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August 2014


How about a Thrill of the Chase conference in Santa Fe in October this year?











I am looking at the possibility of holding a two day conference at one of the hotels in Santa Fe. We would try to get Forrest to be the keynote speaker and take some questions and hang around.

I am looking for a way that we can discuss the poem and our various approaches to solving it in a more convivial, less restrictive format.

The plan would be to meet and talk about the techniques we use to figure out the clues and look for the treasure. We might be able to get folks that practice certain deciphering techniques to explain how they work and what they found. No final solutions. No one is going to tell us their whole solution…but give us a better idea about how and why they use the technique they do use…and we can get answers to questions immediately..I think this kind of opportunity to ask questions and get feedback is something better than what we can get on the blog.

I’ll see if Forrest will commit to meeting with us. It would be a great opportunity for those who have not met him. Get your postcard from The Dude Motel autographed…

Maybe some of you would be willing to give a half hour talk or presentation on some aspect of the hunt…

I am certainly willing to talk about my “the poem is a map” approach and maybe even reveal my WWWH. Germanguy could come and tell me how ludicrous my ideas are….lol…Others..with different approaches might do the same..

I think this type of event would lead to a more open exchange of information and ideas.

It would be great to put faces with names and just have an opportunity to meet in groups and talk…

We could probably get some discounted room rates…if there are enough attendees.

Other ideas for workshops or presentations?
Could you attend?
Could you be a presenter?
Need 100 folks to make it economically feasible.
I have no idea yet about cost.
I know that will make a difference to many..including me..
But I’ll figure all that out..if there is interest..

Need to move quickly if we decide to go for it..

What do you think?


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  1. What the heck is going on here today? This is the second time today that someone (Goofy) has put me on the chopping blog. Must be that dead cat I dragged off the street this morning.

  2. After I know the dates I’ll have to see if my boss will let me go. There’s a good chance he won’t. (Shhh…don’t tell anybody I said this, but he’s a real jerk.) But maybe if I have the treasure chest by then it won’t matter what my boss thinks! I’ll just tell him he’ll have to wait ’til after the conference…so there! Can I bring the treasure chest to the conference?

  3. Perhaps some briefings from seekers or other guests on such topics:
    Map reading
    Survival/ Bear country practice
    Federal/state law concerning treasure/trove finds, permits.
    Photography[Dal could lead on this one]

    FF could sell TFTW, talk about other stories, but i would love him talk about the West in general. Some of this discoveries, preclovis talk, fishing tips, Vietnam, etc

  4. Dal,

    I am in. I also will be glad to help you in structuring. I just returned from my last adventure with my 22 year old son. October sounds good to me but I am busy the second week of October till after the 13th. I am flexible before or after.


  5. I think this a great idea, I would be able to attend as long it’s in the winter time. I feel winter time would suit best as most searchers ain’t in there search areas. And winter time is the best time to research and find time to talk about the chase. I for one would love the opportunity to meet Forrest

  6. We’ll be on the road much of Oct but it probably will not work out as we will have our 2 German Shepherds with us. If we can make it to Santa Fe during the conference, we might be able to meet up for dinner though.

  7. You are a generous man Dal for offering to organize this. Its a great idea but I won’t be able to make it. I’d love to be able to meet everyone. I recently organized a reunion of old friends from all around the country to meet in Vegas and it would have gone a lot smoother if folks at some point committed one way or the other. Some of the people jumped at the idea initially but then I never heard from them again. I wasn’t sure if 5 or 50 were going to actually show despite repeated efforts for feedback. Since you are dealing with potentially a much larger group I’m relaying all this to encourage the folks who may want to go to make it as easy on you as possible. You can do that by being as responsive as possible–in imho ofcourse.

  8. That’s a good idea, it would be interesting to listen to all the good stories and meet the people behind those stories.

  9. Great ideal Dal, unfortunately I can not make it. IF and when life’s circumstances favor a trip to New Mexico it would be to go on one chase to hopefully get the chest and meet Forrest, yourself and a few others. Who knows what twists and turns life will take.
    To Paraphrase Louis Pasteur: Chance and circumstance favor the prepared mind.
    So for now I content myself with the cards life deals me.

