to figure out the real ones to the fake ones believe me i threw the book over a hundred times but i did not give up because i knew deep in my heart that i had the blaze and i turned out to be right on page156 of thrill of the chase he says the fumes of his forge permeatedthe whole epesoide so the books publisher is forge and above the word forge is a anvil with flames obove and that there my freinds is the blaze now we get to your quest to cease now i will explane that later today

    • Youve got my attention, Cognito. Your recovery path may give you insights the rest of us lack. I hope things work out for your family.

    • For those of you who search New Mexico and believe there is some truth in Cognitos ramblings, here are some solid references (I have No time nor inclination to follow up since I search elsewhere)

      Santa Fe Trail (Note: Erroll Flynn & Ronald Regan;
      story about abolitionist John Brown)

      Santa Fe Trail Association puplication with terrific historical articles

    • ok here we go to cease the book well that i did but i payed 2 dollers for it so for maybe 2 weeks i looked every where in that place behind pictures vents under the sink under the stage i mean every where but nothing so 2 weeks pass and i think hey maybe he meant the letter c so i go back to the library and l;ook down there are the c colums the first book was oscar and luciana by peter cary what caught my attchion was q and p s the blaze told me if i dont miind the qs and ps and it was the first bookj so it c aught my attention i opened up the book and there was a newspaper article of the terrfihing thrill im like what but its about how he came in to all this money and pepole honded him for money so in other words cog is this what you want he is just giving a taste of how it will be that what it was all about so please forrestt for give me what i post they have a right to know so it went on for 3 weeks =maybe 4 so my wife e mailed him and asked what was going on are we looking for somthing you cant find he said this its in the poem and hes right thats what the terrifing thrill was about so after my wife be mailed him it stopped so were over that so he told gang up 20 people are better than 1 i am noyt greedy by no means ytou can not figure out the poem wiothout the poem you can not find the blaze without the poem with out blaze you caN NOT FIND THE TITLE WITH OUT THE TITLE YOU CANT FIND THE TREASURE I HAVE BOTH I DONT WANT IT A;LL i want is to get the help m,y son needs oh and by the way the man looking for information on jhon brown you are very smart i give you a lot of credit i reshered him for 3 3 months strait you might be on it i dont know i know he was here fighting againts the indians but where he stayed i could not find but i think that is where the ball of string comes into play i dont have my books with me right now but if you remember the boy holding the trout with a string i took it as hint because they hung jhon brown so good luck but me i found it to be a false lead one reason he fought againts the indians sure he was a hero but his fight againts the indians would make think other wise i dont know wow what a suprise to here that any way good luck and i mean that ok now on the blaze the first 3 pages says this and take it however he gets the treasure wraps it in a mexican ball room gown puts it in the trunk of a car with dark tinted windows and he hates tinted windows but you can understand why they were i tinted any way he drives to a snaked road meaning zig zag of course with a cotten wood lined road im thinking not cotton trees but cotton cut vigas lining the ROAD IM NOT SURE OK NOW HE DRIVES THAT UNTILE HE IS OUT OF SIGHT HE GETS HIS SHOVEL AND GOES TO THE NOT MOUNTAIN BUT HILL AND DIGS A HOLE BESIDE A BOILDER ON THE SIDE OF THE HILL GOES BACK TO THE CAR GETS THE CHEST ONLY NO GOLD INSIDE THAT IS HOW A OLD MAN CAN DO IT AND BY THE HE COULD PROBAly kick your ass and mine to dont let him fool you after he takes the chest he goes back 3 or 4 times and fills the chest then he begins to bury it and with out warning the side of the hill gives way buring the chest deeper than he wanted it be but o well it is what it is and we are talking 2 maybe 3 in the morning and thats the time he insist you go ok so the next day he goes back it does not state the time but i am sure its daylight because this is what he now this is the last and final blaze to the poem he is one smart sonof agun i caNT BELIVE IT WOW ANY WAY HE SETS UP A VERY SOPHISTICATED MIRROW SYSTEM THAT SHINE ON THE LOCATION OF THE TREAsure from 12 till sun down now thats the blaze so if that is true i dont know ok so we get to his treasure in bold i will keep you up dated if not today tommorrow after my pool tournament i really dont know what to but what i have found out but ive got some real suprises for you stay tuned p s forgive me forrest i think its the right thing to do

  10. Forrest.
    One more thing don’t think some of us can not recognize your location from the photo. The Place Of Rest ..nice smile 🙂

  11. cognito. hum? Crazy or a clue? Crazy ramblings of yet another searcher?
    Fenn can be who ever, when ever he wants on these Blogs. Time is coming to a
    end. I have been rude on here, my favorite movie. Riley says something stupid when “Iron Pen, is translated to Iron Penitentiary…and Riley blurts out..a misnomer. Hmmm? I can do that too! It is and will always be what our life experiences lead us.

    • no i am not forrest i just know what telling you is because i found the blaze no biggie just trying to make it fair thats just the way i am beleive me i am frustrated as much as you people if not more like forrest said lets gang up and get yhis over with or he is going to open up a crazy house for his treasure hunters i am not greedy i know u and everbody has spent alot of time and effort in to this i have crucial info that no body has and i am willing to share it time is running out for the love of our life i refuse to give up if i do i giveup on my son lets get together and solve this already if we can solve this with what i know give me 40000 and you guys split the rest we can do this 15 heads are better than one aint that right forrest

      • Cognito,

        Listen carefully. Some things are meant to be and some are not. You have allowed yourself to forget about how important you are, to the people around you. You are totally consumed by this search for treasure.

