Scrapbook Eighty Seven…


JULY 2014


I received these photos from K and she wants to remind everyone that when searching in Canada please be careful and take plenty of pepper spray.

Polar Bear attack in Manitoba

Polar Bear attack in Manitoba



32 thoughts on “Scrapbook Eighty Seven…

  1. Thanks Forrest,
    That is so cool. Glad you make the effort to keep things interesting..

  2. Just takes me back. When my oldest treasure young, it was funny how she would cling to my legs like she belonged there. Perhaps, she looked at it then differently, now she looks down like I belong there.

  3. I never tire of any post that shows a unique relation between words and images. Pay attention, we get to choose how much fun we have in this life.

  4. Well, that is original and got our attention. I wonder if Forrest is playing with us? Has “The Thrill of the Chase” captured Forrest’s imagination in way’s we were not expecting?

  5. What a cutie! I’ve been wanting to make a trip up to Churchill, Manitoba to go on the tundra buggies and take pictures of the polar bears and other animals up there. Maybe this year!

  6. You all missed it !!!!!!!
    This is the biggest hint yet !!
    Take the caption; list the letters by frequency in alphabetical order; count out morse code, and you will find the blaze.

    Or if that doesn’t work . . then list the letters by frequency (IAO) and you get
    at bi nor cek lmp Plain as day isn’t it? 🙂

    • Johnson don’t be too cycnical. When it’s all over we can reminisce about the chase. I’ll drop into your place to cheer you and the wife up. Brace yourself lets do this. E—n

    • @Johnson, would you mind explaining what you meant by “at bi nor cek..etc.” I didn’t understand your meaning. Thank you in advance.

    • Johnson, don’t you think Yellowstone national park would be the perfect spot for Fenns trove. The peaceful cadence of a not to distant falls. Maybe Fenn cast a bronze rock and put the chest under it. And remember don’t be too cynical. On again, the virtue lies, in the struggle, not the prize.

      • A bronze 12″x12″ or bigger rock would be a heck of a blaze, shining in the sun …

    • No, of course not, Amy !!
      But it makes it easier for me to through a dart on the map, drive to the location, and then wanderer through the woods babbling to myself about some treasure and momma.

    • Yes, William. Perhaps the little cutie knows something we don’t, and a searcher got too close. Go little guy! 🙂

  7. Maybe there’s a clue in there – how about Bear Trap Canyon on the Madison River? Too bad it’s below 5000ft or it might be a viable hint. 🙂 Or maybe it has something to do with Bear (bare)foot something or another. Or maybe it’s just a cute picture. 🙂

  8. It’s that dang bear that lives near the house where all the windows face south… 😀

    • If only the treasure was hidden North of that particular house that you mention.
      Then, it would be a manageable search area …

  9. Yeah, I don’t know what to say about this scrapebook. I guess that all I can say is that the blaze eludes me. Well, maybe. How far is the blaze from the chest? Hmmm… I had me some crow again this weeekend. I DO NOT want to get crow as my every-meal dish. So, hopefully my next trip into that canyon will reveal the TC to me. I think I need to take a week or two off of work and concentrate on searching. I enjoyed sleeping in the cabin, f. I din’t fish, but the flies begged me to bite. Lots of visitors yesterday, many took the RV’s! Kids on two wheelers went by and I thought… wow, now those kids know how to be brave. You wouldn’t catch me on one of those things. I think I’ll stick with Dottie avec une leash. Anyway, empty handed I be. I can see why this place is loved by f. Next time, I will go to the only blaze I know for sure. That may be the trick. I parked WWWH and took the canyon down. I braved a ledge, I survived. Made me think… he said the TC wasn’t in a dangerous place, hmmm. The ledge I traversed was dangerous, but I had to prove I was brave. I think my braveness has been proved enough. Next time I go WWWH, I wont show off being brave like I have been. When will next time be? We’ll see. Meanwhile, happy chasing all. I know too much to stop chasing now. F, let’s go eat lunch somewhere this coming weekend. I can show you my photos. Name a time/place in Santa Fe and I’ll be there. I can take Dottie with me and I will let you hold her leash or pet her. She wont bite, I promise.

  10. its so white,white, forrest what happened to your blog site.all that’s on there is stories about some person, telling stories that has nothing to do with the thrill of the chase.

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