    Now if it was a Bbq cook out / off ……

  10. It’s a lot of work for you Dal. Depending on the dates we would love to be there!! It will be only our second trip to Santa Fe and would be exciting to see it again.

    Stay away from the red hot chili!

  11. We are currently undergoing a management change where I work, and are down a man for the foreseeable future. If the events happened on a weekend, there would be a better chance I could make it. I definitely need calendar days ASAP in order to even have a chance of making it. I would LOVE to go, and the idea is fantastic.

  12. dal,

    Thank you for taking this on…not an easy task. I can commit to attending, but only if held between Oct. 19-24. November is wide open. Don’t forget the Albuquerque ballloon festival will load up SF early in the month.

    • I do have a different kind of hunt scheduled the last week of October, so I wouldnt be able to attend then. That is unless I harvest early/late enough.

  13. I wonder. If I tell Mr. W that’s what I want for my birthday, a trip to Santa Fe to meet a bunch of obsessed, thrill seekers and maybe meet with Mr. Fenn again and get my book signed……think he’ll go for it?

  14. Now we’re talking…face-to-face deciphering. I love the idea and will attend…but, the International Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is Oct 4 to 12 so it could be very difficult to get hotel rooms even in Santa Fe during this event…so I suggest dates in October that don’t conflict with the balloon festival. Unless Forrest allows us to “camp” in his back yard beside the pond…

  15. I love this idea. I wonder if Forrest would let us visit his Pueblo ruins site and show us what he has excavated – just for fun. 🙂

  16. My husband and I are in too. I’m not sure which weekend would be best yet. My grandson’s birthday is the 17th so depending which weekend is the party, would decide if we can go or not. I’m can help with the organizing or something if you need it even if I don’t go though. Maybe we could dig at San Lazaro.

    • Hey radcrad,

      If there’s no room at the hotel, we can bring our tents and camp out in your backyard. 🙂 Will we need bear spray?? 🙂

  17. I hope I can attend – Hubby is planning another trip to Louisiana, so maybe if at the same time as the conference I can come to SF? Do you have any dates set yet? Later in the month would be better for me I think.

  18. Dal, you can count me in. By now you are aware of the balloon festival, so I’m sure you will schedule the conference after those dates. I also don’t think you will need 100 people to do this. The Marriott Courtyard in Santa Fe has great conference rooms & I,m sure would be happy to talk to you with way less people. I stay there a lot & know the people there. If you want me to inquire, let me know. Best wishes.

    • I’ve stayed there also. And it would be suitable. But if only we could make this happpen at La Fonda. That would be wonderful to have it at such a historical place and historical site. Probably too expensive though.

  19. I would love to come but could only attend if it is the first week of October. Great idea! I expect you’ll see a great turnout.

  20. Dal, check out the historic IHM Retreat/Conference Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Max occupancy: 90 overnight guests

    My conference room/board in Feb 2014 was $700 for 5 nights, so would be a cheaper price for just a few nights.

  21. Think it would be fun to brainstorm ideas for Dals conference….

    …like if people brought trinkets from their hunts to show off…ie: cool rocks, arrowheads….the chest lol.

    *close your eyes forrest if you are looking*
    If someone bought a white blanket and colorful fabric markers for searchers to write little notes to Forrest and give it to Forrest as a Christmas gift or a just because gift. I’d do it if I knew I was going, but since I’m very very broke from failed searches…I’m not sure I can. I think it would be neat too if people mentioned Peggy in their messages.

    I personally have a TON of FF treasure hunt ephemera that I have collected and I think it would be cool if people brought extra brochures, maps, books, etc. that they don’t want anymore or that they are willing to put in front of them on their table in case people want to look through them. Maybe if you want to sell something, you can put it on your own table with a price.