        Think of this search like a state lottery. Everyone involved with it, has a ticket. Only one of them is going to win. If you have ever bought a lottery ticket, you know the feeling when they call out 4 of the 5 numbers and you know that the next number could make you a millionaire, but doesn’t.

        Do you continue dreaming of what that 5th number could have done for you? Of course not. Maybe you go out and buy another ticket for next months’ drawing or you give up on dreaming of being rich. But you don’t allow it to consume you. You move on with your life. You should be the father and husband to that beautiful family you have so fortunately been given. You become the “Treasure” that they so desperately need. You share your love and strength with them. You don’t allow what may have been, distract you from what is. Please be their “Treasure”.

        • German & Goofy, its nice to always hear the voice of reason from you both. Everyone searching for Fenn’s treasure should have fun but take your advice to make their own family and friends first priority. Some people can make their search a hobby and some get too consumed. It took me a few months to find that balance and just have fun enjoying the great outdoors.

      • To cog: Having a little hard time filtering/translating your text, cog, but trying.
        $40,000 is the out of pocket cost for an experimental treatment to help your son, is that correct? Please also look into palliative care, if this is terminal– don’t wait to do that, trust me.

        To all: Being medical proxy, caregiver, power of attorney for someone terminally ill, someone important in your life, can shatter your mental or emotional foundation. For those who haven’t been in those shoes: a) knock wood: here’s hoping you never do. b) if thats the case, cog’s keeping their stuff /head together pretty well compared to many. c) not even an archvillain-level-worst-enemy would I wish that experience upon.

        Ode to Peggy: she really was/is Forrest’s hero.

        • Aye … despair, paranoia, urgency, fear, confusion, panic, inarticulacy, hallucinations, bad or no meds/friends/resources. Only the lucky navigate the thin thin ice, and only the boors crow “and I did it MY WAY”. Most of us say ‘whew’ and thank our stars.
          Peggy is a centerpiece in my solve. The adult half of the book, and ¾ of FF’s life involves Peggy. IMO the key word in HOB is H. Metaphorically, WWWH, may be the end of innocence and childhood. Again, IMO.
          Yes, you only need the poem to find the treasure …. but you need the book to understand the poem.

          • Forrest owes his life and faith to Peggy and his daughters. Everyone should have such a wonderful family to ‘stand in the gap’ believing and nurturing them back to health. I appreciate their example of a 60 year marriage and pray TOTC has not robbed them of priceless family time. Old Shadows is right.. The greatest physical treasure is your family. The greatest spiritual treasure is walking in forgiveness and truth IMO. Take great care of those you love.

          • You forgot God Norwegian. But I strongly agree with everything else you’ve said and I feel the same way. I know I wouldn’t be who I am today without both God first and my husband second. I adore them both and I’d lay down my life for them and my friends. Take Care.

      • Cognito is just have a moment that at one point or another we go through in life. I say give him his space and let him work through his ordeal and in a month he probably be ok.

    • .check this out up your creek with out a paddle means this up the creek there will will be a building witha sign that says office when ff got called to the office it was a spancking with a paddle but this office does not have a paddle but it have a library so in the totc book he says there was a photo that he did not know was in . There its the photo of the library thats in the book top. Right hand corner cant tell u what page its on bi dont have my bokks with me but if have the boo k. You will have no problem finding it now i will tell u what i found at imo later ive got to go for now. After tommorrow i will have to go mia. Again. There tracking me again

      • Ive been right there Cog and enjoyed touring that school. You should go see some of these places for yourself, but then sounds like you are always on the run, or maybe dreaming you are on the run. How is your son doing?

        Did you read Forrests comments on Mysterious writings? Odd and troubling. He is usually on the positive side of brilliant, not the dark side.

    • Yes ed thats right but he did do two books but he only signed one thats the one i found the second imo are the war veterans. Where the title was found they pass away one or two a month sometimes more and taking there memorys of history with them sad but we all go but thank god for there braveness where we would we be with out them but anyway thats where warm water s being passing away. Because we are what maybe 90 percent water thank you for your post.

      • Very interesting Cognito. A veterans retirement center. We should meet up sometime and chat about the chase. What state are you from?

    • Norm Zollinger is a wonderful writer. He was friends with Tony Hillerman when Hillerman was alive.

  12. Cognito what is wrong with your son? and you said you have people following you? as well as threats to your son? explain more in detail please thank you

      • I’d nominate scrapbook 62? List of over complications, plus all of Jenny ‘s great ‘q’s with Forrest answers, some of which were actually straight forward. 😉

        • Map, what I created the cheat sheet for is beginners starting the chase. The cheat sheet along with Dal’s “Most Important Info” page will give a newbie a place to start. There is so much more to learn, as you know.

          Having said that I’ve updated the cheat a few times as more things come out. Could you be more specific about what you think should be there. I’m careful about adding to it because I don’t want it to be over whelming and it’s not meant to be a one stop list of everything a searcher needs to know.

