The Prize…



Rare things power necklace

I strung this necklace during a violent thunderstorm, which empowered its supernatural authority. It will be awarded to the special person who wins Dal’s searcher story contest.


I have to do all the work and Dal gets all the fun.

Here is a description of each item on the necklace, starting on one side and going all the way around to the other. You can decide where to start. WARNING: This necklace should be worn with confidence. It contains one unidentified talisman that cannot be seen in this photo. It has singular powers untold.

  •  Tiger eye stone bead. Helps you stare down your enemies.
  •  Ancient hand-drilled agate bead from Turkey. Puts a hex on evil in-laws.
  •  An old malachite bead. Helps bring color to your smile.
  •  A jasper arrowhead from Texas, ca 1200 AD. Insinuates food on your table.
  •  Two branch coral beads. It anneals your boyfriend’s temperament without him knowing.
  •  Three ancient paternoster beads flanking a mystery bead. I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is, it sure is a good one.
  •  An old coin button. Asks for nothing – gives everything.
  •  Venetian millefiori bead, ca 1850. Promotes inner harmony.
  •  22 caliber bullet casing found in the desert.
  •  Early Mexican German silver bead. Helps one see a path to wisdom and wealth.
  •  Ancient amber bead. Promotes romance and adds strength to your argument.
  •  Six rattlesnake vertebras. Keeps your mother-in-law at least 6 feet away.
  •  Ancient, green, 12 sided Dutch bead. Keeps your friends envious.
  •  Barb from a bobwire fence. Keeps those whom you dislike from hugging you.
  •  Mexican double-fluted silver bead. Helps wish away financial problems.
  •  600 year old Afghan carnelian bead. Promotes long life.
  •  Steel watch gear, ca 1920. Helps keep you punctual and makes your enemies late.
  •  Prehistoric hand drilled stone bead, 2,000 BC. Gives you one wish when you really need one. Just ask it three times and close your eyes. (caution – don’t tarry when your chance to use it is nigh)
  •  Glass teeth beads. Helps you keep from laughing when your boyfriend says something stupid.
  •  Milagro. Has power untold. (Google it)
  •  Ancient French glass bead. Helps you read the wine list without embarrassing yourself.
  •  Venetian lasting bead. Keeps its powers secret until you need them the most.
  •  The light blue spacer beads are for all reasons. They provide knowlege about certain mysteries that lurk in the mountains and along the arroyo bottoms. It helps stop people from telling you no. But beware, this fetish treasure has no power when not worn.


And as a really special treat to the contest winner, I’ll throw in a supplemental award. Whoever wins the contest, if they will come to SF, I’ll offer them a sip from Jackie Kennedy’s Korbel brandy bottle, the one she left in our wine cellar when she departed our guest house on June 2, 1984. I consider that to be a  special treat because there are only a few sips remaining. You can read the bottle’s bio in my book TFTW.

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33 thoughts on “The Prize…

  1. An old malachite bead. Helps bring color to your smile…

    I just used Crest whitening strips to remove the color from my smile 🙂 but would certainly love to employ special powers of the necklace. Will the 22 shell hone in on 22 turquoise beads?

    What great keepsakes/spoils for the story teller. Very kind gesture Mr. Fenn!

  2. Very nice indeed. But from my perspective, you got all the fun not Dal. 🙂 Storytelling through beads, how wonderful.

    • Me too Mark! What a great and unique necklace. My searches were not story worthy and I’m not an imaginative writer. 🙂

    • Seconded. Also wish I could divert treasure hunt trip budget to include Santa Fe 😉

  3. Whom ever is the lucky recipient of this one of a kind trove, I would like to be the first to offer a small cash amount for the Ancient hand-drilled agate bead from Turkey. Puts a hex on evil in-laws. I need all the help I can get…

    • What a great set-up for one of the few jokes I know, Seeker.

      What’s the difference between an outlaw and an in-law?

      One’s WANTED! 🙂

      And that’s a flippin’ sweet necklace, Forrest.

  4. Mr. Fenn, in your next life, I believe you will come back as a standup comedian. A good comedian must be funny and have fun while being funny. You sir are having waaaaaaay too much fun……..but I believe everyone will be in agreement with me when I say……..WE LOVE IT!!!!

  5. That necklace would go perfect with my Peruvian wayruro bead bracelet!

    Read my FLIPPING TRUCKS story. Laugh at the end if you want to because I know you’ve all done crazy things searching too.

    When I returned the brand new Toyota Tacoma after one of my searches it had number of scratches from tree branches along the sides. The dealership rental guy kind of looked at me in shock and shook his head in surprise a woman could cause such a problem to a paint job but didn’t charge me for the obvious damage. I picked that truck because it has good clearance and since the truck advertisements on television sold me on the “perfect for dangerous conditions” visuals.