    Maybe Dal can get Forrest to “donate” something to be raffled off….or maybe there’s some other fun way to give it away….like the string idea I had before(Dal knows what that is)…..or maybe hide something in the room like a marble and whoever finds it first, gets the prize….or maybe have a Forrest Fenn trivia(favorite idea) and the winner gets the prize. In case of a tie, then have a tie breaker that includes a number. Questions can be about the chase, about popular areas in the chase, or about Forrest himself.

    Maybe there can be a silent auction if people have things they would just like to give away ie: old metal detector, compass, gps, flashlights, ect. and the earned funds can go to someone sick. I know Deb’s daughter is fighting a health scare at the moment and Deb has been very helpful in the search.

    Maybe people bring something to share like brownies or cheese and crackers….or wine 😉 if food and drink are options

    Or none of these ideas lol…I just love a good party….errr conference 😉

    Would be extra cool to invite Toby to livestream for those who are unable to make it.

    OK, might totally not be the type of conference Dal is interested in…just thought I’d throw out some ideas that would be fun.

  22. Another suggestion as 100 people seems like a lot. What if everyone made their own arrangements and a room was rented(attendees pay their share of this cost) or see if you could find a cheap room(maybe Forrest has connections) like at a library. My kids go to these conventions at hotels and some will use their room as a place for a workshop…they call them panels. That might be something people want to offer…like how to use a GPS panel, or maybe just to chat about other treasure hunts. I’m suggesting this as an idea for in the evening as an activity after the main talk. Maybe if someone wants to offer a small group like that and Dal had a schedule of these panels with times.

    Have plans to meet at certain locations during the conference dates at places for meals or drinks later. Maybe have name tag necklace thingies to recognize each other at these places.

    Another possible “swap” table would be if people have coupons for hotels and rental cars. I personally get mine on ebay. I also get those hotel books at rest stops, but I’ve since found out that they have an app..hotel coupons and You’d think with all that thriftiness, I wouldn’t have spent so much searching…but it adds up quick.

    Done with ideas…..

  23. Should we all just email you Dal ? lol Kidding , I know this will take a while to figure out if its possible. 🙂 Thank you for taking this on Dal.

  24. I’m sad to say I lost my internet connection, poverty is hell! Kids start back to school tomorrow and school supplies seemed more important??? So, I’m still out on that?
    I can always dream…how awesome it would be to make it to Santa Fe to meet you folks… and look for the box?
    Missing the Chase!!!

    • Brian..probably not my place..but, focus on your new job! Take the Mr. Fenn approach. Show up at least 30 minutes early, leave no later than 30 minutes after hours, and listen, listen, listen…before you speak,speak,speak. And do this for at least the first 6 months! Sorry, but just my fatherly advice coming through.

  25. It would be interesting to invite a good tax attorney and attorney for the US Forest Service (or BLM,or….?) to provide some expert opinion on some of the tax and legal implications of stumbling upon some spare change in the woods…Just in case somebody ever did and somebody ever found out about it…

  26. I have discovered so many things. Believe, seek, and find. The poem has already been decipher by new Captain, Captain Blue-Jay. I have the map because i don’t sleep. And i have the key.

  27. Inthechaseto, I have to go to town to use it, but yes, I’ll try to go as often as I can! I remember DesertPhile saying he only went to town a few times a year… at least I don’t have to travel down a rd. like his… it’s horrible!

    I would like to stay up to date on this… David what key do you have?

  28. I know I don’t say much; I have limited Internet capabilities, but I would like to say something about the “family” on this blog. In a way, I’m getting to know some of you, and I must say, I’m impressed.

    Dal, thank you for your work here, you have formed a covy of friends that I am eager to meet!

    Everyone else, keep up the posts, you guys are an awesome group! Can’t wait to meet you! 🙂

  29. Nostalgia…remember this event form last year? Each year our pulse gets checked around this time.

    How many and who is still chasing? Only the Shadow knows.

    Dal how many people signed up for last year vs this year for the book signing?

    • 23-
      I don’t think we had an RSVP deal for that event. That was going to be a conference with workshops and talks. We were still in the planning phase and had not gotten to the point of registering folks before we had to stop.

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