          • couple of the things I might add to “FF has said”:
            — “Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map”
            — “bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, formulas, codes, riddles, ciphers [ and more ], will not assist anyone to the treasure location”
            — Q: are there any false clues/red herrings intentionally laid within in the poem? A: No sir.
            — Q: How much of an influence would you say Treasure Island, Huck Finn, or other books/poems have had over your treasure hunt?” A: None at all
            — There isn’t a human trail in very close proximaty to where I hid the treasure
            — [no specialized knowledge needed] My Thrill of the Chase book is enough to lead an average person to the treasure
            — “I am not ready to say the treasure is not in water”
            — I made two trips from my car to the hiding place and it was done in one afternoon.
            — Q: Is the Blaze one single object? ~
            A: In a word – Yes

            could we make an Advanced Cheat Sheet page (or just use Tips From Forrest for this)?
            — “It’s not what they say on the blogs that may be significant, it’s what they whisper”
            — ” there is no substitute for thinking and planning and observing and looking at maps, unless it’s the desire to keep it simple.f ”
            — Q: Can you please elaborate on ‘the chest is not in a dangerous place’? A: The treasure is not hidden in a dangerous place in the normal definition of the word, realizing that there probably is no place on this planet that is safe under all conditions. Bloggers have quoted me as saying that a child could walk up to the treasure. I don’t think that’s an accurate quote because a three year old girl would have a problem without some help. ”
            — The most common mistake that I see searchers make is that they underestimate the importance of the first clue.

          • Map, I’ve updated the cheat sheet with some of your suggestions. Dal also has the “Tips From Forrest” on the “Most Important Info” page.

            Like I said before, these are for new folks to give them get a start. I don’t think we should try to create an “everything you need to know” page because that would be impossible, and it could lead some folks to think there is nothing else to know. Not because I want to hoard information, but because what is important to me may not be important to you. Ten people could watch all the videos of Fenn and come up with completely different interpretations of what he said. Or just one sentence in the mountain of information Dal has compiled, that all of us have ignored, could give the right person the key to unlocking the poem.

            As with most worthy endeavors in life…….there is no shortcut, it’s a lot of work.

  13. So Sorry to hear about your son Cognito!!! Will keep in my prayers and will ask others to do the same. Hope all of your theories are factual and hope you get Plenty of funds to help your son. May God Smile down upon you and yours. What is the matter with your son and what is his age? Have a fiirst cousin ( like a sister to me) going in for major tests next Monday the 28th and do not know what to expect. She just turned 40 got divorced earlier this year and has 3 children with no help at all from her Druggie ex-husband; nothing at all!!! Life can be cruel and harsh to handle lots of times and that closed door seems like a smack in the face until that little window finally opens. God is watching and ministering to you and us all through these hard time. NEVER GIVE UP NOR LOSE YOU FAITH!! Treasure or no treasure , our children , family, even blogger friends are a family if you need to talk……all are our true happiness trove !! The love of a parent for his or her child is boundless and stronger than anything and cannot be broken. Take care and cannot wait to hear your solve and what the Lord has done in your situation. God Bless and keep your eyes pointed up towards Heaven and see what happens and expect that miracle they really do happen every day. Please be safe and know we are all here for you YOU ARE NOT ALONE….. Ms. Girl As always continue the Chase and ready, set, go…….. Everyone start your BLAZES AND Lets take it easy out there and be SAFE

  14. Very cool lady Gives us woman with no education or money hope to become anything we wanna be 🙂

    • @Cognito – Judy MS is right and your family needs you more now than ever before. Just as Peggy found faith and courage to fight for a Forrest, you can do that for your family. Life stinks at times but we are hard wired to endure trials. Find courage and faith. Personally, i live daily with lupus and the possibility of untreated cancer returning. With faith in God above, I enjoy peace and don’t live with fear. Dig deep Cog, get your courage on, and stay close to your family. They need you!

  15. Cog, maybe f. is telling us to get out while we still can with this story. Should we high tail it out of here? Oops, thought this was the Persian rug story. Never mind.

  16. Is the subscription broken on this Scrapbook? Maybe I’m in meditation, or modernation or mediation or moderation… ah hech, limbo?

  17. hello everyone

    im back from my search. . last year i made i think 4 searches. this is my first one this year so im def on a slower pace.

    but i think we all know the treasure wont be found because of the frequency of searches probably but by the person who figures it out

    i didnt find the treasure. i dont know if ill go on another search this year, maybe, but first i will have to see the clues differently somehow and be convinced how i am getting it wrong.

    that reminds me of the joke f recently posted where God said how much time do you got. i think this is a hint that understanding how much ‘time’ there is in the location will help you find it.

    the one thing i think i know, is what and here the blaze is. that is my foundation that i am building on.

    • Chris, I don’t understand… Are you saying you know what the balaze is —a shape, color, sound, thingy, etc. (depends what ‘is’ is) but not where it is?
      And from the knowledge of what it is, you are extrapolating the What’s & Where’s of it’s predecessors, Hob & WWWH?
      Thats a long inductive walk with many gaits, but maybe successful. Fun times ahead.

      • i had a typo there, i think i know where the blaze is, and what it is

        im not reverse engineering the blaze.i was able to find it after knowing where HOB and WWH is

    • Chris –

      Glad you went on a hunt. Did you go to a new area? Did it help you to be there on the ground – or confuse you?

      IMHO – I think the blaze must be found before you go. It is critical but just one part of the whole. Just my opinion.

      I know you are close. Best Wishes.