    I’m sure glad it didn’t have to buy that truck since it wasn’t my favorite color. I prefer Brandy.

  6. Wow wish I had a really good search story. I have the one from “Shadows” at Sinks, on here. Maybe I should include my secret location, that I wanted to get back too. Not sure what to do. I think “Shadow” was all about who had the “sexy” photo.

  7. I have a question for everyone to consider. When Forrest said the tc is not associated with a structure, do you believe this statement to be one of his untruths or true? Knowing his love of misleading by misspelling, looking up Korbel/Corbel, I find interesting reading regarding stone/structure/walls about Corbel and I wonder.

  8. I think the question you’re really asing is, “What is Forrest’s definition of structure?” because you know he’s not lying. Maybe a structure to him is something which at one time had to be built/constructed and the treasure is to be found in a location that’s the complete opposite of that. Pretty much everything in nature is that way. Entire mountains are constantly being eroded (deconstructed) and washed down rivers where new mountains are constantly being constructed in sediment layers at the bottom of the sea. They will eventually be pushed upward to create new mountains via tectonic action. Just a thought.

  9. I like hand crafted things, they often carry with them the care and craftsmanship of the creator with them. 🙂

  10. new to comments but not to the blog or chase. ya’all crack me up. if I have a bad day I just read the blog. Dahl where do you find the time for all you do and stay sane? Mr. Fenn you are truly a gentleman and humorous beyond measure. I sense frustration at times but your mindfulness seems to keep you patient and renewed in coming up with ways to respond. Dahl and Mr. Fenn thxs so much for such a helpful thought provoking site which indeed churns the adventures waiting out there.


    My family thought I was crazy when I began babbling about a treasure chest, hidden by an eccentric gentleman, who was an icon in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Well, you would have thought I was talking about Martians landing on the moon. They all laughed and made fun of the whole idea for several months, until they finally saw that it just might be true. Once they bought into the idea…off we went to the wilds of Yellowstone.

    Of course I knew exactly where the chest was hidden. I based this on my hours poring over Forrest’s books and blogs and the self- important idea that I would be able to solve the poem with my brilliant deductive powers.

    We gathered up our gear including bear spray.

    “What” my husband said, “Do we need bear spray for? “

    “For Bears, silly. Just in case we get charged by a 600 pound brown bear.”

    “Great. Just what I always wanted… to be in the wild with 600 pound bears.”

    We picked our son and daughter-in-law up in Bozeman and began our wild adventure. The day was perfect, and as the exquisite Montana scenery passed by, we sang “Good Day” at the top of our lungs.

    We reached our destination, the Lamar Ranger Station (House of Ranger Brown) in the Lamar Valley, only to be confronted by two gigantic herds of buffalo. I’m thinking…bear spray just might not do the trick here. Okay, (Not for the meek) we bravely started across the valley. As we got almost all the way across, a huge bull buffalo began to stare at us, snort and paw the ground. I’m scared and shaking and all of a sudden my husband looks at me and says, “What the heck are you wearing?” I look down and I am wearing a bright red shirt! I rip it off leaving a white t-shirt on, and hide the matador red shirt behind me. Then we all ease past the angry buffalo towards the creek ahead.

    I’m still so scared, I decide to retreat to the truck while the others forge on to look for the treasure across the cold creek. As I head back, I am thinking wow, that was close and now I’m safe. Really? Just as I get near the road, here comes the biggest buffalo I have ever seen wandering down the road between me and the truck. I side step across the rest of the valley and he lumbers not ten feet behind me on his direct path to the herd.

    Finally, I collapse in the truck and wait out the thunderstorm that whips across the valley, drenching my family. They have crossed the creek and seen a fabulous water fall with its mist creating a blaze in the sky, all to no avail. No one found the treasure that day or the next, but the treasure we found laughing about the “red flag” shirt and the buffalo was priceless.

  12. Just read the associated posts. I like what F’s stories bring out in each one of us. Stories within stories. These posts shall go down in history to be read centuries from today. Wow!