      • the area is still the same, but i went to a new spot in that area

        yes, i agree the blaze must be known. the poem tells you and you can see it on a map

        • i am learning though that if you want to have a chance at a successful search, you need to know more than the blaze. you need to understand what comes after

          it is currently my belief that the treasure is not near the blaze, not anything near like most people seem to think

          locating the blaze is a big piece of the puzzle, but it is a puzzle loaded with subterfuge

          • Interesting how we all look at the poem in different ways. I don’t think there is any subterfuge in the poem at all – I think it is straight forward and honest. I also do not think the blaze can be found on a map.

          • inthechaseto, you obiously haven’t heard about Steven Wrights map. The blaze has to be on it. Just a little bit of research and you’ll underrstand.

          • there is a chest that was hidden, and the poem can lead you there

            that makes it str8 forward and honest

            but counter measures have been deployed

            you said ” IMHO – I think the blaze must be found before you go.

            but then you say ” I also do not think the blaze can be found on a map.

            …. huh?

          • While Forrest has said before you only need the poem, and at one point suggested you might wanna bring a sandwich and a flashlight,
            he’s recently said
            the only 3 tools that will assist you to get closer to the chest are a good map(or GE), the book, & the poem.
            I agree: The blaze could be in the book or the poem, And not on a map at all.

          • Why would you think a blaze would HAVE to be on a map? It could be right in front of you.

            PS – did you find the castle?

          • IMO, I found the castle about 6 or 7 years ago. I just didn’t know the significance. The loose rails scared me and the height, my wife.

  18. Cog,

    I do not know what to make of your words. The discrepancy in their consistency from one post to the next leaves me curious.

    Regardless, I wish you all the best.

    But if you read Maps pitch to Goofy for an advanced cheat sheet above, FF states he hid the chest in an afternoon and not at night as you suggest. I do like the mirrors idea though, you definitely have some abstract ways of thinking.

    This is a tough one to win and while I am sitting here feeling very confident of THE solve, I remember when I wasn’t confident. I loved the chase but didn’t have it solved. If I was there again, and going through what you are going through, I would take a time out and focus solely on my situation.

    just my opinion,


  19. Does anyone think that we should know What and Where the BLAZE is before leaving home I would like to know how is that possible? Wouldn’t u need to be at some location to recognize the blaze 🙂

    • That would be an excellent question for Mr. Fenn!

      Either that or a clue to help us get started. Sounds to me like so many are still trying to find a starting point. (Including me.)

    • Yes, imo, you must be confident about all the poem first. The blaze included. I think it’s just as possible/difficult as any other part. You must be wise and find it on the map, not with your eyes onsite. IMO.

    • Amy –

      To think out of the box -will probably land you this treasure.

      If it was easy – it would have been found by now.

      I think the blaze can be found by following the many back stories attached to the chase. Of course to be right – you would have to start in the right place. When you find it – it will hit you like a ton of bricks. History is a giant part of this adventure.

    • Amy,
      If you put any stock into FF’s statements:

      1) The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental…
      2) and that person will walk right to the chest with a smile on their face. (paraphrased)

      Then I think you will nee to identify a little more than the blaze prior to making an attempt to retrieve the trove. IMO

      The Wolf

    • Amy, yes in my opinion. The clues are in the poem. That is why he says found the blaze rather than see the blaze. If you solve the poem, you have been wise and found the blaze before going there.

    • Amy, IMHO, there is a lot more to it than just finding the blaze. You can find the blaze from interpreting the poem, but I will remind you and everyone that finding the blaze is only half of the battle. Look quickly down does not automatically get you the chest. This is where the hard part starts. But, I believe you can find the blaze in the poem if you are a deep thinking searcher. 🙂
      Good luck to you.

  20. Thanks for all the opinions about the blaze. Of course I have a starting point but to find that Blaze it’s a different story . I have tried and tried to think I can not get the Blaze out of my mind. I think u need to be there to recognize 🙂

    • Amy,
      The concept of believing that one needs to be on location to find the blaze is very popular and I was once the biggest advocate of that theory; however I now believe that research (very good research) can bridge that gap. Why spend a couple thousand bucks on a hunch when you can probably find a cheaper way to find what you need through research or other means.

      That said, if its your first visit to the area you can always rationalize it as a vacation and realize the other objective of Mr. Fenn and that is to get people outside and explore the mountains.
      The Wolf

  21. Wolf

    This us Amy I have been at my location 3 times labor day weekend will make 4 its the only place I search although I will not be searching in the national Forest 🙂

  22. If you are not familiar with the state or area, I would definitely recommend going a small vacation there to see what it’s like and what it isn’t and you can’t get that in a book or map.

  23. I’m so busy Chasing my tail working, it’s hard to keep up with the blogs… 🙁

    Cog, first I pray your family finds comfort… Second, Imo your honest, and I’d be glad to be on your team! Somehow, I’m beginning to believe we are a team again?

    Goofy and f, I guess, I am of the opinion, perhaps, just maybe it could be, I got ya’s…
    Looking up Treasure Island was indeed my first clue, and Yes, I’m a rookie, but… It clearly said in wiki… that any thing that describes the location of a treasure… is thus a treasure map. When I first read the Poem I was and still am dumbfounded, however… After reading Wiki and turning the poem into a treasure map… Imo I began to have some small successes!

    Therefore, Imo researching Treasure Island proved to be a big help… just say n’. Also while the rest might be non clues… one has to wonder why f mentions Treasure and Gardner Island? Curious?

    Chris Y, I’d like to know for sure what the blaze is… I was of the opinion one would know what it is when and if they saw it, but not until then. I figure if you know what it is and can’t find the chest, then why not tell us what you think the blaze is…then it might help others along… A big please goes with that!

    Lastly, I’m pounding nails today and I have this random thought… Recently I had been researching cist, it said the trunk of a car might be considered a little hidee spot… Then as the sun was beating down on my slightly balding head, I had a sickening thought, he’ll give me title to the Gold… Title like in automobile… We’ve all thought Title to land but I hadn’t thought vehicles… Is an automobile a structure? Anyhow too much sun…smiles!
    Mark H.

    • Goofy and f, I guess, I am of the opinion, perhaps, just maybe it could be, I got ya’s…

      I got lost on that one; what do you mean?

      I like the car trunk hidey spot and title to the car idea. How many old cars have we walked right past. Maybe one was a very special old car with a missing seat.

    • Mark,
      F was asked about treasure island on mysterious writings:

      “Maddox asks: “How much of an influence would you say Treasure Island, Huck Finn, or other books/poems have had over your treasure hunt – (both the creation and execution of it)?”

      None at all Maddox.”

  24. After 1-1/2 yrs of research and no trips West yet (coming soon), I am running with the theory that there is 1 key word in the poem that is also a hint in the poem and the book that unlocks the book hints therefore unlocks the poem.. At which point the hint in the book, when antilized correctly and decifered correctly gives you the code to finding the treasure. “All you need is the poem!” FF = this is a true statement. What I have gotten out of the poem puts me not only in the location of the blaze but at the right area within 6 football fields. That wasn’t good enough. ” use the book” (paraphrased) FF = this a true statement. Decoding put me at a certain point. ” A good map will help” FF = this is a true statement. Helped confirm. ( I actually think 3 maps help me a whole lot)…. All IMHO. But who knows? Only Mr Fenn! This is just my way of thinking, that’s all.

  25. I believe I know what the blaze is. If i’m correct it would be possible for some outdoors-men/women to know beforehand what it is. I saw it on one of my trips, but didn’t recognize it for what it was. only after I had returned home and studied some more, did it hit me. f responded to a question asking if the blaze was a single object, “in a word, yes”.
    You must find the blaze to know where to look, but you still must solve the last 2 clues to find the treasure. Isn’t that right Chris?

    • At imo there are three gates the one faceing north i found buried two capital letters they had nails below them thats how i found them with my metal detector those two letters relate to what i found below the home of brown where the title was found.

  26. Arrggh… The blaze is f ‘s white hair, an owl, white water, a fire… come on, if you think you might know… let the cat out of the bag (a little play on Tom Sawyer).
    I did say please! 🙂

    Goofy, I didn’t mean to confuse anyone… (But imo the treasure is at Disney Land, or in Kansas, or so I’m told…lol). No, I simply meant turning the poem into a map was, IMO a big help. When I first read the poem a Kazillion and one times, I had no clue what to make of it. And still don’t!!! But, I do think Treasure Island helped me… now whether or not it played a part in f’s architecture is another question. And as f has said it didn’t… we can eliminate Gardener Island! smiles

    I should enter this as one of them there TOTC stories.

    I early on decided where you hang your hat, is your home, and f likes hats. With this in mind, I didn’t think he couldn’t have went to far from Santa Fe with that box… or so IMO. I had to rationalize the amount of time it would take to get to his hidee spot twice from the car and back home for dinner???
    All conjecture Brimley!

    So, I found a map of New Mexico, a small one approx. 14″ x 20″… then estimated how far f could go, and in how much time, (Driving…not flying) then took my compass, slash coffee cup and made a circle (Now 11 circles in all… lol). I began researching everything in my circle and more… Anyway, a week or two later I had an epiphany… Treasure Island… I only bought the TOTC book this last May, and this was early last year! Pretty good huh? I went right to Wiki and looked the book up… it said any thing that may give clues as to the location of a treasure is thus a treasure map. I was excited. I was now looking for clues to locations and had picked a search area to start. This worked for me!
    And because we are all sharing… I ended up in Elizabeth Town, N.M. And I’m still there. Well in that general area, The Galisteo Basin, through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Taos, Rio, are all awesome/special and all in New Mexico.

    My lastest solve and maybe a cool one, has me walking down a creek, the water is probably shallow but quick moving… I’ll wear good creek shoes… no paddle! I’m hoping the cold water will be worth the walk. If I new what the blaze was for sure I might no what to look for once I’m there… unless it’s a waterfall, then I be able to see and hear it. Quickly looking down, I doubt my quest will ceast!

    Mark H.

  27. The Poem as a Set of Directions

    Some folks on this blog believe strongly that the poem’s true meanings are hidden in its word and letter arrangements and that in order to understand how to find the treasure you first must crack the cryptic code and then reassemble the clues to find the treasure. There is no shortage of cryptographers out there with some pretty amazing theories about the “secret” messages in Forrest’s poem.

    In fact, most of the theories perplex me. I don’t understand them. But I guess I gave up thinking double omegas, rainbows, owls and Red Ryder had anything to do with the solution to the poem the same day each was brought forward. I’m an agnostic when it comes to finding hidden meanings in the books, the scrapbooks or the poem. Don’t get me wrong, I think there are hints in the books and in the scrapbooks…but I don’t think they are hidden or require a calculator to be unveiled.