  13. The day we left on the search I saw 7 eagles flying in a circle above my house. They were gliding on the fresh morning breeze with the sun reflecting off their wings like they owned the sky. It seemed as if they had picked that very place just so they could watch me making sure that i would get off to the treasure hunt. I took it as an omen seeing as how my great grand father always used to tell me that they were our ancestors that had once been here before and now had been set free to watch over the earth and the sky. The journey to the area where I would search came off without a hitch and we arrived at the trail just as the sun was peaking its head above the horizon. The morning was fresh and there was a cool wind blowing in my face . I could feel the morning dew in the air and could smell the pines and the cedars as the sun started to warm the air .Their were wild daisies with blue and yellow flowers in the meadows and I could hear the water bubbling in the creek nearby. As I checked my gear to make sure that I had not forgotten anything Cathy came around the truck with a flashlight in her hand and a bottle of water.You be safe in there she exclaimed as she gave me a kiss! I ‘ will see you back here in 3 days. Remember if you don’t come out by then I’m supposed to call in the rescue. Ok I should be back by then.! See you here in three days. As she drove away I wondered to myself what the heck was I doing. The words in the poem kept whispering to me as I have gone alone in there. If nothing else this should be one heck of an adventure. As I started down the trail I was thinking about how I looked and wondered how I blended in. I was dressed in full camouflage . The only things that wasn’t were my boots and my gun and they were both brown i didn’t want anyone to see me and I would stay away from anybody that would get close. If I saw anyone I would make sure there was a rock or tree between us and I would change direction . I took my compass out of my pocket checked direction and headed down the trail. It took me down the ridge a little ways and dropped over the ridge. The timber started getting thick and the trail was getting faint and basically disappeared . There were downed trees I had to work around and openings that I stayed away from because of visibility. Movement when crossing these areas is the first thing noticeable to the eye. As I traveled I kept an eye out for edible foods.It was the wrong time of year for berries but there were a few mushrooms growing along the path.I picked a few and nibbled on them as I worked my way through the mountains. As I got deeper into the forest I started seeing Deer then I started seeing Elk . The streams became more frequent that I had too cross the terrain became more rugged and the cliffs started to appear around me. I started seeing shadows that were moving in front of me . I saw a big bear in the trail ahead of me . He looked all shaggy with blonde hair . It disappeared ! i couldn’t believe the size of it. It was huge. I wondered if I was going to end up bear food. Further along I saw another shadow my heart skipped a beat . I was getting scared I didn’t like the idea of being bear food. I continued on all at once there was an Indian standing in the trail he had long black hair that ran all the way down his back he had 1 feather in his head band that circled his head with a long brown chiseled face. He spoke to me in a language I didn’t understand then he motioned me to follow him. We fallowed a small path along a cliff . Then we came to a small clearing. He had a campfire there with some food cooking. He took some meat off the fire that was cooking on a stick and offered it to me. We both ate in silence. I looked around and there were tall rock bluffs all around with rocks sticking out. They looked rainbow colored to me. There was a rock formation in the clearing away from the cliff it looked like a globe was on top that was glowing in the firelight. I could hear water trickling somewhere nearby. He was telling me some kind of story from long ago when I fell Asleep. When I woke in the morning everything was gone. Maybe I ate the wrong kind of mushroom.

  14. A New Leaf:
    I’d been working the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt for 3 years. Admittedly there were times in which I became a curmudgeon, like when my kids wanted to stop for the bathroom, but I kept driving another 182 miles. Or the time my wife had a caffeine headache and I wouldn’t pull over for coffee until we reached the search destination.
    This time was going to be different! I had the perfect spot, after all how smart can this Forrest guy be anyway? So I said “Get in the van for a fun new search adventure.” They just looked in disbelief. “Did you just say, fun new adventure?”
    “Yes,” I said in a questioning tone.
    “Every time we head out to the newest and best spot since the last newest and best spot, all you do is drive straight there, no stopping for bathroom breaks, coffee, food etc..”
    I quickly interrupted because I knew the list was only going to continue with previously broken promises.
    “This time is going to be different, Ive turned a new leaf.” I said. They all stared intently at me and said, “No rushing this time?”
    “OK, I promise.” I said.
    Their mood softened, we loaded into the van and we were off.
    We traveled the highway only 10 miles when my kids saw an elderly gentlemen with a flat tire. My youngest son said, “Dad, Do we have time to stop?”
    “Why of coarse we can stop kids, I’ve turned a new leaf!”
    The kids all cheered and my wife smiled.
    I hopped out and changed the flat for the man. He was very appreciative and said, thank you. He informed me he had an expedited time table and there was no time for small talk. He quickly shuffled to his drivers seat. I called out as he walked away, “Any time I can be of assistance I’de help you again!”
    When I returned to the van, my kids were proud of me. I told them we should stop at the next rest area and get mom a coffee.
    This turning a new leaf was really something to chew on, yes definitely food for thought.
    Well I must admit being considerate to others certainly slowed my ETA, but made the journey more pleasant.
    When we finally arrived at the remote location, my kids noticed the same car we had helped with the flat tire earlier.
    Just then we saw the elderly gentleman shuffling out of the woods carrying a heavy backpack. We approached in disbelief. The man asked if I would carry his 42lb backpack to his vehicle and place it in his trunk. In total astonishment I looked straight up to the heavens with my mouth wide open, a leaf slowly floated downward from the canopy above and landed right in my mouth. My wife laughed and said, “At least you got your face time with forrest!” That made me smile, and the stem stuck out between my lips. 😉

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