    I don’t believe any “cryptic code” exists in Forrest’s writting. I don’t think there are anagrams that will lead us to the treasure. I do believe there are anagrams, but none intentionally put there by Forrest to guide us to the treasure.

    The anagrams exist simply because there are many letters in each stanza, so it’s easy to rearrange those letters to say many different things. You can do the same thing with every Elvis song, a recipe for crab cakes or the Constitution. That doesn’t mean the authors ever knew the anagrams were there, let alone placed them purposely with hidden intent. Their emphasis was on content…not trickery or hidden or subliminal messages.

    Today, with computers in our pocket a million times more powerful than a five million dollar Cray computer in 1962, everyone who wants too can over analyze everything for hidden meanings, coupon codes, blond jokes or directions from the Devil. Perhaps we watch too much forensic science on TV and the lines between reality and fiction are blurred in our earthly world, making us suspicious of everyone and everything.

    Based on my own life, and the preponderance of evidence that I am nearly “average”, most of us are simply too lazy or too interested in other avenues to bother building cryptic codes. Although, I am certain that someone will be going through this essay with their secret decoder to see what my hidden agenda might be. Reinforcements seafood pots.

    Some people will argue anything. For or against…doesn’t make any difference. The argument is the purpose, not the position. When I was in high school there used to be “debate” teams in which people with this built-in aversion to facts would randomly take on any issue with total personal immunity and defend their randomly held position against someone else’s. What was interesting to me was there were never winners or losers in these competitions. No one judged each argument on it’s merits. Rather it was participating in the argument itself that was reward for these debaters and their coaches. I think that most of them went on to become trial attorneys and members of congress.

    I am not trying to dampen the voices of those on this blog who see codes and anagrams and a vortex of hidden meanings in every new word or phrase. I find reading their positions fascinating, in the same way that I find watching ants interesting…I have no idea why they do the things they do but in the end they survive to come out and do it again tomorrow.

    My intent is balance. I think the cryptos voices far out-yell the simpletons like myself who believe there could be nothing more straight forward than the simple directions in Forrest’s poem. Please notice that I said “simple directions”. I did not say “easy directions”.

    Here is how simple I think they are:
    If I were to say to you, You can find me in the state of Colorado. Start on the corner of Main and 1st Streets and then take a left and go just a few blocks, to the Sinclair gas station. From there head down 5th until you get to the streets named after trees. When you get to my favorite fruit street turn up it and go to the corner with a traffic light. From there, be careful and turn right and travel at least six miles til you see the home where the clowns live. I will be in that house.
    I think that’s pretty straight forward…simple…but not easy.

    The first difficulty with my set of directions above, as in Forrest’s poem, is figuring out where to start…
    So we start researching..what communities have a 1st street and a Main street that intersect? Fifty years ago this would have been a simple, but very time consuming task. Today, using Google Maps it’s still time consuming but much less so than it was in 1964.

    This is the way I approach Forrest’s poem. It’s a simple set of directions. The first thing that must be done is to figure out where to start. Some felt they knew where to start from the very beginning. I was one of those. Three years later I am certain I was wrong. Today I have a different place to start. It is based on the poem itself and on hints and clues that Forrest has given us over the past three and a half years. And that’s the way it goes. People that start searching this summer will not make many of the same mistakes I made in 2011 because they have more information from Forrest then we had just a few years ago. I suspect the same is true for people who join the search two years from now as Forrest continues to offer new information.

    So anyone searching needs to undertake due diligence to insure they are up to speed on everything Forrest has told us about the poem and it’s nine clues. As this blog grows it is harder to make certain you have garnered all the good information available on it…even the information directly from Forrest is monumental. So although it is a simple task to read this blog, Jenny Kile’s, Richard Saunier’s, Toby’s and others where Forrest has spoken directly to searchers, it is not an easy task. It takes devoting a lot of time to reading, screening out the rumors and misconceptions and to taking notes. But in a few days you could amass one heck of a lot of knowledge about the poem, Forrest and the treasure hunt….no calculators or anagram solving software required…

    • So Dal, does this mean you don’t think my idea of listening to all of Fenn’s recordings backwards will yield any important clues and hidden messages?

      OK fine……..back to the Weegie Board I have for a mouse pad.

      • Chris-
        Just trying to redirect the conversation back to the hunt…
        I figured something outlandish was in order…

    • Dal,

      You perplex me at times. In your statement “This is the way I approach Forrest’s poem. It’s a simple set of directions. The first thing that must be done is to figure out where to start. Some felt they knew where to start from the very beginning. I was one of those. Three years later I am certain I was wrong. Today I have a different place to start.”

      Why not “simply” start where he tells you to? “Begin it where warm water halts”.

      What’s wrong with Forrest’s comment, “It’s not easy, but not impossible”. Clearly he sees “simplicity” as the wrong way to go, as you would have found it by now, ignoring any of his previous comments. Some things can be really hard to do, and yet through careful study, turns out simpler than we thought.

      Take Cancer research for example. The research into it’s cure is still eluding the scientists. Did they think it would be “simple”? I hardly think so. Do they believe that a cure is possible? Of course they do. Why chase after an elusive goal if they didn’t think it was worth it.

      When the cure is found, will any layman understand how it was found? I seriously doubt it. Why? Because they won’t understand the scientific method used.

      Sometimes, the truth can stare people in the face and yet they’ll never see it.

      • Just as a tangential side note: I understand one cool thing about cancer research thanks to a TED talk I attended in 2013:
        scorpion venom is being used as tumor paint, to better identify, focus, and then kill cancer tumors. Amazing stuff.

        • @Map – Forrest would be pleased those stupid scorpions on the south side of his porch guarding his toys are good for something!

    • Dal

      You are correct and I agree I believe u start at

      As I have gone alone in there is the first clue 🙂

    • dal I wanted to say that – but it would of been to much – with my one finger typing

    • Dal, I think Forrest has supported you approach, more than once.
      I couldn’t help but to laugh at the reactions to your statement.

      We have been told we shouldn’t waste time looking if we can’t search with confidence. I don’t see results producing good searches for any of them. We have seen some of Forrest’s reaction to the complicating of his words.

      Perhaps we need a blog for arguing. Then we could have a choice to read or not.

      Thanks for your “averageness” (actually it is “above”), Dal.

    • Geeze Dal, that was supposed to be a secret. Now the cat’s out of the bag 🙂

    • I don’t think there are any codes, but as a fun side note if you take all the contractions used in the poem and write them out you get this little bit of joy…

      It is there. Will you have? I have. I am.

    • Hey Dal, How did you know I made crab cakes tonight? I better review the recipe for clues……Good rap young man. I think you said it well.

    • Dal-
      So I see you deciphered the first stanza! Just cannot figure out what letter to start with for your code.
      Some might be digging into deeper meanings for further justifications of a simple interpretation.
      If someone would just find IT then all these crazy ideas would go away.
      IMO– Does it start on Main street or maybe you only have to look quickly down main street?

      • Safety-
        I decided on 4 letters…the double omegas purpose in the book is a hint that we should look for double letters in Forrest’s name.. F-E-N and R. At first I couldn’t make anything useful out of those letters… FERN, NERF, Wait a minute…Nerf…not a name but a trade in Nerf Ball..First distributed by Parker Brothers Games in the sixties. The other famous game by Parker Bros was Monopoly…a great tie in to Forrest..So I pulled out my Monopoly Board and searched the squares looking for hints..
        Guess what I found…The Community Chest board icon…a big treasure chest with gold coins spilling out..
        There are 3 positions of this game place on the Monopoly board..
        one is between Mediterranean and Baltic…?
        One is between Pennsylvania and North Carolina..?
        One is between Tennessee and St. James…wait a minute…
        The St. James hotel..or place is in Cimarron, NM..
        I have not figured out what the Tennessee reference is about…but maybe you can 🙂

        • Dal-
          You have peaked my curiosity but it has been a long day. Cannot wait to reread your last two posts above. Right now I have to calculate the multiples of 84 and spell words backwards.
          Wait till you hear how I envision the double omegas.
          Try room 10C.

          15 years to keep something simple? My thoughts on that particular question are conflicting. I’m Caught in a Trap.

          Thanks for the advice and treasure tip.

        • so now Dal, you are saying there is a double letter code in the poem

          i call it the ‘twins’ code, and it is something i happen to believe in

          sometimes understanding what people think or where they are coming from can be very challenging

          remember the X Files. i think it was Dana Scully who was the sceptic and Mulder was the believer

          if Scully were searching for Fenns treasure, i bet she would know where warm waters halt

          • Chris-
            Everyone knows WWWH. I read that here on this blog. Maybe I just don’t know I know…Perhaps there is a code I need to unlock in my brain before I will recognize that I know 🙂

          • We know there are known knowns; there are things that we know that we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we don’t know we don’t know.

          • Goof-
            The Know Nothing Movement was active in American politics in the 1850s. Some would say they have never really died away…
            I know that I know nothing and am secure in my belief that to know nothing is the key to a joyous life..

          • Dal, IMO the uncluttered, simple mind is more content than the complex, fettered mind. I’m living proof! (of the simple minded) I was quite content before learning about TOTC… which beats a constant tattoo in the back of my mind demanding one more answer, a little more research..rat..a..tat..tat

            I had a terrific day. Spent with my older brother, who will be taking my place at Fenn’s poker table. Fenn meet Finn (Nor’s brother). He outfitted two women today with waders and took us down below one HOB. We put in wet to search for Fenn’s treasure near the stream beds. The current not too strong, but the rocks like greesed baseballs. We saw 3 beautiful white tail bucks and a cow moose grazing in the willows. BTW my brother Finn concurs with all the 3 knots, 5-6 fly fishing correlations and likes Winston and Fenwick rods. We found the perfect Fenn fishing hole near the moose on a beautiful stretch with a view unparalleled. The only problem, we were on private ranch land. Trying to determine if the MT stream law/normal high water mark applies if tc is found below mark

          • Curious law from state to state but I believe with the Montana law… If you are below the high water mark you are within the law… However the high water mark sometimes is unclear… Therefore never “really” give the exact locale of the chest if found until all is clear.

        • Dal’s Monopoly theory is pretty out there, but does account for checking the clues by a kid or 13 yr old….
          Tennessee Wiiliams? William was Forrest’s dad’s name, right?
          Any streetcars , iguanas, glass animals, or hot tin roofs nearby?? 😉

    • Reinforcements seafood pots??
      Well, that’s (anagram) code for :
      “Confederates Profess Motion” or “Correspond: A toffee Moistens” or “Forefront: Steam Endoscopies” ?

      or “O; Forrest Fenn’s code imposes Art”

      • completely lost at this hour on your seafood pots,toffe and steam endo’s.

        This ol southerner will be in motion at daybreak but probably just trying again w/o clarity.

  28. Johnson the cynic said

    I am a public employee. I am paid by the taxes of the working class

    a small percentage of the wealthy pay a majority of taxes. so you are getting this wrong, most of your paycheck is from the wealthy and also from corporations

    here in America we have by far the heaviest corporate tax rate at a whopping 40 percent, none of the other industrialized countries are even close. look it up.

    it is breaking our backs. when our govt takes too big a cut from those who have, then that is less money to get paid to those who work hard for those who have, and are trying to work themselves up the economic ladder. this is how an economy works. this is how capitalism works.

    and it has been successful for the USA for many years until we got too public employee and union heavy, such that the taxes of the private can no longer sustain those working on their tit. and even worse, a lot of these public employees, then think they are no longer servants to their fellow citizens, but their lord and masters.

    public agencies dont survive off making a profit. they wouldnt know how. then they stand back and watch corporations and people with money make shrewd and difficult decisions to stay profitable. sometimes that means letting go of some bad apples. but in return they actually make money, created careers and livings for people in the process and pay their taxes. but public agencies and employees point their fingers at them like theyve done evil. this is the mindset of facism and socialism. and we have gone too much in that direction.

  29. 100% of the money in the usa.95% is owned by the top 5%of the population the 5% left is owned by the 95% of the population no matter how you look at it imo its modern day slavery poor get poorer and rich get richer. Kinda hard to swallow if you work and raise a blister for a living. .. imo

  30. Not really a response to anyone but made me laugh today when I saw this quote so wanted to share the laugh.

    “Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes.”

    – Jack Handey

  31. Thanks Jack, er, John for your nice words somewhere back up this ladder, But a couple of points:
    a) I think the ‘to get folks out’ is a spin-off enhancement of the Chase. Dealing with despair on my own trail, I threw myself into busy/noble/huge pursuits. I think Fenn did the same. The Chase was more an adventure to focus his mind off his depressing diagnosis; a challenge he set for himself to make a bigger name-blaze across history, and if it didn’t hurt others, even helped them, then all-the-better. I am cynical about altruistic motives as primary movers.
    b) Don’t glorify the past… “The difference between our rich and poor grows greater every year. Our distribution of wealth is getting more uneven all the time. A man can make a million and he is on every page in the morning. But it never tells you who gave up that million he got. You can’t get money without taking if from somebody.” Will Rogers 1879-1935.
    c) I was a Realtor in Miami, many of my clients came from Haiti or Latin countries … some even by inner-tube. Two others were very big lottery winners. I know a little something about money & human behavior, & markets under socialism and capitalism. Mostly I know the rich should stop bitching.
    Chris and Goofy drank the kool-ade. I’m done. On to the puzzle.
    d.) Dal, great job, as usual.

  32. Yeah I agree with d.) Old Shadows… and 23 that was funny!

    I don’t know about the rant on taxes and welfare, …

    A.) The 86 year old lady at church gets 46 dollars a month in food stamps… I kinda feel bad it isn’t more… Imo some greedy thieves are lining their pockets with the majority of that.

    B.) What about the veteran down the street who has PSTD, I think he gets $721 in disability and also $42 dollars in food stamps… Could you live on 800 a month?

    F.) Single mother with kids… Okay her fault right?

    k> The Elderly ???

    P// Handicap kid… ?
    Q.) Handicap kid’s parents…?

    I.) wonder what it cost to run St. Judes?

    Some would have these people do community service???
    I would go as far at to say they think welfare isn’t to help the less fortunate… but instead… It’s so they can take advantage of the rich…???

    We must change our way of thinking, I don’t know anything about capitalism or socialism. I only understand standards of health, both in our bodies and environment… poverty and comfort… Rich and poor 🙁

    Mark H.

    • Mark, we’re both nuts… seriously, you’re on line at 3:46 am discussing food stamps. Me, I have just a few hours to chase one last time. Trying to go through latest 10 posts and see whats there.
      If I screw up again, it won’t be for lack of trying. Hiked 12 miles yesterday, much up hill and 3/4 completely off trail. Exhausted, hoping my feet don’t fail me 🙂

  33. You’re right Nor, I should have kept my pie hole shut! Now I’m feeling as if I was beaten, put away wet and raccoon eyes!
    Nice Job on the 12 miles, very impressive. I’m of the opinion, that is too far to walk… smiles. Have a happy day!

    • Mark, it was waaay to far to walk, and my blisters have their own zip code. Forrest could have driven his jeep part of the way, but not us, so we hiked and hiked.

      • Nor, did you take any pictures of anything that looked scary? While out, did you wear your locks in pigtails? I hope you had fun.

        • @slurbs, we did take photos, although scary on this trip was screaming muscles, 3 people losing their big toe nails from miles of steep downhill, and mostly no trails. Glad my brother was there to guide and encourage our feet. Gravity never sleeps! Probably won’t post much for a couple weeks, but will send Dal wild life photos from today.. 3 beautiful bucks mid stream, and a moose near what I believe may be one of Forrest’s fishing spots.

          • Nor, response affirmed and confirmed that we did not make eye contact. 🙂 yet 🙁 Heal up.

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